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Ohio Legislature.
The Senate, to consequence ol the Chsm-
ber be lex la DM kj the State Agricultural
Contention,9 many "or the members of the
two. Hoium. bainj( delegates, wasy not it?
session on yesterday.
' Iii Mouse, the reports ol the majority and
minority of the select con mlttee on the
SJbject matter of the burntnjr of the Lu
natic Asylum, were received and read.
That of the malortty, presented by Mr.'
Scott, of Warren, Is silent as to the charge
of the Inefficiency of the Columbus Fire
Department that of the minority clearly
exculpates' the Department from the'
charge.' The lormer report favors the sell
ing of t portion of the Central Lunatic
Asylum grounds and building a new Asy
lum on a farm to be hereafter selected and
purchased. The remaining portion of the
. grounds the committee 'propose shall be
used Tor a Blind Asylum, the walls of the
building being sufficiently strong for this
purpose. ' The ground on which the pre
ent Blind Asylum is situated the commit
tee propose to sell. ' ,
t'The minority- report shows that the
- buildings still standing on the grounds rf
the late Central Lunatic Asylum, are worth
more1 to the State than the grounds, if sold,
would bring; that these buildings could
not be nsed lor any other purpose; that the
cost 6f erecting an asylum on the ruins of
the" old one would not exceed two hundred
and filty thousand dollars; that the build
logs now on the ground, would cost,
lr erected elsewhere, . as ' much." more,
and ' that : ir the ' "Blind Asylum was
moved from its present site, the land,
some ' 'seventeen ' acres,' and ' Very valu
able, would, 'by " the terms or the sale,
revert to the original owners the iact oi
ft Tctnainlog on its present site being a'
part of the consideration In. the deed of
. purchase. ;.' "'. ; ; ' :' : ., -
''Both reports, with the testimony were.
iaia on the UDie to De printed, j
'Mr,' WiixiKa presented a petition front
ine commissioners or ncKaway county,
for an amendmentlo; thelaw for the erec-?
Hon or a priage across Darby. Creek at or
near Darby yille, which was referred, to the
Judiciary comnitttee.V,'. -,. , iVr., -i
vIq order 'to; give ." members' a chance to
participate in the proceedings of the Aerl
cultural Convention,' the House then ad
J6nrned. ' ' --'l
WEDNFSDAY, January 6, 1869.
Prayer by Rev. Dr. Hayes.
t JIk SCOTT, of Warren, from the joint
select committee to investigate thecauseof
the fire, the extent of damage, of the
Central Lunatic Asylum lately burned,
asked and obtained leave to report the re
sult of the investigation of said committee. '
The report was read at the Clerk's desk. .-,
" Mr. SCOTT, of Warren, also presented a
minority report on the same subject, which
was read at the Clerk's desk. - r .
. The majority report proposes to convert
the Central Asylum into a Blind Asylum,
and recommends the sale of a portion of the
lands belonging to the same, and the pur-!
chaee ot a new site and the construction of '
a new Lunatic Asylum thereon.. The mi-:
- nority reports dissents generally from the
conclusions and recommendations of the
report of the majority. . . .
Mr. SCOTT, ot Warren, moved to lay the :
reports and evidence on the table, and that
they be ordered to be printed in advance of
other printing. 0 ! - - .
- jAfter some eontroversy,in which Messrs.''
Scott oi. Warren, Ball, Hill of Detiaiice.anU :
Mann, participated, the motion was agreed
to. '. u -
laid before the
com inun station lrom the President of the
National Lincoln Monument Association
or the District ot Columbia, which was.
irad, and on motion ot Mr; Hughes, of'
Highland, was referred to the committee -'
oal'ioanoo.: s.nct.-ii ..ii.i . x- .-
1 Mr. WALLING presented the memorial '
of the county commkeioners of Pickaway
coui.ty, praying for the amendment ot an
act authorizing the construction of a bridge -.across
Darby creek at or near Darby ville,'
la ' saW county Belerred to the standing
ccnimitu-e on Judiciary.. -.j., , . . .. j
On motion ot Mr. KEHKON", the House
' at jc arned till 10 'clock to-morrow, in or-
tUct lo ailow mesabera to participate in the'"
proctediiigs - of the State Agricultural
itoard, bow fa session in the Senate Cham
bcr J . J l-w i.-: ,:; . :-
' '-
Commendation of the Statesman.
,Mr.'TBOMF80x will please excuse the
liberty we take in giving publicity to the
foUewlng?:i -;o:'i ; u--.'.-- r-.i -.v. - i
STEUBENVILLE, O., Jan. 4, 1869.
Mesbs. Kbitors r Inclosed yon will find
S3, which. o will please ulace to mv
credit and continue your, paper to me for i
another year.' '
i3tLonsider It th duty of every good .
Democrat, alter taking bis own local pa-n.
per, to suoscnoaior some aoie ana reliable
State orgsn; and I have been takiog tha
STATxaitAH for some time, and I consider
- it the most reliable and as ably edited as
any paper published in the State, by either
pvty.. In the circulation of new.-papers, .
our Radical opponents have heretofore
greatly excelled us, but 1 feel rejoiced to
kaow-ttrnti Democrat tor the last few
years, have- .beea considerably aroused to
the importance of tbis subject, , and . that
they are making an effort to increase the
circulation of their local ' papers, - where
they have any; and also to circulate the
central organ ot the party in the.. State.
Our county, paper (the Gazette) is in a
prosperous condition, and has a circulation
of lrom fourteen to fifteen hundred. It is
weiliilltd each week with carefully pre
pared and selected reading matter, and is
in all respects one of the best county pa
pers in Ohio. '", "
"Wishing the Stateotaw success in Its no
ble and manly effbrta in defense ot the -right,
X remain,!..
. -;,u ,1.
- s. Yours respectfully, "
IrrmrKO ' the ; Congressional vacation,
Dorin Piatt has found' time to study Wash
ington society and compare It with the so
1 elety thai prevailed there before the war.
The comparison is hot 'complimentary to
society asft now exists. In the old times,
"mere ' wealth had little or no influence.
To; be member' ot a good family, or to
have position officially, was all "that was
necessary. ; A rich man found himself here
stranded like - whali on a sandy beach.
H did hot amount to anything. He could
not- write1 a letter or influence' a vote.
Now all this Is changed. The old South
era ways, tastes and enthusiasm are driven
into the keeping ef the fsw old families,
where they are cherished -like relics of a
acred past! ' New England civilization has
come m -witn snorvnairea women ana
long-haired men. Wealth is omnipotent,
and the bnmanities drive about in gorge
ous carriages, and live among stunning upholstery-"
Washington is no longer a South
em'city. It freezes and snows and storms,
even like a Northern town.J .. We laugh at
the oW families. We are bored by speeches
and measure our belle by the depttt of
her pockei.1 X . most say, as an impartial
observer.' that. the Southern aristocracy
was a better article than this" aristocracy of
wealth. I hate both, oat of the two give
me the first named."
Maine Legislature.
AUGUSTA, Jan. 6.
Tbe' - Leglslatnre - organised . to-day by
the choice of J. H. Drummond as Speaker
i tha House and S. D. Lindsev as Prui.
dent of tbe Senate. ' The 'Governor's In- 'J
aacoral vul prooaniy ne neuverea. on j;rl-
day. .
Public Debt Statement.
The folio wine is a statement ot the pub
lic debt of the United States on the 1st of
January, 1860:
Debt bearing mill interest .'.Sa.10T.835 359 00
Debt I sarins currency interest.... 69.803.000 00
9 Matured d hfc nut Dre,antad for nv
S meat 7,4'S 80S S
,- Debt bearing no interest ........... 4ST.368.6QS S4
Total.. ... ......
, f 96,763 3M 1
13.OSS.0ftl 17
- oin......
Total ..- n M.826 461 OS
Debt le cash in Treaaar S3 640,707.201 iS
Gen. Spinner
Is somewhat better, but unable to resume
his official duties.
By direction of the Secretary of War,
General Reynolds is relieved from duty as
Assistant Commissioner of the Freed men's
Bureau for Texas, and General Canby as
signee: to tnat amy.
What It Costs.
' The official statement sent to the Senate
shows the total cost ot printing fractional
currency to date is $1,355,1(48, or about one
and thirty-six hundredths per cent, of its
Denver Pacific Railroad and Telegraph
- Gov. Evans, President of the Denver
Pacific Railroad and Telezraph Company.
says the reports sent out to the effect that
the Company bad received aid trom the
Government heretofore, or that it now asks
for aid in any way except in lands, is er
roneons that all it at kg is a transfer of
lands that have been already granted to
the Union Pacific, eastern division com
pany, with its assent. ' "; '
WASHINGTON, January 6.
Mr. POMEROY presented a petition
trom wm. ttaziett ana nve hundred clti
sens ot Missouri, favoring general suffrage
wi nout aisunction or race or color.
terred to Judiciary committee. ' .
House bill removing disabilities of John
S. Stokes, of Alabama. Passed.
On motion of Mr; ASHLEY, the Secre
tary of War was directed to communicate
witu uen. craws a report relative to a ship
canal through' shoal waters, of Maumee
Bay to deep water, in Lake Erie:
Mr.. WILLIAMS, offered a resolution
directing the committee on Agriculture to
inquire into the expediency of reorran
izing the department of agriculture, so as to
provide lor tbe election oi one person from
each State familiar with the agricultural
wants and interests of such State, to occu
py a semi-official position in. the depart
ment. Auopieu.
-Mr. SHERMAN", presented a petition
from citizens of Ohio, asking Congress to
pass laws to guard against iraudulent nat
uralization.1 '.Referred to committee on the
Mr. .EDMUNDS, from Judiciary com-
mittee,repo'rted the following substitute for
the bill introduced by him on the loth of
Deo. to prevent the holding of civil offices
by military officers, and to prevent the
holding oi more than one office at the same
time: ,; ,
Be it enacted, t-c That no person shall
hold, nor shall he receive a salary or com
pensation for performing tbe duties of more
than oue office or . place of trust or profit,
unaer me constitution or lawsoi tbe Uni
ted States at tbe same time, whether such
oflke be civil, military or naval, and any
persuu uuiuiug auy euca omce or place,
who shall accept or hold any other office
or placed trust or profit, under the con
stitution or laws of the United States, shall
be deemed to have vacated the office or
piace which he held a the time of such ac
ine &enate tooK np tbe bill to promote
commerce between the States, &c, tbe air
line railroad bill, which was read at length.
f L-'tllj' 1)11 : .1 . i .i . . .
: jur. oujuiua.i saiu iuai ine committee
naa not tuougnt it. necessary to make a
written report in favor of this bill, because
a member of the house from Illinois (Mr.
uasnDurnei nau already made a report
upon tbe subject, discussing lully the legal
questions involved. i ne dui, ne said, pro
posed tne cnarter oi tnree railroads: one
rom wasnington toJNew Xork: one from
nuuiDwB to jriitsourg, ana one irom
Washington to Cincinnati. He (Sherman)
made au elaborate argument in favor of the
air line railroad bill, showing, first, the ne
cessity for new roads, and second, the risrlit
of Congress to authorize the construction
of mem oy virtue ot its right to regulate
Commerce between tbe States. .. Oa his mo-'
tion it was then postponed until Monday
next. "- 1 ......
The Senate resumed consideration of the
bill tor the relief of Sue Murtey, of Deca
tur, Alan which was discussed without
action until 3 o'clock, when, the Senate
ojourned. ; ,. ; ;;;
On motSon-of Mr. PAINE, the Secretary
f War was instructed to communicate tbe
numner oi enlisted men ot arms, now on
duty in Texas, Mississippi and Virginia,
who were citizens or residents ot the late
rebel States: during the rebellion, and how
many. wre soldiers in the late rebel army.
mr. sivMB, oi iNew uampsnire, irom
the committee on Naval Affairs, renortrd a
dui to increase tne efficiency ot tbe medi
cal department of tbe navy. .
Tbe bill was discussed at some lenirth bv
Messrs. Stevens, O'Neill and Kelly in laror,
and by Messrs. Paine. Logan "and Wash-
ourne, oi Illinois, adversely : tbe latter on
posing It because- it provides tor too many
officers 12 medical inspectors, with the
rank, pay and emolument of Commodore,
assimilated to rank ot Brigadier-General in
the army. 18 medical directors, with the
rank of Captain, assimilated to rank of
Joionei. : v'.u.i'i -
Before any action was taien the morn
ing hour expired, and the bill went over
cU to-morrow. -
iMr. W ASH BURN E, of Illinois, trom
the committee on Appropriations, reported
a naval appropriation bill for the year end
ing June 30, 1870. Ordered printed and
recommitted; Tbe bill appropriates $15,-
273,672, being $2,096,678 less than appro
priated tbis year
' The House went into committee of the
Whole on tbe Pension Appropriation bill,
Mr. Allison in the chair.
Mr. WASHBURNE, of IHinoK ad
dressed it on Government economy; fcc. '
Tbe Pension bill, which appropriates
i3,zou,uuu, was ordered to Di reported to
'he House, ancTwas subsequently reported
and passed. '
Tbe .consular and Xiipiomatic bill . was
taken up: :. . .
i Mr. rtKftnTTSl nunml as an amnnrlmenl
to insert appropriations for a mission to
Kome. i'i k n -.
. Afterdebate it was rejected. - .
: Mr. SUTLER ' offered an amendmen
providing tor but one minister to Nica
ragua, Honduras, San Salvador and ' Costa
Rica, and but one minister to iNew Gren
ada, Venezuela and Ecuador, which was
agreed to. ' ' 1
The 3d, 4th and 5th sections were struck
out on points of order, as containing new
legislation. ... ( ; ,
-The committee rose and reported ' the
bill io the House, and its further considera
tion was postponed to Monday next. . .
Adjourned. , ' '
Florida Legislature.
The Legislature, which ad journed last
November, met yesterday but transacted
no business, no quorum being present in
-liner nouse. as tne regular session to
xdsy there was no quorum in the Senate,
out tne lower nouse organized and report
sa to uovernor Aeea as reaay to receive
any communication from him. An attempt
made to displace Speaker Moore, but
proved a iaiiure. . ajicuu ouv. tzieason oc
the chair in the Seuate.
From Indianapolis.
A fire here last night destroyed the stores
or A. C. racKenousn a. Co., agricultural
implements, and Anderson & Pose, grocers.
Loss about $10,000, about half covered by
insurance. ' ' : ..
The Indiana Legislature will meet here
to-morrow morning. The Republican
Senatorial caucus will be held Tuesday
night. The indications now are that Lieu
tenant Governor Cumbaok will be nomi
nated, , i . ,.;
Railroad Election.
The Cleveland and Pittsburgh railroad,
In a stockholders' meeting to-day, elected
the followingBoardof Directors : J. N. Mc-
ICullongn, J. urisi, j. uraosra uiramr,
Ijas.F.aark.andKP.Coe.ofObJo, B.F.
Jones and Jar. Sticknev, ot Pennsylvania.
N. A Prentiss, John Taylor. ST.
Millard and Wm. M. Denman, of New
York. , ' f - 1
Chicago News.
CHICAGO, Jan. 6.
In the chancery branch of the Supreme
Court, a case was decided yesterday by
Judge Jamison, affecting rival telegrapi
companies. Tbe Western Union and the
Pacific & Atlantic use tbe poles originally
erected by the Great Eastern Railroad
Company, on the line of the C. C. & I. C
Tbe Western Union first obtained the right
to use the poles and moved in Court to teat
down tbe wire of the rival company, bm
the Court decided that It was only a per
sonal quarrel aud that no injury would
accrue to either Company it each were
courteous, therefore the injunction, .was
Ex-Gov. Amy, of New Mexico, in en
route to Washington with splendid speci
mens ot gold from the Moreno mine, near
the boundary between New Mexico and
Colorado. One hundred and eighty-six
ounces of 'gold were taken out in two
weeks, and one hundred ounces the next
week, which average over eighteen dollars
Fer ounce. Mr. Arny says: Remove, tbe
ndlans and New Mexico will pay the na
tional debt. , - ., ' sir -. - - -rr,
To prevent the recurrence of the numer
ons prize fights that have disgraced this
vicinity, the city authorities will endeavor
to obtain the passage at the present ses
sion of the State Legislature ot an act,
modeled alter the Uhlo law, which impris
ons for one year tne principals ot a pre
meditated prize ngnt, witn tbe additional
proviso empowering the arrest of persons
training for a fight. i
A caucus for the nomination of a candi
date for United States Senator is to be held
in St. raoi. Minn-, on tne I4ta instant.
Wilkinson's frieuds are hopeful, but Ram
Key's supporters deem bis re-election cer
tain. .
Judge Drummond, of the United States
District Court, gave an important decision
to-day respecting tbe Congressional wbls
ky act of July 20th, 1867. For three days,'
an attorney, who bad cevoted all his time
for five months, to the preparation ot his
argument, contended tnat nearly every
oropo8ion of the act is unconstitutional.-
Alter an able review of tbe argument, the
Court decided that every single provision
of the law accords with tbe Constitution,
and dissolved the injunction to restrain the
He venue officers from acting under its in
structions. . y
Governor Stevenson's Message.
The annual Message of Governor Stev
enson was submitted to tbe General As
sembly to-day. tie says the people oi
Kentucky will all unite as with one heart
and one mind, irrespective of the past, in
yielding a cordial support to all ot General
Grant's official acts and manners, having
ior tneir omect tne supremacy oi tne con
stitution ot tbe United States, the restora
tion and perpetuity of the Union ; the sop
port Of State Government in all their
rights, as the most-competent administra
tion for our domestic concerns, and the
surest bul works to anti-Republican tend
encies; economy and rigid accountability oi
ail officials in the administration of the
Government; the supremacy ot the civil
over tbe military authority, aud sound and
stable circulating' currency; the sacred
presveration of public faith, friendship
peace ana unresiranieu commercial inter-
Course with all natlons;entangling allianoes
with none, and the constitutional inde
pendence of executive, legislative and ju
dicial department trom -attempted en
croachments of one npon another.
State debt proper, upon the 3 1st of De
cember, was $1,906 894. The amount of
cash in the Treasury same date was $1,191,
426 98. It is recommended that the con
stitutionality of the civil rights bill be
tested in the Supreme Court. There are
616 convicts in tbe penitentiary, and more
room is aesireu. Tne establishment ot a
State house of refuge is strongly advocat
ed. Increased vigor is recommended in
the conduct of the system of public insti
tutions. Tbe erection of a monument over
the remains of Geo. Rogers Clark, in Jef
ferson country, .s eloquently and feelingly
recommended. Additions to tbe building
ot the feeble minded institute are highly
necessary, The people are invoked to seek
safety alone in the inviolable maifstyaid
maintenance of law, and to shun all secret
organizations and combinations.
Boston Items.
NEW YORK, Jan. 6.
' The Boston Herald says Postmaster Lan
der, of Salem, la missing, together with
about $20,000.
' At a meeting of the Boston Board ol
Trade, on Monday, Mr. Edward Atkinsoi.
in'roduced a series of resolutions against
the Morehead tariff bill, the most impor
tant of which declares that the increast
proposed in said bill on tbe taxes upon
iron, steel and other metals, upon lumber,
npon alkalies, upon glass and upon salt,
are especially uncalled for, and would tend
to enhance tbe excessive cost ot the pro
duction of almost all other commodities,
already so high as to have nearly destroy
ed our foreign commerce and security, and'
to impair the comfort and prosperity ot
the people. The resolutions are to be con
sidered at a special meeting on Saturday,
Mexican Advices.
letter from Durango says G nerals
Ortega atid Patori, the latter recently as
sassinaUid, bad in their possessions, so their
friends affirm, document-; showing that the
btates of Chihuahua and Sinalva had been
sold to the United States, and would be oc
cupied by American forces inside ot two
years. The report- was fully credited at
LMirango. .
Governor Geary's Message.
The Governor's Message was delivered
to-day. . He speaks of the prosperous con
dition of the State finances, showing that
the debt 19 annually diminishing, and
recommends retrenchment in every depart
ment. Tbe common schools are in a satis
factory condition, but he estimates, that
seventy-five thousand children in the State
are without school facilities, and urges im
provement and also an increase in the sal
aries for teachers. He urges the adoption
of measures to prevent fraudulent natural
ization, tie alludes to tbe ca-e ot Hester
Vaughan and other persons under sentence
of death, for whom execution wrrants have
never been signed, and suggests a law sl
owing the Governor to commute tha death
lpenalty for a term of years. ;
Michigan Legislature.
DETROIT, Jan. 6.
; At a -caucus of Republican members of
the Legislature to-night,. Hon. Z. Chandler
was nominated for re-election to tbe. Lot
ted States Senate, on the first ballot.
Tbe Legislature convened at Lansing to
day, organized, and adjourned till to-morrow.
Henry S. Sleeper,' of Kalamazoo, ' was
elected Secretary ot the Senate, and Jon
athan J. Woodman, ot Van Buren, Speaker
or t ne xiouse.
The messages of the retiring and in
coming Governors will be delivered to
Opinion Delivered.
In the Circuit Court yesterday. Judge
Pinkney delivered his opinion in the case
of Addison versus Addison. The bill was
filed tor tbe sale of certain property, the
title of which Involved the legality of a
marriage contract between slaves. Judge
Pinkney decided that emancipation gives
to the slave his civil rights, and a contract
of marriage legal and valid by consent of
master and moral assent of slave, from the
moment of his freedom, although dormant
during. slavery, produces all the effects
which result from such contract among
free persons. .
The Blaisdell and Eckel Case.
NEW YORK, Jan. 6.
In the United States1 District Court,
Judge Blatchford again adjourned the
Bluisdell and Eckel case for a week. The
witnesses in tbe case have been kept wait
ing to have it tried for a month.
Sale of Pews.
The receipts of the 'sale of pews last
night at Beecher's Church, in Brooklyn,
amounted to $97,600. : ' , , f -
The Cretans.
A public meeting will be held at Cooper
Institute, Friday night, in aid of the Cre
tans. .
Meeting of Irishmen.
A large meeting of Irishmen attended to
hear the remarks trom a person lately im
prisoned in England, last evening, at Coop
er Institute. Tbe meeting closed by all
singing a song, while tbe speaker danced
upon the platform .
The steamship Rising Star, from Aspln
wall. 29th, has arrived, bringing over half
million in treasure. ' ""
Bonds and Currency Stoles.
Messrs. Cambreleng and Pyne, Wall
street, had $135,000 in bonds and currency 1
talen from them during the Interval be
tween New Year '8 eve and Saturday. They
were taken In two tin boxes Iron a safe,
and as no injury to tbe safe is noticeable,
suspicion falls upon a young clerk of un
blemished character, who has been absent
Ince New fear's, and whose whereabouts
at present are unknown to the detectives.
Republican Demonstrations Unsuccessful.
saccesatul. ,-
MADRID, Jan. 6.
i ......
, Republican demonstrations at Seville
and the Frohtera-were unsuccessful, an at
tempt being made at the latter place to
seize arms, the arms were removed to Ca
diz for safety, by Gen. Rodo's troops.
Paraguay — Lopez Makes Atonement.
i ... - - . ,. ... meat.
PARIS, Jan. 6.
f Late advices from Paraguay state that
the American Minister McMahon had a
satisfactory interview with Lopes. Full
atonement had been accorded for the re
cent outrages to Americans.
Movement of Troops.
LONDON, Jan. 6.
: A dispatch from Athens reports that all
Cretan volunteers have left Caudia and
returned ta Syria.',-- -. - -.
Unpopular Tax Disturbances.
' Disturbances caused by the collection of
Tin populaa taxes continue. There is much
agitation in Reggia and Bologna. Lieut.-
General Candorena,- commandant - of the
military division of Florence, has been dis
patched to Parma to restore order in that
; -A' vessel put. In here to-day which re
ports that the British ship Southern Em
pire. Capt. Dunlap,' foundered at sea in a
heavy gale on tbe 3d Inst. The Captain
end every one of the crew were lost. The
Southern Empire sailed last from New Or
leans, 13th ot November, for Liverpool,
laden with cotton, at which latter port she
was owned. ......--. .
LONDON, Jan. 6.
The dullness of Paris bourse yesterday,
and material decline in rentes, were due to
demands said to have been made by the
Russian Emperor on the Sublime Porte.
Magistrate Arrested.
James Murkstreak, a magistrate at Duds
well, Eastern towbsbip, has been arrested,
with his two sons, on a charge of conspir
acy, to defeat, histice by a mock trial of one
Bogart, a paymaster's clerk of the receiv
ing ship Vermont, who absconded witn a
large sum of money while the vessel was
in tbe New York vard. The magistrate
tried Bogart, but subsequently set him at
liberty, it is alleged tnac ne paid murx.
streak $4,605 for releasing him. .
N. Y. Dry Goods Market—Jan. 6.
The trad a remains inactive but little an
imation is anticapated before the ides of
the month at least.
Milwaukee Market—Jan. 6.
FLOUR Dull, and prices unchanged.
WHEAT Dull at $1 25 for No. 1 in
store. .
Choice Red Wheat Flour, $3 00 per bar
rel, warranted to give satisfaction. Fir
sale at McColm, Miles and McDonald.
To Consumers op Coal. Buy your coal
of Rock Run Coal Company. You will
find it of superior quality, free from slate
or clinker. ' Eighty-pounds to the bushel
is guaranteed, and it is sold at the lowest
market rates. Orders left at the office, 187
North High street, or at the Company's
order box at the grocery ' store ot George
McDonald & Co-, 106 South High street,
will be promytly attended to.,
jan7 ' Mat. Weaver, Sec'y.
' Hoixowat's Pills. A successful phys
ician, being challenged, by some, medical
martinets to describe a certain complaint,
quietly replied: "Gentlemen it Is adisor
der which you can't cure and I can." Dr.
Holloway might say the' same to the fac
ulty as regards Dyspepsia. His celebrated
Fills cure It infallibly, and when all other
remedies have proved utterly useless. There
is no disease of the Stomach or tbe Liver,
acute or chronic, slight or violent, which
the Pills will not ameliorate' and relieve.
Sold by all Druggists.
' jy9-dly-cw.
Stekl Plows. The fluesf Steel Plows
ever shown in Ohio, are now to be seen in
the State House rotunda. They are made
by the Remington Agricultural Works, of
Illion, New York, and are exhibited by T,
C. Gaff. Ea., of Cleveland. The farmers
here In attendance on the State Agricultur
al Society pronounce them the neplut ultra
of plows. Tbey are lighter of draft and do
their work more complete than any other
in the market. They are certanlnly the
best made plow we ever saw. Tbe agent,
Mr. McGrew, is well known to ns and we
can indorse him as gentleman of highest
veracity. '"" jan7-dlt
Re. 37 State Street,
Have always on hand every delicacy in
season. - Gentlemen can arrange for Board
by the week. We have two large and de
sirable rooms over the restaurant for rent,
suitable for a party of six or eight. '
' Proprietors.
Grand Military - and Civic ; Ball of the
First Regiment White Boys ' In Bine, at
Naughton Hall, Friday evening, January
8th. Friends of the Organization are re
spectfully invited to attend. - ' 1an6-3t
-''- -
; Millinery One Dollar Sale. I will
sell the choice of my large stock of winter
hats for one-dollar each, many -of which
cost from two' to three dollars.
-.. -. i" Simmons, Opera Block,
Jan5 3teod
' A case of Humphreys' Homoeopathic
Specific in the house is a well-spring of
satisfaction. You can always find the true
remedy "for a. cold, cough,, sore, throat,
croup, face-ache, weak stomach, catarrh,
or other of the . thousand " ailments to
which a family are subject, and thus save
doctor's bills, sickness and suffering. Prict
of a full ease and book of directions is $10.
Sent to any address on receipt cf tte
price. Address, Humphreys' Spechtc
Homoeopathic Medicine Co. 562 Broad
way, N. Y. jyl3-d&wly-cw
Accident. There was an explosion in
Doctor : Ay er's Laboratory, yesterday,
which caused some excitement in the vi
cinity. Ayer's Pills are manufactured un
der an enormous pressure, in cylinders,
like cannon, which sometimes prove too
weak for the compressed forces, and b-irst
with terrific, violence. . Fortunately, the
pieces do not fly far, so that no one bas
ever been hurt by them. The action is
more like ice than powder; bnt it makes
Pills which all the world acknowledge are
PIXL8. Daily Journal, Lowell. '
Look at the Bums ! Aye, look at the
ruins of what were once magnificent sets
of teeth, to be, seen : every where in so
ciety.: Look at them, and ask yourself il
lit is not marvelous that such destrnction
is permitted, when, by simply uslnjt Pozo
dont, any teeth, however fragile, may be
preserved from decay or blemish as long
as life lasts? -"
. "Spalding's
Glue" .nsi ful in,,' every
"' Vi(Y-de,.2l iwitiiii-ew :
"BrrettV' keeps the scalp clear.
Jewelry made and repaired by C. F.
Smith, 27 S. High street, over Bain's store
nov6d3m ;.'
'"Barrett's" took tue Silver Medal.
Jklefp & DkButts, - Locksmiths- aft -bell
lungers, at No. 141 North High street,
are now prepared to bang parlor, and hotel
bells in the neatest and latest style. Sew
ing-machines repaired and r satisfaction
guaranteed. Models built for patentees,
and all kinds ot light machinery made and
repaired. Keys ol all description always
on band, aud sale and jail locks made and
repaired. may23-s-ly
"Barrett's" Indispensable Hair Restor
ative. ..".. "v '. 'f. ' ' r ."
Nervous Debility, .with its gloomy at
tendants, low spirits, depression, involun
tary emissions, loss of semen, spermator
rhoea, loss of power, dizzy head; loss of
memory and threatened Impotence and
imbecility, find a sovereign cure in Hum
phreys' Homeopathic Specific No. Tweu-ty-Eigh
t, Composed of the most valuable,'
mild and? potent Curatives, they .strike a ;
once at the root of the matter, tone up the
system, arrest the discharges, and impart
vigor and energy, life and: -vitality to the
eutire man.' They have cured thousands
of cases. Price $5 per package of six box
es and vial, which iff very important in ob
stinate or old cases, or $1 per single box.
Sold by all Druggists, arid sent by mail on
receipt of price. ' Address Humphreys'
Specific Homeopathic Medicine Co., 562
Broadway, New York: ,: jyl3-deod&wly
"Baraett's" don't stain the skin.
se 30-dltawiwly-cw
New Advertisements
' tW The Ohio Slatcimaa bas a
Kiareer Circulation than any pa
per published In this City or Cen
tral Ohio. Advertisers -will bear
this in mind.
Valuable Residence for Sale.
tween High and Third streets, containing
twenty rooms, bath honse.wit'i hot and eold wa
ter. Also, improved ranga and furnace. Posses
sion Riven April lit.
or price and terms, apply at this office.
ja&T-dif - - - -- - ; i
For Sale.
The desirable property be-
lonRing to C. W. Kent, situated on Mound street
near 7th, consisting of a convenient house, wood
shed. Ac. on a spacious lot sixty f ;et front, f rait
trees and flower garden on tha premises.
Enquire a W. B. Kent's auction room.
jn7 dtf . : - - .-
v Fire Cents Reward.-
run-one J. W. BKOWNI.OW. said to be a
brother of tha Governor of Tennessee, tie is by
profession a Sculptor, by trade a butter. AU per
sons desiring permanent loans can with perfect
safety entrust taiar with tbeir money. At last iv
counts ha was engaged in the whisky business.
Ine above reward, also the thanks of several vic
tims, will be given for any information as to his
whereabouts, upon application to this office,
, Dr. Burton's Tobacco Antidote.-
eTtffWy vegetable and karmleaa, and ii also so excellent
pouzmr. it purijut mna enncAa um oiooa, invigorate ma
TiteaV powewca frreat notmshraa- and snisrtbeniriar
r, enanUe the stomach to direst the heartiest foodnakea
Jeep ratnesoiDir. ana estaomaea robust Health.
and ckewckii for sixty vearm cttred. Price Fiftvent
box. PoV. An interesting treatise on tab injurious
effects of torWeoo, with lists of testimonialsf references,
tc, SSJri r&i)K. Agents wanted. AddrX
ul t. u. Abbott, Jerrfy uity, a. 4.
Antideie from Rer. AM. Poult on, ana find H a, eftctudl
curs. & OatshaV ConnottonyGsxrison Caw, Ohio.
Fro ths V. S. TbSstst, Sfrretary'i Q&et. Pleats
send a supply f the Akkdotb. ike am received has don
Um work SDKBZ.T. X ' O. T. EdgIb,
Fkost New HAStPSHnta BOnTB PsisOrT. Gentlemen of
Influence hers having been Jed of the appetite for tobac
co by using Dr. Burton's AfitAipte, ws dasirs a supply fog f
the prisoners of tbis institxiotj.V J
s Josktb MAYOrVsxdeiW IT. H. State Prison.
A Bums' Tbstiikt. DrXRurton's Antidote for
Tobacco hat aeoownpliAed aU ctatmeVor it,
W. Ma 1st Nat. BanaNew Albany, Ind,
A CixsOTTfAW'" yrEsrmoirT. -OirxBox ot Ajttipotb
nrfd mv hrnthar And mvnelf. IT
. , fier. LfVV. Sbobjuksb, JKelleyto Station. Fa.
have gained Jhirtyx pommd of JttmK i tkr wtonth by
nsinc Dr. Bsflrton's Antidote, sad aU desire ft tobacco is
rerooTsd. , , Wjc Ia. veytt, Jn.
- Twfkm Anrm HMrvrrnw TTnm JoVSlTAIa B.
Ho.-Ob box of Burton's Antidote removed aU dhrire for
tha wffed from me. I take pleasure In recoaimendirik it to
ail qctr readers. T. T. Blatxb,
Trademark X Copyrighted.
43" Caution X Beware of iDjuriorxs Goanter
feits advertised by Humbugs.
CoLtruBFR, Chicago a Ind. Cent. R't Co
.. , . Coi-cmbus. O.. Deoember tn. 1EBB.
A' .nEKriite o thk s ockhui.d
era of the Columbus. Chicaeo and Indiana
Central Railway Company will beheld at the of
fice t-f the Company, in the city of Colnmbns,
Stale of Ohio, on FRIDAY, theS&TH day of JAN
UARY, 1869. between the hours of 10 A. 41.. and S
P. M.( to approve or reject a contract rUn tbe At
lantic 4 Great Western Railway Company and the
Krie Railway Comnany, and tor other purposes.
By oraer of the Board.
dec30-dtd Secretary.
DSOlffT no .-The firm of STEIN BAR-.
GER, FAIRCHILU a (JO., was this day dis
solve! by mutual oonsent, George Kaircbild with
drawing from tbe same Tbe business will be set
tled up ay the remaininc partners. Wm. Stein
bars;er and Wm. Fairchild, who will continne tbe
buaines of Wholesale Liquor Dealers, at the old
stand. IT and 1 West broad street, where the so
licit the some patrocsge extended to tbe old firm.
Colnmbas, Ohio, Jan. 1, 1869. janl-dlw
or THi ottt of kit tork.
No 333 Broadway.
Capital, - One Million Dollar?.
DakicsR Mamoax. Pres't. J as. Mm bill, Sec'y.
Recxiyes Deposi s and allows FOUR PER ENT.
INTEREST on all Daily Balances, subject to check
at sight. (Special Deposits fornix mrraths or more,
may be made at fire percent. The Capital of One
Million Dollars is divided among over 500 Share
holders, oomprisinv many gentlemen of larse wealth
and finanoial experience, who are aljo personally
liable to depositors tor all oblisations of the Com-'
pany to double tha amount of their capital stook.1
As the National Trust Company receives deposits
in large or small ameonts, and permits them to ba
drawn as a wbola or in pa t by check at siht and
without notioe. allowing interest on all daily bal
anoea. nartiea throughout tha eoontrv eaa keen ba.
counts in this Institution with special advantages
of security, convenience and profit. ,
ra NT-aeci-adrw?Bi - -
Agents. Wanted-T-50 ,a Day.
v-i- tLOYD'S
Patent Revolving Double Maps
Of America and Ea rspa, America and
. we uaiiea staiesai Amsriea.
Colored in 0U0 Counties.
comnleted, show every place cf importinoe.
all Railroads to date, and the latest altera
t'oni in the various European Sta'.es. These
Maps are needed in every School and family in tbe
land they occupy the snaoe of one Map, and by
means o Hhe Reverser. either side can he thrown
front, and any part brought level to theeye. Coun
ty Rights and large disoount given to good Agents.
Apply for Circulars, Terms and Sample Maps, to
deeU-dawlm-r 23 Cortland c St.. . 1
Great Redaction
A Pleasant lnvigoratini TON IO.
A Substitute for ALE and ALCOHOLIC DRINKS
lEspeciaily Nnrsini Mothers. ;
A certain Remedy for Disordors of tbe
Sold by Drm gists aad Grocers. -t-
. :-:.i.JJX Murray St., BewTorkj
Sole Agent for U.S. and British Provinoes of S Jk. .
jan4:eod3m-rrr n t . . t w-1 j i i v
I HAVE heard it highly extolled and'have seen its
wonderful fleets, writes Martha M. Johnson of
Darby, Ct..abeat Pajaert Letiorki , t j ,
TO 13 E
- o -
Call early and mnko aelec
tlons, so . a- to . get the
choice of our Lurge
' ' Stock ot
Which Is now complete in
eyery Xepturtnaent
1 1 1
i i
ottered than can le
had elsewhere. -
jL - ..A O J w 4
250 AND 252
f tt t 1
South High : Street.
,(. .
1).. .
.-r t
--zjsa aa ante colaaaa fa
Meeaeach HiiertU
B0t ?rlvlt..myf,t Z ZVZT'S"
good boSrir 'JJVi ?. p'r
Also, one Bay yearling Colt itVK,l.e.,,ed
forehead, blac'k man.nd UiI.W"h Wh,I1?,.!S,;f,
strewt .'loeatian st raibl1 a? friend
Has the honor to announea tha lint and only Con
Oa Saturday Eyealan-, 'sua. 16ta, 1869.
MISS ALIDE TOPP, . ". . , ,
."WT.ission.tl; Reserved Seats, 1 60. Sale
ot seats will eommeneeThursday morning at Sein
er a alasie store.
Poors open at IX; concert at 8 o'olock. jan7
Open Sightly with a Star Company of
. . r. Second week, and great hit, of
Louise Payne and Ada Wray!
Six mora new faces this week. Miss SUSIE
STAR, the popular Uansense and favorite Aetreait
Mr. EUGENE F. tiOKMAN, the versatile Actor
andFlutinist:BOWMAn and HARRIS, the eele4
bra ted Ethiopean Comedians: Miss KOSA LEK na
Miss MARY KUSStLUihe accomplished Vocal
ists. Dansenpes and Comediennea, -
y See Programn.es lor particular!. - jani
; .The Maclilae, Galled Maa, ...
Is a verycomoli ated and delicate one, and is mora
liable to get out of order, and much vera difficult
to repair, than any combination of wheels, nnd
oranks, and levers, made ky the bands of man. A ,
a rale, it is tinttrii to staieA and badly (intend
at thaw It is often calomelised, narcotised, de
pleted, and otherwise misused) when aU 'that it
really needs is a wholesome tonie and restorative
put it in proper trim and keep it so, The stomaeh is
shamefully maltreated. In the first place, the food
which its juices are intended to dissolve, is' too frer"
que'ntly (Arwwa, intoitAatttiy, and ia a kalf-maata.
ested condition, in which stata tha caatne Mid
eannot properly aot upon it. Tha result is dytpip
ia- Then comes the doctor, and, finding the di
gestive organs weak and tha bowels in art. he pre
eeeds to weaken and paralyse still more with dras
tic purgatives. These failing a .they always do"
to produce a salutary change, he tells the invalij
that medical scienee can do ao more for him. This,
with all due deference, is a mistake. one of tho-a
mistakes which Tallyrand said Wervtantftmonnf tS
crimes. What the dyspeptic needs is innigorotiait.
Stiengthen.tho stomach wjth HOSTR f TKR'-
BITTI BS. and the stomach will strengthaa evsry
other part of tha human' machine, and make h, is
common parlanoe, as good as , ,new, .J?PQa
the state ot tbe digestion dependOn a measure.tbs)
condition of the whole systanw Jtowy tin. bitters)
are the most admirable tooie known. .They eonsrtt
of the finest vegetable invigorants and restoialisee'.
combined with an unadulterated stimulant. The
dyspeptio needs nothing else t effect
a light, nutritious diet, and fair amount ef-ser
oise. Even ia the absence of these last mentioned
accessories, the tonie and alterative .roperities ol
the preparation will work wonders, enabling tha
dyspeptie to digest inferior fare with asomparativ
ease, and to maintain a good habit of body.ln rpite
of the drawbacks o( a Sedentary ooonpatioa.' ;
may33deodAwly-ew-r . -.u'i l iw .ia-oi-iH
For restoring ' Cray Halt tdT
its natural Yitaljtyand.Mlpr
l 'A dressing -which
is at once agreeable,
healthy, and effectual
I -''ior preserTinsrY' 4ha
liihair.. Faded, smfxay.
1 1 Aatr .w- toon, restore
' to 'its' 'oriainaT' 'color
tw. tasss .fosr and
' lh in hair is thick-
ened, falling ' lair checkednd'Tjald
ness often, though not always, cured
by its user Nothing can "restore theT
hair where the follicles are.destroyedf
or the glands atrophied ' and decayed.1
But such as remain can be eared ftm
usefulness by this application; Instead
of fouling the hair with a. pasty sedi
ment, it will keep it clean and vigorous.
Its occasional use will prevent the hair
from turning gray or falling off, and
consequently prevent baldness. ' Free
from those deleterious substances which
make some preparations dangerous and '
injurious to the hair, the Vigor can
only benefit but not harm it. If wanted
merely for a -
nothing else can be found so desirable.
Containing neither oil nor dye, it dees
not soil white cambric, and yet ,lasts
long on the hair, giving it a rich glossy'
lustre and a grateful perfume. .
Prepared by Dr. J. C. Ayer & Co., '
Practical and Analytical Chemists, v
JjOYTELL,' 3LAS8." 1 .U
FTCTCW $1.00,
a- SoM IitRkAUS. KKUL'K A CO Whole-
ale and ttetail Dealers, Columbus. Ohio, and b 1
Urnggists everywhere. jaD6-dodAwewiy . .
: SXljRsLI3lt sILTER
FINE ELECT ' .PUTED viiat.,.
EN CE. R. I, a Tine the Targest inaira .
uci ry bo o er -.i in tne world, witn
the most mproved mach y. and employing the
most skilled labor, ar enabled. .to offer an un
equalled variety of aa and beautiful designs Isli
Dinner Sanioaa, Tea - a rices, and every artfola -specially
adapted for)., liday and Bridal Gifts.
They offer also their walt-kaown aad anrivalled
Nickel Silver Electro-Plated Ware, In which tha
hare introduced new .patterns of rare elarasjoe..
Tha Solid Silver is guaranteed to be of starlia' 1
furity by U. 8. Mint assay." The rectro-PJatw
guarantees tob'e saperiofto"the ifnesf Sfceffiel
ware. Orders received Xron 'the Trida only, ba
these goods may bar obtained from, reeponajbia" .
dealars every nhere, ,: .. v '-.'.. i . ".i.,- : l
Trade Mar
' 'jMn,' Jwta
' 'T .T. Put.-,
Salesroom No. 1 M41mt I-.,. If- V
novD-aaw.m-re vr- . .4.
DR. A. B. WILLIAMS. Wast Bread way, aerr
Jigh street. Columbua, Ohio, baa doroted hisnarlf .
raseriesof years to the traatmeni ofoeriain pri.. i
rite disease. lie may beeensulted at his olte
Broadwai.aaar tht ti mv"se Haaar . .
splendid Hair Dre is tbe best ia. She world ; .'
the only true and perfect Dye ; hamleaa, reiiablel 1
instantaneons ; bo disappointment ; ao Hdicaaous i
tints: remedies tha ill efleets of bad dyes; invig
orates and leaves the flair aoft aaa baaatifek
brown. Sold by all Druggists nd Perfumers s
ana proponr wyniva at Datopeior S; rr ia raetory
No. 16 1
buuu Birrow. x.. ui r.r .pn. ascwiv
KUUTH Testored In f.mr' weeks. Rueeesa '
guaranteed. DR. KIOORD'8 E8XENVK Or" LIFE
restores mahly powers, from riKnr ii ari.
sing; tbe effects of earlv pernicious habits, self- '
abuse, impotency aad eUnaate. arive a amy at aneaa
this wonderful tnediaine, if lakaa regwUHy aeeord '
ins to the directions (which are vary simple and re-
quire no restraint from business or pleasure.) Fail"H
ureia.iesweesibte. Hwld in bottles at W. or fotrr
quantities m one forta., To be had only of the sole
appointed Meat in America,! H. Uebitix. S7
Third Ave., corner 13th St.. New York.
VNY-jy27-dlyg. ..,.. . j
M fmrOB. jM(w ' j. Medical)
1 PompMet from lAt pen of Da. CtiKTis.'
The "Medical Times" says of this, work: This"
valuable treatise on the cause and enre of prem-
tare deoline, shows how health is impaired througlt "
seoret abuses tf yoath and maaboed, and how-
easily regained- It tives a elear synopsis of the
impediments to marriage, the cause and effects of -nervous
debilitn and tbe vemedlea tberefrt A
pocket ediiicn of the above will be forwarded oa a
reoeiot of W cents, by addressing Doctor UrjKTia
p. 68 North Charles street, Baltimore. Md. i
era may-dly-

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