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tfcft: 1 f 3 f, f. ? H It
TUESDAY, Jan. 12, 1869.
O'elook. Bar. -Thar Wind.
I A - 11 ra M L as H. w.
-Fair. 4
4 f.
Al.".. 1M"- M S. W. ;
Ban Kisas..... ... 7 W I Snn Bats-.---
ty The bankrupt business isvlrtually
ided. !
W:Hon. George E Pngh and HonV Jn
F. Follett were at tire Neil yesteraay
T;-t"Ther' was dearth ot business? In
-thrstate departments' yesterday.' Nary
item In either of them. ;"t . ' '
- - . ... ;,'
t-Eead the -advertisement forthe sale
of the real estate Of She late iJr.wooaaie.
j. Rm- r . desirable property In' the
, Z T J-- . ."U-Tsi"; i j
W John Scbaffer, who went insane
" Monday morning, was a good dea) quieter
. last evening It is hoped bis insanity may
. , , .":.
' prove but temporary. - f : . ,
, i v., . u u ik. ciatrii l
ra-OuMlelghtsU held on tO the BlelgVJ
. Ing yesterday with auratraoie persistency,
' Slelzb bellr jingled, on High, 6treet when
r .ki to make a snow-
ball for a yearling boy., .i ," ; i'.-
Horse and Sleigh Stolen'' A horse and
Blelgh belonging" to Mr. BoMnson, coaii
dealer D JSiorin
fcir Amn nnknowft Otrson, irom we iroui
of the new Third Aveuue If. E. Church.
Coustt. IsFiBJiABT.-jDuring the past
week four paupers were receiyeu unujuiiu
i eight discharged from the County Infirma
: ry. Forty loads of coal and wood were
distributed among the poor oi tne city
during the weeV :; ::';v
Fourth O. V, I. Ekckion. The gallant ;
boys of the Fourth Ohio Volunteer Infan
try will hold their second annual reunion
. utMtVernonron Wednesday, February d
The .boys are making every arrangement
for a good time, Success (to them, say we.
Ra nr.v T!nRRKr. The saloon andgroce-
' : ; . .. , . . I
Miner of South and Third streets, was
. t-A t, K.,l.ra' TreatBrrla mOrninST
.'VNkUVU wiminiai. j"" J - I
i ust before daylight, and- rohhea ot some
stxoright dollars in scrip. f A dollar or
two in pennies in the -drawer was untouched.-
No clue to the thief. - ...t
. ' Sxrti TO '. thr Keform i Farm. 3, udge
' Pugh on yesterday sentenced James Con-
i. . Ha oori to rhfi State Re-
iiui, a, iiu f -e- i
form Farm, on a charge of stealing money
and other property, and for oeing an in-1
corrigably bad boy i
.rWTMAM To-Nighx. By the advertise
ment ;'Jt, will b. seen "that the celebrated
Wyman, the king of 'wtsards, is to open hi
budget of" wonders at the Opera House to
night. A fine hill is offered, and we have
no doubt it will prove a moat agreeable
entertainment. 2', . v. .'-1 ; . - it
ETOAwi-About nine o'clock last night
' borse attached to d cutter, ran up High
street:' at a terrido pace. - When iu front of
our office the sleigh collided with a hitch
lag post, throwing out the driver, but not
eeripnslyr injuring blnl. he.;.frightened
animal ran1 nntil he kicked and bumped
the sleigh all to pieces, and then quietly I
trotted home.' ;
. Bousd Ovin-U James E. Howell was up
before tire Mayor yesterday on two charges
of harness stealing.For stealing' a ' set of
harness, the property 6f Wm F. Clark, val
ued at $12, be was required to sfiud -bail in
the sum of $300. 'For stealing harness of
KeHer fc Noltemeyer, he was held in the
earn of $500 to answer before the next term
of the court of Common Pleasi, Failing to
give henecessary securityi hejangnishes
in Castle Gaver.s The stealing of the har
: ness from . Clark's stable was yesterday
olscoverea oy omeer nannarv won ion uu
the harness, at Cushman's, where it . hU
been sold. - .tD teiiT r-i iA
- . f
ro.a sra vomu. u-
ing v auey rauroau wH"
" " Va , . ua!
vuncu, . FrrT :
.m a tk. ,idH inn nfliBra hfLVM ripen in.
have been In
vited -andbave wery generally -accepted.
The cars will leave the Union Depot at 9
. o'clock and will make a step at the South
depots foot xf Mound street. Invited
. gives ta can! take the cataAt "Either point.
The trip to Lancaster -promises to be one
of the pleasant est Indulged r1n: for a long
while. - If wehould be short of local ltem9
to-morrow . charge7 it to "ape. trip to Lan
cister."- v
- .Dwelukq RoBBEDi Night before last
the residence of O. Allen, of the Arm of
Allen & Awl, 127 East State street, was en
tered by burglars, who got away with three
overcoats, a lady's fur eape and some other
articles. ' 'Two of the young men rooming
in ths second story, Jbeard some persons
talking down stairs during the nlgtft, arid
heard them moving" round,' but each sup
posed it was the other coming in, and so
went to sleep without further Uiqulryand
. not until breakfast yesterday morning was
the fact of the burglajry discovered. . The
rubbers got id at the front door, the key
of which- they, turned with-an outsider.
. When will our citizens learn that a bolt Is a
necessary, precaution against, burglars ? .;
annual Convention. of the Temperance So
- eleties of thi&State will be held in this city
this morning at the Baptist Church., The
Convention will be called (a order at 10
o'clock-. A good deal of Important busi
ness will come otiore iu lion. m. ja
White will deliver an address of welcome
to.the delegates.: Quite a 'nntuber of the
delegates reached the city last night. . We
crust inas as temperance is tneir,.tneme
they will use a good deal of it. in tbeir ar
guments, and not denounce all who do not
believe- the evil complained of can be
eradicated by -legislative 'enactment," as
pandering to the whisky interest. For a
specimen of intemperance in speech and
toleration, commend us to a red hot tem
perance man. Med may be coaxed from
t"ielr evil appetites, but diiven never.-.: At
least that was what we thought when last
i i Massachusetts. The Convention will re
main in session two days-.'- - -
m " i, !r .-I ;-: A
' Trarsfbrred f YEaTnRDY.' Mary A.
Warner to Mary A. Earhart, Jan. 1st, a lot
of -land on Friend street, near Washington
venu, lor $3,600j - :'.' f ;-- - ;
Jo tin , vy..uaaer ana wne to niineim
. Scbaw, Jan 9tb,part of InlotNo. 356, in
the city of Columbus, for 93,230. , - :
, fjohn Joyce ana wiie 10 uacpD isnyder.
July 11th, 1SC3, - part-of outlot No 86, in
thelty of Columbus, lor f 975. i
Eobert Qolllday, aud wile to- Marfa L.
Woodrufi; ub.l7th, 1863, quit claim to lots
No. 33 and 33, in tne town of Alton, for $L
'. (Trustees Seoond Presbyterian Society to
N. L. Doren, Ju'y 17th, 1368; ot No. 24, in
JvJU(3te --dilltODJ'to Columbus - for
. Ifcober andMatilda Napper to tbomas
Jones," Jan., 6th, qnit claim to par pi lot
No. 808, In the eity of Columbus, for fli
: Tnomas ana ju" io- matuaa
J?ap'per,7Jan;; 6 th,', qnir claim' to parof
- lnlot No. 80S, , in the cuy )f Columbus,
- fOf ' I f ' A v l X 4. A ui'-
Columbus Female Benevolent Society
—Annual Report for 1868.
year, we recoru who jrateiu
continued prosperity of the
I nevolent Society.- By the t
yearrwe record "with grateful hearts, the,
e Ladies' iJe
orovidence of
God. and the generous aid of our churches
and citizens, Its treasury has not been en-i
tlrely exhaostedc c t- i ) -,'( I i I
I At our first fall meeting, when the funds
were quite small, and the demands and suf
ferings of the poor lor the coming winter1
were pressing noon ns. we accented tha
tter of the iree use of the Rink, for our
earning entertainment -The proceeds ot
this, and also of the concert, generously
offered by Miss Caroline Schneider, are,t.
oeiouna in. tne reporijol the Secretary ..
We have also received a portion of the-
jand and twenty dollars, income only of
. bble to!
relieve the more urgent wants of the poor,i
oy paying house rent, supplying fuel, and!
caring for the sick.TiThe: hardest tart of
juw wmier is yet oetoreiw, when provis-
I'M ud tatl arehlgh, and sickness usual
V increases. Although
not in immediate
want ot monev; we must net relax our ef
forts, or grow weary ia well doing, to pro-
Ulde for the tutu r
We have, in a former article, alluded:
to our, opposition to maintaining the Socie-1
j "J1 puuno entertainments, Aim. suuiuit-
Ja rJlan lor raisin - oermanent- ftiha.
annual or monthly subscriptions.
The lollowing is a Hstof persons who
bave subscribed, to whom our thanks are
gratefully tendered, as well as to those
physician, and druggist; whose-ervices
and medicines have been furnished with
out ehargei We would gladly add to this
list hundredn nt ntTiprs- whnm wa knnw to
be interested in the- prosperity of this so-
"lAdne hi Danniaon. 10 00 T W Tallmadia..
JloColm. Miles
10 00
10 00
K T MithnfT.
SWT Alex HouatoD,
10 00 ,41 ra Alex Hoaatou.l0 00 i
6 10 J R 8i2ae...-.-.W'6 00
10 00 Wm Richsids S 0
SO oo D S Gray SO 00
6 00 Mrs L S Gray. SO 00 ,
Sn-OOrJohn W Andrews.. 10 00
3fl 00 Krank 09born.r2a 00
00 - W Denniaoo.'.'. 20 00
Mn Bard
D W Dashler....
V W HaniinffkAn
F Bs-tiot
M Hlm ,
SO 00 Mrs a E Smith.... 10 00 .
films, UmrpaDter
W A Neil ..10 00 i
BBJJeili........ WOO 1
jo in An
Mrs W B Hawkea 10 00
Mn lir Jonea .... . 5 uo :
Mrs Monypenny... 10 00 'WmS ld i. pecjoar,
mis iBH u Align f ivy p4 moDui.. r . . ;
H wkotivfth to thepeor lendeth t the Lord."
ConKrecatfoDal ehurob....
(47 OS
74 40
45 2S
45 8T
' 44 00
43 00
Trn'ty ehnreh...
irat fresbT
tarian ehnrah...
Seoond freabyterian ohorob..
Wwiey Cbpel..
AUQUS.1 i!lDb
oription fond of members.
Mrs LNeTins
5 00
5 00
85 00
6 00
60 00
19 00
45 00
5 00
320 00
as oo
to 00
25 00
25 00
K7 87
Mrs lneodore Comstoek
Ifred Kellv :
W Tilmidge...v..-..
Mrs Jtennma;
Miss Kelly
B Tbomas..
a Brown...
eo obi
eipta of Rink Festirai.
Miss SehneiHflr'fl HnnAnr : .
135 00
ponas ana note from estate of Dr.Uoodale 6,030 OO
Interest on bonds Anil atoAbn. .
115 SO
699 ii
807 75
Opera House tableaux ,
Proceeds of Ohio bonds..'.
. $8,35 98
. . . 88 00
fl,43J !6
Balance on hand from 1887,.. ...,.
Receipts from all sourecs. .
Paid to Treasurer during the yeor
8,433 98
Respectfully Eub.-cribed,
M. W. OLDS, Sec'y.
JAN. 6TH, 1869.
Balance in Treasury Jan. 6. 18SS 310 63
Eeoeived fioin Secretary daring the year.. ..8 433 93
Totat Tnf ;rt. -1 .v. :
.- 8,744 57
.2S9 35
.. 2S3 00
. 187 00
188 00 li C?
. 193 OO
. 1KI S
87 00
. 40 00
d to vinifrmi in Jan
Paid tnviaitoni Fnh
Paid to visitors in March.,
raid to visitorain April...
Paid to visitors in May
Paid to visitors iu June...
Paid to visitors in July,
Paid to Tisitorfl in S.nK
126 88
165 00
238 OB
259 00
Paid to Tiaitnm in flit
Paid to Tlitra in Nn
Paid to riaitors in Ceo
1- - : ? -r-tri-
O 3,098 99
6.820 00
Interestin Stocks' and Bonds...
Total disbursements
. 7,818 69
Balance in Treasury.'.... t825 88
Received from P. Ha v den 33 coal tickets.
bushels each. Given to visitors 25 tick-,
ets, 8 remaining.
Respectfully submitted.
1 so
A. E. DESHLER, Treas.
The following are the ofHcers of tho So
ciety, for 1869 : President,' Mrs. Wm.- Den
nison j..Vice President, Mr. Wm. E. Ide ;
Treasurer, Mrs. Wm. G. Deshler: Secre
tary, Mrs. C. N. Oids.
Hiss Kellogo's CoDCKRTi. Our readerr,
bearjn mInd tne lact thaJ
gifted cantatrice, Miss Clara Louisa
Kellogg, will give a concert here on Satur-
evening next, at the Upera House
Tly TlmR8- f the infant, thu,
speaks of Miss Kellogg and the artists who
assist her i s j- , v
Miss Kelloee isa marvelof nhvuii
beauty as she is of the heayenly art; and
there are those- who, hearing her; "flo not
hesitate to com Dare her sonir to the
the angels. ; Were glad-to know that
is supported -by the best- talent in t.h
country at the present time, and that there-
lore as a wnie, the concert will be good
all its parts. M'Jle Toft - the pianist, cre
ates an enthusiasm only second to Miss
Kellogg wherever she aDDears: and Lottl.
tenor, Petrilli,; baritone, and .Kopta,
violinist, are brirbt lights in the musical
galaxy. . - ; , .
Another exchange, in speakintfof the
costume worn by Miss Kellogg at a recent
concert, describes it as follows:
It consisted of a dress of white tarletan;
with three flnfpri fl
dress of pink silk, made with low corsage,
short sleeves, and pufled skirt. Over this
again was a dress of white grenadine, en
panier caught up at the.ides with bo-
quets of 'white flowers. Hair tastefully
dressed with flowers: boots of delicate ninlr
satinw. On her fair neck sne - wore a masr-
nihcent necklace of lar?a. and hrilliant-.
diamonds, and a little above this a band
narrow black velvet ribbon, fastened in "
front by a cross of superb diamonds. Each
her wrists was encircled by two rich
and glittering bracelets... . ,
The-sale of seats, it will be remembered,"'
will commence at -Seltzer's.? music store,
morning at 9 o'clock... . :-n
No Qdorcm. Tfie Convention of Inter
nal llevenue officers, called to meet yester
day at the office of the Secretary of the State
Board of Agrlculturefailed lor want of a'
quorum.'; Somn evil minded wretches sug--gest
that the officers did not .like to leave
their business so long as they received the
same amount of pay, whether here or in
their respective districts, but such reports,'
are assured, are without the least foun-!
dation in truth, and that the Infernal Reve
nue fellers will "convench" to-day. .., ?
A Beautiful Dat-As a Germand frii nd
ours ased to say tbe walking overhead
was line yesteraay. xiie sun shone out
beautifully and the airwas balmy. The
snow, unable to stand the warm kisses of
the. sun, melted and ran off in little rill,
making the walking floppy,, slushy and
muddy. The high hopes our Riukists built ,
the cold weather of a day or two pre
vious,'were' dashed to earth and resolved'
themselves into a thaw. The weather Is
m'xfd, one day; winter, the next day
spring. - -
Miss Schneider-s Matinees. In ans
wer to the desire that has been bo frequent-
expressed that Miss Schneider would give
another series of matinees this winter, she
wi&hes us to thank her friends, and to say
that; she ' would be most happy to do so ''
were it not that ber time is so much occu
pied as to prevent her continuing them;
further at present bnt we have the pleas-;
are of promising bur friends an increase
the number of these delightful matinees
next winter. . ' r . . ,: ; '-- ..'
GjreenLawX; CMTKRYVrhe annual
report of the Secretary of, tbe Green Lawn -'Cemetery
Association shows that the num
ber of interments during last year were
245, and the whole number up to this time, '
3.826. The receipts., f , last year were;
.$0,719.88, and disbursements, f9.162.or. -"
' :
[For the Statesman.]
CWmrl'- '
Going I .(STv
, Goinc! "
A fair lookio. damsel of twenty-one. -
With aroiee as sweet as a nigbtiDgale ;
; . Who.woold not bay at an auction sale
When maidens o pretty,
8o lorely and witty. . . ;
So eoohantin. to young men's ayes, '
Canbaboaghtatsuohalowprioe t
Going i ; '
i . Going! '
Uy jingo, she's mine !
, . What eharming old maid of forty-nine 1 --
Sore merry will be the rest of my life.
If she bat tarns oat to be a good wife ;
'Sides now 1 ean kiss, -r
-: Myowaelarling Miss. '.
. Heavens and earth ! what a lucky trade.
. I have made, in bayingfthia old maid.
"""Going! " -' y ; 1
Going ! " " - r
Going! ;
... T --Sold !. .j ? . rr f )
A jolly widow, who knows how to seold i" i
' (t'ailh, be'll see p enty of trouble and woes, '
'.' If helives with her, till from earth she goesj .
'. j "i Oh who would not buy, : .-- -j- '
-1 ''A widow so shy, . " - "; ;
With two lasy boys, and three little girlr,
Eaob of them worth a thousand of pearls 1
i. Going! . 7 . " -'?' : '
Going! .; ; . . ' i j
fri :- ' . : . ; Going! , - ' t'- '.
f i ; Gome, who buys I V .
This beautiful maiden, with bright blue eyes,,
. And lips as sweet as the flowers of May :.-
' - Gents, give me a bid, eome, what do you say
,rn .;u bhalll sell her. or not? t-. l ;o
: i v . She will bogfatea youreot! -I,i?a i.
She will proye faithful and honest thro' life.
! If you will boy her to be your wife.
' - - - ' ! - ' " '' ..!.': . A j
. -vrs, f - : -mi ' ' i
r Sold at la tithe sweetest of girls. ;
With rosy cheeks, and golden curls;
Sold out at lait I . Oh, who would fail, ,
- To be at John Uapid's auction sale T
Capiured. Officer McEwen last even
ing captured our fair and frail friend, Sis
ter Amanda Turpin.- Amanda was pretty
full, and as she wandered calabooseward
on the slippery pavements, in charge of the
attentive officer, she looked the peri that
warbled so sweetly in Tom Moore's time.
She ! wilt receive her usual 30 days this
morning. " . . '
The use of
Will restore it to its natural color and: promote its
rowth. ' v'
R. P: H ALL & CO; Nashua. S. H-, Proprietors,
For sale by all Drucgists.
julyZS dltawAwly-otn - i '-'
the offspring of a great fact. No one can think
of denying that his " '
Brings out a finer BROWN or BLACK than any
id a shorter time, and without injury to the
hair. This is a truth as apparent as that the sun
lights the arth. ' "- . -
Cristadoro's Hair Prtservative
AND BlfADTIFIER. The toilet, without this ar-
riole, Iaoks its most useful attribute. Nothing is
eommon in this oountry as the falling out of the
hair. The preservative prevents it. The fibres ean
no more loosen and drop off, if this article is regu
larly applied night and rooming, than if each were
fixed in a vioa. The testimony on this point is
ovewhelmijig, while the beautifying and invigora
properties of the fluid are equally well established
SJd by Drnggiats, and applied by all Hair l)ress
en.. Manufactory No. 68 Maiden Lane. Prinoipal
Depot No a A a tor Honse. " c-
jnnelS-dftwlTem-peMT . .
Dr. Xobtas Venetian Home Unt-
-. - - . mea, . - - - - -
Pint bottles at $1, for the euro of lameness
scratches, wind galls, sprains, bruises, splines. Cuts
oolie, slipping stifle, over heating, sore throat, nail
the foot, Ao. It is warranted cheaper and bet
ter than any other artioleever offered to the public
Thousands of animals have been cured of the oolie
and over heating by the Liniment; and hundreds
that were oripplcd and lame bave been restored to
their former vigor. It is used by the first horse
men throughout the States. Orders are constantly
received from the racing stables of England for
fresh supplies if this invaluable . artiole. Over
9,500 testimonials bave been reeeived. Remember .
one dollar laid out in time may save the life of
your horse. Sold by all Druggists. Office, 10 Park
Place, New York. . ... .. . .
junelB-dAwlycm-reirr , "' - '
Whereby tbe circulation of the blood becomes
equalized upen the part where applied, causing
pain and morbid action to sease. ;
Was there everpubliihed stronger evidence than
this? - ; . ' - rv
Certificate f ram. V P, Starling, Eaoj" ,
For two years I bave been a great sufferer from
neuralgia in the head,' and found only temporary
relief from all tbe vatious remedies that I have
tried, until I applied ore of "ALLCOCK'S PO
ROUS PLASTERS." I cut it into three strips,
placing ona under each shoulder blade and the oth
over the small of my back, and for tbe past
three months I bave had scarcely a twinge of the
bid pain. I advire all who suffer from nervous dis
eases to lose-novtime in making a trial of the won
derful plaster .. . ' -
A. F. STERLING. Seo"y Singer lifg Co.
New York, June 8, 1868. ' .r - I
Prinoipal Agency, Brahsreth Bousa. New
York. Sold by all druggists. . .
iunelS-dAwlyem-pesv' .'-'.-.
splendid Hair lve is the best in the world ;
the only true and perfect Dye; harmless, reliable
instantaneous ; no disappointment : uo ridiculous
tints; remedies the ill effects of bad dyes; invig
orates and leaves the Hair soft and beautiful, black
brown. Sol i by all Drosiists and Perfumers ;
and properlv applied at Bstchelnr's Wis Factory
No. 16 Bond street. N. York, pnv apr28 riAwlv
Licensed by the United estates Authorities J
., CUTLERT.Ae-.Ae.'
To be sold at the average price of tl.OO Each.
Our commissions for clubs exceed those of other
iStablishments. and our g-xidaare warranted to give
latisfaetion. Clubs of Ten and upwards receive
irticles valued at from ff3 to 9100. New Cirou'ar
ind full partioulara sent free t. B Luun,
naM 4t 40 aanevsr Hi., Beaton,
Uaau. novl3-w3m-FB-r
L ERTK in the cit of Columbus, a farm of 160
teres of land near Ottawa, the county seat of Put
1am county, Ohio, and will pay tbe difference, if
tny, incasb. Tne land is situate at tbe corner of
!ro8s roads, has house on it and twenty or thirty
icres cleared. It is very rich Und, and well tim
bered with walnut, aab, sugar-tree ana spice busch
good bargain will be given.
' ' Office, corner of High and Broad streets.
. invest a Dollar profitably, send 25 cents for a
lertiflcateiu Parkard A Co. 'a Grand LUtribution,
jonsistins, of Hanos. Melodeons, Gold and tSilver
batches. Jewelry, Ac., valued at 7 0.000 Every
rtioie to be disposed of on the popular One Dollar
jlan. and not l' b. paid for until you know what
ou aie to receive. Certificates and circulars sent
in reoeipt of 25 eents, or five for 1 .
PACKARD A CO.. 68 W eat Fourth Fteat.
janll-wt-CO-h ' . C'iaoinnaii, O.
Defendant. B.fore George W. Meeker, a Jus
tice of the Peace in and for Montgomery township,
franklin county, Ooio. On the 15th day of tie
ember, A. D 1868, said Justice issued an order of
ttachment 1 tbe above action for tbe sum ot
4281.00 and (30 00 the probab.e coat. Said cause
s set for trial February 1st, A. 0. 1869, at 8 o'clock
A.M. - J. C. TOLL.
janl-w3w ' ' ' ' ' . .: '
Wabrkx, Ohio, August IS, I861.
l- holders of the outstanding notes of the late
Western Reserve Bank, aud te all other parties in
terested, that after the expiration of six montbt
from this date, application will be made to the Au
ditor, Secretary and Treasurer of State, to surren
der to said Bank the stocks deposited to seoore the
outstanding circulation of said Bank, ln pursu
ance of the forty-fifth (46) section of an act entit ed
A? ?' ?, incorporate, the State Bank of Ohio,
and other Uankiuc Companies," passed February
34, 1845.
11. B: TiTt. C3h?erTEEK1NS-P"riat-1
August 1, ma. eug!8-wa
generation, the vegetative powers o
life are utrong, but in a few years how;
often the pallid hue, the lack-lustre eye,'
and emaciated form, and the. impossi
bility of application to mental effort,
show its baneful influence. . It soon be
comes evident to the observer that some
depressing influence is checking the de--
veiopment ot the body. Consumption
is talked of, and perhaps the youth is
removed from school and sent into the
country. This is one of the worst move
ments. - Removed from ordinary di
versions of the ever-changing scenes of
the city, the powers of the body too
mnph enfeebled to give zest to healthful
and rural exercise, thoughts are turned
inwards upon themselves.
If the patient be a female, the ap
proach of the menses is looked for with
anxiety, as the first symptom in which
XT-i i 1 l
xxaiure ib iu buuiv ii er saving power in i
diffusing the circulation and visiting
the cheek with the bloom of health.
Ala ! increase of appetite has grown
by what it fed on ; the energies of the
system are prostrated, and the whole '
eoonomy is deranged. - The beautiful '
and wonderful nnrinrl in which findv !
and mind undergo so fascinating a
change from child to woman, is looked ,
for in vain ; the parent's heart bleeds ;
in anxiety, and fancies the grave but '
waiting for its victim.
For Weakness arising from excesses or
early indiscretion, attended with the
following symptoms :. Indisposition to
Exertion, Loss of Power, Loss of Mem
ory, Difficulty of Breathing, General
Weakness, Horror of Disease, Weak
Nerves, Trembling, Dreadful, Horror of
Death, Night Sweats, Cold Feet, Wake
fulness, Dimness of' Vision, Langour,
Universal .Lassitude ot tbe Muscular
System, Often Enormous Appetite with
Dyspeptic- Symptoms, " Hot Hands,
Flushing of the Body, Dryness of the
Skin, Pallid Countenance and Eruptions
on the Face, Pain in the Back,. Heavi
ness of the Eyelids, Frequently" Black
spots lying before the Hives, with
Temporary Suffusion and Loss of Sight,
Want ot Attention, (jreat Mobility,
Restlessness, with Horror of Society.
Nothing Is more desirable to 'such pa
tients than Solitude and nothing they
more dread, for Fear of Themselves ;
no Repose of Manner, no Earnestness,
no Speculation, but a hurried Transi
tion from one question to another.
Ibese symptoms, if allowed to go on
which this Medicine : invariably- re-,
moves -soon follow Loss of Power, Fa
tuity, and Epileptic Fits, in one of
which the patient may expire.
Uuring the .superintendence of Dr.
Wilson, at the Bloomingdale Asylum,
this sad result occurred to two patients ;
reason had for a time left them, and
both died of epilepsy. They were of
both sexes, and about twenty years of
Who can say that these excesses are
not frequently followedby those dire
ful. 'diseases, 'Insanity1 knd Consump.
tion 1 The records of the Insane Asy
lums, and the melancholy deaths by
Consumption, bear ample, witness to the
truth of these assertions. In Lunatic
Asylums the most melancholy exhibi
tion appears. The countenance is ac
tually sodden and 'quite destitute
neither Mirth or Grief- ever visits it
Should a sound of the voice occur, it is
rarely articulate.
"With woeful measures wan Despair
Low sullen sounds their grief beguiled." '
!"- ; - ' ..' : -'A
Whilst we regret the existence of th
above diseases and symptoms, we are
prepared to offer an invaluable gift of
chemistry for the removal of the conse
quences : Hklmbold s Highly Con
centrated Fluid Extract of Buchu.
There is no tonic like it. It is an' an
chor of hope to the surgeon and patient,
and this is the testimony of all who have '
used or prescribed it.
bold by Druggists and Dealers every
where. Prepared at H. T. HELM
BOLD'S Drug and Chemical Ware
house, 594 Broadway7 N. Y.
Great Salt Lake Citt. Utah )
January 28. 1868. f -
Me. H. T. Helmbold Dear Sir:
Your communication requesting our
terms for advertising was duly received,
but from a prejudice 1 had formed
against advertising "cures for secret
diseases," it was left unanswered. Dur
ingan accidental conversation in a Drug
Store the other evening, my mind was
changed on the character of your Bu
chu. It was then highly commended
for other diseases by two physicians
present. Inclosed please find our rates
of advertising. Yours, &.C.,
Editor and Proprietor of Daily and
Semi-Weekly Telegraph.
N. Y. S. Vol. Institute, )
Cor. 5th Ave. & 76th St,, Central Park (
(A Home and School for the Sons of de
v ceased Soldiers.;
Dr. H. T. Helmbold : Two bottles
only of the package of your valuable
Buchu presented to the Institute ha e
been used by the children, and with per
fect success. In the case" of our little
Lieutenant A. J., his pride is no longer
mortified, and he is free from the daily
morning anathemas of the chambermaid
who has charge of his bedding. I feel
that a knowledge of the result of our
use of your Buchu with the children
under our charge may save many a Su
perintendent and Matron of Boarding
Schools and Asylums a great amount of
annoyance ; and many a poor child-suffering
more from weakness than from
habit, may be spared punishment, that
is (not knowing it as a weakness instead
of a bad habit) most unjustly inflicted
upon them. Thanking you on behalf of
the children, and hoping others may be
alike, benefittedr f am respectfully
yoiirs, COL. YOUNG, - "
General Sup't and Director. .
June 16, 1866. jya-dw4.-w.oW'
oirm j boots
$50,000 FMTflOUSlDD0IMRS'MS)00
boots t mom
ifii,rii:a i T?,eS?d aprior fwfj8. embraciin eTery tbin in the line of HENS', WOMEN'S.
YOUTH'S. WTSaRH' ANrsnHil.TiRPV'M nnnTU nun onntd j a i. 'ji.L..i J
out, without reserve, at the store in DESHLEit'a
oomparethem with those usually charged :,; i
Mea's Kip Boot, all Whole Latber,
Boya' Kip Boots, s K
Ton tha Kip Boot. ' :
Child Kip Boots. '-
Men's Cmlf, Tap-Soled Boots, : '- ;
Women's Call Shoes, Beat, . - ':
Woman's Bent' Morocco Shoes, T 1
aLadies Double Soled E,asting Cong. Oalters, 1,40,
Ladles' do., Silk Gore. Tory Best, - - . -1.65,
Hisses' Morocco Shoes, Polish, - - . - ' 1.4,0,
Childs' Morocco Shoes, -. . - - . ' - . - O.40,
.. ..' &c, ; Ace, Jec Ac.,
These soods ars cnaranteed to be of snnerior material anil .n,Vm,.,1.;n .. .m v
with nT in the market. .
Oon't forget that the aajelspositi,eno It limited to bnt a few weeks. Another anon opportunity
W J?T.e.ri9?",r ?A,rJ!, find 'no right plaee (there is hot one) before bovisa.
ussas's x.w uuiL.uiru, opposite the
Having greatly enlarged our Erinting Facilities by the l urchase of a complete new
The Latest and Hcst Approved Style,
And thejaddition of New Presses, Including a
ilgntning Ho Irss,
Generally conceded to be the fastest ar.d beet PilDtirg Machine In the vrorld. , f
In connection with BUGGLES, GOBDON'S and, WELLS' Job Presses, that have
provpn fucIi successes in our office, and having the largest aud most commodious
building in this city in which to operate, we are now prepared
In the best and neatest style of the art, and upon terms that cannot be competed with.
Our fast New Pressef, our Improved Economical Machinery the result of the inin
nuify and inventive talents of the best minds of the age enable us to do eood w :
at MUCH CHEAPER RATES than can be done in the old style and with only the old
facilities. Tbe Office is complete in all its arrangements, and can do the work with
Legal Blanks,
Blank Books.
Business Cards,
In this specialty we
Having More Presses
.v . m
umces in tne
We are prepared to execute all kinds of Printing, In any color, at lower prices than
our neighbors. .
Nos. - 36, 38 nd
And shoes.:
A EW UUILUlia. UxA at soma of the prices and
. ,
$S OO, Begnlar price 94L50
9.00, 1 -:-. : S.OO
. - 1
Siathsxak Ovficb. is the plaee. Go and see'
3vr a xazisssst
Bill Heads, '
Letter Heads,
Drug Labels,
Bills of Fare, Etc.,
are unsurpassed.
than all Other Printing
Aim at Mm mm ' m "
uity tombined.
-... -v,-
. ' 4 " -
. i --
- S...3 -
North - High Street
.4 J -- -WJ J
Cincinnati Money Market—Jan. 12.
GOLD 135 buyinjr. ' , ...
EXCHANGE Active and blgber.buv
1-10 premium. , ., : .
I iawi r ' ' 1 1
New York Money Market—Jan. 12.
' Daring the morning there was a more
active demand for money incident to an
enlarged business- on the stock exchange,
aud borrowers on eall paid 7 per cent, cur
rency, and In many Instances coin interest. "
Rumors that artiBcial stringency wag to be
attempted were not credited, and the bank
returns lo-nay to the clearing House fur
nish no such indication. The flow of cur
rency, however, continues. Towards tha
close ot bank hours the market became
very easy, and the supply offering -.tike
tejral rate' was in -excess of the demand, -while
alter the three o'clock - board, wle
were made at six per cent.- The transac
tions at coin interesc-were exceptional, and
on mixed collaterals the borrowers were
panties not in the. best -atanding-oa the
street. Commercial paper dull at 8 and 10
percent. - i-- --'-'-,ir!fl.-
with few produce bills offering, and lead
ing bankers are disposed- to advance rates
to shipping point fo.r gold 89';.', v
GOLD Strong and more active ia sym
pathy with exchange. The range was
135135, and the closing rates 135
135. The gold exchange, by a vote of
178 to 121, agreed to retain in the by-laws
the privilege to members beinsr reoresent.
eain rooms Dy powers oi attorney.,
New York Money Market—Jan. 12.
verish. Most of the day and up to to 3'
o'clock the whole list was weak-aod de
clining upon money becoming fSlentv At
7, however, there was a reaction of
from the lowest point. Most sales at the
board were in sixty-sevens. ' The invest
ment demand continues icood. and interior
orders are targe. Coo pons "81
do '62 1221126 do 64 10S208Ji; do
do nrjaKB iut);uo new JU!Kiltsi;, u '8T
lOaiUS UO ;68 108WOvl08?i;5lO40'a-
106107.. . - -
siuuiia 'me railway, market this
morning was feverish and uoa ttled; prioes
opened at about- the closing rates of yea
terday, and advanced in western shares '
to 1 percent. At the regular board tna
entire list declined, and the market was
quiet and irregular. : Early in the after-
noon tne market was dull, but acquired
firmness, and before the close of -the dav .
this had run into activity- and buyancy, -.
wnu a snarp auvance oi i ana a per cent.
The most active stocks were Bock Island.
Pacific Mail, Wabash, New York Central,
Fc Wayne, Michigan Southern and North
western. Mariposa certificates were active
and higher on the report that the mills
commenced running on the 1st inst. The
short interest in the general market
has been materially increased within iha
last few days, which, with the increased!
rise in money, is encouraging the bulla to
make a further onward movement.
5:30 prices. Wells' - Exnreca 25Vra2&
American 3840; Adams 4848;
United States 4343; Merchants' Union,
1313; Pacific Mail 123123; Wes
tern Union Telegraph 3334U ; New
York Central 156156& Erie 28 ; Read
ing 94J94 l erre Haute 8741; Wa-
oaea oz6(goa : sc. - mui iii&mtal tort
Wayne 120dl2U; Ohio A MiseieeiDDi
34; Michigan Central .115: JMichicau
Southern Ql4; Illinois Central 143(3144:
Pittsburgh Sotu'Sok": Toledo- 104105:
Rock Island 127J4127; ; Northwestern
8282; C. C. O. & Ind. 7577. .. -
Post says there are indications that the
disturbance in the money market to-day
was caused by a prominent house, who of
late have been sellers of Government bonds,
the objeet being to depress , the same for
the purpose of buying. The directors of
the New York and New Haven railroad
company bave determined to issue S3 000,
uuo ot new stock, being one share of new
for every 2 of old stock held by each stock- .
holder. The sew stock will be issued at 3
P.M March 5th, to such as shall elwt to
take it and pay $25 on each share on tha
1st of April, and the' remaining S75 when, .
called lor by the directors. ,j s -w. .
New York Market—Jan. 12.
COTTON Opened dull and scarcelvso
firm, but Hosed firmer with a fair deman d
sales at 28 : for middlingnplands. . : " A"
iluuu-uiosea auuana 5(5 ioe lower.
WHEAT Quiet and in buyer's- favor
with a very limited export and milling de-,
mand. -.
Rl E Dull at $1 50 for western.' " " ' '
OATS Quiet at 7575tS in store: 77ffl
77c afloat for western. . - ;i ... . .
CUHJN uuii at jito lor new mixed
western, and fl 091 10 for old do afloat
and in store; - - - '
PORK Quiet; sales of mess at $29 00 on!
SpOt. . i - i ..:.,.(-,.. -!.. .J
UEEr steady and in moderate demand.
CUT MEATS Firm and in fair demand.
BACON Steady and In ' moderate In
quiry '4 - -- ' - '
jlaxcli oieaay at laciso for prime
EGGS Dull at 3335c,
i!8 iXl."
Cincinnati Market—Jan. 12.
FLOUR Firm: family $7 750.8 00L 1
WHEAT Firm; No 2 rtd $1 731'75:
No 1 held at 1 80.
CORN Firmer: ear 63p. - ' i; i i
RYE Firm atl 40, but the demand is
light. ' ' j ; j v. - , -
. OATS-Quietat6061C -; i-r 7"
BARLEY Unchanged; prime 'Canada
fa 25.- .,'..-1 .'-u :. .
COTTON Quiet at 27c for middling,
WHISKY Dull at 97c. . - - ,; , - ;
HOGS Nominally unchanged and few'
in ; only 700 head the last ' twenty-four
hours, mostly taken by butchers., ; .! ..-
PROVISIONS Firm but quiet; no spec-.
ulative demand. ... . f
MESS PORK $30 and nominal.0." 9" :;!
' LARD 19J19o for prime ' kettle '
rendered. ; ,:. i' .- o
BACON Shouldpw 13c; , elear lib,
sides 161c; clear 17J17)c packed.
BULK MEATS -Unchaugpd; shoulders'
11 c; sides 14c; clear rib 16Jo and clear
15k15c. ' . 3.;,.-ol !. i -7!.ri fiV.'
GREEN ME ATS In, demand at I0
11c for shoulders, 13o for sides, and 15
15c for hams.' -'".- '-"' ' " '
BUTTER Unchanged; fresh 3340c. "
EGGS 30c. .. . ; i;, i-t.H-'
CHEESE Firm at 1820e. ... - -1
' OIL Linseed oil dull t.t $1 05; lard oil
firm at $1 60; petroleum advanced to 31
32c. ; ,.:.,,) - (..,-.. Jr.
Chicago Market—Jan. 12
FLOUR Quiet; ' sales at 5 25 87.
for low grades to good spring extras. ". ... ,
WHEAT Fair demand at about lc low
er; sales of No. 1 at $1 20I 23 new at '
$1 13, closing firm; sales No.- 2 Since-.
'Change at $1 13J. -. ., r 2 vt v,r
CORN Quiet and easier; sales No.' 3 ,
kiln-dried at 56c; rejected do at 63c; new
5454c ; no grade 6052c, closing at 54ff '
lornewj. nothing doing this afternooa.:- -
OATS Quiet; about o .lower: sales
at 47K48c; closing dnll at 47)4. !,:- ,
ki ii uun at u JtB lor no. i. . . ,
BARLEY In fair rtaaegt and flrmer
at about 2c higher: sales No. 2 at $1 66 -
167, ;:-' - ... : T .
HOGS Dressed firmer; sales at $12 25
13 00. closing firm at $12 50(3,13 00. divid
ing on 200 It?; live quite and a hade lirm-:
en sales at (9 50(310 00 for fair to medium
shipping; $101011 60 lot good to cholc :
packing. ....
Toledo Market—Jan. 12.
FLOUR Dull. ":-'. '
WHEAT 2c lower; amber Michtoaa '
$1 72. - ..,.-.-.';v.'i u.vh,:.,:t..
CORN to lower; new No. 1. 61ic new -
rejected 59ic, new yellow 4c.
tJAia van. . ...
RYE Dull. ' -; '; !
SEED Clover $3 50... . :. :
HOGS Dressed a shade better at $13 2a ,
12 50.-' ...... ,
Buffalo Market—Jan. 12.
FLOUR Unchanged. ' " ;
WHEAT $1 501 60 for spring.
COR N 80c on track for newi . o .
OATS 65s in store. ,v ;
RYE-$140instore. V . ..
BARLEY-$22 05. ' ... 1 ' ' '
PORK $30. - v .- -
LARD 20c. ' f-v-. 1.. - i- ' . .
DRESSED HOGS $13 60. The abova
are nominal quotations; no demand of con
sequence. - ' ' ',,.'''
- ' -
Cleveland Market—Jan. 12.
FIOUR Quiet and eteady rj ; A iT
WHEAT No 1 red winter hold at $180;
No 2 do $1 66. " t ... ,.. ... .- . . , ,
CORN Sales of new shelled at 70c. '
OATS Sales at 63c. - ' ' -- '
PETROLEUM Vrry Ann' iind demand '
good; refined, in round lota, held at 28 ;
29cJand 3061o in,. trade lotB . j ,r 0 ..
Milwaukee Market—Jan. 12.
FLOUR Quiet and steady: prices nn- -
WHEAT Dull at $1 19 for No 1 in store.

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