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" I
Ohio Legislature.
la Sena!, on yesterday, a fuller attend
ant of Senitonihaii asaal was observed.
The Hamilton county Senator,, in conse
quence of a local question loathe House,
Invply inn the right of the City Council ot
Cloclooati to purchase land, for ,a park,
cim out front-, their .xetlracv, , to act
a law makers.' ' V t. i " . V.-v
The bill lor the rellet of the Township
Treasurer of YVillshlre township, . Vu
vYert.county, who, without fault of, hii
own, was robbed ot funds belonxin; to the
township, wu passed, as were also the bills
to authorize the County Commissioners 01
Shelby 'county Mo apply certain lunds to
the erection of a county infirmary ; to
amend the law relating to yviUe, and to pro
Tide a messenger for the Supreme Court. .'
The afternoon session was. mainly con
sumed In discussing a Bill, to repeal the
act creating a commissioner of Bailroads
and Telegraphs, based upon the ground of
a saving to the State of a heavy expense
without . corresponding benefit. The Bill
passed yeas 22, nays 11. ; , r, ;
In -Mouse, the bill requiring actual at
tendence of members ot the Legislature to
secure their per diem, was. passed and, as
soon as signed, will be a law. , .. ' .
The remainder of the session waa con'
. fined to the discussion of the proposition
to rtbulld the Lunatic Asylum oa a differ
ent -site from that upon which the ruins
now stand. It was discussed with much
ability, op to the hour of adjournment.
Serious Illness of Senator Stambaugh.
ul telegram dted at P.M. of yesterday.
from New Philadelphia, to Speaker Thorn
Bux, of the House of Bepresentatives, says
that the illness of Hon. I). Yv. Stambauqh
Senator from that District, is of so serious
a,-uracter that, his physicians deem his
recovery almost hopeless,,. . , ., . ;1
WEDNESDAY, January 20, 1869.
WEDNESDAY, January 20, 1869. SENATE.
. ,The PKESIPENT, called, the Senate, to
order at ten o'clock. - r.
Prayer by Bev, A. G. Byers, of Colum
bus. ?- -!" - '
The journal of yesterday was read and
approTfd.,. ,., 'iidi j ci-i.f'.s
. -,..,; .'-rKTrriOKa PBKBESTKJ).
By Ur. RUTCHESON Memorial ot W.
W. miey, ot Columbus, for allowance of
damages for diverting a certain' water
course from bi premise to the Ohio Pen
- iwnllary Kelerreil to the committee on
. the Penitentlarv. -
By Mr. DO W DNET Protest of 10S clti-
aens ot ixtpiey, isrown county, against the
lepeel of Uieact passed April 16, 1363, tax
ing bank stock or shares at the place where
. the bank is located, Referred .to the Fi
nance mmiitee. ; ' .
-... x . ii, 8KCOKD jMADnras".
"The following bills were read the second
- Mine and appropriately referred r'- House
bill No. 416 and Senate bills Nos. 279, 280,
281nd:283., ... :. .,M .
. S.B. Bo. 287, by Mr. BERRY Supple
mental to the act lor the assessment and
taxation of property, and for levying taxes
tbureoa- according to Its erne value In
' maoney, passeU AprU 6,1869... .i i :
The object ot Uiis bUl U to require offi
cers, State and county, to list their offices
for taxation the same as other property is
..JtMtiJiWj.-:, -.f r -
4,H)rB No. 288. by Mr. SCRIBNER To
amend section V of the act to authorize the
sale and transfer of the Walhonding canal,
parsed April 13, 1868. - :
The amendment dispenses with the ne-
cessUy oi procuring the release of parties
holding water leasee; but requires the rail
road company proposing to purchase the
ewnal to aatisly the Board of Public Works
that they .bave sufficient means to Insure
tbeeoostrucUoo-ot tbeur road, and to enter
into a written contract with the Board, to
- keep up and maintain the canal for the
purpose of lurnishiug water to said par
ties, the- performance of each contract to be
secured by mortgage, which shall be a first
lien. In case the lailroad company fail to
perform their contract the Board of Public
Works Is authorized to rescind the sale and
Tetake possession or the canal. - ---S.
B. No.' 289, by Mr. .DANGLERTo
- amend section 12 of the act to provide for
the support and regulation of public
. schools' in the -city of Cleveland, passed
April 14,1868. " -
" The objectcf the bill Is so to amend sec-
. tiomlioi tbeCleveland school law that the
Board of Education may employ teachers
-whOr ehaU give instructions la the Ger-
foan .language in schools of lower grade
han saia high schools,, as tne board may
"diem for the interest of the public' '
-ii8i.iBi.-Nd. 290, by Mr. : EMM1TT Tee re
fpcaittieacl-to provide lor the collection
.ot , claim .agaiost steamboats, and other
'water Craft, and authorizing proceedings
gaiet tb sauic by name, passed Febru--iy
E6j lMtVand other acts tnerein named.
r WThia bill proposes the repeal of the laws
.In the statute books in regard to the seizure
or steam Doata ana. otuer water crait, for
tli reason tbat -a ' decision of the 13. S.
couru has made them la' point of fact tn
.operative and void, f, ,r ?r -, -.:-)'
, S.BKo, 2i)l Reported bv Mr. EVER-
"T'l from tne Judiciary committee Xo
' anwna secuon t oi tne act of the juris
dictivu aiul: procedure before justices ol
the peace, aiiu pf tne duties of constables
in civil courts, passed March 14, 1858. -oca'lM
object ot this bUl ita allow bills of
exception. to be taken. on ail judgments of
juu. ui um peace, wnetner i,ue cases
have been tried by a j ury or not. . ,, ,
' ,'Mr. MAY; from' the Judiciary commit
tee, reported back 8. B. No. 2fi4 T. urn.
vide for the appointment of a messenger ol
(the Supreme Court, and .recommended Its
pasrage. . ... i... . , . ..,;.
. The Mil was then read the third time
and passed yas 21,- nays 8, as lollo ws : '
-'v x'xas-Metsrs.-' Biggs, Burrows, Camp-
pell,. Carter,. Dangler, Everett, Golden,
. Gtiawold, ,iJutcheon, Jamison, Kessier,
- King,' Lino, May, Onderdonk, Potts, Scrib-
ner, Simmons, Stedman, Wood worth, Yeo
issan.l f. -J , -., ';;: . .i,. t
' r,I!iltTMeMM' Ber I)ickey- Emmitt,
rV." - : COHCOBSH) IN.
... MtuKElFER, from the Jud!cinr
tnittee, reported, recommending .that the
" Senate' concurdn the House' amendments
tun ano. mi 10 amena section 65 of
o sac act reiauog vo wins, and the repeal ot
u former acu relative thereto, passed May 3,
S ; The House amendments were according-
i-'ij wvcnimi ui uj uie senate.
-a (Mr.HUTCHEtON, fromthe joint com
.j snitues on Benevolent. Institutions, sub
A mltted a report in regard to the recent
visit ot tbe committees to the Northern
- Lunatic Asylum, which was referred to
lxuc commute oa.Eenevolent Institutions
" M.n GODFREY, from the select commit-
. tee to whom tbe same was rcierrmi m.
' ported back H. B. No. 413For therelkf
The bll was then read the third time and
, ' Mr. BEESr, froui the select committee
- to whom tne same was referred, reported
?- bck U. B. 457 To authorize the Commis
; toners ot Shelby county to apply certain
lunds in the county treasury to the com
pletion' of an Infirmary in said county,
"and reoom mended its passage. - - J- -c
The bill was then read the third time
na pasaea--..t ; .-ovu-r. j t
k Mr. SCRIBNER presented the report
r.v .: v;,.,. Juitcneii, li. a.
Cheethamand William Patrick, Commla-
awima yyviuvcx uouer an act to provide
1 uia wnwH oi a monument to the
... lunuurj ui ucuuni oimon Kenton. Diluted
May 1, 1854, which was laloTn rttefffite
, and ordered to be printed.
On motion ot Mr. KENNEY, the Senate
took a recess.
':JiThe PRESIDENT called the Senate" to
. v.uor a uuui u uvea.
t- . 'v -.--r
-S.fr Wm by-Hr.'jOXDBjBDO'SK
To anthArizethe roommfeaionera o Gallia
Jvcoutrt tVlnareas the levy on the taxable
nrnrVTf aaiil cnuntv for common" rev-
RnTpTrplet! anCdS?ariTr Tuse'The
surplus rau i tUer IuaUs-k
Mr. ONDERDONK offered the following
resolution, which ws adopted : -
Resolved, That when the 8enate adjonros
on Friday" the 22d JnsU and eacn third
Friday succeeding the same. It shall ad
journ until, three jo 'clock-P. on the
Tuesday next following such Fridays re
spectively. ; - ' - - ' v -'
....... . ' rrrmo!) kpferrsd.
' On motion of Mr. 8TEDMAN, the peti
tion of citizens of Portage county for an
amendment of the act directing the mode
oi serving mesne process against railroad
comDaniea. nassed March SI. 1866.. so that
said act shall apply to railroad companies
in the hands of a receiver, was taken from
the table and referred to Mr. Stedman
call of tub bbnatkv ' - '
, Mr. CARTER moved a call of the Sen
abe which was ordered, and the following
Senators answered to their names:
Messrs. Berry, .- Biggs, Burrows. C'amp-
bell, Carter, Dangler, Dickey, Lwwaney,
Emmltu Evans, Everett. Godfrey, Golden,
; Jamison, Keiler, Kenney, Kessler, King,
' Kraner, Linn, May, Onderdonk, Potts,
U..w.Knuw Atm.nnna Gt.ilman Trt.ronM
Oil) llUCIf UIIUU1UIID. .va.wuw,
. Winner. Wood worth. Yeoman.
Messrs. Corey, Lawrence, Rex and Starn
baugh bad leave ot aosence.
Messrs. Brooks, Griswold aud Hutche
son were absent without leave. --'
On motion of Mr. DICKEY, the Ser
. gcant-at-Arms was dispatched for the ab
aenteea without leave.' . 1
; Messrs Griswold and Hutcheson having
mm ared within the bar.
On motton ot Mr. YEO MAN, further
proceedings under the call were dispensed
witn. - .
Mr. DICKEY, from the majority of the
committee on Railroads and Xeiegrapns
reported back .
. S. B. No. 132-By Mr. Dickey To re
peal the act to provide tor the appointment
Oi a voujuiisaiuiier vi nauiuuug uuu x
graphs, and to prescribe bis duties, passed
April 5, 1S67, and recommended its pass
age; With an amendment which was agreed
' tO. I -
. The hill was then read the third time.
and tbe question being on the passage of
tbe bill.
: Mr. KEIFEB desired to hear from those
who iavored tbe abolition cf the omce oi
Commissioner oi Railroads and Telegraphs.
He adduced some reasons for retaining the
office. -' ' ...
Mr.: DICKEY made an argument at
- length on the nselesness of the office in
question, and on the propniety of dispens
ing witn u. . .
Jlr. DANGLER said that the' bill creat
ine the office of Commissioner was not
riRFKf-d in the interest of railroads. Mr.
Dangler argued for the retention of the
iiftice lor at least a vear lonsrer,
Mr. KE1FER spoke at length against the
' bill under consideration, and in favor of
continuing the efflceof Railroad Commis
sioner. ... . : ,. -.
Mr. GODFREY said the true course was
not to look lor substantial reasons for
' abolishing the office, but for substantial
reasons lor its continuance. . He advocated
its abolition. ' -.- -
Mr. DOWDNEY argued against the
longer continuance of the office of Railroad
Mr. STEDMAN considered this an in
opportune time to abolish the office in
question, -
: Mr. DICKEY replied 40 objections to the
bill under consideration, and argued lor
the abilition of the office of Railroad Commissioner.
. - . - . -.
; Mr. GRISWOLD said the office of Commissioner
was created - not In-the interest
ot railroads, but for the protection of tbe
people, and to guard them against abuses
I- by railroad companies. Mr. G. was opposed
to aoonsDtng tne omce, out was lor maxing
it more efficient. - .
Mr. GQLDBN was opposed to the crea
tion of the office of Railroad commission
er; he was In" favor of its abolition now
He tailed to see any benefit to the public
-resulting from tbe office. He argued for
.its discontinuance on the score 61 retrenchment
and economy -
S. B. No. 132 was then passed by. the
following vote:
: --Yeas Messrs. "Berry ."Burrows, Camp
bell, Carter, Dickey,. Dowdney, Em mitt,
Evans, Godfrey, Golden. Hutcheson, Jami
son, Kenney, Kessler, King, May, Onderdonk,
Potts, Scribner, Simmons,, Winner,
. Yeoman 22. . . - : . i y - . '.
I Nats Messrs. Biggs, Brooks, Dangler,
! Everett, Griswold, Keiler, Kraner, Linn,
SDednian.Torrence, Wood worth 11. .
-- i .,; CALL OF THE SENATE. .., ; .'. .
' Mr. DICKEY moved a call ot the Senr
ate, which was ordered, and the following
Senators answered to their names:
Messrs. Berry, Biggs,. Brooks, Burrows,
Campbell, Carter, Dangler, Dickey, ItowdV
ney, Emmitt, Evans, Everett, Godfrey,
Golden, ; Griswold,1 Hutcheson,' Jamison,
Keifer, Kenney,- Kessler,- King, ' Kraner,
Linn, May, Onderdonk, Potts, Scribuer,
Simmons, Stedman, Torrence, Winner,
Woodworth and Yeoman. :'' -' .' -.
- AU the Senators absent had leave of ab
sence. ...Tj,--, , iP: . ... " ',..
On motion of Mr.' GRISWOLD, further;
proceedings under the call were dispensed'
rWlth.:i:..;, . -T'.-;i ! - i . - -I1
.. On motion of Mr. EVANS, .tbe Senate
adjourned. ,' .' . . ' , , ,-' '
Prayer by KevJUr. Harris, of Columbus.;
"ThejoOrual was read and approved; .'
' -t On motlorl of Mr. WARRENv H." Ji R
103, looting to a 8nrveyyKc? of the Lewis-;
town Reservoir, was taken from tbe table.1
., Mr. HILL, ot Detiauce, moved, that the
resolution be laid on the table, which was
agreed to. .
"; '-a-VATB OF ABSEKCEi !. ii v ;
-5; Indefinite leave of absence was rranted
to Mr. Kerr, of Jefferson, on account al
sickness.,,, .vlr,0- k
Mr.HEADLEY The memorial of mem
bers of the bar of Wooiislleld, Monroe
county, for relief in eases where one of tbe
partners of a law firm is, elected Judge.
.Referred to the committee on Judiciary.
Mr. LEE Tbe remonstrance ot J. D.
Yan Deman and 73 other c.tizens of Dela
ware county, protesting against the repeal
of the act ot February 21, 1867, authoriz
ing the incorporation ot building associations.'-
Referred to the committee on Mu
nicipal Corporations. ':
M r, LEETE The petition of B. F. Cary.
T. N. Davis, and 27 citizens of Lawrence
county, asking for the relief of. Moses 1 W.
Davh, a lunatic,- injured while confined
the county jail. Referred to the committee
on Finance. - ' - ' i -. ...
Mr. PARKER The petition ofa .B.
, Stiekney and 145 other citizens of Huron
county, for amendment to the interest law;
ac. iteierrea w committee on interest.
- -Mrt PARKE B Tbe petition" of J. B,
Higbee and 110 other oitizens of Huron
. county, lor a similar amendment. Referred
to the same. ' .
Mr. CANFIELD The petition of : the
vxuncy commissioners ot ueauga county
tor a special taw autnortzing them to levy
a tax to build a Court House at the county
seat ol said county.. Referred to commit
.ite on JNew counties ..,?
:,.' ' - 'iy:l. SPECIAL ORDER. . V . ., '
.'-.' On moUon of Mr. WALLING, the spe
cial order for 10 o'clock A. M., the same
being the resolutions concerning the re
builuing of the Central Lunatic Asylum.
House bills 435. 439,440, 441 and 447 were
read the second time and referred to appro
priate committees. V i '
Mr. SCRIBNER S. B. 260: Supplemen.
tal to tbe act entitled an act to fix the com
peasatlon ot members and officers ot the
General Assembly, passed April 2,1866.
(tuu u. Im, page ooj, was read tne third
.time. - ..,... -. ., , -.
Mr. HILL, of Defiance, explained that
me uui was simply drawn in order to con
form with tbe practice heretofore indulged.
The present bill requires actual attendance
, on the part of members or a leave cf ab
sence granted by tbe House, tbe sane
' be certified to by the Speaker or President
ot the Senate, tbe law in force not reauir-
f or , d 1 b In ha Hun. n... .1
r, W.I v.. passage
said biU the yeas and naya were ordered
and resulted yeas 82, nays 6. So the bill
was pitsBeu.
Mr. SA i LER, H. B. 438 To amend sec
- tion 3 of an act entitled "an act to aui hor-
ize county commissioners to construct
roaus on petition oi a majority ot tbe res
ident land owners along and adjacent
the line of said road, and to repeal an act
therein named,", passed March 29, 1807,
was renu me uiuu iiujo,
Mr. SAYLER explained that the pres
exception tDMis aiiowwwe a
mwtrln v days-after th-day appoint
7 foi meeting, and In case of the failure
ent law reauiTs viewers ito meet o a
specified day. The bill under 'considera
tion was acodv-oi me oia roaa law, wiui
tne Exception that it allowed the viewers a
of any viewer to meet, those attending are
auinonzeu to mi wue vacancy. -
Mr. ODELL opposed the bill, and de
nounced the entire road system.' ' ' i
Mr. uuuuiss, or TJuUer,-favored -its
- jar. ucrrTUX claimed that tbe oui con
tained unconstitutional provisions, and
moved its recommitment to a select com
mittee, with certain instructions to amend.
Pending the consideration of the mo
tion, .
On mbifon. cf M ri "COCKERILL, the
House took a recess, v !-: ,
reassembling, the House nroceeded "
to the further consideration ot the motion I-
to recommit H. B.433 to' a. select commit
tee, with instructions to amend.
Alter further discussion, the yeas and
nays were demanded and. bad, resulting
yeas 19, nays 6A. So the motion was not
aereeu to.
Upon tbe passaze of the bill the yeas and
nays were ordered, wi'h the following re-
suit yeas 63, nays 21. So the bill was
passed. . . .: -.,.
On 1 motion of Mr. WALLlNG, ' the
House proceeded to the consideration of the
special order for this nour, tne same oe-
inir. . - - - '
H.J. It. liar instructing the Trustees oi
the Central Ohio JUinatic Asylum to pro
ceed with the rebuilding of said institution
upon the present site. .
; The question beinz first upon the follow
ing pending substitute offered by Mr. VV ai
ling: .. .- -
Resolved, by the General Assembly of the
State or unio. mat tue trustees ol the cen
tral Ouio Lunatic Asylum be and they are
nereoy authorized and directed to proceed,
under the laws now in force in regard to
lube constraciion of public buildings, to ad
vertise lor proposals ana mate contracts
tor tbe reconstruction of. said .Asylum on
its' present eite each wing, in Its recon
struction, to be finished suitable for the
accommodation of patients, without wait
ing the reconstiuction of other parts of
tne Duilding.
Mr. SCOXT, of Warren, took the floor.
and in a lengthy speech opposed both the
resolution ana suDstitute, sua sustained
the report of tbe joint select committee, ot
which he, was a member. . '
lie was louowed by Mr. MAJNJN, in a I
lengthy argumentative speech in Behalf of
Air. wainng's substitute.
After some time spent in discussion.
Mr. CANFIELD moved to postpone the
inrtuer cousiaeration ot the subject until
Wednesday, Jan. 27,at 10 o'clock A.Mand
that it be made the special order for that
hour. - -
Mr. LEWTON. orior to action nDon the
notion, spoke in favor of the substitute
unuer consideration, and Mr. WOJ con-
Mr. WALLING urged immediate action
upon the substitute as a means of dispos
ing ot this important matter, and in a
lengtby and heated speech denounced the
report oi the joint committee which favor
ed tte removal of tbe Asylum outside of
tne city ot , Columbus. He reviewed tbe
published testimony taken betoretbe com
mittee, and showed tbe fallacy ot iinposinn
such a heavy expenditure upon the people
at this time.
Pending the discussion upon Mr. Can
field's motion and the general merits of the
subject under consideration.
Ou motion of Mr. McMORRAN, the
House adjourned. -
Rio Janeiro Advices.
PARIS, Jan. 20.
Later advices from Rio Janeiro fully
confirm previous reports of the capture of
Villeta and the destruction of the Para
guayan army. . - J
The Cortes.
MADRID, Jan. 20.
The new Cortes will mtet on the 11th of
February. .
LONDON, Jan. 20.
earthquake re
cently occurred around tbe shores of the
Bay of Bengal state that . the loss of life
was very great. - - - -
The - steamship Australia, from New
York, has arrived. . -
The French Blue Book for 1868.
PARIS, Jan. 20.
The Freneh blue book lor the year 1868
has made its appearance. The correspon
dence with tbe Government at Washing
ton shows that cordial relations continue
to.be maintained between France and the
United States. . In reference to the' recent
events In the Spanish peninsula tbe blue
book says France, faithful to the princi
ples of her foreign policy,' and to her
friendship tor Spain, preserves strict neu
trality and sincerely wishes - her well
through the criEis.-
Statisric are given to show the strength
of the French army, which is officially re
ported to number at the present time
494,000 men,- er whom 115,000 are on fur-
lOUgb.-' - - Hfiri -.i- . .
- The- blue book also contains dispatches
and communications -which were ex
changed between: the French-and Italian
governments in regard td - the evacuation
ot Rome by the French troops. Ail at
tempts to make an arrangement to that
end. proved fruitless. ' . . . ,
Chicago Items.
CHICAGO, Jan. 20.
Dr: Miller, the principal In the attempt
ed robbery and murder of Mr. Wright, at
Prairie du Cbien. Wisconsin, was arrested
last midnight. He confessed his guilt and
promises startling - disclosures. Stolen
goods were found inliis house. His wife
was arrested oa suspicion of . complicity,
Both are in jail, r- r,-r
A d 000 Darn, six miles west of Aurora.
Illinois, -was burned last bight, consuming
eleven horses,' thirteen cattle and- seventy
tons ot nay. Joseph Ingham was so baalv
scorched that his recovery is doubtful. A
BOSTON, Jan. 20.
y Tbe Hartford and Erie Railroad Com
pany have purchased ot the Boston Wharf
Company 2,600,000 feet ot laud on Fort
Point Channel, lor depot buildings,
wharves, &c- The same Company have,
it is Bald, ratified the lease of tbe Norwich
and Worcester railroad, subject to the ac
tion of the Legislature. ' r ;r-
ALBANY, Jan. 20.
According to the report of the Commis
sioner of the State House ot Industry,
there is an apparent deficiency in the ac
counts ot tbe acting Superintendent of the
Poor .tothe extent of over $20,000. The
officer asks a suspension of public judg
ment until he can prepare an answer to
this report.:- . ..". , . s .
MONTREAL, Jan. 20.
A petition to the Minister of public
Works is being, numerously signed, urg
ing the deepening of the harbors of Port
Col borne and Port Dalhousie, in order to
accommodate larger vessels now engaged
in the lake trade. It is rumored that tbe
Dominion Government will appoint Hon.
Wm. Howe delegate to Washington to aid
in procuring reciprocity .
Toledo Market—Jan. 20.
FLOUR Dull and nominal; $8O01000
for XX and tancy.
WHEAT Lower and quiet; amber 3o
lower at $1 68; white Michigan lc lower
at $1 71: Ho. 2 spring declined lc; sales at
$1 31.
CORN New quiet and steady at 64c; re
jected heavy; no inquiry.
OATS Uucbanged and quiet at 67c for
No. 1.
RYE A shade lower; No. I $1 271 28.
BARLEY No. 1 State held at 1 75;
buyers offer $1 70.
DRESSED HOGS Very quiet at 12
12c. ' '
Cleveland Market—Jan. 20.
" FLOUR--Marketdull; favors buyers; we
nunm rit.v made XXX white at $11 U 25:1
$9 509 75 lor XX amber; $8 258 60 for
XX red winter, $7 758 00 for XX spring;
country made, $7 508 00 lor XX red
and amber; 7 007 .60 for XX spring;
bq oi(aiii nn fo XX white. -
whkaT Sales of - one car No. 1 red
winter at $1 70, and one car No. 2 do at
si 60.
CORN Sale of one carat 72c.
OATS Held at 62r.
RYE Held at $1 301 36 for No.l; No.
2 $1 2ol 28.
Cleveland Market—Jan. 20. LATEST BY TELEGRAPH.
American Colonization Society.
ieiv ahowa-that the xeceiDts last, year
from donations, legacies, &c., were over
fifty-one thouseaJ? dollars. Over thirty
thpusand were 'paid to transport emigrants
to Liberia, fiitecn thousand to repair their
shp and seventeen thousand for other pur
poses. The expenditures during the last
three vears have exceeded -the receipts by
eixtv-two thousand dollars, and they call
for more income,
Jiimigraupn. ieu on
nearly two hupdred laot year
Nominations by the President.
' The President to-day nominated to the
Senate John L. Deen, for Naval Officer of
New York; Robert Flint, of Wisconsin.
commisstoner to ascertain the amount oi
money expended by Indiana to enroll vol
A. V,o 1.. ... . . DAtiart r -D....K
anan ' and A. C. Gillem, brigadier genvrals
in place of Rousseau, deceased, and Hook
er, retired; and Wm. H. Weisner, Collector
of Customs at New Orleans, in place of
Perry Fuller, whose nomination has been
Supreme Court.
'The United States Supreme Court was
occupied to-day with the case of the Chi
cago,. Frothingbam & Qulncey Rallroid
Company, appellants, versus Ashabel
Amiih. This case involves the question
oi iiaouiiy oi au me railroad companies
to n raiicis nievens, lor tbe use ot his pat
ent car brakes. When tbe Court adjourni
10-morrow it win oe until Monday.
Hay Importation.
The Department of Stite to-day received
a telegram from the U.S. Minister -at
Loudon, announcing tbe revocation of-the
order prohibiting the importation of hay
irom uiis couuiry to ureat .Britain. -
General Kilpatrick.
. Tbe leave of absence of tien Kil Patrick
tkna K.w.n . .......... . I '
uu uccu ukuucu uulu juarcu.
The substitution ot United States bond
bearing curreucy interest, issued to the
Pacific Kail road Company tor United
btates bonds bearing gold interest, as se
curity for the circulation of National
.Banks, hasoeen suspended by the Comp
troller ot the Currency until the pleasure
oi congress snail De Known on the subject.
Presidential Reception.
The President's first reception for this
season was given last evening at the
White House, and in every way ic was oue
oi tne most Druitant ever known here
Cabinet Ministers. Senators, members ot
foreign legislations, army and navy officers
in iuu aress uniforms were present. Fash
ionable society was also out in force,-
WASHINGTON, January 20.
, Petitions favoring woman suffrage' were
reierrea to tne duuiciary committee.
Remonstrances against the proposed
amendment of the bankrupt law were also
reierred to tne Judiciary committee.
Mr. ROBERTSON introduced a bill to
extend tbe jurisdiction of the Court
Claims of loyal citizens against the United
btates lor appropriation or destruction
their property by the army engaged in the
suppression of the rebellion. Reierred
tbe committee on Judiciary.
: Mr. WILSON introduced a bill to pro
vide for a reduction of the military forces
of the United States, and for other purpo
ses, iteierrea to committee on Military
Affairs. It provides for the musterinz ou
of some officers of minor grades, lor the
enlistment ot soldiers for five years, for the
aooiition oi arms and parades and othe
unnecessary work on the Sabbath, and
gives privates the benefit of the provision
as to time of trial which now applies
officers. - . . . . .
, Mr.-WILSON also introduced a bill,
which had the same reference, to reorganize
general officers in the army. It retains
the General, at the same pay, provides for
a Lieutenant General at reduced pay, abol
: ishes the grade of Brigadier, except where
, held by chiefs of staffs or staff depart
ments and the chiet of staff of the General
of the army, and provides that brigades
shall be commanded by Colonels selected
for merit. -- - -w
After discussion as to the.order oC bus!-,
ness tbe Senate refused, 32 nays-against 22
j yeas, to take np the Edmund's resolution
; relative to tbe public debt, and by 26 yeas
25 rfays took up Mr. Sherman's air - line
'railroad bill. ...-., - - . - -
Mr. WHITE spoke at length in opposition.
' .-
j Mr. POMEROY moved an executive ses-
: Sion. .
; Messrs. SUMNER and SHERMAN op-
' posed the motion. -
' The yeas and nays were ordered and tbe
motion carried. - ' ' ' " ' :
The Senate, at 3 o'clock, went Into ex-
. ecutive session, and at 4:40 adjourned..
Mr. - SCHENCK introduced a bill
; strengthen -the public credit, and relating
- to contracts for payment of coin. . Referred
I to committee on Ways and Means.
Mr. FARN3 WORTH, chairman of the
Postofflce committeeLreported a bill to re-
! strict aul regulate the franking privilege,
-as follows: - - , -
' Be it enacted, That it shall not be lawful
! for any officer ot the Government, member
jot Congress, or other person entitled, by
! law to the I ranking privihge, to exercise
' said privilege otherwise than by his or her
i written' autograph signature upon the
! matter franktd, and all letters or other
, mail matter not thus franked by the writ
' ten signature of a, person entitled by law
, to exercise such privilege shall be charged
with the rates of postage which are now
. or may be established by law. .' "
j Sac. 2. And be it. further enacted. That
I from aud after tbe Just day of April next
; no. .officer of the Government, member
Congress or other person entitled by law
j tbe tranking privilege, shall by reason ol
such privilege he entitled to rceeive
through the mails any -mail matter directed
j to such officer, member ol Congress or oth
er person. - 1 ' :f 1
Mr. JOHNSON moved to lay the hill on
! the table, i Negatived. i -r- i
' " llri FERRY moved to. strike out the
; second section. Agreed to. ? - - :
The bill, containing the first section was
then passed without division.' , .- ,
Mr. JULIAN offered a resolution in
structing the committee on Banking to in
quire into the expediency ol providing by
law that existing contracts and those that
may. hereafter be made be adjusted and
paid "in gold on the basis cf the relative
balance of gold and United States-notes,
f iMr. SCHENCK gave notice in reference
to the bill introduced by him to-day to
strengthen the public credit, that in a week
or two hence, when the business of
House would admit he expected to be authorized
by the committee on Ways and
Meaus to report it back and submit some.
' remarks in support of it. - . .
- Air. liAlir ltLU offered a resolution tor
a select committee ol seven to inquire and
report as to what legislation is necessary
to -provide for taking-the ninth cencus.
Adopted.- i .' .,
The House resumed! consideration
the Senate bill granting land and right
way to tbe Denver City Railway ana Tele
graph Company.
Mr. LOIS AN offered a substitute for the
bill, proposing to authorize the Company
to connect Its road with the Union Pacific
railroad, at or near Cheyenne, and to issue
coupon bonds to the extent ot dollars
per mile, to 'be guranteed by the United
States. ' ...
.Mr. COVODE addressed the House
Advocacy and explanation of the bill.
Mr. KELLY lollo wed on the same side,
and "
Mr. VAN TRUMP In opposition to
San Francisco Items.
- The United States grand Jury found over
- three hundred Indictments tor naturaliza
tion frauds. It also recommends the Gov
ernment to establish shipping offices
different seaports, in order, in some de
gree, to prevent outrageous treatment
sailors by omcers oi suipc auu sauors
boardinz house landlords.- . .
James C. Kin a & Company, commission
merchants, have suspended payment. Their
liabilities are large.
The new California theater opened
night . with an audience ot twenty -nve
hundred. It Is one of tbe finest buildings
In the city,-and will compare with auy
theater in the United States. . . .
Hannibal Hamlin.
BANGOR, Jan. 19.
1 The friends and neighbors of Hannibal
Hamlin, numbering neariy uuo uiuusauu.
and accompanied bv a band of music met
im at the depot last eveningJ on his re
turn Irorn-the successful Senatorial cam
paign fit Aujtrusta. -He was received with
dealening.cheers and-.escorted to his resi
New Hampshire Democratic Convention.
CONCORD, Jan. 20.
The J)emocratia St Converitioh. els
here to-morrow. The attendance of deie-
ate,.so itktrs is ot ,a large AS-iat jeax,
tion. ira a. n,aptman is to oe permanent
hairman, John-Beddl candk)ate tir Gov
ernor, and Mitchell Dohohue Tor' Railroad
Commissioner. ' General Bedell' hesitates
about accepting the nomination, hoping to
receive tne congressional nomination in
his district. -
West Virginia Legislature.
WHEELING, Jan. 20.
The West Virainia Legislature organ
ized yesterday. Hon. D. D. Farnsworih
was chosen President vf -the Senate, and
S. Fleming, Eq., Speaker of the House.
The choice ot aUuited States Senator, to
till the vacancy occasioned by the expira
tion of Van Winkle's term, will be made
Tuesday next. A. W. Campbell. Hon. S. D.
Hubbard, Governors Boreman. Pierpont
and P.dsley, and Gen. W. H. Powell ate
candidates for the position. The coutest
will be a spirited one.
St. Louis Items.
ST. LOUIS, Jan. 20.
William nomes,in former yenrs associate
-editor ot the Missouri Kepublican, a capi
tal writer ana gentleman ot scholarly at
tainments and varied Information, died
yesterday at New Haven, Conn, whither
he had gone tor tne Denenc ot ins health.
Robert A. Fott and Joseph Dugirendorf,
the gentlemen against whom indictments
were yesteroay iouna ior emnezzung
money belonging to the city," have given
bail, the former in the sum ot thirty thou
sand and the latter fifteen thousand dollars,
David Berlin, former Harbor Master, was
also indicted for obtaining a small sum of
money under taUe pretences and admitted
to bail in the sum of one thousand dollars.
- A. E. Kiceur, Denver City Treasurer,
and well known in literary- circles, has
sued the Westliche Post for libel, in charg
ing him with being connected 'with the
alleged friuds of the. late city official, and
claims $25,000 damages. -'
Tbe police made another raid upon the
gambling houses last night, and seized the
apparatus of about a d zju dens.-.
A bill has been introduced in the Legis-:,
lature again?t prize lighting, -prescribing
a severe penalty both to principals, seconds
ana spectators. -
Senatorial Nomination.
CHICAGO, Jan. 20.
At a late hour last evening, in Madison,
Wisconsin, Matt. H. Carpenter was on the
fifth formal ballot nominated for United
States Senator, by a vote of 41 Jo 35 for
Washburnr, and 8 votes scattering. The
wildest enthusiasm prevailed. - -
Four of the largest business houses in
Lerov, Minn., were burned yesterday. -Loss:
50,000. .
SYRACUSE, Jan. 20.
Two men, named Cumminga and Brown,
laborers on, the Central Railroad, were'
killed near this city yesterday afternoon,
by a train of cars. jThe. men haye families.
General Grant.
. General Grant declines the hospitalities
of the city, voted by Council, on account
of previous engagements. He will receive
citizens probably on Saturday.
Indiana Senatorship.
Two ballots were had in the Legislature,
in iolnt convention, , to-day, for Senator,
resulting as follows: First ballot. Cum
back 63; Hendricks 63; scattering 17; two
members absent. - Second ballot, Cnmback
67; Hendricks 63; scattering IS. Cumback
has lost two votes since yesterday. Tbe
joint convention will reassemble to-morrow
noon. '"" '
Trial and Escape of Prisoner.
FOREST, Jan 20.
i Yesterday, at ot
held at Kenton, John Durke was tried and
convicted for placing obstructions on the
track of the Pittsburgh, Fort Wayne &
Chicago railroad near Ada, In April last,
for the purpose of robbing passengers. Af
ter tbe trial he was remanded to jail, and
by some means made bis escape soon after.
Every exertion is being made to recapture
him and laree rewards are offered, but he
has so far managed to elude those inpur-
Death of a Good Citizen and Brave
M. W. Worden, one "of our prominent
citizens, died lust nisbt after a short ill
ness ot inflamation ot the bowels." Mr; W.
entered the 'military-service at the cbm
mencment of the rebellion- as Captain in
the 32d O. V. I;, and lost a leg at Harper's
Ferrv. He -was soon after transferred to
the invalid corps, staiionea ai, nu ajoui-.
Ahnnt rh rlnsp of the war he was elected
Probate judse of Richland county on the
Republican ticket, although the county is
unusually strong-Democratic - and served
one term. Failinsr to be re-eiectta oy a
few votes,-he soon after, received the ap
pointment as Assessor "of Internal Revenue
for the Eighth District, which office he held
at the time of his death.
United States' Marshal Merri wether re
ceived a telegram yesterday trom Attorney
Genera Evarts. stating mat warrants ot
reprieve of Bly-mer and Kinnard, the Lewis
t'dunty murderers, until rifxt May, was
mailed yesterday, aud to delay execution
ot sentence. - ' - j i .
CONCORD, N. H. Jan. 20.
The Democratic State Convent ioa nom
inated John Bidell. of Bath. "tor Governor,
and Gen. M. T. Donohoe for Railroad Com
missioner,. Short resolutions were passed
declaring adhesion to the Constitution aud
in favor of taxation of bonds. . :
New York Legislature.
ALBANY, Jan. 20.
Both branches of the Legislature met in
loint session . to-dav. and the election of
Feuton Senator was announced. . a. ..
Trial Commenced.
The trial of Mrs. Twitcbell, charged with
the murder of her mother, commenced to
day. "
NEW YORK, Jan. 20.
The' steamship ' Harmohla, "from Ham
burg, has arrived.
A fire occurred last night at the Derby
Atheneum. Broadway. Although it was
extinguished after Very little delay. It de
SLroyeu -or uamaxeu pcvorai vuiunuie wurKS
of art. among them Rotliemel's line picture
. ' J , 1 , .. .. U 1 . ,. .
nt Lincoln's last reception.: 'The Joss Is
$50,000. - - - -.:
Margaret Brown, indicted for killing Up
ton Murray, her negro paramour, was ar
raigned iu the court 01 uenerai sessions
yesterday. She pleaded ' guilty to man
slaughter in the third degree, and wai sen
tenced bv J 11 die Bedford to imprisonment
for three years and six months in tbe State
prison. The Jucge, in passing sentence,
commented severely on the degradation ot
a wnite woman in living with a black man.
The Alabama Treaty.
A Washington 6tates thai
though the treaties communicated to' the
Senate on Friday last ha '- not been com
mitted to the committee on Foreign Af
fairs, there will be no opposition to the oue
relating to the naturalization question nor
to the one relating to tbe settlement of the
boundary respecting San Juan. The Ala
bama treaty, however, meets with stropg
nnoKitinn- With the committee it staod.-
no chance of being ratified in its present
form, l The 1 committee d. not favor tbe
mode ot settlement of claims, nor do thej
approve of that feature allowing . England
to present claims that havecccarred dur
ing fifteen years as a set off against thost
of"our people. Tbe ignoring of the bel
ligerent rights question by our govern
ment is strongly censured-. When the sub
i.,t mmes ud lor consideration in-execu
tive session the eonduet of the persons
making this treaty will De thoroughly
examined. ; ' " '
Grant's Early Campaigns.
A long statement appears In the Time
this morning about the early campaigns 61
Grant, whit-n nave Deen starea to nave
riven dissatisfaction at headquarters at
washinrton.tbat he was several times to be
superseded, but was hot by-tbeoceurenc
of circumstances. When h began the in1
.satmant of Vicksburz the movement was
condemned at headquarters. and finall?.
after the un,ucceBlul assault ort Vick-
burg in May, an order was sent to; General
Banks, thed Investing Fort rludgoo. dlreO
ing him to go and tketbe qommand of the
army from General Grant and assume it
himself. The order was an Imperative one
-Mevertbelese -GenentaankaiHaatabev
the order. He replied and expostulated. Tie
considerations on which that officer based
his expostulation Swill appear when this
remarkable correspondence sees the lieht.
Th is much, liowever, may b eaioV'? He!
pointed out 'hat for him to abandon his
position' at Port Tl.UfTson wbuld be toTflvel
up the Vy of xhe' Mississippi, rmperilingf
notumj mo. icuurc oi jMew Aneans. put
jeoparlizing our pesessjooof any point of
advantage on ma; vital water line;-to this
rejoinder, came from Washington a sec
ond command to supercede Grant, and
when i the impolicy of the step was
again pointed out by Banks he was severe
ly censured for disobedience to orders. Tbe
correspondenoe-betwten Gen." Banks and
the authorities at Washington, continued
till the tall of Yicksburg, when every scrap
Of paper bearing on the subject was spirited
away from tne archives in the department,
while Banks, putting the writings safely
by, kept bis own counsel. - The secret of
this critical passage in bis life, was, until
within a month, unknown to him it so
closely touches. It was never known to
General Grant himself. '
Reported Captured.
It is reported that Tom Gibney, alleged
murderer of Rogers, has been captured in
Connecticut. - -
The steamship Java, from Liverpool, has
arrived. . t
Not Confirmed.
It was reported to-day that Tom Mc
Gibney, the supposed murderer of Rogers,
had been arrested in Waterbury, Connecti
cut, hut neither the police nor the city au
. moriuis nave sucn intelligence.
. A fire at No. 71 Williams streeMhlS af-
! ternoon, occasioned damage to Minisseek
. & Cow I. brokers in drugs and chemicals,
of $20,000, insured; to Smith & Williams,
wicker work manufacturers, $20,000, part
: ly insured, and Bagart & Evarts, paper
dealers, a small amount, insured. .The
building was injured to the amount oi
John Brougham has donated the prem
ium of $2,000 received at the sale of tickets
tor his new theater to-day, to the dramatic
iuna. - ; ' i ?
A letter is published from General Burn
sid.e,declining to be a candidate tor Govern
or of Rhode Island. .-
Men and women, one and all, go to Gra
ham & Co.'s, No. 132 North High street
:ian2l-2t 1 1 .
New Advertisements
. tW- Tbe Ohio tSlatesman ban a
Larger Circulation than any pa.
per published In ibis City or Cen
tral Ohio. Advertisers will bear
thia in mind.---'
Master . Commissioner's Sale
Peter Campbell )
.Thomas Agnew.)
Court- nf Cnnmoo Pleas,
Ohio, .
X in the above stated case from said court tn rm
: directed, 1 will offer for tale at public auotion, at
toe aoor oi tue isoan nou&t), in tue eitj ot volum-
diu. oa
Thursday, the 25th day ot February: A; D.
iab, - -
at3 o'clock P. M., tbe following cUwarilMd Mel -1
'" ." """"V "', otate OI
Lnt nnmbam una ri tn nrf hin..n;n. ri
off the et end of lot number three of Clark His-1
ins inbdtvision of Ion one. two and part of three
ot BrothertonA Walcutt'e addition to the'saideitr
of Coin iu bus, end eonvejred by Sahill end wifeto
aia Agnew. by dera dated atareh7, lass. - s -Appried
at 4,680 00. . :-. .
i'rjnttn.'feea .J.OO. ...
E. OAVER. !nrnner.
Aetins mm SberifT a.nd Uutw ilnmniiMimtf.
master uommissioner's Sale.
Qeorse L. Converae j Common Pleas Court of
" ts JTranklin eonnty,
Wm, r. Hoone et al.) ..'.-. Ohio.
Jl in the aboye stated eaee from aaid eourt to me
direoted. 1 will offer for rale at publio aoction. at
the door of the Court House, in tne city of Coinm-
diu. on
Thursday, the 25th day of February, A. D.
- 1869, - . -..;.
t J o'clock P. M.. the followinr deaoribed real es
tate, situate in the county of franklin and. Jitate
o." Ohio, to-wit : . , .
Beginning at the northeast corner of lands deed
ed by Samnel Powell and wife to R. V: Moone. and
the northwest corner of lands dBeded br said Pow
ell and wife to W. A. Wilaon, aad in the center of
tne lioiuriiDos ana Jonestown turnpiEe road sur
fs: thence south 60 degrees, west with the cen
ter of said road 13 Doles and IT links to a stake
thence soutB 26 degrees, east 34 poles. 10 links to a
stake in the line between tbe lands of R. P Hoone
o i W. A Wilsonr tbenee north 1 degree, east 28
polersnd 8 links to the beginning, containing one
acre, more or less, and being in Kage 1, township
i, quarter towemip , u nitea Dtates muiiary lands.
, -AppraiMi at ei.3w.uu. - : ' . - . ,
Printer's fees S13 75.
1" - ---w? GAVXR-'Cbroner.
Acting as Sheriff and Master Commissioner.
jan2l-olt4wtd -'- -
.-, The Adams Express Company.
K .- . A --- -.. . ., !:. - .
Hocking Valley Railroad at . .
' Groveportf Wincfceiter, J
Carroll and. Lancaster, 'r. '-'
-And are prepared to receire and dwHyw-maHes) t
tneaoore towns at low races.
For informatkuLatply to ' " : '
J. H. RlE, Agent,
. jan20 d3t . . 33 Broad street
X fore existing between Ike -undersigned as pri
vate Hankers, under tbe firm name of Miller,
Keinbard A Co.. is this day b mutual eon not dis-Mlred-
. Messrs. Keinhard, Feiser aod ialkent-ach
bave purchased the interest of Thomas Miller in
said putDerabip and its business. &a vill pay the
debts and liabilities thereof.
Coluinbos. Ohio, January 18, J889; " V
" "l THOMS. M1LLBR.7-'
.'.v-.- 'v . -jo.-Kpa falilkiibach.s
Tbe undersigned having purchased tbe interest
of Thomas Miller ia tbe late firm of Miller. JKeio-
bard Co.. private bankers, will aanuane tbe
busineM of tbe old firm at tbe ram place, under
the nrm named ttti m sinu a vj. ., . ,
Columbus, Ohio, January 18. 1869 .
roopyj . ' ' JO.SKPR FLKtNBACH.
janao-dlw ': " FRED'K FIESER "
-OF THE- "r., " , -
:.' " ' Vf HOIiG SALE 1 '
To Has. 64 & 66 Rank. Talarla Street, j
Andrews, Perry
j300K add newspapees.
i ..I - - . : ... - -. ... )
Also, every article connected with the Paper
" business, including Writing. Printing and Wrap
ping Papers, .Envelopes, Printers' Cards. Book.
News. Colored' Inks. Ac:- ' jm-dSwl ;
1 acquaiutaooes that 1 bave left the deJoon of
Air George -'-hmidt on.pourh High street and
have rented the -Saloon of Mr. Valentine Hetti
' sheimer. on 1 ro.it street, where my old customers
sa. t: ar": find johFeec'k6'
. janlB-dauwlm .'' .', , .,- 1
: No. 336 Broad-way.
Capita), - One Mil-ion Dollar?.
1 1 chartered i;r the state. !
DABireK Mamoa Pres't, Jab. MKBBiLL.Seo'y
Rec-ives Deposi'sand allow FOUR PERCENT
IN T K RE ST on all baily Balances, subject to check
at sight, hpecial Depoa ts for Six months or more.
, mar be made at five per cent. .The Capital ot.One
, holders, oomprisint many gentlemen of large wealth
Aliiliou uouars is aiviasa ua r , mmro-
. and finanoiali
experience, who are a bo personally
isitors for all obligations of theComr
. liable to dec
the amount 01 ineir capital stock-
'. As the National Trust Company receives deposit
in large or small amounts, and permits them to be
drawn as a wbole or iu pa t by check at sight and
without notioe, allowing interest on all daily bal
ances, parties throughout the eountrr can keep ac
count in thii Institution with special advantages
of security, convenience and profit. , . 1
-' 13 splendid Hair Dv is the best i the world ;
the only true and perfect Dye; harmless, reliable
instantaneous ; no- disappointment t no ridiculous
tints; remeuies -cne in eueccs vivh ayes; invig
orates and leaves the Hair soft and- beautiful. biacA
1 or orotm. 001 1 oy an iruiKiw see renamer
I i,na JEn"V2 T'""Z " "I". f f?r.
1 - nvnM-v eTmiien ac nau
16 bond street. N. York.
VNT aprSS diwly
Ilip5 1? A Us-iiTkf
With aa Entire Cbaoirt Prcpamm nd mn -
. '
for the lire l of Litibk inciiau.
ATlta Welch. ChirleT Btndiot kik. k..
Hod Watt, sad iluter Hokby.o in
Doom tni mt I. Cammaiieiat at a a'aloak m.
eicalr. .
Admission, 35 and Mr Ke erred pea 76e," -
li. 1. Kobsbts. AUnacer.
For restoring , Gray Hair, to
its natural Vitality and Color. .
1 A: dressin which
is at once agreeable,
healthy, and effectual
for .. preserving ; the
hair. Faded or gray
hair- i toon restored
to its originals color '
with the gloss ' and
freshnest of youth-'
Thin hair is thick
ened, falling-hair checked, and bald
ness often, though not always, cured.'
by iu use. Nothing can restore the.
hair where the loiiicies are aestroyeo,.;
or the glands atrophied and decayed.
But such as remain can he saved for
usefulness by 'this application. Instead
of fouling the hair with a pasty sedi-'
ment, it will keep it clean and vigorous.
Its occasional use will ' prevent the hair;
from turning gray Or falling "off,- and"
consequently prevent .- baldness. ' Free"
from those ,deJeterious substances which.
make some preparations dangerous and
injurious to - the hair, the Vigor can
only benefit but not harm it. If wanted
merely for a fJUiVCK':
else can be- found so desirable.'
Hair Vigor,
Containing neither oil nor dyeit does
not soil white cambric. said yet last
long bu -the hair, giving it a ricli glossy
lustre and a grateful jerfujnej. T
Prepared By Dr.' J C."AyeY & t5o '
Peacticai. As AXTTicxi Chemists",
-aw Sold by BH AON. BROCK k CO.. Wkolw-"
le end ttet&il Dealers, Colnmbu. Ohio, and by
UragSieta Terywhere. ,.. jane-aeoaweowy0
The Plaster of the "Time.'jL,
I InLnmWo tW act like a eliarm.In a' TW
boon a violent eough if reliered by a Plaster Pf
1 nil en tn the ithML Han DerioM DelieT 001a
I OBonotbe taken while a plaster U worn there; tola
we do know.ther creatlv .anist ia the cure of a
BMit-i ta. .n ofi.B tne lntradncer of Coniump-
Uon. , --. t
' - Car or elon f ln I.i ver.
A (entleman, after serere iicknes.hd leaioa
of the liTer. Every qaioli morement or ieddea ft
caye him serere-prin.-bften Hfitn blnlnp tordaye.
Bene he wm anable to follow anF Oeoapatioa with
"F"""7- v- -.. .
IU UUCUUUIUUU uv buk.w f " - -
first It seemed to lrriUte, so it was taken e.B
the marked improvement, he experienced ifterwatd
rare him courage to. try igaia. and be therefore as
pliei another plaster. In a few days sometMnf
gave way "ilipped.11 to" use til Bift-ilaTa
words. Then was sotnesoeeness for a few days af
ter, then his health waa perfectly restored. Upon
being sounded by bis physician the adncaiao er '
lesion was found to be ron-'"
Prineipal Agency. BbjtdritH " Hotrgi; Hew
Iwrk.--UtAi brsHt-eWatiitrirr 1 . : lttt '
yiaelt-dawlycni-reiiT t , , , , t 1 . t )
To Owners of Horses Aad Cattl.
'Tobias' Derby CondiUbiT Powders are warranted
lupeiior ts any other, or no pay. fox the ear al
Disten.per, Worm. Bots, Couth. Hide bound.
Cold. JC in Horse, end Colds, Cough. Los of
Milk. Black Tongue, Horse Distemper, ftoln CaT- -
u. , V,,-'l .U.
Taey are perleouy sale ana innocent: no neea I
topping the working of your anlmimal. They in
crease tbe appetite, 'give a, lie ooC cleanse"!
stomsch and nrinarjj organs i also increase the
milk of cows. Try them, and 70a wilL nevei-be
without them. ' '-- ''tt'l..
Col. Philip P. Bush, of tbe Jercm Race Conn.
Fordham. ft. Y.,' would not use tbem until beva
told of what they are composed, since, which he i
neve without them.. He hss'dveY 'SO Vonsiss;
bones in his chare, and. for the last tare year
ha used no other medicine for tbenv Hakaw kind
ly permitted me to refer any one to bim. Over
1,000 other references on be seen at tn depct.
Sold by Drnggiit and Saddler.: Price 25 cants
per box. Depot. 10 Park Place New York.
jnnelg-dAwlTcm-feirr '- --- - - -
I ,,TifetS . v. I 'J-'
AJatl.a,U,ci Wil. .11 .
Bfould here be a HOE BerCRTt5
CKISTA4)ORO'S DYE. von know.
- Willa3LAC& BROWN bestow.
Us, then, thia aneqslled Dy.' - ! . . J
T4t the HUE Vithont the CRT ' '
Cristadoro's Hair Preservative.
Cristadbro guarantees that bis Hair-Breaarvativ
ibllneoed where every other preparation nag
ailed in keeping Tean the hair,' taiek'eninf it.
Stowing, preservinr its color, iuiining it t euil.
and restoring It to that: health andVigof wbiobar
th elemenU of Us beaut ju... ,i -.,..-, t
Suld by DrnggiU.and applied by all Hair lire
er. ilsnofactorJ.NQ.65 Maiden Xan. P4nc!pal
Depot No Astor Howse. - . , j j, u.w. . X
iunel6-dAwlycm-reMT i : - ,- n . . . .
;,.'..', .AMD i . ."'. V"l'
PROVIDENCE. R. I having tbe largest manu
factory of Solid Silrer Wan in- th world, with
the most mprored machinery, and employing tn
most skilled labov, are aabled tofir aa u
equalled variety of new and beautiful deeigne In
Dinner Services. Tea Services, and every artiola
specially adapted for Holiday and Bridal Uifts,
' They offer also their weH-knowo and nnrlraltad
LA ickel SUver Elealra-flated Ware. Inwhlca. they
have introduced new, pattern of rare legano. -Th
Solid Silvet i-' guaranteed -to b of sterling
purity by U. S. Mint assail Th Electro-Plat ig
guaranteed to b superior to tbe finest ISbeSald
ware. Orders received from tbe Trad only, bat
these (nod may be .obtaintd from responsibl
dealers everr whore. , , V ".
i-'-i-' - 'U JlJ-,v:Sk
Trade VarkfTn,. .. for
, .r.. , mm - ssr
- 8alesroom Ne.J Maiden Lan. . T.
novS-dAwiMm.TMWT' ' ..... . ..... ,
Pilmiu's Veoetails Coikktio Lotiox ith
sovereign balm for tbe smallest pimple onjhe face, ,
as well as the most distressing outaneorr au
that can afflict any part of tne person.
r ieoll-dtwlycm '
OR. A. B. WILLIAMS. West Broadway, Mat
ligh street, Columbus. Ohio, ha devoted aigaatlf
a leries of years to the treatment of certain pri
rat diseases.. H may bensnltad at his nffio e
Broad wa . near th U xobang Banc
KIII'I'H restored In fnnr wmW - s....
restores mahly powers, from whatever can-ti ari
ing; the effect of eariv pernicious babi j self-abnse.-irapotency
and climate, riv away at ods to
tblr wonderful medicine, if take reralarly aeoord
ing to the directions (which are vary timpleaadve
quire no rest Int from ba.-,io r pleasni- Pail.
urs iiuvoaainm TWU IB DOllieS t SJSt Or lour
quantities in ne for S. -T behad ml xf the sol
appointed agent in- America. H. tiBBrrxiKt-
Third Ave.; corner 13th St.; New York. t
- VKT-jy87-4yrj - - -c. , ... .-.ia - , . 1
-u Jlmr ' ' Omi.
The' Medical Time" says of thi-work--t"lhi
valuable treatls on the caw ud ear of prema
ture decline, shows how health ia impaired tkreeeb :
seoret abuses of youth and manhood, and bow
easil; lecaiiKd It f4vee a e4er syn.-peis oCth
impedimeu to marriage, theeeas aed.elTecU of
Mrvooa dbilit,ansta Mmedies therefor J A
poeket edition of the above will be f orwardil en
reeeie? ot S6 eota. by addressing Doctor (Juitria
o. 68 North Charles .treat, BaltiiorM3,I
era may24-dly-r - v

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