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Daily Ohio statesman. (Columbus, Ohio) 1855-1870, January 08, 1869, Image 4

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Showing thearrlral aad departure of trains at Ooi
m ous, unio. ub and attar Monday. Wot. 13d
& kuni wiU ran aa follows, j ,t . t
, rCUvelsLaeU.Cele.amna ClaUI B. K.
.l.Tnrarmtinr.. iMA.a. 1:35 A. M
Mew York Express.... ......11:10 A. M. " 140 P.M.
Mali ud ;xpws... ........ vo P. M. MS P. HJ
li o, 1 Aooonunodatioa. ...... 8:00 A, it. 7:45 P. All
TUl M1MTM Hundaymorolng not Monday.
... ' " JAM&aATTK80H AawaW
Aule mtaml AOliHkfiXnii H.K
a: : Li.v- ' i'iwviir i tiavs. .. abbtvbv
FlgMEipresi...:... iMAt M. lKWA.H
Cincinnati Aocemmodetiou- SK A. H. " 3S P. M.
C xprese. . Mirk.ii..t. 1:45 P. M.' ' Jl.-cD A. M,
aUn.as-.---.u-.. tM P. M. ,1:0 P. M'
'! lo-t.iiifto t .W.HH. SaiKKf Ascent.. J
aUUUaeere HkllrwU, Ceatral
.1 AsiviaieBV
i. v--. .. MAT.' i ABBrrt.i.'
KTght Kbrpress.. S A. M. .18:10 A. Al
Lightning Express..... ...11:1 A. M. .' 6:36 P. M
Sxpteas Mail. 1:M P. M. 11) P. M. 1
..rjinfM-ii Mil iw tii A D. Surra, Agent.
laiamMu aleae-e I1sa Cea-'
6-tr.W.( i !' UlUWWt -' J ..-! Si
rfi .-. .-; t-1 it " - IBAT. - "ARBTTB.
Wight Expri..r-....1?:40 A. M, IMA. M.
Toledo Express........... Eto A. M, 1.-03 P. M.
Warnrt Express, i.. ....... S JO p. M. 74 P. M.
DwxNm..M....: las P; M. Uml.ll.
I'm ;'-h V- f. 0.-A.SOX4 Agent,
AMttaBarfra, ClBrClnnmtt eY Bt. -A.eate
V' 'U twjfaJi,-j-ti.-.-
. .'"r.,"-.'. i.;:!UlTI. -..iABlirvw.
Hew Turk Ktma...... las A. M. 12 .-oo Midt
Lit htplng KpreM.v.w.lao A. M, 6:46 P. M.
Mail aodExpress sstf P. M. '148 P. M.
IteMiaoo Aanmuaedfction o A. M. ; f. M.
. Haw York KjcpraH iBadaily. (All otaai traiaa
ln daily, axoapt Sandar. : -
iMaiaoB AoeoatBKdauo Itarta mm imgnt
'J'ii1ii III
-,;TeH2r. Bk, Pxtbsb, Accnt. -.-t
jtycf-i 7. .; " -'! w i " : :'
Kattari TtitoacB Man, a. m. . a. A. a. r. a
Tia ntaBbaoTillB and ..
' . Pittbarh.. ... I U30 H3 7 JO
AMHTI way Aiaiia.' A . .!.: : - .-' ' '
; . v ... .k . ... ...
HorthwiMt via Ft.
A. rfl
tU..,l..M....;.M.T; . JXiBJ va
w. t . ... ..... ...
-C L 4J. O. A d. R. R.
tat .... ;t
CWoata, Tia O.l'.Ai.U.
dj v. M. ft. .
Idttl MlaiA.BTkro' 1
IMtla JlajBi B. B.. Wbt5
&.O.. K. - arNwark. -
.ZaoaaTilTa 4 WbaaUoc.
9- ' '. L, TkTOBgB and
CiraltwUla, Chjlliaotha j
f ocUmootn... .....,...
Wnaaaur.-Ohia '
i. eJ. .
l-J Udt
UJ0 .
1JJ0 -
130 ,
-tKW .
' S.-M -
las waytKatiaaal Boad.
.... .
... ns
Till. AO..........V; --. KM
Hortb Oolambu and Clia " -
VTili.....i.i .-k. KhSt" ;'.' "
" aaai ' 10'
sav .,FSs!?raf .
-tuna Taaia7.,TaBr-K i J. !l:! :J-
day and 8atordaya...i t-s;!I'-j.- -to
OaBiraVillaga. (tri-waak-a - . . i (.'
IjJ Taadayi.ThaiBdaya 11 X. .. .... , US
JULIUS J. WOOD Postmaster.
Nev Tork Sute Volanteem in tli
Shesandoati, in the spring, of 18G2 and
wba, npon the day to which mj ttoryre-.
1st; oat with." si foraging part of mj
oa' itfetf"" i--t ,-"V'i
I am . Wert Tlrginian hy birth, and
was eonteqwently. pretty much.at home
oa the jrround over which we were trayel
inei'f (jar ieolatnn was advancing-; and I
rardf allowed if to be out of sight.. 'We ;
did not joo onr .foraging on ,tne plan : or,
eixing everything on which-we eonld
lay onrbands,1 whether It belonged to
friend or foe. andr appropriating it , by
force of arras; but went oat with, a siaaa
ble roll of 'greenbacks, and' paid, asking'
prices for "Tety "bit1 of " provender' we
bronlbt back to camp. v i -
(Many , times on t these -excursions, I
was tempted to renew some of my friend
ships of years gone by, and drop jta upon '
the ray side; ' mansions rather as it gnedt
than as a buyer" of pi aadlpdaltry, botl
LteeiBted; the inclination, for. tbe reason
that it was hard to tell where I might i
find fhende, and where foes, though they
might be oply paaajie" ones who had it
in , Mwirl: lQwejr to- make my. call a Tfiry
unpleasant one. v ; .rwsl
"I had- been especially attentive to bt,
errand, hardly allowing myself te joot
tip from my bargaining with some sable '
aunty or ancle, when I knew that a dair
of bright-eyes were looking dowir1 from
the piazza, or female ears werev listening"
corionaly to atch iany matter connected
with 2the i "dicW' that might be of in
terest. Wki tblsTirtuoni resolve strong-'
ly Jopon, me, Iwaa slightly taken back in
the midst of my acquisitions of M doaen i
duck and a few aodre of eggsr the lawful
perquisites of a Stout wench, by a silvery ,
Toice.'.thalj struck something of memory'
calling 'Cptaio?,? Wi ?.ii".l titMl.
I raised my ejes to see above me;n '
tne balcony, Mrs. Grant Wetberbee.pnce
M'ibi Kate pornell and once my acme of
perfection of Virginia beauty. . FivO '
years had gone past since I bad permit
ted .mY heart -to' be- torn into minnte
shreds by" being present at. the wedding.,
where the beautiful Kate was transform,
ed into Mrs. Grant Wetherbee, and yet
npon therfirsglane that i same' heart
MQuded with something like the old love
rbounded sq forcibly, Indeed, tbat .it
eat me springing, from - my boree, and,
npja the verandahr without farther no
tice. , r-. . , , , '
It ig har31y 'necessary' for me to 'say .
biw glad W Wre;to meet, : I say "we,'.:
because I am speak confidently of my
self, and I am sure, if I can belie ve in my .
ajres,' 'qSrite as4 confidently for my fair ,
ftjend.0v.NithiDg .would now dol but 1
isuat eater, and the names of the fair ones
who would greet me inside were rehears
ed, more . denying disposition than
mine would liave yvelded when I beard
tneierdKiae Of ilainr in the parlors two
of the most elegant women in -Virginia, !
srm inenas or mineinjine pasi.
I bli(jVfl they. were jreally glad, to.see
me, audi wiU: Jot offat an apology for
yielding to the cordial invitation pressed '
upon toe,' that I should spend an hour or
$ wlth them, " and ahare ' what a spl-i j
diet ? (OhSeldoin offtred to him, a boun-
n aefseDtedJhow eonld '. I" nelo1 It
a';8tepplngr,u Ippon the verandah )
aoft aentujig jwT; ea awout swo.mues
aoMBa.tae coantrvto v "milk where thev
Were to obtain sfcckpof 'corn, with 1
orders after that ' to join , the regiment,1,
and report me Dsent tUidark. 9 -u
. .The lea-was dispatched,-and we re-1
tfrned to tbe parlor, but "toy faiifliostess
wuiii oyi, near me speaa ,o uepanure-
Set,';jX ust play a game . of chess, and
rink soma of that superb' sherry I was
Wont to pfaise live years before, when it
madeA.part of ber father's cellar.'. Chess
id werry, With . one, of i; the . prettiest -
..I. .r r t-w- . ,.
women oouiu ox iuooim idu iizon S linel
1 was bnt a man, anoriyielded, though
I knew our'lirie had passed on,' and tbat
Irsb6uld bave a' bard,' and 'perhaps a
risky gallop to overtake tbenvi m' ,f '
The chew bid advanced but a little
wayTuid I was conscious of spending
'-one of the "happiest bocnf of tnyeks
euce, when0'.tne Voor. of tie. .room,, in
which wo.at vac thrown open, and five
gentlemeq in the Uniform' Of thoConfed
raler' aervlce'' ntered.JLX " quick ia .
lightning I glanced into tb face of. the
three ladies Who were ' my i entertainers,
and aa quiokly I becamer convinced they
were inn6cetiKl"T6rtntnaJely7X.W en?
abled to preserve jny presence' "of mind,
an when- Mrs Wetberjb said.s'", V ,.-
"Captain Footed allow me toT present :
I rose 4uieUy,; and 'fiTting lis juipd,H
responded: .:,..;--;!' :t
'I am happy to meet ene ' of whom I
bave beard aomuchi - '
Then, with an introduction 'tf tn.
others, we"Became seated. I canjjot Jielp
admitting tljatjliere. waai a momentary
embarrassment with a tbe. party,? and
for a moment nobody spoke. It required
the tact of a woman to .rectify, this ;
was fectmed instantly, and tbe conversa
tion flowed smoothly. Onr chess was
dropped, kutouirsberrr WaB discussed
as well as every topie but tbe war.' This"
was a tabooed subject, and sot one word
was ottered npon either side that would
have led the careful .listener to believe
that we . were ' soldiers warring against
each other. ; ,v, t .;-
It would be useless to deny that dur
ing this time -my mind was running oo
all things besides -those , upon which! we
were talking. I knew that I was Col.
Ashby'8 prisoner, though there was inst
me snaaow oi ooudc wnetner ne meant
to enforce the forfeit. I eonld not help
stealing anxious glances occasionally in
to, Mrs. Kate's face, to, see if I could
read there any indication of her. belief,
and aB often I saw an uncomfortable re
cognizance' of her 'position and "the fear
Of Aty suspicion. , b.
r.Atlast4he time --came - when -I mast
bring the matter to an issue, and I rose
to depart. Whatever tbe end might be,
I did not intend that Ash by or his friends
should cee my face or in any manner to
taking leave, tbat I for .an instant sus
pected such a termination xf . onr jnter-
T,?IiA!Macii A iu up -wy mina
nottobe taken without a struggle; - as it
was but two nights since one of . our offi
cers had been captured while on a -visit
to some of the fair ones outside "of our
lines, and the incident bad served for
some bard jokes on the now imprisoned
amoratas. It was well worth a bit of
fightj therefojred to avoid not only being
um prisoner, uui taneu - bo ignooij
wai.O J J -i-i Kf - -i
I bade my fair entertainers good night,
regretting tbat it would be bo long ere I
should see them again, and ad vs need to
do the same by Colonel Asbby and his
friends, but found them also on their feet,
and prepared -depart. I shall never
forget the minute it took us to reach the
piazza it seemed an age. 1 bad picked
uprny ewottL -oatho way, baviagun
buckled and t stood it in a corner of tbe
room when I -sat down to chess, and
grasped it tightly by the scabbard in my
left hand, prepared to use,-it : on the
slightest demonstration. "My horse stood
fastened within a few feet, and I felt
that if I once got on bis back I had
no fear of the whole party.
It was just dark, and we all stood an
instant in looking out upon the land
scape. Every moment I expected ' to
bear the words, "Uaptain, you are my
prisoner !" when I noticed a look of in
telligence pass between thchColonel and
Adjutant.- "I grasped mV sword tighter
and looked in tbe direction of their eyes,
and with a great bound of the heart saw
my own men coming up slowly toward
the -house. - ' . . .
1 "Whether thv were deceived, and be-
a'-.j . r -1 ... .. .
heved tbem to be a squad or their own
men, in the dim light, or really knew
what they were, and trusted to my gen
erosity, I could not tell; but after they
had fairly emerged into the, road, I
turned toward my companions, and with
one glance into their inscrutable faces, J
extended my band toward Aebby.v
"1 must bid you good night, .Dolonel,
I see a file of men coming up the road
after me.. and it might.be unpleasant for
you to meet them."
Good night, Captain : I thank vou,
was all the response, and in a moment
was on my horse and bad joined my
men. who, bad jetumecLihat they.
Ward Tnfe of several wandering parties of
rebels they knew to be out, and prevent
me from being picked np-.T r I Y Lna
1 never knew whether 1 was a prison
er, that evening, or not.' i : r J
Paving Notice.
Tb-oUmiontit otoy Ometr: -
Columbus, O.. Not. 33, 1888.1
Notlea Ii hereby riTen thatnroeeedincahaTa bean
Instituted in Uia. City Coaaoil af Ooinmbos. for
maKiog ui louowiDK lmprovomena, fco-wu : -Vor
n-adinc and Davinff tha an Dared aidawatln.
(attert aad etoasing oa the vwt aida of the tb
eantgTOBad weet o( the market bouse, and for pa
tidc the balance of aaid vacant ground with Nioul-
on pavement Irom Town ttreet to men street.
Also, for larina a donbla row of fiaa erossinc
across Center aiiey oa tha south aide of Spring
street. ...
Also, lor laying a doable row nag crossing aqrou
Outer a!le at the sonth side of Long street.
Tha sansa to bedone in aooerdanee with olatsand
estimates te be prepared by the City OiTil Bngi-
oaer. ana nieu in tne omce 01 lasvitviers.
All persons claiming damages on account of said
Drooosed imaroTements. are reanired to file tLeii
olaimsin tbe office of Vie Clerk, in writins. on or
oeiore ue jiiignui aay oi January, a. u.
i Cits' Clerk.
Paving Notice.
To aU csAms it aady eoaceris :
Citt Cimx's Ofticb. r
. Couwaca. QtHx. 11, 186a, 4)
lTotlca IsherebTaiTen. that oroeeedinssbaTa been
instituted in tbe City Council of (Jolambos.for-mak-ingthe
following improTemeata.torsiu w- . .
or building a auuoie earnage way single span
bridge at the crossing , of the canal on Jriend
street. - . Cr.i t - - ' -
Also, for grading ana paring tna unpared side
walks, suiters and crossings en Young street from
broad street to ettate atreei. -Alun.fortnildins-
a double row fliff stone ttaTe-
meat across Fair aiiey npon the south side of Chap
el street.
Also, for building a 30-inch brick sewer on Gay
street from Fourth street to Fifth street.
The sane to be done in aeoordanco with plats and
estimates to be prepsred by the City Civil Engin
eer, and Bled in tne omoe oi tne uity viera.
All persons claiming damages on account of said
Drooosed imnroTemants. are reanired to file their
claims in the office of the Clerk, in writing, on cr
oetore the r ourui.day A eoruarr, loo.
deeas-aitaw j j tiity Clerks
An Ordinance.
Making appropriations for purposes therein named.
Section 1 Be it ordained-b the Cita nmin.il
of be etty-of- Coinmbns. Tbat there be" and is
bereby approprialea trom any money in the Treas
ury not heretofore appropriated, the following snma
of money, to-wit:
for expenses oi street commissioner ana Uhaln
nn. ai ooo.
For expenses of Fire Department and payment of
oia aeois, sxw.
nr axnanses oii.ilt iroiiaa. ai.aau.
ot tha Dayment: af salaries jtLXJity Qfflaars.
ai uin ' - '
For 'the pay a, en t of Printing and Stationery.
bwo. . .....
r or payment oi expenses oi vity rarK, bz.uw.
For payment of Uas and Gas Lights, t4,ooo.
For the payment of Incidental Expensea, $600. r,i
For payment of Temporary Loan, 2o,000.
For Dayment of expenses of Sewers and Drain-
are. S 100.
For payment of expense of building Sioolsoq
pavement, S1.S31 75.
For the payment of expenses of East Grave Yard,
r or the payment of expenses of Qoodale Park,
orHbd-VBymnTnfni. dae."3. MTpssh oBTtie
Ut JmMSrrt W,l,9oe. - - ' -1
ror payment oi expenses or Market Home, faon
For Dart DaTment of Thosna II. Thnrman. ft
e Hating Laws and Ordinances, tOO. - - v.
Sbo. x. The several sams of money appropriated
bT the fores oing section shall be exoendMl in the
manner prescribed by the fifth section of the ordi
nance denning the duties 01 tne City Clerk, passed
1- ' " '
President of the City Council.
President of the City Council. Passed Dec. 28, A. D. 1868.
Attest: L. K. Wilson. City Clerk.
Besolntion to Contract.
Sttotwd, That the City Civil Engineer be. and
Km J.kr)k nJnrixed and directed to eontraot in
the name af the oitv of Ciriambus, with, Jlkshael
uamn. Tor building a aouDie row nag orossing
across Centre alley at the sonth side ot Spring
street, npon the following terms, to-wit:
or excavating or grading. T wen ty-five cents per
eubie yard.
: for boulder paving. Fortw gtinBC."aflBarB
For nagging. 14 inches wide. Fifty cents per lin-
Adopted Deo. 18.1868.
: . . L Attest : L. E. WIL80W.
jana-dlt yXTT .r Citylerg.
Besolntion to Contract.
soIewl, That the City Civil Engineer be, and
be Is bereby authorised and directed to contract in
the name of the city of Columbus, wltii ttiebae.
Oalvin. for building B double row Am urn..
across Center alley at the sonth side of Long
SMXVb. iinju lu. iuuv.imii IWUI. WWII!
j For excavating or grading. Twenty-five cents per
eubie yard.
I Forbooidef) pavisx. rrty oentsi pet ksjuare
'fe naggingLl tnoSiee w(3e", 50 cents per' lineal
t'Adopted Dec. 8, 1868.
J Attest: L.E.WILS05. City Clerk.
jan-dlt ,.-H
' e1 t " .. .. .'
s ti
.j i V..
.;,- i ' : t - r t - i ' ' t"
! i : .' ' 't 'is
m central; onto.
Nos. 36, 38 & 40 North High St,
The attest! oa the Business Public called to
the superior facilities of this Establishment.
'U i We hare in constant use
Eleverv Steam Power Presses
oy m-
And onr ability to get oat worn promptly is
surpassed in the West. . We have Intel
t . , made additions t onralraadT . . lf
And we feel confident to satisfy all who may aire
- as a call., Onr large fonts of type enable us '
v , ; :. to do all kinds of (. '. j r
a the most prompt and excellent manner, and we
call the attention of those wanting anything
, : lnthie inetethe ? -v
q v. . -v Jt.v
. : !':! r! It- '; !- -lioIK!
That we hare executed in th past rear.
The reputation of this House for fine Job Printing
t - .1 . . . - 1 I .
u nail auuwu w uiv uasuiesa ouinuiuai.
xmpioying, as we ao. none oat me
Best r. of. Workmen.
And haring a full assortment of the
We will gnarantee the utmost latisfaction.
Bank and ,T
?" ,.rr'n"t'"gt
' ' - - 6 rs - '
TJOH .t-T a E m P el , i
Bill Heads, Cards: n-.-o
Circulars, .-.v?,Letter Heads, r :
Blanks of aii kinds r Checks, ,J: r . r
sw i . . W-' v. v,- i I i i. t-i
Drafts, &c, &e.
deeded by the hnsfneu public
i ' A,i r :i 0' -ly. jJJ
We also keep on hand a larger stock of
Than any other Printing floose in the city such as
Sniper Kojstl, Mrdlami,
Denay Crown Cap,
Cap,1- - -'-Aj-Ai-i. fitter aad J'
la"oto Isiorj3
Of rhe b quail Oes,' and, purchasing them as we
do, directly from the manufacturer, we are
enabled to do onr work at correspond-,
" - ingly low rates. We are Sole
Agent for the
. J .vr ,- A Wt
We particularly call attention to the Blank Books
. manufactured by as. We are prepared to
fill all orders for
"PC "I BTOSrsat, p.. -: . ' ui .
Ow.awT-1 Booh, m
Andalrkindof Blank Books now In use. These
ooks are all done in tbe best style of paper, ral-
ftnf and binding, and we oha-lenge competition in
this line.
yxr:f I'M-
UttS tf lo Itortli.'TllKli Street,
t n .. -
- - '
- vj - - .
- - - - - '
. 250
V .i ! !;; !
s ( -
li- j- "-."
BJ. i- J ti- ' -& J-
i r i ?i i I.-;: i-r 1
1 r t - f a -. - r Jit
- I . . . '. - I
- i -. t. .' (l; - .. . -
- -. " :i t i.i.
I.' - .:. i - - . .
- nr. , ..I l 1 u
.bi ;.'; ')
n -a - - ' ' J
. - . C .-J.'ui..-; .6
i' - v I:; J-. , - . -."( '
generation, the vegetative powers of
lite are Btrong, but in a few years now
often the pallid hue, the lack-lustre eye,
and emaciated form, and the impossi
bility of application to mental effort,
show its baneful influence. It soon be
comes evident to the observer that some
depressing influence is checking the de
velopment of the body. Consumption
is talked of, and perhaps the youth is
removed from school and sent into the
country. This is one of the worst move
ments. ( Removed from ordinary di
versions of the ever-changing scenes of
the city, the powers of the body too
much enfeebled to give zest to healthful
and rural exercise, thoughts are turned
inwards upon themselves. . ".
If the patient be a female, the ap
proach of the menses is looked for with
anxiety, as the first- symptom in which
Nature is to Bhow her saving power in
diffusing the circulation and visiting
the cheek with the bloom of health.
Alasl increase of appetite has grown
by what it fed on J the energies of tbe
system are prostrated, and the whole
eoonomy is deranged. The beautiful
and wonderful period in which body
and mind undergo so fascinating a
change from child to woman, is looked
for in vain 5 the parent's heart bleeds
in anxiety, and fancies 'the grave but
waiting for its victim. '
For Weakness arising from excesses or
early indiscretion, attended with the
following symptoms : Indisposition to
Exertion, Loss of Power, Loss of Mem
ory, Difficulty of Breathing, General
Weakness, Horror of Disease, Weak
Nerves, Trembling, Dreadful Horror of
Death, Night Sweats, Cold Feet, Wake
fulness, Dimness of Vision, Langour,
Universal Lassitude of. .the Muscular
System, Often Enormous Appetite with
Dyspeptic Symptoms, Hot Hands,
Flushing of the Body, Dryness of the
Skin, Pallid Countenance and Eruptions
on the Face, Pain in the Back, Heavi
ness of the Eyelids, Frequently Black
Spots Flying betore the Eyes, with
Temporary Suffusion and Loss of Sight,
Want of Attention, Great Mobility,
Restlessness, with Horror of Society.
Nothing is more desirable to such pa
tients than Solitude and nothing they
more dread, for Fear of Themselves ;
no Repose of planner, no Earnestness,
no Speculation,' but a hurried Transi
tion from one question to another.. . ...
These symptoms, if allowed, to go on
which, this. Medicine f invariably re
moves soon follow Loss of Power, Fa
tuity,, and Epileptic Fits, in one - of
wnicn the patient may expire.
During the Superintendence of Dr.
Wilson, at the Bloomingdale Asylum,
this sad result occurred to two patients ;
reason had for a time left tbem, and
both died of epilepsy. They were of
botn sexes, and about twenty years ot
age. v
Who can say that these excesses are
not frequently followed by those dire
ful diseases, Insanity and Consump
tion T The records of the Insane Asy
lums, and "the melancholy . deaths by
Consumption, bear ample witness to the
truth of these assertions. ' In Lunatic
Asylums the most melancholy exhibi
tion appears. The countenance is ac
tually sodden and quite ' destitute
neither Mirth or Grief ever visits it
Should a sound of the voice occur, it 1b
rarely articulate. : .-- ..
"With woeful measures wan Despair
Low sullen sounds their grief beguiled.'
Whilst we regret the existence of the
above diseases and symptoms, we are
prepared to offer an invaluable gift of
chemistry for the removal of the conse
quences : . Hklmbold's Highly Con
centrated Fluid Extract op Bctchu.
Then is no tonic like it. It is an an
chor of hope to the surgeon And patient,
and this is the testimony of all who have
used or prescribed it. ":. -.
' Sold by Druggists and Dealers every
where. Prepared at H. T. HELM
BOLD'S Drug and Chemical ' Ware
house, 694 Broadway, f. X. . ,' ; ' ,
January 28, 1868
; MbT H. T. Helmbold Dear Sir:
Ypnr : communication requesting1, onr
terms for advertising was duly received,
but trom a- prejuaice 1 - naa lormea
against advertising .-f cures for secret
diseases, it was left Unanswered. Dur
ing an accidental conversation in a Drug
Store the other evening, my mind was
changed on the character, ot your Bv
CHU. . It was then highly commended
for other diseases' by two .physicians
present. "Inclosed please find, our rates
of advertising. . x Qurs, ate, . " -
Editor Proprietor of Daily and
Semi-Weekly Telegraph.
Cor. 5th. Ave. & 76th St, Central Park.J
(A Home and School for the Sons of deceased
Dr. H. T. Helmbold : Two.bottles
oaly of the package of your : valuable
Buchc presented to the Institute have
been used, by the children, and with per
fect success. In the case of our little
Lieutenant A. J.", his pride is no linger
mortified, and he is free from the daily,
morning anathemas of the chambermaid
who has charge of his bedding. I feel
that a knowledge of the result of our
use, of your Buchu with the .children
under our charge1 may Bave many a Su
perintendent and Matron of Boarding
Schools and Asylums a great amount of
annoyance ; and many a poor child suf
fering more from' ,teeaknett than from
habit,- may be spared; punishment, that
is ( not knowing it ai a weakness instead
of a bad habit)' 'most unjustly Inflicted
Upon them. Thanking yon on behalf of
the children, and hoping others mav be
alike benefitted, I, am respectfully
yours, . - 'COL. YOUNG,' '
June 16. 1866. 3 - jya-dw4-wtowiy
Three TrsU.a Leave ColamfcusfCiilsn
,. Asepot), Aiavlly (Snn.la.ya bxceptee.) ,
SS25 A. M. NIGHT EXPRES8. arriTlngat
ZanesvUle at :13 A. M.; BeUaire at loao A? if
Baltimore at 6dS A. M.; Washington Oitv at 8:40
A. At.
Jf. AI.
C:i6 P. M. EXPRESS M AIL, arriving at Zanee
vill at 4:6 P. M.: Bellaire at 8:15 P. M.- Baltimore
at 45 P. AI.; Washington City at 530 P.M.
Close eonneotiens made at Baltimore and Wash
ington with trains for Philadelphia and Sew York.
- Passengers holding through tickets to K as tern
cities have the privilege of :
Visiting Washington City' Free.
No Change of Cars at Ohio River
JNO L. WILSON. Master of "TiwisportatioB
- L .11. COLE. General Ticket Agent.
JNO. W. BROWN. Gen'l Passenger Agt.
The attention of the Trade li called te the superi
or stock of ... .. ,
- . e " i "
Just received ndf saleby .
... . . i , ,
. SB 39 4c 40 NORTH 160 T
C O L U It B U 8 - -.
Onr stock comprises a full line of .
IWrltlngT : ,
Colored and , : ;' 7
'Print Papers.
- a WehaveafBllstoekof, . ,
Of all sixes and varieties, which will be Bold at tha
lowest market rates.
OUR stock or
. .: - - : - - .- : . i i -
. Is unsurpassed in the city, inoluding ..,
COLORED of ail kinds
' And BLANK. . ' ;
- itETirts fc Myers.
'; -Improved! -J.'
! H is an elegant Dressing for the Hair.' .u -
It cansea the Eair to Curl teantifnlly.' ' 7 ,
j It keeps' the SealpCJean and Hoaithy. -, .
It invigorates the Boots of the Hair.
' It forces the Bsir and Beard to grow luxuriantly,
It immediately stops nair railing unt. ... , ,
It keeps tbe Hair from Changing Color front Agev
. . r. -fT-i-i... . 1 1 .1 '
A. rcstorea ursj xiair wiui vrigiumi iuiur.
It brings out Hair on heads that have been bald for
t .is composed entirely of simple and purely veget-
ble substances. -It
has received over six thousand voluntary testi
monials of its excellence, many whloh are from
physicians in high standing. ' '
It is sold in half-pound bottles (the name blown
in the glass), by Druggists and Dealers in .Fanny
Goods everywhere, at One Dollar per Bottlei Whole
sale by Demas Barnes A Co.; F. C. Wells A Co.i
BchieffelinA Co.,NewTork. ' t8CHKT-mchr7-diy '
! Advertising Agents.
... minassau sirs.1, new ie
XEttablUktd in 1861J ... .
Weheg to call the attentioa of advertisers te
i onr agency. Uur faculties wim au ins i nrsi eiaas
i daily papers in the country are second to none,
i aad we aro fully prepared to offer -terms and eon
- ditiona which eannotfail so give superior, induee
i ments. We also send advertisements to all Cuban
aid South American papers, with whom we bave
I Mr. H. THblmbolo, Druggut, 6M. Broadway.
'Messrs. r, R. Vampuibb A Co, J88, Qreeawioh
: street. New York.
'llessrs. Hiu A KuCKBL.HS Greeawieh street,
Uessrsj Q. BntrOa'a Sow A Co., Type Founders,rS
Chambers street. - vs. i,
Messrs. Phalom A SoH.-Sew York.
Messrs.. Psblom A CoLLSmdsr, New York. .' ''
Messrs. Takakt A Co New York. x..
Messrs. CHiOKiaiKO A Son, New York.
Messrs. RadwaT A Co., New York. .u'l:-. '. !-ootao-eod3m
" ' 1
The Shortest Route Weft No Change of Cars '
1 Chicago, Keokuk anj Indianapolis, a J. '
FODR TRAISS DAILY leave Union Depot. '
iamDBa.enand after Nov. 81, 1888, as .:
follows: ' '
UUU PUESS (Sundays excepted) Arrive.
. m;t.,i o.tv . M T ..i.i.. . .. .. "V'v0" ..
;i - 1 i r . ... " Doiieioncaine
1 'Qft t. m K.nrinalr. na mm U. .... . n.
iedo 5-80 pm. Detroit 10:40pm.
. 'uaer ssasbiu to a uu .Vim&lJ IUr 10160 StHl V
trit bniinetft rniof at both placet g J.ur
.aavsava W an VIUOTIUUW,. . , .,.
(?nd "ojPtod). Arrives at Brad lord
unctions:40 p m. Richmond 6M p m, Iodianano
SO flk m Lnnnmiil ln.Ul m K:
reona o a m. oa esburg o a m, Burlinrtoa
Iowa, H K a m. Keokuk 11:30 p m. Qaincr 1M b m
r r --. " 'r r vuiuflii a m
S3 a m, Cairo 40 p m, Pana 4KrT a m. AltoaaioaB
field, Ills , 7:j0 a m. , ., . . .. , ., .,
rassengers Bv this trem reach 8t. Louis the next' '
ofTX,ni,- Va-"M0 Points west
,, v . wu uuu in aurance ox .
all other routes. . , , . - - , .
. ....... iu, unsnipnn xo a m
Chicago 80 a m. Indianapolis 2:35 a m, Terre Bauta
-J0 a m, M attoon : a m. Pane 11-00 a m. AS)b
a-W p m. St. Louis 400 p m. Lafavette 75 a m" .
bpnnirtield. Ills., 4:5 p m, Quincy 110 p m. Kee
knk 1KI0 a m, Louisville .-0g a m. NashsiUe C.-oo p
i ,1 f nrii JnnMt.nn A.M I ' . .
sr Sleeninff earn ran f n tbl. fmtn Intm rnl
bus to Chicago and St. Louis witbontehange. This -
JulJll . 1. . k. . . : r . . i . i . . , .
la umuvuij uv vni uun inns WMrmoDB W Vul-
eago, St. Louis and Louisville, as it makes quicker
- - uiaw uirect cuonecHons lor
all points West and South one train in advance of
any other route, ....... n. .
..n mm 1. am J 1 1 J : . .
19lil A',M- HIOHT EXPRESS. Daily vie
Indianapolis CMoodays excepted), via
wawi. Amvos a. xraaiora junction : is a
m. Logansport A0 a m, Chicago 1:26 p m. Peoria
L-ll n m KmItiiV lieJK .m !.,:. 11. D.tn
Terre Haute 12:15 p m.Evansville 7:30 pm. Mattoon
3:16 p m. Cairo 4:15 a m, Paaa 5:09 p m. Alton M
m, M, LouislOMS p m. 1-a.fajetle S-.10 p m. Louis
vi le50 p m, Nashville SKK) am, Memphis 4-16 pm.'
. j ... u in to m. aame uay as
St, Louis i hours and Chicago 6 hoars ahead of
any other route.
Bun in this train from Pittsburgh to Indianapolis."
. ..li e m : l . : . T . . . . - .
v... ivi Aiuavis via liUgansporB or ino.ian-i
apolis. ....!.,
Tickets for sale at Union and Piqua Depots.
Columbus, and at all principal Kailroad Ticket
F. CHANDLER. GenT Ticket Agent.
J. M. LUNT, General Superintendent. "k
Great Northern and Eastern Route.
Cincinnati Railroad.
From Columbus, in eoimeuthm with Trains en th
Llttie IfUaml A Colssmrjiu 3c XeBtlsi
Railremsls. -;;- vn ? --.n
NIGHT EXPRESS Leaves Columbus' at i:65J
A.M.. Will stop at Delaware. Cartingroa. Uilead,
Galion, Crestline, Shelby. Shilob, New London..,
Wellington, Grafton and Berea, arriving at Cleve- '
land asS A.M.. New York 7:00 A.M. Tb.isaraia3
leaves Sunday morning, not Monday. ,
NO. 1 ACCOMMODATION Leaves Columbus
at 60 A. M. Will stop at all way stations. This
train starts freia the Freight Yard. . . ,.
NEW YORK EXPRLSS-Leaves Columbus at
11:10 A. M . t ill stop at Delaware, Ashley .Carding-1
ton. Galion, Crestline, Shelby. New London Wei- .
ling ton. Grafton and Berea. Arrives at Cleveland1
at a P. M .. New York next day at S:M P. M. . . -1 ,
MAILAND EXPRESS- Leaves Columbus attt
P. M. Will stop at Worthiogton. Lewis Center,
Delaware, and all Stations to Shelby, and Shiloh,.
New London, Wellington, Grafton and Berea. - Ar
rived Cleveland at:60 p. M..New York 7:i P.atJ
Passengers for Fort Wayne and Chicago, by tak
ing this train, willget sleeping ear at Crestline at
6:00 P. M arrive in fort Wayne at 11 0 P. M.,
Ch eago at :00 A.M.. being in advanoe of all otb-.
er rout's, bave ample time for breakfast, and take ,
tbe earliest train for the West
AWAKE Leaves Columbus at 1:30 P. M. Will
stop at all stations between Columbus and Hpving-
field. arriving at Delaware at 3iiS P. M.. SpringneTd ,
eao P. M. This train leaves Springfield at 1M A. I
arriTse at Delaware at Mi X JL: Coluiabee v
100 A. M. ',
Pa tentSIeeplBia; CaTm are rmaioaall
mBbt T-ralsie te -Chlegft;v ;
- UTevr York aua4 r, -i i- ;,a
- J : : IX Baetaw, U f.',:,.,; : O 'o. U
sW Baggage checked through to Wew-Totk'smoT'1
Boston, via Cleveland ; ' alsev to Poiladoiphia and i
New York, via Crestline.
Ntsht Express arrives at Columbus at 1:46 A. M,-..
Cincinnati Express arrives at Columbus atl: .
P. M. . . . ... --..n ;( '..'riKO-j
: Mail Train arrives at Columbus at P. M. '
Springfield Aeoommodation arrives at Columbia
at 10:40 A; M. -
Favj-ei ste AUew ae Tby avmv sMaser Becteao
i Ask for Tioketa via Crestline es Clevalaad. : '31y
Superintendent, Cleveland. Ohio, ",
f- i v.. , JAMES PATTE1480N, . .y,A
. ' , . Agent, Columb. a, Ohio. ...
Columbns, Nov. J3. 188. , t,.!
Little Miami, Columbus & Xenia
On an after MONDAY. Nov. S3d. V68, FOUB !
, TRAINS DAILY will leave Columbus
' :y. f D IAN APOLIS a CHICAOO. . -
Withon change of ears to DAYTO-N and RICH 5
. A10ND, and only on change of ears t IN ....
.: .c ....... ..... : . .. w ,
, ) .. Connections are reliable as follows ( ,-
.-i. i .'- FD2ST TRAIN (Daily). - .t, U.,.-
Leavee at 2 A. M. for Cincinnati. CirelevUle . I
Lancaster, Hillsboro and Chill ioothe: stops at Lon
don, Xenia, Morrow, and Loveland. arriving a '
Cincinnati at 70 a- m. r..-w-s;.i j-u'
- SECOND TRAIN. ' :-rtJ m-J ig
. . (Daily except SundayO - .
Leaves at S:00 A. M. for Cincinnati, Dayton
Riobmoad, Indiaoapolis aad Chicago, and stops at t
West JeffersoB, London. South Charleston, Holme, r
Cedarville.Xenia, Spring Valley, Corwin, Morrow 1
Douta mdsbdii, f cetera. Aioveiann. Klllore, art
riving at Cincinnati at 10:36 A M., connecting
; with the Mail Boats v-. . -
s y . fiVTHTRD TBAUriJ-i. -. '.; a
- (Dally ewoept Sundgys J ' i JiJi
Leaves at 1H P M for Cincinnati. Dayton asd (
Springfield, via Xenia. arriving at Cinoionati at .
; -M P. AI. -- y ?
; ' FduBTHTBATir.''7
j ' ' (Daily xoepTSsndsys.) :' ,;' '
1 ,eaves at S FI ."tbt CtneiBnatlr Daytoa and '
Springfield via London vtopping at Alton, West
Jefferson.- London. South Charleston.. Selnta,
.Ce!arville. Xenia, Morrow and Loveland, and ar .
riving at Cincinnati at lejto P. Hi '
i'..,,- - . 1 1 1 ' : 0 - '4
Sleepina Cars ea.all NJara.Tralaa,
...t.-j.. .... . ...... .. . ti.y
;.-,". -i. HNRY BrWQTS. Ticket Aaena.Vr
! W.H. H. SHlSS.AgenW ItTT- - I
i JOHW'DUKAWD. V " " " ""'"- '"'
foOawand alt rjeo. 18th.lew,toBing wUl raaa
Leave. JT. Y. Express'. ' ; -sKail'J ;! Fas Lin;J
Colambas.. J-.S:I6 A. M. ' P. M.q UflO AM.i
4-joa. ji. ss r. at.-. m-jk r. At
Steubearille.. .;64 A. M,
rt6 J
P.M. 4 JO P.M.
I ArrtTBBt- -'" ' ' ! '
PHtsbfergh....B W M.
Harrisbirg... .10:30 P. M.
FbtladelpiiUi. SHI A. M.
New York :I6 A. M.
KM A. M. w 7 SO P.MV
m P, M. . 630 A.M.
' 4:10 Pi M. ' -A.Mii
7:00 P. M. (.: P. jSm.
Baltimore.....; J-.30 A.M. " 6:tOP.M. ' M
WMhisston... 5:16 A. M. 10 10 P. M. . . 1S
Boston. . .r. . 60 P. M. .-0 A. M . , .-00 P
', Elegant state room sleeping ears On alt night trains .
On the fast Line tbe celebrated -Silver- Palace -1
day and night cars are run through from Columbus -to
Philadelphia and New York without change. 1 '
IS" Passengers by tbe 10 A. M. Sunday traia
arrive in Pew York at J o'clock Monday -morning,
advantage never before offered. ...
i i;L-:Wn l' AgT, Bteabens-ille, O.'yr
yr. W. CARD, Superintendent, 0
Ticket AgeBt, ColumbnA.D.
t .
I, Agent. Columbus. O. '
cinneio-djy i r- - -.in..i j i : u .i.i'"-'rl
MEDICAL xi f.--ia f it
Coeaas er Lbotttkb. sm delivered at -the New"
York Museum of Anatomy, embracing the sub..
ieets: How to live and what to live for: Tooth.
Matnritv asut (Urf Am: Manhood seneralK eeviaw. I
ed: The cause of indigestion, flatulence and Ner- .
Tottsdieeases-aeceunted for; Marriage pbilosoph- '.
isally eonsidered, A. ! - ! "- -i.
PAlr,. vninmM. Aontainfng these Ieetnrea will l..
forwarded' to psHies unable to attend. o reeeletof i"
four stamps, by aaaressing r,si,ni srtjiT,
Yobk Vpgirxt op Amatomt ap BtmncoB. ig '
Bboadwat Krw Yoax. vxT-febsa-dly

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