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corrected -by WrJ.'Bavage, Jeweler, 83
-' T.rtrairBiT.'laa; .
. Clear. .
Tso.n 8ot. 4 50
Baa Rises
t3MBtiU-lifc. virility Inspector's.
- A prevailing l8mma,m;.
tST Tha best Illustrated paper lo lrcu-
latlon a greenback
I tar Love's Ubor lost - " grinder
playing before a (.eat ana oumo a.f mu,. .
tSritliM been definitely ascertained that
fliere will be no gkaringattne.ua
'. report of the Superintendent of
the Institution lot the Buna w
by the Governor yesterday
- J3J-A laborer In an Ice house was severe
ly 11 by a bloc of Ice tailing on him
verdLut, died of hard arm.
' a number of enthusiasuo Kinsists
are dolnir. an unusual amount oi praying
just how ; lee is, what they want
7 Parties having tickets
tor sale for
th White Bovs In Blue ball to-nljrbt, are
requested to make their return to me
keeper 'touilght.
! ra-Tt 'u uld that a machine has been
loventM for making artinciat eggs, as siu
3" " . . . '
as th irenulne article, for niseen crow jwr
dozen. If this be true, proud and refractory
pullets beware. - ' '- '..
'rtiW' Aiv. The committee to locate
a EeforniTSchool for Girls, will visit White
Sulphur Springs to-day to examine a loca
tion proposed in that neignoornooa. -.
-A New Papkr. Andrews & Hall have
received the. lirst number, of Frank Leslie's
nW fimllv fianer. "the New World It
promises to be a first rate home paper, and
cheap. , . ; . ..... .-..''''.'.'
iGi.'i to Hear It. We are gratified in
learning that the receipts of the fair lately
held hi this city for the benedtof St. Jo
seph's Cathedral, reached the sum of $2,000.
That uim will put 5stona or rtwo in the
buHJinr y how.-- J - ' ' '-" v ' "
Abtakced. On yesterday the incorpo
rated Tillage ot Warren, Ohio, was advanc
ed 'tartha dignity f a-clty ,of the second
c?as,tavln(S filedtwith: the Secretary of
State' tffneasa3r certificate f popula
tion. " .iK t'i tnr i .
3l5ltXif,JIioAn; adjourned
meeting ot the BricklayeraNUulon will be
held to-night at City Hall, when it is hoped
yory Drteklayef' liv the" city will be pres
ent,1; The" movement is a very important
one, and la receiving the hearty, co-operation
of aU concerned., y ..', ; -' ."
i.irt f !; . '. . - ; '
Hasp80MPCariek'8 .Addrbss. Our
thank are die Joseph Everltt, of Mans
fiel tor . yery handsome "Carrier's Ad
dress to'the patrons of the Mansfield Her
li&lit It U In pamphlet form.is welt print
ed. tndU i yery creditable poetie prodap-
tlOB 'S':T ?' -' N r..tfcj"'- I
-a.l vi-.: . I ii i ' . ! ---"ii
,CHAa oy1 Pqucbmbk. Heut. James
Hannan, being unable, througlv Ul-iealth
to conUnue on night duty'as. Lieutenant
of police,- he has resigned that position:
ndaeeepted a beat on the street aa day
policeman. . Thomas': Mr ha8
yaaced to the position of Lien tenant vaca
ted by Mr. Hannan; . "
PHTiAJf:wyiiTi,-4pr. H. CL Hel-'
mlrV has been aeooibted physician to the
Hare Orphan's Home by the Beard of Di
rectors C that: institution. . Dr. Helmlck
nay well feer proud of the compliment
paid to hte ability as a physician, In Jielng
elected to' this position over many oldtr
competitors But merit wins; always. - .
rtisi Jtrvxim. The little Slato Picker,
om of the most attractive juvenile books
we haye read for many a day, is offered tor
ale by Randall & Aston;,. It; jalwauttiully
bound and selUi for the low price of 91 00.
To say that it comes from : the publUhlng
honse or J. P. SkeHyft Co No. 21 South
SevenU street Philadelphia; is to s'ay that
Its mechanical appearance is superb.
' -Miss gcaniDuV Matineo Wewoold
cairparllcular attention to the programme
of the third matinee concert to be given by
His' Caroline - Schneider, at Naughton
Hall, le-morpew- lternoos?- It ta-fulPof
little gems, and, with: the talent announced.
must' Bend the audience home nappy as
birds.'' We shall speak more at length ol
the concert in our; next." ; '
Not at Aix STBANaB. We have Just read
a yery sensational account of a man going
crazy a tew moments' before marriage. -As
it this were an exceptionable case, li men
aid not -iror crazy before1 inarrlaze, who
would be wed? Crazy men,;iike fools, rush
in where angels fear to treads Those who
do. not go. crazy just before marrtajte, do
jutt afterwards. If yoa don't believe os
ask the first old maid yoa meet.
Fixxp yisTERDAT. The ; certificate of
ineorporation- of ' the Mutual. Building
Tjan,. Association; was filed llCthe'iSecre,
retary of State's office. It U organized for
the purpose 6f falsing' funds to be loaned
among its members for the purpose of as
sisting them 4a procuring homesteads.
Priacipal wffloe ia Toledd.., "Capital stock
3tX),000 in shares of $200 eacn'.' 'Albert E.
Macomber, Wsjh Hannon, JBichard Mott,
Geo. B. Bro wnv JL Wlbldge, and C.
B. Cameron are the corporators. -a -
l V : E- VT -7 y-
SBftiJBdaraa6f Agriculture feaC.&gaiiXsea
by the election of Jsnrerullington to the
orice'bf President:' James Buckingham,
Treasurer; Johrr H. Klippart, Correspond
ing Secrety; and Hi ,B. Babbit, . Recording
. Secretary. Jpr the above information we
are not Indebted to John B, $lippart. ' A
more thorough partisan for an agricultu
rist there Uvot in the world.And then his
algTitis'baa-He; can see how to "Jiang on
to a fat Qjfltge neverttieleea. ..' J J ti&
"Spiv," said Blobbstbe high old poten
tate, Id ns last evenlrig.3 : Spty,1 ever you
reach th distinguished position o4 Repre
tentative persistently reluse to. serve on
Agricultural College committees.,, j; gazed
upon that unfortunate committee, to-day
while it was in session, and if ever 1 did
pity Imen, them's um.. Between .Licking,
and Champaign, and Madison. and Wayne,
- .nil' Franklin, and Delaware., and 1 don't
lrtow how many more counties, that com
. mlttee will be talked to death. I pity them,
.... i I I j . i-i.-:(.v-Ji'( -9
like a May day than one tn the mltfst ol
' winter.' In 'the olden? time a it January
.. thaw,?-and aconBee.uent rise In the creeks
and rivers was tne one Uilngrflreaaea aau
nrenared for by farmers in winter. Then
wa used to' have a foot or two' of snow on
Ue ground by Jfew ). Tear vl day, "dead
sure.? . But . why , does, the clerk : of the
weather o.tbrugntie iacee-oi a Janua
ry thaw," when there is notning to. thsw.
ICs absurd But the weather , is delicious,
nevertheless.',' ' Our ; streets t are crowded
" with the beauty and fashion of the clty
The time is propitious for the display or
ths) Gredaa B-end.f'j, .uV-11;'w ;' js i'.i
O'clook. Vht. -31ms. .Wind
t aji .!....
A &5CJnu,, Ass-yi-A Jithis head
we find 'In the' Cincinnati 'Commercial of
Monday, the following article dated Colum
buan.f rwlir be sfi. thst; while
the writer talks sense in regard to the bar
barous rule in vogue here, that keeps
children, out in 'the cold, and rain, and
storm, until a precise moment fixed by the
Supetftitendeat, he would have it inferred
that H is done because this Is "a Democrat
ic village." That it is a Democratic city is
true, but it is none the less true that the
Superintendent who makes the rule com
plained or is a Republican, and it is no less
true that the majority of the scholars thus
soused are the.' children, of Democratic pa
rents, who have time and again complained
of it without remedy.-. This is the grum
ble as made in tbeCommercial:
-. It will be information to onr Columbus
citizens to know your laws in regard to
pupil attending your public schools. The
s amefuL barbarous practice, in this Dem
ocratic village; of keeping our. school chil
dren out in the cold if they come to the
school house door before the exact minute
for admission exists here to its fullest ex
tent.: The similar afflictions at Chicago are
well stated' by the Tribune, and meet our
0 tse exactly. . All our efforts to correct this
intolerable evil and eruelty, leading to dis
ease and premature death, have failed, and
we dee Ire to know ii Cincinnati puts 4nte
its laws for the regulation of its schools
that -w hich is here destroying publie confi
dence in these institutions, as devoid of hu
manizing qualifications aud sympathies, for
the proper education ot our youth. No
matter how plercinsr the cold, how blustery
and stormy the day may be, no matter how
young, how feeble, bow poorly clad.how far
the little victims may have waded through
the drift to reach the school; If for fear of be
ing punUhed for being tardy, they ge
there before the bell rings, they must stand
in the cold, without 3i particle of shelter
unless they crouch under the fences like
cattle or find room in- the privy,; though
tney perish, until the Dell rings. At toe
same time our "mud-mannered" teachers
are lounging in the well warmed rooms,
perhaps .looking outot the windows smil
inglyupon the sufferings of these children
of "irascible parents." . - . i " "-
Messrs. Kditors, please give some light on
this subject, and how yon apply remedies
tor .what, to so many of us, seems Irremed
iable except by breaking doors down, and
getting at our rights by objectionable
methods, and oblige yours.
Ths M-E.vnebchor Concert. The con
cert given by the Msenuercbor last night,
though not so fully attended as some of the
previous ones, was nevertheless a complete
success At the. opening the singers seemed
td lack life and the audience enthusiasm,
but this was improved shortly, and both
Singers and audience got on a footing ot
good 'fellowship; ahd went' along famously
together. We think theumangement of
the programme was bad, too many heavy
pieces coming together. The opening
chorus went off without life; so did Mr.
Bach's solo, though he never sang in bet
ter voice or with more expression.
The- ( chorus :On the Sea, "by ' the".
Masnnercbor and seven ladles waked
theaudience up a little, but not until Mr.
Heyde's solo, the Finale Hymn from Flo-
tow's opera oi Stradella, did they reach the
pitchef enthusiasm. - Heyde 'sang it'beau
tifully. He very sensibly resisted an en-
Core. Miss Fannie smith sang . an aria
from Traviata most acceptably and, on en-
core,that delicious little ballad of Parepa's
tbe Love Letter. Miss Laura Backus'
Caprice on popular- Airs, was splendidly
done. She is making wonderful improve
ment on the piano.' She suffered an encore
and played Comln' thro' tbe Rye.
The last selection, however, was -, by;
far the ' best and most artistic.
Mr. Neave won for himself a front
place in ' the rank of great performers on
the trombone. . His performance was great
nothing less. Wo must not omit to speak
Of the master spirit of all jtliis science and
melody, A. Do-Pros e. " He shows his great
musical ability in the direction' of these
concerto, and under him the Msnercboir is
reaching its proper place the best and
most scientific organization of the kind in
Ohio, if not in the Union.
P Another Proposed New" Ward. We
understand that there is a movement on
foot , lookin g -to he formation .-of a -new-ward
put pf toe firs vSlnth, and a portion
Ot the Eighth. This is right, and we hope
our friends of the north end will put the
matter through. , The Republican members
Of the City Codncll will tight the proposi
tion bitterly, and attempt to create trouble
beween the north and south enders. So
they should. It is to their interest, but
we trust our Democratic friends will ar
range matters so that members from the
Tenth and Eleventh wards of the city.ot
coiamDus to the city council maybe voted
(or in April next. We have the power.
pet us use lu Put the Republican party in
power to-morrow, ana tney would use it
to its fullest extent., Give las tbe Tenth
and Eleventh Wards.
Police Court. George Washington
Paine Stout, a half witted moke, was be
fore the' Mayor yesterday onf a 'Charge of
gathering a crowd on the street, to the ob
struction of the sidewalk.- George can
tling an awful quanlty of chin when he
eels like it. He plays upon a crazy ac-
cordeon tunes that are crazier than be or
his instrument. The Mayor discharged
him-with a reprimand. - - i -
j George Coulter hlsted in a quart of ben
zine for his stomactr's-sake; then he took
in another, for his, own-sake, and then an
other for bis many Infirmities. The result
was that GeprgfgotJ'luUernoja goose.'i
tie was lined f5 ana coats, .and in default'
he hammereth at ' the stone 'pile for the
Heating Street Cars. It Is stated that
carsrW street railroads which are; made?
comfortable in winter by beatingapparatus
are paironizea; ca coeir upmost capacity,
wnue tnose not neatea are almost entirei v
neglected. This- is the report made by the
proprietorsot the Columbus street railway,;
and "it stands to reason." The expense of
an apparatus for beating -car is only $40,
ana wesuggesj; iaai tne AoieaOrStreet Jiailn
wav Co. nrovide iorheatlnir"a sinorln our
and thu test the? eorreetqess erf 'the above
Statement. We believe , the exrriment
wouia -prove a success, anu pay largely.
i The Blade is rlghtTTIt always pays, to be;
careful of tbe comfort of the public Mr,,
Eberly, of our street railroad, never neg
lects an opportunity to accommodate his
patrons, or an idea that can advanee their1
Comfort. sj
ThImfkhrsd YesTERDAt. The follow-'1
lax transfers were -left at the Recorder's-'
office yesterday ; , ,:j ttir-,.
. Johp Z. Woerner and wife to . Thomas
FaKan,"jaii.th, 43 10tfcres'o1 land in
Madlaori township, lor $2,000. ' ' " '
I Thomas Callahan and wife to James But-:
ton, Dec. 5th, -1868, " lotrNo, 105 , of Wa L.
SnUivant's addition to the city ot Colum-
lus, tor Sl.400 " ' ' . ...
i Ed. mHiles ana wife to MlobieTMyers,
OcL 31st,1868, InloUNos. 21 and 19 in John
K'1??' ddltjo to the to wa , ut Wester
THle, lot 1250.' t--:'-'-. o s -
iAndreMnrphy anfl wffe to John Mur
hy, Oct 22d,l868,'lotNo. 74 in, Lazell's
addition to the city of Colnmbar, for 600
.,., ... .. ... m i
Mt'Oip Citjizkn DsAXi: Wm.D. Jfeedies
well fcnown as on of thfe' Oldest . citizen'
OI. D ranKUn county, aiea at bis residence.
201 EMFrlehd ptreet, on fdnesday
night, Mr, Meed lee moved to this city from
juauisoa wwnsuiu a icw ytwrs since. ai
I wS arenoi mistaken he kepae of the
9 A . t t 1 ( .. 1 a - Sh .L.- I
nrsv psuuo wnun tu. UlU : SUWHBIlip. HQ
fell on NeWiYesr's ,dy,, we. r infornied,
and' very seriously ipjured' himself, thd,
effects of, wbioh.'caused his death.- He
leaves a large circle of sorrowing frlenda
and relatives, .z-n'i - . -
Ih Mkmoriai We bave just now re
ceived the Farmer's Chronicle for Decem
ber 26thT1368. It has been two weeks" tn
cettlnir from State street to this office. In
it we find the following notifies :
The present number of the Chronicle
closes the first volume, and with the close
of the volume ends the publication of the
paper as far as the present publishers are
"Messrs. Comly & Smith, publishers of
the Ohio State Journal, have purchased the
Farmer's Chronicle and propose to incor
porate the Chronicle with the weekly edi
tion of the Journal."
We are sorry the Chronicle Is dead. We
record our . tear over its. manes. It was
a sprightly) enjoyable sheet, and but for its
decidedly KtlppartlcaV tendencies. Would
have heeh without fault. Whether the
Democratic farmers of this region will be
willing to ' patronlza the Chronicle in the
Journal remains to be seen. ' , '
' The National Life Insurance Compa
ny of the United States of America.
An . insurance company, authorized, to
trahsict business In any part of the Union
was chartered by special act of Congress.
in July last,' and has begun active work in
this and other States. The new Company
has some especially noticeable features and
fasts to commend It to popular attention.
One ot these is its paid-up capital' ot one
million dollars, which provides imply for
all liabilities that may arise. The list of
managers of the' Company include C." H
Clark, as President, Jay Cooke, Chairman
of Finance committee, and others wbose
names are too high in national renown as
UDrieht and successful business men, to
risk their reputations In any doubtful en
terprise. 'But,-aside from these prominent
facts, are several novel methods of - in
surance, fir-t introduced by this Compa
ny, wbiqh have shown. themselves, to. be
verv boDnlar. . Under - the "Income Pro
ducing plan, a young man may provide for
a yearly income alter a terra - of years,
which mat sunoort him or bis family in
comfort, however he may have failed in his
oii8lnes3 anticipations. Anotner pian pro
vides that by the payment of a slightly
Increased :yearly-. premium, the - Company
will renav to the heirs ot the insured all
Xhe money which has been paid in premi
ums, in addition to tne amount lor wnicn
he was insured, thus giving the insurance
tor no more than tne interest upon tne
premiums. By this plan, if a person in
sures for $10,000. and has paid $2 500 in
premiums, his heirs will obtain $12,500 at
his death. - Another special feature -of the
National Ltfe is that it. insures females at
the same rate as males. By Its charter, its
policies are all non-forfeitable, and are also
exempt from afaihmtnt, although they
may be negotiated like other property.
These and other specialities of tie new
Company will be explained at length by
the Company's agents, who are advertised
elsewhere in this paper. - We see every
reason to anticipate an immense business
for tbe new Company, starting under such
extremely favorable auspices.
If the ladles but knew what thousands of
them are constantly relating to us, we can
didly believe" one-half-'f ' the weakness,
prostration "and distress ' experienced by
them would tanUh. " James Marsh,, Esq.,
159 West lith St, N.Yi, says, " be has
three children, the first two are' weak and
puny, his wife having been unable to nurse
or attend them, but she has taken Planta
tion BItters for the' last two years, and
has a child now eighteen months old which
she has nnrsed' and reared herself, and both
are hearty, Saucy -and well. The article Is
Invaluable to mothers,"' &c.. : ? '- ;; .'
'Such evidence might be continued for a
volume. The best evidence is to try them,
They speak, for themselves.". Persons of
sedentary habits troubled with weakness
lassitude, palpitation of the .heart, lack of
appetite, distress afcer eating, torpid liver,
constipation, diabetes, &c, will find speedy
relief, through these Bitters. ,
Magnolia Watkic Superior to the. best
m ported German Oolosne, and sold at half
the tlrta.- ' ' - i-
Remaining uncalled for in the Columbus Postoffice
January 6, 1869.
Allen E B
Adams Jlrs tt T
Botcher Mrs A.
Keroisnd E L
Baner Miss K '
Hroanweli J C
BomairChaa ---BskeeBi F i:.
Baldwin Mrs It Baohanan Mis E
Baker f Berelow Geo W
Barker Miss O beckwith John
Bellaaie Miss M Baker Miss St
Brupby M - s
BetkelMrs M IS Kales K F
Harclsr ill
Ball (Sarah ' -i Ba, katt T P
Hroroort V M'.
Brown J ao
Bricker YVm BsasonWin'
! : . O . ;
Uassel Albert Ularke Mrs Anna Uland Cos .
ComiDts Miss K Comer K C - Cook ' Mill 'Etlca
Clark UeoF .. Clark H M Vorbin Jaa it-.'
Chafer Jerry tilearyJU Cob.J B
Collins Ian J A carr Jos -y-v. uoabraa Jo. '
CrcmsreilJohn Cbileacon Jot .Crawle Jeba '
Collom Mrs L Campbell L A Darrile Mrs ME
V sarer Marr E Conner Miss JL Ulead Wnv. tfl
Dsvis Mrs A J - Dorhsn Mfss A DwrerMiss O '
Drngan Ja-r es iaTi Mils M J Davidson Miss H
Uanick Dr Robt Dolter Mis DUa DennU Waldo
llixson W H ifc:
EreniaAbram Kran JH ' ' ' ty John t
brans Miss L - Emriek Miss V. Eis Miss Mollis
r , sVt , . . . r: "-
Fneland Misi A Feathers And's- FnrJ. ET B ' ' '
FosUr W S . a ih Ford ,(leora i atarer, J 8 . , ,
Fer afJuliaA i-eilj .. Fields. Warren
Fiizeli Wm -i yrissells Wm L Foster. Wm A ' :
Gill. Mrs AnaDBtanarter, Miss A, Gordon. Mjss G
Use8-rd. MisKUa9ost, Miss F ' Osndus;, L F M '
Uouesse. Rev F: iblrClMiss f.MkHmi
Growley James Gilbert Je B . Hiffia Jnna ...
Green Miss st '. ! Grdoe Majid GiteoNsrrty i' i
Gallagher Key N Gibbona Mm R (f roTenbery Mrl
Inmphrey i B11 HoeiBsrney '""jHodifiTnson Via
daynes Mrs Eliaa Hedges E B Uo lisla .
iorsbuf E . , .Harris Mrs Em Hopkins Mrs. E
ionle Franes Hareonrt Henry Hertiell Mrs J'
lamiH Jaokso Haysjamea. Ham it Jacif .
Jelgeford John Harah Hiss Lon Huiklsy i. H -
lankios Mat .-n Herr Mrs Marstdernsn MusMA
JarrisSD 'HamillT S: (Jlorr Wni ...
iuffinaa Geo Haffmaa Isaac Huffman John II
i .
Johnson Miss A Jessnp Chas S Jenkins Mrs M
Jones E A Jopsa Johnfi .Jones Mr A Ii
Karst Khun T? 1 . Elnnar Jan-T I . ITmk Mi. Jns
iienyon h MU A.eueyrs fr
Ketson Kiohard
JxeflerWin ,
aLeaaa Kiohard Kits Robfi
Looks E W S Lewis Mjst E Lessnra Eon
Loct Miss Ellio31jaoe Misbizsia Liitlejohn Frank
Lien uo-.ry ' . Aiesmaaati w - xxwtber Jeff 3
aaati w - xxwtber Jen 3
s Miss S 'iiopa Solomon
iaytoa Jones a . ise Jno
la!imer sirs M JSLnoas
lismalhoa u I iiewia
I --its I J -, j'wiiri:in.;-il sw 31 ,.-.
Mann Mrs A' Moors Chas ., ! Msaban Miss C
nassey uoaa nsaa u Li Merasr J H A
s "
Msrsa Mrs J - Miser Miss J T Martin Mrs Ml
MoUoyMrsM . Mnllany Mike Matoaett MisUE
Komson r- siaipn Mrs S U Mnllaily Thoi
MasoacMinM oMiUerTbor Miller John. '
MoMnllen MissA McEntire E . McQIery MissEE
moArsDey- - - aonKiDTSQi F Mciianciilin
Hoblrans li Alernerson Ii .. MrsH.
MoGreffie.MB.Sl MoClery W W, " ,
j J -i- - ii i y
Nash Miss O I HewlsndMissHM Kewell Root
Piehol Wm
it -l:
Ontoalt MirsBW Onle Fxano
Owoll Misa Kate
Ugler W ill U
f - -:-T JP r
Frier -Mrs Emma Partingtin E
Pries Gns- -
Paradv Miss J
ferry a n rrpnoa a
Palmer Mrs J Pait,
loerjon MisjMl'owars Pauii
Price Thomas
Kasey Mr'g-vl BosUn Miss A Rnnkis Chailef
Rose Mrs CE Heed Alias Eliaa Rioe Mrs 1. P
Root Misa Kibble Rose Mrs E Rsmmoy Miss
Ktpnaroa alias Jtanuaeaq uTina,.- .....j .
.ftSM Sl.;. r.lf...
Slaaehter Mr ' ShawB If'3 "8cottC M ' "
Stanley MrsO K r3hrim MrsElleoHwitier Miss E '
8iman Geo . : Bouth. (ieo W Stearns Henry .
rltranderJas ' ' Snllivan Jno rSoott Miss Mat
Stones Miss MarSkinner. Dr S Bosnian Pat .
ItoartMrsRM Stewart T , Spears Wm.,
SaappertWm Smith Cris ' Smith E 11
BmxtM tinmnor T . , , n r i.nt t ti;
I.'.'. ';, -V. " .l-.r -
Thompson A J . TsrbleMissKsteTaylor Osris
f sassf Miss L A Tylsr Henry F Trotter Miss H
Thomas Mrs Jno. Taylor iliss L Taylor M
Tom Miss U A ThomasMiat METownsend Mat
.U ! .i -.iy . l-
; , i J ;;- ;mb Tan Behren Henry , f i.; Aor :l
(?!.- N(.-:t r -Wfnt iii": : .! ::
Winner Mr . Walling Miss A Woodruff Mrs;
Wylis Frank H 'Wheeldon Fred Whitoomb HJRS
WhsslorMiss Bell Wilts U H i Warner Jeo
WitsooMissMan't - Lost -ii . Wilkinson Maria
tt i nay jonn oomrnsn Miss w arnar laJa .
ttarnks M H . Wuw u;.. w w.i.w- u , u
Ward WarrsnF. Willimlii8WillUnisAIphaA
Wi itini Mrs .Wk . u:.i utl: SI
Coach- Maker's Maraiihe
Company , -..
WsUhouse A Gardner
Wallace J A Co
Moors A Bowler, . V
Sohaal A Kline
Weed, MoUinbsr Os J
J. J. WOOD, P. M.
1 3STo.-137
experience, an entire encceet: Simple--Prompt
Efficient snd Bellable. They are the
only Medicines perfectl adapted to epnUe iiMyo
0 eimple that ndstakee cannot Be made-4n f
aeiag them eo harmleH at to be free from dan-
per, and eo efficient as to be always reliable.
They have raised the hiehest commendation Iron
all, and will always render satisfaction, -
He . Cents
1, cares Fewrs, congestion. Inflammations. 26
Worms, Worm Fever, Worm Colic. 2S
t rylne-Colic or Teething of Infants25
visvrrraeea oi emmren orAamcs..
Dysentery, Griping, Billons CollaSS
Cholera-JIorbue, Vomiting..... SO
Congrhs, Colds, Bronrhitis ......at
NenralKlm, Toothache, Fsceache..9S
Vyapepala, Bilious Stomach 96
Suppressed, or Painful Periods...
AVhltes, too profnse Periods SS
Croup, ConglLDifllctllt Breathing..
Salt Rheum, Eryipelas,Eraptlonj!5
All Oia above arevutwin tlALS.wiUi direction
containing double Quantities each, for. 60
The following are also put up in viale and art
tent at tne tame prices given btlmo. A
16, " Fever ic Ague, Chill Ferer, AgnesBO
17, " Piles, blind or bleeding-. SO
13, H Opthslmy, and sore or weak EyesfiO
19, H t otarrli. acute or chronic-InflnenzaSO
90, " . tVliooplnff-Cough.Tiolentconghsa
SI, M A ithma, oppressed Breathing..... 60
Hi, " Ear Dlscharges,impairedhearlng60
S3, M Scrofulsuenlarged glands.swellingsSO
94, " OcnermlDebility.phyeicalweaknessSO
96, 44 Dropny, snd scanty Secretions. ...60
96, Sea-Slckness.sicknese from ridingSO
97, M Kldney-lflaease, Gravel .60
98, " Nervous Debility Seminal
Emissions. Involuntary Pis
charges ..1 00
59, " Sore Mouth, Canker 60
80, " Urinary Weakness, wetting bed50
81,. Painful Periods, with spasms.. 60
82, SuOertngs at change of life 100
83, " Enllepsy,8pasms,St.Vltns'Dancel 00
84, " Ilpltb.erla, ulcerated Bore throat. 60
Of 35 to 60 large vials, moroees
or rosewood case, containing;
a specific for every ordinary
disease a family is subject to,
and books of directions
From SlOto $3f
mailer Pamil y and Travelinf cases,
with SO to 28 visls from $S to $8
Specifics for all Private Diseases, both
for Curing; and for Preventive '
- treatment, in vials and pocketcases,$2to$5
Cures Burns, Bruises, Lameness,
Soreness,Sore Xhroat,Spraln, Tooth- .
ache. Earache, Neuralgia, Bheimaa
tlsm, liumbaso. Plies, Bolls, Stings,
Sore Eyes, Bleeding: of the- Lnncs,
Nose, Stomach, or of Piles Corns, Cl
eers. Old Sores.
Price, 6 oz., 50cts.i Pints. $1,001
Quarts, $1.75. '
tsr" These Remedies, except POND'S EX
TRACT, by the case or single box, are sent to
any part ot the country, by mail or express, Ires
of charge, on receipt of the price.
Address Humphreys' Specifio
9 Homeopathic Medicine Company,
Office and Depot, No. 669 Beoadwat, New York.
Dr. HtnrrassTs Is consulted dally at bis office.
personally c
f or oy letter, as aoove, I or ail lorms Of
A fresh snnnlv of thm aSnm !, ATI hsinrl atlJ
for sale bjr
A. J- 8mULLERand
All fresh and ten nine Medicines bare on tbe
bottom of the box, or in the eases. Humphreys
Specific. Homeopathic Medicine Company. Bay
no others. The are not reliable.
,Dr. Burton's Tobacco Antidote
ruiiirrn to uxors all dksih job To&acco,
Jy vegetable and AarmtW, end is also an xceUnti
. ii pmnjua ana tmrxcAe ina Diooa, lDTUroratAff
powcHct srea DonriBning ana Rrangoenuig
.ei tne nomacn 10 aireai ut Dearoett loodJ
imp retacaomg-, ana enaDiunes roDnit Health. ,
and chewtflu for tnxiv year cured. Price FutrAents ixtr
box. PoatVa. An inter etrt ing treatise on tub Injoriooe
effeeu of toBacco, with list, of tastimonialjf referapc,
etc. IUT rui. Agents wanted. Adams' '
Va, A. 1. JLBaWTT. tTptJ lllj- XU s.
YirrtXXSTtt TjaxiMOiTT. I receiTefl a box of Bnrton't
Antidote from Ber. X M. Povlton. anfl find ft aw feal
ssp, a 3atsh OoiiaottoryCriMn CoObio. ?,
end a anpplf of ih AaVxkpouv km mm raonced fcsu dene x
if work SDaai-T. O. T. EoaAM.
Vmom Vmw HAunrnnn BOsItb Pxiiow. Gentlemen of
Influence here baring; been Jfred of the appetite for tobac
co by using Dr. Barton's AfltMpte, we desire sopplj for
the prisoners of this injrtitjrtionX
Josxra aiATOVardetVif N. H. State Prison.
A Banxxxs TK9TTLeVr. DrXBnrton's Antidote to
Tobacco has accompli med aU eiaimtUfor U. n
W. iUxUt Ket. BwOutew Albany, tnd.
cared my brotherjCnd myself. It viifails.
Rer. ff. Shokmakkb, KelleU Station, Pa.
Fnov tbx oLion Hx-adquaetihs, LtVh, Mass.
mm tjmined fnrty-At pounds of MeK in thte mtmtkt by
atimr Db aSxton's Aaudote sad mU dtwo Il tobacc
baco ii
lemofed. X ' " "Wau Is.
Fan Ann Rnimmff Hon JonSNAX. BAVrTMOSS.
Ma--Qlha box of Barton's Antidote removed all dWtre for
the w0od from me. I take pleasure in iroommendirlk it to
All qau readers. x. z.biaatzk.
Tradtmark X Copyrighted.
JCsftsBtlsin f TAvarM nf Fninrinna f!nnni-jrr
feiu adrertised by Hnmbugs.
51 ypt thh ottt er vmvr.TOjKC'.l t
No. 33G Broadway".
Capital, - One Million Dollars.
ID abics R M anoax. Prss't. J as. Mbbrill. Seo'y.
Reo-ires Deposfs and allows FODRPER'ENT.
IN TE REST on all Daily Balanoes. subject to check
ataigbu. tMwiaMMpoajtrfoTjrttrTnontris ermsrs.'
lost be made at flre&qegty Tj Capital of Vaa
.Million Dollars is divided among oyer 500 Share
liolders.eomprUiot many gentlemen of large wealth
and financial experience, who are also personally
liable to depositors lor an oDiications oi to com
pany to double the amount of their capital stock.
As the National Trust Company rsoeires deposits
in Isrra or amall anmants. and Dermitathem to bs
Orawo as a whole or in pa t by check at sight and
IWlbnUUl BUilCO. nflUWlUB IllKIW, Uil L U.ll wl
uees, parties throughoot-the wnntry can keep ao
counts in this institsiion'wlthspeoial advantages
of security, eon reaience and profit.
Agents Wanted $10 a Days
Patent Rsvolving Double Haps
Of America and Earspe, America and.
tne u ni tea suiessi amsnca,
Colored in 40UO Connties.
A oompleted. show
very plsos cf importance.
all Railroads to date, and the latest altera
tions in the various Eur pean Sta'.es. These
lsps are needed in every Sohool and family in ths
land they occupy the spsoe of one Map. and by
means o Ithe Reverser. either side can be thrown
front, and any part brought level to the eye. Coun
ty Rights ana laige discount given to good agents.
Apply lor tirooiars, xerms ana sample juaps. Ml
decll-dwlm-r J3 Cortland; St.. .Y.
Of tbe Receipts and Disbursements of
tbe Several Funds for tbe Fiscal
Kesr ending November lot 1868:
General Revenue Fund.
$1,600,755 33
Canal rund
Sinking Fund
Common Sohool Fund
Soldiers' Allotment Fund.
Soldiers' Claim Fund
National Road Fund
Bank Redemption Fund...
, l.fS4,6S 7
1.47,49S 73
3.469 90
S,8i5 78
31,003 S3
2,733 31
85.025,475 61
General Revenne Fund 81.518 10 SS
Canal Fund 14,939 39 -
Sinking Fund 1.472.2M S3
Common sohool Fund 1,426.868 80
Soldiers' Allotment Fund.. 482 00 .
Soldiers' Claim Fund S.781 68
National Road Fund 18.8-.tt 36
Bank Redemption Fond.... 16 85
84.455 354 8S
Balanoe in Treasury If or. 15, 1868. . . . 8570.120 75
Treasurer of State.
Stockholder's Meeting.
! COLUMBtTR, Chicago A Ind. Cbnt. R't Co ,
COLDMBOS. O., December 24th. 1868. )
ers of the Colnmbns, Chicago and Indiana
Central Railway Company will beheld at the of
fice of the Company, in the city of Columbus,
State of Ohio, on FRIDAY, the 29th day of JAN
UARY, 1869, between the hours of 10 A. M and 3
P. M., to approve or reject a coniraot with toe At
lantic A Great Western Railway Company and ths
Erie Railway Company, and for other purposes.
By order oi tne .Board,
GER, FAIRCHILD A CO.. was this day dis
solved by mutual consent, George Fairohild with
drawing from the same. Tbe business will be set
tled np by tbe remaining partners, Wm. Stein
barger and Wm. Fairohild, wbo will eontinue ths
busines of Wholesale Liquor Dealers, at the old
stand, 17 and 19 West broad street, where the? so
licit ths same patronage extended to the old firm.
. Columbus, Ohio, Jan. 1. 1869. jan2-dlw
Five Cents Reward.
run-ons J. W. BROWNLOW. said to be a
brother of tbe Uorernor of Tennessee, lie is by
profession a Sculptor, by trade a butter. AU per
sons desiring per nanent investments ean with per
feot safety entrust nimwithtbeir money. At laat a;
oousts bswss snsaaceTln hh whiakjtiusfnesi'-i
TbbvvVv'-I:dl,W0-in4'ank oksavntsii riVa.
tims. will be Riven for any information as to bis
whereabouts, upon application to this offioo.
jjanT-dtf x!ut-fli
Stock of new snd superior roods, embracing
ouvwitnouf reserve, at tne store in u&ouubn a
oomparstnea sriut tnose usually ouargea ,-
Ifless'e Kip Roots, Mil Whole Lea.fsser
Boya'Ulp Boot,
IToafba Kfp Bools, " M " '
jnsiatr as.ip swsistr. ,- i
Men's Cair, Tap-Soled Boots, -
Women's Call Shoes, Bwl, - 1
,eit Beal Morocco Shoes, ."
Cjfsellea Donble Soled Kinstins Cong.
Ladies' do., Silk Gore, Vy Best, - .
!nisaes, ITloroccey-stnoes, B'oitsri, -
Cbilds' Morocco Shoes, - -
i. '- rv , Jkc - Au r Ac
These rocds art sraaranteed to bs of snoerior material and workmanshici and will hear eomnartaoa !
with any in the market. - -.
Don't forget that the. sale is eositiv", snd is .limited
will never occur sgain. oo sure aso, una ios sikhs pi
DESHLER'S fiW BUILDING, opposite the
every thing in ths line of Mb'NiS', WOMEN'S,
njs.w duiluijnu,
Look at some of tse prices and
. . ,
v-rsf rt '"M -' u'bow li
SS OO, Begpalar price S4.S)
' sod
s.oo !
. a.ssa, . , -,
. ; . ..
- ' -, ' '
- - A.o, .a..,,.,,,
) -Mil
i 9.7S
- - ' At..
..... v . - ;
to but a few weeks. ' Another such opsortunit '
Statbbmam Offios. is ths place
ace (tnero is out onej oeiore ouyin
snd if''-'
. '. . i.
aTT-sTl T" I I M W T sPsr "sT . T n V V ' aTV W " . V'i
. t . -C-.- i - '- V-.- .l!:
. ----',.-;: ! 'r.-.r. ,t.1, y'-:
Having greatly)
enlarged ourlPrlptlng Facilities by tbe) purchase of a complete
a si J. Ik
The ' Latest and Host Approved ; Style,
xJs.l. i 1
-. ii
And the'addition of
-V-VT-; f"
s-.iti'.yr.zn', i. .o:t.
Generally conceded to be tbe fastest
1 rfH-ATj.r
In coanectlon -with GUGGLES', GORDON'S and WELLS' Job Presses, that tave"
proven such successes lo our office, and having-.the largest and 1 most commodious
building iu this city in which to operate, -we are now prepared , , . .. j . . .,
wk.ioi a-1 -s.il rai 1 4 A
rdTshe bestind neatest stvle"t)f th art, and
Our fast New Presses, our Improved Economical Machinery the result of the Inge-
nuit.v and inventive talents or tne Deet
at MUCH CHEAPER RATES thao can be
faculties. JXDe utnee H complete in an its
Handbills, -Legal
Blanks, "
Blahlc Books, (
Business Cards, " "
,, t . .;-!. 3i.iJi;') 'il n;i!...""J ' '
a i.. 4 va '. a -. : 1 j I a ... ..- ..... - ;
f - .- - ... ... - ;
.. . ' -'j t f ' i:' ' " "' ' ' 3 ' ' I - .vt
53 .
3FH3033X"7"JE1 Si
its r
In this ipeclalty wo
Having Mof Presses than all Other: Printing
nrx offices the'City ComhinedH S '
Wearepcpsretl to execute all kindsof Printing, In aDj color, at lower prices than
.'.?IVU' :.. "' Ji -our neighbors. . -' :..
r.ft ,is'iir
i i,SUl!
7,' .
j. 1 rye
: Htateaman
Nos4il .36, , 38 t nd
1 1
K Jl
i : l 'i !u i;;.!!T i . -.3 " ''! t'lfU'-.hi:
t:::h h-
New. Presses, including' a'
F In..-,
ft fin 1
L .'U-'r vf-jrr!
lifts .:! iiiBW; ! f-i.ri;
-,),ii .-.-i.'
and beet Piloting Machine In tbe world.
I) .1:
f.jt SUM,
ii-t t:-
j v.-- -.'! j.r VTi'i
j , --. . .'. ,.U ,. ;...: :.io .
: .-,: s-s.-in "r.-.'.l n T'fsTsJ 1' 9ti)"VL
upon terms that cannot be eomWted with:
minds or the aee enable us to do srood.w-. bt
done in the old style and with only the old
arrangements, ana.can po tne work with ' ,
-4 5iij .li w:nyv fi-.m-
Dru Labels, : ; ;
Bills of Pare, Etc.
! ' rx
j: j
are nniorpassed.
iO 8"
r ' '
i,1 0uir"- - - 3-to":
i A fit ,97I i
:3 ot
1 I
I t a;
:n w.-'wl tt
w'J i,aJ'j.,T A
IV- ust
r i
i v.ii:ii.i '
! : tf.U: lo si:iui e.'
-,j a .lhi.if.f ?" ,"'t:p.
- f :a -.'.t lia-i I t:-1
:, ---nj
; Mill j i
r40 North : ffigli Stteet;
. -1 .
Cincinnati Money Market—Jan. 7.
GOLD 134V. bfflnc. w
MCTSET Market continues clorest 10
ia percena.T Hirix
EXCHANGE JL-gbade firmer; 1 10 to
SO-'diaoonat) baTifc;,par'8eUlnij;) ickh
.'.. - ' ' ' .'rftfrs
New York Money Market—Jan. 7.
, 'MOijEf Market" (julet And easy iX 7
percent, enrrency to. coin Interest,- witkt
no suemptto extract a commUslon. r Tha
feelinie U more cheerful in financial dtolesl
Hud 'there-, is no prospect of mlral oi"
tilgn rates lor money. There is a move
men imonft the city oanksto retarntothe
olaStatesygtem. -The Common wealth snd
Continental a ttentkmed aShannwtMken!
the initial stflW A scrip dividend of 15 per
cent is talked of on . Cleveland and Pitts!
tnrtTb, t04 represent . earnings, spentnoa
road and increased value. -of. real estatal
Tbe Erie party la ebulned control of the
road for a lavorabieieas tn Chsrektrts fo
the Atlantic and Great Western. It le also
announced that they are alter tfye Toledo,
and., Wabash, and here There. is talkot
scrip dividend In tho.uture..:Theiliocls
Island road has SL400,000 of first morttfajte
boode Anatat log this yrsrii' and .tasiimssae
gers already oaTe cprspoSition before
taem cor selHag new stock to take np the
bonder The1 bu)l cliqtre -hare been selling,
heavily within a ,ew;.flays, In ..vifway
probable, increaxo in the .capital stssisk x'l
GOLD Firmsn; rsnru-ftf the day lSMs"
185;cIoginr a 135M135 .
New York Stock Market—Jan. 7.
tire and Weber.-'At first esll larse xmonnts.
soldier, a realization which, did not vffct
the market. The demand continued atAbat
noon call with further advance in orices. -
and at tbe last Board secro a trifle hisrher:
bnt UieWaikPC-Olosed irrtS.a ir. I.ICJ
Couoons of '81, lHMtIll: do '62 112fa
112;lo '4' 108108;'l Q3 TO9
iu; ao new iut?jt&mti$; ao. '07 1U3
68 ioios, iooio'
ue rail way hare market ooened active.
excited and strong. Cleveland and Ptttait
burg rose tapldly- tQ-88i,Koc; JsUnd,
raoifes between 118I19V,.North;wet-
eru and St. Paul were; active; Newlork?
Oerttral-lesS dealt n, owlngto BMreertatnCy
ot the Legislature and; Utigatioo.:Tbe Pa-
cinn oian was: a lewurey anal aoia,.atgti ac
izug. inineaicernoixn tnemruet.tooBg'
at one 'tlaie weak--and lower, was stroog,
and active, and closed wih prloes upo tha
highest point ot .the'day. .6outhrmsw4s
especially firm on ezpeetattoa ot fonr"perJ
cent. -Tbe semi-sniiuar drvldead"of .the
Pittsburg xose to 89 Wabasaand. &U
Paul were active, as was Facia Math ttt-A
def prospect of paymeot o.the back cl)vl
dends In. February, a- Rock. Island .wa.ieV
verUh on rumors that the.. company arsT
about to take up aneqnal amouoirot too
boads which anatu re in 1870; If such aotlou.
is contemplated it is nnknewa to UiedireoO'
ors or the company lo this rtty. ' :
. oxo prices. weusrisxprei .3?Q
American 3SOi.i0tii Adama'.AS
United States 4344; -Merchant' Uniou
14 14; racing Maiv ranfgraojj-wespi
eru Uuioo Telegraph 83$j;fi(iw York
Central 18Jilo?4;t rVri Haae"3o37:
Erie394U;Keadmjr-W94; Wabasb.
616Vs; St. Paul TIJi71 JSort WavBe
1 18(Ub3; onto- AtiMiusipBi , 33a
Michigan Cntrat U-fllo: Mii;ui?
srair swntnern iwi5; Illinois Central
:41i143: aevelanU aud Pfttsburirh 8uf
89; Uevoland A'J'olede lOdlfti? Bnckf
IslHlia llbg(ajliy; JMOrtDWeeterjBtA,
827; Cijieagy&jSreatEasti;, mfi' j
New York Market—Jan. 7.
- COTTON Operied'oirli andideclafc'
but closed steady at 2637e for-snisdlingi
uplandft closing withos sellers. undue 27o
; FLOUK-fMarket closed steady for-low?
extra;" dull and heavy lor-all other -kinds.'
: WHEAT Dull-arid lower With scarcslrs
aoy .export iH)quiry,-aa Qniy atooJratc;
uome traqe. . . ,r .,,1 f rWr
'" CI r' "C TO f"-CiWa'
and heavy? $150 for western
1; sales st ?575c initorei'
ini Limi aifu iicsyj
OATS Dull;
and 78o- afloat.
COiiN-DQll and heavy, at 979Sa . fbr
new and 1 071 09 I05 pldmUe.wea-J
'BEEja-Stesfly' with a tabderate rferflaW.
-tUiiiiEATS Active -arfta' sx 'ah?
msnd. ,-: 1 If- ,yr( a.-r;" T('iV trt t-y't
300 Verynrm witi a fair demand.
POKKQuiet anoffirm at $29 ,5030 Ott,
for mess, cash: and FeVruary delivery."
XAJiD Firm; . i919o ior fair oI
Pf'raejmreadere n birui esw Ji ici-iJ
QfiP.- 3638H,.R ,.t,aVr.l ha.l
Cincinnati Market—Jan. 7.
deman. ; family $7 758. .mt-i iw.n! ins
..WHBAT-In good aoMad.fA.fliJSi
No 1 red... , . r ,
X)RN Declltiea to tSti ioYeat' .53
60c lor No 1..- Mf -Miiu-ntai -ror ru -i
3A RLE Y Unchanged , . , "rr to vliira
CQODulI and tow sr.mWdlinKial
2$HISKT Dun at $1?- 10 '"XJ,-;'l 'lt
'HOUtl Urmer and" btgaer; liter itl;
dressed $13 50 for extrS Wg Salsa of iOOr
head, averaging froju .80 (t, ,800 poanda,.
net, at $12 50. , " r .
unsettled. t- buh-i. iio v.u i-j J.uui
iPOBK-Messsaldat $30. w.1 1 its isnfa
ders and 1718o for clear '-rB and clear-1
sides, t T-. 'fl '7' 7(0 Lftini 1
LARD Held at 192QVbut W demsait
BUTTER Firnl for:
c&fce at
KGGS 29ct T f.o;;;i tri nxn-s Ltd stT
.CHEESE Firm at. 1820c i . t, j
, OILS Ltnsee4 steady, at$l C3il (S5;.
laid $1 65I 60:" ' ; - - T, C- 5 ,
-CANDXISS 8tar 2222Ko. ,J 3
.mI i t
Chicago Market—Jan. 7.
FLOUR Dull and easier; sales orspr Jo jjj
extras at $5 266 75..-,. . t ...a
'WHE AT 22o lower1; sales bt' lTo T
at $1 191 23i; -JSO 2 $1 12114,!los-
ing at.$l 13 1 13; sales since -'ChanaJ .
atl 133.
CORH-Quietand 22Jo.lQWn satespf
new at 63(54et no grade at 4950q .
No 1 kiln dried ac fcc; rejected o at
53c; old' Nd .l - 6c' seller,! lasi halMjd
ADril. closlnflr at fi3&aivl&ta inr tmstii .
49e for no grade. XNothioK doing la corn,
this afternoon. , - ' . , ., -arr-JT
XJATS-Qulet knd- c lower? JTo a 'Kt1
4647c rejected ; at 1 4446 jtlosinrl
steady at 46e lor Ho a.-, .... ... f.:,.,r o-'
RYE Dull and heavy. andn4o. lower?
sales No' I at $114'closing with sellers but
no buyer at that flzuro.; '
BARLEY Dull; sales! Ee 'i at t 2a
1 66, eloeinir dull andnomioaL at. the
side figure.,,' ,";..ft ,,.-., m,
N. Y. Dry Goods Market—Jan. 7.
Trade iw cotton" croeds ttas beeii BQOre'ao
tive and prices are aO hlsrheFon all'makear
of heavr.hrown-sieeUogwaod'ou irrejr-;,
uiar niases oi ana tyara wiae, rfluaupfi.
bleached and unbleached, while popular.
aneV best, makes l of bleached "Rosidi rul0
steadily at 25c for New YarkmiUs; B2gs3ort
YYainsutts Meaehed, 16jo for' Atlauuc IA.
and Indian Bead lrowa sbeetingK lScJoc .
Clark's and Pacific ;A arid Fltatkjaritl ISo"
for AuRusta. Shirt-makers liSve been thry
ing bleached ntusHna morairrealyv and shas
tendency is. upwards. Jfriuts are in.bettetv
request and the. tendency is up wards, ev?
era! brands bave' opened higher, but
there are plenty o41rst class aiakes,like
liiio.ngoeHjMad. Maochsstef (ba
been up to 13c and some. new stjles of,
Richmond as high as 13c- Woolehs ai;ew
In improved request, JmCthd transafctiouS t
are still light.-i ini;tf :!t 'i'J a.-ncs ir:nl
Lathrop, Ludintcton & Qoy, who recently
failed, have made a statemeat; and propose
to pay 60 cento on tbe dollar,' ft'isthou(thCa
a compromise baa be effected and tbe hsuse1
allo.wed'to go ioh.iB onhsl. i t'.snon atinnw
St. Louis Market—Jan. 7.
PLQUR-sVery firm Mid,.lowjpadea l:ln I
active demand. . ',' " ' ,,' "" V.
WHEAT Buyersstaudrhlf Oa'.l I I"1
X)RNt-UDcbatMrodr sales as 6367nT
hOATS UncbapRed; 668o I bnx vr-"-tRYE-rBlgherj.fI
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St. Louis Market—Jan. 7. Toledo Market—Jan. 7.
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' HOGS Dressed nrm and:ip Jjetter aX J
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