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JAN. ie.
Ohio Legislature.
"TBe Senate accepted the invitation of the
.CoUimtmaJfc Hocking -Valley railroad to
visit Lancaster on the first excursion train
"whlcn passes over the Toad, on Wednesday
; next.' ;" - " '" ' '
A resolution looking to the earlier -pub
lication of the Agricultural Report was
adopted, and, on motion of Mr. Linn, an
"' additional resolution was agreed to, to cut
from the Report, as published, ruach ol the
bunjfllDg, ill digested mass of nonsenEe
which swells Its pages, so as to reduce the
' size of the volume and with it to largely
;'' 1 decrease the cost of its publication. "
'A resolution looking to the thorough ex-
' 1 aniiiiation of the bulldinus occupied by the
deaf and dumb, the blind, idiotic and in-
! '' siinei in order to ascertain thefV liability to
take1 fire, and to report the proper means to
put them In fire prool condition, was adopt-
In House, the. morning was consumed in
the. second reading ol bills and In the dls
cusslpn' of an-, adjournment resolution
r,1!.!' which provides that; the Legislature ad-
journ'on every third Friday Until Tuesday,
.whioh'waa Anally agreed to.' 1 t , 1
uhci jn the 'afternooh ' an Invitation was re
ceived and accented1 from' the Columbus &
t, , an, excursion to LaucHSter on tbe 13th Inst.
O A resolution was adopted inquiring into
;'; the expediency of admitting females into
'. the Miami and Ohio' Universities on the
,r same looting that males, are now received
in tneeelnstitutions, after which tbe House
.h'ni -v..
ill-- : Id i-
MONDAY, January 11, 1869.
The PRESIDENT called
.1.. O 1. A-
order at 10 o'clock.
" senate Dins 260, 261 and 262 were eever-
c.; . -ally read the stcoDd time and referred.
O', a ;.';r;; J ?TITIOS PBKSENTKD. "! '- .'
uj ijByilrXtRISWOLD From Joseph Swift
jr., surveyor or loraln county, lor a law
. providing that where the true meridian
: Has been, or shall be established in the sev
J eral counties of this State, the same be
placed in charge ot the County Surveyor,
Rcierred to the Judiciary committee.
,V .: CA1J. OF THB SENATE, i-.-i.-'.
n . . . On motion of Mr. CARTER, a csU of the
Senate was ordered, and twenty Senators
" answerea to meir names, s follows
Messrs. Berry. Brooks. Burrows. Carter.
, Dickey, Emmitt, Everett, Godfrey, Golden,
uriawoio, jamison, iranex. i,inii..Wav.
Ouderdonk. Potts. ' Scribner. Simmons.
- ' ateaman ana inner,
1 ltd f On motion Of Mr.' JAMISON, : further
. , i;proceeaing8 under thecal! were dispensed
. ,, . , EESOLDTIONS. , . , (
, ,,. jur. onerea a resolution wnicu
" ' wss adopd, instructing the committee on
Public Printing to investigate the cause ot
the delay in printing the Annual Aarricnl
v1, .rtural Reports for the last and,: preceding
1 "YS-r,i-vTT-r. i .
.... years, ana report Dy DM or otherwise.
Mr. POTTS offered a joint resolution re
quiring ine committees on uonevoient in
-inoug(tutiori8to examine the condition of the
' Public Benevolent Institutions with a view
. to ascertain if any further legislation is
necessary to protect tbe buildings belong
ing to said' institutions from destruction
by lire; and to report by bill or other
;Wi9e. j-!) t.; i . r. v : i : :.
. Adopted. ... r. - , ! ...-, . '
, ?nf tn committee on Agriculture to 1a
quire whether the annual reports ot the
- ''"'! btate Board of Agriculture may not be
materially abridged without detriment to
,j;il-f 'tUe agricultural and mechanical interests
' ol the State; and Jo report by bill or other-
. wit?. duupLtu.
- On motion of Mr; GOLDEW, the Senate
-r: : i tpok. r?ees8.- , ' - , '
The PRESIDENT called the Senate to
order at 3 o'clock. -
; -""nj BKSOLUTI02C. j,"-'
i-'-Ki Jlr. GOLDEN offered a' resolution ac-,t-'u
eptihg the invitation of M. M. Greene,
.,j;iS yive President of the Columbus fc Hoek
: log Valltyj-ailroad, to participate in an
" " excursion trip over said mad on Wednts-sra-
i flay Dxr, and providing lor bu aHjuuru--i
n meat ot tbe Senate over Wednesday, j ' '
lo'nc. "The resolBtioB was discussed by Messrs.
r, fiy,Golden,. Brooks, Berry, -May, Simmons,
7t,3tedman and Dickey, when.,. . - ... , . f
- iifiT1 Mr. EYERElT.oflered a sohstituta for
r the resolution, thanking the officers of the
-if 'Hooking Valley railroad company for the
In I', invitation to take - an - excursion,' and. ex
.iJuipr8111? sympathy in the success of1 the
. . ehterprise, but feeling thaf a sense of duty
' to the State requires it to foreo the prof--'-'
lered pleaeur". f'- i
r,n .sinThe sabstitnte was rf jected by the iol--h,-.
ft Jpw'ng vote
i . , Yeas Messrs. Brooks Everett, Godfrev,
" Griswold.' Linn,-May, Onderdonk, Scrib
Jiit.t 'ner 8.' :- '; -i ,
X.?ii:i;'' lNAYSMessrs." 'Berryj Carter, - Dickey,
Emmitt, Golden, Jamison, Keifer, King,
j . ..Kraner.. Pott?, .Sirumons,. Stedman "and
v" "'Winner 13. ' r- '. " - - ' ; -o
.niifl'j. ur. QOLDENS resolution - was then
-ton-Adopted by the following votc:; J
till otJY,,A8-rMe88r8- Berry. .Carter, Dickey,
. Emmitt,' Golden," Jamison. Keifer, King,
ilo,y,Kraner, Onderdonk. PotU. Simmons, Sted
s.),i.;Hiaoand Wioner-14.' -j ' ' ) :
.NYT-Messr8. Rrooks.. Burrows, God
. , v frey. , Everett, Griswold,, Liun, May and
' , " Scrlbiier 8. ' ' ' ' . Tb
. 5" " BtPOBT.'1 ! ' ;
o.i tjjri- SCBIBNEE,- from the Judiciary
committee, reported back S. B. No. 260
Supplemental to the act to fix the compen
' ' eat ion of the members and officers of the
: i: :. General Astembly, passed April 2, 1866,
,ni with an ameuumenl; which wag agreed to.
. V u and tbe bill was ordertd to be read a third
' time to-morrow.'
' f' '.The amendment provides that the words
.;:-.';'jaBCtU8i attendance," iiV section one of the
bill, and in the act to which the bill is sup-
. .. niementai, snail oe construea to incluoe all
, (laysiro'm the opening to tbe close of the
v .ge8Sior). r3Cept such days of absence as are
3 JT not'-xcn,d by the Houre to which the
ii,!' ''member or the officer belnngs. ;
ir. (:; ; Mr. BERRY ave notice of intention to
, viBlroduce & bill to so amend tbe laws ol
'."the State as to require all officers, 8late, or
county: to pay taxes upon the value ol
tbeic offices as upon other pronertv. .
..C.t:.i ! Oa ruption. of Mr SCRIBNER, the Sen-
!.; at aojournea. . . ... ; ,.
J. -frayer by Rey. Mr. Welsh. '
Eleven bills were read "the second time
-'" ' and referred to tneir appropriate commit
tees. ' :ji ' '; '' , ' : j - ;
S.B.:No.Ul-Mr. CARTER To amend
1 an act entitled an act to amend section one
r.'i if an act to make it the duty of County
I : i Auditors to levy extra taxes lor road pur--i
- poses to ceiuiu cases, passed- May 1,1854,
. was read tbe third time, and on motion oi
:;,;ri': Mr. Scctti,of Warren, laid on the table. .
m-8; B.N. 18-.Mr; BURROWS. To amend
.iir sections 24nd ,2o ol au act entitled an act
. . for Uie punishment oi certain crimes there-
Lln.nV, O 1CQ1 1
JU pamcu, uaoam ixiaivu auoi, t at jcjuj
! ' ' J the third time, and on motion ol Mr.Uughes,
ii!J ' Of Highland, laid on the table.
H. B-.No. 351 Mr. PARS, Supplemen
tary ilo.. the, act for the punishment o
'' ' - ,im."nnsed March '7. 1835. took effect
Julv 1. 1835, was read the third time, and,
On BlOtlWl V JHItl iniu Vll IUV .Ol'Kl
On rootiotrf Mr. HUGHES, of High--;j
.,v land, the third reoding of bills was suspen
i"'ded tU Wednesdayjiextr,.(.j j n
- ftbst beading. I"""
'MrTttiWTOJr, H'B.'No. 447-Supple-Jna-
tnentary to the act entitled an act coocern-i-
::;.! -jg Divorce and Alimony'.''"' " i"" t
;'. .t-.Sir. ANDERoONj 'Hi IB.-'No. 448-To
,,,!! !: amend an act entitled-an act to auttiorize
'1 the Buard of Publio Works to purchase so
mneH of the upper "or National Koad
''" ' bridge'' acfrOss too' Muskingum river at
Zanesvitie, as is sitnattd on the line ot said
I jiational Road. - - - . , ...
; oo 'NEAL, H." B. NO.OTo prescribe
Xand regulate the liabilities ot partdes and
sureties on official and other bonds, j
Mr. WELSH, H. B. No. 450 To author
ize tbe First Cumberland Presbyterian
Church, oi Alexander, in Athens county,
in the state of Ohio, to Bell or dispose of j
their cemetery grounds, -y- ;
Mr. DUNN, H. B. No. 451 To amend sec
tion 1 ot an act entitled an act. to fix the
compensation of members and officers of
the General Assembly, passed April 2,
1866. - "T-' -
Mr. DENMAN offered for adoption the
following resolution :
Eesolved, That when this House adjourns
on Friday, January 22, and on every third
Friday thereafter, it shall stand adj. turned
until the following Tuesday at 2 o'clock
P. M. t - ,
Mr. LT?ETE gave notice of his intention
to discuss. .
Mr. SCOTT, of Hamilton, moved that
the rule be suspended, and that the reso
lution be taken from the table for lmmedi-
ate consideration. , ' :
The House agreed.
Mr. HILL, of Defiance, moved to amend
by striking out the figures "22," and in
sert "29;" also strike out "third Friday,"
and iutert "fourth Friday," and moved to
postpone the further consideration of the
resolution and pending amendments until
to-morrow at 11 o'clock A. M.
Mr. SCOTT, of Warren, moved ta lay
.the resolution upon the table,- which mo-
. JU - .,
lion uiu out prevail. .
Mr. KERR, of Jefferson, moved to amend
. by striking out "22" and insert "15."
After some discussion, in wnicn Messrs.
Hill, ot Defiance, Rukenbrod, Scott, of
Hamilton, Sayler, Wolf, Scott, of Warren,
aod JJenman participated, - toe question
'Was on- postponing till tu-morrow. The
House disagreed. .
The question was then upon the motion
ot Mr.- Hill. :of Defiance, to strike out and
Insert. r . .
Mr. SCOTT, of Warren, demanded adi
vision' of the question. ., .' ......
The question was then upon striking out
"zz." ine House reiusea.
" The question was then upon striking out
third "Friday" ana inserting fourth "Fri
dav." ..
Mr. SCOTT, of Warren, demanded a di
'vision of the question. The question be
ing first on striking out, the House re-
iujea. , , .... .
The question being then upon striking
out tniru Friday and inserting lourtn i n
; dav. the House disagreed. -
Mr. POND moved to amend the resolu
tion bv addir.a: as follows:
'Provided, that in no -case shall members
: be allowed per diem .during any such ad-
lournment." . .-
Altejr remarks by' Messrs. Wolf, Pond,
Sayler and Hill, of Erie,
; Mr. DENHAM ottered the following as
an amendmeiit to Mr. Pond's amendment:
'Provided that no member shall receive
pay tor time ot absence, whether on leave
or otherwise."
. Mr. POND opposed the amendment as
luiui&ieriai. -
Mr. ACKER opposed both amendments.
. Mr. vvui.f raised a Question ot order, -
Mr. ACKER demanded that the question
or order be Dut in writinsr.
Mr. HORU mr.ved that the House take a
recess. , Tne Houie agreed.
Mr. WOLF stated his point of order, and
withdrew the same.
Mr. RUKENBROD offered tbe following
as a substitute:
Resolved, That when this House adjourns
on Friday January I5tn. ana on every
third Frtdav thereafter, it shall stand ad
jnurned until -the following Tuesday at
2Vi o'clock P. fli. ...
Air. BUTTER moved to amend the sub
stitute as follows: "Amend by striking
out the figures and words '2 o'clock P.
M-' and inserting in lieu thereoff the fig
ures and words .'10 o'clock A. M." The
amendment was not agreed to.
' .The question was theu upon the adop
Hon rt Mr. Rukanbrod's substitute.
The discussion was continued bv Messrs.
Rukenbrod, Scott of Hamilton, Wolf and
Cockerill. -
The veas and nays were called on agree
ing to Mr.' Rukenbrod's substitute, and re
sulted yeas 31.nays 43.' So the substitute
. was hot asrpped to.
Mr. DENMAN asked and obtained leave
to withdraw his amendment.
The ouestion then recurred upon the
amendment of Mr. Pond, upou which Mr.
Neal demanded the yeas and nays. .
The amendment of Mr. Fond proposes
to deprive members for all pay during void
adjournments- -
The veas and hays were called and re
sulted yeas 32, nays 43. The amendment
was not agreed to. : '
- The question- was then upon the adop
tion of the original resolution." The reso
lution' was adopted veas 46, nays 23.
The SPEAKER laid belore tbe House a
memorial Irom the Governor of Wisconsin
and other Western Governors, In relation
to connecting the lakes with the Mississippi
py a ship canal.
. On motion, of Mr.! HUGHES, oi High
lahdi the memorial and accompanying doc
uments were teterred to toe committee on
Federal Relations. -.:
statistics. ;,,;;:
. Mr. NEWMAN .offered the following
joint resolution: . , i
Haoivi fl ty the General Assembly of -the
Stale of Ohio, That there be printed 3,700
additional copies of the 'report of the Sec
retary ot State for 1868, including the sta
tistical report lor the same year 1,200 cop
ies for the use of the Secretary of Slate and
-2,500 copies for tbe use of the members of
the General Assembly,. ., , ;" . ,", i
, , Eesolvtd, That, there 'be printed and
bound in muslin in a style to conform with
former reports of' the Commissioner bl
Statistics, 2 000 copies of statistical reports
of the Secretary of State in -English, and
1,000 in German ; 100 copies for the use of
the Secretary ot. state, -300 copies for the
State Library, and ; the remainder to be
distributed in equal proportions by the
Secretary ol State among the members of
the General Assembly, aucl tor warded to
r.ibem 88 soon as published in' care of their
respective county Auditors.
" The resolution was adopted. '
Mr. ROUGH offered the following reso
lution, which went on the table under a
motion to discuss by Mr. Wolf:
Whereas, An act entitled an act to fix
the compensation ot members and officers
of the General Assembly, passed April 2.
1866. provides that each member of the
General Assembly of this State shall be
entitled to receive for each day's actual at-
: tendance during the session of the General
Assembly tbeum of live dollars: and.
- Whureas, The practice is for members
to receive compensation for each day ol
the session as well for days not In attend
ance as those In attendance : therefore.
Resolved. That the Judiciary committee
be instructed to inquire into the legality of
memoers ot the Ueneral Assembly and its
officers receiving compensation for days
not in actual auenuauce, anu report Dy bill
or otherwise.
Mr. LEE H. B. No. 452 To repeal an
act entitled an act-to-provide for takiug
the enumeration of the male inhabitants ol
this State above the age of 21 years. Read
the first time. '
Mr. GASTON II. B. No. 453 Further
defining tlie powers, pr.vilegus and duties
of railroad companies in Ohio. Read the
first time.
' Mr.READ presented the petition of O. P
Taylor and seveLty -seven other cl iz?iis ol
Goshen township, Tuxcarawas county, ask
ing the passage ot a law empowering the
trustees ot Uoshen township, in said coun
tv. to raise by loan, and levy a tax to nay
said loan, tbe sum of $2,000, lor the purpose
ot paying a uaiauce uue on a Driugc.
Referred to Mr. R-ad.
Mr. RUTTER offVrisd the following res
olntinn. wbi h was adopted :
Resolved, That the invitation extended
to the members and officers of the Lt-gis-
ture to participate in tbe excursion trip
over tne ixnumuus s Hociting valley
-railroad from Columbus to Lancaster and
return on Wednesday, January 13, lfc69, is
hereby accepted, and that when this House
"adjourns on Tuesday, it shall stand adjourn
ed until innrsuav, J.U o ciock A. M.
Mr. COCKERILL offered the lollowing
1 lilt resolution, which ws suupiea ;
' Resolved, by the General Assembly of the
' Slate of Ohio. That the Secretary ol State
be authorized to purchase, on account ol
the State,-a suitable carpet for his office.
Mr. SCOTT, of Hamilton, offered the
following resolution, which was adopted:
Resolved, That the committee on Uni
yersities and Colleges are hereby instruct
ed to inquire into the power and propriety
of such legislation as will open Miami
'University and Ohio University for tbe re
' ceution ot female tudents on the same
terms that male students are now received,
, and report to this House by bill or other-
ise: at their earliest convenience. . ;
' Mr.- POND inoved that the House ad
innrn. in order to allow members amDle
( time to prepare for attending the lecture of
Rev. Theodore xiiton at tue upera House
The House reiusea.
' ' On motion ot Mr. SCOTT, of WarreD. H
r. No, 106 was taken from the table and
referred to the committee on Agriculture,
IITr,ul,c - II; .
On motion oi Mr. nuum, wi aaiku
land, the House adjourned.
WASHINGTON, January 11.
Mr. CHANDLER presented a iolnt res
olution of the Legislature of .Michigan.
urging the passage of the copper tariff bill
now pending in' the Senate. Laid on the
table and ordered printed.
Mr. FREELINGHUYSEN Dresented the
petition ol citizens of Georgia. setting
forth that it is impossible for avowed Union
men to-live In the rural districts of that
State; that it is impossible to bring to jus
tice the murderers of Union men; that in
timidation and force have been used
to make a certain clasa of citizens vote,
contrary to their interest;. that palpable
violations of the 14th amendment are
constantly occurring, and that legisla
tion ot some kind is absolutely necessary
to remedy this state of things. Referred
to Judiciary committee.
H. V. MILLER Dresented the creden
tials ot the Senator elect from Georgia,
which was referred to the committee on
Mr. HENDRICKS presented a rerhon-
strance aeainst Increasing the duties on
iron and steel. Referred to committee on
Tne Senate then took up the bill for the
reuei ot sue Murpny.
Alter debate, without decision, the Sen
ate went into executive session.
Under a call of-States a large number of
Dills and resolutions were introduced, for
reference only, including the following:
By Mr. LINCOLN To amend the act f
July 20, 1808, Regulating pensions to. wid
ows ana minor children of deceased sol
diers. . Referred to committee on Invalid
Pensions. i
Bv Mr. SCHOFIELD To release from
liability the suretiis of distillers of petro
leuni when the principals have failed in
consequence ot removal ot tax on oil at the
last session. Keierrea to committee on
Ways and Means. ? .
By Mr. KELLY To authorize gold
contracts on a basis of the relative value
ot gold and United States notes. Referred
to same committee.
By Mr. BUTTLER A bill aid In the
administration oi justice in the State of
Virginia. Referred to committee on Re
construction. The bill recites that a large
majority of the Judges ot the State Courts
are disqualified under tbe 14tb article ot
tbe amendment to tbe Constitution, but
that the United States Courts in that State
are discharging from punishment crimin
als convicted of murder, because ot the
disqualification of such Judges, and
that treat confusion is being causen there
by in the administration ot justice and in
tbe title ot real estate. It therelore pro.
vides for tbe supervision of Judgments
and decrees until tbe question ot the va
lidity of tbe Courts rising from sueh dis-
aualincatiou be determined in tbe feu
oreme Court of the Unite d States, all
cases before such Courts to be continued,
bt no further proceedings haj until such
is made.
By Mr. HEATON, of North Carolina
To repeal tbe act Of July 4, 1864, affecting
the Court of Claims, so as to give that
Court jurisdiction ot claims lor army sup
plies furnished by loyal persons in the late
rebel States, except in Virginia, Mississip
pi and Texas. , Referred to the Judiciary
Several hills were also introduced lor the
removal ot civil and political disabilities
and referred to the committee on Recon
struction. By Mr. CORLEY, of S. C In relation
to the introduction of disloyal textbooks
into the public schools of tbe Southern
States. Relerrtd to tbe committee on Ed
ucation. By Mr. BROOMALL, of 111. To amend
tbe Constitution. Referred tp Judiciary
By Mr. HOPKINS To grant lands to
the Superior & State Line Railroad Com
pany. Referred to committee on Public
Lands. '
By. Mr. ROBINSON For the acknowl
edging of Cuba or securing its annexation
to tbe United States without purchase. Re
ferred to committee on Foreign Allaire.
It resolves that Spain, having thrown ofi
its own government, has no right to inflict
a governmeut on the people ol uuna con
trary to their wishes, and that it is a duty
of the United States to acknowledge the in
dependence ot tbe government now suc
cessfully established iu Cuba by its people,
or take measures lor tbe annexation of
Cuba to the United States,' as tbe people
of Cuba may indicate, provided no pay
ment be made to the dethroned Queen or
any other person arogating the right to
dispose of or control the land contrary to
tbe wishes of the people thereof. -The
morning hour having expired,
Mr. WASHBURNE, of Indiana, intro
duced a bill repealing the act regulating
the tenure of certain civil offices, passed
March 2d, 1867, and moved the previous
question An its passage. il
Mr. BUTLER ol Massachuetts. remark
ed that this was the same bill which he had
introduced,-and which had been referred
to the Judiciary committee. That com
mittee, however, could not, in regular
course, be called tbe Session. Everybody
had his mind made up as to the repeal ot
the law and be hoped there' would be a
direct vote on it.-
The previous question was seconded.
Mr. WILSON, of Iowa, chairman of the
Judiciary committee, remarked that a' ma
jority of tbe judiciary committee had
agreed to report a bill repealing tne tenure
of office law. . -"" ; " - ;
Mr. WARD expressed his opinion that
a bill of such importance should be dis
cussed before being'put on its passage.
Mr. WASflBURJSii. of Illinois, oriect-
ed to debate;.
Mr. BENJAMIN called lor the yeas and
nays on ordering the main question.
it was ordertd liu to 47. xne Din was
then passed yeas 121; nays 47.
Mr. BOUIWELL, from the Judiciary
committee, reported a joint resolution pro
posing an amendment to tne constitution
of the United States, and a bill declaring
who may vote for President and Viee Pres
ident, and for Representatives to Congress,
which were ordered printed, and which he
gave notice he would call up for decision
and action in the course of a week or ten
days. .
Chicago Items.
CHICAGO, Jan. 11.
Current rumor says that Father McMul
len. who went to Rome two weeks ago, to
complain against Bishop Duggan, ot this
diocese, has obtained an order lrom the
Propagando, citing the Bishop to appear
before the Council and show caue why he
removed Fathers McMullen, Pales and
The Democratic (St. Paul) Pioneer says
Senator Ramsay i sure ot r-election.
The press charges that Donnelly baa milted
with Washburn to 'defeat Rainsny. Don
nelly's friends are confident of his success.
The controller Of St. 1 aui is to ie im
peached lor rclUHlnir to countersign city
bonds for the Superior railroad, on techni
cal ground.
Fire at Antwerp, Ohio.
TOLEDO, Jan. 11.
The stonn factory of Begin, HmIiicn A
Co- at Antwero. Ohio, whs totally il
stroyed by lire last night. 1am Vo.OOO. No
HARTFORD, Jan. 11.
General Kiloatrlck wits on Saturday
night presented with 92 000 worth of silver
ware by the Connecticut soiuiera.
Loss by Fire.
Loss by Fire. NEW ARK N. J. Jan. 11.
Joseph L. Whitetleld's grocery. Win. J.
Jackson's stove store ana j. vy. ijow
nublie hall, at Belleville, N. J, were burn
ed this morning. Loss ten thousand dol
PHELPS, N. Y. Jan. 11.
The Gibbons Block, at this place, was
burned last uiuht. Total loss 950,000; in
sured lor 130.000.
Mail Robbery.
The mail from Richmond, on Saturday,
was robbed of a package while being taken
from tbe Potomac boat. Most ol what was
stolen, however, will prove unavailable.
Cleveland and Pittsburgh Railroad
The Herald of to-day contains the protest
of James F. -ClarK, J. -M. MCunocn and
B. F. Jones, Directors of the Cleveland
and Pittsburgh railroad, against the action
of the new Board of directors, taken Jan
uary 6th, consisting ot resolutions making
a scrip dividend of fifteen per cent., a cash
dividend of two per cent., the Issue ot five
millions in bonds, abragating all existing
by-laws, appointing an executive commit
tee empowered to make a financial agent,
with the right to hold tbe funds ot the
company without giving bonds, double
tracking tbe road, appropriating five hun
dred thousand dollars to be placed in the
hand of a financial agent, to pay attorneys
fees &:.' ...
St. Louis Items.
ST. LOUIS, Jan. 11.
The Leavenworth Commercial says a
white man named Hays was recently mur
dered at Hays City, Kansas, by three ne
gro soldiers, belonging to the 38th infant
ry. The murderers were arrested and
lodged in jail, preparatory to trial, but
during the night they were taken from
prison by a vigilance committee and bung
to the nearest tree.
Troubln between the white and negro sol
diers at Fort Lamed has also occurred, and
conflicts became so frequent and serious
that the negroes had to be removed from
the post and quartered at a distance from
It. The colored people ot this city cele
brated to-day, the anuversay of emancipa
tion ot slaves In Missouri, by a long pro
cession tills P. M. and presented a fine ap
pearance. The celebration will be closed
with a grand ball this evening.
ST. LOUIS, Jan. 11. Ku Klux.
A band of Ku Klux made a raid into
Livingston, Overton county, Tennessee,
oti the night of December 30. What par
ticular object they had is not known, but
they left alter a sharp conflict with a party
ot colored men, toruettlng to carry with
them a half dozen horses and their
shrouds. "' - .
The negroes claimed the horses as tro
phies, and sent them away lor sale keep
ing. The Ku Klux returned on the. night of
the 21 of Janurry. largely reinforced, and
demanded or Mr. Lewis, the State At tor
nev. the disposition ot the horses.
Mr. Lewis did not. know and so inform
ed them. They then exacted a promise
from him to ascertain, and said that they
would return asialn.
Some ol them visited the town the next
dav. and were very threatening to Mr,
Lewis, who brought news of the raid. He
is there trying to get the State authorities
to take action on tne subject.
. Tbe sheriff ot Overton has armed
posse of fifty citizens, who await further
demonstrations ot tne man. -
CHICAGO, Jan. 11.
The Union Christian Convention com
menced its session in the Second Presby
terian Church .this evening, u. L. Moody
was elected President, and addresses were
delivered bv prominent clergymen and
laymen of the city. The Convention will
continue until Wednesday evening.
A six foot vein of superior coal has been
discovered on the line ot the Denver &
Pacific railroad.
A dispatch from Denver, Cal reports
that two men, Cisco and Boamberd, were
killed by Indiaus on the smoky hill route
on Friday.
Brig Lost.
HALIFAX, Jan. 11.
-The loss of the brig A. R. Dunlap, from
Boston, with 13 lives, is fully confirmed.
Portions of the wreck, and one body, rec
ognized asMissTalbott. havi floated ashore
la Prospect Bay, 30 miles from here.
A Tempestuous Voyage.
A Tempestuous Voyage. NEW YORK, Jan. 11.
The steamship Etna, which arrived yes
terday from Liverpool, encountered a very
tempestuous voyage. Mr. Molyntxon,
fifth officer of the ship, was swept over
board and drowned on the 26th. Five oth
ers were also swept overboard at the same
time, but were rescued. Several of the
crew and passengers were badly injured
by the same sea, one having his collar bone
broken. The deck was swept, the boats
swept away, and the greatest consternation
prevailed among the two hundred passen
gers on board. The voyage was one of the
most severe ever experienced.
The Trouble at Baxter's Farm.
The Herald's Nortolk dispatch of yes
terday says : A report received by Lieut.
Rogers states that tbe negroes are quiet at
Baxter's tarm. There is no apprehension
of immediate difficulty. An othcer ot tien.
Stoneman's staff is here investigating tho
late emeute. As a precautionary measure
troops have been sent to Taylor's and
Wise's farms, where a difficulty is appre
bended. The summary mannerin which
the soldiers dealt with tbe negroes on Bax
ter's farm had a wholesome enect in re'
storing order.
Kerosene Oil—Culpable Negligence.
: At the irquest, yesterday, on the little
erirl who was fatally burned by an explo
sion of kerosene oil, on Monday evening, it
was shown that the. oil was below the law
ful standard, being almost pure benzine.
Tbe coroner charged tbe jury, and they
rendered'a verdict to the effect that the ac
cident was due to the culpable negligence
of Reiser & Labanmeister, the manulac
turers. and Samuel Schoonmakcr, the ven
derof the oil. Tbey also recommended that
all kerosene, oil iu the city tie properly
tested. Tho coroner held tbe manufactur
ers and Schoonmakerundcr heavy bonds
to await the action ot the (irand J ury.
Silk Stolen.
S:x bales of silk, worth 910,000, were
stolen lrom a Bremen steamship at Hobo-
ken on Saturday, jno arrests.
Congressional Investigating Committee.
r nilttee.
It is stated that the Congressional In
vestigating committee have a pile of testi
mony sufficient to hang, politically, many
prominent politicians here. They, have
proof that not less than thirty thou
sand fraudulent votes were cast in this city
by repeaters alone. The business was re
duced to a science, and bad it not received
such a sudden check by Marshal Murray,
no doubt it would have become of general
application in all the large cities of the
Union. By his timely action Marshal Mur
ray, prevented the thirty thousand from
becoming sixty thousand. Several of the
witnesses testify that they voted from nine
to thirty-nine times each. These witnesses
have testified because those who employed
them did not pay them according
to agreement. The committee have sum
moned nearly four hundred witnesses up
on the question of using fraudulent natu
ralization papers. These papers were' ot
f, red t y the hundred.-' and thousands. The
committee have the testimony of the
printer who- manufactured these docu
ments, who had his presses running from
the first- of June up almost to the day of
election. He printed over 100,000 of tbem
The committee have evidence that natu
ralization evidence in the County Clerk'aJ
office is rapidly being destroyed.
The Conference.
The Conference. LONDON, Jan. 11.
Tho Indications of the first days of the
Conference on the Eastern question leave
little, II any doubt ot tne ultimate success
of thu Turkish Government, through its
representatives. It is consented to main
tain tile 1 1 resent status until the close of the
eoi'l'ereiice. it Is the general impression
Hint hut one more hi-hhiou will b i held, and
that war bcilwcim Turkey and Greece will
Tint Kulilliiio I'.irto bus officially con
tiriuiiliited the peuplu ot the Uanubian
J'rliiclpiiililes ou their loyalty during the
recent crisis.
Disturbances Suppressed.
FLORENCE, Jan. 11.
Recent disturbances in various parts of
the kingdom;-- fomented by r. actionistg,
hiivn been suppressed. The unpopular
taxes are now being collected without dif
New York Cattle Market—Jan. 11.
Receipts-during the week were, 6419
beeves, 22,703 sheep and lambs, and 50i!2
BEEF CATTLE As was predicted last
week the Iilgb prices ot beet caused a per
jecc rusn oi cattle to tue marnec, out, as
with the cessation of holiday purchases.
the demand tor poultry had subsided, the
Dutcners entered the market more freely
and the whole supply was sold at full
prices, until Friday, when the buoyancy
fell off, and the best cattle sold high at 18c,
while poor Texans bronght ll12e. To
day, with 246 head at the National Yards,
1500 at Communipaw, and 1930 at Bergen
Hill, the market was dull, and though
holders at first were hot disposed to sub
mit to the reduction, still prices had to
give way, and fell off c lor all grades,
but mostly on the lower grades, tho mar
ket closing dull and heavy; sales rango
from 11 to 18o, with a few extra choice at
lso. The quality ot the offerings was
pretty fair and dull, but' for this circum
stance the decline would have been better.
Poortomedium llffll2!c: medium to fair
steers 1314i-; good steers and fat oxen
lotgtbc; prime, to extra steers ib(Stb4e;
premiums ' 151(3183. The majority ot
sales were at 14(4l5c: average price l4Mc
suM,r Art u 1; A Miss since our last
report there has been only a moderate de
gree or activity in the market, and prices
nave depreciated a little; tue Offerings were
(air and prices not very firm, though the
aemand was active and prices ranged from
5 to Sc.
SWINE Arrivals have been exceed
ingly light, and business restricted in con
sequence, and prices firm. There were on
sale to-dny 1,603 head, of which a few
brought 10 50. Tbe quotations are: Prime
heavy corn ted 10 50 10 75; medium
10 2510 50; common 1010 V5; dressed
13 25(13 50; 13 7514 for city.
Milwaukee Market—Jan. 11.
FLOUR Dull and prices unchanged.
WHEaT Quiet and steady at 91 21 lor
mo. in store.
SI LBERN AGLE At his residence, No. 3S3 South
r ront street, oi DroncDiua, JACOB silbsknaSLB,
in the 64th jear of bis age.
The friends of the family are respeotfulljr invited
to attend his funeral from his lata residenoo, on
Toeidar atternoon, at 1 o'olock. - -janll
New Advertisements
IS" Xbe Ohio Statesman baa
Larger Circulation than any pa.
per published In this City or Cen
tral Ohio. Advertisers wili bear
this in mind.
n. bUs LUlilH! No. 30. b'. asd A. M.
will be held THIS (Tueidiy) &VEXIM
January 19. at 7 o'aloek.
janl2-dlt H. J. COX. Secretary.
Defendant. B, lore George W". Meeker, a Jus
tice of the Heaoe in and for Montgomery township,
Franklin coo.nt.-r. Obio. On the 15th day of De
cember, A. 1. 1868, said Juatioe isued an order of
attachment i i the above action for the sum of
$281.00 and 130 00 the probable cost. Said oanae
. ret for trial i'ebruarj 1st, A. 1). 1869, at a o'olock
A. M. J. 0. TOLL.
Columbus & Hocking Valley
Columbus. O , Jn . 9, 1SG9.
A Hooking Valley Kailroai are re-peoliully
invited to participate in an excursion trip to Lan
caster on W EDNEtiD tY. JAN LI A KY 13rH. -
Tr in will leave Union Depot at 9 A. M., stop,
ping at South Depot, Edwards'. Groveport; Win
chester and Carroll.
janS-d3t Vioe President.
Master Commissiooer's Sale.
nry P.Chittenden. ) Conrt of Common
vs. Pleas Franklin tnnnt, .
Joseph A.Schoonover.etal.J Ohio,
In PfjusuANcrc of an ordeh of
sale from said Court in tbe above slated case, to
me directed. 1 will offer for sale at Publio Auction,
at the door of the Coart House, in the city "of Co
lumbus, -
On Saturday, the 13th day of February,
A. D. 1869.
at S o'clock P. M., the following described real es
tate, to-wit: Situate in the conntr of Franklin.
being the south half of the south-west quarter of
oectiuu .Ejeigaieeu, inwDsuip i weive, xl&Dge
Twenty-one. Refugee Tract, or the South on -fourth
part of half section Thirty, in said town
shio and ranee, boinir the same rjremises fdrmArlv
owned by tbe heirs of Peter Sells, decease-!, and in
the June term of te Court of Common Pleas. A.
D. Io40. for Franklin eonntv. Ohio, in tbe case of
Oyrus bells against Miles Sells, recorded
Chancery Records, Ko. 4, page 4-2, to. Assigned
in severally to one Luke Sells, anil oonveved bv him
to Wombougb. and by Wombough to the defendant,
Joseph A. Schoonover. containing seventy-seven
aores. more or less, in trust for the defendant, Joseph
& scnoonover.
Appraisement, 180 per acre. ,
Printers fees tll-00 '
E. G AVER. Coroner.
Acting as Sheriff and Master Commissioner,
For Sale or Rent.
Xhe desirable property be
longing to Mary E. Kent, deeeased, situated on
Mound street, near 7th, consisting of a eonvenient
house, wood shed, &o.. on a spacious lot ninety
feet frost, one hundred in depth. Good cistern and
well, fruit trees and flower garden on the premises,
For price a--d terms, enquire at W. B. Kent's
auction rooms. corner Town and Fourth. jan7 dtf
Columbus, Chicago Imd. Cent. R't Co ,
C0LUMBU8.i.. December Mth. 1868. J
ers of the Columbus. Chicago and Indiana
central Hallway company win be Held at the ol-
6-e tt tne uompany, in tbe city of -Commons,
State of Obio. on FRIDAY, the S9th day of J AN
UARY, 1869. between the hours of 10 A. 11.. and 3
P. il.. to approve or reject a contract rith toe At
lantic A.-trieat w estern Kailway company aod tne
trie hallway company, and lor otner purposes.
By oraer of the Board.
deoSO-dtd Secretary,
Five Cents Reward.
T run-one J. W. BROWNl.OW. said to be a
brother of tbe uovernor of Tennessco. - iie is by
profession a Sculptor, by trade a buttar. All per
sons desiring Derrrranent investments ean with nar-
feot safety entrust him with their money. A t last ac
counts be was engaged in tbe whisky business.
The above reward, also the tbsnKs of several vio
tims, will be given for any information as to his
whereabouts, upon application to this omoe.
. janT-dtf
- THE '
No 33(1 Broart-vvay.
Capital, - One Million Dollars.
DaricbK Manoam. Pres't. Jas. Mkrrill, Sec'y,
Ree.ives Denosi'sand allows FODR PER! K.NT
INTEREST on all Daily Balances, subiect to check
at sight, hpecial Deposits for Six months or more.
ma.v be made at five Der oent. 1 he camtal of One
MiHion'Dollars is divided among over Sou Sbare-
nolders.oompnsing many gentlemen ot large wealth
and financial experience, who are also personally
liable to depositors for all obligations of the Com
pany to double the amount of their capital stock.
As the Rational Trust Comnanv receives denosits
in large or small amounts, and permits them to be
arawn as a wnoie or in pac Dy cneca at sigot and
without notice, allowing interest on all daily bal
ances, parties throughout the country can keep ac
count in this Institution with special advantages
of security, coo remence ana pronu '
T NY-deol-d4w2Kni ... ,
A prepaiation. introduced last winter, having
received so many flattering commendations from
those who used it. induces the nronrietors to brine
il again before the publio, assuring them that it
stands unrivalled as the best protector of the skin
agsii.stthe inclemency of tbe winter season. It
not only imparts to the skin a delicate freshness
and beauty, but also conduces to its health, parity
a a Dresoriauon for neauog aorasiona. cnap
pert Hands, race, Lips, or Roughness ot the ckin.
it ha no eaual, while its toothing qualities and
delightful fragrance render it a necessary append
aff to the toilet. Prepared only bv MARPLE &
H1TSON, Dispensing Chemists, 100 South High
street. Columbus, Uhio. nov-deodw4in
A full stock of Condray's, RummePs and Lubin's
Extracts a 3d romaues,
No. 2Si North Hlpta Street,
decll-eodlm COLVMEUS. OEIO.
Agents Wanted $10 a Day,
Patent Revolving Double Maps
Ot America and Europe, America and
. lite Inllcd staletol amerlca.
Colored in 4000 Counties.
I completed, show every plape cf importance,
all Railroads to date. t.nd the latest altera
tions in the various Eur pean hta-es. lhese
Maps are needed in every School and family in the
land tbey occupy the space of one Mail, and by
means o ithe Reverser, either side can be thrown
front, and any partbroughilevel to the eye. Coun
ty Rights and large discuunt given to gopd Agents.
AddIi forCiroulars. lerms and Sample slaps, to
decM-dawlm-r 23 Cortlandc St.. S.Y.
splendid Hair Dye is the best in the world ;
the only true and perfect Dye; harmless, reliable
instantaneous ; no disappointment : do ridiculous
. mMiiM the ill efieots of bad dves: invig
orate and leaves the Hair soft and beautiful, black
or brov, Hold by all Druggists and Perfumers ;
and properly applied at Batohelor's Wig Factory
AiO. lb Bona sueow Aura. rni yrao u&wiy-
I hats heard it highly extolled and have-seen its
wonderful effects, writes Martha it. Jotnsoa of
Derby, Ct., about Palmer's !. tion.
Ntf. 13. :
experience, an entire sncceas: Simple
Frompt Efficient and Reliable. They are the .
only Medicines perfectly adapted to popular ua,
eo simple that mistakes cannot De made In
using them ; so harmless as to be free from dan- -
5cr, and so efficient as to be alwavs reliable..'
hey have raised the highest commendation from
all, and will always render "ftfaetion.
Hoe. C Ccnt,
i, vara reHii, ongesuon, innanrmanons.26
Worms, Worm Fever, Worm Colic.25
Cry Inar-Colic or Teething of Infants25
Diarrhoea of Children or Anita on
Draenterr, Griping, Bilious Colic.25
ChoIerat-SIorbus, Vomiting..... 25
Coughs, Colds, Bronchitis 26
Neuralgia, Toothache, Faceache..25
Dyspepsia, Bilious Stomach 26 .
Suppressed, or Painful Periods... 25
whites, too profuse Periods.. .....25
Croup Cough, Difficult Breathing. .25
Salt Itlleum.KrvainelAs.Ernntlon.'M
IS.... KheumatlsmJIheiiiiatic pains.. 25
AU tne aoove arepui up tn VIALS.with dirtctkmt
containing double quantUitt each, for. 60
The following are also put p in vials and or
tent at the same price atom below. A
lrt, " Fever A: Ague, Chill Fever, Aenes50
17, " lles, blind or bleeding 60
18, " pthalmy, and sore or weak Eyes50
19, " Catarrh. acute or chronlc,InfluenzaS0
20, " Whooplns-Cough.violentcoughSO
21, u Asthma, oppressed Breathing. 50
9-2, " Ear Dlscharsres,lmpairedhearing50
23, " Srrolula. enlarged glande.swellingeSO
' 84, " CieueilDebiUty.physicalweakneBsM
20, Dropsy, and scanty Secretions 50
2(1, " Sea-SU-knees, sickness from ridingOO
27, " Kidney-Disease, Gravel.. .a. ..60
2a, 14 Nervous Debility Seminal
O Emissions, involuntary Dis
cbarges.. .777. ioo
29, Sore Month, Canker ..60
80, " Urinary Weakness, wetting bedSO
81, " Painful Periods, with spasms.. 60
'82, " Sufferings at change of life 100
83, " Epllepsy,Spasms,St.Vitus'Daneel 00
84, " Diphtheria, ulcerated sore throat. 59
Of 35 to 60 large vials, moroeeo
or rosewood case, -containing
a epeclue tor every ordinary
disease a family Is subject to,
and books of directions..., .
From f 10 to t3S
Smaller Family and Traveling cases,
with 20 to 28 vials.... from $5 to f 8
Bpeciflcs for all Private Dlseaseabotb.
for Curing and for Preventive
treatment, in vials and pocket cases, $2to$5
Cures Burns, Bruises, Lameneas,
Soreness,Sore Throat,Spralna. Tooth
ache, Earache, Neuralgia, Rheimtp
tism, tumbfl.o, Piles, Bolls, Stings, -Sore
Eyes, Bleeding of the Ijungs,
Nose, Stomach, or of Piles) Corns, tl
cers. Old Sores.
Price, 6 or... fiOcts.l Pints, fl.OO;
Quarts, $1.75.
JyT" These Remedies, except POND'S EX
TRACT, by the case or single box, are sent to
any part of the country, by mall or express, free
of charge, on receipt of the price.
Address Humphreys' Speciflo
9 Homeopathic Medicine Company,
Office and Depot, No. 562 Beoadwat, New York.
Dr. HtrifPHRRTS is consulted daily at his office,
personally or by letter, as above, for all form of
disease. gm
A fresh supply of the above always on hand and
tor sue Dy
S. 15. SAMUEL.
All fresh and genuine Medioines have on the
bottom of the box, or in tbe cases. Humphreys'
Specifics. Homeopathic Medicine Company. Buy
no otuers. j.ney are not rename.
The only Infallible and Harmless Remedy. Can he
given witn or witnout tne patient s Knowledge,
Read Dr. Johnston's Treatise on "Drunken
ness, its Conseauences and Cure." Try '
the SPECIFIC, and be con
pleasant pi eparation creates no Tomiting after its
use. Tobasco need rot be discarded all at onee.
for the Compound destroys the desire gradually
and positively.
sepl7-dTsAwly Proprietor. Columbus, O.
, Dr. Barton's Tobacco Antidotes
vegetable ami harmtlem. and im alma an aneUent i
Ptii- It purifieM and enricha tho blood, Invigoratejrthe
yweim possesses groat noarlBiilng and strmigthenin
er, enables tho stomach to digest the heartiest foodj
sleep renkesbing, and establishes robust health. jSmoktn
and cketoffor sixty year etmd. Price FiftrAents per
box. Poftk-M. An interesting treatise on tbe Injurious
effects of toaacco, with lists of testimonial v ntereMesa
etc.. sun ruda. Agents wanted, Addresa
uk. a. a. jLssoTi, eierjej muj. a. j. -
P(rimASTKRs T AriMOfTT. I reciiTr a box fif Bnrtmi'a
Antidote from Rer. AM. Poulton, and find it a, qfectvai
cars. 8. GatsblaV ConnottonyBarrison Cou, Ohio.
Frost th. U. S. TsSkstntr, firetary QiHai. Please
send a lapply of the AsipOTK. Slh omc reeeired hat dim
iu work soasxT. X O. T. Bnoaa.
FaoH New HAstPSHTRR IteaTB Pkisov. Gentlemen of
fnfluenee here a ring been cJfred of the appetite for tobac
co by using Dr. Barton's AtbtMote. we desire a supply for
the prisoners of this inntl txlionX
Joset MatoST arderf N. H. State Prison. '
Tobacco Aot accompli med all 'da imeSifor iL
W. Man 1st Nat. BaiikvyNtw Albany, &mL
' A CLgTsrAirs estimow r.-4)tt$ox or AirezDoni
cured my brotberCnd m7sel It WKViXrAiLS-
Rcr.jyW. Sbokhaku. Kelle?U Station, Pa.
Faosi m JTouca Hsadquabtkrs, LTnr, Haiml
have gainad Shirty -Jive pound of JUh n (ArV anoatAs by
n's and all derire fui
ait, Ja.
FiOsTrm RAffTRTur Hon sTonirAZ.
Mn. QfU box of Burton's Antidote removed all dire for
tbe wad from me. I take olessure to recommendirifc it
au qor readers. x. x. dlatck.
Trad&ntark X OopyriffhtedLl
Csiution I Beware of .Injurious Counter
feits advertised by Hnmbugs.
. m m PITT ri
fyi;uann- -
The Sjlrcstt M edielae fbr the Sstln, cares
wlttsoat fatll, every attnd or seb
al&jhtly ernptloa of the fisee
or ltrsilitsr Irrltavtlna;, or
eltatreswins; cuUneous
etiaeswe ou any part
of the person
Il rvrt nearly relieved tn of (hni mortifying emp
Hon, and I am note looking quite like a man," writes
rharle E. NoM, General Agont of Mich. Central '
B. K., 173 Broadway, N. Y.
We find it an inmlnnble remedy for Tetter, ela..w
write Higley Bros., Druggists, Fairfield, Iowa. .
hare tried your ratnahta remedy for Barber'
Itch with great success," writes C. W . Dumont. of
Leominster, Mass.
Bend for circular. Price, 75 cts. and $1.00.
Prepared only by . SOLON PALMER,
36 West Fourth Street, Cincinnati, O- .
For sale by Druggists generally,
septal deodAwly
Clothing Emporium,
No. 220 South High St.,
largest and finest stock of Fall and Winter
Goods ever brought to this eity, consisting of
XiiiS'lisIi end
Domestic Cloths,
Casimere6, Sto.,
For Gentlemen's wear, whioh 1 will sell at the low
est Cash prices.
Also keep constantly on hand a well selected
Jock of
jn33-dlv 220 South Hieh f
G W O C K K H,
I R MAGAZINE, and asents for the sale of
Hazard Powder Companj'a fowder. Agents for
Celebrated Sugar Cured Hams,
. ' - aod dealers in . .'
In all their varieties. Imported Wines. Brandies
Cigars, eta. - iull-eodlr
Valuable Residence for Sale.
tiMii ni.h anil
Third streets,- containing
twentv rooms, bath house, with hot and nM
ii.. ...1 f -
' 1 usset-
lion given April lt.
K or price and terms, apply at this office,
i r A
MAX STRAKOSC1I Dikiotob. -
Has the hont,r to announce the first and only Con-
- mn oi - -v- --a .
On Saturday Eyeaina;, Jmn. 16th, 1869.
8IG. STAFF ANONI Mpbioax Director.
." Admission, 1; Reserved Seats, 81 SO. Sale
of seats will commence Thursday morning atSelta
er s Music Store. -.
Doors epen at IX; concert at 8 o'olock. jan7
Open Sightly with a Star Company of -FIRST
. Second week, and great hit. of
Louise Payne and AdaWray
Six more new faces this week. Miss SUSIE
STAR, the popular Danseuseand favorite Actress;
Mr. EUGKNrJ F. GORMAN, the ver atile Actor
and Fiutinisl: BUWMAn and HARRIS, tbe cele
brated Ethinpean Comedians; alias R08A LEB sd
Miss MARY KUSSk LI. the acoomplUhei Vooal
ists. Danreures and Comediennes,
O 8ee Frogramn-ea for particulars, janll-llv
Hair "Vigor,
For restoring Cray Hair to
its natural Vitality and Color.
A dressing -which
is at once agreeable,
healthy, and effectual
for preserving the
hair. Faded or gray
hair is soon restored
to its original color
vrilh the . gloss . and
freshness of youth.
Thin hair is thick
ened, falling hair checked, and bald
ness often, though, not always, cured
by its use. Nothing can restore the
hair -where the follicles are destroyed,
or the glands atrophied and decayed.
Bat such as remain can be saved for
usefulness by this application. Instead
of fouling the hair with a pasty sedi
ment, it will keep it -clean and vigorous.
Its occasional use -will prevent the hair
from turning gray or .falling off, and
consequently prevent baldness. Free
from those deleterious substances which
make some preparations dangerous and
injurious to the hair, the Vigor can
only benefit but not harm it. If wanted
merely for a -
nothing else can be found so desirable.
Containingneither oil'nor dye, it does
not tibil white cambric, and yet lasts
long on the hair, giving it a rich glossy
lustre and a grateful perfume.
Prepared by Dr. J. C. Ayer & Co.,
Fbaotical and Analytical Chemists,
IAJWEHj, mass.
FBICH $1,00. : '
W Sold by BKADN. BROCK A CO., Whole
sale and Retail Dealers, Columbus, Ohiv and by
Druggists everywhere. ja6-deodAweowly
Is the offspring of a great fact. No one can think
of denying that his ,
Brings out a finer BROWN or BLACK than any
other, in a shorter time, and without injury to the
hair. This is a truth as apparent as that the sun
lights the arth. - -- - .
Cristadoro'si Hair Preservative
AND BBAUTIf IB. Tbe toilet, without this ar
ticle, lacks its most useful attribute. - Nothing is
so common in this country as the failing out of the
hair. -. The preservative prevents it. The fibres ean
no more loosen and drop off, if this article is rega
larly applied night and morning, than if each were
fixed in a vioe. The testimony on this poist is
ovewhelming. while the beautifying and invigora
pioperties of the fluid are equally well established
Sold by Druggists, and applied by aU Hair Dress
ers. Manufactory No. 68 Maiden Lane. Principal
Depot No. 6 Astor House,
junels-diwljom-petrr '
PROV ENCE, B. I, h Ting the largest manu
factory - Bo S er in the world, with
the most m proved maeh - y, and employing the
most skilled labor,' are enabled to offer an un
equalled variety of ne and beautiful designs in
Dinner Services, Tea e vices, and every article
specially adapted fori liday and Bridal Gifts.
They offer also their well-known and unrivalled
Nickel Silver Eleotro-Flatcd Ware, in which the
have introduced new patterns of rare elegance.
The Solid Silver is guaranteed to be of sterlin
purity by U. S. Mint assay. The Electro-Plate i
guaranteed to be superior to the finest Sbeffiel
ware. Orders received from the Trade only, bu
these goods may be obtained from responsible
dealers everywhere.
. rrt Trade
IX . - ' Mark
Trade Mar . rsn or
85ov.r.-B,. r
Salesroom No. 3 Maiden Lane, N. T.
nov5-d&wiXm-re r
Dr. Tobias' Venetian Ilorse IIni
tuesit Pint bottles at $1, for the cure of lameness
scratches, wind galls, sprains. bruises, splints, cuts
colic, slipping stifle, over-heating, sore throat, nail
in the foot, Ao. It is warranted cheaner and bet
ter than any other artiole ever offered to the public.
Thousands of animals have been eured of the eolie
and over heating by the Liniment; and hundreds
that were crippled and lame have been restored to
their former vigor. It is used by the first horse
men throughout the States. Orders are constantly
received from the racing stables of England for
fresh supplies f this invaluable article.' Over
2.500 testimonials have been reeeired. - Remember
.one dullar laid out in time may save the life of
' our horse. Sold by all Druggists. Office, 10 Park
Plaee, New York. -
Whereby the circulation of the blood, becomes
equalised upen the part where applied, causing
pain and morbid action te cease . 7
Was there ever pnbliihed strocger evidence than
Certificate f ram. VP. Sterling, Esq.
For two years I have been a great sufferer from
neuralgia in the head, and found only temporary
relief from all the various remedies that I have
tried, until I applied one of "ALLCOCK'S PO
ROUS PLASTERS." I cat it into three strips,
placing one under each shoulder blade and tbe oth -er
over the small of my back, and for the past
three months I have had scarcely a twinge of the
old pain. I advise all who suffer from nervous dis
eases to lose no time in making a trial of the won
derful plaster
A. F. STERLING. Seo'y Singer Mfg Co.
New York, June 8, 1868.
Principal Agency. Bbandsetr Houss. New
York. Sold by all druggists.
iunel6-dlwlycm-MKT -
DR. A. B. WILLIAMS, West Broadway, nerr
iigh street, Columbus, Ohio, has devoted himself
k a series of years to the treatment of certain pri.
v .to diseases. He may bscensulted at his office
iimiiwa. near t ha hxobange Ban
mey31-tf . ,
guaranteed. DR. RICORD'S ESSENCE'OF LltE
restores mahly powers, from whatever cause ari
sing; tbe effects of earlv pernicious habits, self
abuse, impotency and climate, give away at once to
.uu .uuuoiiui ujeuiuiuop ii laKea reguiartv accord
ing to the directions (which are very simple and re
qnira no restraint from business or pleasure.) Fail
ure is impossible. eld in bottles at 3. or four
Quantities in one forts. To fcah.il onW nf k.
appointed agent in Amerca, H. Gibitun. W
, . , vl " 10 wora : 'Thia
valuable treatise on the cause and euro- of prema
ture decline, shows how health is impaired through
uiaiiuuwi, ana how
easily regained. It fives a clear synopsis of the
lmpeaimeots 10 mamare, the cause and effects of
nervous debility, and the remedies therefor " A
pooket edition of the above wiU be forward'.d.on
e?aVLtVi.'"A1,.-ddr,Ss,,n! Doctor Cca.
era ma j26-dl y-r

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