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urnnpniimiciL ItBLL prepared ant
enrreried by vT?.jf.ASavage, Jaweler,
LOCAL NEWS. THURSDAY, Jan. 21, 1869.
"nvi"-:' Ht: Tim Wind, i W rtkd.
. s M.
Baa WMt .. - ifXSon -"V !?
a-eMI.i-..,Wt.rU.ar tOf
g PTIW- -
morrow. .
i in ft
eltv vesterday. : i
ftuced'aaicng the pqM'Hi.
A Bi-u-tli. f f "'M
Jive 4 concei t here F b. uary 13i., '. i
Yesterday was -ery bright and beau
.llul. ;: The streets were filled with ladlrs,
ra John EUsler wUI open the Opera
tfiou on n.xt Monday. Tne Octoroon
aud Swiss Cottage. - . ; V V.'
' 'r-'i' fifty dollar greenback has been
Ht.ted In wbl h oi l Beii.Frauklinbas
tod many bnttouson tits vest. 5-
EST theoldest iu:ititaut says he never
knew such muddy, uitst, nraty, wet, winter
weather as we arv nv having. ( ;
t3JTbere waa- uutnihg done " in the
House ot Representatives in regard to the
Central Lunatic Asylum yesterday. ; "
tSJ-There are some twenty or twenty-five
lusty baramerlsta in the calaboose, pinlug
for lack of employ meLt. The atone pile
bas given out.
. . t,m,..i.t hr. thA man who
jtJ aw a vwp," -- - -
bought goose in market yesterday be
cause be thought he saw in It a family
likeness, showed more affection than judg
tnenU ,.' ' .' .. '.- .'
Admitted to th Bab. Elward M.
William, of Clrcleville, was on yesterday
admitted to the practice ot law in the
courts of thl State by the Supreme Court;
' iosD Bkkswed. Dr. J. R. L. Segar, ol
Billiard, ehareed with committing assault
and battery, renewea nis oonu, m w o-
if $600. yesterday1, befoW Judjse Pugb, for
blr: appearance a the next term of the
Court of Common' Pleas-
StbetBbxouk. The stone pile having
failed, tbe municipal geological students
have been organteed into a street cleaning
brigade and on yesterday hey Vook their
first-lesson 1n bltragrlcUlture-, by paddling
In the High strretmnd.
5&5t WoaWHiKOTOH, BKiDOB.-Ati meeting
if the County Commissioners, hefd yester-"
day;, the Auditor was directed to draw an
rfnfrr'tnWs'um of t300.1ti favor of James
BeeO ln full for building a bridge near
Vorthington. i. ':';"MV '''-.'..
,,BaioKSD. Governor Hy Vn.'y'8ter'
tK rvsle-nation oI.E-'F'.1
Dtekinwo, ' Probate Judge tf -Sandusky
county, and Cjngrewm an elect, from ihe.
KInth, Drttrfct.VfiT.,kPbc? "nad'Jobo
Greene, of ii b Vacancy.;
.J;,!... , I i II I ii' ---" f
aoKJtMTDBAi CotiAORThecftmmiti;
te tblovatetU AjirWuHttral. College had.
aiiry' . long tljSMkCo;-
adjetvea isiawt galn on ixt TUarsday
veaingi at the -room oi, tne oeorefcar w
tJxt State Board 6f Ayrlonlfure;; , ; -
t$OTI?i' bbeen W;
tttm) tgalo. Ik a traaw r,ia;
wn returned to her nest. The calaboose
)att fcMhenni.? U -iiM iW iteaas
wben'iSekrtalledi WjribW,thasie is
back a halo of ii6tf$n&tfe JsmtU ot ben
slne resU upon Ita .clafcia walla.
.r...-r . i p iin!!' I'll nnuK t
CbWrtiM'V. prtsect tbiernlng'J
briet sketch of our city nd her trade, we
propos'elieitarter W 'gVrf friiihftal Vv'eifr
of the business 'oi the city," that r those
abroad mix af 91 Vft$res)l Inwealth
and business. Copies ot this morning's
BapTtfor'bialllngcan be nad at the" count
Ing room. V" 7: ; M '
TfiiTX ON Osw: Suv-rTlfe tommunlca
tloa from DubMn, stgnecl jOne yWhoVVas
Xker'-4ail8 of publication because-It Is
WlUen'on both sides Ot Ijie paper; and we
have not time to copy it. When will peo
ple learn thatlt is neceesary to write on but
c-nettrtf the sheertt they-wedeee their
eommuulcations In rnntr
lTTcaSAi,Nai..6Ktt1 One"of the
eeds pf, this city a watchman Jbr . pan
market bouse. Almost, every nigni pre-
Tiouato market being held, the meat chests
of butcberi are broken 4tit0 nd robbed,
fiiu Ajitnivla nlirht a erean deal of
property hag been stolen from the market
house. This must be stopped.ltthe city
charges rent,lor the stalls it must protect
the property of the bntehera. v y--:i
Hydraulic- CtmrAKT.-r-The certificate
of incorDoratlon of this Troy . Hydraulic
Company was' filed with'' the Secretary of
pbaL, jf waiiuaji . . , y ft w.
purpose ot constructing; and maiatali Ing
a canal er canals for hydraulic purposes.
Principal office in Troy,' Miami county.
Capital stock $100,000 In harei of 9 50 each.
Wb.B. JfxClung.'Joim H. Kooopv JubaX.'
Meredith -'W; Boss,1 f P.; Williamffo4
an B. Mcl-ung are the corporators.
TaiACHKBocs Stamps. Complaint Is Ire
quently made iu wgard to the liability of
Dostaee stamps' to desert" their trust and
leave a letter tn the lurch. J4u:h of tbe
difficulty Is due to wetting the stamps only
on the Kuojmed-aider rTuis' causes the ex
pansion ot onaAida merer - ban the other;
benee the stamp adhere imperfectly, "and
when dry J liable to peV off. ;i W el both
sides and effix, ncl yerj. little gura"il'
eause it to adhere witu-pertect security.
aitlavT M.if ni timt
Boakd of Tiudk. The certificate ol In
corrQihoY4ijA,&ir4i .Trade of the
- city of Portsmouth was filed wftH the'Sec
retary of 8ajyeoeVdyThe bbjeel
the txeorporation b to-ptodiotei foster ai.d
eucuuriP'e-trade. cottmrmariuTaTfure.
arfe, 84ie,$jaiiU GlQTtir, JCCJirari
A. W. Busklik,, Jt)lQ JjTa-yrSimon
I;hman,'Wm.'He Jropten.'-WVT.' Little.
E. Miller, THibbsyWTiphjpson,
A. Bentley. J. M. Biiniaey, W'.'h". Bou-
alk,i PbTieVo? A,dWaHeri jrnmu
raja C.Lloyd, P. Djake, .f. f . TowiJ
IkX. Cifuiia, Ji . LUwlcsn AM. Mo
. raahd bd Jjrre the coi-.
DOratOn. e.yiTtiJ
v i itm N Si si ' u ... r-ij.i
'i-i.'VBfcMi4Ar.1--The follow
iai traukr. ot fee tti were ieata;iue
- 1 .Licit . . . wl'imiiii
ti footUIe-Exaea tors' to IVP. Elliott
Jam"J01 guJWltlsMti 6.;rJ f.8auiBl
RarrJuBHilwska f ialot No.' 840, amd
lWOO.'"' tiaK X" ei aws wr
Wmi O. Halnea and wife to Philip Hauss.
Jani'itb; TJK'icrgAi'f- Ii Jacksom
VronlkAJii 'jtfvjasrtner Jao-
Jlft, part of JptMo. 3, In Jiaydep'J (rtfbqJ:
Vision 01 iota roa., 0, t ana , ta iiay-
f t -a,- - - a . " ww
den and HeffuerV Kidltterf to the city
Rumbus, for.f 850, Sw TH Titw-o h;i -i
Herr'inlg-an4 atfertc1cbaBBri
lOmbD. tOfWOTO., ,,.:,jr!,, J ,.i,o,4r
jfiha Clark and ifo to Thomas Wllllani
Clark , and Lau rence -Clrk,V iroi
84th, 100 acre
of land, In; Pleasant
in tV'-.i
towusblp tar f i00u2
LOCAL NEWS. THURSDAY, Jan. 21, 1869. A Letter From Gambler.
LOCAL NEWS. THURSDAY, Jan. 21, 1869. A Letter From Gambler. GAMBLER, OHIO, Jan. 19.
PITOBSpHtCLi'IATH,JlfKir-iZnlS is a
of K
veoyon uoiiege. toi. ju x. lappa n
was formally Installed as President of
Kenyon this forennnn; It is a lovely day,
und thi- people of Gambler and a host of
alumni were prf sent to en Uvea-the icca
apparently cbniertnsr that rtiey asd
M BttNinberpst ta thweWafe if Kan von.
Meannorthlhkrtherwise than that
President Tappan's administration will be J
happv on. The omens are ausDlclous." i
Thr rermonWf Were'heltf W the h(irch !
emece with i;he college Ross Thflpel, 1
a name iamiiar to many, and around which -lujster.niaiy,.r'Co!lctl(MJs--ot-atteidHJ2
pbyptabefov- (lavll)(ht-aHd ert yon-wete ;
"illy awHke, or of receivinz marks for 1
absence, Ac. - ,
At theapnolnted hour the students de
file) in'o the church, the clashes takinz .
rceien-eif Cnrd,lri)J tHelr1 rank.1 The
pi:rtnriii-wr oc;'tiTit?n dv Pre-ldent Tap- .
pin. th Faculty , Blhop Mcllvaine. Presi- '
ilent' Bnard of Trustees; ai(d ot the occa-
s on; Bishop B"dell. Governor Ht es Gen-e-.il
Mitchell, Rev. Mcllhinney, D D. Bev. i
Br n.oon. D D. and uiunv other celebrated
education men. '' 1 . i'- -" 1
When all were arranged, the President i
heean the exercises by invoklnsr the bl"S8
instofGod. Then the "Deus Mfereatur" .
was sunu: alter which. Bishop Mellvainr, .
s the representative of the Board ot Tru 1
tees, add reused fresldent- lappan. ne
promised him the hearty support of the
whole Board. President Tappan replied
In v a fw appropriate renjarkii. ;
rhen Protessor- Strong.' ; tn behalf
of the faculty, welcomed him to : Kenyon
and promised their cordial co-operation.
Mr- G. D.iEeititett followed ProJ. btront
as the representative of the undergradu
ates. We must say that Mr. Leggett gained
irreat deal ol honor Irom nis creuitaoie
perlormance. President Tappan responded
In a manner that brought - the house
"down" several times. We now received
short addtestes from Governor Hnyes and
General Mitchell. Each was jnst the right
thing in the rUht place. Tue President
now delivered nis inaugural aaaress. it
was attentively listened to by all. At the
conclusion of the address a Psalra, com
posed ior the occasion by Prof. G. A.
Stjrong, was Fung. As it la a very btauti
I'ul we give it: - Ki ;,. :
LOCAL NEWS. THURSDAY, Jan. 21, 1869. A Letter From Gambler. GAMBLER, OHIO, Jan. 19. INAUGURATION PSALM.
Almirhtr Lord, onrhmrto to The -, ;
Their haDD HfillaluiAhs raiM:
The tribute ot oar jny accept, -" -----
looima 1 Dioe ear 10 Dear oar praise.
Fresh ble rinn from Th Throne descend "
Resooneive to eh prayer we prar, ; ' ; V U I
Again araciiina help we own.
A oe iU iu 1 d; tram u-vv. ,
A tift i Thine, we arather here !; .
To (treat the nervantTbon do.t fend; ;r r
Ihe weieotne his the praise to Tbee, ' J .
Btiu our ai onee our lataera' iriena. . .
Biers him', ble ns. Thy servants all. ..' :
In hf art. in hope, in worlt. in will: . ,
Thy smile ti.e builders hearts rjoioed. ' ;
roar down tne spirit aatuaiae suu. . j
Ioorese oar faith, speed swiftly on
, The Mew Year's work those old years planned;
Work in ns by Thy love n i peace, ..... .
Work who ns by Tby mighty hand, ...,,
Onr oraises fold their wines and kneel. - ' ' "',
lb eincioc thank fresh grao implore; -- t
Still tnrn. U Lord, the prayers to priet. . ;, , :
- ADa.ioios mb story evermore.
This was eonsr. with a will and . feellne
by all. Bishop. Mellvaine -concluded the
exercises with r prayer, .andhe benedic-
blt'l. i& W' ' ' J '-
In the evening Bishop Bedell gave a re-
ception, at which the students and all eon-;
nected wrta the -itoilege were maae ac-.
quainted with their-future; domiue. ..The'
whole afftir was so pleasant that all were
DckmJ WyijsIatthiaB H. Pennell, on
whom, the murderous attack was made by
the ponvlcf English, l8-do"ing as well, as '
coiil(H)e experted; He himself feels Bope
firland ;dtc'!areiihat he,; w1jl recover
One ot bi physicians told, us, , yesterday,
that he would probably get well,,. though.
hef would have a ht soieesa for ii ' The"
blow Mr. Pennell received on the neck sev-,
ered the cords, and. had it been a little
deeterbuid"lia.ve' p'roducBd death, of it-'
selt. it Mr, Pennclt-Betsvwell, ,Englis,h
wtt bit "bourse g& usot free,-as this addi
H&vt trtaje'JhC lfjaerj 6ne thai ttiat fori
which be is new being punished, and after
niaiui; 'pe rbap'sj iome - other man for life.
Ttmprison pard made a, great mistake in
noXputfing- five -or 8lx-4ulleM iubonsr-
Uh. ItwouUl,be a; good deal. better to
jive years solitary confinement wpufd' be' a''
pleasant uedicine in bis ase. -He aneeds
fonsething of this sort; to take the devil out
of him. Somothfng pf the" "kind will be
necessary trrsubdkiCibiflOj'or he will goon
hnckinr and hoppjnz people until ; they
have a hanging match at the Penitentiary.
. t-i.ii'.i'.'
If - , n. .1-
concert of the second annual series. giyen
by the &Ixqrnerch6r, .at'?rauhton Hail last
night, was a" com ple'te success. The b&li
was filled with the fashion and Intelligence
of orBityy and they testlfied their appre-
ciatPttf of the' fine' music by long ahd rap.
turous applause. The overture from Zim
pa .wag capital, so' also was the Guard's
Waltz. Mr. Heyde sartg his tenor solo iu
better voice than ever before. A Mr. Ap
plebaum.'bf PIttsburgh,;lvolunteered, and .
sang a tenore solo from Martha most effect
ively, ni. wop, an encored We cannot par
ticularize, but -must -content; ourself In a
general commendation of the concert. The
Hasnnerchor ;ls doing a great work In edu
cating our people to the appreciation of the'
highest order of musiv and deseryer tbec
encouragement and support it receives.
A Bold Bubolarv. -Last . night about
nine o'clock some burglar entered, the store ,
ot McColm, Miles & McDonald, and robbed
the money- drawer of ' some $10 or $12
ririano-A 1r. onrjktnflrt.'- Thtt ta Knn a,nlf1:t
an operation .as we have known ot for
some time. While the Maennerchor con
cert was in progress, and while a large
number" of persons, -hack:driversi boys,
and drivers of private carriages were wait-'
ing at.ine cornef of the alley for the wudt
ence to come from Naughton Hall, a pane
df tclass was broken from the door on the
alley" and a screw taken from the lock, on
tr-e inside, and the door pried open with a
"Jimmy," -! The gas was burning in the
tore, all. the time andthee robber, must
'have got in a few moments after. Mr. Miles
left. The boldness of -the operation was
the reason of ft; eomplete'sn'ccess' "c '
I NKwrpouB's Min'stkels. That was a fine
greeting our citizens gave Newcomb'g last
nlKhfsahd rijiht well was the audience' en
tertained i by -the company'. The elne-
Bg7isar ejjicuuiu auu tue actiug supero.
The additions to Jbe! coufpalny have all
open good and have greatly Improved ' It."
Weuflced a newoianon(the end, in ihed
nrst paru ana iff Danjo oto uick rar
ker. He.ta atftrgtrclass; periormer.jrNo
man evereaw better dog dancing than
Kanane and West gave ast oigbt, and Kedj
vyesisang uapt. J inks ana Joseipnus ur
khge Blossom better than3 ttKV hate been
done except by Emerson and Allen,:.; Tp
rpigntan extraordinarily fine performance
1. .
3111 presented for the amusement of our
'Jzena.aBeB3embertttthe last nigbti
Snkaii JpiEvwoLaetjeveningT while
Mr. ff6Wu'8'famity,YivinK'th'e second
dixr east ofthe St. Lawrence, were at sud-
per iawi6-t'uu4,ui8Djeak Hjtelcn-
tred the house tbrouKh the front door.
which bad been left suludrjedr ana stole a
clpaand sexeraiik dresses. There is X
mob-ohew-the44 in sue eitrnewrand
ah boltHjg their door?.
K. K. K. KardejiS-xeiebrated Korn
Kure4ril a RouBtcM Girdii&'g drug
ore.tjKaM! jKarui KujcU Kaplbtf
vi KIo,l J-' 1 f.nia'lwr
; I . ff ft iwg lor 1 .':t.
' !NaraHT6w U'diletwtnea' to cIoA ont the.
j barao'ce of 'tils' winter stock at ereatlr re"
1 .; . I'-M'i cl i;i miiuJT. in -.
bury such.a ruffian thtoa.ve him aUye
choppfnojdown pjn wb) my otf&nd hint
if the prison rufes"allow it, we think about
Amrmw RT. - FoftrrrruM bv-J-. G
Bai;tiFrV)om4v Kd'.? 1" esfc- Bread street
ftp. Saturday'tBornlDg, January 23d1869
MheistIng Of soras, ssies, lounges, stand
chafrg, bnreaus, , bedstead?, heating . anil
cooking stoves, -one fine book ease, office
.leek, parlor, dining and kitchen tables, S4-
Sale positAve. ' - Joh U. iiitii,
,. iaoaa d2tr : j luctlQneer.
Cioeis-o out sale of Dry Goods at Naughf
ton's for 20 day s
Urcat rush for choice groceries at Gra
'am & Co.'s, No. 133 North High street.,
' NiCGHTOM is selling all his best prints
itT2J cents per yard. 1 '.,jr . ,t I
Jewelry made and repaired by (J.'e,
Smith, 27 S. Uijth street, over Bafu "store
' nov6d3m " ' ' ' -'' ", ",.
Goods sold at Nauhtoo's regardless 01
cost, to make room for new purchases.
Go to Graham' & Co for groceries.
.- - )-a
jSTacohton Is offering great bargains' In
Dry Goods, -
Money made by buying at Graham &
Co.'s grocery Xo. 132 North High street.
. Naughton is ottVmix 4-4 Hill Semper
Idem muslin at 20 cents.
- fW The mortgagees ot ithe Olentangy
Park Association are requested to call at
my office and receiva balance due them In
Bicbabd Nkviss, VicePres't.
' NicriHTON Is selling 33 In. Hill's Semper
Idem muslin at 13 cent. ' '
'Farmers and mechanics g6 to Graham
A Oo.'g. ----- '
Call at Naughton's and see the bargains
in Dress Goods. -
To Consumers or Coal. Buy your coal
of Bock Bun Coal Company. -You will
find it of superior qualltj, free from slate
or clinker.. Eighty pounds to the bushel
is guaranteed, and it is sold at the lowest
market rates. Orders left at the office, 187
North High street, or at the .Company's
order box at the grocery store ot George
McDonald & Co., 106 South High street,
will be promytly attended to.
jan7 ' i ' ' -'. !, Mat. Weaver, Sec'y.'
Call at Naughton's and me his $1 20
Waterproof and choice Gold Mixtures at
$1 60. ... '
Lawyers and doctors go to Graham A
Co.'s. . ; -
A few more cases of choice Merrimack
prints only, 12g cents per yard, at Naugh
ton's." . . . - '. - ian21
Hollow at's Ointment. Unlike the dan
gerous onguents that ; temporarily arrest
pain by a deadening., paralyzing- process,
this pure and wholesome -vegetable salve
promotes vital action In the sore, ulcerated
or bruised flesh to which it is applied, and
by this means enables nature to counteract
diseased action in the part affected, and to
restore Its soundness.. This is the philoso
phy of. Its operation. ' It is simple, rational,
-and experience, which is better than the
ory, proves that it :1s true.,. Sold by all
druggists. jjiMly-cw
y -.
Mn and womenone and air, gb to Gra
ham & Co.'s, No. 132 North High street.,1 .
aj2V?V'- ;myz
Gijttebino Tfeth. Not only does So-
zodont impart the whiteness ol the purest
porcelain to the teetbr butiti.polislu tooJ
iey glisten alter Demr Drnsnen wren" ir,
like the inner surface of -an1 ocean shell,'
and the effect of this peerless dentifrice ia
to render the enamel as hard and indestruc
tible as-adamant. '1' 1,1 - V.,' .,.';
Save and mend. the pieces,' use "Spauld-
Ing's Glue."' - ' i
VNY-dec2I-eod6m-rw. , r?
With Dyspeptics everything is wrong;
Food does not digest; sleep; does not re
fresh vwlne does not cheer ; smiles do no?
gladden ; music does not charm, nor can
any other joy enter the breast of the
miserable dyspectlc.7 You must get rid of
it, or It will become seated and confirmed,
and life will be a burden and existence a
curse. 'Plantation Bitters will da away
with all this. New lifj, strength and en
ergy .. will take possession of you. . The
damask will again bloom upon your cheek,
and the luster In your eyewill again be as
bright as in your healthiest, happiest and
most joyous days. ;;.-.' j I
Magnolia Water. Superior to the'best
imported. ..German i Cologne, and- sold at
half the prlcei--" f.'-. . .' " "". '
-" RST-cepzo.aeocwiy-cw
-" M -
A cask of ' Humphreys Homoeopathic
SrtciFic In the .house .Is a well-spring of
satisfaction. You can always find the true
remedy lor, a cold, cough, sore throat,
croup, face-ache, weak stomach, catarrh,
or other or the tnousaud ailments to
which a family are subject, and thus save
doctor' bills, sickness and suffering. Price
of a full case and book of directions is $10.
Sent to any address' on receipt cf the
price. ' Address, Humph beys' Spbciftc
Homoeopathic Medicine Co. 562 Broad'
way.'N. y: -"' v . ' "lyl3 d&wly-cw"
. ' i j.
Jeleff A DeButts, Locksmiths an
bell hungers, at No. 141 North High street,
are now prepared to hang parlor, and hotel
bells in the neatest and latest -style. , Sew-
10X luacnjuea repaireu auu- snwBiaaiun
guaranteed. 'Models built for 'patentees,
and all kiuds ot light machinery made and
repaired. Keys ol all description always
on hand, and sate and jail locks made and
repaired, ..." mav23-9-ly
' AND . ..,
fKU VIUENUK. K. I, having tb largest manu
factory of Solid Silver Ware in ths world. ith
the most m proved machinery, and employing tb
most skirjel labor,! are enabled to .offer an an
equalled variety sfsnew and beautiful designs in
Dinner SsrvicovTsa Bsi rices, and every srtiol
sDscially ad.pbe for Holioay sad Bridal (iifts
They offer also their well-known and nort vailed
Nickel Silver -Elee'ro-Plated Ware, in wbioh they
hav introduced new patterns of rare elegasae,t
The Solid Silver is guaranteed to be of sterling
parity by U. S. Mint assay. The Electro. Plate
gaaranteed to its' superior Co tbe finest Sheffield
ware.. Orders received from tbe Trade only, but
these, goods may bs obtained from responsible
assist ver s-hsxe. -wt trvt - .'-ntrxr- -
. . .. . t-r-i , a mas
Vfl t'- f ffl'l Mark
.. ; . , .Malsaronm Na.l Miiln V V
faoVtd Jtw3m-r MT r " . "
l)Bfc A. a. .WU-tlAMS, W Broadway, nest
iish street, CslamboUbKS has-devoted kimseij
anaeriesot years win truni oioerin pu
vita diseases.- Be may oioniuna at nis omee
Bto1wa,neaTtnois.aeaanasoan - .
mar31-tf .-- . ' : ' -!
1V1 l! Til restored in fonr
In four weeks. Success
taaraatMd. -ilB. RlJORO'8 E.SSENOii OF LIFE
miniM mihlv fMiwani. from- ahatever cau ari-
sins: tba effects of earlv pernicious habiia, self-
abuuimpotsaoy and olimaU, ivo away sAsassci
thia mm.trtni mAilifline. if taken rea-nlarl r accord
ins to ths direct ions (whjch art very simpl and re
aoira Minttnint froTrr haifiriesrforDleasure.) Fail
ur it impossible, -held in bottles at S3, or font
qnantitisb is onefort.; T bshadonly of tbssok
appointed, agent in America, Ji. UlaiTXBV,
'law AVe..oTnr'lSth Kt., New York. - -
r-i-ur.. ....in a
, splendid Hair D r is ths be
DIE Thi.
SDlendid HatrTlvft.ia th W In ikAvnriii.
""""'J trunu perieot uye; Darmiess, reuaoie
instantaneous j no disappointment : no ridiculoui
Mat ; remedial tbe ill etteete of bad dyes; invig
orates and leaves the Hair soft and beautiful. Unci
or, brovM. Soi l by all Drugcists and Perfumers
and prop2 Phe at . Bateheior' Wig Factory
ond street. N. York, m aprtS dAwly
Tbnradar ncl Frldar. St
p f With avKtatir Cwni rYmfc nd ,1,
. . ra
al nw artists. .'UTeryiDina. uw mi w
lyk out for the Greatest of l.ivina t:cml
Kavette Welch, Charley Bencdht, Mika Ka4 "
Wait and Master BobbT.
Ooorr bpen ai Ti ommsnoini kt' O'olock pre-l
Admission. 36 and 60 : Reserved Wests 75o.
N. D. Kobibtb, Wanafer.
t ftoSabty two thlrii it jhi jidalfpopuiaHoft'of
the United States indulge, more or less, in bar
room stimulants. Hot alcoholio bevel ait es are taa
bitnallj imbibed by thdasahds of people in th
winter months "to keep ont tbe eold." The alco
holio naterial of- alUtbes drinks - is Wre er less
pHtomm. and isBTidred all the more deleterious
in consequence of bemg taken 9.irm.
Avoid these dangerous excitants. Shun, as you
would shun the deadliest drug, all tavern ttimu-
loi.tt. They paralyse the digestion, congest -th
liver, disturb the natural action of the kidneys, ir
ritate the bowels, shatter the net ve.and impair the
. The operation of HOSTEJTER'S STOMACH
BITTERS is diametrically opposite to this. They
spur no organ "into unnturat aotivity ; but they
tone and regulate all. If the digestion is feeble,
they awakenlhe dormant energres of the 'stomach,
and promote the work of assimilation. . If the liver
is sluggish and torpid,' they regenerate it. If the
kidneys fail to perform tneur functions -properly,
they are regulated without being irritated. If tbe
bowels are a instigated; tb pristaHio action is
moderately inoreased, and 'he discharges become
natural and regular If the nerves are tremulous,
they are strengthened. .It the mind is elouded, the
BITTERS tend to disperse the gloom.
These are the efftots of the great vxgstabli
tonic and cosaiCTivi, which for twenty years
ha been a staple medicine in this country, and the
demand for which steadily inereasoi in all parts of
the Western Hemisphere.
It is not offered as a bevtragt, but as a tnediolnt,
nor will it e ei Used to satisfy a oraving for al
coholic stimulants, because its effect is tc cAoei.not
to create, false appetite for excitants. The cham
pions of temperance will do well to nark this pecul
iarity, and to recommend it as the only safe prepa
tion containing alcohol, that oan be used ftr medic
inal purposes.
Ayer's) Cathartic
f Tat all the purpose of
a LaxaUvo
J J . i .
Uedicine. , ,
Perhaps no one medi
cine is bo universally re
quired by everybody as
a cathartic, nor was ever
any before so universal
ly adopted into use, in
every country and anion
all classes, as this mild
but efficient purgative
The obvious rea
son is, that it is a more re
liable and far more effec
tual remedy than any
other. Those who have
tried it, know that it cored them: those who have
not, know that it cures their neighbors and friends
and all know that what it does once it does always
that it never-fails through any fault or neglectof
its composition. We have thousands upon thou,
sands of certiflcatesof their remarkable cures of the)
following complaints, but euoh cures are known in
every neighborhood, and wemeed not publish them.
Adapted to all ages and conditions in all climates;
containing neither calomel or any deleterious drug,
they may be taken with safety by anybody. Their
iiD-Ar r.nn.tinir nraaervea them ever fresh and makes
them pleasant to take, while being purely vegetable
do harm can arise from their use in any quantity.
They operate by their powerful influence on the
internal viscera to purify the blood and stimulate it
into healthy action remove the obstructions of the
stomach, bowels, liver, and other organs of tho
body, restoring their irregular action to health, and
Dy correcting, wnerever iney exist, suuu uoiougv
menta-as are the first origin of disease ?
Minute directions are given in the .wrapper on.
the box, for the following complaints, which these
Fill rapidly cure :
tor iyppi!a or Aoaigreaiiosi, ainucH.
s. Litajraor and Iiom of Appetite, they
should be taken moderately to stimulate the stom
ach and restore its healthy tone and action. . ..
For JLIver Complaint and its various aymp.'
toms, Bilious Heartache, Sick Headache,
Xaaadice or Ore Sickne, Bilious
Colic and Billoua Covers, they should be .ju
diciously taken for each case, to correct the diseased
action or remove .tne ODsirucuons which cause it.
For Byenteiy or Diarrhoea, but one mild
dose is generally required.
For Rheanaatlans, font, Clravel, Palpi
(atlo of tho Heart, Paia la the Side,
Back and Loins, they should be continuously
taken, as required, to change the diseased action of
ihe system. With such, change those complaints
disappear. . - . , .
For Dropsy and Dropsical Swelling- they
should be taken in large and frequent doses to pro
duce the effect of a drastic purge.
t or snpprecsioa a targe aose snoma ne taxes
as it produces the desired effect by sympathy.
As a Dinner Pill, take one or two PUlm to pro
mote digestion and relieve the stomach.
An occasional -doso sttrrmlates ths stomaen anrr
bowelfr-'iuto 'healthy- action, restores the- appetite,"
aim invigorates uie system, neuce it is uiien ati
vantageous where no serious derangement exists.
One who feels tolerably well, often finds that a dose
of these Fill makes him feel decidedly better, from
their cleansing and renovating effect on the diges
tive apparatus.
JDS. J. C. A.YER & CO., Practical Chemist,
X.OWELZ. MASS., V. 8. A..
For sale hv BRAUN. BRUCK ft CO..
TT'i.-j.r i j n i -ii ni t - J T
(isls. .-, , . , irjnSeodAeowly-eim
! The Plaster rtf, ihe Hme
r T , i L-..- i , rt. ." t - r.
i.u iiUluuftKU xoey uvu lis, a cbitui. in a ,w
hours a violent cough is relieved by a Flatter ap
plied to the xhesL, -Man persons .bslievei a e9d
nuuu, i.wiiniKjaianiBi tm
wa co know, they greatly assist in the euce of a
nfgleo ted cold, so often the introducer of Qpnadmp-
.Care of IMiotf of tbe Liver.
A gentlsman, after a severe sickness, bad lesion
of the liver. Every quick movement or sudden jar
gavs him savers pain, often laying bim up tor days.
Bence he was unable to follow any occupation with
regularity. "-:. ti . -.'.OC
In this condition he applied over ths part affeot-
first it seemed to irritate, to it was taken off. But
the marked improvement he experienced afterward
gave him courage to try again, and he therefore ap-
plied another plaster., 1 a few days- something
gave' way "slipped." to use the gentle '" en s own
words. There was tome soreness for a few days af
ter, then his h alth was perfectly restored. Upon
being sounded by his -physician "the adhesion" or
lesion was found to be gone.
Prinoipal Agency. - Bbandebth Housb, New
York- Said by all druggists. - j r . -
iuuela-diwl jom-reKT ; ' i s j . v s t
To Owners of 'Horse ant) fattier
Tobias' Derby Condition Powders aro warranted
superior to any others, or no pay, for the ours of
Disfenlper, "Worms. ; Bots, Coughs. Hide-bound.
Cold. 4 e-, in Hrrses, aaq Colds,: Coughs Loia of.
Milk, Blaak Tongue, Horse Distemper, Ao.. iaCat
tie. . ' no--, ii t ,..iii .v. i. iU .. .
They are perfectly safe and innoeent: no need of
stopping lbs Working of your" aclmimal., They in
crease the appetite, "give a fine coat, cleanse ths.
stomach and "urinary organs ; also! increase, the
milk of cowa. Tjj, them, and you will never be
without them.tiiittr.-. : so .-.-.
iCol. Philip P. Bush, of the Jerome Racs Course.
Fordhaai. A T .would not use them until be was
told of what they are composed,, since which he is
never , without them. He has over Z0 running
horses in his charge, and for the last three years
has used no other medicine for them. Be has kind
ly' permitted me to refer any one to bim.. Over
ljDOOotherTeferecoes o n be seen at ths deptt.
fBold by Drntgists and Saddlers. Price SB cents
per ho. ; Depot. 1 Park Place N ew York.
juneie-dAwlvcm-PeVr !,..',' '
ii JjABIES. over aray baft. whT " - ''
l j v- -StouTd there be aTIUE and CRY t" '
CKiSTAliORCfa DXK. yoa knew.
.) use, men, taiauneqajiea vys. ,
Have the HUE" without ths CRY.
Crtfttadoro guarantees that his Hair Preservative
shall soeceed where every other preparation lhat,
ailed, in Keeping oean mo Bair. tnieReningM,
Closing, preserving itt oolor, ioeinlcgit tocurl,
and restoring it to that health and vigor which art
th elements of its beauty. .. ,-, -:a::vi-l
j 8"ld by Druggists, and applied by all Hair Dress
ers." -Manufactory No. 68 Maiden Lane. Prinoipal
Ppot No 6 Astor House. - l I r. ; rt .. l
junele-dAwlycm-FeMT . i o-j . m ; s 1
t sovoreign balm for the smallest pimple on the face.
as well as the most distressing cutaneous; disease
that eaa afflicf any part ol the aenon u I
ill mo il
AIM II OOD " Another 2v Medica
r ivA Pamphlet from tas Vefot t l)K Curtis
The "Medical 1 imes'"says of this" wovk : "This
yaluaDi trtise on tDe cause and sure of Tprm
ture decline, shows how health is impaired through
secret abuses ol youth and manhood, and how
easily regained ' IS lives a ciesr.ayn. psis of tba
impediments to marriage, the eavrs) and effects of
nervous debility, and tbe reumisa therefor." A
pocket edition of the abovs will t forward d on
receipt of SS cents. by addrsssina ittwtor Cobtii
. bo norm inanes nrest, Daiumor. xld.-.
era maras-dly-r
I fcA r - 1 1 Jk V . -I
? jjjjpj
JBjAJF. 3rTN& -- - '-'.- .
A. O.
2 5 O A
We will sell our
. ) Id '
On and after Monday, Jtmt 11, 1S69, for
..; A ,!i;.s&Pring&roCK.
0. HEADLEY Sc 071111 !
s CO.'S,
2 5 2
SoutniHlsli JBtreet,
entire stock' of ;
! -
. A It '.' t j
days, in order to make room 'for
OP TBI i:.
States of America,
; : ' W A5BINQTOX. D. O. - "" ' ' '
i -'" ' '
Gash Capital,;. - $1,000,000.
To which all general correspondence should be ad-
... ..- .ouessea. i-
't ' OFFICERS t ' i "
CLABESfT! H. Cl ARK, President.
JAV COOKE, Chairman Finance and Executive
HENKY U. OOKE, Vice President. -v
EMtKSOTi W. FEET. Secretary snd Actuary.
Offered by this Company are :
It is a National Company, chartered by special
act of Conaress. 1868. '
. It has a paid up capital or i -'
It offers low rates of premium. -
- It tnrnishes larger Insurance than other Compa
nies for the same money.
It is definite and certain in its terms. -It
is a borne Company in every locality.
It Policies are exempt from attachment. ,
: There ars no unnecessary restrictions in the Pol
icies.'. ......
Every Policy is non-torreitanie.
Policies may be taken that will pay insured their
full amount and return all tbe premiums, so that
the Insurance oosts only the interest on the annual
payments. ... ' . . T .
rolioies may oe taaen wnicn pay to idu xuurca,
after a certain number of years, during life, an an
nual income of one-tenth ths amount named in ths
n'o extra raterisensrged for risks upon the lives
of females.
It insures not to pav enviaenas. out at s -
cost that dividends will be impossible.
Cincinnati, Ohio. General Agents for Ohio Central
; - - ts and riontbern Indiana.
! HI. S.TII'l'H,
Colnmbns. Special Agent for Franklin, Lickirg.
Muskingum and Cosboeton counties. - ' -
Paving Notice.
T all wom it cvay concern : a i
! . Cn-t Cnrag's Offtc,J '
Notice is hereby given, that proceedincshave been'
instituted in tbeCity Council of Columbus,for mak
ing the following impnvement,to-wit:
For building a double earriage way single span
bridge at the crossing of ths esnal on Friend
Also, for grading and paving the nnpaved side
walks, satters and crossings on I oang street trom
Broad street to ntate street.
Also. for building a double row flag stone pave
ment aeross Fair alley upon the south side of Chsp-
Also, for building a SO-ineh brick sewer on Gay
street from f ourtn street to riitn street. - -
The same to be done in accordance with plats and
estimates tab prepared by the City Civil Engin
eer, and filed jn the omoe ot tbe City Ulerk. .
All Twirsnna claiming damages on account of said
froUDOU IIUI", DlUWlDi "IV I UIJUII UU . V. u.v .......
claims in the office of tne Clerk, in, writing, on cr
before th t'ourth da, of FebruarADiess.
ecS8-dltaw4w City Clerk. '
.An Ordinance"
,.o ) i
To enana th asms ef North Public-lane.
Bicnewl. B itordained by the City CouncH of
the City of OetamoiMV That the name of North
i'nblio lane eetiangd to "'"liarfSIt "
1 '. president of th City Council.
pMsedDeo.8. A.D.lr - -
Attest: ii. a. vrii.BJii vny viera. --
preparation, intro'need last -winter, Bavingl
reoeivsS so- many fintterint eoinmendatioDB freta?
tnos who used U.anilnces ids' proprietors to bring
it aeaiu before the public, assuring -tbra -that it
stands unrivalled as ih best protector of the skin
against ths inclemenc j-of the winter season.-' I IT
aot only imparts to the skin a delicate freshness
and beauty, but also conduces to its health, purity
and presen ation." For healing abrasions. Chap-.
Ped Hands, Face, Lips, nr Roughness pf the kin,
it bas no eaual, while fts -sootbin natitres' and
deligbtful fruranoe render it a necessary append
airs to tbe toilet. Prepared only by il AKPLK 4
K1TSON, Dispensing Chemists, 100 South High
street, Columbus. Ohio. jlov4-deod4w4m 1
AUantic &.Creat U stern Railffay
Seceetaet's Oppics, No. 40Bkoidwat. ,
ft'EW Tohk, 28th Dec.. 1868. )
NOT ICR lHtKtlt UIVfcN lUH'r
- a Special Meetine of the .Stckbglders of the
Atlantio and Great Western Railway Company,
will be held at tbe General Offices of tbe-Couipsny,
No. 40 Broadway, in the City and State of New.
York, at 12 o'clock, noon, on Saturday, th 3uth day
of Januaty next, tc consider an I approve of. or re
ject, certain contracts entered into with the Erie
Railway Company, and tbe Coiumbas,. .Chicago
and Indiana Central Railway Company and ior
other purposes. The transfer books will remain
closed nntil after the meeting '
i janll-dltawtojahSO-KNT s - . Seoretarv. .
THE COlrliaF.RCtitl. 114" K. lacatea
in "Sessions' B ock," eorner High and Long
streets, will be open for t-usiness January 4tn, 186a.
Acooucts of inoividuals and firms solicited and
satisfaction guaranteed INTEREST ALLOWED i
ON TIME DEPOSITS. Gold and Silver. Foreinn
aod Domestic Exohsnee, Government Bonds and
local securities bought and sold. Passage Tickets
to and from all ths principal porta in Europe is
sued. '
The above Bank will be open for the transaction'
of business, except paying checks, Wednesrlar and
Saturday evenings of each week, from T to 9 o'olock.
decSO eodlm J. A. JEFFREY, Cashier. "
THe Columbus and Hocliiag Valley
Kailroad Company.
Notice to Htoclclioldexj.
Colvmbus. Ohio, Deo. 18th, 1868. .
meeting of tl e Siooknoldtn of tbis Company
will be held at its office, in tbe city of Columbus
on Tuesday. January 26th. 1868, between the hours
of 10 o'olock A. M. and 3 o'olock P. M.. at which ,
thirteen Diretors for said Company will be eleoted.
and such other business transacted as may be
brouzht before the meeting. Stockholders are re
minded that tbe la-v provides that "after the first ;
elect:on of Directors, no person shall vote oa anv 1
share on whioh any installment is due and unpaid.;',
., ... J. J. JANNEV;
dec19-d3tawtd-r 1 ,1 . tiec'y and l'reaa
' Dissoluiion of Copartnership.
this day dissolved by mutual consent, either '
party being authorised tp settle tbe past business
of tbe firm. - - GEO. F. O'HARRA.
w, - yJKO. B. Sli)DALL."
Columbus, January 14th, 1869. ,. t -
GEO. F.7ff KRA.J '
Special District Agent for New England Mutual
insurance Company of Boston. Mass. Cash
asset. 47,000,000. Dividend of profits paid annually
in cash. Om.e Kaaamon Building.
s"'j;i0. B. MilDALL Ac CO .
! General insurance Agents, repreaentiag ths - -
Imperial of London Gold assets 10,t.00,0O0 09
Pacific of San Francisco Gold assets l.t0.(o0 00
Cleveland of Cleveiand Assets Sto.ooo 00
Continental of New York At set.... x.126,023 M.
(ieo. Diet. Agent of tbe New England "
Atntaal l.ife-Asseti T.MW.SOO 00
Office Naughton Building, Columbus, Ohio.
janl8-deod4t . . .
, 50 PER 0iN T. EEDUOTlOJf..:
i 1 - -. . t .
ers, Broken, Publ shew. Stationers. Punt-,
era. Companies, Lawyers. Architects. . cboolsj
Clergymen. Circulars, Prices Current, Letters..
Quotations.Catalogues. Music, or sn documents or
drawings may fc obtainrd at the following eztraor-.
dinary cheap prices : 100 copies, fac siiuilies. of
any document or drawing:. Ac, IS; 60S copies, tS;
l.OOO copies, 8, Ae : 100.000 eopiej, S450, or 60 per
cent, npon tie above prices may be saved by using
M.crioe'B Patent Autocraphio Printirg Press, tor
Ofim. Pubiihers. Wtarioners, Printers, Sohools."
Companies, Ac. Price S80. A young barsaa strike
off 100 copies, letter sis, per hour, of any duca-
mett, drawing, music, with the greatest fa-ility.
Maurice's Patent; States Rightsare sold aUnodsratar
price'.. Public experiments each Saturday. . t'
M. B. All kinds ot Lithographic work are dons .
with ths greatest care at the lowest rates. Maur
ice's Patent Autosraphio and Xithographio Print-B
ing.5'7 Writing and Engraving" Establiehnunt, 10
Ji.rih WWlim.stret,Kei York. - 1 -j r . 1 1
del7'-4JtsjrtgTK Jo vJ
Kj JNEBS' MEETINUa.-Ths Board of School'"'
Examiners of i ranklin county meet at tne rronaer
Court Boom on the but Friday and Saturday
each mouth in thjear. Also, on tbe second Fri
day and Saturday of the spring and fall months.
Cincinnati Money Market—Jan. 21.
OOLD--135K buying , ..
EXCHAN(i-Stlif Klillnf t
pr buyinjr. , r -
,-.. r. --
New York Money Market—Jan. 21.
J10NEyrAcivw.his omin- at 9 A
cent on call loans, but later in the dav
capital was plenty, and the market closed
"By at tstajv cent, Jrime business paner
79 cent, but not much doing. The
J-xpres says the hears are disappointed at
tllCir failure tn tipoalr fh. kT.II ..
Tf. hanKf, by bounding
irirth. V-ti m seve' western Htates
!.T-th.e ra'lways. and induclnethem to
L.r-f. T .pelting railway sl.ar.
ZVl7mM " ,thl8 Programme, but
tbe effect was verv sliirht t.ri ,k. t-,-
comparatively unimportant. The bears are
smarting under this new defeat, and pra-
K irouAv w iik )i irica oi locking;
up greenbacks. , There was ronRltisrhi
consultation to-dav. and a mcrrenipat is a
foot to lock up $25,000,000 jrreenbacks.
The parties ot this new combination com
prise many -who were long on stock on, the
greht Erie lbk"np' ;riopanlc f A tMbber5.
109J09&' n,.r ..aTw
GOLD Dull; opened at 135 and elosed
New York Stock Market—Jan. 21.
Lkiupons of '81 112(ail2Ji;'df52mja
Tbe rai.' road market "Denrj 'firm fft
commenced tf decline stt Ahe first opeu
Hoard, and with f racUpnai, reactions so con
tinued until" 1 o'clock, when it steadied
and sufcpqneotlr advancd.atoaiBr nrono- .
but unsettled.
Ex press shares active, excited and hio-hnr
in the moralnjr, but closed with a decline
of l2c from , the highest point Pacific
Mall, fell nearly 3 per eenf. on a pressaroC
pls. but recovered oartlallv twtora' iha
dos. '"' ' - -;'- :.; ''n,v
6:30 price Wells'. Exprei 29r3.29W':
American 38: Adarns (B8(a39f : Unitetl
States 4950;- Merchants' Union lai6
17: Pacific Mail 118(o511S: Western UnSm
TVlesraph 3643ei-f New,York Central
163163; Erie '3S338; fteadinr
95Ji95K; ferre Haute 3940f Wabaajt
6161t St, Paul -7474j&:Irt
wayne; iaoroji 23; Ohio A Miwisofopl
330331 MichigarrCentral neUmmX;
Michiean 8ontliernf 8292J4;Tuioia
Central. 138(140 .Pittcburgh e2U82';
Toledo - 103JiID3i; Rorlt ' Islanri -130K
131; Northwestern 8TJ82; ,Colombu;
Chicago i cfclndiaaaiCentral. 47. -r :i'v
The Assessor o(. Internal RevMioe-fo
tbe 32d District.' which Includes Wa)J
street and its immediate neigh bnrhediM
claimed that the tax of 1-24 of 1' pes mtmt.
levied bh capital of stock and told brbkew,
should be extended to money bnrmwa&t)y
them on call loans. The elaiinv.la
one, and brokers' bellevw 4t urnst.' The
stock exchange open; board , and noSa x
chsnere have appointedjorritcproraltteeaq
consider the vsubjecf, and "to-fce-Hth
necessary steps lor testtnethe right or the
New York Stock Market—Jan. 21. New York Market—Jan. 21.
-iTT01T-Frrjt and" in rair AeTtfana;
with ales of 3D0l bales t .29)q; fanmid
dlinsr tiplands; some sa,lea jerMM-ue as b'Kl)
WtaoFrert1 irl'taei1 fsto.wttt
more'tloiiiii in medinm and common grades
lorexperti .,! onw i' !t t-..-:t ,inh-i
WHEAT -r Quiet and firm for sprinjc
with a moderate export demand, ,. and dull
and nnchanjrer? for Winter. 4 ' :
RYE Nominal at 1 50 lor wenterii.JTI
OATS Dull -ami heavy at 7474ira
store, and 7676c afloat.., . , 5 ,,r,
CORIf Closed quiet at 9496c or pew
mixed western, and nominal at $ 1 t)6f 09
for old "mixed western in store end 8 float!
) PORK-Quiet aud steady at $30 00 sob
newness. rs t- .. .-H
BEEF In moderate demand and prices,
unchaneed.1 - ' " '
BACON Quiet anrl rm4i-.stii;..v..,l 9 ill
1 LARD Quiet at 19Jti9c" ior falgrhj
Drime steam
: ij.ii
EGGS Dull at 3033o
Cincinnati Market—Jan. 21.
. FLOUK Unchanged f -'A la lat.a
.GRAIN-rrTJnchanred ,f-ilrf ir ,.!t
COTTON Higher, oty!K$ At 99 buv
era at,28ji ' ' .' , . ,
PROVISION Flm 'aria trlsrftiey
erally bieber.oo .-.: vj ! IeH', ih V!i imsl)
' . P.ORK-r-Extra heavy meg sold at $30 68.1
but tli is is an extreme rate; the demand i.
moderate, but (till It could not Jiave been,,
boueht to'anv extwnt et ltss thai thlg;'' tul
- BULK MEATS Advanoed 1 to 1 12l3
16Kc, and were beld;it J.JiUber at tbtti
;lose, and shoulders at Via. aelJe March
BT-ON Advanced to 13o lo'r'Fh6nldT
erFJ 36JC' for clear ribbed ideg,;arid TfA'
tor CK-ax, ana noiaers asgea tronijBeiC
be lose, with a strong market., -km ..-.-rrr
:HAMS Sugar corei bigber, nd mast-v
be quoted ' at 1818Jc for canvassed and.
par-kerr. w ' . ' 3' - '"
LAB F Held firmly atS20e;1ot Oo
salfs of. imoortarjee. I s.i'i'ni'l d raf
BUTTER Plenty, and. doll,at.33(3iaBQ.p
-CH EESE Very firm' at KJIgc; .
'SEEDP-floverl flrrir at 16c per rmrjDd?'
timothy $3 SO; flaxinemahd at $2 J10.au p
.OiLS Xi'mseed nnohaBgedjr, laraRAC
live demand, at $1 60l5 .. . :,.
Chicago Market—Jan. 21.
FDOUR Dull and . holders are. firniHa
f5 45S 75 for -spring extras.
a loiprme extras. 1;. ...j
i'-i-Ko 1 (full at 20; ,
ve and' Arm at lOlJC Tsther; ,
YV tlJA i-
Xo 2 active
sales at SI 13(81 14V: i-losiniir.litm." 8alea t
since 'Change at tl lo y irtub onb it ,-s-f
CORN Moderately active aad JvhUh- j
er; sales ol new at bi9i", pogratfeSOj.
51c; closinsr steady at 54o' far' hew Y awes '
of No 2 at62623c, anttNOI at6868fe, i
seller's last: halt of Feburaryj and new r
buyer's tbis month. Kothiug doing j
this afternoon. . , t"J'n
OATS Steady; sale' "of Hrf 2 af 4?jf3
4SJ;ic, and rejected ai45i845 olosfii)?e
'48! for No 2. ,3 ' -. r- ' :i .1 ua: 1 ttit
RYE Steady at 1 J6l 16 ipr Qi,
closinir at 1 16.' .... " 1 r '"' .-2
BARLEY Firmer' arroT lj?2(r 'hi?hf
sales ot No 2 at 1 69X 70; ciosiBgttb
170. ' . t, -iff .f; :Vi Biflt
DRESSED HOGS-Steadyand active, at.
$12 2513 00; closing 'at $12 37)(31275.
LIVE HOGS-s-Dall 1 and ; droopinir at
$9 5010 40 Jor fair to good, and $11 00 for
extra prime, s 7f i. I . . I :
Toledo Market—Jan 21.
FLOUR Dull ; no demand.
WHEAT Amber opened Id lower khd "
closed-2u' better; sale at $1 67$ white '
Michigan lc better; $1 72 on spot and $1 73-
buyer, forFebuaryj at close Na. 3 apWngij
was 16 lower; sales at $1 30; IN it. 3 springy,
unchanged at $1 15. ' '", . '
CORN New unchanged; 'marVet mod-"'I
erately scrive at 64; rejected a lowcrf 11
sales nt59r; latter in light request- , -ni
OATS Dull -and nominally unchanged
! RfE-DtiU and unchanged. ' '""." .
BARLEYi-No. 1 State $1 731 78 werti
em Canada $3 05. (M i -n v".n.boti ?dt
BOGS Dreaspd steady at 1213e. , ra
1 CLOVER SEED Quiet; offered at a de-...
clineot 5c wi);hont"btiyerg. ' "-'"7.
1 ."'mi , -,.! i eg -ioi
St. Louis Market—Jan. 21.
I FLOUR-Quiet and . unchanged at $1 7 it
6 25 for superfine.: . , -." ,.; .,,Ui;i. ,.,?
I Y HEAT Dull, and Unchanged. .,7 ,
CORNEA little better at 7fJ73c. 3 ,a L r
I OATS-Uncbanged at 68fiao. i :i');;ai a la
-; K.Y-'J1chanK ' oj r.iaavl;
j BAiiLKi-uncnangea.
I WHISKY Unchanued at 96c.
I PROVISIONS Active and hlgbef. i'.'"
PORK 30 00 i-'jw H.ii to i.iajti i-t7
BULK MEATS-12e for shoulders, lBd r
for clear sides. , r i r , k.i , 1, r
. BACON-i4Jette 1 di'iot sboulffeVs,0'
1718c for cleat1 sUesV P ' Cj
1 I.ARDr-19eiu' aerces-iVKrl .mdj ,H
gQGr-9(ai0rj,,liin bar, bhovr 9ilJ 1) toi
Cleveland Market—Jan. 21.
I FLOUR- -Market' rlolf and Ticav; 'Wff'
oiiota city made XXX whlr at $llrf i6f"
XX amber $9 509i 75r XX fedi iwtittir.J
$8253 50; XXspring;7,75S 0ft onn- ,f
try", made, XX red and aniber,$?.5f, ,
3 (XVXX soring $7, 00 7 50 XXlte
$9251000i!M ' tui i,:'.t.i v:iif. .tw
1 whjsat-Dun, Heavy ana: lowrr. iigu 1
iVUliiA i Liuu, neavy -ana iswrr; uu 1
es otNo. I red winteriat.l MOii jl
af $1 60; 1x0. 1 spring nominal.- , , ,
30RN Dull,1 but ffrmei. nd' abaW "
do a
lttn new shelled held t F2M UU Ku Vlld
i OAtSDlln-inominaJiiKooaiStial;id'
held I at QlQSacnqHlryght,,, JnMq .j.
Buffalo Market—Jan. 21.
FJUE-Ouiste swUgrOjwti ft9S ,iJj 1o
WHEAT ao-Sspfrog nominal at Jlli-.j
I CORN Active and lowersalea of'Bew"
atTSooHTraelr.ia- eiv:r- W .Ti n Jl
s. OATS Nominal. .L-yAairliwd l
FORK Advanced to $31

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