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Daily Ohio statesman. (Columbus, Ohio) 1855-1870, January 21, 1869, Image 4

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VShoNring'tnearrivai tad departure of brafna S Col
- oka, Ohio. On and afW Monday, Not. aid'
' -A trains wUlrunasfoUowai i , i'i t. i -HTlaaeU
Minkat Ciam . B.
, Western (imu,...l A. M
. row iiti &i unm .
11:10 ,!.: UN p.m.;
Mail and ''xweaa... 80
r. M. 3 r. M
borinxaeH Aoeom.vieDel- 1: P. M." M-4S A. M.
He. I Aoiwnuuodatisej..,,., ti09 A. Ii. 1M p. J4.
This' train teeve Sunday mwnW not Monday'.
i -- JA.HKH PATTERSON Agent. '
j:q.-' ' ' MAT.''.' ' AKRITB.
lTintEKM..i;i;.l.i..'.i Ho i u i nn a ms
. tjineinaatl AOMUnodeuoa. 5:00 A. M. S:36 P. M.
. Eipnu... ...j...., 1:45 P.M. ,11:00 A. 11.
ExprsM...............'... 6:00 P. M. 10 P.M
- a W. H.H.Sbinw, Agent..
, l oli niwi.m . . ... h.
SliM Express............ SriS A. M. - 19:10 A. M"
Lightning Kxpress.. ...... 11:10 A. M. , 6:33 P. M-
: Iuiih lUli....". :U P- M. .13:30 P. II.
, r ...... ...A. D. Smith, Aent.
Oalalh Chicago an lacUaixa Can.-"
v'V-'-i irlltallwar . . ,
Jflgot Tpn:..'.'.:.....nt A. M- too A. Mi
ToLda Kroraes........... tirOO A. M. -i:5 P. M.-
W asters jkxprM. SJ0 P. M. - 78 P. M
Day Express................ 1:15 P. M. 11:00 A. M. i
- ' . - ' ' . I i k IT . .
ruteaari;, CJaelnnatl cTc fct. Lassie
. " ," Mallwar. - -
' .: UATB.' ' ARItrva.
- York Express.--- t:t5 A. M. ""' 120 Midi
LiabtnineKxpreaa ..Jlr0 A. M.- 6:46 V. M,
Uennison Accommodation 6:00 A". M. ' 6:40 p! m!
New York Express run daily. AH other trains
I)eaaoa Aoeanuuodaiioa starts Iron.. freight
- yard. :
re A-v ,i : ; :
1 V ' ." AMTTMK. OLOBIi.
Saltan Thnoirn Mail. A. M. T. M. A. M. r. K
via - StaabenvUl and
PitUborxb .......... 1130 12 JO 10:00 . ISO
Isr Way Maila, C. C.
-u. ...... ...j. .. ixs .... ixan
Xsrthwast. Via Ft. W. A -
, U. . C. C.A U. R. R. . M .... .-00
C1ric. TiaC.P.AI. O. -. ' '
UtA U.K. E... ......... -..;. -'llaW 406
tRtlMUa.R.IUTkro ' H" j j".Jo 7 M
Lirtle Miami R.R.. War., ...T lii 11 jo J..
. O. K. R.i Newark." '
Zanaanrin WaMlinf 194 ,1M 7J
C.O.K.WU .....UJO, 530
vVar ..iT..v.........7!!ri..;. mo '-usm t;
erralwlllo, Chilllooth- !fJ i . ,
.4rtaouMita. ;. t0 70
uouwt, Ohio........... .... . 8;00 ,,,.- 70
Zast vt ay.Natiooaf Road. 10JO ' J .... - ll:i5
Atr. ?rtnm Way. WwKr-J - ' ,; -
Ao..j.;,;....... w.. ' . IK)
lorth Coiaatba aaa Clin-
.tonTflla... ;'10a , ; .... l.-M
etisurg. ' tri-vaeklrJ
(antr - Moodaya Wad
.Baadan, A Fridajx. and
leaTU 1 nasdaya, 1 b
CBtr Vil. (tr-wk- :' ::) b-??:ai:i " ' ,
.TaMdaM.lbBniajra 3. .. , ;US ,
A Hard-shell Sermon.
"And he passed to Shunem."
; Trie words of mj text, my hearers, t
yba will firid ln II Kingfl vi chapter,
ferse 8-r"And te passed on to Sbunem,"
: Take i to. heart the lesson -onr - text '
)ass6n to Shonem ,'- V ' ;
; iAnd 1 1 my hearer If youf should j
0fiae into od of our little towns, and be-1
fcoid,k raw bf iiice little offices with the
- figDa"tni. the doo of .eacb.'and" hear
jBtea talkVof attachments without, affeo '
ttbo, aod seqaestrations without quiet .
Mh; toi seize yonrs and waver theirs ''
- ti' it'will Tu tci viaur 'nrnfif to mind tha i
words of th profit and -"pass on to s
J; Ad if.yotj go round where' the iner- i
ttanU are ah and, they xush.'out to ;
shake haadswitb you, and are especial
ly anxiitna to' learn the condition f your
wife's health and .the children's, and the
. frms and he crops, and offer to sell you
a little bill of goods a good deal lower
. thin tKHr coat, on account of their love
for' you and for each ah -"p ass on W j
'- And if you should happen t (fo ;
around the corner and see meadnnfcing :
begf,l:hat will bring them to at bier,' and
gUnsling, thaj; sling dowa, tha strongest,
and smashes that will smash a man's
Ibrttine than io'iriihission- mertbanlr1 ier-.
chants who advance supplies on the last .
- crop ah oh, "pass-on to Shun'em." . j
-.ISuollmy-fiear'ers! If Jbti should go
flowtt totNew'Trk that bodern ;Sod-i
ia an4: V.offi&Q na? w"P ine
gaslights are' Sashing and.' glimmering,
and the absare dashing - aloag the'
streets? and obliging drivers, are offer-!'
log to'carry yon where only steamjboat:
- captains and tha first gentlemen go iah!
-and road w ay , is; on f rip' hd a "soar;
" 'ah-afid th? brassi badsjtre trashing!
iftn6i from jtie.Daicouies ancj , men; in'
v little holes are ready to sell you tickets'
loe Inland; jTee the Black Crook's dance.
jWth, nothing to .wear and ,maka. ppec
. taclea of" thmSelves--ah oh, iny
rjespasa on t:Shun'em' X.i J:. .
'Aiid Viij f if later in the eyearhg wrtW
rjnto jBtoat pJeBuidlyarn-Bhjid- rooms i
f mbi j-MakxI see th suuoer . table- BDread
with delicacies rhf-eVerr ; clitjie; nd,
HWuliffyjVnd tea? duckdand Briipfes, and
'j llirlf gged rrpaeaaantar JndV- ;aU T' thaj
I .1. AniK . .InA ftwl Man n ffwd itrnjl .k,mj
pgneiand' brandy? and' burgundy) ' ' and;
.f3haewi.fi Jaterlod j
" ttca gentlernatt with rings oa his fingers
'aad a diamond ibrea8tpirr,"playing with
jlililei spoUe.d pasteboards,-! and another
turning a jBachina -adA dropping a little
- ball! thatToSs Tound and round and stops
. sometimes en ib eagiebirtj and ;6ftener
don't, and where tha ' players generally
put aoWB-wore-inanney-xaae-iip, ana;
; inenbnitimeswiiibut mostly 'don't
.Vil fji "raa r.n tn Srinnsm.!' . , l
f 1 i&d in iconclasion, my, friends, ' when
r. nnrlt. th flptrfi. and the devil ah
' JiJ.lie' in wait fof tou !-pass on to Shun-
"And he passed to Shunem." The Female Acrobat.
,iErty ohn Paul" has been to sea the wo
.wjan'on the flying trapexe.in iJewTSTork,"
and "hua he reports,- "She-; was quite a
(Pjatty woman,neatly. jarid Bifbply dressed
in a girdle made of a "stripe or two from
c kd American flag, circling her waist; J
never felt so proud of my country's Bag
before. 1 1 had seen it waving over thriv
ing cities, happy villages and majestic
PWountainiieighta, but this was '.the first
- Umy Llial X xiau bc guoj.vi.o.j
protecting, the; -jrastei places. I : .shan't
cattemptj toadescribe : what the pretty
little woman did on tha i trapeze,
the rings. Barid71he incidental ropes.
She .accompiiahad feata, that made ,
my hairitru-vf icold i and very drop
of blood in my" veins stand on end.' She
swung head downward by one foot from
, Jhp trapeze bar, holding her husband by
, one ear with the tips of her thumb and
forefinger,, and in ! that position turned
f i en somorta-jtsVoverJhe, bar.swinging
(i her husband vei; - her head each time.
Tl.is feat she afterward repeated, vary
1 6i it Sltghtl by; holding her husband
in her teeth and MegsrsjJarrett.and
Palmer by'theLhaitone in each hand
The aha sdpwtod- heraelf by twisting
-tef back hair roolod' the bar, fastening it
. with a sngleR. hair pin. and afterward
V'fearlessly.ata-'amiiMio- pia which, the
programme assured us was bought in
fi ry ran throogt) the audieBce," , . 4- !
A Smallpox Remedy.
:,X cdrfespdndrbf the'Stdckion; Cal-1
'fprpr, tlerala. writes as lonowsj j
":, : i -hecewith append" recipe. which has1
' '" been used to my knawledga.in. hundreds
ot cases. It wm prevent wnenre" tiie
smallpox thofgh tht pittings are filling'.
When Jenner "discovered cow pox 'in
lDgrtabo world bXe$ckhnjleA an
aVaJaaoinj'Oi' fame p'qnfhis mad, bhl
when the most scientific school of medi
cine in tha world that of Paris pub-
iiabettHu recipe a panacea for-small
pOx, it pJased Unheeded, t It is as uofail-ing-as
tata. (and nqner In. ererv in-stanCB.-'
It-ia- fiarmleaa-when-taken
by -a well nerson. - It will also cure scar
let fever. . Here is tha 'l-ectpe as I have
used it, and 'cured by . children' of scarlet
fever ; here it is as I have used it to
sure the smallpox jfc when Jearned -phy-aioians
said the patient J:njust die, it
cured: Sulphate of zinc one grain;
foxglove (digitalis), one 'grain; half a
teaspoonful of sugar; mix with two -ta-blespoonfuls
of water. When thorough
ly mixed add four ounces of water. Take
a spoonfulevery hpur. Either disease
niii uisauuesr in iweive uours. - fur
child, smaller doses, according to agr.
If Tcountieff would 'compel" their- physi-
oiana to use this there w.ould be no.need
ofpest-houses. ; If jrou value, advice and
experience, use this fqr that terrible dis
ease. ." ' "
Remaining uncalled for in the Columbus Postoffice,
Remaining uncalled for in the Columbus Postoffice, January 20, 1869.
Afons Chaa Annstronx J H
Atwood Malissa
Adams VY p. a - Ajar i
Brooks Albert
Broderick Albert Bolder A F H
nt ti:in .
Botler Oxbriel
Boring U P
Braoks Horn A
iiiont ueo .
Boyle Uen b
Browowel J C()
Brndon John M
Brooks Sarah
Bower Tbos
Butterfie d Wm
Baker mrs Geo
Hn-kinffhi.in .las Krichk J L
Baxt'rjuhnri BraohenrigeR
Barrel t Sarah J Bridges Susan
Baldwin Wm- .. Brodie Vim
HlakaWG- . Bull Wm B '
Bcher yrm j ;
Brown John ; : Z Brown mri Robert
(Tomter A B ' CtarkAndrewW Clark" Chag
Jollier Cbas Caadr Mrs Ed- Carpenter Miss
Crocker G W mond Emily M
Corbin Q W Cooper J H Cook Joseph B
Crawford JohnT Camett Mrs L
Carbon Milton Cnnninxham
CloudMissMarjL Miss Mary
Cohrell MrsPP Coulter R -CnnnioghamThoa
t. .-..vjar.;"
inieum Mary
Chase Mss Mar
CloTer P C
Clark Sam
Cecil WO
Darig Albert
Drake Elmer
Denniis J W
Deeker Jacob
Day Alonzo
T)ewT D A.
DellMissElix'th Dill MrsEmmaT
l)onglas1rsJaneloss James t
Dealer John. . Dinflmorejohn H
Unshin M(UWf) Iraly Ker f .
Daris Wm - Doeerkty Wm.
E '
Evans Edward Ererhard Fred
Kmesoa 4' rank dwards Jones
Ueuuu Mrs S A
nright Mike
Farinser Alfred Flowers Miss Al Foley Miss C W
Frond Franois r'ell Miss Joseph Kinigan Mike
FietoherMrsMA Flabaran Mike Fuller Mis M
FurayWs forms WM . '
Glynn Mrs ' ' Gray Edora Garret Miss Delia
GamberMiss Lis Gibbons LixxieG Go.diboroagh E
UantUissF Goldsborougb lisiboth
Glover FrankB Miss F F Groves JB
UarrnerJohn Goodman Jas Grove JohnT
G anion Mrs MA Grate Mrs Mary Grannon Umer
uarner Mrs a A uoodman x uidaings v xr
Herr Mies A BandrenCbasL HaSer Chaa - -Bill
Mis 0 C - Harden Miss C Hcoxhard Mrs
Relleneyer Fit Baary Frank Henry Geo ' -Hardy
Maatifield Hainer H R Harrison Jas
Halley Miss J L BeimebargerJWHill Jno K
Uartmaa Jno ' UarmanMrsJ Howard Jno' '
Havs MissLibbieHarker Lewis AHinklev Mrs M L
Hull Manuei HermannMissMa-Horsley Mrs N
Harding K ehard ry A Hillil Riohard W
iiafUnan Henry ' . . , $(
. i ji e . r -w :r , : - ' s
t . , i t r : . .... .. .
James Hiss J- Jones Miss F Jones Henry
JonesMiasJennieJones Jas -K
Kingsberry Mr Krnsen Chaa S Kenedy Mr C H
Kain Dwight Kirk Vf oa H Kemmler Wm -k
Laeon Wilson Link E Liniman Henry
Lieb Henry F Lutfin L LeggJohnF
Laonard Miss M Leckrom Mike Lower Miss Marat
Lynea Mts Mary iaxna Miss Mat Laag .Wax - -
Murphv Cornel's MarionMissCWMarshall Mrs C H
Mangram O W Mansell lr EY Morgan Evan
Mejerrred ' MoellerGF Mooneyjno(x)
Mickey Jona A MilliganKevJS Madgon John- s .
M;er'sMi9sLyddiaMason MrsN Morns Miss N O
Marion Peter Munsell MrsP Morris R E
Mason Wm Martin WU ; Morris. n Wm
.- - Rlc'a r , A"
M nnr.int Jas MoGreaivJOhn MoGnmn John'
McKellMissMWUoAlnineP McCrystal Wm
Miller Daniel
NeriusJno NoyesJosC
Olds Mrs Manr,Osterfadn Mrs Oroatt T G - ,.
iigUWmR.. , j.-i;.MK ; j. . -..1 . ;-v w.iivj.
SF -,,, yjy .
PriheMissA Parks Miss T V Peterson G .
Peters Mrs H - Pringle Henry Powell Lee 1
PinkArinpMrsMA Perkins Miss M Prndestona Cant
Postle Miss P M Phillips Miss S MA
HmA Jt s - . U.niir ..lnhn V ' Ram Mim X . " ?
. ' I
Rose Miss 1
Bodgers Wm E Reel Wm
Ross W m .
Sqairet Mrs A - BhawAlV, Snyder C9 r,,
ShermanHonCT. Symonds C w Sanders CP..:
Pnmmflrn J -'Sloam Chaa Small D '
Shaaap Mrs t M Si mod David She waiter Mrs E
Sperry f rae, ' t4Ueeeo ti Blades at - :
SeakerMisslIi SohoekL . Sntton Thoa
Shamp Wm Smith Mrs RE" Smith R '
Thirkham A . Thornton Mrs E Taylor Miss L
Taylor Fannisr Toy Henry rJ TierneyJamesFS
Iwty-Mer, aentBso Thomas r fi g t n
MayneS4 JAttmpersAUasJ K .V aometer, J as
Weeks Aaron Weigle A ' Washington Mrs
Wirth MifesAnna Wilson Alex Anna
Warner Edward Wells H H Wheeler J F
Wagley Mrs J 8 Ward James; Walter J . -
WoodrowJosbna Welsh John -, -. Woodruff LnoyB
WillcocksMrsMAWeUhMissMary Wilson MrsMargt
WardThns WilliamsMwJM Williams E M,
Wbite Albert B WhrteMite Maggie "i 'j - 1
Publishers of
"Christian Browning i Co -v
i Conner A Co Q T 4
g Massy A Shaeffer
Dillon Jk Kmi
Weed A McUmbeT
W aid M 4- A Jion
Remaining uncalled for in the Columbus Postoffice, January 20, 1869. J. J. WOOD, P. M.
Paving Notice.
To all uhom it may ooaesra . "'
Citt Ulskk's Offici.i
" COLCHBUg. O.. Deo. al, 1868. (
"'ITotibe M hereby giwpT, that proceedings have been
iastiurted ia heCity-Conncilof'Cdlumbas.for mak
ing the following improvements, to-wit:
For building a double carriage way single span
bridge at the crossing of the canal on Friend
Also, for grading, awd paving Ike aopwved side
walks. utters and orossings on X oung street trosa
Broad street to r. tat street.. - - i -
Also. for building a double row flag stone pave
ment across Fair alley upon the south side of Chap
el street.
Also, for building a 80-inch brick sewer on Gay
street irom ourtB street to j iHB street -1
T eKX 4mm 3iM.intoiwl.il.lthltfMj
estimates to be prepared by the City Civil Engin
eer, ana mea ia vue oiucv ui irua tierx.
All persons claiming damages on account of said
tojvbwa iuiyiu.ujuW( bid i.uuni-lu uju inuii
elaims in the office of the Clerk, in writing, on or
oexore ino ronrtn aay oi xeornarr. a. u. ions.
- - Jj. JS. WILSON, -dec38-dltaww
. City Clark
y.j .
An - Ordinance
To assets a svecial tax uvon- the real estate bnnnil'
ing High atteet, from a point 125 feet sooth of
riiniM,um wmiv whwi Qiua uj. ouuui X UUHC
lane. . - ' St.) o
Skctiom 1. Be it ordained bv the Citv Cnnnnil
of the City of City of Colnmbus, That the so in of
Eleven Dollars, inirty-one vents, fiigot and r our
tenth Mills, be and the same is hereby levied any)
assessed upon each foot front of tbe several lots of
land bounding or aoutting upon High street from a
point 116 feet south of Friend street to tbe soutj)
line of Sooth Publio Lane, as the same are desi x
nated apoa taa'plat-of the Civil iEngineerroa file
ia the office ef the City Olork. foix aba-cost and
-penae o( grading and paving the gutters and road
way witn wooden oioca. Raveaeao-(ieniaonlt ex
cepting that part between tbe -rails of ene trsck-of
the sireet railroad, along the same, according to tbe
estimate of the City Civil Engineer, with the fol
lowing credits for old material: inlot No. 243. or.
61J teet curb, at 26 cents; inlot Ho. 342. cr. 9tn
fe tof earb at M-aents: inlot 241. en tiki feet of
enrb at 26 cents; inlot 239, cr. 62 X feet ourb, at SI
cents; inlot 237, or. 11 feet curb, at SI cents; inlot
354, or, fii feet curb, at 2s cents: inlot 355, cr.
feet curb, at 86 cents; inlot 356, cr. 48 feet curb, at
26 cents; inlot 357. or. S5 feet curb, at 86 cents; in
lots 358, 859 and 360, cr. 1OT leet curb, at 96 cenU;
N. X of inlot 364, or. 31 feet curb, at 28 eents; S.
H of inlot 3t5, cr, SIX leetenrb, at S8 cents.
Hhc. . That the owners of the several lots of
t.nH dwmi which tho foregoing assessment is made.
snail par tbe a moan ts of money by tbera severally
du,e In sna-Denaujtiuuai n atei a o w.tnia
twenty dayj Iroin the date of this ordinance, or be
subject to the interest and penalty allowed upon
the same by law.' ... ...
Sao. S. All ordinances heretofore passed, mak
ing partial assessments for grading and paving the
roadway of High street, from a point 135 fest south
of Friend street, to the South lineol South Publio
lane, be and the same is hereby repealed .
, . President of the City Council.
P...jtl Tim O. X li lm
Resolution to Contract.
Beolrd, That the City Civil Emrinan- K. J
be is hereby authorised and dt3,..t,;
tha name of tbe eitvof V.1-ln
Galvin for building a doubU 1 L
across Center alley at the south side Vl &Zl
street, upon the followinx ierm t-;,.
Forexoavating-orgradipg. Twenty-fiieeenta per
For, oulderiiviBaVFortyleentr' per sonarV
- For flagging. 14 inches wide. 50 oents per lineal
Adopted Dee. J8, 1868.
Attest: L.B.WILSOiri CRy Clerk.1
janl-dlt .
vr.inc;- :TVti -
GmS Z k 4. i i b J
i::o rr
.vt--a whun .i.T wi i iiws I
- . " JvJj xj;aS
Hsvtri tj M;uv i
: siiH iji.M Mi.! '
- . rt--Ji oo.;'. 1Tk' 'atrxxoVi
ft" :i-"
Nos. 36, 38 & 40 North High St,
The attention ef the Business Pnblio is oalled to
" the superior facilities of this Establishment.
We have in constant nse
even Steam Power; Presses
And our ability to get out work promptly if un
. surpassed, ia the West. We have lately
' made additions to our already
- r -pn e .-."i -i - . -. -
Aadwefeel confident to satisfy all who may give
.. as a oall. - Our large fonts of type enable us
. to do all kinds of '"
In the most prompt and excellent manner, and we
oall he attention ofthosewartting anything-...
- wc? lathis line to the- - . -
That wo hare exaented in th part year.
The Tepntatfbo of this Bouse for fine Job Printing
ii Weil known te tbe business community.
Employing, as we do, none but the
BestlpoT Workmen-
k ,1
And having a full assortment of tha
i4')il- !j ; i ; it .. .fii
il n.- :rsi!J ;rl wi H.-'l .' :i H JIi YJif
Wa will guarantee the utmost satisfaction.
mm w-iifu
Railroad, -
Bank and,C'i00d
. Commercial 1 !
BUT HeadsjSilnCa'rTs.IssO J j
Circulars, tC:!GLcttfr;llcaiisl
Drafts, &e., Afcc.
' Keeded by the business publio. . I
5 uifia UifrHuy
We alio keep on hand a larger stock of
any other Printing Bouse in the eity, such as
Super Royal. Medium, j
PT'TTfrr-r t'Ctawa-Cap,, '
Cap'- abetter and
Note. Papers
l .... - J
Of the best qualities, and, purchasing them as we
do. directly from the manufacturer, we are
enabled to do our work at correspond
ingly low rates. We are Sole
Agents for tho -
-f ' ,..'- 'r '" - i'
We particularly call attention to the Blank Books
manufactured by us. We are prepared to
. fill all orders for
Xjseex-aw .,
.- f A . i J ;
Joum n.1 aw.
,.,Cali Book.
And all kinds of Blank Books now in use. These
Books are all done in the best style of paper, rul
ing and binding, and we oha lenge competition in
, SS A aO Ifortla IIIbsb Street,
The ennflitaMl rl vmnllfl mir almost sav with St.
Peter,"! die dailv." tbe objeot-'of this article is
not to remind him of AJ bis pangs.bat to show
him how tobanish them si forever- The means
of immediate and permanent relief are proffered
him in k i t.
And it is for him to say whether he will continue
to endure a living death, or to put himself in a po
sition te render life enjoyable. .V . . ..-.1
Of the efficacy of this matchless vegetable stom
achic are to be found in every city and town in tbe
United States healthy men and women, rescued
from torture by ita gf use, and eager to bar
testimony to its vir- J tues. It differs from
any other Bitters in existenoe, in this special par
tiaular it is not alooholio.
For sueh constitutions and systems as require for
their invigorationa.diffusive stimulant. ,
Has been provided a preparation in which the sol
id extracts of the finest restorotivea of the vegeta
ble kingdom are held in solution by a spirituous
agent, purged of all deleterious constituents Tbe
Satient. in choosing between these two great anti
otes, should be guided by his own condition. If in
a very low state from debility, the Tonic shonld be
his selection; but in eases where the emergency is
not so pressing, the Bitters is the specific reauired.
Thousands find infin- f ite benefit from tak
ing each in turn. w There is no phase of
indigestion, biliousness, nervdus disease or physi
cal prostration to whioh they are not adapted, and
in whioh, singly or combined, they will not effeotl
euro. . .
Exchange Pain for Ease
And Weakness for Strength'' Get rid of the ail
ments which interfere with enjoyment, east 8 1 com
and despondency to ine wind a; take a stronger noia
of life and. in short, beooma a . r t
7." new "xAiv . : -:
Vku.. A I. Snmmant.lUw m Ida aa-a-i'al
a Uiiuu uiAo uo m uuivuteiiiiy vi wlbx? uivoe yrvr wdi i m
and popular of all recetable invigorants and ooi-
Biliousness." Indigestion." General Debility, and
" all the complaints whioh proceed from a want of
proper action in the liver, the stomach and the
bowels, are eradicated by a course or tms great
Which not onl v combats and eonauers diseases that
have- entrenohed themselves in the system, bat
is the beat known sategaara against all anneaitny
influences. Peraons whose ocennations and our-
suits suojeot them to the depressing effects of a
elose, unwholesome atmosphere, should take it reg
ularly as a nroteotion against the low fevers and
other disorders which malaria engenders. Inva
lids wno are .....
Witnout any special complaint, exoeot a gradual
r ki;i. .i..n.,k .nj
aoaAAassBit,Awaa vi awui assss v ",m eaaais uui v vua uuui kj,
will find in the BIT- E. TERS a fountain r.f
vitality and wigor,-as - refreshing and exil
erating aa a pool in the desert to the.tand-scorohed
ana lain ting travelers.
.-- . . .
Ifl-eomooaftd ef tha nnra 1 nines for. as thev ararme.
dicinally -termed, fcxtracta), of Roots. Herbs and
Barks, making a preparation highly concentrated
and entirely free from Aujohelio admixture of any
. .. r i . - ........ ..
I- V . ...
Is a combination of tail the ingredients" of h Bit
ters, with the purest auality-of Santa Craw Rum.
Orange, etc., making one of the most pleasant and
agreeable remedies ever ottered totneputriie- -
These remedies will effectually cure Liver Coin'
.plaint. Jaundice, Dys- : pepsia, Cbronie - er
liervous Debility, mm 4Jhrume Diseases of
the Kidneys, and all diseases aris.ng iroia a disor-
i derea iiurei or stomacn, . ...i. ,-. . .. -
.r.r1? i -'ui1 Suck e'-..-:
nt-. 1 r as lionsti- -;t. .,
.,-.i.-'r jli.Vj.J pation. Inward
-- : : :ii ' Piles. FnlinesJ of -r; .-.., x. ,:
... : . -, a - Blood to : the Bead.' ,
:,:! r :.:, Acidity of tbe-8tomach. ..-r .
-tu j Ji vVauaea. Heartbarn, Disgust . s t..
j. itU'i - for Food.fallnesaer Weigbtinthe - s
Btnmaob, Hour fc recta tiuns, Sinking ;,,
' t:. er Fluttering at the pit of the titomaeh. ,
- KwimmiBg of tbe Head. Hurried and oifnoalt-
,Breathine. Fluttering ak the Meart.. Chokiag
USnffneating HenaatieaA when in a Lying Posture,
. Aiimness oi vision, now or. neos oeiore tut
Sight. Fever' and Dull Pain in the Head.
Deficiency of Perspiration, Yellowness
of the dkin aod Eyes, Pain in the
.mrhi Jside. Baok, Chest, Limber etoud
i .:- Ki ..w.Boddeu Flushes of Heat.
' t Ik r. a Baruing- in .she Flesh.- j 1 1 o -eri)
It '.li!-r Constant lmagin- -q-r a f
.i.r-m. VAi-.tAAngs uf Evil. anA' i ' S '-j'nii'A
, ii'ij-'o i; OreatDepree-.'i t hut 'U-ij
i' ! v'Sioa eg. . 'i tl i ,xA 1
"n ' 1' '-nT, bpinta, --. "-si ja.n'-of
-it v . v n They are uie Ureatest and Best .
t4A efll.r?:w 13! :e s-ii j -- -,ii.iisi.! .i
riitodD rpuBrriE8!
rwi:et t.m ft- oa -ii-,-if , -: ?,;. -t .--l'- . r ---
Ever known, and will core all diseases- resulting
from bad Blood.:' Keep your Blood pure. Keep
your Liver in older. sa Keep your digestive
-organs -in .a -sound. . healthy oondition, by
the use of these remedies, and ao disease will ever
rWeak and fDelicate "Children
. Are made strong by tbe use of either of these rem
. ediesw ITaey will oure every ease of MARASMUS
i without fail.--, : ... - -i f ' ; ,v . 1 i ' -,j
i -Thaaands ct ertificaiee have accumulated in
the baaas of the proprietors, but space will allow
-.of the publication of but a few. i Those, it will be
observed, are men ot note and of such standing that
UMr saimoe oeuevea, ....- . ..,j
flic -. f.,; , . if "In . . j -.
, OF IE-liSi:i.YAIA
-i- - ' ------- i-
W ho would ask tor moredlgn ified or stronger tea
.,.. ... ' . , timonyt '...
Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Pennsyl
vania, writ as : 1
' PHrLADsxrarx. March M. 18bt: .
" I find "Hooflsnd's Uerman Bitters" if a good ton
ic, u-eful in diseases axa of the digestive or
gans, and of great ben- mm eflr, in eases of debil
ity and want or nervoos action in the syatein.
, yours truly. - GEO. W, WOODWARD. !
Judge of the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania, i
'!. PHILAPBLTOTAi A pril S8, 1868. i
I consider "Hoofland's German Bitters" 'a valua
ble medicine in eases of-attacks of lndhreMlon or
Djspepiia. I can eertily this from my experience
of it. Yours, with respect,
Prothonotary of the Supreme .Court of Pennsylvsi-
ma, writes : ' - -
., , FslLADEI.PHlASei,t. H.1867.1
Ronflanrl'a German Bitters' is a verV tuenl .r
- tide as a tonio and as an appetiser. : It fi not an in-
toxi ating drink, and may be used beneficially by
i.-- -- .-i-.il i
I SS1-.I:" OATJTlOSTl ), -
,u;.;0,l'J i !!'' ' :e- T : h - - ' 1
Hooflsnd's German Remedies are counterfeited.
K.lK.t. thaaiimatnre g of C. M. JACKSON
is on tae wrapper of. Ueacl bottle. 'A oth.
ern' are oOdnf'erfeit. - --- - - -
, Principal Office and Manufactory at the. German
Medicine Store. N0.6SI ARCH STRET.'r'PifHa
.d.lphi..Pa.;i:;V -. - Tt.
CHARLES tf. EFANS, Proprietors
V?V. 'Joraerly c2 il.' iXCKSOS toYt.
TU 'O, 'r- '.l
Hooflsnd's German Bitten; per bottler J....l 00
Hooflsnd's tierman Bitters, half doaen a OS
Hooflsnd's German Tonic, put up in qt. bottle 1 Se
per eottie, or a nail a oxen lor 7 u.
rr o not forget to examine well the article yoa bay
a oruer togeb mi. bouiliuo. - .
- -i ' . --- , . -- :i .
; ;.. ., ,.; . t. - t-i , ;
lnl naalarlln Marlialna. .(.a. -.
jj3S-dwtVi woowlj
r I ii l
i 41i 05.
Till ol :."r'
v.ij . .ill
t oyrr a ia ,qn. s-i
-t-l.ilU!t I0T m'J A .hiti :
l-.H1r.- .1- -iT-.i'J i)
f i Jtf..i:.i .at! :
itr'.L.ti,,.... fl i:,.
'r.'rVi 1 v?i-"'i-fi.is
fnfn l ra..-
Jj'J'IlM WOil J-.l-)t.
,i; -ilr -Wt'ii'jei
i j'i-.'-l 1 't '
..-.-, t-"i fwa.i
til t.i vi sill n iw:w .iniM,
: I'm ' the,' yduNCrj !ani RiiJf'G
gnerattoTi the vegetative power of
life' are btrong, but irl a few1' years' how;
often the pallid hue, the lack-lustre jeyei
and emaciated form, and the ; impossi
bility 'of application to! mental' effort.
show its baneful influence. . It Boon be
comes evident to the observer that some
depressing influence is checking the de
velopment of the bodyi' ' xJonsomption
is talked of, and perhaps the vT6utb is
removed. from. school and sept, into the
country. This ia one of the worst move
ments. Itemoved from ordinary di
versions of' the ever-changing scenes of
the city, the powers of the body too
much enfeebled to give Best to healthful
and rural exercise, thoughts are turned
inwards upon themselves.. . ;: tl .-
' If the patient-be a lemale, the ap
proach of the menses is looked for with
anxiety, as the first symptom in which
Nature is to show her saving power in
diffusing the circulation and visiting
the. cheek with the bloom of health.
Alas ! increase of appetite bas grown
by what it ted on : the energies of tne
system are prostrated, and the whole
eoonomy is deranged. The beautiful
and wonderful period in which body
and ' mind undergo so fascinating a
change from child to woman, is looked
for in vain ; the parent's heart bleeds
in anxiety, and fancies the grave but
waiting tor its victim
For Weakness arising from excesses or
early indiscretion, attended with the
following symptoms : Indisposition to
Exertion, Loss of Power, Loss of Mem
ory, Difficulty of Breathing, General
Weakness, Horror of Disease, Weak
Nerves, Trembling, Dreadful Horror of
Death, Night S weats, Gold Feet, Wake
fulness, ' Dimness of Vision,-. Langour,
Universal Lassitude of. the Muscular
System, Often Enormous Appetite with
Dyspeptic - Symptoms, Hot: Hands,
Flushing of the Body, . Dryness of the
Skin, Pallid Countenance and Eruptions
on the Face, Pain in the -Back, .Heavi
ness of the Eyelids, Frequently Black
Spots living before tbe Eyesr with
Temporary Suffusion and Loss of Sight,
Want of Attention, .Great Mobility,
Restlessness, with Horror pf Society.
Nothing is more desirable to such-pa
tients than Solitude and nothing they
more dread, for i)ear or Themselves
no Repose of Manner, no. Earnestness,
no Speculation, , but a hurried Transi
tion from one question to another. ' '
' These symptoms, if allowed to go on
which 'this Medicine '' invariably re
moves -sodn follow Loss of Power; Fa
tuity, and Epileptic Fits,- in one of
which the patient may expire. -"During
-the Superintendence -of Dr
Wilson, at the Bloomingdale Asylum,
this sad result occurred to two patients ;
reason had. for a time left' them, and
both died of epilepsy. They, were of
both sexes, and about twenty years ' ot
-. ....... .... , . , ,
. Who can say that these excesses are
not frequently followed by those 'dire
tul diseases,, insanity and uonsump
tion 1 7'The records of the. .Insane Asy
lums. and-the melancholy j deaths by
Consumption, bear ample witness to the
truth of these, assertions- In Lunatic
Asylums the .-most melancholy exhibi
tion appears.-rune-wninteBance is ac
tually .; sodden ..and quite destitute
neither Mirth or Grief ever visits it
Should a sound of the voice occur, it is
rarely articulate. . -- i .ii
-.'.'. .12 :.- .-.: - i-..-.. -. ; . ;-.
- ' --.-is -l' iij-.i- L'T :' ..; Jj r:.
- "Witli woeful mtiassi us a an Despair"
u: Low smiles, sounds their grief beguiled."!;
. . ' .'.Mi: t'l.f -i..-; i' il-
Y Whilst weregret the existence" of the
above diseases and 'symptoms,'-we are
prepared to offer an invaluable gift of
chemistry for. the removal ot the conse
queuces : ' HblmboldVHighly Con
centrated Elliul Extract of Bochd
There- U no tonic tike B; It ip, an an
chor of h rrure-eon and patient.
and this is thi testimony of alt who have
used or prescribed it.' i .
Sold byJDrugglsls'and Dealers every
where. Prepared at . 117 T. 'HELM
BOLP'S' Drug ;and C"emical 'Wae
house, 594' Broadway," N. Y.' '' . : 1
- 1 .... ;-.;nJ'(i. A
1 V :; V
.-, -.7
Great Salt Lake Citt. Utah
s.- ,
.:"'" ' 1 - January 28. 1868
Mr. II. T. Helm bold Dear1 Sir
Your communication ; requesting -our
terms for advertising was duly received,
but . from a prejudice I: had tormed
against advertising "cures for secret
diseases,'' it-was letfc unanswered; uar
ipgan accidental"Couyersation in a Drug
Store tbe other evening, my mind was
changed on tha character of " your Bo-chit..-'
It was then highly aommended
for other diseases by two physicians
present. .Inclosed please find our rates
of advertisine-. Yoiirs. See.!' ':' ' '". ' I
Editer and Proprietors!: Daily ;anJ
Semi-Weekly Telegraph. j. ;,,!
i;'l 3 i 1 . i;. i :. i i.j.-; . :: t'-!!
.'.ii wit ii; ;M,.-4.'r-. t'-.'.I .1 :i-i - '
ia"'"." -.'S '.: i.'fti ,i . ,:i ; ; r j
i ,m'S.! -:'j 1.-; ; n.''. ,ii.. j-.t- -.. ."i: i
'n'.'Y. S'Voi.' IwmTUTK, ' " ''V
1 Cof. 5th Ave. & 76th St-, Central Park-V
(A Home' and Soliool for the Sons of de
...ceasfcdSoldifrg.J. , , ,
.'C'Da. H. Tt Helmbold : -Two .bottles
only of the package of your valuable
BccatJ presented' to the InstitrJt'e' have
been nsed by the children, and with per
fect success. Inthe case of our little
Liyutegant A. J., his pride is nu longer
mortified, and he is free from the. daily
morning anathemasof the chambermaid
who' has charge! of his bedding.-" I'-feel
thatr'aTtnowledge of the'result bf '-our
bse'tf your Buchu with the children
under .pur cbargeihay save many a, Sii
periqtendent aji J r Matron of Boarding
Schoolo'and Asylums a great amount of
annpyan'ce ;. and many a poor child'suf
fering mpre from weakness than from
habiW-may be spared punishment,, that
is (not knowing it as a weakness instead
of a bad Lahit) most unjustly inflicted
upon' them. Thanking you on behalf of
the children, and bopiiig otlerB may lw
alike Vbenefitted, 1, am 1 reap ' 'ctfully
ypuW coiyolg,;; ;
.. .' General Sun't and DirAi-tnr' i
oune ao, aooo. jySI-dwAa-weowly
,t i,vi-f ,r,i ni,in ... , ..... j'.
,. -. -.. U. - -
.i il I'-f tuft
Ttiree Trains LeaveCelsjmVaie (irialoia
' epot), Aiaily (Sunrtaye xvxceptecT.)
8S85 A. . MIGHT EXPRESS arrMnr at
Zaneaville at 6:13 A. M H.i l . , ' . if .
Baltimore at i-M A. M.: yV ashington City at 8:40
TtriO A
i at 11:10 A- M Washington City at lads
at Zanesv
tr. si,
2". 1 5 P. M. EXPRESS MAIL, arriving at Zanes
villr at 4:58 P. M.: Bellaire at 9:16 P. M.; Baltimore
at 4:45 P. M. Washington City at iM P.M.
.' Close eonnectiens made at Baltimore and Wash
ington with trains for Philadelphia and New York.
Passenger! holding through tickets to Eastern
cities have the privilege of
Veiling Washington City Free.
No Change of Cars at Ohio River
JNO L. WILSON". Master of Transportation
L.M.COLE, General Ticket Agent.
JNO. W. BROWN. Gen't Passenger Agt. -
The attention of the Trade is called to the supert-
. . orstooaot
Just received ad f sale by
! 1"
36, 88 ex 40 IOBTB IUf HTtt.
t fj.i 'i 1 I
.11 1"! ,., II.
! '
i ll,: li -.-i
Our stock comprises a fuB line ef '
V.... jn iai:-
-ftf. st;i:
L-i In
U frifuv
Colored and M 3 ""?
... Jul ;-s. -,, y, .(' "I .Nil-
. rr-. - ' '..-, ;a i:l t VI." -K
-. . (Print Papers,
:i u (cy : V" .C.
We nave a full stock of
v v,
5: T
1 SmIih!)
Of all sixes and varieties',' whioh will he (old at the
lowest market rates.
i Jy.i'-uic-ij
l ' t i ;!
:U in' 1 .1
r - -.: 1
-A - . :
'.Jii-j Jiuiiro
i. v i iv : i
owtrSTOcx. or
"- -tl.) i!
1 1 i.ni i i i.;l -.'.tut ill t-jl j-rj
' :1j.-'; ASunsuTpxeaiuweoity,inoiuiuusr -;.if
' COLOR!: D of ail kinds
A it A' Dl A Ml
-.:; .1
O IV. US . U& " ..A.','.C A'XJi Ii'
1 ii -i- rrt 71 ml'"a V:
.' 'IM! --'il' .lu :J::::' .'
i , Iv ii" . .- v-ii .HfK;. ;. rf
r ' J ill A -.!, :
, ii s- '1 ' , r 1, 'i
..,. i Improved I ,v4J , ; vV
It Is an elegant Dressing for the Hair. 1 . . T .'. :
' It causes the Bair to Curl beautifully-' '- " S6C'
','lt keeps the' ScalpfJean and sjaallny;''"1' ''"'
I.. ,. . 1, uui ! r 1 i T."tT!2 .
.itjavi garatai Ue Boots ef the Hair aj, v . ... 3 '-
i It foroes the Hair and Beard to grow luxuriantly.
It Immediately stopsBair Falling Oat. : .! .. ;
It keeps the Pair fronTC'hanging Color from Age. j
."it restore Greyjlair to itt Original 6oJor ;' j' . tf j
. It brings eut Hair on heads that nave been bald for
J -I t.'i v? yearxv jr! i-.ii."i.K :
t is composed' entirely of simple and purely VegeU
U..-. ,"::. in lit, ' . H-a: : . ..v-"l'
( 11. ble substances.
It hag received over six thousand voluntary testi
monials of its excellence, many. . :: which are from
'"""iS- physicians in high' standing. ''"' O
It is sold ia half-pound bottles (the name blown
in the glass), by Druggists and Dealers in Fanoy
Goodseverywhere.atOneDoUarperBottle. Whole-
J sale by Demas Barnes A Oo.; F. O. Wells A Coi;
SchieffeHnACoNewiTork. UcHNT-mehS7-dly ;
b-lW, .-R00lS.. AJ.II. aOBITeH.i.WM. , hil
J. Jk W. B.'BItOOKH,
! Cor. KVclx AHifl Coiuiiiba'0 i
Wholesale- Grocers
s ; 11..K .J. j-njii.iitg'Sn- :iu2
t i - Island Sugars,: Coffee, Teas : Bpieee, T ,? aaa " i
lene-iy . .. . ,
-1 L -i;i:.,
' "i '
. NE.-S at his present sUnd. o .. ', ,
'-' hTi: ISA rorSh Illali tlrMt.'1'
and win take orders in noth" CAMBRIDGE!
. 110CK1NG,COAIh whiefr he is prepared t tell a
the lowest market price. ,1
- Star Special attention paM th Snipping,
- e sm f ; ' ' ."'
t .. -a,
XheSherteat Rouie W eir-rioXhgage of Can
i " Chicago, Keokuk aoj Ihdlahapbllfc'"i3
! v' ! tsitataaii ot
POCTH TRAINg DA1LT leave TXnion IWfotg-j
' numb..on.ndjfovA!
UU PrtESS (Hundavs excepted) Arrivi.
at Milford B:1T a m. UrbanalOrUia-io. Bellefontaine L
1A5 p m. Sandusky :u0 pwPiqua 11:16 a m. Te
iodoS"'30axi Detroit 10t40pm
This train is ran expressly foiTofedb ndl
troit bu sines", arriving at 4atlt plxoea 5-- Aiopr
ahead of any otberuuta,. - . m
A.IV (-inndaja excepted). Arrives at B radioed
tinminntiiu p m, menmona oak) p
Iodianapo r .
lisao p m, Lioganrport lu0 p m, Chicago 8:00 a m
Peoria S:z5a in. Ua'esburg
.una ill, 3a nniiri v.-vw a m, lnritmrt
owa, 11:05 a m. Keokuk HJOp m. Quincr 1:45 p
.-00 a mf Borlirrgtoavi
3 IT! OnllUl I'AS n n.
Louisville 230 a m. Terre Haute ll:i? p m, Mattoon
r23 a m, Cairn4:40 p mVPana 4nT a -ti, Alton 8:00a "
m, 8t Louis 0:15 a m,Lafayette 1.-00 mid, tipring- '
field, Ills ,-7:0 am. ,
rasnengers ev tnistram reaeb Ht. Iieulsthe next
morning- boa re afaeaa and for points west
of 8t Louis and Keokuk one train in advaoee t
all other routes.
p.OU PRESS (Sunders excepted). Arrive.lt .
riquaSM p m. '1 olerlr. 60 a m, uetroit 8:10 a m.
Hra.llord Junction J0 p ni. Loanspnrt )im
Chicago 8-0 a m. tndiananoli. 2 Jin. n, t u..
630 a m. Mattoon :U5 a m.- l'aoa llo a m. Altoa
8:lW p m, St. Louis 4;00 p in. Llfaietta T-s . m
Spnnrfield. Ills .4:16 d m. Ouino. mm k-;
kuk 1:00 a m, Louisville HAv a m. Nashville' But a
Memphis 10:00 a m.
W Sleeping ear run la this train frnn, ni.
bua to Cbirago and St. Louis without change. This .
is dacidedlr the. tet train from Cnlrmliiii ,a f thl. '
oago. St. Louis and Lnnisvllle, es it makes quieker i
lime ma a-riven u r,. xjoni. ana ixmisvme If -bonrs
ahead and makes direct aonn.etinn. ftiv'
all points West and South one train in advance of
any other route. - ; i .
19. I A A. M. NIGHT EXPRESS. Dally via,
Li..V Indianapolis ftlond.v,, znaotAfl). via
Logaosport. 'Arrives at Branfiird Junction a-
lgani"Port :io a m. Chicago Jr25 n m. reona
5:35pm, Keokuk 10:45 pm, Indiansooli 8Mia,'
lerre Haute 1:15 p m,r.vAnrville 730 pm, H'.attooa
3:18 pm, Cairo4:ISa m. Pane K p m. Alton e p
m, tt. Louis 10:16 p m. J-afayetle 8:10 p m. Iouis
vi le5:00 p m, Nashville !Mm, Memphis 4J6pm. '
- rasseogers oy mis train arrive tne same day at
St. Louis 3 hours and Chicatfa 6 honr. iliud of I
any other route. - -..; ,,.,. :i . -. "
Run in this train from Pittsburgh to Indianapolis.
A3 Call for Tickets via Logansport or Indian
apolis. " - , ; - ,,
mr I lckets lor sale at U nion and Hqu Depots.
Colnmbus, and at all principal Railroad Ticket-'
OSioea. . .
IT. CM AN liLKR, Uenl Ticket Agent.- V
J. M. LUX T. General Superintendent. ;
Great Northern and Eastern Route.
Cincinnati Railroad.
5"i-re fJPy aal ri aa , J3ex.t3. jr. j
uw vuHaiopHVg ia cuaumiioa vriux imDi pa p.m
EltUaMiami At e3olumbsia 4r- Xeaifa'
KIGHT EXPRESS Leaves Columbaanat ilAk
A.M. Will stop at Delaware. Cardington. Gilead.
IOltAn. r,Mf.lin... Sihlhv Khiloh K.v lnHnn
Wellintton. Gratton and Berea, arriving at Cleve
land atSiS A Hi, New York M A. M., $liu train,
leaves Sunday morning, not Moadsy.
NO. I ACCOMMODATION lavee Comnjbust
at 50 A, M, , Will stop at all way stations. This,
train starts from tte Kreignt Tard. .
' N EW- YORK EXPBbSS-Leaves -ColVmhus a
11:10 A. M. tt ill stop at Delaware, Ashley .Carding
ton. Gaiion". 'Crestline. Shelby. New London. Wei-'
lington, Grafton and Berea. Arrives at Cleveland
at 3w r. M ., New t ork next aay at vo r. si.
MAIL AMI EifKES-Xieaves Colnmbus atl:4U
. M. Wai.xtoe at WerthioateK. Lewis 4'or.
llAl.w&rn. .nrl.il Kl.tir.n. to SUh. ,rH KhiL.h
New London, Wetlington; Graftnnand Besea. 'Avl
aveat.Clevehnid.atP.-M..Iiew York .S P.Mv
Passengers for Fort Wayne and Chicsgo. oylAk
ing this trauil will gat sleeuirur.iaai' at Crestline a
6:00 P- Mw arrive in l ert Wajne at 11:60 P. M
Ch cago at'6:00 A'. M. being In advanee-ef alVotn-I
ea soufa, nave sanple tiure tor Dyeaklaet.ana akf
bun vmiivp iiai, jy" mo . . u. . . .
AWAKE Leaves -Cnlamkns at AJO P. M. Will
step at aH station between Columbus and, Spring
field, arriving at Delaware at 3:13 P. M'.,-8prifnrfielii
tM P. M. This train leave raring fteld .at tsM Aj
Patrsst.mepIax;Ci-sare rssssoxiali
rala.a tmi a 1 M ra 'jt L ' '
" '"j i-ykiTH Beaioe, 1::? .i::o:!jiw
r fa wort Li;d on a!
aOT Baggage nhrrked Uimngh M New Tor an
Boabrinvia Cleveland :. jtluo. to PhiladeirJhia an
New Y3rk, via Crestline: iT - -3V -A C
t,.r. J t .Mil , KRTC RNlNG-ii a. r( f. ..rt, s
Ninbt Express arrives at Col umbos at 1:45 AJ M.
stMy-iA"'!- ?'.' i-'.'JJ'J" l..-i-44 la rtb
man irain amveeat uotumnns atv:"a r. si.
T-pringfield Aeoemmodatioa ianivea AfcOolttmhns
A gusto A.,0,, - ' ;n
Fare aa xw aa ay anf utber Kerne,
- - lAsk for Tickets riti Crestline oyClevdanOX' ' i
rii til u-L-iKnr itr B-.'8., r,I.INT;i-if1 ?
.Tl-- s!r 1 1- k - A gen a. Cola mb sOhiewr
Columbus, NoTSSJaJL
Cincinnati Railroad. Little Miami, Columbus & Xenia
-nhil'iti bi:. iHlttw i 0:r.-ivbx -i-il
On ma 1 after- MONDAY.' "He. 3M, 1s FOTJ
-o - TRAINS DA1LT will leave Columbast t q
Withou change of ears to, DAY TON and RICH
MOND, andonlt one Change of ears to IN
: fL DiAJiAfyna and wutiAW
Connections are reliable at ieUoWt -'. !
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x Arox iJDa.ui tiiauy
S A.'
Ml, for Cfnolnnai''Circlevilie
- lDeateiHilliboietMlhilliiothe: ttoptat Loa
dou. Xenia, Morrow, 'and, LovelaudLarriviiig a
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-I X .ii. .,1.1 H . '.fc-.cirVtt .II
.'i' SECONTRAIN.,, u , -
jt, ....., tDaux except Sundays.). r ,7
Leaves' at SIOO Al M." for Cincinnati,' l)aytoa
Richmond. IndinntpSTTs and Chicago, and stops at
West Jeffersoe, LondeaMiath CharieetunvtMlma,
, Cedarville.Xenia, Spring Valley. Corwin, Morrow
Wonth Lebanon. Posters.'-Lovelan.; Milford, ar
, Vivi rtw at Cincinnati at lOA A U..unuuHi,.
I, with the MaU Boats. r.
, , iniuii inn 1 11.
, tDaily except Sundays.) fc
leaves at lU5 K.UM "tat inolnnat. T)aytoB'a5d
., Keringfild,via aaia. arriTina at VprwinnirAat
j:5?? S'j.'o ban ?i ...uujoo .in,.
:i: 3:iJ0CRTHTBAI5, ,,.'.; .
i,.T..ii-i-.-i r
. . fki.11. are.
Leaves at 6 P. M. for Cincinnati.' Dayton and
1 Springfield Via Lendun, Stopping at Alton, West
I Jefferson,-(Lopdou.T South Charleston, Selma.
' rivmr atCinamnataat W P. AL.i :J .-ti iia-.a
leepinsr Cara' eia all "iair 'Trarliisj.
te rv' ii! Ii pNRyBROOrTS.Tieki Agent.
WT. HTh, SHINS, Agent.
'JOHN DtfBAHl.';',u i ' ""- W 0O..
1 LGenl SuperintanoWalrn-jJi-ia hire Lrfl
,W, L. O'BitlKN,., , Ciiieiima.'"I
in .. r- 'GerTTiekesAirtt'. mT -nwiuo
.ff intuit .thiijus dtif ' :i:"i: oa o-.a
Ob- aedarteP'Deei' lrklv iam.:tni arill
follows: ,.,
Leave. "N.Y Express. " Ban "
Columbus'. -9i'6 A'. MfftsK PJTtf.HSo-AftVi .
newara.7. .
AaAliMijaas P. Mj isi pM.
Bteubenvl le...8:54 A.M. kt& r. Al.
a r . a.
Arrive at .funa
Pittsburgh. .7.15 (SO SI" JSrOB A. M. r?0 P.
Barrisbr.r..KieO l". M.l 44 P. H.l.iM.M,
Pbiladelp'ua., 3m0 a-,.MM 4:10 P. H.- D.&u A.J 1
New Y :15 A; Ml"" tn P. M, Ko-'nu'
Baltimore SM A.JeVv60 P. M.i!ievae AIM
Washiogton.w,:I5 A. M- cil P. M. .1-2:S5 P. M
rla. and rriSht har.'are inn 1 beon.li-tm ..i
to Philadelphia and New York without elmraeve
.. 7 rassengerj oytheJsOOA. M. .Sundag train
arrive mew York at o'clock Monday tnorning
aa4TUge..ney trenere,d. it v .i.1i.
GenH Ticket Agti Eleabemrille tl
.ijff V?!' CABU uperintender, t, teubenville,b
. , H. B. BRtyOKW,
BlunelO-dly -nil v a ,iu.,;:i
9.U ui rS-MEDIGALt
aar PHiLosOr-Hf uf,mabrjage. a, n'iw
Coragj of Lgcrriigg, as delivered at ihe New
lort Musoam f Anatoriiy,. enibracing the snh-.
lects: How tolive and what to live for: youth
Maturity and OW A ge., Menheod general V 4 view:
wi'Hiijiuii. nainieiice and
re. wil
fourstamps, by addressing SiCRETAKY. fS-w
Yoaa MrjeicH of Anatomy am rigNiiVaia
Bboadwat NpwToag. TBT-febxai

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