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i.rTr?. c ran c a i n v. i
warenn i ruu rt -a i u ill
t-Yesterday was beautiful and
r"Tron shune out beantirrrll yr
tST A day'aleneth this week
week is nlk
hours and twenty-eight minutes.
tT A Free ad Easy 1a fcaarapened;td-1
night on Town street, corner of i"ean,
'Vsr-LIiiL. y i. are-toed honest ebai
there' nothlna like a gutta perch dough-
i 1 n .' '-('. " niaiaMai i" '" '
Vl'lnimated Mtsre; snin
i.wonli' i W paw a specimen yesterday,,.
.'- ,S3,fc During the year 1863; 212?o8. enu
' -, grants arrived at the port of New 'Torlr,
,-we are Informed by, H..w,reffi--
' cleat Emigrant Agent.- -f' . i i: .t S f?
fic!ow.--fen?1n. weele.en.aing
- SoinrH.v lst. ten marriage licenses were
Th farfrton' of Dowdered hair
r-tssaed by JudcV.Puib..; .' on J4onday,ullt
V. w three on Wednesday, two
- : . .(
on Thursday and one en nday. .
. yesterday delivered an -address to the con-
' Tkts at the fpenitentiaryi, appropriate 'to
Vi.L AinJ it -nrliiced
-:the day and hi aadience. It produced
' ; 1
ZL-wt-i nrlto anv offer whed it j is
- - - i v -! 2
io plaia a the: boso on he? , face , mat ,sp
. means yes. Aue Desi way to juuitw
rer. iahe ia In earnest, of , not Isltdjfook
'stralgbt intd hef eya and never mind ter
,., Emigrant Aomin s Kiokt.t-U. if. vam-
pen, Jeneral Western Emigrant Agent,
wmnru the arrival of 182 emiirrante at this
- 7 "7r
-January 9 Tne will settle as- follows r
Ohio, 32; Missouri,: 46 rlllinois, 28: Ifldi-;
'tr2-izAr tt. wi'annhsin 19' iow .
ana, 26 .entucky, 17; Wisconsin, 18 , low
tMi Total,182., j;.,n ; : n .-, i '
, ; o !
Ctfirrr! CoMMi8Sit)SKRa.--Tbe Board or
"3enty'-'Cbruimis8iouer met ' yesterday, all
,9Ui8ibeaibeT present. iKrwaia.
.ere presentena aiiowe. . i
kwajrfoioopper lightQinxInida or Court j
Bouse. $241: GL.Vpcbrou, snoes tor jai,
! BTmTlHtiTEK.- -p.o
Bffiemenr wasftrwdd A)yatarda'
night and tbe banjo playing and singing of
.vMUa.Ada Wravrtha- sinninit of Louise
t nilT
MmnuA'tiw . , ' . r .. . I
tiful cantatrie aad. dancing of Mary Rup-1
sell, together with the general
.trance of tba talestfcd company was the BUlf-
-- ""-A J I'll " V.b r,..H.
l'jecjtt. jnpraL'JconiniendatldnV;;;Stlll f nt
aitkv attractions are to be offered thia week.
, Eordef's..off3e. of Franklin cOHntyjJau-
7 j,6m parW lot 89a nd883 In the
.Kshneicteii Jan.aV 1868,6 part, of lot 829 In
186SfWest balf'ef lot 823i city bfColuinbuk
lil K
.i.eatdwe have, had tor , a sight or two bs
Deen sumcient to inas.oiuc, o v-'-
COld night Will-g4V-US Skating aijaiu.-r
reclSrt VnfdVbicntt-was detei-.
nlnoil tn rnrluMktha nrice of season tickets
for the remainder the season. Miss Nt-
"ft1' hpafi, th Greatest female r8kaHSt IB
j s,
America, nas arriyea in w oity, bu m
it thera.l 6kating,&is-wik,IjbowMr
skirl wttee;1 ;- imoniwrj
m(tTo BwwE8JMaviuriag the last we
in Pecember, we Usueda chnfePto W
:vnr..hiicIrocii KiiiiupK nf the ciLv askmlr
fr'pdtt-fliVtradeof oarei
ba.ebvald tW.bterest to waders tt
ana anrnau. x xumuuis vi-w-T
iayas.yet, received. orretttri. Wj
Se attention'oi ttose Vfi34tate rec
our circular to thelaot tbat we wish
tMpreieVeeK, nd erVBtWtl k
south oilthe Opeiaj3Louse, was enfered bjy
a lTglarsooS4tdfy Qrinsat aear!
hour; and tbeeasb 1 rawer ad iwiconten
.lcajTldftiTlirascalap)tajined aecess.
the- aeeof TUiionfisideTinther oor ke;
which had. been Jootisotor J&t-in the locf
.Xba key, plainly; snqws ri ui
insfment,k The-drawei? 'eontarrie4abo
live dollars lii'copper' coTp.'S'liit of bil
' cancelled checks, fenS'otlierr'papers ot
great value.'' After ttie burglars bad tak
vouttheeoppeMil ooatained, pbeji tbcaw:
"ftogethtr wltd'ljie pariers, lntopjl9nel; Jo
Geary's back yard, wnwen-waa iouaa ooi
Saturday, .hitrfl is nqilae to the rascal.
Tiltoni--wlioe very peculiai1 uoiionson.mofct
VinatteraimTe maauai namswovn im ev-
lecture at the Operailousearfiigbli, for
the benefit of ta.HaanabiNeil mission,
.. . v. r . .. . . . . .. . mnnsn.i
I It seeriis to be a favorite bie5t wich Theo
dore,' and it is sai'l lie handles' 4tTpow
er. Yfe know some jmea, who have thejr
bands lull. when tbey ry to - handle The
(. American Mr'oman they have taken for be(
2 iei of 16r; worse, and iou nT her worse thap
-iby.took 'hep for' But 'MrTUtoar under
stands bis 'blz'-iaijyin' give an lnteresj
. Wf ilactb' Taa great eartdBityta see'tne
man o( whom all have heard so much, ai d
the' desire' to -'aid thai cause for which he
lectures, will, wefthlnkjfflll 'hStteei
u 3r.n 1 1 , i- j' , 'q'a "v i
Miss SchneidiSji'Ss AlariairThe lare
- and tashionabte-udterroehrattendance oi
urdayafteruqqn, er,e' Drotiiseu-heir ex--J
pressioti8ar tftmgnt o tt-hMnw oraer oi
the entertAiiimen.y M. Scarry t's ballajd.
Biuging was exquisite.' She " gives theai
' with an ' expression of arebiies that is
.winsome, bringing her auditors into' full
,BTiBDathy ' ana -comojuBion with her , at
once'The .'feft full nes of Mlssa-.
tbrop, as at ttie nrsii couuerii,, inaue- tue
m heart- thrill with; melody. 'It seems as It
Kher'audlenco neyer wduldbe laUsfled In
'."KcariPg hrirThree time was she encored,
'Knd all aromid could be bearfl.ftsi Sxpres
siotis 1 "superb," "delightful," -u magni-
Mnber of r,'Pwplen any 'tntnnbey ot; green-
mitii&:i&'vt$vi'KHool 'b&M&tto in
'Ingtaif fc K,MiToae'4;5Cne
nerlormances of Mla3 Schpeider and ot Lit
,(, jvothcriat the piajjei; r warmly recelTed,
test pi; necessity be In as highly
'a cultivated audience. -.It we die for it we
hjdJL maMWfls?? Ljapxtent laiflv that lh r a
- is not a lady JilaplBt Jn America that carf
match her. waywo-noi iook lor a con-
deUgbtfal , matures t
eaysfl?d .tnatne aaie or . Colubi-'
"a wiil generally and generously respond
'io'ari ;?Uat 'iW
- to have thenr 'aootinneaA uvr u express
tbemaelvef delighted- w Itb this charming
inanper ot piS8ln2,' Winter' Saturday, if-
Vterooeob-'' --- ''r 7'ir '; I
.AU t i4 TtAWUioii (
"The Mrs. Bulliman of Society."
it bs as that writer appears to rewardj
J?' to stkanlate: .religions eK
TbeodoreTUtndie80mfrgpil.ifittU4,i8kl ,ntilDeB au-
ling to lend a liatoninfleaiy and, bo doubV-
to give a neiping nana to tneaggnevea aaa
tgiji uHarlpff 5 Fo'nJhU faioiu. I jask yau
to allow me to pour into your ear a com
plaint I have to make of a communication
In the Journal-ef-thls morning, entitled -"Xbe
Mrs. Bulliman of Society" aad
signed "Essew Espee." As I am not ac
ciftbntnedjto writing, for tb piperij atl
anowvig wucAoonci pnncuaen,i i
lMiave-to depend uooir vbiHo" Dht the
commas and semi-colons and periods and
capital letters and such things in tbe
right trraevIt is verbam not Ttffht tbat
I shald come to yo with my grievande,
as the Stati sman Is not looked upon in oar
circle as devoutlv nlnus: in ta.pt. we think .
3at Tt beloaaa to tka'paxty .tnatJ w are '
taugnc to look upon as toe ungodly party, '
embodying all the vlllany and unriKhteouST-
nessnitne land. The Journal assumes to,
be pablisbed in the interest of high moral.
Principles aad political jfodHnosin-ItBome-timarara
eooiDlained that such in men.'
tal and moral depravity of this community,,-, J
w me great mass 01 : our people will not
read K." !'! :., .A 1 .i...v-ji..:. t .
Imajtihe,' If y6u can,AhowJsinuct(;!Iwas
shocked this morning fn reading, bveVmy
cbocolate, tbe article .referred to;Ihope.
I am pious ; I daily strive to practloe'that
Wesimlnster-catecbism and by the' Bible,
and I confess that I have, been?, guilty it
ummiessness in life that is-taagnt in .tine
ing in this community. Jtty tnat paper l,
b beeQ j,,,,!,,, tA-betieve - that- it needs ;
it, and now to oe tola triat this to. a "rnedr .'
noyintt;" but that ."it beoomca.-doubly so in
a ume or unusual religious excitemenE," is
ina0.re thai1 1 can. understand. Tne.l'prose'1
,yferM ono who labo-wlth zeal .
lien rar.fi. ia rnrBnt'or1 an nhArlaaifuni
fnks of the Lordumroers," and pursuf
,ng yon reienuessly as did ever a 'Dumf
margin. sarmy WueMhe luckless fowl cbis
'you as relentlessly as did ever a "bumf,.
stoniacn craved lor dinner." ihe "proser
lyter" is said to be importunate and vigir
lant and unceasing , in his labors. And
then, jn.yery aeonv of spirit, the .writer
criesoutf-- 1 - - ' '
every thing that cramps and distorts man's
nature into a caricature of the granaorig
Inal" Qoct Is our Jathervibbr- Guide, iur
W. VV hat ere d d by -mortal ca5
ciainr lnraiamitty r who dare say 'l am
Kjiht,' and to his" neighbor Thou art
wrong, hea-' all are alike hnmaa fand
0h hat. men claiming t.beol4
)OWeM of Christ, should be possessed by a
spirit so alien to tnat of tbe meek, patient,
suffering SaviourrOh, that they would)
burstlrom the tvrannv of creeds, and sectsi
aud prejudice, and ri6e into a higher, purer
frt.':, iaM
the better off ,f tney were aDo)iglied y
seems to me to smack greatly oi infidelity ;
tana i must again repeat tnat you cannot
reliaions Mrolpa. VVhh r w oomimr to
when papers ot such btgfc moral preten-j
sions and subsisting, too, upon sueh pre
tensions, give currency to such scoffing at
religion, and the sects and members that1
kM 1 1, mi i w. m I nf v I nrv in . grptr, in '
trand cijilization 7 , Why does the Journal ,
support bob sumaieux, ana
is it taking this metnod of working into
tbe good graces ot the ungodly, tbat it '
may get more readers, in hopes of.
aif ppuLttsmmg our party e j, , , t
it i(
AGGRIEVED. COLUMBUS, O., Saturday, Jan. 9.
ciett. The Secretary of the Franklin 4
gr,cuituraij,ociety reports tne
County Agricultural Jjociety, reports the ,
Balance Treasury Jan. 1, 1868
Amount allowaoo 1'roin county.
.... 33 29
... suo on
fair of 1868..
6.771 04
3.5S0 6J
4 sa
r 3 t'O
Lumber and ha alii
rieauams oyerpai
Total receipt! $10,664 48
Preminmiaido...',j;4.-iCJ 1.868 00
Amproyeaienw. incinainr lum-
.p. - -
.673 35
2i3 40
210 54
398 00
1U0 00
Si K
14S 65
dooks. etauonery. ana expense
ot Bea'y and Treas'ra
83 75
1 ouu expenditures. . . .
-10,6T3 I
li' , lav.
Marine deficit in the treasury of
1 i
The amount paid tor improvements iu-
eludrs?aH:aieliknber, lildlfg & fencej
6fflce-talrS, Jfce makitrjf- thfc nfe tricky ;
Binlrinir nPV nrolla oloonln rr ffF fha rtniinrla' "
wbuhbu uw IV VHOJ VIVIU11I vu i;u 1A3
fees for recardiag the aame.
f W Bumgtner, le of JaCksoa
&VY&g?Wttb W1!
Pbobaib Coubt. The following is a reo-
ord of the more inrpoTtant business trans-i
acted at the office ot the Probate Court du-
rlng tb.e v ending Saturday:
Levi Bumg'arfner.'appointed ad
miiristra-4 '4
townshiodeceasdV.Ron(V'3'fion. y
Christopher Strader, appointed guardian
of Marlon" TSeaif and : Mlrton' STeitr. Bond
iladalermi oih.pHoSntSdladminls
tratrix of Nicholas Dorberth, late ot Co
lumbug, deceased Bed. $600. Q
Mary E. Yolrhg, appointed a'dhiiuistra
trlx of Isaac N. Young,lat of Prarid
Hiram I o galls, appointed guardian of
Fanney Young, cbiia fob faaacJS. Young
Boud$1.000. WiiiMJO
The will of Zenas Jackson, late of Mifiliq
township, was admitted to Probate and
Orrtlffeb I?endrer, appiintedadmreirai
tor, with tbe will annexed, of John Bezzler
lite of OlumbilsVTleCeased. Bond $300.
m jii j
Tfi)i.uc"s:Y''DATs. That peculiar phage of
BUDerstition - which has regard to lucky
or-uhlueky,-gooarbr evu days,--is to-be! .
rouna in auiagea ana ciuars, Wherever the
ate"of a-itatibs, lias acquired v'rSleorau
thorlty over the minds of the people. AI
e? tne world, kid especially tmioflg Aha
nations of therEast Are to lie found traces
of this almost universal worship of Luckl
The lolloping Is said to be a list of unlucky1
days for tMsyMi'il"2-'-'o 1 ' " ' ' 1 !
January lsti : 2d,- 4th' 5tb :7tb, 10tb;
and 15th. . ,, r , ,
Febroaif v"; 1
,t!MarcbiTT-l8bS';h.;aod1'8Ui.'s;i a s'i.i
April 6;h, andriHr.
May otn.tb.'and frch." -awrri jI
likhn,;,,! ,it orti -. H
July 5cb. and-llwb.
AugTst-A-15thvnal9l!h. w-u
tPeBWmbei-jCtafid; tb.a t eni lt
October 6th.
November 15'.lr, and lGth.
Ddcembr tb-lC;h,.and 17fli,R. ... .
Those ot our reaeerswnoare superstitious
and believe itiackjLday s, will keep thera-i
selys'fo agony just soTmany'daysin'the!
year by observing this lisb' i-i i; ei
New BtJiLbiNGSFor the following re
port ot thennmber of new buldings erect
ed In, Columbus .during tbe quarter end-i
Ing Jan. 1st, I860, we' are indebted .tq ,p.nr
efficient , and .popular Chief Engineer of
tbe Fire Department, ' W. S. Huffman: Itj
wiff pg iioticed that jbe-' number of bu6i-j
nesIusea ewtedruririgT-tbe time is
Wrgertha for an tbree'moitBs lb soma
years: '-''V" '' t
2 1iWSioa.43Hif ,E(iiSi,,as,,tJi88ri j
J , " '.olumbtts. Ohio,
Nrfn?Be of buildings' 'erected In iTolumDus du-i
ing the quarter ending Jan. I, I860: 1
Business houses. ..rwm.n.fT?
UMlling keaei..f-!-.'".-i-.... . 3j
Churjb-.-..(,. ...... .. i
Bebooi baildiog-.. -".-- l
1 ill) r.J7'; 7.l'- i' U'ltt-M Hl 'r
W. S. HUFFMAN, Chief Engineer.
CblwhatiOh. The printers of this
city, on Saturday nignt, determined not to
iielibrafe Franklin's blrtbday fhli yearrThe
timo'lriterTenlBgr' betweea:; this .and nifSxtl
fSatuiday ia tea ahort to inako tha heoeiia,
. That's rouhd WJR ,.
had made calculations to "quad obt" ' with;
quail ott toast,ion , that occasion but 16
seems we must Hhfn Bpace" with', crackers
and cheese 1 -t
A Wkll I)k8ervkd Complimkst,
i a r i , r ' t t r- .... .
John EussdlC:Siatarir of State, w
lci ui oi omce
urdav thtrreciniaatar tes Tolumes a
plete rtaiVwC ICbambersl Encyclopedia
handsomely printed and finely bound. The
affair bad been kept entirely from
Russell's knowledge, and the presentation
was a complete surprise. Tbe presentation
handsomely was it delivered. Mr - EaT
responded with great embarrassment. Tak
en, as he was, so totally unawares, he cduld
only return his thanks to the donors,, which
he did modestly and in exceeding good
tasteJ Th4 ol lowing is the: Inscription' on
the volumes1!'. f .Presented, - toi Hou John
Russell on retirinz frbta oflVje, JnT 9, 1BG9.
by his friends, li. JL. ElceV E. T. jIIall, Tom
C- Donaldson,, Jams A. - Williams, J. J,
Thomas,MF. At Marble, and Jacobs Xohreri
Sea.jl .o irj'KiLrtTi ;,; i ii-. l s:i woila !
We canaot part .with MrIRussell with
out! Bddfng bur testimony to ;the general
blgb estimation in which, be is held by; all
who know hrqui! A decided Kepoblicai in
bis principles be never tallows political to
alt were treated, courteously; and- wiU the
eeoslde ration dne from, 'one eentlemanj to
anothdr.-'ilA more. agreeable kind and ac
commodating- gentleman ! than John .Eus-
sell tbere ianot.d jWe part- with him wl(h
unfeigned regretrand our best wishes1 for
bis llealtfo rand prosperity follow juim ito
his reie'meht- , Ha- leaves, ai record . here
he . -can be proud of, and 'warm Jriend8iD
all parties amd . walks of life;
'i ts-.uin'A.
jThi! State Board ol'.Aericiilture' has. or
ganized oy tne election or jane muingtpn
bain. Treasurer : John H: K;iippart,Corres-
poudlng Secretary, and H. S Babbitt, Re
cording Secrectary'. Forde above inior-
mation we are not . indebted to John' H.
Klinnttrt. ' A more thorough partisan for an
agriculturist thereis not in the. Worlds And
tbe.n his sight , Is bad.; He. can, see how Jo
hang on to a lat omce nevertheless. HCates'
-a a J.. ii. j ..: ,.. i . .
There if ' a great deal of hnmbug about
this State Board of AgrieUlture and State
Fair business. To print the report or John
H. Klippart costs the State annually thou
sands of dollars, and the document does bo
one any particular good. The Secretary
ship of tbe State Board is a nice fat berth,
and one to which Klippart will cling as
long as the Agricultural Board is managed
y a,' ria."7-Xevtond FlaiH-Doaler. j
ci j,-mLt ' lautfa j
Editors Ohiq Statesman The follow
ing railroads have generously consented
carry delegntes to the State Temper
ance Convention, which is to be held in
this city, the 13th and 14th instsn at hll
fare, v:z.: ' I
lCleveliWd."oluba jfc Cincinnati; Cin
atnnatW' BanUtom V Dayton; Cincinnati,
Richmond & Chicago; Dayton & Michigan;
Little Miami; Oolumbus & Xenia; Dayton
Western; Baltimore & Ouio railroad, C.
The only road centering in this city that
has . not. yet .-.responded, to rtbe,rrequ6t
.the '. committee, is the i Columods,
Chicago 11 & -IndiahapoUs Central rail
way; "but rti is ' hoped i that- thisi and
otbet roads not yet; heard from, will; an
swer; favorably.,., Daily papers tbrougbbht
but?, lu
New SiCRKTAay -o? - STATB. Geo.
Isaac K, : Sherwood, . Secretary. - of . State
elecfc will to-day take the. oatb and .eater
upon the- A u tis ojli bi pffice.. UVVe can. only
bopeithat, pur, intercourse with the new
Secretary; will be.-oi siieb a "rjatu'rOi than we
wHl part:, with him with as miicbl regret las
do wlth.tiisiredeoe89)r, ,.r h li i,i
PEOY-i fcNK.;R; ij h, Ting .the lajfeeetmaim-
factot.i' Sol' 1 ik'I ia inl ibivorkl, hh
theuiost mproved mach,, t y. an4 , einplojring; the
most , skillei. labor, are enabled, to oner, an un
equalled variety of 'new and beautiful desigris'in
Dinner Berriees. Tea ' ' e rices, end every article
pesially adapted fori , liday and Bridal Ulfts.
Xiey offer also their, UI-knowri and ;n&iixaUed
JJickel.Silrer Eleotro-Plated yV'axe. inwhich the,
have introduced new pattercsf rare elegance
he Solid silver is guaranteed to be Of sterlih
purity by V. B, Mint assay . : The. E!itro-Plae i
guaranteed to be' superior', to the -finest Sbeffiel
wfre, OrdersTeoeived &om the Trade only, bu
these goodaraay bo, obtajntd from lesnossible
:ir,-SLa: i- Trad.
- i Kleina,o.VilMea laiie.'lf . Y.
;;nova-dir4Bi-rejT' il,.t viJsiui -vA
, .... ' 1 . ... l ' '..I, r r
ane "Aieoioai limes." tava ot .taisr.worK : ,n'r'A'inii
Valuable treatise ,on the cause and . cure of prema-
tnre deoline, sboirs bow health.n laJpnired tbronb
secretrabutes of youth and manhood, aud hdw
easily Tegarned-.-It gires'a clear;lsyrropsis of te
lmpedinebtsitorairriage)theeause; and effeot pf
nervous debility, and tbe. .remedies therefor." A
poeket edition of the' above will- be forwuMerf en
receipt of' 25 cents, by addressing Doctor'Ouarls
To: 8 North Charles street, Baltimore, U.&, ' ' j
ATTJIafeiiidk'S ' kAIlt D WE. This
SDlendid Hair Dre is th -beat 4U, the -world :
the only true and perfect Dye; harmless, reliable
instantaneous no.disappointuient no ridiculous
tints; remedies the ill effects of bad :dyos; invig
orates and leaves the Hair soft and beautiful, black
Amum. unt. u .11 1. : ... i I c . .
ans) pTonerlf applied at ilatehelor's Wilt Factory!
No. 16 Bond street. N. Yi,rk.- pnt apr2S diwly I
r ,. WjtSHfXdXOH. to. 0, ..4,,,vl.,
'fiHARTEiirity Y1 PS CtkL" icT Of'
,:i a ; u u g Aivm jdel. t
To which all general correspondence hould be ad-
... .aiesea. -
Air' I Ai!i.V..V . i' r ' I
. V, ...lOFFICEBSt ;;j . j
CLARENCE H. CLARE. President. i
JAY jUOOKE, Chairman Finance and Executive
, uoimoiKBo. L. ' - ' . i
HENRYS. ' OPKEJTice President. , 1
ESIHRSOIT "WT. PEKT. Secretary and Aotusry.;
Offered by tilt Company are: , I
It is a National Company, chartered by special
act of GoDgreSB. 186 l ! .' ...1 I
It hasapaidup capital of. $1,000,000. - : .. J
1 Itoffers low rates of ptemmm. - " '
It furniohes larger dosnraooe than other Compa
nies for the same money. . ,
at ladefioiUandeertai.it In its terms. . .
. It Policies are exempt frem attachment.
It is a tome uoiDpany ja oTerj
t.j i'ii;Q. mrm ...mni. frttm attachmen
There are no unaesesaan lettrieUona va the r"ol-
Policies may be taken tbat will pay insured their
full amount and return all the premiums, so that
toe iDsnranoe cost only she interest oa the annual
r olioies may be taken whicli "pay tti'the fniared,
after a certain number of .Mars, daring life, an an
nual inoome pt one-(eain ine amount Dameu.ua ue
f nn.tanth
Mo extra rate ia,oWged for risks npo the lives
of females.. " ' ' ' jr t.'-' x' ' ) ' i
' lt tnsnres aot tOTT dividends., bnt at a
Afiet thafc ilivllMAlB will Kj. imnnaalhl. .
l, a
' JOHN W.'BLLT co..,i,."'I''
Cineinnatt, Ohio. General Agents for Ohie Central
l.ill (' ii aad oouthern, Indiana, j
: r , i . in.. s.Tiiru,
Colnmbna.iSpeolal Agent for Franklin, Licklne-.'
vi U 'OT')Aiilr i' f' i- ; r :it.'i
l' '' t r ' ' ' '
Mnsmnsnm iiu COOOUet.
xr.exi7oediweowij. c : , ,
The Virginia Committee.
The Virginia committee had a private
to a generlal exchange of views delivered'"
in a colloquial and informal manner. 4'
though the programme is settled, tbe com
mittee will remain in permanent organiz
ation, keeping; a quorum oi their body-here
until something is accomplished for the
relief ot the State. They have pledgedV
r.hAmBplvoa rn allnw nrt riismnraoinir or iirv4
toward even tsto detain them from, the
earnest and persistent pursuitot the object
In view. No changes will be made in the
committee, a letter having been read from
Windham Robertson tbat, although detain
ed, he would soon arrive here. The com
mittee will meet to-morrow at nine o'clock
and remain in full session until Wednesday
of next (week, when, probably, all bub a
quorum will go home, with the understand- .
ing tbat some will return and relieve thoee
here on duty, thus keeping constantly in
session, Drenared to take advantage of any
circumstance which may arise towards tbe
object of their meeting. I
Judge Busteed.
Th j statement that about $500,000 stands
to the credit of Judge Busteed in the bank
of Mobile, is untrue. Judge Busteed ex- t
pressed the conviction that tbe committed '
on the Judiciary win dismiss an charges
against him as unfounded and frivolous,
Dr. Mudd.
The petition for the pardon of Dr. Sam
uel Mudd, addressed to the President arid
signed by Democratic Senators and Rep
resentatives, has been placed in the proper
channel for consideration.
Negro Disturbances in Virginia
NORFOLK, Jan. 8.
Details of the negro emeute, near Kemps-
ville, in Princess Ann county, have been
received. Lieut. Farragutand force, while
enroute to tbe larm occupied by negro
squatters, who were to be t-j'-cted, passed
i t r. i . , ,
an arineu lurcts ui iu uegrues in liic ruuuu,
who made no demonstrations. V pon hear
ing the squatters' quarters a fresh number.
variously armea, retreat ea to a nouse,
which was surrounded. Sergeant Collen
advanced to the door, and was Instantly
shot, which so infuriated the troops that'-'
they returned tire nre, ana rushing into
the house bayorietted one or two of the
negroes, after effecting the arrest of two
ringleaders. A delegation ot negroes then
waited UDon the otneer ana demanded the
arms captured, which was refused. The A
pokesman retorted : " xt tnat is the way t
things were going, every white man would
be run out of the county."
The citizens of iiempsviue picKetea the
village, the woods being filled with armed
negroes. This morning they had disap
peared, and with a view to more speedy
pacification, the troops returned to tlije
city. Apprehension is still entertained ot
renewal of the emeute, and great excite
ment continues. '
A battery of the 5th Artillery arrived
here this evening to reinforce the troops..
negro, one Hodges, a member of the
constitutional convention, is reported to
have occasioned the resistance to the civil
authorities by an inflammatory speech, lii
which he told tbem "to hold ou to the prort-
o,fn a,w) fln-ht trk tha laQf. ' !
San Francisco Items.
..The steamer Idaaiea vt4h. Jlorvaluluaad-l
Mcesb? Dectiiuber 26thcrlvedtlo-day.
The funeMT cortfege''oi"hrsiEdyal TJifehl-
imposing, being thirty minutes in passing
given point. The marines and sailors or
the United states, steamer ussippee were
the procession. Guns were fired frorn
Punch Bowl Battery during tbe forenoon, J
and tne iMSippee nieu iwemy-one guns, i
0. Bremer & Co., and W. L. G recti were
appointed assignees,-of C. H.. Lowers, Inf
solved LiaiiatlB?, W35,000j ) V
The missionary paevcet, Aiornirr Btai
has arrived from a cruise among the Ml
cronesian Islands. The slave trail e is open
carried on between the Inlands and the I
coast of Sonth America. Correspondence
tilled with accounts of outrages on na-j
tives by slavers. The missionaries ask the
presence of American, English and French
UnootXaoveasaia v Aiiargei. una aaieu
Waterly, Captain Benjamin Pease, flying
the British or American colors by turns
armed with two twelve-plunders, seven;
six-pounders, and two stern chasers, al)
properly mounted and equipped, well pro-
vidc-d with small arms and ammunitions,
full crew of Europeans, Americans andj
MaijUio:nieo'WYii:n!iiiea-o.t wwukiiowi
for what nuroose the heavy armament i
intended. Whalers and other vessels cruis
Ing amongst the Caroline Islands are warn-
ed ot danger. x
Tbe American brig Constantino put int
Honolulu in distress, December 15.
The shin Joilani and Behrinif sailed for '
on tbe 7th with the most vaiuaoie cargo
ever sent from the Islands, worth $155, 000 j
The steamer Montana, ironi Panama, art
rived to-day. !
Charles Westmorland, bearer of the elew
toral vote of California, died of small poxl
at Panama, onecember 23. I
The British sefiborfer Alpha was wreck
ed oft Barclay Sound during a gale. The
vessel is a total loss. The captaiu and crew
have arrived
The Savage Mining Company declared
dividend of four dollars a share, payable t
offer to Surrender.
ST. LOUIS, Jan. 8.
Gen. Sherman has received information
that the representatives of four hundred
Iodizes of Comanche Indians had arrived
at Fort Bascom, New Mexico, and offered
to surrender. They were notified that nd
surrender would be received at Fort Cobbj
The object is to have all the tribes on thej
plains within watching distance of Gen
Sheridan. !
Important Case Decided.
The case of Thomas L. Holby, brought
against the St. Louis & Indianapolis rail7
road for $20,000 damages, for injuries sus
taiued while conductor of a construction1
train on that railroad, was decided yesier
In favor of the ucieiioauc
Merchants' Meeting.
A meeting of merchants will be held to
night te devise measures to better protect
themselves from loss under tbe credit sys
Durinsr tbe past
crs aud 60 barges have been enrolled and
licensed at the St. Louis Custom Hou?e.
Total tonnage ot boats. 81.230; barges, 27,
C15; total tonuage, 108 851. The total en
rolled tonnage on tne western rivers for
the year 1S6S wasl.2G3 steamboats of 351, t
671 tonnage, and 38 barges ot 100 108 ton
nage. Total number of vessels, 2,382; ton
nage 481,217. j
CHICAGO, Jan. 9.
McDevitt declines Dion's very fair chiil
lengeto play a push shot American gamo
of 1.500 or 2,000 points, the first in (Jhii-aso
the second In Montreal, and the third ia
NewYo'k. He will only play tne push
shot game of 1,500 or 2 000 points lor $500
side in Chicago, which be kuows no sen
sible player will accept. ; ,
Elevator Burned.
Sweeney's elevator and warehouse, in!
Bloomlngton, III., was burned to. tlio
ground last night. Loss unknown. j
Fire—A Mother and Child Perish
in the Flames.
The dwelling bonse of Mr. ness, at tha
railroad bridge over the Ausable river
caught fire about live o'clock this morning
and was destroyed. Mrs. Hess and her
seven year old boy perished in the flames;
Their charred remains were found with
the beads and arms severed from the bod
ies. The cause of the tire is unknown.
Stabbing Affray.
BOSTON, Mass., Jan. 9.
A Harvard College student,named Alger,
while passing through Haverhill street,
"yesterday afternoon, engaged In an alter?
cation with auold man named Maxwell, and
after talking to him in an rrrsiHttng manner(
slapped him in the lace. The old man ret
sented by drawing a large jack-knite, and
plunged it once or twice into the studmt'i
bowels, causing wounds which are likely
to fatal. Maxwell was arrested. I
UTICA, Jan. 8.
i8well. the murderer
was btrngtuirj7at
liowe. . ' -, I
l'i.-vO-1'.Ol i
UTICA, Jan. 8. Alaska Advices.
- Late Alaska advices state tbat a port ion
of tbe earrUott.buUdiujTS- athe mouth, of
silks f'T'l wascemrpveu y lire. ' .,
Caot.terfflY?.2ttmyTcominitted su
iclde at Sitka by shooting himself through
the heart. - . -
News from Queen Charlotta coal mines
is encouraging. Some 300 people left) for
St. Petersburg in December.
Fearful Earthquake in Mexico—
Fearful Earthquake in Mexico— 25 or 30 Lives Lost.
A letter fromtCoiima, Mexico, givefifan
account ot a terrible earthquake experi
enced in that city on the morning of Dec,
20th. For several days previous the jvol-
canos oi uoiima, &u miles irom tne city,
'exhibited" symptoms of' internals eommo-
E)on,i stQdtiig forn smoke and steara.l ao
aoBipaaien by raajbiinga and: shakings ot
tbe earth, and on the morning of the 20th.
Dy a gentle rocking of the earth, which
gradually Increased in violence until walls
cracked and everything breakable in bouses
'WasreinoMsned;;-TBe'"Wloratlorr-wa8 from
northeast tmouthwesv nd lasted nearly
lorty seconds, rne catnenrai ana ware
house, brick buildings, cracked from top
to bottom. People were startled from
their Sleep abd m6ht?d".-fractieallv for the
Plaza. ' It hteporterf tnat several per ons
w.ere killed by the falling of the National
Motel. The shock was telt a long distance
in the Interior. in several places tbe
ground opened, trees were uprooted, hills
leveled, water courses changed, and a gen
aralnphaavfl! ot the oartb look place. , At
cfaa citjtof Manzanillo, tli dathedratfeulld
ine. which bad stood She stock bt earthf-
Muakes knd storms fo oieri eentarr. was.
Kiyetrarani'top tO'CDttoiau b.ceav.Tneciies
i n the roof were broken, borne 13 on 20-
- r8ons Were crushed by the falling walls
i' t tbe American Hotel, and thre others
t Massermann & Co.
Gov. Ciaflin Inaugurated.
Gov. Ciaflin Inaugurated. BOSTON, Jan. 9.
.Gov. Claflln.ws, inaugutatedto-day, and
5iQieredlu8ijaeaagto XheLegiaiature. 1
Affairs in Clarksville, Texas.
NEW YORK, San. 9.
The Ilerald's Washington igpatch says
leT-ceiasury atftMr)ties4Miye ascertained
at the "recent attack upon Clarksvilie,
exas, and tbe murder ot Inspectors Phelps
id Haramondrwara committed In the in
Test ot the whisky ring; and moreover,
at certain telegraph companies are 1 la.
)gue with; tbe whisky riug. ..Telegrams
v.hat were sent from herei to officers of cus
toms and internal revenue at New Orleans,
vere knbwn to Outside' parties almost as
I ran as they were put on the wires ; and
ispatches fromctHcers inNew Orleans
.if reference to affair irr Texas, (were known
"6 members of the whisky ring here, before
t hey were received at the Department.
Measures have been adopted by tbe War
eparcment to secure the safety in future
f the officers of tbe Government on duty
along the Kio Grande.
NEW YORK, San. 9. From Havana.
NEW YORK, Jan. 10.
The Herald publishes the following diS'
patch it i o .'i .13 V J.-'l ci fee t-.ts j
HAVANA, 7, via LAKE CITY, Jan. 9.
Advices from St. Juga De Cuba to the
1st inst. have been received. GenerallCes-
Dedetff-Provislonar5 Priest-of tW Republi
can Government, and Senor Aguilera were
with the insurgents near that city and
jfrmveproclainied-. the emancipation-o-the
slava. .Tbey ooftclema. (Jcneraf.Marriorri
course in destroying the acqueduet, and
complain tbat the people of the Western
Department bad not heeded the call of the
revolution,' and that thai Junta at, Havana
was furnishing no money, tit is reported
that Oolong Beaeasi has failed to occupy
Elolquin, and that he bas been compelled
to return wounded to Sibaora. :
iieaTitas is to tbe ethjsKo
RnCoount9are ivenAof VelmasedaV opera
tions. Ueneral (juesaaa Is saia to have
landed from Nassau, with eighty men and
8.000 riflesia Puerto. faioeipe UntUl eur
(onndetl.by small baiura of insurgents, tn
the city ptostmiipqj.nid gloom prevajl.
The shops are closed, and many arrests
have taken place. On the 18th ult. a tight
oreartedrat Cpaaalidad-yifeuaoin between
700"lusurgehts and 500"Spinish' trooria.
The troops were defeated, with heavy loss.
Avueta reached Puerto Principe on the 20th
ulc. The wounded iiave been carelessly
treated, and many Jiaye died. I u?
The proclamation of General Quesada has
been read
Funeral Cortege of Gen.
The funeral of Gen. Rousseau, this al-
temoou, ,was,1liirgtly: attended, notwita
standlug ti'e uiiplaaabt,w.eatliei,. The' set
by theJ Bishop of Liiulsisiia: Thepall beat'-,
ers were Gens. Hatch, Mower, Beckwith;'
Bibcock. Porter. Lambkins and McClure,
reg(ilft ariay, antHj u Stedinao,
Harrow, lAe; Mcilillarf, "Busseyvana Gur
ney, lormerly ot the volunteer service,
with an,t qual number of the .Masonic fra
ternfty. ' TherfbnetalJecort was -composed
of the 1st Infantry, Battery K of tbe 1st
Artillery, Cp. G of the gth Cavalry, M-.
sonsi oityolfieers -ftrtdJCoiurkHV mte-otll-
cers and .Legislature, ana a large coaj
course of citizens on font and lu carriages..
Kesotavtmn, ofiPegaet and Tniparywei;e
adopted y the !feegfslatuve-and City 4uij
cil. The public offices and nearly all the
houses alongthejine of .march were cJosad
curiug the progress Of the funeral cortege,
The P. R.
ST. LOUIS, Jan. 10.
There is a good deaLioXj txciteai'erjt
among the fancy here.'tn "tefitiTJii to'tUe
prize light which Is tbeo)ef flflext Tues
day, between William M. Davis and T"tn
Allen. The tnttlraioiCSffiisnot Deen aeter
miuec upon, but ilLis understood that it
wiHafcopfab-eftan island in the Missis
sippi river, above Alton, Illinois, the plaee
irwhere Davis (ought Aicuooie. a steamer
tor the conveyance of Ihe principals and
spectators will leave the levee at 7 o'clock
Tuesday evap.rpjrj bU'lH iiid j '
Suit for Injuries Received.
tltA -Ak Boyrf oas hrought3aYt-i against
"he city lor 10.000 lor Injurres recetyed
rom latllifg.lii a Hole iu6ute oftbo BIjet
Request to Remove all Political
L,"feseerdHy a 'jisintWesoinrtou was intro-
iuced, ordered printed and referred to the
'omtnittee on Finaltuial Gelations, respect'
ullv requ- sting Congress to remove all
lolitical disabilities" that may have at'
.achbd to.any citiz -us of, Kentucky- by vir-
he of the lourtcenth constitutional amena
The iron foundry of Rogers & Owen, Jo
oitv? was damaged by Are xo -the ex-
ent ot 8,U0J. . .
NEW YORK, Jan. 9.
easlc"r." The CojmmfTcialfsays
t,Uc wctR ri'J-ca on vojf Lcuu.
market. Some of ilie large stock bouses
aj trying to borrow for. ninety;, days aB7,
per.cent. ana a commission oi per
cenC' .These. tran faction?, we presume, are
made "with a view to' bridging over the
stringency that usually "occurs in connec
tion with the April quarterly statement. Jt
is to bo hoped, boweverV-that before thou
Congress will have adopted the clause in
Seuutor SyiUon's.Jbanli bill providing 4qr
retrospcenve retunis lit lieu of the present
method of making a stati ment at fixed
periods. Government bonds very active
and higher by per cent. Gold i
hiigber than last night. Stocks and iVest-
-Owing td the non' arrival of the steam
ship Etna.'European' mails, which were to
have Deen aisptcueu io-uay, are ueuiiueu
till next Tuesday. i '
The announcement that a dry goods, firm
had tailed, applied to Boston, hot to New
York. .tBlit.-ji
Sheriff .O'Brieo-, yesterday, with a force
of deputies, removed seven witnesses from
the room oi tha -Congressional Investigat
ing committee. He then stationed .three
men-at the door to. arrest any witness that
might appear. 'TheSergeant-at-Anns sent
for assistance from United States- Marshal
Murray, which was afforded, When the
deputies departed. ;
Smith, the Murderer.
A dispatch froHTHamilton, Canada, re-
unria that. Smith, the murderer, bas been
ftaBditberavand th.-bertnV with tbrpe
ciuzens, iiavc iciii uu lucuti.j
Milwaukee Market—Jan. 9.
pt ottr Dull: Drices unchanged.
WHEAT UnsetUedj t 20 for No 1 In
store. v.v.ww.
BY ATLANTIC CABLE. Advices from Candia.
LONDON, Jan. 9.
" Advices' from Candia, by mail, full bon-
Irm the previous report of the aubnils-
firm the pluvious report of the auhmis-
siod ot the Cretans ta Turkish
The Missing Passengers of the
Steamship Hibernian.
t: A' vessel has arrived here reporting haViT
log passed i a. snip , bound to if ew York.
with the missing passengers and crew of
the steamship Hibernian.. .They would be
landed at Madeira, rn fia l"-.-yi
Steamship Hibernian. Grand Banquet.
MADRID, Jan. 9.
A' grand 'banquet was1. given at Seville-,
last evening. - Alt the maoieibal officers of
itbaioity, and -man y-other otablea,were
present. , one feature of the,i)anouet waa
a complimentary telegram wbich was lent'.
to Espartero, wherein tbe guestsexpressed-J
meir preierence ror mm ac tne neao oi
State, whatever the flecision of the Cortes
may be lelatlye to the future lorm of gov-
& . i :
Greece and Turkey.
PARIS, Jan. 10.
The ' conrerence. ' for ' the' settlement.
of tbe , dispute , between Greece- and
Turkey . met . Aa i thia ity y
terdav. Their first session was a lottsrOnei'.
eon vtning at four o'clock In the' afbirtioon ''
and te.rminarinir at eleven o'clock. "Tbe "
Geek, and. Turkish. repr.esentative,botB!,J
maimesteii a rery conciuawrr. uj9iuaii,iuo,
and ai peaceful result-to .deliberations of;'
conference is looked forward to, with cpn-
ndencet'Th next session .wilt take place'
Tuesday, January 1 '2th.!' -x u7Uj ;
Chinese Ambassadors.
Chinese Ambassadors. PARIS, Jan. 10.
The 'lournkr'savs :'The ambasna-
dors of China, now lu ttiiuity, are receiy-
ing every honor and attention, and (leolare
tbat Mr. Burlingame'B poeition in heein-
Dassy 18 entirely satisfactory to tne .Em
peror. The ambassadors will have lornial
audience with-, the.; Emperor at an early
day.-'- . i''i !.: j.-a ot Hi- .iA"j.i i a
Statement from the Greek Blue
The Greek JJlue Book.. coDtea Jit which"
fuave uwu fvueiveu ucRJwauuea ev Latrr
ment that lien. Agnawa, cn JiusstanBi--bakador
td the Sultan'fl'court. kadaa&nred'
Mr. De Lyanaus, tne Greek Minister here, '
tnat the sublime POrte would n0trepre-:
sent any: action of Greece in relurence to
Crete, v, 4r. . .T
Baltimore Cattle Market—Jan. 7.
BEEF CATri.E The.ofleringa. at the;
Scales during the past, week amounted to
2048 head, agairrst 659 last week.. Of theJ
n Amber Offered 65 bead feame fxoiif Vir-?,
gini O" iromynj0.ana 51a irom. ,iv est
v n gmia, over-me-ijainmore'
andT Ohio
railroad, and 269 from Maryland, Dim foot?
TneTeceipw iwrTieiMr'wreTOKert cy
ttaltrmora 'tuccnr9,r bUo sold -to snecula
tors' for Other markets, 55' to Wnshlngiion
and Annapolis butchers. 23 .'tar farmers for-"
grazing', and the balance werOTeshipped to
1 T.. b 1.1 1 1 . . 1 t
buc J2.asb wiLuuui ueiug uucrcu ure' jrrices
to-day i ranged as follows Old Cows ana
Scalawags at $44 50; ordinary thin Steer?.;
Oxen and Cows at ti 50 5 50; fair to good,,
Stock Cattle $5(56; fair quality , Beeves
6 757 75; and tbe very best Beeves $3 -9
per 100 lbs, the average price being about; '
So 75 gross. Tbe market was. moderately'
active at ihe beginning, but doted dull alt,
decline of about 50 cents per 100 lbs from
the rates Of last, week. -" " ' ' I,.,.?!
. SHEEP The market-, haa been airly"
supplied during the past 'week, and with a
good demand bas ruled firm throughout.!
Pricies to-day ranged 'as follows : ', Pair to,,,
FtcA .i . d1,dqti a t Al U 1 n lhiwie, ! '
HOGS The suoi.'ly this week has been0'
iigbt,. and quotations are 75c per, 100 lbs ';
niguer. " trices ip-uay raug"u as ioiiows
Farr tO'good fat Hogs $1415 'per 100 tbsv
net, the market, closing firmer t
.11 i i , , .'if NO. . 13. .'V ':' ' J H! t '.'-'ft
HCinPHKEirS - ....J,
experience, -an . entire, success : Simple
Prompt Efficient and Reliable. . 7hey are tea
only Medicines perfectly adapted to popular use,,
o simple .tbat -mistakea cannot oe aiade in
nsing them ;. as harmless aa to befree from dan-.
ger, and so emcient as. to be always reliabw.
They hare raised the highest commendatloa froia
all - .. .) 1 1 -i.M -. . ; -r. i :
Koe. ' "'- -iim.-i-. . Cent
' 1, Cares Feren, CmigeBUoBuilrammarJons.
j,,. ! -Worm, Worm Fever, Worm Cotic.SK
, 8, " 'OTlna-Colie or Teething of IofaataW
4. ! lUarrLoea of Children or Adults. .25
. 6, " 'DyiH-ntfrT, Griping, BirlonaCoUaJK
, -" f boJera-Jlorbua, Vomiting.. ...25
T, " raka, Celdv Bronchitis 3S
8, . . Neuralgia, Voothache, Faceache..28
, Headache aSickiledache,Vertio28
10, lypepla,BiliooB Stomach.... ,.S6
11, " Sunpreaaod, or Painful reriod.S5
12,, Jt ..IVMtea, too profnse Periods..:. .,.25
13,' -Cronp, OonghvtirnetiltBreatnrng..aS
14, ' -' Salt Khenm.Errsipelas.KniptionpaS
K. r ' H hew matlwm, Rheomatie wins . M
AUOteabovtartfridvpin nAI.touXainctiont
cerOmining douil quasi tititt tack, tor..... i.'..6
'l iTie'fiilfyteing' art alsopttt'vpinvialtaoil at
tmt at Hit tame prices given fefoa..' J ' " "' e
in,- : Fe,er a a? ot. vmu f otw, akhbw
n,-'-" JMlin, blind or- bleeding.; .'.-..-SBS
18.' OptlialmT. and sore or weak EyeeSW
"19, "atarrll.acote or chrOBW.lBflneriEaflO
81, ' AsthlnaVoppreeeed BreatWi!3......Ba
tn, rerite,enlarged glande, swelling b6
M,- SVIeneralDebtlity.physiealweakseaBGO
25, i -' Iroliy. and ecanty eeerationa: .60
Wj fjea-SlckneasslclaeessfromTidingeO'
:V', i HldneyDliieaMi aja-rel.v.:..'.fi0
iSS, ' Rervoua DcbLUty fitmlnal -n
: Kmiealoia, -Involantary 1 Dia- '
,w euanree..i..'.i.;vi..'..'ij..J.'iit-0
S9t, " j. Soro Bloeitli, Canlret j.. ..... j..i.0ft
.80, -- .Urinary Weakness, wetting bedGO
81, " - XuliU"ul l'erlo d, wi th laai; . W
Si, Snflertngaatchange-of Hre..Ui..l OD
,83, . Kpllepey,Spasnia,St.VitaB'Daneel OO
.84, . llpUluerlttlceraleUsorehreat.6
" t.', 1 ..... J.,... 1; re
Of 35 to CO large vtaje, noreee; i.i-j. j
or reseweed case,- etomtnlsUsas .,rfas
a specific for every ordinary . ,r.s
diHeaeea (anally ft antjeot to, t
-, amd boolu ol'dlrecUosut-... -r - r.
i ..'-) ., .mTrqa.4l04.-M
tinaUer family and Travellnareasea, , -
with 30 to 2H Tiale... .'. -- .& $& to fg
. Bpeeifics f all Private Dlmaseaboth
.n ... fur Curing and for .Preventive
treatment, in Tiale and pocket caaeeatof 5
0 s-pdss BXTKict,' !"'; -'; -.
Cures Kuril a. Bruise. Lanunsst,
Soreness.Sore TlLroat,8pralns. Toolb
ar he. Earache,- Nenralgia, Rbeuma-
Usav Lumhsfio, PUet, JBolLa, Slings,
Sore Kyes, Klecdlnpr of tbe Lungs,
None, stomacb, or of Piles Corns, 1)1-
m. Old Sores.
. Price, 6 oz.. 50 cts. I Pints, t LOO I
Quarts, $1.75.- - - ' ' -'
1 ft- These Kemedies, except1' POND'S EX
TRACT, by the case or single box, are sent to
any part ol the country, by mail or express, free
f charge, on receipt of the price; e t
Address Humphreys' Specifio v. '..,,',
Q Uomeopatmo Mecuoino company,
Office and Depot, No. 60S Bboadwat, New Tori, j ,i
Dr. Humprrets isconsnlteddailyat bis offlca,
personally or Iry letter, aa above, for all forms ox ;
disease. , as j v
' ' ': ' - I I i
A fresh supply of tbe above always on band and., ,
''"''-' :" ' A. 'J- SCHUELIjR and'
' CATJTIOn.'- - '' . --! K
All, fresh end genuine lledicines. hare on the.
bottom of tbe box, or in the cases.' Humphreys' '
Speoinoi, Homeopathic UediHne Company., Buy'j
no. othxra. - Tbey are not reliable. .-.-..' ,
' - -. . ... ... , - . jylS-deod&wly. -
I. ..ie, ' CUBKU. VJTH. ,
' : m. JOHNSTON'S; ;:
The only Infallible and Ferrules Remedy. Can be i'
(iven with or without tbe patient's knowledge.
'. Hrad Ur.' Johnston's Treatise on tnnaea
' ' ness. its Conseauences and Cure." - lr.
nrBrl with DR.
' JOnHRTo'N'8' iROHATin "
COMlJOUh'U., a setvaadL
ni.u.nt niaoaration ereatas na vnm.ti n m -f r ...
use. Tobacco need not be discarded, all at ease,
lor ui voiuiuva.,,upsi1iv we uesirei araauai y
and positively. , ,--.rt
) ".'''-
Proprietor. Cokamkaii O.'
Britain and Ireland. bTStaamshiD and Sail-
inc Packet, by weekly linn, at reduoed rates. TAP
BCOTT BRO8. '0Ow. M Booth I etreeW tm '
Vera, onakaue tn issue Paasaira Tickets, available .
for twehre months,' from ' London, Liverpool; ot '
Queenstowa, and Drafts, payable on demand, far
any amount, from Jt 1 and a owarJs ,
BAILEY ' O Aswcta, . 'i
awkli-wiy-HKT ' Pan AeiuiaboJ
& E 'Si',jjrai six
COMMERCIAL MATTERS. Cincinnati Money Market—Jan. 9.
GOLr1 buying. Exc1iaiige Jrmer
"110 TlliCOUntbuyln-and at Dar sellinir.
New York Money Market—Jan 9.
KmtinKiH nan street was the
activity uaod-owoywicV on the Stock Ex
change, whleb Tesulted' ! a sbarfl advance
ifraI-W1eaafbg,ewfrftteg; abd especially
tn theftTVtfrtte rallrnnrlaharse... TWrnl.
I0'1 $,?cf,? U.fers bullish, and olte-m?9i-5
air to increases n nr
imadV TrT JMe
m!rf,"7 Pw cent."' The bani: itate-
ia ahow."1! f'l toraaig Hme.
UsUowa dacreaM ia loans, and a large
Z,7tlC . to
at 18o13oi Thas aMjiMy sim
ulates purchasers fofafi advance..
New York Money Market—Jan 9. New York Stock Market—Jan. 9.
Clews A Cor. furnish the annexed 4:30 auo-
tattoDK!, Cou(xa.'b ,lhWP4f do
0910eJi? ao newl08Kie8; da '67
a Auavoiumeor nusUiessiaraUtraywaares
has been no usually larse. and with finaa va
, ry-raprwyea to tne close.
iuk ueen neacoea ODtne nimM ), k1 i-
juuetronwas gratiteVeftralpAiig Ue, dl-
.i.wyie-.ii.uiu.auunjjjfl any, waj, eapacially
from declaring tbe dividend. The-ice
rallied ta 844i arid elnabii. Th mrir2i.
sbares closed exoited.
American 404- Adams 4848??;
Unitea- Statea v41)J(tJliai Unioa
314jPacifl-A4l 122123; Western
Jaion .Veterraph ,333;
Central 57J57EV? &J3Stt,
tlaii.. COIL,.ll.,:rfik J , . . - . . " '
Fort Wayne 119W(Sl,lia?it fw js-Tutii'
feippi 343 Miebigan Of ntral lUSi'MichJean
Pittsburgh 84(S37 Totedo-lWIW;
Eock Island - l:12iJANbrtttwt.ra
8383 C. C. ifclniSitf Central 46?
C. C,:SrId.74)...w..a. Im,.y ,;ui
1 ' l .o .J
New York Money Market—Jan 9. New York Stock Market—Jan. 9. New York Market—Jan. 9.
-t-nv rx i- j-.-j.ii'' . -
w vii acuve ana axtntea at
Klc betterTbut closed dull and-rhe ad
vance wag partly fosty' 6,800 bales :ia at
2S29c tor tnlddllbc unlanda.Uaaiua- r.
the outside price. :ira ia,i'!.te
jt LUUK closed ffair and lowef.'.-"
WHEAT-Verrju, 0a Utbnyer&t fa-
EYE Doll at148I B0Torwestrb.
OATS-Quiet t stotaTj(l770
afloat for western. ..
CORN Quiet aud stead -a' AirS9S3 for
common to choice new mixefl 'westefhold
western mixed nob)inal'atta.t)7(ai,TajS.
POKE Very dull antf lieaiVvaelUr? f
meaa lot forward -delivery, at $29 60, with
jBEEF Ouietand unphantrpri.
- CUTEATSQuietf and SWay .
j-ii.T mseia in nroaerace rrq aegt and
BDeban(fedr. n4 bst .
LAEfr-Heayy;;8elIfs5rir3 steam tor
JUJGS-Lower and (fntl at og',''
Cincinnati Market—Jan. 9.
- rLOUR Firm " and. In . irnnrl..daiani1
Family. $7- 75 8 00.. -' T. z "ZT1
.wheat-r lrm. Wo 2 f ITO. w
;vCOKNDotf at 630 for eafbrahenett
, ,Q4TSf-.Quiet ar,Q61fcadD le.rti.nn
-RYE lu moderate dwnand t$l 65
' BARLEY-Uuchaniredand ouV.tat9 IK
3 25. i-;J-.Jiiu;---:,.xu.T-Ta".TSTit
OOXTOll-Clnsettie and IreRf oit dfthe
jnarketaskirljc 2ao4or oiiiidlfen;yj'ini'ir
:HOGS -Firmet. T.ii at iinrii 1 nrw
dretsea uVXlf 5012 60.' KscelDta,l.lMO
bead..!; nii) 'iiiii'.-.-i iu soJ : iisJ
PROYISIOXS-rOenerallvn fiimk,;.r..,r
the demand, is liKUU,iNot aanch.dpnejithe
hlffh prices eheck DecuIative -demand..
' .BULK nlA'l'S-.,Atl2fa,14t!ftTnrhnl
demand sides; with sales efhttlei.'1 i:I
, BACOJf Held t 1419diJ6r aionlder
and clear sldes i..:f:-
GREEN HAMS-Sold kt 15tc and aid.
ai 13c froia block. 11 J'"-I'""
t i.AKU-4-lleld at SOcand Ome enrall Tots
'Wei'?Ji0lta :J9Ol irff'tfIT 1 fit l;VI!-.j
TtTrl'Tii'R li., li of q3oq
OILS Linseed held at 1: es. nnt nliir'
retail sales N ewdo at thia raf. ; TarH
vilfiruiatf 1 651 04 m oa Lnn ,rmt
Timotnxarf 3 per bushel., . -
Chicago Market—Jan. 9.
. I FIXUR--Quietr ajrlnit extr&i at tS- 25
WHEATV-Steadv and inoderatelv firm
sales No. 1 at 1 20Vf 26j 2 at $1 Z
VU& iRlbsinjr Inn at $1 14 for No? 3;
aalea ai No.A since (CSlanire at$l 14to
'vr'rpj ai sii4o auxoeraaiea oi
Nof l Jiiln-dried at4a6finew ateXKc;
ho-frrade at 4950e;' closing rin''Ht'S3o
Kjn.ire w, sou' om; aor bo- grauev' a Otulue
doing' inleoca thiaJattCMOcrm iiiaf rnl
OATb In iair demand .aj4.iio
hib-ri sales 04' $lo. at47(347Kc rej. cted
at44fe45C jsrosin af47l42S Ib'rKo. 2.
' RYE Flraiei andllfe Wfier-sAlea
oi.HdilatjJlfiTgli'ie? V it i-13e,
cloeinit witbraellera.at 1 16. tdr Jfjairly.
BARLEY Held Jiijrher;ara atl 63
1 68 or So. 2 io store; .'and $1 67' seller,
laAtialf o aranOaryi, crosihg' bbiiitnal at
$L3'for'Ndi iln htoresvits! ma cup
i'ftJlifiw5'iSTWti 'isnu ; easier,
rant! ins at 12 ia 2. and olnsincr Mii,t
J22512. 50t live, active1 at (9 la
wr isirte meuium.na s Volsll jor KOOu
Y. Dry Goods 9.
ilarlietlesa aotHe butrbuoyant fox plain
staple, ctetton fmd ri rrterl g oods, " In t y m pa
tby with the fUivaiiee IB raw tiAterial. 'At
lantic b A, Tieavy brown I s bewinjj. M&Jc;
Appli4op"J6r; An!uetalSk j Indian, Orchard,
C. 13S I'LaconiaB, U& dpl36cjdo.
O, !4v; do. in 8t-; Pepperelll EV loc:. Mo.
R, 14 ; do.O, 13l; do. K, 12Pr Anjdfeketftijf,
A,; blpacbed ., imlirBV 16ej; Aodfoscog-
do4Qc prices' bolhp tfle 'Jilgbmlrated, as
the tentlenf-y crprictsia npaiaxxla.lint
iq. ,gooa stjutsar sua. seutnjr at .n
13c for dark .aod juedjiiai niaje but liplit
styles are hrld'by apeirtk a above1 These
rat s. MourninR-prrnts have risen c, and
bring lioi iljWil otto a;slade firmer
tendency is np..,WooJen, poods,. in. iroprov-
ea rt quest ior oouinern rraoe, anq ;ooa
styles of faricv mixtures (jelling -rrtrrn 1 25
to 1 0 per yard fbf reetJtesiratge fabric of
best qtialityiidawn tp:l for ; good enough
Styles. . r-r- .hr.-t iW-'.-u :tc'u sthI.-.j
Kin4.t;iArwnniTue'wiHQlo wc-oext
week: Hill's rmner idem,loi-i(,ai7c: Lona-
ales xTr' TuScarora- 20rt vf anreutta22fr:
St. Louis Market—Jan. 9.
FLOUR Dult aficl uflcbanged. 1 r
. WHBATr-Very:duilj buvefs fcebefilly
otbf the market."'11'0'! vJrfiY.rrK i::.,T
'" B AELE?2cnMigeft'if'2 'is for'.lfa'icy
MlfrueseasrJHnrJ1J iJiu,',t iVJ u "r
ieW4lWKaSrfi7)4dOTi dytvtdl '
- riiUVISiQLNa-Firm. but not much dn.
PORIP-Sold'ai 2D$c, hot held at 306:
KACONStearfy at I3?i?14c to Bhoul-
dersr and 1819i2 for -clear sidesi uiio
.iJAKlJr 1SH.V.I'-. -ri- ft ' " r;-.1K,
HOGST-Very ;'firta ai ,10,, e
Buffalo Market—Jan. 9.
f-FLOUB7 iX1 mi for -ity-jfroAnd
spring; -- -Ir! v iu-l ;. ivyj-nl r. i
W H EAT Inactive and entirely nominal.
COKN DuH at 7980c for. new on track.
. KYE-Held. at V40. I vcii l u 1
ti T w onr,i& vanaaai as
qUARD Quiet at 2tk- duvbnr. ,sb;i ,
-. mmauresaeq laoiidi. .r.-.a i
Cleveland Market—Jan. 9.
rTLOIJR Market ,'oiiiet and steady.,
'WHBAlV-No. j red whiter held at 1'80,
and sales of tarI7.2dat$lft '-"
a CQRNrf-Held ax-Sac. g-.ri.ii niloi-V--OATS
Held a63o; ,,.., .! v'- J.-n
BABLEY No. 1 Canada held a( f )5;
No.l State at$l 701 75. '" -T'
' :PETROLEDM Firm- demand Irbod re-
nneo W' : ruuHu iuui, uuiu ,im wngxtc trade
,lptealj303ao, isitrin-jfare n,t il-Jt;. j- .
Cleveland Market—Jan. 9. Toledo Market—Jan. 9.
1 WH rJAT-Dufl; aMieri at fl 78: ' ' 3
i i&N-Aihade lowerr,'oewat62)$88c;
'??r5,ffr:,lia 'i6 ye41owa 65.
; OAli3-rBetter;j!o;l uacbanged atfi7c.
YE-l-TJnchanf;ed;NoIatl 26.
' SEED3 -Steady r lovar Btea at 93 50C
DRESSED flOG3 CBChandt12
13Jvi uli Lil. ,'.'311C J UUJ iv. SUMill

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