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tthw statesman.
News and Otherwise.
I"1 tabip VoaeOtt Heir Vprk tSaturcla,- at
, Thb fiancoclc jail ft without prle-
t):KTUTjedltoi holJ opnventioi on
).. Tbot 'prohibits the ial Cliquor ootlie
-Babbath. xinl v..Uo ,!. J-
AFiBA'Cif h iibwigbt' to be til. beyond
" Tai'SoWalvU fa biPthe1 Increase' In
.Spt'.pftXAM aeocd M ej?rioe o wood
jarTa f EiJon3SiM6aengfet ft a,! a clrcula-
.tIOBOt V-00. ' ,;r -":(l
-TCTESiare'ru0T8 that QnteeH VlcWtia Is
.Wttoiu Mtbte. ,'.;"'
t'-ASfW twitter 'kteb'out'bf the reach'of
bo?;1 wtftii iicked'by 1 horsen
yl,?M ptevaHlBg price foe jbatter in ,ln
douia 3a cepU per pound, ,.h -ii!
A JtnximnY (tore. was robbed iaSprlDjc-
eld on Thuraaay morning.- mm tit
;"WAbftbr&icoii laftiUol;ofll-seeker8,aiid
v t Ua.m Ka AnmA " 1 ' '
achoolaor-cmcanaH a. oupt.T ,,., itti
m.flrAoutQH has been .tohi by 'Qlpsy that
tbe will dl jora hnatlnK Accident, . ;n. q
-us Th! Irlends "iof Jalea-Davis, at' Porte'
-mouth, sraht W know where be" Is. im-b
1 'irck's le'tfral lS'the, Seventh . Street!!.' "E.
fchurch, tanesville, still continues, J
ftl A btc4 C counterfeiters. were;arrested
n cinnatl'on urdamorninir. .f i
.4 L0P94 ! alarm4' at. ; ther firuj attitude
f Turkey on th Eastern guesuon
-ii i"rABMt; of Marietta,' waa killed by
IBrklck elabdrse dn Kew Tear day. e
f'UW'r.lA man 'was 'killed la Xenia On
nuiay by being thrown froiii a dray
taSre Cass has a second cousin, gfid
"M, In- t,he Washington County Inflrmarjr.
.0, gTisci?caiB ipatriotism.is cropping out
da! desire to be U. S. Assessor lor. we izui
- (JWsVrl'it.iil Mi'-t -,bi ''I- ! v-i.'v -j
02 A-Hpt .bride-groom paid a Delaware
preacher twenty-fly e cents, the other day
fiarnukrryiniC him.".!:!..! sib ulsnd
&TH Newi!omb Minstrels had a big boose
'la Zn'nesTille 6a Thursday night, and gave
1 great satisfaction. -' J"'1
TCtinitnssiorieWabd Auditorbir Plci
ra way coubty re bff on 'a tour lnspectbig
County Infirmaries. '
i , Two hundred ani seventy marriage II-
ifdJt!P.Allecoanty-"' 'vijji.-i sti 1,-,
-jb K6BTT-OB marriage Mcenses were Issued
im Gi month cf December, by the Pr0bae
J;Ullgeol Guernsey countytii lj, (h i -,-r ?o
"Bkkchkr's Auction of the' Gospel, the
KeW'York Herald calis the recent sale ol
ywtai Beecbert Cbireh' '.til uirns
01 :Mc4btoW 44 'itoTt tie Stark
' unt&mberat? is Tecbverin'lrom a
two weeks' attack of lung fever. -hH',h . v'4
Njju-Y- 9n"etbird ottbe Public Lands
leye-jibMlons of acresatleaetr-bave
been made over, to railroad JBpeculatore.
Jnm A- Tqah fe represented, by. an
admiriDgfiDl,lli;aptaiiLink8of the
hO"jre aiariart? soK oH man fai-ciyillU&j
tf g'i'it'DtDiilnJithS L'ltBd' Statra
Circuit Court far IiUnolfi," baa decided tbe
. afcfcrealyfcku Ae tob,ojMMtittSipnJ.
THE9&9S1 Tiuto? is e.8ci;ipd by a cor
respwlaftt.4,th Springfield Advertiser
as much resembllngthe immortal J. N.
ni ill jI lilt v(H 'IH.1 A
jii02i Thursday ev ening lour prisoners
tifaA Yrom" ib& 'Muskingum - county'Bll.
ClairtnM'FsetteP' gwaf 'pleasure twtast
his ballot "for his 4tid Harper forXleut.
' GovvaorHTOJQ aaAU-TOAail
.- TiM' Hancock" Courier- oUce that the
Ittellr anjent'ltsti are larger thlg, y ear, Jhap
usual, which dora not epeak-well foi the
prosperity of the country.
stopped, aad"the bands discharged on both
aides of tbe river Marietta JBegistet'.
r Tub pf ofle do, cot belie lifting .in
terne tax off tbe'shoulders'-of the wealthy
and spread inc: it on the peor man's cow and
seamstress tewiug-aiacnlnet' Zanesville
gave a party Friday
nlcht ta rtreiiTOliavinsra financial torn of
aitioot w joy ue ,nopeq uiii me resuii
rlllhe the 'turnlngliiLthe finances right
Tbh JJemoeraU. County Central Com
mittee of Allen county will meet on Satur
day, the 16h U;st-,'lorrthfeJ pnrpo'sebf fix
log themfoitUiig the County Con
TPli0? iim JJwl ihii!f,mw ,e:ni!.'-t tj'1
i ...Gavi kcb Ixcas was a member oi the
Methodist Episcopal Church for more than
tw'tynflva 4ri, Serving lo yeara as t
clafes reader, when Jils official duties per
CoiZSii 'JL ti&jLLu:Asssor of the
j2ibJMstrict, "on Christmas was presented
wt)wnvejBtytliRa velomerof the jitoertr
MnEi&ylol i oidlbyfflenibtrs.of the VfeV
eoue aerviQBr tebacDistricCiyi
THacktpnHerald . says :A "BeT
airethaJSirculAUtJU of theNational bank's,
JfOfcilia ieti 'reerijackBj ;a nd ; Jt
ew reey adt qoate to neir wanta."- ? j
- uJc-Hir. Adams, when Vice President,, wore
' word, ! and .walked' the streets with bit
harnnder hls:arm.--,c',0T",':'li"-':j
And this1 man Is' now quoted to Demo
crati as ' an authority Jn favor oi Eepudia-
.i T Is estimated; ba the entire "loss the
OorejrnmentsustaiBa from tbe. abuse of tbe
franVlogprttHege, Is tesff than ine loss tt
suffers from Bn .pisqriery. This is no
reason, though, why the abuse should be
noNJt-iATj srrltea, the., Commercial:
1 "Th GUweanmeaLls probably the mhat de
moralized. Gflicrnment in the, world. Its
. serVleei feoHten te tbrcerea-iAlrfhii;e'
partmenU areun by. Bluga, and one-ball
of the heavy Taxkfion "coIlecEed' from , an
oppressed people, is turned Into private
'A oirk fbdusantf dollar bond has been ab-'
jtracted from A Parage of.5,000 belong
ing to-VUftata Arnwtiugi and deposited
la the sate of the auditor of Allen coun
ty. Jejmnwmtjpjs .'"Thlrls jtbt
tranirest robbery on record. tfdOOO" la
taken from a roll of f 18)00
500 worth of bonds,
'age of "$o,00di and
and 1,&06 from a package
.. r : i
'Metttin1 bockwbeat (kes.,ii- '.'
."'$w weroll3 'teachers In 'the public,
A Radical Member of Congress
Turning States Evidence against
his Party Friends.
p Sfw JVashbokbb, of Illldel who, it Is
jraared bt tbe'Badloal leaiera holds Gen.
A!n44eadkig tr4ngs,hasade a speech
In Congress which has fairly startled Irom
L-their propriatyjth6t,Jobbyn aad-HBembers
who feed and fatten upon the public treasury-
- He coolly Informed the blood suckers,
r waoia haMlfl,albew-deept bad been ;in the
Treasury since first the war had iom.
' menced, that It 'was high time that the
'' representatives of the people were admon-
' Isbed that they are the servants of the peo
ple, and are paid by the' people : thai their
constituents have' confided to them the
great trust of guarding their 'rights and
" protecting their interests ; that their posi-
' tion and their power are to be used for tbe
' benefit of the .people whom they represent,
t.ahd not for'theb? owh benefit and the ben
efitot 'the1 lobbyists the' gamblers and the
'speculators, who haye come to Washington
19 make a raid upob the .Treasury. ' Tbe
time has also come, In Mr. ' Wasbburkk's
judgment, whett public men are to be held
to a more strict accountability, to. a more
strict discharge of their duty," and .when
j their actions will be' scanned by a more
" ' Coming from one' of themselves, s this
"plairi' 'talk, fell upon radical ears with much
' the., effect of the handwriting on the
wail did to th eyes of the ' greedy BiaLT-
" SHAZRR. ' .'"" . . 1 ' ' : ... ,-'
Tbe. great masses of, the people, Mr.
' Weshbdhnb said, the bone and sinew ol the
country, the' men who have no schemes of
plunder,. and, who desire., oply. anho.nest
aumini8tration of tbe government; the men
Who fought the battles of' the republic and
poured out their blood in its defense, re
quire ui ongress a aecrease otour.ex-"'-pendltures;1
and a reductlou of taxation.
' .Begardless of tbe j mysteries of finance,
they see that credit can be improved,, , the
' public laijh vbadlcated, a return to specie
-'payment made certain; a reduction of the
iulcicol on voe puoiic , aeot seourea by
Keeping oown the expenditures of . the
" goyernment ' to 'the lowest possible point,
'and by" the honest collection of, the. reve
1 nUes.' It i8 for Conxress to keep down the
: expenditures, and It is for the President
to see that thelaws are iaithfully execu
I ted, '.and that the revenues are collected'
.But the latter, Mr., Waspbdrnk! hints
' cannot e done, if Congress letters the in
coming Presidents with the . laws., that
stripped President Johnson of the power
to Bee to it that the laws were faithfully
' executed, andTb enforce honesty in public
pacers. .."'j.'V',',. ' ,'.v. .,
"' .' After stating jn 'some detail the' expen
ses of the last four years, apd the estimates
' of the Secretry. of theTreasury or the
n ext fiscal year Mr. Wasbbcsne proceed-
ou w me cuusiuerauon oi tne qnesiioni oi
what this Congress ,will be called upon to
appropriate for. deficiences for the present
''fiscal' year, endi.ng' jqne". 30, 1869, and,. to
carry on me government ipr tne next fiscal
, year, enwng June 30, 1867. .. . ., r
ThOj estimates of the Secretary of . the
. treasury or ine coming year, lor aeticien
" cies In appropriations alone, is twenty-six
million dollars -rr ($26,0,000) fourteen
vjnliIionr dollars of this large 'amount, is for
;the army, whose expenses exceed, by; this
aujuuui, ilia juga oiropriaLiuu ajreauy
'."'Four million, five hundred thousand dol
lars' ($4,500,000.) are asked to supply .the
deficiency In. the.Post-oiBce Department
created, ;as '.Jlr, Washburne savs, lor , ex-
.irayagant, contracts for unjustifiably rex-
tenaea mail service, .j . -.. ; . ;
Six hundred and six ty-five thodsand dol
lars' i'($ 660,000,) Is the amquntequired oyer
the appropriations of the ( last session, .of
Congress' " "for furnishing the public,
.buildings -at Washington, ... at. that, tooi
- after the pledge was given - that the amount
thus appropriated would be sufficient to
finish all he work. ; ,..( 'HXV.-V V,rr
',Fouj bund red and Mty thousand dollars
($450,000) were voted for .thfe completion pi
toe MWa purvey :tne becretarj now asis
one fiujired ;;and 1 ajxty; thousand, . dollars!
agaiA to complete it the formerf appropri
atiou beingexbaqtedx,,! i,ia ,.t.-ivsi!0 !
11 Jf he Colimibja institute fqr the Deaf and
Dumb, a private institution in Washington)
-jWhich iaSyobtalnedi.nearlyja.balf ,milljfn
dollars out .of .tbe. .Government,, was given
,$50p.torjthfa fiscah year-; for. ;instrucfioni
(S.which , was-deemed, atnplfei a.nd even
enepous, tint with a .iamiliarltyuwitb the
.wtjole.acuon pt.VJongrssp.on this eubjecti
-tie; President ot this, priyaie jCorporation i
emuds.$17i6pO.Impre as a delicieucy for
-thiayeaiv ihi,0,jj .ynoditiL r.isit Lnj
; Jy Tbu Iu ti?8e, .'gla appropriations.: we
have over twenty six million; dollars, de
imanded, t pay ebts, where the pajaers iu'
charg'e.bavoyer run.pr.demand uorethan
; (IJie large amounts given. 11 these duiiciericiy
appropriation be. deemed necessary; they
were caused eitbe by awasteful tquauder
ofthe public, money, or l.roin theact that,
j pendibg; a (Presidential eonte6t Congress
.wished, .to keep down Its appropriations in
Order; to make ja. show oi, econonjy, to .the
;end that the people might, again truEt tie
,Badioals.with power to b use it. 1o i,,;.,; ,
jThis ,feqa.;ef ,MrjWASABtiBNE;who. is
jP3l$u.s to make a show, pi virtue., though
.he,ahd-his party headers have it npt, gives
tbe readers a iigut insignt into tne unlaw
' ful ex travag&riCe'ol Cong ress and tb e rad ical
'Officials who obey Its mandates, and to the
corruption, wbicb, lrom In adveot to now-
. ' 1 , . . . L 1 11 1 - . 1
1 en an ,marKu .?yry , ui ut, xutuicai
, --.n't ' ) !' r. .47 Si;t-j '
What a Radical sheet says after
the Election.
" "i What shall we'helieve? i Here we have
been receiving and publishing Jong tele
graphic accounts ot, bloody encouuiers in
: .the Osreectiee fGeoieia) district, and', now
, the offlct'Feroployed by Government to set-
: -tie the dituculties. reports there Is hardly
: a word of truth. jn! these telegraphic re
port s.i It only goes to confirm tbe truth of
, Jack if alstsH's remark: "iord, lord, how
thfs world is given to-lying ! " especially
: that part of ' it lying sou ch ot . Mason and
-DJxou'Siliue.TrCipwrtonrf HeraXH.l, ;-.;::s.p.
. i.Similaraqcounts, equally lalse, got up, as
' those related .by . the Herald, to inflauie the
I Northern; , 1 heart, 1 freely.- published, -jcom-!
mented upon aud endorsed as, true, -sppear-
ad ia that sheet previous to the; election,
; and made up the staple article of iw' argu
; inents in Jay or el General :Gsnt. Now,
when: no election 3h Ohio is about to be held
there Is hardly a word of truth iu these
I reports 01 Jsoutnem outrages. J
That tbarois, and, has been outrages .in
the South is true, and that these outrages
will continue, it requires no prophet to
predict, but In ninety-nine- cases put ol
every hundred, tbey , can be traced to the
I pfflces of , the Freedmen'sf Bureau, and to
i the . carpet-baggers from the North, seek
jlngpfflce, whose, only hope of re-election
1 and; success, Js in falsely charging Southern
j men,; anxious lor peace,, w it,h creating diffi
! eultiea in Jpr.der tpjenf uro the, continuance
jpfji military contrpji over-States,' where
j white, poopb? are subject to every insult
i that & shoulder . Btrav , officer, .or a negro
'chooses tp Juflict upon them. 1 .(X vei
; A Bii.Lrn afl passed the House of Be'pre
Sentatifes' making ' an.' appropriatlpii' 'ot
!i,000 tjo'pay tb' expense of brmging the
j remains of the late Honi1 W.' CogPesh all
an his daughter both "of whom died in
lEcuador; td ,thU: conntry, And tnikihg a
'further VpproDriattoh' Pf 1,000 fbr the re
lief of the. widow.' .TtlS B but Mmple Jus-'
tice and the mpvement will meet with very
eeMralappfobaiioh'.'" In Pther cases of the
ikind la quarters " oiMmw
&e widow,', and this 'case is certainly as de-
Serving as" others;" It Is I hoped that the
Uin i'amena vpathdgenat&,' "J
ThePBESi"EN"t called the Senate to
order at ten o'clock.
-j-i'payer-by Rev, Air. Hayw. i- ,x-.
The journal of yesterday was read and
approved. -, - .
0. B. 276, Mr. KKANER To rereal a
The object of this bill is to repeal the
ac t 9f April 16,:JSG3. supplementary to the
act to preserve the purity of electiops.
passed ilarcb 20r 1841. and txr nro.t h
iudees of election in the discharge ot their
UUUCh - . -. -
On motion of Mr.' SIMMONS, a call of
the Senate was ordered, and the following
oeiisMrs answered 10 cneir names:
Messrs. Berrv. Brooks. Barrows. Carter.
Dickey, Everett, Godtrey, Golden, Jamison,
n.eiier, ivraner, juawrence, LJnn, May, Sim
mons aud Stedman. . ,
The absentees were ' . "x '- r.
Messrs. Bigjra, Campbell, Corey.Dangler,
Dowdney, Emmitt, Evans. Griswold,
Hutcheson; Ke nney, Kessler, King, Onder
donk, Potts. Bex, Soribner. SUmbangh,
Torrence, Winner,. Wood worth and; Yeo
man. ' ' . ..- ,.
' Absent with' leaveMessrs.'!Tangier,
uowoney, uvans, uriswoid,' Hutcneson,
Kenney,. Kessler, Bex,; Scrlbner, Stam-
naugn, Torrence and Winner...-: 5 v,Va
Absent without leave Messrs. Biggs,
ampoeu,vorey, .uanmitt, &mg, Under
donk, Potts, Woodworth and Yeomaft. -
, juessrs. uampoeit ana wood worths were
granted. indefinite leave of -absence.
,.On motion of Mr. ,BERBY, iurther pro
ceedings under the call ' were dispensed
With.'!" - 1 HJt'.il i . i . - i
. On metion of Mr. JAMISON, the Senate
aajournea. ;. ;, . ,.. t..
The SPEAKER appointed the following
gentlemen a select committee on Express
companies, in accordance witn ti. II. no.
196 Messrs. Scott of Warren, Odell, Deu-
uia, vocsenii ana iMeai. .; ,!; ,7 (ti.:-.: ;
Mr. SHAW The petition of n. RJ M
Pinkham and 110 other citizens of Clermont
county, praying tne repeal of all laws au-
thorizlngthe construction of free turnpikes.
Referred, to committee oh Boads and High
ways. . .,
. Mr. BUTTER Tho petition, of F. Car
penter, aurveyoroi airneid county.pray
ing the passage ot a 'law making it tbe
duty of County Surveyors to- take charge
ot and keep in repair the meridians here
tofore established. Referred to committee
on Municipal corporations. - -
i Mr, FIELDING-w-The petition of DJ W,
rampei, urveyor-01 aneioy -county, on
the same, subject. -Referred to same com'
mittee. ' , . " ,"
Mr.' SHER WIN, H. B. No. 435- SuDnle
mentary to the act to provide for the crea
tion and regulation of incorporated com
panies in the State of Ohio, passed May -1,
iss2. js?aa me nrst lime.,, . . - ,
Mr. SAYLER, H. B.No.'436 To'author.
ize County Commissioners to 'pay for ma
teriai usea in tne construction and repair
oi iree turopiiro roaus. ju.eao me nrst time.
.:Mr. BUELIj, H.B. No.437 To author
ize the board of education ot the Indepen
dent school district of Buell's Lowell,
wasnington county, to levy- a special tax.
Read the first time. ',: i , m
Mr. SAYLER, H.B- No. 438 To amend
section 3 of an act entitled an act to author
ize County Commissioners to construct
roads on petition of a majority of tbe resi
dent land owners alonglnd adjacent to the
line ot said road, and to repeal an act
therein -named, .passed March 29, 1867.
Kead tne nrst time.
: Mr. ' SHERWIN, 'H. B. No. 439 To an
tporize the village of the incorperated vil
lage of East Cleveland, in. Cnyahoga
couoiyi 10 levy a tax 10 grade, pave, apd
improve-tne streets or said incorporated
villagei. 'Read the first time.' " :'
iiMrj ODEJUL.H. BNo. 440 To amend
section 4 of an act entitled "an act relating
to roads and nighways." Dassed March 9.
1868. Read the first time. - J
Mr. SAYLER, H. B. No. 441 To amend
section 5 of 'an. act relating to roads and
highways, passed . March 29,1868. ,. Bead
f ha fircr ti mo -
Mr; KERB, of Jefferson, tt B."No.' 442
To amend section 66 ol an "act of tbe juris-.
diction and procedure before justices of tbe
peace, anu oi constables In civil casts,"
passed March 14; 18S3.- Read the first time.
Mr! SAYLER, H. B.'No. 443 To reoeal
tbe 16th section t ian act to authorise tbe
counts, commissioners to lay, out and es
tablish iree, turnpike roads and to, reneal
certain' acts, therein .named., nassed Anril
L . Mr. SCOTT, of Warren, . H. B.-No. 444
To regulate tbe standard wi tght per bushel
oi sranecoai, ana tne measure o( coal, ana
' 'Mr.- LEE. H. B. No.'445--To amend eec
TT 11 'VJ . imu V 11T7 UlSli LIIIJC.
toa 25 ot an act passed 'May 3. 1852.nti-
.cicQ .- an act u proviaelor tne regulation
of cities and i incorporated villages." as
amended; and took e,ffect May 1, 1857. Bead
tutr urot tiure.' - - ..i-.i .....
it-Mr. . HEAOLEY, H..BNor446-r-To re
peal the: 16th seotion of .ah- act regulating
sales at auction, passed . March 16, 1 1840.
Read the first time. ' J -' '., '
: .ir. w jiiiu.-onerea tne ipiipwing reso
lution ' :-r ,
ifesofeed,;Tbat the Hall of 'the1 House bl
Representatives be-.' grantedt on i Monda
evening, the 11th instant, to Beva,, George
anu xuimgan w oiscuss tne claims ol. tbe
viuiouau ivi vn bile OvcLito auu Uli
tion.' ! '! i;tv;v nl . .f-.-.,.r.t
Mr.;HUGnES, ef Highland! moved to re-
ler tneresoiutionto tne committee on Fed
eral Relations. ;' ',,
"The House refiised-i-yea lOyiiays 43.
Mr. BAKER gave notice to discuss,' un
der which the resolution, went on the table..,.-...
. -u ,.1.: . ; .-r ,.i ,
' ' Mr. SCOTT, of Warren.' moved to sus
pend the rulesand demauded the yeas and
navsthereon.l .!..;. i ! tnt-i .--.u, -a
The yeas and nays Were' called and re
sulted yeas "33,. nays 22. . So, th. rule was
not suspended. ' - . ' .' ' -; '
' Mr.'LEE offered the following joint res
olution :'t : f .'',-. .-h ...! tt
H. J. B. No. 104, WhrrkasV The propo
sition is now pending beiore. the Natiunol
Congress to unite the telegraph with the
postal service ; and ,
i Wbkrbas, The Postmaster -General has
strongly recommended mis project in' a
special report, wherein he gives uis official
opinion that, without inconvenience or se
rious expense, teiegrapn can De comomea
with- mail communication,- as part of tbe
postal service! that toe sreneral efficiency
of the Department will thereby be greatly
promoted, and that tbe busiinss maybe
made a source oi revenue tome tjovern
men t; and ' ' :.
... VVhkjikas, In other . countries . the in
corporaiion of the telegraph with the mail
service has. by its lousr and successful one-
ratio,; proven its practical utility, and lias
caused tire, jeduction - ot tarill's on teler
graphy'toa remarkably, low rate-without
Ueiriojenc to tne postal revenues, and
- Whereas,. The cheapening of telegraph
ic' communication so as to remove it from
the exclusive control of monopolies, mak
ing it available for common use,- aud as it
shoukl be. the servant ot the people multi
plving inahy fold tne laciuties lor the
transaction ol business, and the acquisition
of knowledge, will confer inestimable ad
vantage upon inatiklud, and commeudr
itselt as one of the most important enter
prises of the age, therelore, be it
- Eeiolved, bv tlie General Assembly of the
State of Ohio, i'liaLour Senators aud Bepre-
seutatives in Congress are requested to
support by their influence and votes, tbe
most lavoraoie Bcneme ior comoiuing tne
telegraphic with tbe mail service through
out the Uuiont .1 ;. i . -
On motion of Mr. LEE, tbe resolution
was Isid on the table and ordered to be
printed. ' ; ' " ,.' '' '
On motion or Mr. uiliLi. oiuenance, tne
House took a recess. t ......
Mr. HUGHE of Highland, offered the
lollowing resolution, wbicb was adopted:
VVhkkkas. Some complaint has - been
made in regard to tbe care and coudition of
(he heating apparatus ol tht. State House;
therefore, - '' , ' ! ' 1 ;'
i Resolved, That tne standing commute in-
quite into tbe tacts in the case, aud report
at aa early day,, by bill or otherwise. r
m . RCOTT. of Hamilton, offered the fol
lowing joint resohition : ,
Whereas, Washington City, the Capital
of the United States, is situated about 150
mil.' from the Atlantic coast and about
3,000 miles from the Pacific coast, being
600 miles east or tne, geographical center
' the united States; and,
Whereas, unere la a continuous rapia
flow and accumulation of population and
wealth Westward and to the Central region
of this continent, establishing qaite safely
that at a comparatively early day the. Na
tional Capital will be removed tot some 'ell
igible point in tbe Mississippi .Valley,1 the
present and ior all time to oome, the great
agricultural heart of tbe nation; and
Whereas. There is a bill now before
""CPhgresa proposing the expenditure of" a
large sum in the erection of a new Jresi
'djentiarMansIdjijtherefoj'e.'bbW O jf I
!Besoioettbu the'Gehefal Assetnbfv of tHi
r. ... - rf" -it..A rr-i. .... o . : .. I
Dtwety vwi j. uau uut tjcimwis iu. wu-i
((iM w Wjr iiiebi uuwu -uu vw.
resentatives are hereby requested to oppose
the passage of said bill or any similar one
-that may hereafter be presented. ;
. Kesotoed, .That the Governor of Ohio Is
hereby requested to transmit a, copy of the
ioregoing preamuie ana resolution tu eacu
of our Senators and Representatives ia
'Cohgreis.' ' . t 7 5? ?
.Laid i on:
table ana ordered to; be
Mr. SCOTT, of Hamilton, offered the fol
lowing resolution, which was adopted :
,'.. Mesoleed, That the committee oa Benev
olent Institutions are hereby instructed to
, report the following facts at their 'earliest
convenience, so tar as they1 may be able to
obtain the same.
How many, it -anT,Tf thopatSents who
wereif th Central -Lunatic Agyluta when
it burned down, are now in the various
.county-infirmaries. . - ,
f How-'many,tU any, of said patients are
In the jails of the different cbnnties.
How many, If any, are at borne with their
friends.! " ' y '' '
Are the Asylums at' Newburgi'Dayton
and Longvlew full, ' crowded, or have they
rwoa lof luore-patieotarT t'it-t ?
t4 iMr; PABR -ofieted -the following' jomt
resolution, which went on the table under
- a Aotico to discuss by Mr. Pond : - ' "
Besolv d tp the General Assembly of the
; State of Ohio, That tbe Auditor of State is
: horsljy. required to publish in the. Ohio
- Statesman and State Journal on the first
day ot August, 1869, and annually thereaf
1 ter, the number of horses, cattle, mules,
sheep and bogs returned for taxation by
the several tjoonty 'Auditors, and also the
num; e ot such animals returned for taxa-
tinn'jue previous year. . - . . .
? ;On motion of Mr. SAYLER, . the . House
iv.'," ', .Ne. 97 State Street,
: Havp always oh hatiC.every delicacy in
season.- Gentlemen can arrange for Board
by the week. We have two large and de
sirable rooms over the restaurant for rent,
suitable for a party of six, or eight. ..-r
3 C 1v A Covbrdalb & H os elton," 1
jan5-lw Proprietors. :
-ii 1 . ' i-i - - -i '" ' -'
.;' ' J i;st Received A Real No. 1 article of
Maple Molasses, nut "up In cans of 1, 2, 3
anu a gallons, at r ffl-ir'- i
Bancroft & Smith's,
jan9-3t ; ' , Np: 26, North High Street
-le-welry made, and repaired by C. , E
, Smith, 27, S. High street, oyer Bain's store
'" , ' , ' .
, Choicb Bed Wheat FlPur, $3 00 per bar
rel;' warranted to give satisfaction. For
sale at McColm, Miles and McDonald, .
jan7-dtf 4 '.. t '-" i i t i -J
,r ,Mrs. M. J. Stone has taken room 3 at the
Buckeye House, where she' will be pleased
- to give Delineations ol Character for La-
.dies and Gentlemen, according to scientific
rules and data. Charts furnished. Mrs. S4
can give the highest testimony of her abil
ity to read character, and ,w ill. guarantee
entire satisfaction to alf who may favor
her -with a call; 'Reception hours -from 9
'AVM. to 12 M and from 2 P. M. to 9 P. M.
Parlor No. 6. ' ,'' . ' jan4.' i
To CoNsniiEBSjOF.CoAL.-p-Buy your coal
of Kock Kan voai 1 company.- lou win
.flnd .it.pf .Buperlot quality, free from, slate
or eliuker. Eighty poundB to theoushel
is guaranteed, and it is sold at the lowest
i marketrates;! Orders left at the office, 187
t 'North, High street, or at the Company's
order box at the grocery store ot George
McDonald. fe Co, 106 South High street,
will be promytly attended to.""'
Jan7, Mat Weaver, Sep'y,
. f 1 13
x 1' i - -
Accident, There, was an explosion in
Doctor Ayer'a,' Laboratory, .. yesterday,
''which 'cauced some excitement in the :vi
- cinity. . lAyer's Pills are manufactured un
; der aa .enormouspressure,; in, pyllnders,
like -cannon, which sometimes prove too
weak for the compressed forces, and burst
with terrific ; Violence,", -Fortunately, the
pieces do not fly far,; so that no one has
ever been, hurt by them. The action is
more Jike lce: tbafi powder; but it makes
Pills which all the world acknowledge are
Pills, Daily JovnwX, Lowell, ,.
jan5-d&wlw-em -':..';
A case or HOMPHftevs' ; Homcetopathic
Spicific In the house U a. well-spring ol
satisfactlpn. ""You can always find the true
remedy tor a cold, cougb, sore throat,
croup, face-ache, weak 6t,omacb, catarrn,i
or other of the thousand ailments to
which a family are subject, and thus save
doctor's bills, sickness and suffering. Price
of a fall ease and book, ol directions fcrflO.
Sent to any address on receipt cf .the
prjce'. Address, " Humphreys? Specutc
a Homoiopathio Medicimb Co. 562 Broad
,'way.KX,:, 0 "i . X. . ;Uyl3-clifcwl-cw i
. 1 .ij.
Hollpway's jPills.-. A successful phys
.ricin, being xballenged by some- medical
. martinet to describe a certain complaint,
; quietly replied: "Gentlemen' it is a.disori.
der -which you can't cure and can." Dr.
'Holloway mjgbt say tbe Tsame td the fac
: ulty as regards Dyspepsia. His celebrated
Pills cure it infallibly; and when all other
-remedies bave provedutterly useless.There
ki no disease ot the Stomach- or (he Liver,
acute or chronic, slight or violent, which
the Pillsr will "not'amenorate and relieve.
Sold by all Druggists. l. . y :-,? !
jv'9Hlly-cw.' .
' .-t." 1-5 TJ I . .' ' Hi u - 111'.'-'- ' I -''
iFSthe ladies but knew what thousands?of
them are'PPUstantly relating to us, we can
didly believe one-half of tbe weakness,
prostration and distress experienced by
them would vanish.- Jaraos Marsh,' Esq.,
'159 , West 14th St., N. Y, saysT.j'be has
three children, the first two are weak and
puny, his wifehaving been unable to nurse
or attend them, but she has taken Planta
tion Bitters for the last two years," and
has-a child now eighteen months old .which
she has nursed aud reared herself, and both
are hearty, saucy and well. The article Is
Invaluable to mothers," &c. ! .
Such evidence might be continued for a
volume. .. Tbe best evidence is to try them,
They speak for themselves. " Persons ol
sedentary habits troubled with weaknes-,
lassitude, palpitation ol the beart, lack ol
appetite, distress after eating, torpid liver,
constipation, diabetes, &c will find speedy
relief through these Bitters. . . . . - . ,
. .I,.r. r.-..: -
Magnolia WATKR-Superiorto the best
i imported German Colojjneaud sold at hall
tho price. V ' - ' '"''.'. ;. .'
: RNY-scpt25-deod&wlycw 1
- A Five Dollar package of Humphreys'
Houioeopatbic Specifics No. 23 has in num
berless instances,-curean, inveterate, 'case
of Nervous Debility, Involuntary Dischar
ges, Seminal Weakness or Spermatorrhea,
which had for year resisted all other treat
ment. The action of these' simple medica
ted suitar puis hi something like magic,
promptly relieving the despondency, pros
tration and depression, aad always curing
by their persevering use. Packages 6 boxes
and bottle $5. Sent by-mall on receipt of
the prices. Address, Humphreys' Specific
Homoeopathic Medicine Co.. 562 Broad
way, N. i". jyi3-d&wly-cw
The PEARLn4iATE8.-SPnre white teeth
RBBTalfet Kiath, is8fcibg like perfume
tram tfii rose, through a piir of lovely lips,
airfe. as Kiakspeare says, j"an excellent thing
Ift! WOthan." Ti kpn .lin "nflarlff crates"
hifthe mouth atways spotless, and the
breath always iragrant, it is onlv neces
larynorae SoiofioST
WMW j.nfti nnjy.
-:j nr. o .i.
front atreet, of tronohituJACOB SlLBBNAGL.
in the 64th year cf i g.-7T f j ,
The friend of the familare rerpeotf ally invited
to attend hia funeral from his late residence, on
Toeida, reiteration. at4 o'olook .
New Advertisements
tS" an Ohio Statesman has a
Mjartjei Circulation than any bk,
per pabllsned la tills City or Cea-
tral Ohio. AdTertisersi will bear
bb, la ,.14 mi .5Hf''S
r YOU .WISH XO KKOW mivv -ta
X invest e Dollar proBtablr. send Sfi eenta for a
certificate in Perkanl A Co.' OranoV iHatriaatien,
eoMMtial of ilanos.' Uelodeons, Hold and Silver
M etehea. Jeirelrr. e valued t. at (U.k If-
artiole to be disposed of on (he popuhr One Dollar
fiu. ww not mi d piu ior uniii you Know wnat
yoa ere to rereive. Certificate anil .ittiuIit. Mn,
un receipt oi accenTa er ore ter i . . t, .
Cincinnati, O.
Atlantic & Great Western Ksiliraj
Bkceetabt'b Office, No. 40 Broadway.,!
. w Yore, 2Sth Deo., 1868. j
ll a Special Meetincof the Wtookholdera of- tne
Atlantic ana ureat western Railway Company,
wiU be held at the General Unices of the ComDan
No. 40 Broadway, in. the Cit and Ht&ta f Now
York, at 13 o'clock, noon, on Saturday, the 30th day
of January next, toeonsideranl approve of. or re
ject, oertain contraota entered into with the Eric
Railway Company., and the -Columbus. Cnicaeo
and 'Indiana Central Railway Company, and ior
oiuer purposes, 'ine transter Dooks will remain
oiosea nam suter lee meetiwr
janH-dltAwtojauSO-HNT . . Secretary.
Master Commissioner's Sale.
Henry F. Chittenden, ) Court of - Common
vs. - - - - fleas franklin Count.
Joseph A. .Bohoonover.etal.) Ohio,
X sale from said Court in the above stated case, to
me directed,! will offer for sale- at Publio Auction,
at the floor of the Court House, in the city of Co-
On Saturday, the 13th day of February,
sia.:. m: so a.jlt; isea,
U o'olook P. M., the following desoribed real es
tate, to-wit: Hitnate in the onnnt, of Kr&nklin.
being tbe south half of the south-west quarter of
. . . c :. . L . m i n, . . T,
iwenty-one, Ketueee Tract, or the south on
fourth part of half seotion Thirty, in said town
ship and range, being the same premises formerly
owned by the heirs of Peter Sells, decease I, and in
the June term of ti e Court of Common Pleas. A.
D.lo40. for Franklin county, Ohio, in the case of
iyrus Bells against Miles cells, recorded m
Chaucery Records, No. 4, page 4-23, Ac. Assigned
in severally to one Lake sella, and conveyed b, him
to Wombough, and by TCombougbto the defendant,
Joseph A. tichoooover. containing seventy-seven
acres, more Or less, in trust ior the defendant, Joseph
A- sehoonover. t ' " d : i : s i
iPrintere fees " " '- " 1 I , f i
Aoting as Sheriff and Master Commissioner.
Columbus"r& ; Hbckmg Valley
Columbus. O , Jan. 9. 1S69,
4 Hocking Valley Kailroai are respeotfolly
invited to participate in an excursion trig to Lan
caster on WEDNESD Y. JANUARY ISth. ,
'.Tr in will leave Union Depot at 9 A..MT., stop
ping at oouin uepoc. tawaras-. uroveport. rv in.
Chester and Carroll.
11. M. GREENE,
jan9-d3t W,4 VlceFrsident.l
' i ' ? n, j. j.
. .
For Sale or Rent.
loosing to Mary E. Kent, deceased, situated on
Mound street, near eonsistiog ef a eonvenient
honse, wood shed, ia.. on a spacious lot ninety
feet front, one hundred in deptsy Ooed cistern and
well, fruit bee and tower f anian On the premises.
For price aod terms, enquire at W. R. Kent's
auction rooms, corner Town and Fourth. jan7 dtf
Stockholder's Meeting.
CoLtmBua, Chicago it Ind. Cknt. R't Co.,
-. a . COLUMBva, O.j December 4th, 18H. 1
. era of the Columbns. Chicago and Indiana
uemr&i naiiway uompanj wiu be neid at tne of
fice f the Company, in the oitv of Columbus,
State of Ohio, on FRIDAY, the V9th day of JAN
UARY, 1869. between the hours of 10 A. M.( and 3
P. U, to appri'Ve or reject a coniract vithtoe At
lantic 4 Great Western Railway Company and the
trie-naiiway i.omrrany, ana tor other purposes.
Kyoraeraf. the Board. .
decSO-dtd Secretary.
Fire Cents Reward.
IT ruB-ena JrWiBROWNLOW.said to ha a
brother of the Governor of Tennessee He is by
profession a Sculptor, by trade a bunter. -A 11 ner-
sons-desiring per-' anent investmenu can with per
feot safety entrust him with their money, At last a
eouats he was engaged in the whisky : business.
ine above reward, also the thanks of several vic
tims, will be given for any information as to hia
wnereaooutt, upon application to this office.
Valuable pResidence for Sale.
13 teen High and Third streets, containing
twenty rooms, bath boose, wit t hot and eold wa
ter Also improved. -iaBgs;and furnaee, 'Posses-
or price and terms', apply at this office.
janT-dtf t .. , ,
1 ii
. - ::d -i-' OF THE OITT TJFlrBTr TOBK. '
; No.,l330.;Broadwayi' ?,i j
Capital, - One Million BoIIars.
- ';''' C.HARTtiRED BY. THE STATE"'' i
D AElfsK, Manqam, Pres't. J as. AlBRRiLL.Fec'y.
Ree-ives Deposi'sand allows FOUR PER EST.
INTEREST on all Daily Balances, subject to check
at sight. r.peoial Deposits for Six months or more,
mav be made at five per eent. The Capital of One
Aliilioo pollers is divided among over aflo&haro.
holders, comprising many gentlemen of large wealth
and financial experience,' who are -also personally
liable to depositors for all obligations of the Com,
Danvto doable tbe amount -of their oapital stock.
As the National Trust Company receives deposits
in large or small amounts, and permits theth to be
drawn as a wnoie or m.pa t oy cneoR at signtand
without notice, allowing inten-st on all daiLv bal
ances, parties throughout the country ean keep ao-
oounta in tnis institntion witu speoiat advantages
ot security, conrenienoe ana.proDb
r M.r-deol-dw4iro, h
, Dr. Barton's Tobacco Antidote.
mtieln vegetable ami harwUem. and ia aUso an exceUerrt .
ptiz". . U purijiat and mriehe tbe blood, ioTintcjrtha
sritenv ixMsessei great nourlHimut and strDTtnQiuiaDOw
r, enae tho atomacb to digest the heartiest foodJoiakes
" and ehewelufor tvety yean Cured. Price fiftveutB per
-box. ' AutVe. An toterestiiur treatise on tlib inbiricoa
aleeo raueflUiBK. aua niaiushea noon he&ltk.
' euccta ai ujobmu, wuu iim ui ivumoBUju rtnsrasWiSs
etc, aiurt fejw. A genu wanted. Addrei -
Aa. - A, AlSBKTT, WBTfey JDJt
PcrcntASTiE's TAximoitt. I receiTefl a box of Burton!
Antidote Erom iter. am. rouiton.
cure. B. GatshaV Coonotton,
I find it Ok tffatual
SarrllOB Co Ohia.
- Fkov th V. & Tbfm subt,
Jhretari'i Offtx. Plae
PDfl B& suTTmlT Of thai AMnDOTK.
ora sckkxt. XX O. T. Edoa.
From New Hampshtbb ItoarK Pkiboit.--entlemai of
lnfiaenct here baring: been ed or the appetiie for tobac
co by using Dc Burton's AC (Mote, wo desire a supply for
ihe Prisoners of this inrtitiim.
Joseph MATOyAVardetW N. H. State Prison. .
A Backer's TesruykVr. Drarton's Antidnts) tat
Tobacco has aeeomplimed alt daimtor tt, n
W. Mam 1st Nat. ankNew Albany, Ind. . .
J' A CtKBOTHAif p TxsrnroNT. OnkVox or Axtipots
snred mr brother nd rnvselC It Rim FAILS.
Kot. ff. Sbokxakxa, Kelleto Station, Pa.
Pros thv Wouem Hbadquabtkrs, IiTwir, Mass.
have gained Jhtrty-nve pound of fifth in cAree wumtha b
remoTod. - - - l ouit, Jr.
nsini Dr nsffrtm'ai AtirlHalsi aVTAtl Oil dMirs
I Ha-
hoz of Knrtoa'e ADtidota remomea au amir for
id from me. I take pleasure in recommend ii it to
reader. ' . Y. oLATKR, t,
4 , Trademark x Copyright,- A A
' JtW Cam tion! Beware of, Jnjuxioaa Counter
feits advertised by Humbugs.' : 1
. OOV30-dAt3uiOft-PNY ... -ryn
Agents,. Wanted S1Q , a , p,ay.
latent Revolving DouHeETaps
Of Amerlca and Europe, America and
a ,,ile Unlll tate of America w
r Colored in 4O0O UonnUea. '
I oompleted ihov ewy laee el imQartaace,
all Railroads to date, and the latest altera
tions ia tbe Tarteas European, Sta'.es., llrese
AIMS are needed ia ererr jjaooel 0j f&uilyj ia tie
land they occupy the, space oi one ilap, and
means Q Ithe Keverser. either side ean. be thrown
front,- aa any part breuRbt level to theeye.: Codaf
tj Rights and larga discoont (iven to good Agents.
Apply for Circulars Terms uDd Sample Maps, to
- '4iL0ir.'8MAMieKBAltr
doc21-dwlm-r a3CoiUandtbt..N;Ti
rf i j? - j
... .... j
."i'i f. J C'.i'.li j
.'i St.! fi. .1' . SI j '(
.' !---. " -i: -i !.,! i;. l 1
k I
,.-:; tt it ' I t ' ii .i c i r ;
..... . . J
.-. ........ . .ri; r
, ; .TO CLOSE'-..:" i
i fir..-
i i..-..-;
! f J ' M
u ii
' M i
i 1 1 .
A. C. HEADLEY & C0.!.,
, ;
if A?.
250 AND 252 )
; . . '
South Hlsh Street,
, - ' . . .- ;) - I .
-r i WiU Bell our entire stock of '
-t .- . - . . .i. . . . , s-f
jt nt t i- . f ,
"VTItlioiAt- Regard ; to Cost.
.,: ; .. r . ' S Ii v
," . . .'." -, ' ' l! . J
'. .;. . .. .it i i .
'. (Jn and after Monday. Jan.'llth, 1E69.
v. ' :--.. 't . i - v.- .. - -
: 'J -2
fa order to make room for Spring Stock.
.t": ' .''"'' 'tl'ri
i'- ii ; ."! I"''! .9vn''. '
n-i !!oi i- ' i.-l pv ; :
fcn K i - ' l" "i "" 4 ' ": l!: '' r ,I,r J"irt '
o Ia.xa'xj".-A. '-sb 'aa,
.un --s ii y.i
( i-.. a , ml. r '-' . f ,
, .... A. C. UEADLET & CO
' li.K.... .Jx.k j:i. .MUa
a m s a t
Am. aVaUL)3ni
. JL48TRASi)WAHm....I)raBOn:
Haa the honor to annonnoe the first and only Con-
On 8a
RTra TJfmrTf T T T
aT 'AdtniMtWia iii m
erV MeTe" Store?0" orni-Selt-
VDoors tpen at 1i eoncert at 8 p'olock... . jaa.7
Open Rightlj with a Star Cbmoairibf
r!- Seoond week, and great hit. of lf
Louise Pay riend Ada Wray
k Rfs'mnre new faeee tWa 'nu.lr'i.' UIm httutiz
STAR, the popular Uanseueeaod fsTorita Aotress:
and Flntimsl: BOWMAn and HARRIS, theeele-
oraa cinmpean uomeaians; Miss atUSA Lr.K and
MiaaMARY RUSSELL, ihe accomplished Vocal
ists. Dansettres and Comediennes, , .
pee rrorramn.ea lor particulars. - jan
. "A t.iuie Billoaa.M - s.
How often this is the response to the lnanrrr af
ter a friend's health: as if tbe bilioas was a txi&inc
matter, hardly worth, thiokig aboat. Bat let it
be remembered that, as 'tall oaks from little aeorna
grow," so formidable diseases arise from being "a
little billons." v i mm w :- .o
Severe bilious attacks axe mare common' in
Spring Summer and. Aatamn than ia .Winter.
but the serioas disorders of the liver'- whhjl so
often occar at' those seasons, might be traced, in
hundreds of ins ta noes, to Winter iDdalgeoces and
their nogleeted eonsequencea. More highly sea
soned food is eaten, more fiery drinks imbibed", in
eold than in warm weathor, and thus the bilious
ness is produced whioh, under a warmer tempera
ture, oulminates in remittent and intermittent fe
vers. ' . . : ... . '.1 -
Jhe. ver-iest jnedioiae for parsoe . w ko re
either a little or good deal, bilious, is HOSTET
TER'3 STOMACH BITTERS. i No blee-pill or
calomel is required in suob, osses." Those ' powerfal
mineral medioines cut two ways, like a donble
edgd sword. ; They act. it is true, upon the liver,
but react most deleteriously oa other parte of ihe
system. They "stick" there, and cannot be goi ri
of. . The Bitters contain vegetable .agents ot" a
anti-bilious tendency, that produce a specinend
most genial effect upon the biliary organ, without
entailing any evil eonsequeneea whatever. They
are attogttMr wficleaomt. "and acfavorahly 2nd
simultaneously, : npon the stomach, the 'Iivartha
bowels, the nervous syste jo, and the brain.) "au
Ayer's., Cathartic.' Pills,
tha porpoaea of Zj&xaUvs''
Perhaps no one niedi
cine is so universally re
quired by-everybody as
a cathartic, wior was ever
... - any neiore so universal
. , .ly. adopted into tue, ia
alcfaflsesjas thisnauS
( ! jiut efficient ' purgative
Pill. The obvious rea-
eon is, that it Is a more re
liable and far more effec
tual remedy than Any
"Other.- Those who hara
tried it, know that it enred them; those who bava
not, snow that it cares their neighbors and rrWnds,
and all know that what it does once it does always
that it never Calls through, any fault or neglect of
its composition. We have thousands upoa thou
sands of certificates of their remarkableeuree of. the
following complaints, 'but such cures are know ia
everv neighborhood, and we need not DUblish them.
I Adapted to all ages and conditions in all climates;
they may be taken with safety by anybody. Their
sugar coating preserves them ever fresh and makes
them pleasant to take, while being; purely vegetable
no harm can arise from their nse in any qtuurtisy.
' They operate by their powerfal Influence onthe
internal viscera to purify the blood and stimulate it
4n to healthy action. remove tha.obatrnr.Hnns nf l.he
stomach, bowels, liver, and other organs of the
body, restoring their irregnlar action to health, and.
by correcting, wherever they exist,' such derange
ments as are the first origin of disease. . . t ,
Minute directions are given in the wrapper on
the box, for the following complaints, which these
For Xtyepepaist or Tadlg-nltloet, WAetterasa
mean, iisarasr ana oi appenie, tney
should be taken moderately to stimulate tbe sbm-
. r or JLtver uorapiainc ana les various symp
toms, Islllons Heisdacbe, Sick Hesuliacbe,
Taaiadle or tirrvm Sicknesa, liiliwws
Colic and Blltoaw JFevera, VeyiShould be Ju
diciously taken-for each ease t? correct the diseased
action or remove the obstructions which canse it.
For Dyeentery or Pfcaa rhsesi) but eno aiild
dose,ia generally required. -r.: t m hi i -i i I a.
For IlfcrtuBUMiawa, iit. Oraivel, Pmlnl.
titlom r tSMy Aacairt, Pattai im the Hide,
Mack nnd I alaaj Ihny ehseild-be euutimramly
takon, as required, to,change tbe diseased action of
tiie aysteja, Willt Inch, ciange Uiuee complaints
disappear... - --.
For Dropay and Irpeicsai AiveJHwir tdey
should be taken in large and frequent (doses. Co ktro-ut-e
the effect of a drastic purge-,, .t.,,
' For lappreailaa a large dose should be taken
as it produces the desired euect of svmpaUiyua
As a Ttinnrr put, take one or two Pills to pro
mote digestion and relieve the stomach.
An occasional dose stimulates the stomach and
bowels into healthy action, restores-the appetite,
and invigorates the system.. Renee it is often ad
vantageous where no serious deranirenien exists.
One who seels tolerably welL often finde-thatadose
it Uimui ItllM nukM him foAl ,1a,1aH1v hrftM. fwim
Xeir4dewsinand sesovatiog effect on the dijpee-
uve apparatus. j
I XB.J.CiATXK Jk CO.. Practical CJuMUf.
XOWHI.I,. MA.BS., fT, 9A.y , f'
3 -For.a!e by BRAUK,-BROCK A CO.,
Wholesale and Retail, Columbus, sad- all Dni
gists. -t .,m a , -. jane-eodAeowiy-elmiJ
is the effspring of a area t fast. Mo on ean think
, of denying that Ms "y J
Brings oat a finer BROWN or BLACK than any
other, in a shorter time, and without injury to the
hair. This is a truth, as apparent as that the sun
lights tbe earth... .' ; i
Cristadoro's Hair Prf servative
AND BEAUTIE1ER. The toilet, without this ar
ticle, lacks its meet useful attribute. Nothing; is
so common in this conntry aa the falling out of tbe
hair.' The preservative prevents it.The fibres ean
no more loosen aucl;ironot it. this article is regu
larly applied night and morniog, than if each were
fixed in a vio3. The -testimonybo" this foict, is
ovewhelmne While the beautifying and in Vigora
pioperties of the fluid are. equally well establishsd
-S Jd by Druggists, and applied by all Hair lrress
Manufactory No. 68 MaideB Lane. ' Principal
Dopo( No ' 6 Astor House, t
Dr. 'I'oblust' Veaetlass IIorse Liisil
ru 't . r . a memt.'4 j;-v -a 44
" Pint bottle, at $l,"fdr the cure of lameness
scratches, wind galls, sprains, bruises, splints, cuts
oplic, slipping stifle, over heating, sore' throat, nail
in the foot, Ac. ,1'tis warranted cheaper and bet
ter than any other article ever offered to the public
Thousands of animals have beep eared of the oblie
and over heating by the Liniment; and bandreds
that were crippled and lame bave been restored to
their former vigor. , It s nsed b tbe first horse
men throughout the States.. Orders are constantly
received from tbe racing" etables of England for
fresh supplies ,rf this., invaluable article. . Over
2 500 testimonials have been reosived. Bemember
one d"llar laid ont in time may save the life of
tour horse. Sold by all Uruggiats. Office. 10 Park
Place, -New York, i -...- : . ..;,..-. f i
juDelS dAwlrem-PeHT ' - ;v- '-
f HO F.E S $ I O N A L .
UR. A. B. WILLIAMS, West Broadway, net r
ixh street, Columbus, Ohio, ha& devoted javasrll
, a series of years to tho treatment of oertain fsjM
. te diseases. .He may baoonsultedat bis ofilst
ttroad sj . near the t xohang ( liana .
may31-tf a . ,
OC's?H restored in four wenVn' Kniw.,,
restores mahlv Dowers, from vhatAvar onnoA .
sing; the effects of earl pernicious habiis, self
abuse, iui potency and climate, give away at once to
this wonderful medicine, if taken regularly accord
ing to the directions (.which, are very simple and re
quire no restraint from business or pleasure.) Vail
ure is impossible.' Sold in bottles at S3, or four
quantities in one for $9. To be had only of the sola
appointed agent in America,. H. 'E"TTTit,N,T7
...lit. ....... uui UOI LU
, New York.
VNT-jyiiT-diyr i j
Whereby the circulation of the blood becomes
equalised- open-tbe part 'wnePPliecjnsiijg
Was there, ever publiibed sttemger evidence than
this? -- - . . .
Certificate -frona V?. Sterllmjr, C;aaT, (
" For twb years I have been a" great sufferer' from
neuralgia in the head, and tbund only temporary
relief from all the various remedies that I have
tried, until I applied one of "ALLCOOK.'S" PO
ROUS PLASTERS." I W it into .three strips,
placing one under each shoulder blade and the ota
efbver H smatt TJTtey MacK anuTimrtJie past
three months I have had scarcely a. twiiga of the
old pain. 1 sdviii aHwhosufferTromnervOuadis-
eases to lose os time in nakini a trial of the woe.
Jerf ul piaster . ,.,i.. , ,w i.
"'.'A.,.F, STEHLlSa.Seo'y Singer Jifg CpJ
Now York, Juaa,1868. . ?
Principal Agency, SBAUDKBtX AierrKB.tiNaw
Tork. . Hold by all druggists. a-uo.v A
iuoel6-uAwljnieiT ' ' ' " 4 Ml T1-
I H AVI heatd it tiihhr axUUed ana haw. .
wonderful (fleets, -writes -Mart ha i M. JotMOB o
Derby, Ct., about Palmerr J-etiuD.-
A -4
Jo au.

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