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corrected by WJ., STge, jeweier, 04
jiArttb nirt street: r ii'n f :h,t, -1
f7. i. -' -" - i ' TimT. Jaa e. iM
n..iw Wt. Thur. - Wind. Weather.
11 ttt 44 B.W. UloadJ.j
H. M. H. M.
H.. rim...... ... IHTSh 8tm- U
'tSPTHoiu Welle A. Hutchlna, of Forfc
mouth, Is at the Nell. '
t3T The next State Fair U to be held in
Toledo; September 13th to ma
Hf The internal Revenue officers of this
. State are to meet 1 in this city on ue.ujr
toext, January 12tb. ";'.;.-- .
tsT- The turn of 100, collected lor the
Swiss sufferers, will be sent to its destlna-
: tlon lu a day or two. : ' :
?' rsr- Wa reirret to learn that L.E. Wilson,
efficient Cltv Clerk, Is confined to
. his house with erysipelas. . ;
l tW There Is to be a State Tempeiance
rinnrnntlon ' held In tblsT cltf on next
Wednesday and Thursday, January 13th
and H.h.- ''-' ' " -:
Admitted to th Bar. John M. Cook,
t Cleveland! was on jester .ay admitted
to the practice ol law In all the Courts
this sute. . : - - -' ; ; J I ,
A Good Appojktmekt. We are glad to
.Z rhrnm ft. Mack. Esq-, for
: many years a popular condrctor and train
"dispatcher of the Little -Miami railroad,
has been appointed Assistant Superinten
dent of the first division of the Columbus,
Chicago and Indiana Central railroad.
Good luck to you, " Mack." '
-The Joint committee on the Location oime
Agricultural, College had a very long ses
loa last evening. A proposition was re
ceived from Madison county offering $50,
'oOO and any quantity o'f land the State
-may'need at $100 per acre. "We are assur
ed that Madison is willing to Increase the
;noney donatlon'td'f75,000 11 need be. The
committee were In session until 11 o'clock.
No conclusion was reached, and ; the com
mittee adjourned to meet again this morn-
iniv"- ---;t ;-y : - v
iBwcETW8;JJlIO'At, the meeting
of the Bricklayers Union, held in the City
Hall lastevenlhg, after the. transactlon,of
preliminary business, the Union organized
by thrltionr the following officers:
Harry Magee. President:;" William Beck,
Vfce'Fre8ldent;yacob l-ohrer, rw Record
ing Secretary $WUHam flarrls, Financial
Secretary ; Martin TCranv Treasurer; Jos.
Bexner,' JohiTKIeert -Edward Herbert,
Trustees ; VlentnVKneas and George,
cHoeehsttor,- Wardens -The Union; ad
Journe4 tid meet oh t ext Friday evening af
-T o'clock.' 'r-t .-':i - f ,
n". j-I .i'.--Wir in ' ..! ;- o .
tMpjojs.PE4.rhiS following recipe for
mine nteev whidb are now in season. Is
ocfldsntlv recommended to the editor of
theGermantown (Pa.) Telegraph by a lady
iwK haa- sed-4t .fat many jears; Boil a
,resh! biel 'tqngue ; tender, let it get cold,
then tehop It fine with one pound of suet,
'4Mie4tU pecJ oT apples; twopounds jf cur
fanti':plcked andwashed very earefally,
poand of citron sliced, half. an euhce
Utactt of powdered, cloves, aTlsptee, clnna
ttea od gioget ; three pints ot sweet cider,
-one pint of Madeira; half a pint ot brandy,
ik&ht enough sugar ; to ; sweeten' to your
lMtev'Tltto will make a large Jar full. s.. - '
"Impobtaht 'to Bon.ino' Associations.
The Commissioner of Internal Bevenue
naswdeeMed'--thaP (Building- Associations
loaning' mone on real estate,' are liable to
special tax'asba"nker8,as 'per section 79,
paragraph 1, of act of June 30, 1864, which
"'ays: '"Every per8on' Ann or', company
having a place of business where money is
loaned advanced: upon, bonds, stocks,
bolHon, bills of exchange or promissory
notes, is regarded as a banker.n 1 This com
'prebends the loaning of money on real
.atatAj As bankers, BuUdloe Associations
hoald 'also -make a remra each - month of
the amount, of capital used, for the tax ot
one-half otoafr quarter per 'cent, as pro
tided In section M0,act of June J3Q, 186, 1
" i A CosTiS DauNK. A man pamed. John
Farren came- to this 'elty 'oi ; Thursday
night. When he got oft the cars at the de
.pot4ip.had,$2Q Ju bl-pockety FalHpgln
with imm warm Wendswho, by-Aa-by,
be never set eyes on before he went out
tot boitday.J Stopping at several benzine
mill I he became oblivious. While calmly,
reposing, his left ear serenely resting on a;
apUtoon, and his heel on a chair, his friend;
went throngh him.' At least that's tug
.ttory. - De awoke yesterday . morning- In
Sinners' liest, withonta dollar and with!
a head as big as a wasU-boiler. The Mayor
ftoed him 3 and costs, lor being drunk,1
and In default be hammereth5 He thinks
Columbus shares believe In Scripture, for
be was" a stranger and they took him In. j
..Tick's Floral Guidk. We have recely-.
id a most beautiful phsmphlet of 100 pages
entitled Tick's Illustrated Cataloguer; and
Floral Guide, for 1869, published by James
Tick, the great florist 'of Rochester, New'
York. It contains Accurate descriptions of
.the leading floral treasures of the world,
plan: and full; directions for sowing
-seed, transplanting and afterculture, and a
list of choice seeds for the ; vegetable gar-.
den with instructions iory culture, ic is
very handsosel Illustrated, aed is sent by
mail to' all- who wish it lor ten cents.- The
'Illuminated title' page Is worth five times
the money. We can safely advise all our
readers who wish.fl.qwer pr, garden seeds;
fel a superior quality and of rare kinds to
'send to Mr. Tick. Do It; Ton will thank us
-&rtle:4vlco"ttfa11-" . 't-s
' .J '.T'jJ'.i t. T;T(1
tilW transfers werW 'left "at "tbl fcecorde'i-V
office -yesterday s 7 ;t U
Daniel A Beae andwtfe to. Peter JBob-j
erWOct. 5th, 186SL jot No. 4 o John Mor-'
r son's subdivision ot lots Noe. 86 and 3? in
AODert xneu's aaaiuon to tnecityoi
iumb, for 4400. in , , c:r"'5TT!2
MatlMaandnnaJ.Bywaters toGeoTge
8. DildVie. Jaly;J156S,;l.lotl?Or27 in
the town of Groveport. lor $175.
A. B. U-Kcsand wits to NiS KeCormlck,
March 30th, 1968, part of lot No. 29 In fne
'town bt Groveport, for $310. V : .v
r Jaae S. Starr to Blchard Falrlamb, Jane
Jlti,l8eU. part, of nlok No. )16 In the city
f Colombue, lor Z0OO.i ; ..-.;:t.-. -Moses
Zlnn and wife to Cyrus EMc
Comb, June 15th, 1868, Inlot No. 133 in the
tottbll Groveport, nr 3,500.
HlSS ScflKlUDES'S aU.TuM Cokcbbt
'.As' we remarked yesterday, amoiwdeligbi-
lut progTamrae.ttisri Jibat to be presented at
rhe maefnee concert given by UiM Caroline
Sfihaeldje;'M Naughtoo Hall, tula after
aeon, has never .been offered ior the enjoy
mentol a Columbus audience. And then
Jook at the array pi talent among, the vo
caysta 1 vT )ire't6;have a solo by Mrs. Scar
ritt.aod.aLfopraj19.aolo. by .Mlse Imtu J,
Latbrop, .who has a sweeter and more pow
mrtn voice, has it under better cultivation.
. - . , . . r ' '
and sings wlth'bsote-expresslon and abon-
doatbanpine-tenthsot )ha professiouaia.
Then Wer to have a dostt by these two
tweet stagers, , Aro jmm," :mus
iSchneiderwlIl render, as she Only ca re'n
er. the Wedding -March, by Abbe LUit
These, , with duos on the, piano by, Miss
Schneider and her brother, go to make up
what must prove a most enjoyable concert.
Woostss, UKiTRSiTT-In . compliance j
with tile request Of a friend, we publish '
the followlng very strong testimonial of
Weoster University 1 K-t Tr? i
Columbus, O., Dec. 18, 1868.
See. Geo- P. Bat, Wootter, Ohio 1
Dkar Sir : I have been unavoidably de
layed in replying to your note of the 6th
ult.. I was much grailtted by what I saw
tnd heard ot the contemplated University
ft Wooster, en my visit to your city last
fall.' The building, so far as erected,
seemed to me admirably adapted to Its
purpose; and, If completed according to'
t ic design, lUwill have no superior ot I s
kind In the United States, so far as I
know. It will afiord ample accommoda
tion for study, with excellent provlstors
to-Hght and heat it in such a manner as
to render it cheerful and healthy. With
a Faculty such as I have no doubt will be
chosen, the institution cannot fail to be an
honor to the State. .
" I need hardly add that you have my best
wishes for its success. The youth of Ohio
ought to be able to obtain a competent ed
ucation within Ohio, and they will do so
whenever a proper feeling of State pride,
shall be entertained by our people. -
With much respect, I am, sir, . . .
' Tours
WASHINGTON, O., Dec. 22, 1868.
Eev. Geo. P. Boys: '. ' : "" '.
Dkar Bsotbkr Judge Thnrman having
shown us the above commendation ot the
Wooster University of which you are Fiscal
agent we most cordially agree wltli the
views of the Judge, and all the - friends of
that great enterprise, as to Its aims,, pros
pects and importance as an educational
institution among us. .! - "' v
Yours In Christ," "
WASHINGTON, O., Dec. 22, 1868. W. M. FERGUSON.
. Burglars Caught. Some time since a
clothing store on High street was enterrd
by burglars and . robbed of a quantity of
clothing. A negro named Wm. Artist
went to the store of Thomas Carroll, on
North High street, a few days ago, and ex
changed an overcoat for other, articles of
clothing. . Carroll, in perfect good i faith,
exposed the coat for sale. ; It was seen by
the man from -whom It was stolen and he
had Carroll arrested for receiving stolen
goods. " On Thursday afternoon Artist
called at Carroll's Ur with other article,
- . v. rr ,.m
to exchange, when Tom pounced on him
and called for Officer Naddy. In the strug
gle the negro made his escape up the alley
by the City Hotel. . Officer Naddy in hot
chase called to a lot of boys who were
playing shlnney to stop Artist. One of the
lads raised his shlnney stick and knocked
the fugitive darkey cold. He was taken
to the calaboose, where we saw him yester
day -morning. J He said that a'negro named
George Moore entered the store through a
broken window, and some other negroes
were standing outside; that when he came
up they asked him If he did not want a
suit of clothes; that he took the overcoat
but that be bad nothing to do with the rob
bery, A warrant was Issued for the arrest
ot Geocge MoOre, by the Mayor, and the
Marshal and officer Naddy captured him
yesterday morning. They will have a
hearing, in a, day or twov c. .
Pretty Parties. Balls, bouts and bus-
tlficatlons have raged over this great
county and country during the holidays,
with the usual accompaniments of tun and
frolic. . A cute correspondent sends us the
following gay. description of two bright
particular, stars who shone Li splendor at
New Year's Eve party. Miss Po 1 y
Sm th, the old Smith's daughter, wore a
short dress of sorrel poplin, striped, with
brown gewgaws, with a tight-fitting
basque made out of the seat ot her papa's
old nankeen pants. Sleeves of moire an
tique to match her underskirt, and bon
net of red oak bark, tied with elm strings.
Old Smith" is said to own a controlling In
terest In the Alaska cod-fisbrles; needless
to say Miss 8m th looked ravisbingly
beautiful. ; Miss E b ng n, daughter of
Sol Robinson, Esq., the wealthy soap boil
er. This charming young lady looked
more distingue than ever in a suit of Ken
tucky jean, trimmed with squirrels' tails;
blue fringe around the skirt put on with
Spalding's glue; rustic bonnet of gourd
leaves trimmed to cdrrespondwijjf dress.
She" was the cynosure "ot all eyes, 'and
seemed in brilliant spirits.
ni 1 '
' t L'.o . . ijf. .: ;')
Excursion Trip ' to-' axcaster. By a
notice in another column, it will be seen
that the stockholders pt the Columbus and
Hocking Valley railroad are invited to par
ticipate In an excursion to Lancaster on
Wednesday next, January 13th. This we
take It, Is preparatory to the formal open
ing of tberoad to business. We looktapon
this railroad as one or the greatest enter
prises ever concocted. When completed,
its advantages to Columbus will be incal
culable. In addition to in-raging the trade
of southern 'Ohio and West Virginia to our
doors, It will make this place one great coal
centre. Thousands 6 ,bushela of Hocking
coal are now shipped from here to Chicago
annually.; What will this trade. be-nortb,
south and West when we can' supply a
hundred bushels where we can, now snpply
one? As the old. time, highwaymen used
to sing, u Hurrah for the road I"
Kinglets. A fair acquaintance has made
thC 61lotn dlacoverywhk we Sprint
for the benefit of other fair acquaintances
who desire to sport-wavy ringlets : If the
hair- la $horoaghly, saturated with water
before putting it in pins, a few hours will
suffice to prodace the most irresistible
catchers all oyer the,head, ry It. ladles,
and see if a-preposal does not immediately
forlow-. . .. ,..f.T?.r .-t,t
. Thb Last Cam---The County Treasurer
informs ualhat hewin put his tax 'Soots
Into the hands of collectors in a verv
few days: We would,- therefore, advise
those of our readers who would avoid" the
five per cent, penalty and mileage charged
by the collectors, to "step, ap -to the cap
tain's office and settle." ,lT . , wttc.,,yn , ,,
I 1
cAcctiOn sale of Queemware at 10 o'clock
to-day, by Jv.G. BeaI, No. 3 South. High
Street. . , . ,
Just Eeckived. A Real No. 1 article of
aple Iolagse8,.put rjp In. cans of , 1, J, 3
and 4 gallons, at -
1an95t"l"T !N6:25iirorth High Streetw1
Don't forget the sale of Queensware to
day, by J. G. Beal, No. 3 South High
Street. ,1 ra-.- ii i- -i ni un, r .i
All barbers use '-Barrett's."
!...? '
Positivb sale of Table. Ware this day, by
J. G. Beal, No. 3 South High Street.. d. .
jaua-it . ...
O '. -.Ti -r
Jewelry made and repaired" by C. E.
Smith, 27 S. High (street, over Balu'a store
"Babrbtt's" keeps the scalp clear
t Caoica Bed Wheat Floor, $3 00 per bar
rel,. warraoiedVtd, give" satisfaction. ; For
sale at McColm, Miles and McDonald.
Ja7-!W':a''t-i-0 ' ' " ' - ."
n:i 91 liliic: ill I 1
" 'rBARBtTr5 took the Silver Medal. j
.'.i - u ' - I ' i !
x..MKXiNMT-r-ON Dollar 8al. I will
eU the choice of my large stock1 of winter
hata for one dollar each,' many if whlcb
cost Irom two to three dollars, t''
t..-t.inos 5T.. giiidse, Opera;Block.!
Jan 5, 3teod
"BAKEajrVlndUtnsable Hair Eestor-
rtiA ,.o ) J. Y.
' Hall's Vegetable SlcllUmHalr Kenewer
is the best preparation for the hair In the,
market, "and always gives satisfaction.- Do
not be pnt off by unprincipled dealera
with others on,wMcb they -make more
profit. jy23-w&dsly-cw'
"BaraMt don't ttaln the skin.. ,. ,
sep30-dltaw&wly-cw .
1 '
Mrs. M. J. Stonb has taken roomi at the
Buckeye House, where she will be pleased
to give Delineations of Character ' for La
dles and Gentlemen, according to scientific
rules and data. Charts furnished., Mrs. S
can give the highest testimony of her abil
ity to read character, and wU guarantee
entire satisfaction to all who may favor
her with a call. JReceptlon hours from 9
A. M. to 12 M and from 2 P. M. to 9 P. M.
Parlor No. 6. " Jati4.
. To Consumers of Coal. Buy your coal
of Bock Run Coal Company. You will
find It of superior quality, free from slate
or clinker. Eighty pounds to the bushel
Is guaranteed, and It Is sold at the lowest
market rates. Orders left at the office,187
North High street or at the Company's
order box at the grocery store ot George
McDonald & Co , 106 South High 'street,
will be promytly attended to.
jan7 i" oJ.. Mat. Wkavkr, Sec'y.
- A kiss from blueish Hps, accompanied
with offensive breath, Is disgusting. This
we wish to say to Inebriates especially,;
and at the same time warn them not to kiss
their wives, until they have cured them
selves of Intemperance with "Dr. John
ston's Specific." Wives I cure;your hus-;
bands ot their dreadful disease. You can'
do so without their knowledge.
sep22-dt9&wly-ew. i-lU
A casr of Humphreys' Homoiofathic
Specific In the house. Is a well-spring of
satisfaction. You can-always find the true
remedy tor a cold, cough, eore throat,
croup, face-ache, weak stomach, catarrh,
OTother of the thousand - ailments to
which a family are subject,: and thus save
-loetor's bills, sickness and suffering. Price
. dl"c"on a
nt; to; any 1 address on receipt of the
price. ! - Address, ' Humphreys' Spkciftc
Homosopathic Medicink Co. S62 Broad-!
way, N.'-Y
- tJnited ; States of c America,
' -1 . :
"' ". , t. cpiroBEss. ,.t
Gash Capital,: - $1,000,000,
v.:-:-. - - PAID 1 FULL. - rr-n ;
' : - - THILADELPMIAi' -To
whloh all ceneral oorrespoDdenco ihotild b ad-
'y :
JAV COOKE, Chairman Finano and ExecntlTe
-eommittee. ' ' ' '
HENRY 1). ' OOKE, Vice President.
EMElidOJi W. FEET. Beoretarj and Aotnary. :
uuoa uj .ma uuiupnaj wo ; ,
Itiaa National Company, chartered by ipeoial
aet of Congress, 1868. - - - j
It hi a paid np capital of $1,000,000.
It offers low rates of premiatn. "
It furnishes larger Insurance than other Compa
nies for tbe same owner. j '
It is definite end certain in its terms.
It i& borne Company in every locality.
It- Polioies are exempt from attachment. i
Then are no unnecessary restrictions in the PqI
tniee f . - ' - , ,
Every Policy is non-forfeitab!e. !
Polioies may be taken that will pay Insured their
roll amount and return all the premiums, so that
the Insurance costs ool-tbe interest on tbe annual
payments. '
f olioies may be taken which pay to the Insured,
after a eertain number of years, during life, an an
nual i nog me of one-tea tb; the amount named in the
No extra rata la ohtrged for riskf upon the lives
of females
' It insures not to pav dividends but at a
Cost that aiTidenda Ut be iwpoeubie. - i t.
,-.,.. ... JOHN W. ELLIS A CO.. ...... v :
Cincinnati. Obio. General Agents for Ohio Central
- ivaww,
Columbus. Bpeoial 'agent for Franklin, LioiiDg,
Unsktngam and uostteeton Bounties.
reNT-oet21-deodweowly . '
IrixiO -The use of ii JC
WiU restore it to its natural color and promote its
flOWth. .W .K::2'j.5U I . i--Ii :i -i
v -,aiNTMa v mrn.-". j ;
E. P. HILL & CO.. Nashua. N. B..I Proprietors. 1
For sale by all Druggists.
ulr dltawAwtyom -T TfT
la the offspring bt a great fact.'' No one can think
,,,-.. of denying that his
Brings out a finer BROWN wr BLACK than any
-other, in a shorter time, and without injury to the
hsir. This is a wuttPu apparent as that the sun
lights the earth. .
Oistadoro'g Hair Preservative
AND BKAUTIFIER Tbe toilet, without this ar
ticle, lseks its most useful attribute: Nothing is
so oommon in this country as the falling oat of the
hair j The preservative prevents it. The .fibres can
bo more loosen and drop off, if this article is rtgn
larly applied night and morniog, than if each were
fixed in a vioa. The testimony on this point is
BTewhelminc while the beautifying and lnvigora
properties of the fluid ra .equity well established
Sold by Druggists, and applied by all Hair Dress
en. Manufactory no. no jaaiaen Aiane. rrincipal
Depot No CAstor House. -
Juneis-dawiycm-reHT . .,
Cu 'J '. --U.-M.vt Sli-J tUutO
PBOV EH Ct. B. 1 a vine the largest -manu
factory . Be '.B the world, with
the most mproved maoh. y. and employing the
most skilled labor. cj enabled to offer an an
ma nailed variety of no and beautiful designs In
Dinner Serriees. TaaX J rlees, and erery article
speeieJty adapted for i Hdayaad Bridal Gifts. i
They offer also their well-known and unrivalled
Nickel Silver Eleotro-Plated Ware, in whioa the :
nav Introdnood bow pattern of rare elecansa.r
The Solid Silver 1 raarantecd tp be of sterlin
purity by U. S. Mint assar.' The Electro-Plate i
guaranteed to., be superior to the finest Bteffiel ,
ware .Orders reoeired Xresa the Trade only, bu
these goods may b obtained .from responsible
dealers every ehere.
fm - Trad :
Mark 1
Trade Mar
atfK'e JleeC-
. Salesroom So.3 Maiden Lane. NV.
noT5-dAwXnj-re T ... ....-)
I have beard It highly extolled and have seen its
wonderful eJfaeU. irtitea Martha M. Johnson ef
Derby, Ct.. about Palmer's Letion
epU-dwiy-om-r ' i'i -i-.lfl
generation, tbe vegetative powers of
life are Htroivg,- but in a few years bow
often the pallid hue, the lack-lustre eye,
and emaciated form, and the impossi
bility of application to mental effort,
show ita baneful influence. It soon be
comes evident to the observer that some
depressing influence is checking the de
velopment of the body. Uonsnmption
is talked of, and perhaps the youth is
removed from school and sent into the
country. This is one of the worst move
ments. .Removed from ordinary di
versions of the ever-changing scenes of
tie city, the powers of the body too
much enfeebled to give zest to healthful
and rural exercise, thoughts are turned
inwards npon themselves.
if tbe patient be a female, tbe ap
proach of the menses is looked for with
anxiety, as the first symptom in which
Nature is to show her saving power in
diffusing the circulation and visiting
the cheek with the bloom of health.
Alas ! increase of appetite has grown
by what it fed on ; the energies of the
system are prostrated, and the whole
eoonomy is deranged. The beautiful
and wonderful period in which body
and mind undergo so fascinating a
change from child to woman, is looked
for in vain ; the parent's heart bleeds
in anxiety, and fancies the grave but
waiting for its victim.
For "Weakness arising from excesses or
early indiscretion, attended with tbe
following symptoms : Indisposition to
Exertion, Loss of Power, Loss of Mem
ory, Difficulty of Breathing, General
Weakness, Horror of Disease, Weak
Nerves, Trembling, Dreadful Horror of
Death, Night Sweats, Gold Feet, Wake
fulness, Dimness of Vision, Langour,
Universal Lassitnde of the Muscular
System, Often Jinormoua. Appetite with
Dyspeptic- brmptoms, Lpt lianas,
Flushing of the'Body, Dryness of the
Skin, Pallid Gopntenance and Eruptions
on the Face, Pain in the Back, Heavi
ness of the Eyelids, Frequently Black
bpots lying before the xjyes, with
Temporary Suffusion and Loss of Sight,
Want of Attention, Great Mobility,
Restlessness, withlforror of Society.
Notjiingjs morepeiirabje to JbUca pa
tients than Solitude and nothing they
more dread, for Fear of Themselves ;
no Repose of Manner, no Earnestness,
no Speculation, but a hurried Transi
tion from one question to another.
J. hese symptoms, it allowed to go on
-which. tbis-Jtltidicina. iayariablv. re
moves soon foHow Ltras'of-Pawer.'-Fa-tuity,
and Epileptic Fits, in one of
which the patient may expire.
During the superintendence of Dr.
Wilson, at the Bloomingdale Asylum,
this sad result occurred to two patients ;
reason .had ,-ftnj s tjmeyleft' them, and
both died of epilepsy. They were of
both sexes, and about twenty years of
Who can Bay that these excesses are
not frequently followed by those dire-
.Insanity. an dGoxisumn-
Ltiir? iXhe lecorda-of the Insane Asy-
lums and the melancholy deaths by
Consumption, bear ample witness to the
truth of these assertions. In Lunatic
Asylums the most melancholy exhibi
tion appears. The countenance is ac
tually sodden and. jjuite destitute
neither Mirth or Grief ever visits it,
Shonld a sound of the voice occur, it ia
rarely articulate.
"With woeful measures wan Despair
Low sullen sounds their rnef beguiled."
Wiils we regret the existence, ot the
above diseases and' symptoms,'' we "are
prepared to offer an invaluable gift of
chemistry for the removal of the conse
quences: Hklmbold's Highly Con
centrated Fluid Extract of Bcchu.
There is no tonic like it. It is an an
chor of hope to the surgeon and patient,
and this is the testimony of all who have
used or prescribed it.
Sold by Druggists and Dealers every
where. Prepared at H. T. HELM
BOLD'S Drug and Chemical Ware
house, 94 Broadway, N. Y.
Great Salt Lake City, Utah,)
January 28. 1868. )
Mr. H. T. Helmbold Dear Sir :
Yonr communication requesting onr
terms for advertising was duly received,
but from a prejudice I had formed
against advertising "cures for secret
diseases," it was left unanswered. Dur
ingan accidental conversation in a Drug
Store the other evening, my mind was
changed on the character of yonr Bu
chu. It was then highly commended
for other diseases by two physicians
present. Inclosed please find our rates
of advertising. Yonrs, &c.,
Editor and Proprietor of Daily and
Semi-Weekly Telegraph.
N. Y. S. Vol. Imstttuts, )
Cor. 5th Ave. & 76th St., Central Park S
(A Home and School for the Sons of deceased
Dr. H. T. Helmbold : Two bottles
only of the package of yonr valuable
Buchu presented to the Institute have
been UBed by the children, and with per
fect success. In the case of our little
Lieutenant A. J., his pride is no longer,
mortified, and he is free from the daily
morning anathemas of the chambermaid
who has charge of his bedding. I feel
that a knowledge of the result of our
use of yonr Buchd with the children
under onr charge may save many a Su
perintendent and Matron of Boarding
Schools and Asylums a great amount of
annoyance-;' and many a poor ehild suf
fering more from weakness than from
habit, may be spared punishment, that
is (not knowing it as a weakness instead
of a bad habit) most unjustly inflicted
npon them. Thanking you on behalf of
the children, and hoping others may be
alike benefitted, 1 am respectfully
ygKI p u mom (X
General Sup't and Director.
June 16, 1866. jyM-dwig-irtowiy
WORTH OF V''.- ' .! r!'".: -.V r i T, ' "i m- (
uiinjn vi caw auu suiienur sv wio, jui ui bui um.
a stock of nev and snperior roods.
ontrwMhoni reserve, at the store in UESHUJbiH'CJ
oompare them with those. asaally ehsrged:H. . .
Tlea'a Kip Boo Ik, alt Whole Ieathers
Boys Kip Doota, " - ' - 1
Yosttba Kfp Boots, . , ' ' ;
Chlldt' Klp Bools,. r -( - : - . : . r . -. ',
Mei'Clf, Xp-8oIed-Booi - ,
Wonea'i Call 8hoes, Best,.
Women's Beat Morocco Shoee. . - '
tadle Doable Soled Iiiatliisr Cone. Gaiter,
Ladles' do., SHU Gore. Tory Rest, -irilaea'
Morocco fihoea, Foliab, - -Child'
Morocco Shoe, - - - - -
These coeds are anaranteed to be of snperior material and workmanship, and will boar oomperUon
1lti ... In Ik. Muk.t . ..
Jon't forget that tbe sal is poltiT, and it limited to bnt a few weeks. Another such opportanit 1
Will aeyer oconr arain. .Be sore ani and the richt place (tbere is bat one) before bajrioc. '
- DESULER'd KEW BUiLDlKQ. opposite the Btat8j.a Ofho. is the place. Uo and Mi'" '
eoir til nsx im uj iiu vi , vv nu u.
AND SHOES, now offered for sale, and to be elreed
MEW BUILULKU. Look at some of Ue prioes and
, , . ,
; i 93 OO, Kegrsilar price s)4LSO
: .: s.oo
: a.ao
,. , a.oo'
'. s.oo
.; ?:-:.t'
! ' E. C". CLOUD CO. ',' '.
A - .- :
, , ... ' - !
;" ' . .'-i t. .u . i I
PTATivr awtj on-M-A-nrriKriita-r. ' V,
AND ORWAMHIffTAlj t . 1 j
' r'. -! """, "", - ! !
. !''' . .!( . w-::t t
r - '
if i
Having 'greatly enlarged burlPrlntlng Faculties "by the purchase of a complete ntw
The Latest and " Most r Approyed5 Style,
1 TJ
.ML j. ii
And thejadditlon of
Generally conceded to be the fastest
In connection with EUGGLES', GOB
proven such successes in our office, and
bulldlnslu this city in which to operate,
- rrrii f.s A
Irrtfie'test and bettest atrli ef .'theArt, and
Our fast New Presses, our Improved Economical Machlnery--tbe result jf the Inge-
nulty and Inventive talents of tbe best minds of the aee enable us to do good W' .
a jutivaiixiar nu ah a wiv uo
iaciutie8.4'ine umce is complete in an lis
Legal Blanks,)
w -
Blank Books,
Business Cards
tli -
In this specialty we
Haying &bre Presses
Offices in the
. i .(IBS
We are prepared to execute all kinds of Printing, in any color, at lower prices than'
f vi- -f i-our neighbors. -
-i; -met.
;-i .: 9.li l:, tttl .'r. .-: 1 ," .1 f :J
Nqs, fi36tr38 , anti ,,
j . -. i - i tii
' , . . '!
;.? . ,r ,
:.:a t.i'.
,.-i v V. ,. v !
' y,o f ' "
; , ;
I...., -.j.- .
Ol ..1 .. I
1 T r '
. j ! ! !-:;A ,iu!) -.rjO ;- ti w-ld l,.U"
New Presses, Including a
1'.': -
- 1 J.7-H.
' X o'sS 3
and best Piloting Machine in the world.
: :i i . - i i'".l' .v ji.i;.- !
V I,.
. 3VXI
DON'S and WELLS' Job Presses, that have
having the largest and most commodious
we are now prepared ''. . . ;, ,
! .STOT.::;'i::n:i7iTA ytk
ttnon terms that cannot- be eomceted with.!
uuub hi ui uiu jsuym anu wuu oniy me oiu
arrangements, ana can go we work witn
i S-v
Bill Heads,
Letter Heads;
Drug: Lapels,
Bills of Fare, Etc.
: f ;f rr A
are tuunrpassed,'
- -oi
than all Other Printing;
City Com Dined,
I. -!
! .i.
i r-rifcO ct uclsulot&Z
1 ii ,.'iv! .it
:tVA .'.t
- tlV vi
:? -vn ,i .a .; j-..
.jBtai3incr 1 , ': i '1
. . .... i. y ,
40 ft North ; High Street,
L ' 171
.1 J.
Cincinnati Money Market—Jan. 7.
GOLD 134 buylDjr. w .
- EXCHANGE Firm and acOve at lOo
x,60o discount buying; par selling. t
New York Money Market—Jan. 8.
J -MONEY Works easier at 7 per cent,
mrrency general rate, throughout tbe
lay. ' The Erie company having failed In
negotiations for- the purchase or lease ef
f.he Cincinnati, Hamilton and Dayton road,
t Is stated, have made contracts to build
n air line from Cincinnati to Dayton, the
work to be commenced immediately. -Private
telegrams state that tbe Cleveland and
1 Ittsburgh directors declared a scrip div -dend
ol fifteen per centi cash, dividend,
four per cent. '
.. ...
' GOLD Strontt ; opened atiSokf
closed at the same figure.
New York Stock Market—Jan. 8.
flrtn. Coupons of '81 lllUlKt do
'82 112Jn2; do '64 108(109 ;0-e
109K109!4; flo newl08ie8 do. '67
10SJi108;,do..''6S 106,(gl08 10-40-j
1061063. .jv- "H.in
HiOOKS-Flrm, after a day of jrreat ac
tivity In all leading shares. Bock Island
waa the trreat feature, and advanced. h
the combination contrdlUnjE.it, -to 123fi
123, The advance was sharp als on
Wabash, St. -I'snl, North we6tpra' Toledo
and Pacific Mail.' The" spirit of specula
tion 1s rapidly increasing on the stock ex
change. and bids fair to culminate "In t
further rise In prices. The market - Fa
very active to a late bear and closed very.
strong".'1'-1 i . .
,B0 prices. Wells' 'fcxprerf 24203
j United Srates 4244r Merchante' Union
"5(qji4; facinu mau - lai; western
Unioa rteleKTaph 3333if We'Tork:
Central 157W157?&ie4Oiia401fc Terre
i Haute 3SoU0: Wabaab l?faa- Sr. Panl
7272; Fort Wayne 119U9; Ohio -&
Mnvlssippt 84K31J; Michigan Central
114116V Michigan Sonthern 91J.91?i5
Illinois Central ;4214 fittsburjju Z6X(&
88; Toledo 104J104; Beck Ilad
123122; North western g3JiS3j!iVC,
New York Market—Jan. 8.
COTTOIT lebetter and decidedly mort
"icnve; sales at 28c lor miailne uplands. , .
' ' FLOUR Closed ver drm for low (rradefi
extra, whtch are scarce, and dull and
neavy for Other kinds. .
r, WHEAT Very dolt and nominally l4
ic lower. . ??.-:-rf--
; COBif Lower and dull for new mixed
western at 9495c; old mixed western' nora
. Inal at $1 07110 In -Store and float",V
POBK Nominal; 29 lor new ntest
i 'm the- 8PW: an4..f 2 753p 00 jfor fnttrre
j BEEF Steady with a moderate demand;
1 CUT MEATS Firm and quiet. nn3
- nnwn -yuiec ana steauy. -yr -
AJttu yuiet t.iie- ior raino
prime fsoeatm ,
EGGS DuU at 35380?
Cincinnati Market—Jan. 8.
FLOUR Firm with ,aTrood demand;
sales of family at $7- 758 00
WHEAT Firm at 1 70 tor No. flj lmSr
ket bare of No. 1.- ..
CORS-Firm; salea at Cei.
, OATS--Firm at C0fac.. '-. '.. t
BA RLKY Unchanged and qulefc
RYE Q-let at 91 33 for No. L,- "a
COTTOX Firmer and higher; tales or
middling at 363.. - T..;t.,t... .-
WHISK YDull at U someaalei as low
as 98c.-j;4-1 --; .w-' w I
HOGS-rFirm; Hre atI0Ut)0; deessed
at n 50i250-....
PROVISIONS Irrefrular; uore -tellers
than buyers, but hoTdersare not willing to
make concessions. -- . . .
PORK Mess gold at t30;'buyers.' this
month, and seller February; no sales lor
present delivery. 1 ' f "
BULK ftUlATS-rFbnvfeiit fttfletf shoul
ders sold at 12c to come In; sides held at
1415 and loc, but no sales.
BACON Quiet; not much out of smoke;
shoulders 14c; tilear sides. 17?iisi; no
sales. ,-; .';,,; iv-'
LARD Unsettled, holders very firm but
not much demand ; sales of steam bead and
gut at 18c, steam leaf at 1SJ18Xc prime
kettle country rendered at ldo, tXhe spec
ulative demand has ceased to a great ex
tent and the consumptive demand baa been
quite Hirht. - - -' . ' .- -
HAMS 1515JiO. mt " ..i awjl-vi?
BUTTER Oull; supply better r fresh 33
38o. - -..v.i-- -;
EGGS-2930c. 1 .r''
OIL linseed and lard -unchanged and
quiet. ',":" 1 frfj'i
PETROLEUM lYulfat' 2830o.
SUGAR Jc biKherTeales. o( Cuba at
12J13c ; Porto Rico 1314cr New Or
leaus 12J15c. , r . ..
COFFEE Unchanged ; sales at 22
S4&e.- .-.if. :' rt'U nw-l. sirio nO
CANDIJ3 SUr at 22c for full weight,
Chicago Market—Jan. 8.
rttJOXIR Low grades, active good 6
choice spring and winter extras tn largtf
supply,' bnt lnll - and neglected; ealea af
$5 25 6 75 for low to good spring extras.
i WHEAT Dull and. weak' sales No 1st
$1 211 23; " No-!2 at 1 131 14; 'sales
(inoa 'Change at tl 14. i"n r- i.-u.i
. .- CORN Dull and c lower; sales- at
54c tor old No 2; No 2 kiln dried at 64Kci
new at 5253c, and 4849e for no
grade, closing at 53353c for new nr)49o
for no grade. i Nothing doing this arter
Boo'n.. ,.o,(.-,- . J;.,j., ,;7'i . t f b-ity
OATS A shade firmer and. more active:
tales No 2 at 46)47c, and rejected at 44i
45C, closing at 4646c for No
o BYE Quiet and higner; sales-Noil
atfl 14) 15;JSTo A at l.J3vploslflg.et
nu&l .U for No 3U .,: - r.r ..
' -SARLEYi Dull atl 64! 65 fhr No
closing with free sellers at tbe Inside pries
St. Louis Market—Jan. 8.
" TTOUR Good demand forjlow Jfradeg ;
prices unchanged. ' 'f- C"- 1' :-
y, W HE AT t)ull( heavy and -imjrular.
CO BN-r Unchanged at 6068o.lS: h-i
OATS Unchanged at 5468ci, f
RYE Unchanged at l 30I VZ... .. 1
' BAULEY-Unchanged, at 9ii & m
choice to fancy spring. 3 ,'Rt to
whisk. uncnangea at a7tc .'m-.ft
PROVISlONS-sFirm, bMtaot mncb.do-
POKK.-HSOld St 30. : " v
BULK HEATS hhouldera ) iac,'41ear
sides ISe&i,. erao oi (,brx eaw
' T,ATf.l Held at lflc. . i. r
Toledo Market—Jan. 8.
FLOUR Sales of amber at 99. s
"WHEAT Dull and 23c lower: sales of
amber tfl7eV;V .'"t
CORN lUo lower; sales-pf new at 63
63et new rejected at 696Bi? new yeW
low at 66ci new. condemeal at-fjflo; iUa
dried at 67b. ' .' . . ' . . ,1
- OATS lo lower;' No. 1 aha Michigan at
RYE Dull and norolnenv lower 'nb
'.' SEEDS-5C bettert Clover aeed at S3 60.
' BOQS-Dressed withouitmaterial. chani a
tsa-iT edt
Cleveland Market—Jan. 8.
FT OtTR Oalet arid stead v tor citV mtulfz
11 50 for 'XXX white; 9 TmlaToT'XX
amber; $ 608'75 -tof-lSX.' tltWit't
ter at 9 1 0; one car of No. Sdo-etfr e,
10 JUKXx DUieaot eare su;auuiuiii eai
. OATSr-Saie of 1 car at 63c, ,.- T .,r.
'1' RYE Quiet: holders asking 1 321 35.
; PETROLEUM rnrm ana better; reflnrtr.
In ear lots held at 28,29cf 3031e In trade
lots. f,iU vi1 D'.-:;-3j"i rr-.i'.-.) ir.ini vlsil
Cleveland Market—Jan. 8. Buffalo Market—Jan. 8.
Market fcenerally anil and prices frtw
cbangedtiSates of 15 ears new corn xtSCA
on trackandSldlnstore.; i isdv-na r.
j , AliLCOCK.'8 taHJH(rS P&JLitTfSliy
Wharaby the VircnlaQoo of 'ths blood" To6ids
aqaalissk pea :thfTarf wliers applied.' caosing
pais and. morbid aodoa to cease.' ''
. Waathare avw published strWcer aridi
Certillcaite from If . Sterllstjrs E1. ,:
1: 'fbrtwo' years' i hata bssn 'a treat sufferer from
oralaiain tbe head, and found only Ivmporary
reUctirom.aU. the rastons miediestaat l itre
toiea. n(U I (ipflled tfl pi ,"A14QQCK'8 m
SOUS, PLASJ'liBa,ft43et,it int tire. strip;
pJ-jioinf one andar eachsnoulier.tladeand the oth.
at oVer thi small of by bak.'and for' Che past
three mobibs I Bar had searealy tnrinte i tbe
old aaa. M 4diiaitrh saSerfasra amaadla
sms tfl, lose aeitis M awktoi - trial f f . tMit
derfulplaatar , i -t , -r.-Ai
K Vorsv'JirnaS.iaaS.::' i! -'i''-J
.PrinelpeiaAeny,!llln)Bra' Botb)s Hw
loraw geldhyaUdroaxialawaiiJ ,luoini

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