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DREIDiT HO KM I NO . JlS.-fl,-
Ohio Legislature.
. Tb two Housog met at 2i o'clock yet
teraay aneraoon, a quorum Deing present.;
In both branches.
.. In ,VMf4 BM IMI Tn tiatial mnHna Tina.
ineuol anew cession, Mr. Scribnir In
trodaced a bill providing that the certifl-
cate of toe presiding officers of the two
Houses shall be concltislTe as to the
amount dna mpinhprt fnr- rur rtlm ani
mileage the intention being to care a de
feet in the law, which provides no evi
dence to authorize the Auditor to draw hl
SUte. . i .
The credentials of Mr. Kixa, of Toledo,
elected to fill the vacancy occasioned by
the death of Hon. James C. Hall, were pre-
untd. and thfl iuw msmW wm) ivnrn In
v The Senate granted the use of their
Chamber to the SUte Board of Agricul.
' ftaiM Inp tn-HiV In whlth Ia tt.M t1ilaM
an-. mv. nuwM W UVAU bUI.ll D V.O
aloo. The Wool Grower's Convention met
In thcaame chamber laatftvantno-. it hplns-
- (ranted to them tor that purpose. :
- In Aim bills were introduced by Mr.
dwit, .u vrarren, auuionzing me appro-
by Mr. CiMFisxD, to authorize the Com-
miwionera ox ueanga county, wnere a.
fierce contest is troinir on for the removal
win cuunfcy seat, in consequence OI me
destruction by lire of the county build-.
Bobs, to compel Insurance companies to-
wxp umi nun asaeui u cover losses ,
-DF. ftljlTf1n OfrillfA anil Aatin. frtiA
'- VlerriM rtf MarrioH wnmnn -rl .h,. II. kill-
ilea 01 onsoana ana wtie, giving to the
. i alter more control over ner own property?
" by Mr. Kzf a, of Fayette, to enforce the
pj "ue v vj v imo) w
" oners, when acting as sheriffs, to the suc
eessorof the sheriff by Mr. Scott, ol War-
L ren, for" the acceptance of legacies lor the.
building of orphan asylum?; by Mr. 1m,
to mate a new anii-seiung liquor law.
f. . Wl IV A, v. uaiun WU, IUUVU UwJ J CO
olution to strike the word "male" from the
' Constitution, so as to allow women to vote.
The first day of the new sessWh shad
owed forth a large amount of business.
Whether it will all be perfected, and passed
Into laws or not, the luture must tell.
TUESDAY, January 5, 1869.
The PB ESI DENT called the Senate to
order at 2), o'clock, P. M-, pursuant to
' adjournment of the General Assembly on
" the 25:h of November, 1868. i
Mr. GR1SWOLD presented the certifiate
: of election of Hon. Charles A. King.to fill the
vacancy In the 33d Senatoral district oc-;
; easioned by the decease of the Hon. James
i i Hhli.
.,: ,. Mr. KING then took 'the oath of office
administered by the President, and entered
- upon the discharge of his duties as a mem
ber ol the Senate.
On motion of Mi. EVANS, a call of the.
Senate was had, and 21 Senators answered
, to theii names, as follows :
Messrs. Berry, Brooks, Burrows. Carter,
Dickey, Evans, Everett, Golden, Griswold,
'..Hutcbeson, Jamison, Keifer, King, Krant r,
- Ltnn, Potta, Scribner, Simmons, Stedman,
Winner, Woodworthi -- - -
i On motion of Mr. HUTCBESON, ' fur-
(Imp vtrnrw-xilno-a nndpp t V, a,ll vjum H t a
pensea with. ' . . ' . -
, The journal of the 25th of November,
-1868, Was then read and approved.
x K : Messrs. BEX- and DO WDNET were
.'(ranted Indefinite leave of absence. v
' Mr. JAMISON offered a resolution grant
ing the use of the Senate Chamber to the
State Agricultural Convention on Wednes
day next. -.' - '
. " The PRESIDENT decided the resolution
out of order, any use of the Senate Cham
ber for any other than legislative- purposes
' being prohibited by a rule of the Senate.
Mr. G BIS WOLD moved to suspend the
.role. , . - .-. ; j i
tton and :
- Mr. GRISWOLD in its favor. ' ' '
' The vote waa then taken and resulted
yeaa 18, nayt 4. , : i .. -
So the Senate refused to . suspend the
role, a majority of the members elect not
Voting for suspension. .
: Mr. H UTCBESON moved a reconsidera
. tlon of the vote, which was agreed to.
. Mr. GOLDEN made some remarks in la-
Tor of the motion.' ..
i ne vote was nen tasien ana. the motion
-was agreed to yeas 19, nays 3.
Mr. BURROWS then gave notleeof an
, Intention to discuss Mr. Jamison's resolu-
-carry it over lor one day. .
- Mr. JAMISON moved the suspension bf
.tbat rule.-. . ' -v., . . -.-
Alter some remarks by Mr. BURROWS
against such suspension, the vote was taken
and resulted yeas 18; nays 3.
- So the Senate refuged to suspend 'the
rule, and the resolution was laid nvr for
one day. '
Mr. DICKET moved that the vote be re-.
considered whereby the Senate refused to'
' suspend the rule requiring a resolut ion to
-. lie over one day on a notice to discuss,
Which waa agreed to.
The rule, waa then suspended and Mr.
Jamison's resolution adopted.
' Mr. SCRIBNER introduced the follow
' log bill, which was read the first time :
. " B. B. No. 268 Supplemental to the act to
.ix theeompensation ot members and offi
eers of the General Assembly, passed
April 2, 1866., , . - vmaaax
-1 This bill requires the Auditor of State to
- Issue bis warrant en the State Treasury for
- -the pavment of the ner diem and miiin
of the members and officers of the General
Assembly on the certificate of the presid
ing officers of the two Bouses, bus sup
pi) ing a defect in the present law on that
subject. . ? .
. - Mr. POnS offered a resolution that a
message be sent to the House, informing
that body that the Senate is now in session,
and ready for business.
'."Adopted. . ' . -'
. .. Mr. MAY offered a joint resolution for
the meeting of the two Houses of the Gen
eral Assembly in joint convention at 11
'clock A. M. on Thursday, January 7th, in
the Hall of the House of Representatives,
for the purpose of counting the votes cast
for SUte officers at the State election on
the second Tuesday of October, 1668. .
-The resolution was adopted yeas 23
aays none. '
, On motion of Mr. GRIS WOLD, the rule
relative to the nae of toe Senate Chamber,
was suspended, and the use of the Chamber
for this evening was granted to the Ohio
Wool Growers' Association. ' s
On motion of Mr. SIMMONS, the Senate
adjourned till 10 o'clock A. M. on Tb nrsday
The House Of Renrmw'nafl l
. -uic, pur-
x auant to adjournment at 2J o'clock P M.;
Prayer by Rev. Dr. HayVs. . , .
' ' ''
presented the petition of
Jnhn Unman and IRS rthtr irlan.
WUkahire Township, Tan Wert county,
rraying for the passage of a law author
izing the Trustees of said township to levy
a tax sufficient to refund to P. Fresinger,
treasurer of said township, $562 stolen trom
the Treasurer. Referred to Mr. Callen. '
Mr-McMORRAN The petition of John
Methley and 49 other citizens of Cham
paign county, praying for an amendment to
she act to protect the citizens of Ohio from
empiricism, Ac, by striking out of section
1 the following words : That is all eases
where any person has been continually en-,'
gaged in the practice of medicine for a pe
riod of ten yean or more, he shall be con-'
tdered to have complied with the provis
ions of this act." Referred to commute on
Medical Colleges and Societies. .
Mr. BELYILLE The petition Of S. F."
Woolsam and 44 other citizens of Mont
gomery county, praying for the repeal of
the act of May 1863, entitled "An act to
regulate the sale ot patent righta In th
State of Dh Id, andto prevent irauds con
nected therewith.": Referred to Judiciary
committee. ' ' wr4 .
Mr. CANFIELD4-Tbe cetition of A. P.
Tilden and 70 other eitizena ot Geauga
county, asking that the present-Road law
oe so amended as to obviate the necessity
of Supervisors ol Roads and Highways
mng receipts for taxes assessed lor road
purposes, where the same nave neen tuny
paid by work or labor on the highway.
Referred to Messrs. Dickson and Canfield.
Mr. SCOTT, of Warren. H. B. No. 409-
Bill authorising lands to be appropriated
for the use ot public institutions. Read
the first time. .
Mr. ODELL. H. B. No. 410 To resrulat
and define the riyhts and liabilities ol hus
band and wile. Read the nm time.
Mr. BOSS, H. B. No. 411 -To amend an
act entitled an act supplementary to an act
entitled an act tor the Incorporation and
reeuiauon ot J,lie insurance uomnanles.
passed April 16, 1867. passed May 8, lts68.
ueaa tne nrei Mrae.
. Mr.NEWM AN, H. B. No. 412 To amend
section 69 ot an act entitled an act to pro
vide for the organization ot cities and in
corpora ted villages, passed Msy 3, 1852,'as
amended March 25, 1S62, as amended April
29, 1S62; and to repeal section 1 of the last
uamea act. Head the first time.
Mr. CALLEN, H.B. No. 413 For the re
lief of Peter Fieeinger. Treasurer of Wilk
ihlre township, Van Wert county. Read
the first time.
Mr. CAN FIELD, H.B. No. 414-To a l-
thorize the commissioners of Geauga
county to build a Court House, and for
other purposes. Read the first time.
Mr. KERB, of Fayette, H. B. No. '415
To amend the 3d section ol the act "further
xo prescribe the duties of sheriffs and cor
oners." passed April 30, 1868. Read the
first time. -
air. UDELL, H. B. No. 416 To amend
section seventeen ol an act entitled an act
regulating descents and the distribution ol
personal estates, passed March 14. 1853.
- Mr. SCOTT, of Warren, H. B. No. 417
To authorize county commissioners, in cer
tain cases, to accept devises and legacies.
and to erect and maintain an Orphan Asy
lum in connection wun a uuuaren's Home,
Read the first time.
Mr. ANDERSON, H. B. No. 418. To
repeal an act therein named, regulating the
sate of patent rights. Kead the first time,
Mr. LEE,. H. B. No. 419. To amend
sections two and three of an act entitled
"an act to provide azainst the evils result
ing from the sale of intoxicating liquors in
the State of Ohio," passed May 1, 1854.
tteaa ine nrst time.
Mr. SCOTT, of Hamilton, offered the
following joint resolution, which was laid
on the taoie.- u. J. a. no. 101:
Eetolvcd by the General Assembly of the
State or vnio (three-fifths ol the members
1-cted to each House agreeing thereto)
That it is hereby proposed to the electors
of this State to vote at the next annual
October election upon the approval or re-
lrction oi ine following amendment as
substitute for the first section of the filth
article ot the Constitution of this State,
Every white citizen of the United States
oi ine age ot twenty-one years, who shall
have been a resident of the State one year
next preceding the election, and ot the
county, township or ward, in which said
citizen resides, such time as mav be tro-
vidtd by law, shall have the qualifications
oi an elector, ana ne entiuea to vote at an
elections. -.......
Mr. HOWARD, H. B. No. 420 Supple
mentary to an act emitted "An acttoau
tborizetbe Commissioners of Greene conn
ty to build an Infirmary." Read the first
time by its title, under a suspension ot the
On motion of Mr. BALL, the House ad
journed till 10 o'clock A. M. to-morrow
morning. x
(Official Report—Supervised by the Supreme
Court Reporter.)
TUESDAY, Jan. 5, 1869.
Hon. Luther Day, Chief Justice; Hon.
William White,- Hon. Jacob Brinkerhofi,
Hon. Joslah Scott and Hon. John Welch.
Judges. L. J. Cbritchfield, Esq, Reporter.
No. 16. Four Mile Valley R. R. Co. y.
Peter P. Bailey et al. Error to the Dis
trict Court ol Preble county..
Vf tLCH, j.
A railroad contractor agreed with the
company to construct and tqnip its entire
roaa lor i wju,wu, or wtiicn &u,uuo was
to be paid In cash and cash assets, and the
balance In the bonds and stock of the com-
?any, the price named being more than
wice the cash value of the work. The
compact provided that payments should be
made on monthly estimates, and in such
ot the said descriptions of payment as the
contractor deemed would best subserve
bis purpose in doing the work, but
the contract fixed no time for the
completion . of the work. It also pro
vided tnat tne parties should aid in
converting said assets, bonds and stock
into means for carrying on the work, and
that the contractor need not carry it on
faster than such means would serve. . The
contractor did work under the contract to
the nominal amount of $117,000, which, at
bis request, was mostly paid bim in the
cash assets, and then, the charter of the
company having expired by its own limi
tation, the work was suspended by
mutual consent, and the road abandon
ed, its bonds and- stock thus becoming
worthless. Eeld : That the contractor is
bound to account to the company for all
actual profit realized from the work.
2. W here subscribers to the stock ot a
railroad company had given their notes
for the amounts of subscriptions, payable
when tbe road should be completed, but
were subsequently induced to take up these
notes, and to give new ones, pay able la four
years, in order to enable the company to
carry, out a contract tor the completion ot
the road, and upon the confident but hon
est expression ot opinion by its officers,
that if they would do so, the road would
be completed under such contract In less
than four -years. Held: That, although
the said contract tor building the road was
afterwards, and before anything had been
done under it, abandoned by tbe contrac
tor,and tbe road has never been completed,
yet tbe subscribers are liable upon their
said new notes.
. Judgment reversed and cause remanded.
' Nos. 23 and 24. Andrew J. Pruden and
Albert Doolittle,-Executors 'of Henry Doo
little, deceased, v. Oscar O. Burgess and
Amelia, his wile. ' .Error to the superior
Court of Cincinnati, Judgments reversed
and causes remanded.
Day, C. J, did not sit in these cases.
Fifty cases on the General Docket were
called, beginning with No. 51.
No. 23. William J. Harrison et al. T.Ben
jamin Hoyle et al. Leave granted to dock
et reservea case. . -
- No. 24. Jesse Thatcher v. R. J. Hissey.
Lave granted to file petition in error.
No. 27. - Levi Jones v. S. R. Timmons.
Leave granted to file petition in error.
No. 28, Jacob Miller v.John R.Woods
et al. Leave granted to docket reserved
In No. 153, The State of Ohio ex rel. the
Attorney General v. The Cincinnati Gas
Light and Coke Company information in
quo warranto oral arguments were made.
Uholson and Matthews tor the relator, and
Ferguson and Hoadly lor tbe defendant?.
A Good Paper.
aiiv a
the prospectus of the Oaio Statesman,
published at Columbus. Ohio, in another
column. It ranks among the best Demo
cratic papers of tbe Buckeye State, and
enjoys a large and rapidly increasing pat
ronage. Should any of our patrons desire a
Eaper from our sister State, we advise them,
y all means, to subscribe tor the States
man. Ander$onville (Ind ) Plain Dealer.'
The Ohio Statesman.
The prospectus of this sound Democratic
journal will be found in to-day's paper,
and we hope our friends will give it a good
circulation In Allen county. It went
square back on the sale proposed by the
World and Enquirer. Allen Co. Democrat.
We direct attention to the advertisement
of tbe Ohio Statesman, one - ot the best
Democratic papers of tbe West. It is al
ways full of news and original matter, and
can be depended upon as a reliable party
paper. JJarnervUle Enterprise (Indepen
dent) .. , . . : .;. .. . ...
Milwaukee Market—Jan. 5.
FLOUR Quiet, firm and unchanged. '
2WHEAT Strong; 1 25 lor No. 1 In
store. . i-
Theschooner Spy struck a rock and gunk
this morning near Milwaukee. No lives
were lost.
WASHINGTON, January 5.
The Senate resumed its session at 12
o'clock. - - . -
The PRESIDENT laid before the Senate
communication from the Secretary of
War, transmitting a statement of the num
ber of troops, regular and volunteer, em-
Dtovea in service against the Indians. Ke
lt rred. -
Mr. FERRY offered a resolution request
ing the President to transmit a copy of his
late amnesty proclamation, with the state
ment of the authority by which he issued it.
Sir. 1! UKI said he ottered tne resoiu
lion because, although he favored the am
nestv. be doubted the right ot the presi
dent to grant it in this sweeping way, and
he wlstiea to nave tne question settiea.
Mr. HUWAEB was verv giaa tne atten
tion of the Senate bad been called to the
question. He thought it important the
people ot tne united ataies snouia Know
whether tne r resident naa sucn a oispens'
ing power as was Implied in the issue of
this proclamation, iie oeiievea tne as
sumption by the Executive of such a pow
er was entirely unwarranted by the Con
. There was considerable debate between
Messrs. Frellnghuysen and . Conkling
against the resolution, and Messrs. Davis
and Doolittle in its favor. It was adopted.
Mr. WILSON introduced a bill to amend
the act entitled an act to provide a national
currency, secured by pledge of public
stocks, and to provide fur the circulation
aiid redemption thereof, which was referred
to the commltteeon f inance.
Mr. STEWART introduced a bill to ena
ble the people of Georgia to form a State
Government, republican In form, -which
was referred to the committee on the Judi
lnrv- Tr. nmvirfoa fnr rhir renpfllinirnf ro
much of the act of June 5. 1868. as relates
tn Georgia, and makinir the Government
of the State provisional Only, and subject
to the act ot March 21, 1867. All officers!
elected under the present proposed Con-1
stitution ol the , said State who an
not disfranchised by the Fourteenth
Amendment, or any ot the acts above
mentioned, except members of th
Legislature shall continue in office untl
the State, be fully restored. ' It further pro-,
vldcs that such members of the Convention;
elected under the laws of Congress to form
a State Constitution as are not disiran-
chlsed, shall assemble on the first Monday
of March next, with full power to alter or
amend said Constitution in any manner
not inconsistent with the laws of Congresr
and the Constitution. Said State Constitu
tion as amended shall be submitted to tin
people . at such time ' as the Con-
vention may appoint, and on tbi
ratification or re jection ot said amended
Constitution such persons, and no others.,,
shall vote as shall be prescribed in said
amended Constitution, provided that n
person shall be excluded lrom voting oi
account of race or color. When sai
amended Constitution shall have been rati-
tied by a majority ot the votes it may bt
submitted for the consideration of Con-1.
The bill for the relief of Sue Davis, ol
Decatur, was discussed. Without actioi
the Senate took an executive session and
soon after adjourned.
WASHBURXE reported from thr
committee on Appropriations the cohsulatt
and diplomatic appropriation bill. He als
offe-ed a resolution inquiring into the over-1
land mail contract under Wells, Fargo &
Co. Objection was made.
The SPEAKER laid before the House
the report ot Special Commissioner of
Revenue Wells.
Mr. BUTLER introduced a bill to secure
and protect freedom ot transit in the Uni
ited States. Referred to the committee on
Judiciary. -
Mr. KELLr reported a bill providing
that a civilian may be appointed' chief of
the Bureau ol Steam JSnoineertng. massed.
. The House then resolved itself into com
mittee of tbe whole on the state of the
Union and the President's message of 1867.
Mr. WINDOM make a speech in favor of
the construction ot a northern Pacihc rail'
-The committee rose and the House ad
Contest for the Senatorship in
AUGUSTA, ME., Jan. 4.
The Legislature of Maine will convene
on Wednesday. The question oi tne united
States Benatorship, is attracting great at
tention. The candidates are Hon. L. M
Morrill and Hon. Hannibal Hamlin. The
contest promises to be a bard one, but ores
ent indications point to tbe nomination of
air. Hamlin.
State Debt of New York.
ALBANY, Jan. 5.
The Legislature convened to-day. Gov
ernor Hoffman delivered his message. The
State debt, at the end ot the fiscal year, is
93S.S64.448, which tbe sinking funds, if not
diminished; will, at the present rate of ap
plication, extinguish within nine years.
New Hampshire Politics.
CONCORD, N. H., Jan. 5.
The Republican State Convention meets
here on Thursday. There will be no con
test over the nominee for Governor, as it
Is conceded to Mr. Stearns.
BOSTON, Jan. 5.
Sewell's morocco factory,- in Charles
town, was burned last night, with the stock
of morocco and machinery. Loss $20,000
partially insured.
New York Senatorship.
NEW YORK, Jan. 5.
The Times' Albany special says the suc
cess of Younglove as Speaker cannot bt
regarded as a settlement of tbe Senatorial
contest, although some of the Fen ton men
are anxious to give It that construction
The batt.e yet remains to be fought, and
the indications are that the fight will be
a bitter one. Fen ton cannot count on all th(
votes that would have been given tor
Younglove in caucus, bad a ballot been
taken, by at least 15, and unless his strength
is largely augmented before the I9th, hie
friends will find a closer contest than they
anticipate. The bringing forward ot s
third candidate is not among the improba
bilities of tbe Senatorial coutest between
now and tbe day of election.
Sentenced for Life.
NEW HAVEN, Jan. 5.
Stephen Abbott, indicted for tbe murder
of A. M. Branson, last. September, was to
day found guilty of murder in the second
degree, and sentenced to the State prison
for life. . .
Chicago Items.
CHICAGO, Jan. 5.
A minority report has been adopted ii.
the council of the Montana Legislature, tr
remove the territorial capital from Vir
ginia City to Deer Lodge City.
At the railroad depot in Fon du Lac.
Wis., yesterday afternoon, a young mai
named Chapman, while passing a gat
leading into tbe yard, was assaulted by i
stranger stepping within the gate. Chap
man was first struck upon the head with k
slung shot, and then stabbed in the throat
with a dirk, after which a dash was madeai
the pocket of his pants that contained om
hundred dollars. The victim was left un
conscious while the murderer escaped or
the train going north.
Several of the Michigan lezis'ators have
arrived at Lansing. Tbe United State.'
Senatorial question is the absorbing topic
Chandler's chances tor re-election ar
good. His rivals are Congressman Blair,
ex-Governor Ferry, and Hon. Charles S.
May, ex-Lieutenant Governor. A caucur
will probably be held to-morrow night. .
The destitution in the Red river territo
ry is increasing. Only two pounds of foot
is granted to each person per week.
Nashville Items,
General Young seized one hundred anr
twenty-one barrels of whisky to-day, foi
violation of law.
. R. M. Brienner was robbed of one thou
sand dollars, at noon to-day, while stand
ing at tbe door of the First National Bank
Tbe robber, named Lewis, was arrestee
and tbe money recovered.
New York Legislature.
ALBANY, Jan. 5.
Tbe Legislature met to-day. ' Truman
G. Younglove (Bepubliean) was chosen
Speaker of the Assembly, receiving 7fc
votes against 62 for Wm. Hitcbman (Dem
ocrat). The organization waa completed
by the election of Subordinate officers. In
tbe Senate Mr.. Creamer gave notice of a
bill to amend the Metropolitan Excise
law, reducing the license to $100 foi
the sale of spiritous liquors, and thirty
dollars for the sale of ale - and beer, also
regulating the hour for closing a place of
business where liquors are sold, by requir
ing them to effectually aud completely
close such places between the hours of one
and four A. M. on week days, and on Sun
day except after two o'clock P. M. when
stores and places for tbe sale ol liquor?
may open.
A dispatch' from Princess Anne, Md.. to
the Commercial, states that Rounds, Wil
son and Wells, the Chesapeake pirates, hav-
been respited until March 5th, to await the
trial of their companion, Varly, which will
commence next weak.
The Underground Railroad.
NEW YORK, Jan. 5.
The Underground Railroad Company, in
corporated by tbe last Legislature, have
returned their charter and given up the
job for the present. Tbe conditions con
tained in the act ot incorporation were s
stringent that men ot capital did not dare
invest In the enterprise, although the en
gineering difficulties are found to be much
less than would generally be supposed.
The Company will ask an amendment ot
the act and extension ot the time lor com
menclng operations.
NEW YORK, Jan. 5. Lobbyists at Washington.
It is stated the lobbyists at Washington
have recently inaugurated a scheme which
promises to pay tbem well, and for their
services have alreadv realised a verv re
spectacle sum The English advocates of
tbe Canadian reciprocity treaty are anx
ious to have the old policy revised and are
paying handsomely . to those who aid
their scheme, having advanced to the lobby
ring the sum ot $15,000 in gold and are
ready with another Installment as soon as
It is needed to innuence congress.
Libel Suits.
The Herald understands that several 11
. bel suits have been brought against Bone-
r mians, wno nave oeen Dusily engaged in
this city in calumniating the character ot
some of our grocers and dealers, and that
Hon. Reuben E. Fenton,,late Governor ot
this state, win oring suit against xnunow
Weed for the publication, in his paper, in
this city, oi a most atrocious lioei. .
Naturalization Question.
: In discussing the question of natnrallza-
, tion frauds the rieralu recommends the
. passage by Congress ot a law by which
foreigners who desire to become citizens of
this country can do so at once, on the aim-
pie condition of residence.
First General Order of Mayor
Mayor Hall, of this city, yesterday Is
sued his first general order, which was to
the effect that hereafter tbe prefix Honor
able was not to De used in connection with
his name or office. Communications are
not to be addressed to .his Houor, but sim
ply to the Mayor.
The Howard University.
Jas. B. Mallett, Supervising Architect of
Public Buildings at Washington,-sends
paper here relative to the recent falling of
tbe wails or the Howard university, in
which he says: I cannot consent to be
held responsible for the failure of the
, building, more especially as I did not hesi'
tate to express my opinion when the ma
terial of which it was composed was first
brought to my notice, that it was utterly
wort u less for building purposes, and also
predicted more thau a year since the recent
catastrophe." .--
The steamship Europe, from Liverpool
nas arrived.
An Injunction was last week placed on
tbe Merchants' Union Express Company.
ana yesterday a receiver was appointed.
LONDON, Dec. 5.
Telegraphic reports have been received
from Alexandria of an earthquake at Ta
breza,. a Persian city of sixty thousand
people, on Sunday last The shocks are
said to have .been violent, but no loss oi
me is reported. "
The country is now perfectly tranquil.
Tbe recent disturbances were caused by
tbe collection of odious taxes, and were
iomentedy reactionists.
Dr. Livingstone.
LONDON, Jan. 4.
. The latest news received here from Afri
ca confirms the recent report relative to
the safety of the great African traveler.Dr,
Livingstone. It is said he is somewhere in
the vicinity of Lake Niassi. near the con
fines of Scanzibar. Owing, it is thought,
to tbe wars between the native tribes, his
progress has been impeded, and conse
quently he has been unable to reach tbe
sea coast-
The Machine. Called fflaa,
Is a very complicated and delicate one, and is more
liable to get out of order, and much, more diffionlt
to-repair, than any combination of wheels, and
cranks, and levers, made by the bands of man. Al
a rale, it is Unktroi too mucA, and badly tinkered
at that. It is often ealomeliied, narcotised, de
pleted, and otherwise misused, when all that it
really needs is a wholesome tonic and restorative
put it in proper trim and keep it so. The stomach is
shamefully maltreated. In the first place, the food
which its juices are Intended to dissolve, is too fre
quently fArewa info itkattily, and in a half-masti
cated condition, in which state the gastno acid
cannot properly aot npon it. The result is dyepep
ia. Then comes the doctor, and, finding the di
gestive organs weak and the bowels inert, he pro
ceeds to weaken and paralyse still more with dras
tic purgatives. . These failing as they always do
to produce a salntary ohange, he tells the invalid
that medical science can do no more for him. This,
with all due deference, is a mistake, one of those
mistakes which Tallyrand said were tantamount to
crimes. .What the dyspeptic needs is tnvtgoratlon.
8tiengtheu the stomach with HOSTE ITER'S
BITTFR3. and the stomach will strengthen every
other part of the human machipe, and make it, in
common parlance, as - good as new. Upon
tbe state ot the digestion depends, in a measure, the
condition of the whole system. Now, the bitters
are the most admirable tonio known. They consist
of tbe finest vegetable invigorants and restoratives,
combined with - an unadulterated stimulant. . The
dyspeptic needs nothing else to effect a cure, except
a light, nutritious diet, and a fair amount of exer
cise. Even in the absence of these last mentioned
accessories, the tonic and alterative properities of
the preparation will work wonders, enabling the
dyspeptio to digest inferior fare with comparative
ease, and to maintain a good habit of body, ia spite
of the drawbacks of a sedentary occupation.
The use of
Will restore it to its natural color and promote its
R. P. HALL A CO., Nashua, N. H.. Proprietors.
- For sale by all Druggists.
. julyiS dltaw&wly-om
gentlemen, young and old. desirous of having their
hair beautiful for the Holidays, shoald use a bot
once. Read Chevalier's Treatise on the Hair.
Free to all. Given away at the Drug Stores, or sent
by mail free. This book should be read by every
person. It teaches to cultivate and have beautiful
hair, and restore gray hair to its originaTcolor,
top its falling out, removes all irritation or dan
druff from tbe scalp, thus keeping the hair beauti
ful to the latest period of life. -
jMY-decl-eodlm 1U3 Droadway.N.T.
splendid Hair Dre is tbe best in tbe world ;
the only true and perfect Dye; harmless, reliable
instantaneous; no disappointment : no ridiculons
tints; remedies theilleflecti of had dyes; invig
orates and leaves the Hair soft and beautiful, black
tr brown. Hold by all Drasstst ami Perfumers ;
and properly applied at Batobelor's Wis Factory
No. U Bond street. N. York. Mi apraa diwly
fJew Advertisements
tW The Oiiio Slatnmaa baa at
La rarer Clrcutatioa than aay pa
per pabliahedl la this City or Cea
tral Ohio. Advertisers will bear
Ibis in mind.
For juveniles, Saturday afternoon, from 1 to 5
P. M Gentlemen's cveninc e!aa at AHBOS
BALL. 13d intt.. at S o'clock V. M. oetl4-dSmH
.Dr. Barton's Tobacco Antidote.
iBDiirrrn vn uvnn iu axsibs Tfm TOBACCO.
Klv taHabU and Aormieaa, and is also an xeellsrat
poiiiV. It punfim ana nrcJte toe Diooa, iDwiBjoimicj
systeuV possesses great nourisniug hu iirsuiurauiui
uia tha itimiseh tn riirtat the heartiest foocL
sleep reTisfsbins;, and establishes robust health, jfmoktra
ami cfcnceV " ari aired. Price Fifteen ti per
box. PoajW An interesting treatise on tbfe injorioaa
affects of toaaeco, wtm usi or lesuroonisie
... A wantul AHHiwaaf
PosnrASTM's Timoicy. I ncl,, box of Button
Antidol from Key. X M. Ponlton, n' find it . ffttuci
OOTk fa. GatshA CouoUonyHsrriMO Co., Ohio.
tnd toppW of to Annpora. Alh om rwwedloi doM
if work 0ttT. , O. T. Edsae.
Fboh New Hianania Infra Pioir. Gentlemen of
Influence here hiring been cited of the appetite for tobeo
co br tulne; Dr. Barton'. AfctKtou, we deiir nrpplj for
the priHoen of thie intitjftion.
josirn tLiToWardeoW H. H. State Fftosa.
A BAjrzin'a Tesrre wr. - Dr3nrtono Antidotal for
Tobneeo has aceomptimd alt ttaimaifar it. ft.
A Clkotwaw rsTiMowY. Owkox of Aansoia
enrad my brotherXnd mrtelt It BiTiXrinA.
Her. tw. Baouim, KeUeiSttton, Pa.
Tarn: rax foutm Hadqoabtib, I-jV'
kit gained flirty -tM pound, of Ai ArV ""J" b7
uinKDr. Btnoa'a Antfaote, and all daire f Attobneoo H
romorod. Wm. U. tTuit. Jk.
Farm Botrran Hon Joukwal, BaVtmokk.
v t J.. - Rnvton. Antidote removed aU dartre for
the webd from ma. I tak nlanmro to recommendh H Is
all oar readera.
Trademark X CopyrigUd.
aa-Cmutlon ! Beware of iDjnriou Conntei-
foils advertised br Humbugs.
nov30-dw3mo-PNT -
No. 33 O Broadway
Capital, - One Million Dollars.
Darius K. Uanoax, Fres'L Jas. Meerill. Seo'j.
Um.ivm rtirwi anil allows FO U R PE R E NT.
INTEREST on all Daily Balances, subject to check
at sight. Mpeoial Deposits for !mx months or more.
roar be made at five per cent, i ne uapiiai oi uce
Mi lion Dollars is divided among over SuO Share
holders, oomprisinv many gentlemen of laree wealth
anrl finannial aXDerienee. who are also personally
liable to depositors for all cblieations of tbe Com
panr to doable the amount of their capital stoek.
ae tha K.r.inna.1 Truitt Cnmoanv receives deDosita
in laro-a nr aroall amounts, ar.d permits them to be
drawn as a whole or in pa t by check at sight and
without notice, allowing interest on an oauy Bal
ances, parties throughout tbe country can keep ac
counts in this Institution with special advantages
of security, convenience ana prone.
Fa NT-deol-daw'-iam -
Clothing Emporium,
No. 220 South High St..
A. largest and finest
stock of Fall and Winter
(roods ever brought to this oity. consisting of.
French, -Jjintjllisli.
Domestio Oloths.
Caasimere., &cct
For Gentlemen's wear, which 1 will sail at the low.
est Cash prices.
Also keep constantly on hand A well selected
took of
juxs-dly cm sontn nun
Agents Wanted $10 a Day,
Patent Revolving Double Haps
Of America aind Enrape, Amerlcai sknd
Ue tailed suiesoi Amtrica.
Colored in 1000 Counties.
l completed, show every plaoe rf importance,
all Railroads to date, and the latest .altera
tions in the various Enr pean Sta'es. These
Maps are needed in every School and family in the
land they occupy tbe space of one Map, and by
means o Ithe Reverser. either side can be thrown
front, and any part brought level to tbeeyer conn
tv Rights and laree discount given to good Agents.
Apply for Ciroiuars. Terms and Sample Maps, to
its. Terms and Sample Maps.
23CorUaBdiSt.,3. X.
Stockholder's Meeting. '.
CoLrjaBtTB. Chicago A Imd. Cent. R't Co ,
Colcmbi'S, O., December S4th, 1868.
a nr.eiria o the siockbold
IX. ers of the Columbus. Chicago and Indiana
Central Railway Company will beheld at the of
fice 61 tne Company, in tne city oi voiumDus,
Slate of Ohio, on FRIDAY. theS9TH day of JAN
UAltli low, vneeeu ID, uuhib ui v .. .ueuil.
P. M., to approve or reject a contract rith tbe At
lantic A Great Western Railway Company and tha
fcne Kailway Company, and lor other purposes.
By oraer of the Board. ...
docSC-dtd Secretary,
GER. FAIRCHILD . CO.. was this day dis
solved by mutual consent, George Fairchild with
drawing from the same Tbe business will be set
tled up by the remaining partners. Wm. btem
barger and Wm. Fairchild, who will continue tbe
busines of Wholesale Liquoalealers, at the old
stand, IT and 19 West broad Tamaeet, where thee so
licit tbe same patronage extended to the old firm.
Columbus; Ohio. Jan. 1. ipsa. janz-dlw
COOKING STOTE, combining a large oven,
good baking qualities, beauty of deoign, economy
of fuel, and cheapness, for sale by trie manufac
turers, who bave a fine line ot Wood Cooking
Stoves and Bollow-wara. GILL A RERVE.
dec23 eodlm-r 90 North High bt.
"P LAN E T."
The Columbus and Hocking Valley
Railroad Company.
Notice to Htockholders.
Colvmbcs. Ohio. Dec. 18th. 186S.
meeting of tbe Stockholder of this Company
will be held at its office, in the city of Columbus
on Tues lay, January 6th, 1869, between the hours
of 10 o'clock A. M. and S o'olock P. H., at which
thirteen Dire tors for said Company will be elected,
and such other business transacted as may be
brouzht before the meeting. Stockholders are re
minded that tbe la-v provides that "after the first
elect;on of Directors, no person shall vote on any
share on which any installment is due and unpaid."
decl-d3tawtd-r Seo'y and Treat.
A full stock of Condray's. Rummel'i and Lubin't
xtraots aaa romaaes,
Ne. 254 Nortla High Street,
decll-eodlm COLUMBUS, OmOi
Turnpike Notice.
stock oi the Lancaster. Lithooolis A Umv-
port Turnpike Company are hereby notified that
there will be a meeting of tbe stockholders ol said
Company onSATUKDAY. FEBRUARY 6th, 18tt,
at the office of John Morehart, Esq., Lithopolis,
Fairfield county. Ohio at 10 o'oloek A. M . m uM
day, for the purpose of electing seven Directors of
said Turnpike road for the ensuing year. ,
J senary o to.
8. O. HKNDREN. Rh.,
President of said Turnpike Company. '
- o
Call early and make saolec
Hons, so mm to get the
clioice of our Iar-g-e
Stock ol
Which ia now complete In
every Department
Are oflered than can be
had elsewhere. . ,
250 AND 252
South High Street.
'' ' j A. C. BEADLGT X CO
frrlOTilOESTa Let, fm
Ue, "Lat," T state, uFejal.
liaea, fmbllahecl la tfcta colama fat
o 'eeata each taaerttem.
CAaooN ton. aAL,t--SLituated oa Friend
street, location desirable). Hnit.hl. for . r.e
turant or boarding house. Inquire at ibis ef6ce.
wiw qd -
BuAMUiIMt. Geaileeaaaand wUa. ar two sin
cle arentleroen e.n h,,.i.iJ-iii, u-j
and a pleasant front room, well furnished, by in
aainiitat 1M iait HuaiitiM. -v- )ea4-dM
Open Nightly with a Star Comsanv nf '
" Second week, and great hit. of
Louise Payne and Ada Wray I
S1.1? ,h Miss SUSIE
and Flutinisl: BOW MA IN and HARRIS, thecele-
urniu r,,uii'pc.n lUUieiliana; 01191 ttUrlA LrJ Hi end
Miss MARY KUSSt LL, the aocomplishei Vocal
ists. Dan-eu'es and Comediennes,
(ar bee f rotrramn-es for particulars. - jan4
Ayers Cathartic Pills,
purpoaea of IzUts .
Perhaps no one medi
cine is so universally re- -quired
by everybody aa
a cathartic, nor was ever
any before so universal
ly adopted into use, in
every country and among
all classes, as this mild
but efficient purgative
JWl. The obvious rt'fv
son is, that it is a more re
liable and far more effec
tual remedy than any
other. Those who have
tried it, know that it cured them: those who have
not, know that it cures their neighbors and friends,
and ail know that what it does once it does always
that it never fails through any fault or neglectof
its composition. We have thousands upon thou
sands of certificates of their remarkable cures of the
following complaints, but such cures are known in
every neighborhood, and we need not publish them.
Adapted to all ages and conditions in all climates;
i.nnt.iinr motrrior rnlilmtl nr anv deleterious drufiT.
mey may oe laaen wim cuuviy uy huwj.
sugar coating preserves them ever fresh and makes
them pleasant to take, while being purely vegetable
no harm can arise from their use in any quantity.
They operate uy tneir powenui inuuence on uie
internal viscera to purify the blood and stimulate it
into healthy action remove the obstructions of the
tamarh. Vuverela. liver, and other organs of the
body, restoring their irregular action to health, and
Dy correcting, Wlltsrever uicr cau uve w.1 nii0u-
menu as are the first origin of disease.
Minute directions are given in the wrapper on
the box, for the following complaints, which these
Ti.lls rapidly cure: - 1
r or sayspeaMUai or '(""""i eu.., ..
aa, I,siaiarwr and aaaa mt Appetite, they
should be taken moderately to stimulate the stom
ach and restore its healthy tone and action. : -
For Uvea Cove plaint and its various symp
toms, Kllisata Heawliaclae, Mek Heawlaache,
JTiadsMiice or iireea Mciieieaa, Bllaota.
Colic and Bill cma revert, they should be ju
diciously taken for each case, to correct the diseased
action or remove tne ooncrucuona eurui mueo
For Dyaemtery or DiatrraierMa, but one mild
dose is generally required.
For nheasaatistae, ClraTel, PalrX.
tatiom of the llrart, Pslai 1st he ilde.
Hack and Iietaus, they should be continuously
taken, as required, to change the diseased action of
tne system, vr itn sucu cuaugu wow wmpuuni
disappear. " ".-.,
f or aaiaway ana mesaiiai mweiiiaepi trmy
should be taken in large and frequent doses to pro
duce the effect of a drastic pursre. - -
. For Snppreasi vai a large dose should be taken
as it produces the desired eflect by sympathy.' ,
As a Dinner take one or two J'Ois to pro- .
mote digestion and relieve the stomach.
An occasional dose stimulates the stomach and
bowels into healthy action, restores the appetite,
and invigorates the system. Hence it ia often ad
vantageous where no serious derangement exists.
One who reels toieraniy well, orten nnas mat a aoae
of these Fill makes him feel decidedly better, from
their cleansing and renovating effect on the diges
tive apparatus. ,
For all tha
JB. tT. C. AYJSlt at CO., PraetUxa CMemlttt,
X.OWELL. MASS., V. 5. A.n..i
- kW Tar sale br BBAU9. BBDCK CO..
Wholesale and Retail. Columbus, and all Drug
gists, jaoa-eodaaowly-cem j
PROV ENCE. R. 1 h Ting tha largest manu
factory So 8 or , in tha world., with
the most reproved maoh y. and emplojing tha
most skilled labor, are enabled to offer an un
equalled variety of ne and beautiful design is
Dinner Services, Tea ' aices, and every article
specially adapted fori -May and Bridal Gifts.
. They offer also their well-known and unrivalled
Nickel Silver Eleetro-Platad Ware, ia which laa
have introduced new pattern of rare elegance.
The Solid Silver is guaranteed to be of iterlia
purity by U. S. Mint assay. The Electro-Plate i
guaranteed to be superior to the finest Stomal
ware. Orders received front the Trade only, aa
these goods may b. obtained from wponsible
dealers every-hero. ; . . , ; '
. Salesrooea No-1 Maiden Lane, N. T.
novS-d Aw4,m-re KT
Dr. Xobtsaar TeaictiaB UtM-ae sUari-naeat.
' - '
Pint bottles at $1. for the cure of lameness
scratches, wind galls, sprains, bruises, splints, cuts,
eolie, slipping stifle, over heating, fore throat, nail
in the foot, Ac. It is warranted cheaper and bet
ter than any other article ever offered to the public
Thousands of animals have been cured of the eelia
and over heating by the Liniment; and hundreds
that were crippled and lama have been restored to
their former rigor. It is ased by the first horse
men throughout the 8tates. Orders are constantly
received from tbe racing stables of England for
fresh supplies f this invaluable artioie. Over
2,500 testimonials have been received. Remember
one dollar laid out in time may save the life of
your bone. Sold by all Druggists. . Office. 10 Park
Place. New York.
Is the offspring of a great faot. No one can think
of denying that his
Brings out a finer BROWN or BLACK than any
other, in a shorter time, and without injury to tha
hair. This is a truth as apparent as that the sun
lights the earth. -
Cristadoro's Hair Preservative
AND BBAUTIFIER. The toilet, without this ar
ticle, lacks its most useful attribute. ' Nothing ia
so common in this country as the falling out of tha
hair. The preservative prevents it. The fibres can
no more looeen and drop off. if this article is rega.
laxly applied night and morning, than if each war
fixed in a vies. The testimony on this poiat ia
ovewhelming, while tha beautifying and.invigora
piopertieaof tha fluid are equally well established
Sold by Druggists, and applied by all Hair Dress
a. Manufactory No. 68 Maiden Lane. Principal ,
Depot No 6 Astor House. .'- . . . i
junels-dAwljeia-reNT - - i
allcoch's roittttis PLAsruia
Whereby the circulation of tha blood becomes
equalised, usca the part where applied, causing
pain and morbid action to cease. '
Was there ever publuhed stronger evidence thaa
thist ;
Certificate) tranalt, Sterliajr, Eaej.
for two years I have been s great safferer from
neuralgia in the head, and found only temporary
relief from all the varloas remedies that I have
tried, until I applied of "AJLLCOCK.'S PO
ROUS PLASTERS." I eat it into three strips.
placing ons under each shoulder blade and the ota
or over the snail of my hack, and for tha past
three months I have had scarcely a twinge of tha
old pain. 1 sdvie all who Suffer from nerrousdls
eases to lose no time ia making a trial of tha won
derful plaster
A. F. STERLING. See'y Binger Mfg Co.
New York, June 8. . ' 4 .
Principal Agency, Bbajthutx Boris.
York. Sold by all druggists. - -
iunelS-dAwlyem-VeKT "' ' -
I B ATI heard it highly extolled and have seen it
wonderful effects, writes Martha XL Johnson. f
Derby, Ct.. about Palmer's Letion,
sepxl-dawlyonw 1 .
DR. A. B. WILLIAM S. Waat Hrl-..
ligb street, Columbus, Ohio, haa deroted kiaisl
i wiiv w ,ue HviiueDt olcorW pfl.
rue diseases. He may baeensultad at kU o8o
Broadwav . aear tha kzehange Bank
bV slfesTT 'bTU a. j , r ,
guiante: VK. RICORDVESSlirOF u!S
IPU..I.. iiuio wnatever cause an
smg; the effects of early pernicious habits, self,
abase, impotency and elimata. giva away at onoe to
thu wooderful UMdioiaa, if taken regularly accord
ing w tne uireotions (wntcn are very simple and re--quire
no restraint from business or pleasure.) Fail
are is impossible. tM.ld in bottles at aa or four
n n.nti 1m. i m mi. rnr SQ , T. k-k.J t .i ,
appointed agent in America, H. Gksituh. T
i dim Ave., coraar uth bt.. Now York- . .
1V1 PampkU ram A pom at LI a. CcTtt.
The '-Medical limes" sayTofthiT work "fa
valuable treatise on the cause aud euro of nramaZ
tur deoline, shows how health is impaired throuah
Herat ehneH ef -.Anth ..J m-wa 1 , .
. , - . " ' ; w.uuuui, ana now
ly regained. It sives a clear syncpsi, of tn.
iiukd.iiu.uh w ummsKe, tne cause and effacta mt
namMia ri.kilit. mA ,h. m 1 Z .1 r
pocket edition of the abova will be forwarded on
aT" v f ,?r-hr. d?ring Doctor Ctjiitm 4
No. 68 North Charles street, Baltimore, Md.

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