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LOCAL NEWS. MONDAY. Jan. 18, 1869.
IS It W W.
8m Rises
7 to I Sea Bets
For pcoot:m4wi'wi''aj
tO-dy t fHAw.'r .
v iv. AWnaMrt "tfuatoei. TCtternay
rpesesv' . , j - ; '; .....i-iai 1
- A right s,mart eprWKie l"a
.k. .linnttr alctewalks would be; a benefit
Jttat no w.
13. Yesterday was dull and heavy day.
Tbe clerk of the weather seemed in doubt
at to whether snow or rain
salted to our condition. .( .. t ?
- A Good PKWunM. The Franklin Butfdo
Jnt: and Loan Association i sold- a loan of
$900 on Saturday, at a. premium of from
fire to nine per cent. The bidding was
Tery aplrited and tlie competition JWely. '
I - : ' ' ' -i'i!T' -
CiB!KROD8.-r-M.i88 Clara- Louise Kellopg,
a Stai day,', made each one: of the em
ployees at - the Nell ;'! House . a present
of s tfcitet to her concert on Saturday
niitht; A most jrracetul and ladyMke ac-
tlon. ' .': .' k'r-' '
'' Poucb Coobt. The only galoot case be;
lore the Mayor yesterday" ww that of Cas
par Herts, charged with belnjr.drnnk and
disorderly.' It hurts us to say -that uertz,
failing to pay $5 and costs, was xeo.uested
to walk ver to the stone pU.- -
" Hi bth iKB HoMK. Andrews & Hull
nave our thanks for a copy T)f No.- of this
moat , txcellent :paper j The Hlostratlon,
Off the Jersey Shore," is one of the best
we have ever seen In "newspaper. ' It is a
capital newspaper- and does xio contain a
line without a thou ah l'. Buy and read it
' Drxo of hi Ijjcnii'-s)--Jobh-C Jones,
of Lima township, .Hckln ;cuty,' of ,
whose being Injured "by talllh tree we
spoke lait wek fid.ledt nnfiatOTdil'JOt'
his lnjujrles..Hj8Twa!rimneg,on ow'J'J-w4
An liftmens.saMOBeoWi.uoiiain?,
hUtnneral. His death.-ha causea great
sorrow among Ate a4uUtance , -4
chargwrVrtn- ntterrlrgcrfaWrfeit, pflttar
mlssioner Chltteenytey-frfternoon
It iesul4i Vb.l 0betoti(wiiw ovr la
the 4upxl JvM06irithli.
8. District Court. .SwveriaVdfarged as an
accomplice of Q'BrleTi,7yaa dMharged,
'jLn'f fi.V'i J-' k 1 1 j o. f ili'W .:
M)slr Stowk A oolored eltUen KamesV
James; JohMiufceoiijoii treeU: kki'h
rear of tmJgraBwlf&lMfflfWW
one puourea pvuu u yvrn-- ""..j,
mornJngHaTln jilaceVtf
his hoase h-pld- fQj ' nelghborf- '
tabJei;irop i.jithepc:1 Uas'eirrkiqlL
The thelVs ,wre- m 'Mt In $dUtyk
ot ine,jeafc 4.nex.uuuro
' T)iirji"ioi:r..-4.BdorBni wilosfrermt
lor atftrai 'Wt'falMVi&v
bv thVttatW' on'ciidUioadth
the Htir'Mi! 1ft' 'Mt;trAlnV seem that"
h wiiT riAA Mhaaa iiimtflt'-tV
pick r)oceVniieipg,'airia'.
hk ..M.WS. ai anneeir-af tinsc
talm. The report that ed-Uorgan Drone
fail In J&lJkfJBViite) tJBiaafrejSJtrSrjB? e Ills)?! IKt
He gave beOTfr Aphrt&lra,
and was released. a .,, h
TsaHsra BJts D. .TTiPAXvrrJhe JtollPW-
lng tettifert itxeal tsut wertetVatbi
Kecorder'i office yesterday " 1
18th, the undivided ooe-eigntn or zy acres
in rranklmfwtWi'ibr
A. W. Graham to L. Lstell Janl8th,
lot NrJ WTtt IAfeW)ff(oVjfi f cl
of Coluarbusjliir 50" .V.jfV"
EliatoGsvery acting SSerltrV't Ann M.
Omffc?. JsnMftthlbsatof.eutlot So. 135 in
v. -u. fCi Kr.. f.m inn- fr. .ua:
nUV ajtH mr wi-tuiWHOt tTwt
" TBapjcsjA Lixa I Asxrti-iIhi
Bouse of Representatives yesterday, was
engaged in discussing the qhestlon of re
build i!I2 neCfeniXv lJu B4tl4 X3nK
Speeches .were made by Messrs. Mann,
Walling,-Ball, Ssottf of yTafTeTlHriS;B:66i
Several resolutions werelpflered grid,. voted
on. Mr. Walling fesen teda"resolution"
that struck. at. the root of tb matter,,apd
be deserve . the .thanks of everjt citizen
f Columbus and FrankUn oounJcnri pjs
action In the case., .xTTAa ,8I3C
BuROLams AjtTsD.Oh Wturaay
night offiotrs My let Daley oeV Bceanahan
arrested two men' named" .amsA ''a.Uace
and -flenry Dailey, bailing from Boston,
who bad eut out a' wfndow piae'ln the store
of Louis Covelrlr on High Street between
Xng end Spring, enteredao rj'bbedji ('(Sf
canned toy sters, " can ned i peaches, pickles.
confectionery and other matters. They are
undoubtedly a portion of the gahjf that has
been operating ia this elty'fo:the past
week. The Mayor yesterday Tjaorfling held
them in' the sum of $60f each to1 avawer1.
Falling' to xtrtQ;uI4
went toCaaegaverA w f 'r';i;;d
Bathir Cool. We' think' It -about as
cool a joke as was'ever'perpetfated'for a
man who Mover takes a . ijwsf aperindt'ln
any way aids la the support of one, to ask
that about Ave dollars' t worth ol' apace be
devoted to lnforraLng the peoBlat ha is a
eandldaftalor office. Newspapers,- especial
ly psrty'bspers'J "axe . expected to tarn tbe
grtndstoTeforier jpeopleto;grrf
exes, but to ask them to de-It gratis, and
carry water to irfln Ke!teViyoM
tbe limltsWlut object have voevnrpaper
men in the elevctMKf- or-sucrrcnapf to oi;
flee? If elected, they brlngftOf lxislnes to
auci ucwapapcr ; nay, tueyare. sLiiouk. irfio,
nrst to say or a paper tuat assisted-ia their
electionw." thero'a .nsthrnsrWn thaHarrtftil
aheet," hese Remarks artas tfde 'of
publican as Demoori
writfojwifnvji a
prepared to announce tbe-aamea of any
candidate for twoiooRtra fnid'Tmnc'or"
to publish communications advocating bis
Bomluadofl, kt twenty cenU a line.
.all 1 ' ,"v" 1 1
A Phittt Coo Otityf&r . ;ers,
chaplain at'lthec Penitentiary, ' baa a atory
told on bin that is too good to keep. , Last
winter, M wilt Ee roDttdieitv tbere'-was
no appropriation made V pty unioral Id-
trnctorT: s j Vepirai Aunatic Asyium,
and the peiltau wenj 19tt Jo fco'swlthont
their regnUr rattons'ofnoral iastnietaoo.
About a-evbefore-'tbe AfylonJ'wrt
burned, CbapiauiByerS thought he would
aupply tbevajeflclencyjnd so wsot there
preach tolhe Insane.' iHet was tueV)
after entering thrf buirding, by: r young
woman, wha tbe ehaplaln sar is ten
crazy, but who we ihok,Al, tbls case at
least, gave evidence er great' Vanltyi who
accosted jy.UarJaUthwrbpvqtiesTloW.
Well, chaplain, how doyouiiksTMpreaeh
to us f " 44 Very well, Indeed," was his re
ply. w You bebar well,' Are quiet and at
tentive ."I'llke preaching .to- -you", very
well, indeed. rIn that case, chapUlh, re
plied the jLlrL Uh-a lgb, , go dhead
Preach a much as you
tvppc yon art tk bert
Thj chaplain was set
kUsea Ereailu
, 'b-t.-l-ji-Tilt
MONDAY EVENING, Jan. 18, 1869.
Council met pursuant to adjournment.
maintaining ana repainnK ny ,
of the act last name
rjnUa of the first class, raUed to that
Caren, Chad wick, Comstoek, Donaldson',
Frankel, Gibbon. Jannfty, Knopf, McAlis
ter, McDonald, Beinbard, Wall and Presl-
The clerk read the mlnutea of the prevl
ons meetings.' . "
lowlng"' report of estimates for work re
qntrjd to.be dgne:. rr
south half of inlot No. 213, Heyl's addition,
27.16. --"- . .
For building a double row flg crossing
Gooitale' street. $80.10.
, Fpr .building e'dou-bie row flag t.otti.
across Goodate street at the 'fit V.t
Par k' Vree'tT $77.05.'- ' ; A
The Market Master made theyfoJlow.ing
collections during the month" f Decemr?
Rent of Stall! ..
Heat of fctan.-a....-..w.tw.f SS
Rent of City Ball..,,.. vwi;.....i. W
Light Buttr,..:...j.T....n'-'' t
;'. -' iwri?
: E. F". BWghanv cJiV 'Solictor!, made the
InTlnoflniy fMnnrt ' " . i . . . . "
To tU 'Honorable City Council of- Uu 'City tf -i
Jn aceort5ajce wttnlhe reiolfttloSof the'
Council, passed January 4, 18C9, request
ing the Cltv Solicitor-to-report what now- -
er, ii any, ine vitv vououu nas 10 uuiiu av i
. 1 n . : bA n I h. nArat'n n "1
Friend street, I have given the subject that
careful attention whicb-ka importance de
mands and am of the opinion r that the,
City Council of Columbus; 'Ming a tfty or
the second class, having Over 14,000 Inhab
itants at the last f ederal census, is not au .
t.hnriH ts cnnstrnp.t hrlrigpg over tha ft, f
nal witWnJU corporate limits, fpt thefot-ft
lowing reasons :'
: First,-. Because the County Commission- '
iim ,, hrMcroai'joofiaran A-PrtthfllH
page 246. 183,nd OhioXaws,vol. 63,page
12i),ana Det-aost ijo loen.'autDority nas ;
been expressly conierred upon a clty- of-
the class and popojatlon or txiiumous -:
Second.-. The Legislature has .in effict
conatrneoVthls qnestion, by the passage of
an act entitled an "art to authorize cities
of! the second class therein named to im
pose a' tax for bridge purposes," passed
Aprils. 1866 (Ohio Laws, vol. 63, page
Jan. authorizing any cicy oi me second -
cJsivtafi' population-. dfvleM
trXZTZL. ,hn.H.; 1. r.i.r.1
sub, to levy a tax for the purpose of J
u uriuxo Biruuiurso iwwmui,
; naviuaiui oe- .
, -Ll, . z
stream,, within-
its corporate
And again by
extending the
named to
Aih-ll 13. 1867 fObio Laws. vol. 64, page
149), Columbus belonging to neither of
the) two cl assess specified Insaid. act, A
l-auj,nsra aisxjl may oe ciaimeu was
onqer, tbjtfheadjof general leglattive pevr-J
er fraenee totneXunci1,and thedbty lm
ppsvd npon It by statute to open, improve
and keep in repair streets and alleys, that
Mhel authority is delegated to repair, or it
W('8sar.wcW)prucsannge in araaeiiKo
Xtreione under
consideration, and that the
could be discharged out of j
general city expenses.
cost of the same
tbe, fund raised for general city expenses.
This might be awi
ui.m 1 . ir
thai Legislature had failed to grant power
by rxpress enactment to any board or cor
onation to build orTepair bridges, due
iviu g con ferred this power u pou the Com
Wsfeioners, nd .uoOQ .certain, ultiesnftind
fotblttlog a certain "elaf a of cltlesln tbis del-
ration of power, I can not believe that it .
$ni be properly inferred that this power is
ooti.errvii oy any provision oi me siatnie -
KclL V7Zot&7ZZnut
that as the law now is. that it is the duty
P the County Commluionerteftfinsjrtict
tne Bridge in question, ana IT tne present
oneibe - In the dangerous condition repre- .
ented, the attention of jbe rCpnty Com-
feslssloners should-taHalxotlfe fact, or,
if Js be desirable that the cltv build this
rflre, X would suggest that application
be mae)ei(arwliablriegMation to the Gen
eral Assembly now in session.
City Solicitor.
COLUMBUS, O., Jan. 11th. 1869.
iV.Mr. Beinbard presented an ordinance
ii I -
ng appropriations for purposes there-
U nkmefflwclCaadTnrItils&. Vf
iititIrsler rWtriracw attrdlnance"
i , . .u 1 ...MPA
twissess a special tax upon the real estate
to vvasbtngton avent,'wnrff'wB reaa a
first lime. ....
'yi. Knopf lntroducdan. ordinance to
assess a special tax npon the real estate
bounding ; the north tide of Donaldson
street from Fifth tocSeventh six est, which
was read a first time.
itrj jCaTen 4VducedJC ordiniixcB to
build a" double row flag crossing across
Park! street .st Jhe south side -of Goodale
street, which was read a first time.
MrjBeinhard nid ttt the-rrfer be
suspended, and the 6rdfdahce"hiaKlbg spe
cial appropriations for, purposes therein
nsoned taken from the, ablfi 'snd rcad a
tsecond time. Agreed to, and the ordinance
was read a second: time smd Ru)ttld tdlhe
committee orr Ways and Means.
MrJ McAlister introduced, an ordinance
to assess a special tax upon' thA jrtAl estate
bouncing the south side of Friend street
from Beventh street to Stone- alley, which
waajreaa a nrst time.
to Assess a special tax upon the real estate
bounding the south side-ot-Spring street
from High to Third afreet, which was read
KHpattlme.1' - "V
iVi Mr. Armstrong Introduced anordinancei
from alfgB-street to Thlrd8tfeejwhlctt;
was reALftrsudie7Mii V i
Mr. Armstrong introduced en ordinance
assess a special &x upon7 th real estate
boundlnsr the west side of TWafibinston av
enue from Long to Gat' street, Svhlch was
read alfirst time. ",!- v" x V""' - "-"
&rx- Svall introduced antndlnance to as
eeas. a special tax upon ithereal.estate
tJndlng the east side f FrtSfUgtrjef l.fxam,,
Town street to a point 85 -feet, north, of
Mr. Caren introduced fca'tfydlSa'rleeto1
buli,d i dguhle -tqw fUr orossing. -erotw
Goodale street .at -e wesf side of JPark
street, Which was read. a first time,. , B
.. An ordtirahce' fJd assess spetJal tax upon
-tbereai estate bounding the north side of
.iGoxyaleAtrcetvfrom Park, to Kelt avenuei
'ed aecond time-dj,, f .
Mr. Caren moved, that the,'JespenjK5
peoded .add the ordinance read-a third time
andpussedeaelis: "ZZ
The'1 following ordWanceaJweVe' read a
aarrrl lmx r,'ll aolH'.d l u . "i"
, : 1 . . . . , . j : U;
To assess a speclaJtjtsx upon thertal
tate .bounding South. stxeetTom. iVasb-,
ingtow avenue to the west floe of jot No-,,
lfn"rrvA.'McCoy"s Sd-Atloni-' .
no assess special u jr upoh thCmOl
fcaU JpanaIngouth,tree.riw'ewBl"
street to the'vrVstJlifie'ol tonfot Sin W.
fl..-v, . .uuu.
1 fplVS JWKiP IseU eiPTol
rronj oitb street to rim iiy:
Mr. Belnhard offeied, tbe followlnir:'- oi
, .Tk.,' Wirf ifcr ml , f ' r
rfitewoivecri ximi. ure.ywiHUJiMtB, mia. ays .
and Means be and they are hereby iostructi
ed to pay from Incidental expense f9.75 '
being ene-balf ot the costs in a case 4d tiC
QM&mt Common Pleas, in .which Am,
brose Wagner ..was plalBtliL and: Daniel '
McAlister, then Clerk ot the Market, was
defendenvthi to be- for settlement la
full of the above ease, and that aaid ehair
man pay out Of same fund 25, to Henry
Noble,, Boa lettorney or defendant 1a".
tbe Joiegolug.casf . t ,t ..' a . f'nH .
resolution waa adopted,,
McAlUUr IrStrodHoed the tollowlfig
nereDy ins vucieo to. measure
the cistern lately constructed In front of,
the new Deaf andT "Dpsati Usylum, and tot
... 1 t. 1
-reDOn IIS capacity to tuia vwuncii. rumn,
I f.MwlObltdlcTc, ljoot j;8e spej!laj cnlm?-
soma , 30Q- cltieene asking tha Oouaelt tq
take the necessary steps- to have a marketj
house e rec ted o me w hir on 4b apaee4es-i
ligqited by your honorable body, known 'as,
We;:ndirtbrn:;irketspce, repprtcd tbac
jb eoaamlttee1 have attended to tne outy
assigned ijiem.'and. find .that lie Counoll
can buy a lot t tie cottier i)t Third nd
JMnn etreeta ior too sum ti o,wu, nnu
Wo"u3fj;.espectfulljtf , recommend that the
committee on Ways and, Means be instrnct
d to "p u rclutse the same fer the above
named purpose;8'" k :7hV '
-The report was ordered to be placed n
Mr. Chadwlck fiered th,f tollttlng s
Betolvei, That the committee' on Ways
and'Muaiii la? herVby- instructed to pur
chase the lot mentioned in' the report-t
the special committee on the new Market
House, to be used for a market house lot.
if in their ; Judgment it shaU be, for the
best interest, ot the city, f w .t- vn i
Adopted. . ; :v "r-'ri
..1 ".-
! ' Mr. Kelnhard' asked and was gr-inted
leav'-t)f absence. ,' T "TTT -
j Mr. Donaldson moved that as an- offset
for any damage4.bet . may have resulted to
the,. Street. Railroad Company becauae of
draining ? Sorth High! ,treet:'i Into ' the
grounds belonging to- the Street. Kailroad
Company, InVCltytaerk bdirected to re
ceipt to said Company for the license -due
qrt their' street bars."' farAed. ?,';.,' ' .y'i C
j Mr. Donaldson introduced a resolution
directing the Hocking "Valley Eallrotd
Company tq pot Perry street'in such com.
ditlon, either by bridges or otherwise, as
witt- permit the" :fjnse egreeS 6a the sa'u.e
with, teams in the same manner . and with
the same safety to them as existed previous
to the building of said railroad! 'Adopted.
Mr. McAlister presented the following:
Resolved, That the standing committee
on Fire Department be naey are-nere-
bv Authorised end instructed to TJurchase
I BOO feecef feather hose, for the use of, the
r iro ieianuicuv. .,
5n motion, the Council-adjourned..
idea hot eTve a correct, account of
all capital magazines, and deserve an ex
s tensive circulation, liayne "BeliTs'On
Ifor T ,r ......j jk whion
Vags. Oar polio f6rce Is taking the
proper course to rid the eity of the band, of
Internal scoundrels who have settled down '
upon It like 4 lot of lhoust3, and who night
ly! commit come burglary or other depre
. - - ,..
hlhijfelt'and.. the Ckoge. of his heinjf out
lata at IKbt.. On Snnday 'Bight five. Of
Mtniu nanprniu unit Hnsnic uus uuarairucrB
. . j i.i.... v. (
r-r--.-:-- v'l'-
nrana'' vian'riirorf . ThpTp nams are John
Kelly, John Forrester, nomas' cbtt,"Jqhn.J
Collins and William wuson. a ne Mayor
fined them $5 and costs each, and sen them
to the stone pile,' where- they . will be kept
out f "mischief lor amopth Anyhow,1 a-:.
i TBBaGfZiNsavye have recelyed.the
FfhtHarjifti'T"'"" "-T lrrt""L'1" Mags
ilne, Mayne Eeid's newioagasrrif pn wa;cT,:
and a new magazine j ust started in Chicago,
cal)eil the Wester&iJlonthly'. These, are
nuu isi.cDiAiuiaiii, i-u ntj w aw
suenes, rail us cxuiuuk eveuba, uu ykuv-
ingtthe adventurous life of tbA' CTtsIerb
trapper in a most attractive, styje, n
drews&Hull have these magazines for
salt. I'M
j ,. . T .. s ,
Qiii'r'tAflri TBy the report made last
ighibx JtwiCitjriSoncitor to the.ity
CtMincil, it will be Men ttut aut0fflcr 4
elded that tbe Council has not the power
to construct a bridge ofere einafrai the
rootlet Friend street,, He. is rpf ppbeottmt
the Ktiuity, pmmiasion6ra;nust Duild the
bridge. The present bridge , is very dan
gerous, and should be mende(J vyUh. a new
one ! riht. 'iu,ddpnlyjr w fcw n two n '.
KkmoaL. Our'(rreas!,paper warehouse
of Atadxewa; Perry & Cbi,ha Ixeeh' removed
to tie-new Wbre. NosV' fVanJ ' r Vftb
High street, a1 short distance south of thelgl
lThete is ndT need bPWt tertrneouy readers.
V$aKeery Uig-iitoM
rwarehouse can bfiound there,-'they all
1 .1 rX. 1 'JZ .
know that.
OCT tuc nu v kiaiujcub
.iji.i jam
TxMPBRANCk Auiairc&-There will be
a meetiog 5hfemiew(.SlKlaiMe-llSU
evening at tbe-,Secorrd f resbrtertaa Cira real
I -i "-..' ? . ,-v,--
. Wilw Kt4K MapfUh&h City
(uneaflMt''nighl'-adopted. ajesoluttbi
?Gkjng;th'apuwaisa'of a lo,-oo the
corneBi'.pf jThird md" K6k4h r 'it&ii on
whicp to erect a new market Tib risej
5 J W
Spiciax Nontis.-T-The .CplnmUus and
Hooking Valley 'Railroad' rill ' open lor
business on. Wednesday,. January 30thal869i
On and afte-thaC-datrS tra!nsiineaVe and
arrive ;ai Tipton Depot, Colttmbu a, fol
lows i -Tk f- VTOVtCi J
' 1.EAVB. , ' IB
Tlrat train Y:a0 A. M. 10:15 A. M
Seoond " f ., .,-i.Z.4V.XU. M.
All, trains will.stop-at South Depot.
Freight will be, received at South Depot
ifofirshlpment on and afterTnesday, Janu
arylath. . d rt 1 l '
W. H iiott haaabeen appointed Agent at
Colurs)bus. . ::vv-. ,Ui Jvi!;i
.LrSJNol W. Dohkbtt,,M. M. Gbbkns,
Master Of TranfiportAtlon. , yicelfresidee..-tr
iejoctor's bills, sickness and.sullerlng,Prlc
f rhll case and book of directions Is $10.
K?. K.-iKarneys T ceTebrkted Ifornl
Kwe for sale-a1
aleac Houston & Gardner's drug
Ib,natloil,; w
J- . ,gl S
Karney- Kerrl "Sure1 is 'a KaplUl
1 -jan!8.1w
tSiThe mortgagees" of : the Olentangy
Park A8sociatioa are -' requested to call at
my office and recelvs balance due them in
J-1 VXj v,'rmdf' VicePresH.f
TrCaiotc-e Bed Wheat-Flour, $8 00 per bar
rel-1 warranted. to give satisfaction. For
sale at McColm, MJjef and'McDonald.
W' 'l
To Consumers Or Coal? "Buy yonf coal
of Kock Rftn" Coal;' Compariy. .Y6u will
ffndit of, Superior quality, -free from slate
or clinker. Eighty pounds, to the . bushel
Is gqararteedandK l,spld atthe lowest
marketirates. Orders left at the office, 187
North Hiib. street; of at the Compaays
order box at the grocery; store of , George
McDonald fcCou', il06 South High street
will be rWttftljraftenaed to; ' " 1 '
. tJan7 Mat. Wxavx, Sec'y.
Speomc In the house' Is a -well-spring of
aatisfaciion, jYoiran always find the-lrue
rnody for ,i cold,, cough, sore 'throve,
eroup, face-ache, weak stomach,; catarrh,
ob othdr of '''ttpnaua'aUmcnts io
-.hiMi a farhtlv ariaubieoLJand thus SATe
nt to! aynv eddress 'recelpTiBf "the
price. (Address, JiuatPBMKTi'- ricirre
HoifKorATHic Mewcink Co. 561 Broad
way,'! Y., ..... , ro Jyl3-d&wly-cw
' JRoioiwat's PiLHrrrWantol vital ener
?y, nervous weakness physical debllHy, or
by whatever other aame you cnooseto call;
thai feebleness and, depression which ren
ders its Victims careless whether they live
or. die,' is one or the most terrible ol hnman
affBetUn. o Fortunately there la an lntalli
tu'prescriptlqn for It Hollow Art Puts
Lrt tbe weak and Woken down try them.
Tbey re gnaranteed by the experience ol
tUe;,:hole civilised world. Sold by all
j j 9-dly-cw .
4lbJ to depositor!
or ih
United States of. America,
Cash Capital, - - $1,000,000.
fo which all f enrl correapocdenoe should b ad-
JAY COOKE. Chairman Finance and Executive
A committee. I
EWRY D. t OOKE. Vice President.
BJitKdON W. jVEET. Secretary and Actuary.
Offered by this Company are :
! It lam National Company, chartered by special
act of Congress, 1868.
.It has a paid up oapital of $1,000,000. .
It offers low rates of premium. "
It tnrnishea larger Inauranoe than other Compa-
niee for the same money.
'It la definite and certain in its terms.
It is a borne Company in every locality,
jit- Policies are exempt from attachment.
'There are no unnecessary restrictions in the Fol
iates. . .....
fcyery rouey is non-forreitaDie.
PnlifliM may ba taken that will nay insured their
full amount and return all the nremiums, so that
the Insurance costs only the interest on the annual
IKolioies may be taken which pay to the Insured,
after a certain number of years, during life, an an
neal income of one-tenth the amount named in the
bo extra rate is charged for risks npon the lives
of females.
It insures not to pay dividends, but at S a
cost that dividends will be impossible.
Cincinnati, Ohio. General Agents for Ohio Central
in , ana Dumuora iuuibu,.
8. 1H. SMITH,
Colairbos. Speolal Agent for Franklin, Licking,
anesRtngom ana i;osnooton eoanues.
r VeNT-ootSa-deodAweowly
The only Infallible and Harmless Remedy. Can be
Siren witn or without tne patient's Knowledge.
Pad Dr. Johnston's Treatise on "Drunken
leu, its Consequences and Cure. Try
the SPECIFIC, and be con
vinced. 1
Curid with DR.
,i a sweet , aaa
rtldmwt m anagarinw eraa fca JIO VOmitinc
nsej Tobascdneed rot be'difoarded all at once.
fef the Compound destroys the desire gradual y
Proprietor. Colnmbua, 0.
-M TvU?U'VTrTf-T'
iaif laa i. A - J -- - -
or thb oitt or vrw tobk.
o. UMU Uroaoway.
Dab?csK MAMQAai.f res'L Jas. MiRRn.L.Sec'W
. JteeeiTes Deposits and allows FOUR PERCENT
hlSTEREST on all Daily Balances, subjeot to cheek
at ssbt. Hpeoial Deposits for fu months or more.
Bat be made at nye per oent. 1 he capital ot una
iilien Dollars is divided among over 500 Share-.
boldersMHlPriflTrrnna'r'anytrran of QrS weallav j
and SrJloia)ljptvienceharefl-rtOTlaliy 1
tors tor all obligations or tne uom-
amount of their capital stock.
Aa the National Trust Company receives deposits
in targe or small amounts, and permits them to be
drawn as a wbole or in pa t by check at sight and
without notice, allowing interest on all daily bal
neea parties thronghoutthe country can keep ae
connaa in this Institution with special advantages
i r itr-deol-dtwS4m
jw Aivn
V .COOKING STOVE, combining a large oven,
a-ood ba&ina? analitiea. beautv of design, eoonomy
of fuel J and cheapnes". for sale by tbe manufae-turers-,
who have a fine line ot Wood l ooking
Stores and Hollow-ware. uili, s Minis,
decSS rsodlm-r 90 North High St.
Gives special attention to all Diseases of tha
& Lungs.
v I
3F" XI 3VZ k. Ij B S a
OFFICE No. 155 North High Street,
jjanTjyaodly COLVXBVS, OBIO.
era, brokers, Publshers, stationers, rnnt
Companies. Lawyers, Architects. Schools,
Clergymen. Circulars, Prices Current, .Letters,
Quotatioas.Catalogues, Music. or any documents or
drawings may be obtained at the following extraor
dinary cheap prices: 100 copies, fan-timiliea, of
any doeument or drawing. As.. S; 60S eopies. So;
1.00D eopiesaa, Ac; 1 00.000 oopies, $450, or 60 per
eenii upon toe above prioes may be saved by using
Masriee's Patent Autographio Printicg Press, lor
OSoaa, Publishers. (Stationers. Printers, Schools,
Companies, Ac. Prioe S80. A young boyean strike
off 100 eopies, letter siie.per hour, of any doeu
ment, drawing, musie, with the greatest facility.
Maurlee's Patent; Statea Rights are sold at moderate
prioes. J'nblio experimenU each Saturday.
. H. B, All kinds ot Lithographic work are done
with the greatest care at tbe lowest rates. Maur
ice's Patent A utoaraphio and Lithographic Print
ing. Writing and Engraving Establishment, 10
North William street, Near York.
it awaa ii ai iae mmm mu
f laa M IK C 1
i-'i m
The Columbus and Hocking Val-,,ley
Railroad Company.
Notice to HtocUholdersj.
. i1 7 ' ' ' ' ! Colttmbub. Ohio, Deo. 18th. 1848.
. Meeting of tbe Stockholders of this Company
-will be held at its office, in the eity of Columbus
ea Tuesday, January ttSth, 186S, between the hours
ef lae'elock A. M. and S o'olock P. M., at which
tbireeea Dire tors for said Company will be elected.
an sue other business transacted as may be
brought before be pleating, SteokboUers aieiua
minded that ttffl. law prondes that '.'aiLm the first
election of Dtreaenravee person ahall -azote on ant
share on whioh any installment is due and unpaid.
i dec-d3twtd-r
tseo'y andTreea.
rrjf""" jmph nfpmMt trofflcej 'antr
nrfTV'w''UO I-':'
' "
Stock of new and superior goods, embracing
eut.witnoui reserve, a toe store u ufcaav. e
lOtnpgre them with those usually started iftiii
B0()' S & S OKS!
, ! 1S :A iiU.J rJ nVV'-IhlClM
Iflea'aKIp Boole, sail Whole aLeaUher, j f ..
Boyo Kip Boots, H
Yonlhs' Hip Boots, "
Meu's Calf; Tap-Soled Boots,
Wosnesi's Call Shoes, Best, -
aLfadles, Doable Soled Lasting Comg
E.adlee do., SIIU Gore, Tory Best,' -
ITIlsses' Morocco Shoes, Polish, - j
Morocco Shoes,
These srocds are guaranteed to nsof in oe riot material and workmanshin. and will bear eomnerlaon
aith any in the market., ;t : , ? ' s ,.a ?
I Jmn't forget that tbe Sale ra pesittTr.ana is raited to but a few weeks. Another snob eppurtanit .
trUI never cccor aa-aiii. Be sure and find the right place (there Is but one) before buying. . ,
I DESHLER'S K&W BUILDING, opposite the bTArxaxAK Orrica, it the place. -W And see''5
Poods. , . i ..." : -i . :.- .i
" ""
tM ifprH Cuea ?
t ESTwA.A3r-.l8iiMEIVT.
C If!
,.; 6.' -"l rt
Having greatly enlarged our Printing Facilities by the purchase of a complete new
rr.Ti i-i r :Vt r.s
1 . 1 1 a Ulni.-t 1:16- ' I': -.Jf , ' ' '-'
The latest and Host Approf edg Stjle;
I .iA! Ja. af-it-fJf .
And the addition of New
aw fn .iaaw Jrt!s-.xe boa tq.ffijvf Isme wi
goii.ta-1 i.iJ:)K eaorfl "wn -buejla ail Ila
ei'lcJ e: -'idJ ai
Generally conceded, to bo the lastsSfaDd
In cariMctlon Wthf7GGES.BG0ftB0irs; and 'tVET,TJ5' ' Job Prr'acoa.-' trial TiVwa
liklinn in cJtiavaity 4n wbie to operate, we
U.a.rrrTr.rn TWITAJ d-;
In thebe(rtnfl'rs(sfftv1e of the art, and
r . -V . - nn T ...1
1UPlBSb lici A 1 recce, vui iuiiuicu jAmrJuiiaaiiBiai-iiigeryMiq reeuili UI L1IC nir- (y:
at MUCH ETlLi-Jili ttthlES triad caVi te
nutny ana ii Tenuvo uucat ui.iuts uutuiiua vi tne ane reimuie DS-to-vio.KQoa wroiC t
TheTJmce is complete in au its
:arS3 laoiuss eifl e?f!insirs Uiw eW
fere Jinsa
I I - f i-m rnnJ
. ' is ass n iM - tV, "i., Ui, m.a?b
Handbills. ..yPrOgrarnrnes, ; -
DUaai;.; -
nHa a
Blank B
Business, Cards.
I ,srA
iirf sill trf IwoeeR
?npiy MJ -jn Ziii
!i:h1 r.-l
,m sj I J fvl
rqii'J iivrot
-ni-.-- Tn thla arrtMlalfrr we
-a aw .
-Lit -
-. ..-1
- j ar '-w ir-- i-i. to
e.J; ') ;--i-A
Having More Presses uthan all OtJier Printing.
j Offices' "in tlie CiHy ConnuneEI
We arenreasto; f xecqte all kinds of. Printing, In any color, at lower: prices tharf
i 0' neighbors. ; t - ?
aiw-fi iftalil !
of boitxi". . .
, IT
at jX--
t. via S6 -l - . r ...
.X - r vi
,56j ;38 .'and 40
t: fii H to
It r;
' T0' r .i jorj ,
: OS -.l-( in
V r I 1
f-fllHul ktfll'lU II!
every thing in the line of MBNS', WOMES'8.1
AND SHOES, now offered for sale, and to be olcaetfj
xaw. stUaLDlAUiLoekat eosaaoi mm prases ana
; . 9 OO, BesraUar prioe
J ii'rr I:. je a . sioO
rcnp '
1.50, 1 a
saet afa as am,
I'HTl , -n '-jfiiiA
aiteii,';t4o,i?i Z a.ib
'1 ' ' L .jrT "I Mil " TBI i' '
'. - . - u yA. aa i ' aa . :A D.as
tia ,-ra :-;jT..:-.t t..t rju f-.rw
-... CV l;jiSeid V.;-'9i-"0.r
in !
T!Ul!J it'll 1-) 301.'
i -.ii - -
! ' AU. C7- IJL.OIJJJ &, CO.
' '
'.t Slot
OX r - - - -
t r.i..- . :a.as
)sB-. b-.--;-,i
I io-.i ) -..I
ft H" 1- Is
Presses, Including a
I : -
t.. .nit!! ;1rv--5 t1-' m fl
. 'Tit IB J-!'-
-1 .w-. ;
r. .-t ,i
beet Pilbticg Machine in the world.
iiJ .'OJ Uf
e''!. j'i otb - awtt - t'l-
Til Trf '
't Ojh-c"' . lit
. ."
having the largest and' most commodious r 4-;
are now prepared
oonBaibtO a ft.
w- t . '-p; imi,
M!l" 1 "1 :
to ea..M:T
tfci.ie .:
! . . (. r. . 4. rt tCT mi n t- nayjt '-
npot, terms that cannot be competed w4tha
1 - . . - r .
flone in the old stvle and with onlv the old
arrangements, and'eentto the work with '
" DMI,CU tir5e(.e-.t..tr.l
Dill U4aiio
inzLxrxsz' t .ai-
i .t: yji'J i.-
Mviiv-I Qrinln " 1"
J-.ai l .'a?'-i
.'. r
-t-i i;l
M:.'i .eL:
it i ln
bi; :"t.
-Tit tl let .fl:'. tj -i fiJ' ;
; t 'i tn-j- .eblw sft .s'- i
- - i 'il :
irannsnmaBud. I ''
? J '-i :fl
1., . :
;"iUJ.I-y -
f i'! .-Mi J
U JiiU !IMIi
a I
-B aolldlngf a-
HbrtH 'HigE' fiireet,
i uuuuuaJLiiiiiJ iiiiii umuuiiiuiiii t
COLUMBUS, O., Jan. 11th. 1869. COMMERCIAL MATTERS. Cincinnati Money Market—Jan. 18.
SXeailluQel aMgcobto'par
f IjEVf-Tffiifi-eier,, wiUu aillSir
npply Ol CUrreiaOaWilei aa aei iUw aniaa S -
New York Money Market—Jan. 18.
'Aneieportsrtbat werreasorefTras aocruj
to sell gold and bonds weTailnh jlwt
tO-dav. wltiiont affpMiriir anval itkajarrare
Xeta. ,.;Tbe iaUonal .BaokMiiej'orM vM J
nr. """"lJ"us-UI currency,.nauj,na w
posittpg their srjptus wa the isslsUnt
8o0,000 was. thus deposited on Saturday
and to-day. The XceasCiry.U iUcery' Uratt
pj receive all .moneya-ttaateq'he-'eonHf
tinned lssneot thse certificates, of Vrblcbi
about $16,000,000 are left oh hand, must
add to : the ease.ln.iftoney arid,geiiefiai
Bftayaricy'ld yTAUittrejeWaaiar. Shermau'a
biUi.reported'to.the Senate to-day, is re
rardedao : licely to cause all cottorr ""tms!-!
uesroi the South ' to-be-done"' 'Koia
baeia- tid tend to , advance thfr Premium.
-J NiCr Yerx C Mf W-p-i at liQZper
cent on call; pVfuie" discount 79, with
mbre'dbpo8UJ.on to take corotnat papogaVH
STERfilKQ .iEXCHASa-iqle''tJ
wuiju ijweri opDea ac ioa, cioaeu
OSS'- ' ...
New York Stock Market—Jan. 17.
activ and higher, wih a- and 67 as tbei
prmcipar, matures,, use 10s ui ,OvAr,uuo oti
the latter' was bouirht .ateiternifion call as
ld9. Butler's bill, preventing banks bsnkT',T
irrgln currencr 6s, weakened currency lafe
In the day, but otherwise Remarket closed
buoyant. Coupons of '8ni5Kll2 : do
'62 113Ji113 : do '&rmmfa 3oJ65
110JiIIBrior eTD8iv8H?ao67
10s?il09; do '68 106109; 10 40 107 .
07Ji.- tux vo aa.iaiia J-a ,M' oilJ
The railway market-opened weak, par
ticularlv on western, tbe list .belnaf iofla-.-.
eneed by legislation pencUnpJn -the .Illinois'
Letrlslature. r. The lowest prioea were made)
after the first regular boardSaftet wblchf
the market strengthened a ad ara,beqJnef .
active and excited, wblctj loellng "cooLloaei
to close of the day, wUeatke market "WA 3
strong tuough Somewhat unsettled.1 1 (T lr
rumored that the" HcCUUooh pawy'fe1"'J
league with the Lane partyr Jai lheaLlave''J
land and Pittsburgh matter",' and ,'Ui at tbV
recent appointment ot a' receiver; ,aia the t
authorization oi fiVe"millaont eonverU-9
ble bonds are psrt ot plan to Induce ehoft7
sales, whereby a sharp corner can1 be taadeiL1'
i 5:30 prices"-; Wrtls' TxptKM2Bim
American 38Q40; Adnsi?6J66fi tinl-I
ieu orates 4(a(4o; mercnBnw-'jinoii'r3C3:.
13JJ?'"PacWc MaU0122l225iirWe8tei:n,I:
ITuion TeleirraDh 34V:MW- Nw. Vflrk-4
Central 1634'1635, ;f--Jlrf'. 88i3S8t,w
Wabash jB28,j.t-fMil ?43ao;.Jiort
Wayne 123 01123U: Ohio-A-MlsswHiimi 3314-1
33; Michigan Central lKtglWMlchia
iiran rfonthern 8192; lllipoia . jCentral
139:40? Pittsburgh S9SS9J. Toloda.103 a
103Ji V Roc ' Island liV?$iXorVti-
WPjatoarStifarWIIafel Jjaw iTtf aaartffiaiai-aaaj
New York Market—Jan. 18.
) wiiuti-ifliu suu ueavr at &K2b
lower i lSOO bale- soldi7a9a94 ;;a"riT
midtllins uplands. ? ,,;. 4..
wilUK uou sna neavy at yKa,.
. I FLOUB-aose'd' ffull' alWlOp lbwer
) WTtUlWalnnllVvneiiaoged.auR ii.
I RYE-r-Steady at $1 60 fbtwestertia) Jb(1
! ?AJduU.aF Sr'V. WW KSttfh ai
' wtcttitKt as 3(6j xor newmixea
western; 9fX$92eror whltweetern;l-t)6(Si4
1 09 for oldmUced; wesTertwlarrevsir
:POEir--J-t'frmu and advancing; messatr.
$29 029.W Febuafy1 and-JTarrih; aalea'1"0
250 bmert, seller March, at $29 80. " -"'ow
UKlLt'-Quiet, WlthOtttjChaogtVxi Ji f..-iq
CUT ME AXSr-S teadv . w 1th.. ; moderate tK
demand. 'V'UJ, .: ' .t".2.t
BACOW TOttfittffaW1frqniiy.H "
LABD-rYeiTlirnpt 519 19M Ifcr"0'"
'good to prima Btes.nJ.T i,nj6 lignal ttrs'ri
iiiuuc una ana orooping- n31 sniwj ,
Cincinnati Market—Jan. 18.
- 7 ,
OOHX FirffL AQdia. demand Afc SSo. but j- ini
heldAtSOCr&t the clote..? r .. . 4
" - - - f- I - -1h1m;uIl1(1 aA S aaV
KYrHeiailrmiy.atai 401 hnm.
BABEr-mTJBOhangetlt fcwatirdeaaj2 2iI
2 35 ; ower grades fi .Kd-it aaof l,oe
lime; no casa pu jers, .
W Histti-rirn
ftpmnhaio V., (tin.
,?fI.AKI At 19?
uAi hi eidl -nd .rianoa
l. n hlna J oi evaa .:de
aT5i-r-12(;zJaIc "Or inooiaers ,
cleaco;Uesda-100r0TJ0iJe cleaeiribbelllt
.a5l5Ke,.aUejrst balfof Februwy,ui4,Da
40,000 lbs clear at joo o
lbs clear at J5340 on apoUi j
BACON Flrrrf 13
3.a ior .suouiuen -r
ior .anouiae
erate.t.ndt anil Jjh1 lauoij-ri. idi ;vnjall
i BLTfiPpiSrMJtai-.attivoT) erlJ adov.
'X CHKESE-Sn C'!'flertftna'itf2ft1
, i GROeKBtfiSrm 'and tn'. sWT df-1
land rrties3iathbdiaar;.a2a4JrallrT
offee ia t,o denw .salM-ralft-aaSi allii
JFL"J aavaa aweatatw - vjsu "W . VOa ws . - r w
4 PETB0IJEUlnBlrriif:a5937b Iftiw
f b -Vrw fcn.
Cleveland Market—Jan. 18.
!f FKaDIit!aa eafly airiejl,,11?
yx x whlt .a;iial:)UJaiaWI:u,
S9 50Q9 7oVJL,Jli wtifSaWQKWWoU
XX8pr1iig.7 7B8 OD; cou'ntrjr irmtrteyX Y jfanx
red janffgmbef t7 ,SO8'pQy spring,"
$7 007.6XSwijRe-s5 -86Wi6V Jr"Sfno,i
,'lWHWATT5li:bntteily;.tIoii l"helFi
. rre. XTr. A rlr. -. at CO7l OK . mA .XIa a anArf
. ea i u, u-yA uviasf.4tfyy,Hrayeaaiar.w aMvru
X COlfN--Qnieif buPflrmer- at the close ;
held at 6970c for new shelled. . ...
talei at 63c for No., feit Ila ,nwob Jt ibtm
wBABXKY-DnU aadiajaomlnarWMom ao
2 051 fof ,orjljcAnsdn5 44UBeneield' at:joan
$1 70175.rjf jirfHaoiti! w--b mrt
hTPBTKOtEtTM very firm r andievjBrishfc J fea'7
holdewTOklng 32(33b or car lotisj- which,, j-c.
Is above tha views el boyere and tiapsac-r
tfonaaremijrti-ili.vi e:ll a iIimw guiiwoii-r
" f '
Chicago Market—Jan. 18.
etraat5006-75.i-?"' VrX,
1 WHEAT Quiet1 Bard te Bade firmer. 0""1
sales of No.latm8l'J;.ndN,ae -at
12I ia;; closlo,at.,l r2lfJ2!,7-) ew
tor No. 2.: Sales this afternoon at 91 -,0t ,A
COKN-i-Steady; at 55c for'NoV S kila' .., .
dried: J51fe62Ko r inew,.ncl-:47fg48o3f, s .
tor, no grader closing atiB262e ov nt nr
new, knd.4747Kc for,n,Or.graae;-.Sae.ofaiJ w
new, tor future delivery, 53c.; Kothipg do- .mi
ing this afteroeoni A
OATS-H0pned ouiet and easier out 'sub-1 01 eI
apquentlyiiiecame firmer, n And , clootd; atv.r-w ew
r Bf E-DnUt 1 16 for No. l, and ii 1$, esil.a
fovNo.2i..o l- .-if... i . ".
BAKLi!r;--DuU' .al of No.; at !"urt,7
tl 641 65. closing nominal at $1 64. -'' t;.od.i
DRESSED HOGSr-Flrmer, and higner;; U -sales
at til 5012 60; .closing at . 12 00(3. r, ,Loi '
12 50. dividing on 200. ; v V" , ,
':XIVE HOGS-Iolliand omrnaIlyiin'w10
changed; sales at $9 3310 50 for common ,!"ia?-t
to choice. , f .. . , ,7 -,'(, ! rfr: iiiJiifnoa ml
Toledo Market—Jan. 18.
i FLOUR Dull. ".Yl" . A
' i w he AT Dull and lower? TTo 1 white1 p'
do stller, February, at $173.
f. - CORN Unchange'd; , new
an Vl-us; emper nomtaal kt ! 70;"
fiii'l j.f.i li"fi
oc;- new -xoB-j tyt 1 1
jected 61cr new yellow 65
new iso i. seuen seoruar
No 1, seller) tehrnaryi at .' " n ,a'
ITS Unchanzed: Michlzan. !B7c; re-? '
OATS Unchaazed: Michliran. 167c:
Jecteil 155c.' " . f,f!..,-,a .Si V st;Ji:v Yt
-,-CLOVER SXElV-FTrlto; held 25elgher.
DRESSED HOGS Lower; eales at 12 to ' w
liKc. j J.r.r -.fjfti r T l oe.-.i.nmin 1? .
. ! (.i : ii ... ') 3eO.il iU aluaT
St. Louis Market—Jan. 18.
FLOUK Dull and anchenged. r , Jrn ac til
WHKQutetitttl OpB u.o.j
OATS Advance to- 8ti2e. eat i haul o.iJal
BYEr-Little better at 1 27 (jSJ 28, o) a. oa
BARI.13V TTnchaneed. ' . . . ,
.HISKy Higbv-atsec;-"1 "'"IT"
' - nn-r-, a-rt T i-t "e - I . - ia, in . rv r t v k
- !A - L'" ... -
fitU V 1S1U O X UXDTjr, Ti::su
Hnnrr m v, '
I UV ! wswai e aiawi - '
PORK 29 00. . (JiLa
lianir-nuuuaai, aiauu u lira ivr aicivaj. .
HOGS Unchanged at 9(10o."i' r-J woit
I -aaa in., in Tth HniJJ OI inno
St. Louis Market—Jan. 18. Buffalo Market—Jan. 18.
. ViniTRKIMIilna dnlnir . irri . - -
wtia saies six
rara nnw it 7Aa nn
track, i 'iuiv-
mBITT A f 00. Urinn 1W1 1
UX, , x . vol. Ul OW.V, AVW
do at voo aeuvereo.

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