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corrected by W. 4. ftavage, Jeweler, 83
High street Tl y 31
WEDNESDAY, Jan. 20, 1869.
. Tbi. Wind.
M W.
" Fair.
m. it. '.
Bu Rises ' nrSaa Here...-
rpjana'uschek If plajrjnjt in to3ltrlHe-
' to immense audiences. .
EST family dievoeuiberroent U the fah
, lonable name foa divorce. ' -
- iStroJ wood market on Mound street
is well supplied every day. .,, VizA-. :Jj.
ty Andrews. Hul have received Har
peV Bar for Janaary 3l)th-- : ! t' ,;
Mr Th waather. 1 getting colder-
RinkUts wear Just the least suspicion of V
(wile of bright anticipation: V
. a . xt I a.
EST The Cincinnati. Times hsks, nnw
baa become of the Ohio Editorial Associa
tion f '. We give It up. Guegg its pied. - , t
THIS 18 a Olli-owe-yuu-us luuuiu.
People pretty generally understand what
Dr. To" and a column of figures mean. .
tSTA- Radical paper, valla this "an age of
Wlitdilnjc." : Ol course It is. It Is the age
ol Radicalism. A condition precedent. -'
.tS" the days are now heavy, gloomy
and dull, etrongly suggestive of ropes,
a'rseule, pistol-, cords and other, agreeable
means ot sudden taking oft.: r -t ;-
GF The man who advertises the most
will be sure to do the best business, How
are the public to know what he has for sale
unless he tells them by advertising. '
1 rjy The best cough mixture that has
been made consists In a pair cf thick boots,
mixed with lots of air and plenty ot exer
else. People who hug the stove, and grow
lean, will take notices j- , y t
t3T Inventing velocipedes, seems to be
Jhe chief amusement of the people lust at
present: - The prospect is that veiocipesnng
will soon become more common than want
lng: Lightning wont be able.to overuke
this jcoplg by ,na by. , . . .. ,7V
, 7Exo? BacMTau.-The port pfthe
Trusteed and Superintendent i the Cen
tral Lunatic Asylum was on yesterday re
eeifed "bthe Governor and. placed In the
' hands ot the printer. . . ' ;
Larok Tkaiss. The trains of the Hock
ing Valley' railroad yesterday were-' Blled
with passengers.' The AS train In the ai
fetiioon was especially heavy: We .are
glad that Wines! opens so propitiously
... . . -' jm I. mat mt
lor tuts new enterprise, uu uuyv uj
continue.--nt .- -'Wjv ''
;'.'ScLws of ibk Moos. There will he a
partial eclipse of the moon next Wednea-
J.. In nrta nf tha ' United
U.J . J1 ' . -
States." The eclipse will begin In Colum
bus at T:23 in the evening 3 middle cf
clips at 8:20, and the eclipse will end ac
meeting f - the . County Commissioners,
bed on Tuesday afternoon,- Meters.' Ed
wards, Gnlick and Lisle being present, the
following bin,irere allowectj'il. GerretU,
1 06; Nevlns ' Myers, $33; H. MithoffA
CaySS 40; Halm Bellows' Butler, $3 CO.
'ti ' - i i -1 i ;ff.
I'Siarx ;k: -1 Niwbu.Agh. John - Shaffer,
, whose sudden lees ot reasoa we chronicled
about a week since, will be feint to New-
burgh this morning, la charge of Sheriff
Gaver? 'There' 'w -an Idea, Tor'a day of
two, thaf hV might, 'return to bis senses
without being sent to the asylum, but be
is as bad now as everr
fc Jan.'rELrTaRT.--Kit Freeman, cpnflned
In the calaboose on charge of drunk and
day sight. After getting out himself he
unlocked the door of the cell In whleh sister
G,srner was, and also the door of an adjoin-
par y then "hid behind the wooden cells
un ll av policeman came In tc fix the fires,
when they slip pert out and made off.
- i; " i--f ,
- .ComiiacsASDHKR iAa. we wui issue
4e-ioorroW morning an luterestlng artk'le
on Columbus, her History, Busluesa, Busl
pess Bouses and future, which will present:
it Kf. AlrlnK 'ifi W'.a lAflrlir hlalm tt rKItt'
city, her advance In wealth and popula-j
Uoa during the. past ten years; mention!
of several of her most prominent business;
. bouses, and business' men, and a glance at
iter resources aud future, Copies In wrap-:
. per for mailing can be procured at our
.counting rooou?siJ J .Av:"'vT" ?
Asothkb Bisx The certificate "of in
corporation of the' Prospect TJulon Blnk
coninaov was filed In" the "Secretary of
. Bute's. Ofiloe yesterday." -Tte rluk is tobcj
located in the eitv of .Cleveland and Is to
be used far Skating aud other, lawful sports
and for holding talrs, festivals and public
meetings. J Capital atoek 930 000. In shares
tf 100Jeach. ' Earl 'Bill, E. fl. Hale, ':W,
; H. Hay ward, ' H., Wl Leutke'meyer, J. Ej
logersoll, Horace Wedden. S. T. Everett
gfjjd Joseph Perkins ace the corporators
j , laooRPOBATKD-Th Enterorlse Flour
JSand Woolen Manufacturing Company o
Powhatun, Ohio, filed Its certificate of 1n-
aorporatlon with , the . Secretary or state
yesterday. It Is.orgaaised for tue puM
f chase of grain and loir manufacturing the
M ne into flour, meal, and purchasing
" wool, cotton,' dye stuffs and other mate
' rials, .and manufacturing the same into
. goods, tcV PrlnclpSl office In. Powhattan,
)3elmoat county .T .Capital stock 40,000,'ln
.llbarea of $100. each. Lewis Bogen, John
Bergunetthal, Johnr Green, JohiL Burgy
a JohnBoger are the corporators..., j
. mmu'rii all brwtehea of trade, and
on every hand, go, whero we may. the dis
mal and grating cry or ouu umes ring in
' onr ears. There is hot UUle business being
- transacted, and money baa not been- so
tighrin (his' locality lot many eaxs; ss at
this time:. , A large.nutnber ot persona' are
here la searcbr of employment, but there
are no situations -vacant, and many who
are employed can sc'afcely draw enough to
t.aaake boUt ends-meet. : We hope for better
times with the return of spring, and, for
; aught we know, may keep Ion hoping for
."better1 times until 7' another year rolls
around. ' .' "' ' . ''j.'a ' :
TaAVSHKJUD Ytiay. The follow-
ing transfers of, teal estate were left at the4
. i' Recorder's office yesterday i .
. i jut ' T : -AnVt- t - , A ' ThAmu
Eay August 15tb, 1868, lot No. 11 of C
j.W.Bipe's subdlvklob of.6utlotaNof.37 and
. Sa.fOT'$300.';-' 5 ui''! i
: Elijah Culp and Wife to Sarah XL Walton,
' January 14oh, In lot No. 7, in the sown o
fillllnr.!, lor $110.
J-' Elijah Culp and wife to William Walton,
January Hen, lnlot No. 89, la tbe town
Billiard, for $110.'; J rb''u,n';'l
1 Albert urace ana wtw to Bans KT wai
ton, January, pth,lnlqi;Nd. B, In the town
of Hilllard, for $65. '..,.,
Charles Pontius anct wife', 'to Charles ;t.
Pontius, January 7tn, acres of land
'.ia Ma ilson towusblp, for $11,000.,
:;iT L.GoodaIexecutor to Owen Corcoran,
December 31st, 1863, a lot of land in Good
ale's addition to the city of Columbus, for
1 - .
-A 'fK-'i--A-
. u ,
, ,l,i.tju
WEDNESDAY, Jan. 20, 1869. Attempted Murder by a Convict
Insubordination in the Penitentiary.
u'U 5"'-
A Man's Skull Split Open!
ITtsterMy iboi-nlr4tfcatthAu HJPenMlU
foreman of the Capital Manufacturing
Company's shops to the Ohio Penitentiary,
h(f occasion tb remonstate with a lUe con
vict, from Cleveland, named James English, .
on j;bfl.mannerjp which hewaa. dolng.hli
worVad told hint tbatrif he did not fti
prove tnthe . matter complained of, he
would have to report him'. Nothing more
waa said, and the matter had passed out of
MrJDnen'smemqr;;; -' ,
f Between 3 and 4 o'clock yesterday after
nootrMr. Pennelt having occasion to pass
near where English was at work, the corw
vict drew a hatchet and struck him with
it. on the top part of the head neir the right
ear, inflicting a ghastly wound and spitt
ing open' the skull,' through which, It la.
said, the brains protruded. As Pennell
fell lorward from the effect of the '. blow,,
English made m second stroke at him In
Aiding a severe cut on his neck. -
The unfortunate man was immediately,
remove! to the Penitentiary hospital,. and
Drs. Gay and J. B. Thompson gave' him
every Deeded attention i y t ;
English ' was Immediately placed In a
dungeon.' He says bo -has killed two men
before, and don't care a "d d cent more
for a man's lira tban'a dog's!" ' He is be
tween 45 and 60 years of age, and looks the
murderer he is.
There was but slight hope of Mr. Pen-
nell's recovery last night.
fie la a widower-and-has three young
qhlldren to care for. v He Is represented as
being one ot the most peaceable and quiet
of men, 'disposed to be too lenient to the
prisoners than otherwise,, and was thought
to be the las( man any of the convicts would
Injure. . . : ' ;
"English was convicted ot murder In the
second degree in Cuyahoga county, Dec
30th, 1863, and was sentenced to the Ohio
Penitentiary tor life. ''
Nkwcomb' Minstkbls. To-night these
popular artists open their budget ot melo
dy and fun at the Opera House. They are
so well known and so popular with our
citizens that It is almost unnecessary to do
more than mention their arrival In order
to till the house. !. Composed of gentlemen
of the highest order of talent as musicians .
and of great versatility as actors and de
lineators, they give a performance equalled
by but few, If any, troupes In the country.
The additions to tue company since their
last appearance here have been many and
good, j The Boy Wonder, Master Bobby, is
a great card.. He is undoubtedly, the best
Song and dance boy In the business, and bis
performances are - always received with
greatest lavor. With Jas. T. Gullck, the.
favorite : basso, tn the ' centre,' 1 Fayette
Welch on one end and Charley Benedict
on the other, and Eddie Fox, Willis Bitter,
Palmer, Oberist, Crompton, Duonie, Bron
sm, Calice and McCulils scattered between;
with Mike Kanane-Ked West, George
Winthrop and the company In the second
part, what can It be but a most glorious
performance ? Bemember they give but
two performances in- this city, commencing
to-night. Give them a rousing house. 73
Police Coubt. Tuesday morning An
gelo Garner, having served at bis trade ot
stone smashing long enough to pay a pre
vious fine ot $5 and. costs recorded
against hicn,: was. released y from durance
vile. It Is a strange fact that after a man
has served an apprenticeship at the munici
pal stone piltf be hankers for It, and does
not enjoy real bully heaLu until he returns
to bis hammer and bis dorniuks. Thus
with Angelo. Yesterday mornine, In com
pany with George Bodgers, he stood before
the Mayor on the same old charge of being
a drunken, vagrant. The Mayor fined them
eaet $5 and posts, and' Hartmaff smilingly
placed baromer in thlr bands and con
ducted them to chief seats among the geo
logical students In the caloboose yard.,
Benedict Harris was on" a plain drunk.
There was not even the ghost oT a scallop
or frill or anything else to make the case
ornamental. ' He paid $1 and costs for his
Charles McClellan and Charles Dots were !
on a drunk and disorderly bender. They. :
Sloshed round fearfully loose but were-ar-
rested in their mad career and fined $5 and
costs eaebv' They soiled and' departed
to cool their aching ' brows and quench
their raginghlrst.j ;.10TSil3 - '
Couxt Ho usb Improvements We took
a look, yesterday; at the -very sensible Im
provements now being made by our very
efficient' .Board 'of. County Commissioners
In the Court House. That that was the
Sheriff's house on Mound; itreet aas been
remodelled throughout. - A doof has been
cut through to tbe court room stairways,
so that this east wing can be entered from
High. or .Mound street. .In tbe southeast
corner of the old' Sheriff's house' Is to' be
the room or office for the county Board ot
Education. The "entire north side, on
Mound Street will be"occnpied by the Pro
bate Court. The south -side, except the
laoatheast-yoom, will be , for tbe- County
Beoorder's office. . The present office of the
Becorder will be gfVen for'the County Sur-
eyor'S offljuidthe presenrSarveyorjs
office will be used by the Township Trus-
tees.r Tbejooms now oceupied by the Pro
bate Judge will be refitted and rearranged
for the use of Court of Common Pleas No.
3. Tbe new offices of Becorder and Pro
bate Judge are being fitted up with fire
proof vaults for tbe security of the records.
The growing 'business of' the city and
oounty has-rendered these changes neces
sary,- and the Commissioners have acted I
wisely in making uienv, ..'sH .r. ..t-? ,i
Maennkrchor Concert. This evening
will be given the fourth Grand Concert of
the Second annual series, by the Colu mbus
Maennerchor, assisted by the De Beriot j
Club.!,.. .These concerts are. under the dl- f
rectlon ol that ekllled musician, A. De
Prosse, a maii who loves his art and wishes .
all1 mankind -to Join him In-" his worship .
The programme is as follows t ' ;
Ornur"Zmp'...i.. .... ..Herold
Orabastra. I
Jauohisnd ErhsW Bioh Di 8ohOepfauf'...Molir
T .: h.MaeaaeMheK4 tv ,f. .,
Grand Final From Qatuor op M .......Fetes
. . . . Mr. Herd.
optAndSoIo-Soene and Prirer from FreitschnU
Aadaatiao froia Qutaor op lYs. . . ).'. .'jfteiuiier
UolferiotClab. - .
tC""' Luiiam..
tJii i t MaaonMshor.
" THCNaw Wards. We are giad to see
thatl tneaquesHou of making, two new
wards, Duo In the North and. the other In
tbe SoatlPEad, is stHl being' agitated. In
JudiauapolU, on, Tuesday night,, the City
Council made three, Bepublican wards out
of twoBepubllcan and . one .Democratla
wards. The Bepubllcan "party perform
this little trick every time they get a
obance.' They are swift to take all tbe ad
varitages'toe -sltnatioh" offers.' Vfe must
Imltate.them..'' Let ns hate the new wards.
They are necessary, j ust and i ight.' Come,
gentlemen of the City Council,- there la no
time to loae Pass the ordinance at once;
[Communicated.] The Rink.
, Mr. Editoe: Who suppoeed one. jear.
ago that a tew neri who had no more in
terest In this city than multitudes of oth
ers, would take of on hcmselves the re
sponsibility ot getting up, at a large ex
pense of money and time, a place ot amuse
ment now recognized as the best and most
fascinating place irvthis city. Hitherto we
bad no place large enough to accommodate
over 1,600 persons. Now the rink will give
room, when there is no Ice, lor 8,000 souls.
Ten, thousand can hare standing room
This eost a large sum of money, and -was
doubtless a big thing, whethertm or off ice.
Had ' the . season been -favorable, the rink
would have paid largely to the men who
thus Interested themselves tor our city , but
as the winter has been an open one thus
far.the men who in good faith, and through
fibilantbropio motives, cave this place ol
nnocent sport and exercise to our citizens,
may lose time and money for this-season,
but as surely as Ice is made by the action
of frost upon water, just as surely will this
rink pay when the time comes.. We have
the fact before Vis, that Columbus has
population ot at least 35,000, and one hun
dred of these men bulls and paid for this
building, they .run the risk ot the
enterprise, and Invested their money for
the benefit of the public. :
. We all remember how cold It was, and
yet but a few days of skating on account
of rain aud snow, thaws, and other causes.
We know, also, tbst our children and our
citizens would walk for miles, even to Sul
livan's dam. '
Who of oiir citizens ever conceived the
idea that a house could be erected In the
heart of the city, where men, women and
children could sfrite .all day even it it
rained or snowed outside, and.not only all
day but until at 10 o'clock at nigbt
tinder the light of over eighty gas burn
ers, and at tbe same time enjoy fine music
and .mingle in the best society, and that,
too, when all the Ice had melted away
outside. Do our citizens appreciate this
properly? What would we have given
tor tills privilege during the three months
of cold weather last winter? ,- ;: ..
But upon careful inquiry these complaints
come from persons who never would risk a
single dollar in the erection of the Bink or
buy a season ticket, but simply paid hall as
much at the Bink for an evening's enter
tainment than a much poorer one .would
have cost elsewhere. Although the writer
does not pretend to be a skater, yet he
would pay five times as much as a season
ticket would cost for the privilege of exer
cising by day or nigbc when not exposed
totnenerce Diastsoi winter or oe moiesteu
by enow or rain .
The managers of this deservedly popu
lar institution have done away with all ob
jections to this institution by putting down
tne price ot season tickets, au now wisn
success to the Bink. Yours truly,
J. R. B.
Photographic Marriage Ckktificate."
Oue of the neatest things In the way ol
art which we have seen for a long time was
laid before us yesterday. It was a hand
some marriage . certificate, engraved In
finer style than perhaps any we have yet
seen, and containing apertures for tbe re
ception of the photographs of those united
in matrimony..' It, is published by Crider
& Cow York, Pa.-. This idea Is an excellent
one, and we only wonder It has not here
tofore been adopted., -The certificate Is a
well propotioned sheet, finished with taste
and elegance and admirably suited for
framing. These really ' handsome affairs
can be had of Bev. C. Brlggs, No. 261 East
Friend streetl 'They are so- handsome that
we felt like committing bigamy, or getting
taarried again, or something, so as to have
one in the' house. ' .; .'L .
Coat Stolen. Same bold thief last even
ing about 6 o'clock stole an overcoat from
Zollinger's boarding bouse on Broad street.
Tbe thief came Into the rear of the house.
In bla shirt sleeves, and after washing, his
face and combing bis hair, put on, a coat
banging up In the washroom and walked
off undetected. : s :, ,...;; ;
County Infirmary. During the past
wbpV fpn nersona have been received into
this institution, one has been born there
and eighteen have been discharged. ' Du
ring the same time sixty-six loads of coal
and wood have been distributed to the but-
side poor. - ' :
Abandoned Babe. A girl baby about
six weeks bid was left on the door steps of
a residence on Friend street, near Sixth
by some one unknown. The little stiau
ger has be en taken in and kindly cared for
Closxko out sale of Dry Goods at Jlaugh-
ton's lor 20 days. A: .h ;su-i
Great rush for choice groceries at Gra
ham & Co.'s, No. 132 North High street.
Naughton is selling all his best prints
at 124 cents per yardT i
Je-welry made and repaired by C. E
Smith 2J.2, Hifh street, over Bala's store
; noyodiita itv-ij: (-. . j r.: ..-. i
.' Goods sold, at Naiighton's regardless of
cost, to make room' for new. purchases. '
Go torahani & Co for groceries- :
Ui-ii".T i-mi . . in : '; , .,!, .
.- Nacghxos is offering grea bargains in
Dry Goods. " i
V Kip.''K-iKarney's; celebr'atedf' korn
Kure for sale at Houston s Gardner's drug
store. Karney-Korn '".Kure, Is .a Kapltal
Komblnatlon. "" ' ' " ' 1 3anl81w .
Na'bghton Is determined to close out the
balance of his winter stock at greatly re
duced prices. .
i i
Mnxmr made bv buvinsr at Graham &
Co.'a grrfcery No. 1 32 North High street.
Naughtom Is . offering 4-4 Hill Semper
Idem musln at 20 cents. i, n.j- j
W The jmortsaeees of the Olentangy
Park Association are requested to call at
my 'office and reCeiva balance due them in
full.- ' ; - '.
janl4-tf Bichaed Kevins, Vice Jr res u ;
.' Naughton is selling 33 In. Hill's Semper
Idem muslin at 18 cents.' "'.'' ' "' ;
- - " ' t
Fakmirs and mechanics go to Graham
. i si , i1
Call at Naughton's and see the bargains
In Dress Goods. , '" '' 1
To Consumers OFCoAL.-i-Bajyour coal
of Bock Run Coal .Company. You will
find it of superior quality, free from slate
or clinker. Eighty pounds to the bushel
is guaranteed, and It is sold at the lowest
market rates. Orders left at the office, 187
North High street, or at the Company's
order box at the grocery store of George
McDonald & Co., 106 South High street,
will be promytly attended to.
' jan7 " : "' Mat. Wkavxr, Sec'y.
I. .,,.; 1 . .
,. Call at. Naughton's and see his $130
Waterproof and choice Gold Mixtures' at
$1:60,,-,, .!-.. ' ., , . :,
Lawters and doctors go to Graham &
Co.'s. " . ' ' ' "'.' ' ' ' ' . J
. A few more cases of choice Merrimack
prints only, 124 cents per yard, at Naugh
ton's. - ,UiT " I . :sr f".' :'JWiai.
HoLLOWAT's biTMKMTw Unlike the dan
gerous, onguents that temporarily arrest
pain, by a deadening, paralyzing process,
this pure and wholesome vegetable salve
promotes vital action In the sore, ulcerated
or bruised flesh to which It Is applied, and
by this means enables nature to counteract
diseased action In tbe part affected, and to
restore, its soundness. This Is the philoso
phy of ts' operation. ' It Is simple, rational,
and experience," which Is better than the
ory,' proves' that it is true. Sold by all
druggists. ' " ' '- '. ' , jy9-dly-cw
I- .vl)iri:;ii
I LlVlI v1 tix
United States";,of America,
- , K, cOMGRESd. v. !;
Cash Capital," v - - ' $1,000,006.
Z" '." " ,'' BRANCH OFFICE! ,"! ;':";
To which all general eorrespoDdanoe ihould be ad-
ia-;- j-wsi. iJu.;iil
CLARENCE H. GLARE, President. " " " " "
JAY COOKE. Chairmao Finance and Eiecatire
HENRY D. OOKE, Vice President.
EJdtKSON W. i"EET, Secretary and Aetnary.
Offered by this Compsny are t
It is a National Company, ohartered by tpecial
aet of Conarese. 1868.
It h a paid np capital of tl.W0.0OO.
It offers low ratea of premium.
It tnrniahea larger lnsuranee than other Compa
nies for the auie money . ' t -
It i definite and certain in its terms.'
I, i . . hnm. rnmntn, in tTft,, InA&lit.v.
It Policies are exempt from attachment." " " '
There are no unnecessary restrictions in the Pol
icies. . . ' .
i-yery rolloy is non-roffeitabie;
Policies may be taken that will cay insured their
full amount and return all the premiums, so that
tbe Insuranoe costs only the interest on the annual
payments. '
Policies may be taken which pay to the Insured.
after a certain number of years, daring life, an an
nual income of one-tenth the amount named in the
Policy. '
No extra rate is charged for risks upon the lives
of females: i
It insures not to pay dividends, but at S - a
eost that dividends will be impossible.
-'. JOHN W. ELLIS t CO..-'
Cincinnati, Ohio'. General Aeents-for Ohio Central
and Southern Indiana.
8.M.&niTH, ..
Colunbus. 8pesi&I Agent for Franklin, Licking,
Jluskingnm and Coshocton counties.
peNY-oousa-aeoatfweowiy -
Great Reduction in Price.
. ...... A Pleasant Invigorating TONIC.
A Substitute for ALK and ALCO HOLIC DRINKS
, Especially Nursing Mother?.
A oertain Rembdt-for Disorders of tbe
Sold by Driugists aad Grocers.
, 7 2X. Murray St.; Sew York.
Solo Agent for U.S. and Biitish Provinces of N.A
janl-eodSm-virr r ' '. ' " -' "'
Agents Wanted $10 a Days
till iiisrn 9'
Patent Revolving Double Maps
Of America and. Europe, America, and
taeuniiea Biaieoi America. .
Culorrd in 40UO Counties. .
eomDleted. show every olaoe rf imoortance.
all Railroads to date. nd tbe latest altera
tions in the varioua Eur pean hta'.es. These
Maps are needed in every 4ohoolaand family in tne
land they occupy the space of one 31ap, and by
means o ithe Reversal, either side can be thrown
front, and any partbroneht level to the eye. Coun
ty Rights and large discount given to good Agents.
apply lor t-irotuara. i eram ana sample maps, u
decll-dawlm-r , S3 Cortlandt St., A'.T. '
preparation, intromoed last winter, having
received so many flattering commendations from
those who used it, in'iacea the proprietors to bring
itagaia before the public, assuring them-that it
stands unrivalled as the best protector ot the skin
against the inolemency of the winter season. It
not only imparts to- the skin a delicate freshness
and beauty, but also eonduoes to its health, purity
aod preservation.- For healing brasiona. Chap
ped tlands, f aoe, Liips, or Knugnneas ot tne Ckio,
it baa no equal, while its soothing qualities and
deliahtful fraaranee render it a- neoessary append-
tn the toilet. "Preoared onlv -bv MAKPLE A
K1TSUN, Uispeusing Ubemists. luo south lligb. :
street, uoiamous, uniu. nova-aeoaawim
Atlantic & Great Western Bailvay
Bbcretakt's Office, No. 40 Broadwat.I
w York, asth Deo.. 1868. 1
a Hrieoial MeetinW ot the Stockholders of the
Atlantic and Great Western Railway Company,
will be held at tbe General Offices of tbe Company.
No. 40 Broadway, in the City and State of P,ew
York, at 13 o'clock, noon, on r-aturday, the 3Uth day
of January next, toeonsider an (approve of, or re
ject. certain contracts entered into witn tne um
Kailwav .Com Dan ,. and the Columbus. Cuicaco
and -Indiana, Central RailwayCompany, and tor
other purposes. The transfer books will remain
elosed autU alter the meeting. . - .
jsmU-dstawtojaiiSO-iuiT - . Secretary
in riesaions-'Bfock.eornerfligb- and Long
streets, will be open for business January 4lh. 186.
Aeeounta of individuals and firms solioited and
satisfaction Vuaranteed: INTEREST ALLOWED
ON TIME DEPOSITS. Gold and Silver, Foreign
and Domestio Exchange, Government Bonds and
loeal securities bought and sold. Passage Tickets
to and from all the principal porta in kiurope is
sued. - - - : - v- '
The above Bank will be open for the transaction
of business, except paying checks, Wednesday and
Saturday evening ol each week, from T to 8 o'clock.
decso-eodiui -. J. A. iiriu.i, caamer.
The tolumbus and Hocking Val
ley Kailroad Company.
. ....... i
lVotice -to Htockhdlderaj. '
-. coLrniacs. Ohio, Deo. 18th. 1848. :
meetina of the .Hiookuolden of this. Comranv
will be hll at its office, in the eitv af fJolnrnhns '
on Tuesday. January ifflih, 1?69. between the hours
of 10 o'clock A U. and 3 o'clock. P. M., at which
thirteen Dire tors for said Company will be elected,
and such other business transacted as may be
brouxbt before the meeting, intooknolders are re
minded that the LaT provides that "after the first
election of Directors, no person shall vote on any
share on which any installment is due and unpaid."
. ft , J. J. JAfiHH.
decl-d3tawtd-r Seo'y and Trees.
Dissolution of Copartnership.
this day dissolved by mntual consent, either
party being authorised to fettle the past business
of the firm. . .. GEO. F. O HARRA.
Columbus. January 14tb, 1869. ;
Special District Agent for New England Mutual
Life Insurance Company of Boston, Mess. Cash
assets. 7 ,000,000. Dividend of profits paid annually
in cash.. Om-eNaughton Building.
JNO: B. ellUULL A CO ,
' General Insurance Agents, representing the '
Imperial of London Gold assets SlO.uoO.ooo 00
Pacific of Han Francisco Hold assets 1,000.(00 00
Cleveland of Cleveland Assets 60O.OOO 00
Continental of New York A (Bets.... S,r28,(Ba 60
Gen. Diet. Agent of tbe New England m
Mntual Life-Asset . 7,000.000 00
Office Naughton Building, Columbus, Ohio.
jaul8-deod4l :. i
ere, Brokers, Publishers, Stationers, Print
era. Companies, Lawyers, Architects. Schools,
Clergymen. Circulars, Prices Current Letters,
Quot&tiooe.Cataloguea. Music, or any documents or
drawings may be obtained at the following extraor
dinary cheap prices : .100 oopies, fao eimilies, of
any doeument or drawing, Ac, SI; 600 oopies, (5;
1,000 eopies, S8, Ao.r 100,000 copies. S450, or 60 per
cent, upon tbe above prices may be saved by using
Maurioe's Patent Autographio Printing Press, lor
Offices. Publishers, Stationers. Printers, Schools,
Companies. Ac. . Price S80. A young boy ean strike
off lot eopies. letter sue, per hour, of any docu
ment, drawing, musie. with the greatest facility.
Maunee's Patent; States Rights are sold at moderate
prioes. Publio experiments each Saturday.
N.B. All kinds ot Lithographio work are done
with tbe greatest care at tbe lowest rates. Maur
ioe's Patent Autonaphie and Lithographio Print
ing. Writing and Engraving Establishment, 10
North William etreet.New York.
deel7-d3tawly-vii- ?
si -'.
n w-rrnniTfl 1 i t.
11111 lilULVlMi
Stock of new and superior goods, embracing
out, without reserve, akthe store in DESHLEli'S
eotnpere them with those usual iy charged t
Meia'a Kip Hoofs, all fTble sLeatber,
Boys Kip Hoots.
Youths' Kip Boots, "
Child Kip Boots. ' '
Mesa's Cmir, iTsip-Solod BooUs,
Womea'f Call Shoes, Beat,
Women Best Morocco Shoes, -Ladles
Doable Soled Lasting Con
TLadlesdo., SI1U Gore, Tory Best,
Misses Morocco Shoes, Polish, -
Chllds Morocco Shoes,
- -
These roods ars ruaranteed to be of superior material and workmambin. and will bear omrjarlaon
with any in the market.- ' P .
Don't foraet that the sale is nositlv. and is limited
will never occnr aeain. Be sure and find the risht
decf-deod3m-r :
..-t rr- r r ? v Oil S'PRIN
steam mmim house.
Having; greatly enlarged onr PrintiDjr Facilities by the purchase of complete new ,
The Latest and -Host Approved Style,
- ' "And the addition of
1 1 : !:":.. "'ita;vt,K'?I - ' " - -: ;
Generally conceded to be the fastest and best Printing Machine In the world.;" ; , :
In connection 'with EUGGLES', GOKDON'S and WELLS' Job Presses, that have
proven, such successes in our office, and
omiaing lu wis city in wnica to operate,
In tbe best and neatest style of the art, and
Our faslfNew Presses,' ar Improved Economical Machinery the result of theingp- j
nuity and inventive talents of the beet minds' of the age enable us to do: good work
at MUCH CHEAPER RATES than can be done in the old style and with, only -the old
faculties. "The Ctflice is completein. ali its arrangements, and can do the work with ' ; j
Books, j
Legal Blanks, 2 n 3 f
Blanks Books, izii)
Business' Cards,
COLORED And poster printing
In this specialty
Having More Presses
Offices in the
We are prepared to execute all kinds of Printing, In any color, at lower prices than
; - our neighbors. . 1 , . .
, r
Nos. 36, 38 and
: ' : itit U yif .!! ,ri mo;.
every thing in the-line of MENS'. WOMEN'S,'
S A.n MIOKS, now offered for sale, ana to beelrsed
NEW BUILDING. Look at some of the prices and
' ' 1 03 OO, Refflar pr ice f 4.SO
vi --
Ac4 " Jtc,
to bnt a few weelrii " Ahofber snob Onuortunit'
placethere is hut one) before buying.
Statbsmav Ovfici, is the place. Go sad tea' I
; ..
i JS. U, CLOUD & CO.
oi . .
1- 1
OF ' "'" : '.' ':
1 i. . f. ,
New Presses, Including a'
i . ai
i 1 - -
. i-'U-i'lHiS
having the largest and most commodious i
we are now prepared 1
npon terms that cannot be eomoeted with.'
I .-
Bill Heads; -
: II
. li
Letter Heads,
oJ i 'Sik i.i '
TTfue: Labels,! .TF)
3Hlsof vF"are, Etc.,
i.S'x;'? 1'.- 1
i " . i
! . T- . -.'?' : . - ' i
we are unsurpassed.
: j.!:'- ::i -
: . ft:. ; ; -
than all Other Printing
City Combined, .
". ! - p .- r
40 . North High Street,
' '. -T - ... 1.80, . -;' ';, . r
j-li-"- -41.00, ':.)
I ,"...-' : ' ' ,
I- r- 1.50, M - '
1 i i ' :'. . :v, 1 ',
;. Gaiters, . 1.40,
Cincinnati Money Market—Jan. 20.
X1 Vi'I A X' L ' 7.J i. . i 1 ; .-
iULUuniiufncaur Bi OD Q ISCOQU Oil" .
iZ and 60 to 1-10 premium selrrng.' , . .IX
New York Money Market—Jan. 20.
In improved, demand and thei"
rate on call loans ia ebarB at 7 Der cent.'- .
There war seme appearance of temporary
ooKinz uptic crreenoacks. Towards the
close of bank boors the supply" was toorej
liberal and the ; market easier, thodirb; the,
rate was nnchan;ed..;;The stock exchange
was- the seat 'ol wide Jluctoations. f.Tbei
buUs rallied the market sharply from the "
16w ououtlons of yesterday, but the bears
made another raid and reduced prices 1 to.
3 per cent, under pressure of sales. Ap
prehension was occasioned by-naexpeeted',
activity in money, aod the circulation ot a
report that the Illinois Legislature was
again at work on a bill reducing fares on1
all railroads of the Statin. .....
The' Express says Michigan Southern1
stock has been steadily absorbed ot late, and
It is understood that parties in the interests
of tne present management' have soldi
their "large holdings. Eeport says
some of the recently authorized new stock.
nas also been sold, bat this, is doubted, as"
It is supposed none can be sold under par.-
is now turns out that all thla Michigan.
Southern stock has been bought ia tbe in'
seresi or vanoerbllt and Jay lionld, ana'
that at the March election the road will1
probably pass into the management of the,
Erie. The relations of Vanderbllt'and
Gould are amicable, nd their position on '
the market indentical.. . The combined eap-.
ital . of ' these railway magnates, and'
r.hftir fnllnwrfl. rpnivfipnf ftlrv tn nn hnn.
died million' dollars. The other railway
kings and their adherents are rapidly pasex
ing over to tbe bears side, which adds new
life to speculation. , .. r
At the close to-dav the Tuils made an
onward movement, and partially regained
toe losses oi tneaaya
b r&ttLiLNU A ftnade firmer at 109 5i (a
110J. r. - m. -,-::,;,. (t,;a u-: r j
Firmer: -ooeaed at 135. and
closed at 135K135.
New York Stock Market—Jan. 20.
dulL Purchases . by country banks con
tinue heavier. ;;.-v: ' 4
Coupons ot 112:'do '62 XVAi: do S4 '
109MU0:clo '65 109110: , da aew
108i108; do-'67 lOSlOSKldo,,'
juoxgiiua iv mi tu(siu. ...
The railway market opened feverish,
with New York Centra as the chief fea
ture. Late yesterday this- stock,-fell to?
161162, from sales by holders 'Tot dls2
posea to take tne risKet publication of the)
affidavit of Yanderbilt in - the Jencks in-
j anctlon case this morning, where it was.
rcauy Known, oeiiers oi last evening De-
came purchasers and stock rallied to 164J
men tea oo ioz4,, ana suospauentivrangeov
between that rate and 1637i.s-. The deaiers
in - it are mostly conSned to those' who
share the eonfldence of VanderbUt and his
friends. Tbe rest of the list sympathized,
to a limited extent, with Central, ... '
Express shares lower. Under'- a nroba-
bility of further legal complications. -"
toe Close rail wave wera uuniud
buoyant, with a general advance,, tbe-fa,
vorites being Central, Flirt "Wayne, Rock
iimuu, jriitsourgn -ana'Mlcnigan Bouth-
tri.-rr- i tjj ,!r.t v In kin"-' AT
5:30 prlcee.WellsT Express SG(a26Jii
American 39tt; Adams 6556j; Uni
ted" States 46J462:- Merchants' Cnioil
Jiixpres ltjj 17; -faciflc: MaU 1S
119 j,- WeeterrB i Union Telegraph 36i2 d
35 New York Central 163i63; Erie
3S3SJg; Terre Haute 39g4l; Wabash":
6l62; St., Paul 7575j Forf"Wayne
123fai24:-Ohio & MiRsTslDr,l. 33tira3 i
Micuigao- Central r.;U6lI8ji (Jlicbiga
Southera 9J92 Illinois , Central ; 138
Pittsburgh tia; 'J'oledo 101 10I; Roct
Island 128128 North western 81(3
81; Chicago & Alton 1481') ClevelaiMi;
Columbus, Cincinnati' &. ladianapnlU lof
St Joaenh 105:. Chklftco A Rrpjt V.atrn
47; Columbus, Chicago Indiana' Cen
tral 47t:; -'"''. '"tvi .; - li ...
New York Market—Jan. 20.
. COTTON rMore active and, deeidedly
hi,chen sales at 29J29je for middling
uplnnrlo. ehiefly at' inside price.'' !'! J
FIX)UR--DuUand 10o lower.? , Jjnla
, : WHEAT Quiet and steady) for spring,
with a moderate export demand. '.- ,
RYE Dull at 1 60 lor western.' 8
; OATS-Duir at 76o afloat' and 7Rft-'H
Store, '.'-.j' v r. :,A ;r iii:f I ;i ti
CORN Steady at 9i95o for new-mixed
western; $1 06l 09 for old mixed western
in store and afloat. ' ' - ..n
PORK-Quiet and without n flecrded
cbawre.-f" -'hi: i.'-t. tr-tv V It'J-
BTPIf Sfcw nrtfti Fat- on...
, CUT MEATS Quiet, without decided
change: J ' V ;,J " "
BACON--FIrm J U& tor- Cumberland
cat-'" -'- : .''.7 .n-.di -'i.r,.-.,, ,ir-
LARD Scarcely so flrrfl;,l,9l9jio.for
fair to prime. , , ,
EGGS--buII at303jic!fH7 '3C-
Cincinnati Market—Jan. 20.
FLOUR Dull; sales of family at $7 75.
WHEAT Unchanged; aull at H n '
' CORN-In better BUDDlr. 'bal less flHrr:
sales ot ear at 6768o.i.J ns eii'-it-a-
. AifT'irin i ft 4ut-.aoa.as me close
holders asked higher priees.
OATS-Firm at' 6265c JfdrNo.,S,fo
'eBolee; ' " V" ''",. CO '' Jja
:i i BARLEY Unchanged J l fr? snifl-pn)
n vuiiuar-oBoyuMj fuel ot intaaiinir
at:285c, but not offered treely at this rate.
. WH ISKY Firmer and In demandlst 98c.
' PROVISIONS-Strong.ll artcles- treW
hiuher.n. -r u .'-i m -r mi mr s!.-,-.l ;jtil
.f 3Q 00; buyers ofiering fed. , , ?:
laku tteia at igC: u us is j above
the viewrol btryers.'--"' '-"'3 e-'lil
BULK HEATS-Ia demaBdj-afeilSJid,
123.7 lo .and, : 16c for shoulders, .ides,
ckar rib and clear sides, are, all. to tie had
at these rate?- shoulders now; betd'at-liZfelj.
BACON Flrmtf.'!8ie'fOT ehenlders,
and 164l7lie for cleat riband sides
Knot taken out of moke. s .-;r..,;f f r' t ar
p u viJt-jjfuui ,s3g i lower; fjesn at
HEESE-In active demand at'l922c!
-it OILS Linseed firnl at S106l OS; land
oil in active demand at$l 601 & petro-lumfrrm-at
3335o.forreflied,'' '
HOGS In demand at $9 80lt' 55, pride
butchers, gross, and latglSCneU' Receipt,
410 bead. A lot of 160 head, averagine 432
pounds, net .weight, sold ft 13 dollars per
100 pounds.' ""-. ' r ' ; V
BEErATTLEUncbanged arid' firm
at $5 607 60 for fair to choice. .'''
tall.t,U6 Ulover ia cood demand at 60
per pound; timothy, ,i selling at $3 50 per
bushel; flax wanted at $2 20. , ' ' , ,
Chicago Market—Jan. 20.
L FLOUR 11 ; spring extras , $5 , 25
O UU. . ,
WHEAT Family in active . demand.
mainly speculative: sales No 1 at 91 18
1 20, and No 2 at L nxl 33. closiii
steady at i 13Sale, since. change. at
MX- -. - .. ....
CORN Firmer and more active: gales
No 2 kiln dried at.55c lejecteddo 53c,
new 5454c, and no grade 4950c elos
ingnt 53?ic lor new: 'sales No I- at Stxta.
seller last naif of April; 6354o .tor; new,
Duyer January, ana oi4Q seller ietrasxv.
Nothing doing this atrernoon.
OATS Active at mtGtttSUB tot No a.
Closing at 48c. - ' i . ..ui tui
RYE -Dull at SI 15 for No L andl 15
for No. 8. , .. ,,. ... .
BARLEY Dull: sales No, 2 af 1 6Sa
I 70; rejected $1 48 1 60, closing at inside
price. - 1. r--i
tiuua uressea nog steady, ana more
active, closing at $12 25 12 f 5, dividing
on 200 pounds; live steady and active; sales
at a iV($'J tor common 10 gooa snip
ning. and $10 1010 80 for' medium to
choice packing. vr. .'v
St. Louis Market—Jan. 20.
FLOTJR-Steady and nncbanged. "'''
WHEAT Quiet and unchanged, r i
CORN Better at 6772o, u. -;j iu
OATii-Higber at 6962e. '
RYE Firm at $1 301 32. ': " "
BARLEY Unchanged'- $17BJ 00 for
spring. ; t.: .- -.-ji.f i un a n j -jiio
, w tusni Better; BSC, ,,. ,.,
PROVISIONS Firmer, but' unchanged.
PORK Held at $29 50.
BACON Shoulders 13e; ' clear sides
17417Je..i liuiv.-s );t,. .- t .
. LARU Held at J94 for tierce; Mo for
' HOGS Unchanged; 9Ipe;. ' ' j
Buffalo Market—Jan. 20.
Nothing doing, prices are. unchang
ed, j I .,' . r . ....
CORN New offered at 77o joa track :
holders generally Arm in their views.' :i
Milwaukee Market—Jan. 20.
FLOUR Dull, and prices unchanged:
WHEAT Firm ' at $1 18 for No I in
-- 11 1 1 i r
New York Dry Goods Market—Jan. 20.
The dry goods market lapsed into a quiet
state and Is lacking elasticity and ' buoy
ancy so prevalent iasti week, 'but 'prices.
. nevertheless, are generally firm, u

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