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(Dp gasman.
JAN. 16.
Ohio Legislature.
The Senate, on yesterday, In pursuance
the Drecedine
day, adjourned until Monday. '. -
We never knew a legislative body which
numbered among its members' o mufch
sickness as the Ohio Senate. Of the three
Senators from Hamilton county, but one
(Mr. Biggs) has yet made his appearance
Messrs. Torbence and KeSsler being
detained at home by Indisposition. Mr
Biggs Is also at home Indisposed. Mr.
Sf ambatjgh Is . at his residence at New
Philadelphia, seriously. If not dangerously
slck-Mr. 'Rtt, of Wayne, and his col
league, Mr. Scrisnes, of Knoi, are both
at their homes In attendance on euk fami.
lies.; Mr. Campbell, of Butler, and Mr.
Comet, i Fulton,' have been forced to
leave Columbus In consequence of sickness
in their Iamilies-i-Mr. Kbnhky, of Mont
gomery, it is understood, Is detained at his
resilience fbrthe same cause as are also Mr.
Iawbbnck, of Guernsey; and Mr. Ykoman,
of Fayett. ;i i'i: "-.-
These Senators, themselves. and families,
being on he sick list, makes it next to im
possible for the Senate to proceed in any
of the' great measures of the session, as the
list embraces many of the ablest working
members of the body. -' -
In the Souse, thff sickness among mem
bsr or lh 'thetr families,: ia la about as
great ft' ratio as 1n the Senate.- Mr. Pjsn
NisTKir, however, la the only member whose
sickness is considered of a dangerous char-acterP-i'-f-1
1 -; - '
In isndte'Mr-, Potts' Introduced a bill to
iuerease '.th6,salaxy of the State Commii
eloner of Common Schools to $2,000 being
U llivtwv - .. . .
besides the receDtion of nu:
mewe petitions, and, an unusual sraoun :n
of" JWnitlnei business," Mr.; Dickson Intro-
dnced a bill to punish public officers f or T
embiiiWng' public; monty..Thfr intentlo. i
of fne bill evidently Is, to catch such scamp I
as the late archetectof the Deal and Dum' 1
Asylum, and his assistants whoiembezelef J
a large amoBht "cf money; from the State
and1)tcsuse h'e wai allowed to handle thi t
mrtitoj W the State officers, without war :
rant of law, h could hoc oe pumsnea.
Mr.!RiAD'd"t)lll to reduce rate-of interest
was reall the first time, as was also a bill o!
MtBakx tb!establlsh a -Superior Court
for'l)arke!cbuntyi .-MinfVvifij i." ? :
'A "bill was passed to authorize the Com
missioners ot Shelby county to apply funds
itf the county-treasury -to complete an inH-
flrmarY;- ": ;
resolution was adopted instructing the
committee" on Benevolent Institutions to
inr,nin into the broDrlety and justice of
recompensing counties and townships for
the rare pi insane.
MriDosii ottered a resolution, which
was ordered' printed, proposing an atnend-
.. --unoinir thi time 'tor election ol
ui1)"! ,u.u'a ,
members of General Assembly, State 'ami
county officers. -
.'"aaw -
FRIDAY, January 15, 1869.
Ihe.PBESIDENT called the Senate to
order at 10 o'ciock. - -
Tbjjonrfial of yesterday; waaread ana
S. B.,No. 263. by Mr. DANGLEE Fur
ther to preserve the purity of elections and
to guard against the abuse of the elective
franchise,' by registration, was read the
second time, end relerred to the committee
ot theW,hQle . . . -
S. B. No. 28o, Dy Mr. tru i ia 10 amenu
section 57 ot the act to provide for the or
ganization, supervision, and maintenance
otv common- schools, passed March 14,
1853 (S.& lipase 1346).; ; .
The object of the bill is to Increase the
salary ot the State Commissioner of Com
mon Schools from fifteen hundred dollars
per; annum .to two thousand dollars per
annum.., .... --.;- J
. lave of absence was granted to Messrs.
Dickey, Campbell and Jamison until 3 P.
If. on Tuesdavnext.- ' " ' ": '
On motion of Mr. -GKISWOLD, the Sen-i
ate adiourned until 3 if. M on , JUonday
next.' .
"MrSSKA ATS, the petition tf W. H. Cook
aitt'180 other citizens ot Hamilton county.
aekins that the interest law be so amended
as. to legalize ten per cent: interest on
money, upon contract. Referred to special
ceminitteeon Interest.' ' - f '
..Mr.POND the petitionf of) W; H. Pari'
sons and 153 other- citizens oi Morgan
county, Ohio, asking-for authority to tax
the township ot Union, in said eonnty,- to
pay; money borrowed on the faith of the'
township tar save said' township from the
drttiTKeferred to M. Pond j-. .' "
IMtI GOJiDON, tl petition of James
Casmeatt and 41 other citizens of : Auglaize
coantv; ipraying for the enlargement of a
cnlvert on the Miami and Erie canal, north
of S3 MaTy 'sJfc-Jteferred to committee on
PnbUo-Worksu! 'f-i-ri--, n-i .t-.i-f-t-.
rilr ' KKRR. oi Fayette, th petition of
E.' L. Ford and 142 other citizens of Fay
ette county, praying an amendment of an
act to protect - the citizens of Ohio- from '
empicicimTand tQ elevate the standard or
the medical profession, passed May 5, 1868
Eererredto committee ; on 'Medical So
cietleS. .f i ui ? 1 :'-ir -. "
Mr-r KERB,--of Fayette, the petition oi'
Jacob Ureamer, surveyor, ana otner citi-,
zens of Fayette county, on the subiect oi
establishing' and keeping in repair true
meridians. .. Referred to the committee on
Mr; FlEL"DINO, - the petition of W. A.
On it ana i J40 - other citizens of ShelDy
coecty, praying for the. passage of a law
authorizing taxpayers assessed .with taxes
lor the construction oi turnpikes to erect
toll-gates ana collect tons, etc. Keienea
to committee on Turnpiki s. .:,'.
-Mr. .BAKER The memorial of D. S.
Meeker and 35- other citizens of Darke
county, praying for the establishment of a
Superior Court iu s-id county. ' Referred
ta the committee on ine Judiciary.
Mr. RUXTER The memorial of A. D,
SkiUenger, ot New London, Ohio, calling
the-attention ot toe legislature to tu
subject of, "schools," school tax. books,
school superintendents, &c. Inferred t
the committee ' on Schools and School
Lands, Ui f ,'
S. :B.- No. 231, Mr. DOWDNEY Tt
amend section 65 of an act entitled-an act
relatlDg to wills, and the .repeal ot former
acts relating tnereto, passed May 3a, isoz
and took effect June 1st, 1852,' was read tut
thir time. v' i- -,- ,t . , ; ,.i ,
Mr. HILL, of Defiance, explaioed thai
the bill amends section 65 of the act relat
ing to- wills, so as to allow administrator
in case ot resignation or removal of exec
utors, to execute conveyances ol real estate
by -order o the Probate Court. T -- ;
lue JaiU passed yeas 75, nays 1. ,
. Mr. HORD H. B. No. 472: Eablisblng
the rate of interest ana repealing the act
: entitled "an act fixing the rate t f interest,"
passed Jan. 12, lszu : ' :
Mr. BAKER U. B.No. 473 Toestablisl,
the Superior Court ot Dark oouuty. . .
Mr. KEMP II. B. No. 474: To regulat
the practice oT Pharmacy in the State o
Mr. MOOBE, of Putnam H.-Bl No. 475 !
To regulate the fees ol County Recorder
in certain cases. - - - ....
Mr.STKWART-H.B.No.476: To pre-.
- Mr. SKA ATS H. B. No. 477: Relatlnf
to the duties of County Commissioners, and
amending section 2 of an act passed Apru
8, 1856. as amended March 9, 1866.
Mr. BELV1LLE. H. B. No. 478 To au
thorize the commissioners of Montgomery
county to erect a building to contain conrt
rooms, county offices aud for other pur-i
poses. r ;.; - . , ;,'.-,; Ij
Mr. DICKSON, H. B. No. 470 To pun
ish certain offenses therein named. (The
bill enlarges the embezzlement law so as to
embrace public officers embezzling money
coming to their hands by virtue of their
offices,) . .. '
Mr. WALLING, H. B. No. 480 To
amend section 3 of an act entitled an act
further to prescribe the duties of county
commissioners, pased April 8, 1S56, as
amended April 4, 1S66, as amended May 9,
On motion of Mr. ULLERY, the House
took a recess, v - -- - - - -
' Mr. SCOTT, of Warren, H. B. No. 481
To amend an act entitled an act to regulate
the fees of officers in civil and criminal
cases. The bill is to amend the act relating
to fees ol county commissioners, surveyors,
and chain carriers for services rendered in
partition of real estate.
Mr. READ, H. B. No. 482 To authorize
the board of trustees of Goshen township,
Tuscarawas county, Obio, to borrow money
and levy a tax for the same on the taxable
property of said township, for bridge purposes.
Mr. FIELDING, from the committee to
whom was referred H. B. No. 457 To au
thorize the commissioners of Shelby county
county to apply certain funds in the county
treasury for the completion ot a county
infirmary in said county, reported the same
back with the recommendation that it pass.
The report was agreed to, and the bill
passed yeas 68, nays 3. .
' Mr. PARKER, on leave H. B. No. 483
To- amend an act entitled an act for the
opening and regulating of roarfs and high
ways, passed January 27, 1853.
Mr. BAKER, on leave H. B. No. 484
To amend section 18 of an act entitled an
act to regulate insurance compauies.passed
ROUGH offered the following reso
lution, which was adopted; -:
Whereas, After the burning of the Cen
tral Lunatic Asylum, .many of the inmates
of that institution were returned to and
supported by the counties or townships
from whence they came, in some cases tor
a time, and .in other cases are still being so
supported; Snd ' ' "" :!tl"-1'"'"
-Whereas, The inmates of other' State
Lunatic Asylums are supported by taxes
levied on the taxable preperty of the whole
State; therefore, - . o-'. ;
' j?ei dived. That the standing committee on
Benevolent Institutions be instructed to in
quire into the justice and propriety of pro
viding by law, so as to require the county
commissioners of the several eounties to
Which lunatics have been returned, and
which have been or are now being support
by the respective townships of such coun
ties to refund to such township the amount
so expended, and to require the State to re
fund the same to the several counties, to
gether with the amount expended by them
in sustaining returned lunatics when kept
by counties, or to refund an amount equal
to the cost of sustaining the inmates of the
remaining lunatic asylums, and report by
bill or otherwise, i --it. - !
; Mr. DUNN offered the following resolu
tion which was laid on the table aud or
dered to be printed :-
.Resolved by the General Assembly of the
State of Ohio, three-fifths of the member elect
to each House agreeing thereto, That it be and
is hereby, proposed to the electors of the
Sta(e to vote at the next annual October
election upon the approval or rejection of
the following amendment as a substitute
for section Becond (2), anicle second (2),
section first (1), article third (3), and sec
tion second (2), article ten ( 10), of the
Constitution' of this State,' viz : ' Section
second (2), article two (2) Senators and
Representatives shall beelectei biennially
by the electors in the respective counties
or districts on the Tuesday Dext after the
first Monday in November. Their term ot
office shall commence on the first day of
VJanuary- thereafter, .and continue two
yeats. , !. - " i -
; Section first (1) article third (3). The
Executive Department shall consist of a
Governor, Lieutenant Governor, Secretary
of State, Auditor, Treasurer, and an Attor
ney General, who shall be chosen by the
electors of the State, on the Tuesday next
after the first Monday in November, and
at the places for voting for members of the
General Assembly.
Section second (2) article (10). County
officers shall be elected on the Tuesday
next alter the first Monday in November
until otherwise directed by law, by the
qualified electors of each county, in such
manner and for such term, not exceeding
three years, as msv. be provided by law. -.
Mr. BUTTER offered the following joint
resolution, which was laid on the table un
der notice to discuss by Mr. Thorn hill :
Resolved by the General Assembly of the
State oj Ohio, That the chairman of each
of the joint select committees, appointed
by the Legislature, at its last session, on
"Agricultural and Mechanical College,. on
erection of additional Penitentiary, and on
Reform School for girlsy are hereby re
spectfully required to report to this Gen
eral Assembly at their earliest conven
ience, the per diem" received by each mem
ber of said committee, for services ren
dered during the recess of, the Legislature,
with ail other expenses Incurred, for which
the, money, was - drawn from the State
Treasury...; . .
; ISLt. MOON, of Putnam, offered the fol
lowing resolution, which'Was adopted: "
Resolved, That there be printed under
the supervision of the Clerk of the House
of Representatives, for the use of the mem
bers thereof, 1,000 copies each of the reso
lutions passed, and eulogies of respect and
condolence pronounced upon the Hon.
Henry J.- Boehmer. and Hon; Andrew Ger
hart. ,,-,. ij v.v ;.,
Mr.' HUGHES, of Highland, offered the
following resolution,' which was adopted :
: Whereas,. Great eompiaint is made and
Injustice done to the tax payers and agri
cultural Interests ot the State by the delay
in publishing - the ' agricultural repor s,
which in justice should have been in the
bands of the farmers of our State three or
four months ago ; therefore, .
j Resolved, That the standing committee
on Agriculture Inquire into , what has
caused the delay, and whether any legis
lation is needed to remedy the evil, and to
report at an early day by bill or otherwise.
: Mr. SCOTT.moved to take from the table
H. B. No. 413 : For the relief of Peter Fry
zinger. Treasurer of Wiltshire township,
"Van Wert county, Ohio; - which motion
may agreed to and the bill was read the
third time and passed yeas 68, nays 4.
Mr. NEAL offered the following resolu
tion, which was adopted : ""
. .Resolved, That the standing committee
on Finance be and is hereby instructed to
report to this House on or b fore the 1st
day of February next, the general appro
priation bill for the year 1869 and the first
quarter of the year 1870, preparatory to an
early sine die adjournment of this General
- .On motionof Mr. HILL, of Defiance,
the House adjourned.
Chicago News.
CHICAGO, Jan. 15.
Senate to authorize the construction of a
mammoth hotel in this city by the Chi. a
so Hotel Company. The capital is to be
five hundred thousand, with permission to
increase it, to one million.
i In the United States Circuit Court to
day, Judiie Druramond decided on two iu
dictments that the ruling of the Commis
sioner ot Internal Revenue that a person's
income includes debts and promissory notes
payable in the future, as erroneous, and
parties indicted as having made fraudulent
returns were acquitted, they having ex
cluded moneys clue them next year.
: News of a tragedy in Monroe, Greene
county, Wisconsin, has just been received.
ADgeline Shoyer shot and killed Patrick
Cratty, who seduced her two years ago
and refused to maintain their child, uud
was insulting her when she fired at him.--She
is now in jail, but the people sympa
thize with ber. .
! The use of the Wisconsin Assembly
chamber, has been tendered, on Monday
, evening and successive evenings, tor a dis
cussion of the political issues rt the day
by the rival candidates for the U. S. Seua-torshlp.
The Hampshire Woolen Mills, owned by
Little and Stahlow, was totally destroyed
by lire last night, together with a large lot
ot manufactured goods. Several adjoining
buildings were also destroyed. Loss
75,000. ' ; ;
Body Recovered.
.: A body was found In the ruins of Cald
well's store this alternoon so badly burned
that It was impossible to identify it. It is
unquestionably, however, the Doay of one
of the missing clerks.-it . .'.
Gen. Gillem's Testimony.
NEW YORK, Jan. 15.
A Washington dispatch says thsit Gen.
Gillem, in his testimony before the Recon
struction committee, yesterday, stated that
he had taken every precaution to have the
Mississippi election conducted fairly and
to prevent Intimidation upon the part of
the white employers towards their black
employees. He issued circulars ot instruc
tion to the various sheriffs throughout the
State, but it U his impreosion that the
sheriffs were hostile to the -reconstruction
acts and did not carry out their instruc
tions. From all he was able to learn" lie
there was considerable intimidation used
in different parts of the State towards the
blacks, and that on this account many of
them did not vote. .- -
WASHINGTON, January 15.
Mr. HENDRICKS presented a petition
from eighteen Miami Indians residing in
Indiana, relative to the public lands occu
pied by them, and also introduced a bill on
thesame subject. Referred.
Mr. HOWARD presented the petition of
Indians and personsof Indian descent, res
idents of Michigan, belonging to the Atta
wa and Chippawatribes,alieging that great
injustice had been done them by the offi
cials of the United States, and asking a
thorough Investigation. Referred.
Mr. STEWART, from the Judiciary
committee, reported the following consti
tutional amendment, and asked that the
committee be discharged from further con
sideration of the subject:
Article 15. The right of citizens of the
United States to vote and hold olhVe shall
not be denied or abridged by the United
States or any State on account of race, col
or or previous condition of servitude.
Mr.OTATES introduoed a bill to enable
the people of Colorado to form a State
Government, which was referred to the
committee on Territories.
The Senate resumed consideration of the
Sue MurDhev case.
. Durinif the discussion the PRESIDENT
presented the credentials of Senator Buck
ingham, ot l;onn.,. winch were reaa.
Mr. ROBERTSON moved to recommit
the bill that the committee might farther
inauire whether Miss Murphev bad been
loyal before. the '.occupation of Decatur,
Ala., by our troops, and whether she was
owner ot tne property Deiore tnat time,
and if so how long.
Mr. ROBERTSON modified bis motion
so as to make it merely a motion to recom
Mr. SUMNER moved as an amendment
to recommit a resolution instructing the
committee to consider, the expediency of
appointing a commission to inquire into
the claims ot loyal citizens in tne oouin,
to classify these claims and specify circum
stances aud evidence in each case.
After further discussion on the motion,
Sumner's bill and pending amendments
were recommitted to tne committee on
Claims, and the Senate adjourned till Mou
day. , : -t
Mr. DAWES, from the committee on
Elections, reported In the case of the Rep
resentatlve Irom the Sixth Cogressional
District of Georgia, that John II. Cristie
having voluntarily given aid to the reoel,-
lion, is not entitled to a seat; that the con
testant, John A. Wilpy, is not entitled to
it, because he did not receive a majority ol
the votes cast, and that the committee on
Elections be discharged from further con
sideration of the question of removing po
litical disabilities from John H. Christie,
and that it be referred -to the committee on
Reconstruction. Laid on the table and or
dered printed . .....
Mr. STOVER indicated his dissent from
the report of the committee made yester
day in the case of Anderson against Switz-
ler, from the Uth Uistrict 01 Missouri. -
: The consideration of the Niagara Falls
ship canal bill was then resumed.
Mr. JUDD snoke in support.'
Mr. BUTLER, .of Massachusetts, also ad
vocated the bill.
The debate was continued by ' Messrs,
Ashley, of Illinois, Bailey, Spalding, Mul-
lins and Chandler against the bill, and by
Messrs. Allison, Logan, Barnes auu Inger-
soll in lavor ot it.
Finally Mr. DELANO moved to lay the
bill and amendments on the table. Nega
After further discussion the bill was de
feated by refer nee to the committee ol the
whole yeas 81, nays 60.
Adjourned till Monday..
Senatorial Nomination.
CHICAGO, Jan. 15.
At the Republican caucus in St. Paul,
last evening, Ramsey was nominated for
re-election as United states feenator lor
Minnesota, by a majority ot one.
No organized opposition is being made
to Senator Tipton's re-election from Ne
St. Louis Items.
ST. LOUIS, Jan. 15.
T. C. Sears, chairman of the Board of
Directors of the Kansas Penitentiary, is
charged with fraudulently obtaining a
voucher for three thousand two Hundred
and eighteen dollars.
j Both Houses of the Legislature have ap
pointed committees to investigate the
matter. .
i The Legislature has memorialized Con
gress to transfer the Indian bureau to the
War Department, and voted . thanks to
ueneral sperldan and uuster.
Senator Drake lelt for Washington yes
terday. .
Tne excitement over tne senatorial nom
ination has subsided, and although threats
of bolting the action of the caucus have
been made, it is altogether probable that
Gen. Scbuiz will be elected by a large
The Conference.
PARIS, Jan. 15.
The Conference on the Eastern question
will meet again to-day. It is generally be
lieved this session will be final. It is re
ported on creditable authority that Mr.
Rangahe, Greek Minister, has been in
structed by this Government to announce
that Greece Is resolved to reject the decis
ion of the Conference it certain demands
in the Turkish ultimatum are supported
by that body. All the indications are that
Greece is bent on war. A dispatch from
Athens state that King George is preparing
to retire to Nanpila.
Message of the Governor of
ATLANTA, Jan. 15.
The Senate and House reassembled to
day, and the rat ssage of Governor Butlei
was read. He commences by announcing
that on the 7th ot December he addressed a
communication to Congress setting forth
that the Reconstruction laws had not been
fully executed iu Georgia. He proceeds to
state that the remarkable action of the
Legislature at its last session had induced
a careful examination ot the law and man
ner oi its execution, to ascertain how it
was possible that such extraordinary reso
lutions could occur. .
He argues that a strict adherance to the
letter of the reconstruction acts would
have prevented the overthrow of them
which has been accomplished in Georgia.
Congress, he says, is thesole Interpreter ji
the time inlent and measuring of the recon
struction measures, and the final arbiter
and the question of their execution. In
the body of the message the following
"The fact that there is not in Georgia ad
equate protection for life and property and
tree expression of political opinion, is so
well known and understood as not to need
argument or presentation of evidence,
which has reached me from many portions
ot the State. In fact, it is hoped it may
never bi come necessary to make public in
formation which would reflect upon us as a
He says Congress will undoubtedly take
action in the matter of expelling coloreu
members of the Legislature as revolution
ary and the overthrow ot the Government
instituted by its acta, and will take into
its own hands the adjustment of the diffi
culty, unless some elective measures are
at once adopted to repair the injury.
It is not desired that treason' should bt
punished, but it Is demanded that loyalty
shall be respected and if necessary pro.
tected. -
The Governor recommends the General
Assembly to take the initiative for settle
ment by excluding members inelegible
under the 14th amendment, and restoring
colored members to their seats, and incase
it is not deemed wise to take this course,
then adjourn aud leave the matter to Con
gress, where in any event the matter must
be finally disposed of..
. He remarks :
We may be well assured Congress will
not pause in the great work of reconstruc
tion and regeneration until we fully ac
quiesce in the great fact that onr late
slaves are entitled to all the rights, priv
ileges and Immunities of other men be
fore the law ; that until the same freedom
from proscription which is granted to the
most arrogant opponent of Congress is se
cured to the humblest Union man and
friend of the government, we cannot have
periect peace or prosperity.
New York Legislature.
ALBANY, Jan. 15.
The railroad committee ot the Senate to
day asked for instructions relative to the
refusal of an Erie director to answer cer
tain questions as to the disposition made ol
a large amount of additional stock, which
he claimed was beyond the scope of inves
tigation ordered by the Senate. By a vote
of 14 against 13, the Senate tabled the.
whole subject.
NEWARK, N. J., Jan. 15.
A boiler In George Wood's brush handle
shop, at Elizabethport, exploded this
morning. Tiie boiler was thrown into
Vinan8 &Bro.'8 tin shop. 200 feet distant,
killing Benjamin 11. Winans, the proprie
tor, and John Kegan, of Bergen. Hew jer
sey, A. Beatmer, and seriously wounding
Stanley juuter ana others.
Shelbourne's Apparatus at Hell
NEW YORK, Jan. 15.
' The drilling with Shel bourne's apparatus
on the rocks at Hell Uate was continued
yesterday. A second bore, six feet in depth.
through the solid rock, som thirty feet un
der the suriace, was successfully made.
Cruelty to Animals.
. John Marks was sentenced to pay a fine
of twenty-five dollars and serve twenty
lays In the city prison, lor cruelty to ani
mals, in having staited afire un er bis
baulky horse and burned him fearfully in
a I utue enort to maxe mm go.
Earle's Hotel.
The proprietors of Earle's hotel state
lacts which go to snow considerable dis
credit upon the story of Mr. Andrew
Reed, a western merchant, who alleges
ti.at he was chloroformed and his carpet
bag robbed of $5 000. An empty bottle
was louna in nis -room with a dry
sponge beside it. Other Indications seem
to warrant the belief -that no robbery was
The Alleged Alaska Briberies.
It is stated that Mr. Martin, the indi
vidual who proposes to be able to give full
in formation relative to the Alaska on
beries, is in Washington, but has never ap
peared oetore tne committee, although
there is no obstacle to having him appear
it the committee wants him. fie boasted
that he can prove that Secretary Seward
urged Baron Stoeckl to oil the wheels ot
the legislative machinery, and that among
the items of expenditure for the necessary
oiling were, to a near relative ot Thau
Stevens, $10 000; to a correspondent of a
Aew ork Jfadical morn in tr Dnper, So,000:
to a Baltimore paper, and a Chicago paper.
du,uw: to an Eastern Senator. faj.Ult)
to an Eastern Member, who engineered the
but, 2o0,000; to another Eastern Member,
Who smelt out the alleged corruption.
$150,000; to the chief ot Washington di
plomatists, $200,000, and to the New York
lobby ring, $500,000. Martin makes these
charges, and says he is willing to prove
them if he is called upon by the commit
Naturalization of British Subjects.
A London paper states that Minister John
son responded to a query from tne fLimigra-
tion Society respecting the naturalization
ot British sutnects in America, as follows
"You will have no difficulty whatever, if
vou become citizens ot America, anu re
turn to vour own country, on being called
upon to do any act here on the ground that
3 on owe any allegiance to the Uovernraen
of England. When you return here you
will tie clothed wit h, the protection oi Amer
ica as much as if you bad been born in
America. We consider you, in point ot law,
a citiz.-.n born with us, entitled to all our
rights, ana that we are under obligation
to protect j i'u the same as we would those
The steamship Virginia, from Liverpool,
nas arrived.
The Congressional Committee.
The Congressional committee of invest!
gation into alleged fraudulent voting in
this city, concluded its sessions yesterday
anu returned to Washington.
The Congressional Committee. Ill.
A dispatch from Harrisburg reports the
governor in witn erysipaias.
Revenue Receipts.
A Washington special says the internal
receipts lor January bta . latr to reac
twelve millions, and the custom receipts
lit teen millions.
Insurance Meeting.
The meeting of representatives of insur
ance companies to-day was a long an
earnest one, and seems likely to result in
the appointment of a conference committee
to harmonize conflicting interests caused
American Bible Society.
The American Bible Society have recog
nized seven new auxiliaries, three in Min
nesota, one each in .New York, South Car
olina, Missouri and Wisconsin; and Rev.E.
G. Smith and Rev. Joseph Mosser have
been appointed agents for Illinois and Rev.
W. McCandlisn lor jsebraska.
Dinner to Mr. Pendleton.
Last night Hon.Reid Schell, of this city,
gave, at the rooms of the Manhattan Club,
a dinner to Hon. George H. Pendleton, who
is visiting lor a season in this vicinity. .
Mrs. Elizabeth Birney.'wlfe of the late
James G- Birney, died at Geneva. N. Y.,
on the 12. h.
Hong Kong.
LONDON, Jan. 15.
Advices from Hong Kong state that the
rebels had captured ilokodady, Janau
Foreigners and their property were respect
Constitutional predicts that Greece will
submit to the voice ot the conference.
Rio Janeiro Advices.
Rio Janeiro advices to December 24, per
st uiner. state that the allied army had
mad a vigorous assault on the Paraguay
an strongholds at Yilleta, and after a des
perate battle succeeded in carrying them.
LoD' z's army was utterly routed "and de
stroyed. The Allies captured over three
thousand prisoners of war; Lopez barely
escaped with two hundred tollowers. This
Vict iry opened the way to Ascunscion, to
which place the Brazilian ironclads have
Demand on Greece.
LONDON, Jan. 15.
All the great powers except Russia have
united in a demand npon Greece that for
the preservation of peace she shall with
draw her formal objections to the confer
ence as at present constituted. The powers
have reason to hope that Russia will also
concur in this demand.
The Throne of Spain.
The Madrid journals ara hostile to Dukr
Avasta as a candidate for the throne ol
Spain. The chances of the Duke Mont
pencler seem at present improving. The
Gaulois, of Paris, however, think the form
er is the most available candidate and most
sure to succeed if Spain declares in favor
The Alabama Claims.
LONDON, Jan. 15.
The treaty between the United States
and Great Britain lor the settlement of the
Alabama' claims, has been signed by Mr.
Johnson, the American Minister, and Esrl
Clarendon, the Foreign Secretary, on the
basis of the original protocol.
Gladstone's Letter.
The Patrie, of Taris, publishes a transla
tion of the letter of Mr. Gladstone to Ed
ward Lester, of Ohio, aud proceeds to con
demn the acknowledgement made therein
as humiliating England in the presence of
America, and as likely to produce no little
feeling against the Premier among his
own countrymen.
The Hibernia.
A vessel which left London on the- 8th
inst. brings no lists of arrivals there of
missing passengers of the steamer Hiber
Challenge Expected.
The boatmen of Oxford University are
eagerly expecting a challenge from the
Harvard club for a rowing match next
Mazatlan Advices.
Mazatlan advices to Jan. 7th say great
iscontent Prevailed acainst the Juarez
Government. Open rebellion was soon
Hen. coronna departed for-- Acapnico
January 2d, en-route to the City of Mex
ico, on leave ot absence. He asserted tnai
his presence only prevented open resist
ance before ow.
The leader of the present contemplated
pronunciamento is yet unknown, although
the name ot Don Placide Verge is men
tioned in this connection. General Mar
tinez's name Is also mentioned in the same
connection. He was expected to arrive in
the country bv the next steamer.
Aavices recelvea at Alazitlun, January
Cth, reported the rising of Gonsalas Or-
rega to force his claim to the Presidency.
Negrete Quivago, Vargas and Canvalez
are his supporters. The death ot his friend
fatenl is supnotea to have caused urtega
to take tne step.
The general government is exhibiting
much tardiness in bringing Canto to trial.
General ifiulogia Parra was appointed
military commander ot Sinaloa dnring the
absence of Coronna.
All persons who aided Martinez to the
revolution are ordered to present tnem-
selves in the district court. .
The districts of Culivician and MocOvits,
are suffering from putrid lever, causing
terrible ettects.
New Advertisements
ZS Xbe Ohio Statesman lias n
Larger Circulation tlian any pa
per published in this City or Cen
tral Ohio. Advertisers -will bea
this in mind.
acquaintances that 1 have left the tialoon of
Mr. Ueorse V -itnidt on South High utmet. and
hare rented the Saloon of Mr. Valentine Hotti
sbeimer. on 1 ro jt street, where my old onstomers
win uereauer always nna a goon gia?a ot lager
beer. Ao.. 4c. Ao. JOE.V FREOH.
janltt-d'itawlm -. . .' -
Dissolution of Copartnership.
this day dissolved by mutual consent, either
party being authorised to settle the past business
of the firm. GEO. F. O H ARRA.
- . , . JSU. a. SWDALU.
Columbus, January 14th, 1869.
GEO, r.UifllKR
Rpeoial District Agent for New England Mutual
Lite lnsurnce"ComDany of Boston. Maaa. Cuh
assets. (7,000,000. Dividend of profits paid annually
iucmu. um.e xiaugaron iunaing.
JHO. B. SI l l ALL, ic. CO ,
niper-ial of London Gold assets 8I0.C00.000 00
Pacific of San Fraocisoo Gold assets l.OOo.foo 00
Cleveland ot Cleveland Assets SoO.000 00
Continental of New York A f sets....' 3,126,023 50
uen. uist. Agent ot treJNew England
mutual uueAgsec 7.rHv,ouu 00
Orfiee Naoghton Building, Columbus, Ohio.
$25,000 REWARD!
' - ' At the Coxville Soap and Oil Works.
in soft mozxy,
To anyone who has used the WATKR PROOFOIL
DLiAUiviPiIt, ana don t say 1 1 lo TUB UtiST 1JV
He refers to Got. H&te.i. J. H. Klippart. Judge
Pugb, 1). Searles. at Hayden's Rolling Mill; C. 8.
Glenn, Secretary County Agricultural Society;
Fred. Feiser. of the Westboti; SpiVinj, if the
Stotoj'oau; J. O'B. Rennick, tho Old Virginia
box Hunter, and thousands of others of the oiti
lensof Columbus. j ml8 dlw
Paving Notice.
To all whom it may Concern:
Columbus, O., Jan. 6, l3S9.i
Notice is herebv ffiven that Drtnaedinsshave been
instituted ia the City Council of Columbus, fox.
making the following improvements, to-wit :
bull iiug a double row flag crossing across Good
ale street, at the west side ot 1'ark s;rtec
Also, lor build iik a d able row fiisr crossing)
across Park street at the south side of, ttoodal
Alao, f.r pannsr the unpiv d sidewa'ks in fron-;
of tho sonth half of inlot JNo. 313, liey'e's Addition
The same to be done in aordauce with plats and
estimates to be prepared by the Oity Civil Engi-'
neer. and filed in the office of the City Clerk.
All persons claim ins damages on account of paid
proposed improvements, are required to file tLeii
claims in the office of t'e Clerk, iu writing, on
befora the Tnird day of March. A. D. lBt:9. -
- L. i. WILSON
janl6-dltaw4w City Clerk
! Sheriff's Sale.
Wm. H. Dunnick) Court of Common Fleas
vs of
Maria Ivy. ) Franklin connty.
hands ia the above stated case from said oonr
to me directed, 1 will offer for sale at tbe door Ol
the Uoutt House, in the city of Columbus, on
Thursday, the 2Stb dav of January, A. D.
atlooVlock A. M.. a lot of household furniture,
consisting oi one bureau, three bedsteads and bed
ding, two rocking chairs, cane seat and wood chairs,
di-hea, stan is, tve and furniture, table, one large
mirror, elock. carpet, lounge, curtains, Ac, taken
as the property Of Maria ivy, to eatisf v said exe
cution. - K. GA V ER.
Coroner, aoting as Sheriff.
Printer's fees $ janl6-dtd
. RT Co.,
3th, 1869. )
Columbus. Chicago ft Indians. Ckn.
Columbus, O., Januarj 13tb
1. the Capital Stock of the Columbus, Chicago
A Indiana Central Kailway Uompsny will neoosed
on tbe evening of January 2V), 109, and remain
closed until J anuary 30th, 1863.
By order of the Bnard.
janU-dtd GORDON HOODIE. See'y.
Valuable Reaf Estate Sale.
f- ing to tbe late Xi. h. GOODALE is now of
fered lor sale Dy nis isxecutor. it consists ot tne
: Goodnle Honse, -
A. laree number of BUSINESS AND IVWELI
INti HUU fits, and 3UU vacant .oia in tte
City of Columbus. Also,
A Fine Farm of 16. Acres,
Two miles east of Columbus on the National Road,
and a Farm of 350 acrts iu Pickaway count;, one
mile touih of Lockbnnrne. Terms easy. Apply to
- 1 MTTU&rl K"ent0'
Great Bargains in Boots and Shoes
, No. 163 South High Street.
ent stock and make roum fur NMV SPRING
GOODS, we will sell) without regard to east, our
entire stocK ox
Blisses)' and
Children's Boots and Shoes
At prices tbst cannot fail to suit purchasers. We
have also a fine assortment ot
Boys' and Youth's Boots and Shoes,
Which we are celling oheap for cash.
Gentlemen's 1'ine French Calf Box.
'J oed Boots
made to order. 49 Repairing of all kinds prompt-
y a it neatly executed.
jai,13-dlf SHFPARD & HORIGER
Fr Sale or Ren!.
longing to -Mary E. Kent, deceased, situated on
Mound street, near 7ib, consisting of a convenient
house, wood shed, Aj-. on a spacious lotninoty
feet front, one hundred in depth. Good cistern and
well, frait trees and flower garden on the premises.
For price and terms, enquire at W. R. Kent's
auction rooms. corner Town and Fourth. jac7 dtf
No. 33G Broadway.
Capital, - One Million FoIIars;.
DabiusII llANOAM.Pres't. Jas. Merrill. Seo'y.
Rec ivesDeposi sand allows FOORPER'ENT.
t-Tt,'Hl.NT nn ,11 liftilv Halanoes. subiect to ohoek
alnl.f i4ruMv:nl Dados i ts for Six mou ths or mora.
mav be msde at five per cent. The Capital of One
Mi'lioo Dollars is divided among over 500 Share
holders, comprising many gentlemen of laree wealth
nd financial experience, who are also personally
liable to depositors for all tblieations of tbe Com
pani to double the amount of their capital stock.
As the National Trust Company receives deposits
in large or small amounts, ard permits them to be
drawn as a whole or in pa t by chock at sight and
without notice, allowing interest on all daily bal
ances, parties throughout the country can keep ac
counts in this Institution with speoial advantages
of security, convenience and profit. , .
F Nr-decl-dAw2Km. .
N ERS' MEETINGS. The Board Of School
Examinersof Franklin county meet at the Probate
Conrt Room on the last Friday and Saturdav
each month in the year. Also, on the second Fri
day and Saturday of the spiing and fall months.
aprlO wti
United States of America,
, '-'. WASHINGTON. t. 0.
Cash Capital, - - $1,000,000
To whion all general correspondence should be ad
dressed. OFFICERS x
CLARENCE H. CLARK. President. '"
JAY.COOKE, Chairman Finance and Ereoutive
HENRY D. OOKE. Yice President.
EMtKSON W. PEET. Seoretary and Actuary.
Offered hv thin tlnmntT,. m.rm
It is a National Company, chartered by special
act ox nonKresg, iboo.
It has a paid up capital of $1,000,000. .
It offers low rates of nremium.
.It furnishes larger Insurance than other Compa
nies lorine same money.
It is definite end certain in its terms.
It is a home Company in every locality.
Iti PoliflifUl aril Aiamnl frnm atti.lim.iit
There are no unnecessary restrictions in the Pol
Every Poliov is non-forfeitahln.
Folicies may be taken that will pay Insured their
full amount and return all the premiums, so that
the Insurance costs only the interest on the annual
folioies may be taken which pay to the Insured,
after a certain number of years, dnrinc life, an an
nual income of one-tenth the amount named in the
No extra rate it charged for risks upon the lives
OI females.
It insures not to pay dividends, but at S
cost that dividends will be impossible.
Cincinnati, Ohio, General Agents for Ohio Central
ana ooutnern Indiana.
S. 91. SMITH, - .
Colu-nbns. Special Agent for Franklin. Lioking,
AiusKingnm ana uosnocton counties.
No. 13.
experience, an entire success: 8imple
Prompt Efficient and Reliable. They are the
only Medicines perfectly adapted to popular use,
eo simple that mistakes cannot be made in
using tnem ; so narnuess as to ne tree rrora dan
ger, anu so emcient as to oe always reiiaoie.
'hev have raised the hi irhest commendation from
au, anu wm always rentier aainuacuon.
Kos. O Cento
1, Cures Fevers, Congestion, Inflammations. as
5, " Worms, Worm Fever, Worm Colic.25
8, Crylne-ColicorTeethingof IntantsSS
4, " Diarrhoea of Children or Adults.. 35
6, 44 Dysentery, Griping, Bilious Collc.26
6, " Cliolera-Morbus, Vomiting.. ...25
7, " Coughs, Colds, Bronchitis 35
8, Neuralgia, Toothache, Faecache.. 25
9, HeadachesSickHeadache,Vertigo25
10, u Dyspepsia, Bilions Stomach 25
11, 44 Suppressed, or Painful Periods.. .25
18, - " Wlittes, too profnae Periods.. .....25
11 rtt fl n nnntrli niftiiMilt Hrnnl
15. " Atnenmatlsm. Kbeumatic pains.. 25
All the above are mu twin VIALS.with. direction
containing double quantities each, for. 0
The foUowino art also vut vn in vials and are
sent at the same prices given betow.
.1, ,4 . n nklllVnM. . .
17, " files, blind or bleeding 60
13, Op til aim y. and sore or weak EyesSO
19, M Cat&rrli.acute or chronic,lnflnenza50
50, VloopLng-Congta,violentcough6U
51, " Asthma, oppressed Breathing.. ...60
22, " Ear Dlscbarges,impairedhearingSO
S3, " Scrofula. enlarged glands.swelUBgsSO
24, " GeneralDebUity,pnysicalweakness50
20, siropsy, anu scanty secretions. ...ou
56, u Sea-Sidtness,sickness from ridingSO
57, " Kidney-Disease, Gravel 60
28, " Ncrvons Debility SemlnsU
Emissions, involuntary Dis
charges 7:. i oo
20, Sore Month, Canker 60
30, u 'Urinary Weakncss,wetting bcd50
81, " . Painful Periods, with spasms.. 60
Bi, " Kuflerin g at change of life. .... .1 00
S3, Epilepay.Spasms.Bt.'Vitns'Dancel 00 .
84, " Dlplitherla, ulcerated sore throat.GO
Of 35 to 60 large -rials, moroeeo
or rosewood case, containing
a specific for every ordinary
disease a family is subject to,
and books of directions .
From $10 to $35
Smaller Family and Travellng cases,
with 20 to 88 vials from $5 to t8
Specifics for all Private Dieases,both
for Curing and for Preventive
treatment, in vials and pocket cases,$2to$5
Cures Burns, Braises, Lameness,
Soreness,Sore Throat, Sprain. Tooth
ache, Earache, Neuralgia, Hheuma -tism.
Lumbago, Piles, Boils, Stings,
Sore Eyes, Bleeding or the Lungs,
Nose, Stomach, or of Piles Corns, tl
cers. Old Sores.
Price, 6 oz., Octs.; Pints, fl.OO;
Quarts, $1.75;
- tW- These- Remedies, except POND'S EX
TRACT, by the case or single box, are sent to
any part of tbe country, by mail or express, free
of charge, on receipt of the price.
Address Humphreys Speoifio
O Homeopathic Medicine Company,
Office and Depot, No. 663 Bboaswat, New York,
Dr. Humphreys is consulted daily at' his office,
personally or by letter, as above, for all forma oi
. disease. . a
A fresh supply of the above always on band and
lor sale oj
All fresh anl genuine Medicines have on the
Doitom oi tDe oox. or in tne cases, tfumphreys
Specific. Homeopathic Medicine Company. Buy
-u 'r ;, i : u ,
ui uwuui,, j. uoj bib uv, loiiauin.
The only Infallible and Harmless Remedy. Csn be
given with or without the patient's knowledge.
Hrad Dr. Johnston's Treatise on "Drunken
ness, its Consequences and Cure." Try
the SPECIFIC, and be con
pleasant pieparation creates no vomiting- after its
use. Tuna. co need r.ot oe aicaraea an at once,
for the Compound destroys the desire gradual y
ana positively.
Proprietor. Columbus, O
f Eepl7-d-r4siwly
The Great medicine Tor the Shin, eai
without rail, every hind or un
sightly eruption or the flsee,
r ltchlnar, lrrltatinar, or
distressing entaneoas
. eHseasojon any part
or the person.
"It hnveartg relieved me or"r mortirylnti mp-J-C
1 7"f I,m v0" lookiua qi'i'e like a maw,'" writes
hnrlo. E. Nolilo, General Aaent of Mich. Oentrid
B. B., 173 Broadway, N. Y.
"Jltf1" 11 an invnhtable remedy for Tetter, etc.."
write Higley Bros., Druggists, Fairfldd, Iowa.
, I have tried yowr valnnbte remedy for Barber'e
Itch mlh great tnccea," writes C. W. Burnout, of
Leominster, Mass.
Bend for circular. Price, 73 ete. and S1.00.
Prepared only by ' SOLON" PALMER,
36 West Fourth Street, Cfncinnatl, O.
For sale by Druggists generally.
lenttl-deodAwly '
splendid Hair Dye is the best in the world ;
the only true and perfect Dye; harmless, reliable
instantaneous ; no disappointment : no ridiculous
tints; remedies the ill eftects of bad dyes; invig
orates and leaves the Hair soft and beautiful. Hack
or brown. Sol 1 by all Druacists and Perfumers;
and pmp-rlv applied at Batchelnr's Wig Factory
No. 16 -bond street. N. l'ork. t api28 diwly
aica saJthL
" MAX STRAKOStlii : - 1
Ha. the hon.r to announce the fir.t .n1 ,i. i,
cert of
On Saturday ETe.in, ,aB. Mt-, l86J)
ansa alius ivrp.
BIG. LOTTI, - " ."
49" Ad t igflion. ftl RpsArvftrl Stat ftl Kn ui
of ts will commence Thursday :Lorning atSelts-
Doors open at IU; concert at 8 o'clock. " Jn7
New Management at the State St.
1 heater.
will be fflad to lenra thn.t thn funin.i:.. --
tress. Mrs. LOUISE PAY NE WRAY.widowof the
lateW. A. W ray, greatest versatile performer in
luo iruiiu, wuu. it, wm ue reraemoevea. wa lost on
tbe vteamer Evening S tr, en route from Ntw Or
leans to New York, has rented the State Street
T-ieater. a d will open THIS EVENING. Mrs.
i. . .uu nor ovuuuipusnea uaognier, aiiss ADA.
deserve tbe patronage of the public. janlS ,
Hair Vigor,
For restoring Gray Hair to
its natural Vitality and Color.
A dressing -which
is at once agreeable,
healthy, and effectual
for preserving ths
hair. Faded or gray
hair is soon restored
to its original color
with 'the gloss and
gs?'.'V jresnness or youth.
O Thin hair ia thick
ened,'" falling hair checked, and bald
ness often, though not always, cured
by its use. Nothing can restore the
hair where the follicles are destroyed,'
or the glands atrophied and decayed.
Bat such as remain can be saved for
usefulness by this application. Instead
of .fouling the hair with a pasty, sedi-.
ment, it will keep it clean and vigorous.
Its occasional use will prevent the hair'
from turning gray or falling off, and
consequently prevent baldness. - Free,
from those deleterious substances which1
make some preparations dangerous and.
injurious to the hair, the Vigor can.
only benefit but not harm it. If wanted"
merely for a . - V r
nothing else can be found so desirable
Containing neither oil nor dye, it does
not-soil white cambric, and yet . lasts
long on the hair, giving it a rich glossy'
lustre and a grateful perfume. ' t
Prepared by Dr. J. C. Ayer & Co.,
Practical and Analytical Chemists,
pbiob loo. . : ' """Z
mfmm b.u i no inir ud rr ctr a. nn TCI. mT
saleand Retail Dealers, Columbus, Ohio, and by
Druggists every where. jan5-deodAweowl, '
The use of
Will restore it to its natural color and promote its
growth. . " ,
R. F. HALL & CO., Nashua, N. H., Proprietors. "
For sale by all Druggists. .....
jnly25 dltawAwly-em
UICI lf,llJ Ur.ll, .UJ
Should there be a HUE and CRT T
Will a BLACK or BROWN bestow. "
Use, then, this nneqatled Dye.
. Have the HUE -without the CRY. .-:
Cristadoro's Hair Preservative.
Cnstadoro guarantees that his htair rreserratiys
hall succeed where every other preparation hs
stiled in keeping olean ids hair, thickening it.
i : . ; s. A
ami restoring it to that health and rigor which ars
the elements of its beauty. - ,
add by Druggists, and applied by all Hair Dress
era. Manufactory No. 68 Maiden Lane. Principal
Depot No. 6 Astor House. B
To Owners of Horses and Cattle.
Tobias' Derby Condition Powders are warranted
superior to any others, or no pay, for the cure of!
Disten-per, Worms, Bots, Coughs. Hide-bound.
Cold . it., in Horses, and Colds,. Coughs. Loss of
Milk. Black Tongue, Horse Distemper, fco.. in Cat
tle. - - v -
They are perfectly safe and innocent: no need of
stopping the working of your animals. 'They in
crease the appetite, give a fine coat, cleanse th
atom ach and urinary organs ; also increase the
milk of cows. Try them, and yon will never bo
without theni. -'. : '
Col. Philip P. Bush, of the Jerome Race Course.
Fordham, A . Y., wonld not use them until lie was
told of what they are composed, since which, he is
nover without them. He baa over to running
has used no other medioine for them. He has kind
lv nprtnitt.ml me to refer anv one in h m. Ov..
1,000 other references 0 n De seen at ths dept t.
Sold by Druggists and Saddlers. Price 25 cents
per box. Depot. 10 Park Place New York.
juneH-d&wlyom-peKT ' ,
PROV ENCK. R. I., h ving the largest mann--fact
ry So 8 er in the world, with
the most mproved maoh y, and employing lbs
most skilled labor, are enabled to oiler an no
equalled variety of ne and beantiful designs in
Dini er Services, Tea e rices, and ever; article
specially adapted fori liday and Bridal Gifts.
They offer also their well-known and unrivalled
Nickel Silver Eleo'ro-Plated Ware, in which ths-1
have introduced new patterns of rare eleranoe.
The Solid Silver is guaranteed to be of sterlin
purity by U. S. Mint assay. The Electro-Plate i
guaranteed to be superior to the finest Sbeffiel
ware. Orders received from the Trade only, bu
these goods may be obtained from responsible
dealers every here. j
r-s-i ' Trade
Trade Mar
Ji Airk-
ide Mar . tXl . or "
3i5ver. m sb,-
Silver, tsvtsyvsa' . Plats
Salesroom No. 3 Maiden Lane. N. Y.
noT5-d&w4im-Pe ny
DR. A. B. WILLIAMS. West Broadway, aer
iigh street, Columbus. Ohio, has devoted hunscil
n a series of yoars to the treatment ofeertsin prim .
rte diseases. He may bicenltedat hi Sop
Sroadwa . near hehzchanasBana
l;CJXlg restored in four weeks. Success
restores mably powers, from whatever cause ari .
sine; the effeots of earl pernicious habits, self
abuse, impotency and climate, give away at onee to ;
this wonderful medicine, if taken regularly accord
ins to the directions (which are very simple and re
quire no restraint from business or pleasure.) Fail- ..
ure is impossible. Sold in bottles at $3, or four
quantities in one for ts. To behad only of the sola
appointed agent in America, H. Gkbitzui.
Third Ave., corner 13th St., New York.
tS UfAIVnOOD.n-jlMiJ Jfev Medic
l?l Pamphlet from the pen ot 1)- Ccbtis, -The
"Medical limes" says of this work: "Thi
valuable treatise on the cause and cure of prema-
ture decline, snows how nealtn is impair inrousn ,
secret abuses of youth and manhood, and how
easily regained. It sives a clear synopsis of ths
impediments to marriage, the cause and effects of
nervous debility, and the remedies therefor.' ' A
pocket edition of the above will be forward d on
receipt of S5 cents, by addressing Dootor Ccbtis .
Jo. 68 North Charles strceti Baltimore, Md. - '
I Jsri&jll

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