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: urrntMutoiciL Tain, prepared and
': -,,..t K w. j. Ravager-Jeweler, 83
- Wflli-i-iw" - . . -
. . til - . . . 10
,; BOUm Mlgn sum . - . -
"t v: ....: ? OS .:: w-
H. M.
111 I....
vi is
4 ' W.
r. m..
H. M.
Has Satin
Blobbs at the dinner Uble-Let bs
; have (another) piece. ; -
Tl; t-W" The' Mayor'- office yesterdsy was
1 barren of Item and " loor. ; ;
r- fs - ' . -l.nnnnn. -rav
rap-Rows caused oy mukuu.
be termed "explosions
tisr- The thermometer took ft downward
"' hnio-rinn n vesterdar. The weather got
--r " - t .
'.. rightcold by sundown. v
rs-Tt U not known whether the "An
burn Horse," one of Bonner'a stable, lately
left anv auburn hair. We presume
be did, though, we presnme he did:
rsw- lot of plow are on exhibition In
the rotunda of the State House. A prize
'tow or two and a tborough-bred horse
v there now, would make things all right.
; Put 'em la. . - V
, Notary PcBUC.Tom.C. Thurman was
' on yesterday commissioned a Notary ruo-
T He lor FraukUn county. . -
. Admittfd to this BAB.-CaiparC.Cle-:
mens, of Xenia, was on yesterday admit
ted by the Supreme Court to the practice
of law In all the courts oi, urn oiw.
T.xKiiriTi Mkktins. Most of the
members of the House ot Representatives
. i - C t..AiawA In thptr
and a majority oi iue muw
u vesterdav. The reports or me pro
; ceedlngs will be found In to-day'a States-
' ' AT THa NriL Colonel Oscar F. Moore,
' ex-member of Congress from the l orn -;
mouth district. Judge Lang, of Tiffin, and
I Judge .Baffin of Cincinnati, are at the Nell
House. ' They arc looking finely. V -
" bn4nl'i LAST MaTIKB-MISS
; CaroUne Schneider, having recovered from
ber Indisposition, bas determluea to noia
. toer last afteriroon concert postponed on
: last Saturday because of her illness on
' next Saturday, January th, at 9 o'clock.
' The programme, an excellent one, will be
1 published on Friday. '
: - . (. i. - - "
u Eickeq bt a Horsk. A lltUe boy. about
t seven yeara of age,! Earned Georgle Wll
;. llama, sod of, Mr. WUlUms, of tne Goodale
l House, waa yesterday noon , kicked by a
I faorM bitched In irontof the Stote Street
f, School.' Fortunately he was but slightly
.'. lnltt red; . This U the third or fourth time
i be cas oeeanurs in-sniaw.
If-Tm MrssTatxa L.st Nights We did
" ni. u. .wiimmmn crlvAti bv the Cool
I Burgess Minstrels last night, as well as that
' ol the previous' eveniug. Cool soured on
bis andienee for hi great act Nlcodemus
Johnson, h could only warble one stansa
of It. ' The performance was good, though.
With such a troupe it couldn't be anything
l' else. The party go from here to Dayton,
i Lack to them., .:: " . ' .V- .
9 -IThahks Profc Emrlcb, whose fame as
a sott soap artist U as extensive as our
whole county, has but- thanks for a box ot
ti InTtnclble, water-proof blacking. It
makes a boot as impervious to water as a
galoot's stomach. - We know that its com-
pooent part are lust what are needed to
'; render leather soft, pliable and Impeuetra
l hi 'to water't "; - 'V-'' '
Thb '. Ckilb ;WiF-Eandall &' Ason
t have our thanks for a copy of Capt May ne
Reid'B new story. The Child Wife, from the
f popular publishing! house " of Sheldon &
Co, of New Tork. This Is the first of
Capt. Eeld's books published since he be
ceaipe aa American citizen. It Is a very
- gem of a story, and will recommend Itself
" to all lovers of light reading. Price $1.75.
-: StatK Board of Aqkiculture. A large
number of the members of the State Board
"of Agriculture were in thU city yesterday.
- After awarding certain premiums an ex
' 'amlnatlon was made of the reports of the
-TVjtnrr and Executive Committee. The
' ' Board will meet this afternoon la the Sen
. ate Chamber . for the election of officers,
i use of the Chamber having been given by
, the Senate. - .
TKAssrBRRKS Ykbtrdat. The follow
office yesterday :
- Josiah Klnnear et al. to Anson Scott and
' J. H. Zinn, August 6th, 1867, loU Nos. 16
and 17 of Samuel Kinnear's addition to the
city of Columbus, for $200.
y.C. Cox and wife to William S. Clymer,
April 2d, 1866, 904 acres of land In Sharon
; township, for $2,722.50. :
Th . Wkkk f Phateb. The prayer
meeting at Town Street Methodist Church,
yesterday, was largely attended, and the
assembly seemed. Inlused Vlth strong de
votional feeling. Fervent petitions were
hollered to the Throne Of Grace for the out
; pouring of the Holy Spirit. H. C. Noble,
- . HI. T . til l AffAMf4
-- leaoer. 1 av-ubj Frj ci hu w vuncu wi
the young, especially In sabbath schools
and; christian, families..; J. E. Sudisill,
leader. . "m "'" .
Cosmib8ionrs' Mkktijsq. The Com'
mtasioners met, yesterday. Present
Messrs. Edwards; Gullck - and Lisle. The
following bills were allowed : Geo. P. Fish
er, book-case,, &c, for court-room, $7.00 ;
Columbus Cabinet Company, two dozen
chairs for court-room, $16 00: same, desk
for Treasurer's office, $15.00.; George p.
Sargeant, books for Sheriff, $10 00. 'Board
adjourned to meet this mornic? at 10
; EcraxM Coubt The Supreme Court
yesterday was engaged on.a pretty heavy
lease, being that ot Ohio ex re "Attorney
General against the Cincinnati Gas Light
and Coke Company. The suit is brought
In thai nature of, quo wtrfanto, to compel
the Gas Company to sell out to the city,
Judge Gholson, and Stanley Mathews, ap-
.1 l.I.i , fTl T--. X"
A. Ferguson and George' Hoadley for d?-
.fendants. The case occupied the attention
Of the court the entire day .yesterday and
-will be continued to-day. -;...
Ladies1 BMtToi.aT .SociaTT-The
regular annual meeting; of this society will
be held this (Wednesday) afternoon at half
-past two o'clock, In the basement ot the
First Preebyteriad church. The meeting
has been appointed, at this place that all
friends of the society, both gentlemen and
ladles." may feel at liberty to attend. The
ladles are still hoping that the society may
be sustained- without r public .entertain
uenttv Therefore an opportunity will be
given at this meeting to make monthly or
annuaV subscriptions
. -f i i;t III lli'' ' i 1 iii .i
Fbahelm CouMTT'jIiiTiaiiABT. From
. June 1st, 1868, to January 1st, 1869, there
' were given to the poo rot the city 694 loads
of coal. aud .wood, against 28a loads dia
tribe ted .during the same time In 1867. This
Is a bitter evidence ot tba poverty of the
nconle and the hardness of the times. Dur
ing the time mentioned above 838 persons,
perfectly destitute were received Into the
lostltation. i If there be not a change, In
the grinding taxation that Is impoverish,
lng all our people, the. number will be In
creased loarlold. . . : .
LOCAL NEWS. TUESDAY, Jan 5, 1869. Ohio Wool Growers Association.
A meeting of the Ohio Wool Grower
Association was held last evening In the
Senate Chamber. The attendance was not
large, but the feeling was enthusiastic and
unanimous.. - ' - f
- Mr. 9: O. Stevens, Vice President, In the
absence of the President, culled the Asso
ciation to order. - He made some remark
upon the present dark appearance of the
wool growing interest, and predicted a bet
ter time In the near future. He thought it
proper I hat the Association should expn ss
an opinion upon the subject of a renewal
of the Canadian reciprocity treaty. He
also referred to the present tariff, and
thought especially that it should be raised
on the class ot wools known as "combing
wools." which now paid but three cents ol
a tariff, whereas they should pay ten cents
specific and ten cents ad valorem tariff.
Alter still further remarks, on motion ol
Mr, J. Park Alexander, ol Summit county,
Mr. Jamison was elected temporary Sec
retary ot the Association. .
R. R. Donnelly, ot Waynecounty, moved
that the rules be suspended and that we
proceed to the election of officers viva toes,
which motion prevailed. "
Mr. J. Park Alexander moved that Mr.
J. C. Stevens be elected PresiJent of the'
Associaton for the ensuinz year, which mat
tion prevailed by unanimous vote.
" Mr. Donley moved that Mr. A. C. Welsh,
of Richlanu county, be elected Vice Presi
dent, wiiich was carried. - -
On motion of Mr.- Alexander, Jas. U.
Jam'.son was elected Secretary.
On motion ot Mr. a. it. Donnelly, jur.
S. D. Harris, of Cnyauoica county, was
elected Treasurer.
On motion of Mr. Alexander. Mr. Don-
oeHy waa tlected one of the Directors of
the Association.
On motion ol Mr. Jamison, Mr. Alexan
der, ot Summit county, was elected one of
the Directors. .
On motion of Mr. Don nelly, Mr. J. H.
Branch, of Clermont county, was elected
the other Director. , -
Mr. Jamison offered the following reso
lution, which was adopted:
Jsetowea, That wool growing is an Im- .
portant, and should remain an essential
feature of agriculture in this State; that
the present depression of this interest is
owing to causes temporary in their nature,
and u nieh ho good reason for the sacritice
of flocks and the abandonment of their
business by those who have for years been
profitably engaged therein.
Mr. J. Park Alexander offered the fol
lowing resolution, which was' adopted : '
Hetolved, That the Interests or the (Jbio
Wool Growers, are in direct opposition to
the renewal of what is known as the Can
adian reciprocity treaty, and that we urge
our Representatives in Congress lo oppose
n every leature the introduction ol un
taxed foreign wools, to the exclusion of
woul grown from our own flacks.
Air. Alexander moved that a committee
of two be appointed, whose duty it 6hall
be, lo conjunction with the Secretary and
Treasurer of this Association, to make an
effort to raise a sufficient amount Irom the
0:iio wool growers to pay the expense in
curred by Mr. Montgomery in the year
isub on a viit to Washington Uty in their
behalf. .Which was carried. .
The chair appointed as such committee
Messrs. Alexander and Welch.
On motion of Mr. Branch, the officers of
the Association were ordered to furnish
our Representatives in Congress with cop
ies oi tne minutes ol this meeting.
On motion ot Mr. Alexauder. the Asso
ciation-returned thanks to the Ohio Senate
for the use ot the Senate Chamber. .
On motion of Mr. Donnelly, the Associ
ation adionrned to meet at Toledo on the
third day of next State Fair
C. STEVENS, Pres't.
M.ESNERCHOR Concert. The concert of
the Columbus ilsennerchor, fixed for to
morrow (Thursday) night, promises to be
one of the best yet given. We shall not
pretend to describe' the proposed attrac
tions of this concert, whether in respect to
the selections made or the peculiar talent
to be exerted on the occasion of their pre
sentation. 'We shall only say that the mu
sic lovers of our city have in store for them
a real treat, and that none - should fail to
secure for themselves and their families
the opportunity that will be afforded them
to listen to some of the finest compositions
of the old masters rendered by the best
musical talent of the city.
No one will dispute that in this work-a-
day world of ours there Is need of recrea
tion for the. tolling masses of the people.
As men are wise or foolish, they will select'
amusements that are innocent or dangerous
amusements that will excite pleasurable
emotions without cankering heart or mind,
or those which,, while they are agreeable to
the senses, have the effect, to weaken or
destroy every wholesome sentiment of the
heart 'and every noble aspiration ot the
mind. Among the' many expedients which
men have resorted to to enliven the path
way of life, one' of the most innocently
pleasurable appears to us to be the cultiva
tion and practice of the art of singing.
Though our own people , are beginning
to understand this, it will belong before
they can . lay claim to that excellence of
musical attainments which distinguishes
the people of Europe, and especially of
Germany. In the latter country nearly
everybody sings correctly, and not a few
are capable of playing their own accom
paniments on the piano or other musical
instruments. A singing society is to be
found u almost every village, and in many
places associations of the kind are numer
ous. Some of . these societies comprise
hundreds of members, and they are en
abled to reader with fine eff-ct even the
most difficult concerted pieces of the great
masters of the art of musical composition
In England, glee and madrigl . clubs
have been common for centuries, and they
are kept up to the present day, notwith
standing the fact that many people there
are following the fashion introduced from
Germany and Italy, of associating in large
bodies for chorus singing.
Railroad Incorporation. The certifi
cate ot incorporation , of the Pittsburgh,
Mt Vermon, Columbus and London Rail
road Companj was filed In the Secretary of
State's office yesterday. The road is to
commence in Holmes county, on the line of
the Cleveland and Akron railroad, thence
through the counties of Knox, Licking and
Franklin to Columbus, thence In Madison
oounty to a point at or near the town of
London. Capital stock $2,000,000, with the ;
priviledge of increasing It to- $3,000,000.
A. .Wad dell, A. W. E wing, J. W Donald
son, Michael Egoff and E. Spencer are the
corporators. '
Befors the Commissioner. The trial of
Mr. J. N. Miller, charged with using lllictly :
a (till, took place yesterday before U. S. '
Commissioner Chittenden. Mr. Miller was
held to answer the charge before the higher
So says the Journal of yesterday. We
have the sublime satisfaction of pronounc
ing the above statement entirely untrue.
Mr, Miller was not. "held to answer the
charge before a higher court." On the
contrary, quite, the. reverse. Mr. Miller
was honorably discharged, and discharged
because the prosecution could not substan
tiate one shadow of a charge against him.
- Didn't Stop. J.N. passed through this
city yesterday on his ,way; to Cincinnati.
He designs speaking for truth In Ports
mouth on the 7th, In Ironton on the 8th
and GalllpolUvon the 0th. If the people
of that benighted region don't hear pure,
nndeflled and red hot trnth, it won't be j'.
N,'j faulty He hat no partner in the truth
business bow. Singe-handed and alone he
goes forth to fight the giant error. Be
will make a tour through Illinois and the
Southern States shortly, and will be pres
ent at Grant's inauguration in Wasbing
toftf ' - ' " : '
Eixsleb CoMiNG.-r-John Eilsler will open
the Opera House for a two weeks' season,
commencing on . Tuesday, January 26th,
with a line-theatrical. company.- Daring
the season Miss Caroline Richings will
visit. Columbus.- This is pleasant news for
out; theatrical Joying people.
New GbaveI Boad The certlflcate'o
ncorporationjOf the Westfield, Cardingtoi
ind Chesterville Gravel Boad Company
vas filed with the Secretary of State yes
erday. It Is to pass through a portion oi
)elaware and Morrow counties. Capital
took. $20,000, with privilege of increasint
o $25,000, in shares of $30 each. J. H
lenson,"J. H. Pennock, J. B. Trlndle, W
I. Marvin, O. E. Richardson, Levi Reich
iderfer, L. Bartlett, Wm. Shunk, J. T.
luck, M. B. Brooks, John Andrews, JaCbt
Crels, Henry Steiner and D. W. James, an
he corporators.
Thanks. We desire to thank our friends,
mtrons, the business and professional men
f Columbus, and discriminating public
r'or the liberal support of Columbus Bust
iess College. - E.K.Bryan.
iau6 dlt
Grand Military and Civic Ball of the
First Regiment White Boys In Blue, at
Saughton Hall, Friday evening, Januarj
3th. Friends of the Organization are re
spectfully invited to attend. ian6-3t
Saie. $10,000 worth of Life Scholar
ships In Columbus Business College, will
be sold within sixty days at a bargain. '. . .
. No. 97 State Street,
Have always on hand every delicacy in
season. Gentlemen can arrange lor uoara
by the week. We have two large and de
sirable rooms over, the restaurant for rent,
suitable for a party of six or eight.
jan5-lw Proprietors.
JTevrelry made and repaired by C. E.
Smitb, 27 S. High street, over Bain's store
nov6d3m , ;
Mrs. M..J. Stoke has taken rooms at
the Buckeye House, where she will be
pleased to give Delineations of Character
for Ladies and Gentlemen, according to
scientific. rules and data. Charts furnished.
Mrs. S. can give the highest testimony of
her ability to read character, and will guar
antee entire satisfaction to all who may fa
vor her with a call. Reception hours from 9
A. M. to 12 M., and from 2 P. M. to 9 P. M.
Parlor No. . J " ' Jan4-d3t
, Accident. There was an explosion In
Doctor - Ayer's , Laboratory, yesterday,
which caused some excitement in the vi
cinity. Ayer's Pills are manufactured un
der an enormous pressure, in cylinders,
like cannon,- which sometimes prove too
weak for the compressed forces, and burst
with terrific violence. Fortunately, the
pieces do not fly far, so that no one has
ever been hurt by. tbem. The action is
more like ice than powder ; but it makes
Pills which all the world acknowledge are
Pills. Daily Journal, Lowell. , . ..'.'-jtnS-d&wlw-cm
' - '
Holloway's Pills. Nothing is harder
to deal with than a deeply-seated purulent
sore. This all surgeons admit. And yet
the worst species of sores some of them of
ten and twenty years standing have been
cured absolutely and entirely, in a lew
weeks, by Holloway's Ointment. Hospi
tal practitioners, who have used it, ac
knowledge that none of the officinal salves
possess 'the same healing properties, and
the public Ion ago. arrived at the same
conclusion. - Sold by all Druggists.
. Jj9-dly-cw . .
1 A case of Humphreys' Homoeopathic
Specific In the house Is a well-spring of
satisfaction. You can always find the true
remedy tor a cold, cough, sore throat,
croup, face-ache,' weak stomach, catarrh,
or other of the thousand ailments to
which a family are subject, and thus save
doctor's bills, sickness and suffering. Price
of a full case and book of directions Is $10.
Sent to any address on receipt of the
price. ' Address, Humphreys' SPKcrrrc
Homoeopathic Medicine Co. 562 Broad
way, N. Y. jyl3-dfcwly-cw '
And be did many wonderful works, In
somuch that his name was pronounced in
many tongues. And there came unto him
Judith, from the sea port of New Bedford,
who' bad been, sick for many years; and
alter some days her pains were gone. She
slept soundly, and did rejoice in eating her
food.' And Asa, from those which are call
ed Quakers, in the great city of Philadel
phia, wrote an epistle, saying: O, Doctor!
accept thou this money, which is called
greenbacks, and bath the picture of Abra
ham, thy friend, on one end. For verily I
was weak, exhausted and despondent; I ate
but little, and Offered many pains, and thy
Plantation Bitters gave me health, liken
ed only unto the vigor of youth. And upon
such as are afflicted with liver complaint,
with sour stomach, with. general debility,
and dyspeptic pains, in all parts of the land
did these Bitters produce astonishing cures
Magnolia Water. Superior to the best
imported German Colosne, and sold at half
tho price. ..
Nervous Debility, with its gloomy at
tendants, low spirits, depression, involun
tary emissions, loss of semen, spermator-'l
rhoea, loss of power, dizzy head, loss of
memory .and threatened impotence and
imbecility,Jind a sovereign cure in Hum
pbreys' Homeopathio Specific No. Tweu
ty-Eight. Composed of the most valuable,
mild and potent Curatives, they strike a
once at the root of the matter, tone up the
system, arrest the discharges, and impart
vigor and energy, life and vitality to the
entire man. They have cured thousands
of cases.' Price $5 per package of six box
es and vial, which is very important in ob
stinate or old cases, or $1 per single box.
Sold by all Druggists, and sent by mail on
receipt of price. Address Humphreys
Specific Homeopathic Medicine Co. 562
Broadway, New York. yl3-deodfcwly
Look at the Ruins ! Aye, look at the
ruins of what were once magnificent sets
or teetn, to do seen everywhere in so
ciety. Look at them, and ask yourself if
ilt Is not marvelous that such destruction
is permitted, when, by simply using Fozo
dont, any teeth, however fragile, may be
preserved .from decay or blemish as long
as life lasts t . fr'..
olue" useful m every
A kiss from blueish lips, accompanied
with offensive breath, Is disgusting. This
we wish to say to Inebriates especially,
and at the same time warn tbem not to kiss
their wives, until they have cured them'
selves of intemperance with "Dr. John
ston's Speclflo." Wives! curejyour bus
bands of their dreadful disease. You can
do so without their knowledge.
sep22-dtfcsAwly-ew. r
Jkleff & DeBctts, Locksmiths and
bell hangers, at No. 141 North High street,
are now prepared to hang parlor and hotel
bells in the neatest and latest style. Sew
ing machines repaired and satisfaction
guaranteed. Models built for patentees,
and all kinds ot light machinery made and
repaired.' Keys ot all description always
on hand, and sale and jail locks made and
repaired. may23-e-ly
'Ball's Vegetable Sicilian Hair Renewer
is the best preparation for the hair in the
market, and always gives satisfaction. Do
not be put off by unprincipled dealers
with others on which they make more
profit. ' 1 iy2d-wddsly-cw
JSTo. 13. j
experience, an entire success: Simple
Prompt Efficient and Reliable. They are tha
only Medicines perfectly adapted to popular use, -so
simple that mistakes cannot be made In
Uflinjr them ; so harmless as to be free from dan- .
5er, and so efficient as to be always reliable,
hey hare raised the) hiehest commendation from
all, and will alwaya render satialacUoo.
Hos. O Cents
1, Cures Ferers, Congestion, Inflammations. 9S r
Worm, Worm Fever, Worm Colic.45
Cryins-Colic or Teething of Infaats9S '
irisrrnoea oi cnuaren or Aanits..x
Dysentery. Griping, Billons Colic
Cbolera-ltlorbus, Vomiting..... S6
Coughs, Colds, Bronchitis.. .SS
Nenralgla, Toothache, Faceache. .2S
IleadachcsSicmeadache, VertigxriS
Suppreased, or Painful Periods... SS
V iiltes. too pro nine Periods S
Croon, Couph, Difficult Breathing. .28
HI. a.. naa.lBH. 77hann.altnn.lK CMC
jLuim aoot-e are put up in via lx.wuji amotion
containing double quantities each, for. 60 - j
Tht fallovTiiig art also put vp in vial and art
tent at the tarn price given below. '
IS, " Fever AAene, Chill Fever, AgnesM
17, " Piles, blind or bleeding 60
13, u Optlialmy. and sore or weak EyesSO
19, t'atarrli. acute or chronic,Influenia50
SO, " 'liooptne-Cough,violentcough50
31, A stlima oppressed Breathing. GO
92, M Ear Ilcnarges,impalredhesrlngSO
83, Scrcl'ula, enlarged glands, swellingseO
94, u CieneralDebility.physlcalweaknesefiO
$5, 44 Dropity, and scanty Secretions... .GO
86, Sea-sicltiiess,8ickiiesB from ridlngCO
87, Kldney-Uisease, travel GO
88, " Nervous Debility Seminal
Emissions. Involuntary Discharge-
.! on
Sore Month, Canker. GO
Urinary Weakness, wetting bedGO
Painful Periods, with spasms.. GO
Suflerins;s at change of life. 1 00
Epilepsy, Spsms,it.Vitas'Dancel 00
.Diphtheria, ulcerated sore throat. GO
Ot 35 to 60 large vials, morons
or rosewood case, containing
a specific for every ordinary "
disease a family is subject to, .
and books of directions
From $10 to (3
Smaller Family and Traveling: cases,
with 20 to SS vials from $5 to $8
Specifics for all Private Diseases, both
for Curing and for Preventive
treatment. In vials and pocket cases,$2toS
Cures Burns, Bruises, Lameness,
Soreness. So re Xli roat. Sprain -.Xooth-ache.
Earache, Neuralcla, Bhemnv
tlsm. Lumbago, Piles, Bolls, Stings,
Sore Eyes, Bleeding of the Lanza,
Nose, Stomach, or of Plies; Corns, fl
eers. Old Sores.
Price, 6 oz., SOcts.t Pints, fl.OOt
auarts, 81.76.
UBT These Remedies, except POND'S EX
TRACT, by the case or single box, are sent to
any part of the country, by mail or express, free
of charge, on receipt of the price.
Address Humphreys Specific
9 Homeopathic Medicine Company,
Office and Depot, So. 663 Bboadwat, New Tork.
Dr. Hrmrms-rs is consulted dally at his office,
personally or by letter, as above, for all form of
disease. a
j ua.. -
; ... ,,,
A fresh n nr.nl nf ihm iknr. nn t,..J nnj
for sale by
H. K. 8AMUHI,.
A. J. HtmUEU.ERand
HUSTON & UARDfii.fi.
All frMh anil Mnnnlnn. U m.A .:.. V
. ' . , n ' " .... u. ... iuua UDI, II II. IUB
bottom of the box, or in the eases, Humphreys!
Speotfio.. Homeooathie Merlinin f'.nmn. n . It -
no others. They are not reliable.
. jyis-deodAwly
or THl
United States of America,
Cash Capital, - - $1,000,000.
To which all general oorrespoDdenee should be ad-
aresed..- -
CLARENO? H. CI.ARK, President.
JAY COOKE, Chairman Finance and ExeentiT
HENRY D. 4;OOKE. Vice President.
EiltKSON W. fEET.-Seeretary and Aetoary.
. . Offered by this Cpmpsny are :
It Is a National ComoanT. chartered bv aneeial
set of Congress, 1868.
t has a paid np capital of $1,000,000.
t offers low rates of premium.
t furnishes lsreer Insurance than other Comm.
nies for the same money .
it is debmte and certain in its terms,
it is a home Company in every locality.
Its Policies are exempt from attachment.
There are no unnecessary restrictions in the Pol
icies. Erery Policy is non-forfeitable.
Polioies may be taken that will pay insured their
full amount and return all the rjraminma. so that
the Insurance costs only the interest on the annual
folioies may be taken which pay to the Insured,
after a certain number of years, during life, an an
nual income of one-tenth the amount named in the
No extra rate is charged for risks upon the lires
of females --
It insures not to par dividends, hut at S
cost tbat dividends will be impossible.
Cincinnati, Ohio, General Agents for Ohio Central
ana ooutnern Indiana.
8. 51.' SMITH,
Coluiibos. Special Agent for Franklin, Licking,
jansKingum ana cosnooron counties.
THE CejniriKRCIAli BAK. leeateel
. in ".Sessions' Block." earner Hich and Lonc
streets. will be open for business January 4th, 1861.
Aeeonnts of individuals and firms solicited ana
satisfaction guaranteed. INTEREST ALLOWED
ON TIME DEPOSITS. Gold and Silver. Foreign
and Domestic Exchange. Government -Bonds and
local securities bought and sold. Passage Tickets
to aDd from all the principal ports in Europe is
sued. The above Bank wilt he open for the transaction
of business, except paying enecks, Wednesday and
Saturday evenings ol each week, from 1 to o'clock.
dec30-eodlm J. A. JEFFREY. Cashier.
rV MUSIC, Ac, Ac, that yon wish to have
bound in a nice firm binding, promptly, at low
prices? Books sent for and returned to any part of
the city by giving notice through posteffioe, or at
Franklin Steam Book Bindery
One of the largest and best appointed Binderies in
the State.
Heoms 34. 36. 38 Norm Hi eh Street,
(Over llessrs. Nevins A Myers, and Statesman
Steam Printing Offices.)
Of every description and quality, from the hiehest
to the lowest, printed If desired, ruled and bound
to any required pattern, and superior workmanship,
at the lowest prioes.
Orders from County Officers, Banks, Merchants,
and all Offioers requiring 80PEH10R BLANK
BOOKS, will be executed promptly, with oar per
sonal attention. ; . ;
1 our patronage respeotiully solicited.
Oct3-deod6m .
Blank Book Manufacturers,
Special attention paid to manufacturing first elan
.; ; :; OBisAisriL boohs ,
o every description, with or without printed Bead-'
ings, for"
WW Full sets of Books made on short notice,'
warranted to give perfect satisfaction. .
aprll eouly ' COLUMBUS, OBIO. '
' n it f.TiT():: - 'r, i boots ifiND snoEs:;.
Stock of new and superior goods, embrsoinc every thing in the line of MENS'. WOMEN'S,
YOUTH'S. MISSES' AND CHILDREN'S BOOTS A N O SHOES, now offered for sale, and to be olrsed
out. without reserve, at the store in DfcSHLErl'S NEW BUILDING. Look at soma of the Drift en and.
compare them with those usually charged : :
Tleai's Kip Boots, all Wbole aLeaifaert
Hoys Kip Boots, ; ss j - :
mTontbs, Kip Boots, '
Child' Kip Boots. ' -
neat'a Cmir, Xnp-Soled Boots, , . - -lVomen's
Oali Sboess Best, - !
Wemrn's Bent Morocco Shoes, -
Iid lea Bon1le Soled Lnsliais Cosig;.
Ladle' do., Silk Gore, Tery Best, - :
Illtsrs' Morocco Shoets Polish, -
Child' Morocco Shoes,'. ' - . - -
Ac, Ach ' - fcc
These coeds are smsranteed to beof superior material and workman, liin m.n& will iu- jmmn.-iaoB
with any in the market.
lion t forget that tne sale is positiv, ana is limited to But a tew weeks. Another inch opportunit
will never coeur asain. Be sure and find the ricbt place (there is bnt one) before buying.
' UErtHLER'S NEW BUlLDlMG. opposite the Statesman Offios. is the al... .n '
Uoods. i i
ii.. 1. 1
i ''. if) ; j c .
93 OO. Begnlar price 9 I SO
a.oo, . V S.OO
I SO, ; - " 9.SOt
-2,' ; :: V- r aoo"
d.oo, ; r s i.'.. .oo
i.r.5, .' .: .; a so
l.oo, -; ,.5e)
140, . . . ; " 1 a.oo
i.s, .'..: . s oo
1.40, . . .-' '..f.si.a
O.JO, ' ; :v - " " 0.7S'
- s
. ! . i
E. C. CLOUD & CO.1
Having greatly; enlarged ourlFrintiop; Facilities by the purchase of a complete new
outfit ot -. .
The Latest and Host Approved Style,
And the sddltion of
Generally conceded to be tne fastest
pihst ol.
In connection with EUGGLES' GOEDON'S and 'WELLS' Job Prpsspa. thai S.Vn
Eroven such guccessesf in our office, and having the largest and most commodious
uilding iu this city in which to operate, we are now prepared
' . - ': ,. l. ' :; I ' .. - i ' t I i
In the best and neatest style of the art, and
Our fait New. Pressep, our Improved Economical Machinery the result of the inKo-
nuity ana inventive mipnu or ine oest miiias oi me aire enaoie ns to ao good w k
at MUCH CHEAPER RATES than can be done in the old style and with only the old
facilities. The Office is complete in all its arrangements, and can do the work with :
Legal Blanks,
Blank Books,
Business Cards,
In this specialty
Having More Presses
We are prepared to execute all kinds of Printing, in any color, at lower prices than
our neighbors. -. ,
' raftsxtcsjmarj.
Nos. - 36, 38 and
COLUMBUS, ' bind.
u I'-
New Prceses, including a . .
' 5
. t . i
XXoo Press,
and best Prin ting JJacblne in the world".
upon terms that cannot be comnetpd with.
Bill Heads,
Letter Heads,
Programmes, ?
Circulars, "
Drufif Labels,
Bills o f Fare, Etc.,
we are unsurpassed.
than all Other Printing
- J .'i-i. '
40 Nortli High Street,
nll i . "I J.l..- 1
Cincinnati Money Market—Jan. 5.
GOLD 134J buylnjr, and 136 selling.
EXCHANGE Dull at 1-lOttt discoua
!ujlng and pir selllnirw
New York Money Market—Jan.
' MONEY Market worked close untflf af
er 12 o'clock, when 7 per cent, ia currency
was paid with commissions, ranging irom
H6 of 1 per cent, bat later it begin to
aae up. and after three money was plenty
7 per cent, in currency. C16se obseryers
.trolls to see Indications of relaxation in
the stringency. The open board and stock
oxchange have abolished the buylnjr and
8 -11111 jt of money within the building. Sev
eral attempts to revive the system Were
made on the side walk, but all tailed... A
similar effort in the long room resulted: in
the summary ejection of partiea from- the
building. Some of the larger banks report
the receipt of currency from Chicago large
ly In excess of remittances to the Sooth,
and it is expected tbey will gradually in
m . .. .,.....-...... ,.v,.4
tjL.u-LioweT, oui ciosea steaay; open
ing t 3oV4: from which there wss a, )-
cllne to 134, and recovery- to
as ciose. . ,
New York Stock Market—Jan. 5.
throughout the day and under increased
ea.e itf money -advanced sharply rn some
instances is per cenr.
Coupons of 81, 4a,XA. do '62 111
QAMX: do '64 10710& HO '6S lQ&Ud
10(S?6; do new iuv(iH7w; aoi I07(j
(fi do. '68 1074107 f 10-40"S 10o(8
106. .. . . ..: .. A
The stock -market during the morning
was feverish and unsettled. New. York
Central opened- at- 153J and advanced
steadily to 155r--Mir. ou the renewal of
rumors of- further, litigations concerning
the scrip dividend, the price broke to 1531.
The decline was then checked and prices
rallied to 154i, out again returned to 153i.
The restot the list sympathized with the
movements ol Central.' ine- most aotive
stoeks. were Northwestern, Rhode Island,
Michigan Southern and f ort Wayne.' '
' After tne lour o ciock tioara tne marRet
wag weak, and Central fell to 153, -causing
a sympathetic movement in other ' stocks.
At the second Board the market was firm
and higher. Central selling at 154, and Fort
Wayne 115, while! Kock island was weak
atI16J. At the last Board the market was
dull but steady ; subsequently under easier
rate in money. --The shares became active
and strong;, esptciafly Fort Wave, which
sold as high as 117; Central 155155ji;
Northwestern, common, 82, auu prefer
red 84, the highest prices were not sus
tained at the close, the market leavtnjf fcff,
however, strong but unsettled. ;
5:30 prices. Wells : jSxprsa . S30I24
American 3941; Adams 4848'; United
Slates 4043; Merchants' , Paclfio
Mail 118a1186 Western Union Tele
graph 33?-J34; New York Central 165
155& Erie 3S(a3KJ; do preferred 65; Read
ing a-.azi ; rerre mute 3-s w aDasn
60: t. faul tak Fort Wayne 116(4116V:
Ohio & Mississippi 3233; Michigan Cen
tral U3115; Michigan Southern 879
a?'8; Illinois uencrai .41; nttsourgn K(-
844; Toledo 100100J; Book IslandUlSJS
11S; Northwestern 81;. Coluaibus,
Chicago & Indiaua Central 75. '
New York Market—Jan. 5.
COTTON- Mf. better: sales ot middling
uplands at 27e.- - ri3, :t
FLOUR-MJiosed very firm for low grades
and dull and hravv for other kinds.'; f
WHEAT Very Arm for spring, with a
air export demand; winter ruled dull and
without decided change. m i .
BYE Nominal. - r ir m
OATS Dull at 756Jo in store and
7878e afloat. : . v . v j.' !.-.i
CORN Firm at 11 02 for new.
mixed, and 91 071 10 lor old mixed west
ern. -"7:;.- : I .-i. ' 7 ,' ".)
PORK Quiet and nominal, and a shade
firmer." '. rnr.:'. j tit'H
BEEF Firm, with a fair demand.. . .
" CUT MEATS Very strong, -with, mod
erate inqniry. :,'.; ,
' BAtXIN Firm, with fair demand. ?
LARD Fair demand,witli sales of prime
steam at ISic "February. : .. . ;
EGGS--Dull at. 353Sc. . .li.i';$
Cincinnati Market—Jan. 5.
FLOUR In moderate demand: faiaslr
7 507 75. i, t . -. - r - .. .,.,;
WhiifiAT Rather nrm; No 1 red 1. 73
1 75. . . up1; i -j ; ;'
' CORN Dull at 65c for ear and shelled.
OATS Dull firm at 6061e. - 'i -.;
R5f E Steady at$l 35. o i. -.o.a
BARLEif Unchanged. t.. -K . .',r.
COTTON Unsettled and holders taking
2526c for mlddl'ng.i i t : .I:.t
W H ISKY Firm at tl 00. ' h : r , . i
:BOGS Firm at 97510.60 for UTS
and $11-0012 25 for dressed. . . ) o!
PROVISIONS Bouyant. - -vi(
' 'PORK Mess pork sold at 923 60; mostly
held at $29 00. --..-..,-.;i.;
for shoulders, sides and clear sides.- u
' BACON There is an active demand for
bacon at 13Jc for Bhoulders and 16o tor
clear rib sides and 17J417io tor ciusr.do.
LAED Firm; notoflcring to any extent;
sales low grades at 17170jior prime
steam to steam leaf; kettle soidat 1818c,
butis now held all9c.u ; " u-r-n
BUTTER Unchanged and qnlet at 33
40 - : ' ': 1 ' I-J ,i - i. '. L '
. EGGS At 29c; supply good. ; r : i "
OILS Linseed oil quiet at 91 03t5;
lard oil 91 451 50; petroleum jultC at 23
(330 for refined; star candles advanced to
2324o and lard oil to 91 551 61 for No
1 and extra; soap is lo higher.
St. Louis Market—Jan. 5.
. FIOUR Firm, with good
lowest grades, which are scarce.
WHEAT Low grades very llrm',"but
prices unchanged. -
CORN Unchanged at 6165r; ; 1 't
OATS A little higher at 658e.!
RYE Unchanged at 91 22l 26. 1
BARLEY Unchanged at 92, 00(2 20
for spring. , , -. ' ",
WHISKY Unchanged at 97KS98e
PROVISIONS Buoyant and higher.
PORK 928 50; asking 929 00. - 8
' BULK MEATS Very firm; shoulders
lllljc clear sides 151c. -BACON
Firm at 1313c for shoulders
and 17ic tor clear sides. . -
LARD Not much demand; tierce held
at 171c - -
BnflS. M RnriBlfl 9K. - - -
St. Louis Market—Jan. 5. Chicago Market—Jan. 5.
FLOUR In better request, and firm at
95 306 50 for low to good, spring extras
WHEAT Active and firm and c high
er. Sale8ofNolat9123andNo2atll6)4
118, and closing firm at $117(3117 for
No 2. Sales of No 2 this afternoon at, 117.
CORN More active and firm and l2o
higher. Old No 1 65c; No 2 kiln-dried 56
57c; new 55)57c. 7. ; -.- - -.-;
OATS Fairly active and chiefly specu
lative, and c higher. Sales at 47(J43Jro
lor No 2, and 44l45c for rejected: closing
steady at 47c lor No 2.
RVE Steady and quiet' at 91 171 18
for No 1, and 91 16 for No 2, closing steady
at 91 18 frr No 1 and 91 16 for No. 2. '
BARLEY Dull and weak; sales of"No
2 at 91 65; closing with sellers, but no.boy
ers,at 9164,. ... ,K : v.(,.iT !.
N. Y. Dry Goods Market—Jan. 5.
The recent heavy failures hare rendered
the trade extremely cautious in their oper
ations and wholly unsettle and derange the
paper market, so it would be impossible to
give rates for the very best names. In view
f these circumstances the operations in
dry goods cannot be otherwise than, lim
ited to the urgent necessities of the season;
yet the firmness of raw materials and blgb.
cost of labor have a tendency to neutralize
the efiect of other contending causes, sHid
therefore there is but little disposition 'ex
hibited to realize unless at fulH prices for
all staples styles ot goods. Meantime small
sales are being made at 1516e for heavy
brown sheetings, 1313c jor fine do and
heavy brown shirtings, 12)i25c for rem
mon to fine bleached do, and 12)UJo
for fancy styles ot dark prints.. uiw,.-
Toledo Market—Jan. 5.
FLOUR Quiet. .
91 81 bid; sales No.
held at 91 82, with
I white Michigan at
91 7. ......
CORN New 0 better, and active; sales
at 6464c. : . . , ,
RYE 34o better, No. 1 91 271 29.
" BARLEY Quiet. " "" Jt'-i
SEED Clover 98 30. ! uvni,
- HOGS Firm and a Bhade bett r; irt
lljo tor heavy, .'V t.- m-t - 1; t.i
1 ' "
Buffalo Market—Jan. 5.
Market generally dull, u n stuv n'ui
WHEAT Asking 91 501 69 for Chiea-
gOlprlng.-"! 'ij .-..!-:-. .:l.fW
CORN 80o for new on track.)- -fi .-nH
RYE 91 40 in store. . V :-,-L,q : -Ot .
BARLEY Sales of Canadian at 91 65
delivered. i -j -
PORK Held at 929.

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