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corrected by W. J, 8arage, Jeweler, 8J
Soft Blob ttnett '7 ? ;
iri--'f'il -i Tr !. Ja; H. 1MB. ;
- T A. M....
8aa Rise;...
Har. Ther
?t S H
I ' 4(1 -
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' Fair.; '
.... 4 T
a. w.
7 at Son Sets.,
t-Andrews 4 Hull have received Pe
terson for February,
EOn million of our pretty postage
stamps are used and cancelled aaiiy.
t3T "buTlDir the past year the Govern
-.nM 99-283.300 oeuny revenue
stamps. " ' ' ' "
CP". Tha. very first question that dis
turbed mankind was the woman question
and It bids fair to be the last. , - ,
t3f- One of our bar-keepers claims to
ha a vhllnnttimnlnt. He ssvs his time is
entirely devoted to the elevation ot his race;
- j' . .i a.. '
tar. There were two buudred and thlr
ty-flve buildings erected in this city be
tween January 1st, 1863, and January 1st;
1S60. y ' '
t" One green tarletan dress contains
arsenic enough to kill three men, and yet
young men will run after green tarletan
dresses, just as if there was nothing killing
about them.- - -"r - '.' ' J
Probablt Fatax Accipbnt. John J3.
Jones farmer ol Lima township, Licking
countv. and formerly a memoer oi aj. v,
46th O. V. I., while felling trees In the
woods, a few days since, was struck on he
head hv the limb of a falling tree, ana ra
in mm.' no. terribly , that a fatal result Is
feared. .' " " ' ' . ....... .;-...-'.
In Kellogg Concert. The sale of
tickets to ".he Kellogg concert, at Seltzer's
music store vesterday, was very active. A
few. desirable, places yet remain in the
dress circle and In the parquette the best
place In the house, by the by, to hear music
There is a chauce yet to make good selections-
These, we suppose, will be taken
to-day. . , . - . ' i . i
Naw Boot add Shoe Stoke.-
formerly na of Gilchrist, & Gray's
popular salesmen, has opened a new boot
and show store at Xo. 68 East Town street,
next door west of Dr. Denig's, wh re wUl
be found for sale, at lowest rates, a spieuuiu
stock of goods suitable for the city and
couutryrxrade,', o better stock has ever
been brought to this market.
,-y.-'--'-" r. i - '.-r. .
Convention of Internal Kbvenob Of
ficbrs The Convention of Bevenue As
sessors of this. State adjourned yesterday
at noon. They had a yery interesting
meeting at which the revenue law was very
thoroughly discussed, and certain amend
ments to tbelawy making iu action uni
form and removing some of its most oner
ous provisions, were recommended to Con
gress. 1 Resolutions of thanks for, the use
of tae room were adopted.
Arrested -at Delwabb Sheriff Mace,
of Koss.' county,, passed through the city
yesterdsy, having la charge a cegro named
Ell Conrad, charged with cutting with in-!
tent to murder another; negro named Mc
Daaiel Johnson. The crime was committed
at ChllllcotUe, n the 19th of December,
and Conrad escaped to Delaware where he
has- since been living, t McDanlel . 4s not
yet dead though hts case, is pretty nearly j
hopelessy one ot hU intestines being sev
ereuDo;,. v.? ..a , i - - -- -a-i .
Tbansferrkd Yestbbdat. The follow
ing transfers-ol Teal estate were left at the
Recorders office yesterday: : ' 'iri
W. Wl McNnlty to George Rarick, Jan.
13th, lot No. 55 of Wo. li Gill's third ad
dition to the city of Columbus, for $3,000.
Jnhn TTrai. fn Tlantol T JnKnann. .tnlv
31st, 1868. lota Nos. 34, 35, 36, 37 and 33 ot
John Hyer's subdivision of lots, for $1,600.
James Orr and -wife to Noah Orr, Nov.
13th, 1868, quit-claim to 83 acres of land
in Washington township, for 1,630. fi
Accident. Yesterday morning about 7
o'clock, 'Joseph Lennox, a brakesman on
the C, C. & L C. railroad, while attempting
to J u mp from one freight car to another, fell
and was considerably but not seriously
injured. The train was near the Scioto
bridge, and just as Joe was about to jump,
the Iraw., bolt pulled out, separating, jthe
caret-Finding that be must fall, he had
presence of mind enough to grasp the
break rod jn bis descent, and thus, keep
tbe car jo, jwhich he was jumping from
running over him
Habe is Coepds. A young couple named
John F. Hall and Alice A reel,, ran away
Irom Ualtimore, where obstinate parents
bad forbidden ', ix.'Z" " ' 7 ," " . '
"Two aoola with bat a tingle thought.
Two bcarU tfaat beat ai oue." - ,. .
Beaching the perlection ot human happi
ness in a well " governed marriage. For
bidden to see each other, as we said, they
fled. The telegraph, swifter' than love or
locomotives conveyed to Marshal Murphy
an order to arrest the fugitives on their ar
rival. This he did, and tbe lovers only left
the cars on Wednesday night to be con
fronted by the officers of the law. On yesterday,-
through Col. J. C. Groom, their
attorney, they applied to Judge Green for
a writ of habeas corpus, alleging that they
are ?bd justly .deprived of their liberty
The Judge decided to hold John's case un
' der advisement until his father should be
beard from. ; '' ' ,
Report of AnRsTS.--Capt J. B. Cof
Irotb, ot the City Police, has our thanks
for tbe following statement of number of
arrests by the Columbus City Police, from
July 1st, 1S68, to January 1st, 1869, six
months : -;-;J" i".,;. 7,,. .
Drank and disorderly I.
l)ronkon&ASaV....n.p-4.4..'aa.ta.f w
armor .... .".
fjo.terinff abat street .......
fetit t oy..'..
Diaorasrlr eoadaot. ,
.... SS
.... 3
.... 11
.... 30
.... ai
..... 4
Keeping home of prostitution ...
Visiting home of j,roBtitutia.t.
Inmates of hooe of proatitution
Assault and batter
vufci.tus who lDbent av suil
Aouuns faintly ...:
DestmTinc prepeTty.
nooning nil . . .
Higaway robbery
iQeuiiiuK laaiet
Kxposina; person ,.
1'ast driring
On suspioioD
ribootiog witb, intent to kill
Orand lareeoy
Commituug rape
Horse .teal in
Deliritua tremen----
Jjunooy.i....t. .......
Kesisang otieer ...........'
tusing counterfeit money
- 1
. 1
Th'r Nawi Ward The talk in
to the formation of two new Wards, one at
the South and the other at the North, end
of this city, stfir continues.': Go to, work
and draw your lines, friend;, at once. We
have had; talk enough about it. Tbe people
want the wards: -Draw up yonr petitions
aud present them to the Council and have
them formed at once. ; Tbe time is getting
short, and the matter must be fixed in time
for the spring election. . The Democratic
part of .thejeity demand fhat the ..wishes
ot the people should be attended to, and
we would like to see -who dare oppose tbe
well; expressed. wisb of the party in this
city Give us tbe pew Wards, and at once.
Give the Republicans the majority we have
in the city, and they would so change and
twist, ward boundaries, taat it would be
hard. lor, us to get a Councilman even in
the Sixth ward. Let us feed them, with
their own porrldee.
ii-4.,t .-. '.Uil Aa
I The Convention was called to order at 0
o'clock yesterday morning.
, Prayer by Bev. J. W. White, of Colum
bus, v -, n f ; ' r " y '.' T V i ."
Tki KeVt Mr. Spence, , of Canada, was
ankoonced as in attendance and Invited to
take a seat in the Convention.
1 The committee on Business reported as
follows:' . . r .' ( ; t -;.; -
Itesolved. That we recommend the for
mation, by the Ohio State Temperance Al
liance, ol branch societies -throughout- the
State, and we hereby pledge it our sym
pathy and co-operation in furtherance of
its objects.
: Eesolved, That, in the opinion of this.
Convention, the sale of intoxlratinir llnnnr
as a beveraee should be prohibited Dy law
and that a chief end ot all temperance or
ganizations should be to prepare the public
mind for. the enactment and efficient exe
cution of 6uch a law.
Tbe resolutions were ably discussed by,
various delegates and were finally adopted.
Mr. Silver, of Columbiana county," from .
the committee on Business, offered the fol
lowing as an additional resolution : ' ..;
Betolved, That for the purpose ot accom
plishing ibis object we recommend the Im
mediate organisation of an independent '
political party in Ohio, whose avowed and
sole obj ict shall be to promote the enact
ment ot laws pronibiUnir tha manufacture
of and traffic in ail intoxicating liquors .
except such as are necessary lor manufacv
turing and medicinal purposes.
Rev. Mr. Morrow moved the indefinite
postponement ol the resolution. . Lost.- a ,
The debate covered a -pretty wide field. '
A majority of the speakers seemed to favor
the adoption of a modification, of the res
olution, believing that the great political
parties will shape their action so as to se
cure the vote of the temperance men of
this Stat . r Let th politicians know that '
tbe temperance men , will not vote for a
whisky man, and they will soon put tem
perance men on their tickets.:- In the dlf- -ferent
' localities temperance- men must
work, said the speakers, and not on State
Rev. M. Dustln, of Dayton, offered the
following ai a substitute:
Eesolved, That, inasmuch as the Whisky .
Blng have declared their purpose to
use the ballot and all the political power
which they can command in order to ac
complish their ends, it is the duty of the
frinds ot temperance to employ, if need be.
the same weapons to counteract tbe nefa
rious schemes 01 trie whisky power, and
we therefore accept the issue presented.
and hereby pledge ourselves to meet our
opponents at the polls and fight it out on
mat line. 1
Mr. Merick thought that the second res- '
olution adopted this morning was sufficient,
and that temperance reform in other States
had not been accomplished by indedpend- :
ent political action. ,
Mr. Dustin rejoined in a strong argument
in faver of his substitute.-
Alter a very lengthy and somewhat heat
ed .debate the substitute was adopted.
Mr. Wadswortb, of Cincinnati, offered
the following:
Eesolved. That we earnestly recommend
to the temperance men of the different
counties of this State, to organize with the
avowed purpose of political action, and that
In all localities where either political party
nominates reliable temperance men, they
be supported by the friends of temperance
regardless of former party lines. But where
both parties nominate candidates opposed
to our principles, we recommend that in-
limuMlanl. tamn.MnffB mon ha nnmlnatiMl
Mr. Steele, of Van Wert, announced him-
sell a Democrat, and one in favor of the
resolution if it can be carried out in good
faith. 'i. ?.,',
Mr. Merick opposed the resolution on
the ground that it would not control a sin
gle vote. - " - v
Mr. Calkins, ol Oberlin, was opposed to
the resolution. He would do all in his
power to secure the nomination of tem
perance men, but would not pledge him
self to vote for a man simply because he
is a temperance man.
A motion to table the resolution prevail
ed by a vote of 32 yeas to 22 nays.
The consideration of matters of finance
occupied the attention ot the, Convention
until adjournment.
Tbe Convention met at 2 o'clock as -per
adjournment. -
Not more than half the delegates were
fPr. L. Barnes, of Delaware, offered the
following: o u - " : ' .o
, Eesolved, That the medical use of alco
hol is an evil; little If any less than the
sale of it as a beverage. ,
Dr. Barnes spoke for nearly an hour in
defense of his resolution, but It was final
ly laid upon the table. , , r s , ,
A resolution endorsing and recommend
ing the Temperance Review was adopted.
Resolutions tendering the thanks to the
people of Coluinbusj ' the daily papers who
have published tbe proceedings of , the
convention,- and the the several railroads,
for favors, were adopted.
: A resolution asking the various temper
ance organizations to secure the publica
tion of the proceedings ot this Conven
tion in their local papers, was ado pted.
The thanks of the Convention were ten
dered to J. W." Osborne, President of the
Convention, and the members of his church.
The Convention recommended the hold
ing of regular monthly temperance prayer
meetings in every city and village in the
The Convention then adjourned sin dU
Potica CotjBT.4The gathering of ga-
loots, bummers", plain drunks and the like
before the Mayor yesterday.was very good, -not
to say respectable.
Ohma Morris, John Qulrk.Daniel Mytch
ell and Albert Martin were enjoying tbe
pleasures of a plain drunk. They pail $1
and costs each. ..
James Bouton was caught making sheep's
eyes and love to the fair, lovely and an
gelic Amanda Turpin.' James, as a- short
road to his dearie's affections, commenced
supplying himself and her with good,
tquare-tbed, calamity water. Failing to
pay 9 5 and costs, 'he' bammereth.
As we remarked tbejther day, so certain
as the month slips by. so certain is it that
either Amanda Turpin, Elizabeth Garner,
or .Mary Blizzard take up their line of
march for Castle Gaver. Bright as tbe sun,
beautiful as the moon, and lovely as a night
set with stars, rose Sister Amanda Turpin
when the Mayor called her name yester
day morning. We have so many times
described the Sister, that bur readers know
her as well as if photographed Dy Elliott.
For being drunk she was provided with a
residence In Castle Gaver for thirty days, r
.Hardly bad the shadow, caused, by the
removal of ao much brightness-fallen on
the Mayor's office, before It was lifted again,
by the appearance of the reiral and mi.
lestic form of the greatest of the great trio
oi lemaie gaioois, .Elizabeth Garner." The '
qneenly sister Garner had but a few days
since quitted the castle, where she passes
most of her time, and by quaffing deep the
"ruby" with her retainers, was seized
by tbe haughty ' minions of her foes, and
ruthlessly taken in triumph, a captive, be
fore the Mayor. To save her from further
trouble she was sent to Castle Gayer for
tiirtydays.. -. .-.j i
,VaG9. Wllllani Lloyd and George Price
were arrested while loitering and' loafing
around the streets ana alleys of the city,;
ana Denaving in sucn a manner as to war
rant their arrest as dangerous ancj, suspi
cious. They were tfined $5 and costs, and
in default were sehttd the stone'pUe. Vyj,
Ohio Temperance Alliance.
On the adjournment of the State Tern,
peranoe Convention vesterdaTi the dele
gates to the State Temperance Alliance
met la convention...', ,
I It was called to order by the President.
Caleb Clark, of Cincinnati.
Mr. Moffitt stated that the Sons of Tern
perance took the initiative in the organi
zation of this Alliance, and since its organ
Izatlon, ninety-one addresses have been de
livered by Mr. Moffitt, and twenty; or
thirty by father gentlemen. . Thousands 'of
documents have been distributed, and an
organ established, 6,000 copies of which
are distributed monthly. '' "
The receipts of the Alliance np to De
cember 1st, were $6S5, and expenditures
$2,143. , .-. : ;' : '.;'.;. ? .
A motion, offered by Mr. Moffitt, that this
be considered the first" annual meeting of
the State Alliance, was adopted.
A committee-of three, consisting of John
Moffitt, of Hamilton, James Brown, ot
Hamilton, and F. Dunn, of Cuyahoga, was
appointed to select an executive commit-'
tee. '.. . .,
The committee reported the names ' of
Caleb Clark, J. Wadswortb, H. B. Horton,
of Cincinnati ; jF. Dunn, Cleveland; James
Brown, Hillsboro; A. A. Stewart, Colum
bus; C P. Simpson, Cinoiunati; John
Moffitt, Cincinnati; J. B. Silver, Salem ;
Rev. J. Wv Osborne, Columbus ; Bev. D.
Shaffer, Findlay ; Prot. F. Merrick, Dela
ware; Hon.Chas. Hare, Summerville; S. S
Calkins, Oberlin ; Wm. Cochrane, Mt Ver
non ; John E. Warner, Cleveland. ; ,
The Executive committee retired for con
sultation, and in a short time reported' tbe
following officers for. the ensilng year:
President, Bev. W. Osbone; 'Vice Presi
dents, Prot. F. Merick, Caleb Clark ; Sec
retary, C. P. Simpson; Treasurer, H. V.
Horton V General Financial Manager, Prot.
J. Moffit; the remaining members of the
committee for a general committee of Man
agement. - - . i
Mr. Osborne accepted the position of
President in a most forcible and telling
The next annual meeting of the Alliance
will be in this city on the second Wednes
day of July next.
During the ensuing year Bev. Jacob
Spenrev Bev. S D. Shaffer, Bev. Henry
Chance, E. W. Lock and T. D. Boyce, gen
eral agents ot tbe Alliance, will address
the people on the subject of temperance.
The Excursion from Lancaster. Tbe
-xcurslon train from Lancaster to this city
yesterday, was so large that It was impos
sible to get it here on time, and the delay
in the arrival of the party disarranged all
the plans made for their reception. There
nust have been fifteen or eighteen hun-
Ired persons packed on to the sixteen ears
:bat brought them to our city. At Win
chester so many persons were in one of the
cars that one of the springs broke under
.he weight, and the party were obliged to
wait until other cars could be brought from
Groveport. It was expected the excursion
ists would reach this city by 11 o'clock,
that speeches of reception would be made,
tnd tbe visitors escorted to dinner by half
past 12. As they did not get here until
ifter,12 o'clock, it was found impossible to
:arry .out the programme, and they sat
iown to dinner on' their arrival. The Nell,
Goodale, TJaited States, National and Ex
change hotels were crowded with Lancas-
n.ln n B .n aIY wtama fa anil maA t, a vvt
. . . , '
After dinner an attempt was made to
et the people to go to the Opera House to
;iear the addresses, but It was found to be
impossible to get them together, and it
was abandoned. - . M. '., ,
The State House aud the beantlful statu-
iry placed there by Senator Em mitt, the
paintings, tbe legislative halls and the State
library were great points ot attraction, and
i?ave great pleasure to our visitors. ' -About
four o'clock the majority of the
Lancastertans got off on their return-trip.
We say the ' majority of them, for many
tarried too long at Sight-seeing or vlsiiiug
friends and were left behind.
As an evidence of the fine condition of
the new road we append the following dis
patch received last night : s -
LANCASTER, O., July 14th, 1869.
Ohio Statesmar: The special train with
Engine No. three and eighteen coaches.
made the run in two hours from Columbus
to Lancaster. There were eighteen hun
dred people on tbe train. The round trip
was made without the slightest accident to
any one. -
Larceny at thb High School. On
Friday of last week a circular cloak be
longing to the daughter ot Colonel Gearyi
a pOpil at the High school, was stolen from
that building. The cloak was nearly new,
of a dark grey water-p root ' cloth, hood
lined with silk, and could not possibly have
beea mistaken for the small, well worn
garment left in its place, and which is now
in tbe school. ' This matter should be in
quired Into for the. credit of the institution.
We have heard it stated that the party who
took the cloak is known, and that its
prompt return may prevent an exposure.
LANCASTER, O., July 14th, 1869. X.
For Salk at a Bargain A stock of
Groceries and fixtures. Inquire of Blckly
& Brother. ' - ; Janl5-lt
W. G. Wiatt' will not appear on any
stage this evening, but will beat his place
of business, 130 East Town street, to wait
upon all who may call with anything in
his line of. business. Tours truly, ..
janlo-dlt ",' , ,?Us ? fet W.G Wiatt. .
Tub highest price paid for Gold, Silver
and Coupons at the Commercial Bank,
south-east corner High and Long streets.
janl5-26 . '.'.'' ' .', : , '
Parties served with ice cream, cakes,
at reasonable terms, at 130 East Town
street, by W. G. Wiatt.
janlS-dlt ? -:: 1 1
With Dyspeptics everything is wrong.
Food does not digest (sleep does pot -re
fresh ; wine does not cheer ; smiles do not
gladden ; muslo does not charm, nor can
any other joy enter the breast .of the
miserable dyspectic... You must get rid of
it, or It will become seated and confirmed,
and life will be a burden and existence a
curse. Plantation Bitters will do awsy
with all this. New life, strength and en.
ergy will take possession of you. Tbe
damask will again bloom upon your cheeS,
and the raster In your -eye will again be as
bright as in your healthiest, happiest and
most joyous days. , . ; t ; . ,
. Magnolia Water. Superior to the best
imported German Cologne, and sold at
halfthe price.
- Esr-sep25deodwly-cw
Thb Pkarlt Gates. Pure white teeth
and a sweet breath, issuing like perfume
t.-om the rose, through a pair of lovely lips,
are, as Shakspeare says, "an excellent thing
in woman." To keep the ."pearly gates'
of the mouth always' spotless, and the
breath always iragrant, it is only neces
sary to use the S' Zodont daily, -
" Efalpikg's Gi.ce, " always np to the
sticking point.
, DantiiuKKKss, how treated and cared
can be found in Dr. Johnston's Treatise on
"Drunkenness, its Consequences and its (
Cure." Urugglsts have a limited supply
on hand for distribution to their patrons.
Go or sena.ior a copy.
' sep32-dtedwly-cw
. -i
. W' aw' a
250 AND 252
South High Street.
We will sell onr entire stock of
Without Regard to Coat.
On and after Monday, Jan. 11th. 1669,
In order to make room for Sprint IS took.
19 33 23.
,r7. IT; ij BOOTS .AND. SHOES.! . .i; jT
$50,000 ' ' FlFTlf THOUSAND DOLMRS $1000
...iRK, l ,?,eITI,?d .faPerior embreoinB erery tbin in tbe line of MENS'. WOMEN'S,
YOUTH'S. MISSES' AND CHILDREN'S BOOTS AND SHOES, now offered for tele, and to be elreed
out. without rwerre w tbe store in DESHLElt'd NEW BUILD ISO. Look at eomo ef the piioee and
AnmrMM Ih.m with. .ln.. .ltw -U J
v . ... ...w. .... .wm. a.wii aaaiaw i . .. , . w
' ' - 1 T - -- it '
Ien' Kip Ttoatx, all Wfaole lailber,
Boya Kip Boot, "
You the' Kip Boots,
Cbilde Kip Boots. T J . ' r I P
men's Ctalf; Xp-SoIed Booln, -
WoaieB's Gall 8be Best, -
Wenea's Bnl Ilerecca Sheet, -' "
I-dlev Double Soled LnatiBg Coag.
E-adlea do. Silk Gore, Tory Beat, -
ltliawea Morocco Shoes, PolUb, -
Cbilda Morocco Shoe, - - -
' ' ' - UVci, .i ; (c ace, Stc ;'..:.; '
Tben foods are cearanteed to be of loperior auterial and workmaneMp, and will bear eonrparitoa
with an. in tbe market. - - i ..... . f . -
Den'l forget tbat the sale Is posit!-, end Is limited to bat a few weeks. Another snob, opportanit -will
nerer oeonr -ni. Be sore and and tbe riirbt place (there is bnt one) before buTisx.
DESHLER'S NEW BUILDING, opposite the Statssxam Orrioa. is the plaoaT&o and see' r
Goods. . . j
decT-deod3m-r J fi. O. CLOUD So CO.
Having; greatly, enlarged our Printta? Facilities by the purchase of a complete new
outfit Ot - - - . . . . .- , .
; OF - . t ' .. ' '''. v .'
' -.-"-;) t- "i .., "' '.;; ' :. ; " 'V '
The Latest arid Host Approrcd Style,
And tbejaddltion of New Presses, Including a
LigHtnlns Ho Press,
Generally conceded to be tbe fastest
i n s t oil.
In connection with BUGGLES', GOEDON'S and WELLS' Job Presses, that have
proven such successes in our office, and having the largest and most commodious
building in this city in which to operate, we are now prepared
In the best and neatest style of tbe art, and upon terms that cannot be competed with.
Our fast New Presses, our Improved Economical Machinery the result of the inge
nuity and Inventive talents of tbe best minds of the age enable us to do good wr
at MUCH CHEAPEK RATES than can be done in tbe old style and with only the old
facilities. jTbe Office is complete in all its arrangements, and can do the work with
Legal Blanks, '
Blank Books,
Business Cards,
- In this specialty we
Having More Presses
Offices in the
We are prepared to execute all kinds of Printing, in any color, at lower prices than
, our neighbors. . ...
....; ,!vo; -.-; O. . . .
Nos - 36, 38 - and
-. 1 : 0
;-. 0,:
93 OO, Begnlar price f
- i a.oo,
- ."" . 1.(50, .'.. ''
- .- UBS,'
' 9.SO
1 9.9S
. ' - ; "j" 4.00,
'1.T5,-' '
- .;. . ' .. . .' X.SO, ' .
Gallen, 1.J.O, -'
- . , - l.J5, .' "''
- ' . 1.40, ' .'
- . 0.40,
and best Pi Id tit g Machine in tbe world.
Bill Heads,
Letter Heads, I
Drue: Labels,
Bills of Fare, Etc.,
. -. ' '
are unsurpassed.
than all Other Printing
City Combined, -
( Vi .t, l it ki. . J L X
Cincinnati Money Market—Jan. 14.
GOLD 136 buying - -
EXuH AW UE t'.ro) at 50o discount ta
par traylnp, and l-10c premium 8Ilinfr.
MONEY MrVr. Ann tin no. .Inu f Irt
13 percent., .v ;..--. ) i
New York Money Market—Jan. 14.
With liberal offerings, tha .,
money market to-day has been easy at 7-'
per cent for for call, and exceptions- at fr
The receipts of currency frosa the Weaa-..i
are larjre,. and many banks report a (flat
bnk notes. .Discounts nominal- -
10S)!?LIXO EXCH AN QE Doll -, 109)tf . i
GOLD Firm, with average dealing and 1
no excitement : opened at and closed ' -at
136Ji136. c The upward course Is ra- 1
sisted oy foreign bauker and a number of '
heavy operators. , .., A ,.V!..,Brt
New York Stock Market—Jan. 14.
active and strong, with heavy purchase -
by a leading house, who have been of lata' "
conspicuous sellers, and steady Investment. -
demanded. Coupons '81.ilSgH2V; do
'62 112?i112i;,do '64 109i109K; do
'65 1091097; do new 10SM.0: do .
'67 108108;do '68 108(?109; IO-Wb J
107108; United States Facldo zsilroatL.Vi
curreucy,sixandl0J10Ji.' '."
The railway market nasheet) veryactlyj.j
and excited. Prices opeqad at about clos -log
rates of yesterday, and advanced stead
Ui till near the close. " j-i-"- r-,i i
'Prices at the close was-not fully up to J
the ulghest point ot to-day la all cases, and
tha market was. sowhat . unsettled. Most .
stocks, however, were linn, there was . ."
ry appearance of further progress -upward, . 4 .
before any serious reaction, .t
! 5:3(T" prices. Wells' JExnre,s 25027:
American 49Q49 J; Adams 946 JUnind
States "43Ji; Merclianta! Union 13 14;
Pacific ' Mail 123J& . Western . Union. Tele-,
graph 33i34; NewTorkJJentral 1589
168Ene 3838; Reading 9r3J-96
Terre Haute a9; .Wabash: 63rj3i; st. - t
Paul 7575; Fort Wavne 120120Ji; ;
Ohio & Mississippi 3434; Michigan Ceu- ; j
tral 1171I8: Michigan Southern 90( - '
90 Illinois Central 143; Pittsburgh 833(
83 Toledo 104Ji1046 Ind ! -,
128128; Noruiwestem 8a83; C. ?
H.&D.77. .... ..... i
New York Market—Jan, 14.
uuiivis A.oout setter; oeetaediyx
less active; sales ol 6,000 bales at 29e for .''
.middling uplands. v "
FLOUR Closed dull ai 6c lower. '.:' ,
WHEAT Quiet without decided change.
: RYE Dull at $1 50 for .Western. ,
OATS Firm and quiet at 71a In store '" .
'and 78c afloat., '- .i
CORN Dull at 90949' for new mixed "
Western aud 91 07(1 10 for old do la nor ' T
and i-fl at. , , ,-.
PORK NomloaL ' - . ''" '
BEEF-Steady and unchanged. ' -' '
CUT MEATS Steady with bat llttla'i
inquiry. w
BACON Dull without material change. '
LARD Dull with sellers' prim strained
at juo.
EGGS Quiet at 3335c.
Cincinnati Market—Jan. 14.
FLOUR AND GRAIN unchanged.
CO ITON Firmer: middling 28i28Xc.
WHISKY Dull; sales at DSe. - - - -PKOVISIONS
Dull and - held flrmlvi
salles of 100 bbls country. - ' u-
Mii;sa ruua country sold at 2S 50 1 ;
27 00; city do; 929 65 buyers tn February -"f
BULK MEATS Unchanged and Arm at
full-prices, though demand is light; sales 1'
of shoulders at 1111c, and sides at " :
BACON In fair demand: sales of 90 hhda ' -
at 13i13o for sides; 'lGQWo for "
clear ribbed and clear.- - ' if
LARD Neglected and nominal at 19(tt -
BUTTER Firm and in good demand. '
CHEESE Firm and demand good. -"--'
EGGS Firm at 30c. -a '- : ,
St. Louis Market—Jan. 14.
FLOUR Dull, and low grades about 25a
WHEAT Uochanged; $1 502-00 lor
prime to fancy fall. ..-.a: ...
CORN Firmer; C2,68c.
OATS Unchanged; 5558o. '
B X E Unchanged ; 91 iofal 28 : the lat
ter lor fancy, ' ' -
BA.KL.ax Ranged at 91 75cl 90 for
prime Iowa and Illinois spring.
whisky unchanged :97c. ' -PROVISIONS
Weak and unsettled :
choice heavy pork sold at 929 50.
JtJUJLK MEATS Can be bought a quar
ter below yesterday's quotations.
BACON Easlei : shoulders 13tfai4as-
clear sides 17c. ,
iiKu uncnantrpci; is(iyc
HOGS Lower; 9104c -';'
Chicago Market—Jan. 14
FLOUR-Qulet at 9 56 70 for spring
WHEAT Moderately active ; opening '
lc higher, bnt the advance was suh- '
sequently lost; sales of No 1 at 91 204
1 Z3& No 2 91 131 14i. , , " - 1'
CORN Quiet ana easier; sales of No 2 '
kiln-dried at 5556.; new 53Ji64c, and
no grade at 6152c.
OATS Quiet and s bighe; sales of No'
2 at 4848o.
HOGS Closed at 912 5012 75. .,
Cleveland Market—Jan. 14.
FLOUR City made 911 0011 25 tor
XXX white; 99 609 75 for XX amber;
98 258 50 for XX ambei; 93 258 50 for
XX red winter; 97 758 00 for spring
country made; 97 508 00 for XX red
and amber; 97 007 50 for XX spring;
99 2510 00 for XX white wheat,
CORN Sales at 64c for ear: shelled at
68)45. ' x .
- OATS Sales of 5 cars at 63s. . .
Toledo Market—Jan. 14.
FLOUR Quiet.
w hjsai-a bhaae Detter ; amber at
91 72
rn :
Better; new' 62c; new rejected ,
at 60c
OATS Unchanged: No. 1 Michigan at
67.-; No.2at56c.
BYE Quiet.
Buffalo Market—Jan. 14.
With trifling sales.
HIGH WINES Held at 91, without buyers.
Milwaukee Market—Jan. 14.
FLOUR Dull, prices unchanged.
WHEAT Steady at 91 19 for No. 1
in 8 tore. i . .'
PRO V EN CIS. R. I., h vine the largest mana
faetorr So 8 er . - in the world. ith -the
most mproTed maeh - y. and emplorins the -most
skilled labor, are enabled to offer aa aa- - -equalled
Tarietr of ne and beautiful designs in
Dinner Serrioee. Tea ' e rices, and every article
specially adapted for ) - liday and Bridal Gifts.
They offer also their well-known and unri railed
Nickel Silver Eleotro-Plated Ware, in whioh the
have inrrodnced new patterns of rare elerance.
The Solid Silver is guaranteed to be of sterlin
purity by U. S. Mint assay. The Efectro-PIate t V
guaranteed to be superior to tbe finest Sheffiel .
ware.. Orders received from the Trade only, ba .
these goods may ba obtained from responsible ;
dealers every ahere. , ,'
'?.-."m ' " .. Trade, V .
Trade Mar
for .
' Salesroom No. 3 Maiden Lane. K.T. u
nov5aw4Jsm-re kt .
I bate heard it hishlTextolIed uilt.M mmm tm
wonderful effeets. Writes Martha M. Jnhneoa,
Derby, jt.. about Maimer's Letion. '' ' f '. .
septlwlym-r ' -.
3Vo. 336 JLfroxclvray.
1'. 1(1
?f. -A
Capital, - , One Million Dollars. ; '
DAarnsK MAKOAM.Prei't. Jas. Mnan.L.See'y,' ",:
-RecoivesDeposl sandanowtPODRPERl'KNT
INTEREST oa all Daily Balaaeei. awbjeetioeheek
at sight. Hpeoial Deposits fornix months or mote. !
mar be made at five per cent. The Capital of One
Million Dollars is divided among over 500 Share- '
bolders.eomorisingmanygentlemeBoflantewealth '
nd fluanoial expenenee. who are also personally
liable to deDositere for ell Ahli.aiftnn. .v.. -
pan to double the amount ef their oapltal stock.'-;
as m, national iruu ajompany reeeives deposits
in large or small amounts, and permits them to be
urwai mm m wane or in pa s oy eneea at sit
wiinomi nonoe. allowing interest on ail
Nam. usruoai iniuBsiHiuk in. flnanira
of security, convenience and 1
re mttu-uKa

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