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News and Otherwise.
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Go. HorriaAM f Vow York U thirty.
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. '. j i. aU s-tiMoti ;V iir.a.-c;
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iiitLPox prevail, ti rSrtitxlehti IiJ
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" 4 hrrticfe4' tc from Peon.
o4rKi?Kt?ftflrBJO Insran-tovcU c -iH
Imotrf'tlt 'o'clock ob tikdsV rrefitnjr.
JuwUft Protflctiow Qtl)UjIl(U to be or-
riQx otitic fQ4eeptlpg. .-ona, jrho
ri(nyiw.OnJttuWBtuB jail
Td&itfr& thTr(tt8tiry denle that
Wia'rWftittyejfbtUtea 'bw loan f
Tift-aaVaKlu one rerlvilJbfwlTon
mpUTe Kntribufed ;f2iOOO totheCor
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liliul" tewwrnf' abbfcl . Iba : udaei
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TflbWt)oo,bbifse: are' fun, ! wblft many
people are In a starrhig eonoition.
. JrfcoViVis'spea libofat twenty-two,
eooioiikicd sulclue cy banging, last weeK,
rpT, ivenlngf iweWyflteptrsons
wVMbtat4 toba prajed for in Uhe Sev
enth 8treet Mf nobj iaaiesvUla.
wants tbb w Vhenrill oar retrenches
JSm.enptysh, rbea:will Jbey f
YT are assured that the February Pub;
UUb-!atei&uAt wlU LwJargft-in.
c cense) In that vn to the T?nlted. States,,
TM "Marietta 'Charitable jUsoclation
ka pwarftyrbbettitrasand dol
1 are for ihereltef o- the poor efjMt plaoe.
tr I ! tm III III mtit kmmHv BfVcill hm shm
reaKi-TMa Jserger iamuws m ppecaope,
waa etod an Imposition by the audience. I
A Tcnaj&Ipkfa&iaiUirbh a small
espibvljrasnoflna ahgobd opentasfy-aoVf
dressing thaadlUntPfhe Fretnonttfsasan
Ifas Vewark Advocato has enlarged 4ta
facltei H
n complete outfit of new type 4nf"two
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wffirr.l,l:i.iii,:fc. WMtw". r:
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m.JTM' Si. iji '-i!',:F
ta Wvf 'nisrinKPt
- ArKNTLif.t lh Zenev)llew after twen-
tTajt'ieFkarrleii JfeTiuig ist Wji
come a father, as we learn Tyom the Cour-,
Th wife, erthcL American ,ConsuTat
Ipsfa4tbasteterernerar6rana It
has been discovered by the Badlcal press
that sh Is a remarkable woman.
wttV extort to publlflirfcommorilcatlbb
without bn1WRfBllhe(I'rfbtfor pobllca
UvTp Wttn tbaH br theauthof-rs )
A ICMF ol alum, thMzeu;f ,aaWalsDt,
pnlrettzed,and dUsolrellnr. jTsrm water,
Wiyjeare a . foundered horse. v hehorse
aifiat.b dxeftdifid with this watr.!ji V V
THjni.S'8 navpropose' lo
take inquiry tdaatoertaiaf how, much
snaney tba Baltimore and
Advocate, the hardware store pf D. C.
Winegardnerydf Newart'was enured and
fobbed of bis entlreTSAortment of pocket
ffnn-SaavoekCenTieri referrttig to the
transfer of the Farmers Chronicle to the
Ohio State Jonrnal, says : '"This is one of
sooee newspaper swindles wdiqo, are en
tffeWiteWnf these a'ajs.
A siimi casi bf Wall pi'hu.uund it
llistv ZwarkOhranghiSnrallroad pa-i
have been adopt etfto- pretftit Its spread.
"iSSttVSitm Sdaxti ias?dlne Jlonl
. GeefalPPebdletonbo is visiting i
th Vicinity OflTew Tork city, afthe robins
6fa-fT'r'bavw fjnb. Mr
. Schell's trtrr
rr,JSnafita T
tr. Pendleton
west convinced him that Mr,
has w atrotfg bold en tba afieetlens of the
iru iaocom oesire mat jeflerson
Davis should escape-arrest, and Republican
Jornalaowxpressregrei that he was
not aflowed to do so. Inasmuch aa thereby
tberweblrflaVe beettspared -the disgrace
and'tamlllation. of the 'Davla ntpigj." v
They have asore "d is grace and hnmiliationr
O Wednasdaf evfnln, Lt.. jBsagea
man, named TJjeinaeAfJeyrjresidin in
Union ,connty, ; a tew miles iron Maryg:
Tk-Wai ridicg heme front-a visit to- that
plans avbew his horse atUmbled and fell.
throwing hU Yidef In such a manner tha
taAiralhWPf tboAorsn. Assist-
nnw e) ss; prom pxly at hand, bat the man
wnaiand to behead mhem- raised.
oAtbS. aTArtSihl'y;gaa o4eVtajf
liinm at sesldenf tt- UdIob county' many
7Mhia,1iiiW,ifv9asitJ :Vi auuuuaui
- ATtoojk maa;"Wh is an aspirant for
officcwas trying to make fair weather
with ouraflerii'JDdyflai&keeSTiTis
wuaV queried the carrier. "No: I cant
aflort lt, ,1, tate, a weekly Iron Baltimore
and anotherott from- New Yorki" replied
snppcrSv'tor th. infScf jo'n at e seekingr"
tbel -tsarrler? ;.Weljr nd. Sensibly
sMrawitaKcM afford pnbllslr a
pnperWoti? owB expense (o help puinien.
Into office vrno will not support it.
tM low.ef TartOTycnnDgroDj Mnurcay.
YM.fleliiiqueiiC list 6i aurTon7pouniy
la Bearll one-fourthleU ttiTa'y air thaa last.
tWi.WinterAa tht 'toy the Ciled Brolh-
News and Otherwise. Temperance Men on the Rampage
"AtmB ery Charld Cl)orh, frith fmj
wort, 1 ' ,---' k vt '
With e aor pletfthtn ther people. I
A !' not raokon'a ralilioai bird ; '
Tne w-cauea lemperance meu of Ohio,
who are annually infected with an Itching
fpr" office, I have'lrledgaln and "g aln
to make a Temperance 'party In pol
ities to control the officers of the State.
Except In a few Instances, and In a few Jo
CalUleaT tnesefefforti have been failures.
And, becanae ot thiadabbHnjr in politic
office seek In tt on the -part f those who
manage, or attempt to. manage the Tem
perance organization in Ohio, instead ol
L directing their efforts to. the reformation
of men by moral tuaaion Temperance bas
,, notbeeni aanceesa. ;n; ; Ux.' t. l
j 1 Tb.Mte State; Temperance Convention
inthia city, discnase more .politic than
temperance. A large minority favored poli
tical action, and the majority would hate
, dwindled to a minority had hot a portion of
L the .raembera- llviDg in strong j. Sadical
counties,: where- the. kading politicians
i were U not in the j whisky ring, at least
rdent" politicians,' whbi. treat .and are
treated, declared the Impossibility of voting
r 'or'a Democrat under any and all clrcum-
I Obe year since the Temperance Conven
tlon resolved- to ; support no man for office
who used arden spirits At the Presiden
tial election this pledge was forgotten
As it was theny.so It will ba againi when
such a pledge hi Joundto militate against
! It U thconttuct of men'itich as tliese.
who seek office en' the Temperance hobby,
who frankpledge bot to be broken, that
caUBes the temperance movement to be
viewed-asif-tba Is more of a thing of
contempt ratbef lan of admiration.1-
taAmt every speech 'of these pollti
eaTteUpefaecelmeAV the Oemocratio par
ty'wltb it members, were arraigned as
IntemperateJJThlSi toxV from 'members ol
a 2party,: whose candidate' for President,
sind foP-whom these 'so-called temperance
men" eteoT, wa' ebsrged1 Ty "leading
member of bis Own party; as- having been
drttnk In the Streets Of Washington, wlth
ip one yearwho could not stand ' op be
4r'ea: whisky bottle, but would fall to the
grbtand from Its effects a tarty that has
just Tre-lected CbIndlkb, Senator, from
MlcTifgaD, after -"he was denounced as7a
drunken set by 'his owa tfarty "preaj 4'
H party.'Jwh'oeeleadtng ' Senators, ! YAtaa,
jtAvm, bpraoub,- u Git are 01 an -nmw-
inn1 fcatnrei Th Conititntlon -of OhioP
P jrobfblU the licensing 'of men to retail
Bplrttubbs'irfaorsf ftt4 law of Congress,
J htch 'floes '.license liqnor ' aeaiers, was
assed; by Flhe 'party friends-of mert who
thus denouflce the Eemocratic party, and
jlet, thv Republican' party; if their word is
to be - taken,' is the nly! Temperance one
and the Democracy the only anti-Temper-
ne hrt iii'thilanil . " "-":
. r --1 ,
j 'When these slanders' tease-when tem
perance men are temperate in denoncla
tioni'aij'd h6nestly seek .the good Of tbefr
g feo men adopt moral 'suasion,' and not
slander anq yituperatlon, then, and not until
then? 4oodr men.' who touch not Haste not.
tbandle7hot,"!ardeht 'splrits,i'wnl; enlist lb
BUOC, 1UU UlD lb 1UI TV Ml U.
ii;iJ '-! Iifr.ow f)
News and Otherwise. Temperance Men on the Rampage What Says the "Leader."
I The Cleveland JLeader, In noticing a pro-
tpoaaU Ott the resunlptioa of specie: pay-;
stents, f oT a' law authorizing the settlement
of debts by the' payment of as atnount
P, e'qnal ti the iubility In gold; when: the debt
eai &tatrsetaidr80 that In this way a bond
of the 'Tjnited- States which promises to
py i,000, shhld' be redeemable by the
payment of 500, it It waspnrcnasea when
gold was SVm' sayt thae ,8ch action
onKd-be bkrefaced and Outrageous rob-
beryV1 sndHhattBa' man'who would sert-
riidUBiy support UJ would have -nd -moral
crriple" hifal.iist' picking 5poekti;,,,'..,fi,f
j -"Having tlfuS expressed its opinion, wlfl
onrKSdfcar friend In formf'ns. whether "the
scieii 6f tile Fbnd Commissioners of Ohio
a the BadrcaVIKialarnre' who1 Indorsed
ttte-planvof selling the greenbacks 'In "the
atataTreastirTana psytngtne loreign erea
4rnr!StJn Irreenbaekwhen they
Jnrptiaencei Snd yet the mett Who 'Claim
that the United States Bonds,' purchased
L 4i.teprecfated greenlack8,abd covenent-
eu XO ue paiu iu greeu uncus, smui ire pmu
iboid, were the representive men ef -the
artywrwho',;tn'os3' aishonyteaOhio?'by
breaking Its plighted faith; with "'its I'credl
tbrsi'' " c u,,i'' 9V'3 tft .li.'s!i!'
Ohio Legislature.
nof were
Fj presenttiJor B Btay;lawfor,;an increase
at jjtna rate of uiterest per. cent. lor
ajmennjfnt W elevate, Hbe standard of the
mdjcal, profession,. apd, to, reimburse the
Treasurer yinton. county,' for. "pnbllc
money tplen.romhlm, withoutnitoi
hlS:OWnr... kSI i.,! !..,:;
1 j Bills were Introduced, by Mr. Anderson,
reqninng couniypmmuaioners to employ
sj competent person, to index the. county rec
qrdsj by, Mr. WaiiKq, to provide for the
appointment, pf assistant Prosecuting At;
torney$n rtaTnj counties fby. Mr. Gor
npj. to, def) pe.tha.d uties ok .Supervisors in
removing itimbeE and drit against bridges
In- tbel. sfcversl districts by: Mr Swaim,
ta amend the law for the regulation of la-
T qqporsted. otmfinles,q that, when JO per
f oea(. 0f (bqfeapitaL tocl la paid, up, the
T , ' - - - - .i
i- election, bf vofflcers , can take place. Also
a chsngini the number of: Directota from
Ave to seyen, and places incorporated com
panies on the same footing as railroad, com
pwles By Mr. Bughm of Highland, to
repeal the electiqu law Of April, 1867. ;;
One Editor of the Journal Photographs
the Other.
j The' Journal his a brace of editors, one
Of whom thus1 photographs the other; :
j "It Is singular how" much self-conceit to
tthe eattare inch some persons are capable
lm t I I k (1 . 1 D..k
sons would be invaluahle if they could be
worked up Jato boiler Iron., It don't take,
Q bran to a per8on with self-con
ceit; bratoe are rather in tne way; there
is no room ior them. There Is hardly
enough ot them in a self-conceited man to
be spoken of in the plural, number.' They .
are like a dry bean in a bladder small, '
bat capable of much noise, when Self-conceit
shakes the bladder. 1 .-
''The self-conceited person is to be envied.
The fly was a good deal happier than the
coach-wheel. ' He really supposed he was
making the dust." :
i Will the traveled editor, in; return, fur
nish the pen 'portrait of the -military man
o'f'ithat'sbeet" " :. 7fr-.ti-.
j.j.-ni Ji-ii ui ' v ffrh.
j Th Advocato regret to learn that James
(j, Stewart, oae,ot.the Commissioners of
Licking county,, baa been, prostrated by
apother strfike of paralysis, , -nS j . ,, . ;
The Money order
BREMEN, Jan. 16.
Ontte rs'i,fSf rebfuafy, proxlm'o.' tbi
1 money order system 'between large towns
i oi aiorth Germany and -the United 8tate
' will be inaugurated.,! The plan , la to re
ceive cavmeot at Dostoffices in the North
Qerman Uu'ion And United State?, and ls
. sue? orders for the ' same on the agenta-df
North QermanLLloycla, the amounts to be
limlted tqlsboitf WtJf aoUars.a . ,q 1 sin
BREMEN, Jan. 16. St. Louis News.
ST. LOUIS, Jan. 17.
' tb Hoosalaslrtng1 Conguesa tot, submit aa
amendment, to wiq ; vonsuwiuvugivmg
' suffrage without regard te seXr color.
!, iThe Nebraska Kepnhllcan"'1 legislative
r.nnnon FrWay ! night; Tesuited "in no
choice for U. S.' Senator; but Mr. .Tipton
had,the ihtt.ycte.;j,voi'i is :f, -uiJj -If
Reconstruction Committee.
wat befori the Reoon-
sirucuun commiiiee again tn-aay. tie was
examined relative to the disturbance al
leged' to ' have tat en 'place in the seven
counties of Mlsnisainni. H tjHHrl iK-
stantiallv that there was sotrie distarbHnoitV
therpXluring thefBectiqn, but not hugb.;fl
... . j vuvuCIU ICOUlto HO
admitted that probably in some cases the
negroes remained away from the- polls
through intimidation, but he did not think
tbey absented themselves In any consider
able numbers, or that 4f they had all been
present it would have affected the election
so as to secure a, majority in that State for
the Constitution,,
WASHINGTON, Jan. 15. National Colored Convention.
ine national (Jorored Union adopted a
ret ort , urging the ' organization of ' an
Equal- Rlguts i-Xesgue.'i' A resolatlon
passed, asking Congress for n amendment
to the Constitution to , put beyond cavil
the right of every citizen to vote, irrespec
tlvi of race, ' olor or condition, and urg
ing Upon Congress to 'make further legis- '
latlon to: redress' the outrage of expelling :
colored members from the Georgia Juegis
lature, and to restore the rights of colored
people In that State. ''A sub-committee Is
preparing an address to be laid before the '
American people, -and another committee
has, been appotnted to present the suffrage
question before the Congressional Judici
ary committee. ' - -
Treaty for Adjustment of Claims.
1 The President yesterday sent to the Sen-.'
ate the treaty for the' adjustment -of the
(Alabama and other claims by.oommlasioa-r,)
The Treaty on the Alabama Claims
Submitted to the Senate.
NEW YORK, Jan. 17.
The Herald's-Washington special states
that on Friday last the President sent to
the Senate the treaties between the Gov
ernment and that ot Great Britain on the'
Alabama claims, the rights of naturalized
citizens and the question arising out of the
joint occupation of San Juan. The Ala
bama treaty, as concluded, is substantially
of the original terms presented by our:
Government-- As soon as the treaty was.
received in the Senate, it was referred, to ,
the committee on Foreign Relations and'
ordered printed In confidence for the use i
or the senate. The committee meets on
Tuesday - next, when-the matter will be
considered. The naturalization treaty. It is
understood, concedes on the part ot Great
Britain that .naturalized citizens shall en
joy the . same 'rights in that country as
native American citizens. j - .
occurred fhis evening, by which a young ,
laay, miss, Jiate JKupert, naa ner person
horribly barned from her forehead to her
iii -'
Thrown from the Track.
' A freight train on the Vermont A Masia- ,
cbusetts railroad, was thrown, from the
track to-day, while passing over the bridge
between, At hoi and Koyalston. 'Nine carsJ
were smashed and the bridge badly dam-;
agedv Conductor Webber and another man,
Sentenced to be Hanged.
1 George Bailey, a colored jailor, who bias.,
been on trial at Princes Anne, for the mur
der of the captain and mate of the schoon- '
er Brave,-was convicted on Tuesday last,
aaa on-weoaesaay was sentenced to oe,
h.nfroH r Tllti. thrpA MimratlM In nrimtw
Bounds, Wilson and Wells, are in jail uri-!
det "sentence of death! "The day of their
execution being fixed lor the out of march
nexwf! !i::w : -.ib ,(! w- (-ixji-.ia
Congressional committee.
TROY, Jan. 16.
. .
' JniTim TMokciTi th anh-onrnmUtee man .
iOf-.the special , committee of the House of.
KepresencaciYes, m lnveBiijjawj uie lrauus
committed at the late election in thife State,
made but a short stay here. ; Be examined i
only one or- twd witnesses. A li&t of one ;
hundred witnesses had been prepared, but
be declined to summon them, remarking'
that Be-and his colleague" were neamiy
tired 'of listening to cases of individual
tnrnS. He, therefore, confined bis invest!-,
cation to the manner in. which naturaliza
tion papers were issued in the Troy justice
TROY, Jan. 16. Indian Affairs.
ST. LOUIS, Jan. 16.
that a number of Ind iaes, recently engagedW
in war in Colorado and, Kansas, nave
reached the Powder river country, where
aeooneilswas held bra large number of
cbiefsi.i The object of the council was un-j
known... TUe iuuian were quiet at , r on
Fetterma'n and also along the Upper Mis-
sonrl. ' a uenver oispatcn says a party nas
returned' from ''pursuit of Indiana in; the
Lacbe la toiiifre ,V alley; having succeeded.
in recaptnring onehundred horses and .kill- 1
1 " T..J:..L. 1 ' ' j., a
' General Sherman has received the fol
lowing dispatch : " .- .
-GxNRRAt The -
manche village by Colonel Evans' com-',
mand, gave the final Mow to the DacKDone ;
on' the night of the' 81st of December,' a
delegation ot theohief men ot the Cbey
eone,and Arapaboes. twepty-ona in num-
Der, arrived at this place, .on . 100c, ; uieir.
animals not being able to bring them in.'
They said they ruled the villages, -begging
for peace and permission tor their people
to come !n asking ao terms, but only for a
paper to protect them from the operations
of our troops while en route. They report
the tribes are In mourning tor their losses,
their people starving, their' ponies dylnar, 0
their dogs all eaten. uo, and no buffalo. We
bad .forced tbem into the canoes., on . the...
eastern edge or tne erased riains; wnere
there were no small game or buffalo.-They''
are In a bad fix and desire to surrender jm
med iately,t I- have acceded o their de-
man,els and will punish them justly, and I'
scarcely make an'error ia any pnnlshnient"
awarded, for they all have blood upon their
hands..)!' ''i-'ii'T -t ! 'i'.J -' .-: ..--:'.'!
.Yesterday we read a lew papers, the first
for a month, and I see it is alleged bj In
dian agents, that Black Kettle's band were
on their reservations at the time tbev were '
attaeked.i This is false. : The reservation
extends but thirty' miles upi the, YVa8hita,i;
from Fort Cobb..- The battle took place
one hundred and 'thirty miles up that
stream from here. ' It is also alleged that"
the band was friendly. No one could make I
such an assertioa who had any regard for-
truth. cTba young men of this.. band
commenced ' the war. I can . give
their- names.1- Some 'Of ' Black Kettle's
young men were out depredating: at Fort
Dodge, when the village was wiped out..
Mules taken from the trains, mail matter
carried by our murdered couriers,, photo
graphs stolen from the scenes of the out
rages on the Solomon and Saline rivers in
Kansas, were found in the captured camp;,
and in addition I have their own illustra--ted
history, found in their captured camp,
showing the different fights or murders
this tribe were engaged in, the trains at
tacked, the pay parties attacked about Fort .
Wallace, and the women, citizens and sol
diers killed. It is at the service ot any'
one desiring information -on the Subject.
It should be known, also, tnat a invited
Black ' Kettle and hia .f mily to come in.
through the Arapahoes chief, Little Rover,
In my Interview with that chief at Fort
Dodge in tteptemoer last,, a ney oia nos
P. H.
Major General Commanding.
! The following 'is the verdict of the cor
oner's iury on the recent aetfldent at Cork's
Boo Pan flaodle railroad :
. The; jury believe.the accident was caused .
by. an embankment giving away,' owing to.
'severe1 'rainsi w'Wch'Jallowed 'ttierack' to,
settle,' preo.pitattng the sleeping ar over '
said .embankment, and that from theevi-f
jdence before the jury all due caution was ,
iiuservcu. ujr cuipiujrn ui kuvrwu ui ccu
order. -4 "
Portland Board of Trade.
PORTLAND, Jan. 16.
' i The1 Board of Trade has - passed 'strong
resolutions in favor o a reoiproclty treaty :
with Canada slsoj favoring an approprla-,
tlon by: (he toyumeat for a Niagara ship ,
Ice Boat Race.
Ice Boat Race. POUGHKEEPSIE, Jan. 16.
11 iThe hse Wsi race over an eighteen"nrile '
cbured res cited in a victory for the Hasse.
Inaboau were entered.- m ui t,j.
Outrage by Militiamem.
Outrage by Militiamem. MEMPHIS, Jan. 16.
Last night nine militiamen from tha
Fort at Marion, Arkansas, went to the
nouse or a widow lady.
withheld at the request of numerous rela
tives here, and outraged her three daugn-terap-agedaixtoen-ighteenand
after helping themselves to what things
they wanted. , Information was given .QL
Watson, eommanding militia, who tais sf
ternoon succeeded in arresting thegui'ty
partieanc-Tbe- greatest? axeltemeatrxists
at Marion, and but for the promise of Col.
Watson that the villains shall have stern
justice meted out to them, doubtless the
community would now be in arms. An
other partyalso went to the house vjf Jef
ferson -Reevesy near the same place, and
his wife.
Chicago Items.
CHICAGO, Ill., Jan. 17.
Another orfze flirht 'between Ctilcaeo'
rougbs is being arranged. Jerry Don a van
challenges and Fred Bussy accepted. Both
have had several fist encounters. The
stake is to be 2.0C(0 or upward; and" the
mm is to come on wittum six weeks alter
signing articles, in Canad
in Uecatuf, i.:1on Friday1 night, after a
fancy dance, Maher, Melville and Dunnl-
van, three rowdiest. assaulted pope killed
James Chapman, the result ei a feud be
tween Uunuivan and Chapman. .. The mur-
rlrra wpro srrootorl
CHICAGO, Ill., Jan. 17. The Maine Senatorship.
AUGUSTA, ME., Jan. 17.
The Senators and Representatives in ,he
Maine Legislature from Kennebec county.
(Mr. Morrill's county), and who voted for
Morrill, at the caucus ta nominate a caa.-
didata tor U. S. senator, publish acardia
which tbey 'sav. as Mr. Hamlin received
75 out of 149 yotes in caucus, they regard
ni8 nomination a. valid,: and Dlndlng,ana
snau vote ior mm. . j;,. - tkj . i .. c
Georgia Legislature.
ATLANTA, GA., Jan. 16.
- a motion to re
scind the act to unseat the colored mem
bers, and .that they be reseated, was lost
by a large majority.: . 3 ,i v-- -c.
Commodore Meade.
NEW YORK, Jan. 16.
It is said that Commodore Richard Meade
has suffered a stroke ot paralysis, and that
Grand Army of the Republic.
The annual encampment of the Grand
Arn y of the Republic of this State was
commenced yesterday, Its sessions be
ing held with closed doors. Many promi
nent army officers are in attendance.' Gen.
Sickles was re-elected Grand Commander.
Treaty for the Benefit of Prussian
- Baron Gevolt, Prussian Minister, and
Secretary Seward are at present engaged
in framing a treaty between this country
and Prussia, for the benefit of emigrants
coming here from' that point of Europe,
It is intended to have a Prussian .official lo
cated In New York, who, in conjunction
witn a designated omejr 01 tne govern
ment, and m correspondence with a board
of commissioners, shall see after the in
terestsotthe Prussian-subjects atad save
them from many dangers, to which, they
mignt otnerwise oe
The steamship Cuba, from Liverpool has
- -
Ninth Army Corps.
A' meeting of the ninth army corps offi
cers and ot omcers 01 uurnstdes expedition
into North Carolina, has been called bv
General Burnsides: to meet in New York.
Febuary 8th next, the anniversary of the
capture ot Jttoanake island, lor the purpose
or forming a permanent organization and
taking measures lor a general meeting at
Wall Street.
The Express says : The scenes in Wall
Street are' bow being shifted once more.
and the bears this time are making .their
appearance in public after -a long retire,
ment, and they will make an effort at least
to retrieve their lost fortunes. .-.-,-:
; The leading bears have been recently at
work for some time past in the West, or
ganizing Hot ! a f. caulpa'gn Qn:tallwayB
tnrongn Legislatures in several western
States., Th& first effort -bas been, made, in
Illinois, and already a bill has passed the
Senate, which reduces the rate for passenger-travel
on railways of that State to
3 cents per mile; : it is reported this will
pass tne House, and be signed by theliov
ernor. A similar movement is on foot-in
Iowa and Wisconsin, and the bears calcu
late this (cftedie will be' successful and re
duce the earnings ot the Western roads
and thereby depreciate the market value
on lte'stclr'X(hanre. f r 'jf'STSni
1 It is reported lln the Rtreerthaf some rOSas
will increase. their capital stock for equip
men'ti and it is rumored that the Michigan
SiMHhern directors havealready authorized
fresh. Issues for this purpose. I'Tbe; bearH
calculate' "noon demoralization of hulls on
any new Issue of stock, and take comfort
from shis.:tn : lj : .. , . . j .
j The foregoing Is the bear 1 campaign as fir
as developed, and it seems from this that
the bears are not to remain mere passive
observers of, events in wall, street any
longer. Tbe'bulls will of course resist this
attack of the bears, and the battle bet wt en
the contending forces commenced to-day
on the stock exchange. .This is the situa
tion in Wall street at present, and we arc
likely to see 'lively-times in the immediate
Rev. Frederick D. Huntington, of Bos
ton, hs accepted the Bishopric of Central
The Congressional Committee.
1 Judge Dickey, as sub-committee of the
Congressional Committee of investigation
into the alleged election Irauue, is engaged
in the prosecution ot inquiries tn.ine in.
The Albany Argus says the failure of
Parker, Brooks & Co., of New 'York, and
Pier, Brooks A Co, ef Springfield Center,
nop mercnant8, la announced. , rne lia
bilities areatated to be upwards ot 400,00a
and it is claimed they have assets--Which
will considerably mure than meet their iq-i
dgbtedneasQ QTG3113U DfiS Zi V
Card from Charles Dickens.
LONDON, Jan. 16.
: Cbarles- Dickens publishes a card in the
Londony papers to-oay-denylng'Cbe story
of the recent death of his brother's widow
In Chicago. .- He says that lady is still alive
and well, and that he is trustee of her es
tate under settlement.. ; f (.AM'lh
The Alabama Treaty.
'. The final signing ot the treaty for the
settlement of the Alabama claims elicits
favorable comments irom. all the London
papers. -.-' '' ' ..... v. . .
The Ballot in Parliamentary Elections.
A' meeting of those favoring the ballot
in Parliamentary elections was held bere
last evening. Able speeches were made
by Messrs. Milner, Gibson, Chas. Buxton
and others. The assemblage was large.
Much enthusiasm was manifested, --'fj'j
FLORENCE, Jan. 16.
. The riots occasioned by attempts to col
lect mill tax have been renewed recently
in variour. parts of Italy. Military force
has been used for the suppression of the
disorders. Twenty-six rioters have been'
killed and wounded.; The country. is. snow
Another Session of the Conference
PARIS, Jan. 16.
: Another session of the Conference was'
held to-day to give the member an Op-,
portunlty to. sign the declaration of its
opinion. The- public newspapers of this
evening say the declaration asks of Greece,
in the interest ot European -peace, to sup
press the bands and vessels Intended; for
Incursions into neighboring States of the
Ottoman Empire, -and counsels Turkey to
withdraw its ultimatum.- Jt concludes by
expressing hopes of A speedy removal 01
diplomatic relations between Turkey -and
Elections in Spain.
MADRID, Jan. 16.
The elections' In. this city1 and a great
niaioritv of the. Provincial ..towns have
been carried oy iue uuvauueut cauui-
naaa& '"'. !."-: . ni-:
Halifax. HALIFAX, Jan. 16.
impression prrvalls that the Domin
ion Government wiTl Sirree to pay Nova
Scotia for thorightof ,wa from Halifax to
Truro, on the ground itii ii'is a portion of
the inter-coioniai ranroau. , . , ..f
: S
t357Tfao Ohio Slatrfcinan haul a
LarJrcr nrrn intf ah than nnv Tin.
- Wrfd la Jhl City or Cen
tral Ohio. Advertisers will bear
thin In, mind .
Ax Illcbtratid Wikklt op 18 Pasis,
. ,.0 THB
il sfJLUJ.xu,;.'
BOO 27-i.
Is this namker il began the publication of a new
storr of domestio life. wriUen expressly for Hi abth
4nd Hons by Mr. Bibicoa Hasdimo Davis,
author of "Ufa in tU o JiJf,l.enHtledr"
! -.'Sjr. L' J.-i ''"
It wi".:-M eopioMl mirtratol tSTrrHSKs.
ana wm ran through (event Dantber. The genina i
of Mrs. Davis, in it intensity, end sombreneu,
stronglr resembles that of JiNi kTRB, and Thb
Tihbboeb Lis act" will be feaiia to poesee the
highe.t interest. owxoi -VLT
. No. 5 1 a number of nnusuel riehnenand we ask
tha lover of good readifig and'e Vngravings to
boy and examine it. r R&
" ' 1
(A Pioture.) ' ' 'V. Habbt Fbwi.
' - " n. r-
. Habkibt Bbicbbb Siowb.
a x ..rt . ii'(..';
(A Poem J c. P. Cbakcr
ailustrated.);' Mr. Rib see A HABDb
i -r i
HABD&ra Davis
.ft i 1
Mn. R. H. Stood abd,
j 1 Lauba E. L'tmab.
. .Col..T. W. HiaoiNsOM,
; iHlnstisted.i. V i
i "Wee, modest, erimson-tipped flower."
C. A. Bakbb
I .tConolnded J : I '? f ( Taairs B. Siooarokl
i By a Massachusetts Fakxbb.
I : S:l XlVit t-!i - JSl
! il ?f-wc Cornell JJitlTerstty.-JP
J. - ri,j
Imported neat cattle.
! Prof. Chablbb L. Flint.
! f laaio f-!M-i,i e.'tiHu
L i-"' . ... . XVI- .j-m--w yinA'i
I iaiiu. j H. A.ShbiiBOK
j lA-iao. vii. - t vaiva
(A fine Portrait.)
THB. CROW," i131uited bv FoBBBS.y--- M
I . Prof. Vbbbil. Yal CoUege.
t tTl1J tiif , '..' S.t m H
i XIX.
( W ith detailed experiment.) J. W. Baoo.
" "
THfTlAfiTBrROjf ROT'gclftD'S'cbcs
I TRY-SEA T. (Dtuitratoa byatflan.)
i . Donald Ch Mitchxll.
ni . I'rxxr-jTyVot y.r
omt -wimter'HoAb is florid a. 1 '
I , XXtLU . ..
pr78al by all IVewa Dealer.
i SingljB txrQber8)TElJ...CE?iTSi
Single copies $4. invariably in advanee; three
j j.-, Cpniej51'LifitaiiwiBS.JJ6.
j Ji. au-i. JL ,r -21.
; N. B We have com plaint made by resident
of New York and Brooklyn that their neighborhood
newsdealers do not keep themselres aupplicd with
Hb Ibth and LfoMB, thus putting their customers
to inconvenience. .We will feel obliged to all who
will end in to us the names' or rach dealer. Res-
ident of New York City ean subsoribe for Bbabth
an$ BoicB at ouroffloefor Sa' jo per annumvhioi
inoludea postage and delrveryv'
I PETTia&l BaVESri CO.,
i'i 'i i L37 Parli. w, N. IJ .
Jerries CulIea,s''stateV
tbo- uadersigned is tbe duly appointed .and
qualified Administrator of James tullen. late of
Columbus, Ohio, deceased. All person knowing
thumselvea to be indebted to said estate are re
quested to make immediate payment-; ' and- per
sons having claims againt said; estate will present
them to the anaexaigneimmaaiai.e ior eimwaoce.
.. A ..!-- Administrator.
January IS, 1869. i ;,;r' r. - .---
- ' THE .':
i IN". 330. 'Uromlway.
D abits U M anoak, Pree't.' J. Mxbbill, Seo'j.
- w . d j . -nart Vr W tm-i n t wn ua
, 'Ree'tvee uepesi'sana aitowa r wuKriM t,ct i .
INTE RUriT on all Daily Ualanoes. subject to eheck
at sight. ppectM ueposite tor oix uionuis or more,
mav be made at five per cent. The Capital of One
MiMtew-UoUaasaeiavcided 'among over 500 Share
holders, oompriainc many gentlemen of lane wealth
MicL teaiieialKieriaaee. -who are la-Dersonallv
liable to depositorafox all.,blutatins of tbeCom-4
pan to double the amount ol their capital stock
As the National Trust Company reoeives deposit
io large or small amounts, rrd" permits them to be
nrawn-aa a-trbcle crin pa t bv CBentr at eiarhVaBd
without Botise. allowing tetewet w all daily-bal-MptiM
throughout the eountr can Ieaab m.
this Institution with special advantage
OI Security, ronnjniow, luu yxuitk.
,fwir4ei-awS)$m ;..',', JX
-f f i a ?t a n
idw Is
?(R lM :
longing to Mary E. KenC-deceased, situated on
Mouo4rtreeU,ne 7th, eoasistiog of aceaeeeient
hpuse, 'jod'-shd, AoJ ea a spaeisas lot ninety-
f set front, one bnndreel In depth. . Good cistern and
well, fruit trees and flower garden on the premises.
For price aod terms, enquire at W. R. Kent's
auction rooms.eorner Town and Fourth. an7 dtf
,03 i UE.
Id : 1
y c jllj&OTA 'PLE &FANCY D R VOODslfSf "
: : - - i i"Tf in n-ir tttip ss?tj, lmsr .. s-p. ; i
I l ' A. C. HE ADLE Y A CO: .1 tTP..
iiBAROAINS .. - - '":.
I --:-: . ;- ''" TO ! CLOSE" - C- "i
. v .(.'. k TO CLOSE . ' i ; ', ; , ' ' "'
? .' V j'l.TOXLOSE -J ' ' ..;vi'. t-K -
.1 it . "... ' . ;
. ' if : ' t
; rr i .-- -'jr'' , - . ! : r: v.I ' :
; ( .1. . :-i t,,,,, ,
', w fcinT-g7j : igR-na-S3fe-v-c.jj.,-i-ji
i - - -- - -
" .:.. , utf ' r '
5 O AH
f -t.
5 - a i.
H 1
, n 1 1 r if-
.' We will selLour
nm ini r inn xi i iTniTTinir rinniirr-
VII 111 I JV 1 I 1 1 U I 1 1 I 1 1 1 1 I I J 1 1 1 1 1 1 V
0 1 MI1E1 niiiJ r mil j mi Ywmm
On and after Monday, Jan. IJ, 1869, for
... r ... . q .
'.I I
4 i It
D 2 52
.. t
, I" .'l I
entire stock
1 e JtlH Uoiit
- ... .'?t J--i Jul! .'1
fortt mtsv lo orde to tnalce room for
a.JU Lni m.. m-.-'A.
1 .bHvkl.HI dAOO
5 '
' What are You Taking 1
Tm,MY two-thirds of the adult population of
xht JDiiUel .SUtea. indulge, mofe prleM.Ih bS
room etimnlaattv., Hot aloonolio bereiagee re ha-
; bTtasny xttfblr3rt"wy thouaa
! winter montb "t keep V the eold." The aieo
: holio material of ali "these'drlnks 1s more or less
ptitonoui. and i rendwd-all Ui! nordelterio
in eonietrnenee of being taken worwt.
'AVotd tbeser'danrwm 'exeitants. 'Bhun," you
wueld ahan the danilia rw, att faeew ttin
' lant. They piralyae , ther digestion, congest the
liver, disturb the i'tural' eiionbf the kidneys, ir
j ritate the bowels, shatter he neyeinil impair the
lb. eperatlon of HOSTETTER'S STOMACH
BITTERS i diametrioally opposite to tbi." They
', (par no organ into unnatural activity ; but they
' tone and reeul ate all. If tha digestion Is feeblei
tbejr akenne dormant energies of the Istomaoh.
and promote the. work of a.-similatioo. If tne liver
j i sruggtBtrafloMorptd. they 'irgenerater-tt. tt the
1 kidnevefail trf'Der&rm taeir la notions properly.
; they are regulated witoont Wng irritated. If the
i bowels, are constipated. .!be , perisuUte aotioa is
moderately inoreejed, aid, -'the discharges beoome
natural and reealar. ' If the aervcr are tremulous,
f tHey are strengthened. 11 the mind is "clouded, the
BITTERS tend to disperse the gloom.
Yhese are the encoti of the great vbqbtabli
' tomio AMD coBaiCTivB.; whioh for twenty yeart
1 has been a staple medicine in this country, and the
; demand for which steadily inrireiMi in all part of
the Western Hemisphere. . , .,
It is not offered as i toevv, bat as a mtdia'n
nor will it ever be uaed to satisfy a oraving for al-
; coholio stimulants, because its effect is to cAe.not
to urtaU. a false awMtit for excatant. The oham
Dions of temperance will do well to mark this peoul
iaritv. and to reoeattMBd it as the only safe pxepa-
; tibn containing alcohol, that can be used for medic
inal purposes .
To O wners - of Horses and Cattle.
! Tobias' Derb Condition Powders are warranted
! aMrior to any others, or no pay, for tbe cure of
l;tn-iMr- Worms. Bots. Conghs. Hide-bound,
rrM. la.. In Horses, and Colds. Conghs. Loss of
! Milk. Black Tongue, Horse Distemper, Ao in Cat-
;Ue. .,- . , . "." '
; Tbey are perfectly aafe and Innocent: no need of
tenpins th working of your anunalsAbey in
'arease the appetite, give a. fine cost, cleanse the
stomsch and nrinsry organs; also increase tbe
milk of eowa Try them, and you .will never be
without them, ."ll " :- -
' Col. Philio P. Bush, of the Jerome Race Course,
FoTdhem. ATi,- would not use them until he was
told of what they are composed,' since which he la
never without them. He ha over 30. running
horses in his' Charge, and for the last three years
has used no other medicine for them. He has kind
ly permitted me to refer any ene to him. Over
l,oeo ether referee oe en be seen at th depct.
Bold 'by Druggist and. Saddler.' , Price 85 cent
per box. -Depot. 10 Park Plaoe Mew York.- '.
! janeM-dAwlycm-veBT " Ul. -
ThePlaster of Jhe "Time,"
ri in, lumDago tuey k "" -
hoars a violent cough is relieved oy a riaater ap
plied to the chest. Many persons believe a eold
cannot be taken jrhUe a plaster is worn there ; this
we do know, they greatly assist in the ear of a
negleoted cold, so often theiatroducer of Cobsuojd-
ption. - 'o'" WJ wf-vt
Cure og viob o tne uivr, t
A gentleman, after a severe sic knees, had leeion'
of the liver. E very quick movement or sndden jar
gaVe him severe pain,' often laying lum up tor days.
Henca be waaanabla to follow anyoceopaUoa with
reguiarityv'-" i.i'v"m:;jMi .w .
In this condition fie applied over tie part 'affeot
el an-. ALLCOCK.'ii POttUUA PLASTER.-- At
first it seemed to irritate, so it was taken -off.- But
tha, marked lmnroyementhe experienced aiterwaru
kaeehim eooea o try sgain. and hethereforeap-
blied another piasteft'-ln- a few dy semeWinfr1
ave'ayipjjcd.,;,t use tBe" penUemen'swn
rordTlsm wasemesoreaessiarwiew.aa;a ai
1 terahen b b 'tb wi Perf"'1' restored1:-' Upon
. . . a - 1 l-'.mr thai eaf1KtiAB rtr
being sounaea Dy,nia ?w- f Pi- T"
lesion wis fiundto Be gone: .
PrMciral gewy. Ho.OT5 ,1?.
r;iniaAwlycm,-riT-.,,.4q Mi -r.bj. i tnS -
i ,
" " " . l
J3. --Thi""
snSndid Hair Dv is the best in -the world
(the only true and perfect Dye; harmless, reliable
f,ntineousn-dlja-pr1ntment:r,o ridiculous
Jinr remedies tbe ill etteeta of bad dyes ;i invig-,
fr.tei and leaves the Hair soft and beautiful, biaci
r btvwit. Soil by all l)roeisu and i'erfamorsi .
Z.a n,nn..li applied at Ustchelor' Wis; 1 actors .
No. W Bond street, N. York, i-mt aprM dAwly "
impediments to marriage, the eanse and effects ef
nervous debiliVn and tho-vemedte therefor."' A
packet editton of the above will b forwarded eat t
reoeint of XS oaout, br addwiD Doctor Ctjbtxs '.
Wo. &ettk Charles street, Baltimore, Md. -- J
-For all
ttio porpofljea
of a Tnyatlyay
-i t im
9 Tejrhapii nw ine meul3
cine ta so trrdveraallyre.'
quired by everybody aa !
eathartio, tior Was evet?"
, uiwf uw, lis
- every country and auob a;
, all classest aa-toi milal
but efficient purgativa
' I'M. The obvious rea
son Ls, that it is a more re
liable and Jar more effeo ,
tnal remedy than any
TllfMA whfl h.vM
tried it, know that it eured them; those who have;
not, know that it cures their neighbors and friends. "
and all know that what it does once it does always
that H never ails through any fault or aeajlectof
it eom positions -We have thousands arpoa thou
sands of certificate of their remarkable cures of Umi -following-
complaints, but such cures are known in
every neighborhood, and we need not publish tbem.
Adapted to all ages and conditions in all climates ; .
containing neither calomel or any deleterious drag, 1
they may be taken with safety by anybody-. - Their -'
sugar coating preserves them ever fresh and makes
them pleasant to take, while being purely vegetable
no harm can arise) from their use in any quantity.
They operate by their powerful Influence on the)
internal viscera to purify the blood and stimulate it. ,
into healthy action remove the obstruction of tha
stomach, bowels, liver, and other organ of the
body, restoring their irregular action to health, and
by correcting, wherever they exist, such derange-,
ments as are the first origin of disease.
Minute directions are given in the wrapper savi
the box, for the following complaints, which these
fills rapidly cure: -
for lyawewaa or'jTasMycsatian, Title J
ns, jLaaaraor and jLae of Appetite, they
should be taken moderately to stimulate the stom -ach
and restore its healthy tone and action.
For Liver Cowaplatisrrand its various symp-,
tome, Billows Heaslaclie, stele HemdmclaaV
laaadice or Oreea aicAtaeaa, -KUiams
Colic and Billows JFevers, they should be ja3
diciously taken for each case, to correct the diseased
action or remove the obstruction which cause it. ,
. For Dyseatery- or Diarrhoea, but one injhlt
dose is generally required.
For Rheaaiatlsa, SSowt, 3 ravel, Palpt
tatioa of tbe Heart, Paia la the aide, .
Back and jLolas, they should be continuously,
taken, as required, to change the diseased action or:
the system. With such change those complaints,
For Dropsy and Dropsical awolllaajw they -should
be taken in large and frequent dose to pro,
duce the eJToct of a drastic purge. i.
For Suppresaioa a large dose should be taken .
as it produces the desired effect by sympathy.
, Asa Iintmr Pill, take one or two fills to pro
mote digestion and relieve the stomach. .. . I,
An occasional dose stimulates tbe stomach and
bowels into healthy action, restores the appetite,
and invigorates tbe system. Hence it is often ad- -
vantageous where no serious derangeraeat exists.,
One who feels tolerably well, often finds that a dose
of these Pill makes him feel decidedly better, from
their cleansing and renovating effect on the diges
tive apparatus..., - , a .
DM. C. A.TBB CO., Practical ChemttM,
For sale, bv BRAUJV. BKDCE m CO..
Wholesale and Retail, Columbus, and all Drug.
gia. " Jn-eoawijfcciu
XADIES. over gray hair, why . . . ' "
Should there "be a HUE and CRY 7 V 1
CRISTADORO'S DYE. yon know. . , .
1WUI a BLACK or BROWN bestow..
"" Use, then, this uneqalled Dye, , t -t r
Have the HUE without the CRY. , , - i L
Cristadoro's1. HRr J;fse.ryatvt?(.
Criatsriorosumntees that his Hair Preservative 1
shall succeed where every other preparation ha
ailed, i keeping ,olaan.. the. hair, thiokening - .
vVsing. preserving, it color, inohnlng it to enrl.
sad restoring It to thktneattn ana vigor m in
the elements of its besntx. ...
Sold by Diaggists.and applied by all Hair Lrrsi. ;
era. Manufaotory no., bo aaiueu x uuoipu
Depot iTa. P Ato floustw-. .-.a. ..it.
junelB-dAwlycm-reHTi yiM ".' i ,i
" " ',!'' i j '- t i ' '
4rdthi moiti,or
111 illi; rH restored in fosar weeks.-
eaeees J
restores saahly po era. ram wtuttever eau-a ari
sin; the effects of earlv pernicious babiis, self -abuse,
impotency and climate, give a at voce to
this wonderful mediome, if taken regularly accords
ins to the directions (which are very sintpje and re- .
quire no restraint from buslfeas or pleasure.) Fail.
ure is inpoihUJneldJarUlka-aa
qnantitiet in one for f. To be had only of tbe sola
unpointed, agent, fa- America.1 H..,GtHrM. 7
Third Ave..'eomet 13fh St.; Ne, YotkCl: .
jVKr-jjSJdljr tf) -f.-eftfc vJ
TTJ '1 1
1 !''. i ' U . in i, un 1 l 1 '
1V1 PampfUtt from ' Uu Da. Curtis,.
The Medical 1 lmes" says, of tbis. wore t y i turn
valuable treatise on the cause and euro of pram a .
tare deolrne, shoa how health is impaired throush' ?
. .1 ... . .1- .'.J .u,hmt mnA '
easily regained 1 -It- lives clear synrpais of the

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