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Ohio Legislature.
la Sena, bill were introduced
CommUslonera to employ superintendent
to tuperflse the erection of county, build-
ln"-t .; . 'r r .-':.-.. I sr. ;---"d
By Mr. Scribnis, to amend tbe Probate
tot, to as to empower tbe Probate Court to
pake auch an order, of distribution, as
will protect the txecutor or administrator
in making payment. ,; . , '.. ;;
' JB Mr. Bbrry. to amend tbe, act further
to prescribe tbe duUea ol County Commls
loners, ao aa to transfer the duty of in
vestigating the, report of the Comnilasion-r
era from the Court of Common Pleaa to the
Probate Judge, Clerk of tbe Court and
Prosecuting Attorney. ... .:
. By Mr.,MiTT. changing the .time of
- giving notice of a special election to fill a
racancy from thirty to ten days prior to
auoa election. , .; , .
The Senate passed the bill to authorise
the election of aa additions). Judge of the
Court-of Common Pleas la the county
ol 2uvab,oga; and also tbe bill increasing
the lalary of the Supreme Judges from S3,?
. 000 to 4,000 a, yeaivOo the last bill,. Um
vote stood yea 21,4svsl4. . .., :.lt4 --a
, The Senate oonsumed the greater part of
f & stterpopn in a warm anu proioogeu
contest over.' If r, Cobet"s bill, fixing the
rate of Interest on contract at ten per
cent. It was finally passed, under the lash
of the urevlous Question, by a Tote ot 20
yeas to 15 nays Messrs. Simmons .and
Wood worth (Republican) voted against
the bill, and Messrs. Campbicll, Dowdnkt,
jJivrrr, Cndbrdokx snd, WisaitB (Uem-
erattl la Its favor. . .,,, y.u (
.la, wBcinsd niuseroui petitions, were pre
sented snd referred, snd a large number of
bUU read, the. second time.., Bills were in
troduced i by Jlr, CiiON ,fbr submitting
to tbe electors of .Geauga county the ques
tion of chanelnz the county seat . from
hardoq to Burton ; by Mr, Wiling, sup
elementary to ths set to preserve the purl
ty oi elections ; by Mr, Nswm an, to smend
the set to provide for the appointment ot
trustees toiUnors residing out of the State,
nd hating property therein, and by the
. same, to amend tbe homestead act.
The resolution rt questing the Secretary
of Bute .to furnish detailed: report or tne
mount expended for stationery during
the session' of 1863, for the Senate snd
Boose. was adopted.' ', ,..,,
fcThe Bouse bin to authorize county com
auissioners in certain esses to accept devises
snd legacies, and to erect and maintain an
rposa asylum In connection with a chil
imi some, was paaeea. vca.t fi
JTbo Bouse . adopted s series of resolu
tions offered by Mr. Leete, instructing tbe
ommlttee on .Universities and Colleges to
'squire Into, and report the quantity, con
dltton and productions of lands granted by
Congresa to the State for College purposes,
the amount set spsrt lor the exslusive use
of the Oxford snd Athens Universities, fcc
THURSDAY, January 21, 1869.
Tbe" PRESIDENT called the Senate to
order at UB o'clock 5":" ' r
. Prayer by Kev. A G. Byers. , i :
-.';i cflr.i'Tv'i- icxdm. : csl
Mr. LAWRENCE, on leave, recorded
his vote Ja.. favor of , tbe -bill -passed vts-
terday', abolishina ' the office of Commis-
StoBsr Of Railroads and Telegi sphs.
-iu;i Iiolb xot'susfxbdkd. .'
H.B.493. by Mr. SKA ATS To define
sod Unlit tbevowers of cities of tbO first
clasa In tbex leasing and purcbasiog of
real estate for city purpose Asvjng oeea
Mr. TOBRENCE moved the iuspenston
Otthe AouatUutiooal rale that ; the-U1
night be read the second time now.. The
notion' was not agreed to tv tbe rtqnlsite
ssaa kef of Senators yeas 21, nays 11. '
.Tlnuo wrmoKS !b!ksentxd! J":i '-' " :
.iBiJttrvKlSG Petition of 35 cltizens'of
Ypieayrior ugaiizim; ten per cent. inn-r
estin sptclal coutracts. , Referred toFi
AtnWccttimiOee. " "
OiByJlK CAMPBIIX-Meroorial in be-
fcaif ol tbe tiutlea ol Miami University,
torso, appropriation of za,(X)0 to aslet in
repairing and t ulldiog additional wings to
toe eoiiege ouiiaing. reierrea to tne com-
ittto Uijlversitks and Colleges. '
S bOTU-JBOWii bsadwosv01-" ' :
8.B.No.283, 284, 277 and 286, and H.B
3os41r 427 aod 438,; were severally read
the second,, time aad reteired to appro
priate committees, except .S..B.NOY 285,
weicarwasiaia on tnetsDie. "
-13 I I'tttumaa or BiLts."-'""'1''
Me4s Dickey, Bcribner, Potts and Kei-
ter cava notice 01 intention to introouce
iK'B.'Hi; tBK by Mr;' YEOMAN Au
tborizlng t county cmmt(8ioners to em
Joy s-,fcuperiniooent to supervise the
oina oi muuu uuiiuiiius. , an
8. B. 294 by lir. SCBJBNER To smend
cSctiostwo of tbe act dtfinine the iuria-
dictioa and nrgolatluc the practice 01 Pro-'
bate, Courts, passed ; March 14, 1853. as
sinended May 1,1854. . . ,r - ;r
'Tbe amendment restores the original
ttow'aa tt stood before tbe smendment of
184v toe object, bemg to empower tbe Pro
bale, Court to make such au order of dts-
tributlon, specnying tbe nsmes of the dis
tributees, and tbe amount parable to each.
awwttl protect tbe executor or administra
tor (b making pay meat.
H 11 n 9fii hv Mr. RVRT?"V T- i
section 7 of the act further to prescribe tbe
amies or1 mniy ummissioners, passed
JtpriL 8, 1856, s- amended February 26,
'lbe object of tbe bill Is to transfer the
duty ot Investigating tbe reports ot the
Conntr Commissioners' from tbe Common
Pleaa Courts to the Probate Judge, Clerk of
upurtana j-rosecuung Attorney.'.
S. B, No.294, by Mr.EMMliT To amend
aection 2S of tbe act entitled an act to resr-
vhitethe election tt State and county otS-
.Thia bill chancres the time nr rlvina' no
tice of s special election to fill a vacancy
from thirty to ten days prior to such elec-
- .asMiuut ri' OlSCHASGKD.
Mr. POTTS, from the Judiclarr commit
tee, report d back Senate resolution, reuu
u w iui lun K(uuuuu iur me punish'
mrnt of the crime of obtaining mom-v. a
under false pretenses, and asked to be dis
charged trota the further consideration ol
tbe same, wmcn was agreed to. , ..... :
Mr. EEIFEB. trom tbe Judiciarv
BitUee. reported back S. B. No. 270 To .
tborise the election of an addittonaf judge
of. the court of common pleas in the coun
ty of Cuyahoga, snd recommended its pas
The bin was then read the third time and
passeQ yeas ou, nays v as follows
Ykas Messrs. Berrv. Bisara. Rnit,
; Burrowa, ,. Campbell,, Dangler, Dickey,
Dowdner, ' Emmltt, Everett,. Godfrey,
Grtswold, - Butcbeaon, Jamison, - Keller,
KeoAOT, Kessler, King, Kraner, Lawrence,
Linn,, .May, Pottsr bcribner, Simmons,
StedmsnV Torrence, Winner, Wood worth
5ats Measra. Carter, Evans, Golden
. Mr.SCRl BN EK,lrpm the Judiciary com
mlHw renorted back
H B.' Ko; 801 For the relief of Thomas
Cuiien, ,ad i reeoomseaaea - its passage.
Ordered to be read ths-taif d time to-mort
"YL -Li " .: :, , J.;.,l-,
MY. GOLDEN, from the J udiciary com
jlttee; Reported back i ' '
SfftlT '281-To Suftorize "the sppolt-'
asenl t e PhottO graphic Reporters ?n the
Courts of.ComiBoa Pleas and the Dlstrfct
Courts of tbe State t ot Ohio, and reeoni
nended its passage with an amendment
emprnrering the' fudges to remove a re
porter wheusver Lit services are do longer
required. ' ,
Mr. DICKEY moved to amend thr,
arfendnrebt by fbvldingrfor the appoint' '
rasnt ot 4 Photographer to take the pioi
tv fes Of the Prosecnting harttorney and
G koU Jutors at eachkern dt th4 Court, to
bejiug ag in Uie SheTifTaoiiicd. & j
""TPBU proposition- of MrDlckey gave ftse
to s humorous discussion, and waa voted
dpwabjE ja eas to-24 ys. -
-The amendment reported by " the Ju
diciary committee was then agreed to.
Pending an amendment to the bill offered
by Mr. Uutcheson, the Senate took a re-
I ' The' PRESIDENT called the, Senate to
! Orderat three o'clock.. r- ' -
' : At thtkne the Senate took a recess,S.
I B. No; 281 to- authorize the appointment
. of Phonographic Reporters in the Courts
I of Common Pleas and the District Courts.
; Was before the1 Senate on the question ol
lie passage. :i 1. -' -
The pending question was -the amend-
; pent to the bill offered by Mr. Hutcheson,
; DrOvidlnz that the expense of the Phono-
j graphic Reporter should becertitied by the
' fuage 01 tne court, and taxed equally upon
' the oartics in civil suits. ' -:.
' . On motion of Mr. GOLDEN tbe bill was
1 recommitted to the Judiciary committee
Mr- BR66KS,'from the Fln'snce commit
tee. ' reported oack S. B.-No. 26i To fix
tbo salaries of eertafavState offioera- and to
repeal an act therein named, and recom
mended its oassaze with certain amend-
; ments which were agreed to, and the bill
was read the tnira time. - ' -' , "
! The question, bulng on the passage of tbe
s bill. ' . .... ' 1- ,
Mr. BROOKS said the sole object of tbe
' bill was to 'raise the salary of Judges of
: the supreme Court trom 93,000 to f 4 000 a
yrar.. He spoke for some time la advoca
cy ol the hil'. - ... m
Mr. GODFREY spoke In opposition to an
increase of the salary ol the Supreme
Judges, as well se of other officers. :i ' - J
The vote was taken on the passage of tbe
bill and resulted: . . . 1 .
1kas Messrs. Bieee, Brooks, Burrows,
Corey, Dangler, Emniitt, Everett, Grls
would, Hutcheson, Keifer, Kessler, King,
Lawrence, Linn, Potts, Scribner, Simmons,
btedman, Torrence, Woodwortn, xeoman
' Nats Messrs. Berry, Campbell, Carter,
Dicker. Dowdnev. Evans, liodlrey, uoi
den, Jamison, Kenney, Kraner, Onderdonk
Winner, JUay 14.
So the bill was passed.
On motion of Mr. COREY, S. B. No. 11
.To amend the act tixlnsr tbe rate ot inter
est. was taken from tbe table, and tbe
Question being on the passage of the bill.
Mr. SCRIBNER moved to makd tbe bill
the special order for Wednesday next at
3 p: M.
The motion was advocated by Messrs,
Scribner, Linn and May, and opposed by
' Messrs. Corey, Dangler, Everett, Griswold,
Dpwduey and xeoman.
' On motion of Mr. COREY, a call of the.
'Senate waa ordered, and 33 Senators an
, swered to their names.
: were the only Senators abseut without
' leave, who. aorearinir within the bar, all
; further proceedinga under tbe call were
dispensed wttn. :!- 1 .:
The question being on making S. B. No.
; 11 tne special oiaer ior a xr. ju.on. neanes
dav next. .
Messrs. MAY snd LAWRENCE spoke
in favor, of the motion.
The question was then put, and resulted:
X kas-t-.Messrs. uerry, carter, uuitey,
Evans, ' Godfrey, Golden, Hutcheson,
' Jamison, Keifer, Kenney, Lawrence, Linn
' May, . Onderdonk, ,: Scribner, Simmons,
Woodworth 17. : , ..
', ' Nats Met sis. Biggs, Brooks, Burrows,
Campbell, Corey, Dangler, Dowdney, Em
mitt, Everett, Griswold, Kessler, King,
Kraner, Potts, btedman, Torrence, W Mi
ner, Xeoman Is. ..,.. r,t
' SO tne motion was not agreed to.
. - The bill was then read aa it appears on
; pages- 692 and 693 of tbe Sedate Journal
for 1868. . r . ' - v -
t Mr. BERRY moved to refer the bill to
. select conlmiltee of one with instructions
. to amend bv striking out section A wnlcn
allows a rate ot interest upon contract not
' exceeding ten . per cent.; provided that
i banks shall receive no higher interest than
Is specified In tht-Ir charters, and if no rate
or inierest De speemtd, men no more man
six per eeBt. - : i ' ' i. - : ;
Air. BROOKS moved, to amend tbe in
!s1ructioD8 6OS8 to provide for striking out
tbe proviso in the said section.
The quet loir being On tbe last motion,
; Mr. BERRY opposed the motion snd the
'bill generally. . . ..
i' Mr. LAWRENC5E was in favor of the
'motion it tbe bill should become a law. He
spoke in opposition to the billi' vnr - t.
iMxf M AY amoved, an adjournment.
I " Mr. DlCKEY moved to lay tbe bill On
tbe table. Lc-t yeas 16. naj s 19.
;Tbe queation rt-curricg on tbe motion of
Mr, Brooks, Mr. May argued in its lavor,
and ile6srs. Dangler and Corey against, it,
and In ftvortot the bill. r'
' Mr. KENNEY moved an adjournment:
Lost ytaa 14, nays 2L,-.tb -i.'.s 1.. i
!f. a J ! CALL . OF . THB 8ENSTSA ' J ,-('.
f Mr. SCRIBNER moved a call of the
Senate, which waa ordered, and 35 Sena
tors answertd to their names. ,
; 'All further proceedings under tbe call
were dispensed with. 1 i'1-
ihtsrxst bill asaw; ' ! 1
' :Mr. DANGLER demanded the previous
question, which, was duly seconded, and-
the question oeing, Shall the main question
be now put ? the Senate refused to order it
yeas 15. nays 18.
. -Mr. HUTCHESON moved an adjourn
ment. , Lost. ...... , . ..
, Mr. DICKEY moved a recess till ten
o'clock to-morrow morning. Lost yeas
16, nays 19. i .- .: '
Mr. BROOKS renewed tbe demand for
tbe previous question, which waa duly
Mr. HUTCHESON moved to lay the bill
On the table.- Lost yeas 15, nays 20. ''
; Mr. JAMISON moved an sdjournment.
Lost veas 15. nays 19. -
Mr. KEKNEY moved a recess until ten
o'clock to-morrow morning. Lost yeas
15, nsys20.
Tbe . question, being shall . tbe main
question be now put? tbe Senate r el used
to order lt yeas 17, nays 18. "
Mr. KENNEY renewed bis motion for a
recess. Lost. ., . c '
- The question being on the motion of Mr.
Brooks to amend Mr. Berry's motion to
refer tbe interest bill with instructions, it
was put and lost yeas 11, nays 21.
Tbe motion ot Mr. Berry to refer with
instructions, was then put and losu
Mr. LAWRENCE moved to reler the
bill to a select committee of one, with in
structions to smend so as to prohibit banks
from taking a greater rate of interest than
six per cent, on loans, or in transactions
With such banksi and to provide that where
they receive a greater rat) ot interest, it
shall be' a forfeiture of the whole debt. '
The motion was lost yeas 9,. nays 24. h
! v CALL OF THR 8SNATK. 7 ; -v ,
' Mr. GOLDEN demanded a call ot the
Senate, which was ordered, and 34 Sena
tors answered to their names.
' 8enator KRANER was absent without
leave, who appearing within the' bar, all
. further proceedings under the call were
aispensea witn.
Mr. CARTER moved to refer the bill to
' a select committee of one, with Instructions
' to amend so as to confine the allowance ol
, ten percent, interest to loans ot money.
: Messrs. CARTER and LAWRENCE ad
' vocated tbe motion, and Mr. COREY op
: posed it ' '
i Mr. HUTCHESON moved a recess till
, ten o'clock . to-morrow morning. Lost
yeas 16. nay s 19.
Mr. GOLDEN spoke in ftvor of the mo
tion of Mr. Carter to reter with Instructions.
and concluded by moving an adjournment.
Lost yeas 15, nays 20. .t
Mr. DANGLER renewed bis motion for
' the previous question, which was duly sec
onded, 's-y --- ' ;;'
TO,... n .Inn IuiIiim Chall fit M m.ln n . nn
tlonnowbeputf it was ordered yeas 19,
1 -
i The Question being on Mr. Carter's mo-
ItiOD, to refer with Instructions, it was not
sgreed to yeas IB, nays 19. -t
Tbe question then turning on tbe pass
age oi tne interest um, oeing a. i. no. ii.
it was passed by the following vote:
Yras Messrs. Biggs, Brooks, Burrows,
'Campbell, Corey. Dangler, Dowdney, Em
''mitt, Everett, Griswold, Keifer, Kessler,
;i King, Kraner, unaeroona, j-oiis, aimmons,
gtedoian, Torrence, Winner and Yeoman
' Na-TS Messrs. .Berry, Carter- Dickey,
Evans; Godfrey, Goldep, Hutcheson. Jam
ison, Kenney, Lawrence, Linn, May, Scriber,
"Simmons and WoodWdrth 15. "
Mr. -GOLDEN moved to amend the title
.v.. viii or. mm tn wvail "An act to enable
wealth snd capital to oppress labor." Lost
Mr. MAY moved to amend the title so
to read. ' Ao act ty relieve the National
basks." Lost. 1 N I .
Tbe original title or the bUl was thin
sgreed fa ' . W .
Mr. Brooks bad leave of absence for to
morrow, and Messrs. Godfrefv Simmons.
and Dangler until Wednesday next.
Mr. LINN" offarid join tlutJona relaw
live to the issue of legal tender treasury
not Laid owthosaMwmd ordered to be
- roe senate tnea Adjourned.
The jDurnal was read and approved.
..' '' BaSOlDTION ... ..! ..
Mr. LAWSOV. on leave. . offered
adoption tbe following resolution, which
wasiaiaon me tuoie, Mr. Hill, or Uetlance,
giving notice or his intention to discuss it:
Eetotota, That the Speaker of the House
be and hereby is authorized and required
uj Burn toe memnpra fterrinarpji mr mil.
are tor this session, commencing Jan. S,
1869. . ' -.-.- - ; ri ! . ...
A motion to suspend the rule ao as to
taice sata resolution Irom tne table was
lost, by a vote of 54 yeas to 29 nays two
tuiras msioricv oeinz reauirea.
Mr. HUGHES, Of Highland -The peti
tion ot James McClure and 83 other citi
zens of Highland county, for tne legaliza
tion of 10 per cent. upon. contracts. - Re
ferred to special committee on that subject
Mr; SAYLOR The petition ot Martin
Preizlnger fend 96 other citizens of Prebie
county, for a special act abolishing school
district No. 5 ot Harrison township, said
county. Referred tc committee on Schools
and School Lands. '-
Mr. SAYLOR Also the remonstrance ot
Jacob Thorn and' 104 others of Harrison
township, Preble county,protesting against
the pussaze of a law abolishing said school
district. Referred to committee on Schools
and School Lands.
Mr. CANNON The petition of Frank
Steele and 223 other citizens of Troy, Ge
anga couuty, for the passage of a law
changing the seat of justice of said county
from Chardan to Burton to be determined
bya vote of the electors al the spring
election. ' Referred to committee on New
Mr. ROUGH--The petition of Walker
Bailey ana w other citizens of Hardin
county, for the passage of a law authoriz
ing county commissioners to pay the board
ot lunatics confined in county jails, since
the burningof the Central Asylum, the State
to rtlinourse counties thereior.' Relerred
to committee on Benevolent Institutions.
Mr. NEAL The petition, of Milton F,
JiarKe ana itj otner memDers ot the ttosi
county - bar, for tbe passage ot H. B. N s
44a. . xteierrea to committee on the J utile
ary. .
House Bills Nos. 442. 443. 444. 445. 446,
448, 449, 450, 451. 452, 454, 455 and 456 were
read, tne secoud time and appropriately re
Mr. SCOTT, of Warren H. B. 417: To
authorize county commissioners In certain
cases to accept devises and legacies, and
to erect and maintain an orpban asylum
In connection with a "Children's Home,"
was read the third time.
' Mr. SCOTT, of Warren, explained that
the bill was designed to carry into effect
the provlslors ol a certain legacy devised
for building an Orphan Asylum for white
children, in Warren county the bill, how
ever, being general In its nature.
Mr. RUKENBROD moved to recommit
the bill to a select committee of one. with
Instructions to amend by striking out the
Word "white."
Leave was subsequently granted him to
withdraw nis motion.
Mr. BAKER moved to recommit the bill
to a select committee, with instructions to
amend by. inserting. in the first section,
tilth line, the words "or poor white snd
colored," snd in the sixth line, alter the
word educated, the words "separate and
apart from each other." - Tbe motion was
not agreed to. i-r.- .
. Mr. HUGHES, of Highland, moved the
recommitment of, the bill, with certain
amendatory instructions, which were not
agreed to.' ' '
Mr. ODELL moved to recommit the bill,
with instructions to amend by, inserting
in the' sixth line of section 3, after the
word "other," the word "white." "
-Upon this-motion the yeas and pays
were demanded, and bad, resulting yeas
61, nays 45. . So the bill was recommitted,
Mi1. Odell being said select committee.
. ..... -motion.
' Mr. SWAIM moved' to reconsider the
vote whereby the House refused to suspend
the rule to take H. R. 129 from the table.
' On motion ot Mr, HUGHES, -of Butler,
said motion was laid on tbe table.. , .,
Mr. 'WALLING H- B. 5C7: Supple
mentary to an act entitled "an act to pre
serve the purity: ot -elections,", passed
March 20, 1841. (This bill is designed to
prevent negroes trom voting, and makes it
a penal ofierice tor them to do so or attempt
to- do so. i Confines In the penitentiary,
&C. -( -:;-: V rn-i-Tut Ii
r Mr. NEWMAN B. B:. 508: To amend
sectton 1 of an act to provide for the ap
pointment or trustees to minors' residing
outof thiaStatr.Knd" having -property in
the same. , (S. & C ,lievied Statutes,, p
679.) To transler the appointment of
trustees to minors residing ' out of this
State, and having property In the tame,
trom the Court : of Common Pleas to the
Probate Court. ...... -..-. ;
: Mr. CANNON Introduced the following
bill, which was read the first time:
' H.B. 506: To provide for submitting to
the qualified., -electors ol Geauga county,
the question of changing tbe county seat
from Chardon to Burton, in said county. '
Mr. CANNON moved that the constitu
tional rule be dispensed with, and that the
bill be read tbe secoud time now, which
was not agreed to. ,
The following bills were reported trom
tbe Enrollment committee and signed by
the Speaker: - -
ii. B. 413 : t or tne reuei oi reter jj ry
singer. Treasurer of. Willsbire township,
Van Wert county.
i H. B. 457 : To authorize the County Com
missioners of Shelby county to apply ' cer
tain funds in tbe Treasury to tbe comple
tion of a County Infirmary in said .county.
Mri ODELL reported back H. B. 417.
amended as Instructed. Agreed to, and
alter some further -attempts to-amend,
which were not agreed to, tbe bill was put
uron Its passage.. R suit yeas 68, nays
24. So the bill was passed.
Mr. NEWMAN H. B. 609: To amend
section seven ot an set entitled an act to
exempt the homestead- of families from
forced sale on execution to pay debts. (S.
& C. pp. 1,145 and 1,146 ) To amend the
act exempting the homestead ot families
from lorced sale on execution, and to
enable mechanics to take liens for mate
rials used and labor performed in repair
ing dwelling bouses and erecting out
buildings thereon. 1. :
Mr. LEETE, trom tbe Finance commit
tee, to which was submitted H. J. R. 110,
reported back the following House joint
resolution:-' - - -
Besolvtd by the House of Bepretentatives,
That the Secretary ol State be and is hereby
requested to furnish this House a detailed
statement of tbe amount expended lot sta
tionery during the session -of 1863, for the
Senate and House of Representatives, each
on separate schedules. .
. , Tbe report was agreed to and the resolu
tion adopted.
The committee on Agriculture, through
Mr. HILL, af Erie, reported back an
amendment to the title of H. B. 467 : Rela
tive to amendments to the law to establish
a uniform standard of weights and meas
ures. :
Bill ordered to a third reading on Wed
nesday, j
Mr. LEWTON; from the committee on
Agriculture, reported back . H. . B. 430
Further to define lbe duties of Couuty
Surveyor &C with numerous amend
ments. Agreed to, and third reading or
dered on Wednesday.
A number of bills were reported back,
some with and some without amendments,
and ordered for third reading next week.
Mr. GASTON, from the committee on
Railroads, reported back S. J. R. 26: Re
questing our Senators and Representatives
in Congress to oppose all further grants ot
public lands to railroads or other corpora-
tlOnS, anu wkcu w in uiauunrgeu iruui. JUS
further consideration.
After some discussion, on motion of 'Mr,
BALL, the resolution was postponed until
wMlneadav next, at 2 O'clock P. M. : r-i
l On motion of Mr, WALLING, the House
took a recess. , .. r .
indefinite leave of absence was granted
to Mr. Branch on account of sickness in
his family. 1 - - ' ' -
Indefinite leave of absence-was graoisd
to George W. Hill, Official Re
account of sickness. ,
rter. tn
reports.!. J f
Mr. CALLEN. from thai committee 'On
Corporations other than Municipal, repSrf;
ed back H. B. 424: To amend an act enti
tled auact.Q enable .associations -C-Lper-..
sons for raising funds to be loaned among
their mpmhfnL A.n.. nnri rprnm mended its
ifidtilnlte- postp aasmeot. f j t wa
,-ilr. PABJU.from .Uia.commUten JJe--nevolent
Institutions, of the House and
'Senate, submitted a lengthy report in rela
tion to the result of tbe recent visit of the
(committees to the Northern Ohio Lunatic
Asylum at Newborg. 'The report com pi t
jmented the excellent condition ot ther in
stitution,, and contained a number of sug
gestions for . imDroveroents, guarding
against fires, tc. Referred to the commit
tee on Benevolent Institutions.
; ' bill "introduced. ' " ''
I Mr NEAL, from a select commltteei, re
ported the following bill: : -..ftt-v
H. B. 610 To authorize the commission-
ers of Ross county to build a bridge over
tne scioto river at or near a point in said
county,' known as Silvey's lord, imme
diately east of the city ot Chilllcothe.
j ! i . -. ' REPORT. .- -i - - i - 1
Mr. BUELL, from a select committee.
'reported back H.B. 437, with an amend
- ment. Agreed to, and the bill ordered to
' a third reading to-morrow.
, ' Mr. LEETE offered H. R." 221, which
; was adopted Requiring the committee on
i Universities and Colleges to report to the
i House certain information concerning tbe
condition of the several State .UulverUties
and Colleges.
...... ... MoXioj!8.
" Mr. WALLING moved to take from the
i table H..J. R. 113: Looking to the rebuild
ing of the Central Ohio Lunatic Asylum
! on the present site, upon which motion
the yeas and nays were demanded and bad
, resulting as follows yeas 39. nays 42. So
the motion was not agreed to.
Mr. WARREN moved that H. J. R. 103:
Looking to a survey, &c, of the Lewis-
town reservoir, be taken from tl e table
The yeas and nays were demanded and
ordered, resulting yeas 65, nays 34. So tbe
resolution was taken from tbe table.
Tbe question being on tbe adoption of
the resolution, the yeas ana nays were
ordered and resulted yeas 81, nays 9. So
the resolution was adopted. ..-
On motion of Mr. SCOTT, of Hamilton
H. J. R. 101: Proposing to the. voters of
Ohio an amendment to the Constitution-
providing tor female suffrage, was taken
from the table and made the special order
lor x riday next, at 10 o'clock A. Al.
- . resolutions adopted. .
Mr. HENRICKS offered the following
resolution, which was adopted : .
Besolved by the General Aa$ tnbly of the
State or Ohio, That the Superintendent ol
, tbe State House is hereby authorized to ap
1 point a janitor, whose business it shall be,
! exclusively, to show to visitors the differ
ent departments of the State House build
ing. -
On motion of Mr. HENRICKS, the
resolution was referred to a committee ot
three Messrs. Henricks, Scott, of Warren,
and Husrhes, of highland. -
Mr. HUGHES, of Highland, offered for
adoption tbe following resolution :; ... ,
Whereas, It Is alleged that tbe present
Superintendent of the State House em
ploys more men In and about said State
House than are necessary to discharge the
duties devolved on said Superintendent;
and a considerable number more than were
employed by Dr. Wm. Awl, the late effi
cient Superintendent of the State House,
thus needlessly squandering the public
moneys paid into tne State Treasury by
tbe tax payers of the State ; therefore, ,
.Besolved, That the said Superintendent
of the State House be and he is hereby re
quired to report to this House forthwith
tne names of all bis employees, the posi
tion and duty -assigned to each, and the
amount of compensation which each re
ceives. - ' .
The resolution was adopted, and upon
the preamble thereto the yeas and nays
were demanded and. had, resulting yeas 42,
nays 40 so the preamble and resolutions
were adopted.
A message was received from the Gov
ernor transmitting the report of the Board
of Commissioners to examine "certain
claims growing out ot the Morgan raid in
Ohio In 1863.
On motion of Mr COCKERILL, tbe
message and report were laid on the table
and ordered to be printed. . ' . -
- From the Governor, a message was also
received, containing a correspondence in
relation to "the propriety of the State as
suming control' and fitly decorating the
tomb of ex-President Harrison. Laid on
the table and .ordered to be printed.
A number of messages trom the Senate
containing bills and joint resolutions and
announcing the passage of House bills
were read. Said bills were read the first
time, and S. J. R. No. 64., relative to re
questing our Representatives in Congress to
oppose land grants to railroads, was post
poned and made-- the special order tor
Wednesday next at 2J P. M. , .....
irr!' ,-'U-i. C.BILLS BIGSED.;4r. ' ! ' v-
,Ihe Speaker signed 3. B.'s No. 231, 260
snd 278, and S. J. R. No. 65. , ,
'", 'substitute. ...
' On motion of Mr. WARREN,' H. J. R.
39: Concerning the currency and the pub
lic debt, waa taken from the table. Mr.
Warren then offered a substitute therefor,
. which was laid on the table and ordered to
be printed. J ' , " . ,
Resolutions adopted. "
Mr.1 WALLING offered the following
resolution, w hlcb was adopted :
Betoleed, That tbe standing committee
on Printing be and they are hereby in
structed to inquire whether or not more
than one Superintendent is employed in
each of the departments of printing and
binding in the Deaf aud Dumb Asylum;
and if so, tbe salaries of tbe saint; and also,
whether persons other than the pupils ol
said Institution are employed as operatives
on said work therein, and report tbe same
to this House. -i -i - : - '
- Mr. BROOKE offered the following reso
lution, which was adopted , ,
Whereas, Much complaint is made in
various parts of the State, as to the late-'
nesa ot the time when certain kind of work
is performed Hpon public highways; .there
fore, ! 1 Betolved, That the standing committee on
Roads aud Highways be Instructed to In
quire Into the expediency of so amending
the present road law, that-in all cases
' where it is necessary to . turnpike s com
mon, or mud road, by the ordinary process
of plowing and scraping, that said kind ol
work shall be performed by the 15th day
ot June of each year. : c.i; -petitions
asd memorials. .
, Mr.BUELI The petition ot Thos. Skill
ington and 56 others ot Beverly, Washing
ton county, for the extension of their cor
porate limits. Referred to committee on
the Judiciary.'-' v- 1 ' :
. Mr. WOOD The memorial of L. Barely,
ot Wood county, for tbe payment ot a claim
due him tor work performed on the Ohio
, Canal. Referred to committee on Claims,
' with Instructions to report a bill. : -Mr.
CANNON The petion of Lyman
Bryant and 150 other citizens of Portage
county, tor special legislation setting back
to the township of Freedan that portion
held by the special school district of Gar-'
rettsvllle lor school purposes, and the re-1
funding of certain moneys collected from
said fractional district. Referred to select
committee of one Mr. Cannon.
On motion of Mr. SCOTT, of Warren,
the report or the joint select committee
' appointed to investigate the cause of the
tire at tbe Central Ohio Lunatic Asylum.
Ac, was taken from the table and referred
to tbe committee on Benevolent Institu
tions - " J ' 1 " "-'
i On' motion ot Mr. HUGHES,; of Batler,
the House adjourned, .,
.. Nervous Debility, with its gloomy at
tendants, low spirits, depression, Involun
tary emissions, loss of semen, spermator
rhea, loss of oower. dizzy head, loss ol
memory and threatened impotence and
imbecility, find a sovereign cure In Hum
phreys' Homeipatblc Specific No. Twen
ty-Eight. Composed oi tne moBtvaiuaoie,
mild and potent Curatives, they strike a
' 'once at the root of the matter, tone up the
8ysteip, arrest the. discharges, and impart
Igor and energy, life and vitality to the
-- . lu i.i : j
eutlre man... xney nave cureu .inpusanue
of cases. ' Price $5 per package of six box
fe8 and ylal,' which is very important i lri 1 ob
stinate or old cases, or i "per single box.
Sold by all Druggists,' and sent by mail on
receipt of price.' Address Humphreys'
: Specific Homeopathic Medici.nk Co- 662
uroaaway, sn vii vtoh.j
WASHINGTON. Revolting Cubans Asking Recognition.
WASHINGTON. Revolting Cubans Asking Recognition. NEW YORK, Jan. 21.
wealthy and leading revolutionary jCubaoal
Rave arrived tliere; whohave' ciaoe thelrT
representation to the State Department
upon, tne condition or their Is and. i ney
rm that there are from 12.000 to 15,000 In
he insurgent foroe, well armed and organ-
zid, and that any number can be raised so
soon as arms sufficient are lauded upon tbe
inland. They require no men Jrom the
United States. We have men enough.
All we want Is arms and ammunition."
Tbey . .seek . recoa-nition as belliserents.
and mauy in Congress favor this. . !l f0
Woman's Rights Convention.
The National Woman's. Righu Conven
tion has adjourned. It adopted resolu
tions demanding that women and colored
men- shall be eligible- to Congress that
women shall have -eaual pay for labor as
men, and suffrage shall be based on loyalty
and intelligence. 'An address .will be is-
sued to tbe country. '
The President has nominated Wm. B
Cumming8 as Internal Revenue Assessor
tor tbe 1st District of New. York
Telegraph and Postal System—
Paper from the Western Union
Telegraph Company.
-Mr. : Ortnn, . President, of- the West
ern Union Telegraph Company, laid before
the House committee on Postottiees, to-day,
a paper' on the proposed union of the
telegraph and postal system. This paper
presents a thorough and exhaustive state
ment of the present condition of the elec
tric telegraph in Europe and America.
' The statistics show that there is a larger
number of telegraph offices in proportion
to the population of this country Clian in
tny other in the world; while in Europe
there is but one telegraph office for every
47,651 of its inhabitants, in the TJuited
States there is one for every 7.549.
Tbe total number of telegrams trans
mitted in Europe, per annum, according to
the oflieial reports, is 1,633,000, at an ex
pense of $15,286,000. The average cost was
81 cents per message. The Western
Union Telegraph Company transmits 10v
067,000 telegrams per annum, at a cost of
$5,723,000, being an average of 75 cents
per message.
The European statistics include Ireland,
international and transit messages, and
these present a larger number of tele
grams than re actually transmitted, as
the same message is sometimes counted in
several countries, while those of the West
ern Union Telegraph Company are count
ed but once. By a proper allowance for
duplication in countries in Europe, the
actual number ol dispatches sent was 14,
012 000, at an average cost of $1 C9 each.
In no country in Europe is the telegraph
administration connected with the postr
office. In France and Spain the telegraphs
are under control of the Minister of the
Interior. Ih Russia, Prussia and Italy
they belong to the Ministry ot Public
Works. In Belgium the telegraph, rail
ways and postoffice form a general division,
under the Minister of Public Works, but
are kept distinct, . In Austria the adminis
tration Of the telegraph and the postoffice
were at one time united, but it was found
expedient to separate them. In Switzer
land the telegraphic organization is nearly
the same as in Prussia. The postoffice.
custom house and private establishments
supply the ieltments of an auxiliary staff,
but all the persons employed In the trans
mission or telegrams depend on the admin
istration of telegraphs lor their compensa
tion, and in the annual budget au appro
priation is' made for that service distinct
from the postoffice. - '
- An effort was made in France in 1864
to consolidate the postoffice and telegraph.
but owing to strong opposition on the
part of the chief functionaries of both ser
vices to such an amalgamation,1 it was re
linaoisbed. ' - . - ' '-; 1 -! -
.. The extent of lines snd wire belonging
to tbe Western Union Company, is more
than twice that of France, three times
greater than that of Prus-ia, and equal the
aggregate systems ot Austria, Prussia, the
lesser (jerman btates, Italy bpain, Uel
eium and Switzerland, and it is increasing
in a larger ratio than, any European sys
tem, v .i .-..! !-.:.; i -j ;'i I
. The cost ot construction of the telegraph
line in Great Britain and Ireland is $11,-
029.71 per mile. On this basis the value of
the lines belonging to the-'- Western
Union: i Company is $52,166,079.60. ' The
Western Union has 3.331 telegraph offices,
50.760 miles ot line, 97,416 miles of wire.
265 submarine cables and 6,J&9 skilled per
sons in its employ. " -..-'
In Continental Europe, where tbe tele
graphs are under "Government control,
there are hut. 4347,oUices tor a population
of over 250,000.000, while Great Britain, the
Dominion ot Canada, and the United States,
where the. telegraph bas hitherto been kfc.
to tbe control ot the people, lurnlsU, $,os9
otll'-es lor a population oi ci.uuu.mu. .
'The number of telegrams transmitted
per annum' In Continental Europe- Is only
12 436.000, while there were sent by the
people of the countries where it has been
hitherto free from Government monopoly,
13 471000. - '
Tbe. tariff of. ebarges sverages- $1.09 In
Continental-Europe, counting the messages
actually transmitted, while in the countries
where the people manage the business, it
averages but 61 cents.' It is a suggestive
fact that tbe amount of news furnished by
the Western Unin Company to the press
of the United States lor an aggregate sum
of $521,509 per annnm, is considerably
greater than the entire telegi aphic cor
respondence of Continental- Europe, fjr
which those Governments recive but
$11,597,632 .. .
Th bill Introduced by -Mr. Wnshburne
tor the establishment ot Government lines
provides tor a general tariff of one cent,
per word, with an additional charge ol
three cents for delivery, alid stipulates that
a reduction ot not more than fifty percent,
shall be made tor press reports.: This rate
would increase, the average cost of news
for the press of the United States more
than three hundred percent, and thus it.
Ids-plan be adopted, the newspapers woud
would be compelled to pay an extra tax
of a million dollars per annum lor . the
privileges they now enjoy.
The proposition ot Mr. Hnbbard to de
liver telegrams by letter carriers is shown
t be impracticable, as there are only lorty
six places where the post office has estab
lished free delivery of letters, out of a total
ol 29.000 postoffice In tbe United States. ' 1
It Is worthy ot mention,, that while tbe
rates lor telegraphing In the United States
do not average much more than, half as
much as tbo European charges tor he same
distance, yet lbs cost of labor and material
is nearly three times as great ere as lu
Europe, v' , ' - - '.,.'"'
Tbe assertion that the consolidation of
tbe telegraph; lines in the United States
caused an increase in the rates for tele
graphing, is not tiue.. In no instance has
tbe tariff been Increased since the consolidation.-
On ' the - contrary, there - 'has
been a steady - decrease, the rates
to more than one thousaud stations bavr
ing been lowered, .and this coarse Is rap
Idly continued.
The policy and practice ot this Company
favor a-reduction of the rates on dispatches
as rapidly as the necessary expenses of the
service will admit, and it offers, if the Gov
ernment will abolish its tax on the re
ceipts f jr transmitlng telegrams, to lower
the rates, until the - reduction upon the
gross receipts of business done shall be
twice as much as tbe tax remitted; this
would lessen tbe rabs lor telegraphing
nearly ten per cent., and would be a fur
better plan for famishing cheaper tele
graphic facilities to the. people, than the
constructing ot Government lines, at tl e
expense ot the national -treasury, not to
mention the creation ot a new rmy of ot
nce holders to superintend the Govern
ment lines. ...
Mr. Hubbard's bill to incorporate the
United States postal telegraph company,
and to establish a postal telegraph system
provides lor the establishment of tele
graph lines In all cities and villages of
5,000 Inhabitant , and over, In the United
Stales. ; Were this to be adopted the Gov
ernment would thus enter- into a partner
ship with the new company In telegraphing
Iu accoidenue with the terms of bill, what
is to become of smaller towns. 'According
to the census of 1866 there ure only 316
cities and villages in--the United-'States
having 5,0O0iuuabataDt8,;neeeSBryoen,
title thciu .to an. efficeunder the postal
sstem. ' '" .'"' "; ' "
; Whoytben, is to 'maintain telegraphic fa
cilities at- the remaining 3.818-' tow us ' -now
having offices? .Private oompHOU??, driven
out ot the 'field by the' establishment ,ot
this semi-Government competing Jllne,
eould not do it, and as this- set rem e- makes
no provision lor them they must uecessari
ly be, deprived cf the facilities. Luey now
enjoy. -
Under tlfniW!TTTfcansa"TfrMdB-WBifl
Oregon woulfTVpot'be entitled Id an offite;
Minnesota, Mississippi, aqd South Caroli
na to but one each; North Carolina, Txa
and Vermont Uibut twA each; Delaware
andTennessee-4ot threw each? Conneet
Icut, Georgia, Kentucky and Michigan to
but tour - each: and "Indiana, Kansas.
MaTfiennmour 'NewTlampshlre; Rood?
Island, Virginia and Wisconsin would be
entitled to less than ten each, while those
provided tor the whole United States would
beless in numbers ttan the.branch. offices
tilrnlsned Tor the convehlenoe of the- pub
lic by tbe Western. Union, Couwau at ho
tels, dock v pkra and otiisr plmeaki large
iowna aioue.
WASHINGTON, January 21.
. The Senate resumed consideration of the
bill to promote commerce among the States,
Mr. WILLIAMS gave. -notice that he
would at the proper time offer tbe follow
ing as a substitute for the Constitutional
amendment in regard to suffrage, reported
py me muiciary committee: .. ,
Congress shall have power to abolish or
abrogate any restrictions upon the right
to vote or hold office, prescribed by the
Constitution or laws ot any State. .
Mr. CON KLIN introduced a bill to pro-.
hio;t secret sales ot gold, Kc.. which was
referred to the committee on Finance.
Mr. SHERMAN, trom the Finance com
mittee, reported a bill, to amend the Na?
tional currency act- : -y.
A bill was reported from the reconstruction
committee, diree.ing the Secretary of
the Navy to appoint a midshipman to the
- Naval Academy by tbe 4th of March next,
from any Mate lu which the election ot
Congressmen does not take place before the
1st of July, on the nomination of members
of a House of the States represented In the
present Congress, provided no such ap
pointments De made lrom any state en
titled to representation the present year,
After some debate the bill was passed.
Mr. COOK, from the committee on Ele
ctions called np the resolutions heretolore
reported that George W. Anderson is not
entitled to a seat in this House as a Repre
sentative in the 40th Congress from the
Ninth Congressional District of Missouri,
but that William F. Switzler Is entitled to
the seat.
Mr. COOK explained tbe facts In the
case, and spoke In support of the report of
the committee.
After debate, in which several Southern
members took part, a vote on the first res
olution of the committee, namely, that tbe
sitting member, Anderson, is not entitled
to a seat, was decided in the negative 55
against 89. So Anderson is affirmed in his
sent, and the next resolution, that Switzler
is entitled to a seat, was then laid on tbe
Indiana Senatorship.
Two ballots were bad in Joint conven
tion of the Legislature at 12 M. to-day, tor
Senator, each resulting: Cumback, 67;
Hendricks, 63; Fiz-r.- ISi, TheConveu
tlon adjourned until 3 P. M. ; i--i '
Grant at Baltimore.
BALTIMORE, January 21.
General Grant arrived to-day to attend
a meeting of the Feabody , educational
fund. Quite a large crowd assembled at
the depot to meet him. but there was no
formal display or military parade, as- was
expected.- He immediately proceeded
the house of a private citizen. The -trustees
of the Peabody educational fund are
here, and organized their meeting at noon.
NORWICH, CONN., Jan. 21.
The silk braid mills at this place were
destroyed by fire last night. Over one hun-.
dreu gins, oesioe many men, are tnrown
outof employment.' Partial Insurance.
St. Louis Items.
ST. LOUIS, January 21.
The Investigation into the affairs ot the
citv. and especially Into the record of ex-
city officials, which- has been progressing
for some months past, shows tbe fallowing
result, as set forth in tne report oi tne com
mittee of investigation, viz : Positive frauds
proved or acknowledged, ana recoveraoie
Dy ; law,- zo,4 ; irauas nsceruiiueu uy
stroug circuoistantial evidence, rcsponsl-
billtv for which cannot be positively fixed,!
$112,664 total $136 411.' - - ' - -1
i Eleven tobacconistsof this citv paid taxes
last year to the amount ot $a97,607; ttilr,
teen iron merchants made sales amounting
to -
TROY, January 21.
Halght's paper mill, at Stillwater, was
: burned last night; loss $40,000; insured for
$7,000. . .
From Columbia.
COLUMBIA, S. C., Jan. 21.
A motion will be made In the Supreme
Court to-morrow against the acting Board
of Aldermen of tbe city of Charleston for
a rule for -them to show cause why they
should not be attached for contempt-ior
tailing to obey a writ of mandamus Issued
bv the Supreme Court, ordering them
declare void-the recent election tor Mayor
and Aldermen. of tnat city. . .. ..'
Mississippi Items.
JACKSON, MISS., Jan. 20.
The fifty-first annual communication
the Grand Lodge of Mississippi, last night
re-elected Thomas Gathwright G. Mn and
J.L. Power Grand Secretary.
A Planters' and Manufacturers' Conven
tion was iu session here to-day, with a very
full attendance. , ,
The ship David Carman, trom Liverpool
for New Oi leans, with talt, went ashore on
the 16th ou Cliaudelear Islands, sixty mil.s
east of Southwest Pass, bilged - aucT sunk.
She is a total loss. The Captain and crew
are safe. ' - ' .-
Wreck of the Gulf City.
NEW YORK Jan. 21.
Fnll particulars of the- wreck of the
steamship Gulf City, oft tbe North Caroli
na coast, show that twenty-one sailors and
one passenger were lost. The' sufferings
among the three who were saved was in-
- tense. ' Eight persons took a raft, but dur
ing forty-eight hours of hunger and thirst,
five of them tell into tbe sea -aud were
drowned, the remaining three being fioal
ly picked up and saved.
1 A fire at 175 Chambers street, this morii
Ing, damaged, the hosiery store -of Gold-
' fctcim Bros- $3,000. insured, and, several
. other occupauts, about $2,000 more,, all In-
Incendiarism—Children Burned.
A dwelling and grocery store In Brook
lyn were burned this morning. Thedwel
. ling was occupied by two lamilies, all ot
whom, exceptiug , three small children ol
' Frederick Tborne, escaped. The children
were burned to death. John Gugen, clerk
1 of tbe grocery, tana been arrested as tne in
cendiary. Loss $30,000. r . .
Held for Trial.
Charles H. Foote bas been held for trial
' in $15 000, on. a charge of stabbing Dauiel
McDouough. '
: The steamship Caledonia, from: Glas
has arrived. ' - "I ': '
It Is stated that negotiations are pending
between Beveraf ship-builders and agents
of-the Greek-Government-tor building
fleet of war vessels.. .It. is, freely stated
that Greece dos net inteiid to abide by the
Chamber of Commerce.
i The Chamber of Commerce held another
meeting to-day to consider the vest means
ot securing; A resumption Of specie: pay
ment, out came to no conciusion,(the sub
' ject going over' until next. week. ,
The Alabama Claims Treaty.
The Wortd publishes full texts of the
' Alabama claims treaty, which di tiers some
. from tb summary given s lew days s'nes
! Art. 1. . ProvideB.lor setthng aliIaim:
since February -8, 1853, by two commission
ers on,"eacb ' tide, and au arbitrator , to be
chosen by the Commissioners. '
, ArU ii Dlsagreemeats to be referred
; the arbitrator, and a apvereign of a friend
ly state may be made) arbitrator, who shall
' be reported to and agreed upon by the re
cpeGtl vs Govern men w.1 1 Each Government
may have .au agent, to support: it elsims
ana to answer ciaims:made uppo it- ,lh
decisions pf the commissiouera- or srbi-
tratorare tobetlnal." " Vi
:. j Article 3 requires all claims' tb o pfe-1
Beiitou.wkui4-ii mouiuv irom jaoaa
meeting, unices gooa reasons are given lor
tt elalms art o be dec ided within t-n,
Wa A0 . place iu
ler.m7tft'J)te"tof claim In
SI'.--WUlIhr Kbteen-iao1aii aiteP th. dJ-
- , . .
THT1!" """If of the bibb
Article 7 pruvluta forth. m...
the eoDventioB by thepnited States Semi
and by .her; Bi Usui, Jkaiesty, Si!
The Alabama Claims Treaty. FOREIGN NEWS.
The Hibernia's Passengers.
LONDON, Jan. 21.
A vessel which left Madelim on tha ldih-
insr reports that nothing had been heard of -the
thirtv-nine missing passengers of th
steamer Hibernia, which, .were ported Mi
nave oeen picKed up, and were to be land
ed there. It is doubtful ft thev were saved.
Massacre of Whites.
Advices "from New Z-ahiJn ' rnnr ml
trightf ul massacre of whites by the natives
at Poverty Biy. .. ... , , . ., , , .
Massacre of Whites. Bullion.
Bullion In the Bank of -Rnflrliini) lioa In.
creased 99,000 during the week. ...
Foreign News via San Francisco.
ifnOw flyiug tbe Mikado tlag,
'M.tk .Tn.ne lv, i,,i'frt
Late Mexican advices, via AcaDulro. ara
The legislature of Gelseroo exhibits anv-i -
thing but harmonious action.
General Aivares' party was iubilant be
cause of General Aivares being called to
the city of Mexico by the General Con
gress todefeud himself against complaints
made.': He has nor, as yet, complied. . -
. in tne . state ot . uaxa-u a formidable
revolution is brewing against the Govern
ment of Juarez. Perftnco, D'as, Negrete,
N a vera, Alatorre, and other Generals are
named as tbe leading malcontents, aiding
in concert with Gonziles,Ortega, Querela
and Garza, farther north. ' ' - ."-
Chi.va. The Yang Chow aflair bas beeu
settled satisfactorily.- The local authori
ties In power at the date ot tbe outrage
have been dismissed. Indemnity for losses
sustained by tbe missionaries were paid.
A proclamation was issued by the Chinese
authorities and extensively promulgated,
setting torth that the treaty requires that
all religions establishments shall hot be
annoyed, and that foreign- travelers shall.
be treated with respect-wnder heavy pen-
al ties. ,, The missionary party, was invited
back, including the female, members, and '
formally reinstated. The ringleaders -la
the riot were severely - punished by fines
and punishment.; i- .ifi-.iiicif;.
Manilla advices state that the people oC
the .Pbiilipine Islands are generally lia
lavor of the new Government of Spain.
No declaration has been-made by the Gov-
ernor General, but a full account of tha
late events in Spain was published. , ,. 1
The weather iu China has been cold. Tbe
navigation on the principal rivers Is Over
for the season. :' L-: :' " - -.u
5 The United Stares-Consul-at Kairkawr
caused.a local Government to issue a proc
lamation torbiddlug the Chiuese to molest,
missionaries.' ' , " -
Chinese ' newspapers contain -editorials,
en tbe subject ot tbe navigation and colo
nization , ot Lower. California,, which i4
opened to Chinese on liberal terms. '. r
' There was a shock of an earttquake at
Manilla, November 22." J .
,- The exports tioa.ot Coolies from .Maco
to CaUoa .is Jorbiddvn ja cons, quenoe of
cruelties, perpetrated upon Chinese labor
ers In Pern. " ''' '" 1 k
- 'Affairs at Ye Id are quiei since ar
rival o," tbe.Mikadow Political mvitmnta;
are still contradictory and it la impossible,
to ?ive the exact state of the nartW.' "
' Prince Aldgurrlvedat Yeddo knd wrf
Created with great honor y the-Mikado xi
- lbe- Princes fighting tbe cliU war 0
tbe Sputhern side., are now s-t Joggerheads.
among themselves. , '
Soluumo, with a lafgeforce, bad gsitied0
snoh an -advantage over Lrtsa and htgoa'
to reduce them ajmoct touhmisaioa
. The, council at Diarnos unaniuipualy re-,
called the late Tycoon to,TeUdo,,to assist4
In setting things aright. ' ' " -v '
' Hokaulodi- was captured 'DeesmbeT StbA
by the fleet of Tokugawa. ; -unm! .,
xue-iate taqiteu otaws, gunoofes .spuuw
now flying tbe Mikado flag."'" '" c '
A Japanese boat, Under' ErtzIhVcxilort',
was about leaving the 'harbor' with troops
,The Spanish. 4oveTBoienC has svntvotH,
I flcial uotiticaLion, to reprtrse.ntaxlves.of.for'-T
-I ; ..'..' .- .. 1- -x, e
be opened to trade Jan'.' 1,'189-. treM'
kada issued an-euiet -at Yeddo to4lie tSeetl
tbat eery one with., whom or .in whose;
bouse fire originates, accidentally or other
wise, shall be decapitated Without any ap-'l
peal. -.54" - Jr.5ji.
- imiiiui. LiUl- ;3-.t Kf
New York Dry Goods Market—Jan. 21.
The ( demand, dks Improved somewhat,,
but Is farMiom being jTctive." The whola
tone--1 or-the - market partakes i 'quietude.1
Priees firmer. iji . ; a i . tuna
New Advertisements1
. i'. . , i ......I
! t Xho, Ohl. 8ta.eBBaIliaJa,1
Cargrer .drcaiatioai tbas aay, pa-,
per pnblUhedia IkU CUy r Oea,
(ra Ohio.-, AdvertUera will. boar i
Ibis in inlnd. ; i.7- i.;
ilibolaiioa or Copartner iship.
, ( between Uaonr r-imon and AdcMphat'
Faiel'wu diwolred by mutual eotMrot on the lsih
int. 1 Adolpliu Peiet assume all iabilities of the
firia and oolleau aUoaUUodm; debu. ;
jaliJS dSt 'J 1 1 -1 1 ADOLPHOa-'PfclEL.-'"'
XT II 6 t. E S A I. E'
66 North Wlgk Street1 ,
.Ta Ri. 64
COLCltlBtlS. OHIO, -
Andrews, Perry & Co.,
. ., ,i xuroaoTcssBs a bsssbs ix -J . u.i
book vlsii ; ..niiC papees.
' Also. wr artlofe "meta Willi th 'paper1
baainew. looladins Wrikws. Paiating and Wrap--"
tm; Pperi., EnTelptaj Printer') Caxdfc Bopl(.io
N. Colored Ink, o. : ,.j . jnl-dlla
xatioxAl -trust ;t0.
j .i,nja-. !!- ul i-!! i tuota 10 ,bial
-' j ( ii jO'Sbm pirr ov-KSw yoaa. j- tew
Capital, tr- : JJne, Snijipn.roilajs1
5 ' :4i' Charter j. ix:TBTAv .',1 -mo
DamtsB liAMoad.PraiXuKHaaiij8v3
1 KeeiTs Deposi svnd allows FOUR FEE CJENTS ,1
ISTKRUSTooell 0ily Balanee. (abjeevto ebeek .
atiaistibj rt)Mal Depo tfobiiBc.ib-oriore,1.I
mT be made at fire per-cee. Ib Capital ot Una, .
Hi'Koa LV)llri divided among over SOSSbar
bolder. 00m nriaint naii eo(lnenf Une wealth ;b
and financial experience, who are ljo personally
liable to dep. i tor for all cblicatiouor tbaCeaoM '
Dam- to doubialba amoant of their- eeaital teelu
At the National Trust Companj reoeires depoaita
in.large ot small amaosit. d pecaitatbeaivabo ii
diwwo as a wbole or in pa t by cheek at aibt and. -j
wlthont'Botio, llowin in ten-it-on all dailr'bal' w
aocea, partiea; throoghout the eowour can keep ae O
eonnts in thi Institution with speoial adTantasca .
of aeoaritr. eoorenieBooaad pralt." -
jr.HT-deollAwii)iuv,1 ,,r,M nlaibs J-d
Great1:: eciupli'in ..7RCJ-r
' ! pjalitv kxfa raoiBXTiKsrinrrAiBCP,-j
j l ' A Pleasant lntigoratina TONIC!
A BnostnatatbeAli- andAhrO 'OLIO DRTNK8'-'
4EpeclrNtlnMotlier8).- 'r,J"
t, UArui JliiT or Disnxdettaf -t
MD01T nrcT I UVGS JJUf T0mtlCStm1 0
3old.bjl)ra.sLuaIOroan. .- .., r ' a.ij
TT'?"1'1!" J03. 8, PEDERSEN, J -
' Mo'l-it :t'!,SK Murray St.. New Tork.Y
I i 8ole A rent fot U.S. and Bfinn rronnoe 01 irja
j,n4 dJn-vT r
t 1 , j x m - ..-.'.ul- l.i a;11
1 Ml i 1 U r rVi PiiVM "

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