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-JAN. 15
Ohio Legislature.
In Seb.tet Mp.DKu introduced a bill
clvine'to cotfrts ti4 power'to eppolnta
taking down testimony, etc, to be used by
law make sucn appoiniuients, anu me sys
tem 1 one. that, ,ia that State at least,' com
mends' ItaeJf,. -t ..
Mr, Iijifbr, we purpose of'puttlAg an
end to th .acandalpus practlfce'ot certain
Gadget twajears since, of resljtniog their
offices and nrocurinz tbelr7reapp6lntmerlt
foe the jpufpose. ot ayaillnsr tbemselyes on
the tacreajje .OS saury,, wnica uv
stittttiqn could pot inure to, them, Without
a resignation '"and' jeappointment, Intro-,
tJacectalSUl tp'maie such persons ineligi
ble ..by reappointment to Judicial .offices
where- the salary was raised, and wblclT
they tad previously designed. ' If the bill'
passes,, and,, the, salary pf the 'Supreme
Judgri is jncreased,tp,i5,p6o per'annum.t
will estop these gentl'emen' from' violating
theeplrif 'of the Cphstftntion, by a resig
nation and a reappointment'
iy BOOKS pnerea loraaopuou a r"r
Intion. reclunar 1
letting me iacr, mat several, uieui"
bers aen rjp'taibeii' at frome bylllness
i that JtHe ptaml$o$Vfi
tutlona, abi the .jpenifentlary have lelve of
absence ffOtn, UTiqay .nntii. xuesaay man
lng t rjext. 'o impossible to :'.&' quorum
ot members An 'the Senate and that when
the Senate ''aajourned ' on to-day tFrlday)
It stand adjourned until Monday, which
was agreeato. . ., .
In flovse, Mr. .Li kite onerea resolutions
whlh,Mitife, laid pd tb,g table and Ordered
to b prlated, requst4ng our Senat9rs"and
Eepresentatlves inOoogressto procure the
pasrtg of a'bUl, limiting the jurisdiction
of att eon? ts of admiralty to the tide waters
except as t'4he river- St.uLawrenee And
the Iakes:nnding on th possessions of
Great 1ttnU -oii 10 in-cij jinu;:ii'
MrvDiCXn'a Senate bill; fixing the times
of boldtng) District Courta and Courts of
Common Freas for the. year; 166a, in ths
FifOu Judicial District, was, - nnder a sua-
pension if the constitntlonaj, tale, read
th rse several times and -passed . -i i a
TheJBoutel ieonourred In "the: Senate
joint fcsolatiosv: instructing the standing
connnltteea-' ow Benevolent Institutions to
Inquire into the condition of toe buildings
belonging to these institutions In refer
ence 'to their exposure to destruction by
XtimerouB! btlls were introduced, among
which' 'was- one by Mr; Bcghss, of High
land,' providing that o' cases where en
listed vold'bceers have- been credited to
township," "Whose' quota was .filled Inde-
v pendebtly of sach credit, tbe bounty shall
be paid snch voionteers by the State, and
a billlry Mv.'-CaiXAsr increasing tbe com
peniattOB ot county commissioners to 95
per dayJ i'l 'l' -3 b. s ,?. ' ;; )ii :
The iBommlttee1 on -Benevolent Institu
tions'made a report enclosing a commUnl
cation from DrJ Wm. L. Ptck, Superintend
ent of the Central Ltinatlo Asylum, stating
that there1 are 105 patients of said asylum
at present - with- their1 families or- friends,
or ifr county infirmaries or jails, and that
67 c4 by contract bfe secommodated In tbe
longVleW Asylum- and 20 in the Northern
Asylum. i"1'"' d ' u,--,
THURSDAY, January 14, 1869.
The PRESIDENT pro few, T. J. God-froT.-ralUd
the. Senate to order at ten
o'clock, pursuant to adjournment on Tuei-
, oay laft. . ... , .
Ftayer by Bev.: Mr.' Hays, of Wooster
Univfsrity. . "
The Journal of-Tuesday, was.- read and
approvedvwm iVi.U-. -i jj cil -v. v;
The following bills v ere read the second
timei .. ...1,1......
n. Jti . no. no jo ihhsc secnon iour oi
the'srt lor i peOTng'and- repvlalinir roads
' and. highways,:. pumrd January ' 27, 1853.
(S. -fc Cm 'page;1280. Beferred . to com
mitue on Corporations other than Municipal.-;'"
' -; ' " 7 : . '
.cB.'"jw. 3(64 ie proviae ior tne sp-
polntmext or a messenger ot tne tiupreme
Court jEjefwed. to (the .Judiciary-, pom-
Mr. BEBBYgave notice of Intention to
introduce a bill to provide for the con-
I rotectinn or lanos trom over now. ' -, : -MjrHUXCH
ESON gave notice of inten
tion to introduce a bill 'to pretciibe tbe
times and' manner of holding sessions of
icommtsBioners.-' -1 -'. 'i--1
B J Nx 281. by Mf. DANGLER To
authorvze tbe appointment of phonograph
ic reporters for the .Courts of Common
Pleas and District Courts of Ohio.
S. No. SS$ by Mr. POTTS-To amend
fcHeV'2 of the act defining tbe duties and
I owers 4i justices of tbe peace and con
stables in criminal cases, as amended March
29 1S67. , .
Tne'DiU eme'ridsthe' set of March 29,
1867' -eo1' that -the county commissioners
may, in their discretion, allow fees to jus-ticeg.of.-the
peace and constables in minor
criminal naoes wherein the State tails.
6. b Zoo, Dy mr; l,ijx jn MaKtng certain
persons im ligible to t flice. The bill pro
vides that noi person who shall have re
kilned anv office-. ta which he mav have
been elected or appointed, shall be eligible
tn the same office durini; the period ot time
for which he, was elected or appointed to
serve,; when, prior, to such resignation the
salary, fees, or emoluments, of the office
have been Increased. ,
' "
Thei committee on the New Penitentiary,
ancTMr.'Msy, and Mr.' Ontzwiler, Assistant
fciergeant-at'-Anns were grunted' leave ot
Rbseiee until Monday next;. Mr. Scribner
indtfinite..leave of absence, on account of
sickness In bis family : the committee on
Benevolent Institutions from II o'cloek to
morrow nntitMenday!nexf,and Mr.; Saus
srjc Assistant Sergeant-at-Arms, tor the
Mr. DICKEY offered a joint resol-ition
for a tine die adjournment ot the General
Assembly or the 19th inst. ' ' -
Mf.ri M AY'gave notice of intention to
disqiss-, the . resolution, which, under the
anla nrAIlM r a 'l- W TT If. f-VDr till mnimnr
Mr. 6 OLDEN moved a suspension ot the
rule, tm wbioh-the vote was as follows :
TxiarrMcssrs Berry.; Burrows, Camo-
bell. Carter, Corey, Dander, Dickey, Era-
roltt, Everett, Uolden, illng, jij-aner, .Uu-
derdohk; Potts, Winner, Xeonian 16. '-
NiTU-Mesrs, Brooks, Evans, Godfrey.
Hmcttown,, Jamison! Linn, May, ; im
mona 8. i , -. ., .,. :, .
A! majority or the whole number of Sena
tors' not baving vtfted In favor of the mo
tiotf tosospend ttie, rule; it was lost,' and
ttej-esoluiion lies ever till to-morrow.
Op. motion $t Mr, SIMMONS, the Senate
a recess. -
Tbb'PEESiDENT tailed the Senate'to
orderfct'three o'clock. '-"' ."
ByMrl DICK E r-From; the : citizens of
Higidaad:ouUaty for an act authorizing
tne payment of . bounty to certain enlisted
Boloiers. "Beferred .to, Messrs.. Dickey and
Potto as a select committee. ' - '
Mr,, STEDitAX asked ', au-J."- obtained
leave of absence Irom 11 'o'clock to-uior-rowTJntll
Monday next, to ai-company the
comeaitte an- Benevolent lr.stitntionS on
theig ylB, to the TfJorthera , JLuaatio Asy-,
lum. . , -
Mf." EMMIT' also', obtained MeaVe'of
absence for Monday and Tuesday ' of next
Weelft'l.:IjVI-iV 1 -JtH't i'.Uul-i -m i
Mr. BROOKS offered the following reso
lution, wbicb 'was adopted:" ''- " .
WawitESS, Scleral members of the Senate
are detained at home by, illness, and the
the Penitentiary kavo ijeave of
from Friday entil Monday : therefore,
are, ;
at whenthe benaye-adjourns
the 15th Inst., it fstabds ad-
. - t
oday; heaSth. Ut atl
IP. M.
committees pn-Benevolent InaUtnt!
introduce a bill to amend section 57 of tne
act to provide tor the organization, super
vision and maintenance of common schools,
passed March 13, 1S53.
r B. No. 234. by Mr. GB1SWOLD To
amend section 88 of the net of the iarisdlo-
tlon and procedure before Justices of the
peace and of the duties of constables in
'civil courts, passed March 14, 1853.
'r The object of this bill is to authorize
service ot notice In cases of garnishee up
oa the ticket or freight agentof a railroad
'company in any county,, through which
sui-h railroad mav pass. -r ,
u.i On motion ot Mr LIlSTlJ, the Senate ad
jpurned. - - .
Mr. HENBICKS moved that the vote by
1 hich H. B. No-. 65 was lost on Tuesday be
;i reconsidered: The House agreed,- and on
, motion of Mr. Henricksthe bill was, laid
on the table.- - - - -
By Mr. DICKSON, the petition of Jo.
seph Swiit, Surveyor of Lorain county,
'- asking, for the passage of a law for estab
.lishing meridians In all counties of this
State, and for surveyors of counties to take
.charge of the sa.me. , Belerred to commit
tee on Agriculture. "' .- .- .
By Mr. SWEILAND, the- petltion 'of
BeDjamin Leach; and 231 other citizens of
i, Pleasant township, Madison county, , in
'reference to the loss of township moneys
f by D W. Douglass, Treasurer of Pleasant
. township. Referred to committee, on - Fit
nance. v
Mr. 8COTT, of Warren, the petition of
"R.S. Lockwood and; 23 other citizens of
'Warren county, pray lng. for the amend
ment ot the iu teres t law so as to leiralize
special contracts for money at 10 per cent.
per annum., iteierrea to committee on la
' terest. ' , '
Mt. - SINCLAIR,-the: petition of S. ' Li
Collins and 40 other citizens' of Lucas
-county, praying for -such amendment of
-the act to authorize tbe county commis
elpuers to construct roads on petition , of
resident land owners, as. to emoower rier-
ouua o5fBu ioj- sucn improvements to oe-
come a Doay corporate. Keierred to com1
mlttee on Tarnpikes. :) ' 1 " -f.
Mr. FIELDING H.B. No. 457: To an
. thorize the county commissioner ot Shelby
county to apniy certain lunds in tbe county
'' Treasury to the completion of a county
. lnnrmary in said county. . v r
'. Read the first and second times under a
suspension of the rnles, by its title and re-
ierrea to Mr. x tela lng. -
" Mr. SCOTT, of Warren, offered the fol
lowing privileged resolution, which was
Resolved, That the Clerk of tbe Bouse be
instructed to Inmiire into the cause ot de
lay ot tbe printing of bills, and report at
nis earnest convenience.. , .
I Mr. LEWTON moved that tbe House
proceed to the consideration ot
. H. B'. TSo. 348 Mt. LEWTON : To pro
vide lor the relief of public officers from
whom public money has been taken, by
robbery or theft without the fault of such
officers, said bill bavins been read the third
time and made tbe special, order- for. 2a
o ciock jr. jji. oi cms aay. v. ... ,, .
The bill was discussed by Messrs. Wolf,
jewton, uugues ot uigniana, and uen.ils
,,, The yeas and nays were called on the
passage of the bill and resulted yeas 41.
nays vi so tne dii whs losr.
S. B. No. 181, Mr. BERRY To amend
Sections three, four and fifteen of an act en
titled " an act for regulating sales at auc
tion." passed March 16. 1S40, was read the
third time, and laid on the table, on motion
ot Mr. Ueadiey. l i - V
- H, B.,No 353, Mr. BELVILLE To
-amend section six of an act passed April 13.
,1865, amendatory to act providing tor the
election or prosecuting attorneys and pre
scribing their duties, was read the third
Mr. BELVILLE moved to recommit tbe
bill - to a select committee of one with in
structions to amend as follows: Insert in
line 5, section 1, after the word ' ''pleas,'
the words 'an application of the Prosecu
.ting Attorney," and In line 7, section 1,
aiter -case." tne words "or cases.".;
1 Mr. SAILER moved further to instruct
as follows: Strikeout inline 0, section 6,
the words '-'said court," and insert "county
commissioners" of said county, so that the
county commissioners shall fix tbe com
pensation' if such assistants of the Prose
cuting Attorney.vi..- - i
i Mr. ODELL moved further ' to instruct
as-lollows: Add "provided that la no
counties containing a population greater
than 100.000, no such special allowance
'shall be made, but tbe Judgesof the Court
ot uomroou rieah may appoint an assistant
Prosecuting Attorney at a yearly salary of
not exceeding 1,200." The motion was
agreed to. i 'u i :.; u- M.r;i-.;. .;
m Mr. BELVILLE was appointed said
.He immediately. reported the
bill ; back' amended as - instructed. ' The
amendments were agreed to."' . .u .
The bill-was discussed by Messrs. BeN
vlllo, Lewtou, Odell, . Sayler, . Dil worth,
Dickson, Scott, of Warren, and' Ball.
On motion of Mr: CALLEN, the House
! When the House look a recess it had un-
der consideration H. B. No. 353. in relatidn
to providing for the pay ot Assistant Pros
ecuting Attorneys. Tbe bill was again
laneu up ior. consideration. -
On motion of Mr. NEAL, the. bill was
laid on tne table. ' ' " ' - '
J Mr. LEETE offered tbe following joint
' Whkrkas. Tbe extension ot. exclusive
admiralty lurisdietion. by recent adiudi
cation of the Supreme Court of the United
States over the navigable rivers ot the iu
terior -country, loaning a, coast line of
more than thirty thousand miles, bassud
denly deprived large numbers ot people of
the neeot competentreniedies, with which
they have long been familiar, compelling
them to resort to Federal Courts so re
mote from the residence ot parties entitled
to remedies, r hat justice is practically de
jiied them, as. to a large class of cases
therefore, . . ... ; . 7 v .
Eetolved,: lylhe General . Assembly of the
State of Ohio. That our Senators in Congress
be; and they are hereby instructed, to In
troduce at bill into tbe Conre$s of the
.United States, limiting tbe jurisdiction oi
all courts of admiralty to the tide waters,
except as to the river St. Lawrence, and
the lake6 bordering upon the possessions
of Great Britain, and that said Senators
and Representatives in Congress from this
State are hereby requested to use their ef
forts In favor of tne passage of such bill.
Eetolved, Tbacthe Governor of this State
be. and be is, requested to forward a copv
of the foregoing preamble and resolutions
to each or tne senators and Kepresenta
tives in Congress from this State.
On motion of Mr. HILL, of D-fiance, the
resolutions were laid on the table and or
dered to be printed. '
message the Senate announced
the passage of a. B.No. 200, supplement
ary to the act entitled an act to fix the
compensation of members and officers of
general Assemoiy, passed April 2, 1866
The bill was read tbe first time. ., :
Also, S. B. No. 278, fixing the times ot
holding district courts and courts of com
mon pleas lor tbe year 1S69, in the 5th ju
dicial districtof the State of Ohio. -
1 Ou motion of Mr. WALLING the rule
was suspended and the. bill read: the first.
second ana uiira times,, ana passed, yeas
74, nays 0.. ., . .',.. '.'.,.
; The House concurred In the adoption ol
J. R. No. 65, relative to instructing the
'standing committee on.- Benevolent Insti
tutions to inquire into the condition of the
HJ B: No. 143 Mr. MANN : To repeal
&n act -supplementary to an act entitled
"an act to authorize county commission
ers to construct roads oo- the petition ot a
majority ot resident laud owners along
and adiacent to tbe line ot said road."
passed February 14, 1368, (page 12, volume
64, Ohio i.aws, was read the third time,
and, . ,, . .
"On motion of Mr. MANN, laid on the
11. B. No. 340 Mr. BOSS: - Entitled
"an act to amend section one of an act for
the support and better regulation of com
mon schools in the city ot Columbus,"
passed February 3, 1345, and to repeal tbe
first section ot an act' entitled "an act to
amend an act for the support and better
regulation ol commou schools in the city
ot Columbus," passed February 3, 1845:
passed March 25, 1854, was read the third
time, and, , . ..i-;;,-
JE8S, referred to
a select committee o two Messrjs. Boss
and Mann. f; . f H
H. B,
No, 818 Mr. KERB, of FSyetti
For the rellerol WUliana Hunter being
pr cniro readings. x
Mr. M ANN" moved to lay the bill on the
table. The House agreed,
f iirBNo88TMr-TOR HENCE For tbe
preservation of life and property, being
for third reading, on motion. oi , -
Mr. SCOTT, oliVVarren, .was postponed'
till Thursday, Jan. 28, 1869.
No. Siti, Mrs -ANDERSON To
amend section three Of an act entitled an
act to provide for ; the-appointment of a
commissioner of railroads and tetegraphs.
and to prescribe his duties, passed April 5.
1867. (Ohio Laws, Volume 64,' page '111),
was read the tiitrd time, and - further
amended, by reference to Mr. Walllnir as a
select committee ot one. . v -, c -
Mr. HILL, of Defiance, moved to laj the
bill on. the. table. Tbe yeas and nays were
called thereon and resulted, yeas 42, nays
40. So the motion prevailed.
H. B.No. 333 Mr. DUNG AN: To au
thorize certaiu convicts discharged from
the Ohio. Penitentiary to be restored to
citizenship, was read the third time.
Mr. ACKER moved to indefinitely post
pone the bill. The House disagreed. '
Mr. McMORRAN moved to lay the bill
on the table." "The House agreed.- -- r
H. B. No 890 Mr. WARREN : To pro
tect the freedom of speech, was read the
tbira time,
. Mr. LAWRENCE moved to lay the bill I
onthetible. Tbe House agreed
On motion of Mr. HILL, cf Defiance, tbe
third reading of bills was , postponed till
to-morrow. - ...:.. ....... .;
Qnmotion of Mr. BOSS, seas, refer
, Mr. LEETE-H." B. No. 459 :' 'Authoriz'
ing County Commissioners to levy a tax
for road purposes in certain cases. Read
the first time. .
Mn WOLF H. B. No. 458: To incorpo
rate consume associations. Read the first
Mr. HUGHES, of Highland H. B. No,
460: Supplementary to an act entitled ad
act to amend an act to procure a bounty
for veteran-volunteers passed May 16,
1868. Read the first time. - - -
Mr. SCOTT of Warren H. B. No. 461
To amend section two of an act entitled an
act to an thorize associations ot persons tor
conveying freight on any of the navigabie
waters of the State of Ohio and the lakes
and navigable rivers bordering thereon
passed April 2, 1865, and section four of
said act as amended March 6, 1S66. Read
the first time. -
Mr. McMARRELL H. B. No. 262: To
regulate the weighing of live stock, hay,
coal, grain and iron. Keaa tne nrst time,
Mr. RUTTER H. B. No. 463 : Supple
mentary to an act to provide for locating,
establishing and constructing ditches,
drains and water courses, passed March 27,
1861. .. Read the first time;
- Mr. MOORE, of Hamilton H. B. No.
464: To autiiorize cities of the first class
to appoint commissioners to establish lines
lor improvements. Head tne nrst time
'Mr. "WELSH H. B. No. 465: lo au
thorize the trustees of Chester township,
Meigs county, to levy a tax to pay the in
debtedness of said township. Read the
first time.
Mr. SWETLAND -H. B. No. 466: For
the relief ol David H. Douglass, treasurer
of Pleasant township, Madison county.
K?ad tbe nrst time,
- Mr; WILSON, H. B. No. 467 To amend
section one ot an act entitled an act to
amend an act entitled an act to establish a
uniform standard of weights and measures,
passed April 5, 1S59. Read tbe first and
second times, and referred to comiuiUee on
Mr. McMARRELL, H- B. No. 468-To
amend, section eiiihtof an act entitled an
act concerning notaries public and com
missioners and prescribing their duties,
passed March 10, lSa6. Read the first time,
,Mr. SINCLAIR, H. B. No. 469 Supple-
mentary to tbe act to authorize the county
commissioners to construct roads on peti
tion of a maioiity of resident land owners
along and adjacent to tne line oi saia roao,
and to repeal an ant therein named, passed
March 29. 1SH7. " Keaa tne first time.
Mr. CALLEN H. B.No. 470: To amend
section 1 of an act entitled "an act to fix
tbe. compensation ot county commission
ers," passed April 8, 1865. Bead tbe first
Mr. LEE H. B. No. 471: To amend
sections 2, 4. 5 and' 24 of the act entitled
'an act to preserve the purity of elections,"
passed March i0. 1S4L as amended by tbe
acts of April 15, 1857. March 30, 1864, April
15, 1867, and April 17, 1863. Read the first
time. . . :
Mr. KERR, of Jefferson, offered the fol
lowing resolution, which was laid on the
table under, a notice. to. dsscuss by Mr.
Leete. - ' -
Resolved, That H. R. .No. 205, in relation
to adjournment,. be rescinded, and, that
when this House adjourns on Friday,, Jan
nary 15, and on every third Friday, there
after, it will stand adjourned until the fol
lowing j. uesaay at z o'clock.
Mr "PARR, offered the following joint
resolution: ,
, Whkreas, The books of the Secretary
of State show that the Senate expended
for stationery in the session of 1863, the
sum ot $2,424 73, and the House tor the
same purpose the sum of 2,070 07; and
w bursas, no large a disparity ls .snown
between tbe two Houses in the expendi
tures lor stationery; and --!
whereas, ine House nas near tnree
times -the number of members as that of
the Senate; and
Wbkkeas, It is alleged that tne ser-
geant-at-Arms of tbe Senate ana House
have been charged with a greater sum for
certain kinds of stationery than the whole
sale prices for the same at tides, therefore.
licsolved by the Ueneral Assembly or tne
State of Ohio, That a committee of three
on tbe part of the House and on the
part of the Senate be appointed to investi
gate this matter, with power to send lor
persons and papers. ' ' 3
On motion of Mr. McMORRAN, the resolution-
was referred to the committee on
On motion of Mr. HEAD, the House ad
t3? The mortgagees of the Olentangy
Park Association are requested to call at
my uffice and recelva balance due them in
janl4-tf Richard Nevins, Vice Pres't.
Jewelry made and repaired by C. E
Smith, 27 S. High street, over Bain's Etore
nov6d3m ,
Choice Red Wheat Flour, $3 00 per bar
rel, warranted to give satisfaction. For
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will be promytly attended to.
jan7 V : Mat. Weaver, Secy.
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jj25-wfcdsly-cw. - - - '
WASHINGTON, January 14.
X a bill givisg a
pension' to Mrs. -Masy Lincoln from the
date of the death of her late husband, Pres
ident ot the United 8tates. - .. ?- -
Mr. SUMNER suggested to make the
pension $5,000 per annum, and the bill was
then referred to the committee on Pen
sions. -
Mr. DOOLTTTLE offered a joist resolu
tion authorizing the President 'to consent
to the laying of onq or more telegraph ca
bles from the shores ot any foreign power
to those of the United States, provided
:auch power will consent to tbe laying of
cables from our shores to their shores on
reciprocal terms. Referred to Foreign
committee. "
Mr. SUMNER introduced a bill to en
force certain provisions of the 14th con
stitutional amendment in relation to dis
qualification from office.
The Senate took the resolutions of the
Vermont Legislature against any recipro
city treaty with Canada, and
Mr. MORRILL spoke in advocacy there-
Mr rrt a riTr . mnn.
aider; tbe vote of yesterday refusing the
use of the Capitol lor
the inauguration
The Senate resumed consideration of the
bill for the relief ot Sne Murphey.
During the discussion Mr. WILSON
proposed the creation ot a board, consist
- lng of Generals Meigs, Thomas, Howard
and Ekln; to examine and report on the
claims of loyalists and sit for two years
from April next.
Without action on the bill the Senate
Mr. ASHLEY, of Ohio, from the com
mittee on Territories, reported a bill ta ex
tend the . boundaries of Nevada, Minne
sota and Nebraska, and the territories ol
Colorado, Montana and Wyoming. ' -Mr.
WASHBURNE, of Illinois, said the
bill proposed to dismember Utah, and that
before final action it would be better to
await the arrival of tbe delegate lrom that
territory, who was detained by sickness,
Mr. Ashley said the bill did not design
to intertere with settled portions ot Utah
but was intended to take away so much
that there will be not enough left to make
a State. He consented to postpone it two
Mr. COOK, from the committee on Elec
tions, reported resolutions that George W,
Anderson is not entitled to a seat trom the
9ih Missouri district, and that William F.
Switzler is. He would call up the subject
The special order was taken up. and
Mr. VAN HORN, of New York, spok
at length in support of the bill for the
construction ot a ship canal around the
Falls of Niagara, and
Mr. HUMPHREYS followed against the
Mr. PAINE, of Wis., delivered his own
views, showing that tbe interest of th
great States of the Northwest imperatively
demand increased facilities tor transporta
tion or the surplus and agricultural pro
ducts to market. He said what they want
ed and must have is cheaper transportation
Mr. WASHBURNE, of Illinois, desired
that a time be fixed for taking a vote on
the bill. It was now the middle ot Janu
ary, and they bad passed ouly three of th
general appropriation bills, and the others
should be passed so as to be sent to tbe
Senate. There was conversation on the
subject but no conclusion reached as
what time the vote should be taken.
Adjourned. ' ; ' - ;.y -'
Incendiarism in Philadelphia.
At one o'clock a fire broke out in Cald
well's jewelry Etore, corner ot 9th and
Chestnut streets, which extended to How
ell Bro's. manufacturers ot wall paper. At
this hour, 1:30, it promises to be a very de
structive conflagration. It is supposed the
luceudiary has been arrested.
- Caldwell's Jewelry building
ished, Orre'8 carpet store is very badly
damaged, Howell's paper-hancincr ware
house is destroyed, and the flames are now
confined to the mass of paper in the ruins,
The person arrested as the incendiary has
proved to be a man set to watch one of the
floors to prevent the ingress or strangers
The fire originated in Caldwell's store, by
the explosion of a boiler attacnea to tne
heating apparatus. Seven clerks, who
slept in the second story, barely escapea
alive, all being badly burned. Keyser's
art gallery was burned, entailing a heavy
loss of valuable paintings. The loss to
Caldwell Is unknown. It is supposed that
great quantities or valuable diamonds, etc,
will be recovered In the safest The loss of
Howell is about a quarter of a million ;
Caldwell's stock outside of the safes was
valued at a quarter of a million dollars.
it was insured tor U4,uuu. tioweirs stock
of $200,000 was Insured for $125,000. Orms'
stock of carpets, valued at $105,000, was
insured for $225,000. Tbe buildings were
fully insured. . Two clerks who slept In
Caldwell's store are missing. Their names
are Hogran. from Bhode Island, and Poulk,
from Winchester, Va.- When last seen, Ho-
gan had fallen down near the front door,
Both are supposed to have perished.
Georgia Legislature.
ATLANTA, Jan. 13.
The General Assembly reassembled to
day. A quorum ot both Houses was pres
ent. A committee wasappointed to notify
the Governor that they were ready for
answers. They then adjourned till Fri
day, when the Uovernor s message will
be read. Several colored members, recent
ly expelled from the Legislature, are ex.
pectiug to be re-instated.
Bullock's Memorial.
The Grand Lodge of the Union League
of Georgia held a meetingto-day, and elect
ed new officers and adopted resolutions
enthusiastically Indorsing Bullock's me
morial to Congress.
The Ogechee Trouble—Col. Williams'
Statement Denied.
SAVANNAH, Jan. 13.
The a report a con
versation held by one of Its editors with
the negroes concerned in the Ogechee
troubles. : The negroes say Col. Williams,
whose report was forwarded by lien. Bib-
ley, only visited one plantation, .three
miles from the scene ot disturbance, and
did not go to the other places to ascertain
the correctness of the report concerning
outrages. He asked no questions except
whether they had any-coinplalnts against
planters, whether they were at arms
against the United States, and wht injury
was done ov tne snerin -s po.-se. lie asueu
no questions about resistance or robbery ot
the Sheriff. He went down at nigbt.and
r -turned before daylight the next morn
ing, and was accompanied on the trip by
one of the leading disturbers of the peace
of Savannah. It Is reported that tne party
was arrested by negroes and released upon
Williams explaining who he was; Sheriff
Dooner publishes a card denying Col. Wit
liams' statement.
Reciprocity Treaty with Canada.
BOSTON, Jan. 13.
A meeting of prominent merchants of
this city has been held, and a committee
appointed to take the necessary steps to
memorialize Congress for the renewal of a
treaty with Canada.
Sentenced for Illicit Distilling.
George u. JNeison, ot Kuril ngton, con
victed of running an illicit distillery, has
been sentenced to imprisonment lor six
months and to pay a fine ot 1,000.
ST. LOUIS, Jan. 14.
J. K.Bear, telegraph operator at Bro wus-
ville. Nebraska, was knocked down and
shot twice last night, and robbed ot trom
six to eight hundred dollars, express
. x
Matrimonial Infelicity and Homicide.
- icide.
CHICAGO, Jan. 14.
' In Napierville, Dupage county, Illinois,
on Tuesday night, James Laird, Deoutv
U. S. Marshal of Wyoming Territory, was
shot ana xiuea oy unauucey liauey, as be
was entering Mrs. Bailey's bed-room.
Bailey suspecting Improper Intercourse,
entrapped the guilty parties by starting
on a 'long journey and returning unex
pectedly. ' The woman bad ' previously
eloped with a Unlversallst minister. Citi
zens the homicide.
Proposed Naval Society.
ST. LOUIS, Jan. 14.
James Laring, of Lazalle, Illinois, late a
volunteer Lieutenant in the United States
7? ,
savyxalls.pn-all officers who served In
tne western flotilla and Mississippi squad
ron daring the war to assemble at Cairo.
Februaryl8i.lt, and form a society similar
in character to that of the armies of the
Tennessee, Cumberland, Ohio and Georgia.
NEW YORK, January 14.
Andrew Reed, a dry goods merchant
from, the. West, was chlorofqrpied and
robbed while asleep in his room, -.at tarl's
Home, this city, Tuesday night. Loss
$5,000. JSo eivesta. nr
Washington Items.
Washington Items. WASHINGTON, Jan. 14.
The Southern militia bill was presented
to the Fresident on' Tuesday; for his con
sideration. -
The House Niagara ship canal bill was
postponed till after the morning hour, by
a vote of 70 to 40. IT- - r rf? . i
Gen.Gillem was before the reconstruc
tion committee to-day, and reiterated tbe
statements in bis official report, that he
was a favorite in Mississippi when the
tbe Constitution was rejected.
The Ways and Means eommiUee this
morning considered the subject of duty on
steel, but came to no conclusion and ad
journed till Monday next.
Brig. Gen. J. D. Bingham, chief of Quar
termaster's Department of the -lakes, has
been ordered to make an inspection of the
affairs of the Quartermaster's Department
In .V, n PiTf-h n..,.U, ...
Delegates to the National Bricklayers'
Union In session here, were introduced to
the President this afternoon. Hon. Sam
uel Cary performed the ceremony of in
troduction. ; -'
.Samuel Fryon, cigar manufacturer ot
this town, has tailed for $50,000. Assets
about twepty-flve per cent ' .
The Throne of Mexico—Secret Arrangements
at Madrid.
NEW YORK, Jan. 14.
The Herald's London special says: Dis
patches to-day from Madrid state that one
of Maximilian's Mexican Generals is se
cretly engaged in that city, making ar
rangements with' several Spanish scientific
and military officers, with a view of placing
Count Girgenti, brother of the ex-king of
Naples, on the throne of Mexico. Two
hiMidn-d officers of high rank are wanted to
carry the movement into execution. - Theii
pay will be secured them lrom tbe time
when they enter upon their duties. Sev
eral Turks assist secretly in this enterprise.
General Prim grants a number of officers,
desirous of joining, unlimited leave of ab
sence, for the purpose of taking part in thi
expedition. Napoleou, It is said secretly
favors the project. "
Theater Burned.
GLASGOW, January 14.
The Prince of Wales theater here wa
burned last No lives lost.
Reinforcements Wanted.
MADRID, January 14.
The authorities received a telegram yes-,
terday from Captain General Dolce, ask
reinforcements for Cuba. Hei thinks h
can suppress the insurrection with .4,000
more '
Greece and the Conference.
LONDON, January 14.
The press ot London and Paris almost
unanimously condemn tbe attitude oi
Greece in Insisting on representation in
the Conference.
LONDON, January 14. Franco-American Telegraph.
LONDON, Jan. 14.
The steamship Great Eastern has com
menced to take on board the submarine ca
ble ot the Friuo-American Atlantic Tele
graph Company. It is expected she will
sail in June nxt to lay tne cable from
Brest to the American coast.
The Eastern Question.
It has been agreed that tbe powers rep
resented in the Coi f pence on the Eastern
question, 6ball not by reason of their par-Ucipati-ju
iu the Coi,f rence to be held, be
bound to enlorce its ooncluslons. - t
Tumult Suppressed.
MADRID, January 14.
' A tumu't occurred iu flTartarsa, Tester-
day, growing out ot a quarrel between the
Libtral arid Carlist parties, il! was sup
pressed by the authorities and the city is
now quiet. The Journals here urge the
Government to use all means to strengthen
the bands of General Dulre in Havana, and
demand that 10,000. additional, troops be
sent to Cuba to render- possession ot that
island secure. '
Governor of San Luis Potosi Convicted.
HAVANA, Jan. 13.
The folio win ff intellizcnce has just been
reeeivea irom Mexico:
Tbe Governor of San Luis Fotost has
been tried by the Legislature and found
guilty of all the charges against him.
Scarcity of Labor.
Great misery prevails anionic the labor
ers in some parts of tbe country on ac
count of tbe scarcity of labor.
Indian War.
Tbe Indian war continues in Sonora.
Apprehended Intentions of the
United States.
Alucn excitement was caused among
Mexicans by artful reports that treaties
with the United States were intended to
entrap tbe republic into an acknowledg
ment or aeDts Heavier tnan sne can rav
when, npon default of payment, the United
States will seize her territory and demand
The Globe, an opposition journal, bad
vi- - -
NEW YORK, Jan. 14.
The Herald's City of Mexico advices of
the uj, state that at a Cabinet breakfast
Rosecrans assured Juarez and Secretary
Tegoda that the incoming Administration
of the United States entertained the most
cordial leelings toward Mexico. . ,
Valmaseda Reported Surrounded.
NEW YORK, Jan. 14.
- -
12th Btates that the npanisP Oeneral val-
maseda is reported surrounded and hard
pressed by the- insurgents on tbe- road 4.0
A portion of Martanz's volunteers have
gone over to tbe insurgents. . 5
Plantations Devastated.
Troops were reported returning to Nue-
vitas, destroying the plantations as tbey
moved. N . ,v - ...
Arms for the Insurgents.
Arms are said to be arriving for the in
Welland Canal.
TORONTO, Jan. 13.
The Board of Trade held a special meet
ing last uigbt to consider tbe Huron and
Ontario ship canal scheme. .Resolutions
were passed condemning tne scneme and
advocating the enlargement of the Wel
land canal. . -
Jeleff & De Butts, Locksmiths an
bell h4ngers, at No. 141 North High street,
are now prepared to bang parlor and hotel
bells in the neatest and latest style. Sew
ing machines repaired and satisfaction
guaranteed. Models built for patentee?,
and all kinds ot light machinery mads and
repaired.' Keys ot all description always
on hand, aud sale and jail locks made and
repaired v i; ; '- ? . may23-s-ly
Nervous Debilitt, with its gloomy at
tendants, low spirits, depression, involun
tary emissions, loss of semen, spermator
rhoea. 16sa of nower. dizzy head, loss of
memory and threatened impotence and
Imbecility, Und a sovereign cure In Hum.
phreys' Homeipathie Specific No. Twen
ty-Eight. Composed of tne mostvaiuaoie,
mild and notent Curatives, they strike a
once at the root ot the matter, tone np the
system, arrest the discharges, and impart
Vigor and energy, me auu vnam-jr
entire man. They have curea. tnousanue
of caseA. Price $5 per package of six box
and vial, which is very Important in ob
stinate or old cases, or 91 per single box.
Sold by all Druggists, and sent by mall on
receipt of price. Address Humphreys'
Specific Homeopathic Mjedicine Co, 662
Broadway, New York. jyl3-deod&wly :
LIST OF LETTERS Remaining uncalled for in the Columbus Post-office,
January 14, 1869.
Atcbiaon Mr
A.dama a B
Alkire Geo
AdeUJ ;
Adams John -
Annstr-.nc A Allen Miss A
Alien lO .. Allan u u
Allen Ynt G W Ad.au H
ADraDam Ur JM Asian J G
Adams Ja J Armstrong i W
Aaron John
Alien Meliea () Andlnon WI
Alien nn yi yi Alow MLmtJ
KlaneT Misi Barrett A O
Brannan Hira A
Hiocbam UissO
Beaoerlr Geo K
Brjant Jos
Bankxan L H
Bidxer S K
Bran W V
Baokoaw B P liuiiej Chaa H
Baihanan MinE Hardwell O
Kates tin U Blee Mrs Bell
Belt J Barrett Miss b
Barkers Mrs M Blake HU O
Brentlinirer Wn Black W .
Brjant W M Barnor Wra
Bates Wm (J) Baker W D
Brown Mrs S,, . Brown A . .
"... " .- V '. " '.:
Bntterfield WB
ilrowDB - ,
'Clearf Miss A
Cunningham '
Uiss Uj ,
P.rl ii 1
Corkrean MrsA tlramer Chan P
t!.oby Daniel Coomea Mrs P -
. - Oairil Eli- Carlije Miss Kl'ra
UwbwUeo'. Cruel John
Oolwell John
Churchill Miss
Jiark Miss M Carbid Mrs MolUe
Minni T. . f alH.n P..
V. ,T- rJlllD nnaae fat, .
Collote Mrs W S
... I
Derwijc MissA M Davis Mrs A J
Derres DA Dean lire W
Dntter J Davis Jenkin
vouase Mrs o
DaOraw Mn 1
Dennieaon Jameav
Dankw-orth Jns Lenison MraL J Ilavia M a
. uawson Jos-S
Dunham Kev B F Davis The 't Davis Wm W-J
DevrWmK Delaney 'i'ho'i ; , - ,
Blister J- riiwerds MissJ Knsiish John
Edwards John Q Elliott L E Krens Miss U AfJ
Aiiis-m h x. in ire auth ' r. a warns nias a
Evans Uiss S-S
Fnllerton A L
Fonkes Jas H
Fisher ieter .
Finnan lira Anna Farmer Baron E
Ferrj Mm J
ielton John
Glassford Albert Graham D
Griffith 11 Galbraith G
Gormley Henry Gulick Jas F
Griffith Isaao. Gilmorejoba
Glass Lewij Griffith Maria
Gibbons Mil Piggi '
GantMinF '
Girrison Geo '
Given J E B
. Gauge Johnl t
Gurney O B :
Hart Mr
Hall Misa Emma
Hamilton John
Hall Miss Mary
iiamer Mrs O D -
Hamilton MnCHr-ttle Mrs If
Hwfaell Free Hager Uiss J
Harrasa Mra M Himur Mi M
Hutton MissM HadenMiasMelia
Hubbard Q . , -.
In-rrim Jaokson (ool'd) . '7 Irwin Jas J
.:' .r - Jf : ? -;
Jacobs Mil" KdithJohneonMin B Juim Mix T.
Johnston Miss V Jones John W Jones MrsAnnaE
wones anoy , j ones tiucaj J ones Mrs A A
Jones Thos A , - - "
' K ' ' :' '. 7
.. Kennatrd Miss . KendallEugeneKinne Frank
; King Mrs Hattie Kendall Jame'Kennon J W "
Kilbride Fat : - KenneddyXhoaKluman Wm
- L
Lipfeumh Mia E Logon Lilly - Lidd Miss H
LonaJ V LoutherJeff Lm Clair Jm
LovinerJohnM LaoasMollie Logan Mrs Jiellie
Imw Airs Kaonel ksj
OT -
MerwinMrs AnnaMnck Miss A MollvMiss R K
Mathet Mrs B Mason Mrs Kate Meaker MnUbai
naniey uesk jtiarunniss r.ttieMsgtl &
Murry James - Marksman John Merryman Joi
Maay upt jnoAMoore jonn b Morris Josf
Minton John Meara Mis- Joh'aMarren M
. Moore Miss MarieMartin Mrs M Mioheli" P
Matter nam n Manane Warner Warm W If
Milton MissAnnaMiller Kobt
Miller Miss Mary
Millar James A
MoGnire Mrs
McMainea B S
UoKin Mrs M J
MeAndress A
MoUrew Jos U
MeLilley Saul
MeMahon A
MeLaagh in Hits
Nesg'e John
Newton H J
Needles Miss J
Sefl Mrs MatUda
Olas Fred L
OUtot Edward
Oshs John .
Patterson Mrs B Pugh Edward Perkins G W '
(ooiorea) i-age Henrr farker issj
Patterson J W
P easier John A
Parks R H
PostleW S
Faoker Mui i LPostle Miss B
PateVE Pratt P (8) -
PoUook Thos Parry U J
- it
Rosey Mr " "
Rusk Misi C
' Renny AC'" Ranney Miss A E
nemany miss a KanKin li?s r.
Koss George
Kionardson J It Koss James W
RubisonJohnB Rogers Mrs M Richardson MraS
. . s -
' Snhofield Rev MrSchaw Mrs E Settles Miss E
Sims G R Simons George Springer Geo E
snannon jame BiegiejonnA Ptnokler Jonq
Shrigley John O Stump Mrs Jno Sullivan M P
Sale Twiveley Stoper Wm Soott Wm D
Mtedman W M Smith Minn S W.Smith F. !R
Smith Mrs SarabSmith J B -' Smith Jas (ool'd)
amitn Jonn u smith H K Smith a t
Thomas Misa A Tavlor Miss 15 ATnrner Henrm
Titley John Tompjon Misa UThomaa Misa M
looxaa JUiaiJs. Jiiinompsen Wm
V - -
Vusby A J . Yenatta Jennie Tinoent Mist S
Wiley Misa A Weaver Mise A Wheeler Beni -
woodw'rd ursu Webster Ubas X Weaver MrsU
- Wrieht Miss D Wollin Datid . Weeh Fred
Warn'r Miss HC Waller Js - Walters Kenben
Watts Richard Vt inter Thos ' Wheeler W
Williams J K W illiams Miss F Whit Dr C
While WmU White Airs KW
Y . , ?J . ..-
' Tounf John B '
Sec'y Beard of Trade No 40 West Friend St-
A M 41 ... iiis hop Bros . 7
BallineBro 4 Co
l)r Camp & Son ...
Hoskins A Co
, .;. . Collins A OA Co
Gilbert k Franka.,
Noble & Graham - "
Porter A Hi2ins
Whitman R E A Co
Varkham It Woodruff
Pease A ilatttbews
Weed A Mo Umber -;
New Advertisements
2gT The Ohio Statesman lias a
Iiarger Circulation than any .pa
per published In this City or Cen
tral Ohio. Advertisers trill bear
this In inind. -
folloirinc desoribed Notes, belontirc to tbe
undersigned, were stolen fro n tbe Drug Store of
Guerin A Son, at Weatervitle, Franklin county,
unioroa eunaay oiKnt. January lutn. iee : i
Six months after date w promised to pay to tbe
orderof Melvin A.Mann, or bearvr, the sum of
Dollars and Fifty cents lor value re-
oeivea. . . . : --,'!
' September Jt. 1868.. :. ' -
; ! r i -r - , L1SUA DECKER.
Six months after date we oromised to nay to the
-order of Beniamin Stanley, or bearer, the sum of
Forty-six dollars and Twenty-five oenti for value
received. - , .
September St, 1868. ' . '
The above notes vrer endorsed in blank, the first
with the name of Melvin A. Mann written across
tbe hack of said note, the second by the name of
.Benjamin Stanley written across tne back ot said
Bote. -All
persona are cautioned etalnst taking or buy
ins: tne a"ovo described notes.
jtnlS-dAwlt GUERIN A SON
Colcmbcs, Chicago A Indian i Caw. Rr Co
0. 3
Columbus, u., January lain, iatu,
the Capital Stock of the Columbus, Chicago
A Indiana I antral Railway Company will be erased
on tbe evening of January Sd, 108, and remain
closed until January 3Utn,lt. . . .
by order of the B--ard.
janlt-did GORDON MOODIE, Sec'y.
-Valuable Real Estate Sale. -
Jr. ing to the late Vn. L. GOOD ALE is now of
fered for tale by hie Executor, it consists of the
. G oociulo House,
A larse number of BtTSINESI AND DWELL
IM BOUSES. and 3UO Vacant Lets in the
City id Columbus. Auo, .., . ,
JL FIn Farm of 16S Acres,
Tm m!lA eajtt tf Columbus on the National Road.
and a Farm of S50 acrts iu Pickavay county, one
mile eouui of Lockbourne. I eras easy. Apply to
Great Bargains in Boots and Shoes
No. 163 South High 8treet
1 ant stock and make room for NEW SPRING
GOODS, we will sell, without regard to oost, our
entire stoox ox .....
. . miaeea' and . .''7...... -,;7
Children's Boots and Shsea
At pricea tbat cannot fail to suit purchasers. We
have also a fine aasortment of
Boys' and Vonth'a Boots and Shoes,
'"" Whioh we are selling cheap for eah.
Gentlemen's f'ln trench Calf Bex.
'J oed Beels
made to order. Iff Repairing of all kind prompt
lya d neatly executed . ;.,
For Sale or Rent."-
lorging to Mary E. Kent, deceased, situated on
Mound street, near 7th, consisting of a convenient
house, wood shed, Aa.. on a apaeioua lot ninety
feet front, on hundred in depth.. Good oiatarn sad
well, fruit trees and flower garden on th premises.
For prie sod terms, enquire at W. R. Kent's
auction rooml.corncr Town and Fourth. jariZ dlf
nix KThAVnai iV-. 4.t
the honor to announoe the first and only Con-
eon or
On Sat.rdaw XrMgfim . 16tkI 8Bf.'
vs'iIG. PETRELLf. ,, r ,
IG. 8TAFFANONI....MMIOA1. Draioroa. ' v
mr Adfiilmlnn at, flaWt ftl u m .
of seats will commence Thursday o-orninf at Salt.
er's Musie Store. w
Doors open atTa1; concert at o'nlork. , jaoT
-"! "A kittle SSilloHa."
- How often this is the response to the inaalry af- . - '
terafriend's health; as if tobebiliouswasatrifling
matter.-hardly worth thinking about. Bat let it '
be remembered that, as "tall oaks from little acorns
grow," so. formidable diseases aria from being "a
utue bilious." " ' - '
Severe billons attacks are more eommon tn
Spring. Summer and Autumn than in .Winter.
but the serious disorders of-the liver whioh to '.
often oeour at those seasonsmight be traced, in
hundreds of instances, tn Winter iudulgeuoea and u
their noglected toonseqaenoea. .- More highly sea-
soned food u eaten, more fiery drinks Imbibed, in
eold than in warm weather, and thus the bilious- i
nest li produced which, under a wanner tempera- ;
tare, culminates in remittent and intermittent fe-
ven. ' - ,., ,
The very, best medicine for persons who era
either a little good dial bilious, is HOSTEX- , "
calomel is required in such eases. Those powerfal ;:7
mineral medioinei ut two way, like a double- ,
edged swftnf. - They act. it is true, upon the liver
but react moat deleterious) on other parts of the
system. They "stick" there, and cannot be got ri - ,'
of. The1 Hitters contain vegetable "agents of '
anti-bilioos tendency, that produce a specific and .'
moct genialffeot upon the bi iary organ, without
entailing any evil eonaequenoei whatever. Thev
are altogether nholeeom, and aot favorably and ,
simultaneously upon the stomach, th liver, th .
bowels, the nervous sjsten, and the brain - ,
maySSdeodAwl-ew-h -- - -
Ayers Cathartic Pills, 1
pnrposes of Laiativa
Perhaps no one medi- "
Cine is so universally re- .'
quired by everybody as ' i
a cathartic, nor was ever
any before so universal.
ly adopted into use. In
every country and among
all classes, as thia-mUd
but efficient purgative. ,
Pilt. The obvious rea.
on la, that it is a more re .
liable and far more effeo . j
tual remedy than any
other. Those who hava
tried it, know thai It cured them; those who have ,
not. know that it cures their neighbors and friends, '
and all know that what it does once it does always
that it never iiula through any fault or neglectof '
its composition. We have thousands npon thou , i
sands of certificates of their remarkable cures of the - A
following complaints, but such cures are known in
every neighborhood, and we need not publish them.
Adapted to all ages and conditions in all climates;.'
containing neither calomel or any deleterious drugv '
they may be taken with safety by anybody.- Their '
sugar coating preserves them ever fresh and makes
them pleasant to take, while being purely vegetable
no harm can arise from their use in any quantity, y
They operate by their powerful influence on ths
internal viscera to purify the blood and stimulate it .
into healthy action remove the obstructions of the '
stomach, bowels, liver, and other organs of the
body, restoring their irregular action to health, and ' '
by correctingrwherever they exist, such derange
ments as are the first origin of disease.
Minute directions are given in the wrapper on
the box, for the following complaints, which these
JPUla rapidly cure:
For Dyapepaia or Indigestion JLItIa v
ness, Idsaarnor and Xosa of Appetite, they s f
should be taken moderately to stimulate the stont , .
ach and restore its healthy tone and action. . ,4U
For Iitver Complaint and its various symp- '
toms, Union Headache, Sick Headache,
X'nnndice or tlreea Slclnen, Bilions
Colic and Billons Fevers, they should be ju- "
diciously taken for each case, to correct the diseased r!
action or remove the obstructions which cause it. , ,
For Dysentery or Biarraoea, but one mild .
dose is generally required. . .
For Rheumatism, 3ont, Oravel, Palpi
tation of the Heart, Pain in the aide, .
Back and oins, they should be continuously -taken,
as required, to change the diseased action of,
the system. . .With such change those complaints '
disappear. . . ,
- For Dropsy and Dropsical Swelling- tbey . , j,
should be taken in large and frequent doses to pro.
duce the effect of a drastic purge. ..-...' . ,
- For anppre ion a large doe should be taken a.
as it produces the desired effect by sympathy. - ,. .
As a Dinner fill, take one or two Pills to pro
mote digestion and relieve the stoma. - -
An occasional dose stimulates the stomach and "
bowels into healthy action, restores the appetite,
and invigorates the system. Hence it is often ad
vantageous where no serious derangement exists.
One who feels tolerably well, often finds that a dose j
of these Pill makes him feel decidedly better, from '
their cleansing; and renovating effect on the digee- J
tive apparatus. .
US. J. C. TJ A CO., practical CKemUto,
, XOH-XI. XAMS.', XT. S. A. '- u-
'JHTFor sale by BRAUN. BRCCK. A CO., "
Wholesale and Retail. Columbus, and all Drugi
fiats. , , 4 ;.: ; je-eod4-owly o-m It1 ,
la th offspring of a great fact.' So an can think
, of denying that hit
Brings out a finer BfiOWir or BLACK than any ,
other, in a shorter time, and without injury to th
hair;" Thia is truth '"M apparent as that th ana ""
lights th arth. . -i '. I : : ' i ; ; ' ,
Cristadorfs Hair Preservative 7
AND BBAUTIFIER.-Tbe toilet, without this ar-
ticlc, lacks it most useful attribute.- Nothing is
so eommon in thia country as ths falling ont of ths "
hair. Th preservative prevents iU The fibres eaa i v
no mora loosen and drop off, if this article is rags -
larly applied night and morning, than if each wer '
fixed inavio.-The testimony on this poipt is
ovenhelming, while th beautifying and invigors-
properties of the fluid are equally well established
Sold by Druggists, and applied by all Hair Lire ss
a. Manufactory So. as Uaiden Ian. Principal
Depot No. Astor Hons, . . -
junelC-d&wlyem-peirr -'
Dr. Xobias' Venetian Horse sLInlr . )
.' men A : .... .......
Pint bottle atjili for th ear of lameness
scratches, wind galls, sprains, bruises, splints, cuts ,
eolie. slipping stifle, over heating; sot throat, nail
in the foot, to. It la warranted cheaper and bet
ter than any other artiole ever offered to th public -'
Thousands of animals have been cured of the eolie
and over-heating by the Liniment; and hundreds 1
that wer oripplcd and lam bava bean restored to .
their former vigor.- It Is used by the first horses '
men throughout the States. Orders are constantly ,
received from the racing stables of England for
fresh supplies f this invaluable article. :. Over .
S.600 testimonials have been received. Remember ' 4
one dollar laid out in time may save the life of ", ,
your horse. Sold by all Druggists. Office, 16 Park
Place, Sew York. ' . '.' - ' "j
junel6-d4wljom-reNT ,
Whereby the circulation of th blood, become "
equalized npon th part wtere applied, causing
pain and morbid action to ems; ' " ' ' - ,
Was there ever publljhed strocger evidence than
Certificate frsm IF. trllnr Esq. , ,
For two years I hsve been a great sufferer from '
neuralgia in the head, and found only temporary . ,
relief from all the various remedies that I have ,
tried, until I applied on of "ALliCOClfS PO'
ROUS .PLASTERS.".. I cut it into ihree tlipa
plaoing one under each shoulder blade and the oth -r
over th srtall of my bsck, and for tbe psat
three months I have had scarcely a twinge of ths. ;
bid pain. I advis all who sufier from nervous dls ti
ases to lose no time in making a trial of th won- ."-
derf ul plaster -
A. F. STERLING. Seo Singer Mfg Co. I
New York, J une 8, 1868. ; , .. ,
Principal Agency, ' Brandbkth Boras, New
York. Sold bv all drueeisls. . . ,
luneio-dawlycm-feNY ' . . . , j :
riD A V Wll.l fAMU HIA D 1 ' .
lich street. Columboa. Ohio, has devoted himself L
Kl.sriwnl years to th treatment rfeeHsin vrim ' ;
rxte diseases. Pemav Mean nltedat hit oBoe-"
maysi-u . .-
vikok or
rVf MnMsssinsf -
Al lOL'TH restored in fmrr weeks.
uaranteed. DR. RICORD'S ESSENOE'OF L1FB tx
restores mahly powers, from whatever eaus t- "' '
sins; the effects of earlv pernicious habis, self-
abuse, impotency ana enmaw. give away at once to
this wonderful medicine, jf takes regularly accord-
ns to ine directions twnionar very simple and re-
uire no restraint trom ousiness orpieasur.) Jail
re is imDossible. Sold in bottles at S3, mr fna .
quantities in one for IS. To b had only of the sol
appointed agent in America, H. Gibituui. 87
Third Ave., corner 13th St., New York.; ...
VNT-jyaj-aiyr .
trtNHOOD.n-sor JTiv
111 Pamphlet mm tk pen 0 Ds
The "Medical Times"
savs of thia work. n-i,;-
valuable treatise en the cans and ear of prema
ture decline, shows how health is impaired through
seoret abuses of youth, and manhood, and how
easily regained. It eives a clear synopsis of ths
impediments to marnaga, th cans and affect of
nervous debility, and the remedies therefor." A
pocket editicn of the above will be forwarded on
receipt ot IS cents, by addressing Doctor Crina
o. 68 North Charles street, Baltimore, lid. ' '
cramayS6-dly-r "I-;
iATCHEMWS II A lit DTE.- This 1
I snlendid Hair Dve is the beat in thawn.u7 -r
the only true and perfect Dye; harmless, reliable
In.l.nl.nwtn, nn His.nnriitlfm.r,, . nA J 1 ,
tints; remedies ths ill etleoti ef bad dyes; invii" j
orates and leave th Hair soft and beautiful UoIm 1 1
r prows. Sold by all Druggists and Perfumers '
and prop'rlv applied at Batohelort Wi Faetorv -
No. 16 Bend itreet. N. In rur aprlS dawly
Tor all tbe -Iledioine.

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