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HitDEat T l
WEDNESDAY, Jan. 6. 1869.
f..i.k Bar. Thar. Wind.
M... tS8er B.W. Fair.
B. M. I
8u K !-.
.TSSTSmn Sets
tar iV'T he dearest spot on'eartJi,,-iP!qu;
The taxes in that delightful burgh art
bout 960 on the $100.
THakks. We aM nnder obligations to
the Supervisor ,'of ,Ptblio .Printing for
.copies of tha ieportt l Ue Auditor; il
'State, Treasurer ot TStote, and Comptroller
of the Treasury
'4: t .utt
Extension of CrMr Ljuirr. Tu eces
aary plat auiLpapers lor the exuiisioa il
the corporate limits ot the city of : Cantor,
Stark county, by the annexation of adja
cent territory, Was filed iu the Secretary o
State' office yesterday. 1 -': V.-- j
i- Kicking Vr a Now. Gilbert Ward was
drunk aud noisy at the Opera House on
Tuesday evening, aud when officer. Whis
ker weut to take Dim out he resisted man
fully. - The Mayor yesterday fined bin $5,
and in default he hammereth..' ". ;2''-j
! Statb Board of " Agriccltork. The
members of the State : Board of Agricul
ture will meet in the onW ot their Secre
tary this morning for the purpose of selectr
lug an "Executive Committee and the other
necessary committees, and lor tne transac
tionof other business. : - . .i
Ikjcnctiok Dismissbd. The injunction
restraining the Pacific and Atlantic Tele
graph Company .from, putting up . their
wires along the C. C & L C. railroad, en
the poles occupied by 'the Wires of the
Western Union Telegraph Company, was
dismissed by Judge Jamison',, of, Chicago
on Tuesday. 4 , ,,fi;j rfci'S
NW BuLDrNQ9-Slnce the first of An
gust fast 4.9 'permits for erecting houses
have'beettUsued ln thB district of the city
north ot Broad street. Thirty-three of
these new buildings' are brick and sixteen
frame tuildlngsv; Seventeen of the brick
Buildings mire two1 stories vnign; ' one - three
StorteSfaa ten four stories rry-ry yr
C W l,r l ll- Mil II I i-iV
Ckack-kb. Som ciwp yesterday morn
ing boatdaylightt wbll wandering home)
slightly obfustlcated, probably fell against
thai Store t window, comer of. road j and
High street,,and beprrt oleler tbjpugh
one' of the large panes of class. A pistol,
mouth organ-, and 'some other "small j;rapst
mm..1 a t l..n fmm'M.B wt n'llA 'A II Till (f ' th A
day oy urcninsupgoaea.
crTRastswiKMr xcstckbat. xne rouow
i'UWsfe ww-! left'.-at- the,"Kecorder's
oeyttterdayT;r,..; ' TV --.V
Henrv Kanfleld and wife to--George
guiesVg ,23(186, part of lot; No! J3
Jn Wm. Awl's 'addition, to jLlx pity, of
Clibuof $1200..
;ltSsahi lathiWt6rft;T8t';?T'th
United Fresbyteriaay Church of .Columbus
Qatw::Prt:' iol
Latham's "fjdijloo. jtt the city Columbus,;
Iharb Jaifvjf5tb,prtl o? lot If o.-17, In
Bori and Ja'nnex's "adJjtiuo io tiie city of
'.Tblxd ;TrA. Xh e following cer
tlicates of invorporation were filed with
the Secreiary of State yesterday i" , j' ' ; v,.:,,'.
Of tha Ohio Coai-0mDanv. organized
tofthe' firirpM'bf 'minrhF 'lidaf m'akWgl
coxe, (EC. irrincipaivUuicvAMuwLwu.
Capital stock $300,000 in shares ot $100
each.. Thomas Cf Blcketts, A. Cnrlsty, M.
Bfee'rneyA. H.; !?pangler; JChas & Say
ers, "Geo, Struble and Jus. Albert are the'
corporators - r'nv.'i n.-.v. -kx'a
Of ' the ArgenUne'Mlning'Cbmpany, orr
gaidzed 'fortfrt pBiBe'ninlng for sil
ver, gold and other metals in the territory
of Colo'AadTJrBclpal' Sfflce In Clncln-Datl-
' Caplti" stock $200,000, in shares of
$100. ' Wm.Parvln.G Griffiths, Geo. Eus
tis, J,.A. Stacy ah4,Chas. P. Baldwin are
therporators i '' ."'..C'TS''
. Tbi'iA of Biohard -W. Hillis. The
preliminary, examination ot Bichard W.
Hillis, charged by Mary King with assault-,
log her with a razor with intent to kill her,
came up for a hearing before the ' Mayor
yesterday morning. Our readers will re
member, the particulars of this case.. H illis
went to the house of Miss King, and,' with
out any unnecessary words, cut her twice
across the throat'-: with - av razor.
Miss King testified to the facts abont as we
Lave already stated them. From the evi
dence add need, it seems to us almost cer
tain that be intended to cut tbe throat of
another-party, - that be picked , out the
wrong woman to exercise bis surgery on.
No defense Was set up by Mr. Case, attor
ney for Hillis.- The Mayor said that the
intention on the part of Hillis was evident
ly malicious.; He held Hillis to ball Jn the
sum of $600 to appear before the Court of
Common Fleas.- Ia default he was sent to
3 ml Jin ' ' i t ;
;JJjENNEBCHoa CoNCEaiv At, we have
already announced, we are tohtght to have
tts i third grand concert of tbe Msnnerchor
at Kangbton Hall, under the able direction
of A. DeProsse. The programme, which
we give below," Is rich and y tried, and com
prises some t the pest music of the great
est masters : '
1. Orertaro-" Tancrdi"-MT.?.".'i.!.
Urobeetn. . . ..
a . r c . . u t. ..-u
A. Uplift iu iuv . l( . . . .
r ChoraB, with lonr intrument... ...... ...Abt
Vtensetehor. brwa. instrumenu : MeMrs. Towlor,
S." Bui Sol-"leh bia ef fcprilAiin and itbca
Mr. W.. Rlftlii
4, USaKnMras ftr atdaUM ftmaT -oTaH
, Maudduahn
j-MsAadlariqseaoa aao suMasrobor.
S rnrr a m. -
Strinf Qaartetto Andqtw in v
Socrsso Solo Aria from Trariata.-.i. .Verdi
"ansmflnm viud. if-..:-.. n
Mm KAnnia M. nmith.
S.TQaSolo Caprioeon Popular Ain..8ahall
Z i r JfU lura Boki.' - , I
boll lit ktoff
a. jsottman Drum " Ubonu wita Mntono solo
. ManoaraJwr.'SataM ol Kr. yalkanbaeh.
10. Kuoiaoiar ar FianoUrchaatra and Trombone
, Solo. Smmjed br.V..r.. Meave
Oiehaatea. Vuun. Mr.- l3Prone Trombone Soio,
. jQot;hxx CoMxwaioNBKa' MKmno. At
a. meeting of the' County Commissioners
held oa Tuesday 'afternoon, the.nport.ol
the Probate Court and of the jurors worn
and empannehed to view a certain road In
Madison c township, petitioned for by
GoortLJ Smith, et oH which; waitsken
to') the eald Probate. Cbart on jus appeal
from the decision of the Board of County
Commissioners, i wasl .taken'' Bp and read.
and it ttppearing hat said" petitioners have
already paYid Into the county Treasury tbe
sum of $114, which, Jn th judgment of the
Board, ' is fus and equitable, .considering
the advantages i the-raad will, be to7 the
countyl Itls hrabyl
Or dr a . That the oounty ?pay the'rbl
lowinK damages snd corapensatious : Fred
erick Swisher, $147.09: H. C.; Swisher,
iiA.19: ElizabetU I Youtd $10: Joseuh
Cuerry, $20; Frederick Barey, $45, less the
amount paw ,uj treiuiunprs
which leaves $a23.2S,Ui be paid. Besides
all tba costs Jn -(phis caser aad that, from
h.-ooforth Mid road Shall be' conaidnvi
as a public highway, and that the Auditor
7. rfi.ih,nii Inatructed t m.L.
is uric uj uuti.Lv .
out an order to the Trustees of said Madi
son township, directing said road to be
opened, and that the Auditor is hereby or
dered to record the reports and plat, - r:
Ohio State Agricultural Convention.
I Thn Phi" Ftnt AjrrlonUvirfll P-aity ;
me ln Cjnyentlufljn tfhfi. Senate Chamber, i
yesterday'- toorlag M 40 oloek, v James !
Fulling ton, President, in the chair. !
On call of the representatives, 51 coun- j
ties presented their credentials.
L Jlessrs. McCluegbdersoa ad Cannon
It.Iim.ilnlnH. A I t. I
IhiisirieL lor-thn Thnpritir. i 1 tl li U.
Mr. Welch, of Richland county, offered
for adoption, the following : 1
iUaoIntd. Tbat the State Board of Agri- i
culture otter a premium ot 100 tor tbe
greatest amount of wheat grown on one
acre of .1 and-1 the mode-of culture, andcoat
of growing the same to be given by the
producer. Premium to be awarded in the
year 1870.
This resolution was discussed by Messrs.
Donnelly Jhnlsy Welch, Beece and"Cprey,
generally in favor of the resolution.
The committee on ;Baaines appearing,
the resolution was tabled temporarily for
the nurnose of hearinsr the renort.
. i , 0 .
.Mr. McQlung presented the following:,
Hesolved, That we, as representatives of
the industrial Id teres tof Ohio, do reaffirm
our convictions in reference to the. Agri
cultural, and . Mechanical College as ex
pressed by this Convention in the years
1865, 1868 and 1867.- - : '
Hesolved, Tbat whereas, there is an effort
made by citizens of Canada and the United
States to have re-enacted the treaty "to
regulate the trade between the United
Scates and the British provinces of North
America.' and believing as we do that such
actios is prejudicial to the best interests of
the producing ana industrial classes ot tne
United States, therefore, ln the opinion of
this Convention, such, treaty ougbt not to
be entered Into.. " . i . : J 1 1
Jiesolved, lhattnis Convention urge npon
members Of our Legislature tbe necessity
of enacting such laws as are necessary for
the protection of tbe cattle interest of tbe
State agrainst the introduction of Texas
cattle within tbe State and tbe disease
known as Texas fever; also, all other in
fectious s contagious diseases amongst all
domestic animals, especially hogs and hog
cholera.' "'"', "
Betolved, That it is the duty of the State
Board of Agriculture- to - recommend - to
county and independent societies that the
best mode of conducting their: respective
societies is upon a purely agricultural and
mecnamcal oasts. ,
Hesolved, That the distribution of our
State agricultural reports by partisans and
for partisan purposes, is detrimental to our
agricultural interests, ana. snouia do dis
continued, and that we recommend their
distribution through and by the officers of
each county agricultural society, where
such-county society exists. :" r-' -
The report of the committee being re-i
ceive'd, it was temporarily laid upon the
table for the time being, and the society
proceeded to the consideration of the res
olution of -Mr. Welch. ; :.
Two or three amendments having been
offered to that resolution, Judge Lang of
fered the olio wing as . a substitute f ? r
Resolved. .That for tbe Fair of the year
1870, there shall be offered by: tLei State
Board of Agriculture one first premium of
$300-and one second premium of $300 for
the greatest quantity of wheat raised on
Ave aeresi ot aand- tn- this. St at a. in 1870.
That the producers competing for the pre
miums shall, at the time of the making of
their entries, furnish the Secretary a
full and complete statement of the locality
ana quality ot the soil where tne wheat
may be raised, its exposure to the sun and '
whether surrounded by hills or forests, the
manner ot culture, including the number ;
of ploughings and depths, the quality of
manure, if any, and how applied, the kind
ot wheat, the. time when aud manner ot
sowing, harvesting and threshing, accom
pained by tbe affidavit of the producer and
such other proof as the Secretary may re-"
quire concerning the truth of the state
ment. ."
The substitute and original resolution
and amendments were, on motion referred
to a select committee of three, consisting of
Messrs. Welstvof BelmontrMessenger, and
Welch, of Richland.
Mr. Jones, of Wayne county, offered the
following r3 tr:. "i-
Hesolved, That a prize be eiven for tbe
best and most practical and practicable pa
per on the following subjects : Dieases and
enemies of wheat; the best rotation of
crops. Premiums to be . allowed the State
Board, and all papers to be sent to them by
November 1, 1869.
The, resolutionwas adopted. f r r j
-Mr Welch,tol Hfcolatndv offered the fol-
Hesolved, That the State Board offer a pre
mium ot $500 to the best manufaetarins
establishment of woolen goods in the State
ot Ohio, tbe manufacturer to exhibit one
Piece ot broadcloth (not less than 20 yards,)
for gentlemen's wear,-one piece of broad
cloth for ladies' wear, one piece cassimere,
one piece satinet, one piece of Ohio leans,
one bolt of flannel, and one pair of blan
Mr. Cannon moved to strike out tbe sum
named,.and insert a liberal premium shall
be oflered." .
The question was argued ty 111 Messrs.
Welch, McClung, Steyens, and .others, in a
most able manner. UCt J U f & i -r;
On motion, the Convention took a recess
until 2 o'clock. 1 ; t ' ;
At 2 o'clock , the-Convention i reassem
bled. '- v '-Jfy-
Mr. Welch, of Richland, from the com
mittee to whom wraferred-; the,'; resolu
tion offered by Judge Lang, reported the
following as a substitute :
Hesolved, That tbe State Board of Agri
culture be requested to offer liberal pretui-,
urns ior tne best ana secona best crops or
Wheat produced on any number ot acres,
not less than five, grown In the State, to be
awarded at the State Fair in 1870. Com
petitors to lurnlah. a lair report or tbe mode
of culture, quality and character of tbe
soil, the kind ot wheat grown and the exi,
penseot cultivation, with such other con
ditions as the. Board, may require, satisfac
tory proot as to the number of bushels
procHictd-and number of acres cultivated,
to be made to the Board. ' - -
The substitute was adopted. r m
The resolution of Mr. Welch, in regard"
to offering premiums for the manufacture
of woolen goods in the State,. was referred.;
to tbe consideration ot tbe State Board.
Tbe report of the committee on Business
was taken irom tne table. J ' ' 1
On motion, after full debate, the first, l
second, andTtl)ird resolutions. were adopted.
The" fourth i resolution-was laid upon the
table, and the fifth' Indefinitely postponed.
Tae-resolotlon introduced by Mn Jone?, c f
Wayne county, in regard to wheat and Its1
eoemleg and,. the rotation, otBwps. was i
taken from the table, and was amended by
the insertion ot the-words .causes that
Injure' wheat," instead ot "enemies."
On motion of Mr. Turney, eight o'clock
this, evening was selected as the hour for 1
electln,fiveimemt)es' f the State Board.
On motion tbe Convention took a recess
until half- seven-o'clock.
The Convention was" called to order by
Vie President McClung;1 1-,,' wro -K--
: The hour having arriyed for tbe election
ot five members of the StateBoard of Ag
riculture; it was agr'eed- that a majority of
all the$tes cast should be neiessary to a
choice. ,, , v ... ., , , ., :-, , , ,
Me9is.Welchj:pf Blmont,:aud1,Be8trof J
i The delegates; fote,d' ly counflesi each
county being entitled io-one vote,
j The ballot resulted as follows: '-
j. rarK ajexanaer, m oBnuuii..,............ .
i : - txr
null, vi wvi ff -". .....31
John u. Evans, oi narran..,,,...,,.,.. ........
ail. of
U. McMillan, qf tireone ..33
J. O'B. Renick.of Franklin ... ,.............27
J. M. Burt, of Coshoctonwv.' f-vn - a
George Pow.af .Mahoning, j..,. j
John fiowton, of WashinKtoa,..ivfr'.. V
Thos. F.Joy, of Delaware a
D. U. Richmond, of Erie.... S6
Everett Mesaenger, of Marion. .18
James Backinghanr, or Muakingam,,.,..-31 -
w 1 tniiAH. 01 ronsta 14
J.T. Morrow, of illiams................
lBmW"J f U ',?
JameaStockdale, of Fairfield
Jehu H. Branch. of Clermont ...'.,....
. Necessary to a cnoice,. 61 Votes.1-" -i-i--.-
' J. P. Alexander,'J. W-'Boss, D. MoMil-
lah, and James Buckingham 'were elected
of te Sta,te(Bq
.k.i.:JiU ai
rd of Agricul-
sure. . i .. -r ....... .
The" Society then proceededtoUMlot for
a fifth member of the' State" Board, with
the following result, a large number of tbe
names above given naving Deen with
drawn by their friends :
. it. C. Richmond 3
J. O'B. Beniok
John H. Erana..
John II. Hranoh
John Newton ...nvr 1
Total vote 57, necessary to choice 29.
D. C. Bichmond, of Erie county, having
received a majority ot all the votes cast
was declared duly elected a member of the
State Board of Agriculture.
A motion made to reconsider tho vote
by which the resolution ln relation to the
distribution of, Agricultural Reports was
Indefinitely postponed, was lost.
' Judge Lang offered the following: .
Hesolved, That the thanks of this Conven
tlon be and they are hereby tendered to the
members! of tbe Ohio Senate for the use of
the Senate Chamber,
r,,The resolution was unanimously adopt-
On, motion, the;; Convention adjourned
sine 4fev-jn-j sno ,.j V , ')
BKAUTiFDi STATijART.-Two more beau
tiful pieces ot statuary, belonging to Sen
ator James Jmmit, of FIke county, were
on yesterday placed oh exhibition in the
rotunda of the State House. They are
from the .chisel.' of Ltrkin J. . Mead, the
Vermont sculptor, now In Florence Italy,
They cost $600 each, in gold. , The Past is
represented as a female figure, very, beau
tiful in feature, but of mournful expres
slon, as If thinking of dead hopes and joys,
and of missed opportunities. At her feet
Is an open book and a' pen. The Past has
nothing more to record." The Future is a
female figure full of hope and a mein defi
ant of ill or danger. Her hand, reaches for
a sheathed sword. By her side is a. shield
Tbe selection of these beautiful figures re
flects great credit on the taste of Mr. Em
A Delightful Serenade. Onr fullest
and warmest thanks are due the members
of the Excelsior String Band, of this city,
tor the honor ot one of the most enjoyable
serenades we ever received. Such a com
pliment we value highly. Loving the
"concord of aweetsounds- as passionately
as we do; nothing-glves urtnore delight
than the delicious music of the Excelsiors.
We wish it were in our power to testify
our gratitude in something more substan
tial than words. However, as we can only
repay in our thanks, wo tender them tO'tht
fullest extent. s- v- 1
White Boys in Blub Ball. To-mor-
;row night the First Regiment of "White
Boys in Blue, of Franklin county, give a
grand military and civic ball at Nanghton
Hall, at which they desire to see all their
friends; .The arrangements are in thfrhands
of a most competent committee, who will
make the, occasion a most enjoyable one
The music will be -furnished by the incom
parable Excelsior String Band Tickets
$1, may be bad of any member of $he oom
mittee. .... , ,.;,::;(
t r; ' .
;" IucomfORATED VilLagb. Theyillage of
Haskins,' Wood coUhby.'Tiaving flled the
requisite petition and papers. with the Sec
retary of State; iras on yesterday' advanc
ed to the dignity of an incorporated village!
And he did many wonderful works, ln-
somuch that his name was pronounced, in
many tongues. And there came unto him
Judith',' from the sea port; of iTew Bedfordi
Who Aad been sick .for many years; (and
alter some days her pains were gone." She
slept soundly, and did rejoice in eating her
food. ' And Asa, from those which are call
ed QuakefsVlri the great city of Philadel
phia, Wrote an epistle, saying : u, uoctorn
accept thou this money, which Is called
greenbacks, ao'd hath tbe picture of Abra
ham, thy friend,1 on one'end. Fbr verily I
was weak, exhausted and despondent; I ate
but UttTe, and suffered many pains, and thy
Plantation Bitters gave me health, liken
ed ohly unto the'vIg;or of youth. And upon
such as are afflicted with liver complaint,
with sour stomach, with general debility,
and dyspeptic pains, In all parts of the land
did these Bitters prbduce astonishing cures
Magnolia Water. Superior to the best
imported German Colog ne, and sold at half
the pricei-ii'J "-i ' ' ' -t
. f . i
Ball's Vegetable Sicilian Hair Eenewer
is the best preparation for the hair In the
market, and always gives satisfaction. Do
not be put off' by unprincipled dealers
with others on which they make more
profit.' ; ' ; Ti.2o-w&dsly-cw
All barbers use 'Barrett's.''
A kiss from bluelsh lips, accompanied
with offensive breath, is disgusting. This
we wish to say to inebriates especially,
and at the same time warn them not to kiss
their wives, until they have eured them
selves of intemperance with "Dr. John
ston's Specific.'?. : Wives I cure your hus
bands of their dreadful disease. - You can
do so' without their knowledge.
sep22-dtctsfcwly-cw -:' ; ' ' i ': v ;
Whereby' Che circulation of the 'blood becomes
equalized upen 'the part where applied, causing
painand morbid-action to cease, '-'i '- -
Was there ever publuhed stronger evidence thaa
rertlflcate front IF. Starling,. Eaq.
For two years5"! hava been great sufferer from
neuralgia in the head, and found only temporary
relief .from all the varices remedies tbat I bave
tried, until I applied; one of JALLPQCKiJ PO
ROUS PLASTERS." I eut it into three strips,
placing one under each shoulder blade and tbe oth
ar over tbe small of my back, and for the past
three months I have had scarcely a twinge of the
old paia 1 dvie alt who suffer from Denousdtei
eases to lose no time in making m, trial , of .the won
derful Blaster . ., , . . , . 1 : . ... ,
' " A. F. STERLINQ, sec y Singer Mfg Co."
Kew rork,"JuneS.18V '' ' 1 ' ' oi
r Principal Agency,- - BbKBbetb" I HOUSI, TJIew
York,,, So)d by alldruggistai-,:!) ervj ,)i
j iunei6-diwljcm-reHT ,f
lr. XoblaaP Yesaetlan Horse stanl
i Pint bottles , at $1. qr the eure! of lameness
scratches, wind galls, sprains. bruises, splints, cuts
eolie, slipping stifle, over beating, aore throat, nail
in the foot. 4o. It is Warranted cheaper and bet
ter than any other articleever offered to the public
Thousands of animals have been cured of tbe colie
and over heating by the Liniment; and hundreds
that were eripplcd and lame have been restored to
their former vigor.: It ia .used by tha first horse
men throughout the States. ' Orders are constantly
received from the racing stables iof England for
fresh, supplies rf this invaluable artiolo. Over
j,500 testimonials have been reoaived. Remember
onedollarlaidoutin time may save the life of
v our horsey gold by. all Druggists.' Office, 10 Park
RfM.VeToiaV -in tr I . :.- ;
junelS-diwlycm-PeKT . , , , ,
Is tha offspring of a treat fact. No one can think
'i T . of denying that hia f , ,.;
Brings out a finer BROWN or BLACK than any
other, in a shorter time, and without injury to the
hair. This is a truth as apparent as that the sun
lights tha earth.: ":'- " -
Cristadbro's Hair Preservative
AND BEAUTIFIER. The toilet, without this ar
ticle, laeka He most useful attribute. Nothing it
so common ia this country as tbe falling out of the
bail.. The preservative prevents, it, The fibre can
na more loosen and drop off, if this article is rega
larly applied night and morning, than if each were
fixed in a vice. The testimony on this point is
ovewheiming, while the beautifying and invigora
pKTperties of the fluid are equally well established
Bold by .Druggists, and applied by all Hair Dress
ers. Manufactory No. as Maiden Lane. .Principal
Depot No 8 As tor House,
janels-d4wljsm-reiY. '.. i . : i . L
or THS
i j ci-t r A
uiiimu otatca ui nuiciiiai ;
Cash Capital, - - $1,000,000.
To which ail general correapondenca ihould be ad-
JAY COOKE, Chairman Finance and Executive
HENRY U. COOKE. Vice President.
EMtKSON W. FEET. Seoretarj and Actuary.
Offered bj this Company are :
It is a National ComDanr. chartered by ineoial
act of Congress, 1868.
it nas a paid up capital or si.hw.uwi.
It offers low rates of premium.
It furnishes lareer Insnranea than other Com nan
nies for tbe same money.
It is definite and certain in its terms.
It is a home Company in every locality.
Its Polioies are exempt from attachment.
There are no unnecessary restrictions in the FoU
Every Policy is non-forfeitable;
Polioies mar be taken that will sit insured their
full amount and return all tbe premiums, ao that
tbe Insuranoe costs only the interest on the annual
folioies may be taken which pay to the Insured,
after a certain number of years, during life, an an
nual income of one-tenth the amount named in tba
No extra rate ia charged for risks noon the lives
of females.
It insures not to pay dividends, but at s a
cost tbat dividends will be impossible.
Cincinnati, Ohio. General Agents for Ohio Central
ana soutnern inaisna.
s. in. sviirH,
Columbus. Speeial Agent for Franklin, Licking,
junsKingnm ana uosnocton counues.
No. 13.
w f
Ptmtt.ta stmilibus ormAHTUE.
experience, an entire snccess: Simple
Prompt Efficient and Reliable. They are the
only Medicines perfectly adapted to popular use,
so simple that mistakes cannot be made - in
UBing them ; so harmless aa to be free from dan
ger, and so efficient as to be always reliable.
They have raised the highest commendation irom
all, and will always render satisfaction.
Hoa. V cents
1, Cures Fevers, Congestion, Innammattons.as
Worms, Worm Fever, Worm Colic.26
Crylne-Colic or Teething of InlantsSS
afiarrnoeaonnuaren orAauits..
lyseiitery. Griping, Bilious ColiC-SS
Cnolcra-mocbuv Vomidtng... 85
Coughs, Colda, Bronchitis v.SS ? ,
NearaawT6othache,Fateaehe..2S. a
lyspepsla, Bilions Stomach S6
Suppressed, or Painful Periods.. .25
Whites, too profnBe Periods 25
Croup, Congh, Bifflcolt Breathing. .25
Salt Kneuni,Ery8ipelas,Eruptions25
J. ...... II .W.lI,,. 111...UI11I.LIV. 1NUUB..AI
containing double quantities each, for. GO
The foSotuing are also put vp in vial and are
sent at the same prices given beww.
16, " Fever Ague, Chill Fever, AguesSO
17, F. -Mies, bltooior Weeding.. ...i.r..'.B0
18, " ( Opthalmy and sore or weafclyes50
" ;aiarr.acme or cnroniCjinnnenzaou
H ' Asthma ODnreseed Breathing. GO
Ear Ilscharges,impairedhearing5a
Srol'ula, enlarged glands, swellingg50
lropsy, and scanty Secretions GO
Soa-Slckness,sicknessfrom ridingGO
Kldney-Dlscase, Gravel SO
Nervous Debility Seminal .
lSiiilsslons, involuntary ilis-
rr. -ghaneco. ar-..i-?:r.-4:ii..v.i.i.la sa
S9? (! re.Iou th, Cajlker. . t ) . y fc
SO, " Vrtnary Weakness, wetting bedfiO
81, " Painful Periods, with spasms.. 50
82, " Kufl'erlnsn at change of life 1 00
83, " Epllepsy,Spasm9,St.Vitn8'Iancel 00
84, " Diphtheria, ulcerated sore throat.60
Of 35 to 60 large vial a, morocco
or rosewood case, containing
a specific for' every ordinary (
disease a" family Is subject to,
and boohs of directions. .
From f 10 to $3S
Smaller FamllyandTrmveUngcases,
with 20 to 28 vials from $5 to fS
Specifics for all Private Diseases, both
for Curing and for Preventive
treatment, in vials and pocketcaees,$2to$5
, O , PONUl'S KXTKAfy, . ,,,
Cures Bunrti i Bruliwa,- Lameness, j
Soreness. Sore Throat, Sprain s, Tooth
ache, Earache, Neuralgia, Bhesna
tlsm, Lambsso, Piles,. Dolls, Stings,
1 Sore Eyes, Dleedlng or the Lnnss,
I Nose, Stomach, or of Piles; Corns, tl-
1 eers. 01a sores.
Price, 6 oz., 50cts.; Pints, $1.0Ot
Quarts, $1.TS.
-tr These Remediea, except POTTO'S EX
1 TRACT, by the case, or single box, are sent to
, any part of the country, by marl or expreaa, free
of charge, on receipt of the price.
: Address Humphreys' Specific
9 Homeopathic Medicine Company,
; Office and Depot, No. 662 Beoadwat, New York.
Dr. Htthfhrvts is consulted daily at his office,
- personally or by letter, aa above, for all forma of
A fresh supply of the above always on band and
for sale by
All fresh and genuine Medioines have on tbe
bottom of the box, or in the eases, Humphreys'
Specifics, Homeopathic Medicine Company. Buy
no others. They are not reliable.
THE CemnGRCIitL BARK, located
in "Sessions' Block." eorner High and Long
streets, will be open for business January 4th, 186!).
. Accounts of individuals and firms solicited and
satisfaction guaranteed. INTEREST ALLOWED
ON TIME DEPOSITS. Gold and Silver. Foreign
and Domestic Exehange, liovernment Bonds and
local securities bought and sold. Passage Tioketa
to and from all the principal porta in Europe is
sued. ; The above Bank will be open for tbe transaction
of business, except paying enecks, Wednesday and
Saturday evenings of each week, from 1 to So'oiock.
. dec30-eodlm J. A. JEFFREY, Cashier.
MUSIC. Ac., Ac, that you wish to bave
bound in a nice firm binding, promptly, at low
prices? Books sent for and returned to any part of
the city by giving notice through posteffioe, or at
Franklin Steam Book Bindery
' ! AND
One of the largest and best appointed Binderies in
the State.
Kooma 34, 36. 38 Ifortli Hlffb Street,
(Over Messrs. Nevins & Myers', and Statesman
Steam Printing Offices.)
Of every description and quality, from the hithest
to the lowest, printed if desired, ruled and bound
to any required pattern, and superior workmanship,
at the lowest prices.
Orders from County Officers, Banks, Merchants,
and all Officers requiring SDPEblOR BLANK
BOOKS, will ba executed promptly, with our per
sonal attention.
1 X our patronage respectfully solicited.
oet3-deod8m Proprietor.
Blank Book-Manufacturers,
Special attention paid to manufacturing first class
9 every description, with or without printed Head
ings, for
saTulI Sets -of. Books friane on sCorl tioRca."
warranted tu aura perfect,BUsaotion.
!T7t;h -boots
1 "('? 1 imj'j IV3 f g
1 Stock of new and superior goods, embracin
YOUTH'S. MISSES' AND CHILDREN'S BOOTS AND SHOES, now offered for sale, and to be elcsed
eut, without reserve, at theaters in DESHiiErt'S NEW BUILD1NU. lookat someof tbe prices and
s, at tbeatore in DESHUrt'S
thoie usually charged : J 1 - .
compare tnem wita
nieai Aip aiooiff, nil v note seaihcr,
Hoya'KipBeots, " j " - ' - ;
Veaths'KlpBools, "
CMMsjP'-KlwBeotsv-rr A nyarv- K :-..,- .
Mn'a Cstir, Xnp-Soled Boot, - . - . . .
U'omta'i Calt Shoea, Best, - ! J
VeBBca.'a Heat ,iTlree90 fShoes ; - ' '
.Ladiea Double Moled E.natlBg Cobs;. Oalierfj
Cad le do., Silk Gore Tar y Real,' - - . -
Miassea MoroccarfShoea Koliab - ; - r. 1
Childa' Morocco Shoes .- - -' - - '
These goods ars guaranteed to be of superior material and workmanahio. and win bear aonraariaon
with any in the market. - ' '
Don't forget that tha sale is positir. and ia limited
will never occur again.- Be sure and find tbe right
DESHLEK'S NEW BUlLDlNO. opposite the
decT-deod3m-r '
! . i.i
every thine in the line of MENS . WOMEN'S.
, . r .
f 3 OO, Regular price ff 4.SO
9 00,
4.00, :
a 00
a so
' a.s
s '
1 1
to bnt a few weeks. Another anch nnrwirtmnitt
place (there is but one) before buying. ..
Statcsman Opfic.. is the place. Uo and see '
- ' ' ).
. E. J. CIXXJI & CO. . .
''. . -j -i .1
; ... ,-.. i .
' I t. . : - '.;.. ':
HaviDg greatly enlarged ourirrlntinjr Facilities by the purchase of a complete new
The Latest and Most Approved StjlieJ
And theaddition of
i gli tnlng
Generally conceded to te the fastest
In mnnestion with RTJGGLES'. GOBDON'S and "WRT.TJ4' Jnh Prosco. thot Wo-
proven audi successes in our office, and
iu this city in vrbicu, to operate, we
Iii the best and neatest atyle of the art,' and npon terms that cannot be competed wlthv
Our fast New Presses, our Improved Economical Machinery tbe result of the iniff-'
nuity and inventive talents of the best minda of the age enable oa to do (rood w v'
at MUCH CHEAPER KATES than- can be done in the old style and with only the old
facilities. 1'he Office is complete in fell its arrangements, and can do the work with . ,
:J'C :" ? !
Legal Blanks,
Blank' Books,
Business Cards, T
I wii.as ; 5 -"' a: :l
.'il'i let.' r rr
. ! a :,-: ,
cry wt' r
In this specialty we
.... , ... -
Havihg More Presses
- - -5 v Offices in the
We are' prepared to:' execute
' i!i Cal't 'Is
1": r
Npa. .36, ,33. and
01. i . ,. . i,:W"
i ir,-
New Preeees, including a '
, !
o Press,
and best PiIntiEg Machine in the world.
1 fei I' v '
.lis ,
havinir the Jarifest nd most commndinnd'
are now prepared . , . t.jia
RfiscRiptioH DFiPiiiiiTiiu'
Bill Heads,
-U i.
".it. - .'f.
.1 1 ; : !.
11'; 1 .Luii
: ";
Letter Heads,
Circulars," ,.!
Oruk Labels
!! 1 .
'Bills of 'Fare, Etc.,
;vi, ... 1 ,l,ai . : - ! ' - '
.... . ' C
1. .r:irt:
are unsurpassed. "
1 .7 I-'Tf AV i:f "!MU:i Yl
tliaiiall,; Otlier-;Priiitin
City Upm Dined, '
' Jit.
rte kihntinfr, in any colorj at lwer pricthait
-1 itjs'-'- ' r 'T-'V1 A. Jn?i.'l oil;
1 lO .-.:-
. - is "' :
i 1: c '-1 :i3Wii .
. i vo!.r.
;-y f f l?n!
i .-:
40, ? Kortiilv ffigh Street
Cincinnati Market—Jan. 6.
. GOLD-134. .
Cincinnati Market—Jan. 6. New York Money Market—Jan. 6.
MONEY Eaaiand tha Indicat.iona ara
that theig of ShvlocklirWairatFMVU
over, unrrency ts Ilowins'. in fcere'.mmi
th? VVest, and the opt-How to tlie.f3oiith.ia
now comparatively Hjtht. 'The disburse
inenta on account oCiuterestaadxUvidenda,
which this month, amount , to over sixty
millions here, are coming out freely, and
the market is rapidly 'reachinjr a point
wiierelt will be itopbasible to rjne'wl tlib
recent hirh rates of Interest, by. artificial
means.' The Bank Examiner will shortly
be In.townrand,- lr-ta'4eltewea;' fll' caR.
some institutions to sharp account. The
attention -of the District Attorn ey 'la'Baid
also to bave been called to receot , hary
ahaveawf money tenders. .Call ioanavaaa
toMiay.7 per cent; currency and 1-221-16
per cont.oinniisMon.iaad slo-f ok totela
est, but the great balk- of tbe transactions
were at the legal rate. An effoi t to revive
the buying- and selling "of, . money In the
long room proved a failure..". An oSoz was
made ot 1 per cent. Or the right to call
$ 000,000 of 67s at IIS within fix tood Unto t
quiet; 109109.
- GOLD Virm : uDened at 135: losfBl
New York Stock Market—Jan. 6.
GOVEBNMENX STOCK&r? Acttva: tni.
buoyant at an advances. There is good in
vestment djamand, large orders having
been received from" country banlfwiiijd
tbe local demand is also heavy; ' r J
CouDons of '81. Ill .-3,111: a'fi'lllil'XJ-
lllf do '64 108108; 00 '69
josi; ao new 1071(; tlo.767 10735
107; do. '68 108 KMO't lOefelOBlt
The-railway stocky anarket ooened at
about the closing quotations of yesterday,
and with occasional reactions steady v ad
vanced 'during the forenoon! New Tork
Central advanced to 157, chiefly under de
mand to cover speculative sales, puttrut on
tbe strength ot the recent rumors relative
to the. new Injunction.- .Old .Southern ad
vanced to 90 under a report that there
will like be a 19 per cent, stock dividend.
and Rhode Island to 1193.''Fort WarnS
was especially active, assisted .bv a. renor
that a large scrip dividend wilL ba'deeittr- - '
ed, and sold at 118. ' Northwestern was1
holrl ltl, ni.-o.f- v.rf ..
the steadily increasing earnings."- TM
market closed active. " . H ..t n m n l
1.5;30 prices. Wells' Express itQJi
American ,43; Adams tSJ4S& IJniieuj
States 4043; Herchaata Unioul 14l5
New York Central l56K156irf; Erie'
38; rVabaabeiQeiMi St. Panl 70t70:
3333; Miuuigan'Centrar 1M1L
Michigan Southern 9090; Illinois .Ceni
tral I41J142; fittsburgh S4Vf8fi;T
ledo 101101; Rock Island 119M119f
Northwestern 82VS2i Chieagw $ Gret
Eastern 43: Columbus. Cbicasro ladiaua
Central 74J; Chicago A Alton 14 Paelflo
Mail 119i4119; Westera, Union; Tele-,
graph 3434.m A , . ... ,P
New York Market—Jan. 6.
-COTTON LesactrvsaiawBWJaaluai
ot 2,000 bales at 2727Jii-; middling up
landsjchit fly 27c. J. -, ... , if B,,f
'FLOUlf Market closed flrin 'for'gooa
common and extra: dull and heavv for all
other kind. ' -:wi-
VVHEAT DulL-arnff nominally la9o
lower,' with export demand for spring aaa
terially checked by ;the firmness of. ocani -freight.
' ' .- . ' .
RYE Dull and nominal: $l'60ra,l. B5 f6
tbe whole range. r i:i'vjsir
OATS Dail-and heavy: sales at7SiZoim
store, and 78a afloat for western. v t
CORN The market is dull; sales at W
1 00 for ' hew and 1' 07lJl0 for" biff
mixed western. ; sj i c; -na-iija
FORK Market a trie t anderv.firmwltlil
buyers of mess at 29 00 lor February, and,
DiniTii. witn no seiieTS unaer H do. .
BEEF Quiet and unchanged.' '.'
- CUT MEATS Very-firm. s ";lT
BACON Advancing; ahort ribDedJ16o
HAMS Lojig cut 16Jc. ,,dO
LARD Firm: 18's19a for fair to prima
steam Tendered. - . .1
i:EGG8 Dull at 36S3c:i ''
Cincinnati Market—Jan. 6.
FLOUR AND GRAIN-Uncfianga.4 ni
COTTON Dull; sales of middling at 26cl
WH-ISKY-rlafair demand at . auhtJa
HOGS Firm and in demand: xtraiai
I0 50 for live and $1212 .25 for dresaed..
buoyant and unsettled. J i T i-.-'i
: -OR-SaleB,t $2929 25! since noonji
cash, and 29 7530 00, buyers, ajj Jaunps
ary. .... . . - . .... . .
BULK MEATS Held ftt l2raT4U'(T5
1 Se : lor shoulders, ' sides,! tiltar rib "and3
clear sides; . f; ,:-, mat eiiuii fJH
BACON Held at 14a for ahinildera-ana .
1718o for clear rib and clear sides... 4 .
: LARD Sold at 19c; and fejv . sellers or
buyers at that -rate."1 "; ' - f'T
GREEN. MF.ATS SaM: o"1ai r.IT
shoulders and 16c for bams.'- They ara aowa
held higher; the demand is nearly, alto-r
gether speculative. " ' ' '" " ' "'
j BUTTER Very dull tinder an increased
supply and prices are lower? freah at.33'-
OILS Linseed dull at $1 03O1 Ci lard.
1I $1 651 60. t " - . ?
i uajn ULES-i-The advance telegraphed m"
star candles yesterday has'-not tbeon- cisu
tained; full weight can babnucht at 24. .
The report originated .in an attempt(made
. - ' ' Maill .!8
Cleveland Market—Jan. 5.
! FLOUR City XXJ wb He $1 2511 fjOt -XX
amber f9 7o10 00; XX red OOOO.
925: : XX SOrfnjT S 0008 25- TC Shrink1
f 757"00; conntry' brands- XX -white
winter 2oa 75; X Xred. winter 98 00 1
8 75; XX spring $7 257-60v,Bnckwbeat!
flour steady and id fair demand. ,$8 60
9 00. .-- 3-
WHEAT Market! inactive and nomlnsTi
ly unchanged. Nov St red winter held atr
$1 801 82 in sto,re;Na,red.Trinteir 6ar
I o7 , , t , , (
i CORN" Without movement New': No'.'1
1 shelled held at 72c from store, i 1 u-i-'j
I OATS Demand fair and market steady.
Sales 4 cars No. 1 from store at fttow n-r Yt
i BARLEY dniet.- Noil 'Canada' hMtt at
$2 52 10; State nominaUi 1 1 r- m t )L
DR ESSED HOGS-r Better. Packers paW
llllc for .medium to heavjildlyiding Qa,
200 lbs. ' - - ' ' v
i PORKMarket Steady--ahi-firra. imt
quiet: -. Sales at, f29 00- for No. limess:
$28 00 for;No. 2 do: 31 00 tor clear., -,..,fP
BEEF-Ouiet and stead v. Et
$16 00; -mess $15 00. ; : ''
LARI-In moderate -demand and bettetr
Sales city-rendered at J918c in tierce i
and kegs.- . , .,. , - ;
SMOKED MEATS Finn, but quiet. 4
Sugar-cured '-hams '18c: Dried beef TSn-
shoulders 14c; Breakfast Bacon 17c.
Chicago Market—Jan. 6.
FLOUR--In better, demand and
sales if SDrintr extras at R 9RrfB -fit
j VUEATT-LessiicUve and easier; 2231
Uwerj. sales of No..l at$L23l 23Jj Nra
2 $1 151 17;closirig;qttnH;at tll5,
sales since Change at $1 15 . . - L '
1 iajkss yuiet;- iae lower; silesi of
No. 1 at 65o: No, 2 at 69c: No. 2 kilivdvifldS
57c; new 5556(f: Bogrades SI J52c,r
COltJSoiWOjjt doing this afteTmJ6i., n
OATSQdiet: j(idomr?iaalia t-'a
47j48c; .eioaWg auietjndi steady, a d?.-i
ixs xjsj-ivuH':' saiesor jno, 1 u i
closingrwith sellers but ne buyers atfl 18.
1 BARLEY Dull and weak; aalss No.- A i
2 at $1 621 65." - U'.if dt
St. Louis Market—Jan. 6.
FLOUR-j-Steady and atMshanged.'i. it Jihh
CQRN-Very dull jt.eOfaieSo t... .1
OA-IUbChanged!; 5S58o. ? l f!
RY'EBetter;5l 2S128. :"'"
jjAijB. ly.tjBi'jmngedx f a
FORK Unchanired-ftt Sia fin- nnmii. .
heW at $29. '-: -7z-.-tii.-r.,swT"Jioi
BACON-iUbehaniJeTj; to Bn4dIceW,
aid 17pJor;leatides.'l) ,1 .riiJqetgii-.'f
JtjAfcqBetter; l18b,fot.UeoBet);;i:ir.,
Toledo Market—Jan. 5.
iFIjOTtRM-OHieti!! i3l.i r. :.bi: bna -Ua .
WHEAT-yQyiet and unchanged; ainbei
Micbigaa $18t .,;r :
lUUitiN wia 3 cents lower; new a snane
better ;;saies of : old No 1 at 85c J new CB1-65K;:new;rejtei60.-'C
-fitu.i ui v iTTr.
OATS Dull. i-iif i l "nn.tA :lf." ,
RYE Shade better; sales lot ,N. . 2 at
$1 22, : "ll . ."
CLOVER SFajbetflsaies &U&fc'?I
845.'" ! nnJ MtMf-juuu) litiH
DRESSED HOGSp43 better; It)iGltilt
Buffalo Market—Jan. 6.
FLOUR-rSteadyat $7 007 60 teriity""'
gronnd apringir'-iuiii jo.i --m 1 .sa.rbiJ w
WHEATDul and nnchangedJ ,t-. ..Inil
CORN-Quiet at 80a for new 00 trae to . ;
arrive; 81c in store. . .,.' . , r" ",,r"nr
OATS Nominal sJS6eU.vjjjiijJ :a w
Others unchanged.

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