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K. B. ESHF.LMAI",! Editors.
XH7H8Di MOKlflNO, - - - JAW. 14
News and Otherwise.
Gom closed In Ne?f York yesterday at
136. ," '-;:
Utah has. rio public debt. " -Mbs.Landbb
U playing in ClnoiQDutt. ,.
Eochesteb, NV nas 700 street lamps
A pick of grape will produce a gallon
"of wine. ;" '-', ' 'V''V" .'!'"!''
Oiavi Logan lectured in Fort Wayne oh,
Tuesday nishr.ri ; -- ' ''-i
AiuBASY.1T. Is tremulous bveran apf
prehendedifresheU : ? .-.- ! ! r ;,'.,.:
MoifobiuMs are taking "the plaices of door
plates in New York. . , . . . T, , . .f , V :
Tekke are aboutiMty. professional gam
blers in Hartford, Ctii i . : r ,
HaVeslVs Minstrels drew out' si large
andience,ln.&yracuse.N,T..,. ; 1
LtSiions'Migsoii Jffapes sell for three
fourtbs ct a cent' In California. 'r , ,
WiluAjt B. rlAsrvB i erecting . sixteen
$25,000 houses; ln;NeW'YSrk City..1 Xi'(;X?
Coal bas beend!scoYere4 in CalrfornU
on the lint M tbe Pacifle railroad. ' i
Diaisft', tie. naoBtn ','ot December, last
there were 874 deaths in Chicago, i .-ni
A ! ; D ATrbji' bookstore was, robbed pf .a
amaU amount on Tuesday mornings ,
Gsweballt thiVXighOu't the State of New
Yorkinertbants close their stores early.
' Aa '"suits lor the ! crime of treason have
been' ordered to be discontinued by the
government. "'If' "'- -:
Tn. Tite of tax leTT in Mansdeld is less
thatrln any other city in the State being
6.8th',of. a, mill to the dollar. X , . ;. ''; ; .. .
Th rate of taxation for local purposes
in Zanesvflle ts 20 mills on the dollar. In
Ttlaonlv 18.9ih mills. '.,
Tm corn crop In the United States in
1868 is estimated at 905,178.000 bushels
137X00,000 more bushels than in 18G7.
Tbk Kppnblican mettbers of the Maine
Legislature have jot yet been able to agree
on a, candidate for the United facates senate,
a wAvm in Lafavettt. Indiana, recentr
ly deliberately bargained with a dry goods
clerk of that, place to stduce ber daugh
ter. '-"' -' : : - ' , ' -;:
Ovit , hn nd red and seventy" bottles of
champagne were opened at a private house
in New' York for -1 alters ' on jn e w x ear s
. Oklt about one hundred and fifty mem
bers of the British Parliament art charged
withJjayi secured lbelr plecttoj.by
fraud. "
Thk last report in regard to the decision
ot the Supreme Court in regard to the Le
gal TeDder act is' that the court will decide
it to be constitutional. - t F( ','1
Tbb New York money market does not
rfCOVer irom in iato emuncuwj u
was confidently expected. It will be for
tunate ii it escapes a colapse. ' " - a''t'r
Tbk Delir quent list of Lucas county fills
two pages of the Toledo Commercial. The
Erie county; list fills two and Si half col
umns of the Weekly Kegister.t i -: -
B.8. Rcnyai 'formeriy Mayor of Mans
field, and an active and enterprising iti
zen of hat place, was found dead near bis
residence oh Tuesday morning.. i . . .
Thk members of he Pennsylvania Leg
islature have each' a paster and folder, who
recerveThelaure'pay that amembet re
ceives. This "Is i adftaZetionomyi OOilO-
THrfRepublfcafis 'of the: Indiana Legis
lature will to-ntght endeavor to nominate
a candidattf for the Unltt d States Senate.
It is a troublesome subject with them.
A Kifc of ex-Judge Mitchell was mar
riedrat.tlu'sbJDg,!.!, last week and re
ceived wedding gifts to the value of eighty
thousand dollars'. -That does very well for
a start.' . -j,,.' :.
Becehtit, the'court of Appealsof Ken
tucky1 hS rightly decided that, under the
act of Marrh 3, 1859, the widow of a mem
ber of ,Congre is; entitled to receive Uie
back pay, and not, the executor. , k-.A
Jcd BntCHASW AKD Son are'now' the
editdrs'and pnblfahers of T;he' Waren Con
stitution. The Judge Is among the ablest
in theState,- and consequently will rdit a
Dapef'eyeifyjeii iVprtby. hisigJ J-eput-J
Hon.. l.i"' .Jifti.mi? j'-'Ai
On Thursday,0asAiw& learn from the
Dayton Tiedger, Lawttin Strader. a nine
year6ld"b'oy, s'oh'df. Sfrno'n 'PCStrader, . of
Alexandersville, Montgomery county, was
instantly kOIed by the discharge of a gun
in the hands of George Lindemutay BSe&
nineteen u "n ?h' h7-a : -;
Thb Cincinnati " Commercial . thinks it
41 would be preferable", if Ohio should not
have,' Cabinet' officer ; but. do our dis
tinguished fellow-ciJzens Mr; Galloway'
and Mr. Dennison 'think so ? Is it possible
for Grant to get along without either of
them la the Cabinet t ' . .. ..
DuRisp ejx months-Mxtyrlour : .verdicts
were rendered by, the French , courts, in
flicting"npon'about thirty editors the pen-
alty1' of sixty-six months' imprisonment
and fine of $24000 in all. A very Iree conn'
try that as ree almost' as were the Uni
ted States from ISGl-to, IS63.
A woman in Bath, Maine, who was worth
$20')OOOriaiFd. "recetitlyrieavirrg" her only
dangbterSSOO ayear.The daughter sought
to break the; will on., the ground , of her
mother being a spiritualist.. t1 he jury re'
fused: :t .break, the-, wilL, This itli comes,
according to Tjlton, of women not having
the bauotr ,,..;,,
Somb Republicans are discussing Thad
deus Stevens' domestic life. JThe Sandusky
Resistei takes a hand.in (he discussion, an
says; i.Xi his domestic relations he fSte
' venrl'livetl a perpetual fie,; and committed
a continuous crime.: Any attempt to white
wash his offence or call it by smooth names,
is an unconscious attempt to break down
the bauierSrOf- domestic, virtue, and intro
duce into American.life, the worst features
or Fjench society ?1 And such was the do
mestic lMe-of the great leader of the Re
publican iarty " '"
Tfrs Crisis of the 13 n devotes a lengthy
article in favor 0 Repudiation ; l)ut, al
though repeatedly called l6n o dosoit
does not evert undertakf to shdw how'Re
pudiatiou is possible? "Without cursing the
people wun me most agoiMzing poverty
and distress, by rendering utterly valueless
the currency with Which.tfiey.pbpsiuess.
That currency ''which Vould thus te ren
dered valueless 'forms more than one-fourth
of tWf PHbliB DebC aT sefTorttt'lif the" last
report of the Secretary orttJeTreaslirri Hit
can be clearly shown that the Repudiation
of thfl Dart of the debt wlir "not adversely
'afieeVthe industrial anA produclag elasses,
that movibent!wOald be- Stronger than it
is now, .Inasmuch , we Jfcbor in the la
tere of the peoplejHve must be thOrOnghfy
convinced that Reputation will not injure
them before we ih ail withdraw our opposi
tion to it. .oti ,s2,rs.tJ oiu:
The Increase Salaries of Supreme
A bill has been introduced into the Ohio
Senate, comiog from the Radical side of
house,-providing lor inereasiog the
. salary of our Supreme Judges from $3,000
rtp $5,000.. But a .few. months ago these
Judges, forgetting that questions affecting
the construction of a Constitution and the
political and civil rights and privileges oi
r citizens depending on -it,, are. entitled to
the fullest and most deliberate considers'
tion, when drawn into judicial discussion,
and that upon a correct decision of these,
the security and harmony of our well bal
anced system of free and popular govern'
1 tnent mainly depend,- took occasion la a
. hasty, ill-timed and undignified partisan
decision, to pronounce some legislation of
last session as "partial 'and unjust to an
''extreme degree," and charged the Mem'
bersof the Legislature with a want of can
- dor, and pronounced their enactments "to
be a' studied and cunningly devised
"scheme." ' '! . ' -i ...
ri? During the late campaign Radical news-
' papers and stump Speeches were full of
; abUses" of the Legislature because of lcs
, expenditures; ; Now this same Legislature
is asked to increase the pay of these same
political Judges, when they already re
-eeive almost double what was paid wiser
and better men in the same position a few
, years' ago. ' Rannkt, Thuhman, Corwin,
; Bartlkt and Caxdwell, who first 'gaye
judicial construction' to our present Con-
rstitution and code of civil procedure, re
ceived but $1,700. ' -.;
These same Supreme Judges that now;
i with honeyed words, plead with a Demo
cratio Legislature, in thU hour, , when the
people are fairly groaning with taxation.
' State r and.. Federal; , for an . increase
ot pay,, and, place the Increase,,, they
and .,, their , friends, upon , the ground
that it will give dignity to the office and
place the Judges themselves beyond the
power of want, but a lew months . since
allowed their Clerk to telegraph to ail parts
ot the State that they had decided the law
ot the Legislature unconstitutional, which
placed students on the same footing with
mechanics and other men of toil, in regard
to voting. This false telegram gave the par
ty of which these Supreme Judges are rep
resentative men, hundreds of illegal votes,
and hence no contradiction was made.
Had the Judges of the Supreme Court been
mindful ot their dignity of office then,
: they would have administered to their Clerk
a fitting rebuke for his falsehood and de
' ceplioo. This telegraphic falsehood ot the
. Clerk of the Supreme Court, inured.to the
party benefit of the Judges,.- as well as to
that of the Clerk, whose election was then
pending, and the refusal or neglect of the
Judges' to denounce the falsehood, or to
take means to correct it, made them parties
to the iraud. ' " ' ' ' ; v. '
, The proposed increase of the salary of
- the Judges to five thousand dollars per an
num for a few months service, does not, it
is said, affect the present bench of Judges.
In oae sense of the term it. does not, in an
other it does. The Constitution says that
the salary of the Judges shall nt be in
creased or decreased during their term ot
office. This simple provision m.en learned
. in all the trickery of law fincreasy to evade,
' Two years ago the salary of Common Pleas
Judges was increased from $2,000 to $2,500
- each: '' It was intended to affect the Judges
' elected and qualified after its passage. But
, instantly upon the law going iuto opera
tion, every Republican Judge ot the Com
mon Pleas Court whose term of office ex
. tended one year beyond the time, resigned,
and by the Governor was immediately re'
appointed to the same office, and thus was
enabled, by evading, the .Constitution, to
: pocket the five hundred dollars per annum
that the plain letter and spirit of the Con
stitution intended that they should not re
; ceive.. Pass the law raising the salary ol
the Supreme Judges to the $5,000 point,
a;.d within six months we doubt not, every
Judge, would resign snd. get Governor
Hayjlb' to re-appoint .him, so they, like the
Common Pitas Judges of the same Radical
: school, would pocket the increased salary,
and thus laugh in very scorn at the idea
that any Constitution could trammel them,
so as to prevent their putting money into
: their pockets, "f .... ., ...
i We hope our legislators, will not support
the "studied and cunningly devised tcheme
to Increase taxation proposed in the bill
lately introduced to raise their salary to
nearly double that, given to the. ablest
Judges-Ohio1 ever-put on ! the Supreme
bench.. - 1 v,rfi-v :- ';' , .-aj
j w If the principle of good pay would' ee-
- cure first class men as Judges, we would
not object to any Increase, no matter how
large,' provided it would secure to the State
corresponding ability. But when such men
'.as Ailkn G. Thubman,' Thomas" W. Babt-
isY, RcpCS P.". Rannet, John A'. Corwiji
an Wm. B. Caldwbll, occupied the bench
at a salary of $1700, while' the present
Judges get nearly double that amount, and
are ask'mg in addition, an Increase nearly
equal to the amount these Democratic
Judges received, we are forced to think
- that the rule. has been' reversed, and the.
greater the pay the worse the Judges! ' In
crease the salary to' $5,000, and if Radical
ism continues Its rule, if possible, the State
maybe even worse served. ' ' '-' ' '
We are decidedly against the increase.
The Amnesty Proclamation.
' Tbe New York Times says that President
Johnson, in reply to the resolution of Con
gress calling upon him for his authority
for issuing his amnesty proclamation, will
doubtless cite the following, section, of a
law enacted iu 1S62, and signed by Mr.
Lincoln on the 17th day of July of that
year: . - .1 .
' "Smj. 13. And be it further enacted, that
the President is hereby authorized, at any
"time hereafter, by proclamation, to extend
to persons who may have participated in
the existing rebellion in any State or part
thereof, pardon and amnesty, with sucli
exceptions and at such time and on such
conditions as he may deem expedient for
the public welfare." ...
, Albeit a Radical sheet, the Times cannot
retrain from touching its party frauds in
Congress on the raw, by this allusion to
the gross stupidity which so characterizes
the majority. ' It says :
" It is possible that this law, or this sec
tion of it, may have been repealed. But if
a s Congress does not seem to have been
aware of the tact, or even that any such
- law had ever been enacted. -
"It cannot, of course, be expeeted that
the public at large should remember all thp
laws that Congress may have passed ; but
it does not seem unreasonable to look for n
better memory ou the part of the members
of Congress as to action which they them
selves nave taken. Unless the law referred
' to has been repealed, tbe section auoted
would seem to be conclusive as to the pow
er jof the President to issue just such a
--proclamation as me oue iu question."
As the law has not been repealed, tbe full
forpfi fit the blow can ha seen.
------ r r
The Senatorial Question in Maine.
The Senatorial question has assumed a
new feature. . JU.r. perry member of trie
, House, has declared in a card that he drew
t the blank vote In caucus Intentionally. This
leaves Hamlin with a clean majority of Re
publicans in the Legislature who desired
to j vote. 'Morrill's iriends now claim
- "that as Hamlin was not declared .elected
Tbv the1 caucus they are not bound to sup
port him, and intimate that they will not
rin so. A "movement is on foot to bring
'" forward a third m-n as a compromise can-
'Uiimte. liauiuii s inenus uiaim ue was
clearly the choice' of the majority of the
'party and fairly nominated,, and if any
1 meuiber 0 his party reluscS to vote for
him he becomes a bolter. , ., . , .
... v ...... j-u .
Comanche Village Captured.
The following was eecetved -at the War
Department this morning : ' . -
St. Locis, Jan. 13. The lollowlnir. tele
gram has just been received, dated Fort
nayes, Kansas, Jan. rji ,, - ,
To Major General W. A. Nichols, Assistant
Adjutant uenerai: ,
Major Sheridaa, Commanding at Fort
Dodge, reporU that Lieut. Martin, of the
Third Infantry, has just arrived from camp
and states that Celonel Evans has captured
a ixmancne village ot sixty lodges. Three
men 01 tne i. nird Cavalry were , wounded,
No Indians were killed. Colonel Evans
bad returned to his depot camp on the Ca-
uBumu river. ...
A. G.
W. T. SHERMAN, Lieut, Gen.
Petition for the Pardon of Dr.
, A delegation composed of twelve citizens
of Prince George county, Maryland, called
on President Johnson this morning and
presented a petition: from citizens of that
county, as King tbe pardon ot ur. juudd.
The President received their petition, and
in response merely remarked that he would
enclose It to the Attorney General lor con
sideration by that official. :
Col G. A.- Forsythe, who distinsrulshed
himself in an Indian engagement in Kansas,
in September last, bas been brevetted Brigadier-General
tor his gallant conduct on
that occasion. i,j ,; ,. . , . .;, . .
WASHINGTON, January 13.
- Mr. SUMNER presented the petition of
Alablen loomia, M. L ot the District of
Columbia, asking an appropriation of$50,-
000 to enaDle nlm to complete the demon
stration of the alleged new mode of tele
graphing, dispensing with the use of wire
and using earth to form one-half of tbe
circuit and continuous electrical element
far above the surface of the earth for the
other part of the circuit. Referred to
committee on Patents.- .
.Mr. BUCKALEW introduced a bill to
enable the electors for Representatives in
Congress to cast votes equal to the whole
number of Representatives to be chosen
from tbe btate, giving tbem all to one can
didate or distributing them as they like, the
highest candidate upon the return to be
elected. Kelerred to a special committee
to be appointed by the Speaker pro tern.,
who Is one thereof.
The bill to extend the provisions of the
actoi juarcn, isea. relating to uaoeas cor
pus, and to regulate judicial proceedings
so far as they relate to the removal of cases
Irom State to Federal Courts in any suits
or prosecutions against common carriers,
for any damage done to property occasion
ed by persons hostile to tiie United States,
was passed. ; " ' . .
Tbe Sue Murphy relief bill was again
taken up and discussed at length without
action. ....
! After discussion of the concurrent' reso
lution to give tbe rotunda lor the inau
guration ball, it was lost, and the Senate
soon alter aojournea. ,
The credentials of Mr. ELLIOTT, of
Arkansas, was presented from the commit
tee on Elections, and. he took the oath of
office.- "
On motion of Mr. WASHBURNE, of
Illinois, tbe Secretary of State was asked
tor a statement showing the amouut ex
pended by the Northwest boundary com
mission. " - . .
The House resumed consideration of the
resolution extending the protection of the
united btates to ilayti and ban Domingo,
Mr. BUTLER, ot Mas3.. offered a sub
stitute, in effect that the President be au
thorized to extend his protection over other
Islands ot tbe Antilles to such an extent as
he may deem expedient and not inconsist
ent with the law of nations, whenever
either or tnem or the people snail desire
such protection. , , . -
Mr. SPALDING offered an amendment
to extend protection to any island in the
Atlantic or Pacific ocean, or those wbicb
lie nearer tbe coast ot the United States
than to any foreign government.
Mr. ROBINSON oflered an amendment
to include Ireland in tbe protection, afflrm
iog that the time would come when that
country would be annexed to the United
htates. , ... -.
After debate. Mr. WOODWARD moved
to lay the whole subject on the table, which
was carried.
Mr. ASHLEY, of Ohio, 'from the com
mittee on Territories, reported a bill to
provide a territorial government for Alas
ka. .
After debate, on motion of Mr. WASH
BURNE, of Illinois, the bill was tabled.
Adjourned. ; t . - , ,
L Bier's dry goods store, on State street,
was damaged by fire last- night to the
amouut ot several thousand dollars.
Arrested for Outrage.
i Nelson Spellman was arrested here yes
terday for an attempted outrage on Mrs
Elizabeth Gibbons, an estimable " lady . 55
years old. As sno was going to church on
aunday, Mrs. (jiooons was thrown down
iu tbe snow and severely injured, but her
screams irightened tbe villain away. .,
Governor McClurg's Message.
ST. LOUIS, Jan. 13.
Governor McClnrg's inaugural message
declares that lie will appoint none but loy
al and strictly honest men to office, and
that if his appointees should at any time
give place to disloyalty, he would exercise
the power vested in mm to ertect tlieir re
moval. He favors an. amendment to the
registration law which will enable the Ex
ecutive to remove registers for propercause,
and recommends that tbe militia laws be so
altered that the militia ot the State shall be
under the sole control of the Governor,
He opposes any proposition looking to
the enfranchisement ol rebels in exchange
for negro suffrage,' and says tbe rebels
ought not to be restored to the baliot so
long as the right of suffrage is denied the
negro. He recommends that tbe constitu
tional amendment striking the word white
from the Constitution, defeated last No
vember, should be again submitted to the
people at the next general election. He
says the State institutions should be re
moved Irom the control of the people ol
Boone and Calloway counties," on account
of the rebellious tendencies ot these people,
M. U. Express Company.
ALBANY, Jan. 13.
The assembly to-day tabled a resolution
for a committee ot Investigation of tbe af
fairs ot the Merchants Uuion Express Com
Suits to be Discontinued.
Attorney General Evarts has issued a cir
cular of instructions to the district actor
ner, directing all suits for the crime ol
treason to be discontinued. -
Chicago Items.
CHICAGO, Jan. 13.
At the rolling mills last night Andrew
McCnly. while in a fit, fell se that his head
rested on a conductor from which steam
was issuing,. He died soon after being
A dispatch from St. Paul says Ramsey's
re-election to the United States Senate is
certain. Donnelly is said to have retired
iu favor ot Wilk'.ns. -
A. W. Thompson, of Janesviile, a Car
penter man, has been clectedkSpeaker ot the
Wisconsin Legislature. Wasbburne's
friends claim forty-three out of the eighty
seven votes in the legislative caucus, and
Can held is sure of thirty-live.
At Waneonda, Illinois, on Saturday af
ternoon, Thad. Raymond, a farmer, stran
gled himself in bis own barn. Financial
and domestic troubles were tbe cause. ,
On Mouday eveniug, at Altono, Illinois,
Droit and Thorn, two young men, were
drowned in the Illinois river while skating.
The Chicago Uuion Christian Convention
adjourned this aiteruoon. The sessions
were well attended and prominent business
men and clergy alike entered into the spirit
ot the discussion; ' "" 1 5 '
Buffalo Market—Jan. 13.
FLOUR AND GRAIN Wheat, oats,
rye, dull and unchanged. . .
CORN Steady, pales new 80c oh track.
, BARLEY SalesCanada $1 95; $2 deliv
ered, i
The Congressional Committee.
NEW YORK, Jan. 13.
The Congressional committee, investi
gating election frauds in this State, weie
liiisv in secret session all day yesterday.
They will probably adjourn to the rural
districts in a few days. The Union League
committee say thev naid .Lalrv Farrel $30,
on his representation that he had paid but
$100 for the board ot some witnesses, but
. on his saving that the witnesses were will
ing to swear to anything the committee
; wanted, be and his witnesses were summa-
rily 'dismissed.-,.. , .i.-t i
Kerosene Oil.
In the Board of Health yesterday
resignation of Superintendent Dalton was
accepted and Dr. Jones was assigned tem
porarily to the position, : Prof. Chandler
submitted a report, in which he stated that
ot SO specimens ot kerosene on tnac ne naa
tested none had reached the right standard,
' and none for sale in the city, that he had
seen, was safe for use. ; , .,
Larceny and Forgery.
Four dava ago a man named J? C. Chart
len. of this citv.'was charged by his ex-
wife, a Mrs. Sarah A. Hoyt, of Wooster
street, with larceny and obtaining $2S0 by
forging adralton her bank. Yesterday he
was lound lu f reuericksmirg, v, ana ar
rested. " i -.;
Spirit of the Press.
J The Tribune says of Gen. Butler's finan
cial scheme : Whether we or General But
ler is right in tbe mode and medium of
payment for these bonds, we win not nere
argue, but we can but be honest In the pre
mises. !' : S... Vl:
The Herald savs of the scheme: How
ever much his views may be questioned
or opposed by the old . school financiers
- and political economists, no doubt he bas
struck the chord of popular sentiment;
that he will be recognized as the leader in
this new movement lor an American sys
tem of currency and finance. .
' The World says : His plan is not with
out ingenuity and a certain sort of archi
tectural symmetry, but built upon a ridiC'
ulously 'unstable foundation and supported
by sophistries (we cannot call them argu
ments) which could be generated oi:ly in
the brain of a demagogue. - '
The Henry Chauneey, from Aspinwall,
Drings $214,180 in treasure.
Hatch's Report.
- Mr. Hatch's report shows that while the
. so-called reciprocity treaty was in exist-
ence, we collected only seventy-five thou
sand dollars annually in : duties, on the
other hand Canada, during that period,
collected annually between a million and
a half and two million dollars on products
ot American labor. For the two fiscal
years since the abrogation of the treaty,
we have collected fourteen million dollars,
and the trade with Canada has increased
rather than diminished.
The Rogers Murder.
A. new theory concerning the Rogers
murder is that the murderer is an escaped
Sing Sing convict, who had a letter for the
discharged convict Hogan, but never de
livered, it, or at least the envelope was
lound in a portion of the coat torn from
nim in the struggle with Rogers.
Tbe steamers Colorado and City ot Man
chester, Irom Europe, have arrived.
Baron Buest.
VIENNA, Jan. 13.
The Evening Post, official journal, says
UounctsismarcK naa tola uouncwimpanen
Austrian Minister at Berlin, that the re
tention of Baron Buest in office, would
provoke serious action on the part of Frus
Mail Service.
LONDON, Jan. 13.
London merchants are extensively peti
Honing the Government to restore the
man f-ervice Detween aoutnampton ana
New lork.
PARIS, Jan. 13.
It Is stated to-day that Btngaba, present
Ambassador at Paris from Greece, has ben
recalled to replace Bulgaria as President of
the Ministry. fc-
The Conference.
PARIS, Jan. 13.
' The official journal reports that tbe con
ferenceon the Eastern question held a brief
. session yesterlay and adjourned until
l hurt-day next. Jlr. jtangaDe, tne urecian
Minister, was not present. Tbe conduct of
tne Greek Government In taking exception
to the exclusion of its representative trom
the conlerence is condemned, tor, it is ar
gued, Greece absented to the propriety of
a similar exclusion irom tne uongress oi
1S56, though the Sub.irue Porte was then
represented in that body, and this is held as
a precedent for the action of the present
Conference.. . ;:-.. " ... ;
Throne of Spain.
FLORENCE, Jan. 13.
The Epoca asserts that the governments
of France and Italy, and , Senor Olosaga,
Spanish Minister to Paris, and at least one
member of the Provisional Government of
' Spain, advocate tbe claims of Prince Amo-
deus, Duke of - Avinta, to the throne of
spam. - -
All disturbances attending the collection
of the mill tax have ceased.
VIENNA, Jan. 13.
- A circular from the Sublime port to Eu
ropean powers, justilving its recent action
. against Greece, is published here. It says
the Turkish Government does not expect
that tbe Conference of Paris will arrive at
any-solution. The ultimatum sent to
Greece was a declaration that the internal
affairs ol tbe Atlomau Empire must not be
Interfered with..
Capture of Cretan Insurrectionists.
LONDON, Jan. 13.
Beports of tbe capture by the Turkish
lorces ot Uretan insurrectionists are con
firmed. ' Four of the Cretan officials were
killed, and the rest were taken prisoners.
The books and documents of the yovern-
nient fell into the hands of the Turks. :
Milwaukee Market—Jan. 13.
' FLO I'll Dull, prices unchanged.
WHEAT Dull at 1 19 for No. 1 In
store. ... ., ".
PALMER On Wednesday morning, ISth inst..
at o otouk, at tne rejijanco oi Aer 1iu8 0bu, 140
Mouth Sixth street, Mrs. L1DX wile ot vhas,
E. Palmer.
Funeral services at Bigelow Chapel this (Thurs
day) afternoon, at 2 o'clock. Ftiends of the fami
ly are invited to attend. - .
Hew Advertisements
tW The Ohio Statesman ha a
Larger Circulation than any pa
per published in this City or Cen
tral Ohio. Advertisers -will bear
thin in inind.
-OHAPTKKNo. ll.R. A. M .. will b held
ltTH 8 (Thursday) EVENING. January
' ' 14th. at 7 o'clock, for work in the M. De
gree, uy oraer. n. J. twi, Beo'y,
COLUMbUS, v., January 13th, 1869.
a. )
the Uapital Stock of the Columbus, Chicaso
A Indiana antral Railway Company will bee osed
on toeevenina of January Sd, 1G9, and remain
Cloyed until January autn, ietn.
Hy xrder of tne B ard.
janU-did GORDON MOODIE. Seo'y,
Valuable Real Estate Sale.
inito the late Dr. L. GOOD ALE is now of.
fered for tale by his Executors. It consists of the
Goodalo House,
A larce number of BUSINESS AND DWELL
ING UOUftES. and 30O Vacant tell iu the
Uity of Colambus. Also,
' A. Fine Farm of 165 Acres,
;' wo milei east "f Columbus on the National Road.
. id a Farm of 350 acres ia Pickaway county, one
i .lie touth of Lockbourne. Terms easy. Apply to
. . W1. AK.VISTRONU.l p.-,.
f ' - -I A. B. BUTTLES, I r.
- janlS-dlw4w3t.
la .niAnrliH Hair Dro is the best in the world ,
ae only true and perfect Dye; barmless. reliable
idtantaneous ; no oiaappuiubuicoi, z su riuicuious
. nts; remedies the ill eneots of bad dyes: invig
' ales and leaves the Hair soft and beautiful, black
irowo. Sol4 by all Dnwists and Perfumers ;
i d propH applied at Bstohelor's Wi .Factory
a. 16 bond street. N. fork. - put aprM diwly
' J- . or HI - -; -I 4
United States rof America,
Cash Capital, - - $1,000,000
' : ' 1 '" PAID IS FULL. ' ' ;
To whioh all general oorregpoDdenc thonld be ad'
; v. ..-.hi messed. .,. y, ..... ,..
OFFICERS: ' ' "'
ri.jRFNCII! ft. CI. ARKl President. " ''"- ' '
J4.1 cuunis, unairman finance ana nxecuiiTe
HENRY D. OOKE. Vice Pnsident.
EMtKdOH W. FEET, SeoreUrj and Aotnary.
1 Offered br this ComDanT are s
It if m; National ComDanT. oharterod by ipocial
aoC OE VrODEre98. JUXSt
It Baa a paid up capital or i.ivu.wu.
It offers low rates of vreminm. -
. It furnishes larger Insurance than ether Compa,
n)es lortne ftame moner. -:
It is definite and oertain irx its terms. - . ...
It is a home Company in every locality. ' '
' It, Polioiea are exemDt from attachment.
There are no unnecessary restrictions in the Pol
icies. - t
V.vmrw Pnl!T is nnn.forfeitahle.- -
Policies may be taken that will pay insured their
tnll amount and return all tne premiums, go mat
the Insurance costs only the inter. at on the annual
foliate may be taken which mt to the Insured.
after a certain number of years, during life, an an
nual income of one-tenth the amount named in the
No extra rate is chsrzed for risks upon the liTes
or females.
It insures not to pay dividends, but at I .
cost that dividends will be impossible
Cincinnati. Ohio. General Agent for Ohio Central
ana aoumern inaiana.
Colu-nbns. Special Agent for Franklin,-Licking,
MuBVingam ana uosnooton counties.
Great Bargains ia Soots and Shoes
-AT .....'..,
' Ko. 163 South High 81reet. :
ent stock and make room for NEW SPRING
GOO D8, we will sell, without regard to oost, our
entire stock of
Jtllaaea' and -
Children's Boots and Shoes
At prices that Cannot fail to suit purchasers. We
bave also a fine assortment of -
Beys' and Tooth's Boots and Shoes,
- Whioh we are felling cheap for eah.
Gentlemen's Fine French Calf Box.
leed Boots
made to order. W" Repairing of all kinds prompt.
ly a a neauy executed
janlS-dif.' ISHEPARD k HOR1GER.
For Sale or Rent.
loDRiDg to ilary E. Kent, deceased, situated
Mound street, near 7th, consisting of a convenient
house, wood shed, io-. on a spacions lot ninety
f ;et front, one hundred in depth. Good cistern and
well, fruit trees and flower garden on the premises,
For price and terms, enquire at W. R. Kent's
auction rooms. corner Town and Fourth. ja&7 dlf
No. 336 Broadway.
Capital, - One Million Dollars.
D arius R M akoim, Pres't. J as. Merrill, See'y,
Reeives Deposi'sand allows FOUR PER ' ENT.
ISTEREdT on all Daily Balances, subject to oheck
at aieht. r,neaial Denosits for Six months ormn.
may oe made at five per cent. The Capital of Oca
Million Dollars is divided among over 500 Share
holders, com prisinv many gentlemen of Iarse wealth
and financial experience, who are alio personally
liable to depositors for all oblisations of the Corn
pan? to double the amount of their capital stock.
As the National Trust Company receives deposits
in large or small amounts, and permits them to
draws as a whole or in pa t by obeek at sight
without notioe, allowing interest on all daily bal
ances, parties throughout the oonntry can keep ac
counts in this Institution with special advantages
01 security, convenience ana pronu
F NT-decl-dAw24m -
The only Infallible and Harmless Remedy. Can
given witn or witnout tne patient s knowledge,
Read Dr. Johnston's Treatiseonalrunken.
ness, its Consequences and Cure." Try
the SPECIFIC, and be eon
; . vinced.
pleasant pieparation creates no vomiting after
use. Tuba :co need rot be discarded all at once,
for tbe Compound destroys the desire-gradual
and positively. . . :-rr ' " ; "
seplT-dTisiwly ' Proprietor. Columbus, O
Atlantic & Great Western Railway
Secret abt's Office. No. 40 Brosdway.
A ew York, Sdth Dec., ltitid.
i.1 a Special Meetine of the Stockholders of
Atlantic and Great Western Railway Comrany,
will be held at the General Offices of the Company.
No. 40 Broadway, in the City aod State of New
York, at 12 o'clock, noon, on faturday, the 3ilth dav
of January next, tc consider an I .pprove of. or re
ject, certain contracts entered into with the Eiij
Railway Company, and tbe Columbus, Chicago
and Indiana Central Railway Company, and
other purposes. J. he transfer books will remain
cloaca until aner me meeting.
janll-d3tawtojuiSO-KNY . Secretary,
; Gives special attention to all Diseases of the
Throat & Lungs.
X" 23 3VI j. Ij B S . ,
OFFICE No. 155 NoFth High Strset.
jan!3-eodly COLUMBVS, OHIO.
ILicensed by the United states Authorities.
CUTLERY.4e-.Ao... '
To be sold at the average price of tl.OO Eaten,
flnr Aomtnissiona for elubs ezeead thruut r Atli
establishments, and our goods a re warranted to give
satisfaction. Clubs of Ten and upwards receive
articles valued at from 3 to 100. New Circu'ar
and fnll particulars cent free N B. CLUIIII.
KlaN a; CO,, 40 Uanortr St., Boston,
mass. . novl3-w3m-PB-r
'.;..-. .?'rl-'I
.' u
I '? :
250 AND 252
South High Street.
. .. . ' ' -IT ' ,1 ...
We will sell our entire stock of
Without Itegai-tl to Cost.
On and after Monday, Jan. 11th, 1P69,
,. i , i . . ..
'! ' . .-
In order to make room for Spring Stock.
, J h '-. "' n'd ':'' ' iii
.,;,r;K ,A, C. UEADLCT V CO :0
y - - :
-MAX STRAKOHCir.-,. ...Dwfcrri.
Has the honor to announce the first and only Con
cert ot
On Saiturdar ErcnlBg;,-Ja.16tti j I96:
1rn: ..--rBIQ LOTTI. . T v3g.'yWT...?il 'A V-
' ' " BIG. PETRELLI. ,
f ' '-: ' ' ' HERB KOPTA.
8IG. BTAFFANONf. lltJgiOAt Dibiotob. v
nr Ad Inlna.tM. RMerVed Saata. I SO.. SUIa
of seats will eommenoeThnradav morninc at SeltaM
er's Masio Store. : -
Doors open atTX:' concert at 6 o'clock. ... Jan7 .,
"" A K J 1-Al J 1.1 11, n -i S
- j '. Second week, and great hit, of : ' ' :
Louise Payne and Jda Wray '
nix mora new iscai ia wwk nin duoib
STAR, the popular Danseueeand fa tot it Actrosi; .
ri!ni,'WLi I? itn u a U tu a
air fjUUC'liD r. "junfliaiii tuo tci-mhb aoiui
and Flatinisl: BOWMAFi and HARRIS, thecele
b rated Kthinpean Comedians; Miss ROSA LEE and
Viss MAKI KUSStLU ine accompiisnea vooai
ists. Danseu"es and Comediennes. -
aT ee Programtt-es for particulars, jam l-si w -
Hair "Vigor,
For restoring Gray Hair to : "
its natural Vitality and Color, i
A dressing -which?"
is at once agreeable' ."'
healthy, and effectual
for preserving ; the
hair. Faded or gray
hair is toon restored
to ilt original colors
with the gloss , and , ,
freshness of youth. .
Thin hair is thick- -
ened, falling hair checked, and bald
ness often, though nc always, cured
by its use. Nothing can restore the,,
hair where the follicles are destroyed,'
or the glands atrophied and decayed.
But such as remain can be saved for
usefulness by this application. Instead . V
of fouling the hair with a pasty sedi- -ment,
it will keep it clean and vigorous.'. ,
Its occasional use will prevent the hair -from
turning gray or falling off, and ; ,
consequently prevent baldness. Free
from those deleterious substances which -.
make some preparations dangerous and 4
injurious to the hair, the Vigor can
only benefit but not harm it. If wanted
merely for a . '
nothing else can be found so desirable.
Containing neither. oil nor dye, it does u
not soil white cambric, and yet lasts '
long on the hair, giving it a rich glossy-,
lustre and a grateful perfume, .i
Prepared by Dr. J. C. Ayer & Co,f x
Peacticai. and Akalttical Chexists,
PBIOH 1.0r. -ij
ter Sold bTBKAUN. BROCK CO.. Whole- -4
sale and Retail Dealers, Columbus, Ohio, snd by ' i.
Urugfists eTerTwnwe. janp-ueoaweowi
Is the offspring of a great fact. Ko one can think '
': of denying that his
Brings out a finer BROWN or BLACK than any
other, in a shorter time, and without injury to ths "
hair.- This is a truth as apparent as that the sun I
lightsthe arth. . - -
Cristadoro's Hair Preservative-"
AND BUAUTIFIER. Tbe toilet, without this ar
ticle, lacks its most useful attribute. Nothing is -so
common in this oonntry as the falling out of the j
hair. ' The preservative prevents it. The fibres can ' -no
more loosen and drop off, if this article is rega
larly applied nigbt and morning, than if each were?
fixed in a Tioe., The testimony. on this poict.ia
ovewhelming, while the beautifying and inTigora
properties of the fluid are equally well established. .
Sold by Drngiists.and applied by all Hair iTesa 1
en. Manufactory No. 68 Maiden Lane. Principal V
Depot No Astorfiouse.,, .rwa
Dr. Tobias' Venetian Herse Lial-
, meat.
Pint buttles at $1. for the ours of lameness ;
soratches, wind galls, sprains, braises, splints, outa.
colic, slipping stifle, orer-heating, sore throat, nail
in the foot, Ae." It is warranted cheaper and bet- "
ter than any other article ever offered to the public.
Thousands of animals hay been cured of theedis -and
over heating by the Liniment: snd hundreds f
that were crippled and lama hare been restored to
their former vigor. It is used by the first horse
men throughout the States. Orders are constantly . '
received from the racing stables of England for .
fresh supplies if this invaluable article. . Over .
2,500 testimonials have been received. - Remember -one
dollar laid ont in time may save the life of ,
Tour horse. Sold by all Druggists. Office. 10 Park
Place. New York. - .
jnnelo-dAwlycm-FeNT ' .
Whereby the circulation of the blood becomes
equalized upon the part where applied, causing
pain and morbid action to cease.
. ' Was there ever published stronger evidence than ,
Certificate frsmlF. Sterliajr, Esq.
For two years I hare been a great sufferer from
neuralgia in the head, and found only temporary
relief from all the various remedies that I hare
tried, until I applied one of "ALLCOCK'S PO
ROUS PLASTERS." I cnt it into three strips,
placing one nndereach shoulder blade and the oth - -'
er over the strait of my back, and for the past '
three months I hare had scarcely a twinge of tne -old
pain. I advi.'e sll who suffer from nervous dls
eases to lose no time in making s trial of the won
derful plaster - - i-
A. F. STERLING, Seo'y Singer lifg Co.
New Vork. June 8, 1868. . - .:
Principal Agency, Bkakdbjrh Houbi. New '
York. Sold by all druggists. u ' " ' ' :
innel6-dAwlycm-reKT " '. " 7 ,
; ' AND .:-.
PROV ' ENCE. R. I., h Ting the largest manu-'
fact ry So S er In the world, with
the most m proved mach y, and employing the i
most skille t labor, are enabled to ofier an un
equalled variety of ne and beautiful designs in
Dinner Services. Tea . e vices, and every article '.
specially adapted fort . liday and Bridal tiifU. .
They offer also their well-known and unrivalled
Nickel Silver Elee ro-Plated Ware, in which the
have introduced sew patterns of rare elegance. .
The Solid Silver is guaranteed to be of sterlio' :
purity by U. S. Mint assay. - The Electro-Plate i 1 '
guaranteed to be superior to the finest Sheffiel
ware. Orders received from tbe Trade only, bu -these
goods may be obtained from responsible
dealers every where. " -'
m -; ' Trade
Trade Mar 1-r-i -
Silver. . . - puu
Salesroom No. 3 Maiden Lane. N. V.
nov5-d&w4Xm-Pe NT
DR. A. B. WILLIAMS. West Bro.')''. ner
Hgh street, Columbns. Ohio, kas devoted himself
r a series of yean '"th treatment rfoeHain rri.
vte diseases, f emay bieen nlted St his offo .
Broadwa near haJixohansebaok ...
may.H-f - - : .
VVH restored In four weeks. Success
guaranteed. DR. RICOKD'6 ESSENCE OF LlrE
n-stnres mahlv Dowers, from whatever nn .ri.
sing; the effects of earlv pernicious babies, self
abuse, impotency aod climate, give away at once to
una wouavriDi meaiotne, 11 taken regularly accord
ins to the directions (which are very simple and re
quire no restraint from bniioess orDleasnm.) Vmit
nre is impossible. Sold in bottles at S3 nr f...
quantitiet in one for 9. To be had onlv of tbe solo
arpointed agent in America, H. Gkbitcbh 87
Third Ave., eorner 13 tb StM New York. . . ' ' I
The' Medical limes" savs of tiiis work: "This -valuable
treat lss oa the caase and -sure ef prema- I
ture decline, shows how health ia impaired through
vfc jvw 1 u uu maooeoa, ana now.
easily regained. It sives a elear synopsis of the
nervous debilitv, and the remedies therefor." A .
pocket edmen of the above will be forwarded on,
"e'nQt ,?s-"n' b' dressing Doctor CceimT? t
Sfi. fig North Oh. r at,..., I; . 1 . : . V J
I hats heard It hisalr extolled ana b.v. A
wonderful effeots, writes JkUrths.14. Johssoswj
Derby, Ut., about Palmer's La tion. '. . .-.-i . :

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