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io Statesman,
I AH. 9
Ohio Legislature.
Ia the jSenaft y eitetd j, a large num
ber of bllla were Introduced. -Among thesr
one by Mr. GcrLDsnvmskes a slight chanjre
In toe law regulating the descent and ais
trlbutlon of personal estates.; one by Mr
Danolir, to authorize tbe election of an
additional Judge In tbe county of Cuya
hoga, and one by Mr. Emmitt, to author
ize the commissioners ; of Pike county to
buy the bridge across the Scioto river in
t said county, , -i, . . .-; ,
. The committee on Federal Relations, to
whom was referred some documents ask
ing an appropriation from the State for the
National Lincoln Monument Association,
asked and were discharged from the fur
ther consideration of the subject. This ac
tion, ends that matter. -' .' , - . . ,
. .Mr. G bis wold efferedihe following ex
cellent reeolutlon: ; . .'.
Aetolved by the General Assembly of the
State qr vmo, l nai una monopoly is one
tf the great evils of our-country and
against tbe spirit of our institutions, and
.specially Is U . Impolitic ito place large
tracts of. . the public domain under the
"control of railroad or other' corporations:
J First, Because It destroys in effect the
: beat flu Of the? Homestead -..law,, driving
tnotewno would avail themselves of its
beneficent provisions away from, the lines
or travel into tne wuaerness. -Sreond,
It gives undue power to such
.corporations, eoablingtbem to oppress the
laboring and producing classes of our peo
ple, and prevent or retard the 'settlement
and cultivation of our pnblie lands. -:
..Third, If the recent policy of Congress
, is not caangea, tbe puouo lands wnlch
, are the property of tbe people will nearly
'all be under the control of mammoth cor-
'Orations, which are already too powerful
-and may become a source, .of danger . to a
- free people. . . . . ,- -.v
Jlesolved,, That onr Senators and Bepre
lentatives in Congress be requested to op
rpose all fnrtber granu or the publle land
to railroad or other corporations. i - ,
.. , Sesolved, That the Governor be request
ed to forward a copy of these resolutions
I xo eacn 01 our senators ' ana Kepresenta
tires In Uie Congresa oi the Uotted States,
-1' Ws regard-these resolution, although
coming iron one of to most radical Be
publicans In Ohio, as the proper expres
v a ion of condemnation of the moat gigantic
f fraud that's have ever been' perpetrated
"spon a; free people. - Well may the Dr. say
thatlfiese mammoth, corporations,", ere
ted." ,and fostered by a Judical Congress,
rV elteaty to powerful and well might
.lie have added that they are of the greatest
.idanger to a freo people. lf . r,;7
eulbe resolutions were laid Upon the table
- iand Ordered tobe printed. . f ' -" ' '1
..,Tue several bills, tevbihg and amending
, in the form oi new bills, all tbe tax lawaM
"Ohio, were taken from the committees 1
the Whole - and "referred " to : tne Finance
.committee. This would indicate action
aipoa then, si an early day. : r, v
jw The ieomtntttee on tbe question of a new
TnlrnMrv nhtalnMl leave) hf lbsefinA nn-
- -
1 .'ti . r ' . . ir ' -- . . - Jl At ! " T
jap quay nuu. . s uuuereuuiu tuey up
jen4 risWryr Massilos. : tii -.- sv- - !;
"The House having adjoorsed over tbe
8th,'the anniversary of tile battle of New
jOriean as a token of respect to tbe hero
. f bat;day, whose governing principle
"'Was thav the right Is always expedient, at
'11-o'clock the Senate adjourned, for the
.Wtfne, reasoq. ;, V.r.;rtJ
:,'! THeoitor of the Sprlngfleld 'BepubHc
'Radical! a queer genius.; " He did what
Hit could to aefeat mr. i nomas lor von
Kress, who was tbe advocate and exponent
Of a financial policy that locked to the in
terest rof manufacturers, 'merchants and
mechanics, and- now' the' Republic Iririo
1 cently asks: wny Congress' can't give us
'financial system that "will assist and en
courage" these' classes: It' don't want the
Tesamptfon of specie payments "now, nor
next yearnor at any period which will
derange the finances or bring- disaster to
the producer ."1 Where's Sbellabarger, the
-featf io nsri v :. r.i nn. s i j. i ac. jii
f- W find the-following marriage notloe In
a Nebraska journal : " On the east half of
itho iwitbwest quarter of section twenty -
two' (22.) township twenty-One (21.) north
4TMnge eleven (least, la an bpen slelgb,
"and under an open and Unclouded oonopy,
"by the Rei. F. MsOrt,"Jane Bcmly
koa-or John Cox," of Color-do, and Ellen
'C4 eldest daughter of Major C Harrington,
-Ol' Burt edunty, Nebraska."1 ' ' - ' '
.a ifi- ' ' .1 '7,'M ?'j'.'a
-; JL BmbaKPOETV -CoDn Sonday school
teach or questioned his class: last week in
-regard to Christmss, with the following re
H rWbere WM Christ born f " "At Beth
clebem." Where's Bethlehem V Mln Jn
dea." "Who first knew that Christ was
born f 'His soother." ; i . ... r- . ; 3-
[FRIDAY, January s, 1869.
Hi Tbe FRESIDENT tailed the Senate to
-rder-atnten o 'clock. .. 5 r - -.v-M-A
.Tirayer byJBev. Mr. Hays,- .. . ,r , .
The journal of yesterday was read and
lip'proved"-'- i:t'-' '-. '- ' ':-
io By Mr. GODFBEY From M. Schnyler,
ri jierceroouoiy, tor a law iurtner uenn
.icg, the duties ol Couqty Surveyors. Bo
ferred to Mr. Carter. , ,
'' By the sanie-Frdm v.' D; NIchoiS, ' of
- Allen xjuntyi for the same object. Same
imferonefe .'.1 t -b--- a if, M.t
fi,-By Mr. BROOKS From the city coun
. elT and trustees of - the waterworks of
1 Bteubenvlile, for a 'law allowing assess-
mebts fev-watir rents to be placed upon tbe
ZlX oopiicai- ana coueciea tne .same as
. other taxes.. JKeferred to. the select com.
inittee on the revision of the laws relating
3to Municipal Corporations. -
By Mr. POTTS Resolutions of - the
.Teacher' Institute of Carroll county, for
-. ue creauon oi toe omce of county Super
intendent of Common Schools. Referred
1 to th committee on Common Schools and
sJi By Mr. OOLDENh S.i B. No. 26f-To
5 emend tne law reguiatlug descent and dls
trlhutioa of personal estates.
,nrBy Mr; WOOD WORTH, S.B,lTo.'263-
sappiemeniary -to ine act to establish a
ioorte of -civil procedure, passed March 11,
10KB.' --f .1. If -r.- I. ... , .'
By MnlMr, KEIFER, 8. B. No. 2C9-To
n act to amend an act entitled an act for
'the punishment et -certain bffenses therein
Bamed passed March 8, ;1831- -r- ,
, .By Mr. DANGLEKTs. B. TSTo. 270 To
'avnthorlze the election of an addition al j udge
'of the Co art of Common Pleas In the coun
ty of Cuyahoga. . ' . . . -i
' , By Mr, WOODWORTH, S. B. No. 271
To amend the act for the regulation of the
vrablle schools in cities, towns, Ac- passed
-FebrttaiT SI; 184ft. , , .
. By r Mr., EMMITTj S.. B. No. 272 To
prevent ,.ffadulent , practices therein
'named. " .
x- By Mr. DICKEY, 8. B. No. 273 Supple
jBeBtary to the act to require , mortgages
and bills of sale ol personal property to be
'ricposited with the township clerk, passed
TfYoruary 24, 1846. - ' ' -
-s By Mr. EMMITT, , S. 'B. . No, 274
oAntboriains and ; empowering tbe Com
missioners of Pike county to purchase
tbe bridge across the Scioto; river in said
county now belonging to the Scioto Bridge
'Company. ' ...''"."
o By Mr.CARTERi Select Committee, S. B.
a. 175i-T further define the duties of
county urveyors. s .. .,.-, , , ,
. The last named bill provides that In all
"counties in this State where meridians
have been or shall hereafter be established;,
it sbaU be tbe duty of the county surveyor
to take charge of the same, and to put and
keep them in good.order, and take such
observations as may be necessary therefor,
and tne jommissiouers ui me county, are
authorized to pay out of the county treas
ury sucfc- compensation therefor- as they
ball deem reasonable.
Mr. MAY, from tbe committee on. Fed
eral Relations, to whom was-referred the
memorial and acldre-a of the National Lin
coln Monument Association, reported, ask-
Ing to be discharged from the' further
consideration of the subject. Report agreed
4o and committee discharged. -
Mr. ORIS WOLD offered a Joint resolu
tion on the subject of land monopoly, re
auestinir our Senators and Representatives
.In Congress to oppose all further grants of
the puoiio lands to railroad ana omer. cor
porations. Laid on the table and ordered to
1 be printed. - ' ' A,
. On motion of Mr. POTTS, the Senate adjourned.
Repudiation—Where it Will Lead.
[From the Chillicothe Advertiser, January 7.]
We regret to see that the Columbus Cri
sis and Bucvrus Forum, both hitherto able
i Democratic journals, have stepped off the
uemocrauc piaiiorm and come out, in aa
vocacy of repudiation. A national desire
to punish tne grasping and avaricious
bondholder for refusing to accept wbat be
U entitled to under tbe letter and spirit of
the law. mav in a manner excuse this
action on tbe part of these papers; but
bave tbey stopped ' to consider mac re
pudiation is a two-edged instrument
which would cut In different directions.
The bondholder would lose his money and
the Republic would lose its reputation for
honesty and its credit. A man may be in
-debt, and place his property out of his
hands, and lauch at his creditor when .his
' bill is presented. The creditor loses ' bis
money ana tneaeotor his character, wnicn
should be worth more to- him than the
'. money he has made by his roguery.
it does not do to plead as an argument
for repuoauon tnat tne great duik oi tne
debt Is the result of wat :ful extravaga ice
or even direct tbieverv. ft was contracted in
the name of tne American people, by the le
gitimate authority, properly elected and
vested by the Constitution with the r'ght to
act in their name. As well might a profli
gate spendthrift refuse to pay his debts be
cause mey7 were, contracted in oe
bauchery and drunkenness. It Is I
penalty that the people must pay for
their. : criminal ': lack of judgment
in placing tbe government in the bands of
.pro Ulgates and plunders, witnout inquiry
as to the manner In which the money was
spent, if teas obtained on the faith of the gov
ernment. Of tne properly constituted an
'thorl ties, and bv repudiating It, every eltl
zen beintran Integral Dart of tbe govern-
, nient, will be a sharer in the disgrace.,. If
the agents who Contracted the debt were
properly empowered to contract it, we are
as honorably bound to pay it as we are
pay debts of our personal contracting. We
are not speaking in a party sense, but
tbe -people as a whole; tne itepuDiican
party being bound by . tbe. action of the
Government in Democratic hands, as the
j Democratic party ia bound by the action of
the Government in Republican hands. To
a limited. extent the Whig party, which
"cume into power Immediately alter- tbe
1 Mexican war, which was conducted by
, Democratic , Administration, might have
found excuses for the repudiation of that
debt, but tbe entire Democratic party an
. tbe country, would bave been startled at
such a proposition. , . , . .
If repudiation is inaugurated as a method
of paying our debts, bave the friends of the
system, considered where it would lead?
If we should regain power at the close of
-tirant's term, ana then repudiate tne oeDts
contracted during tne toree preceding aa
ministrations, the nextadmlnlstratton may
be against us, and having similar grounds
dissatlsfsction, may cancel the aeDtsoi our
, term bv the same short , method, and we
' would then have the pleasant spectacle of
' a government or parties, eacn one Tepuai
ating the contracts of the other. And: Its
in lection would bo caught by. the people.
' It the government can repudiate, why
not the people, - would- be the question
asked in all business circles, and, national
, and business honor and credit would soon
vanish from the Republic. "
We don't want the great name of De
mocracy tarnished witn repudiation. ve
would be hanett t We would be just 1 Na
' tlon,'-like Individuals, should pay their
dents ; and like individuals tney snouio oe
scrupulous and exacting in paying no more
than the letter of tbe bond. - '1 be Consti-
)tbtion has wisely reserved to Congress the
power io luruEHlfl cudubuh wuivu arts uu-
preseive and unjust to . the people, and
, here is tbe remedy to annul tne advan
tages which the grasping " bondholder
' may - reap"-through-.- Radical legisla
tion in his favor. .Let the , Demo
cratic party give solemn warning to the
'bondholders and capitalists of the country,
that they intend - to pay tbe debt according
to contract, and in no other way. .That they
will pay gold where stipulated, and paper
money or its equivalent when named in the
bond, and that if Congress passes tbe in
famous funding bill, or any other swindling
scheme to give gold to tbe bondholder In
stead of paper, that it will be the first duty
of the first Democratic : Congress to
annul such legislation, and take such ac
tion as shall literally comply with the letter
of the law under which the debt was con-
itracted. -lot .the-face of this warning, it
capitalists invest in new gold bonds to take
tbe place of old paper ones, they cannot
complain when the Government reduces
. them to toe old paper value. , -
[From the Chillicothe Advertiser, January 7.] City Marshal.
. JUK8SR8. JUttTORS : ll is uuoerstooa tnat
Patrick Murphy, our present Marshal, is
not a candidate for re-election.1 In rook
ing around for a successor, tbe best interests
of the city demand that a candidate should
be selected who Is well qualified for tbe
position. The Democracy-must be careful
at the epring election to nominate their
best men it they would preserve and in
crease their majorities. Janses Hannan, as
Lieutenant of the Police, has proven him
self tope a most efficient officer.. He is a
reliable and working Democrat, and will
be warmly "supported as- a candidate for
: the nomination of City Marshal by his
' The Oflio Statesman. We : call atten--tion
to the Prospectus of tbe Ohio States
man. .The Statesman- is a live and able
Democratic paper, edi ted by Messrs. E. B.
Eshelman and C. B. Flood, gentlemen ot
well known .ability and devoted, to the
cause. Stark Co. pemocrat.
-.' No. r State Street,
Have always on band 'every delicacy in
season. Gentlemen can arrange for Board
by the week. 'We have two large and de
sirable rooms over the restaurant for rent,
suitable for a party of six'' or eight. ;
iui . i. CoVXBDAi.4 & HOSKLTON,' ' '
' !
janB-iw"1:"!" ' - Proprietors.' !
,K Jilxf? L, ..DkBotts, Locksmiths an
bell hungers, at No. 141 North High street,
..are now prepared to hang parlor and hotel
. bells in the neatest and latest etyle. Sew
ing machines repaired and satisfaction
guaranteed.,, Models built. for patentees,
and all kinds ot light machinery made'and
.repaired. Keys oi ell description always
on hand, and safe and jail locks made and
repaired.' , ., may2SUs-ly
-, Accident-. There rwas an explosion: in
t Doctor ;- -Ayer's Laboratory, - yesterday.
. which caused some excitement in the vl
elnlty. -Ayer's Tills are manufactured un
der an enormous pressure, In cylinders,
like cannon, which sometimes prove too
.weak' for the compressed forces, and burst
with' terrific" violence."' Fortunately, the
pieces do not fly far,' so that no one has
ever been hurt by them. The action
more like ice than powder ; but It makes
Pills which all the world acknowledge
PttLfl. Daily Journal, Lowell. . .
Jan5-dfcwlwcm .- .,
, Nervous. Dkbiijtt, with its gloomy at
tendants, low spirits, depression, involun
tary emissions, loss of semen, spermator
rhoea, loss of power, dizzy head, loss
memory and threatened impotence and
'Imbecility, find a sovereign cure in Hum
phreys' Homeopathic Specific No. Tweu
ty-Eignt.' Composed of the mdstvalaable,
mild and potent Curatives, they strike' a
once at the root of the matter, tone up the
system, Wrest the discharges, and Impart
vigor and energy, life and vitality to the
-entire- man. 1 Tbey have cured thousands
of cases.' - Price $9 per package of six box
et and vial, which to very important in ob
stinate 6r old cases, or l per single box.
Sold by all Druggists, and sent by maQ'on
receipt Of price.' Address Humphreys';
Specific Homkopathio Mebiciiix Co, 662
DnuiivairiNewYork. ivl2-deodw1v
i.UHU - - ' ' J
WASHINGTON, January 8.
Mr. SPENCER Introduced a bill to reg
ulate the price and encourage the produc
tion of cotton In tbe United Statis. Ret
ferred to committee on Finance. - --
A bill for the relief of Sue Mnrnhv. of
Decatur, Ala- came up. A Ion? debate fol
lowed, put no action was taken.
Adiourneo to JStonday.
The House proceeded, as the business of
tne morning Dour on Friday, to tbe call
oi committees lor puis or a private char
acter, and took up the bill reported bv Mr.
irerry. irom tne .rostomce committee, on
the 13th of December last, to allow Lewis
A. Smith, Postmaster at Ionia, Mich.,
credit for public money and stamps stolen
from his possession. After considerable
discussion the bill passed.
Mr. hUHENCK. from the committee on
Ways and Means, reported a bill amending
tne za section oi tne law ot Aiarcn 31st,
1868, to exempt certain manufactures from
internal tax. so as to extend its provisions
to manufacturers of naval machinery for
government, and remitting such taxes as
have not accrued prior to the 1st of April,
1868. After a brief explanation the bill
passed. ' i
The House, at two o'clock, went Into
committee of the Whole on the state of the
Union, Mr. Htrrlburd. of New York. In tbe
chair, and an hour and a half being allowed
ior general oeoate.
Mr. LOGAN addressed the committee In
opposition to Mr. Jenckes' civil rights bill,
Mr. JENCKES replied.
General debate being closed, the Military
Academy appropriation bill was consider
ed and ordered reported to the House. It
appropriates $271,558.
The committee rose and the bill was
passed by the House.
At 3:40 the House went into committee
of the Whole on the State of the Union
Mr. Wilson, of Iowa, in the Chair, on the
President's message of 1867, and was ad
dressed by Mr. Bayer in a speech on gen
eral politics, in reply chiefly to a speech
made by Mr. Blaine, of Me, before a re
cess. -Tne
committee rose and tbe House ad
journed till Monday.
The Contest for the in
NEW YORK, Jan. 8.
Tbe Times' Augusta, Maine,, dispatch
states that at the Republican Legislative
caucus last mgnt. tne committee appointed
to receive the votes for a candidate for, tbe
Senate, reported 149 votes and one blank
Hamlin 7o; JUorrill 74. A motion was im
mediately made to declare. Hamlin' the
nominee. Mr. .Long, chairman of tbe com
mil tee, here stated that the gentlemanwho
threw the blank bad stated that be intend
ed to. vote tor Morrill. Alter much discus
sion, a motion to adjourn without day was
made and carried, the -chairman stating
that if tbe caucus adjourned it would be
witbout a declaration irom tne chair or by
the caucus. that any nomination had been
made. . .,, .
The Senatorial Fight in Missouri.
ST. LOUIS, Jan. 8.
'A general caucus of the Missouri Lee is
lature was held at Jefferson City, Jast
night, to bear uens.scburz and Loan, can
didates for tbe United States Senatorshlp,
denne their positions, ine caucus turned
outtobea mass meeting and was largely
attended by citizens generally as well as
members. Uenerai ixan being unwell
was not present. Tbe discussion was in
tended mainly to give General Schurz an
opportunity to reply to tbe charges of bis
opponents, that he is in favor of immedi
ately enfranchising rebels and turning the
State over to the hands of tbe enemy". A
special gives the following account of the
proceedings 01 tne meeting. -.
Gen. Schurz distinctly denied the above
charge, and stated that be was astonished
at It after so frequently and emphatically
declaring his position on tbe question. He
divided the question into two parts, Fed
eral and State, and in the United States
Senate, he would support tbe following
amendments : First, General suffrage, witb
out distinction of color or previous condi
tion, out recognizing tbe right ol a state to
disfranchise on account of felony or rebel
lion ; Second, An amendment to reduce
everv rebellious State to a territorial con
dition. So far as Missouri was concerned
negro suffrage was a justice done to the
negro, and rebel suffrage was a grace to be
doue to tbe disloyal. He was first for jus
tice and second lor grace, lie was lor re
pealing .the disfranchisement - act only
after negro suffrage was adopted.. He
ridiculed tbe Constitutional performances
of Drake. & Company, and said had he been
a member ot tbe Convention he never
would bave consented to make enfranchise
ment easier than negro suffrage, as tbe
Drake Constitution did. He severely criti
cized both S nators Drake and Henderson
for leaving Washington at so critical a mo
ment, only for the. purpose of defeating
him. He stigmatized the charges made
against him aa wilful lies.- He declared
that be bad never belonged to any ring,
and treated the subject ot patronage of no
consequence to hini. He concluded by ob
serving that his name was Known far and
wide, and never bad a Senatorial election
commanded so much attention both in
America and Europe as this one bad. He
believed his election would greatly encour
age immigration to this country and State.
General Loan not being present. Mr.
Drake was invited to speak. He said be
could not be expected to reply off-hand to
a well prepared - speech, assailing so vio
lently, out ce onerea to answer at some
time, whereupon the caucus invited him to
name tbe day. .Before sitting down. Mr.
Drake made some very bitter remarks
against General Schurz striking bard blows,
and saying that be would show in bis re
sponse whose heart best answers tbe pulsa
tions or the great naoicaj party. ,
Mr. Henderson was then called upon and
spoke, ridiculing many of the remarks of
General Schurz, advocating bis owu elec
tion, and making a stronir effort in behalf
ot the repeal of the disfranchisement act.
Debt of Maine.
AUGUSTA, ME., Jan. 8.
Gov. Chamberlain was inaugurated to
day. The debt of the State has been re
duced tbe past year thirty-seven thousand
dollars. Tbe entire debt amounts to Ave
millions filtv three thousand and five hun
dred dollars, which falls due in 1871.
Death of Gen Rousseau.
Gen.' Rousseau died : very calmly last
night at 11 o'clock, having taken leave of
bis friends and staff shortly before that
hour. The manifestations of regret to-day
are universal. To-day beinar the anniver
sary of the battle of New Orleans all flags
are flying. Both the foreign consulate and
American flags are displayed at half mast
and draped in mourning.
The Accident in Rochester.
Thus far but eight persons have died in
consequence of falling of the school house
floor Wednesday night. . Nearly filty were
found, but most of them are out of dan
ger.. Six of the killed were buried this
morning. One funeral was held for all.
Tbe coroner's investigation shows the
cause ot the accident was neglect to put a
stone cap of full size upon a brick pier in
the cellar. .
Death of John Minor Botts.
John Minor Botts died at his house In
Va., this morning. '
Fatal Shooting Affair in Memphis.
MEMPHIS, Jan. 8.
A shooting affray occurred at 10 o'clock
this morning at the corner, of Second and
Market streets, resulting in the death ol
Edwin Whitfield, of the firm ot Moore &
Whitfield, cotton factors, by S. A. Doran,
a gambler. Doran had rented a house
from Whitfield's father and kept such dis
reputable company that an attempt was
made In the courts to eject him. Doran
this morning published a card in the Av
alanche denouncing both ' Whitflelds as
thieves, liars and poltroons. Edwin Whit
field and Major Moore went to tbe bouse
lor the purpose, it is supposed, of chastis
ing DOran. On knocking at tbe door it
was opened, w nitneia entered tn door,
. which was immediately locked.
The shooting commenced simultaneously
with the locking of the door, when Moore
and the crowd attracted by the firing burst
the door open. Whitfield was found lying
on the floor dying, and Doran and two
women standing in tne center of tbe room,
He cried out that be surrendered. He and
tbe women were taken to jail
Whitfield's pistol was found on hiu,
nerer having been drawn.,-He -was shot
through tbe bodv Ave times and beaten
over the head wlih the pistol. There was
strong talk of lynching Doran. Whitfield
was an exemplary vounar man, recently
married. During the war he served on the
staff or Uen. Dick Taylor.
Surprise at Porter's Report.
MEMPHIS, Jan. 8.
The Avalanche's Little Bock special, to
night, says: Great surprise Is felt here at
General Porter's, report of affairs In this
state, as ne was here ouiy one aay, ana
could have no opportunity of obtaining in
formation as to the bad conduct of the
militia in various parte of tbe State. -
Albany Diocese.
The standlnff committee of the Protest
ant -Episcopal Diocese of Pennsylvania
last night refused, by a unanimous vote,
to sign testimonials tor Rev. Dr. Doane, re
cently elected Bishop of the new diocese
of Albany, New York. -
Washington Items.
There was a full attendance at the regu
lar Cabinet meetlnir to-day.
Gen. F. P. Blair, jr., had an Interview
with the President this morning.
The United Stats and the Eastern
NEW YORK, Jan. 8.
' In' reference to the meeting to beheld
here to raise sympathy for the Cretans, the
Times says: In our judgment neither our
principles nor our interest require us to
take part In the contest on either side, be
yond wbat we may oe prompted to do by
a desire to relieve the unfortunate and to
succor the distressed. We hope our Gov
ernment will not be urged into or toward
any interference with tbe political or quasi-
religious controversies of Europe. We
have no more concern with the Eastern
question than with the Internal economy
ot japan.
Prosecution of Mr. Bowles.
The Sun says General Butler has been
employed to prosecute Mr." Bowles, ot the
Springfield Republic, for his editorial re
marks about Mr. James Fisk, Jr. The
General announces his determination to
bring the case to an early trial. General
Butler does not approve the action of New
York officers in locking up Mr. Bowles
A Disgraceful Scene.
It is stated that at the execution of
Woolley, at Freehold, New Jersey, yester
day, a large numDer 01 weii-oressed wo
men were present to witness tbe execu
tion, and whjle the wretch was still hang
ing a crowd of school children were aa
emitted to see the spectacle. ; ; -
Officer Stabbed.
Charles Moody seriously stabbed Officer
Porter, ' of the Metropolitan Hotel, last
night, while the latter was endeavoring to
quell a disturbance between gamblers and
sporting men in the bar room. Moody was
arrested. - -
The Alabama Claims.
- The Tribune reviews the position of this
country and England on the Alabama
question, - and says -it is , clear that the
-American.people will tolerate no adjust
ment of the Alabama claims which does not
Include, on the part of England, a. volunta
ry and utter renunciation of tbe principles
- and precedents on which her convenient
neutrality was Dasea, ana wnicn sne desires
us to repudiate in our future relations to
ward. Great Britain. - , j v ,
Gold Hoarding.
The Tribune animadverts upon the sys
tem of keeping gold boarded in the United
States Treasury, saying it makes an arti
ficial scarcity, whereby gold gamblers only
mav profit, and men who would be finan
ciers take to piling up more and more of it
' in that charnel house for two to three
years longer. We protest, demanding that
this large accumulation be set adrift and
made to earn something for the Govern
ment and people.
The Conference.
LONDON, Jan. 8.
: " The request of the Sublime Porte ' for
postponement of the conference on the
Eastern question, in order that time might
be gained for instructing the Turkish rep
resentatives, has not been acceded to. The
conference wiil open its sessions to-morrow.
The Sultan has telegraphed his in
structions at length to Mehemed Pasha, tbe
Turkish ambassador at Paris. A part of
these instructions are that if discussions in
the conference extend beyond the Turkish
ultimatum to Greece that the Turkish rep
resentative shall immediately withdraw.
The Turque says if the Turkish represen
ts ive withdraws war with Greece is Inev
itable. . , '. ' '
Decrease in Bullion.
PAIRS, Jan. 8.
The decrease in bullion in the Bank oi
France, during tbe week, was twenty-seven
and a half million francs.
The Greek Representative and the
VIENNA, Jan. 8.
The Presse, of this city, asserts that the
representative of the Greek Government at
the Paris Conference will not be permitted
to otter any proposition, but will attend
only for the purpose of giving information
in regard to subiects under discussion.
The Conference wiil frame a project of set
tlement, which it will be the duty ot Greece
to adopt after- its acceptance br the Sub
lime Porte and the withdrawal of tbe
Turkish ultimatum.
Corps of Observation.
PARIS, Jan. 8.
The Spanish Government-is about to es
tablish, a Corps; of Observation kpn ithe
LONDON, Jan. 8.
The Arm attitude'of Turkey on the East
ern question excites much alarm. .
NEEDLES At 11 o'clock Wodneiday niebt,
Vm. D.iiKDLBS, aged 7u ytrs. , - . -. ,
; The funeral will take place to-morrow (Satar
daj) from Town Street Church, at 11 o'olook A. M.
..' jan8-dai. . - ; -- :'- : '
New Advertisements
1 tW- The Ohio Statesman has a
Larger Circulation than any pa
per piiblished in this City or Cen
tral Ohio. Advertisers -will bear
this In mind. ' : " 1
Columbus &-1 Hocking'Valley
- , ItAILROAD. -
Columbus. O , Jan. . 1869.
Hookini Valley Kailroai are re-peotfalljr
inrited to participate in an excursion trip to ln
earter on WEDNESDAY. JANUARY 13th.
Tr -in will leave Union Depot at 9 A. M stop,
pin? at South Depot, Edwards'. Groveport. Win
cheater and Curoll.
11. M. GREENE.
jan9-d3t. . . .. . ... Yiee President.
The only Infallible and Harmless Remedy. Can be
given with or without the patient's knowledge.
Bead Dr. Johnston's Treatise on "Drunken
ness, its ConseQueneea and Cure." Try
the SPECIFIC, and bo oon
pleasant pi operation creates no vomiting after its
use. Tobaaco need not be discarded all at once,
for the Compound destroys the desire gradual.
and positively.
' ros SAUt a all snvaaiBTS. '!
I es.Uu ' . ; ' AUG. J, SCHUELLER. -.,
aepl7-dTAsiwly .. Proprietor. Columbus, O.
Asm Jela&Na Ua siX . s
splendid Hair Dye is the best in the world
the only true and perfect Dye; harmless, reliable
ioetantaneoua : no -disappoiatuiRot : no ridiculous
tints remedies the ill efleets ot ad dyes ; invig
orate asd leaves the Hair soft and beautiful, black
or brown. Sold by all Drugaisis avl Perfumers;
and properly applied at Batcholor's Wig Factory
No. 10 Bond street. N. York, toy aprUS diwly
w"A d v'e rti s e me nt s
..A-.J-L "V....
1 '
12th d of Jauary. 1869,
Nos. 23, 25, 27 & 29 S. High Street.
Will sail
Wool Hoods,
35ULXntt dio.
' Also Great Red notion in the price of - '
3BXcs.xxlx.etss, . T .
ll nderwear,
G-loireeB, , 5 ,
' We are sola A rents for tha gale of the HARRIS
tW J"rom ihit date our.ttore will be cloeed
at 6 o clock P. M. until further notice. -
Nos. 23, 25, 27 A 39 South High it
c r
The Handsomest and Beat Fami y Journal Pub-
Romance? .Traye! ; and . D iscovery.
Prioa, Six Cents per Copy.
instruction, elevation and refinement of tbe
Family, and aa an eTer-weloome companion for the
leuurenonr. . ,
Will be found the moot comprehensive of all the
hnhilnmadals oublished.
It is devoted to everything that is pleasant that
is interesting.
Its contributors are amonr the most distinguished
foreign and native authors. Of these, thentmes
of upward ot two hundred are upon its lists, who,
in due season, will prepare for its columns the
moat delightful romances, striking narratives, notes
ot various tnmga. - biograpmeai and historical
sketches, chats upon all questions of interest in
evarv department of knowledge, and mnnti ba.
sides that will prove of inestimable value in the
various departments ti - .......
In a word, TBS Niv World is sought bj the
multitude, and trrasnred for its teachingii and va
ried contents. It is just such a publication as is
demanded by the people asked for in the home
circle oecause oi its ireanneas, vivaciousness, wit
and elevated tone.
, Among those engaged to contribute to Its paces
may be int ntiooed :
Hon. E. U. 6QUIER, the well-known antiqua
rian, author and traveler, whose works on the an
oient ruins of South1 America have been translated
into every laDguece... ' .
Prof. V. A JOY. Lecturer on Chemistry and
cognate 8'ienoes at Columbia College, Mew York.
A. Jv. GARDMKK, M. D.. author of many im
portant works on Medicine.
WILLIAM KOsS WALLACE, the poet of pas
sion and chivalry. -
CAPI. A1AYNE REID, the world-known inter
preter of Mexican, Texan and Border life.
PlhltCB hiOAN. tbe gieat English romancist.
A J. H. DL'Ui.NNE, ..
G. W. A. BUNGAY, '
! '- YiKUliilA t TOWWSEND.
' M. A. UtMSU.V.
' To give the publio a fair idea of the charaoter of
i bi siw w obld. tae papers in tne hrst number
are subjoined, . ,
" Content,
"THE RING OF HUE; or. the Sorcerer ofAhe
Temple." a splendidly writte i romance profu'eiy
illustrated from tbe pen of Arthur eibley. This
splendid story of the tast. portraying the reign of
toe beautif I Zenobi. Queen of Palmyra,' will be
read everr where with profound interest.
"OUTWITTCD; A Novel of Circumstantial
Evidence," by Frances Gerry Fairfield. This story
is powerfully written, replete witb incident. It is
a tale of life in the metropolis. Illustrated.
by Virginia F. Towosend, a lady whose gracelul
pen ia known to every reader of belle-lettres.
"an hour in a Dissecting room.
This tale of real life, by Mary A. Denison, is well
worth attentive pernsal.
"THE DIAMOND KING; How it was Lost and
Found." This story is founded on (act. To com
mend it tb the reader, it is only neo8?ary to re
mark t at its author is Hon. E. G. tqnier.
"THE LOVER'S REVENGE: A lale of the
Mexican War," is unusn lly exciting. Itisfiom
the pen of Mayne Raid. Illustrated.
"LOST IN A PYRAMID; or. The Mummy's
Curse." This is a fi le, imaginative sketch, pro
fusely illustrated. Its author in L. M. Aloot.
TER'S." An interesting relation, by trash Les
lie, of his ascent to the ball o( the Church of St.
Peter's, at Koma. The aituations in it are i lustra-ted-
. ' - ' '
ey." ia a curious romance of disappointed love and
unholy ambition, it is by Catherine fc.nrr.shaw.
humorous sketch by Nellie Ames. -' '
"POB MS"-by William Ross v allaceand others.
AMErtlCAN 1NST11 U IE : Notes oj. the Doin.s
of the Hob technic Association and Farmer's Club.
Is 1 1 1 By Dr. A. K. Gardner, author ot many Text
Books on Medioine. .
THE DINiK TABL' : How to Live and
W bat to Eat. By the Chief do Cuieine of the
Metropolitan Hotel
By Professor O. A. Joy, Lecturer on Chemistry
and Related Sciences at Columbia College. A se
ries of exceedingly intoreetii pper. d. vetoed of
learned terms and professional technicalities, is
promised by -this gentleman.: They will, ques
Uonlesr. attract very general attention. '
ing a curious collection of tbe sayings and doing of
eminent personages. - f t v ,
, WORLD WONDBRSt hiterestingfacts aicerp
ted from many t,ojks.-
"BUBBLES." . These consist of anecdotes, co
nundrums, etc. '
With No 1 is Issued gratuitously asplendid sup
plement for tbe Young Folks, contain. ng 3d en
gravings illustrating the story of the-.'Tbre Bears
and Old Mother Hubbard. Alao, numerous in and
out door Games, and t.ie Grand Duohess Q ladrille,
composed expressly for Tan Nbw World. Fiauk
Leslie's new paper ready this day.
Tbkms roa 1869. The New World will be on sale
at the stands of a' I News Agents, at six eents per
copy. Tbe suh cription price per annum is S3,
four copies for $10, and eight copies for $20, which
is at the rate of $2 60 per copy. Any person who
forwards $20 for eight copies will bs served witb a
copy free of coat. -
fto. 1 with aupplemenr, will be sent post paid to
any person inclosing a three cent stamp. -,
Address FliANK LESLIE. New York.
janS-dlt-H MY
For Sale or Rent.'
Ihe desirable property he-
longing to Mary E. ifltnt. deceased, situated on
Mound street, near 7th, consisting of a convenient
house, wood shed. As., on a spacious lot ninety
feet front, one hundred in depth. Good cistern and
well, fruit trees and flower garden on the .premises.
- Vat price and terms, enquire at W. H. Kent's
auotion rooms. corner Town and Fourth, .jai.7 dtf
No. 830 Ilroadway.
Capital,' ' -' One Sliliioii Dollars.
Dabius K Makqam, Pres't, Jab. Mxsrill, Seo'y.
Receives Deposi sand allows FOUR PER NT.
INTEREST on all Daily Balances, aubject to check
ataighU special Deposits for Six months or more,
maybe made at five per cent. The Capital of One
Million Dollars ia divided among over AoQ, Sbare
holders. com prising many gentlemen of large wealth
and financial experience, who are alio personally
liable to-depositors for all ebiirationa of theCom-i
pear to double the amount of their capital etock.
Aa the National Trust Company receives deposits
in large er small amounts, and permits them to be
drawn as a wbole or in pa t by check a sight and
without notioe. allowing interest on all daily bal
ances, parties throughout the country can keep ao
oounu in this Institution with apteiai sdrsBUtges
of security, convenience and profit.
re HT-deol-dAwSJm
-DJtr-t300DS.1T- IT
rwrr -ry. w ;uui
1 1. :
- - -' ' V v
- .. ,1 .; '
:- i 1
.- o
Call etxrly ami ntnlato selec
tions, so as to get tbe
.-clioloe of . our Larcr ;
Stock ot
t 9 '.' -1 J . v'i. 1 . 1 , c - A ' .
t a c -
"Whioli l notr complete in
every Department. . ;
nr r'"f.J :t i s .-41 y
. . .. . , .! 1'. 1 .. . . ' .M ,
. ... .. . . . ; . -.
. .... '.(:'., -. i .. J.-. ' -
Are oft erect than can be
had elsewhere. j
250 AND 252
' y, -. -'. ir
n , : .' ' ! : 4 .'.''IK'X .'ill 1' Jn
, .- . - vt.v ,.lif:--Mt. ',. k)
.... : , i ' ' '.t 0 n:tt i- l.-i
s .sne, - ... -
souin nian street.
I. ! 1 ;-'-i
Senw H BTIl(ri ecri. m a.a?..
Uil$f Ioat," "Wastts, re)et
BrU !". ta SeeeallBBK ls;Bts
laiblleaeel 1st this euilaanm Mar
iOcentseiacki Isncrtlosu
WAJITEb-TO KENT A small Bouse sad
Lot nnt f. tmnm . V, A w u:.l. 1
. mif-i -. - ....
Addrf!J,T-B-w-B' . ColumbuaP . O.
JSaUCr-UAV . . - el
- - - i , ; . - 'in n
WU1 siva her Third Matinee Saturday Afternoon.
vsuusi evMS
. rri.y , o o A K H B : ' '
Overture "Don Pasqualo". . . : . ...... Donlutlt
. Miss Schneider and Brother.
Sonc-CJawUh Maiden... -.Ksekcft
S. Piano Solo "Wedding Marob."' (By Request
" , vwwid, oonuviucr .... . 141. It
4. Soprano 8olo "Kellogg Walti" .Arditt
I. Vocal Duett "There ia a Bank7.. ...... ..Horn
S. Yiohncello Sole Fantasia sur "Lui'...Batt
nr. low. rcuneiaer,
7 Ballad-" We'd Better Bide a WeeM,...Claribel
... Mr- Scarritt. , - I -.
8. Soprano Solo "Robert" .Meyerbeer
iSS . . Misa tinma J. Lathrop.
.March.... ....Btranas
Mies Sohneider and Brother.
Tiokets 40 cenu. Sold at the door. . . janS-dlt
MAX BTRAKOSCM....- - Tlr.n. '
Has the honor to announce the first and only Cn-
1 ver ot . .. . ;
On Saturday Ereniog;, Jan. m3 186.
BIG. LOTTI, ' "'j
-;,' - - SIG. PETRELLI. -
SIGf 8TAITAN0iri..!.Mcsi0Ai DrBscros1 ,
' - Adv ission, SI; Reserved Seats, SI SO. Bala
of seats will commence Thursday morning atSelta
er's Music Store.
Doors open at IX; eoneert at S o'olock. ' " jan7
Open Sightly with a Star Company "of ' ' '
' :v'-.Beeond week, and greatBit.or'n 'TT
Louise Payne and Ada Wray.
Six mora new faces this week. Hiss SUSIE
STAR, the rmonlar l)aonnM anil f.vnvitA tntniu.
Mr. EUGENE F. GORMAN, the versatile Actor
andFlutinist:BOWMAn and HARRIS, theeele-
orated btninpean comedians; Miss KOa A L K and
Miss MART KUSSfeLL, ihe accomplished Vocal
ists, Danseuns and Comediennes,
See Pr0a7amu.ee for particulars. janl
u Tkmaclila, CaIId Bin,
Is a very complicated and delicate one, and ia 1
liable to (et out of order, sad much -more -difficult -to
repair, than any combination of wheels, arid
cranks, and levervmade bz tbe hands of bid. At
a rule, it ia tinker tot eewA, and badly tinJbmd
at that, i It ia often ealomeliied, 'sarootixed, de
pleted, and otherwise misused, when all that it
really needa ia a wholesome tonic and restorative
pat it ia proper trim and keepitsov The stomach is
shamefully maltreated. ' in the flrst place. His fued
which ita juices are intended to dissolve. Is tod fre
quently Ami into UAattily, and in a balf-maaU-eated
condition, in which state the -gastrin afcid
eaanet prepetly hot upon H. The reanlt I dypp-
. Then comes the doctor, and, finding the di
gestive organs weak aud the. hairala lneii.aje eeu
oeeds to weaken and paralyse still more with dras
tic purgatives. These failing as tbey always do
to prod ace a salutary change, he tells the (in valid
that medical science can do no more for hint. This,
with all due deference, is a mistake. ae of those
mistakes wMch-TaUyrand said were tairKmmnrt to
crimes, 'rfhat the dyspeptic needa ia i'VigoratUm.
St'engtbdn the stomach with H0STf TB.'S
BITTr RS. and the stomach will atrengtbaa every
other part of the human machine, and make it,
common parlance, as good as new. TJpoa
the state ot the digestion dependiln AnieaaareTIhe
condition of the whole system. J?eW, the bitters
are the most admirable tonic known. They consist
of the finest vegetable inviKOrant and restorative.
Combined with an unadulterated stimulant. ' The
dyspeptic heeds nothing else to effect a care, exoept
a light, nutritious diet, and a fair amount of exer
cise. Even in the absence of these last mentioned
accessories, the tonic ana alterative properitiea.of
the preparation will work wonders, enabling the
dyspeptic to'dlgest inferior fare with comparative
ease, and to maintain a good habit of body, ia spite
of the drawbacks of a sedentary oecnpatioa.
may23deod&wly-cw-r - ' t ' ' ' ;
Hair Vigor,
rTJtorfag GrayHaitp
ilslnaturarYitality and Color.
, A dressing which
i is at ones agreeable,
" healthy, and effectual
- for - picseiviuy-tho
1 ; J hair. ; Faded or gray
hair is
, . . to its original color
freshnest of youth.
, ,.,,7r'7Lr. . lhin hair ' is thick
ened, falling hair checked, and bald
ness often, though not always, cured
br its use. Nothing ' can "restore ths
hair where, the' follicles are destroyed,
or-the glands atrophied and decayed.
But such aa remain can be saved for
usefulness by this application. - Instead
of .fouling the. hair .with a pasty sedi
ment, it will keep it clean and vigorous.
It$ occasional use will prevent the hair
from turning gray or falling off, and
consequently- prevent L baldness. . . Free
from those deleterious substances which
, .: j J
injurious ;to the , hair, the Vigor can
only benefit but not harm iL,J wanted
merely for a : '
nothing else can be found so desirable.
Containing neither oil nor dye, it does
not soil white cambric,", and jet lasts
long on the hair, giving it a rich glossy
lustre and a grateful perfume. '.'
Prepared by Dr. J. Cs AjfeV & Coif
r&AcncAX Aim AsALrncAi Cheiosts,
o. .T- j&WELLi, MASS. 1 , yl
noOB " $1.00, . ;. , 4
a-a- nnM hvKKAUN. bkuck CO.. Whole.
sle and lletoil Dealers, Columbus. Ohio, and b
Druggists everywhere. janS-deodAweowly
Dr. Tobias' Teaetlaav Horse Ilat-
Meat; - - - ;
Pint bottle-at $1, forth sure of lameness
sera tehee, wind galls, sprains, braise, sptinta, euta,
eolie. slipping stifle, pver-heatingibre throat, sail
in the foot. Ac. It ia warranted cheaper and bet
ter than any other artiole ever offered to the pnblie.
Thousands of animals hare been eared of thecalis
and over heating by the Liniment: and hundreds
that were crippled Sad lam have been restored to
their former vigor. It is used by Jhe first hone
men throughout tb 8tatea. Orders are cone Us t Iy
received from the racing stable of England for
fresh auppliea rf this invaluable artiole. .Over
2.500 testimonials hav been received.' Beateaoer
one dollar laid out in tint may ear tb life ef
tourhone. 1 gold by all Druggists. Office, It Park
Place, KewTork. "
janelS-d&wlyem-reHT , i ( , . .
DR. A. B. WILLIAMS, West Breed way, Beer
;irb street, Oolumbus.Ohio, baa devoted Eimerlf
veserieeof Tearttotho treatment of certain pit.
rue diseases. He may baoencultedat his ofi
Hroadwav.oowtaeAxohajueiieaos i
may31-tf- -. .
...j i.D Dlf-nUn'M PUClli-D nl, .7'
restores mahly powers, from whatever cause ari
sing; the effect. ef earlv pendeioaa. kabiaa, aetf
abuae, impotency and etimate. give away at one. to
thiewenderfal medioine, if taken regularly ecoord
in to the directions (which are very simple and re
Quire no restraint from business or pleasure.) Fall -
nr. in Imnnuihl. Kalil n i.... . 1 . A. '
quantitiek w one forts. Tabehadoatyof tbe sole
appointed agent in America. H. tizniTxlN. S7
Third Ave..eeroertttt.,iiew York. "j
' - ' - k r :
M'TUfAitH06i. AnoOr JKn . Mtdical
L JWJ, fampkl rem Ma mrnf- Ue. C.mtTis.
The ''Medical limes" aaya of this work i uTaia
valuable treatise on the caufe and cur of prema-
..... uTCAiuv, aaowa uuw uui i u i, luipsirmi (nrouaft
secret abuses of youth and manhood, and how
easily regained. It fives a clear aynopaia of the
impediments to marriage, the cause and effects" of
nervous debilitv, and the remedies therefor. "A
pocket editicn of the above will be forwarded on
receipt of I cents, by addressing -Doctor Ctrsns
fa. 68 North (harlot street. Baltimore, lid.
CP inajK5-dly-r

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