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y mBiiiaa.. .v jamais.
Ohio Legislature.
uek noticed elsewhere, to amend the law to
preterit neer'oee tfrom Toting, Mr. Dickey
: Introduced a bill to change the times of
holding the Courts In the Finn Judicial
District, -"Vhlch was read three times and
;passedbyMn Dangler, to carry inW ef
fect the ordinance of 1787, declaring cer-
taln rivers foreyer navigable streams, and
'requiring three emptying Into Lake Erie,
'in iwhich Y Vessels " pifes, to ' be bridged
by draw' bridge, or otherwise so as not
' to"' lhferle' with navigation ' by ' Mr.
LtNN,"m'endlhg the law so that deeds ol
trust may : be ' released by the person to
whom' the debt secured thereby is legally
due, without a conveyance from the tras-
-tee, in the' same manner as mortgages may
by law-T release.' " ;'..' :t
Hf; KbahkK offered?; V resolution 'calling
tn the 'Attorney-General for his legal opin-
iott tori 'fhs right tf the State to dispose of
the lands occupied by the Blind and Luna.
tie Asylums J.n Columbus. ; ." ,"!'':. "
, In J3bw,. bills f were introduced by Mr
BuGHKSr .of Butler,i to authorize certain
anininir cootDantes (eold and silver to in
rease trielr capital stock. By Mr. McMob-
KAN, ot, Champaigo, to, increase the fees of .
kundred -wordsvK '; : ' y ;
Appropriate .respiioni! in relatiod.to
vlha' deat of . Representatives Gkkhabt, 6,
;Blcbland,tanidi30KHtaER, of Putnam; wer,
tntroducea,,aiit' speeches rnade'therepti.b,
3Ies8rV,pptLpij,'4WKCH Dm
uah, Canfikld, Lkktk, Thorn hill, Kirc
TC(K&wuk, Hiu of Defiance, and Sat
JU(B. ,.-n'I!r ,N f 't'f Pill ivtij
TUESDAY, January 12, 1869.
The PRESIDENT galled the Senate" to
Order at ten o'clock.
'1lA'rTlr-,-P4L'C'i.m T T T o..
Tey or of Carroll county, for an act further
-detiuing the duties of County Surveyoas.
- Keferred. to the Judiciary committee. i-i
" Br ilt. SIMMOXS-rFrom Henry Miller,
'Surveyor of Nobje county, for the same
- oljccU .Same reference. - : c " -' : -
. THIRD BEADINO. :iI : - ' " '
"'Senate bill JN6:! '260, Mr; SCRIBNER
fuppIeooenta to the act to fix the compen
sation of members and officers of the Gen
eral Afsembly, passed April 2, 1S66, was
read the third time and passed j eas 22
and 1 nay Mr, Burrows.; , .
"uH.j. R. NolOS Authorizing the Sec
'reiary ot. State to purchase a suitable car
pet lor his office, was read and -referred to
to tlie couiuuiUe on State Buildings. -'
H.'J. R. No.107 Providing for the printr
ing of additional copies of the report of
.the Secretary oi State;. and his report on
Statistics, was also read and referred to
the committee on Public Printing. , ' ;
'- .'i ; M l til 'BELLS INTRODUCED'. - 1 ''' !
3 " S.3 Ki5 IToV 277, . -Mr. : SCRIBNER To
-amend sections 1, 2, 3, 4,' o, 7, 9 and 10 of
'the aci1 supplementary-to the act to pre
serve the purity of elections, passed March
20, 1S41, and to protect the judges of elec-
' Lion iii the discharge 6l their duties, passed
April 16,1868."'." -'
, pi'Tbis-bill sewks to rrmovo tne objections
take by the Supreme Court to the visible
admixture law.oi: the last session. T
S. B. "No. 278, Mr.. DICKEY Fixing the
' time of "holding -District Courts ' and
Courts of Common Pleas for the year 1869,
in the Fifth' J uUiciai District of the State
pf Ohio, . ' . . t,. . ,.; , v-
F The changes by this bill are as follows:
District Court in ; Adams from Sept. 6 to
Sept. 18; iff Brown from Sept. 8 to Sept. 20;
. in ClerinonMrQm Sept. 13 to Sept. 24; in
Highland from Sept. 3 to Sept. 2 iniiosa
from' Aug. 31 to Oct. 1. Common Pleas in
Clermont from Oct B P Oct 12; In J?ayette'
fivra Sept 21 to NVi i ...us j- ,
.On miftgn.of Mr.DlCKET, thec6nstit
tfonii rule ,was suspended', and .S. JJ.io..
27$ Wifo 'read the second time, and referred
tailr. Dickeyi as a selectcbmmitteei1
S. B.Ho. 27p, Mr.DANGLEIi To pro
yitle 'jor Joe observance ot so much ot .the
ordinance of Congress ol July 13, 1787, as
rtfaSe tblhe'aavigable- waters of rivers
mptyinjiriiito Lake Erie withia the limits
of xiieState ot Ohio;-) ; h t ;; t ii
S..;Bf No. 280, Mr. .LINN-Supplemen-fary
tothe act to provide tor the proof; ac
knowledgment and recording ot deeds and
othei instruments of writing, passed Feb
iuarv 22.1834. .;.i..-. l v..- i
The oOjecsof the -bilHs to provide for;
the release ot deeds -of trust by the per
t,0JUeniiUed to receive the tnouey therein
ecured, without a releasei,, by conveyance
irom'ilie' person acting as trustee, in the
samcmanner as"mortgages' are now re
Ituoiit 9iU arftiw- ,&. aSi tlf.r-1 .i:jt.
.rvit4 oV? ?'in JtltruBWi. tint M-.-svta&y c'
The special order tot thi days-8. B. No.
o7 To provide for appeals to the district
court la vaset pi qivorce ana-aiimony, etc
waal '---i-'J ' ''.,. ,.
X motion It ii rl Gii IS WOLD' referred
fe tte Judiclary.comnilttee. .
On motion ol M r. G ODFBEXi H". B. No.
53S-fTo e?tal)li6h a unilorm weight for Umc
and; coke, was referred to the committee ou
annlactnre and Commerce. '1U ,tJ h.-. 'v
iTlneVviu-twjOMrrww.- ';s M-r; !-.
- ! a KBANER offered the following reso
laEWkuMn : w(v b ii ' -; ; ' - -'
liesohtd, That the Attorney General be
ami. bests hereby-requested to investigate
taa State' titlw to tne lands on which the
Ay lute .lor the Blind and the Central Ln
AaoVAsylum iare built and report to the
Senac'e-whether. In- -hig opinion, said land
oau. Bold and the proceeds Applied- to
the, reconstruction of the Central Insane
Asylum tor.' the purpose ot a Blind Asy
hiui.L;; deferred to the committee ou the
Judiciary. iUiiJ. ii t ;;. .'
JliJi tU30XtEXTT TO ANIMA 8. - ' '
-MrJOANGLER presented documents
ifom .eKieeoael Cleveland on the subject
oi erumy 10 animais, wnicn were reierrtd
to the committee oaAsricultnre.
.Oa motioq of. Mr. ONDKRDONK, the
emittovt a recess...,; i . .l-
3ThCP?E8IDENT called the Senate to
order atureeo'cioeit. "'
. On notion of .Mr. GODFREY, the com-
iikHteepaPubiiiiBuudings wervdiscnargnd
ltoub UielurUier . onstfleration of H. J. R
Ncv-XUCTAothonin? " Secretary . et
State' to purchase n suitable carpet lor his
il&ette ph;.it -': -.!, -. ..
The.resQlutlon was then .adopted yeas
-Mr.'SlEDMAN ofTered the following
joint resolttlionjind advocated its adoption-:
,That jth standing committees of the two
Houses on me xseiurm. r-arm ne instructed
to ln(uire'' into the propriety autf prac-
trcabiiffy of diposin ot so much of the
land belonging to tne Reform Farm sit-
nate-vin Falrheld .county, as will not b
needed tor the. use of a like institution for
girlsi'ahd converting1 so' much thereof ae
nluyb needed -lor the -use of an institn-
tioft ,-ot li-ka character toe girlr, and also
tie.purchase ofj lana ot better quality ol
soil lor a Refurm Farm tor boys; and that
tiie said couitni: tees report by b'll or otber
wise.O'Oin nU u-j; .a ;; ,'- ; ,-,.:!.. .
The, resolution wag .discussed , at length
by Messrs.. GriswDjdjBrooks-aud Stedman,
and ,' r ' .
Oir'tAottoti W Mr.' GODFREY, it wat
ldld ontnetable: J 3m- -. - .. . .
o;if ii .:. 'awntta.-' -'- :
tn DICKEY; sele'et committee, reported
DdK. seuaiouiu uxiux vue times ot Hom
ing Ujtrict courts and courts of cummou
pleas lor the year 18G9, in tne fiitii judicial
oisBrtut oi ine oiaoe oi uuio, ana recom
,Tn comt'tui tonal, rnlo was suspended,
and, the bill was read h.e toird lime u.
Mr. MAY, from the committee on FuMl,
Printing, reported back 11. J. R. N. 107
Belatrva to-Driatinir the rtiorUof the See
retary pf State, apd recomtueodefi its adop
tion. . , .
The resolutloii was then adopted." I
On motion of Mr. GOLDEN. k'ii.Kn
78 To provide-for tiling petitions in error
ln tne supreme court, Deing the special
oraer ur wis uuy, was reierrea to the Ju
diciary committee. i-' ! , i ,. ,
Oa motion of Mr., GOLDEN.' H. B. -Vn.
381 To authorize the incorporated village
of Logan, In Hocking countr. to Durchaae
estate beinjr trie special order forthis
nay, was reierrea to . tne, committee on
Municipal Corporations, i. - ' -'
On motion vt Mr. POTTS," S. B. No. 6
To repeal the' act . to authoriza nersons
with eclniesand offensesto testify.
ijwkcu Apm n, leov, was taKen irom tne
table and referred to the Judiciary committee;?-"
By Mr. DANGLER From 50 citizens of
Cleveland, for the passage ot an act to au
thorize the appointment of phonographic
report rs for the Courts of Common Pleas
and District Courts In the State of Unlo,
Referred to the Judiciary committee. -
atfij.fj'j 'IaT AB3KNCK. '. i
Mr. JfEOMAN was granted indefinite
leave of absence on account of sickness.
On motion of Mr. KINO, r.hn Spnnr nrl-
Journed till 10 A. 41. on Thursday next.
Prayer by Rev. Mr. Wilson."
Mr. McMORRAN, the netitlon of O
Taylor and 77 other citizens of Champaign
county, askinsr for such an amendment in
the tax law ot the State, that sharps of the
National Bank stock may be taxed in the
township where held. '-Referred to the
committee on Finance. .
Mr. WALLING, the memorial of Dr.
Wavne Griswold, of Pickaway eountv.
praying for the erection of an asylum for
l neon aces. Liiia on tne taoie and ordered
to be printed. - "
Mr.,ROBINSON The petition, of J. W.
Coulter and 18 other citizens of Crawford
county, praying for the passage of a law
. making itxne duty of County Surveyors
to take charge of and keep in repair the
meridians -heretofore established. Refer
red to committee on Municipal Corpora
tions. -' ' - ...
. Mr. ANDERSON The DettUon of J. R
Andrews and C7 other citizens of Guernsey
county, praying for the repeal ot the law
.regulating the sale of patent rights in the
btateot Ohio and to preve it frauds in con
nection therewith. Referred to committee
ipn Judiciary. .. , f ,. rj -ir--j
Mr. CUSAC; the petition of Anson Hurd
and 41 other citizens of Hancock county,
i Ohio, asking for an. amendment to the law
to protect the citizens of ,Ohio from empir
icijin and to elevate the standing bt the
medical -profet-ston. Referred to commit'
tee on Medical Colleges and Societies.: ,
Mr. REED, the petition of I. J. Forbes
"and- 28 other citizens of Tuscarawas county,
asking- the repeal of the law to regulate
the sale of patent rights in Ohio and pre
vent fraud. Referred to committee on the
Judiciary. ' - v-:.; - "' -;
: ; .sr. '.!;: : BILLS INTRODUCED. " "; -" ' '
Mr. BELVILLE, H. B. No. 454 For the
' relief ot Matthias StefBu. , Read the first
; time. , .'
1 Mr. HUGHES, of Butler; H. B. No. 455
Supplementary to "an act to provide for
, the creation and regulation of incorporated
companies in the State of Ohio," passed
May 1, 1852. Read the first time. - '
Mr. McMORRAN, HB. No. 456 To
amend section five of an act entitled an act
' to regulate the fees of officers In civil and
criminal cases, passed' March 5, 1S31, as
' amended April 11, 1865. Read the first
time. , . . . ..-
;' On motion of Mr. BUELL, the vote by
' which the House postponed the third read
; ing of. bills until Wedcuietday Was recon
euteied.. ;. , ; .... .... ... ; , - ... ,
H.B. No. 348, Mr. LEWTON To pro
! vide for the relief ot public officers, from
whom public money has been taken by
; robbery or theft without the fault of such
: officers, was read the third time, and the
; question being ou its passage,
; Mr. LEWTON briefly explained and ad
; vocated the passage of the bill,and thought
'. it coald be legally done. . .. , ... .
, Mr. RUKENBROD moved to recommit
; the bill to a select comuittee of one, -with
; instruction to amend, as follows : Strike
i out the word 'Some" and insert the words
; ''two," and also insert, after the word coun
; ty, "if so many there be." The motion was
not agreed to. - ' - - . --
Mr. LEE moved to recommit, with in
structions to amend, to strike out the word
"three" and insert "live" years. The House
agrted. ' - i,; - -
- The bill was referred to Mr. Lee.' ' ':
Mr. LEE immediately reported the bill
back amended as instructed. The amend
ment -was agreed to. '-- ''. '
:1Mr.:POKD moved to recommit the bill
, with Instructions to further amend, sots to
.detine whether, the thelt was, thelaull ot
ilhe Treasurer, by tiie finding of the court.
IThe House agreed, and'tlte bill was refer
' red to Mr. Pond. He immediately report d
tije bill back, amended as instructed. The
amendment was sgreed to.
'' On motion of Mr. SCO I T.'of Warren, the
further'ron9lderation of the bill was post
poned till Wednesday next. t . . -
- , H. B. No., 364, Mr.LEKTE To provide
for compensating parties whose property
may be destroyed or injured inconsequence
of mobs or riots, was read the tbiru time,
and the question being on its passage, Mr.
Leete explained its purport and advocated
lt passage.
i -The yeas and nays -were ordered and re
feujted yeas 41, nays 38.-. So the bill was
Host, having failed to receive a constitution
al majority.
i elir. SCOTT, of Warren, moved that the
"vote be. r&cousidered, to which the House
agreed. . .
! Mr. HUGHES, of Highland, moved that
the bill be laid upon the table, which mo
tion prevailed. v
S. B. No. 177, Mr. POTTS For the relief
of A. Bassetr, was read the tbird time; and
the question being on its passage, ' '
Mr. WALLING thought the bill should
be . wel.1. coubidered beiore it .was passed.
He "would therelore move that bill be laid
on the table. Jir-' : " '- ' '' '
! The House agreed. - '-"
1 S. B.. No, 226 By Senate Committee on
Claims: For the relief ot the -Portsmouth
& Columbus Turnpike Company, was read
tne third time, and r ' i a -r. ---;
On motion of Mr,-HUGHES, of High
land, laid on tiie table. . .. - ,-.
j S. B. No. 97, Mr. WOODWORTH To
amend section eight of "an act to exempt
the -homesteads of families from forced sale
on execution to pay debts," passed March
23, 1850, ps amended March 22, 1858, was
read the third time. The question being
on its passage, ; i ;'
' -Mr; POND explained its provisions, and
desired it to pass. . -
, Mr. LEWTON thought, the bill no im
provement on the law as it now exists.
Mr. READ thought the law as it now is,
sufficient, and moved that the bill be laid
pn the table. :
-j The House agreed. r?
i ' H. B. No. 315, Mr. DUNN To amend
section 4 ot an act entitled "an act tor open-
intr nnn rpcrnlift.inir rnitds ftrif) hiohaavi "
passed January 27, 1853, wai read the third
timv- -'
Mr.DUNN explained the bill and desired
It to pis-.
Mr. HUGHES, of Butler, brtifly stated
bis objections to the bill,
i The yeas and nays were- called, and re
sulted veas 77. navsl. S" the bill passed.
H. B. No. 55, Mr. BELVILLE To
amend original section 2 (O. L , vol. 48,
page 29), and section 8. as amended March
22 1858, (O. L vol. 55, page 22), of an act
eutitltd "an act to ex, mpt the homestead
Ol-families from forced sale on execution
to pay debts." was read the third time.
: Mr. BELVILLE briifly advocated the
bill and contended that $1,000 of an ex
emption would not be too much.
i Mr. LEWTON thought the Dill defect
ive in several particulars. He tuought the
exemption ot $1,000 from execution too
I Pending the consideration of the bill,
: On motion of Mr. UEXRICK5, the
House took a recess.
, I Mr. BELVILLE moved to. recommit
H. 14. No. 55, whicu the House had uudrr
consideration when it took a recess, to a
select committee of one, with instructions
to further amend the same. The House
asreed.- The bill was referred to Mr. Bel
ville. He immediately reported the .bill'
buck, amended as int-tructd. The amend
ment was agreed to. tne yeas and nays
were called on the passage oi toe Dili, and
resulted veas-40, nays 44. Sj the bill was
' lost.' ; , ,; .. -
t Mr. BUSHNELL offered tbe following
r solution, which were adopted :
: 1 H. R-' No. -No.' 209 Whereas, It hts
pleased an all wise Providence to remove
r from our midst our loriuer beloved associ
ate Hon. - Andrew Gerhart, late a member
' of the Ho jse Irom the county of Richland;
'.therefore .'! 'j-t iw ' - i
f Besolved,, That we bear cheerful testimo-
rnv ta his . exalted -character as a true
-christian gentleman, pure, patriot, and
worthy representative.
Retotoed, That by his death- the State
, and county - have lost a useful citizen, the
House a valuable memDer, ana society an
naternrlslng leader. " ' " "( ?
: 'Baolved, That we hereby tender to hit
bereaved widow, In this ber affliction, our
talncere and heartfelt gjmpathjV
SetolvecU ThaX these resolutions be spread
updh the Journal, and the Clerk is hereby
directed t transmit a copy of the same to
the widow ot the deceased, v V
Betolvedr That in respect to tbe memory
of our deceased associate the House do
now adiourn. -
. ,
Mr. MOORE offered the following reso
lutions, which were adopted :- - -
whereas, it nas Deen the pleasure oi
Divine Provldence,"tn his -wisdom, to re
move from our midst Hon. Henry J. Bceh-
mer, late a memoer ot this House, repre
senting the counties of Putnam and Henry;
tneretore, .
Besolved, That we testify to bis exalted
character for integrity, honesty and pure
patriotism, and shall ever remember htm
for bis moral worth and christian virtues.
Besolved, That by his death theState and
country have lost a useful citizen, his dis
trict a valuable Representative, and this
House one of Its best, and most efficient
Besolved, That we tender to the family of
tbe deceased our heartfelt sympathy.
fiesolvcd. That these resolutions be spread
upon the Journal, and that the clerk of the
House transmit a copy of them to the lam'
ily of the deceased. . , ,
Adjourned- .
Lost. A lady's Mink Fur Collar. The
finder will be suitably rewarded by leav
ing it at No. 163 South High Btreet;
. ' ; janl3-dlt
Coluubus, O., Jan; 11, 1869.
M. W. Bliss, Esq.: Dear Sir I acknowl
edge the receipt this day, by draft on New
York, of the sum of $2,000, In full for a
policy for that amount on the life of my
late lamented husband, George H. Earhart
Tbe promptness with which the Universal
Life Insurance Company has settled hit
claim, without care or effort on my part,
should entitle it to the fullest confidence ol
the public " . ' Yours, truly,, - -
Mart R. Earhart.
George H. Earhart took a policy in the
Universal Life Insurance Company' foi
$2,000, on the 21st day of April last, and
had made three quarterly payments on it
when death struck him down unexpected
ly, and without warning. "A good man
leaveth an inheritance."
M. W. Buss, Agent.
Office in Deshler Building, corner High
and Town street. .. -
Jewelry made and repaired by C. E
Smith, 27 S. High street, over Bain's store
nov6d3m . . '
Choice Red Wheat Flour, $3 00 per bar
rel, warranted to give satisfaction. For
sale at McColm, Miles and McDonald.
jan7-dtf - ;
Mrs. M. J. Stone has taken rooms at tbe
Buckeye House, where she will be pleased
to give Delineations of Character' for La
dies and Gentlemen; according to scientific
rules and data. Charts furnished. Mrs. S
can give the highest testimony of her abil
ity to read character, and will guarantee
entire satisfaction to all 'who' may favor
her with a call. Reception hours from 9
A. M. to 12 M., and from 2 P. M. to 9 P. M,
Parlor No. 6. '"-' T .' ".;.', - ; jan4v
To Consumers op Coal. Buy your coal
of Rock Run Coal Company. You will
find it of superior qualltj, free from slate
or clinker. - Eighty pounds to the bushel
is guaranteed, and it is 'sold at' the lowest
market rates. Orders left at the office, 1S7
North High street, or at the Company's
order box at the. grocery store ol George
McDonald & Co., 106 South High street,
will be promytly attended to -
jan7 ' - '- Mat. Weaver, Sec'y-
A oasb of Humphreys' Homceopathjc
Specific in the bouse is a well-spring ot
satisfaction.' -You can always find the true
remedy . tor a cold, coujth, 'eore throat,
croup, face-ache, weak stomach, catarrh,
or other of the .. thousand " ailments to
which a family are subject, and thus save
doctor's bills, sickness and suffering. Price
of a lull case and book of directions is $10.
Sent to any address on receipt cf ,tho
price. S l Address, Humphreys' SpsciFrc
Hojiozopathic Medicine Co. 662 Broad
way, N. Y. iyl3-d&wly-ew
Holloway's Pills. A successful phys
ician, being challenged by some medical
martinets to describe a certain complaint,
quietly replied: "Gentlemen it is a disor
der which you can't cure and I can.'' Dr.
Hollowaytuight say the same to the fac
ulty as regards Dyspepsia. His celebrated
Pills cure it infallibly, and when all other
remedies have proved utterly useless. There
is'no disease of the Stomach' or the Liver,
acute or chronic, slight 6r violent, which
the Pills will not ameliorate and relieve.
Sold by all Druggists. . .
jy9-dly-cw. ,' . v "
A Five Dollar package of Humphreys'
Homoeopathic Specifics No. 23 has in num
berless instances, cured an inveterate case
of Nervous Debility, Involuntary Dischar
ges, Seminal Weakness or Spermatorrhea,
which had for years resisted all other treat
ment The action of these simple medica
ted sugar pills is something like magic,
promptly relieving the despondency, pros
tration and depression, and always curing
by tbeir'perseverlhg'use. Packages 6 boxts
and bottle $5. Sent by mall on receipt of
the pries " ' mphreys' Specific
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way, N. Y. jy!3-d&wly-cw
The Pfarly Gates. Pure white teeth
and a sweet breath, issuing like perfume
from the rose, through a pair of lovely lips,
are. as Shakspeare says, "an excellent thing
in woman." To keep the "pearly gates'
of the mouth always spotless, and the
breath always iragrant, it is only necet
sary to use the S zodokt dally.
" Spaldibgs Glue, " always up
sticking point.
to the
Il'Jthe ladies but knew what thousands ol
them are constantly relating to us, we can
didlv believe one-half of the weakness.
prostration and distress experienced by
them would vanUh. James Marsh, Esq.
159 West 14th St, N. Yn says, " be ha
three children, tbe first two are weak and
puny, his wife having been unable to nurse
ob attend them, but she has taken Planta
tion Bitteks for the last two years, and
has a child now eighteen months old which
she has nursed and reared herself, and both
are lieartv. saucy and well. The article if-
invaluable to mothers," &c.
Such evidence nilht be continued for a
volume.. The best evidence is to try them.
They speak for themselves. Persons ot
sedentary habits troubled with weak nets,
lassitude, palpitation ot the heart, lack o
appetite, distress af.er eating, torpid liver,
constipation, diabetes, dec, will find spuedi
relief through these Bitters.
' ' Magnolia Water. Superior to the bes
imported German Cologne, and sold at hal
the price. . 1 .. ... -
, ,BNY-sept25-deod&wlycw
' Jeleff & DeButts, Locksmiths an
bell hungers, at No. 141 North High street,
are now prepared to hang parlor and hotel
bells In the neatest and latest style. Sew
ing machines repaired and satisfaction
guaranteed. Models built for patentees,
and all kinds ot light machinery made and
repaired. Keys ol all description always
on band, and sale and jail locks made and
repaired. - may23-e-ly-
WASHINGTON, January 12.
. Mr.. FRELINGHUYSEN, presented, a
memorial signed by Franklin HaighA.GeQ.
P. Upton, H. G. Gardner and others, capi
talists, aettinjr forth that proposed subai
dtes to the Northern' Pacific railroad, and
to the eastern division of the Pacific rail'
road will amount, besides land grants, to
$25,000,000, and offering to construct either
or both roads for a subsidy ot $50,000 per
mile In addition to the land grants, thus
savinz the treasury $75,000,000, and offer
ing to give bonds, endorsed by capitalists
representing $100,000,000. T , - - ;
Mr. SUMNER Introduced ablll to pre
vent alienation to foreigners of grants of
privileges derived from the United States.
Mr.RICE introduced a bill to provide for
the incorporation of the Arkansas & Pa
cific. Railroad Company, to construct and
maintain a railroad from Little Rock to
the terminus of the National Pacific rail
road, on the Rio Grande. The bill propos
es to grade 20 alternate sections of land on
each side of the road, and an issue ol uov
ernment 30 year 6 per ce.it. currency bonds,
to the amount of $16,000 per mile, to be
secured by a second mortgage on the prop
erty ot the company.-
The Senate resumed the bill for the re
lief of. Sue Murphy, which was debated
until 4 o'clock, when tbe Senate adjourned
Mr. BUTLER, of Mass- Introduced
bill to authorize the issue ot a national cur
rency to assure its stability and elasticity.
lessen the interest on the public debt, and
reduce the-rate of interest. , ' ' "r ;::.
On motion of Mr. BUTLER, the bill was
referred to the - committee on ' Ways and
Means. ,He moved to reconsider the res
olution, and thereupon made a lengthy
a jeech in SoDDOrt of the bill. ' '
On motlou of Mr. WAS HBURNE, of
Illinois, Butler's" motion to reconsider was
laid unon the table.
Mr. DAWES presented the credentials
6f J. S. Casement, as Delegate from Wy
ninincf Territory. V .
Mr. WASHBURNE, of Illinois, objected
to bis admission and the credentials were
referred to the committee on Elections.
A bill Dassed eivinz the use oi the ro
tunda and old Hall ot Representatives lor
the inauguration ball.
Mr. ASHLEY, of Ohio. Introduced ablll
Drovidinif a temporary government for
Alaska: also, a bill relative to the election
ot Delegates. 'Referred to the committee
on Territories
A bill to equalize the bounties of soldiers,
sailors and marines who served in the late
war for the Union, was considered. ,
Mr. WASHBURNE, ot Indiana.snpport
ed it, saving tilty millions would more than
cover the amount required on his motion.
The bill was recommitted. The further
consideration of the motion was then post
poned for three weeks.
. Mr. BANKS reported a joint resolution,
already published in the newspapers, pro
posing protection of.Hayti and San Do
mingo by the United States. . After debate
the-resolution went over till to-morrow.
- The House adjourned at 4:15.
Fatal Accident.
' Naheem Holbrook, Esq., a prominent cit
izen oCUpton, Mass., about sixty-five years
oi age, was tounu dead in nis saw mm, yes
terday. From tbe ma'ks on his: body it is
supposed that he was killed by a slab fly
ing off suddenly and hitting him on the
stomach. , -
Robbery the Bank of Montreal.
; The Bank of Montreal was entered by
burglars last night. ; l he sare was Diown
open and robbed of $5,000 in Canada legal
tender notes. . , . i ,
BUFFALO, Jan. 12.
The burglars who robbed the Bank of
; Montreal at St. Catherines, were in Tona-
: wonda, this county, this morniug.
Chicago Items.
CHICAGO, Jan. 12.
In the United States Circuit Court yes
terday. Judge Drummond issued an order
for the arrest ot. tne isoara ot supervisors
of Lee county. Iowa, lor retusing to levy
taxes to pay certain county bonds, payment
ot which had been decreed by the Supreme
Court of the United States, Out which the
Iowa Supreme Court declared invalid. " It
is a conflict of jurisdiction that may lead
t.A.rnnhl. ' v. '
Four libel suits against the Tribune, tor
a total 61 $100,000 damages, were ruled out
of the Superior Court yesterday. They
were' instituted by . lour merchants,-who
claim that tbe Tribune charged them with
arson to avoid failure-They applied to the
court. -
Cleveland and Pittsburg Railroad.
: fudges Prentiss and Foote to-day grant
ed an loiunction. at the instance of W. S
C.Otis, attorney tor the Cleveland and
Pittsburgh Railroad Company, against the
new board -ot -directors, restraining from
operating or interfering with the road.--The
following notice will appear in the pa
pers here to-morrow morning: : .r r
; Cllvkland & Pittsburgh R. R. Co.
Notice is hereby given to tbe atocktolders
of the Cleveland & Pittsburgh Railroad
Company, and to all persons interested,
that Reuben F. Smith, Esq, has this
day been appointed . receiver of the
said company, and that- . tbe direc
tors, executive committee, ' financial
agent and treasurer ot said company,
have been enioined from performing any
official acts by the Onrt ot Common Pleas
ot Cuyahoga county, vdio.
Pres't C & P. R. R. Co.
CLEVELAND, Jan. 12, 1869.
The Prize Ring.
ST. LOUIS, Jan. 12.
A prizs fight between Allen and Davis
took nlace on Chouteau Island, a few yards
from the spot where McCoole fought Davis
over two years ago. There were about 350
pei sins present. The light commenced
about noon. Forty-three rounds were
fought. The light was won by Allen.
Davis was terribly punished. Allen look-
ed comparatively fresh and received but
few injuries. At tbe close ot the tight the
pugilist Gallagher, offered to fight the
winner tor a thousand dollars. Allen ac
cepted the challenge, agreeing to light
him in five weeks. It is understood the
articles of ' agreement will be signed to
night. The forfeits are put up. , ....
Reported Conversation with Gen.
NEW YORK, Jan. 12.
A correspondent of the Herald recently
had a conversation with Gen. Franklin
Blair in Washington. The General still
holds to his expressed opinion that Gen.
GraLt will make a dictator or an Emperor
of himself before he leaves the Vhite
House. His modest deportment is simply
deep dissimulation, and one ol t'ie meas
ures always ued by ambitious men since
Julius Citsar thrice resumed the crown.
The country is already ruled by a minority
who demand the asd ot bayonets, and, it
will be easy for Grant, with bis military
power, to make himself supreme.
Attempted Suicide.
On Saturday evening was snn
moned to attend two dying women, Mr.-.
Louisa Cook and Mrs. Jane V. Reeland,
who reside in Second street, Jersey Cit .
Having had domestic trouble which they
thought themselves too weak to bear, the
women had bought morphine and took a
heavy dose, resolving to die together. Hav
1 ig been restored to consciousness they ex
pressed their indignation tuat they had net
been permitted) die.
The Congressional Committee.
The Congressional in
the investigation of the alleged election
frauds still continues, its sessions being en
gaged altogether in examining witnesses.
Tne trouble between Sheriff O'Brien and
Mirshal Murray, and other Uuited States
officials, remain in statu quo. The com
mittee claims that it has obtained over
whelming Drool ot the charges of rei eat
inf and using lalse certificates of natural
ization ln the laieelection. which are made
by the Union League against members of
the Democratic party. .
Moses H. Grinnell.
It is now generally supposed that Moses
H. Grinnellwwill be appointed collector at
this port byASen. Grant. . , . .
' The case of the United States versus Ver
non K. Stevenson, the great cotton case,
. was resumed yesterday morning before
Judge Blachford. Three, witnesses were
examined lor the Government, but other
witnesses expected from Washington net
naving arrived, tne iurtner neanngoi tie
case was adjourned till this morning. .
ln the United States Commissioner's
Court the case- of the Messrs. Guiteraan,
charged with Custom House frauds, was
further postponed till Wednesday next.
The books "and'paoers'of J. B. Hlxon,
inspector, Howard street, and of w .
Howberzer. 851 Broadway, were yesterday
seized by Marshal Murray on an order re
ceived bv the U. S. District Court, on an
affidavit alleging that the parties named
had defrauded the Customs Department oy
undervaluation ot goods consigned to tnem
Proposed Distribution.
The Herald says so-called Jewelers'
Association, in thiscltr, proposes to dis
tribute $5,000,000 worth of prizes at a
grand drawing in March nexU- --
Ticked Office Robbed.
The New Jersey railroad ticket office, in
this city, was entered last evening and rob;
oea oi i,uuu casn.
The money market shows a oartlal reac
tion towards Stringency. THa Commercial
says there is evidently a withdrawal of
mnos irom tne market, but the difficulty of
tracing it suggests the probability of lock
ing up in some quarter. On call loans sev
en per cent, gold has been in many instances
paw, uut me majority oi the transactions
, .i , ... . ..
are none at seven per cent, currency.: Gov
ernments opened strong' at an linnmve-
mens, ine Assistant Treasurer denh 8 the
report circulated that the Secretary of the
xreaoury engaged to deliver to a promi
nent dealer five million dollars nf bonds
during this month. It appears that the As-
sisutm, xreasurer, nowever, has about five
hundred thousand bonds for sale, consist
ing Of Odd numbers. Which t.hA Kwrxtarv
desires to issue SO as to keen the. nnmhers
i uuittutnuing Donas consecutive.
BY ATLANTIC CABLE. Excluded from the Conference.
LONDON, Jan. 12.
For some unexplained reason Riseoris
Rangabe, the Grecian ambassador at Paris,
who, it was supposed, would represent
ureece in ine uonierence, has Deen retused
participation in its sessions. He has pro
tested against bis exclusion and appealed
to the Grecian Government at Athens for
instruction. The Conference will await
the action of Greece in the matter, and the
session announced for to-day will be post-
poucu ior a time in consequence.
MADRID, Jan. 12.
Four thousand soldiers have volunteered
their services to the Government to assist
in suppressing the insurreceion in Cuba,
it is rnmnred that
vega, governor ot caiima, has obtained
three months leave of absence to visit the
exterior. Vega's endeavors to, make the
btate .Legislature more liberal in regard
to the system of taxatlon.Iately introduced.
were Unsuccessful. hThe most influential
citizens wilt probably leave the State. .
Public Improvements.
-A lighthouse is to be constructed at Man
zanuo, to tane the place of the present
miseraoie anair. 3. good wagon road is
also to pe built. . j -
Public Improvements. Robbers Shot.
The Colima and- Manzanila authorities
are acting vigorously against robbers.
Three were captured and shot near Coli
Land Slides.
' Terrible land slides occurred in different
parts of the country, involving a consider
able loss of lite. Creeks appeared where
previously there was nothing but barren
districts, with continuous rumbling in the
N. Y. Dry Goods Market—Jan. 12.
The Dry Goods market is strong and ad'
vanclng tor cotton goods and active In
quiry is general. There is an advance of
lc per yard on all bleached muslins
medium grade. .New York mills and
Watnsutta were withdrawn from the mar
ket yesterday and have not been placed for
sale on any or tbe stands of leading job-
bets; when they are the advance will no
doubt be 2mc. Lonsdale are up to 18c,and
Hope to loc. InBrown Muslins there
is no Improvement, but the tendency Is
strongly upward... tlantio a held by
agents, howevek at -17e.- Still all the
standard brands can be bought of jobbers
at iuc s Heavy Drown drills rather dull
due reiative'y.low and must advance. Ap
pleton A 17kc, but this is the best brani
on sale,and consequently an extreme price,
Booths and Pepperell held at 17c, although
a close buyer may be able to secure them
at 16oO, which is the price of Atlantic
The print market is excited, and all dark
styles oiler ing have been bought up and
is in general advance or la per yard to-day
on all medium and light work. Spragues
advanced to 13 i for dark and 13!c tor
light styles. Pacific dark styles closed Out-
ana scarce at 13c, and light brings Yiy
Merrimack prints are un to I3c lor
Burnard, and 16c for white double. Pinks
and purples have risen to 16Mc. . Dunnels,
American, Allen's and Richmond's light
work brings 13c. Amoskeog 13u. The
Cocbeco are still selling at 13c, but are
scarce and must advance to 14c soon.
Woolen goods adopted for spring sales are
n Deeter request. -----
New Advertisements
tW Xbe Ohio. Statesman has
Larger Circulation, thaa any pa,
per published In' this City or C'en
tral Ohio- Advertisers ?vlll bear
this in mind. ' " - .
Tuaballc Real Estate Sale.
. ins to the lata 1B. L. OOODALK ii now of-
fartd for sala Dy bis Jxeeators. lc consist of the
Good ale House,
A large number of BUSINESS AND DWELL
1U ttUUi-.fcS. and 300 Vacant JLola in tl
Kilij ot Uolumbus. Also,
A I"lne Farm of 163 Acres,
Two mile e&st "f Colnmbns on the National Road.
and a Para of 350 acre in Pickaway ouuutj, one
mueeoatnol LiooKDourne. i erms easy. Apply
. jnll-llwK3t . , ' Mi
Gives special attention to all Diseases of the
Thro at & Lun g s
Je JE1 Xi Z3 S .
- . .. i
OFfH't-a. Us Keith High Street.
jania-eodlyl : ' ' COLUMBUS. OHIO,
Great Bargains ia Boots and Shoes
' No. 161 South High. 8treet.
ent stock and make room for NEW SFRIKti
GOO lid, we will sell, without regard to cost, oar
entire stock of .
iriitsee and
-. Ckildren'a Uoots and. fib-pea
At prices thst cannot fail to suit purchasers. We
nave al.o a fine essonment of
Hoy a' and Venth's Boots and Shoes,
Whioh we are celling eheap for cash.
Gentlemen's 1'lne trench Call tXox
ieed Boots
made to order. asT" Repaying of all kinds prompt
Ira d neatly executed
ja.-M-dtf pHKFARD A HOR1GER.
For Sale or Rent.
lorging to Mary E Kent, deceased, situated od
Mound street, near 7th, consisting of a convenient
house, wood shed, Ac. on a spacious lot ninetj
f set front, one hundred in depth. Good cistern and
well, fruit trees and flower garden on the premises.
For price acd terms, "enquire at W. R. Kent's
auction rooma.oorner Town and Fourth. jan7 4f
NEKS' MEETINGS. The Board of bchool
Examioersof Franklin county meet at tbe Probate
Court Room on the laot Friday and Batordav
each mouth in the year. Also, on the seoond Fri
day and Saturday of the spring and .fall nvntb
- ;-,''. - OF TH r.'A'
United States of America,
..- v WASHUiOTH. D. O. 4e
chaktbbed by speuial'act of
'' - nil - - - 1
Cash' Capital, r - $1,000,000
To which, all general eorrespondenoe ihonld be d-
... t - atened. v . .
JAY COOKE, Chairman finance and ExeentiTe
committee. - j
EiHtiLSON W. rET. Secretary and Aetuary.
Offared b, this RnmiuitTiin!
It is a National Company, chartered by special
. f 1BAU . .
It has a paid up capital of $1,000,000.
It ofTers low rates of Dreminm. -
Tt furnishes larger Insurance than other Compa
nies ior tne same money. -
It is definite and certain in its terms. '
It is a home Company in every locality, a
TtH PnlintAfi ar ATnmnt. frnm fet.t.rthmenfc.
'-There are no nnneoessary restrictions in the Pol
icies. - -
- Every Policy is non-forfeitabte. .
Policies may be taken that will pay insured their
foil amount and return all tbe premiums, so that
the Insurance costs only the interest on the annual
Polioies may be taken which pay to the Insured,
after a certain number of years, durins life, an an
nual income of one-tenth the amount named in the
N o extra rate is charged for risks upon the lives
of females. ' -.- ,..
. It insures not to pav dividends, but at s "a
cost that dividends will be impossible.
. :'.- JOHN W. ELLIS 4 CO..
Cincinnati, Ohio, General Agents for Ohio Central
- ana soutnern Indiana.
; . : s. si. smith,
Columbus. Special Agent for Franklin1,. Licking,
unsKtngam ana tjosnocton counties.
-Dr. Barton's Tobacco Antidote.
mtiKelM vegetable and Aarmdets. and im also an excUant
patiiV. It purines nd enriches the blood, inTigoratehtt
potjBsi grrsau DOLrnsoin una siren iimtiidi
sleen refneshinar. and esUbiohea robrjst health.
uem u mwiamca to oiress tn nearuen ic
ana tHacHjor txxty yean cured, f new utTtenu par
box. rottlke. An interesting treatiaa on tuC injorioas
onsets oi wdkcq, wiui una of vmiiriftniii
ate. un nk A routs wanted. Addmar
X Dr. T. B. Abbott. Jtryfj CUyr K. X
' FU8TMA9tkrs TriifOjrT. I rcefT0 a box of Bartw
Anudots) from Rt. a M. ronlton, anil and ft at.
j curs. 6, GatshJL ConnottonarritoB Co.,
Fsott TH U. a. TBrVsiTBT, jjb-ary QJIce. PJeaat
end a supply of the AxTUxyrx. AT? m received hasdom
iU work acBSLT.
O. T. Eocab.
Fboh New Hamfsbim
tk PKiaow. .Oentlenrta of
influence here baring been
co br using Dr. Barton's A
the nriaaners of this inittitx!
ed of the ametne for tobae-
mm, we oesira a anppt j ior
,ws Josxps MATOVardaiVf N. H. Btata Priaon.
A Bakkkr's TcsniUNT. DrXBnrton's Anf'l"ti for
. Tobacco has aeoomplimea) aU damfor ic 4
W. Uam 1st Nat. fiankNw Albanj, 2nd.
A Clxkotvak'p yrxsmi out. OnxBox or AJmoorsv.
eared mj brother And myselt. it itxtx. taua
Rer.lSW. Shobmaexb, KelleStattoo, Pfc'
Tan rat wnuem HsunaDitTiu. LySnr. MabsJ
-- kaN gained Jhirty-flv pound oJteah w tkr month br -vsing
Dr. artot.'a Anttdota, and aU desire fo tobacco m
tvaant.y . -a . - ..- - - W-LiWWX(jE.
FmoM Am Sovnmir Hon JoubjtaL BAVTvoia,
Mn Olh hr sf Barton! Antidota rtmtoned aU dmrirm for
the wdbd from ma. I take nlaasure In recommendii tt to
readers. I. T. blatxb, iti
Tradtmarh X Copyrighted.
MGf Cant ton I Beware of Jxijarioai Counter-1
eiu aaTerttsea 07 ti am Dags.
nov30-d&3nios-rxY . . .
JL E IvJLn Utf at A '
' crBin ' -with .
The only Infallible and Harmless Remedy. Can be
given with or without the patient's knowledge.
. Krad l)r. Johnston's Treatise on "Drunken- t
.. ness. its Consequences and Cure." Try -
the SFKClr IC. and ko eon
, , u, . . . vinced.
pleasant pi eparation creates no vomiting after its
nse. Tobacco need pot be discarded aU at once,
for the Compound destroys the desire gradually
and positively. . ,
seplt-dTisAwly - - Proprietor. Columbus. O-
MISCELLANEOUS Probate Notice---Settlement of
filed itt the Frobate Court of Franklin oounty,
Ohio, for settlement, will be tor bearing oa
- Tuesday. February th, A. D. 1669. to-wit:
The first aocoant of Edward Hopper, adminia
- trator dt bonis no of Truman Robinson, deceased;
first account of Jatnes P. Hay, guardian ot Mary
M. Ivy; first aojouot of A. Sharp, administrator of
: A. F. Uildine. deceased; first amount of Smith
; Fostle. administrator of W. D. Mason, deceased;
first acoountof G. S. Uildine, guardian pf Massie
W. Hanroer: firit account of James M. Faxton.
guardian of Charles T. Faxton: first account of W .
K. Armstrong, administrator de bonie no of John
. Hanson, deceased; second account of James F.
rlay, guardian of sro Dter; second aooount ef
Mary A. Rea, guardian of James Enslow's heirs;
second aooount of E G. Behm. guardian of James
S. and Emma V. behm; second account of R. B.
Demorest, guardian of Charles R. ana George E.
VanderburK; second acoountot William JK.ubns,
guardian of Atioa C. Barker; second account of
Abraham Sbarp. admin strator of H. W. Dunn,
deceased; final account of John Eilsore, guardian
tof William C.andi). W. bejer, final account of
, James M. Wilcox, administrator of Lawrence Wil
cox, deceased; final ao-3unt of George R- Turnev.
ga.rdi.n of Theresa Ida Aaier; final account of
Uyrus f . iNeedeifl, aomiuistrator or jamoa jeeneis.
'deceased: final acoount of W. T. Tavlor. adminis
trator if Philip Kice. d'eeased; final acoount of
William J. xiubns, auaraian oi Sana A. isamer;
final account of Ti omas U'Harra. administrator
with the will annexed ol John Lukebar . deceas
Frobate Judge.
Columbns, O.. January 13, 1869.
jaiU3-w2w . .
; No. 336 Uroartwny.
Capital, - - One Million Dollars.
DABirsR Manoam. Pres't. Jab. Merrill, Seo'y.
Reo ives Peposi sand allows FODRFER ENT.
INTEREST ou all Daily Balances, subject to eheck
at sight rpe al Deposits for Six months or more,
mar be made at five per eent. Tbe Capital of One
Mi lion Dollars is divided among over 500 Share
holders, oomprisinr. many gentlemen of lane wealth
and finanoial experience, wboare alio personally
liable to depositors for all obligations of tbe Corn
pan, te double the amount of their capital stock.
As the National 'trust Company receives deposits
in large or small amounts, and permits them to be
drawn as a whole or in pa t by check at eight and
without notice, allowina interest on all daily bal
ances, parties throughout the country can keep ac
count, in this Institution with speoial advantages
of security, convenience end profit.
H7-deol-dAw3m .
Atlantic & Great Western Ri ilway
; ; Company. ' :
Skoritiey'h Ofpici. No. 40 Bhoadwat
1 Naw York, astn Deo., lasa. (
a Special Meeting of the Htockbelders of the
' Atlantie and Great Western Railway Comtany,
will be held t the General Offioes of the Company,
Vo. 44 Broadway, in the City and Stats of New
: York, at Mo'eloek, noon, on, Saturday, the3oth dav
f January next, tc oonsideran I approve o'. or rn
ict. certain contracts entered into wiih theEii
. lUilway Company, and tbe Colnmbns, LjLicagn
1 - ad Indiana Central Railway Company, .and tor
'-.her purposes. Tbe transfer books will remain
i osed until after the meeting. , 1. . -
, janll-d3tawtoja&30-jtn? Secretary.
opera house.
TO-NIGHT. 13, 1869. Dont
be frichtened 1 The far-famed, world -renown-edaadjaatUi
eeiebrated -"-,-
Tbe Kingof Wiaards,ia seriar-of pflptrTar-de
ceptions, lotroduoins; beautiful and astonishing
,MHwn,l'uiv,ai,iavil,uuMAXparillSDlS .
" ' v A Fifty Fa'ge v
b ii B tj at ,r
Bound in red and gold, presented to erny OB ai
tending on the opening night. . .. ...
To sroid a crowd at th e Ticket O ffioe. Tickets a ill
oe boiq mi wmoe in tne rJaii from a -
to 6 P.M-on the day of Ex-
. . hibition. '-''.
.SO ceata.
Doors open at H to 7; performance K to 8.
-LiH, fUWLL. Manacer.
MAX 8TRAKOSCU..........DmcH '"
Has the hon.r to annonnoe the first and only Con-
On Siatnrftar realag Jan. letfc, 1889.
MISS ALIDB ToJPF, '. " . . . ,'.
: - BIG. LOTTI. ; -.- ";; ' -
v.: . fl ' i'' BIO. PETRELLI. ' - ? '
8IQ. STAFFANONI...".lIr;giOAi, DiaaoToa.
. a J tt. eki . T a a lat-a - a
I- w auuiiBoiuB, vi; nnerrea oosu, spi.DU. oaiO
of vests will ooramenco Thursdaj mornloc atSeiU- "
iMmrs open at TX: eoncert at 8 o'clock. jan.7
Open Nightly with a Star Company of 1
'. Second week, and great hit, of .
Louise Payne and Ada Wray
Six more new faces this week. Miss SUSIE
STAR, the nonnlar Dsnsense .nA f.vnvitA ImImu,
Mr. EUGENE F. GORMAN, the versatile Aotor
and Flutinisi: BOWMAN and HARRIS, theeele
brated Ethiopean Comedians: Miss ROSA LEE and .
Miss MARY RUSSELL, the accomplished Vocal
ists. Danseuses and Comediennes.
Jew bee rTogramn.es for particulars, japll-dlw
. Little Bilious.' ;
How often this is the response to the inquiry af
ter a friend's health; as if to be bilioas was a trifling
matter, hardly worth thinking about. But let it
be remembered that, as "tall oaks from little acorns
grow," so formidable diseases arise from being "a
little bilious."
Severe bilious attacks are more commonr In
Spring. Summer and Autumn than ia Winter.
but the serious disorders of the liver whioh so
often occur at those seasons, might be traced. In
hundreds of instances, to Winter indulgences and
their nogleoted consequences. More highly sea
soned food is eaten, more fiery drinks imbibed, in
eold than in warm weather, and thus the bilious-
nets is produced which, under a wanner tempera
tore, culminates in remittent and intermittent fe
vers.-. - . .. , - .w.i,: A .-
The very best medicine f or persons who - are
either a IttUe or a good deal bilious, is HOSTET-
TER'S STOMACH BITTERS. No bine-pill or
calomel is required in such oases., Those powerful
mineral medicines cut two ways, like a donble-
edgad sword. They act. it is true, apon the five
but react most deleter! ously on other parti of the
system.- They "stiok there, and cannot be got ri
of. The Bitters contain vegetable lagonts of a
anti-bilious .tendency, that produce 'a-sneeino and
most genial effect npon the biliary organ, without
entailing any evil eonseqnenoes whatever.. They
are altogether vhoUiom, and aet favorably and
simultaneously upon -the atomafh. the, liver, the
bowels, the nervous systej), and the brain-
maySSdeodA wl-ew-h - j - - - -
Ayer's Cathartic Piiis;
" For aU the
puzposea of a Isazaar
' Perhaps np one medi
cine is so nniveraally re
quired by everybody as
a cathartic, nor was ever
any before so universal
ly adopted into nse, ia
every country and among
all classes, as this mild
but efficient purgative
JPiU. The obvious rea
son is, that it ia a more re -liable
and far more effec
tual remedy thaa -any
other. Those who have
tried it, know that it eared them; those who have
not, know that it cures their neighbors and friends,
and all know that what it does once it does always
that it never tails through any fault or neglectof
its composition. We have thousands upon thou
sands of certificates of their remarkable cures of the
following complaints, but such cures are known in
every neighborhood, and we need not publish tbersu
Adapted to all ages and conditions in all climates ;
containing neither calomel or any deleterious drug,
they may be taken with safety by anybody. Their
sugar coating preserves them ever fl-esb and makes
them pleasant to take, while being purely vegetable)
no harm can arise from their use in any quantity.
They operate by their powerful influence on the
internal visoers to purify the blood and stimulate it
into healthy action remove the obstructions of tha
stomach, bowels, liver, and other organs of the
body, restoring their irregular action to health, and
by correcting, wherever they exist, such derange
ments as are the first origin of disease. . , -
Minute directions are given in the wrapper on
the box, for the following complaints, 'Which these)
I'illm rapidly cure :
For Dyspepsia or jTadigrestiasa, let I res,
nees, lauearaar and sLoas of Appetite, they
should be taken moderately to stimulate the stom
ach and restore its healthy tone and action.
For Uvear Complains and its various symp
toms, Bilioas Headache, Mick Heartache.
Janadice or screen Sickness, Bilious
Colic and Billeas sTerers, they should be Ju
diciously taken for each case, to correct the diseased
action or remove the obstructions which cause it.
For Dysentery or Diarrhoea, but one mild
dose is generally required.
For Rheantactsm, Oasrt, 3 ravel, Palpi
tation of she Heart, Pain In the Mde,
Back and Iiolns, they should be continuously
taken, as required, to change the diseased action of
the system. . With such change those complaints
disappear. ....
- For Dropsy and Dropsical Swelllnsjs they
should be taken in large and frequent doaes to pro.
duce the effect of a drastic purge.
For Snppreasion a large dose should be taken
as it produces the desired effect by sympathy.
As a Dinner Pill, take one or two fills to pro
mote digestion and relieve the stomach.
An occasional dose stimulates the stomach and
bowels into healthy action, restores the appetite,
and invigorates the system. Hence it is often ad
vantageous where no serious derangement exists.'
One who feels tolerably well, often finds that a dose
of these Pills makes him feel decidedly better, from -their
cleansing and renovating effect on the diges
tive apparatus. - ..
JS. J. C. ATHB at CO., Practical Chemists,
- XOrTZXX. MASS.? V. 8. A.
aW For sale bv BRAUN. BROCK. A "O..
Wholesale and Retail, .Columbus, and all Drug
gists. jans-eoaaeowiy-u.m j
;..., -. i. ; - - AND -
PROV ENCE. R. I- h Ting tbe largest manu
factory So . S .-tr--.i, , ia the world, with,
the most m proved maoh y, and employing the
most .skilled labor, are enabled to oflor an nn- -equalled
variety 6f ne and beantifnl designs in
Dinner Servioes, Tea e vices, and every artiols
specially adapted fori . lid ay and Bridal Gifts..
They offer also their well-known and unrivalled
Nickel Silver Eleo'.ro-Plattd Ware, in whioh the "
have introduced new patterns of rare elegance. -lbs
Solid Silver is guaranteed to be of sterlin
purity by U. S. Mint assay Tbe Electro-Plate I ,
guaranteed to be superior to the finest Sbeffiel ,
ware. Orders received from the Trade only, bu
these goods may be obtained from responsible
dealers every shere. . .
' m "Trade"
... ' UI rk
iraae nrer - m
-aBBaalltrBQ, Klecfce-
Salesroom No.S Maiden Lane, N. Y.
nov5-d&wiKra-F nr ' '
DR. A. B. WILLIAMS. West Broadway, neor
ligh street, Columbus, Ohio, has devoted himself
t a series of years to the treatment of certain pi.
te diseases. He may bjoensulted at bit afisw
4roadwa. near tha bxohangallaaa - .
may31-tf - ' . . ,
VOITII restored in four weeks. Koecesa -guaranteed.
restores manly powers, from whatever esnss alia
sing; tbe effects of earl, pernicious habits, self- '
abuse, impotency and climate, give away at ooee to '
this wonderlul medicine, if take regularly s coord- -ins
tn the directions (whioh are very simple and re-
quire no restraint from business orpleasnre.) Fail
ure is impossible. Sold in bottles at 13, or four
quantities in one for 19. To be had only ef the sola
appointed agent in America, H. (ixiUTUM. lit
Third Ave., corner ?3th St Seal XorJu. 7' '
, TKr-jyaT-dlyr - '" - , ,
MA2,H0.00-" AntOsr Xe r ,M,dieal
The "Medical limes" says ef this works "This
valuable treatise on tha cause and ears of prema
ture decline, shows how health is impaired through
secret abuses of youth and manhood, and how ,
easily regained. It cives a olear synopsis of tha
impediments to marriage, tbe cause and effects ef -nervous
debility, and the remedies therefor." A
pocket edition of the above will bs forwarded on Y
receipt of 6 cents, by addressing Doctor Cuaria 7
JHo. 68 North Chariot ttrest, Baltimore. Md. "
. I eats heard it highly extolled and have teen lta
wonderful effects, write Martha M. Johaaoa. .
Derby, Ct, about Falmer'i Legion - i-
epll-dswly-etn-r - -

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