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' IJkBfttoBTiDif, If ftieW whlcb passed
the Senate on Thursday, legalizing ten per
M0t. M the rata ei Interest, becomes a la
great distress will be caused throughput
the State. Business men tttd men who hare
to borrow money, and who run In debt, And
it difficult to pay, the present rate of Inter
est. An addition flour per cent, will
make it Intolerable.. With 'high taxes and
a ten per cent, interest law, there hvao en
. ,L. .R,..A.l.ln
- 1HB lOUOWIDg IB glTiu m istMvij
bleeding at the" nose : "Take apiece of
brown paper, fold it teteral times until It
la the sice of a small penny, then wet it In
cold water and apply tt to th little string
under the upper up. noiumg 11 uui.11
thej. blood eeasei if flow, which wll jbe al
most Immediately
- i ;t : : 1
:.,In Nn Tork Triban complains that
the aeaclllBg eomulnee 'teat trt by Con
greu with the hope xf finding huge fraud.
In Um Sew Tork election, have beea re-
vlaa In their daty. It la preparing' the puM
lie mind iw' a report that will torn the
"Xm Badlcal Legislature, tf Pennsylvania
Is buT trying to.deyise a way for iegisl-
tlflg theDemocratlo Mayor of Philadelphia
oat ot office. 'elnsj afraid, of the people,
they propose to have the .legislature ap
point tbe Mayor., . , .,., ,-,,
..Tk Toledo Blade Is solicitous for the"
people to demand of the RepresentatlYea la
Oontfreaa retrenchment and reform.' Until
the political '-complexion of Congress is
ejtaugch,: aoeh 'reformation need not' be
looked tor. "' " ''" ' ' f
''CaLuxBus Diuio. who. was not elected
but holds a seat In Congress, wants the
place of . the. resigning BeixiKS, as Com
mUloe"oX Internal Hereeue, under the
' - ' rr: - i ..
' Colorado journal calls upon Congress
to put a tariff upon the' Importation of
gold It thinks the gold Interest ought to
be protected! v.
. t .... . r- -
FRIDAY, January 22, 1869.
, The -PRESIDENT called the Senate to
order at ten s'elock.t
, Prsyer by Rev, A. Q. By era. ,
.M'aTrnoKa PRiaaasTU).
, By Mr. COREY l'etition from the Sur
vejor ot. Fultou county, relative to the
preservation of meridiau lines. Referred
to the Judiciary committee. ;
tj -w; BELialr BILL. '.i'' ';'
H. B. No. 301 For the relief of Thomas
Cutkn, was read the third time, and passed.
:il,3I.SAT C AB9EKCB. A7' t:."''
.Mr. Eraner bad leave of absence for this
day; Messrs. Griswold and Evans, as mem-1
bent of a select committee on a Girls' Re-;
form School, until Thursday next, and Mr.
Corey indefinite leave of absence.
.i'. A-v T BILLS INTRODUCED. ' ; i ,
S B. Xo. 297, b Mr. SCRIBNER Ti
establish a Cwde ef Criminal Procedure foi 1
the Sute ot Ohio. . -i ,
On motion of Mr. GRISWOLD, the bill,
was Hid ea the table without being read .
the nras time. 1
S. B. No. 293, by Mr. KEIFER -To an
thortze the letuoval of convicts confined in
the Penitentiary in certain cases. - --The
object ! this bill is" to enable the
Court ol Common Pleas of Hamilton coun
ty to have March, the diamond robber,
removed' to Cincinnati lor sentence, he
having been convicted of the larceny ot a
caseot diamonds, stolen from the jewelry
store of Dufem i Co., by throwing snuff
in the eyes of a clerk, while examining,
them in the store. When Judge Cox was
about to sentence hlm.he handed the Judge
a letter to-read, and while the Jndge was
reading it Ue prisoner escaped from tbe
Court House. The criminal was subse
quently sent to the Penitentiary for three
years from Clark county fornill tapping.p
a. B. S9 299,' by Mr. LAWRENCE
To amend and supplementary to tbe act to
authorize tbe .commissioners of Hamilton
county to erect county. Infirmary - build
ings, and - to, levy a ux therefui, passed
April 8, 1865." " . " .
8. B. Ho- 200. by Mr. TEOMAN To
amend section 7 of tbe act authorizing
county -eommissoners to construct roads
en a petition of a majority . ot . resident
owners along and adjacent to the line of
said road. Tbe amendment authorizes and
requires county trustees to receive bonds
In payment of the tax levied for 'the con
struction ot such roads. - - ..-,,.,..,,.
S B. No. 301, by Mr. EM MITT To en
able turnpike and plank road companies
to procure material to keep their roads in
repair. :. ? ,
Mr. HTJTCHESON offered a joint reso
lution instructing our Senators and re
questing our Representatives in Congress
tu make the proper efforts to secure the
of the TJuited States for tbe eastern part of
KSCMvu .1 m vmvi lb. ivi Nig UJU1W
wis state, anu to locate eaia courts at we
city of Columbut. .
On motion of Mr. BURROWS, the reso
lution was referred to We Judiciary com'
miliars,, j-.,-
6a motion of Mr. YEOMAN, S. B. No.
304, aopplementary to tbe set to authorize
County Commissioners to construct .roads
en petition of tbe resident land owners.'
Ac, and H. B. No. 438, to amend section 3
of Jbe said act, were taken up and referred
to the committee on Roads and Highways.
On motion of Mr. SCRIBNER, the bill
Introduced by him this morning, being
8.B.N0. New 297, To establish a Code ol
Criminal Procedure for tbe State ot Ohio.
was taken from the table and read the first
turing tte reading of the ioreeolne bllL
f The PRESIDENT stated that be had just
Ieivcu Kicgraui inuu new unauci-
DhU. snnouncina: the death, this mornloe.
ef Hon.D. W.Stambaugh, a member of the
senate. . . ... 1 1
Ou motion of Mr. GOLDEN, a committee
ot three was appointed to drait resolutions
expreaaivecf Ui sentiments of tbe Senate
lnreterenowto.we aDove melancholy an
Tbe PRESIDENT appolntetT Messrs.
Hutcbesou, Biggs and Berry said commit-
tee.m .... .. i-s-. . --
Oa motion of Mr. POTTS, a resolution
was. adopted lor the appointment ot a com
mittee or six senators to proceed to JNew
Philadelphia to attend we lunerai 01 eu
rntov 1 Stambaaa'U.J -
The President appointed Messrs. Potts,
Everett, Burrows, Jamison, Lawrence and
ttoiqen said committee. ,. ., .. .
Mr. EMMITT offered a joint resolu
tion reiattve to the claim o tbe State ol
Oktoagmlast Johs Paul.: Referred to tbe
Judiciary committee.
Tbe Senate then adourned till 3 P. M.
on Tuesday next. -
Jlie Journal was read and approved..
Tt . . rRtnoiritisiuiTu.. ; . ;
Vr.SHERWIN Resolutions of the a ve
Isnd Board of Trade, asking their Senators
and Representatives to vote tor an amend
ment to the interest law; legalizing ten per
cent: on special contracts. Referred to the
committee on Interest, ui v --
Mr. McMORRAN From John A.Mos
srrore and 37 other citizens of Champaign
county, on same subject. Similarly re
fanedV " ..- -
Mr. KA1K From Hon. A. E. Buss, A.4
K. uaines ana as otbesitiztna ot Carroll
eouaty, asking lor free trade la money
Bered.tp the same,, .j,,.,,., :HnSt,-.
'- ,,M-.t WB -"aaKca. , -. . .-Leave
ot absence, was granted to Messrs.
gayier. Hare, Jones, and Engrossing Clerk
Gunning, until next "week.
Rnt bilU 28fiT 264? 270 and 139
Bouse bills 459, 460 and 46l were read the
. f L -J !- -i. V ' . WW-.-... -.. r
second time and referred to appropriate
-cemmitmes. E p'"
'On motion of Mr. McMORRAN, the
third reading of bills was postpoued until
JjVednesday next. , ; ; . ..'. - - -
. By Mr. LEWTON H. B. 611 : Prescrib
ing the Dumber of the State Board of Ag
riculture! and to provide for their election.
I Provides that the Board shall consist of
one member from each Judicial District.
By Mr.RITEZEIX-H. B.512: To author
la the City Council of Warreo, Trumbull
countv. to borrow money to Improve pub
lic jrrouuds. . Designed for the Improve
ment of the city park of Warren
' By Mr. LEE H. B- 613: To amend the
first section ot an act prescribing the lees
of sounty auditors, passed May 1st, 1862,as
. . . : .a loos tJ ..,.1 Oil
amer.oea Apm u, iom 0. m. va, p.
335). and ADril 17. 1867 tO. S. vol. 64, p.
34i). Provides lor regulating the salaries
ot couuty auditors upon the basis of the
Federal census, Instead of the quadrennial
enumeration of males over 21 years ot
Mr. MOORE, of Putnam H. B. 614
Supplementary to an act entitled . an act
coLcerninir divorce and. alimonv. passed
' March ll, 1853, (S. & C. vol. 1, p. 609), pro
vides lor the granting 01 Divorces in cases
where the. husband or wife have become
7 incurably Insane providing such insanity
has existed lor a period of seven years,
and giving the court power to order pro;
vision lor the supporp ot insane wne.j r
On motion of Mr. LEETE, H. J. R. 109
' " Looking to the limitation of the jurisdic
! tion ot the Admiralty Court," was taken
' from the taDie anareierrea to a select com
tnittee ol one. ' '"
I The SPEAKER appointed Mr. Leete
! aaid select committee. K , .
On motion of Mr. ACKER, the House ad
journed until Tuesday next at 2 o'ciock
1 .. .. . : L. u D
Wasted A Good Coox. No one need
apply for this situation unless prepared to
exhibit a No. 1 recommendation. .
'- J. T. Harris,'
i ; jan23-It ' : ' ' ' 74 East Friend street.
; "Barrett's "Elegant Hair Restorative.
. Fob Sale. One Family Carriage, built
by Watson, of Philadelphia. One Dog
Cart, built by 'T Brewster A Con ot New
. Tork i'nearW new. ' One verv liffht no toD
Buggy Weight, 136 pounds; nearly new.
One Jagger - Wagon, - with top, built by
Brewster & Co New York. One Portlay
Sleigb, very light, and almost new. One
set fine Coath Harness, made by Lacey &
Phillips, of Philadelphia.. Also, one Track
4 Sulky ; Skeleton Wagon, light; single and
double Harness; (bells, &c. As I intend
changing my residence 1st, the above
will be sold low ' Richard Nevin
: jao23'-dtf ' - '
'Barrett's " is the household word.
Auction Sale of Furniture by J.G
Beal, at rooms No. 7 West Broad street,
on- Saturday morning, January 23d, 1869
consisting; of sofas, safes, lounges, stands
chairs, bureaus, bedstead?, heating and
cooking stoves, one fine book case, office
des k, parlor, dining and kitchen tables. &cJ
Sale positive. - - John G. Bkal,
. 1 jau22 d2t . ... . . , Auctioneer.
- Read "Barrett's" Circular..
, jewelry made and repaired by C. E.
Smith, 27 S. High street, over Bain's store
' nov6d3m . ,
: Barrett's " is indkpensible. :
Our best physicians sanction and. recom
mend the use of Hall's Vegetable Sicilian
Hair Renewer. Let all who are gray ap
ply it! ' jy25-wfcdslj-cw
- "Barrett's".
mium. .!
received tbe First Pre--.
sep30-dltaw&wly-cw .
' t3? The. mortgsgees of the Olentangy
Park Association are requested to call at
my office and receive balance due them in
janl4-tf Richard Nevuss, Vice Pres't.
; ! a;' . - ..' . . 1 , . . .. ...
i K. KV-Karney's celebrated Korn
Kure lor sale at Houston & Gardner's drug
store. Karney Korn Kure is a Kapital
Kombinatlon. , :. : - janl8.1w,;
Jkleit & DeButts, Locksmiths an
bell hangers, at No. 141 North High street,
are now prepared to bang parlor and hotel
bells in the neatest and latest style. Sew
ing ' machines repaired and satisfaction
guaranteed."1 Models built for patentees,
and all kinds ot light machinery made and
repaired. Keys ot all description always
on band, and sale and jail locks made and
repaired. ' may23-s-ly
A cask or Humphreys' Homceopathic
Specific in the house is a well-spring ol
satisfaction. You can always find the true
remedy for a cold, , cough, sore throat,
croup, face-ache, weak stomach, catarrh,
or other 0 the thousand ailments to
which a family are subject, and thus save
doctor' bills, sickness and suffering. Prlci
of a full case and book of directions is $10.
Sent to ! any address on repeipt cf the
price. Address, -Humphreys Speciftc
Homcbopathic Medicine Co. 562 Broad
way, N. Y. . Iyl3-d&wly-cw
Hollow ay's Ointment. Unlike the dan
gerous ongnents that temporarily arrest
pain by a deadening, paralyzing process,
this pure and wholesome vegetable salve
promotes vital action in the sore, ulcerated
or bruised flesh to which it is applied, and
by this means enables nature to counteract
diseased action in the part affected, and to
restore its soundness. This is the phlloso
phy of its operation. ' It is simple, rational,
and experience, which is better than the
ory, proves that it is true. Sold by all
druggists. jy9-dly-cw
Wives, if your husbands are given to
drink, matrimonial harmony is disturbed.
Peace and concord are swept from tbe
' threshold of borne. . Conjugal felicity is
annihilated, love's holy power Is lost, es
teem is trampled under foot, and tbe abode
of a once bappy and prosperous household
' becomes tbe poverty. stricken den of pro
fane, discordant and despairing wretched'
ness. All these horrors you will never
have to experience, if you cure your hus
band of tbat ruinous disease. Drunken
ness, with the famous. vuDr. Johnston's
Specific." You can buy it in any first
class Drug store. ..
sep22- dttsfcwly-cw
' Half way - up Lookout ' Mountain, the
place where memory is stirred by a tbou
sand thrilling associations, and where the
brave boys of both armies met and fought
band to band, where the blood of both
friend and foe was mingled together and
ran down tbe mountain-side in rivulets, is
a smooth-faced rock, upon which a poor,
wounded soldier Inscribed the following
. "B.T. 1860 X. Eerly in the battle :
was wounded, and carried to this spot by
two clever Yanks. - They bade me fare
well, and as they supposed,' to die, for I
, was so weak from Iobs 'of- blood tbat I
could but faintly thank them. for their
' kindness.'1- They left in my canteen a part
; bottle of Plantation Bitters, to which 1
; owe my life, for it strengthened me and
"kept life within me until help came and
my wound was dressed. God bless them
; for their kindness and for the Plantation
.Bitters.' Henry DaVaqbl,
. 1 suT Company B, 10th Georgia.
' Magsolia Water. Superior to tbe best
' imported German , Cologne, and sold at
half the price. .... ..
Presidential Nominations—Petition
Presidential Nominations—Petition to the Senate.
NEW YORK, Jan. 22.
The Washington d la catch s&vst
A petition is be 1 11 z circulated in tbe Housr
asking the Senate not to confirm any monj
nominations made by the President this
spg.'-ion, whether they be Republicans or
Democrats, xc nas already received in
signatures of nearly all tbe Republlcau
memrjers 01 me nouse. and it will, it is ex
pected, be laid before the Senate at Its next
executive session, with the name 01 every
Uepublir.au in tDe House attaolied to It. it
is understood that this movement has tbe
sanction of Gen. Grant, and was started by
his particular friends in tbe House.
Universal Peace Union.
WASHINGTON, D. C., Jan. 22.
At a session of the American, branch ol
the Universal Peace Union, a resolution
was nassed that all idea ot punishment
should be done away with, as at war with
the law of love. The President stated that
Hester -Vaughn will not be executed, but
oe sent poms to .bngiano. - .
Tobacco Convention.
: The Tebacco Convention has appointed
an Executive Committee to present to
Congress their views upon taxes.
The Virginia Committee.
' The Reconstruction committee held
meeting this morning, wbicb was address
ed by Col. John f. Baldwin, ot Virginia,
on the subject of tbe restoration that State,
and in auvacacy 01 tne view presented dj
tbe Virginia commtyiee 01 seven.-
The President has nominated to the Sen
ate Joseph J. Stewart, of Maryland, as
Minister at Constantinople; Selah Watus,
Tennessee, Minister resident at .Ecuador.
Supreme Judges.
The Judges of the Supreme Court were
eneaged in consultation on important
questions, including' that involving tbe
constitutionality ot the legal tender act.
WASHINGTON, January 22.
The PRESIDENT presented the creden
tlals of James A. Bayard and Thomas F.
Bavard, Senators elect from Delaware.
Mr. FRELINUHUYaEX addressed tbe
Senate in reply to tbe argument of Mr.
Morton, yesterday, on his bill to punish
the collection ol illegal taxes upon passen
iters, and
-Mr. MORTON replied briefly, when the
discussion was interrupted by the expira
tion 01 tne nonr.
Mr. WILSON offered a joint resolution
reappointing Professor Agaesiz a regent
or hmlthsonlan institute, which passed.
Adjourned till to-morrow.
Mr. GRISWOLD introduced s bill to
diminish tbe fluctuations in gold, and to
provide for a return to specie payments
Referred to committee on Ways and Means,
aud ordered to be printed. The bill pro
poses the issue of gold notes by tbe (iov
ernment, redeemable in coin and receiva
ble for all Government dues not to exceed
$350,000 000. and not to exceed the amount
of gold in the treasury. Above that re.
quired for three months' interest on the
public debt is to be used in redeeming
gieenoacK8 at tne average goto value.
Tbe House resumed consideration ot the
bill granting land to tbe Denver City
.Kauway ana reiegrapn uompany.
Mr. AN TKU Mr continued his argu
merit against tue bin.
The subject then went over for the day
Tbe SPEAKER gave notice that on to-U
morrow Mr. Boutwell would call up thej'
proposed Constitutional amendment in!
respect to Snffrage, and the bill on that
subject, for debate during tbe day.
The death of Mr. Hinds, late membeii
from Arkansas,, who was assassinated in!
that State during the recess of Congress, i
was announced by Mr. Eliot, of Arkansas
Alter euiogies on tne deceased oy tni 1
members of tbe 'Arkansas delegation, the!
House adjourned. . .. . - -
Florida Legislature.
No vote was taken for Senator to-day.
A committee has been appointed by a
joint ballot to inquire into ttie charges ot
orioery ana corruption in tne senatorial
election last June, and the influence now
exerted to prevent an election. The pres
ent Indications are that Gilbert's .election
ill be indorsed.
A joint committee has been appointed to
consider tbe proposition of the Alabama
Annexation Commission. ...
Chicago Items.
CHICAGO, Jan. 22.
At Darbva Illinois, twenty-three miles
distant, last evening, a wealthy farmer's
handsome daughter of sixteen, named Han
nah Dodma-i was Instantly killed by throw-
ng herselt underneath a moving train on
the Northwestern railroad. Her parents'
refusal to let ber marry a young neighbor
Impelled the suicide.
Tbe demand for seats at the Farepa Kosa
concerts next week, in new Farwell Hall,
was so great this morning that one thou
sand dollars worth were taken before noon.
They being given in the Young Men's
Christian Association Hall draws out tbe
religious class.
Tbe new Clarke school building, erected
at a cost of $70,000, to seat one thousand
pupils, was dedicated this afternoon.
Carrie Clark, aged nineteen years, was
drowned while skating on Fox river, two
miles above Elgin, Illinois, last nlgnt. The
body was recovered.
The attempt to lynch Miller, the mur
derer, in Prairie du Chien, Wisconsin, yes
terday, tailed. A mob ot over six hun
dred threatened tbe Sheriff, who was as
sisted by special constables. Hundreds of
country people assembled to witness tbe
expected hanging. At midnight the Sher
iff bad the prisoner conveyed in a close
carriage to a point outside the town, where
he was put aboard a ireignt tram ior Milwaukee.
Boston Items.
BOSTON, Jan. 22.
Hon. Seth Ames was Qualified to-day as
one ot the Justices of the Supreme Judi
cial Court, in place of Judge Foster, re-
Tbe Democrats ot tbe Second district of
New Earn 08h ire have nominated Upward
N. Huntington, ot' Manchester, for Con
South Carolina.
COLUMBIA, S. C., Jan. 21.
The State Senate to-dav passed a bill in
creasing the salaries of Justices of the Su
preme Court to 4,500, ana t;ircuit juugus
to iuw.
A Republican bano.net was given last
evening by Senator Leslie, in honor of the
election of Reuben E.Fentou as United
States Senator Irom New xork. Speeches
were delivered by Mr. Leslie ana others.
Strike. PHILADELPHIA, Jan. 22.
The coal miners employed on the Una of
the Fan Uaudle ana Aliegneney valley
railroads are on a strike lor higher wages,
Thev demand five cents a bushel for dig
uing, which is an advance of one cent.
The miners on the Pennsylvania railroad,
though at present at work, are daily ex
pected to strike. ,
San Francisco News.
The Central Pacific railroad Is complet
ed to within twenty-oue miles of Elko,
and four hundred and eighty-one miles
east of Sacramento: witbin one hundred
and eiirhtv miles ot the head of Salt Lake,
The track is being laid at the rate of two
miles per day.
. Tjit Arizona advices say that sickness
of a malignant type prevails at Lucson.
Almost every person in the place was at
tacked. Many died. ,
St. Louis News.
ST. LOUIS, Jan. 22.
i A spirited meeting or merchants was
held at the Southern hotel last night, to
consider the question of freights between
New York ana otner eastern cities-ana St,
Louis. It was snown mat great uisciimi'
nation is made by railroad companies
against St. Louis, in lavor 01 Cincinnati,
Chicago and other Western cities. An as-
onfiation was lormed, under the title ot
Merchants' Protective Freight Union of
St. Louis,' which was joined by a large
number of merchants, and machinery put
into operation for eff-jctually carrying out
the objects 01 me uuiuu. au ntui,j win
be established in New York, and an agent
sent there to deal directly wun railroad
and express companies, and demand the
same advantages tor St. Louts merchants
as are accorded to those of other cities.
The Republican this morning discusses
the question whether Geiu Sheridan's de
struction of Black Kettle's camp wai 1 a
ma-sacre, or whether it was justified by
the former conduct of the Indians, and in
consideration of the diversity otstatemem
In regard to the matter, calls upon Congress
to appoint a special committee to thor
oughly investigate the subj ct..- l-
Gen. Sherman has been ill for several
days past. , . . r . - v
, E. W. Wise. a. photographer, pf Hanoi
bal. Mo., was arrested it day or two ago
for manulacturing counterfeit postal cur
rpnir. A rnnntrierahlR ntiantitV of cur
rency, presses, ink, &c, was lound In hit
Mrs. Twitchell.
Tn tbe murder trial of Mrs. Twitcbell
Hiia morn Inc. tha District Attorney aban
doned the case. The Judge charged the
turir ti hrlno- lnM Verdict Of not gllUty
wHnh xco rinnn. and che was discharged
I from custody. -
General Grant.
General Grant Is attending the sessions
' of the Peabodv Educational Fund to-day
To-morrow he will give a reception to
citizsns at Barnum's hotel.1"
Indiana Senatorship.
A caucus ol the Republican members ol
, the Legislature was held this morning,
1 Cumback's name was withdrawn, ana tion
D. S. Pratt, of LozansDort, nominated for
Senator. The latter was elected in loin
convention at noon. The vote stands
Pratt 83; Hendricks CO; absent and paired
011 7.- ''-"'.
To be Retained.
NEW YORK, Jan. 22.
It has been stated that John C. Braine,of
the rebel navy, who haa been In con
flnement for two vears in the King!
county jail, -in Brooklyn, will be released
: nnder the President's amnestv. Out the U.
. S. District Attorney in Brooklyn has as
yet received no instructions in tbe matter
from the Attorney General.
Fire Companies Disbanded.
The fire companies of Brooklyn, on
nesday, disbanded three engine companies,
four hose companies and one nook ana lao
oVr company, representing an aggregate of
276 volunteer Bremen, iney were uiS'
banded for disorderly conduct and fight
' 'The steamship Arizona, from Aspinwall.
Kangaroo, from Liverpool, and the South
America, from Rio Janeiro, arrived this
The iurv in the case of Blaisdell, Eckel
& McLaren, who have been on trial in the
United States Circuit Court for the past
four days, on a charge of defrauding the
internal revenue, this evening rendered a
verdict of guilty. The prisoners were re
manded for sentence. . '
Secretary Seward.
The Times reports that Mr. Seward has
lately been arraping his affairs for an ex
tended tour of travel, which be proposes
beginning on the expiration of his term
of office. The journey will be across the
continent to California, and thence through
the Republics of South America.
Board of Health.
The Board ol Health yesterday afternoon
elected Dr. Elisba Harris as Sanitary Su-
fierintendent, in place of Dr. Dalton, who
The Hibernia.
The London Shipping Gazette pf the 9th
Instant savs the brig HaUuibal,' Captain
Tvler. arrived at Liverpool. Irom Ceara.
She spoke the bark America, for New
York, on the 30th ot December, In lati
tude 42 degrees 43 min. north; longitude 30
degrees 23 mln. west, with 38 of tbe ship
wrecked passengers and crew of tbe Steam
er Hibeinia onboard. Tbe account ol
Captian Tyler is circumstatial, and there
seeiis know doubt that another of tbe
boats that left the 111 fated steamer has been
fallen in with and the sufferers rescued.
The New York Herald, in copying the
above, expressed the belief that notwith
standing the recent statement per cable
to the contrary ail tne passengers ana crew
of the Hibernta are safe, The America,
which lett Bremen November 21, has not
reached New York.
Counterfeiters Captured.
Col. Woods, U. S. detective," made a de
scent this morning on a den ot counter
feiters, at a barber shop, 75 Cherry street,
and arrested seven men, all Italians, on a
charge of dealing in counterfeit notes.-
About $23,000 in counterleit greenbacks
and currency,doi)arsand fifty-cent stamps,
etc., were tOund, including $2 bills of the
Rhode Island National Bank. Antonio
Denier is said to be the principal leader
of the gang. Three other arrests of per
sons connected with the same ring were
subsequently made. One, named Jos.
Santalie, made a desperate resistence and
slightly wounded an official. Tbe names
. ot the others, as far as known, are An
tonio Sari. Antonio Senore, Litero MUlettl,
Rosoner Duncan and Francis Stepans.
'the prisoners were brought beiore the
United States Commissioner, and remanded
for trial.
LONDON, Jan. 22.
The steamship Bellona, from New York,
has arrived.
PARIS, Jan. 22.
The conference has selected M. Waltews
kl to convey the protocol to Athens. He
is instructed to wait five days for an an
swer from the Grecian Government.
BRUSSELS, Jan. 22.
Leopold Ferdinand, Prince Royal of
died yesterday, aged ten.
Insurgents Repulsed.
HAVANA, Jan. 22.
The insurgents have been .repulsed In an
to burn tbe city ot MazuUlo.
The Spanish frigate Leabata arrived yes
terday irom Cadiz. While near the Canary
islands her crew mutinied, and at one time
it was feared the trouble ' would assume
serious proportions, but it was suppressed
by the determined of the ship's officers
Seven ring lea lers were arrested, and
landed at the Canaries. Tbe mutiny was
caused by a supply of bad water, and the
excitement of tbe crew over events in
Spain. 7 - -'
Miguel Herrera, a merchant of this city,
has been appointed temporary f resident 01
Banco del Comerico, and will attempt to
arrange its affairs.
Tbe Government authorities have seized
the coasting vessel Seis, from Hermanns,
on suspicion of carrying supplies lor the
rebels. The Spanish officials here are en
forcing the regulations concerning pass
ports with great stringency.
Passengers without passports are pro
hibited irom embarking or landing.
Travelers by steamers from the United
States ports are much annoyed by delay,
caused by these precautions. They some
times have been obliged to wait over five
liourj after the steameVs arrival before
permitted to leave.
The Banco del Comerico has resumed
Latest Advices.
The Mikado has issued a proclamation
announcing that peace reigns throughout
the land of Aldsee. He justified his oppo
sition to Satsuma and the Southern princes.
All seemed progressing favorably for the
Southern cause. The Northern princes
openly disavow the conduct of Admiral
Ennomatto in storming ' Hokadodis and
seizing several of the Mikado's vessels ol
war. .....
1 No Northern army is now in the field.
The : Southerners are disbanding tbeir
trnons. .
i In the attack and capture of Hokadodis,
nnder the supervision of European officers.
the Southerners offered but little opposi
tion.- ' ' "
Admiral Ennomallo issued stringent or
ders to seize and confiscate foreign vessels
carrying troops. ,
There were breaches of neutrality by
foreign ships. ..
The Tvcoon's brother, M nbnntayo; ar
rived from Paris December I6J1, and soon
aftet be bad interview with the Mikado,,
He was reported as entrusted with a mis
sion 01 peace to pis oroiner.
The financial ; troubles of the Govern
ment ot Japan are-great.' Paper currency
was treelv issued. The foreign merchants
at Yokohama requested their respective
ministers to Drotectthem against the Issue
ot paper money, unless the Governm.'i t
keeps bullion sufficient oa baud to redeem
at sight.
Tbe Asiatic fauadron flagship rlscata-
aula, IroouOis. Hong Kong. Uuadilla and
Arostooit were cruising in tbe South uiina
waters. - -..
Rio Janeiro Advices to Dec. 23d
NEW YORK, Jan. 22.
The steamship South America brings
Rio Janeiro dates to tbe 231 of December.
The Times savs that on the Schr Caxias
performed a flank, movement, by which he
tnrew a lorceol zu.uuu allies above villetta.
A battle near Augustura ensued and re
sulted in driving. the Paraguayans out ot
their works defending that place and largo
captures. The allies suffered severely .
Operations ' were immediately contrived
and an attack on Villetta was made on the
11th. The Paraguayans were again routed.
Unlr ZUU men escaped. Tbe captures 01
war material' were large. - The allies oc
cupied Villetta and the fleet proceeded to
Jail Delivery.
NEW YORK, Jan. 22.
' The steamship Erigona brings Panama
dates to the 13tb, andS531,419 to treasurer.
uonn sinitn, auas .n. v. Clinton, n
alleged embezzler, ot Buffalo, and three
other prisoners, one a murderer, escaped
irom tue ranama jau on tne nintn.
. - .
NEW YORK, Jan. 22. Fire and Loss of Life.
RIVIERE DE LEUPS, Canada, Jan. 22.
Merchand'8 Hotel, at this place, was
destroyed by fire this morning. Three of
Mr. Merchant's children, and a man named
Wallace, civil engineer, were burned to
death, and a number of others Injured.
New York Dry Goods Market—Jan. 22.
There is little stir as vet in this depart
rnent of trade, but prices are firm for all
staple cotton goods, and an improved in
quiry would readily carry prices of the
various styles to a higher altitude.
Heavv brown sheetings command 16
17c: printing cloths are held at 9ie and
sold largely ahead. Prints are In moderate
request at 13Uc; best makes of Pa
cific lawns at 18c; do percales 4-4 31c; do;
orientals 20c; do serges 22c; do 3-4 color
ed alpacas 23c. Imported carpets have ad-,
vanced 10.; per yard, and Crossly' best vel-'i
vets now bring $3 33, but best Lowell and.
Hartlord 3-plys are reduced in price Ioj
per yard, and now sell at $1.C5. ;
Glittering Tfeth. Not only does So-'
zodont impart the whiteness ol tbe purest
porcelain to tbe teeth, but its polish, too..
They glisten alter being brushed with it,
like the inner surface of an ocean shell,
and tbe effect of this peerless dentifrice is
to render the enamel as hard and indestruc
tible as adamant. , . . - . ,
Save and mend the pieces, use "Spauld
tng's Glue." ; . r ; . , ;
. VNy-dec2l-eod6m-cw
New Advertisements
ZW 'The Ohio Statesman has a
Earg;er Circulation than any pa.
per published in this City or Cen
tral Ohio. Advertisers -will bear
this In mind.
187 North High Street.
MAT. WEAVER : Secretary.:
Sherift's Sale.
Win. Taylo)
ft I -Jaeob
Im. )
Court of CctcmoD Pleaa of
Uelawn county,
. - . , Ohio. ...
above ftated ease from eaid eonrf t , me di-i
noted. I will offer for sale t public amotion. t the
Court House, in t city of Coluuibas. on -
Wednesday, tbe 3d rinv ot February, A. D
at 10 o'clock A. M , the following goods and chattels
or so moon thereof as will satisfy said exeouiion.
Three barrels whisky. 5 barrels anranm molasses.
1 barrel lard, one half barrel Catawba wine, 1 bar
rel port wine, 1 barrel sherry wine, 1 barrel black
berry, I Darrel eoal oil. ,
.Printer's fee.
Coroner, aoting as SsherhT.
Dissolution of Copartnership.
iosj between Weonre imon and Adolphas
Feiel was dissolved by mutual eonsrnt on the lath
inst. Adolphus Fiel assumes all labilities of the
firm and collects all outstanding nebis.
To Nos. 64 Korth Hlsra Street,
' ,..,CQicjriBrjs. oHiev ..
Andrews, Perry & Co.,
'Also, every artiole eonneeted with the Paper
business, including Witing; -Printing and Wrap
ping Papers. Envelopes,, Printers' Cards. Book,
News, Colored Inks. Ac. ' janl-dwis
IVo. 336 Broadway.
Capital, - One Mil.ion EoIIarg.
D ABir 8 K Manga Pres't. 'JiB.MKBRii.t.,Seo'y
Reotires Deposi'sand allows FOUR PER IE NT'
IN I KKEriToo all Daily Balances, subject to cheok
at sight, bpeeial Deposits fur fix months or more,
tnav be made at five per cent. Tbe Capital ot One
Million Dollars is divided among over S0 Share
holders, oomorisinv many gentlemen of lanre wealth
and financial experience, who are al;o personally
liable to depositors tor all obligations of the Corn
pan' to double the amount of their capital stock.
As the National Trust Company receives deposits
in large or small amounts, ard permits them to be
nnwn as a whole or in pa t by check at sight and
without notice, allowing inten-st on all daily bal
ances, parties throughout the oountr, eao keep ac
counts in this institution with special advantages
of security, convenience and profit.
JL E alValiNa Utf IJLl a
The only Infallible and Harmless Femedy. Can be
given with or without the patient's knowledge.
Read Dr. Johnston's Treatise on "Drunken- - 1
ness, its Conpeqnences and Cure." Try
the SPECIFIC, and ba con
. - - - . '
pleasant pi eparatinn ereates no vomiting after its
use. Tobago need rot be discarded all at once,
for tbe Compound destroys the desire gradual y
and positively. , T-fv JFT n
seplT-dTlaiwly Proprietor, Columbus, Q.
CoLCMBCB.CHiOAao ft Indians. Can. R'r Co.
, Columbus. O.. January J3tb,18b-'V
: the Capital Stock of the Colunbua, Chicagn
A Indiana t. antral Railway Companv will bee o-ed
on tnvenint vf January SV).. ItM. and remain
olosed untilJannary JHU,189. ' -
By order ef the Board.
J janl-dtd w - -K)RD0N HOODIE. See'r.
teneration, tbe vegetative powers of
ife are strong, but in a few years how
often the pallid hue, the lack lustre eye,
and emaciated formj and th . imnnxni
bility of application to mental effort.
show its baneful influence. It soon be
comes evident to the observer that some
depressing influence is checking the de
velopment of tha hndv:
is talked of, and perhaps the youth is
removed from school and sent into tbe
country. This is one of tbe worst move
ments. Removed from ordinary di
versions of the ever-changing scenes of
tbe city, the powers of the body too
much enfeebled to give zest to healthful
and rural exercise, thoughts are turned
inwards upon themselves.-'
, If the patient be a female, the ap
.proach of the menses is looked for with
anxiety, as the first symptom in which
Nature is to show her saving power in
diffusing the circulation and visiting
the cheek with the bloom of health.
"Alas! increase of appetite has grown
by .what it fed on; the energies of the
system are prostrated, and the whole
eoonomy is .deranged. ' The beautiful
and wonderful period in which body
and. mind .undergo so fascinating. a
change froni child to woman, is looked
for in vain ; the parent's heart bleeds
in anxiety, and fancies the grave but
waiting tor its victim.
For Weakness arising from excesses or
early indiscretion, attended with tbe
following symptoms : Indisposition to
Exertion, Loss of Power, Loss of Mem
ory, Difficulty of Breathing, ' General
Weakness, Horror of Disease, Weak
Nerves, Trembling, Dreadful Horror of
Death, Night Sweats, Cold Feet, Wake-
fulness,' Dimness of Vision, Langour,
Universal Liassitude of the Muscular
System, Often Enormous Appetite with
Dyspeptic Symptoms, Uot Hands,
Flushing of the Body, Dryness of the
Skin, irallid Uountenance and Irruptions
on the t ace, Pain in the Back, Heavi
ness of the Eyelids, Frequently Black
Spots Flying before the Eyes, with
A emporary OUnuSlOS ana Ai088 Ol Olgnt,
Want of Attention, Great Mobility,
Kestlessness, With Horror Of Society .
Nothing is more desirable to such pa.
tients than Solitude and nothing they
more areaa, ior rear or x nemseives :
no Repose of Manner, no Earnestness,
no Speculation, but a hurried TranSl -
tion from one question to another.
These symptoms, if allowed to go on
which this Medicine invariably- re
moves soon follow Lobs of Power, Fa
tuity, and Eoilentic Fits, in one of
which the patient may expire.
During-the Superintendence of Dr.
. . . , , , ,
Wilson.at the Bloommgdale Asylum,
this sad result occurred to two patients :
reason had for a time left them, and!
both died of epilepsy. They were of
" i .if: i. " 't
-m-- ;J. u
VV ho can say tbat these excesses are
not frequently followed by those dire-
tul diseases, insanity and Uonsump
tion 1 1 he records of tbe Insane Asy
lums, and the melancholy deaths; by
Consumption, bear ample witness to the
truth of these assertions. In Lunatic
Asylums the most melancholy exhibi
tion appears. Xhe countenance is ac
tually sodden and quite destitute-
neither Mirth or liriet ever, visits it.
Should a sound of the voice occur, it is
rarely articulate,
'With woefnl measures wan Despair
Low sullen sounds their grief beguiled."
Whilst we regret the existence of tbe
above diseases and symptoms, we are
prepared to offer an invaluable gift of
chemistry for the removal ot tbe conse
auences : Hulmbold's Highly Co.4
ckntrated Fluid Extract op Bucuu
There is no tonic like it. It is an an
chor of hope to the surgeon and patient,
and this is the testimony of all who have
used or prescribed it.
Sold by Druggists and Dealers every
where. Prepared at U. 1. MlLiJU.-
BOLD'S Drug and Chemical Ware
house, 594 Uroadway, IN. I. ' K i'
Great Salt Lake Citt. Utah )
January 23. 1868. f -
Me. H. T. Helm bold Dear Sirt
Your communication requesting our
terms for advertising was duly received,
but from a' prejudice ' I bad formed
against advertising "cursa for secret
diseases." it was left unanswered. - Dur-
ingan accidental conversation in a Drug
Store the other evening, my mma was
changed on the character of your Bu
CHU. It was then highly commended
for other diseases by .two physicians
present. Inclosed please find our rates
of advertising. lours, etc.,
Editor and Proprietor ef Daily and
Semi-Weekly lelegraph. i ... .
N. T. S. Vol. Ikstttutk, I
Cor. 5th Ave. & 76ib St, Central Park. J
(A Home and School for the Sooi of de-
ceasea soiaiers.; -
Dr. H. T. Helmbold : Two bottles
only of the package of your .valuable
BuCHU presented to the Institute have
been used by the children, and with per
fect success. In the case ef our little
Lieutenant A. J., his pride iB no longer
mortined, and he is tree Irom the daily
morning anathemas of tbe chambermaid
who has charge of his bedding. -1 feel
that a knowledge of th result of our
tase of your Buchu with the children
under onr charge may save many a1 Su
perintendent ' and Matron of Boarding
Schools and Asylums a great amount ot
annoyance ; ana many a poor child suf
fering more from weakness than''. from
' habit, may be spared punishment, that
is (not knowing it as a weakness instead
rif . had habit) most uniustly inflicted
upon thems P Thankipg ypu on behalf of
the children, ana aoping oiue mj
' alike benefitted,-' 1 am" reapeetfufly
yours, , COL. YOUNG, ''.!'
General Sup't and Director, . 'w
1 June 16, 1866. jyrwwtcwV "
, Ayer!s
For resloVingCray Hair to
its-natural Vitality and Color."
' A dressing which
is. at once . agreeable,
healthy, and effectual
for preserving the
hair. Faded or gray
hair u toon restored
to it original color
with the glou and
freshneu of youth.
Thin hair is thick
ened, falling hair checked, and bald
ness often, though not always, cured
by its use. Nothing can restore the
hair where the follicles are aestroyed, .
or the glands atrophied and decayed.
But such as remain can be saved for
usefulness by this application. Instead
of fouling the hair with a pasty- sedi
ment, it will keep it clean and vigorous.
Its occasional use will prevent the hair
from turning gray or falling off, and
consequently prevent baldness. Free
from those deleterious substances which,
make' some preparations dangerous and
injurious to the hair, the Vigor can
only benefit but not harm it. If wanted
merely for. a . - i
nothing else can be found so desirable.
Containing neither oil nor dye, it does
not soil white cambric, and yet lasts
long ou the hair, giving it a rich glossy
lustre and a grateful perfume. , i
Prepared by Dr. J. C. Ayer & Co.,
Practical and Anaxttical, Chemists,
FBICS $1.00. . ..
snle and Retail Dealers, Columbus. Ohio, and by
Druggists everywhere. jan6-dod&weowly
. ' Thensaof " ' '7-fV " i
Will restore it to its natural oolor and promoU itl
. . Vr - - SMT rB IT MAIL.. ' '(
R. P. HILL A CO.. Nashua. N. H.. Proprietori.!
For sale by all Drasfists. t.
julylS dltwAwly-em :
The Plaster of the t'Ttme.'!.
t- Lnmbaro the aet like a ehann. la a few
I hours a violent eough is relieved by a' Plartefspr
Ped to the chest, uany persons oeueve asolel
Ukn while a plMtw ii wo th.8thl
nef Ieoted oft,n inITodaeof Coniamp--
tion.- -r . .... - J
. -, Cssm of Irsiloai f the Llrn-.
I A gentleman, after a severe sickness, bad lesion
or tne liver. Every quiet movement or sadden jar
cave him severe pain, often laying bim np ior days.
Hence ha was unable to follow any ocoapalioa with
regularity. , , . .'
la this condition he applied over the part affeV
firrt u reemed to 14 TO tok" - B
,he m"ke dlm"m.: tSTZZ hVjfr
fare him courage to try again, and he therefore ap-
plM Moth piter. m a few days something
gave way slipped.' to use the gentle en sown
words. There wss sosneioreness for a lew days af-
tnen n, n WM Pneeuy restored, unea
being sounded by his physieian tbe dhesioa or
I U.ion was found to be gone.
Principal Agency. BsuiUTH. Eevss, ' New
Tork Sold by.au draggisu.- -
To Owners of Horses and Cattle
. . , .... ... .. .IX
Tobias Derby Condition Powders an warranted
superior to any others, or no pay, for the cur of
Disten.per. Worms, Bote, Couth. Hide-bound.'
Cold. Ac. in Hersej, and CoMe. Conghs. Loss of
Milk, Black Tongue, Hon Distemper, A in Cat
tle. .................. , j
Tbey are perfectly safe and innocent: no need of
topping the working of your animimaL They in
crease the appetite, give a fine mo, cleanse the.
stomsch and urinary organs ; also Increase, th
milk of cows. Try them, and you wfll never ba
without them. . . --
?nl. PhiliivP.Bnsb. of the Jaroma Raea Confao.
Fordham, A. Y.. would not use them nntH he was
told of what they are con posed, since which he is
never without them. Be haa over ranninc,
hones in his ebarge, and for the last three years
has nsed no other medicite for them. Be has kind-.
Jy permitted us to refer any one to him. Over
1,000 other references e a be teen at the depct.
Sold by Druggists and Saddlers.. Price SS cents
per box. Depot. 10 Park Place Sew. Tork. .
junelS-dAwlyom-reiiT , . s. .-
T '
J-iAPIES. over gray hnir, why
-" Stould there be a HUE and CRT T . V
I. CKlSTAUORO'd DYE. you know.
. Willa3LACh: BROWN bestow.
Use. then, this uneqalled Dye. - -
Have the HUE without the CRT.
Cristadoro's Hair Prtservatlve.1
Criatadoro guarantees that his Hair Preservative)
shall sueoeed where every other preparation haa'
ailed in keeping clean the hair, thickening it. .
glossing, preserving its color, inclining it to curl. '
and restoring it to that health and vigor which ar
tbe elements of its beauty.. ' '7;
. SAd by Druggists, and kpplied by all Hair Drtse
ers. Manufactory Ko, 68 llaiden Lane. Principal
Depot No o A stor House, . - , X
PKOVlDfcNCE. R. I, raving the largest manu
factory of Solid Silver Ware in the world, with
the most m proved machinery, and employing the
most skillei labor, are enabled to ofler an Hra- j
equalled variety of new a ad beautiful designs in
Dinner Services, Tea Ser rices, and every article) -specially
adopted for Holiday and Bridal tiifts. ,
They offer also their well-known and unrivalled
Nickel SUver Eleoiro-Plated Ware, in which shew-,
have introduced new patterns of ran elegance.
The Solid Silver is guaranteed to be of sterling .
purity by U. S. Mint assay. The Electro-Plat, .if
guaranteed to be superior to tbe finest Sheffield '
ware. Orders received from the Trade only, but '
these goods may be obtained from responsible ,
dealers every whan. . ,, . . :' V i.
- rri - i--.-Trnda..i
Trade Mkrx, - 5?
Suvr.r. W-ev
Saleeroom No. S Maiden Lane. N. Y. ."
nov5-oAw4 jjm-re NT - - - ' j
- PaLsna'a Vkoktablb Cosmiiio Lotiok is the .
toveniga balm for the smallest pimple on tbe foe,
aa well as -the most distrersing cutaneous disease'
that ean afflict any part of the person..
sepll-dawly-em , t
OR. A. . WiLl.lAiS, West Broadway, aerr
lign street, Columbus. Ohio, ha devoted hiauslf.,
r a series of yean to the treatment of oertain prta -r.te
diseases. He may boeaulted at hit sfsm
Bmadat. oeartheaaoaanseKana -may8l-tf
11 UI
t TH restored in fnur weeks. Soeoesa
gaannteed. DR. RICOKD'S ESShNCKOF Ui B
restores uahly powen. from whatever eea is stk
sins; the effects of earl pernicious babt s. self- ,
abuse, impoteney and climate, give away at oooe te
this wonderful medicine, if taken regularly accord- ,
in to the directions (which are very simple and re ,
quire no restraint from busicess or pleasure.) Pail,
ure ta impossible. fld in bottles at A3, or four
qaantitiee in one for fa. - lo be bad only of the sole
appointed agent in--America.-H. UniTaiM, '
'1 bird Ave., corner ttta SU. New York.
YKT-jjST-dlyr ,s tit y-
Li . . . . . , ir . . .
- - Sf a'. w mm - .twr cv .eeseA
lvl PamvKUt rom Utnas.Ul .Gmtria .
The "Medical limes" says ot IbM work: 'IbtsVa
valnable treaiise on tbe cause and eurw of snm.. -
tare decline, shows kow health is impaired tfirouh: f
secret abuses of youth and manhood, and how
easily regained.- It stres a clear syB'inis of thir"
impedimerts to marriage, tne causa and' effects of-
nervsM dehilit. and the remedies thenifnr a
pilcket editica of tbe above will be forward' dn 'I
rsceint ef 16 coots, by ddressing Doctor CTHTiiii ';
No.. North Chartes-atreefc Baltimore, Md. ' -
ra mayU-diy-r

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