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rotA hv W. J.. Savage,. Jeweler, 83
SquU, High street , -. :
WEDNESDAY, Jan. 13, 1868.
HT K. M.
11 a
f. U..
r. Thar Wind, Wcathtr.
f SO 8. W. Fir.
&tt 4U - 35 . B.E. . Fair..
1M V S. E. 'Fair.-"-u
u . " H. M-
Ban Riss..- S9 1 Han Sets-
t Col. Jqnn 31. Connell and Hon.Wro.
Newman are in the city.
- -
The committee of the Legislature to
loiate th tew Penitentiary atari. vu
morning for Mansfield. . " ... ,. v (r
or There will be 7 partial eclipse of the
moon on the night of January 27th, visible
in North and Sooth America.
If the thermometer holds Its present
point twentjr-foor houra longer, BinkisU
may be happy In the thought of skating.
Eggs is Egos. Dealers" say thero Is, an
appreciable, Increase In the demand lor eegs
just at this time. They account for this by
the fact of the great consumption, of bev
erages Into the composition or which the
egg is introduced. T
Last DaT or Gi.ACi.The tax books of
this county, will to-day-be placed in the
hands of township" collectors. The city
books will remai In the hands 'of the
Treasurer but a day or two longer. Those
who are behind will see the necessity of
paying up at onee. ;
AcciDBaJT.Yesterdayas Sqnlre Llsle's
daughter with Miss Clay poble, and a gen
tleman who was driving, were riding in a
buggy on the Dublin pike, near the Peni
tentiary, the horse took fright at a locomo
tive attached to gravel train, and ran away
throwing the occupants and. the buggy
down an embankment, by which they
were somewhat injured.
Another Burglaet. Noderer's black
smith shop, on Fourth street, near Friend,
was entered by burglars on Wednesday
morning- and robbed of a lot of tools,
hammers.' ausurs and the like. This Is but
a gathering of tools for e heavy raid on
some establishment. There Is nothing but
a bolt that wilt keep these fellows oat. Out
siders and ; skeleton keys are too many
lor an ordinary door lock. Put bolts
on your doors and load yonr l Istols If you
have any valuables in your houses.
TiON.-r-The Convention: of Internal Reve
nue Assessors, held yesterday at the office
of the Secretary of State Board of Agri
culture, wm. rather, an informal affair.
Eleven districts -rer represented. The
discussion generally was Tin the Kevenne
law and to Induce uniformity of practice
under the law. Z W"; Warden, of the Eighth
iitatriAt. was elected chairman, and C. A.
Harrington, ..of..: the .Nineteenth 'district,
Secretary. The session was very Interest
ing and will be productive ot good in pro
ducing uniformity in the manner of mak
ing assessments. .;vr , T' ' T
Exctjbsiosi from. Lancaster. The citi
zens of Lancaster will visit this city this
morning at 11 o'clock; on an eicuslon, trip
tendered them by the Hocking Valley road.
There was an informal meeting of -the City
Council last evening 5Uj make arrangements
for rthe reception of ttie city aathorltles of
Lancaster. . The i excursion train will ar
rive here this morning' about -II o'clock.
Tickets tor the entertainment of the guests
will be distributed in the cars, and the re
ception will take place in the Opera House
at half past one o'clock.- J udge Thurman
and Governor" Dennlson'' have been ap
pointed by the committee. of the City Coun
cil to receive our neighbors irom Lancas
ter,' on behalf of the citizens of Columbus,
at the Opera . House at. the " hour above
tated 4 ki . .! i r. .r. rVv;-' ":.'
A. TooGaSxoRT. The other, evening
there was . a learned dissertation, subject,
"Bedbugs and their' remarkable ''tenacity
of life." One asserted of his own knowl
edge that they could be boiled 'and then
come to life. Some had soaked them for
hours in turpentine without any fatal con
. sequence. Old Hanks, who bad been lis
tening as an outsider, here gave In his ex
perience in corroboration of the facts. Says
he : "Some years ago I took a bedbug to an
lrotf foundry; and dropping It Into a ladle
where the melted iron was, had it run into
a skillet. WelU my old wjman used that
skillet pretty constant tor the last six years,
and here the other day it broke all to smash,
and what do you think, gentlemen, that ere
Insect just walked out of his hole where
he'd been lay in' like a frog in a rock, and
made tracks for his old roost rp stairs!
But," added be, by way of parenthesis,
" by George, gentlemen, he looked mighty
pale." '; Ti Li
Hiss Kellogg's Concert. The rnsh for
reserved seats to the Kellogg concert will,
we expect, be pretty heavy. This morn
ing John Seltzer will commence theale of
tickets at 9 'oclock. The able ciltie of the
New York World recently gave a resume of
Miss Kellogg's abilities and career, from
which we make the following extract:
This young prima donna has fairly out
run expectation. - Reared and taught in
America, where we ' are hardly yet free
irom the soil and the forest, and have been
told often enough that the luxuries ol art
belong to old cmliz ttlon. it was not claim
ed bv our enthusiasts, when she emerged
from Sigoor Muzlo'8 care, that 80 was to
go abroad and represent America' among
the artists oi Europe, we. ine oioec vain
glorious and boastful barbarians on the
face ot the earth, bad just time out of buf
falo hunting and railroad building to wash
our- hands and hear what tbe daughter ot
America bad to offer in lyric art, with manv
doubts of our own judgment in tbe matter.
We heard a pure American soprano and
those of vw who had given, any attention
to tbe matter knew that there was as dis
. tinctive a quality in ' an American soprano
as there is -in an American atmosphere,
We sav we heard the voice; saw an intel
lectual and expressive face, that was called
lovely by some of us; noted the refinement
of manner and winning grace of demeanor ;
but we said very little about her art. . To
be Irauk, we were rattier inclined to be
patronizing and to give her good advice
Had it Deen a reaper or a -steam engine.
now, bow defiantly we would have chal
lenged tbe world I That was our enthusi
asm for tbe American -soprano in 1861,
-when she came to as as Gilda, in " Rizdleb-
to." Her rare sy mpatheiic quality ot voice
and brilliant head register were the same
then that they are to-day. But it w a i neces
sarv to take them to a, great yoeal market
- t ' .. r IQCq at... .
tor appraisement. iu imiuo dupjku'
larly engaged.
In 1867 tho- went to Jin
. giaua.
we All know, and appeared at
Her Majrtty'a as Marguerite, in Gounod's
"Faust." There was au Intrepidity in this,
thoroughly American. Genius ol the blith
est order sad made the assumption perilous.-'
Was this Yankee audacity or modest
Belt-reliance, that this daughter of a plion
ographer, a , particularly bright but bum
ble neophite, Irom a country busied entire
ly in life's mechanical utilities sbonld step
boldly into the sanctuary ol art, where had
-only been admitted, -alter Ion it ordeal, the
few queen of eonr that were, bo to peak,
the flower of European cultivation ? She
made her debut In -Faust," following it
with tbe i'ravlata " ana Martha," and
the rVerdiet, when the -sctonUHment had
subsided, was a bursof geuuiue Kugiisn
admiration hearty generous and just
Critical acumen was pleased to say that she
possessed ft fare combination ot vocal ac
complish men is with mi admirable knowl
edge of acting ; our eousina professed to be
abietoeee both a noble inspiration and an
honolable aspiration. -Her voice was a rich
endowment-iu itself, but to it was added the
dramatic power of genius t Tbe subsequent
operatic triumphs of Miss Kellogg in .Lon
don are too recent to need recapitulation.
A Glorious Occasion.
Resolutions of Thanks.
: Yesterday morning at 9 o'clock, a train
of eleven passenger coaches left the. Union '..
depot in this city for an excursion to tbe
city ot Lancaster, given In honor of the
opening of the Columbus & Hocking Val
ley railroad. . t - - - . ' i
1 It was a gay and festive party of ladles,
gentlemen, members of; the City Council, .
members of the Legislature and of the
press,- and - from Columbus to Lancaster
was brilliant with wit, sparkling with
mirth and musical with song. . '.
. At each of the stations on the road down
great accessions were received to the num
ber of ' excursionists, so that by the time .
we ' reached Lancaster, and.' the-, crowd ,
poured from the cars, it seemed as if we
bad the majority of the people of Franklin'
county with us. ' , . :' f ' ' . ,,
' The road runs through 'a beautiful and
productive valley, Is well built and ballast
ed, and is smoother and rnns with less jar
than one-half the roads in the country.
.The train was under charge of Superin
tendent John Doherty, whose great knowl-.
edge ot railroading was equal to"the emer
gency, and the great crowd of excursion
ists :werer made comfortable .'without the'
noise and squabbling and. annoyance usual
on such occasions. . . .
' The engine No. 3 is one of the smoothest .
running we were ever on. Itlsotthemanu-'
f icture ot Hlckley & Williams, Boston,Mass.
Charley A.Wiggans, one of the best railroad
engineers In the State, had the throttle-
valve, ai.d we seemed to fly over the earth,
so easy was the motion.-An imaginative
joker In our neighborhood called it sleigh-'
riding by. steam. - ii-- i . i'
At Lancaster the party was met by a
deputation of the Common Council of that
city, who escorted ns to tbe City Hall,
where a meeting was organized, with Hon.
Tall Slough in tbe chair. Mr. Slough In
troduced W. P. Creed, who delivered an '
address of welcome, in substance as fol
lows: Senator,' -Representatives, Members of the
City Council and citizens of Columbus :
! In behalf of the people of the city of
Lancaster I give you welcome, and as law
tuakersare always law observers, I am au
thorized to extend to you daring yonr stay
among us the Ireedom of the city. To you
of the law making power are we indebted
for tbe wise statutes by which our people ;
are stimulated and our wealth developed.
Seventy years ago the valley' over wh ich
you passed this morning was an unbroken
wilderness. Its productions, having no
market, were limited to enough for borne i
consumption. De Witt Clinton conceived
tbe great idea of a canal. It was built, and
a market was opened np, and by means of
that canal the value of our lands and the
products of our -soil were-so increased
liiat millions were added to the wealth of
the State. But we have so increased that !
canals are not sufficient, and around us are
thrown iron bands annihilating space as It
were, and bringing the nethermost parts
together, and the products of different sec
tions to our doors. The speaker referred
to tbe va-tms ot England and her sys
tem of public works, and spoke of tne dif
ference ot ber greatness on the rich and
the poor man. Hera on this continent, be
tween the Atlantic and Pacific, is a mighty
nation, governed by the same general law.
They worship God as seeuieth good to
them and there is none to molest or make
them afraid. From one end to the other of
this vast country, we are Americans all,
and though separated by State and county
lines, we are brethren of the same great
household, and we should cherish towards
each other the most kindly and fraternal
ieeungs. i nope tne day will soon come
when we shall have no Imaginary Mason
and Dixon's line, but wben all, the citizens
of Portland, of Boston, of New York, of
Charleston, of Galveston, of New Orleans,
bound by these iron bands of commerce,
and a brotherhood and community of in
terest anor gooa leiiowsbip, may all live
under the same law. - Againt, in the name
of our city and our city government, I
welcome you to Lancaster.
Mr. Creed's speech was rapturously re
ceived by his Immense audience and at Its
close he was warmly applauded.
Dr. Wm. Fielding was then introduced
to reply on behalf of tbe Legislature. He
apologized for lack of preparation. He
wis born a Whig, 'but bad early Imbibed
that great Idea of Gen. Jackson's, "never
seek or decline an honer,t.hence.: wben he-4
was notified that he would be expected to
reply to the very able address et welcome,
be accepted the position though all unpre
pared. He spoke of the benevolent insti
tutions of the State and their effect on
the people ot tbe different portions of the
State, making them feel a gratitude oce to
the other for them." You may, bind coun
ties, he said, with bauds ol "iron,, but the
hearts ot the people can only be united by
the stronger and sweeter ties; of fraternal -affection.
He paid a "high compliment to -
the ladies present, and recited a portion
ot Burns' poem, "The Lassies, Oh." He
returned thanks on behalf o his. fellow
members or the very kind and generous
words of welcome uttered by Mr. Creed.
The Hon. Sam. Galloway, on behalf of
the citizens-' of Columbus, followed Dr.
Fielding, and in a very humorous speech
referred briefly to the occasion which- had
brought the people together, and returned
thanks for the most kind and hospitable
welcome-. ' '-. ' ?
.After the speeches were concluded, the
guests, each one-armed " wltfr' a ticket fn- '
Scribed "compliments of the City Council
of Lancaster Dinner at Tllniadge House," .
marched to the hotel indicated, and there
sat down to a glorious dinner. The Tall-"
madge Is kept by C. Flemtuwbo not only
do s things up in style himself, but is ably
assisted by M. H. Ambrose, his clerk- We
... . '
never ueiure saw so large ana so nungry
a crowd led with bo little delay and so:
little pother. The girls waiting on the A
table seemed to know by intuition lust
what was wanted, and just when to serve
can commend the Tallmadge to the trav
eling public--The young lady who fur
nished us with a particularly fine cup ot
coffee has our blessing. .....
At Winchester, we took on a Mr.Kraner,
70 years old, who yesterday took a seat in
a railroad car for the first time. Though
he had oiten seen the cars, . he bad never'
before dared to ride behind the Iron horse.
Though the Hocking Valley . road Is as
yet only opened to Lancaster, a distance of
thirty miles, It will not be long until its
advantages will be felt by "6iirbUslness
raen That It Is destined to be one"f the.
pestfroads evi r built, lor this city, we have
notl), shadow of doubt. It will give It a
position M .ooal .center .unequalled in tbe .
AVesfc-a We ahall takeoccasion hereafter to
reier ti-Abe road,- its connections and Its
luture qiore fully. , .
- Trains will be run regularly In' a few
days over the road : i'-'-r-iv. ''
' At an Impromptu meeting of the meir,
bers of the Ohio Senate and House of Rep
resentatives held In the parlor of the Tall
madge House, on Wednesday, Jan.' 13th,
the following procetdlngs'were had,'' '
' tori motion of Hon. Curtis Berjy;' jrV
Hon." Charles -H. ; Klng, of Toledo, was,
made Chairman, and 4-J.' Jacobs Secre
tary. . - . . .'. .." J .' ':
On motion of Hon-J. Sweatland, of Mad
ison, Messrs. Dangler and Campbell, of the
Senate, and Messrs. Callan, Newman and
Butter, ot the Hoose, weroT appointed a
iommlttee on resolutions. t
i After a short absence, Mr. Dangler, from
(he committee on resolutions, Reported the
following :
! Whrreab, By invitation of the officers of
the Columbus ana uocKing vanej raurunu,
we have this, day had the pleasure of , a
splendid ride, in comfortable and elegant
cars, over as smooth and well appointed a
road as Ohio can boasVand throogh one
of her richest and most beautiful sections
of. country ; and, .. . -
. Whereas. We have been most hospitably
received and entertained by the city coun
cil otthe enterprising city ot Lancaster;
and. , ; x .. - - .- ,-.-,
; Whereas. The host of tin Tallmadge
and Mitholf hotels have so irrefutably
shown us by the elegant and beautiful re
past to which they called us, and to which
we ininK we aid ample justice, mat tuejr
know how to keep a hotel ;. therefore,
Resolved, That to the officers and "em
ployees ot the Columbus & Hocking Valley
railroad, the Council xi he-city- ot Lan
caster and the hosts of the Tallmadge and
Mithoff hotels, we hereby tender our cor
dial thanks, wishing prosperity to tne rail
road, greatness to the city and a long and
happy life to the hosts,
i Resolved, That tl ese resolutions be pub-
lished in the Columbus and Lancaster pa-
- D. A. Dangler.
; . W. H. Campbell,
I , . D. J. Cai LAN,, ,-v
! ' J.W.Newman,
j . U.C. Kutkh,
j Committee.
On motion oT Dr. Bushnell, ot Mansfield,
tfte preamble and resolutions-were unani
C. H. KING, Chm'n.
J. J. JACOBS, Sec'y.
A Convention of delegates from the Tem
petance Societies of this State was held at
the-First Baptist Church yesterday morn
ing.' .... -,
At 10 o'clock the Convention was called
to order by appointing Hon. Charles Hare
temporary Chairman, and C. P. Simpson
temporary Secretary. Hon. E. E. White
delivered an address of welcome.
'The following committees were ap
pointed: .' - . :;f ; ..
Committee on Permanent . Organization
J Wadsworth, Caleb Clark, W H Stew
art, L B Silver and Rev H B Chance.
Committee on Credentials Kev D A
Bandall, S K Mitchell, H V Horton.
Oommitteeon Business Rev W A Camp
bell, Fred Merritt, A N Patton, S B Silver
and T D Royse. .
The committee on Permanent Organiza
tion reported tbe following officers:
President E E White.
Vice Presidents Rev J W Osborn, J K
Rukenbrod, D F DeWolf, Rev E Bucking
bain, Rev M Dustin and Rev G W Philips.
Secretaries H V Horton, J A Spencer,
C P Simpson and J Wadsworth.
After some- remarks by Rev. ; H.x B.
Chance, the Convention adjourned till 2 P.
At two the
Convention to order, and asked to be ex
cused from performing the duties of his
office, owing to a press of other duties.
The request was granted, and Rev. J, W.
Osborn chosen to fill vacancy. -" - -
Mr. Osborn took the chair, and made some
very appropriate remarks.
' Mr. Moffit was crlled upon to explain
the object of the' Ohio' State Temperance
Alliance, which he did in a very clear man
ner. -r f g! ( ; TT" ,-
Dr. Helmick 'read a letter from Dr. Chas.
Dewitt. He says, among other things;
Nothing effective can bedone, by those
friendly to the cause in Ohio, who are ouf
side the temperance orders, except to con
quer their prejudices against clone organi
zation, and join them, and thus swell their
members and increase their power,., until
they shall be able to carry on educational
operations adequate to the needs of the
times, and until they shall command the
respect of our politicians, and ultimately
secure: such legislation as we desire and as
justioe- and all our interests roqulre.- ;-
"rne state society is a powerless Doay,
without local 'auxiliaries. -- Local auxil
iaries cannot., maiutaiu their existence
without a reliable financial basi3. To this
complexion you must come at last."
The committee on Business made a par
tial report, which was In substance as fol
lows: 1st, That they feel that all efforts to
secure the advance of the cause of tem
perance, are dependent upon the union i f
the 'temperance frieuds and organization
of the State upon a simple and efficient
plan, with a financial basis that will give
them power to agitate and educate the peo
ple. In the judgment or your committee
the plan of the State Temperance Alliance
is the best adapted to secure this end, and
would recommend that the Convention ap
point a7 committee of five to 'confer with
the Executive committee of the. Alliance,
and report as eoon as possible on a basis of
union. Thos. Evans, Rev. M. Dustin, J.
Wadsworth.'J. K. Rukenbrod and Prof.
Merrick were appointed said committee.
The committee having retired to prepare
their report, Rev.'H. B. Chance was called
upon and made-qaite an interesting little
speech, in which he called the attention of
.those present to the, following placard,
hanging over the President's chair: "Our
motto: Tbe Maine Liw for Ohio! and it
need be to obtain it, Independent Political
Action," to which, he argued, the temper
ance men were sure to come. - .. ;r -.
V The committee on the question of a union
with the Alliance offered a partial report,
which was referred back to the committee,
and made the special order for seven o'clock
"in tbe evening. , W. ,,,, ;;;
L The Convention then adjoarfted till sev
v . , . . . . . ...
eno cioeKju tne evening..
tW The mortgagees of the Olentangy
Park Association are requested to call at
my cfllce and receivj balance due them in
ull. , . ""'' i-
: janU-tf Kichard JTeviss, Vice Pres't.
' Wanted. A family to take care of a boy
rn VMrs nlrl. at f.hp 1-atA e( nar tnrknfh
i 0nl a re8pectable fainUy. need app,y. Ad
Je-welry made and repaired by C. E
Smith, 27 S. High street, over Bain's store
nov6d3m .
Choice Red Wheat Flour, $8 00 per bar
rel, warranted to give satisfaction. 'For
sale at McColm, Miles and McDonald. - -:
jan7-dtf . :" ' .-. m v
:' To Consumebs of Coal. Buy your coal
of Bock Bun Coal Company. You will
find it of superior quallt. , free from slate
or clinker. Eighty pounds to the bushe)
is guaranteed, arid it is sold at the' lowest
market rates. Orders left at the office, 187
North High street, or at tho Company's
t rdertox at the grocery store Of George
McDonald & Co, 106 South High street
will be proinytly attended to.. "
, ja7 . rcsre. MTi Wkavbr, Sec'y,
A case ok Humphreys' Homceopathic
Spicific in the bouse Is a well-spring ol
satisfaction.-' You can always find the trut
remedy i for a bold,! couh,' sore throat-
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or other"' 'of ther thonsaud aliments to
which a family are subject, and thus save
doctor's bills, sickness and suffering. Prlc
of a lull case ai 4 book of directions Is $10.
Sent to any address on receiptor the
price;.:' Addrees,' Humphbbys' SPKcrjrc
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way,rvy...i 1yl3-d&wly-cw
i" Holloway's Pills. Want ot, vital ener
gy, nervous weakness, physical debility, or
bywhatever other name you choose to call"
that feebleness and depression which ren
ders its victims careless whether they live
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ble prescription for It-HoLLOWAY's Pills.
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iFflthe ladies but knew what thousands ot
them are constantly relating to us, we can
didly believe one-half of tbe weakness,
prostration and distress experienced by
them would vanish. James Marsh, Esq ,
159 West 14th St, N.Y, says, "he has
three children, the first two are weak and
puny, his wifehavlng been-unable to nurse
or attend them, bnt she has taken Planta
tion Bitters for the last two years, and
has a child now eighteen months old which
she has nursed and reared herself, and both
are hearty, saucy and well. The article is
Invaluable to mothers," Ac.
Such evidence might be continued for a
volume. The best evidence is to try them,
They speak for themselves. Persons of
sedentary habits troubled with weakness,
lassitude, palpitation of the heart, lack of
appetite, distress after eating, torpid liver,
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relief through these Bitters. -
Magnolia Water. Superior to the best
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tho price.
RNY-8ept25-deod&wlycw j
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bells In the neatest and latest style. Sew
ing machines repaired and satisfaction
guaranteed. Models built for patentees,
and all kinds ot light machinery made and
repaired. Keys ot all description always
on band, and sate and jail locks made and
repaired. - may23-s-ly
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breath always iragrant, it is only neces
sary, to use the S zodont dally. ,
' ' Spalding's Glue, 1
always up to the
sticking point.
. Drunkenness, how treated and cured
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ISTo. 13.
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au, and will always render satisfaction. ,
No. Centa'
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S, " Worms, Worm Fever, Worm Colic.26
S, " Crylns-ColicorTeetliing-orinlants25
4. " " Diarrhoea of Children or Adults.. 26
6, M Dysentery, Griping, Billons CoUc2ft
' . . r:hnl.r..'trn.liii. Vrttnitint. 9ft - ,
'.Jl" "Coughs, Colds, Bronchitis U5
IVeuralcIa, Toothache, Faceache..8S
aaeaaacnessicKiieaaacne, v crtigo
Dyspepsia, Bilions Stomach 36
Suppressed, or Painful Periods... 26
Vnites, too profuse Periods 95
IP. u
salt K lienm, Erysi
Mbeuniatlsin, Kh
All (fitabovearcvuluvin VIA LS.wilh direction
containing doubU quantities tack, for. GO
The following are aim put vp in, vialt and are
tent at the tame price given below.
Fever i
: A gas. Chill Fever, AgaesEO
ind or bicediDe 50
Opthalmy, and sorebr weak EyesGO
Catarrli.acnte or chronlc.Inflnenrj60
Astlima, oppressed Breathing. 60
Ear Discharges,iinpairedhearlng50 ,
Scrofula. enlarged glands.swellingeSO
CieneralDebility, physical weaknee60
.. Dropsy, sod scanty Secretions 60
ea-SLckness,slckiiess from ridingftO
Kidney-Disease, Gravel 60
Nervous Debility SemfnaU
Emissions, involuntary Dis
charges 1 00
Sore Illontn, Canker 60
Urinary Weakness, wetting bedao
Painful Periods, with spasms.. 60
Sufferings at change of lire 1 00
ElIepsy,Spasms,St.Vitas'Dancel 00
Diphtheria, ulcerated sore throat. GO
Of 35 to 60 large vials, morocco
or rosewood case, containing
., a specific for every ordinary
disease a family Is subject to,
and books of directions
From $10 to t3S
Smaller Family and Traveling cases,
with 20 to 28 vials from $S to $8
Bpecifics for all Private Dlseascs,botli
for Curing and for Preventive
treatment, in vials and pocketcases,$2tof5 ,
Cures Burns, Braises, Lameness,
Soreness,8ore Throat, Sprain. Tooth-
acne, Earacne, neuralgia, Kneuma-
tlsm, Lumbago, Piles, Bolls, Stings,
Sore Eyes, Bleeding of the Lungs,
Nose, Stomach, or of Piles; Corns, ill"
cers. Old Sores.
a-rice, t oz., sucis.1 jrinis,si,vvx
Quarts, $1.75.
t-tr These Remedies, except POND?8 EX
TRACT, by the case or single box, are sent to
any part of the conntry, by mail or express, free
of charge, on receipt of tho price.
Address Humphreys' Specific
9 Homeopathic Medicine Company,
Office and Depot, No. 662Bhoawat, New York.
Dr. HtTMPHRlTS is consulted daily at his office,
personally or by letter, as above, for all forms of
disease. q
A fresh supply of the above always on hand and
for sale by
8. E. SAMtJEL.
All fresh and genuine Medioines have on tbe
bottom of tbe box, or in the eases, Humphreys'
Specifies, Homei.pathio Medicine Company. Buy
o others. They are not reliable.
vDr. Barton's Tobacco Antidote.
pUzv. It purijiat and enriefiew tho blood, iurigoratetba
ety veoesooM and futrwuet. nd ti uno an excellent j
r, enaBries tho stomach to direst tbe heartiest foodiiakes
sleep reflkeahiaff, and establishes robust health. jBmokera
Tstettx possess neat nounsninjc and MiWfrtbenlDitfp
ana enewmu jor rtxty year eurea. rrice r iitMcents per
box. PoTtee. JLa interesting treatise on injnrioas
effects of toRaeeo, with lists of testimonialjir references,
etc, 8 KB I rut. Agents wanted. AddreiV
- De. T. B. Abbott, JeiVy City, N.J.
, teVtimonis.
Postkistkr's TiSximoxt. I receiTffla box of BnrtoBB
Antidote Irom Rt. AM. Poutton, anfl find it at. ejesual
cure. 8. CUtshaV CoiinottonyHarrlson Cov Ohio.
Tntm THR U. 8. Tbnsurt, fJrrHary't OJflc. Please
end a supply of Uto AjiiVpOTC.'Ae one received hat dam
iu work surely. X O. T. Edoab.
r Fboh New Hampshtrk anaTB PBISOH. Gentlemen of
Influence here having been cJked of the appetite for tobao
co by using Dr. Barton's AIL t mote, desiie npplj for
the prisoners of this intitjnion.V
0 Jobeth MAToVn'ardeif V. H. Bute Prison.
r A BuncEK8 TKsriikxr. DrXBnrton'i Antidote for
Tobacco has accomplidd utt daimKfor it n
W. iUHjfUl Nat. BankVfew Albatry, Ind.
cured mj brotherid myself. It vsxVraiLa.
&er.W. Shoskaxxb, KelieyU StatiocA, Tm,
. , Fmo the ouci HiADQrjumi. LtSrw, Mass.
am faimed Miirty-tv pounds of JUh 4m (ArW month by
using Dr. Brtoa'a Antidote, and aU derire f tobacco u
tamo red. Wm. I. wUit, Jb.
' TmoitrvM Bovrmrair Hon Jottkital. Bifcrnfon,
Hd.-Obe box of Burton's Antidote retnovtd all Jartr for
the wdbd from me. I take pleasure in recommend ii ft. to
sui oar leaners. i. x. blatxb, j
tcaeitlonl Beware of llnjurroaa CounUr
eit edTertisea by Hambagt
Stock of naw and superior (nods, embracing
oat. without reaerre, at the tore in DESHLKhVS
compare them with those aaaalij charged
Memm MIp Bool, all Whole Leather,'
Boys Kip Boota, " - - . JB.OO, " .
Youths' Kfp Boots, " " 150, '? 8.50
Child Kip Boots. - - ,7; r:;. ' - a.o
Men's Calf, Tap-Soled Boots, ... 4.00, ' 6.00
Womea's Call Shots, Beit, - '1.73, 9.SO
Wemes's Best rioracco Shoes, - 1.50, ' 3.5
Ladles Double Soled Lasting Cobs. Gaiters, 1.40, t . 9.00
Ladles' do., SUk Gore, Tory Best, - ' - - l.S, - '." '. . S.OO
Misses Morocco Shoes, Polish, - - -.1.40, .' ! . 9.9S
Chllds Morocco Shoes, - - - - - 0.40, - " o.TS
' ' !-&.c ' Ae ' ' '' Ac, Ac.,' Ac '
These gordi are irnaranteed to be of superior material and workmanship, and will bear eompariion
with anr in the market. .
Den't forget that the sale ii potitir', and ia limited to bat a few weeks. Another each opportaoit
will nerer ear irsin. Be sore end find the right place (there i bnt one) before baying.
DESHLEK'S NEW BUILDING, opposite the Statismah Opfiob, is the place. Uo and fee'
Ooods. .
decT-deod3m-r E. C. CLOUD & CO.
Having greatly enlarged our Printing Facilities by the purchase of a complete new
The Latest and Most Approved Style,
And thejaddiiion of New Presses, including a
Generally conceded to be the fastest
In connection with BUGGLES', GORDON'S and" WELLS' Job Presses, that have
proven such euccespes in our office, and having the largest and most commodious
building in this city in which to operate, we are now prepared
In the best and neatest style of the art, and npon terms that cannot be competed with.
Our fast New Presses, our Improved Economical Machinery the result of the Inge
nuity and inventive talents of the best minds of the age enable ns to do good w
at MUCH CHEAPER RATES than can be done in the old style and with only the old
facllitles.&The Office Is complete in all its arrangements, and can do the work with
Books, -Pamphlets,
Legal flanks,
Blank Books,
Business Cards,
In this specialty
Having More Presses
; ' Offices in the
We are prepared to' execute all kinds of Printing, iu any color, at lower prices than
- " our neighbors. . .
Nos. .30, 38 and .
colusibu?.; OHIO.
erery thine in the line of MEMS'. WOMEN'S,
AND SHOES, now offered for tale, and to be elreed
HE W BUILDING. Look at tome of the price and
$3 OO, Regular price f a.OO
OI '. ,r. - . k , .
r s m ,
and best Piloting Machine In the world.
.3VES 2p:
Bill Heads,
Letter Heads,
Programmes, -Circulars,
Drue: Labels,
Bills cf Fare, Etc.,
we are unsurpassed.
than all Other Printing
City Combined,
40 Kortt ; High Street,
Cincinnati Money Market—Jan. 13.
GOLD buyln. . - '
MONEY-Maritet close at 1012 .pcr
EXCHANGE Higher at 50 to l-10c pre
mium buying. .- . V
New York Money Market—Jan. 13.
MONEY The money market is once ,
more working easier, and the demand on '
call readily supplied at 7 per cent. Offer--in8
are more liberal and banks are get- ,
tlnjr Into stronger position by tbe Increased
receipts ot currency from 'the west. Dis
counts are dull and unchanged. The Cotfl
monwealth and New York county banks (
are taking steps to return to state system.
A bank In Albany is doing: the same. . :
tirm In the moraine at 109)B10924', closed '
weak 81109)0109. .
GOLD Firmer; opened at 135 and,
closed at 135. . a '. .
New York Stock Market—Jan. 13.
quiet and steady durnlng most of the day; '
20-40, however, advanced materially. At .
the close the whole list waa stroneer.
Coupons '81 112WU2Ji; do '63 112
112; do '64 108107Hi- d0 65
10;do new 10SJ
108J; do '63 1085
1073. - .
moskl do 67-108K .-.?
io8; io-40's .tiiax&yi
The Railway market is active and hlghr .4
er. The bull programme Is progressing'
vigorously, and while tbe special features
are Reading, St. Paul, Rock. Island, Fort' -Wayne.
Wabash - and Northwestern, the ,'
whole list is buoyant and excited, whith .
heavy advance. Reading is under the In-,
fluence of combination. Sr. Paul, prefer- 1
ren, was very active at the last boerjd, and
in tbe long room, one broker taking 50,000
shares. Pittsburgh, I Rock .Island and
Northwestern were also heavily dealt ln
5:30 prices. Wells' Expre 25K26;
American 38; Adams 4949Ji; United
States 4Z Merchants' Union la;Paclflo
MaU 123123; Western Union Tele
graph 33i34; NewY'ork Central 157i.f
157); Erie asK38s; Reading; flo95;
Trre Haute 87; Wabash 63; St. Paul v
7575; Fort Wavne 122122 ObloA
Mississippi 3333; Michigan Central "
1151I6; Michigan aouthern 9091; 11- ,
linois Central I43144; Pittsburgh 8i$i
(H8o; Toledo 104105; Rock Islauu .d
128128; -. Northwestern 83S3& " ,
Chicago & Alton 149; C.C & Indlaua Ceu-
tral49. r -- .. : .-..
New York Market—Jan. 13.
COTTON M-re active and fully .c bet-
ter; sales at 290 tor middling uplin l, '
with some sales reported as hisrh as 29i v. ; ,
. FLOUR Closed dull, and 610c lower. .
' WHEAT Dull without decided change.
RYE Firmer; sales at $1 50l 52 tor
western. , (
OATS More active and firmer at 76
76Ko for western in store, and 787yj
CORN Dull at 9194o for new mix-'
ed western, and $1 071 103 for old mix- 3
ed western afloat and in store.
PORK Dull; sales of mass a't $29, sell- '
er. ox months. .
BEEF Quiet and without decided ' "
chansre. - - i
CUT MEATS Tseady with a moderate
BACON In fair request. 1
LARD Dull and heavy at 1019
for fair to prime steam. -
EGGS Dull at 3435c
Cincinnati Market—Jan. 13.
' FLOUR Firm; family $7 758 00. ,
WHEAT Irregular and dull at $1 73
I 80 for No. 2 and 1, and No. 1 sold at tut
quotation, though $1 70 1 75 represent. ,
tne views of buyers.
CORN In active demand at 65c, and -
holders ssWed higher prices at the close.
OATS Unchanged and quiet at 6061c. .
RYE Firm at 1 40 . i
BARLEY Unchanged. : : ; :
CO XTON Firmer and excited,ud prices
hiehen middling 2828Mc
- WHISKY Very dull; small sales at 963
97c, but forced sales could not be made.ac
I better than 95e. - i f
HOGS Nominal and unchanged; none .
!flerlng. . ' .,
PROVISIONS Dull and prices drooping,
MESS PORK Held at 2929 50. . ,
LARD At 1919o for prime ketUe;
jteam 18Jc
BULK ME ATS Dull; sales of shoulders ;
at llllc and sides at 130. .
BACON In fair consumptive demand; ;
sales of 150 hhds at 13,413c for should
ers; 16o for clear ribbed, and 17Ji17c .
for clear sides; packed, sugar-curoa tiauia -
17K18C. - : . - ,
BUTTER Firm at 3340c. .
EGGS 30c. - . i -, i
OIL Linseed dull at $1 05 ; lard oil firm
at$l 601 5.
PETROLEUM Firm at 3032c for re- ;
fined. , ' ; : - :( t
GROCERIES Firm, with a good de
mand at full prices. -.'
SEED Timothy $3 60. -
The Price Current to-day publishes re- i
turns from 178 pork packing places in the
West, showing the number packed to the
close of December, and the estimated pack- 1
Ing for the Beasoo, rerultlng In a tailing off
In tbe number of 61.676 head in tbe pack-
ing this year. The increase in weight is
shown at 39 places, ranging from 4 to 40t
per hog, and a decrease at 36 places, rang
ine from 2 to 20 Its per hog. Chlcazo is not
! included in the footings.-
N. Y. Dry Goods Market—Jan. 13.
The general market la less exalted. For .
cotton goods there is an upward movement ,
in raw material, which- bas been arrested; '
but nevertheless prices of cert In classes
t (coods are gradually hardening, panic- .
ularly for printed and plain cotton fabrics,
which are in good request. It would seem
as if all classes ot cotton irocds must ad-,
vance in the next thirty days. SDraeue'a
f new styles of light prints have bren open-
j . i . t i i i i i - . . i .
,u ai iiiu, wune usrt anu mraiam iigni -;
-tyles are still jobbing at 1313c.
t The Cocheco prints have opened at 14c, '
' which is an indication that they do not
j sympathize with a rapid advance in price. .
ui uiaer rnsKes uuioera a vos. pinas
oppned at 13r; Hamilton J3c; Lowell
112; Warasutta 10c; Pacific percales 13c;
do prints 13c; do pekins and colorea
alpacas 25 ; do 01 ientais 21c; do am ores 22 ;
Pacific lawns will open at 18o. ,
The Wamsntta bleached mnslins hare
opened at 23)?'r; White Rock are steady at
17c, Lonesdale at ISc; Bates 20c; Nashua
19c; Appleton A heavy brown sheetings
Heady atl6e; WaterlotdN N 14i do
B B 12c; do llc; Booth O 12Jc; Laa
reuce H llic; lutiian Head 5 4 23c; Bootb
double told 18ic and Nashua W 5-4 do at
22ic . . : .,...
Chicago Market—Jan. 13.
FLOUE Very dull and easy at to 75
6 37 tor ppringr extras.
WHEAT Quiet and steady; sales of No
1 at 91 211 24, No 3 at 91 13J1 13, and
closing steady at $1 13),lor No 2; sales
since change at $1 13.
CORN Dull and Jc lower ; gales of old
No 2, and kiln dried No 2 at 65c; new 63
54ci no grade 6151c, closing at 63
54o toriew.
OATS Dull and steady; saless of No 2
at 41tl rejected 45$c closing firm
at 47o for No 2.
KY U Inactive and nominal ;' sales at
$1 16 for No 1 and $1 13 for No. 2.
BARLEY Dull at I 661 6& closing
at $167. - -
DRESSED HOGS Actlv.) and 1525s
higher; closing at $12 7513 25; live firmer
and a shlgher; sales at $9 509 80 for com
mon to lair, shippine; 10 1010 60 tor
lair to medium, and 910 60H25 for good
to choice packing.
St. Louis Market—Jan. 13.
FLOUR Unchauced.
WHEAT Unchanged. .'
CORN Unchanged; 6265c - s .
Ri:E Unchanged ;$1 25. - ' ;
BARLEY Unchanged; $1 801 D5 for
prime Iowa and Illinios. . , ... , n-
WH1SKY Unchanged ; 97c '2 " -
PROVISIONS Easier; shoulders Z&
14;; clear sides 1718c. ...
LARD 1819c.
HOGS Easier at 910o offered;
very little doing. . t . . , . ,
Toledo Market—Jan. 13.
FLOUR Quiet.
WYE AT I2o better,' closing weak;
white Mieniganl 73; amber $1 70 to $172
do buyer, $1 7& No. 1 red $1 70, No. a
$1 60. - "
CORN Shade lower; newNo.l 61c; new
white 62c; new rejected. . .
OATS Dull. , y-5i
BYE Quiet.- ' t " v"
ULOVEtt SEED Steady at $3 60.
DRESSED HOGS Firm and 3o bette
12ctol3c "
Cleveland Market—Jan
FLOUR Dull and lower.
WHEAT No 1 red wlntM'-
do$I 63. i.tiv-
f CORO Sales on track a 65c.
OATS Held at 68c

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