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MCTioBOi!oaiC4i." Table," "prepared and
corrected by ' W J. Savage, Jeweler, 83
street: -
MONDAY, Jan. 11, 1869.
8 now.
B. .
K. M
11 M. ....
H,T. TW Wind,
?9 10 , 35 W.B.
r ss S'E-
lit! U . N.
H. M
,.' 7 Si I 8an Sets.....
Sun Rises--.- -
tS8 General
Schleijjh la at tbe Neil
. t3T"The Mute's Chronicle
9th has been received.
for January
V 'hT Andrews & Hull have received Har-
, ' per's Bazar for Jan. .an. , ; ,
. tWThe snow storm yesterday delayed
; nearly all the trains running into this city,
" a short time. - v - .
t-Travel is very light just now, and
cur depot is about as animated as a first
' class cemetery. :
tHon. John Busiell, late Secretary of
State, left this city last evening lor his res
idence in Urbana.- - ' -
. five hundred and eighty-nine dol
lars and ninety-nine cents were yesterday
expended by the Township Trustees. .;
t- Our friend -Dick" Geary, treasurer
with John Ellsler, has been quite ill, in
. Cleveland. He is recovering slowly. ;.
tW The street cars have been provided
with a brush on each side between the
trucks for the purpose of sweeping the
" enow on ol the track.
Admittkd to thk Bar. J. B. Goshorn,
ofGallion, was on yesterday admitted, by
the SaDreme Court of Ohio, to the prac
tice of law In all the courts of this State..
Thb Nkw Skckbtaby of State Gen.
Isaac K. Sherwood entered upon the du
ties ol the office of Secretary of State yes-
" terday morning. - The oath of office was
, a dministered by Chief Justice Day, of the
Supreme Court. '-.
Going to 0.bvklasd. We see that Miss
Funny M. Smith, E. Bach, and the De
Berlot Qub of this city, are announced to
- assist at a concert to be given in Cleveland
on - next Monday, for the benefit of Mr.
vJJnderner, of Cleveland.
Transfsrred Ybstbrd at. George M.
- Parsons and wife and William Scott and
. -wire to Conrad Meder, July 23, 1868, lot
No. 64 of Parsons' addition to the city of
r Columbus, for $400. c ' :
Lotiis Llndemann to Helen C. Stevenson,
" Jau.l. lot No. 39 fn H. Crary's addition to
' the city of Columbus, for $700.
Nw Books. We ha va received from the
Boston publishers, Lee & Shepard, a, most
I Interesting volume entitled Gloverson and
His Silent Partners, written by Ralph
Keeler We have not yet had time lully to
f discuss" iU merits hut we "like it first rate
, as far as we've got." It is handsomely
printed and bound, and would be an orna-
' meni . to any library. Eandall & Aston
' have it for sale.
I Quits a Sow Stobm. We had yesterday
the first real, original Jacobs of a enow
Storm that has visited us this winter. All
'daylong High street was musical with the
'-: Jingle of sleigh bells. Bed noses and buf
falo robes prevailed among the men ; red
Angers, red cheeks and snow Wis among
the boys, and tiny screams ' and happy
. laughter among the little girls. Men seemed
to feel that winter had indeed come, and
, their . step ,was more springy, and their
greetings more cheery because of the snow.
Toutful Dhfravity. LIda Gray and
Jenny Simmons, two. white girls, being at
the house ot the notorious Pocahontas,
were up betore the Mayor, yesterday, on a
charge of being common prostitutes. At
'Pokey's" house they consorted with white
: and black Indlscri mlnately. One of them
does not appear to be over fourteen years
old.!., She Ts a stranger here evidently, at
least she Is unknown jto the police. They
: were fined $5 and costs each and in default
'J committed.
Convention of Revenue Cutters. We
-are to-day to have an extraordinary spec
tacle presented a convention of honest men
a convention of those who would rather
tike pizen than a dollar that was not theirs
in short a convention of Internal i Rev-
, enue officers. They are to meet at the office
of the Secretary of the State Board of Ag
riculture"; to engage in tbe transaction of
.. business .of importance to themselves.
:. Here's luck to the Infernal Revenue!
'- Harness Thief Captubed. Officer Han
nan, on yesterday . morning captured a
well known thief named James Williams,
who was offering a set of harness for sale
at BurdeU's harness shop: Tbe harness
belonged to August Nottemeyer and Jacob
Keiffer, who keep a livery stable on Wal
nut street. . Williams entered the stable
through one ot the windows or air holes
In the stalls, took the harness from the peg
where it was hanging and made his escape
by the window be. had entered. He was
. locked up for examination this morning.
He tried all sorts of games on Officer Han
nan, telling him that he lived . in North
Columbus, that the harness belonged to his
f itber.and such like stories, but it wouldn't
win. Officer Hannan is to old bird to be
caueht with that sort of chaff, and the
gentle Williams was obliged to go to quod
A Ravtmq Lunatic Yesterday morn
ing a German named Jacob Schafer went
raving crazy. He was about in the morn
ing apparently as saue as any one, and at-
; ter the transaction of business went to bis
borne In the southeastern portion ot the
r.ltv. and commenced smashing out tie
. windows with his fist,, then catching his
. little ehild by the leg swung it around his
head for a minute or two and threw It out
doors. Hiajwlfe and the others were
nbllsred to fiv for their lives. Assistance
: . being called it was found necessary to pin
ion his arms behind his back, and even
then it took four men to take him beiore
Judge Pugh. The Judge made out the
necessary papers for his confinement -in
j the Lunatic Asylum. No reason is assign
ed for his lunacy.' '
- ' Theodore Tilton's Lecture. Despite
1 the blinding snow storm last night a large
number of our citizens attended the lecture
delivered by Theodore Tilton for the bene
fit of Hannah Nell Mission. Most of the
audience went to see Theodore; the few to
hear Tilton. The first had a glorious op
Dortunity, for though Theodore detalAed
his audience a long time before be made
his. appearance, yet when he did walk on
; tbe stasre he sat ' him down in a chair
and -spread :. himself, . as ,,lf to say.
"Gaze your . fill. I am he." Theodore
- resembles ' the ; immortal J. N, - both
in - form, feature and manner. It
; the comparison be objectionable, we beg
- pardon of J. N, for after listening to the
' lecture we. consider Theodore the crazier
of tbe two. He would force suffrage .on
woman, - compel her to take , the ballot
.', whether she; will or, no. Bat Theodore does
not propose to enfranchise woman; unti1
' the negro has the ballot. This is wise,
Theodore; "for make voters of the won en
and they would east their ballots against
i negro suffrage, to a man. r areweu, Theo
dore. -Tilton, adieu. . '-;,!
About the Public Schools.
The Westbote, of Saturday, has an article
In reply to the communication published
In the. Cincinnati Commercial of last Mon
day, and reproduced in these columns of
Friday last, in relation to the practice ot
keeping children Attending our public
schools out in the cold.. Trie writer denies
every assertion made by Pro Bono Publico
In the Commercial article, and even goes
far out ot his way to give us a rap ove,r the
knuckles. We have only a word or two
In reply. The Westbote editor hnows that
the School Board has been called upon re
peatedly to remedy the evil complained of,
and he knows that by persistent solicita
tion the rule in regard to opening the
school houses was so far modified as to al
low the doors to be opened fifteen minutes
before nine o'clock in the morning the
teachers being required to be present five
minutes earlier. . He know that tbe moment
a child gets into tbe school room it 13 re
quired to take its seat, to stand in front of
the register for the purpose of getting
warm b. ing contrary to .tbe rules. He
knows this rule does not apply to the teach
ers. He knows also that the children who
live so far from school as to be obliged to
take their dinner with them, are compelled
to elect whether they will be locked up in
the school house during the noon recess or
remain out In the cold, If It be cold. ' The
Westbote further says: ..0 . .. . .
"If 'Splvins" memory is not verv short.
he must recollect that, last summer, Mr.
Kirk wood, then Democratic candidate tor
State School Commissioner, was unani-
mously elected Superintendent of our
scnoois ty tbe .Board ot Jbiducation. Hut
this gentleman finally preferred his situa
tion at Tiffin, Bending in bis declination a
short time before tbe commencement of our
school year. Thus, the Board had to fill
tbe vacancy, and Mr. Mitchell received
every vote of the nine members, likewise as
air. jv.aici."
If Spivlns' memory Is not very short he
will recollect" that Mr. Kirk wood would
not come because he considered the salary
Insufficient, and that he named a sum for
which he was willing to accept the station,
and that that precise sum was paid and Is
paid to Mr. Mitchell, a Republican, who
resigned in the first place because he con
sidered the pay too small. '
We are in tavor of and would by every
means in our power encourage our public
schools. For what little we know and
we have lived long enough to learn how
little we do know we are their debtor.
Believing them to be the foundation stone
on which rests the fair fabric of free Gov
ernment, we would see them increase in
usefulness and power; yet wb must con
demn any abuses we may find in tbelr
management. If the Westbote does not
like this we weep and are exceedingly sor
rowful, yet will we never dry Its eyes.
Thk Kellogg Concert. The sale of
seats for the concert to be given, by Miss
Clara Louisa Kellogg, at the Opera Hoose,
on Saturday evening next, will commence
at beltzers music store lhursday morning
at 9 o'clock. - The demand for seats will be
very great and those who design attending
should see to securing their places without
delay. The programme for this concert is
very rich in selections from Mozart, Don
izetti, Bellini, Verdi,. Flotow and other
great composers. ' A cotemporary remarks
of Miss Clara Louisa's tour through the
country : ' '. ' -'
' Her appearance this season in America
has caused a musical revival, and wherever
she has given concerts brilliant .ovations
to her genius have been awarded on a feel
ing of national pride. Her name fills the
fashionable and cultured circles of the old
world with admiration, and so swift and
rapid was her march Into popularity and
eminence that no doubt was left ot the con
spicuous abilities of tue sweet interpreter
of song, whose name in her native country
has long been cherished as belonging to an
artist of wonderful power and promise.
Her appearance here will doubtless awak
en the same national spirit ot pride, and
in advance we can anticipate for the fair
prima donna such audiences as have never
betore been gathered together jn this city.
She is to be accompanied by the eminent
piano virtuosa. Miss Topp, Mr.Lntti, tenor,
Mr. Petrilli, baritone, and Mr. Kopta, the
famous violinist, forming altogether a bril
liant combination of talent.
Police Court. The array ot talent be
fore the Mayor yesterday was not up to
previous Mondays, though a decided im
provement on tbe several days preceding,
Gotlieb Schneider was up on a charga of
being drunk. We are afraid Gotlieb does
not Gott lieb, but that he Is a hard case.
He protested his innocence of anything
but a plain drunk, though his actions sa
vored of a petty larceny disposition. He
was fined. $5, and in default was sent to the
stone pile. . , .
Henry Gibbs, a lemon colored citizen
came to the city on Saturday to get his
watch" fixed. Placing his watch at the jew
eler's he forgot to put a watch on his ap
petites. He fell ; into bad . company,: into
bad habits and into tbe gutter. It being
his first offense and a plain drunk, he got
off on the payment of $1 and costs.
Jerry Williams, a highly colored and per
fumed Abyssinian, was captured'at the res
idence of her serene, original and aborigi
nal majesty Pocahontas. Jerry, being
without stamps, was presented with a tick
et of admission to the stone pile, where he
hammereth out $5 and costs fine.
Horses Stolen. On Sunday night the
stable of Miller & Allen, in tbe alley rear
of the Zollinger House, was entered by a
burglar, and two horses, one of them very
valuable, ' were stolen therefrom. About
12 o'clock on Sunday night, a person in
tbe neighborhood having occasion to get
up, saw a man. turning out the light in
front of the stable.,. He bailed the fellow,
and asked what be was doing, and received
for a reply a command to go to bed, or to
some warmer place, and attend to his own
business. He dressed himself and went
out, but saw nothing out of the way. Yes
terday morning tbe horses come back,
showing signs of abuse. The thhf for
there was but one, evidently," had taken a
bigger . contract than . he bargained for.
Neither of the horses would lead well, and
he must have passed the night in a vain
effort to get them a safe distance from tbe
city. Afraid to keep the one he was on
and turn the other loose, he was obliged to
abandon the animals, and they came home
as above stated. . ;
Filed Yesterday. The following cer
tificates of incorporation . were .filed with
the Secretary of State yesterday:
Of the New Lexington Iron Company,
organized for the purpose of manufactur
ing coke, pig iron, and other articles made
ot coal and iron. Principal office at New
Lexington," Perry couuty. Capital stock
$80,000, in shares ot $25 each. S. H. Milli-
gan, F. L. Flowers, W. H. Holdeu, R. E.
Huston, John H. Kelly, George Wolf and
Lyman J.Jackson are the corporators.
ur the irace Dispensing Harness Com
pany, organized for the purpose of manu
facturing au improved trace dispensing
harness. Principal office in Springfield,
Ob!o Capital stock $60,000, in shares of
$50 each. John K. Harris, Calvin Q. Tayi
ljr L. D. ' Miller, Hiram Stewart, I. H.
Hopkins and Theo. A. Mick are the cor
porators. ' .t - V. ' V. ' ; ,
Church Dedication. The new church
on Third avenue north of the street rail
road stables on High street, was dedicated
on Sunday afternoon. The dedicatory ser-
mon w a preached by Rev. "C.'Ai Van An-:
da. A collection was taken up which re
alized sufficient to pay the debt due on the"
edifice.. It will be hereafter known by the
name of Third Avenue M. E. Church. .
MONDAY EVENING, Jan. 11th, 1869.
- Council met pursuant to adjournment.
Present Messrs. Armstiong, Bergin, Ca
ren, Chadwlck, Donaldson, Frankel, Knopf,
Reinhard and President Naghten.
The President called the Council to or
der. The following, communication was re
ceived trom the city clerk :
COLUMBUS, Jan. 11, 1869.
To the Honorable City Council:
I consequence of severe indisposition, 1
am compelled to ask that you excuse- my
absence this evening. I hope it will be the
only time I shall be compelled to ask your
indulgence tor tbe reason I now ask it.
Very respectfully,
L. E. WILSON, City Clerk.
On motion qf Mr.Relnhardi the Council
adjourned until next Monday evening at 7
o'clock. '
Gas Matters and Meters. The annual
report of the State Gas Commissioner
shows that 6,698 meters were examined du
ring tbe year : 3,369 at the Columbus office,
and 3.529 at Cincinnati. Of those examined
at Columbus, 3 088 were dry and 281 wf t
Of the former 2.824 were admitted and 261
rejected."' '
Most of the- rejected were old meters
lacking repairs. Ot the wet meters 268
were admitted, and 13 rejected. The reg
istration of the defective meters partly fa
vored the consumer and partly the com
pany. The hew meters furnished this year
are more exact in registration than those
furnished last. Great care has been taken
to make the results of the examination
trustworthy. The expense of office appa
ratus, $237, has been paid by the State
Treasurer; but several gas companies, In
cluding the Cincinnati, have refused to pay
their assessments for the salary of the Com
missioner, holding the law requiring It to
be unconstitutional. Tbe question awaits
decision by the Supreme Court.
The Only Cheap Boots and Shoes to be
found in the city are at Cloud & Co's nw
Deshler Building, opposite the Statesman
office. Good good 8 and low prices are the
order there.
New Sleighs at Peters, Benns & Co.'s,
115 E. Town street, for sale low.
Fresh Arrivals of Boots and Shoes.
of best material and workmanship, at poor
men's prices, at Cloud & Co's new Deshler
Building, opposite the Statesman office.
Don't buy a 6leigh before you see the
beautiful ones at Peters, Benns & Co.'s, 115
E. Town street. janl2-dlt
Men, Women and Children supplied
with everything In the line of first rate
boots, shoes, gaiters, slippers, &c &c, at
old time, before the war, prices. Cloud &
Co., new Deshler Building, opposite" the
Statesman office. : :- "
Jewe fry made and repaired by C. E
Smith, 27 S. High street, over Bain's store
Time is Flying, and the great stock of
good boots and shoes, at old time price?, is
rapidly being sold out at Cloud & Co's.
original cheap bouse, in the new Deshler
.Building. Go soon and secure bargains.
Be sure and find Cloud & Co.
janl2-Tues&Sat . .
Drunkenness, how treated and cured
can be found in Dr. Johnston's Treatise on
Drunkenness, its Consequences and its
Cure." . Druggists have a limited supply
on hand for distribution to their patrons.
Go or send for a copy. ... . ..,
Choice Red Wheat Flour, $8 00 per bar
rel, warranted to give satisfaction. For
sale at McColm, Miles and McDonald. '
Mrs. M. J. Stone has taken room 3 at the
Buckeye House, where she will be pleased
to give Delineations ol Character for La
dles and Gentlemen, according to scientific
rules and data. Charts furnished. Mrs. S
can give the highest testimony of her abil
ity to read character, and will guarantee
entire satisfaction o all who may favor
her with' a call. ! Reception hours from 9
A. M. to 12 M and from 2 P. M. to 9 P. M.
Parlor No. 6. jan4..
To Consumers of Coal. Buy your coal
of Rock Run Coal Company. You will
find it of superior qualitr free from slate
or clinker. Eighty pounds to the - bushel
is guaranteed, and it is: gold at the lowest
market rates. Orders left at the office, 187
North High street, or at the Company's
order box at the grocery store ot George
McDonald & Co, 106 South High street,
will be promytly attended to.
jan7 Mat. Weaver, Sec'y.
A case of - Humphreys' Homoeopathic
Spkcifio in the house is a well-spring of
satisfaction. Yon can always find the true
remedy tor a cold, cough, . sore throat,
croup, face-ache, weak stomach, catarrh,
or : other of the : thousand ; ailments to
which a family are subject, and thus save
doctor's bills, sickness and suffering. Price
of a full case and book of directions is $10.
Sent to any address on receiptor the
price. - Address, Humphreys' , SPKcnrc
Homoeopathic Medicine Co. 562 Broad'
way,-N-Y- . ..' : 1yl3-d&wly-cw
Holloway's "Pills. A successful phys'
ician, being. challenged by some medical
martinets to describe a certain complaint,
quietly replied: "Gentlemen it is a disor
der which you can't cure, and J can." Dr.
Hollow ay might say tbe same to tbe fac
ulty as regards Dyspepsia. His celebrated
Pills cure it infallibly, and when all other
remedies have proved utterly useless. There
Is no disease of tbe 'Stomach or the Liver,
acute or cbronic,sligbc or violent, which
the Pills will not ameliorate and relieve.
Sold by all Druggists.
. jy9-dly-cw.
A Five Dollar package of Humphreys
Homoeopathic Specifics No. 28 has in num
berless, instances, cured an inveterate case
of Nervous Debility, Involuntary Dischar
ges, Seminal Weakness or Spermatorrhea,
which had for years resisted all other treat
ment. ' Tbe action of these simple medica
ted sugar pills is something like magic,
promptly relieving the despondency, pros
tration and depression, and always curing
by their persevering use. Packages 6 boxes
and bottle $5. Sent by mail on receipt of
the prices. Address, Humphreys' Specific
Homoeopathic Medicine Co. 562 Broad
way, N. F. ' jyI3-dfcwly-cw
Nervous Debility, with its gloomy at
tendants, low spirits, depression, involun
tary emissions, loss of semen, spermator
rhoea, loss of power, dizzy head, loss ol
memory and threatened impotence and
Imbecility find a sovereign cure in Hum
phreys' Homeopathie Specific No. Twen
ty-Eight.; Composed of the most valuable,
mild and potent Curatives, they strike a
once at tbe root of the matter, tone up the
system, arrest the discharges, and Impart
vigor and energy, life and vitality to tbe
entire man. They , have cured thousands
of cases. :. Price $5 per package of six box
es and vial, which is very important in ob
stinate or old cases, or $1 per single box.
Sold by all Druggists, and sent by mail on
receipt of price. Address ; Humphreys'
Specific Homeopathic Medicine Co "562
Broadway, New york. jyi3-deod&wly
A. C. HEADLEY & 00
250 AND 252
South High Street.
We will sell our entire stock of
Without XZ.eipa.r'd to Cose
On and after Monday. Jan. 11th, i860.
In order to make room for Sprint Stock.'
Stock of ner and superior roods, embracing every thine in the line of MSNS. WOMEN'S.
YOUTH'S, MISSES' AND CHILDREN'S BOOTS AND SHOES, now offered for male, and to be elceed
ont. without reserve, at the store in DESHLEK'S NEW BUILDING. Look at soma of the prises and
compare them with those usually eharged i i
Tlea'a Hip Iloots, all Whole Leather
Bofs' uip Boot, . - . a.oo, . a.oo
Youths' Kip 1iootu, - " . .. l.SO, . .
Child' Kip Boots, x - - - 1.95, ' S.OO
Mea'i Call, Tap-Soled Boot, - - - 4.00, fJ.OO
Women's Call Shoe Bent, - 1.75, .50
Women' Bent Morocco Shoes, - - 1.SO, " " 9.S9
lAadies Double Soled Lnsllng Coaff. Callers, LdO, a.oo
Ladles do., 81IU Gore. Very Best, - - l.S, J S.OO
Misses' Morocco Shoes, Polish, - ' - 1.40, " 3.95
Childs' Morocco Shoes, - - - . . - 0.40, 0.75
I Ac., &c, &c &c, . 4tc -
These goods ars guaranteed to be of superior material and workmanship, and will bear comparison
with any in the market.
Don't forget that the sale is positir, and is limited to but a few weeks. Another such opportunity
will neTer ceeur antn. Besure and find the right plaee(there is butone) before buying.
DESHLEK'S HEW BUILOlKG. opposite the Statesman Orpicm. is the place. Uo and see
decT-deod3m-r - E. O. CLOUD Sc CO.
Having greatly enlarged our Printing Facilities by tbe purchase of a complete new
outfit ot . .. . .
- OF
The Latest and Host Approved Style,
And theaddition of
Generally conceded to be tbe fastest
In connection with ETJGGLES', GOKDON'S and "WELLS' Job Presses, that hav
proven such' successes in our office, and
building lu this city in which to operate,
In the best and neatest style of tbe art, and
Our fast New PrecseF, our Improved Economical Machinery tbe result of the inge
nuity and inventive talents of tbe best minds of the age enable us to do good w- t
at MUCH CHEAPER RATES than can be done in the old style and with only the old
r MUI - rri AiU 1 - "11 U. i . i ...
lacuibiea. x ue viuch is cuiupxvbe m au itb
Legal Blanks,
Blank Books,
Business Cards,"
In this specialty
Having More Presses
. Offices in the
We are prepared to execute all kinds of Printing, in any color, at lower prices than
, our neighbors.
Nos. 36, 38 and
f 3 OO, Regnlaj- price M.SO
New Presses, including a
and best Pi in ting Machine in tbe world.
having the largest and most commodious
we are now prepared
upon terms that cannot be competed with.
arrange menu, ana can GO tue work Wlta
Bill Heads,
Letter Heads,
Drug Labels,
Bills of Fare, Etc.,
we are unsurpassed.
than all Other Printing
City Combined,
40 North High Street,
Cincinnati Money Market—Jan. 11.
GOLD 135 buying.
EXCHANGE titeady at 1-10 discount
New York Money Market—Jan. 11.
- MONEY The week opened with money
in free snpply at 7 per cent, currency on
stock collaterals and 6 per cent, on Gov
ernments tor call loans. Jn the afternoon
the demand becoming more active, trans
actions were made at 7 per cent, sold main
y to small borrowers with mixed collater
als, aDd there were even exceptional oper
ations at 1-321-16 per cent, commission.
First class firms had no difficulty, however,
in getting all the money wanted at 7 per
cent- currency. The heavy raaliZ itions in
tbe stock market have caused considerable '
amounts to pass into weaker hand for the ,
moment, which was the occasion ef the
fluency in the money market.
GOLD Opened at 135k and closed at
New York Stock Market—Jan. 9.
under heavy realizations and a report that
the Secretary ot tbe Treasury has engaged
to deliver at a wall St. bouse tire million
of new '65s before February 1st. The ru
mor has been- distinctly denied by the As
sistant Treasurer. Mr. Vandyck has only
$600,000 to -sell in any event, and there is
no immediate prospect of that being sold.
Coupons of'81113fail2V:do'62 112Ura
112Jdo '64 108108; 10-40's 106J4
106. . Tbe onward speculation in railroad
shares was checked this morning by ex
tensive sales to realize the advance of the
east few days.' The leading stocks were
Pittsburgh, Bock Island, Michigan South
ern, Northwestern and Pacific Mall.' The
market became firm at the one o'clock
Board, but at the second regular Board was
heavy and lower, being unfavorably affect
ed by temporary fluency in the money
market. The decline ranged from li to 2
per cent, the most conspicuous weakness
being induced by Rock Island, Fort Wavne,
Northwestern, old Southern and New York
Central. At four o'clock the market was
steady, but at tbe close prices were again
lower and heavy under further realizations
oy tne Dulls and hammering by the bears.
ouh) prices. wells' Jzorees 1526:
American 3839; Adams 848
United States 4243; Merchants' Union
12J; Pacific Mail 122123: Western
Union Telegraph 33$33&: New York
Central 155)6; i erre Haute 3841; Erie
oo&tgoi; iieaaing ws; wabasb ol?.
62: Port Wayne 119Wi(&119U: Ohio A il ia-
slsslppl 33J33; Michigan Central 115a
11KUC? Mir.hioran snnthurn BQLr.SQ3x. mi
. ..in-
nois Central i43144; Pittsburgn 84fot
84 Toledo 102102; Rock Island 125
126; Northwestern 8182; Chicago &
Alton iu; v.j. v. & ma.
New York Market—Jan. 11.
COTTON Opened firmer and closed
quiet, with the advance partly lost; sales
of 3.500 bales at 2829c for middling up
lands, tbe market dosing at the inside
price. . -
J LiOUJK Market closed dull and 5(3lCo
lower. . -- i
WHEAT Dull and unchanged "lor
spring r lower for winter.
ia Jii uuu and heavy at SI 48041 50 for
OATS Heavy at 7575ie in store, and
7777Jc afloat. - - ;
COKJS Dull and heavy at 920913 for
new mixed western ; old mixed western
dull and nominal.
PORK Dull and heavy.
B ARLE 3T Quiet and without decided
CUT MEATS Steady. ":"
BACON Quiet and without decided
LiAku uaii at iJii9360 lor fair to
prime steam rendered. ...
EGGS Dull at 33frj.35C.
Chicago Market—Jan. 11.
FLOUR Low. , and middling grades
moderately active; other grades neglected
and nominal; sales spring extra at t5 25
6 55. - v "
WHEAT A shade more active and firm
and Ho higher; sales No. 1 at $1 201 24;
No. 2 at $1 141 15. closing at 91 14 for
No. 2. Sales No. 2 since 'change at $1 14.
CORN In fair speculative shipping de
mand, and 4e higher; sales nominal at
5354c; no grade at 60 51c; do kiln
dried at 55c, closing firm at 54e for new
and 50c for no grade. Unchanged this at
temoon. ' ,
OATS Less active and Artier, and
lo higher, sales at 47M4&o for remi
lar and fresh receipts, closing at 4Src.
BAKUfil-Dull and nominal: 1 G5f. r
RYE More active and l2c higher;
sales No. 1 at $1 161 17; No. 2114
1 15, closing at $1 161 17) for No.l.
HOGS Dressed hogs less active; sales at
$12 2513 00, closing at 913 2513 5a di
viding on 200 pounds; live firmer at t 90
10 04 for good to choice. . . ;L
Cleveland Market—Jan. 11.
FLOUR Market is quiet and unchang
ed ; we quote city made at $11 50 for XXX
white; $9 7510 00 for XX amber; $85(1
8 75 for XX red winter; $88 25 for XX
spring country made; 93 508 75 tor XX
red and amber; t7S for XX spring; 9950
10 for XX white. .
WHEAT No 1 red winter at tl 60; sale
ot 1 car No 2 at tl 66. -
CORN Sale of 5 cars shelled at 71c; 1
car on track at 60c; 2 cars do do at 66c and
2 cars shelled to arrive this week at 70c.
OATS Sale of 1 car at 63a.
RYE Quiet; held at 91 321 35 for No
1; No 2 at $1 251 28.
BARLEY Dull; No 1 Canada held at
2 05. No 2 and State at $1 701 75.
PETROLEUM In round lots held at
2829o and 3031c in trade lots.
Cincinnati Market—Jan. 11.
FLOUR Firm at $7 758 00.
WHEAT Firm ; No. 2 held at $1 75;
sal"- tit SI 73.
CORN Fower at 61c.
COTTON Less buoyant; sales of mid
dling at 27Wc
WHISKY Dull at 9798o. '
HOGS In light supply and firm; live
1011 00; dressed 911 5012 50.
PROVISIONS Quiet but firm.
PORK Mess sold at $30.
BULK MEATS Sales at 1214e.
JLiAitu sales at isci8(&ur&: nomi
nally for bead and got, prime steam leaf
and prime kettle, but bardly any demand.
av i 'imK unencnged.
CHEESE Unchanged. ' .
OILS Linseed firmer; small sales at
$1 05; lard oil at 91 551 60.
N. Y. Dry Goods Market—Jan. 11.
Tbe marke; for plain bleached and un
bleached muslins is excited, in sympathy
with cotton, and prices have risen full half
a cent, per yard on all low and medium
goods, with a tendency toward higher
rates. New styles of light prints have
been opened at 13o for goods like Pacific
Mills prints, and it is likely that all best
makes will open at this price, if not higher.
Some styles of Spragues are offered at 13c.
All or Uarner company's prints, Amos
keag, &c have been withdrawn from sale.
They will open higher to-morrow. Of Pacl-
nc Mills some beautiful pieces sold at 31c.
Southern traders are buying more freely.
It now appears that all cotton goods would
go higher within the next 30 days. Apple
ton A Bheetings up to 16c; Pequoit A 17i ;
Mvstic river 14e; Augustas buoyant at
15 Stark A 16c and Augusta at 13
13c. It is not difficult to buy best brown
drwls at 16gc, but other good makes can
be picked up at 16c. Among jobbers
most important movement has been in
bleached muslins to-day and. most of
the popular makes has been pretty well
closed, preparatory to a more general ad
vance. 1 ; --...
St. Louis Market—Jan. 11.
FLOUR Quiet and unchanged.
WHEAT Firm and unchanged.
CORN Very dull at 6265c. .
OATS Unchanged at6658c..
RYE Unchanged at 91 25.
BARLEY Unchanged. "" '
-WHISKY 97e. .
PORK Sold at 929 2529 50.
BACON Firm; 14o for shoulders, 18c for
clear sides. .......
LARD lSK19o la tierces.
HOGS Nominally unchanged at 9
10c. . . .
Toledo Market—Jan. 11.
WHEAT 2a. lower; amber Michigan
91 74; do last half of January at $1 74
175: red Wabash 91 74. ,
CORN A shade lower; new 62c; new
rejected 69c; new yellow 65c. ,
OATS Steady at 67c for No. I and Mich
igan. , ' , ... ,
.- RYE A shade better. , J :t
1 BARLEY Sales Canada at $2 02 ''
' HOGS Dressed hogs a shade lowe r; f a
at 1212C.. . i , j ;v; j J." ; ; .
Buffalo Market—Jan. 11.
Market dull and unchanged; nothing do-
ingv 1

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