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Ohio Legislature.
In iSfnaen jetertjay, Mr Buoors In
troduced, a. bUL.ralaln'r. the salary of
the Judges, ot the Supreme Court to flva
thootand dollar per annum, to take effect
after the next election. Thia might be wely
if tt would secure a higher order of talent
on the Supreme bench, but as we have no
feopeaol that, except la electing Democrat
ic J a ages, we incline to the opinion that
ta; Judiciary la already, paid as much as
tto aervlceaot partiaaa Judjra are worth
. The Governor reported that he had made
tv contrast with the authorities of Longvlew
Atjlum, forth maintenance Df one hnn.:
tired lanatie patient, at five dollars and
taa cent! tach per week, and thus the pa-
tents of the Central Asylum are pro-
Tided tot,i',in' i.'i if..t- -v;
-Jtr, Pai presented a bill, loosely
drawn, on the uhjectof a Registry law forr
voters.' If enacted, it will cost much, and
lj'. productive of ee good. If a voter's
&ane Is not registered, when be presents)
wiwcv W Tut jprvviueu ue (wears or can
get some one else to swear for him, that It .
- was no suit of his, that ha was not regis-
U not, ! then, not being registered is a
crime, under Mr. DaSGLxa't proposed law,
such as will prevent an otherwise lejral
voter- from the exercise of his conatltn-
tlonal rifrtiW t . '-'-. --- -
As no law can be passed on this subject,!
wnicn.wui be or any earthly use, without'
H can deprive legal voters of their rtjrbt,'
without they register their name, 'and if
this is done, la a clear and flagrant viola-
tioaoi me voestuuHon, it u not to De pre
sumed that Mr. Dakglbb' Introduced bis-
vm r. kL - i- . . 1 . -
vui w uivnpf9 vi pmiDK it. uovernor
Bates recommended it as :a buncombe
meaaare, and Mr. Dasolek baa " followed
anit," by Its introduetion. ' i ' : i ' - y
' MrV Scbibkbr introduced two bills, both
having lor their object the prevention of
frauds on our citizens by insurance com-!
panies chartered out of Ohio. ; -' - V
jT'be two bouses met in Joint convention'
to count the votes for Secretary of. State.,
31m result as officially announced stood;
- for Thomas Hobbaju, Democrat, ....S49C89
" Republican msjority."... ................. ..17.33t
'In House, bills were Introduced provi
ding for a registry of births and deaths, the1
returns to be made bjr the Assesors to,
amend thelaw fixing a true meridian line:
reaairina county clerks to- par over un-
eTalmed cost flilnjr a gallon of lard oil'
at seven and twtf-fifths founds. ,'. -
1 A resolution was adopted, to enquire into'
the expediency of establishing a uniform
tartea of1 text books for schools, is . v
THURSDAY, January 7, 1869.
.The PBESIDENT called the Senate to
order at ten oVlock, pursuant to adjourn-
merit on Tuesday last.' : ....
The journal of Tuesday was read and!
Mewrs. Etambaueb, Kesslerv Torrence
iiu v "uj nuv giauwu 1UUCUUIH) JHVQ
of absence. i f :i-i
By Mr. 'POTTS From J26 eitlsenn of
Carroll county, for the creation of tbeeffice
of County Superintendent ot Schools. He-,
lemd to committee on Common Schoolx."
-By-fbeMinc From 41 citizens of said ;
ODunty, for the appraisement of real estate i
doting the present year. : deferred to the ,
uaiciarv erimmlttee.'
Mr. ujckjsx From 41 citizens of;
ao coanty, lor certain amendments
act to protect the citizens of Ohio
cm mDirkiim. vrntted Mav fi. lRfifl. !?.
feired to the committee on lledical Cnl.
leges. '''.-' -
iBy Vr.CABTEB Frcm T. ry.Basbore,7
os Panlding county for. an act to provide-;
Jor the reDalr and Dreeervation of th linn -
ot true meridian. 'Belerred to Mr. Carter. '
By Ur.SCElBNEE FronS 21 citizens of
Ohio, lor a modification of the act to regu-'
late Uieaaleof patent rights in the State of i
Ohio, 3tc , passed May 5, J 868. . Bcferred to
the Judiciary committee. , '. '
tBy Mr. I1CKEY S. B. ' No; 261 To
aearod the first wetioM of the act to amend
sections 1, 3, 4, 6, 6 and 11 of the act to aa-
tboriae-tbfr county feommissionera to con
struct roada on a petition of a majority ot
r Mdent land owners,' &cn passed March 29. s
18611 '"is C!:;--!. .i ;-i. ,i ....
By Mr. BBOOKS S. B. No. 262-To fix .
tie salaries of certain State officers, and to
repeal an act therein named. This bill.
makes7 th' Salary of a -Supreme Jd'dse
,ooow! n -. , ; v -,t-
- By Mr. DANGLEE S. B. No. 26J-Fur-tber
to preserve the purity of elections, and
to guard against the abuse of the elective 1
franchise, by a registration. This bill
amosmts to a general law lor the registra
tion of voters, r ., . ...... v
By M r. BIBNEB SJB.To. 264-For.,
the appointment of a messenger ot the Sa-
preme Court, fi (i-vi, i--.;! ... i;,
VMr.: KBANEB, from the majority of the
eommitteo to investigate . the burning of
the Central Lunatic Asylum, presented a .
report. - ' j -
Mr. BTJTC&ESON, from the same com
mittee, submitted a minority report, n i. :
, Both reports were laid on the table and -ordered
i to be printed. ... rr, .'
- following communications were re
eel ved from the Governor : '
Ai message i transmitting the report of -William
Clendeoin,' David. MeMillen : and '
others, Commissioners appointed, in pur-
anance of a joint resolution of the General
Auemhlv. to attend rnnvniHnn
Springfield, Illinois, December 1, 1868, to
take measures to prevent the spread ot the
Texas Cattle Fever." Keferred to the
committee on Agriculture. . ' ,
J A message,' transmitting- a joint resolu
tion of iheXegialataro of West Virginia, '
asking Congress to aid : in the completion -of
the Cheaapeake and Ohio Railroad. Sa- .
Wred to thecommittee on Eailroads and"
i A communication; transmitting a joint'
resolution of tbeGeneral Assembly of Verr'
moot, relating to navigation between the
United States and Canada;' Beterred to the '
rnmmittea on Commerce and Man u fac
ta res. r..
A communication in regard to the Nation
al XincolnMonument Association.- Befer-.
red to tbe committee on Federal Relations.
Anescage transmitting a contract, made
in pursuance ot a joint resolution ot tbe
General Assembly, with the Directors of
the Longview Asylum, Hamilton county,
for the support and care of 100 Insane pa
tients from the Central district, at f 3.10 for
each, patient per week. Referred to the
committee on Benevolent Institutions. .. .,:
Senate was ordered, wen 2i Senators an-:
swered to their names.. Further . proceed
ings' under the call were dispensed with."
- The hourot'lI6,clockl ihaving' arrlvedi"
the Senator proceeded -to tbe Hall of he
House of Representatives to sit in iolnt .
convention for counting the votes cast for
State officers at the general election on the'
second Tuesday of Octoberlasc
Ttm .Benators having returned to their
cbjambec, t;,t j. v -. :-, -. '
Oo moUon of Mr. GOLDEN, tbe Senate '
tnt a -recess.'1 r
The PKESlbENT"fcalIed' the Senate "to'
rder at3o'cldcJtJ' ';'"-: '
, By Mr. DAMQLElFeoot A3 citizens of
Cleveland, asking that tbe General Assem
bly restore to Cuyahoga oonnty tbe addfc
tiaaal Common Fleas judge as provided by
the act of . April 1U. 1858, and repealed .
March 23, 1865. ; Referred to the Judiciary
committer. r-' xi ioiv .:i .- .
Mri HUTCHESON oflered 4 'tesoiutlon '
for the adjournment of tbe Senate over '
Friday, the 8th insr. - -k
Mr. BUBROWS gave notice ol Intention
to discuss the resolution, which, under
tbe rule, would hv it over Tor one dav
Mr. HTJTCHESON moved a suspension
of tb ruleC which was not " agreed to
reas 18, nakra 6 less thia a mnjoritv ol
the Seiitorselectyptlng in the affirma-
So the resolution was laid over till to-
By Mr. SCBIBNEB. S. B. No. 2G5-To
amend and supplement an act for the in
corporation of Lite Insurance Companies,
pasaea April- in. tmi. t
Bv the same. S.B. No. 266 Amendatory
and supplementary to tbe act to regulate
Insurance Compaules, passed April 16,
1S07. i. u - . . : .-, -. - . ..
, Mr. lit'SS- offered a resolution, which
was adopted, appointing Senator Chailes
A.Elug tolill the vacancies on the follow
ing committees, occasioned by the decease
or senator Han: f inance. Municipal uor
poratioiis, Publio Works and Public Print
Ing. . i . i .
On motion of Mr. EVANS, the Senate
adjourned. , ,
Prayer by Rev. Hayes, of Wooster.
communication Irom tbe Governor con
cerning the vacancy occurring bv the
death ot Hon. Andrew Gerhart. of Bleh
land county, and also one in relation to tbe
vacancy occurylog in the counties ot Put
nam -end Henry, caused by .the death ol
Hon. H. J. Boehraer, which were read at
the clerk's desk. 5o m ' -. i:- !
Mr. DENMAN presented the credentials
of William Bushnell, ot Richland county,
elected Representative In place ot Hon.
Andrew Gerhart, deceased,
! Mr. BILL, of Defiajice, presented the
certificate of election of J. J. Moore, ol
Putnam and Henry counties, elected to fill
the vacancy created by tbe death ot Hon
H.J. Boehuier.
. Messrs. Bushnell and Moore came for
ward, and the oath of office was adminis
tered to them by Amos Layman, a Notary
Public; after which they entered upon the
discbarge ot their duties as Representa
tives. . ,
' A message was received from the Senate
announcing the adoption, by that body, of
a Joint resolution relative to meeting the
House in joiut convention to count the
votes cast for State officers at the October
election, in which the concurrence of the
House was asked The House concurred
yeas 73. ra?s none,
Mr. DENMAN moved that the creden
tialaof Messrs. Bushnell, of Richland, and
Moore, ot Putnam, be relerred to the com
mittee on Privileges and Elections. The
House - - :v
. A message was received from the Senate
inclosing ' Senate Joint Besolution No. 17,
asking uongress to aid In the completion
of tbe Chesapeake and Ohio Railroad,"
adopted by the legislature of the State of
west Virginia. Referred to committee on
Federal Relations.
Also, a message concerning the Joint
Resolution relative to the transfer ot pa
tients from the Central District to the Nor
thern and Southern Lunalc Asylums,
wnicn was read ac tne U'erit'g aesK.
Also, a: message inclosing a Joint Reso
lution of tbe General Assembly of the State
oi Vermont, relating to navigation oetween
the United States and Canada. Referred to
committee on Federal Relations. - -
.Also, the report of William Clendinin
and others,' Commissioners appointed in
pursuance oi a joint resolution of the uen
eral Assembly, passed Nov. 25, 1868. to at
tend a Convention at Springfield, Illinois,
Dec. 1, 1868, to take means to prevent the
spreaa oi a aiscase commonly Known as
the "Texas Cattle Fever." Laid on the
table, and ordered to be printed, on motion
or jar. scott, ot warren.
"Mr. KTJKEN BOOD on leave, H.B. No,
421 To amend an act entitled an act sup.
elementary to the act entitled an act to
provide for the creation and regulation of
incorporated companies in the State of
Ohio, passed May 1, 1852. Read' tbe first
time,- !
Mr.BEADLY. on leave. H. B. No. 422
To amend section 1, of an act to protect
tDe citizens oi unio ircnr Jjmpiriclsm and
elevate tbe etarding of the Medical profes
sion, pasted May 6, 1868. - Read, the first
time. ,
Mr. CA LLEN, on leave, H. B. No. 423
An act to create theTenth Judicial District
of Ohio, and to change-the sub-division of
the. third Judicial District, and to create
au additional Judgeship in and for the
Third Judicial District, for the third sub
division thereof. Read tbe first time. :. .
Mr. ROSS, on leave. H. B. No. 424 To
amend an act entitled an act to enable as
sedations of persons for raising funds; to
pe loaned among their; members for build-:
Ing homesteads and other uurposes. to be
come bodies corporate, ' passed February
21. 1867.--Read the Brastime. :; J
Mr.DlCKSON.tm leave. H..B. No. 425
io amend bee. 6i of an act, passed May 16:
1S67, entitled an act to amend original sec
tions 6 and 7 ot an act entitled an act rela
ting to tbe organization ot Courts of. Jus
tice, an.1 their powers and duties, passed
February 19, 1852. Read the first time. -
Jttrv wuLi'.on leave, at B. No. 426 To
amend section 1 of an act entitled an .act
authorizing tbe removal of convicts con-
Bned in the f enitentlry for trial on other
indictments found, to the Courts Where
found. .Read tbe first time. ,
Mr. ANDERSON, the petition of James
Grosgrove and otber citizens of Guernsey
county praying for 'the passage of an act
further denning the duties ot County Sur
veyors in establishing true, meridians in
many counties of tbe . State. Referred to
Mr; Anderson. '
Mr. CRIST, the petition of W. M. Ampt,
ef Hamilton county, praying forcertaiu
amendments to the latent Right law. Re
ferred to Mr. (Jrisc - .
Mr. KERR, of Jefferson, the petition of
J. Elliott and other citizens of Jefferson
county, asking ior an amendment to the
66th section ot an act relating to the Juris
diction 'and procedure before Justices of
the Peace, passed March 14, 1853. Relerred
to Mr. Kerr,, of Jefferson. - , ,,
Mr. LAWRENCE, the memorial ot J.
M Southard, M. D, and four other physi
cians of Union county, asking an amend
ment of the act to protect tne citizens ot
Ohio from empiricism, &C-, passed May 5.
is53, . Referred to committee on meaicai
Colleges. " ' . . ' - ; '.'
jut. kubijn ujn, the petition oi r. my en
and others ot Crawford county, praying
that tbe first section of the law passed May
5. 1868, to prevent empiricism, be amended
so that all persons who practice medicine
shall prodnce a diploma.. Referred to com
mittee on MedicaJ, colleges. , ,
Mr. BUELL,' on leave. H. B. N6."4S!7
To authorize tbe commissioners ot Wash
ington county to increase tbe levy on the
taxable property of that county for general
purposes, and to transler temporarily from
other funds, to the .general county fund.
Read the first timei'
On motion ot Mr. SCOTT, of Warren, a
message was sent to tbe Senate informing
that body that the House was ready to go
into Joint Convention' for the purpose of
counting votes for State officers, pursuant
tO S.J. R. NO. 63. : .
' Mr. SCOTT, of Warren, offered the fol
lowing resolution, which was adopted: -;
Maolvtd, fhtt a committee of five be
appointed by the Speaker to inquire int
the matter of tariffs charged by express
companies, doing business in this State,
and other relations between shippers and
said companies, and report to this House
at their earliest convenience, and that they
have power to send for persons and
On motion- of -j Mr SCOTT, of Warren.
bills for third reading were postponed till
Monday next." i - ; - ; :
i Mr. HENRICH.S,. H.. B. No. 429 To
amend an act entitled an act to provide for
the registry of births an J deaths. Read
tbe first time. .( -." si t'i 1 1:.! -ni-.u: :
i Mr, SIN CLAIR, H. B. No. 430-To f ur-
1 ther define the duties of County Surveyor.
1 Poart tho flrat tlrtio ' - ' 1 - !
i Tbe bill relates to establish men tfof me
ridians, and tbe sate keeping of the same.
I Mr. SCOTTrOf Warren, H. B. No. 431--Belating
to branch railroads. ' Bead tbe
first time.' - .'';. "--
i Mr. ' HENBICKSv IL B. 'No. 432 To
amend an actentmea anact tor tbeuispo-
sltioq of unclaimed costs. Read the, -first
time. . .
Mr. BELVILLE, H. B: No. 433 To es
tablish and fix tbe standard by which lard
oil shall be sold, and to provide for the in
spection of barreb therefor. Read (he first
iMr.ODELLjH.B. No. 434 To encour-
age tbe organization of Are compani
if km A 'ha AJc m.
Mr. 8COT1, of Warren, offered the fol
lowing resolution, which was adopted: ,' ;
w HaaaAa, .t the last session ot Uie-een
eral Assembly a law was passed to regu
late the practice ot dentistry In tbe State
of Ohio; and, : ' ' . 1 - ?" :" . -Whereas,
There are complaints by many
or tne dental profession, that the law Is op
Dressive in-its operations; - - -
1. Because, but one Board o'f Examiners
has been authorized bv the State DnUl
Association, necessitating great inconven
ience and expenditure of money in ob
taining an examination and certificate from
said board. s .. v
. 2 Because applicants for examination
and certificates are charged excessive fees
for said examinailons and .certificates;
. Hetoloed, That the committee on Medical
Colleges be, and tliev are hereby directed
to inquire into tbe matter and report to this
House at their earliest convenience.
Mr. BUTTER offered the following res
olution, which was adopted - i
Eesoived, That the standing committee
on common schools and school lands, are
hereby required to report to this House on
the propriety.and necessity of establishing
a uniform series of text books to be used In
tbe coinmou schools of the State
Mr. SCOTT, of Warren, moved to recon
slder the vote whereby the House adopted
11. R. JNo. lis, directing the Judiciary
committee to inquire into the title of the
lands of the Blind Asylum, which was
agreed to.
Mr. SCOTT, of Warren, then moved to
strike out ol said resolution that portion
referring it to the "Judiciary committee,'.'
and insert instead, "Attorney Ueneral."
Mr. SCOTT, of Warren, then briefly ad
vocated the change of reference'
r Mr. HILL, of Defiance, was opposed to
reierrtng tne matter to the Attorney Gen
eral, and thought the Judiciary commit
tee competent to determine the Question.
Mr. BOSS favored tbe reference, and
spoke at length on the necessity of rebuild
ing tne centra, ljunatic Asylum at an ear
ly day. - ..;
The Question being first on striking out.
fMr. HUGHES, of Highland, demanded a
division of the Question.
Mr.SCOTT, ot Warren, then asked leave
to withdraw bis motion to strike out. The
House agreed. The resolution was then
adopted. ..
Mr. WARREN presented the memorial
ot Isaac I'lum and 413 other citizens or 1,0
gan county, praying for. a clearing' out of
the Miami river below tbe lewistown
Reservoir, so as to abate tbe damages that
are being done to lands by said reservoir,
and lor other purposes. Relerred to Air
Mr. WABBEN immediately asked and
obtained leave to make a report from a se
lect committee. The committee then re.
ported a resolution for the appointment of
an engineer to survey and examine the
DroDOsed imDrovement. '
Mr. WABBEN explained tbe object of
tbe resolutions by saying that the Lewis
town Reservoir, constructed bvthe State
some ten years since as a feeder for the
Miami Canal, has ever since been a source
of damage to tbe farmers living on either
side ot the river for several miles below tbe
resTVoir. for the reason that, in tbe warm'
er season tbe water was formerly low in
tbe river, and kept within tne Dan lis.
whereas now. In the rainyseason, it is kept
on an average two leet higher Dy the now
ot the water from the reservoir to teed the
canal. By this means, the banks being low,
the water settles back from tbe - river In
bayous in many places, and renders tbe
lands wet and unproductive.
It Is thought that by clearing out the
immense quantity of loss that are in the
river, - and straightening tbe cbannel in
some places where there are very short
turns, and also by dredging the river in
some places wnere it is most anaiiow, an
eoual anantitv ot water can be flowed
through the channel with the water much
lower within tbe banks than now, thus
preventing, to a great extent, the damage
to tbe lands, and at the same time benefit
ting tbe State by conveying tbe water with
less waste to the canal. And It is possible
that a survey will show that with but little
expense, and with even a reduced stage
of water,, by : dredging in places, slack
water navigation can be attained up to the
reservoir, but this navigation Is not the
primary object of tbe resolution. Tbe
prevention of dangers to lands is the pri
mary oblect, and certainly this can and
ought to be afforded by tb'e State, at least
to some extent, and the extent attainable
both to tbe people there and to the State
will be better understood by tbe survey
proposed in the resolution. I desire tbe
subject to be well understood before being
voted upon, and therefore move its refer
ence to the committee on Public Works,
j The resolution was adopted.
Mr. C ALLEN, on leave, presented the pe
tition ot J. W. De Fore and 224 other citi
zens of' Mercer county, praying for an ap
nroDriation to clean out Biir Beaver river in
said county. Referred to Messrs.. Calleo,
Parr and Can field. ,
Mr. COCKERILL offered the following
resolution, which was adopted i .- , - . ,
It. li. iso. , 199 Whereas, : to-morrow
will be tbe 8th ol January, a day long beld
in grateful .remembrance as tbe anniversa
ry of the battle of New-Orleans, therefore,
Mesolved, 1 bat when thi House aulonnrs
to-day, it adjourns to meet again on Satur
day morning, at 1 0 o'clock. ' ,
On' motion of Mr. COCKERILL. . the
House tnen adjourned.
No. 27 State Street,
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season. . Gentlemen-can arrange lor Board
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sirable rooms over tbe restaurant for rent,
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jan5-lw.- : Proprietors. '.
Jewelry made and repaired by,C. E.
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t nov6d3m ' ; 7 : ;
. .
I Choice Bed Wheat Flour, S 00 per bar
rel, warranted to give satisfaction. - For
sale at McColm, Miles and McDonald.'
jan7-dtf - . - ..' .
.Grand Military and Civic Ball of tbe
First Regiment White Boys in Bine, at
Naugbton Hall, Friday evening, January
8th. Friends of the Organization are re
spectfully invited to attend. 1an6 36
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is the best preparation for tbe hair in the
market, and always gives satisfaction. Do
not be put oil by unprincipled dealers
with others on which they make more
profit. i25-w&dsly-cw -
Republican Caucus.
Tke .Republican. Senators held a-caucus
this morning on the financial question, in
volving tbe consideration of Senator Mor
ton's' "resumption' of specie payment bill
and Edmunds' resolution declaring that
the 6 20 bonds should be paid iu gold. No
conclusion was arrived at. About forty
members were present. s
Senator Stewart.
Stewart received a telegram to
day, infoimlng bira that he was unani
mously nominated in the Union caucus for
re election to -the Senate of the United
States from Nevada. Tbe Legislature con
sists of fifty-nine members, niue only of
wnoni are Democrats.
Affairs in Arkansas.
The following official report relating to
affairs in Arkansas, has been received at
General Grant's headquarters, from General
Horace Porter, of his staff, dated Little
Rock, Ark., lec. zo, iws :
; General : General Babcock and I ar
rived here two days ago. . So many contra
dictory reports have been circulated in re
gard to Governor Clayton's militia, that it
may be well tor you to know the facts.
The present State Government was cer
tainly in some danger previous to the
Presidential election. Senator Barker
bad been shot and wounded badly
Mr. upnam. ot tne lower House, was
wounded. : Mr. Hines, a member of
Congress and the Freedman's Bureau, was
killed, and a united States Marshal driven
from their posts by threats. The Gover
nor, Senator Bice and others bad to sleep
in the State House, under guard, for fear ot
assassination, . The Governor wisely re
trained from taking any violent measures
until alter the election, fearing that the
opposition might made capital out of it.
As soon as it was over he organized a mil'
tia force of about 800 men, one-lourth col
ored, under Gen. Cutterson, in the north
west, and -Upham, in the northeast, with
orders to live., off the country, tak
ing what was absoluiely necessary and
giving voucers. His intention is to
pay . all loyal holders of vouchers
and no others. Two assassins have already
been exeouted by sentence of a military
commission. Seventeen others are in oris
on and a great number have been run out
ot the State, but the best r suit I can see
is tbe disposition ot all business men to
voluntarily enroll them as a posse, pledged
to assist sheriffs to arrest lawless charac
ters, if the Government will relieve them
from martial law. He had accepted many
such pledges and martial law exists only
in tarts of seven ; counties. The entire
conservative wing of the Republican party
were opposed to tbe declaration of martial
law, including General Smith, U. S. A.,
commanding the troops. They admitted
the reign of terror established by the
rebels, but wanted the United States
to make the: arrests. Governor Clayton's
arguments in favor of his policy are as fol
lows: The United States troops do not
know the people and the country. The
lawless behave while the United States
troops are. in the vicinity, and break out
worse when tbey leave.. Tbe rebels are
generally anxious to have them as it cre
ates an expenditure-of money in their
midst from which tbey reap no benefit.
Tbe "militia punishes all the disloyal and
extorts pledges from them to respect the
laws. . As these people have threatened to
break up the State Government as soon as
the United States troops are removed, this
teaches them that. the State is able to
protect itself. Tbe militia' has been
under tolerable good control, and
tbe plundering reported in the press Is
the taking of supplies under order. . One
negro militiaman committed a rape on a
white woman, but was immediately arrest
ed by Gen. Cotterson, who seems to be a
very good, man, tried, convieted and exe
cuted. The Governor's policy has no doubt
seriously interfered with business where
martial law has been proclaimed, and in
jured business men of all parties. Hence,
the opposition from loyalists. It has in
terfered with travel, taken off bands for the
militia at a season when ' they were badly
heeded, and created many panics.' It has,
however, accomplished more good than
the most sanguine expected, and Gen
eral Smith acknowledges ' he thought
the Governor's- judgment was bet
ter than . his, and the . result would
fully, justly tbe action ot the former. The
Governor is. now disposed relieve each
county from martial law as soon as it can
be done safely. The Governor is certainly
a man of intelligence and nerverand has
labored under difficulties that would have
deterred a less able officer. 4,000 arms
were raised by the Ku Klux and them off
tbe boat below -Memphis. He could -seldom
secure good men tor officers, and i,n
the eastern counties he had to depend eh
tirely upon the negroes for soldiers.
! , Very. respectfully, -
WASHINGTON, January 7.
i The PRESIDENT laid before the Senate
a communication from the Secretary of tbe
Interior and a letter from the Commissioner
of Indian affairs in regard to the late Indi
an battle.. - . : '".. "'
Mr.- WILLIAMS presented a memorial
from the . Legislative Assembly of Idaho,
for, the establishment ot an assay- office
there. Referred. "-
i Mr. FESSENDEN presented the memo
rial of a large, number of .Episcopal cler
gymen for.the enactmDt ol a law forbid
qing, under fceavy.'penalties,' carrying pe
troleum in 'public passenger conveyances.
fMr. COBBETT presented a petition for
tjhe extension of the Pacific road to Puget
Sound. Referred.,..'. '.A' y--' ,-"
Mr. NYE introduced a bill to facilitate
telegraphic .communication between' the
eastern and western continent. Referred
to committee on Commerce. rv -
; Mr. TRUMBULL, from the committee
on Judiciary reported and recommended
the Jjidefinite postponement ot the bill in
part execution ot section 4 of article 4 ol
the Constitution.
i A bill' t'ofacilitate'the"declsion of ques
tions in conflict between the Un!ted States
and States by the Supreme Court ol the
United States was agreed to.
On motion of Mr. EDMUNDS, tbe Sen
ate took up the bill to prevent the holding
of civil offices by military officers, anil to
prevent the holding of more thaa one office
at the same time. -
0 After discussion, the morniug. hour
expired, and the Senate re-umed the con
sideration of the bill "lor the relief of Sue
Murphy, whl -li was also debated without
action until 3:40. when r ': 'i -H
i On motion of Mr. TRUMBULL, the Sen
ate went into executive session-, and a tew
moments afterwards adjourned.
! A resolution was passed directing the
Printing committee to investigate the sta
tionery contract of the Interior Depart
ment, and suspending all further payments
until action by the House. "
: The House took up the bill reported yes
terday from the committee on Naval Af
fairs, to increase the efficiency of tbe med
ical, department of the navy. After a brief
discussion ot the bill,
On motion of Mr. SPALDING, it was
laid on the table.
Tbe SPEAKER presented a message
from the President, with the report of the
Secretary of State, in reply to the House
resolution ot July 20, 1867. declaring sym
pathy with tbe suffering people of Crete.
Referred to the committee on Foreign Af
fairs. The IToUse went into committee of tbe
Whole on the state of the Union, and was
addressed by Mr. Coburn on tbe question
01 finance. . -
i Mr. SHANKS spoke in favor of the re
cognition of the provisional government
of Crete.
Tbe committee rose, and Mr. Ashley, of
Ohio, Introduced a bill to facilitate com
mercial intercourse between. States and
Territories and with foreign countries,
which was referred to the committee on
Richmond Items.
Richmond, Jan. 7.
The revenue collections in this dhtrict
last year were $700,000, being nearly 200,
000 more than in 1867.2- -
The, State press, so far as beard from,
stands as follows on. ' the r new move
ment lor universal suffrage, with the hope
of universal amnesty : In favor of it,
eleven- Democratic papers, and against It
eight Democrat and two Republican pa-
Milwaukee Market—Jan. 6.
FLOUR Dull, and 'prim' unchanged.
WHEAT -- Steady at 11 iilior No. 1 in
Heister Clvmtr has written a letter de
er Clymir I
clining being the Democratic candidate for
ijrovernor. vi i
Republican Nomination.
CONCORD, Jan. 7.
The Republican' Statar Convention met "
to-day. Governor Harriman was chosen
chairman and: made a lengthy address.
Onslow Stearns Was chosen' as the candi
date tor Governor by acclamation. He
briefly addressed the Convention.
BOSTON, Jan. 7.
Yesterday afternoon a large wheel in the .
Boston Rolling Mill, in pambridge, broke
wbile in rapid motion, killing Hnry
Patchett and Alfred Sherwood, and-badly
injuring Patrick Concry," all employed in
the mill. .
Found Guilty of Robbery.
LEBANON, Jan. 6.
i B. W. Beatty, charged with robbing the
Philadelphia & Reading Railroad Compa
ny's office, at Aunville, In April last, was
tried to-day and found guilty. Beatty will
be tried to-morrow on a charge of robbing
the safe of Andrew Keider, at Annville, in
April last. Nat. Derwcnt, who wa ar
raigned with Beatty, escaped from jail on .
the morning of January 1st, aud is still at
large. ? . j . : , , -
MADISON, IND., Jan. 7.
' Tbe livery stable of A. J. Fialier was de-'
stroyed by fire this morning.' Loss about
Distressing Accident.
' A little child of J. Bi'wn was run over
by the cars at seven o'clock this morning.
Both legs were cut off below the knee.
Indiana Legislature.
Tbe Indiana Legislature convened in
regular session this morning.- In the Sen
ate, Hon. Jno. R. Covers, of Madison, was
chosen President pro tem, and Ma). O. M.
Wilson, Principal Secretary. In the Huuse,
Hon. A. P. Stanton, of Indianapolis, was
elected Speaker. Tbe inauguration of
Gov. Baker and Lieut. Gov. Cumback will
take place to-morrow.
Affray between White and Negro
ST. LOUIS, Jan. 7.
1 A .dispatch of yesterday says
that a correspondent of the New Mexican,
from Fort Bayard, NewMexluo, reports an
all ray between the white and colored troops
stationed at central city, neari'inos Altos,,
in which-two white and three colored sol
diers were killed, and a large number
wounded. The difficulty occurred at a ball
given by tbe white troops. The negroes
claimed the right to dance, which was re
fused; hence the difficulty.' After the tight
the colored troops obtained reinforcements
from the fort, and returned to the ball
room, murdering a white soldier on tbe
road. It is also reported that they burned
the building and ravished the wife and
daughter of the owner. Great excitement
prevails. Further troubles are anticipa
ted. - Fort Bayard is only a few miles from
Pinps Altos.
Lawlessness in San Miguel County.
Another correspondent of the New Mel-
lean from San Miguel county, states that a
party oi armeo men, supposed to have been
Mexicans, entered tbe town of Esteritos.
in that county, taking all the men prison
ers and carrying them about fifteen miles.
They hung one, shot two others and suc
ceeded in making their escape. It is be
lieved tbaVthis was done in revenge- for
tne murder or two Texans, killed near
Apache Springs, six weeks ago, for their
catching a few bead of stock. This neigh
borhood in New Mexico is infested with a
powerful gang of .Mexican half-breed In
dians, white horse thieves and murderers,
whom the civil law is unable to suppress.
Endorsement of Sherman.
'A Denver dispatch says: The " Board of
Trade, last evening, unanimously passed
resolutions endorsing Generals Sherman
and Sheridan in their policy toward the Indians.
Gold Shipments.
I The gold shipments from this city in
1868, through Wells Fargo & Company
were about $2,500,000. A large amount
was also shipped through private parties,
Indian Curiosities.
CHICAGO, Jan. 7.
: In a cave under the Island, at Rock Is!
and, Illinois, the statue of an Indian maid
en, a solid copper pedestal seven feet high,
obelisk solid brass, and other Indian curi
osities, have been discovered,
Senator Chandler Re-Elected.
' List evening Senator Chandler was re-'
elected by tbe Michigan Legislature. Yes
terday Congressmen Terry and Blair re
tired.; ;( .- x: . J
Postmaster-General's Report.
NEW YORK, Jan. 7.
The report of Postmaster-General Ran
dall,' on the union of the telegraph with
the postal service, will be sent to Conerers
to-day He recommends the Government
to unite these services. lie says : "A thor
ough' examination., of these subjects has
satisfied me that the Department can ar
range for the reception and delivery of
messages, the lurnisbing of stamps, and
keeping the accounts without any great
increase in the number of clerks ; that the'
business may be maoe tne source oi reve
nue to the Government, and that, the effi
eiency of the country postmasters may be
Increased, by employing them in connec
tion with tbe telegraph." He recommends
that Congress charter a company to con
tract with the Government to transmit and
delivei"niessags-at-loW'nd fixed rates,
on the plan submitted by Gardner C. Hub
bard, and submits a billto carry out tbe
plain ,7 a i fc . K y i -' '
Tennessee News.
NASHVILLE, Tenn., Jan. 7.
In tbe lower branch of the Legislature,
Mr. Rider, of Shelby, introduced a bill
providing for a State convention' to amend
the constitution, so as to extend the right
ot suffrage to those now disfranchised. An
animated debate is expected on the bill to
morrow. The latest advices from Bedford state
that it is not known that any one was hurt
in the affray at Shelby ville Saturday night
between the Knklux and negroes. Th ne
groes fought with spirit and saved their
school bouse, the-burning of which ap
peared to be the object of the raid. Old
citizens generally declare these outrages of
the lilau shall be stopped, lo accomplish
this they must organize in support of the
authorities. ----- - -
A Fatal Encounter.
. Last night fout policemen proceeded to j
the bouse of a noted character, named
Chapman, to cause bis' arrest and that of
Corry Chase, ior burglary and horse steal-'
ing Chaso .and Chapman resisted by
drawing revolvers. Shots were exchanged
and a general fight ensued. Three ot the
policemen were shot, it; is - feared' fatally. -Chapman
was shot in the . arm. Both he
and Chase escaped. - Intense excitement
prevails. "
Chicago Items.
CHICAGO, Jan. 7.
Suits have been commenced' hi the5 Su-
periorCourtto remove the clouds from'che
title to city-real eseate, possession of which '
is alleged to have been detained by foreed
wills. " "J
Last night Lacquin's brewery, in Wash
ington, Taswell county, Illinois, was
burned. .Loss $11,000. ,
Seminary Burned.
HUDSON, N. Y., Jan. 7.
The Wyomlnick institute and seminary
for youug ladiew, at Lebanon Center, this
county, was destroyed by tire last evening .
Th;re were but few boarders in the build
ing at the time and no lives were lost. The
loss is quite heavy, aud tbe insurance very
light. . .
Indian News.
Arizona advices say that Shornm, chief
of the 11 ualapa Indians, escaped from the
guard while en route to San Francisco for
confinement. , Col. Rice organszed an ex-
pedition against the savages, and surprised
and destroyed two villages, killed 11, and
captured 20 Indirns and a large quantity
of supplies.
Civil Rights Bill.
LOUISVILLE, Ky., Jan. 7.
. In the Kentucky Honse'of Representa
tives a resolution was introduced, autlior-1.
izlng tbe Governor to take such steps as he "
may deem .proper to test the constitution
ality of the civil rights bill. -
- pr : i
Cleveland Market—Jan. 7.
FLOUR Market is quiet and dull, ex
cept for 'city ' made and a few out side
brands of Michigan, whi'ihare in request..
WHEAT No. 1 red winter held atfl 83
1 83; No. 3 do at $1 80. 1
OATS-Held at 63o.' ; ilU.ZS.T.ts ?3.
BARLEY Unchanged and -quiet; No,
1 Canada held at 2 06a 10; ilolgtate,
nominal. " v
Postponement Asked.
PARIS, Jan. 7.
Porte has sent a mmmnni.
cation to thiseky asking -a- postponement
" ouierence on tbe .Eastern question
.v.. cismuBjt, in oruer mat instructions
may be prepared for the representative of
tbe Turkish Government.
Montreal News.
Quarterly meetlnir nl th RnarH nf
iraae, a long discussion took place in re-
uaru to a twenty loot channel, said to ex
ist between Montreal and Otiehen - - Rp.
lution8 were passed requesting the Harbor
vAiuiuiiBsiunera .to . isKe tne earliest and
most active steps practicable, to ascertain
wneiner xuen ctinnnel was now fit for use.
ine leeunz was unanimous in favor nf a
change in the act respecting the Inspec
tion of flour, so as to make it agree .with
tne jNew.xora sy stem.-
AO-UaV being .LOiDhanv. wna nhoprvorl
as n nuiiuay.
The Catholic BiShOD. with a nnmbpr of
clergy, leave ior it rae on the 20th inst.
A portion OI the root of the drill shed
gave away with the weight of snow last
niht; also the roof of Guilford's skating
rink, and several persons iujured, but none
MjeoeralDoylei-Gov.-of Nova Scotia, and
Chief Justice Young, have received the
honorof Knighthood.' .
Commercial Bank.
ST. JOHNS, N. B., Jan. 6.
At an adjourned meeting of tbe stock
holders of the Commercial Bank, beld
yesterday, the Director presented . an
amended and detailed renort." The total
asset' were estimated at $175,671: liabili
ties wo,y0S. Tbe assets consist oL landed
and other propertv, difficult to realize on
it is generally understood that nearly the
entire capital has been lost. Tbe report
was reported back to the Director and tbe
meeting adjourned to tbe 9th ef March
ihts virtually leaves the directors to wind
up the affairs ot the bank. as the charter
expires on n riaay.
Buffalo Market—Jan. 7.
Market dull and unchanged : little doinsr,
Members of the . Board of Trade attended
the fuoeralof one of the members, conse
quently no business transacted of import
Accident. There was an explosion in
Doctor Ayer's Laboratory, yesterday,
which cauECd some excitement in the vi
cinity. Ayer's Pills are manufactured un
der an enormous pressure, ' in cylinders,
like cannon, which sometimes, prove too
weak for the compressed forces," and bnrst
with terrific' violence. . Fortunately, the
pieces do not fly far, to that no one has
ever been hurt by them. Tbe action
more like Ice than powder ; but it makes
Pills which all the world acknowledge are
Pills. Daily J oumal, Lowell.
NEEWLKS At 11 o'olok Wednesday night.
The funeral will take plaoe to-morrow (Satur
day) from Town Street Church, at it o'clock A. M.
jan8 d2t
New Advertisements
tW The-Ohio Statesman has at
Larger Circulation than any pa
per published in this City or Cen
tral Ohie., Advertisers will bear
this In mind.
For Sale or Rent.
IotiKiDg to Mary E. Kent, deceased, situated on
Mound l tree t, near 7th, eoaaistiiig of a convenient
house, wood shed, Ao.. on a paoiou lot ninety
feet front, one hundred in depth. Good cistern and
well, fruit trees and flower garden on the premises.
Jfor pxioa sod terms, enquire at W. B. Kent's
auction rooms. corner Town and Fourth. . jan7 dtf
O. It: CSV A N g
At Prices of Inferior Work.
X SY respectfully announce that they hare
adop.ed and will rigidly adhere to the poKoy ef
oriotaue in their price lists and oiroulars their Terv
lowest prioea, whieh are tberefere alike to all.md
subject to no discount. Inis sistem secures every
purchaser against an exorbitant price, -and saves
necessi y for bartering
The solicit comparison of the nrioes in their new
catalogue 0 ust issued) with those of inferior Or
gans; witn caretui examination ana comparison oi
capacity, quality ana woramansnip ot auierent in
struments. The Comnaajr's nerfeoied maohinerT.
accumulated facilities and experienced workmen,'
together witn the important improvements patent
ed and controlled by them, enable them to prodnce
the best work at the greatest economy of cost, ai d.
consequent!-, to offer their well known Organs,
winners of the ParisExposition Medal and seventy-
nve otber nrst premiums, wnicn are tne aoknowl-
mgOU C LAIl .i Bill Ul MVWDIK, IU IUCI1 ucuu,ui,u,,
at prices as low or even less than those demanded
for interior organs.
The following are examples of our reduced seal
ox prices:
Four-Octave Org-an, solid black C Cfl flfl
walnut casaCstjle No. Uiioe... 43U.UU
FlVe-Octa-re Denble Betd Organ. Five
atapa, with Tremulant. . Solid Black walnut
case, carved and panelled (style JJJg QQ
Five-Octave Bauble Heed Cabinet Or
gan, lire Mepe. with the new Mason te
Hamlin Imprevtd Vox Musnana, which
excels every other attachment of thisolass in t o
beauty and variety of its e .ects, the ease with
which it is used, and its freedom from liability to
get out of order. Solid walnut case, carved and
paneled (new style. Ho. 81). This is the finest Or
gan of its sue and capacity which rl in flfl
can be made. Price 4llUaUU
llsny other styles at proportionate prices. A new
illustrated catalogue of styles and price list; also,
circular, with illustrated descriptions of improve
ments introduced by the Com pan. this seasoe, will
be sent free to any applicant. Address : TUe
Mason As taasnlin Organ Co.. 1st Tre
mont street. Boston, or SB Broadway. Haw York.
jan8-w3w-p sr
Collections of Church Music,
.j.l : ri . ' FOB Yi i -. ti ''.
ARO. Assisted bv Da. LOWELL MA80S
;... . FrieatU. .. ---,-ii-sr-- -'--
This was the last book in this department upon
which Mr. Bradbury was engaged- Its extraordi
nary sale is evidence that it is -the most popular
book of its class issued for many yean. Already it
has reached its SixtietA 7 iowand. It is the only
book upon which Or. Mason and Mr. Bradbury
werejointlyengsged.es authors. It is .very full
and complete in all its departments, embracing the
fullest variety for Sinsim-Schols. Chjib and
SociiTits. It o en tains much larger number of
Tunes than other new books, and is told at as low
a price. : . . - i . r - 'i i s
BURY. Prioefl.50, .
A very eomplete and popular book, rich in Mr.
Bradbury's compositions.- '
. . . c . BURTC. Price 1.50.: . . .
This it the nost famous book of this very popu
lar author. It has bad a sale of o . er 135,M0 copier,
and he himself regarded it as his best work. ,
and GEO. P. ROOT. Assisted by THOM-
MASON. Priootl.60.. tf.f.-U-.-
Either of these books will be sent by mail, post
paid, vn receipt of the price.- Published by ' J '
ustanN UDnTncna
ian8-w3w-r HT No. 154 Tremont St., Boston.
Valaable Residence for Sale.
tveen fiiglr and Third streets; containing
twenty rooms, bsth honse, with hot and cold wa
ter. Also, improved range and furnace. Posses
sion given April 1st. ,:
t ot pnee and terms, apply at this office. -jan7-dtf
. ' -
to 'OH O- O Xlt ii
V DrR MAGAZINE, and stents for the sale of
Haiard Powder Compaoj's Powder. . Atents for
Celebrated 8n-rar - Cnretl Hans,
and dealers tn ' 1
niUtnVMlVA ' :..':.. ' r
a alt their varieties. Imported Wines.' BruilUa
Cigars, eta. ' iull-eodly
atSTi SOTI C'fc S i Let, rr
ale,n Iist. "Wans., ur,
" Boar-llg-,'-.c ntsxeealnntrsla;h
llnesnhUshsd in this eolana far
entsvach Insertlen.
Boak ilN A few penoH wiihinf board fn
.m fcfli aall at cLAiAAr4aj
WiU giro her Third Mafinee 8atuniay Afternoon.
raooBAMHat . - - "
. OTerti"lJon laqile':. :...'...'. fonlaattl
.. Miss Schneider and Broth.,!; - "V
,.Song--ewish. Maiden" : .....Kaokca
t. Piano Sold "Wedding Marea." (By EequesO f
Mits Caroline Sohueider ....'. Lint
.'Soprano Bolo-'-Kelloga Walti" ...Aiditl
Miss tmma J.t,sthnp.
Vocal Duett "There is a Bank"..... .....Horn
, ir- MfLathrnpaod Mrs Seairitt.
I. Violincello bole-laatssie sur Luci...Batta
Mr. Theo. Schneider. '
Ballad-" We'd Better Birfea Wee-...Claribel :
, - Mrs.8eamtt.
I. Soprano Solo tvooet ,". slererbeer
Jta - - . Hits Kmma J. Lathiep. : -
. March;.... j ;...:..8treatS
.. ': Miss Bohneider and Brother. : .
ST DflAmnu. .1 I AUMb. I'jwm, . . ..) I - .
Tiokets 40 cenie. . Sold at the door. : ,jn&-dlt. '
MAX 8TRAKOSCUmJ.......Djb"ki- i
Has the honor to announce the first and only Coa-
... . vr. ui ,
On Saturday Evening-, Jan. 16th, 1809.
. BIG. LOTTI. ; ,. ,-' ., . .' . .. :.' .;
SIQ. STAFFANONl.i.MtJsicu. Dibbotosv
J- Admission. St. Reserrrit Rats. SI ISO K.la
of seats will commenoe Thursday morning at Sells-'
srssi asio ocore. .,
Doors open at 7X: concert at 8 0 clock. ' jan7 . .
Open Mfhtly with a Star Company of ' .
- " Second week, and great hit, of -
Louise Payne, and Ada Wray
Six more new faces this week. Miss SUBIE.
STAR, the popular Dansense and farorite Actress;
Mr. EUGENK F. GORMAN, the rer-atile Actor
andFlutinisl:BOWMAn and HARRIS, toe cele
brated Ethinpean Comedians; Miss ttOSA LEE nd
Miss MART RUSSELL, the accomplished Yotsil.
ists. Danseuses and Comediennes, -:,
S 8ee Pr04rramn.es for particulars. , jaai
Ayer's; Cathartic , Pills;1
For all .
tha. purpoaea of . aInxaMva.
Perhaps no one. medV
cine is so universally re-
quirea uy everyooay aa
. a cathartic, nor was eves
any before so universal
ly adopted into use. In"
every country and among
all classes, as this mild
but efficient purgativa
fxu. 'ine odvious rea
son Is, that rt is a more re- .
liable and far snore etfee . .
tool remedy thaa any
ether. Those who have.
tried it, know that it cored them : those who have
not, know that it cures their neighbor and friends,
and all know. that what it does once it does alwaya
that it never fails through any fault or neglectof j
its comoosition. We have thousands UDon thou
sands of certiilcates of their remarkable cures of Ue
following complaints, but such cures are known tn
every neighborhood, and we need not publish them.
Adapted to all ages and conditions in all climates; ,
containing neither calomel or any deleterious drug, '
they maybe taken with safety by anybody,; Taeir
sugar coating preserves them ever fresh and anakeer
them pleasant to take, while being purely vegetable
no harm eaa arise from their ese in any quantity?-
They operate by their powerful influence on the
internal viscera to purify tbe blood and stimulate it ,
into healthy action remove the obstructions of tha
stomach, bowels, liver, and other- organs of the,
body, restoring their irregular action to health, amtj
by correcting, wherever they exist, such deaagjl
ments as are tbe nrst origin of disease.
- Minute directions are given in the wiamm op
the box, for the following complaints, which these
JHllm rapidly cure: - ' -
For Dyapepaiss or lastisroattcHB. Uetleee
neaa, jLaaa-aor and Ikmo of Apnetlee, theyr
should be taken moderately to stimulate the atom,
ach and restore its healthy tone and action. - -.. .
For Silver Coasplatat and its various (ymfx,
toms, Billone Heaaaehe, Sick Hearfacno..
JTanadice or fireei Stcltaeee,' BsUoaa
Cells and Bilioaa t'evess, they should be u-
diciously taken for each case, to correct the diseased,
action or remove the obstructions which cause it.
For lyaeasry or Ptarviseea, but eee-snildr-dose
is generally required.
For Rbeawaattavs, Croat, S3 ravel. Palpi,
tatioa of tbe Heart, Pala la the Mela
Back and Xioiaa, they should be continuously,
taken, as required, to change the diseased action of
the system. With such change -those complaintsn
disappear. ' . ? Jr... -
For I ropey and Bropelcml SweUlnga ther.
should be taken in large and frequent doses to pro
duce the effect of a drastic purge. - , . - i
, For 4appi-eealon a large dose should be taken
as it produces the desired effect hi sympathy.
Asa Dinner Pill .-take one or" wo PUU to pte-t
moto digestion and relieve the stomach. -
An occasional dose etimutetes the stomadi and '
bowels into healthy action, restores the appetite, '
and Invigorate the system. "-Hence K la often any
vantageous where no serious derangement exists. .
One who feels tolerably well, often finds that a dose
of these Ji(l makes him feel decidedly better, frous
their cleansing and renovating cutset on the diges
tive apparatusj, .' '.,.' , ;. . . ... . , , .
DH. mT. C.ATJPB A CO., PrmtUeat ChemnUU,
! "- X.OWEZZ. MASS.,, V, 8. A. . ...
; 'iar For" sale bv BRAUN. BRDCK " CO.."
Wholesale and Retail. Columbus, and all Drug
gists. ...... janS-eodAeowlytm.4.
j: e?v
Wbereby the1 'circulation of the blood Jbeoomeg
equalised npen the part where applied, causing
pain and morbid action to cease. ' - '-
Wat there' ever published stronger evidence thaa ,
hist -t;..;- .'.. ;-. :
Certificate treat IF. Sterlinr, Eej. ?
For two years I bare been a great sufferer from
neuralgia in the head, and found' only temporary
.relief from all the varioas remedies that I have
tried, until I applied on of ALLCOCK.'S PO
ROUS PLASTERS." I eat it into three strips,
placing ons under each shoulder blade and the oth "
er over 'the sttall of my back, and for the past:
three months! have had scarcely a twinge ef the
0 d pain--- 1 ad vjsoali who suffer from nervous di-
eases to lose no time in making a trial of the won
derful plaster i- J-'
1 A. F. STERLING, Sec'y Singer Ufa Co.. ,
: New YorkiJunet.1868., ,4 , . ,. . . J
Principal Agency. Bbakdmth Hocsb. New '
York. Sold by all druggists. " . " " "J "
iunelS-dAwlyem-rejiV - i-- i ;
PROV ' EN Ci. R. L."h vingthe largest manu- i
factory Bo - 8 - er in the world, with
the most mproved maci' y". and" employing the
most skilled labor are enabled to offer aa ua- .
equalled variety of new and beautiful -designs hi '
Dinner Services, Tea . '4 rices, and every article ,
speoially adspted for . liday and Bridal Gifts. .
They offer also their well-known and unrivalled
Nickel Silver Eleolro-PIattd Ware, in which the
havaintrodneed new patterns of rare eleganoe.i
The Solid Silver is guaranteed tobe of sterlia o
purity by U. 8. Mint assay.. The Electro-Plate I
guaranteed to be superior .te tbe.flnest BliaaleKV
ware." Orders reoeived from the Trade onlybu
these goods may be obtaist d . Xrcua jespoasibla
dealers everywhere. i t
! . . - n u'.t. '-. . ii .Trade"
m ,T .. . ;i.r --r-ark;
. ' o, . T r '- V
.. Dunnmai jnu, mMlflvu.umnm. A. a,
noTO-aawin-re ss
: I bavb heard it highly: extolled and bare
wonderful effects, writes Martha M
Derby, Ct.',' about Palmer's Lotion.
sep21-dwly-em-r f . - . i
. . w w ew s
A. B. WILLIAMS. West Broadway, aeer,
itreet, Columbus, Ohio; has devoted himstlf
ries of years to th trestment of certain pri j
ligh street,
r a iMnM n'
rtediseases. He may bsoensulted at his offie.-
oroartw-t near the axoaange sana
i-ney31-tf ,
splendid Hair D'e is the, beet in the world ; .
the only true and perfect Dye ; harmless, reliable i
instantaneous; no disappointment : no ridicnloua ,
.in.. H,mMli the ill efieots of bad dres: tnvia-
orates and leaves the Hair soft and beautiful. UaoAv,
or orowa. Hold by all Drnccisu and Perfumers j -and
propertv applied at Batohalor'tiWic Factory
No. 16 Bond street. N. Terk. :rV avrM dAwly
. HOUTH restored in four weeks. Saeoeeai
restoree nahly powesa. from whatever cause ari
sing; the affects of early pernicious habits, self. .
abuse, impotency and climate, give away at enee te ,
this wonderful medicine, if taken regularly accordr I
ing to the directions (which are very simple and r-.
quire no restraint from business or pleasure.) Fail- 7
are is impossible, held i a bottles at at, ee-foatJi
quantities in one fort. To be had only of tbe sole
appointed, agent 'i AmeriqaJ E- Guruii. S7
Third Ae.. eornet 13th BtSew york.-: ,
jS, f . r -i ,
M VrArlHOI.vottjr m MtUtml x
i XM'iPawpUei rm (A q Da. Cuane.''
ine'-necuoat 1 lmee" says ot tnis mrit-'iM-
valuable treatise on the eaase and e-sre of mna-s,
tore decline, shows hew health is impaired thrqaalt 1
secret abases yoath and manhood, and how
easily retained. It eiveaa dear synopsis of the
impedimeotato marriace. the cause and effects of
nervous debility, and the remedies therefor." . A
pocket edition of the above will be forwarded oa
receipt of 15 cents, by addressing Doctor CuBTia
ijo. 53 North Chariot lUeet, Baltimore, Md. , ,

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