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Ohio Legislature.
in cewe yesterday, the aeuion wu
mostly occupied by the readlnj; of bills
and thejrraSHinajWpliTbii anJ memor
ial. Amonxjbe farmer, wer,e three from
bnk44dicyiyi:lingtrgln this city,
tor an Increase In the rate of Inten8t.-:.
In BWfcw, am jHoORg, of Putoam.lofiered
m joli resolptioiitoi the. effect that the
trustees of the Central. Lunatic, Asylum be
authorise,! and, .directed to prepare a loll,
complete and accurate plan and specifica
tions for the. rebuilding of said .Central
Asylum upon its present site, with accu
rate Mils, showing its exact amount of all
th different kinds of material-necessary
to the rebuilding at. the same, together
with the cost of the labor of such rebuild"
10.".,.-,,.,: .,: :.:; o-:
This resolution gave rise to a long and
general discussion and to propositions lot
amendments' and substitutes..: The' whole
subject wasat length postponed till : 1ft1 A.
V. on Wednesday next .'.,
Among the hills Introduced in the Eoust,
was a wnpny pui bvMr. Lkatk, designed
to provide generaVregulations for the con
atructlon of all county buildings, in order to
old. special legislation In regard to sncl
natters - . -. , v.,. . ......
MONDAY, January 18, 1869.
The PRESIDENT pro tern, called the
ocubib w oruer at mree o'clock, pursuant
to adjournment on Fridmr int. .
-P6.1,0? Ker.'Mr. Hayes, of Wooster
The Journal of Friday was read and ap-
.1 VI bUl
JT ".DAITOLER From 25 citizens
,m u'iuuuua, attorney s-at-uw, for a Jaw.
to aucoorra Ue employment' of phono-
. "fwwsra m .lae.uourt or txm
mou Picas and .District Courts ol .Ohio,
Acmrcr u tne juaiclary committee.,. i
S K"'d.'1565; "by . Mr. SCRIBNERr-To
mmeoa biki iDppicment the act for the In-
corporation ana regulation of . Kfe ln?i)r
"? compankay paused April 18. 1867
tMtn u. i,,page J2), was read, the ae.
oua uraa ana referred to the committee
8. B. No. 267, by Mr. GOLDENtb amend
the law regulating descents and distribu
tion bf personal estates, was read the Seo-
ou.ioy. ana referred to .the Judiciary
coomuiee. .i-.."-- -
S. B. No. 263. hw. Vx.. Wfinnwnpim
Supplementary to the act to establish a code
i crvu procedure, passed March IL 1853.
WU read tat'eoonrl;t4m mil ..ru.i
- - 1 i.u iul
the committee on thi Judiciary. '
8. 3 No 266,.by, Mr.-! SCRIBNER
. Amendatory ot and supplementary to the
mt wiriuni insurance companies, pass
ed April 18. 1867. WS.S rpnrl fhn iwnnr) lima
and .eexred: io t,be committee on Finance.
The i PREBipENT ismiof the Senate
Kucnuie, icuowong Joint resolutions, the
aamfl f bavtjig' been already algned by, th
SiealrefUi Rouse: "'
H.J.B.NO, 107ToprorIde for 'printing
aaaitional copies et the report of the Sec-
i? -v Dale'M' report ea statistics.
H.J. R. No. 108 Authorizing the Seere
taxy cf Stale to buy a carpet for bis cfBce,
By Mi". HTJTCHESON From 51 cltirens
ol FranklHk-connty,: for ten per cent; In
terest by cootract., Beferre UK'Uio Ju.
diclary committee. ' , . ,.,
MriflUTCHESOrf also presented two
viuci. nisiw mjm citizens or iTanKUn
county, Jbr tho same object, whlcn had the
B. U. -NO. 231 TO. amend ajuMnn.AR A.
the act rela ting to will?, aud the repeal of
luiunrKHi relating mereto, passed May
3, 1863, having passed the House,1 waa,' with
ne pendlBg ouao amendmeBts,! referred
Tbe following Hfluse bUla were read the
first timei ' ' ' -
the relief ot peter Frisingeri Treasurer of
n ii iiire townsmp, van were county.
H. B. No. 457, by Mr. FJlELDUSO-To
anthorfse the' commissioners ,01 r Shelby
mt mypij ceruin luuusin tne county
treasury to Hie completion l the Inflrma
ry In said county ,. .t;.; lt) ru
On motion of Mr. DANGLER, the Sen
ate adjourned. ' " - i '?s - .
Prayerwb il,f.iKeT Mr.oflarris,f
The Journal was d and approved 3 1
Mr. WALLlNfTbe remonstrance: of
t u. -M..ueyoe ana jb outer citizens of
Pickaway eoaaty reanonstraflng ' against
the repeal of tb ac LDOotporatlag buiid-r
log associations', Referred ,tq, committeo
on Corioratlons other than Municipal.,. .
Mr. iilLL Of DenanCe-, presented the pe
tition of John J;, Shirley and othereitizens
of Antwerp, Paulding .county, for an
amrndineot to the interest law. SA a tVa
legally. eontfMt at tea ptrtsent: per 1 annum.
Brlerred ta Mminittpivii Inianx- .
Mr. HILL stated that he wasAdverse : to
tie pratei 6f the petitipners.
Mr.XAWSONUTbfe petition o?3ohnE.
Bughea. an4 i& other citizens' 6f Gallia
county, that the present Jaw be w a mended
as to change theelection.of towfiBhip tniB
tees from one to three y ears. "
Eigbi 01 were;frearfAesend timet
na rtarrzca to approproprlate commit
tees. (iiuf1jta OH it ik 'i..- '
leayoat ahsesice was 'grahtecfl
w r. AivuuuKiBlapaa account ef slcjt-
-P. " aniil rim nrin n at ?J i-.-
Mr. Gordon obtained-loa of h.nw
nntll to-morrow w ,.,T..n,-4Jr!i.T"'4i
..... ""ir.irJT-.i.nitniiirT
H68bilH21to amend' an act entitled M
an act npt)tementary to tbe act entitled
an act to,-proviae for tbe ,taation ud
regulation of incorporated companies in
I, yroUH;m7x p j.8Z). being thirir
On motferi'bf MJEnrL 'l
the same was iziformallr.Lassed ioctbe
offered tbe following reso
lution, v. bklv was adopted i )t -,ia J 1. .(
Besohta,. That the Sergeant-atnAnna b
directed to place upon tbe desk of each.
memDer 01 me no use a set or the Ohio
Constitution Deoatafc r ,-n, - -.!7 a
Mr. BUOflES. ,of Highland RunniK.
mentary to an act (entitled ,"an act lor the
execution; and supervision of the State
fTlnUng ABO-'Binamg. passed March 24,
860. Require Agricultural Reports to
be printed and .furnished. tbe Secretary Of
State by the 1st of September of each vear.
kuu ujr urui uiavriuuieu wiuiout uciay.
Mr. SCOTT, of Hamilton To amend an
loniuuu "o aok xeguisting me iees-01
witnesses in civil and criminal case&'VS. A
O. pp. 630 and 631 J. f Increases tbe .fees of
witnesses' neiore magistrates to 91 per day,
and before the courts to $1 25 per day, and
Putnam, offered for
adoption, the following joint resolution j ,1
Atsolved by A General Assembly of the
State Ohio, Thar the Trustees of the
Central Ohio Lunstio Asylum are hereby
unthorfzed and directed to prepare,, or
eaose to be prepared by a competent per
son, a lull, complete and accurate plan and
speclflcationa for Xhi rebuilding of s'ald
Central Ohio Lu patio. Asylum upon its
present site, with accurate biJis showing
tbe exact amount Of all tha different n..
t materfaO necessary ' in the rebuilding
thereof, together with tboeost of tbe labor
to rebuild the same glvjDg in detail a full,
accurate and complete .estimate of each
item ot expense and th4 entire aggregate
cost of rebuilding .W Anm. ffh.l
tbe same forwarded to the General As-
Mr. POND tO BOtico of hU intention 1
to discuss said rcaolutioni and under' the
rule It was laid .upon the table.., jni.ii, -,,.1
On motion of Mr . MANN the rule, was
suspended, and tho resol u tiontaken from
tne wdm wr immeuiate coniiaerauoo.
r. SCOTT, of Warren, mored the ref-
.' ice ot the resolution to the commit
t on Benevolent Institutions.
his motion caused a prolonged debate,
w-ioh wafndulireJ-in bjrrMessmrMaijn
a t Bosii ie opposition, and Mr. pcott, ol
V. rren. la the affirmative, k
lending die consideration of the motion,
a motion ol If r. HILL.OI Defiance, tbe
F VIpontbAjeaiaeahWntthogowee. Mtvf
t- J IT, of Warren, with consent 01 we
1 . -we, withdrew his motion to reler H. R.
1 , to the committee on Benevolent Insti-
t ions, and moved to amend saia.resoiu
?tbe insane asylums, in toe state iou
f ure .hereby severally directed to eon-i
. 'r' the propriety nf reconstruetirig the
l ni of the Central Lunatic Asylum on the
' final plan, or removing the site of said!
t . lum to. a farm witnin two miles or this
i ' y, taking under -consUeratlon the ques
i ' ns of economy in maintaining the fustl-
t ton, the comfort and care of the InsaneH
t I report to. this House- at their earliest
c iivenlence.
1 J Resolved, That the- Superintendent-and
T ustees of the Blind Asvlum be Instructed
examine the plan of tbe outer walls of
1 ruins of the Central Lunatic Asylum
., in compare them- with the plan recently
: -.upted -by-them for - tho erection o a
' T :nd Asvlum, and report if the same
1 uld be reconstructed into 'a- suitable and
..." bstantial building for tbe Blind, without
. 8 to the state, and tney are hereby au
. irized to call upon tho architect be-
; i .e named to aid them in said investiga-
: 1 n. - . .. .
. I Mr.POND offered the following as a sub
ituie - lor. the original ' resolution and
"U oendnienti.i: : - . t . -.i
1 Resolved. ,ly the General Assembly of, the
ate of Ohio? That a joint committee, to
. -nsisc ot the committees on Benevolent
1 stitutions of the House and- Senate, is
- rebv appointed for the following pur
se, to wit": To determine whether it is
-pedient to rebuild the Central Ohio Lu-
itic Asylum ; that they have power-to
. 1 nd lor persons snd papers, ana that they
'. port th result ot their 'deliberations to
'' e two Houses of this Legislature on or
r fore tlie 1st day of February next.
. i Tbe debate upon the merits of the
nendment and substitute was engaged in
" v Messrs. Mann, Ross. Baker, Wolf and
dell. ...
1 Upon the question of agreeing to Mr.
, ond's RUDstttute, the same was lost Dv
te of 24 to 49 the yeas and nays being
. ;. imanded.
Mr. WALLING then offered the folio w-
!ig substitute:
Resolved, by the General Assembly of the
'ate or Onto, That the trustees ot the tJen
1 al Ohio Lunatic Asylum be, and they
,1 .-e hereby authorized and directed to pro
'. ed under the laws now in force in re-
u" 4rd to the construction of public build-
1 1 igs. to advertise for proposals, and make
mtracts for .the reconstruction or said
(ylum'on its present site. Each wing,
.1 1 its reconstruction, to be finished eut
"'hie tor . tbe accommodation of patients.
ithout waiting the construction ol other
iirrt-of -the building.
, Mr. . ODELL moved- to 1 postpono the
i'trther -consideration of tbe subject until
' hursday next. . Lost by a vote ot 29 to
"-.7. ' -
The discussion upon the merits of Mr
, Walllng's substitute, was conducted by
lessrs. walling, Ijcete, Neal, Horn and
lill, of Defiance. - -
't' Oa motion of Mr. HILL, of ' Defiance,
further consideration of the subject
, -as postponed until , Wednesday ntxt at
10 o'clock A. M. ;
! ' Mr. SCOTT. H. B 492 Authortzinit
ounty commissioners to purchase land for
,r,iie use or. court nouses, lans, ana county
ufirmarles, and to erect builJings thereon,
,Vnd prescribing their duties in tbe con
truction of, addition to,' or alteration of,
oy court bouse, jaivor county indrmary.
' nd to repeal sections 4 and 5, of the act
, . 'assed March 3d, 1831, entitled an act pro
viding lorine erection 01 pudiic nuuaings
' ' ;This law is designed to generalize and do
1 way with special legislation on the sub-
jets relerrea to. v : v. .- i" -: '-q
., us motion 01 air. ijuiv.kj.1jL!, cne vote
by which. H. B. No. 34. to provide for the
adiustment ana payment of, claims for
:' damages growing cut of the' military ex-'
h edition -or John Morgan through unio,
n IS63, was lost upon Its passage, was re
' on side red and the same referred to tbe
1 ommitteo on Military Affairs.
"HA SKAATSonleavei Introdrieed tbe
fbllowlDg bill, which was read the first and
second time under a. suspension, of- the
H B." 93 ' To delihe and IftniC the powers
of cities of the firet class in tbe leasing or
purchasing of real estate for city purposes.
: On motion, of Mr. SKAATS aid bill
was 'ordered to be engrossed at the Clerk's
desk and put upon its passage:
'"Mr. SKAATS explained that tbe bill was
purely of a local character, applying only
to Chiciqnstt. and stated that t was de
signed to prevent thecawvlnr out of a cer-
Jtain scheme recently .entered, into .by tbe
goancii 01. mat city lor tne renting 01 cer
tain property for city purposesby requir
ing the' sattotibn ot the voters 'Of the city;
Mc CRIST explained, more fully i the
nature ot tne mil anaxne necessity Joe im
mediate legislation, and Intimated that the
.City Council ;Were-ngagfng in the scheme
referred to for their-own -personal aggraii'
llzement. , . ..fc',',.t, t r
The bill was. read the third time . and
passed,' the vote standing1 yeas 69, nay J;
Mr, Do n voted in -the neeatl ve.-- '
Mr4.VULFH.:i.464." To. repeallan4
act ectltleu van act to amend an act reou-
latlng" descents and the distribution of per
sonal estates, and to re-enact section 15 ol
the act passed March 14,1853, was Intro
duced and read the first time.' jV7 ! im .-it
" Mr. SWA1M H..B.495: To authorize
th Commissioners 3 ot--Vinton county trf
levy Atpecmtaxonitno taxabM-property
of said ,jcourtv.. for tha, Duroose'Of reim
bursing the County- Treasurer (of 1866) of
ara counry, on account or money nurgia-
ziousiyiaKen irora inc county sare while
acting as sucn, fireasurer. -,-v n q r
' ' t)n motioit of Mr. WETLAND,, the
iBbuseBdjenirnled.,J' ., ' ' ' ' ,
Boston Wool Market.
From the Advertiser of January 15.
'"'The receipts fgrthe week have been 3.127
V.Im 1,j ."v. nnl... rnw. .v... nn .
ita 760,000 lbs of domestic fleece and pulled,'
and f 43-Dales or. capev mediterranean and
South American, and ' 22,000 lbs Dons koi
and 35 000 lbs Valparaiso. ,, .
lanulacturera have been In t"hn mnript
: i . :
if p coTreiaeranie nnmoers,
, and tbe aggregate, of their.-purcbases shows
an improveu oeroana, out the -sales are Id
.small parcels and there is little disposition
to take round lots. ' With the exception of
choice long-stapled super and light mediu
Aim fleeces,;wbicb aje very firm,tbere ap-
pears to be but Httlecbangein prices,and the
. sales have been made at the rates current
' during the past month.''' The transactions
; are fully, bp to the expectations of dealers,
who were npt anticipating much, activity
nntll the close of the present month, as it
was known that many of the large manu
- factnrers bad sufficient stock to run their
machinery mitil Februarys Th trade is
in, a healthy . condition, .and, there is tbe
strongest confidence that .'prices will be
sustained. Tbe inquiry. 8 will be seen by
: our report of salesy bae been largely for
- super polled, while extras bare been torn-'
parauvely neglected. Combing woolscou
tinue scarce, and an advance could be ea-
Slly realizea on good lots of domestic.
, included in tbe sales of the week are 1
Fi-erCE. OAio and Pennsylvania 15 000
108 ajus. ea.14 1,200 ins sx Ohio 65c:
B 0001bdX '49c; 12,000 lbs XX Ohio 65c:
. 10.000 lbs No. 1 fleece 50c 5,000 lbs do 50c;
. i,UUU IDt UKUIUm VUlUlilC I - J ' ,.
New York Cattle Market—Jan. 18.
1 Receipts of the week: 6,215 beeves, 25,
969 sheep and lambs, and 7,742 hogg. -
Soon attep the report the market tor beef
Cattle became firmer, ana prices advanced
trifle, rangieg from 1,0 to 17c for com
. mon , to -extra steers.' These prices pre
vailed during the latter part of the week,
when there was a fair degree 01 activity;
To-day tbe onerings were large, compris
ing 2,850 head. ' Witb only a moderate de
mand, tbe market was heavy, though
prices generally were: without quotable
change. Common to medium extra 9)7(&
17 60, prime $1616 60, fair to good $15
1 A nrHin.rn StlOlTfiM RA lniln t1All
has undergone no material change. - The
receipts have been only moderate, the de
mand fair, and ' prices ruled quite steady,
particularly for good stock. To-day, how-
I ever.with arrivals of about 4600 bead at 40th
street,and 21 car loads at Cuinmunrpaw and
Hudson City, prices ranged from 59 tn
Siic, while Inferior were quoted at 65Me.
. bVVINE Light Arrivals. The 'inaiket
ruled dolt; tint firm, ana prices advanced
lc to-day. The offerings were about 150
bead at 40th street, which sold at Ui, and
3,481 at Communipaw. aPrices current:
llOllc Dressed hogs declined.' clos.
ina at 12(1330 lor western. -.-' .
FROM URBANA. Death of Hon. Fraucia M. Wright.
[Special to the Ohio Statesman]
URBANA, O., Jan. 18.
while traveling on the Ohio river.
late Auditor of
State, died at bbi residenea- hi this city; at "j
half past five oVlock' thit motning. HI
diseasewas tu?resuUof;, vlolwfr-oldr-i
His sufferlpgs forine.Weei.pa8t have been
most terrible, and were endured with
wonderful fbrtlftndeV' ' "... r : : - . I
Mr. Wright was a public-spirited citizen,, J
ana a man or integrity and Influence. He
leaves a wife and several children.
Mr. Wright was Auditor ot State from
January, 1S59, to I860, arid was 'regarded
as a successor officer.;"' . 1 ? .
Supreme Court Decisions.
The Supreme Court to-day made decis- ,
ions In New York bank cases. .. The opin
ions were read by Chief Justice Chase to
the effect that certificates of indebtedness ',
and United States notes or greenbacks are
exempt from State taxation. - - .
WASHINGTON, January 18.
A memorial was presented praying that
political disability be removed from all
superintendents of . insane institutions at
the South. . Referred.' - v - -'-'
Mr. MORRILL, of Vermont, presented
a petition from merchants ol New York,
Philadelphia, Boston and Chicago, for the '
enactment ol law reading, that hereafter
all purchases or. sales of the loans and
bonds of the United States, on account of
tbe United States, shall " be made . by In-:
viting public competition and thoroughly
advertising for proposals, and all sales of
gold on account of tbe United States shall
be made at public auction,, by an author
ized official ot tbe Treasury Department,
at a time and place duly advertised. Re
ferred to committee on Finance.
Mr. SHERMAN, from the Finance com
mittee, reported the following bill :
Be it enacted, fcc. That any contract
hereafter made, specifically payable in
coin, shall be legal and valid, and may be
enforced according to its terms, anything
in the several acts relating to United States
noteS'to tbe contrary notwithstanding;
provided that this section shall not apply
to contracts tor borrowing ot currency or
to the renewal or extension of an indebt
edness under a contract already entered
into, unless such contract originally re
quired payment in coin.
. Sec. 2. That there is hereby appropriated
out ot duties levied for imported goods,':
the sum of $140,000,000 annually, which
sum, during each 'fiscal year, Shall be ap
plied to the payment of interest and to the
reduction ot tbe principal ot the public'
debt, and such reduction shall be in lieu of
the sinking fund provided by tbe filth sec
tion of an act entitled "an act to authorize
tbe issue of United States notes and for the.
redemption and funding thereof, and for
funding the .floating .debt of the United
States," approved February 25, 1862. . ;,
. Sec. 3. That the holder of anv lawful
money of. tbe United States to the amount
01 nity dollars or anv multlDle of titty
dollars, may convert the same into bonds
tor an equal amount, as herein provided,
under such .regulations and rules as the:
secretary -ot the Treasury mav prescribe.
and that tbe Secretary of, the Treasury is
hereby authorized to issue to such holder
or coupons or registered bonds of tbe Uni
ted States, in such form and of such denomination,-
not less than fifty dollars, as
he may prescribe, redeemable in coin at the
pleasure of tbe United States after ten
years, and payable in coin in lorty years,
and bearing au annual Interest of five per
cent- payable semi-annually In coin, which
said bonds shall be exempt from taxation
in any form by or under State, municipal
or local authority, and the same, and tbe
interest thereon, and the Income therefrom.
shall be exempt from payment of all taxes
or duties to the United States, other than;
such income tax as may be assessed upon
tbe incomes. ' ' .
Sec. 4 That the Secretary of the Tress
ury is nereDy autnorizett ana required to
issue eold notes of the United States, not
bearing, interest, payable to bearer on de
mand, in coln.al the treasury ot the United
States, la such form, and of such denom
ination, not less than ten -dollars, as be
may prescript and such gold notes' shall
be-receivable for all taxes, duties, or debts
payable to the United States, and the Sec
retary of tbe Treasury is also authorized.
at his discretion, to apply an-amount of
such coin notes not exceeding the amount
ol United States notes surrendered for con-'
version into bonds, under tbe preceding'
section .aof-this, act, to the purchase.
Jnr open market, in the city of
New. York, - ot - any.. - - paf t . of the
aecurietiea of tbe Unltt-d State bearing aix
per cent, iutt-rest, and thereupon the Sec
retary of the Tieasury shall cancel an.
amount of TJoitedfatt-e notes equal to the
securities so purchased, and said coin
liabilities of the United States," at the op
tion of the creditors; provided, however,
that the .aggregate of coin notes issued;
under this-act, and the outstanding gold
certificats of deposit, shall not exceed the.
coin biiu ouuion in tne xreasurv or tne
United States, and such coin notes shall be '
pud according to their terms, and may -bei
reissued from time to time .as tbe exigen
cies ot the public service shall require.
,Seo; "oV That any banking association .
now organized, or that mav be hereafter .
organized, ftder the act entitled" "An set
to provide a national currencw secured bv '
a pieuge 01 uniuaiuiie nonas, na.ta.
provide lor tneir circulation: ana the re
demption thereof," approved Jafe 3, 1866, ,
lac hereby authorized, without respect to
the limitation 01 3uu,uuo.uoo or circulating
notes prescribed by the 22J section of said
act, to issue and circulate, in. notes, bearing r
no - incetestr ana . pay aoie . .on ,. -demand,
in; coin, and -such., coin -notes, shall
be obtained by the 'mode provided.. In
said act -as T to - other, circulating! notes,"!
ana snan 4e paiu on uemvnu in coin in
stead Of. United Sttes notes', and' only be"'
cen t, of the bonds of the United States, de-
osited with the Treasurer,' of the United ,
tates .as security lor the redemntinn nf .'
said coin notes.. Ko banks -shall receive
less than $50,000 of such coin -notes, and,
such banks and the said coin notes 6ball be '
subject in. all other respects to tho limita-
tions, restrictions aud provisions of said
act. ' -. '.. - ; '. '---" - -
Mr. WILLIAMS gave notice that h
wished to offer the lollowing amendment, j
to . do printeu wun, tne Dull 'lo amend
section three 'by adding the following
wprds: Prov.ded, That not to" exceed two
milllans in lawful money shall be cnn.
verted: into bonds as herein Drovided. in
any one month. - Strike out bi section four
...be words "at his diacretion,' and In place
thereof the words "and required;" and al
so strike out in the same section the words
exceeding," and insert instead the
words "eaual to." -j 1
The following amendment was proposed;.
Dy ifr.. liAiijiLL: Aaa at; the end. of
section three the following: "Any bolder
of any of the bonds provided for iu this
act may present the same to the Treasurer
of. tbe United States and demand lawful
money , of the United States tor
the' principal and accruing interest there
on, add the Treasury shall Tedeera the same
in lawful money of tbe United States, un
less tbe amount ot the United States notes
then outstanding shall be eq'ial to 350 000,
000, and such bonds shall not be redeem
able atter tbe United States have resumed'
the paymetitot coin for their notes.
The Senate, on motion of Mr. CHAND
LER, took up the bill to regulate theduty
on copper, etc., which was read as reported
from the committee. v --
Adjourned. " ' . . ' .'
Bills were introduced and referred 1 "
By Mr.POLAND Proposing the issue of
coupons or registered bonds to the amount
of one thousand million of . dollars, re
deemable in coin alter thirty or fifty years
resDectivelv, the thirty year bonds to bear
rite rest at4 per cnt. in coin,;and the
fifty year boutia 0 Dear interest at 4 per
cent ; the bonds to be exempt from Nation
al, State and Municipal taxes, except tbe
income tax. and to be exclusively used
in payment of or exchange for outstanding
bonds or notes that have fallen due or
bear Interest at bigber rates. The Sec
retary of the Treasury is to retire -and
cancel all United States notes nowout
standing by their conversion' into such
Donas, circulating notes are tq oe issued
to tbe National Banks as fast as the United
States notes are cancelled. until the amount
of United States notes outstanding eball
. il ; ,i ... :t. i-
be reduced to one hundred million dollars.
The National Banks are hereafter to make
their deposits for the security ot their cir-
culation In tho bonds providedtnvtbe tcterof
Jtsy air. I'ULiAaiJ AllGwitigat-ninaanfa
in criminal cases to testify Referred M
tbe committee on Revision ol LawcJ l
By Mr. BARNES To prevent 'loaning
money on United States legal-tender notes
as collateral security. Referred to the
committee on Banking.
A two To pTOnlbltMnkOTssTie7'Trom
paying interest on deposits, except in some
specified time, not less than nJit days. -Referred
to tbe SMneeommit'tee."-"- '
By Mr. BROOKS To exempt manu(ac
turen of printed 'newspaper from tax the
same as manufacturers ol.pther prints.
Referred to the -committee on- Ways and
Means. .. . - - -
-By Mr. KELLOGG Belativa to the sale
of gold and bonds..- Reierred to the .com
mittee on Banking.
By Mr. BINGHAM To admit the State
of Mississippi to-representation in Con
gress. Referred to comndittee on Recon
struction. It-provides 'for the -admission
of Mississippi whenever its Legislature
shall have ratified the 14th amendment to
the Constitution of the United States, and
declares null and void the disability Im
posed by the third section of article 7 of
the C01 stitution of Mississippi. -
By Mr. ARNELL To provide for the
representation of the District ot Colum
bia in Congress. Referred, to Judiciary
committee. ; ' -: " . f
By Mr. LAWRENCE, of Ohio Provid
ing that alter March 14, 1869, no Senator
or Representative In Congress' shall be en
titled to receive or transmit, by mall any
letter or mail matter free of postage. Re
ferred to the Post Office committee.
Mr. HOLM AN offered the following:'
Resolved, That in the present condlcion
of national finance, no further subsidies
ougbt tobe JrtvenTby Congress either iu
lands or money, to railroads or other cor
porations, or to promote local enterprise,
but the whole' resources of tho .country
ought to be applied to the pressing neces
sities of the public service, in such man
ner as will relieve tbe people from the bur
dens of taxation. ' :.-'i
i Resolved, That the grants of public lands
to : corporations ought - to be discounten
anced, and the whole of such lands ought
to be held as a sacred trust to secure home
steads to actual settlers, aud for no other
purpose whatever. :
He moved the previous -question on the
adoption of the resolution.
The previous question was seconded.'
Mr. WINDOM moved to lay tbe resolu
tion on the table. Negatived. ' ' ''
Mr. SCOFIELD demanded a separate
vote on the resolution. . , -1
The first resolution was adopted 90 to
67. !-. .1 . :': ' ' '. - ,
The question recurred bn tbe second res
olution.' . .. .. !.
Mr. WASHBURNE, of Indiana, moved
to lay the resolution on the table, - because
it would interfere with the soldiers' boun
ty bill. . r .
The resolution was laid oa. the table
yeas liu, nays 64.
gThe amendments reported from . the
committee on Ways and Means to the na
val appropriation bill were agreed to and
tbe bill passed; " - .-.i--.:...-.-.-.
. The House, at 3 o'clock, went into com
mittee of the Whole On the -legislative, ex
ecutive and judicial appropriation bill,
Mr. bebenck In tbe chair, and was address
ed by Mr. Wood as to the powers of Con
gress on the many subjects now being
comprehended within its .legislation. The
committee proceeded, to -consider' the9 bill
by sections, for amendment, and at half
past four tbe committee rose, and t:
The House adjourned. . - ; ;.J;-
Great Excitement at Hayes City,
ST. LOUIS, Jan. 18.
The Leavenworth Conservative of Satur
day bas a dispatch from Hayes City; which
states that on Thursday night Col. .Nelson
at Jfort Hares, sent a guara or soldiers un
der Lieut. Kelly, to Hayes City, to arrest
all persons found up alter nine o'clock.
The guard entered a ball room and arrested
fifty-one persons and kept them in the
guard bouse all night. . The dispatch states
tnat Ll. JNelson threatened to close an the
saloons and tear down the livery stables.
An indignation meeting., was held, on Fri
day, at which Col. Nelson's -arbitrary acts
were denounced, and a petition sept to
their Representatives fo Topeka to. bring
tne matter Detore tne legislature. Ureat
excitement existed,- And trouble was an-:
ticipated. , - t iui 1.' J i
The Maine Senatorial Contest.
AUGUSTA, ME., Jan. 18.
Mr. Morrill publishes a, card to the Leg
islature withdrawing from the Senatorial
eoutest in favor of HannibalJBamlin.
Railroad Appointment.
DETROIT, Jan. 18.
CD. Whitcomb,fofmerly General Ticket
Agent of the iioeton & Worcester railroad,
and recently in tbe same capacity 00. ,Jthe
union facinc, atumana, nas Dee t ap
pointed (general Aeent of tbe -Michigan
central '
ST. LOUIS, Jan. 18.
The coroner reDorts thirtv-twe tnurders
and thirty suicides committed In this city
last year, and nve tteauia .occasioned by
coal oil explosions, 1 - - '! .
Indiana Senatorship.
Thftrfl la nvprv rlAtArmlnpd nnnnsitlnn tA
tne elevation 01 jjieui. uovernorcumoacK,
nominee of the Republican, caucus for U.
S.-Senator, by a part of the Republican
members of the Legislature. The Senate
to-day passed resolutions censurine Cum-
DacK ior tne umoacK-uaKer correaponu-
ence previous to. the nooiinatiqo for State
ticket last year, eleven1 Kepubltcacs voting
in the affirmative. Ouly a part, of these,
rnivftVAF will rw,ir. rho nnra At nn in o
tion to-morrow. Tbe Democrats to-night
in caucus voted to give Senator Hendricks
thecomplimentary vofe;.,.J)iy(,jj mt- -;t
Memphis Items.
MEMPHIS, Jan. 18.
Tbe body of Washington Hendley. who
eloned with SnRftn .Trmea. lfltelv. nu innnil
near uaruexes station to-qay, perforated
with pistol oalla."'; "'.- ' ' ' ,.'
A uuizen from French Bryou, Arkansis.
som.e ten miles above Marion, reports that
a Dody or mounted miutlatf hot three men.
near nig noma .yesterday' morainr. lhe-
otneers in command told him. they, had
been tried bycout C'martial, .'on chaTge of
being Ku' Kiut and ordered to be shot to
death with musketry. -
Capital Punishment in New Jersey.
NEW YORK, Jan. 18.
Tbe New.JerseyXejrislatufA will proba
bly pass -a hUi abolisning Capital. puuUtu-
ment. , Senator Howe, of Wisconsin, is ex
pected daily toa.ddresstD.eLegiiilatUEa in
CHICAGO, Jan. 18.
snot ntmseir tnrougn tue neaa this even
ing, in Alton, Illinois. -Ha -was .twontt
years old. The cause-of the fatal act was
disappointment in love. ',
Senatorial Nomination.
ALBANY, Jan. 18.
. . . . .
The Democratic legislative cauens has
nominated H6nry C: Mu'rphy for. United
states senator irotn. jtew.i ork, , : n
Advices from Nenvitas.
NEW YORK, January 18.
Telpcrranhio advices from Neu vitas state
that the insurgents were concentrating a
force of 10,000 tor an assault on Puerto Prin
cipe. The Spanish force inside numbers
about 30UU, ana is actively engaged in 10 r
tifving. 1 The Peace Commission bad
arrived at Neuvitas and) had sent out a
messenger to the insurgents to propose a
The Articles of Treaty on the Alabama
The Tribune says the articles of treaty
the Alabama claims, eight in number.
are substantially as fbIkws'-i- 1 ' -"
Article 1. The two governments agree
to tbe settlement of all claims .and differ
ences which have arioin since the Conven
tion of 1653. . ..- '
Arr. 2. Provides for a commission of
four persons, each Government being en
titled to two representatives; this com
mission to agree upon plan ot settlement.
Art.' 3. Toyiaes tnat a maionty 01 the
commission shall decide the questions In
volved. . . .
Art. 4. .Provides ior cases 01 aisagree-
ment on the commission. In such an event
the two Governments shall choose an urn
nir. Th President of the United States
shall act for the United States, but tha um
pire selected Shan not ue quannea nniess
. . . . .. . .. . ... . .
L T u.. .1,,., i ,1.,, , .... .1 11,.
t. 6. irroviueo iu. ...... Ltti .uw
UOI lUB uiiipucwuvviun tuu 4ure-
9 1
lvip'iUfl . (v .'At.'.
TtiwConTBSTssiqh, fall cases arising from
tion shall be settled b
the commission.
u 111 iiicKuui ui
Art. 6. Exclude! from
vuuimJiooiyii can vaov. 0 Atasiujs, iiviu
tns which hnvje been adiudicated by
rt ofladmirality. ! 2
Art 7. Provides that claimants should
have; first proved that thevare British sub
ject that they preserved strict neutrality
uuring me war, and did not aid tne south.
Art. 8. The sessions of.
la bebWln' Washington.'
Tt)U -
ter, it was rumored yesterday, has written
ki, 11, was ruuiureu vrBKraKV, DBS wniueu
himself, provided they would guarantee
nun hiiaiusi goinz obck k Lfieistal" prison
to serve out the remaining two months Of
Pocket Picked.
A Dr. Howard, ol West Fnrley, had his
pocket picked of $500. at New Haven, on
Friday evening-. rTnetbievere8capd:
Pocket Picked. Dr. Mudd.
A Washington special savs tbe Presi
dent will soon grant ajardon to Dr. Mudd.
The 'Tribune-says the Sing Sinstftcaped
convict foT whom .the polioe have been!
seeking nr. the probable Twelfth street
assassin, bas cast fresh confusion upon the
mystery by giving- himself ipv professing
his ability tol prove an artfci saying he
has only failed to give himself up sooner
because he feared he would be sent back
to Siug Sing for -the rest of bis term.
Death of an Actor.
Humphrey Bland, the' actor, "died Sun
Schenck'8 saw factory. In Poughkeesfe,
was burned Saturday uight. Loss 910,000;
insured. ; . -.-
Locked Out.
By order, of, Fisk -.the large.-Sabbath
school which has met for a long time at
Pike's Opera House was locked out yester
day. Condemnatory resolutions were
passed by the school while assembled on
the sidewalk.
Locked Out. Arrived.
The steamship New York, from Bremen
has arrived.
Speech of Emperor Napolean.
PARIS, Jan. 18.
The Senate and Corps Legislatif assem
bled to-day. The session was opened by the
Emperor in person, with a speech from the
throne. He said the task before them was
a serious one, viz: to conduct a Govern
ment strong enough to repress the ex
cises while accepting all, the benefits of
liberty." The laws making concessions to
the press, and granting the right of publio
meetings, bad bad the effect of producing
public order, and tbe fact that the recent
elections resulted in favor of the. Govern
ment, confirmed the justice and wisdom of
tn-se concessions.
. .The laws providing for military reor
ganization had givan strength and confi
dence to the nation, which was now ready
to. meet all events of the future.
: The armament of the forces was perfect.
The arsenals were filled with supplies, the
reserves well. .-drilled, end'the reorganisa
tion of the! National Guard approaching
completion..? , s .- ? ? y c i .
The JSeet had' been' recreated; aud fort!
ficatibns at all important points were in
good condition. The Imperial wish was
France was so placed as to vindicate ber
status in. the deatinles-of the-world-.-Peaee
bad been heretofore sought, not because of
weakness, out to sustain the honor of tbe
State. The revolution in Spain had not
altered the good relations of France witb
tbat country. .i
The Conference, which bad just termi
nated its sessions,, and .which, would ex-J
tinguisn aconnica which naa,.Decome-.un
minent, was the last grand act, the impor
tance ot which all should appreciate.
The members of. tbat body bad all agreed
on a principle calculated torestore4rien(f-
shiR between the Turks and Greeks. If
tbe firm hopes of successwhich they en
tertained should De realized, nothing
would be left to trouble the
general' harmony of the ftatlortsii '.' f l ii
The Chambers would attend to tne In
ternal development of tbe country, mainly
through its 'grtculturallrttereSt, ttht might
passibly seek to bring about a reduction
tn tne puonc cnanges. ,
T'he' Einperok referred toEtherabntoach
Jug rt-election "of "the. Corp's Legislatif,
congratulated the members on the harmo
ny which existed betweentbe throne, the
Legislature and tbe people, and declared
that he . favored free and full, discussion
when it 'did not touch the-Constitution.
That instrument was above all debate, and
he exalted the. bejietitA-which it bedeon-4
rarreiujniu bus cwjutcp. - - -
The Emperoror concluded as follows
No Governments are liable to error,
Fortune declines to smile on all enterprise.
but the oountry knows., no. thought; Ad act
of mine, which bas not been given to 'the
glory of France. It knowa . that . I .'.first
sought to create a vigorous control of tbe
admlnlstratioo,, and... then .to ealoctet
the' (powers
of deliDeratlve assemones
to prove that the true support of the Gov
ernment is in the independence and pat
riotism ot the Kreat bodies of the State.
Soon tUa otioD4n.ctir eiucMofig, will matin
the pathwhicb-aU-niustrollovv', and will
repeat Its rejection ot revolution anq us
desire to fouXitrthe destinies of France Oh
the intimate union, ot power and liberty..
The Ship Southern Empire.
LONDON, Jan. 18.
The oantain and crew of the ship South
ern Empire, which foundered at seA on the
voyage from New Orleans to Liverpool,
about the i?t Inst 4 were saved and have
been landed in .safety. ,r i-'
The Italian Succession.
FLORENCE, Jan. 18.
It IS reDWted that Prince Awaden, Duke
of Aosta, baa renounceu in itaiiaa- sue-.
iwulnn la hymnf PrlnnedS Iotildas- '
The steamfihlDS Siberia and Minnesota,
from New York, nave arriveo. -
American Consul Beaten.
The Herald's Port au Prince letter of the
23th states that the American Consul at Aux
Caves had- been- severely beaten, by the-lo-f-
cal 'authorities, and Minister Hollister, at
Port au Prince, was about Investigating. tne
matter. s- " - "- -
Thepicauets were threatening Jackmel
onH Aht llrnPS.'
-The reuolutlonlsts under" NissageSaget
were ajfain inveftinjr Port au Prince.
Ad vtetSJXam JACAmei state tnat v a par
ty given to some Cubans recently tne
American Consul made a soeech Strongly
favoring the annexation' of Cuba to" the
United States, a proposition -which--was
loudly applauded. It happened that there
were three Spanish spies present. , ,
COLUMBUS, January 18, 1869.
pjit,. ! t Lu'vUVniir nh'l u.r 3
Editors Ohio Statesman:$eeRX thetrnie
of our next, mayoralty eleetipn fast ap-
DroacbinEr' and hearing tbe names of s inie
few candiJates.mootea, 1 take tne unerty
throuirh tbe means or your widely circu
lated and useful paper to call the attention
of my fellow citizens to the importance
their choice has on this oomiou (as also
that of all others-- of a similar nature) on
the trrowth and importance 01-this city.
The selection of chief magistrate cf any
city Is one into which party or politics
should never be allowed to enter, as his
dutv should be to advance the common in
terest ot all. - The test point should be ills
suitibilitv. .. I have tried him on the scale
of life I have scrutinized bis actions and
found him not deticienf: this is tbeaueatlon
every voier snouiu ssk nimseii at tue com
ing election; And vote accordingly.' '. .-.
There is'ohe gentleman. Mr.-Naghten,
President of our board, of Council,
whose name I liavet-noc vet beard as
being a candidate for this important office.
If Mr. Nauhten, from delicacy of manntr
or other causes should be reluctant in com
ing lorWartf."wtv'not we.' the voters, call
On bim to do so j, He has. .proved tiimself
to us ppssngsed of varied and exatceu tal
ents, a miod-quick of perception,' kind,
and cultivated; calm in bis deliberations a
most necessary quality.'! vre nave long ex
perience of his worth, and 'found bim not
deficient. J. " ' ; ''-'
f would theretore cordially, suggest to
my fellow-citizens, as -it is ia our bands
the selection rests, thnt we call on Mr,
Naghten to come forward to' .HU this im
nortant office, pledging bim tvery assist
ance in our power necessary to secure bis
return, and that on tnls occasion : voters
111 observe the purity of the bailor: bv
which means we shall select the right man
tnrrne ' Mirnt. -Liiaceu :i remain. ntar ate 1
New York Dry Goods Market—Dec. 18
Dry goods are less active but, neverthe
less, qiiite flruop-iocon fsbvim.- Tbe-I
JNew lork milV Muslins are firmer aud
now Job at 27K28c; the Wamsuita bring
2o?. The WaauliiKton cambrics are up to
iiu, anu nign colors crhlgher4 Heavy
Drown blieetinga-ifirm aft47c-for best
manes, and tine Sheetings at 14c. Prints
stead v at 1.1 for a mnclroait T m at anil
xiiciiujuiiu; ic ior uocheco: 14o tor
Merrimack D and Spragues. Light styles
iic Minnies nnve Deen put upon the
. ' , ' - - .v.. wnii,
iiiMKi wuy at zuc, out lighter work will
Woolen goods the tradeji still iaaciUre..
Milwaukee Market—Jan. 18.
r U) ULK JJD U: prices ttnehaneed.- -1
i WUEAT-.Firmr at f 1 17.' fit No 1 In
tore. .'i.
"I'wi'l hereafter always And a aeoit t-la!
beer.A,iAe,,A. ,. ,. ,. JOiDi
I jsuis-uliswjui ,
i v.li
; ahaimar. on iroit street, where mr o d
. ,'i i.ii
Jewelrx made and renal red hv TL TP
Smith, 27 S. High streetj-oyerBs.laVfttQie
Wfy8.lif your husbands are given to
drink, matrimonial harmony' is dftfbrbtd,
, Peace and tdncord are swept from the
threshold of home. Conjugal felicity is
annibUatedr wvti boly- power-Is- lost;' eg.
teem is trampled UAdor foot, arid tbe abode
of a once happy and prosperous household
becomes tbe poverty strict en' den of pro
Jane, discordant and despairing wretched
ness.,.' All ihe8a. horror, you., will-never
have to experience if yon cure your hus
band of that ruinous disease, Druoken-
.ness, with the famous. ."Drt, Johnstoh's
Specific." You can buy it in any first
class Drug store. v - ' ' '
I sep22 dtfcsfcwly-cw ! ".' " -
1-. y
Mew Advertisemetits
E.The Ohio. Statesman.. Jaaa
Ijareer Circalation than any pa
per published fa this City or Cen
tral. Ohio. Advertisers "vrlH bear
this in mind. .
LO r'GE No. 30. F. and A. M.,
7VTHl(TaMda7)VEMNU.JaiiuarT 19th,
JnlS-dlt - - becreurT
T Wm. Norton's Estate.
underxiKned bava been duly appointed sod
qualified u adminisLntors of the ent e of Wm.
norton. deceased, late oi Dranklin coont.v. Ohio.
far. 18, 1869. " 7' " W. H. I0HOL8,
JanW-wtir... , :) . ,. : :.. .-,ir-.-l
Air the-. " S
'. i ..
9 JL .
-i ... .. ,. ........
To Not. 64 Sc. 6S north Hlg-b Street,
i i t" ' i ." . I!
i .-.( ,COt,JIBBC8t OHIOi
Andrews, - Perry - & ,;Oa,
.X. ' vivrrrifmntRRn inn tkit.iab tir ' ' '
Also, ererr artiole connected, with the , Paper
btuineu, inelndinc VTritintf,- Printinj and. Wrap
ping Fapen, Envelopea, Printer' Cardt. Book,
News, Colored Inks, Ae; ' janl9-d3i
Administratrix's ; Sale"
Real Estat e. L 'L
I !,'! A I I'll
X ! l'robte tiourt of Krmnklin eennty, Ohio.Xwill
oner ior saie, aipuouo aouon,on. VT , ,
' Ai D'.
at 10 o'o1ock,forenbon. npoa the premiaes.
lowindeseribed real estate, sitnete in the ei'y
lowinff-deserioed real estate, sitnate in the ei7 of
Colum bu,untjrt( riikUnna State of JWu'Oi,
Beinsrtbe north half fN.TO of frsotion No. a nd
riot Mo. 4, commeneinfSlX fiet from Hire southwest
. corner ot Irsotloa somber three ana lot Ho. 4 in
fetaath ColnmhoeAnd f rom ibeeee Borth ?a dearM.'
east 1BTK feetto an alley; thenee, with the Jweat
line oi.wu iieji urm m.9skbbb, wesi 'm- xees
thence, westerly direotioa and parallei wuhche
- nrss line it? ieet to.toe east iuoe ol it taut slren
-there" a southerly direction and with the east line
'of front street SIM feet jte the .slue
DC tbe north hsJfof said lot Ifo. ( insaodftuv.
tioafto.s. .imkiiiuj
Appraised at $100, y , .K-rii
Terms of Sale tins-half MSB in hand, and the
oiner onernau in one yt iroanne nay or -sate;
with interest, the deferred psTmacate tul seeured
9j oooiMO npvn ids promises oiv. ' - "J i
1 ' tATUAKlAei
Adminintratri'x of Adam tiiibernagle. dec d.
.Wm. L. Hstu her Att'y,
, ily-wtdl
i : .. . ' " il
Geo. Davidson, by his Qnardianj . ,In.prtitIon
. ..vs. .uUirCoaiileasCourt
, tianey Martin et al. 1 JraukUai;e..-0,
A in the above stated ease from. jid eeurt to me
-' dineted. I will offer for gsie, at public a no tion, at
. f mo uoor ox tne vourt xiuueo, in toe city 01 ueium
i SRr'Ilrda anth "daw. f TVhrtsarw. a . n
. bus, on.
T ;:,tici:ix-"
oloek P. M the following Aeserlbeit eeaTAi
sienateio the eostnty of txesklin and State
of Obi
io, to-wjt:
A. to lot number fiftrBTe(K ia the town of frank-4
-nmoo. Known and aesigaaua u such in the re-
oorded ptat ei said town. - -
Anoraised at SS00. .-.4 ' .
Terms of Sale Oo.thitd Of the pursbdse money-
- siu vu wo w Baiv. euv-.Huu in n jeer eon
the residue u:twft years. with, interest fromdsyof
sate, aeiAtfeai
luseej by meirtisan ou the
p. nivEH
Qbjnr,oUnir as Bbtriff.
-rl ter's fees 111 W
Master 'fommfssioner's Sale.
Augustus G. 8teTensorn ' Jourt of Coxmoa
- "vs " Pleas.
I'avid Tanloon eisl. ), . .Franklin county. 1 p
n Jl iU tlie abore stated cue from said court to iue
. aircoica, X will euar lur esiv s. Lug ,uuvr UJL lua
court nea.se. in tne city 01 commons, oa
raturdajk the 20lh dajr ot February, ABU
at S o'clock P ' M,l the 'follow! described-real es1-
tete, situate in the oounty of Franklin and fctete
. ot unio. to-wit: - - -- "
The nosth -taeJf. of lot No. in range 18, township
S, quarter tovotbip one ClY. United States military
lands. oonUinioK ninety-three acres and forty
foies. . . -.
Appraised t S48 per acre. " "
Coroner, mtHing m tSfaerilfaad Muter Commiuhrt.
OR. Ai B. WILLIAMH . West Broadway, net!
Bwh street, Columbus, Ohio, bu devoted himstl
ar a fieri eeof rears to the treatment of oertain ori
rate diseases. He may bvoensulted at feia elee-
Uri. nrl,.lL,.1i.ii,.H..i 1.' "
maySI-tf ;- .
James Cullen's Estate. ,
the undersianed is the duly appointed and
quahhed tdmuususK,t James- tutiea, late t
Columbus. Ohio, droeased. All persons knowinc
L4bemeelTes to be indebted to said estate are re-
aueated to make immediate payment,
sons baTins; claims again t said estate will present
them le the unuersieued immediately for allowance,
1 Administrator,
i JaJuary-W, 1S9. M- 'fi-.. Ianl8-wSw
Atlantic &, Great Western Hallway
Company. : , .
Hi :
'..', . -,.,-U-! - ' W.S.l.i M. . .
" . . SZCEKTIBT'S OfWCK. Ko. 0 Bb01IWAT.(
ill, flaw YOBK. Both bee., 1868. )
iN a Bpeoial Meetins of tbe Ht-ofcbolderi of the
Atlantie and Great Western- Kail way Company,
will be held- at the General Offioee of tbe Company,
Ko. 40 Broadway, in the City aoi State of New
- York.at Ho'olook, noon, on faturday, the 3th da
of January next, toeonsideran I upproye of, or re
jeot. certain contracts entered into with the Erie
-c.;i. nnmnm. and- tbe Columbus. Cbicaro
'- and: Indiana Central Railway Company, and tor
other purposes. The transfer books will remain
closed until after the meetinc -
janll-dltawtQjanSO-juiz beoretarr.
Vi 0
prepaiatioav introduced lut winter, haying
received so many fiaiterins; commendstioni from
those who ased it, induces the proprietors to brine
it Main oerotwioe' onnne. unnnr thm th&t it
( stands unriwalled as the best protector of the skin
Dot only imparts to tha akin a delioate freshness
and beauty, 4etlse conduces to ts health, purity,;
oa presertion ror Deaunc aoTasioiu. voap
ed Hands, Face, Lips, or Knoehnesa of the Pkio.
It bu no eaual, while its sootbina qualities and.
delightfal frMTaneerenderita aecessary append
aso to the toilet, Prepared only by MAKPLE A
klTBO.N, Dispeasiits; Chemisu. 100 South High
street, Columbus, Ohio. nove-deodAwem '
" . . . . , . - . ..ui ,
. .acaasintances that I nave left the Saloon of
Mr. Ueorse i-bmidt on Houth High street, and
bare rented tfee Saloon of Mr. Valentine Hetti-
m -of laser
; : AMusESiErtfs.. v
- n- u
ETUkN ofxhe favorites.
N E W C 0 M B& ,Jfl I t RJ5 1 .
Witb an EnUre tAan ni 'J"V?JL
.. . f , t - - - - -ur u.i.
,.;iumi neir and a, .;..
Doora open at T.' Cbibaiencib ait o'clock
. r t( .
- Aamission.asano w : neserrei neetsTSe. -
r.. "nm-tbvsMVBm
U 1 s'u
M l i tt
i ; Fdi restorinrf; Ctf Hair' to '
its natural Vitality and Color. 7
2 A dressing whic&:
is. at once agreeable
healthy, and effectual;
for r preserving lha.'
hair. Faded or gray'
hair is soon restored ,
to its original color '
with ' the glos ; and '
freshness of youth. -Thin:
hair is thick- -,
cned, falling hair checked, and bald--ness
often, though - not always, cured
bv its use.. No thin 2 can restore the Z-
.Thair where the follicles are destroyed,
or the glands atrophied and decayed.
But such as-remain ..can be saved for r
usefulness by this application. Instead ,
of fouling the hajr with a pasty sedi
ment, it will keep it clean and vigorous. s
Itsjoccasional use ,wJHL prevent the hairs,
from turning gray or falling off, and
consequently prevent baldness. Free
from those deleterious'substances which .- -make
some preparations dangerous and
injurious to the hair, the Vigor can
only benefit but not harm it. If wanted VS
merely for a . . . ;
nothing else can be found so desirableTT
IQontaining neither oil ior ' dye, it does tx
not soil 'white cambric, 'and yet lasts'.,
long on the hair, giving- it a rich glossy -lustre
and a grateful perfume ( A' ,
Prepared by DrrJ, C. Ayer &.a.jT
SiACncAi jckd Ahaxtocai.1 Chzxists,
- J--olAr BhAUW. aBWK-A-CeyffWtir'
nle end Retail Ue&lert. CoLumbus. Ohio, and i i
DnKijterT8rjhrei- U J jncSleodAireowl'O' J A
To Owners oBorscs. and Caftlcf. I,
J'obies' Derby Cenditkia Powders are wamnted
upenortoxnTotners. or no pxr lor Uie eare of -
0isien;per, Worausi JBpt.;()ah Hide-bonnd. .
Coiii, Ao in Horsed and Colds, Coughs. Loss-of
Milk. Blaok Tone ae, Horse CisUsopecAaU C'aW r
TkeT are rerfeeHr safe'and tnnocent:'nd"need bfl'
fstopplntlno working of your nl - : r hejr la-
oreMe the appe(telslBMea4.eIeaM the
ItoctMh end arinafy ortosr-lo fawreese-the
milk of eows. Trj,then; nj "jpa wHLteTtt be
. o'-PWlifr PrBashiftbe 7erome,Bae Coarte. ,
t "l "tVZ sfJlT Z Z
ofP3 of wllt therarebiipie naee- wih he 1
ronDam,B. r ., woujg not .oae ueo aotu.ne wu .
aerer -without -them. Be has ,oyer,r,rahning , , .
nurses in nip .cnsrae. ana ioz tne tut uueej ear f
has hojjtef BadioineforJim H ha kinoWsei
I "permitted me to refer any one to bitn. '0et'M!
4300 other references eta be ejeepat Ada sWciv I
$61d k IrUAist aoB 84flersv Prlew tPoentf vi
perbox. UepotiieParKflaeellewTork.'-""
i il tXCOCK'SPORQlJB r.osMuw.I
rntuintart tBjy i'sV Use a. ehsimj'-Ijife-
hyl a sehret-Kiegk tsrelfe-Sedr a Plaster ao - -pljeiiMTBS
ebeet. Many persons believe s, eold -(
eannet betjike nHAj siBlastir iweWlaeisiihisUvJ
Uteete knnwtk.v 11 . uiiat In hm nun lit m "
"nefleeted.cold. sopjfteD theintih'certf CoiVni- .J.
Care of ot the I.I
A seirthtonaffeT aTUVetetffiSi?oesloa ?
offhelirer. Erery qoiok'taofenjeUtsOr sudden jar
tare bim severe psin-olten layina hinvap toeamyeg 1
Heuoe he wu unable n foliom sm SBespsJiearwetk I
rfw-i4 O! 3U o rwu;.s,'...
In this eottdltiow hmoliedT tho'bi1t",affeot-4"'
1 art JIL1PPC&.'S. fcfl&QCS. PI I WTFB 1 At 1
Jfira il seemedto irritate, so, i.wu takeq 08. Bat
meunarKea improvement oe eupeneuieu arterwara
faref him courage to try again, and hetheceor api ,
plied another plutet,Jn! few days eomething
gavs way-r-Tslipped.'!' to-ase-the geaUe-enbwn
nuim. 1 oere wee some soreness ior m lew uaya ai.
ter. then hish alth was perfectly reatared. Dpasl
being sowaded iby his physiciaa the axihestoii or
TeSluli was f0U.tf to be sme;
J .A Jl. J
Principal . Agency , , Ba ahbasth Bouss.
York. Boldiy all-druKgists.
,-junelS-dAwlycm-reMT ; j' - j ' " j J
ADIES, over gray hCr7hy , ,t
81 onld there be a HUEudCRY l:.ae'l 10
CUISTAllORO'S DTK.im k.n," ' -
WliHt 3LAOKr BRO.WTHiestow. "
Use, then, this uneealled Dye. it
HavetheHUEirithoutths CitY-
Cristadora's Hair, Prt servative.':
Ijristadpro guarantees that his Hair Preeervativa -
shall aueoeed where every other"ptrpralioa has
tied in keeping olean the hir. ttuokeniot itM
loosing, preserving . its eolov i-elinicg it to curl,
and restoriag it to that health and Vigor which are
the elements o.jts. beauty
Sold by Druggists, and applied by all Hair Dress 1 i
era. Alanufhetory Hor. SB Maiden Lane." Priaeipal
Depot-No. S Astor Housed, .-..!,
ianelS-dAwlyem-reHT , .
. .'-v '- - V v A
A"D ' - - -'
PRUT NCK. B." I h wing the largest manu- ".,..i's
factory , Bo 3 - ex- in the world,-with
the most m proved mach y, knd employing 'the . i " j
most skillel labor, are enabled to oiler, an ui 'r a.J
equalled variety of ne eod beautiful designs la
Dinner Services, Tea 'i Vicea.'snd every artieleL, f J
specially adapted for j 'uJiday and bridal Gifts.
They oner also their well-known-and unri railed .
Nickel Silver Eleotro-Platkd Ware, In which the .',
have introduced new patterns of rare elegance. 'w-- "
the Solid 8iies.4 guaranteed--to bernf eTeSllA- '
pUrityby U.S. Hint assay f3e Electro-Plate i
giuuaateed to be superior to the finest Stsffiet
ware: Orders received from the Trade Daly, bti I .
these, goods may be obtained from responsihl iui.o v
dealers every here. . ! . r
Trad. Mar rrt . c 1J ? . , ,. -,
't 8Jwom Mo, 9 MairiaaLaae .A T u
hovS-dJtwtjam-re yv ; -
I H tva heard it highly extolled anihave
wonderful effects, .writef Martha K
Derby, Ct.. about Palmer's lotion." '
scpSl-aAwly-cm-r .. ... ...
. 41 1 I' as nutiiTMl -fa fnilr weeks. Knoeeaa
guaranteed. DR. RICORD'SESSEN.Cfi 0? LIFX .t t,
restoiee mahly powers, from whaurer cause ari- 4x
sing; tbe effects of eari pernicious habiia,'salf- ,
abuse, impotency and climate, give away at onee to
this wooderfnl medioine, if taken regularly aoootaaaeasaseaaess
ins to the directions (which ere very simple and re--
quire no restraint from busioee or pleasure. 1 Fall- -ure
is impossible. Seid- in rbettlee at as,- oV four
aoantitle in one fors.-To be had only of the sola
appointed agent in America. H Gabituh,- '
intra Ave.,eoraerwa otwxiew aosiw-e .iiaJoiiiiifie
VWT-jyxi-aiyr .....n-.s!.., . 1 .enaiiats x ai
A A AN HOOD." Aotr" Un.
iVl PamoMst Tom tkt sesi . .list. r., . . ..
The-Medicaf Times" says of tbuT worf ir?rTai . "()
Valuable treatise on the cause and cure of prema-
rure decline, shows how health is impaired turonsh
secret a buses of . yoo,thad maahooA, aaj anw"
euily regained. -It met s clear synrpsis of the ...
iToedimeota to maTrtave. theeaete. aadi effeet ot III
nervous debilitr, and tosf remedies therefor." A"
pueket edition of tha above will be forwarded es
receipt of 35 cents, by addressing Doctor Cuavia . 1
hi. SB North Pharles street, Baltimore. JBdj .o la,
CM- BITW-Oly-T - 1L'1- 7
a . . a, a . . u .m u n & en.? -
r.;. n.. 1. .k. ki.Mli.lii.ij .ef.A At
the only trneui periect D;et barmwse, reiiable';3'1
ineteaeeneous.; ne dieappointmeat'S o-ridiouleug
tinter-remediejs,the ill eoecu f bad dyes; invig
orates and leaves the Hair sou aaa tstsmnt, etaes -or
brovm. 1 Sold by all DragrisU and Perfemere '
and prrjbsilT applied at wswhelor'a Wist Kaelory 1
n e. w itena tire si, a. a
IMT aosaa dAwlv. ij- -
' .:,TMi.mii
o A

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