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Ohio Legislature.
.In both Bontti tbe usual business of the
Presentation of petitions and memorial
tbo reports of, committee. and the reading
fvilll, wa bb usually heary.
In Stnate, quite an animated debate
fiprtitiff op Oh the resolution of Dr. GAis
wold, or Lorain, against the squandering
by Congress, of the publio domain. The
Dr, an ultra BadicaU- and representing
Oberlln-. found himself opposed by his par
. ty friends, who favored the large grants ol
lands by Congress to the Pacific and other
railroads. He, however, stood his ground
manfully, and his speech, showing tbe
. Immense grants to railroad, over two
hundred million acres, was a commenta
ry on the action, of tbe members of Con
gress voting tor them, that ought to make
their ears tingle with shame. The resolu
tions were ably supported by Messrs. Bbr-
kt, QoLDJMf, Dickkt and otheis, and were
opposed by Messrs. Borrows and Kkifkr
. On their passage, they were supported by
nearly everv Democratic Senator and bv
DUt lew ot ue Republicans.
Among tbe betltions. was a welt drawn
one setting forth the advantages of Lan:
caster for the location of tho new Peniten-
" tlary, which was ordered to be printed.
7 The bill ot Mr . Scribnbr, to change the
time of holding the first term of the Com
mon Pleas Court, In Wayne county, was
introduced, read three times, and passed
the Senate." ' "' "
In the JSbvse. a petition' for authority to
levy a tax to build a bridge over the Scio
to, near Chlfltcothe; a memorial from the
Burveyor ol Williams county for a law to
. authorize County Surveyors to take charge
Of the lines of true meridian, and a peti
tion for an act to reimburse Wm. Creath for
losses sustained In building a Union School
House in Defiance, were appropriately re-
Jerred.' - -'." 7,".",
Bills were passed to amend the act pre
erlblng Ute duties of Sheriff and Coro
ners ; to amend the act regnlatlng descents
and distribution of personal estates; and
to authorize tbe Commissioners of Wash'
lngton county to increase the tax levy for
general purposes and make temporary
transfers to the general county fund.
Teh bills were introduced.
Ohio Legislature. OHIO LEGISLATURE
Ohio Legislature. OHIO LEGISLATURE TUESDAY, January 19, 1869.
Tb PRESIDENT, called' the Senate to
viutl.il ten u VWCK.f,r, n ,-ftw . V.. ..-j;
Prayer by Eev. A. G. Byers, of Col um
bo. The Journal of yesterday was read ' and
approved. :" -.ii -.vta-i ;
The following bills were read the second
time and referred :
H. B. No. 413 For -the relief of Peter
- x riu(fr,.T j reasurer I v fllshlre town
ship, .Ysn Wert county. Referred to a
8t lect committee of two Messrs. Godfrey
and Carter. ' '
fl.:B. No. 487-To aothorlze the Com
mUilooers of Shelby county to apply cer
tain funds in the. connty treasury to the
completion of an infirmary In said county.
Befemd to a select committee of three
. Messrs. Berry, Evana and Winner.
K. B. Nr.- 9fiQ Tn mn,mA j
March Stb, 1835, to amend the act for the.
jiuuKuucut vi certain onenres therein
nind, passed March 8, 1831. Referred to
tbe Judiciary commlttte.
S. B.-No. 270 To amhnrlm fh- al
of an . additional Judge 61 the Court of
Till" 2 lue county ol Cuyahoga.
Kerema to the Judiciary committee.
No. 271--TO amend section ten of
ne icuorue Better regnls tion ot the r nb-
jic scnoois in cities, towns, Ac, passed Feb
ruary XI, 1848. Referred to the committee
on fechoota ami Rrhml T mnA
tt, B. No. 272 To prevent ' fraudulent
ri.u.w wcicia namea. neierrea to tbe
committee on Roads and Highways. i
8. B. No. 273 Supplementary to the act
to rtquire mortgages or bills of sale of
personal property to be deposited with the
township clerks, passed February 24, 1846
Jteferred to the Judiciary committee. ,r. ..
S.-B. No. 274 Authorizing and empow
ering the commissioners ol Pike county to
purchase a bridge across the Scioto river
In said county, now belonging to the Scioto
Bridge Company: Referred to the com
mittue of th' Wnole. '''" ' '
S.B-No, 275-To further Ueflne the du
ties of countJ! surveyors.- Referred to the
Judiciary committee.,., ....... , ,. ;.:
: 5,04 27 To repeal a certain act
therein named. Referred to the Judiciary
committeefex- ift j ir-M - - t
By Mr; GOLDEN Memorial from citi
zens ot Fairfield county, showing reasons
why tbe new Penitentiary, should be-located
at Lancaster in said county. Laid
on the labia to be printed. "
, By Mr. DANGLER Resolutions of the
Board of Trade ot Cleveland In favor of
rate of interest on special contract not x
ctedlng lo per cent. ' Rtferred to the com
mittee on Finance. ::..- "
Ry Mr, HUTCHESON Memorial from
Sarah Hanneman, ot Columbus, for a home
tor unfortunate females. Referred to the
committee on Benevolent Institutions.
attorneys at law ot Cleveland for an aet to
authorize the employment of phonographic
reporters in the Courts cf Common Pleas
and District Courts of Ohio. Referred to
tbe Judiciary committee.'; - i -i ... -;ar i
By Mr. JAMISON Petition . irom 40
citizens ot Warren county, against the re
peal af an act passed January 12. 1829. or
any amendmentof our present interest law.
Relerred to tbe Flnanee committee. . . .
S. B. No. 286. it Mr. 8CKIRXT;tTa
change the time Qt holding the first term of
me connoi uraoon 1'ieas lor tle year 1869,
in Wayne county. Read the first time, and
also tbe second time under a suspension of
the constitutional rule, and rtferred to a
aeiecrcjujmiM.ee oi one Mr. HCMDner, who
rei orted the same back and recommended
it passage. The constitutional rnle was
then suspended, and 8. B. No. 286 was read
the third time and passed.. J; ., , , ...
Mr. KE1FEE offered a joint resolution
extending tbe privileges ot tbe State Lit
braiyto the Corresponding Secretary of
ice siate joara oi Agriculture.
Mr. CARTER moved to refer the resolu
tion to the committee on tbe State Library,
Which, alter discussion, was put and lost.
Tbe resolution was then adopted by a
vote wf 24 yeas to 3 nays. .
Messrs. POTTS and COREY were granted
indefinite leave oi absence
On motion of Mr. EVERETT, H; B. No.
7, by Mr. Hill, of Erie Supplementary to
the act to provide for locating, establish
ing and constructing ditches, drains and
water courses, passed March 27, 1861, Ac,
was taken from the table and' relerred to
tbe Judiciary committee, r r-.-r.-,.
On motion of lit. KE1FER, S. B. No. 90,
by Mr. Keifer To amend sections 176,
- 177 and 170 of the act lor the settlement oi
estates of deceased persons, passed March
23, 1840, waa taken from tbe table and re
ferred to tbe Judiciary committee
On motion of Mr. HUTOHESON, S. B.
No. 69, by Mr. Butcheson To amend the
act for tbe inspection ot gas meters, fcc
was taken irom tbe table and referred to
. the special committee on that subject
Messrs. Hutcheson, Kanney scd Dangler.
On motion of Mr. SCR1BNER, the Sen
ate took a recess.,, u .i -
The PRESIDENT called tho Senate to
order at three o cluck. . u
un motion or Mr. UKiarvum senate
joint resolutions No. 64, relative to land
monopoly, and to grants of public lands to
rauroaaa, was laaen irom toe table, and the
question being on their adoption.
Mr. GR1SWOLD favor of the
resolutions, stating, among other tbinra.
that 250,000,000 acres of publio land hid
been granted to railroad and other corpora
tions mora territory than was contained
In New England,New York, Pennsylvania
and Ohio. There were .less, than 15,000
landed proprietors in ' Great Britain
Ireland. XU tendency la ihia contrj
ry, Jj'j'ff I t:-
was in the same direction. The object of
Government should be to give every man
a portion of the soil a home ot his own.
Mr. G'. referred ln strong terms to the
baleful pfcets f rafl road monopolies. ;-i
Mr. DICKEY offered an amendment to
the effect that the grants ot public lands
to corporations ought to be discontinued,
and the whole ot Such Jands be held a a
sacred trust to furnish homes tor actual
settlers, and for no other purpose.
The smendment was agreed to, and the
question being on the adoption ot the res
olutions as amended,
Mr. KEIFER objected to the resolutions.
, as being too broad in. opposing all grants
of publio lands to railroads and other cor
porations. He was in tavor of prudent
grants ot the public lands to these corpora
tions. ' - --
Mr. KEIFER concluded by offerlng' an
amendment, providing in substance that
no grants of public lauds should be made
to corporators unless lor charltabl? or be
nevolent purposes, or to furnish' access
to the public domain. .
Mr. GRISWOLD opposed the amend
ment.' Mr. DANGLER could not vote lor the
resolutions, even if amended as Mr. Kei
fer proposed. He would vote tor a reso
lution condemning the abuse of grants ot
public lands .to corporations, but not for
one condemning ail such grams. He moved
: a reference ot the resolutions to the com
' mlttee on Federal relations. - '
Mr. BEBRY thought the Senate might
as well dispose ot the resolutions now as
, at any other time. He spoke st length
against tbe policy of donating the rjublic
; lands to railroad corporations. He was
opposed to Mr. n.eirer'8 amendment.'
r -Mr. EVERETT was opposed to the pro
posed reference of the resolutions. T tie re
: should be a clear expression ot oplnton by
' this Legislature- on the subject ot grant
, of the public domain. Mr. E. was opposed
. w me penaing ameuqmeni ana tue pro
posed reference.
' Tbe. S-mate refused to refer the resolu
: ti )iig to the committee on - Federal Rela
: tions. -
The question being on agreeing to Mr.
KelferV motion to amend. -j
Mr. KEIFER made au argument in favor
oi nis amendment
Mr. GOLDEN proposed to amend the
amendment by striking out sll that related
toaccessto the public domain and support
ed bis proposition in some briet remarks.
He was in favor of the original resolutions.
air. ma x was also In tavor of the orig
inal resolutions, and made an argument in
their report. , .. .
Mr. YEOMAN spoke at some length
against the resolutions. .
Mr. GRISWOLD replied to objections
maae to me resolutions.
; Mr. GOLDEN'S motion to amend Mr.
K' iler's amendment was put and lost. '
. The vote was then taken on Mr. Keller's
amendment with the following result:
; - Yeas Messrs. Biggs, Burrows, Cimn
bell. Dangler, Keifer, King, Kraner, Linn,
Sleaman, Torrence and zeoman 11.
'Nays Messrs. Berrv. Brooks. Carter.
Dickey, Evans. Everett. Godfrey, Golden,
Griswold, Hutcheson. Jamison. Mav. On-
derdonk, Scriboer, Simmons and Winner-
IB. - -
So the amendment was not agreed to.
i The question being on the adoption ol
i:ne resolutions, as amended on motion cf
Mr. Dicker,
i Mr. BURROWS argued against the res
olutions. .
j After remarks by Mr; MAY. the vote on
the resolutions as amended was taken, with
ine loiiowiog result : -
Yeas Messrs. Berry, Campbell, Carter,
uickey, Dowdnev. Jiivans. Everett. God'
frey Golden, Griswold, Hutcheson, Jam!
. son. May, Onderdonk, Scribuer, Simmons
ana w inner 17. -u
Nats Messrs. Bises. Brooks. Burrows.
t Dangler, Keifer, King, Kraner. Linn, Sted-
i man, Torrence and leoman 11. '
, So the resolutions were adopted.
On motion of Mr. DICKEY, the Senate
' arjournea. t - - -
i. ;
. Prayer by Mr. Harris, of Columbus. -i:
' The journal was read aud approved. .
I The SPEAKER laid before the House a
communication from Geo. W.Hill, Official
Reporter, informing tbe House ot his sick
ness and detention at his home in Ash
land. ... , , . ...
' Mr. "NEAL -The' petition of Thos.'Mc
Neal and 747 other citizens of Ross countv.
., tor the passage of a law to authorize the
commissioners of Rocs county to lavy a tax
to bnild a bridge over the Scioto river east
or tne city or ;hiuicotbe: ' Kelerreu to
Mes8rs.Nra1 and Finley. ' L. ' .
., Mr. DENMAN The memorial of the
county surveyor of Williams county for
. the- passage of a law authorizing' county
Purveyors to teke charge of, keep in re
' pair and make alterations respecting the
lines of true meridian. ' Referred to Mr.
' Mr. HILL, of DefiaBoe The 'petition of
lion. a. B.lutiy ana 17U citizens of Den-
: ance county, for the passage of an act su-
toorieing tne vohra et Education of the
town of Defiance, to reimburse William M.
Creath for losses sustained iu the erection
of a Union School House In said town. Re-
, ferred to Messrs. Hill, of Defiance, and Den-
maOf-l -ii? i'- i'i (il 'jtc.o.'. ,'
J Mr. KERR, of Fsyette H. B. 415:: To
amend the third section of the act further
to prescribe the duties of Sheriffs and Cor
oners; parsed April 25, 1868 (O. L vol. 65,
p. 11 5, was read the third time, and upon
tbe passage of the bill the yeas and nays
were ordered and resulted yeas 63, nays
14. So the bill was passed. "
. Mr. ODEIJa H. B. 416 To amend sec-
. tion 17 of an act entitled an 'act regulating
descents and tne distribution ot personal
estates, passed March 14. 1853, wai read tbe
third time, and,- '.". i
,On motion of Mr. COCKER LL, the bill
.was recommitted to a select committee ol
one, with Instructions to amend as fol
lows: . .' -i.iJ : ' i
At tbe end ofsection 1, add "Provided,
that If the 'surviving husband shall have
.made lasting and valuable improvements
upon the lands of such deceased wife out
or his own means, be may receive compen
sation therefor out ot the estate."
The bill was so recommitted, and upon
being reported back, the amendment was
Mr. WOLF moved the recommitment of
' the bill with amendatory instructions, and
upon said motion the yeas and nays' were
demanded and resulted yeas 10, nays 63.
So the motion to recommit was not agreed
to. '.- - '.. .-' "-: ' ''
- Mr. BAKER moved the recommitment
ot the bill with instructions to. amend.
which motion was not asreed to -
; Upon the passage of the bill the yeas
and nays were ordered, and resulted yeas
bu. nays o. do ine dui was passed
Mr. RUKENBBOD H. B. No. 421 : . To
amend an act entitled "an act supplemen
tary to the act entitled an act to provide
for the creation and regulation of incor
porated companies in the State of Ohio,' "
passed May 1st. 1832 (O.L,vol. 64, 1867, p.
182), was read the third time, and
' On motion ot Mr. DENNIS, was recom
mitted to a select committee of one, with
instructions to amend, so as to make the
bill applicable to the incorporation of com
panies, lor tbe gathering, preserving and
vending of ice. , .. . ,
Said bill was reported . back and the
amendment agreed to. " "
The question being on the passage of the
. bill, the yeas and nays were ordered and
resulted, yeas 76; nays 8 so the bill was
Mr. WOLF moved that the vote where
by the bill was passed be reconsidered, for
the reason that the ice companies of Cin
cinnati would combine under it and erect a
monopoly which would prove disastrous
to the consumer. - .
-. Mr. CRIST favoreda reconsideration for
the same reason, and stated that the agents
of the Cincinnati Ico Companies were
here lobbying for the enactment of just
' sucn a law. -....,:
. Mr. DENNIS defended his amendment,
and opposed a reconsideration.
Mr. SHERWIN opposed a reconsidera
tion. . ,
Pendln&r the discussion upon this motion.
On motion of Mr. BUELL, the House
took a recess, - ; - -'
The question being' upon the motion to
reconsiuer me -vote wnereDy -. the llouse
passed H. B. No, 421, , s. : ..,,. ..a-.
Tbe further discussion upon the merits
of the motion was participated in by
Messrs. Wolf, Hughes ot Butler, Crist and
Skaats, pro, and Sherwin coju .
-, Upon said motion the yeas and ran
were demanded and had, resulting as fol
lowsyeas lo,- nayc ja. ) oo tbe vote was
reconsidered. .. . y ,
! The veto by'which' M"r.' Dennis' amend
. ment was agreed to was then- reconsidered
and th same rejected, n -u -.! ;-a; -.i ;
The question recurring upon the passage
of the bill, the yeas and nays were had and
resulted yeas 4S, nays 35. So the bill was
lost. ' s -! '" - ,; '"." ''
..it t :
Mr. HE ADLEY. on leave, recorded his
vote in tbe negative on H,B. No. 403: To
define and limit the powers of cities of .the
nrst class In the leasing or purchasing ot
real estata for city purposes. .
On motion "of Mr. COCKE RILL, the
vote whereby H. B. 421 was lost, was re
considered, and said bill was laid 'on the
Mr. BUELL, H.B. 427 To authorize tho
commissioners of Washington county to
increase ine levy oik tne taxable property
of that connty tor general purposes, and
to iransier temporarily Irom other funds
to the general county fund, was read the
third time.
Mr. SCOTT, of Warren, thought the
provisions of the bill were unconstitu
tional. i Mr. LEE held to a similar opinion.
' Messrs. HUGHES, ol Butler, and POND
cited similar laws on tbe statute books.
Ou the passage of the bill, the yeas and
nays were had and resulted yeas 68, nays
13. So tbe bill was passed.
Mr. C ALLEN" moved that the vote
whereby the House passed H. B 493, on
yesterday, be recoLsidered. Said bill being
the one In reference to restricting the city
council of Cincinnati,- in the- leasing or
purchasing of real estate for city purposes.
Mr. Chllen claimed that the parties intcr-f-sted
should be beard, and therefore be de
sired a reconsideration for their benefit. " j
; Mr. CRIST, of Hamilton, opposed tbe re
consideration, and asserted that the action
of the House in passing said bill would be
sustained by 9-lOths ot the citizens of Cin
cinnati. He charged that the council were
engaged in a fraud upon tbe city finance.", t
Mr. HILL, ot Defiance, deplored suclf
hasty legislation and favored a reconsider
ation, .v.
. Mr. SKAATS hoped the House would
not rescind its action, as the legislation
was necessary to protect the people of his
city from outrage at the hands of tho.
Council. '
- Mr. WOLF deprecated the charge of
corruption which had been brought against
the Council of Cincinnati without a parti
cle of proof, and opposed the reconsidera
tion of the vote. .
Mr. ACKER opposed the motion to re
consider, for the reason that be had no
cause to believe as yet that his vote in fa
vor oi the measure bad been given incon
siderately. Mr. ODELL thought that tbe House had
acted hastily, and that both sides should
be beard.
Mr. BALL was in favor of letting the
people of Cincinnati take care of them
selves, and was, therefore, opposed to any
Mr. BORDEN, of Hamilton county, fa
vored a reconsideration because tbe bill
was a reflection upon the honesty of the,
officials of Cincinnati. ' The law and . the
courts would protect bis people from an
imposition such as charged. If he had
been present be would have opposed the
harried passage of the bill.
: After a prolonged discussion the yeas
and nays were demanded and ordered up
on motion of Mr. Callen, and resulted as
follows : yeas 36, nays 64. So the House
relused to reconsider. M.
i Mr. HUGHES, of Butler H. B. 496:
Supplementary -to an act to authorize
County Commissioners to construe' roads,
of petition' of a majority ot resident land
owners along and adjacent to the line of
said road, ana to rt-peal an act therein
named. (O. L., Vol. 64, p. 80.
! Mr. SCOTT, of Warren H. B. 497: To
amend section three of an act entitled '-an
act to authorize County Commissioners to
lay but and establish free turnpike roads."
and repeal certain acts therein named, pass
ed and took effect April 15, 1867.
Mr. STEWART H. B. 493: Proving for
tbe care and maintenance ol improved pub
lic roads and abandoned turnpikes.
Mr.CARPENTER-H.B 499: To amend
the 23d section of an act entitled "an act
fur the incorporation of townships."
; Mr. SHERWIN H. B. 500: To amend
sections 1, : and 3 of an act entitled an
act to punish and suppress prize fighting,
passed March 19. 1868. Ohio Laws, vol.
65, pp, 29, 30 and 31 ' , . ;
Mr. BAKER H. B. 501: To provide for
the keeping in repair of gravel or macada
mized roads heretofore or hereafter con-'
structed under the laws of the State of
Ohio, and to authorize County Commis
sioners to convert such of said roads as
charge and receive toll into free roads. r- '
Mr. JONES H. B. 502: To -authorize the
conveyance of a certain lot heretofore ded
icated for cemetery purposes, to be con"
veyed to tbe Board oi Education of Lima
Union Schools, to be used tor schools and
school houte purposes, and to repeal an act
therein named. . . . r
Mr. SKAATS H. B. No. 503: To give
protection and support to minor children
when neglected or deserted bv their father. -
MrCANN AN H-B. No. 604 : Amend-
atory of the act entitled an act to provide
for the taxation of bank shares and bank- -ers,
passed April 16, 1S67 (Ohio Laws. vol.
64. p. 204.) ; . ..... . .
' Mr.. WARREN H. B.' No. 605: To'
amend section 3 of an act providing for '
the punishment of crimes, passed March 7,
1S67. - --'- ' . ; .v .io
A number of bills" were, reported back
from committees aud appropriately dis
posed ol. . - ..' -
1 On motion of Mr. MOORE, of Hamilton,
H. B. 179 was taken from the table and re
ferred to tbe committee on Municipal Cor-'
porations. ..' .
On motion of Mr. ACKER, the House
[Official Report—Supervised by the Supreme
Court Reporter.]
TUESDAY, Jan. 19, 1869.
' Hon. Luther Day, Chief Justice ; Hor,
William White, Hon. Jacob Brinkerboff,
Hon. Josiah Scott and Hon. John Welch, .
Judges.- Ik J. Critcbfleld, E-q.,' Reporter.
No.' 26. William M. Armstrong v. Spen
cerSpears. Motion for leave to file peti
tion in- error. ' - ' ., : . .
Bt the Court held : " "
1. The "ofler to compromise," provided
for In section 493 of tbe Code; and the "of
fer to confess judgment," provided' tor In
section 498, cannot properly be made in the
answer In an action, but. to be effectual
must be made as follows: The ''offer to
compromise," in a separate writing, to be
served as prescribed in section 493; and
the'"offer to confess judgment,? in open
court, in the presence of the plaintiff, or in.
pursuance of tbe notice to him prescribed
in section 498. -'.- ''
2. The averment in an answer that tbe
defendant, on a day named, tendered to
the plaintiff a specified sum as being the
amount equitably due to him on his al
leged causes of action, and that tbe plaintiff,
refused to receive the same: and that the
delendant, ever since that time, has been
and still Is ready and willing to pay the
plaintiff the sum tendered with interest
from the day It was made, and now oilers
to conle8s judgment therefor; is not gocd
either as aiv"offer to oomi romise," under
Sec. 493 of the Code, or as an ''offer to con
fess judgment," under Sec. 498, because not
made in the manner prescribed in those
sections.' Motion overruled. '
No. 31. Jacob Lambert v., James Mus
tard it al. - Motion for leave to file petition
in error to reverse, the judgment of the
District Court of Hardin county affirming
tbe decision of the .Common Pleas. .
By the Court held:
1. It Is competent for the Court of Com
mon Pleas, under section 634 of the code,
part 3, on motion, to modify, at a subse
nue'nt term, the entry of a verdict and
iudzmcnt in a civil action, so as to show
J . - i t r.. 1
CUat ine juugujeuii w, m Arab, iciiucicu
on June 16th, though not recorded until
the 19th; and that an undertaking for a
second trial ot the case, executed, approv
ed and filed on the 16th. was so executed,
approved and filed, alter the judgment was
pronounced and the second trial was al-
2. On such motion parol evidence is ad
missible. .. .. ;r., -v -,
Motion overruled. ' '- - ' -"
No. 22. The Slate ex reU Nevins & Myers
v. Tne Commissioners of Printing. Man
damus.'. Motion to make new parties over
ruled. No. 25. The Board of Education of Union
township, Clinton county, v. Amos flocket.
Leave to file petition in error relused.
No. 30. The Passenger JR. R. Co. v. Isaac
Young.' Leave granted t o file pettion in
error. , i t . .
-No. 31. The City of Clnclnnati'v. Grove
j; Penny. Leave granted to .file" petition
in error. ,,.' - ,
No, 33. ' The City of Hamilton t. James
A. SweeU Leave granted to file petition
in error. ' ,
No. 44. ; Perry Bechtle-v. The tate of
Ohio. Writ ot error refused. '
. No 46. Lewis Davis v. The State of
Ohio. ; Writ of error refused.
Adjouned till Thursday at 10 o'clock.
WASHINGTON. The France-American Cable.
Senators had a conference this morning
relating to tbe landing of the Franco
American cable, but c.amo to nojconcluslon.
Ohio River Bridges.
The" House committee on roads and ca
nals will to-mojrow examine witnesses for
the purpose et ascertaining whether bridg
es over the Ohio river are constructed in
accordance with law, and are obstructions
to navigation. -
Gen. Grant to the Negroes.
This morning the committee of the Col
ored Men's National Convention recently
in session in this city, called on General
irant, by appointment. Mr. Langston.
chairman ot the committee, addressed the
.General, who replied as follows : -
I thank the Convention of which you
ire tbe representative, for the confidence
;'chey have exercised, and I hope sincerely
.hat the colored people may receive eve
'rv protection which the laws give them.
fhey shall have my tfforts to secure such
; protection. They should prove, by their
icts. their advancement, prosperity and
. iDeuience to tne laws, wortny ot au pnv
lieges the Government has bestowed on
them, and by their future conduct prove
.themselves deserving of - all they now
claim. -' ' e ;
WASHINGTON, January 19.
; The President's reply to the resolution
,-ot inquiry relative .to tne amnesty procla
"mation was read. ' ,
Mr. ir.bU.KX expressed regret that the
President confined himself to the giving of
precedents, giving no nirnt upon tne ques
tion of the right of the Executive to grant
general amnesty. ' . , . t
On motion of Mr. SUMNER," the com
mittee on Foreign Affairs was discharged
Irom the consideration of the message ol
the President relative to affairs in Japan,
the appointment of Burlingame as Chinese
Ambassador, tne act probioiting our rep
resentatives abroad wearing diplomatic
costumes, the proposed amendment to tne
law regulating tbe coolie trade, and a res
olution to inquire into the designs of for
eign powers, as to their Governmental in
stitutions, on peopled this continent. '
Mr. CONKLING introduced a bill
amendatory of tbe act to protect the rights
ot actual settlers upon public lands, lie
ferred to the committee on Public Lands.
Mr. MORTON introduced a bill for tbe
reliel of the President and Directors of the
Terra Haute and Richland Railroad Com
pany. Referred to the Postoffice commit
tee. -
; Mr. COLE introduced a bill relative to
securities of National Banks. Referred.
Mr. THAYER offered the following Joint
resolution as an amendment to the Con
stitution : . . -
No male citizen of the United States,
twenty-one years of age and upwards.
shall be deprived 'ol the right to vote at
any election neia Dy tne people oi tne
United States, for National, State or mu
nicipal officers, or for Representatives in
Congress, unless guilty ot- crime ot which
be has been duly convicted by law." The
resolution was laid on table. ...
The Senate resumed consideration of the
copper bill.
.After some amendments the bill passed,
all Senators present voting in the affirma
tive except the following: Messrs. Davis,
Dixon, K erry, r essenaen. unmes. fllcuree'
ry, Sumner. Trumbull, Van Winkle, Viet
ers and White. - , - - ' - -
Mr. HOWARD moved to take up the
Central Branch of the Union Pacifiii rail
road bill.- ''' ' v
Mr. EDMUNDS moved to take lip his
resolution in regard to the payment of tbe
.National dent. '
Mr. CONNESS moved an Executive
session, which was had at 4:45, and soon
after tbe senate adjourneav - .
The House resumed consideration of the
bill reported by Mr. Ashley, ot Ohio, from
the committee of Territories, to preserve
the purity ot elections in tne several or
ganized territories. . .. i
Messrs. Cavanaugh," Burleigh, Cbilicot
and Bash ford argued in opposition to the
bill a being unnecessary aud uncalled for.
Mr. ASHLEY, of Ohio, advocated and
defended it.
Mr. PHELPS offered an amendment.
providing for tbe representation of minor!
ties and argued in defense of the proposi
tion. The amendment was rejected. The
bill passed.' It provides for the appoint
ment of four Commissioners in each conn'
iv. two from ; each 'political party, and
makes detailed provisions for the conduct
ot elections. '
The House then proceeded to business on
tbe Speaker's table, and disposed thereof
as follows: , .
Senate concurrent resolution, appointing
a committee to revise and fix the pay of
officers of both Houses- Passed. .
n Senate subst itute for House bill amenda
tory ot the act relating, to habeas corpus,
and repnlatini? ludicial nroceedinrs in cer
tain Cases. The substitute 'provides for a
transfer from, the State to the Federal
courts of suits brought against express.
railroad, steamship companies, etc., i'or the
loss of property in transitu,' caused by the
late war. After discussiontne substitute
was agreed to. " '
Senate bill, granting iancis ana right ot
way to the Denver faoinc rtauroaa lom
panv. An amendment to tbe bill was of
fered in the shape of a: new section, that
no subsidy in bonds be issued tor a greater
length of road-than fifty-four miles from
the previously compietea terminus ot tne
road, and nothing in it shall be construed
to authorize the eastern division company
t operate or fix the rates of tariff tor the
Denver Pacific Railroad and Telegraph
Company. - .. ..,
jar. MA iwakli inquirea wnetner tne
bill could be considered alter the resolu
tion passed yesterday on motion, of Mr.
Holman. -i. i
The SPEAKER said that was a question
for the House and not tor the Speaker.
Mr. PRICE remarked that tbe House
misrht as well, eh this bill as on any other,
fight the battle as to subsidies in bonds and
monev. He presumed there 'was no ob-.
jection to letting the matter be fully dis
cussed. . . .
. Mr. WALKER offered an amendment In
favor ot making the point ol junction the
Cheyenne wells.'- '
Mr. LAWRENCE, of Ohio, offered an
amendment - providing that tbe lands
granted should be sola only to actual set
tlers, in quantities not xceeoing one
fourth section, and at not more than $2 50
per acre, - i-
A long debate ensued on the propriety
of recommittlug the bill, which terminated
in the refusal 32 to 15, to recommit.
Mr. JULIAN offered anamendment to
the same effect. "..,' ., .. ,:
Mr. LOGAN offered an amendment pro
viding that lands granted shall be subject
to entry at the Government land office at
$2.50 per acre, the money to be deposited
in the treasury- of the United States as a
sinking fund for redemption or purchase
ot bonds of the Company; also, that instead
of the issue of bonds of the United States,
the United States guarantee Interest on the
bonds of the Company to tbe amount ot
dollars per mile, and that in the event
ot tbe Company tailing to pay the interest
when due, the Government .shall have the
right to take possession of the road.. .
Mr. DELANO offered an smendment
that no subsidy in bond s shall be issued
under this act to the Union Pacific Company
Eastern divison until the company shall
lurnlsh evidence to tbe President of !)he
United States that it will within a certain
period complete its line by way of Denver,
so as to form a connection with the Union
Pacific road near Cheyenne by the shortest
route. " r
The bill an amendments were ordered
printed. ' .
Mr. i PRICE, chairman of the Pacific
Railroad Committee, said he had been in
a ructed by the committee to have the bill
put upon its passage, but be wa himsell
onnosed to it. There was, however, one
eood thine connected with It. The men at
Denver were building tbe road from Den
ver to make a connection with the Union
Pacifie railroad, and were doing it with
their money : and they asked by this bill
the transler of lands granted lor that pur
pose to the Pacific- railroad, Eastern di-
Via lot), DUt KJiam uu tuusiujr - a nc ucm iui
a subsidy had been, he was informed, put
in the bill in the Senate by those not really
interested in -the construction of tbe road.
The bill came from the -Senate as a double
ender.i His friend, Mr;. Washburne, sug
gested that one end be taken off. It the
subsidy cvas taken out it would be a mer
itorious .bill, but with It In it was an ex
ceedingly objectionable one. ,., .
Mr. TWASHBURNE, of. . Illinois, ad-,
dressed tbe House in opposition. He
claimed that in subsidy m.d n privilege
of issuing first mortgage bonds, the Union
Pacific, son there'di vision, road had been
aided to Xbe amount of $85,846,000, or the
equivalent ot 89 615 per mile, for which
the highest possible estimated cost was
$30,000 per mile, giving a real profit ol
s.S46,uuu, ana mat tne- roaa was Dadiy
located and poorly built.
Destructive Fire.
ELMIRA, N. Y, Jan. 18.
A fire In the vlllaar of AnsrelIcs7 AIle
gbeny county. New York, this morning.
destroyed a considerable - portion of the
village, including dwellings, stores, offices,
shops and barns. All the buildings de
stroyed were of wood. The amount of the
loss and insurance Is not ascertained.
BOSTON, Jan. 18.
Henry W.'Oswall, a book keeper.' has
disappeared with a considerable sum ot
money, alleged to beloDg to the estate ol
his late employer, recently deceased. Os
wald was one of the bail for Wormald, the
pugilist. ' - ,
Judge Vase, Associate Justice of the Su
preme Court, died yesterday. . - -
South Carolina Legislature.
COLUMBIA, S. C., Jan. 18.
The Legislature to-day passed a bill
amending the State police act, by giving
the Governor authority to increase the
ftirce to whatever he may deem necessary.
They also passed an act to establish a State
Orphan Asylum. .. - --
Florida Senatorship.
A resolution passed the House to-day to
enter upon the election of United States
Senator to-morrow. It was sent to the
Senate, where It was defeated and a mo
tion to reconsider the vote also lost.
Lynch Law.
Lynch Law. CHICAGO, Jan. 19.
On Saturday nleht 100 armed men from
Plumb Creek, Fremont county, Iowa, broke
Into the jiil in Sydney and took out Jack
son and Norton, who murdered Holloway
at a dance In his hotel, on Thursday, and
hung them to a tree, over a mile distant
from the town.
New Railroad.
HARTFORD, Jan. 18.
! Hartford voted to-day. 200 veas to 80
nays, to subscribe $250,000 to the stock of
the Connecticut Western Railroad Compa
ny, in addition to '$500,000 already sub
scribed. This insures the construction of
the road, which will be put under contract
in the spring, and is to connect this city
with tbe Hudson river and give us a new
route to the West, much shorter than any
route existing. Tbe road will be completed
in July, 1S70. - .
UTICA, Jan. 18.
! Bostwick'8 Block, In Lowville, Lewis
county, containing several stories, was
burned on Sunday. Loss $40,000;- in
sured. ' - .-
A fire at Leroy, Minn., this morning,
burned four blocks. The principal losers
are W Hayes, W. A. Gilson, C. Smith, and
Carbot & Allen. Loss $50,000.
Schurz Elected Senator.
ST. LOUIS, Jan. 19.
General Carl Schurz was elected United
States Senator this morning. The entire
Radical vote of both Houses was? cast for
him. nThe Democrats voted for John S
Phelps. ,
Missouri Legislature.
. In the Legislature yesterday two con
current resolutions were introduced in
structing our Senators and requesting our
.Representatives in tjongress to vote for the
repeal or the tenure ot ornce act, also aeon
current resolution instructing Senators and
requesting Representatives to vote for an
amendment of. the Constitution' of -the
United States by which naturalized clti
zen-t can become eligible to the office of
A fire at Macon, Missouri, on Sunday,
destroyed the bat and furlstore of Hilde-
brand & (Jrumton, and the hardware store
of William Sages. Total loss $16,000, insured
in the Enterprise, ot Cincinuati, and
uome, oi JNew xiaven, ior vzuu.
Kansas Legislature.
In the Kansas Legislature, yesterdav.
a resolution to allow negroes to vote was
Indefinitely postponed. A concurrent res
olution asking U. S. Senator Ross to re
sign, was laid over. A memorial to Con
gress was passed, asking the Senate to
pass Mr. Clark's bill, which passed the
House of Congress,, giving settlers , the
privilege to buy certain Osage land.
Nebraska Senatorship.
The Republican caucus of the Nebraska
legislature, up to Saturday - night, had
failed to nominate a candidate for. U. S.
Senator. Tbe last caucus was to have been
held last night. Mr. Tipton, present in
cumbent, polls the highest .vote, and.Gov.
Baker tne next nignest.
The Indians.
'A Hsvs City, Kansas, dispatch of yester
day says a eourier from Fort Dodge brings
a report from General toheridan that bands
of Indians have lately been seen near that
post, and that they drove in the mail car
riers on Saturday. He thinks unusual vig
ilance should be exercised by residents of
ranches and settlements along the border.
Spotted Horse, a prominent Cheyenne
Chief; . is one of the band. His sister is a
captive at Fort Hayes. John , Smith, the
interpreter, thinks they will ' endeavor to
capture along the Saline and Solomon and
Detween Fort llarker ana ijouncii urove, a
number uf whites to exchange foi the fifty
three Indian womeu and children now in
our hands. : :' V
Chicago Items.
CHICAGO, Jan. 19.
: This morniner Alex. Ramsev was re
elected U. S. Senator from Minnesota by a
majority of 39 over C. W. Nash (Demo
crat )
At McGregor, Iowa, this morning, E.
Wright, druggist, while making change
for a woman who had been making some
purchases, was struck on the head by a Dc.
Miller, who had subsequently entered the
store, and also attacked by the woman.
Before assistance arrived the safe had been
robbed. " Mr.: Wright was very seriously
wounded on' the head and stabbed in the
side. Lynch law is threatened if the crim
inals are caught. ' ti. -: -- - - ; -
At noon to-day Joseph Grimm, a jeweler,
who lived at Blue Island, in this city,
while entering the'dining ball of the
Franklin House, intoxicated, fell dead in
an apoplectic fit. . . -
. Annie Shetlock, a middle aged woman,
was lound dead in her bed this morning,
in this city. A post mortem examination
proved that drunkenness was the eause.
CHICAGO, Jan. 19. Vote for Senator in Indiana---No
The House and Senate met at 12 o'clock
lor the election ot Senator. Cumback and
Hendricks were nominated. -In the Sen
ate, Cumback received twenty-two votes
Hendricks, 19; scattering, 9 no election.
In the House, Cumback received 48; Hen
dricks, 45; scattering 7 no election. They
meet to-morrow at 12 o'clock in joint con
vention, and vote again. . . ; i
ST. LOUIS, Jan. 19.
The grand jury of this county has found
a bill of Indictment against R. A. Watt,
former Comptroller of the city, charging
tiim with cnibtzzliug and converting to
bis own use, while an officer of the city,
$15 000 in bouds and coupons, amounting
to $80.4U0; also a biH against Jos. Defen
ders, prekcut City Comptroller, charging
him witU embezzling $29,183 belonging to
the city. t,
Fenton Elected Senator.
ALBANY, Jan. 19.
Reuben E. Fenton was to-day elected
U. S. Senator. The, vote in the Senate was:
Fenton lo; Murphy 10; TSandall i. cast Dy
Murphy:.. In assumby, Fenton 73;' Mur
phy 43.- 1 ' , ; ' . .
Sumner Re-Elected Senator.
BOSTON, Jan. 19.
1 The followiris Is the vote for U. S. Sena
tor in the House:' Sumner 216; Abbott 14;
Banks 1., In the Senate, Sumner 37; Abbott
1. Sumner is tnereiore re-eiectea.
Chandler Re-Elected Senator.
DETROIT, Jan. 19.
- Hon. Z. Chandler was to-day re-elected
to tne u o. oenajte . -
-ThVee negro roiliflamen, rwho last' week
outraged Mrs. MtGee and Mrs. Galloway,
were shot at Marion this afternoon by order
cf a court martial i? , -i , i.m t . "
Rogers Murder Case.
NEW YORK. Jan. 19.
There is nothing neWin the Rogers mur
der case. j - ' -
. The case of Judge Fullerton and Dtp
peny was called yesterday, but postponed
till Monday.
Harrison Shaw was convicted yesterday r
in tne L imeu aiates circuit uourt, ot per
jury, in making and r swearing to a -false
ami malicious affidavit against -CoHactor
Bailey. .
New Officials from Spain.
HAVANA, Jan. 18.
- A small army of Government officials of
all clashes nave arrived from Spain. Old
and tried public servants, many of them
native uuDans, nave been discharged to
make room for them. These removals have
caused mucn puoiic ieeling.. . ,
General Sturm.
General Sturm arrived in the steamer
from Mexico, and sails to-day for New
. Count Valmasido basofnciallv informed
General Dulce that he took possession ol
itayanio, tne neaaquarters ol tne insur
gents, on the!6th. The rebels, on retreat
ing, set fire to and totally destroyed the
Two Rebel Reverses.
Yalmasida reports that previous to the
occupation of Bxyamo he defeated the reb
els at Canto Del Embaricadro and Paso Rio
Salado. He adds that the rebel forces are
scattered in small parties over the country,
ana are supplying tnemseives witn pro
visions by pillage. Most of tbe bands are
retreating to the mountains.
Tbe official report ot the battle of Paso
Rio Salado states that the rebels lost 1201
killed, with a proportionate nnmber of
wounded. The loss of the Spanish troops
is not given. , . ,
Captain General's Proclamation.
The Diario says the proclamation of Cap
tain General Dulce has produced good re
sults in the central department of the
Island. . -
Attempted Assassinations.
The same paper reports that several at
tempts were made to assassinate Spanish
soldiers in tne streets oi Havana,
Montreal Items.
MONTREAL, Jan. 18.
Honorables Jno. Rose and Joseph Hows
arrived tins-morning. .
Customs revenue last week $32,890. .'
A man named McDonald has been ar
rested at La Chine, charged with commit
ting a lorgery In Connecticut last Novem
ber. -'.-,....-' ' '
TORONTO, Jan. 18.
The following Mayors were elected to
day : ti. M. liar man, or Toronto: M. Ureil.
of Hamilton ; Jno. Christie, of London
Wm. Robinson, of Kingston, and J, , B.
ureii, ot uttowa. t , : -; l ( i
During a street fight on Saturday a man
named Miles stabbed Wm. Williams three
times. Williams died this morning. Miles
is only seventeen years old.; He escaped
[From the Frankfort (Ky.) Yeoman.]
' WALCCTT McKEK Tn this eitr. an Thnra
day, at the residence of the Tide's mother, b j the
ti.er.,1. ieu. BiajDey, nr. hohd w alcott to
Mies Lizzib, aeoond dans' ter of the late Alexan
der R. AtcKee, V. S. Consul to Panama, all ot -tail
A ttendants D. C. Hardin and hiss Clonic Lab-
Dan : u. t. Meek, Jr., and Miss Addie Watson.
To the beautiful, lovely and accomplished
as well as to the whole-souled and gema grocm.
I well as to the whole-souled and gema groom, we
render our cordial wishes for a most 'brilliant and
happy future. May they glide down, the stream-of
. time in the "gallant craft of matrimony, a "two
souls with but a single thooRbt. two hearts that
New Advertisements.
- X2T Xbe Ohio States man has a
Career Circulation Sbasa any pa
per published In this City or Cen
tral Obio. Advertisers 'twill bear
this in mind. "
The Adams Express Company
nocking v alley xtaulrpad al : : . i
Orovepert, Winchester
i .V:
Carroll .
Xaaeastar) 1
And arc' prepared to receive and deliver matter at
the above towns at low rates,- ' - -
For information af ply to ... . ,
.-Mj.U;..RTr!E, Agent,
janM d3t . . 12 Broad street,
New Advertisements. NOTICE.
fore existing between tbe undersigned as pri
vate Bankers, under tbe firm name of Miller.
Reinhard A Co.. is this day by mutual consent dis
solved. Messrs. Keinrard, reiser and falkenraca
have Durchased the interest of Thomas Miller in
said partnership nd its business. sad. will py the
ueou ana iianme. toereoi. -r . .
Columbus, Ohio, January IS, 1S9. ' i ' '
Tbe ender'igned having purchased the interest
of Thomas Miller in the late firm of Miller, kein
'bard A Co.. private Bankers, will continue the
business of the old firm at the same place, under
the firm named Rfcld HARD A CO..
Columbus, Ohio, January 18. 1889.
roorrl ..' , ' J08HPH FALK.ENB1.CH.
'- janao dlw FRIED. FIESER .
. ,-. ... --'-of the ., ; '
' To Nos. 64 & 66 North Hlsrh Street, .
: COL-UM BUS, OHIO,". ...
..j; ... ' ( ; i.t ?
Andrews, Perry & - Co.,
; Also," every artlole connected vrith the Paper
business, including Writing; Printing and Wrap
ping Papers. Envelopes, Printer' Cards. Book,
News, Colored Inks. Ac ' - i janlS-dSwis
f; J No. 330 ; Broadway.
' Capital, : One Killion Collars.
. -. : ' ' . j
DakivsK Mahoi tt.Prest. Jas. MKsaiLi..Sec,7
' Receives Deposits and allows FOUR PER CENT
INTEREST on all Daily Balances, subjeot to check
st sight, bpeeial Depos.U for Six months or more,
. mav be made at five per cent. The Capital of On
Mi'lion Dollars is divided among over SflO Share
holders, comprising many gentlemen of large wealth
and financial experience, who are also personally
liable to depositors for all oblications of the Corn
pan to doubleloe amount of their capital stock
As the National Trust Company reoeives deposits
in large or small amounts, and permits them to be
' drawn as a whole or in pa t by cheek at sight and
without notice, allowing interest on alt daily bal
ances, parties throughout the eountry can keep ac
counts in thit Institution with speoial advantages
of security, convenience and profit. -"
re r-deol-dw24m , i. - : .
The Columbus and. Hocking. Val-,
,' ley .Railroad Company. i
Notice to Htockholdera,
- ; " ' 'TJoLTjatBDS. Ohio. Dec. 18tn.l8sa,-
i meeting of tbe .Stockholders of this Company
will be held at lu offioe, in the city cf Columbus
on Tues.lay. January tih, 186S. between tbe hours
of 10 'clock A. M. and S o'clock P. M.. at which
thirteen Dire tors for said Company wili be elected,
and ani,h other bjiaiuess transacted as mav b
.Amuiht before the, meet if g. . Stockholders arere
. minded Out the hvf provides that "after-ths frtt
: elecfen of Direotors, n person, shall vote a mt
'bare pn which any install ment is dae and anpaid."
" 1 deel-d3tasrtd-r , . u.i .a See' aud Tread
I NKKS' MKETINUS-Ths Board of Sohool
Examlnenof Franklin county meet at the Probate
uourl iuwhi on me jan rriuay ana catnrdav'
each raoath in the year.' Also, oa the second Fri
day and Saturday of the spting and fall vvrntas.
tlt-sU-.'.'.t'-' tui-i. JT .
Louise.) Payne Wray
publie of Columbus that eireunutaoem urtf
frbicb aha hfcd no control irTaBt-Mi hor ooenina:
the 8t(e Ktreet Theater on Satnrdaj UU h
takwa ARE WELL BENEFIT thit eTenior. as
sisted br Misi Aria Wrr, Miss Dalle Thomas (first
appearance in l.elnnftae), M,s Kos Le. to
Moekinc Bird; IrJonnor Bejd. Champion Jig
Dancer of AnH-nca; Oultn Oebert. Paanini of
America; Joe Main, the Colnmbos faToriieJTon
Claanne, H yiiat n(tt)aii,diait; Johnny Kurja.
the Cbatopion Ctna: Daneer.
Fremiomewiu e awarded on this oocasion only.
For partiealan tee email billa. ' '
This is the last time abe will sail on uaforniri.
as she intends isiin foreign climes. '
boi, giTe berikbampet. . , it J-mM dlt
Tbnraday- and Fr day, Jan. 21 aad tZ,
With an Entire Chanted I'n aramme and aarer-
al - new artists. kTerthinc new nri orir'nal.
book oat for the Greatest of Linns: l-omedians.
L' ...... . m . T -1. f - v. . i i -J ; kt : i. l.
Ned West, and ilaster Bobby.
Doors open at 7. Commenoins; at I o'eloek pre
cisely. - -
Admission, 35 and au : Keserred Beats 75o.
- - N 1). Kobkbts. Manager.
Janl7-d6t. - .
rtdevNts composition. We have thousands upon thou.
U bat arslenTak (!
ProHably two thirds of tbe adult population of
the Dritei States indn'ie, more or less, in bar
room st mutants. Hot alcoholio bereiages are ha
bitnally imbibed by thousands of people in the
winter months "to keep out the eold." The alco
holio material of all these drinks is more or less
ptitonoui, and is rendered all the more deleterious
in eonsequenoe of being taken ware. '
Avoid these dangerous excitants.. Sbnn, as yon
would shun the deadliest drug, all tavern ttimm-
lat.t. They paralyse the digestion, congest the
liver, disturb the natural notion of the kidneys, ir
ritate the bowels, shatter the neiTes.aad impair the
reason. t&q
The operation of HOSTETTER'S STOMACH
BITTERS is diametrically opposite to this. , Thex
spur no organ into unnatural activity ; but they
tone and regulate all. If -the digestion is feeble;
they awaken the dormant energies of tbe stomach.
and promote tbe work of assimilation. If the liver
is sluggish and torpid, they regenerate it. If the
kidnejs fail to perform tneir functions properly.. .
tney are regulated wituout being irritated. If tbe
bowels are eanstipated. the peristaltic action i-
moderately increased, and the discharges beoome.
natural and regular. If tbe nerves arc tremulous.
they are strengthened. It the mind is clouded, the -BITTERS
tend to disperse the gloonw
These are tbe effects of. tbe great -vnrwFAStsi
tonjc and cOBBtcrivs. which for twenty .years'
has been a staple medicine in this country, and tbe
demand for which steadily increases ia all parts of
the Western Hemisphere, t:1 ' " ,' ,
It is not offered as a btvtrag. hat as a wudieln,
nor will it ever be used to satisfy a cravinaforal
eoholio stimulants, becsraiUffetta toJUetno4'
to create, a false appetite for excitants'. ' The ohsni
p'ons of temperance will do well to mark this pccml.
iarity. and to recommend it a the only safe pscpoy
tion containing aleohd, that can be used for medjlc
Inal purposes. - - -' ' ' ,u-
J mayWdeudAwly-gif-B "' ' - -
', ' . ill." '
Ay el's ' CatIiakrtiOi -HQs,.
(ho'lporpoaea of m laixattv
.--. -.' - U J V - 1
' '' Perhaps no one medl.,
cine is so nnivenailv re- -
a aired by. evervbody as
i J cathartic, nor wras ever
any oeiore so universal
ly adopted into- tssev ia
,,, every country andamona' '
r ail classea, a this saild i
but efficient purgative-
put. The obvious rea-
son is, that st is a mors re-
naoie ana iar more eneo
tual remedy than aay
other. Those who have'.
tried it, knnw that K enrtxi them; those who have i
not, know that it cures their neighbors and friends,
and all know that what-it-doea annc aVojeec alwaye
that it never fails through any fault or negiectof
I !?S?i?Jff?S?,
of their remarkable cures of tho -
following complaints, but such cures re known its r
cvcfv nciorhborhood. and we need not Dublisa thcni. .
Adapted to all ages and conditions in all climataaj. ,
containing neither calomel or any deleterious drug, - d
they may be taken with safety by anybody. Their . .
cngar coating preserves them ever fresh and makes i
them pleasant to take, while being purely vegetablo X
no harm can arise from their use in any gnantity. , sm
They operate by their powerful influence on tho
internal viscera to purify the blood and nlimnlatc IS j
into healthy action remove the obstructions of tho
stomach, bowels, river, -end other organs of the
body, restoring their Irregular action to health, and ,
ly correcting, wherever they exist, such derange,
nents as are tho first origin of disease. " .
Minute directions are given in the w tap per on' t
the box, for tho following complaints, which these) ' '
rapidly care: i. o-.
T gorJttysooisstn or gocTtg ratloat,' XlstleiiaS
nas, Idsnrnosr and sTjOss of Appetite, tticy
should be4itkea troMerately to stimulate the tonF
ach and restore its healthy tone and action.
' For I.lver CosoplailBit and its various sympW I
toms, Kiliosu Msanlaclas, Otch XsToasetaeksV
or Ones atcfcsxos, Bllloeas
Colic and Biltosu fevers, they should be lo-'-'"
diciongly taken for each caaa,tooiTect thsdiscsstdl
- action or remove the obstructions which cause It.
iFor DyseoterT or Piosi jO,but one mild
ose is generally required. '
- For ashesrsctattsisi, (Boot, sSrstrel, palpi .
gatiosi of the Heart, Pata in the Sitie.
taken, as required, to change tbe diseased action of "
the system.
With audi change those comp''"'i
I or asropay ana nsropsiesu nweiimsjrs tney
be taken in lanraasul trsousnt doses to nro.
. For Soppressioai a large dose should be taken
as it produces the desiretLcooct by sympatbr.
As a Dinntrr Fill, taic ons or two Villa to pro
mote digestion and relieve the stomach.
-An occasional dose stimulates tbe stomach and
bowels into healthy action, restores -the appetite,
and invigorates the system. Hence it is often ad.-
vantageous where no serious iterangement exists.
One who feels tolerably well, often finds that a dose '
of these Pills makes him feet decidedly better, from
their cleansing and renovating; effect on tne digos
tive apparatus.
JDS. aT. C. ATHn Cy., PrmetUml CtunnUta,
; xowxiiX,. xjlss., v. b. jl. . '
V a-For sals bv'BRAUN. BRUCK. A 1 .'
Wholesale and Retail. Columbus, and all Drag
gists. janS-sjdooowly-ceni
To Owners of Horses and Catties T
" Tobias'. Derby Condition' Powders are warranted
superior to any others, et noipsy. Jot the cure of '
Disten. per. Worms.- Bots. Coughs. Hide-bound
Cold. t c. in Horses, and Colds, -Coughs. -Loss of
Milk. Black Tongue; Hons Distemper, Attain Cat-. "
Tor all
tie. :-' ,- .. ..- i - ..is .
They are perfeotly safe and innocent: ne need of -stopping
tbe working of yowr avi -1. bey in
crease the appetite, give a fins coat, cleanse the
stoma-ih' and urinary organ' ; also inexeaas the
milk of cows.- Try them, and yon will never be'
without th'tu. . , . , .'. i . .'. -.'(...'.ai.' .IV
Col. Philip P. Bosh, of the Jerome Bscs Csuss.
Fordbsm. n. Y.. would not use them until he wsa '''"
told of wbat they arc composed, since which he is i
never .without . them. . tie ass over 10- runainr
bones in his charge, and for tow last three years ''
has used no other medicine for them. Be. has kind
j permitted mo to. refer any ens to hw- Over
1,000 other references e a be sees at the drpct-
Sold by DraggUts and Saddlers. Pries SSssnts
per box. Depot. 10 Park Place Hew Ycrkv
jnnelS-dftwtyem-'rcirr .' " "' "
IADIES. over gray hsin.why' -'
Bbonld then be a HUE and CRTT "
Will a 3 LACK or BROWN bestow.
Use, then, thissoeqaMed Vy4.J
j Have the HUE without the. CRY. i. .. .i"f
Cristadoro's Hair Pi tiservative.-
' Cristsdoro guarantees that bis Hair 'PreservaUvo .
shall succeed where every other preparation has
ailed in keeping oteaa the hair, thiokening.it. j,-
passing, pressrruig its color, inclining it to curl.
d restoring it to that health and vigor which, are ,.
the elements of its ceaatr, , , t..xjtm
SM by Druggist, and applisd, by all Hair lrtess-
a.: Manufactory No. SB Maiden Lane.. Principal
Depot No 6 Astor House," .. . 4 a, , . .. f
loneia-qawiTCm-reNT .. i
I hats heard it highly extolled and Jity seen its
wonderful effects,' writes Martha M, Johnson.
Derby, Ct.. about Palmer's letiotw lO.'l
sep.l-dwlycm-r " ."'" . V. .
-- i fl
.. ,..i
- Ma ujk
OB. A. B..W1LUAJUS, west Broadww, assr
ligh street. Columbus, Ohio, has devotsd alsnelt
yr a series of years to the trsstmsnt ofoertain pri.
vats diseases. He may- bioeniulteda l)i ofote
ttroadwat. near the Blxehsntc Bank '
-"3,-tf . ,.t tT....
. VOBTH restored ia foar weeks. Hweee.
guaranteed. DIL.RICORD'8 E8SBNCK OP L1KS
restores mahly powers, from whatever can? ari-
ting; the effects of earlv pernicious- tiasiie, betf-i
abuse, impoteney and elimsAs, giveaway atones is ui
this wonderful medioine, if takea regularly aeerd.-i
ina to the directions (which are very simple and re-
quire no restraint from boaieane orslesimre.-) Fait .:
rs is impossible. Selil in bottles at S3, or Juor. ,
quantities, in oneforfS.i T bpbad,oaly of tbcscie i
appointed agent in America. Hi GiaiTUM, -
Third Ave., corner 13tjii).. Acs Just.. -
Tm-jyST-diyr,:, ... ..-
PampkUt Vows
(As pm Da Cpbtis. -
Medical 1 imes sava oi
of this work.:. "Tbisi.sn
valuable treatise on tbe cause and curs of
. j i : 1. i. i.i. .
tors ueoiiBV, win now dhiiu i. im)juvi lujuajta . ,
a .a... aV.HMft.Af . .narth a nil m.nhntul .n-t 1. ' '
easily regained. - It lives-a clear synt-psis of the
impediments to marriage, the eause and effects of
aerveus debilitv, and tha remedies tbeTefor:' ' A'
Bocset edition of the above will be forward-d tin
rsoeiot :of eeott, by aadressing Deeter Crnng
fo. 8 5 ortkr,hlst street, Bsilimore. Aid."
era may25-diy-r . . -

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