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mtoroloqic.l Tabli, prepared MA
eorracted by W.'J. Savage, Jaweler, 83
r..i.v H. TW . Wind. Weathar.
t so -n
till N:
B, W. F-ir,.
--- 8. WV -
. M.
J H -
f. M-...
8mm Rise...
7 tfl 1 Son gets...
tS Th City CoubcII meet to-nl-jht
t3 There .were
case before the
Mayor on Saturday .
O". There waa no business Jnjhe. May
is office Saturday. ''"1-3. '".''?''
rr During the .month of January we
gain nearly an hour In daylight...
- t3"Xhe .new Baptist cjiurch at. Central
College is to be dedicated on nexs ouau.
ta-Judee Rannay and Wm. T. McClIn
t.ir. TCso of Chllllcothe. are at -.the Neil
Horse. ' .- ' .
The sale of Jots and lands lor de
linquent taxes will take place at the Audi
tor 8 office to-morrow.
W A iirt length this week is nine
hour and thirty-nine minutes. A gain of
about ten minutes daylight over last week.
' tW- Our City Clerk, I . Wilson, . was
mo far recovered as to be on the street Sat
urday.' He looks mighty "acaley" thougP
HTThe Agricultttral College committee
meet on Thursday evening to vote on re
commending a place for the location of the
Agricultural College. . . '": - ( ,
Td MnNTHLiM. Andrews & Hull have
received Godev, Demorest, Atlantic and
Our Young Folks lor February. These
are full of good, things. ' Godey. is Espe
cially rich. - : - . ' '-"-; ;y
Mabbiaob Lickkses. There .were 16
narrlage licenses issued ,by the Probate
Court during the week ending January
leth, aa follow (. Monday . 5;. Tuesday. 3;
Wednesday,; Thursday, 2; Friday, none;
Saturday-;. i ' -' !- X'
lKCOBroBATKD- The plat and necessary
uen being .filed with the Secretary ef,
stati on Saturday, the village of Fayette
niBTBrtJwn county, was advanced to the
rant of "an 'Incorporated village "of the
flret class," we presnme." -J-
iiinTrsolTO Pkobatb The "last will
aBLfciatamentiif Willlain STeedelH
Columbus ; ofjSerard "A". Wing, of Wash
ington" township;' of Jacob Sllbernag le, of
Columbus, and of "Albert Goetschlns, of
Oblumbua,Jwere last week admitted to proi '
bate and record, t......
jJuMKiRAirr Agknt's Report CH. Cm
pefrf. General Western Emigrant Agent, re
ports the arrival of 267 emigrants at this
fjolnl during tne wee enaing Duruy.
Jmnher 16th.' Thev will make residence
as follows i Ohio. 40; Missouri, 78; Illinois.
Sli Indiana 23; Kentucky 2b; Tennessee,
laWlseonslnr 17; Iowa, 12; Mlohigan.24.
e-t .i ... - - ' ' ' ' , '
.ffrat foJ BoaiNBaa. -By iht notice in
ahoth'ec TCOlumu H, will be seen; that: the
Hocttlug" Talley railroad will bepeir r
jOBiaeM on. and alter ' Wednesday next.
All train win. stof at the South depot, toot
f Hound street. t W. FL Lott has been
appointed avgent In th& !ty. TThut
excellent cppolntmeiife ' Freight; -will. be
received- -ai th South depot ob and after
tdrAorow. A .-... .,.,vi ,4 ... . :,
CotWTT CoMlI8olmK8, MimsG.-Al
a mueetTnfroffW50untyCtomm!8Bioflert
held on' Satury Messrs. Edward8,ullck
and Lisle being present. It" was ordered
that Doyle, Walsh 4t Co, be paid $184.70
balance on' 6e ' Nlcolsoo wjfc The
bill' of James Legg of $20 or supeyln
tending worJtou Coupt House, was ordered
to be "paid. Patrick LearyVblIl of $50
plastering contract .waa allowed, inT .-r-.i
n. ;.j ii w -i i I A r.f3sm-j-t
Newcomb's Minstrkls CoMWta-TM
fa'vorlte trope' of artiste Ire 'anonncedfj'tJn
appear at the. Opera JHonse on Thurdaj
and Friday evenings of this week. W. 6.
Damen, the advanoe agent ot the company.
Informs us thatthe "company has B--n
Itreatly Improved the addition of seFer.-,
ai well known performers,' among them the
great cloggists, Kiernan and West.
" Cot ok Baiu Maria Ivy, better knowf '
as "Pocahontas," who has been in durancf
Tlle'lbr a week .on a charge ol keeping
disorderly -house, made application
Judge Pugh, on Saturday, to be released n
bail. An examination of the case satbflcd
the Judge (hat she should be so released
She gave bond in the sum ol $100 for her
appearance ;V,h next term of the Court
ol Commop Pl.ean. , - ; ; 7
FnxD Fatdbdat. The certillcate of In
corporatloh of the Canton Building Afso
elation, organized for the purpoae-of rais
ing funds to be loaned among its memberf
was filed wttb the Secretary ol State, 01
Saturday.1 It has .Its principal tsffice At
Canton, Stark county. Capital stock $400.r
000, in shares of $200 each.. Jos H.Miller.
Wm. Anderson, J. A. Saxton, JSrnst King
aadCJ-Geiger are the corporator,
Pbobatb Court Business. During tb
week ending Saturday, Jan. 16th, Judgt
Pnph, made the following appointments :
Elijah J. Wiggans, guardian or DeWitt
C. Perry, child and heir of Thomas M.Per
ry, late of Washington township', 'deceased.
Frederick F Wing, appointed adminis
trator, with the will annexed, of the estate
of Gerard A. Wing, ' late of Washington
township, deeeaeedBond $700
--i '. .W, I Mil i; 11 'I A ..'-i 1 ,
Bbvbbsai. of Judgment Asked. The
dnalnnatl Gaa Light and Coksr Company
baying refused iq pay their proportion of
the asseesaaent to pay tue aalary or inspec
tor of Caa Meters for, the Stai auit wss
brought by the SUt in the Franklin Conr"
mon Pleas to recover. ' Judgment was ren
dered against the Company. , On Saturday
taey iWd a petition- to tbe Suprme - Cohrt
asking a -TfevtrSal or that" ludament, be
cause of tyW unconstltutionalitoTUie law
making the asseaement, t tz rtt
'AtTemFtbd BcbgI it The beer saloon
kept by, Mr. Kammerer, on Monad street,
near to canal, was the aceneot an attempted
burglary 'on jaurday Blghu LThe rascals,
in trying to pry open the window h ut
ter, wakened Mr.Kammerer, Who grasped
his ptatot and took position to . hoot the
Arst one who should enter the saloon.1. HI
getting out of bed. waked h la . wife, who
seeing hlqa atmed and, waiting to; shoop,
tup a acream .tbaifr ightened. the burg
Urt eff.'Thls - theToiltthnie .hoas
peea viaited by these gentry. it naw't
AxBxaTot Kd Moboan. We an
noupe4lpu Saturday! pornrojfc' &h. arrest
of theeelebrated burglar " Bed Morgan
as be (a called, at the-. Stata :8treef Varie-
pretty full 01 waukj, sat own along
side of a man anl attempted to pick his
was opeTatlhir0 coiiareQ mm and called
Cantain Coffrotb. of the sbliee, who kicked
Wm up.' Bed, Will have f; bearing ,$efofe
the Mayor tJUla Ornleg" He broke- outet
the Zaneaville Jail, on Friday; and exhibit
ed kn extra quantity of Cheek in eomlng
bce where he Has ao well knows.
LOCAL NEWS. FARMERS' CLUB. Diseases of Domestic Animals.
The Franklin CotJntyTanners' Clutfmet
on Saturday, Mr. G. S. Innla in the Chair.
ect "Disease l Domestic Animals7
rs a. Danzler--I lost 60 chickena tn
one thing in connection with this chicken
cholera, which leads me to think that it is
a disease strongly resembling Asiatic chol
era In the human system. I observed when
living in the cltv of Columhu. when thn
cholera was here, that if we had a shower
at -midday, and-theeun cameout hot and
warm-in the afternoon, that -then war limit
during the ensuing night more deaths than
usual, tsat tr we Had. a shower in the
mornlnar or durinsr the nlirht. then
deaths than usual.. During the time (hat
ehlcken cholera was on, my place, I observ
ed that If we had rain durlnz the mlddav
hours and then hot sun during the alter
noon, I was sure to lose six or elsht chick
ens by cholera during the night; but it it
rained at other times, then there were few-
er deaths than usual.
'G. 8. Innls wa of onlnlon that rains and
sunshine had lees effect, upon the disease
than stated by Mr. Spangler; said that aU
most all that he lost by cholera, died dur
ing cold or frosty weather.'! A .1 , i
Irvine F. Willis stated that manv boss.
had been lost In Madison county bv chol-'
era; but that Foutz's condition powder had
provea xo De a complete remcay. ne gave
an instance or where a man had lost one
pig by cholera, and another one anoarently
dying; that be recommended the owner to"
mix some of this powder in warm jniltc andf
irive it to fheplsr: the owner did so: reDeat-"
ed the doseteveral times during the day,
and the pig recovered."
Mr. .fniler.ot Madison- county, had losb
100 bead (or hogT by cholera, whn be was.
told that the Foutz powder would cure
those affected, and atthe"same time aet as a
prophylactic or prevent , the others Irom-
taking it. . After Mr. Phlfer fed the powder'
be lost no more bogsV
A neighbor bad a lot or chickens: be lost
all by chollera; no remedy seemed to be of
any; avail,? Be -then went out intita.
countrj , and at various places bought up
fowls to start the Hennery atresh, but lost
the second lot by cholera.: The first lot
were all dead fully slxiooBtua before he,'
purchased thesecond.,' ; T
Mr. Spangler We dissolved Copperas In
water, and then soaked corn in copperas
water and fed It: we also mixed poo pep-
per in corn meal and fed that; both these
remedies, were 'successful with' us. ' For
kidney worm In hogs, I dissolve a spoon
ful ot copperas in noS-water, ana put the
solution into sweet milk and feed every
two days.
Mr. Scott, of Hamilton county Wefeed
antimony, copperas and sulpllu? as i pre-'
ventive ot hog chol(ra.
J. O'B. Kenick 1 am decidedly of
opinion that the hogs should be burned
and sulphur and salt added to (ha ashes,
and grease caused by tha burning, and the--other
bogs given tree access to the mlxtdre;
they will eat the ashes and grease very
readily, and it is the best prophylactic that
Know qiv-, r,
Mr. Edwards I have used Fbulz's Cm-
dition Powers think they are good lor
cattle, horses or swine; think tbey may act
as a preventive. , I generally feed the g wine,
salt and ashes once a week in any event.
W. Bvlnnie last winter 1 put an about.
6ne hundred hogs, and in January I lost'
some sixty by cholera. My chickens took
the cholf ra first and died, the bogs ate the
dead chickens, and. soon after, the hogs had
the cholera.' Mr. A. L. Perrilf'told me to
Teed soap-suds to the sick bogs, that it
would cure them. Mr. X. J. Turney fed
soft soap to his and saved them.
. J. O'B. Renlck- Solt soap, sod soap suds
U after all simply getting back- to the
ashes and gressesoarj is nothing but
ashes and grease.
I Willie, or Madison Co. The bulk of the
ashes are of course tbe ashes , of tha wood
used in burning the dead hogs. A dead
mule is the only animal that I know of
which may be set on tire and burned op
without any fuel. A neighbor of ; mlue
feeds ashes, sulphur and charcoal twice a
week to bis hoes tbe year round, and bis
hoes are always perfectly healthy,
t Edwards When hogs dteof anyrilieease
I think it is much the best way to burn the
carcass at once, and then two objects are ac
complished atoncei viz: yoicet rid of the
carcass, and Secondly there is then no pos-
sioutty oi uisease Deing spread Dy that
Mr.-; SpangIe-u.jL' - Missouri gentleman
bo lost five hoirs by cholera, stopped it
with the following remedy, which he gave
me, and which I have no hesitation in rec
ommending as being an efficient preven
tive, if not a, cure, viz: One spoonful of
Sulphur, one spoonful of gunpowder, and
one spoonful ot turpentine, mixed in corn
I Mjenlcl4I afwaysTfeWdlaftnd'af heaf
J have Dw4deathatwhu a-Jiog is 'fairly11
fown with hog cholera, that be can be
9 ured ; the most we can hope to do is to
? reveal ia viw .ihr f.n mst ii ?o
Scott, of Hamiltoa eountyo-Tbe first hoz
cholera in the State broke out in my
neighborhood, near Cincinnati. We have
tried almost everything we used turpen
tine with partial success, but could not
J-ely on it; we then burned tbe hogs, and
let the others; eat the. grease and ashes;
that did not succeed; we then found a re
cipe in the report or the Department of
Agrtcultiinr at Washington, which prj
cribed sulphur, antimony, copperas, &o.
This we round the most effective for grown
hoes, but we have as yet found no remedy
for young shoats or sucking pigs. A friend
' r mine aud esyselt wenfc to Indiana and
Eirchased a lot of pig; -we brought them
me; I turned mine into a pasture lot
where there was good -pasture, plenty of
Water and shade, and-I fed tflem soap suds,
adhes, salt and slop; I lost none ot mine,
put my. friend, who dyl -net feed .-ashes,
-uds. &c lost fully one-third Of bis lost
25 out of 65. Hogs will eat after being at
tacked with cholera, but. will not eat when
very sick, aud as long as, tbey will eat, some
l n.e remedies can be administered. -1
teed all the soap suds that accumulate
bout the house: and since I baye followed
this practice I have not lost any bogs, or
jiadanv affected with the kidney wopn,
( Willis Great imposition is practiced by '
persons breeding pigs for sale as breeders;
is, for Instance, several-men In Pennsyl
vaniaare breeding Chester Whitea for sale.
When a air of Dlgrare Ordered thev are
just as likely to send a pair of the same-lir-?JiSrauyothc-.
when tftese are bred together, the breed is
known as 'in and in" breeding, and most
Undoubtedly produces tbe thumps; " and
I am of opinion that "in and In" breedln?"
produces the cholera.'
Scott Thumps, iirmy opinion, is simply
soother form at cholera. 51 v- '-
IMerion Several years ago I lost a dozen
r more pigs by tbe thumps.
Spaugler A few weeks since a neighbor
t mine lost a number of fine shoats by '
thumps. -. i i v-.i , ;l
' Innis I think some one mentioned at.
tne of our former meetings that he never'
kept a male hog; ;or a .fbwl on the-c place i
more than one year,-and since adopting,
this plan has cot been troubled' with dls-1
eases of anyjkind.i': - i , ( .., tiji ;, ,.n? t!
I Mr. Shruui We had hog cholera Intro
duced into our neighborhood; by the dead1
bogs, wbicbt bad died of cholera, being ;
tnrown into tbe creek above us, anu floated
down and lodged in our vicinity; .. l
i Mr. J. O'B. Kenlek r would like to have
the sense of the Clubexpressed in the form
Of ir resolution, directing what is to be
flone in cases of bog Cholera, and for this
purpose, have drawn-bp the following,
which la hereby submitted : 7- f.av. 's- . !
I Kesolved, That as a preventive ot .hog
cholera;' that bogs be fed salt,' ashes and11
sulphur; io the first stages of- bog cholera
teed slop made very strong of soap, or soapr
sods, mixed with branmeal or shorts.' Tne
$tekui hog should i be, drenched with, soft;
soap, sulphur and antimony, or In lien of
tMS the ordinary "Condition Stock or Cat- '
tie Powders.". When -the bog dies it should ,
be immediately burnedr and salt and sul
phur added totUe ashee for the Other hogs'
Ur-rxt. -
i Auej-aaoiuHOn waadoptedJ.X V .U
Mr.'Benwk. recommnnriiul Ka mama
edies to be applied In cases of cblokea
L iS ffl' ,lu . cowstwi
called brJ,"but bo one seemed tninn in,
thing about it, or to.bave had any experi
,G. S,Inaie IT sows lu pig eao get at th,
carcass of a dead animal, sach an an ox t-r '
borse,: and eat their fljj of fresh flesh, the
will iqvariablv abort. ,
.Afte some: lrregalar discussion, it viu
agreed"that during the winter ' the Clu"'
should meet every Sataxdaypntll lurth '
notice.- q ,j jf-i-ii ..t 'ijiH .t m
' The subjects for discussion on bexi Sat.
urday'tre, '- wBat; wheat 'culture, : ai
causes of tjifejeoent, faUura of wheat, crop, v
iOjuioBiC-wJaeobHFIsher;' charae K
with murdering Frederick, gtaiabaugb,V!i.
Hamlltos township, la 1861, -was od JBatm
day admitted, to bail by Judge Pugh. . TU-
bond is fixed hi Ihe 'lam of $r,0Q0:
Tbb Kblloqo Cphckt Either we had
expected too inucbl or were not In tune
oonelf, bat t&4 Rahogg concert on Satars
W - k - . . .... .
day nlgbt did not meet our anticipations
We may be old iogy in our notions,. Jmt
we do not think she has either as pure or
sweet voice as Fare pa. Nor do we think
tbe eoaeert, on the whole, was equal to the
Parepa concert,' It lacked, spirit life, or
something, we do not know what;1 There
was a vague feeling of dissatisfaction, ao
unsatisfied want that the memory of the
exquisite singing of Home, Sweet Home,
did not allay. . Though, In our opinion,
Miss Kellogg Is not the equal of Parepa,
yet is she a great artist. It we could not
be Parepa, we' should be content to 7 be
Kellogg. Her duet. with Slgnor Petrllll
was finely sung. In. the second part ; she
sangVedrai Carlno from ,. Don. . Giovanni,
which, was received with rapturous ap
plause,' when she appeared, and, taking
be seat at the -piano, Bung the popular
ballad, Beware, in a bewitching manner.
We never believed that this simple song
could be.lnvested with so much effective
ness. At Its conclusion tbe audience were
wilder In their demonstrations thao before.
and she again appeared with tbe greatest
good-nature and sung the Kissing Song.
Miss Kellogg made her last appearance for
the even ink In the beadtllul'tiio from
Atllla, assisted by Lottl and Petrllll. "
Miss AUda Toppis a very, accomplished
pianist. We do not think hef style exhib
ited the force, power. 'grace and finish
given by our Miss Schneider. She added
greatly to the Interest of the concert of
Saturday evening. She played the "Rhaps
oflte Hongroia" and "Fantasle Blgoletto,"
both by Liszt, each of which was enthusi
astically received.'and an tncore demanded.
HerrKopta is a young violinist of. re
markably rarejibllitjes. He combines with
an,. easy,jind, graceful,,. method wonderful
executiou for oh .of bi apparent years
and experience. His pieces, the "Reverie,
by Vieuxjenipsj' the '"Cascade;' by De
KouBkHana-tne ."wttcnes' uance- Dy
PaganinI, were all warmly received, to an
eacora for the latter of which he responded
with the "Carnival ,of VenlceTvery neatly
executed.' Herr Kopta gives promise of
being one of the finest violinists in the
worldt, HisJ touch is. delicacy Itself and
when playing, his very soul seems to revel
in harmony. - . . . . 7
j Sigupra Xottiind Eilrtirf art both good
singers, and executedT their portion .of tbe
programme to the entire satisfaction ot
tbe tudlenoe. Slgnor StelanonI, as musi
cal, director, acqulttel himself with entire
Credit. .In hl eccompanlment8i;he utej
one of Stelnway's grand pianos. . ,
'Tbanbfehrkb Satordat. The follow
ing transfers of real estate were left at the
Becorder's office Saturday : ' '.
John- -Gaertner and -wife to Yeronlka
RothJan 15th, part of lot No. 3 iuPeter
Hayden-'a subdivision of lots 'in Hayden
and'jHolTner's addition to the city ot Co
lumbus, for $800. ,
' George Fischer and wife to John P. Bill
ner, April 4th, 1868, quit claim to 3 acres of
land in Prairie township, for $247 50.
! Jacob Kunz and "wife to George Fischer,
MarcV'31st, 1868, '11 acres,' 1 rod and 7
ptrclies of land in Prairie township, for
! Amos Demorest and wife to Wm. H.
Haines, Oct. 17th,"r186S, 12f acres or land
(or $625 --f til ? j
i Thomas Cullen, et ai, to Martin Cullen,
Decr23d, 1868, quit claim to lot No. 85, of
Wm. Neil's second addition- to the -city of
Columbus, for $1. ..-.., T . ...
Bdbglart atj Wwcwe6TBR. On Friday-
night tbestore of Gay men & Co of Canal
Winchester, was entered by a burglar and
the, safe blown 'open, and about' $200 in
money carried. oC , A man, auswerlng the
description of the supposed burglar, hired
a horse and buggy at ' McDonnell's , Ji,very
stable on Friday evening, drove to '.within
a mile of the town and hitched his horse
In, the wood ., He then went to tue. store,
broke It open, ,and. with. a. pick forced 'a
hole in the safe which he filled with pow
der.fwfllywtaWnjr:wb'at'' money'there'
was in the safe,r he lefjthls. Itools, got into
his buggy, and returned to this city - at 4
o'clock.' He "then" took, the-', train,"-It' Is
thought, nd )elt the .city .( His tra;koeuld
easily be followed .through the. snow, and
that be is not; now in the city seferas7 to be
pretty certain. iS - ' t " " ' '
StKCiiC'RoTic. The ,c4um&u:'
Hocking A Valley: Bailroad Willi qpsn jjbr
business on Wednesday, January 20th, I860.
On and after that date trains wilf leave aud
arrive at Union Depot, Columbus; aa lol-
Frit train ...VilM A: M. j I 10:15 A. M.
Seeond St P. M. S:(l6 P.- Mr
I All trains will stop at South Depot.;'
! Freight will be received at South Depot
for shipment On and-after Tuesday;' -Janu
ary 19th. , Ji;JfiyiIIOii;jJ'f
W. H. Lott has been appointed Agent at
Columbus J H- -i -i O t A- Vs f
Jno. W. Dohkrtt; ; i M. M. Oreenb,
Master of Transportation.' Vice fresld eat.
! JL,. Karney,'s. .feebra,ted,- Korn
Kure for sale at Houston & Gardner's drug
store. Karney Korn Kure is a "Kapital
Komblnatlon. ' " " " janlSlw
H - : , 1 ; , ! 1 . rh Up. ,
If you want to save' money la buying.
Jour boots and shoes, go to Shower Sa Bro.
2 North High Street. . Ik . YJanl8-2t 1
Jewifry madB and repaired b'y O.'B
Smith, 27 & Hlghfctreet, over Bala's store
, nov6d3m " .5 ." "
Shower & Bro. have just opened n Very
large' and 'new stock; of Boots and Shoes,
which they are selling' cheaper than tbe
cheapest at 62 Nortbf High Street3"0' -I
; r i-rr ; , y jan!6-2t
I f" The mortgagees bj" the Olentangy
Park' Association are requested to' call at
my office aud recelva balance due them in
full. '" ' '.: ' ' . :"..' ""
janl4-tf Eichard NEVisSiVlce Pres't.
Choice Red Wheat Flour, $3 00 per bar
rel, warranted to give satisfaction'. ' For
sale at M Colm, Miles aud McDonald.-,..
j jan7-dtf '. -
To Consumers or Coal Buy your coal
of Bock Run Coal Company. You will
find U or superior quality, free from slate
of clinker:11 Eighty poundsto the' bushel
Is guaranteed, andjt.ls Void at the lowest
market rates. Orders left at the office, -187
North High, street or at 'theCompany'8
order box at the greeerystore ot George
MclJcisTd'HfCol, 106 South riigh street,
Will brbmyfty' attended to; ' 'J
, JJekvous DEBriftTf. with lu gloomyVu
tendants, low spirits, depression, In vol an-j
tary emissions, loss of semen, spermator
t'kat4ose"f'poi,et, Huf-head, loss of
memory and. .threatened impotence and
ImbecilityjUndaVoverelgn-cUre Th Hum
phreys' flomeopathic Specific Kb. Twenty-Eight:'
Compoeed of tha .most valuable,
mild and potent Curatlvesj-tlieyBtrrke' a'
once at the root of tha matter, tone up the
system, arrest the filscharges, andlmpart
Vigor and energy, life and vitality to the
eutire man." They "Lave cured thousands
of cases.: Price $5 per package of six box
es and vial,' which is very important in ob
stinate or old cases, or $1 per single box.
boia oy au liruggists, and sent by mall on
receipt of, price. . Address HcMrassYs'
Specific Homeopathic Medicine Co- B62
Broadway, New York. 1yl3-deod&wly.
GuTTiiuNf Tsr9rr-Not ;9ly does So
lodont Impart the'jSnlteiiess ol tbe purest
porcelain to the teeth, but its polish, too.
They glisten after being brushed with It,
like the inner surface of an ocean shell,
and the effect of this peerless dentifrice la
to render the enamel as bard and indestruc
tible as adamant.
, SATadfge tblecesl'bse ,p4
lng's Glue." , ' .
VHY-dec21-eod6m-cw "
Jileff & DeButts, Locksmiths an
bell hungers, at No. 141 North High street,
are now prepared to hang parlor and hotel
bells In tbe neatest and latest style. Sew
ing machines "repaired aud satisfaction
guaranteed. Models built for patentees,
and all kinds ot light machinery made and
repaired. Keys ot all description always
on band, and safe and jail locks made and
repaired. may23-s-ly
A cask of Humphreys' Homoeopathic
Specific In the bouse Is a well-spring of
satisfaction. You can always find the true
remedy tor a cold, cough, sore throat,
croup, race-ache, weak stomach, catarrh,
or other of the thousand ailments to
which a family are subject, and thus save
doctor's bills, sickness and suffering. Price
of a full case and book of directions is $10.
Sent to any address on receipt or the .
price. Address, Humphreys' SPECiFrc
Homceopathio Medicine Co. 662 Broad-
Way, N. Y. Iyl3-dfcwly-cw
Hoixowat's Pills. Want of vital ener
gy, nervous weakness, physical debility, or
by whatever other name you choose to call
that feebleness and depression which ren
ders its victims careless whether they live
or die, Is one of the most terrible of human
affections. Fortunately there Is an infalli
ble prescription for it Hollowat's Pills.
Let the weak and broken down try them.
Tbey are guaranteed by the experience of
the whole civilized, world. Sold by all
Druggists. jy9-dly-cw
With Dyspeptics everything is wrong.
Food does not digest ; sleep does not re
fresh ; wine does not cheer ; smiles do not
gladden ; music does not charm, nor can.
any other joy enter the breast of the
miserable dyspectic. You must get rid of
It, or it will become seated and confirmed,
and life will be a burden and existence a
curse. Plantation Bitters will do away
with all this. New life, strength and en
ergy will take possession of you. Tbe
damask will again bloom upon your cheek,
and the luster In your eye will again be as
bright as in your healthiest, happiest and
most joyous days.
Magnolia Water. Superior to the best
imported German Cologne, and sold at
half the price.
Fenton Nominated for Senator.
ALBANY, Jan. 16.
At the Republican legislative caucus
held to-night there was a full attendance,
and Ruben E. Fenton was nominated for
United States Senator on the second ballot,
receiving 52 votes against 40 forlEdwln D
ALBANY, Jan. 16. Suspension.
ALBANY, Jan. 16. Suspension. SAVANA, Jan. 16.
i The bank of Commerce, of Delaware,
known as Feasor's bank, which for some
time past has been in a weak condition.
suspended payment yesterday. Its liabil
ities are heavy. Tbe share holders will be
tbe principal sufferers.
two nights oivir,
Thursday mnl Friday, Jan. si mndt!,
'! Witt, . n R.h'M fll,nf1 Pin .r.m m. .nil ......
il new artists. KrerythiDi; new and origins.!.
Look oat for the Greatest of Liriac tlomeaians,
f'ayett Welch, Charier Benediot, Mike Kanane.
Jied West, and Matter Bobby.
I Doors open at T. Commencing at 8 o'clock pre
cisely. Admission, ana ou : rvnnerven doih fsa.
PKOV" EtTCE. Rr'li'B vinitW largeat'inand-
fact rr So S er in tha world, with
the most mproved maeh y. and emplojing th
most skilled labor, are enabled to oSer an un
equalled variety of ne and beautiful designs in
Dincer Services. Tea rices, and every article
ipeoially adapted fori liday and Bridal Gifts.
I They offer also tbelr"wH-known and unrivalled
Nickel Silver Eleetro-Plated Ware, in which th
have introduced new patterns of rare eleganoe. -he
Solid Silver if guaranteed to be of sterlin
purity by U. S. Mint assay. The Electro-Plate i
guaranteed to be superior to the finest Sheffiel
ware. Orders received from tha Trade only, bu
i8; tnay be dbtaJfUi from "reesomipli
4r1!flltfv i ill i Jj. i
Trade Mar . iri. or
i Silver. TO o.
Salesroom No. 3 Maiden Lane. M. T.
aovS-dftwiMm-re nr
I havi heard it highly extolled and have seen its
Wonderful effects, writes Martha M. Johnson.
Derby, Ct., about Palmer's Letion.
I seplI:dAwly-cm-r
DR. A. B. WILLIAMS. West Brsadwav.
iah street. Columbus. Ohio, baa devoted himll
tn series of years to the treatment of oertain pri.
V'.te diseases. Be may bscen-ulted at bis olew
B -oad wa . near i lie Uxehant e Bank
The only Infallible and Harmless Remedy. Can be
given with or without tbe patient's knowledge,
i Krad Or. Johnston's Treatise on "lrunken-
ness, its Consequences and Cure." Try
y tha SFKC1FIU. and be con-
; vinoed.
ANTi-TOBACOO COMPOOM). a sweet and
pleasant preparation creates no vomiting after it
use. Tobasco need not be discarded all at once,
for th Compound destroy th desire gradually
nd positively.
Proprietor. Columbus, O.
Valuable Residence for Sale.
i -
teen Bish and Third streets, containir.
twenty rooms, bath bouse, wit'i hot and oold w
ter. Also, improved range and furnace. Fosse,
ion given April Lt.
r or price and terms, apply at this offioe.
Fire Cents Reward.
runoeJ,UBROWJiLOW. said to be
brother of tbe Governor of Tennessee- fie is b
profession a Sculptor, by trade a butt&r. All pei
sons desiring perifanent investments ean with pel
feot safety entrust him with their money. At last a
founts be was engaged in the wbiaky business.
be above reward, also th thanks of several vir
tims, will be given for any information a to A. '
whereabout!, upon application to this office.
I janT-dtf
tr- rt viTVr V Rn IHn arinnn. arwams
U,KRS.MK,nN8v-?'h Board of. Sehoi
Eiaminerfidf Fr&nknn eumiu'niMt m.t th PmKu T
Couows-oa-ho iaet Slky anoVSatwrdav J
each month in tne year. Aiso.'on the second Fri i
day and Saturday of th spring and fall rn'inlhs,
japrio wtf " t1
Post Ofptci PsrABTiinrr,
wa4Atngto. January . SS.
PROPOSALS m be received -aJe' Contra
OfBee of this Oepaitiaeot- wntil Sp. m. of Maroh
- SI, 18SS, for conveying the mails uf the United
State, from July 1, 1SSS. to June 80, 187S. in the
State of Ohio, on the routes and by the aotaedule.
of departures and arrivals hereinafter specified,
being route establiahM 4d session of 40th Uon-
ress, and pthoi,T , - T r
, 3cisIoof anaounoed by AprillO. 1869. j , .
M67 From Miami, bv Taylor's Creek, Dent, and
Chevoit, to Cincinnati, IS miles and baok,
six times a week.
Leave Miami daily, except Sunday, at 6:30
,Arriveat Cincinnati by M unk., m
'rvo Cincinnati jdailX axaept. Sunday, at
3:30 pm;
Arrive at Miami by 530 p m.
MT3 From Sshingt'n C. H., by Bloomlnnburg.
Midway, (Cross Roads P, O.,) and Newport,
' , (Walnut Run P, O- to i.on4on2S mile
' . ' 2 and back, onoe a weelt.t 0..k-. " - A
Leave Washington C. H. Friday at Sam;
Arrive at London by 6 p in:
Leave London Saturday at a m:
Arrive at Washington C id. by 5 p m.
From Broadway, by Raymonds, York, West
Mansfield North Greenfield and Walnut
Grove, K.tJ to RushsyWania1Jl-miilsamv4
beokioneea. week.J, c ,
. Leave Broadway Friday at ajm,:" i . .
ArTive at Rusbsylvania byl pm; T . .
f Leave Kwhsylvania Smtmrday at 8 am; i
' Arrive at Broadway by 4 pm v k :. j
! Proposals to begin service at York, '1 miles,
invited, as per following schedule:
Leave York Saturday at 8 a m; ,
Arrive at Rushsylvania by IS m;
Leave Rushsyvania Saturday at lp A;
Arrive at X orkJy S p nv -i-'i.
975 From Richwood, by Pharisburr. to Marys
ville, IS miles and back, once a week.
Leave Rio to wood Saturday at 7 a m;
. Arrive at Maryaville by IX m:
Leave Marysville Saturday at 1 p m;
ArriV at RishwSpd bjr pjm.- .', , - i. '
0476 From East Liberty, by North Greenfield, to
West Mansfield, S miles and bacn, onoe a
' Leave East Liberty Paturdiy at 9 a m;
Arrive at West Mansfield, by M bh. ,
Leave West Mansfietd-Saiardeyvrl 9 m;
Arriv at East Liberty by A p m.
M77 From Tippecano City, by Ginghamsburf and
Fidelity, to Uninn, 10 miles and back, one
a week.
Leave Tippecanoe City Saturday at 10 a m;
Arrive at Union by 1 p m:
" f Arri at Tiniwnnu f'i K.S . " 1
Proposals invited for service tares' times
weeke... ,.!...-.: s.h
M78 Frrm Shadeville to Genoa, (Beckett's Store
P. O..) 7 miles anii back, once a week.
Lea.e Shadeville Saturday at 10 a m;
tir Arrive at iienoa (Beokett'i Stor fP. OA by
' Mb; -' i. jijU
Leave Genoa (Beckett's Store P. O J Satur
dav at 1 d m:
Arrive at Shadeville by 8 p m.
9479 From Laneaater by West Ruhville. to Rush
ville. 15 miles and bank, ai timMB. wjMk.
. Leave Lancaattr daily, except Sunday, at 3
j'. Arrive at Rushville br 6 n n: 1
Leave Rushvil a daily, except Surjdsy, at 7
a id;
Arrive at Lancaster by .10 a m. .
6480 From Aew Holland..' br! Clarksburg and
Greenland, to CbiUicotbe,32 nu. es aud back.
iwi:b a wees.
Leave New Holland Wednesday and Satur
aay at e a m;
Arrive at Chillinotbe.riv 19 m
Leave Chillioothe Wednesday anfl Saturday
at i p m;
Arrive at New Holland by 7 p ra
MBt From Johnstown to Orotov. Smllsr and bask;
.;.. once a week. ii U,':. J
Leave Johnstown Saturday at 7 p m;
Leave Croton Saturday at 4 p m;
Arrive at Johnstown by 6 p m.
t proposals invited for more fraqnaDtasrvic.
8483 From Dunbarton to Mineral Spring. 6 miles
ana oacx, one a weeg. ...
Leave Dunbarton Saturday at 10 a m;
Aniva at Mineral Springs by 18:30 p m;
Leave Mineral Springs Saturday at 1 p m;
' . r Arriv atDuabartou byS SO par,, Ct
9433 From Coulev. bv 15te4 Corner TTo. b 1 AnrT
Clark's Mills (n. o.) to New Portage, S miles
ana oacx. once a weeg.
! w 'Arrive in Ne Portaie bv IS m: H a
j Xeave New Portan Saturday tlP;sm(:Iao
Arrive at Conlejr py &30 p ta
484 From Dennison to Bates' Corners, (a. oJ4
mnes ana oacg. once a weeg.
fjAATa h.nnimn fl.tnnl, . . Tt tn.
i -VrrivaauEates7 fjoraers by ip m; 'I.Xi r
i Leave Bates' Corners Sat urday at S p m;
I Arrive at Dennison by 6 p m;
1485 From" Cumberland, bv Hlramsbiirg.'fo Cald
well, 12 miles and baok. twice a week.
Leave Cumberland Tuesday and Friday at T
a in;
Arriv at Caldwell by 11 a m:
LeeveCald well Tuesday and Friday at 1pm
Airive at Cumberland by ( p m. . J J
r rom 1Br.Aivilr.tbv emoeranoevilto:
Miltonsburgh, 16 miles and baok. twic
' weeK.
. Leave Barnesville Tuesday and Friday at T
. i ' a i- - - 'i " jo;.i;i..ji stf
irriniAt UiUnMliRmli h IS n. -I
Leave MUtunubargb, .'ueadaj and Friday at
0467 From Greensbntgb. Cross Bnads to West Hill
inve. lSwirlesand baokfonce a wteek-5-1
TTl HTMilnr'rH.nrniia'Rml4 MnnHaVhs
i sa m:
Arrive at Weft Mill Grove by 11 m;
Leave, West Mi 1 Drove Monday at 1 p m;
Arifve at Greens burgh Cross Road by 4 p m
From Berne Station, (n. o-,) by Hartsler,
(n. o..i to w est Kusnville, 6 miles and baok.
ijeave uerne otanon nnurnay at x p m;
Arrive at W est Rusbville by 3 p m;
Leave West Rushville Saturday at 4 p m;
r-r AKnv agtierne Btauon oy o-aar rtrrr
6486 H'rW Drnsmore to-rew iJreinen.''ll mih and
back, onoe a weet .
Leave Uinsmore Saturday at 8:30 a m;
r Arrive at N ew Uremea by Is me ? 1 - w W
Leave New Bremen Saturday atlpm;
Arrive at i 'insinore-by 4:30 p m.
Proposals invited for more frequent service.
6490 From Anna to' Sinister, -10 mile and back.
onoe a wee. t,
Leave Anna Saturday at JnaCi I'Sr.
Arrive at Minster by 12 m:
Leave Minster Saturday lp-tUss; J
Arrive at Anna by 4 p m.
From Anna tcf-NeS Bremen 14 miles and
back, onoe a weed.
Leave Anna Saturday at 8 a m;
Arrive at ew Bremen by 12 m;
a Leave New Bremen Saturday at 1 pm;
' ' Arrive at Anna by 6 p m.
From Hamersvillo, by Maple, to Feesburgh,
ft mil, a nrl h.r Ir nnnM . mc.
Leave Hamenrville Saturday iUpm;? Vi
Arrive at Fesbdrgh by 4 p mi " -"ll
Lieave (es'hurgti aaturdav at 5 pm:
Arrive at HamersriJIo bj7p m..f.',, .J-J-j;
From Tan Wert, by Sbane's Croings, to
Vienna, x mues ana oacx. one a weea., .,
Leave Van Wert Friday at Sam; ' - -Arrive
at Celina by 4 p m:
Leave Celina Saturday at 8 a m; . . ,
Arrive atVan -vert by 4p m. ,',.31
Fropoeali invited for more frequent service.
From Urbana, try Spring Hills, to DeGraff, 66
-,IjnUesaud back, onoa a weeK ...
J I Leave Urbana Satuidav at S a m: i 2
i Arrive atiOeGraff by H m: - 1 HJ I .
j Leave DeGraff Saturday at 1 p m:
) Arrive at Urbana by 7 p m. .
6495 From London, bv Laftyett. Somerford an d
i Tradersvil e. to Rosedale; (n. o..) 33 miles
j and back, once a week.
Leave London Saturday at Sam;,
Arrive at Rosedale by 11 m;
Leave Rosedale Saturday at 1 p m;
Arrive at London by 8 p m r- , , , ..
6496 ; From Hfllboroagb, by Samantha (d. o.) aadV
. J. I Carey town, (n.oj to New Vienna,13 miles
' and back, once a week-. ' -
' Leave Hillsborough Saturday at 8 am;
?B 6 Arrive at New Vienna by 18 m; ' ::':
I Leave New Vienna Saturday at 1 p m;
Arrive at iiiUsborqcuth by 6, p o-,- i i -. .-.
6497 From Frazeysbnrgh to Bladensbnrgh, -18
Leave Fraseysburgh Satnrdav at 6 a m;
i Arrive at B.adebrh by 16 m; ;s
Leave Bladeusburgh Saturday at 1 p m ;
Arrive at Frazeysburgh by 7 p m.
6498 From Long-Run to Fallsburgh1 S Tnlla "nrl
Leave Lorg Run Saturday at 3 p m ;
'r Arriv at Fallshureh by 4 p m :
Leave Falls bartrh Saturday at S p m ;
Arrive at Long Bun by 6 p m ; . ,
8199 From Findlay. Iby Benton - Ridre, Blnffton,
, ana nearer jjamr, fo . juima. a mil ana
back, onoe a week. "'
Leave r indlay Friday at 7 a m;
Arrive at Lima by p m; , t
Leave Lima Saturday at 7 a mr
Arrive at Findlay by 8 P m;
; , .Froposajsinvited for more frequent Mrvto. ,
6506 From" Cindenville.by West Witiiamsfield,
Williamsfield.and State Line, (Roralton P
O.,) to Jme8tewn,(t'a.J IS mues and back,
six times a week.
Leave Lindenville daily, except Sunday, at 1
j p ai;' -.. fi i t v
, Ayrwaat-Jamestown by 4 p m? ; f . .f
- Leavei Jamestown daily, except Sunday, at
9 am:
: Arrive at Lindenville by 1 m. ,
. ; ..NOTES. J ...
' Proposals must be to carry the mail with "eeler-"
ity, certainty, and security," using the terms of tbe
law, and they must be guarantied by two rejponsi
ble persons, certified to as suoh by a peetsasBSuv r
judee of a court of record.
; No pay will be made fdvtrip aot SrfrMd, and
for each of suoh omissions not satisfactorily ex-
Stained three tune4n parlit the.irip may be de
noted. For arrivals so fr behind time as to
break4banntibBV.witlt .depeoding mails, and not
sufficiently exoused, one-fourtb of th compensa
tion, fcr the trip i-subeot to forfedtur. : Fiat wU
be impoced. unless the delinquency. satisfacto
rily explained, for neglecting to take the mail from
or into apostolus; fo suffering1 it to be injured,
destroyed, robbed or lost ; and f. r ret'ring
after demand, to convey the mail as fre
quently as tbe eontractor runs, or is concerned
i : n .v.. Tu ... .
1 11 . UUUIUK, . tu.U'u. wu ua uhi, Alio A .'BbUJMHI I
General may annul the contract log disobeying- the-1
rrnoeiBVHiwi, or ui msiraciione ok xne xepart
ment. He may alter the schedule of departures
and arrivals, and also order an increase of service
by allowing therefor a prorata increase on the
contract pay. He may also curtail or discontinue
the eervioe in whole or in part, at a pro rata de
reaa f payrartwrng.ne month., i II a uui pen
satie)! Me 4insouot 4)4 service eritpeaeed-wi:h.
Bids should be addressed tothe "Secood AsS'Stact
Postmaster General. "superscribed "Proposals, State
tt Ohio," and sent by mail. r c ...-i f
For ferms of proposals; Ac. ana other informa
tion, see advertifemec.t of October 81. 1867. and of
this date, in pamphlet form, at the principal Pest-
I jaul8-dltaw4w Postmaater Ueneial.
Cincinnati Money Market—Jan. 16.
- 35? bnyiajr. - " -
EXCHANGE -Firm at Ml AtanAnnt til
pa ?.d 1"10 Prenolutn selllnjr. 1
MONEY Market unchanged.
New York Money Market—Jan. 16.
ease and offerinjfs of capital are more lib-,
ml day by day. At the opening this,'
mornlnjf 7 per cent, was the general rate
on call, but before the close '.of tbe barks .
money? was very Aplenty at 6 per cent.
Prime discount dull at 79o. : '
J30LD The market was quiet and firm
to the close. The. extremes o( the day ;
were 1330136. ' The Commercial saa .
the receipts of currency trom Chicao ;
ai.d tbe Northwest haie increased rxaUirv
ally durlojt the week, while remittance to.
the South have ceased- within the last two .
or three days. - Very little is comma: Iron ;
Cincinnati, owlflji to the fact ol .that city '
having to remit ireely tothe South. Tbe
currency balance in the treasury has prob
ably been reduced somewhat below the
913 000 000 held January Isfc the ftmoans
at present in the Sub-Treasury being about
99 000,000. The deficiency in the Internal
Revenue will require the treasury to resort
to some means for replenishing lisdeclin-.
injf balance.- We have good reason lor be
lieving the Secretary is strongly disinclin
ed to resort for that purpose to the sale of
bonds or gold. . The St cretary hopes to be;
able to supply his wants by the issue of 3.
per cenf. certificates' to1 banks of which,
over $19 000,000 was unissued on the 1st Inst,
a course which would at the same time in
crease the legal reserve of banks and sup
ply the treasury with money at low rat;s
oi interest. ... :. . ti i ; , .-. - '
New York Stock Market—Jan. 16.
shows considerable firmaes ander thetle
nial of tbe Secretary ot the Treasury 'ot tbe
story ot the new issue ol bonria. Coapops"
of '81 112!4,112; do '62 U2112; do
'04 lOfS.lOG: no '65 109Tir I Hk 'rUt nnr.
JQSilU8; Oo .'67 108lO8f ;63 IpiU,
STOCKS The railway market la thef,
f irenoon' was feverish anrl pzcited, Wit'
New York Central and 'Northwestern?
shares as -the sprcial feature, .iXTlia first
named opened at 160 and Bteadlly,ai'-'
vanceA to 362. Tbe upward movement Is7,
attributable to the defeat yesterday aiiterr
noorf in the State Senate of the bill to in
vestigate the affairs of the company, par
ticularly la the matter of ib recent srip
dividend. The probability of an eariyaat
tletnent of the Jenckes injunction is also
urged as a reason for the rise. Northwest
ern fell about 1 per cent.' from the opening
prices: : The Immediate auB is a report
that tbe Illinois Legislature -are' about: to
reduce the rates of passenger' fare o 'all
the roads in tbe State to .2Hj cents per tntlev
This report is founded on private dispatch
efl from Chicago, which sayu the -bill has
passed tbe Senate, and will pass the other
branch to-day. The remainder. of the we3t-,
ern list is affected by thU-report., ,B5ck
Island 'active and variable, havia0anged
between 130Sl12S- Michigan Soutbent
ruled between 91 ana 89J. ' A semf tfnnuak
dividend ef 4 per eenc has beeaeciareil
on this Btoek, but official; notices have not
yet been made. Fort Wayne showed notice
able firmness the highest sale having been
12134, and the lowest 120. Beading steady
between D695. &fter the. one o'cloek
board , there was a general decline, but
later the market became acti ve and exoited.
New York Central was Van -op 40 163. but
there was a very unsettled feeling and. fluc
tuations were frequent and wide, Excitei
menVrari' high on Tveetera' shareatswith
great fluctuations;. "At the close TeveHsh
and lowr. JUiscellaheous list higher.' Ex
press shares steady advance inv Aidamsv '
6:39 price. Gold 136136J; vfella
ExnreeS 25U(a!25S American 38(339
Adams 62d2; United States 4646;
Merchants' Union 1414); Paciflo Mail
122122?& . Western Union . Telegraph
3334; tiew York Central 163163;
Erie-3838Ji; Terre Baate-404l; Wa
WannX V)l3 lnS. nii5rC Uiau aatrtnl
v sj uo . J id VJfA yr 11.70, vu iv inircjooiui
33(S33; atichigan Central 1171I83;'
Mkihigan Southerav S0K91; -lUinoia Cevt
tral 144& Pittsburgh 788 Tolerlo'
i0354(aji04;.T'.itocK , isiantt , V&W&14.Z
North western 82J382?8V
New York Market—Jan. 16.
; COTTON-r-rOpend quiet but firm;
tiull and lower. Sales of 2,500 bales at'
S0K r middling uplands. twik
! Ff.OOR Closed quiet and steady (for
low grades, and dulliud declining lor me
lium ad good-grades; tr rrtlr,ofiSS
. W HE AT DuU arid l(S2c .lower;,",..
RYE-rQuTet at 1 59 -for. Western. ,j .,,
OA'fS DuU and 'heavy at 76o- for'
Western ln; store, and79csflbatvl '-'y"1''
I "CORN Steady at 9395o for b'ew mixed
Western in store, and 91 08 , for old mixed
Western afloat. . -. 9-o
j PORKMore" active ; "sales of750 harrels ,
tness, sailer's, three, months, ivt $29 00v and '
plosing with buyer's at $29 00 cash and fu-i
ture delivery.. ' t ''i-ti.
irtJl? MEATS Moderate request but
tanrhaneed. 5')trj80it5t) fA.
BACON Quiet and uncbangedV -
IMRD Verv firm and rather excited at
18K19c-tor good -to prime steam ; sales t
01 7,000 tierces at 182e. ? ' J - '
jtiUS-7-yuu at aztsaw..,
Cincinnati Market—Jan. 16.
Dull : sales of familv at
i W HE AT Dull and no demahaj prices
nominal. " ..L'. 1
' CORN Good demand at 6Sc, which is
an advance ; shelled sold at 70c.'
Kir) Dirmer.at sr40. . .
OATS Firmer; sates of No; 1 at 62c.
BARLEY Unchanged and Arm.
COTTON-a-Quiet; sales of middling up
lands at.2828o. .
i WHISKi--Opeued dull closed firmer
nd higher sales at 97o.
' EGOS Declined to 2829o. " r
1 PRO.VISIONS-lttU andLprlcesdroop-
Ing. t' - ' . "7" '-, . -
j MESS PORKOffered $28 2529 00 for
City and country packed.
j La RD Dull; country offered at 18
lSc, aud city. 19o. " - ri I
1 BULKi. MEATS Dulfs shoulder 11
ilc, ancraides 13V14o.' . ;
1 7 A fl XT Tll ,41. .1 .
iOatUll fUllB "1 iUIT BIIUUIUCI9 ,
6ai7e for clear ribbed and clear sides ;
sugar cured bams17i18o and the demand
light ; - - -' - ' J-
BU s'l aiKi -nirm at wg-wc. -,CflEESE-1820c.-
i t a ill
LINSEED OlL-$l 25.
PETROLEUM Has further
to 35(487c. ' . ..j.ii
UUOCEitiKS irm and' m good de
mand, r, .. ? . w
Chicago Market—Jan. 16.
FLOUR-Quiet at $5 606 60 for sprlng-
WfHEAT-riActiva, unsettled an Trrecu-i
lar: sales of No 1 at $1 18(3)1 20. and No
2 $1 12l 13, closin? with buyers at SI 12)4
and sellers at $1 VliZi sales, since 'unanite
T COKiir In' fair request;1 ' and -)4Ko
lower; sales ot No 2 kiln-dried at 65c; new
5253c; no grade 4849c, seller, for last ;
nail 01 Apru. JNOioiDg uoidr ta curu
this afternoon.
OATS Moderately active and steady at
47K475e cIosinr steady at 47c ,
KYE Uull. and 10 lowen sales or JNOl
at$l 15;No2 $1 121 14.
BAKLKI More active: saies 01 jno a air
II 63l 67 In regular Houses, aud Si 6S
1 69 in northwestern, closing -at l 63(
6 . regular.
DRESSED HOG3 Active and steady.
closing atSll 6012 00. dividing on' 300;
live dull and wiak; 2530c lower; sales at
$9 3010 40 for lair to choice. ,- ,
N. Y. Dry Goods Market—Jan. 16.
fairly active, and the market is strong at
the ad vance,with a tendency toward higher
rate in .sympathy with, raw material.
Heavv brown sheetings are firm at 17for
best-snakes, and 16)o fbr second ; 17)c for
heavy brown drills, and 9ic for printing
cloth's. ' Seven yards to tbe pound ging-4
bams have advanced le per yard, as also
have the best makes of ticks. New styles
af orinrs command 13!ft, for good brands.,.
like Alleu's, American, ao& Paeiflo Uills;
14c for Cocoeeo and Dunnel's; Uofor
Sprague's ana Aierrimacas, ana 14c lor
Merrimacks, ' and
Amoskeag. -
v I
Buffalo Market—Jan. 16.
FLOUR Unchanged. -
WHEAT Lower; No, 2 spring offered fct
$1 45. ..j--'-"-.r'. 'ii ,11 tt-' ..... "vtw.x. 1 e
vUiviN ijower saies 01 aew 79 i on track
and store. r1 5 .1 rvfliV
oats Dull and nojoliiavr. 1
RYE Dull and nominal i , yj, -ja'T-BARLEY
Dull and nomlnaU o ,'. 1
8EEDClover - at S8 60: timf3thvr at '
:H0GS Dressed firm at $13 CO. . , ..
r-ian 1.. 1-. ' - ' .- - , r L- : t '
Milwaukee Market—Jan. 16.
i FLOUR Quiet and stesdvs city XX SB '
f6 37. - .- "- i' - .
WHEAT Steady; $1 17. or $0 J io
Cleveland Market—Jan. 16.
TLOTTK-i&lfttiv rind nnint 1 "btr. Biarlit
XXX ' I lia U fJ0u 25; XXambp
$9 609 75; XX red winter 9i 258 60;
XX epring 7 75f8 OOt-conntrv mada
XX red and amber $7 608 00 i. XX
spring 7 00(g7 50; XX ' white 9 25
W TO. . .... , . , ,
- WHEAT MofTerate ," milling d9manl
and quiet and easy No. 1 red winter held '
KXi racism xaoa&sj as; n i spring a
CORN Quiet; a shsvte better; sales at 69?
new shellert at close held st7(V. J ' - 1 " "J
OATS-Dull; nomioal; hellt: 63d tot.
:.ljSta,e' ' ' : '' aJJXHj-' --yt. i
iE Q"et and steadv at $1 30lr 3
f 05 for No. 1 Canada; state held at I 5 0
. PETROLEU H-Firm andbueW an
sellers Sparr; held at 3233c-for refined ty
carrots.; Trade lou at SMSM".'"
Toledo Market—Jan. 16.
- VV1JEAT For w-hUa.lllchbjraw,tl! JJ
arther held fl'71d -8MvJrjrytI
at tl 73 buyef'jV artt 73; seller, Fc a
a ry.at$l 73);. ted 9 S5. M t
64rj new reiecjterrsf 60CO3cV .
.TOATS UBChauged: No. 1 a57w dmiw
! BYE Stead ?; Mici lg a it tLk. i
SKED Clover at 8-35-. -w mart vr
QG3rDreel ; at112Jr3ci"-' va
Toledo Market—Jan. 16. St. Louis Market—Jan. 16.
Yrjit and 2025e lower
on low.jeTades. iiTS .. mm, v v-,T we
. WHEAT Very daU; iM.iBrket':la..J
OATS-Utrchangrfl JPt WgeOft. j2
BARLEY Unchanged.! tqeua .rliab rt
' WH ISKy-Mwn md-haltr95-'
LARD-j)fQminaraT313fr;v . ..
-v "
T-L'4- UlViadrli mrw
ST r( JNO-.JLOL ermlt 'tl
ofcr tt-.sf ar r-(
, -ieli v H "naX
f7 .... W"!."1W7lJ, .').-l .3 ,:)
tJL earpenence, an. . entire sneoeee-f Biinpie-"""
uingMem; aannlees as to ie lreirm diu-t J
rit, and ao efficient as to alwr rellabl
hey aavwraisr! the highest commendljofl ro'jr
an, ana wfll always reaaerjaajjafijinn -.Irr-ia
H6. iewl
Cnj Vvttt tL fVmiiH.ttw, .twwwfcTtlift
Mr " Worm, Worm Peor,Vorm CoiteiS--X
" CrytnaColicorTeetaingof InamlasdS Jt
Diawrhaeavof Ctaildrea or Axialta. S rv
" Dysentery, Griping, BlllneUc.Ijr-il
H :hoier-8Iorbuv VoUuna.ji5 ol
" Congha, Coldi BroiiBitis.v(..v.-W
" NenralKla, Vootbaearc?aeeacb7.xSs
t seacneaHiieadaVeni5ne)
" Dyspepsia, Bilroot Stornachc-AwSS!
Sup pros edL e iralcfnt Period. ,.gsw
eav too Drofuw4iaitaela..i.a.a&a4
Creep, Coneh, CMlcalt Breatklni;. JnamA
istBiJbvsiDelaeLKrBDtieMSS ri
IS..,. Hheamatiaaa. RhenmaticpaiB-. .S
The ToUowtno art alto rmt vn i tiaiM atuL
tent at tymmevrtem vim belmiT. -w Va
tlvJS ws7,var.Aeae,aiUUsl4nasSu.iaV
17, - Piles, blind pr bleeding .VT....59
18, Optbalmjr, and sore or weakByesfiO -l.ttwi
fhttaj-rls.ecme er ehroaie,liiflnenzafiO
50, " . lioopln;-;vtl.violeutcooghfiO
51, M Asthma, oppressed Breathisr..... 60
82, Kar DUieRiipaledBearinroS
93, " ScrvflulauenlargedglaadawelllngsfiO
St, u eenermlUcbilify.physlcalweaknessSO
J5, "I' Irpy. ana scanty Secretions, '.i JKVf
Sa, M v Scm-SLcknea.ck.neftB frutn ritCjoirrO I T
J7 '" Kidney-lf isea ae. Gravel . . ...,Ta '
8, NerTon Debility SeInall .T
80, - 'Trlnair Weakness, wetting-Wfi(''
81, ".TPaliifwi Beriola wl tb spaaoav. .f ' ,-v
bs, ,-T. Bsmenaiarsat cuange ot me.. 4..1 mi
8a. .. 1 Epllepsy.Spasma.Bt.yitas'Dancel CO
M. ' Itlnlitiierla- nlcera ted sore throat .af "
en sa to w istrarw viua aivrvcc ..r
. or rosewood case, containing; ' ,
' speetne for every' ordlastry '
-JsUsetwo family Is subject M aU
ox 9 to u iara; viais, siereet vmaail!
atalliBs 1. ,, ,.. ,
fromlw M 1,
with SO t S3 viah).
Is 11
f K1
anedics foe all Private Tri
or Caring and for Jfrevsnttve 1 r -u
.. C!t.vlOHISKIXBAf5r,.. r, 1Q
Care.. Barms, Braises, . Iameaess,
Soreaess,Sore Throat, Sprains. Tootm-'""
ache, KDracke.'NnunixIa' lahoaasaisriat
Sissa, Lambas-o, PUea,. Bonv 6ttav vaf
ara . F.yea., Vie dine of. site. l,n)apa, ,
v STlce, oa- oOta.( Caw4tVa.Ou
Jjuarts, 91,76.. . ,-t ... , ...
' taf These Remedies, except FORD'S tt- T
TRACT, bv the case or single box, are vent to""!
any part of ths-soBairy, ay jsaU ortji pi, fcs
Address Stumnreys !Speclir?f :A
sfHomeopaUiioMediclaetottpanjf "
Office a4 Pepot Ko. jfflBasoAptrea' T 4 j
, -Af. nuaninni lecuuaiubcuTiMijra ara Qua
personally or try 1 tur, utfxicar, all ('ftrm
bu! JCatji OJ uol7I J:1tr!ija;o.j J ai
... . . ( tno.T rj n f-t-n ivi
forSSe b"?P tim hodd
-i-yAsv,! lJ-if.'TS.iBaiI(r"t,."T
sdlSrtiWb T-'UUtJTOviAWJlilJiM
AU Trash and genuine Medicines have on Itoe
bottom of tbe box, or iri the eases, Hninphreys
SpeoifievHorneiiathie Hedtein Companyw- BapS
no ethera. ilhe? are-sot reliable. I .
9dt i-P jLqAarX EjXsi"il .
Ut n(.i5 i m. t .'x t Jtj
ei' .rr a: riWOa
, ,
iPrrAiisata o to va-i-vjM
TkA r rf f.M-!' - - Uti v,s
'nnnriwn ernvv u:: . ;
ood bakin qnallties. beauty of desirn. eoonomy
of fnel, and ohaapnesa. for. sal by toe ainofsaWf
tararat-who hav a 8ns-Jin ot Wood ookln.
-Jtoves and Hollow.war.ftdjBIl.l, 4 REEVfiTTnl,
deo eodlm-r c - BO North flih slT"?
(5d PER' CNT. ffi'tflMi
f wr. liiuhnvf'Wwasiir.Kfrjggr-' P -.
ers. Companies, Lawyers. )m:hitecf. a,
Olenrynen. Ufrrnlars, Prioei (Jonr'ent, ,
Quatations.Caralosaea. Hn'sio, of nv doc, -ui or
drawings may be obtained attbe fullowiDexwaa
dinary cheap prices t lna copies, ise ai rallies, of
any duCnmer or nwinc.'&e.t MOebpien, tS;
1,000 copies. . 190.000 copiei, S4&0, er S-) per
cent, noon the above price mar hesaved by uaiuf
iannoe-s raterrt Antorranhio TTintirf Press, for.
Offices, Publisher. Htationers. jrintars, oohoolsTl
Compaoiea, 4c.i Price 80. A yewng beyeaa-sTihJ
off 100 eopies. letter size, per hoar, of any duos
meet, drawinr, mnsie, with the grealest fa-flity. ,
Maurice's Patent; States RithU&reMleat neoraA
prices. Foblio experimenU each Satarday.
JN. B. All , kinds oi Lithographic work are doa.
with the greatest care at the lowest" rates. Maar--ies's
Patent Aatocrspbie and Lithograph! Prist-.
in. Writing and kngravins; F.stablishment, IS
North William street, fies York. . . .....
decl7-d3tawly-VNT ' "
The folHmbns and flocklngr Val-
lev iiwuva vMUlLiJa
Notice to t ockholdera.
i'il i-virvrf.Oanv,lW,8th, 8
n,?t,,n of tbs-H-ooknoldewtif this (Jomraey
will be held at iU ofBce. irt-the city of Colnmbo
on Tues.laj. Jannary tWtaHSsa. bet wee the hoar
of 10 o'clock A at. and o!eWk,.F,M. l which
.unwvu vnciuiD iwwu xjiMumtij wiu o ieoted.
io Der
bar on which, any Mtaloieot is due and nnpaid.
e",o' and Ireafrt,
WA . mM . .
aecra-aviawta-r. -. -- .- i
It nli-
This DEtinHTrviiaiBLn4iiv
preparation, Intro .need last winter, bavins;
received so many nairenntorfirnTOaattClll front
thps who nsed, jt, induces th propietra4biiB
Uazain before the pnblio, assnriul them -that it
stands anrivaHed-a the best protectoref-th (kin
acaibst tbe , inclemency6T the .winter season. It
not -only its parts to th
Mia a Beltoet -fresbnessT
and seaatv, bat alsoeadaeeo it health. tJeritv-
. A . AT k 1 : . 1 , . . . , -
ped Band. ,, Lip, of Boliites-ot h Wtin,l
'.'.? foU while its' seetbie -aalitie sed
nunun. 1 1 imriRi n a i namisii iisai m.
, tMoJii-1- '(,... h ot
f'" Hi
j ' js
. 1
. ,,ut iiuier -uusiaru mnsantea, a aifi
brfiusht before to maetihg. Stockholder arera-l
minded that the l-v provide that "after the first J
election of DireotnrsL no Demon shall, vnta An ur.

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