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xnrwiwl h W. J. lavage. Jeweler, 83
f Booth High street :j ft J J 1"' ;' 1 j
LOCAL NEWS. TUESDAY, Jan. 19, 1869.
Hmc-Tvist Wind. Weathar.
- W
M .
8. W.
8 W
I. .
H. M-.-
.7 llSs Set.-.
By-There are 1.057 eooTieta In the State
" Penitentiary at thta-time,
t"' Andrews & Hull have received the
- Lady's Friend for February.
.' W-CroaVeis are already predicting a
' mrkv summer. A mild. January, they
aay, tea bad sign. ' '' -j
' ra-The committee on Agricultural Col
lege meets In the office of the Secretary of
' the State Board of Agriculture to-morrow
' ' evening. J . : ' ..
At th Nuu-Hon. George H. Pen
dleton, Hon. J. F. McKinney and Col. Geo.
B. Seuterare at the Nell House;
" Commissioned. Andrew W. Shearer, of
Prairie township, was on Mdnday elected
a justice of the peace for that township.
He will be commissio led in a day or two.
mmm t
Admittkd to tub Bar Walter Olds, of.
- Mt. Gilead, Morrow county, was on yester
day admitted to the practice oi law in u
the Courts of this State, by the Supreme
; Foa Spbinghbld. Passengers irom vx
- lumbus to Springfield by the London road
nnw leave Columbus at 3 P. M, reach
London at 3, reinalningonly.long enough
' for the necessary transfer, and arrive in
, Springfield at 5 P. M. v
State Street TheaTkb. By an anounce
meat in our amusement column it will be
' seen thai Louise Payne Wray takes a fare
' well benefit to-night. Hef popularity
warrants the belief that she will be com
pllmented with a full house. ','
Com men ck To-dat. The first - regular
train on the Hocking- Valley railroad will
leave this eicy for Lancaster this . morning
at 7:40, and a second will leave this after
noon at 8:45 Fof a pleasant tide we a
u.m.j..t rin tn T.nmHter on the Hock-
Wiuuicuu m . , ...
. upj , . -
Sold Oct. Tbesale of lands and lots
ana para oi iuh wc -
the Audlfof'a office; yesterday was largely
attended, and lh bidding-was red-hot
On one piece the . Uxaud penal tj ,we jf
fered lor tie three-hundredth part of a lot.
Eeri thing put up was sold., , a-----
Ba EmpLotbd. Some employments may
be better than others;, but there is no em
ploy ment so bad as the having none at all.
The mind will, contract a rust and an unfit
ness fox everything, and a'man mkat either
fill' inn his time, with, rood, or at least
innocetij; business, or. It will run to waste-
to sin and. Tice.- -,-.j';v.vii'4f':v:iV
Tax Sta Primlso. In the Sopreme
. Court' yesterday, in, the case or. toe etate
of Ohio, e rat. Nesins' &' Myerrf 'against
the Commlssionera ei Public Priating, the
Coart,eTerru!ed motion to make the xi-
um&ua rrtnung usepany- party w me
auIC aud decided to ear- the case on its
merits. j-.-';";f : ?ni'f. ' 1;
Tbm Adams Exrausa Co. TaU company
have already established, agencies on . the
ilne of the . Hocking ;Valley railroad - at
Groyerrt,; Winches, Carroll and. Lan
caster, and will commence this day to re
ceive and deliver matter, at-taos swtieos,
which wUJ greatly accommodate the, trade
of Columbus. b -JT ' T ""'-
m ' '
Lbt vb ,Hay tTpa-CoscRT. As it Is
generally understood that ills Cajollne
8cbnelder has decided not to continue her
matinees this ataton. It' Is hoped thai she
may be Induced to give an evening concert
by way of obnclustenv' Very many could
enjoy this who were unable to atteud in the
afternoon. iin ." " " ?
Thb NxwcoMBiThia fine band of mln
strels, it will be remembered, will open the
Opera House to-morrow night, and present
a Hoe -hill for the entertainment of our citi
zens .Fayette Welch stilt occupies the seat
of honor on tne left. He Is a whole team,
and together with Kahaner West and the
other flteotbers of thrronpe) Will give a
first clasi show." ' " "
Szsr ;to th Kworm Fahm. Judge
Pngh on yesterday aenti. John O'Neila
boy ten years old, to-tba Reform Farm.
He is charged by his father with stealing
money and other? property,' and being a
very bad, Incorrigible -boy.1 As the boy'o
mother is dead, and his father, necessarily
away, from home,, the boy hasaDen left
without control, aid we thik the action
of the father will be the salvation of the
boy. . ' - .
- ' ' - n-.;i..t.-,f.:
Tbansfebkied Yi8TKDAr. The follow
ing transfers of real estate were left.ab.lbe
Recorder's. office yesterdays .r;...i-i:ii z-w--
John G. K intz.'Jr and Thomas Frly
and wife to John G. Keiutz, sen, January
18th, part of inlot No. X26 in the city of
Columbus, lor $12,000, . , V w.z '
John . Fogle and, wife to William 'ML
Gruoi' January Htb,- lot. No.-15 in the
townol Jteynoldsburgh, for t200,
J Dili -
certificate of
Incorporation of the Ayondale Gaa Light
reUry.Af State yesterday: It la organized
for the purpose of manufacturing and sup
plying illuminating gas.1 Principal office
in Avondale, Hamilton', county.'. Capital
stock $100,000, in shares of $100 each, M.
Green wool, W, f.ltwld, Rjbert, Mitchell,
M. W. 3 tone, John Eeldv Seth ! Evans and
D. Collins are the, cof poralara, 1J3-i
New FiBM.-rBy the card Ja Another col
umn, it will be seen that , the baijWng firm
of Miller, Reinhard Sfc Co has dissolved
(Mr. Miller retiring from the -firm),! ad
the new firm or Reinhard & Co, aiat
lished. The- eapital o -the aew'flrmls
abundaht, and the gentlemen comprislng.lt'
well known a teapesslWe nji.relUpli
business men, ' whose European connec
tions are - unsurpassed by'- an Banking
bouse in the Sute., Apettet firm te-do4
business with, there is not. -
;e,:.j :ix
The Catholic WoaLDf. The February
numbet ofj (his great magazine of general
literature and science. Is received. As
Uiuaiyt is filled with articles of deepest
interest) .TVeowonldi especially;; call at
tention to'aa mrticie entitled The Catholic
View of PnbHo Jtjducarioa." lu pernsal
will do much to remove certain prevailing,
eroneouV Ideas on thUsubJect.'-The mag
azine costs but $5 per Aubiudu , Addreae
LawreaceKaoe,-; 126 Nassau street,' Nfew
.York. sn"""a .;.;;:h,j:.'
Motion OvEaxoLED.i-.The' motfoti Sqr
a writ or error, niade by Le wis Davis, sen
tenced by tbo' eetrrt of Common Plea of
Cuyahoga county,' to be hung on the 4th of
ruled by the SupremeJpptLjand'DavU
m ust sufler the extreme Denary of tl)6 law
on the TJay annQd'nced!. .The aaurder, for
which Davis is to be hung will be iremem.
be red by onr readers. M- and: a party of
others dbguised themselves and went. W
the bouse ot a farmer, a shorr distance
from Cleveland, to rob it. Finding the
farmer at home, contrary to their eJtpecta
ttoM, they killed hUn. ' ' ' ' .--.vT .
A bia)---While ; coaiaghes ' nave never .
bigh as a fertilizer, while there are
net avuy nser to which ijiey eajf.be ap-'
pHed where' they' will pay more than the
Dutchman's one per cent., and while there
is nothing that will 'bring a. frown to the
caretul housewife's brow to quick as to'
have coal ashes dropped la dingy pile tip-5
on,her best carpet, yet sprlnklfd.pii an icy '.
sdewalk they are a success, ilow it makes '
a chap's ebenezer rise to see a lot of noses
flattened against the window panes, and a '
row of months as open as an alligator's
with laughing at bis mishaps In sitting
down, suddenly, teavily, and without be
ing asked, upon the slippery and treach
erous sidewalk, and he knowing that there
Is a pile of ashes in the rear alley as big
as one of the Alps, a portion of which,
scattered on the pavement, would have pre
vented the sudden and uncomfortable jar
his constitution received . We wonder If
our churchmen ever think of the
quantity of cuss words that are invol
untarily jerked out of a fellow's
mouth, - as he , takea a seat on the
pavement Deiore their doors, we guess
not, else would they promptly afford what
salvation there is in coal ashes. Look at
the first Presbyterian church pavements,
both on State and Third street.1 Could a
more uninviting spot for a tete-a-tett be
found t : And yet we saw a lady and
gentleman sit down there yesterday morn
ing.! Thought' they ? didn't seem -to' be
talking to each other, both were talking at
ine cnurcn people. Toe maa swore a
bucket-full, "and - we " guess - tne woman
thought twice as much. When they again as
sumed an upright position, there were tears
in her eyes and tears in his nether garments.
Some of our citizens promptly sprinkle
the walk, in front of their premises, with
sawdust or ashes. "Others seem, to take a
fiendish delight In having folks fall down in
front of their doors. -. Ashes don't - cost
much. Scatter them profusely. ' :
Bedccb Your Gas Bill. This is a mat
ter in .Which most of our citizens are in
terested. One way to do it is to regulate
the supply of gas at the meter. When the
gas is first lighted regulate the light at the
meter, allowing only sufficient.gas to pass
into the meter to supply ' the requisite
amount of light. If the gas Is allowed to
pass into the meter the lull size of the ser
vice p'ps, the pressure is much greater
than is needed, and as a consequence the
bands on the iLdex or measuring dial are .
moved faster, and the registration rhows a
larger 'amount 'of gas Consumed.' The'
pressure on the meter will remain the same
mil about eight o'clock, when it should'
be again regulated, owing to the tact that
the extinguishing of lights in the stores
increases the pressure again. When light
no longer required the gas should be
shut of? at the meter, as the percentage of
escape and condensation, especially in cold "
weather, is no Inconsiderable item.
Additions to the Sisterhood The
regal trfo of female galoots, whose presence
majestic and glorious as'the rising sun,
soft and beautiful as gentle Luna at her
full, whose balmy breaths are" redolent of
the fumes ot the navy plug they smoke in
corncob piper, and -of -the rich odors of
benzine, and whose dwelling is the tur-
rttted mansion, now called Castle Gaver.
has received additions in the person of
Sarah Cuuslngham not she of Burdell
murder fame and Sarah Graham, a dusky ?
damsel whose locks need no curl papers,
and whose person no perfumery needs.
These two on yesterday were up before his
Honor the Mayor, charged with being
drunk and disorderly. The Mayor took
their names, and, swearing them in as reg
ular members of the Turpin-Blizzard-Gar-ner
Sorosi?, gave them permission to dwell
thirty flays at the castle.
Police Court. A. K. Firman, for being
drunk and disorderly and '-kicking up a
row at night boys," a la Champagne Char
lie, was fined $5 and costs. ' lie had no
stamps. Twas not to be expected he should
have. He hammereth. T '( T.f .r r r '
JohCBoyd was oil a little -chunk V a
spree. With his drunk he also dished up a
little mess of disorderly vcopduct, .Tde.
Mayor requested him to loan the city $o
and costs. . Had nary red. Hammeretb.
Jesse Bushnell was another of those who
loose In the deestrTck." He was ar
rested for having swallowed about ten
measures of talk, . with . his .whisky. He
abused the officer that arrested him, the
;yor that fined him, and we guess he i
abusing the dorntcks that he haVto'ham- -mer
in default of $5 and costs. n1.,fr,
A Wooden Locomotive. A mulatto
boy, about eighteen years old, living att
corner of Fourth and Noble streets, ha
exhibition in the rotunda ot the State
House yesterday, a wooden locomotive en
gine, complete to the most minute details.
has been engaged iuj chopping 1 wood,
north of the city, for the C. C. & C Rail
road Company, and nude 'this wooden
model of one ot the engines' at' night and
stormy days, when he could not work.
made it during the past three months.
His onljr tools were an ax, a jack knife, an
augurHindscrew driver. He lias1 never
had. a moment's instruction, and has actu
ally ( copied every part ot the engine from
those he -saw on the.roftd.: HU' wooden en
gine attracted great attention and commeu-'
A: Singulak Fiaa-Last Saturday night
Henry Thomas saloon, on Gay atreetwaa
difco?ered,Uheui. fire onjewhere? bnf
closest scrutiny failed -to find where.
watch. wag set-' day and night, and yes
morning the sflarhes .burst, out and
werej extinguished without 'creating an o
alarm. It seems that extending acroes the"
West wall, was a pine joist;' and opening '
dowa to it waa.a bole in the flue, from -which
sparks had fallen, ; setting the j ist ,
fire. It bad smouldered-and eaten its,. ,
way 'along' the 'timber until it 'reached a"
portion of the wall that was lathed'anof
plastered, and there found draft enough to
it to a flame. It was singular It should .
remain so long burning and do so. little in
jury.! 01
A Dab&Lot Like a cloud across the
heavens obscuring theTTjeauty of the
and rendering earth melancholy, yes1-(
teroay marched into the dread presence ot
oflendeaVilaw,1 George Marshall, Robert.
Gehagan and BaL Morrellolored citizens,'
who, instigated by benzine and tiot having
fear of law before tbelreyep, onTues-.
night went out upon a high old tare.
Bal. Morrell, be it understood, skirting the
party,' but was otae of Its leaders. ' Thry5
make night hldious, and were prompt
arrestea.in default " of. $5 laudTcosts U
eacn, tney .were-sent to the stone plle.-
USEFUL AS Well as Omnrtu -l.
sayaiberslsJ ad nsedn any further
opposition to-tbe "Grecian" Bend. "She 'was1
the excursion train fromhere to Lan
caster last, weekvaad an attempt was made
fto'pick htt pofckfet' that, , would have been i'
successful but lor her -panter, Ladies Who'
fear1 pickpockets will tbereforo hist on the
A ' Th ribrA. thta fait a U '
Mpa Throat' Diseases and' Affections''
the chesfV Biowtir&ritichiat itmhmfi'.
Coagb Ldena;ar ergreat value. J In5
Coughs.IrrltaUpn.of .the Taroat caused by1
cold, or unusual exertion ,of the ocal or 7,
gans, la speaklog la puouc, or singing,,
they prod uce the most, beneficial ' results. )
The Troches have proeed thelf effictenc,'
0 FRY-3ec22-wl6 -o w
- Bt the way, stopping at Piqua the other
day, I say, of my own knowledge, as a town
It has no parallel for high taxes. No won
der the citizens complain of hard times, but
this can be remedied by calling at the new
firm of Saunders & Kiddeli, who are ready
at all times to show their many customers
and o.d friends the best assortment of win
ter apples known in the Fruit Calendar.
We will be found at all hours (Sundays ex
cepted) at our Apple Emporium, No. 69
West Gay street, Columbus, Ohio. Apples
delivered free ot charge within the limits
of the city. . jan20-dlt
Jewelry made and repaired by C. E
Smith, 27 S. High street, over Bain's store
nov6d3m -- .: . '
. !
' K. K. K.--Karney's celebrated Korn
Kure far sale " Houston & Garduer's drug
store. Karney Korn Kure is a Kapltal
Kombinatlon. jaolS.lw
t3? The mortgagees of the Olentangy
Park Association are requested to call at
my office and receive balance due them in
jan!4-tf Eichakd Nkvins, Vice Pres't.
CaoiCK. Bed Wheat Flour, $3 00 per bar
rel, warranted to give satisfaction. For
sale at McColm, Miles and McDonald.
To Consumers of Coal. Buy your coal
of Bock Run Coal Company. You will
find It of superior quality , free from slate
or clinker. Eighty pounds to the bushel
is guaranteed, and it is sold at the lowest
market rates. Orders left at the office, 187
North High street, or at the Company's
order box at the grocery store ot George
McDonald & Co., 106 South High street,
will be promytly attended to.
jan7 ' Mat. Wkavkb, Sec'y.
A case op : Humphreys' Homoeopathic
Specific in the house is a well-spring of
satisfaction. Yon can always find the true
remedy for a cold, cough, sore throat,
croup, face-ache, weak stomach, catarrh,
or other of the thousand ailments to
which a family are subject, and thus save
doctor's bills, sickness and suffering. Price
of a foil case and book of directions is $10.
Seat-to any address on receipt of the
price. Address, - Humph rets' Specdtc
Homeopathic Medicine Co. 562 Broad:
way, N. Y, ; : " , t Iyl3 d&wly-cw
Hollow at'b Pills. Want of vital ener
gy, nervous weakness, physical debility, or
by whatever other name you choose to call
that feebleness and depression which ren
ders its victims careless whether they live
or die, is one of the most terrible of human
affections. . Fortunately there is an infalli
ble prescription for It Hollo way's Pills
Let the weak' and broken down try them
They are guaranteed by the experience of
the, whole. civilized world. . Sold by all
Druggists. -j - jj 9-dly-cw
i G littering Teeth. Not only does So
zodont Impart the whiteness ol the purest
porcelain to the teeth, but its polish, too.
They glisten after being brushed with it,
like the inner surface of an oceau shell,
and the effect of this peerless dentifrice is
to render the enamel as hard and indestruc
tible as adamant.
! Sate and mend the pieces, use "Spauld-
ing's Glue." '
ysT-dec2l-eod6m-cw " .'
:With Dyspeptics everything Is wrong,
rooa aoes not aigest; Sleep does not re
fresh ; wine does not cheer ; smiles do not
gladden ; music does not .charm,' nor can
an other joy enter the breast of the
miserable dyspectic' You must get rid of
it, or it will become seated and confirmed.
and'life will be a burden and existence a
curse.'" Plantation Bitters will do away
wjth. all this. New lif, strength and en
ergy ' will take possession of you. The
damask will again bloom upon your cheek,
and the luster In your eye will again be as
bright as in your healthiest, happiest and
most joyous days. -. -
Magnolia WATER.-i-Saperlorto the best
imported ' German Cologne, and sold' at
half the price. ' .-.
I .sr t s r'RNY-sep25-deodwly-cw
I ' ' '.-f
Nekvotjs DsBlLiTTj with its gloomy at
tendants, low spirits, depression, involan
tary emissions, loss of semen, sperm ator
rhcea, loss of power,, dizzy head, loss ot
memory and threatened ' impotence and
Imbecility, find a sovereign cure in Hum
phreys Homeopathic. Specific No. Twen
Composed of the most valuable,
mild and potent Curatives, they strike a
once at the root of the matter, tone up the
system, arrest the discharges, and impart
vigor and energy, life and vitality to the
enure man. They have cured thousands
of cases. Price $5 per package of six box-
and ylai, which is very Important in ob
stinate or old eases, or $1 per single box.
Sold by all Druggists, and sent by mail on
receipt of price. Address Humphreys
Specific Homeopathic Medicine Cc: 502
Broadway, New- York. jyl3-dedd&wly
I i -r-
Our best physicians sanction and recom
mend the use of Hall's Vegetable Sicilian
Hair Bene wer. Let all-who are gray ap
ply it! jv25-w&1?lrcw .
. I ' 'AND " "
PROT NCE. B. I., h ving the largest mann
fact tj Bo. S - cr ' -- in the world, Hb
the most mprored maeh , ym and employing the
most ikillei labor, are enabled to ofier an n-
eqaalled Tarietj of ne a ad beautiful designs in
Dinner Serrloes. Tea e rices, and every artiole
speoially adapted for 1 MSmj and Bridal Gifts. -
Thaj ofTer also their well-known and unrivalled
Nickel Silver Elee'ro-PlaUd Ware, in which the
hare introduced new patterns of rare eleganoe.
,lae tJolid SIlTer is guaranteed to be of sterlin
puriti by U, . Hint assay. The Kleetn Plate i
Kaaraeteed td be superior to the 'finest SKefSet
ware.i Orders received from the Trade only, bu
these goods may be . obtained from responsible
dealers everywhere.-. ? , r-
;; : . 'm, .V&
Trade Mar -'--flf-lV or
SiJv'.r. ' &Uia Efe-
i Salesroom No.J Maiden Lane, N. T.
nov6Aw4Xm-re mt . . , .
ThePIasler of the "Time,"
I ", ALLCOCK'3 POROUS. .. . - r-
In Lambago they act like a eharm. In a 'few
hours a violent cough is relieved by a Planter ap
plied to the chest. Many persons believe eold
cannot be taken while a plaster is worn there ; this
do know, they greatly aisist in the core of a
nerfeoted oojdt so often the intredacer of Consump
tion j .-s 11 .':: .-) '
Cure of ltIBi of the kLIrer.
A geotlemaa,' after " severe siokhess. had lesion
the liver Every quiok movement or sadden jar
gave him severe pain, often laying bim up t orders.
Hence he was unable to follow any occupation with
regularity. 1
In to is condition he applied over the part affect-
first it seemed to irritate, so H was taken off. But
the marked improvement he experienced afterward
gare bim courage te try again, and he therefore ap
plied another plaster. 1st a few days something
gave, way "slipped," to nse the gentle en s own
words. , There was some soreness for a lew days af
ter, the hie b alth was perfectly restored:' Unon
being soanded by his -physieian the adhesion "or
!on was feund te be gone. ., n ,rfj js
Principal Agency, Bbamdbith Bousk, Hew
York, Bold by all dn.ggi.ts.'. : 3 i-
jaieio-d4wi,om.M. ,
splendid Hair Dye "t lbmt Is T tn'e woHd
tbe, I r t-u mod p.rf Dye; iSSuSJ? reHabl,'
instantaneous ; no diseppointinen ne ridiculous
Unlet remedies the ill efieets of bad el "
brow. Boll by all Drugents and Perfumers :
and proprl applied at Bstebelor's Wig FactoVv
Ho. 16 Bond sueet. N. lork. rMT aprM dl wjj 1
generation, the vegetative powers "of
life are strong, but in a few years how
often the pallid hue, the lack-lustre eye,
and emaciated form, and the impossi
bility of application to mental effort,
show its baneful influence. It soon be
comes evident to the observer that some
depressing influence is checking the de
velopment of the body. Consumption
is talked of, and perhaps the youth is
removed from school and sent into the'
country. This is one of the worst move-;
ments. Removed ' from ordinary di
versions of the ever-changing scenes of
the city, the powers of the body too
much enfeebled to give zest to healthful
and rural exercise, thoughts are turned
inwards upon themselves.
If the patient be a female, the ap
proach of the menses is looked for with '
anxiety, as the first symptom in which
Nature is to show her saving: power in
diffusing the circulation ana visiting
the cheek with the bloom of health.
Alas ! increase of appetite has grown
by what it fed on ; the energies of the
system are prostrated, and the whole
eopnomy is deraDged. The beautiful
and wonderful period in which body
and mind undergo .so fascinating: a
change from child to woman, is looked
for in vain ; the parent's heart bleeds
in anxiety, and fancies the grave but
waiting for its victim.
For Weakness arising from excesses or
early indiscretion, attended with the
following symptoms : Indisposition to
Exertion, Loss of Power, Loss of Mem
pry, Difficulty of Breathing, General
Weakness, Horror of Disease, Weak
Nerves, Trembling, Dreadful Horror of
Death, Night Sweats, Cold Feet, Wake
fulness, Dimness of Vision, Langour,
Universal Lassitude of the Muscular
System, Often Enormons Appetite with
Dyspeptic Symptoms, Hot Hands,
Flushing of the Body, Dryness of the
Skin, Pallid Conntenance and Eruptions
on the Face, Pain in the Back, Heavi
ness of the Eyelids, Frequently Black
Spots Flying before the Eyes, with
Temporary Suffusion and Loss of Sight,
Want of Attention, r Great Mobility,.
Restlessness witfi fiqrrbr of Society.
Nothing is more desirable 'to 'such' pa-
tients than Solitude and nothing they
more dread, for Fear of Themselves ;
no Repose of Manner, no Earnestness,
no Speculation, but a hurried Transi
tion from one question to another.
. These symptoms, if allowed to ero on
which this Medicine, invariably re-moves-sodn
folio wj Loss o Povfer!Pa
tuity, and" "Epileptic Fits, in one ef
which the patient may expire.
During the-Superintendence of Dr.
Wilson, at the Bloominerdale Asylum,
this sad result occurred to two patients ;
reason had for a tima left them, and
both died o epilepsy jThey were of.
bothexeaVAnd about twenty- years- of
i Who can say that these excesses are
not frequently followed by those dire
ful diseases, Insanity and Consump
tion 1 The records of the Insane Asy
lums, arxdthe melancholy, . deaths r by
Consumption, "bear ample witness to the
truth of these assertions.. In Lunatic
Asylums the most melancholy exhibi
tion appears.. The countenance is ac
tually sodden and quite destitute
neither Mirth or Grief eyejf visits, iL,
Should' 'sqiyid oJkbyiiyplci cpccuriitiB
rarely articulate.
''With woeful measures wan Despair
. Low sullen sounds their grief beguiled."
Whilst wereeret the existence of the
above diseases and symptoms, we are
prepared to -offer an invaluable gift of
chemistry for the removal of the conse
quences , UhLMBOLD'a-itlGHLY -CpJI-l
.'here 5snd tonic like' it. It is an 'an
chor of hope to the surgeon and patient,
and this is the testimony of all who have
used or prescribed it.
Sold by Druggists and Dealers every
where. Prepared at H. T. HELM
BOLD'S Drug and Chemical Ware
house, 594 Broadway, N. Y.
i Great Salt Lake Citt, Utah.)
! ! January 28. 1868.
Me.- H. T. Helm bold i?ear Sirs
Tour communication requesting our
terms for advertising was duly received,
but from a prejudice I bad formed
agaipst advertising "cures for secret
diseases," it was left unanswered. Dur
ingan accidentalconversation in a Drug
Store the other evening, my mind was
changed on the character of your Bu-
fcHU. ; It was then highly commended
for other diseases by two physicians
present. Inclosed please find our rates
advertising. Yours, &c,
Editor and Proprietor of Daily and
Semi-Weekly Telegraph.
1 :
V i .
N. Y. S. Vol. Institute,
Cor. 5th Ave. & 76th St, Central Park.)
Home and School for the Sons of de-
ceased boimers.;
TDai H. T. Helmbold : Two bottles
only of the package of your valuable
Buchu presented to the Institute have
been used by the children, and with per
fect success. In the case of our little
Lieutenant A. J., his pride is no longer
mortified, and he is free from the daily
morning anathemas of the chambermaid
who has charge of bis bedding. I feel
that a knowledge of the result of our
use otj your Uochu with the children
under :onr charge may save many a Su
perintendent and Matron, of Boarding
Schools and Asylums a great amount of
annoyance ; and many a poor child suf
fering j more from weakness than from
habit, may be spared punishment, that
(not knowing it as a weakness instead
a bad habit) most unjustly inflicted
upon them. Thanking you on behalf of
tba chfldawi, aiwl fcepiiiojhers mffyeTj
alike ,beifiea, ''emT'espectfffll'j ;
yours.i iuuJlr, ,.
- ! General Sup't and Director.
June 16, 1866. jja-dwai-weowij 1
r-.-- T
TTr -ft
-itjj jy jyj mm jo
! SSijiiP j'!! j G. HEADLEY Sc CO. '.
u ' ' ' ' ' :
A. C. HH A DLE Y 2: GO 'S,
25 O A
We will sell our
On and after Monday, Jan." 11,1869, for fortt cats, in order to make room for
j Spring Stock.- ; .:
I Ji
,T.:tt. :-,".f r-'J
ND 2 5 2
.1. i j.-'i ;.
entire stock of .
United ; States of America,
Cash Capital,1::' J $1,000,000
To which all (eneral correspondence shooM be ad-
' iff i t 1 ' ' 4 QfBea i '
CLARENfTC H. Cl.ARK. President
JAY COOKE, Chairman Finance and Executive
HENRY I). OOKE. Vice President.
EMliKSON W. PEET. Secretary and Actuary,
. . I nsL wvMn i mucs - sr
Offered b this CammnT are : I 4 '
It is a National Compaar, chartered br epeolal
It has a paid up capital of $1JOO,COO.
It nffm Iaw KtM nf Dreminm. '
It famishes larger lnsuranoe than ether Compa
nies xor tne same money. ,j- t- ,i -It
is definite and certain in its terms.
T , -. . f . V
There are no unnecessary restrictions in the Pol
icies.- J : I.-.-!'-
ErerT PolinT is non-forfeitable.
Policies may be taken that will pay insured tbeir
full amount and return all the premiums, se- that
tne insarauoa.eostaojiiy.uie interest on tne annual
Policies may be taken which pay to the Insured,
after a certain number of years, during life, an an
nual ineomeof one-tenth the amount named in the
No extra rate is charged for risks upon the Inee
It insures not to par dividends, but at I a
cost that umdends will be impossible.
Cincinnati, Ohio. General Aeenta for Ohio Central
ana soutnern Indiana.
S. M. SMITH, ' ' ' '
Colutibus. Special Agent for Franklin, Licking,
Atuskingam and Coshocton counties. ,
The only Infallible and Harmless Remedy. Caa be
given witaxirwiuioui tne patient s knowledge.
Kfad Or. Johnston's Treatise on "Drunken
ness, its Consequences and Cure." Try
j the SPEUlr'IU. and-e-eon-J
i -
NTI-TOH AOCd COMPUUJS'O. m sweet and,
pleasant preparation-creates ao Tomiting after its
. Tnha-ro need rot be diroarded all at once.
foshtsie Compound destroys the desire gradual y
positively. (.yjAiLWyv, '
Proprietor. Columbus, O.
UTo. 13.
STMiiiTA gnrruBiis ohhaistdb. -nomEOPATUic
XI experience, an entire snccess : Simple-
ess : tjlmple
They are Ota.
Prompt Efficient and Sellable.
only Medicines perfectly adapted to popular nae, '.
eo simple thai mistakes cannot be made in
- using them ; so harmless as to be free from dan
ger, ana so etncicnt as to oe always reliable.
Theyb.ave raised the highest commendation from
all) and will always render lati&lacUou. .... w
Kos. - v Centa
I, cures Fersrs, congestion, Intiaminatlons.s
a, " Worms, Worm Fever, Worm ColicSS
Crylne-ColicorTeetliingof IntantsSS
Diarrliosa of Children or Adulta.. SB
Dysentery, Griping, Bilious Collc.
Cliolera-Irlorbue, Vomiting. SS
. Coughs, Colds, Bronchitis .'.S6
rVenralgiav, Toothache, Faceache..SB
' I IeadacbesSickJlcad&che, Vertigoes
Dyspepsia, Bilions Stomach;. ....SO :
Suppressed, or Painful Periods.. . i
r niiee. too proiuse renoas jbj . i.
. "Pj ""g" cu " """ps -S - ' ''
SaltHhenm.rTBiDelae.ErnDiiaiiaas . .
Bhcnm,I.nUUieum.icnin., -, .
AutMaboveareputupin VIA LS,u-iJk directions
containing double guantitlet each, for...... 60
The foBotrina 'are alto out up i viaU and are
' "
tent at Oie tame prices given below.
19. ! .
Fever A Aga
id.uauir eTer. Aauesou .
18, i '
to, i ;
si, i 1
. ; 1
riivs. uuuuur uiceuiug. .......... .ou
: Optbalmy, and sore or weak EyesGO
Co tar rri, acute or chronic,Influciiia50 i
' thooplns-Cone:lvviolentconglifiO
Asthma, oppressed Breathing... .GO.-.
' Ear Dlschargesj,lmpairedhearlng60
Kcrofulsuenlarged glands,swellingsaO ,
' OencraUebllity,pEysicalweakneesS0 ,
Dropsy, and scanty Secretions. ...60
Sea-Sickness, sickness from ridingSO
" Kidney-Disease, Gravel SO
Nervous Debility Seminal
Emissions, involuntary iis-
charges ........1 00
' Sore Jffonth, Canker GO .
- Urinary Weakness, wetting bedSO '.
Paliiful Periods, with spasms.. GO
Bufferings at change of llfo 1 00 ,
, Epllepsy,6pasms,i3t.Vitns,Dancel 00
Dlpntherla, nlcerated sore throat.60 '
Of SS to 60 large -rials, moroeee
or rosewood case, eontalnlnx
- si specifle lor every ordinary
i disease at family Is subject to,
? -and books or directions.. ........
I.- mn mmm
' Bmaller rami !y and Traveling: ca
with 80 to a vials.,
S to as :
apemncs lurnii rri,aicvHucs,iivui ;-.
lor Caring and for reventiv
.treatment, invialaandpocketcaaea,$2to$a ;- .
Cares Burns. Hrnlses, - Lameness,
Soreness,Sore Tbroat.8prains. Tooth
ache, Earache, Neuralgia, Bketns.
tiara, Lnmbacro, Piles, Bolls, Stlnga,
Sore Eyes, Bleeding of the Lanes,
Nose, Stomach, or or Piles; Corns, (fl
eer. Old Sores. ' 1
- Price, 6 os., SOets.t Pints, $1.00 1 -Quarts,
$1.75. ) - - '
tr These Remedies, except POND'S EX
TRACT, by the case or single box, are sent to .
any part of the country, by mall or sxpreas, free " 1
of charge, on receipt of the price.
Address Humphreys" Specific
9 Homeopathic Medicine Company, ,
Office and Depot, No. 603 Bboadwat, New Tort ' "
Dr. Hnmun is consulted dail vat his offii
peraooally or by letter, as above. Sot all forma
uiaease. . -
A fresh inonlr of the ,hA,. .1.... i,.nj ..i
for sale by . " .
J t A. J. 8;HUELLER and "
All fresh anil mnnin. 1U !nir... Vsw nw. Am
bottom of the box, or in the oases. Humphreys'
cipeoieci. Homeopathic Medicine Company. Boy
no others. They are not reliable.
era. Brokers, fubiishera. Stationers. Frint-
ers, Companies, Lawyers, arcniteois, isonooia,
(lleraymen. Cirenlsrs, Prices Current, Letters.
Quotatioos.Catslocars. Music, or snr documenu or -drawings
may be obtained at the following extraor
dinary cheap prioee: .100 copies, fae diuiiliee, of .
an? document er drawine. Ac. $2; 600 oopies, $5: -1
mm xnniea. as. so.: 100.000 eooies. S450. r &n nmr
eeot. upon t-s above prices may be saved by using .
Msurioo's Patent Antograpbio Printirg Press, for
OSoes. Publishers. Mai loners. Printers, Hobools,
t!nmnanies. Ac. Price S80. A ,nmivlMM.tnb.
of 100 eopiesv letter rise, per hour, of any doou-
mor t.urawma, musio, witn tne greatest iariUtri-fv,
W annoe's Patent: S tates Riah te are sold at moderate
prices, .roblie experiments each Saturday. ,i
W. B.A1I kinds oi l.ithnBranhiA wnrk ma Jmm -
with the greatest care at the lowest rates.. Maur
ice i Patent Autoaraphis sod i.itboraphfe Print
ina. Writins and kiifrsTins F.atAhLiAhmAna., ia-'-
Horth William street.New York. - .11 r ..
decl7-d3tawly-VKT - 1 " " , , .,
Britain aad Ireland, br Steamshio and Sail-
inr Paclret, by weekly lines, at reduced rate". TAP
ISCOTT BROS. CO.. S Sonth street, Sm
York, continue to issue Passage Tieket8, available
for twelrd months, from 'xindon, Liverpool, or
Queenstown, and Drafts, raable en demand, lor
any amount.froro andanwarj.
BAII.KV lH'JMP: ' 0 . Agents,
saeall-wly-HMT Pao elumbna
Cincinnati Money Market—Jan. 19.
, OOLD 135 buying, premium. w -r'K -"EXCHAKGE-Steady
at 50 discount to
par buying and 1-10 premium selling.
New York Money Market—Jan. 19.
MONET In rather more lnquiiy.'chlef
ly from smaller firms on the street but
v at 7 per cent, on call. Prime discounts
79.-. v.. ,..... . '- ,
TERLING-Heavy at 109109Jio.
bUl.D-Lower under, weakness In ex
change, but closed steadyi opened at 136
and ciosed at 135il35W.
- mm '.u-'tijT!
New York Stock Market—Jan. 19.
WVUnfllllJSHT STOrKS-Are Arm.
do '68 I09(ail08!: 10 40s WnV.faUW,'.
. Bailways opened at about last evening's
prices, and steadily advanced on more ac
tive stocks until the ' first reeular board.
when prices culminated, and lubgequeotiy
decllned. The decline was checked at the
second board, and. there was a general re
covery, and though the market this after
noon has been active and buoyant, tie
highest quotations of the day were, not
sustained.. At .the close the market was
unsettled. . , ,.,., .,,.,,,,,,,,.11
Erpms shares were .active and strong,
stimulated by Mr. Fargo's card. Adams'
higher, on reports of early dividends." Ru
mor Is also current that the Erie -party la
buying, to get control Ot the company, and
that the present management hi buying, to
retain control, and that the company-could
not issue any more stock, and were.buvtuc
3.000,000 shares to satisfy the American
Company, which Is to return to the Adams'
Company the varioulfllnes surrendered la
the forming ol the late combination; '
6:30 prices. Wells' Exprets 25(a?2&
American'. 3840; Adams '65?io6: Uni
ted Srates 4647; -Merchants' Union Ex
press 15V15i6r 'American Expression
Quicksilver 2424K; PacIfio.JJaU 1212
western Union Telegraph S48o:
New York Central 164k164f Erie 3S?i
3ft Reading 95.V95; Terra ilaute 4a
40; Wabasb 6Jl62; Sfc.Paorl 76Q75-;
Fort Wavne 123(,1; Ohio A Missis?
sfppi 33?i34; Michigan Central 1180II9:
Michigan Southern 9292; HRflois CeH
tral 138139& Pittsburgh 8S89; Toledo
104104j4; Rock Island 12912i; -'orjthi
ncsueru oij Anicago aAiwa4t.,)i .o i
voupons oi ai U2JaX$u2X; do '62 113K(o)
113; do '64 109 109 oo '66 lloraW;
do new 108?J08U: dovW 10srainS
New York Market—Jan. 19.
COTTON Dull, heavy and J1o 'low
er; sales at 28,29c for middllug upland. .
FI.OUR Closed quiet -and ateady-.Mtf
low grades; very; heavy for; medium, antf
good grades." ir.'eau ') ".rrL
i .VVHEAT-r-Quiet and without decided.
change, with little export Irrgnlry In con
quenceot a decline in freights-; h- i-.,-r.a
tl ri-UHil an noraioai at 1 BOv? m .a
OATS-Dull and heavy at ' TSci afloat
and 77c In store. .- ; -J' I; ',',".-
r CORN Steady-at 9395o fog-new mixed
western; 1 071 09J, lor old mixed '
ernin store and afloat
fORKQnlet andverHfm at8 3CoV-
30 00 fnrw,neBS-a, rt -iol Istlioxs
Kthf 2uiet andnnchatiged.'
CUT MEATSr-Firn. wlii a modarata
Inqulrv'and firm,, u . m.yn i..ea'-. haa
XJVUD Very nrm and advaneine Wlme
steam at 19e. iMicm--iiiI-Jinorl
. - i i ii j -i nl Jinfl",?l't
Cincinnati Market—Jan. 19.
FLOU&frUochansred. aod omteti f ihr
lly $7-t75, I r ant '-! n-ft ovtw ustsit
WHhiAT J'ull at el 7031 7S No I af l
tl 79Q,l-tOVt h f!:''i : 'a't '"-' ri's?i
CUJbU-rJ; iim ana in demand ' at BSC la1 1
car. i ' : w.i ..tof f.!MjwM
OATS In good demand at 63f64 fbf 1
No land 65 1 tor: white, and closlog with"1
upward tendency.-np ' ?jni j.y ot - -...Ja
KI ii r irm alf 1 to. jiiiu us ."i
BABLEY Unchanged.! t-.-fui -. -jjna
COTTON DuU: prices seminal at SSfaS1'!
28Jo lor middllna; no tales.n -i nt; i Ysv
wniatLX Firmer a at 9So Tt close;
but demand light, v.'iu-; - S-.;o .iiiii -iiaffl
FKOVISIOSi 8 Stron r pr Ines pwarov""1
PORK At29 00TA29 25-fep itv bot1!
held at 29 30 U).
BULK. MEATS Firmer; shoulders anlff' i
at 12 now held 12r; sides held at 140.
i BACON Firm at 13 Wo: shoulders held
at 16ic; clear rib atl7cv '
la A Rt r irm; in demand at 1J Dot heia- al
at 19c. : - it.' --f.-.r. i-r.r i. .' f.c4
iiUi rEK Unchanged.: 'niii ,am!iiinn
CHEESE Firmer and selling at 20(22ev.'2
for saetory.: vA.u'un a-.tft --.u ms.iii:l
juuua lrau atasc. t- f:i.4H-,.ir o hi.u
OILS Linseed firmer at 91 0601 08. not'
much in demand; lard firmer at 91 601 65; 1
petroleum at 33(33e. 'j t'"
HtMiS Scarce firmer at ir OOfoXII Ba'"1
for fat. Packing is over; butchers ' are lw
buying. .-.- -;;- : -. i '...! .-'Hm ; !;; rrh
i , - - j mmm mi jilii'j"!
Chicago Market—Jan. 19.
FLOUR Dull and heavi: sales of sro-ln .i
extra at 94 87(365 for Jow tadea lKA
wheat Active: sales ofTlfo. I ,at,-
91 17l 18, and N. 2 at .91121
closing at 9IT21'12 dea,aiuu.PrI
'cbanie 91 12. ..; ... . ,V-i . .1 !.iMnb
CORN More ' active' and . '34o hlalier il.Y
sales of No. 2 kiln dried at 55&(56c; ew i,j
52;j53ic no grade 47a(3'9Ku,nd cjos-.,,
log steady and firm at 63Js63iQ-for,U8W,!UOs
Unchanged thU afternoon. .,.'-,. r ,
OATS Steady; sales of No.Iat91 15 ubj
16; CioJngat91 15il 16.; ,.. a,.),
BARLEY Dnlf and Mulders firm; salea,i,i
No. 2 at 91 6S1 69? rpjected9l 50.
DRESSED HOGS-Qmet,,l)ut firmer; ea
ales at $12 25fai3 .35 : cioslna at 912 iMA .
-iw. ... . ... t ... . t... n1 n.
-wv nous-n'lrin ana "Z0(oK)a wgneK-tjh
.i l- n -r..,v jv- - JTi ,Z
'T. ii"0"!?.?? &?!
ill d5l.60 for.extra prlme..r . .xitfns9
- ti'JV
New York Dry Goods Market—Jan. 19.
The cotton roods market Is less" sctlve. ,
and the upward tenriency- fbr the time be- '
injs has been arrested: Heavy brown.sheet-'" ,
tags are In moderate n quest atl7e W best..
makes ; 16c lor second do, and I4n for the ''
best makes ot unbleached sheetings. Pep-''':,A
perill R have advanced to 15c ; New York'','
Mills muslins. Pearee, and fine,' at 1'
28c ; wamsntta do 25c ; Lonsdale 18", and14 1
Uope l5c. Panes' new prinfa in limited
reffuest at 130,18e.- hd U(cb,UUi. for ' '
extra do; Lancaster ginghams bring 17c;
btaow 16cvand Roanoke 12s. ' Washliie-.".'i.
-VVU IUO BIO 1 1 1 IX Kb X 1 1 , H11U UJ trU 1 U LU ,
;ignt 8iyiesoi mous oeiames at 20s. Wool-. ,
rns cootinoe-very dull, jet prices, rule '
i. :i -'
Cleveland Market—Jan. 19.
: FLOUR--Market doli; favors buyers; :
quote cltv made XXX white at $11 lfc 25; '
9 S09 75 for XX amber; $8 258 60 for vi
XX red winter; $7 758 00 for. XX spring"'
country, made; $7 608 00 for' XX ndt-'rtni
winter and amber; 7 75 for XX aprlug:rta
2510 00 forXX white. , . . 1 :.i
WHEAT Held at 91, 711 72 fopNo.l'"!..;
red winter. ...r-. -i - t - u-t, ii.
,CORN-7071c' ; ... ;:. ;iiS
OATS 62c.. , ,. ... vV.-v d -o
; RYE Held at 91 301 35 for No.1; No-r.i
291 251 28. ' - U.i. -; . .JU ,HJ!I!!-'I
Toledo Market—Jan. 19.
FLOUR Quiet. ' - ",I ' ' ''
' WHEAT White Michigan 91 72: ambet '','
Michigan 91 70l 71; No 2 amber 91 60; -'
No 2 spring 91 32. - - "
rVTT C...J. m,mm ttollnmtk
65c: new relected 6010.
VJUUl, JlrtjaJ., , IK n vn J . v r.
OATS Quiet and unchanged.
RTE Sieadv: No 2 tl 25. -
SEEDS Steady; clover 99 23; flax 'seed
92 40. "
HOGS Dressed 12ic ".vol
St. Market—Jan. 19.
FLOUR Steady, but buyers lor rout d, ',.
lots contend for lower prices.,,. :., ',-., ,
WHEAT Steady and unchanged, rang-1--?
lng attl- 502 fbr prime to fancy CiQ.tr ni-
X)RN Unchanged 8167(870(5,; i,;,; ,, t , sia
2A.ISLower at 6870c. ,-... i Mutual
BYE Stift at 91,2S1 !.-
Buffalo Market—Jan. 19.
FLOUR AND WHEATNe-glecteti:" '
CORN lc easier tor new.'." --i i -OATS
6O0 on track, u -.c. r A s nl 5
, RYENeglected. o-y.-uu
BARLEY Nominal at 91 9o2 031 w.
Other article, nncbanged. C
' " -
Milwaukee Market—Jan. 19.
FLOUR Very dull; -pric-B BnchangKl.H:iu
. WHEAT Steady at 9 L 17 tcr No 1 .iaxit
.store.i ;,", r.n.iiA iir.;ito S3 W 19 la
awaaawaaawawaaasawaaawaai fi'iM y
t. ;
Jklkffl &
w S.1 ! e-4U .ItJ.II .I'.. 1-1. 11
DkButtsw, Locksa4tb,i !..-'-(
bell hangers, at No. 141 North Hlga street, 1 i(-r
are now prepared; to-hang paTlor arid hotel
bellsin theneattandlatesij'8.tleSew7,t,
ng machines repaired ad t jsatfefactloa -lU'X
guaranteed: Models .buiU.-for-:itMteer";:n,,'
and. all kinds ot light machinery made and :
repaired. Keys ot all description always
on band, and sale and jail locks made and
repaired. may23-g-ly

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