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corrected by W. J. Savage, Jeweler,
FRIDAY, Jan. 23, 1869.
T A. M...
T .......
If. M..-
tu RilM.
Hr Tier. Wind. - Weather.
mi u " W It. Fair
M Sl M E. -ir. j
MM . at : '.
H. It. H.
- urHn Mats...... sf
ty Another gloomy nay yesterday.
Mr- r viontina Out comes on Sun-
efra-T WW V aaavi.aa aaa' a
dsy this year. ! - v I '
iras-Thi, Whurarv number of that de
u.i. mnnthlv. the Nursery, ha
SIKUlilUI llnw - ' - ,
1 been received. ' r .' . ' " 'l '
KKT One of the mostcommon proofs that
m.n i. made of clav Is the brick so often
found In his hat, ' .... - . ;
1 tST David and James C, Anld have filed
their netltlon In bankruptcy, ine petition
, Is to be heard belore the Register, General
John G. Mitchell, on the 29th Inst. -
IJT B. T. Brooks, architect, has our
thanks for a copy of thai Liverpool (Eng.)
Journal, containing the STATasaf ak's ac
count of the. burning of the Central Luna
tic Asylum.
r A man calling himself the "Light-
.munwftui .n.i.. -
on the. atreetS: yesterday. The rapiaity
with which he added up columns oi ngures
was marvelous. ' i
V y The special committee appointed by
the Senate yesterday morning to anenu
.. . . r tv T- " C .
the funeral ol tne laie tion. u. otam
baugh. which takes place at New Phila
delphia, on Sunday, leave for that place
this morning.. s ,
s A laro portion of the corn brought to
this Market is rotten actually unns to ue
fed to bogs. Uadito County Democrat.
Don't you touch it, then, Toby.
' Sons or St. Crispin. The Crispins, or
Root nd Shoemakera' Union, will hold a
meeting on BiODday night next, at Stra-
der's. Hall, lor the purpose of organising.
r.rrr,fl Aloko Nicklv There was
xn ,.. ..r v.atArriav that M. H
vu .
Pennell had clod of hU wound. This was
entirely Incorrect.- Dr. Thompson assures i
us .that ha is getting along aneiy.
Farmers' Clcb WxarriKa. The Frank-j
tin County Farmers' Club wlil hold a meet
ing to-day,- and -every Saturday during
she winter. The subject for dlscusston at
to-day's meetngia."Wbeat, wheat culture,
and the recent failure of ti e wheat crops."
Clcarino Up. The office of the Secre
tary of State was being cleaned and scour
ed no vesterd.y. preparatory to laying
down a new carpet. Though the present
occupants are clever fellows, we can't re
, slst thetiapression that It will not be thor
oughly cleaned until the Democracy have
control of u.
vWm. Dona. The eongregatlons of
Town Street, and Wesley Chapel, have
each : presented their pastor Ke v. W. H.
Scott and Bev. Isaac Crook a lite lnsur-
ance DollcV for One thOUSaiid dollars, On
, . . . . . i. r...-
the plait- of the Asbury Life Insurance
Company," for Insuring the lives of minis
ters by their congregations.
t'Ar Half-Mast. -Tlie flags on the State
House were displayed at half-mast yestei
day, to respect to the memory of Hon. D.
W. 8Umbangh, tba particulars of whose
unexpected death will be found In another
column. It is but' a few days since wa
congratulated biro Jon; his marriage, and
now he lies cold In 'death. Kay he rest in
peace. i. ,,,-?;
Besionkd. Govl Uaj es onyestirday re
ceived the following letter: ;
ELYRIA, Jan. 21, 1868.
Hon. B. B. Hats I Hereby resign the
office or Judge of the Court of Common
Pleas of the Fourtn Judicial Districtol this.
State, and request you to appoint a suc
cessor. - This renin nation to take effect on
the 8th day of February next. ,
Very mpectiully.'your,'
- A successor, has not yet been appointed.
Thb Trade of Oolumbos. .We are grat
ified in the general approval and commen
dation best wed by our citiceos on our ar-j
tide on the business progress of this city,
published yesterday. This article should
b extensively circulated by aUwho have
the Interest of the city at heart. That it
may be, we shall keep the form standing
a day or two, and all who wish can pur
chase 'copies at toe counting room. J"
greeted this first class troupe last evening.
They gave a tip-top performance. Master
Bobby Improves on acquaintance, and bi
son g and dance last night pleased us a great
deal more than the first nlht. The scene
between Fay Welch and Gullck was very
funny. It was just our fit, and we laughed
at It till onr sides ached again. - The troupe
go irom nere to isewara, wnere wey piay
to-nlgbt. ' - -. .
Almost, ay Firb-Ou Thursday after
noon the residence of Mayor Bull, on Third
street, near Spring, had a narrow escape
irom destruction by burning. A Are had
been kindled - in a bedroom, and the dry
staves of an oak barrel used tor klndllrg.
These, in burning, snap and crack, and
spit out sparks , at a terrioo rate. It is
thought a spark from the fireplace reached
the bed and set it on fire. . It was burning
right bravely , when discovered, r It was
extinguished 'without 'an alarm being
given. Loss probably $100. ...
Fees of Couutt- Officers. From the
report ot the Auditor ot State we take the
following figures as the ' amounts received
by the different officers ot Franklin 'couuty
during the year lS63,-as salary and fees:
Auditor $6 429 01, paid for clerk hire $1,
400; net. compensation for year $5,029 01.
Treasurer $4.832 61, paid for clerk hire $U
300; net compensation for year $3,532 61
Clerk $5,563.90, Pid deputies $1,260; net
coropeneatton for year $4,305 95. Recorder
$33S7 paid olerk $80540; net compen
sation tor year $1,531.90. 'Prosecuting At
torney $923 .''No report was received from
the Sheriff! ' " . .."
.Transferrid YajjiARDAT. The follow
inn usuaJera ot real estate were-ieft at the
Becorder'a otHoe yesterday ; .. Y
Isaiah Smith and wile to Walter Morri
son, Oct. '28ch, 1868. lot Ko. 6, in Justiu
Morrlsou's subdivision of lots JJos. 2o3and
254, ia M. L. Bullivant'a western additiou
to the city of Columbas, tor $150. " ;','
Charles F. Jenney to .John ' M. Under
wood, Jan. 23d, quit claim to 3 acres of
laud In JMonigomery township, for $a,10a
L. GoodaleV Executors to Ana -. Da
vldeon, Jan. 11th, lot No. 16, In L. Good-
ale's adaitioa to the city of Columbus, for
Vagoed Thursday afternoon, a dilapi
tated and auspicious looking individual
was seen lurking about, the depot, and in
reply to questkms put, said he was going
off on U eartw JTbe polioeoffieer nook bis
photograph," aa aottog a man's appear
ance is called, and" Thursday night Officer
Daley caught him trying the rear gates
and stable doors la the alleys on! his beat.
When arrested he said "be was looking for
a place to sleep- - Through the kiud atten
tlons of the "officer, H!glng was found for
him in the SUiluu bouse. Yaaterday mum.
lug be gave bis name as William Jdaddox,
- a noti-d Tag. : He as fined f A Jtud costs,
.a . t . I - " " .
! lnfoommence during the second.weesj
llnFebrusry, the nrstsundsy in that month
Telegraph" we copy the lollewtosr regula-
tlon lor Lent promulgated In the Cincin
nati dioceae, presuming that they apply to
Catholic In tt la section :
r.'AH the faithful who lave completed
tfcelr twenty-first year arcmqless legltU
matelr dispensed, bound to observa t.
Fast of Lent.
3. They are to make only one meal a dav'
I excepting Sunday, ' -- .
3. The meal allowed on fast dava is not
to be taken till about noon.
. 4,. At that meal, if on-anv rlatr immli.
sion should be granted lor eating flesh,'
both flesh and flab shall not ba used at the
same time.
5. A small refreshment commonly called
collation, is allowed In the evening; no'
general rule as to the quantity of food
permitted at this time Is or can be made. '.
But the practice Of the moat regular Chris-!
tiana ia, never to let it exceed the fourth '
part or an ordinary meal.
e. The Quality ol food allowed at a eolfa- '
tion is,. In this diocese, bread, butter.cheese, ',
milk, all kinds of fruits, salads, vegetables
and cold fish.' ., ;. ;." ?
7.' General usage has made it lawlul to !
take in the morning some warm liquid ; j
as . tea, coffee, or tliiu chocolate,- and a
cracKer. - : - ' " !
8. Necessity and eustom have authorized .
the use ol lard instead ot butter, in' pre-
paring Ash, vegetables, etc. . j
9. Tne following persons are exempted '
from the obligation of fasting: Young
persons under twenty-one years of aire, the
to flu naru labor, all who, through weak
ness, can not fast without prejudice to their
10. Bv dlsnensntton the nae of flpnh memt
will be allowed at anv time on Sundava.
and once a dav on Mbnda s. Tuesdavs.
Thursdays, and Saturdays, with the exceD-
tion tif the second and last Saturdays ot
Lent.- : . .' ' ' -
11. Persons dispensed from the obligation
ot fasting on account of tender or ad
vanced aife. 60 rears, or hard labor, are not
bound by the restriction of using meat
only at one meal on days on which its use
la granted by dispensation. Those dis
pensed from the fast tor other causes, aa
well as those who are obliged to fast, are
permitted to use meet only at one meal.
we recomeua toat on Good Friday, the
faithful abstain from the use of milk, but
m na -XtS
- Morgan ' Raid Claims. The Board of
Commissioners to examine claims grow-
al'Drout oi tne juorgan-raia, nave allowed
the following claims lor damages. The
T..J .t.. r .K. o . . o..
"uru , .u ocijr omt.
Treasury :
Am't allowed.
Henrj T. Brisker. DeWitt. Iowa.
' sue
I lis
J. K. Carer. Kinoiitle, O -----
Mieajth top, bmitbfield, O ,.
Wm. Hamilton, Uincinnati (375 Main at)
AiMkBMiof J. M. HillhouM. Lbilliootna O.
poriam Johcion, WiotersTille, U
W. H. Keys. UilUboro. U
Inae Lewii, Smithfield, O
Mn. Uarshail aloCook. swahenTilla. O
nat of Samuel Uitebell, buiar Tree
KldK. U
W m. Rnnftn. 8Drinefield O
Tho.. Seal. Sr.. Smitbfield. U
JaneVrnea ale, Jasper, O.
batata ot rnilip KiMnDaa(B, fun Waabioc
ton S. B. Vaosant, Uerryrilie. O
Total....... , aa.sol
Clintoa Brown. Rainaboro. O. .
70 -IS
, 100
Eitate-of laaaa A. Bareon. Winehester. U..
Uamef Cool. Adena. O
Samiel W. (lalp.Ciarenoe. Shelby Co., Alo.
jonn uavii, do Atnena, u.
laraei uenasa, nevin. v..
Hainoel Fielda, New Somerset, O.
rred o. re. Bteubenvnle, O-...
JamM M. Gre, seneeaTiiie.o..
John Uerrer. Unionoort. O.
Otho Uoaaehoider. New Komeraet. O
Joaeph a. Lea. Lewistown 111
Jacoo J. LioilaaT. Kaiseboro, O
Wm. lleConnell, Hammondsritle.U
Mrs. Jul A. MoHenry. Lebanon. O
Jamea K. n-ll. New Somerset, U
Daniel Manhall. Minerra, O
Total f.r..7.-.!;.!.V...l.T6S
John FordTea-Camhridara. O.. ....'. MO
James Mitoiiell, ilarrietuTille. 0 35
Total 5S
Panares by the rebels
Damases by U. S. foroes
lauiases by militia,..
.. 1.768
. 65
Grand total
Items from tbb Coixector's Office.
From the returns for the month of Decem
ber, 1868, :inade to B. F.xjMartln, T. S. Beve
nne Collector, we take the following inter
estlng Items: Franklin county has one
distillery, located at Lockburne, owbed by
Wm. Money penny ; Clark county has three
and Greene three. There is none iu Madl
ton. The Franklin vqunty distillery tor
the month of December paid $37,523 tax
the whisky manufactured and $225 for
stamps. The seven distilleries in the dis
trict return 132,149 gallons as their manu
factures for-December (including two
months returns from Greene county), on
which a tax of $73,102 50 was paid, as fol
lows: ,
. i ,' i : , Gals.'
$13,139 50
37 518 00
Sx-,435 00
Clark I...:..-...:". S.S
Franklin si.uuo
Urceue (two months) ........... 4S.S70
Total U...... 7.. 131,1.8 ST1.1W 60
The collections from the different coun
ties of.tbki District for the month of De
cember, were it
Clarke $W.SS9 10
ranslin 47 411 si
Ureene 28,340 00
alaauon ..... 775 so
Total .". SU3.818 31
Of this about $80 000 was Ux on spirits,
There are but two of all' our railroads'
that settle with the Collector of this dis
trict. These show a total earning for De
cember in transportation of passengers and
mails of $109,735, as follows:
ilnmbos. Oicxo A Iniiaaa Central. 90 910
Col umbos k Xonia 18,835
Total. $108,735
The Columbus Street railroad, returns
$1,533 as its earnings for December.'" L '
From the Front. Our r friend Alver-"
son, conductor on the Union Pacific rail
road, between Bryan and Wasatch, has our
(hanks for a copy ot the S'weet Water
Mines, a very handsome little paper, pub
lished semi-weekly at Bryan, Wyoming
letrltory, about three feet from the out
squirts of civilization..; We, take the fol
lowing Item from it - ' t
a We saw at Evanston! the other "day,
two, cars loaded with freight for W. Jen-
nlngs & Co- of Salt Lake, which came
through direct from New York city with
out breaking bulk... They came through
over the Bed Line. There are, also, seve
ral here Irom Boston. What would have
been considered marvelous a few years ago
not so regarded in this progressive age.
Think of ir, car loads of freight from New
York .and Boston over the Kocky Moun
tains, within seventy miles ot the 'Garden
City,' without breaking bulk I " ' -
Mr. A.verson also sends us some printed
sermons delivered by Brigham Young and
other saints, at Salt Lake City. They are
red hot. Now, Alvy, send us a moss agate,
weighing about two pounds, and we will
ail right.; ;. ; . . . . -T ,.
War . nt'FjucA- Last Tuesday, nigh .
party ot negroes got into a fight on thi
corner ot Long -and Third street, nearth.'
African Methodist church, iu which i:
younjfcolored man, named Gabriel Butler.
was' beaten' with clubs and billies until hi
lile is despaired; of.4 Bis assailants, Joslal:
Ball, Harris, and one or two others who
naroes' we. coold-' not obtain., have beei' '
arrested. The affair has been kept quit,
until now,'tha6 the 'police might captur
the offenders. We were . told last high ':
tbatvButler'a skull had been cracked, an ;
that be had been haying ope fit after an ;
other ever since.
Lazsxl's Saloon, No.-74 'North fllg -;
street, is not ont of the way for accommc -datlont
Iryou have doubts, all affTi
see the'Strlped Pig" on show every dajT
with other varieties, and you can .bet to I
certainty that you will get the 'worth t-i
yourBoney back on sight. v-.i
A Letter from Newark.
NEWARK, OHIO, Jan. 19.
Editors Ohio Statesmax: Notwltl
standing the fact that our city cannot boat
a "water-work.' is not a Claimant tor the
honor of furnishing the site for either the
new Penitentiary cr the Central Lunatic
Asylum, and is not calculated to Impress
the chance traveler through it with an
overpowering sense of its importance the
dirty, filthy. and tumble-down old shanty
dignified by the name of "depot," which
any well-to-do larmer would "refuse to
wlnttr his cattle in, and which ought to be
conuemneu as a common nuisance,
not being conducive to such a conclu
sion yet Newark U not by any means dull
or lifeless. Situated as It Is, in one of the
noest counties, thickly settled by Intelli
gent and thriving; farmers, and beinir ore
ot tne most Deautitullv laid out cities In
the State, it has and still is attracting the
attention of capitalists to the advantages
it possesses ror prontable investments.
As some Douberrv ot a writer in Mon
''ay's Journal (most aptly signing himself
"Humbug") suggests, lacking county is
a claimant for the Agricultural College,
and claims to possess peculiar advantages
over its rival Champaign county, offering
equal with tt In the value of the bonUi
given. Licking claims sunerlorones in the
varittyof the soils to be found upon the
lnHs which it offers for the site of the
College. It it of course apparent to all,
whether agriculturists or mechanics pro-
tt-ssional or merchant that in order to
carry out the oblects DroDostnl to be strain
ed by the institution ot this College, that a
variety or soils are an essential requisite.
in order that fie students attendant there
at may have the benefit of actual experi
ment a to the results produced by
the different modts of manuring,
working,, draining, ,&e-,.and hence it is
in connection with its unexcelled rail
road communication, and its sturdy and
thriving population, that Licking county
claims, that the best Interest of the State
would be consulted by its location here,
t Onr city has been for a few days, very
considerably excited about a location for
the Jostotnce. rom time immemorial
that Is from a time when the memory of
your correspondent runneth not to the
contrary the Postoffice has been located
upon the north side ot the Public
square. Several sweeping conflagra
tions which . have occurred within
the past few years, and the erection
of fine brick blocks upon the ruins thereof,
has given an impetus to business upon the
south side, and made it a claimant for the
location. For a week past there have been
mysterious whisperings and winkings
among the occupants of the west and south
aides, and at length the fact became ap
parent that the location ot the Postoffice
was the cause thereof.' This knowledge
put the " nortb-siders" on their metal, and
lor some time the battle raged fierce and
hot. On Monday the "south-slders"
made a feint. They looked dis
consolate, and appeared to have given
np all - hope ot success. This ' made
the-"north-aiders" jubilant and threw them
completely off their guard. The ruse was
not apparrent until this morning, when our
citizens, on going for their mail, discovered
that while thev had slept, the postoffice
and its attaches had
" Folded their tents like the Arabs,
And as silenU j stole away !"
It had left' between two days, and " the
places which once knew it shall now know
it no more lor ever." The " north-siders ".
are indignant and refuse to be comforted. l
while the races of the "south-slders" are
wreathed In smiles, and they crow exultant
ly over what thev call their diplomacy.
Deaf and Dumb Asylum. The annual
report of the Trustees and officers of the
Deaf and Dumb Asylum has just been re
ceived by the Governor. The expenses for
the year, including the money spent in
completing and furnishing the new build
ings, amounts to $166,575.42. The prob
able expenses for the ensuing year are as
follows: For new building, $12,000; cur
rent expenses, $56,409 90; salaries, $19,509 -2i;
total, $87,919.11. The number of pupils
in the institution Is 235 boys and 105 girls,
Thereare also. 12 instructors. Five hours
each day are spent by the pnplls in the
school room, and two and a half hours at
Wbait aiM Yon Tstkiaa!
Probably two-thirds of the adult population of
the United States indulge, more or less, in bar
room stimulants.' Hot alooholio beret ages are ha
bitually imbibed by thousands of people in the
winter months "to keep out the oold." The aloo
holio material of all these drinks- is more or less
pUonmt. and is rendered all the more deleterious
in consequence of being taken warn. '
Aroid these dangarous excitants. Shun, as you
would shun the deadliest drug, all tattrn ttimu-
tantt. They paralyse the digestion, eongest the
lirer, disturb the natural action of the kidneys, ir
ritate the bowels, shatter the nwTes.and impair the
The operation of HOSTETTER'S STOMACH
BITTERS 1s diametrically opposite to this, r They
spar argan into unnatural activity; but they
tone and regulate all. If the digestion is feeble,
they awaken the dormant energies of the 'stomach,
and promote the work of assimilation. If the lirer
is sluggish and torpid, they regenerate iu If the
kidneys fail to perform tneir functions properly,
they are regulated without being Irritated. If the
bowels are eanstipated, the peristallia aotioo is
moderately increased, and the discharges become
natural and regular. If the nerves are tremulous,
ther are strengthened. It the mind. is clouded, the
BITTERS tend to disperse the gloom.
These are the effects of the (great VEGETABLE.
TONiO and corrective, which for twenty years
has been a staple medicine in this country, and the
demand for which steadily increases in all parts of
the Western Hemisphere.
It is not offered as a btttrags, bat as a oaedaobM.
nor will it e er ; used to satisfy a craving for al
coholic stimulants, because its effect Is tc cAest.not
to ertaU. a false appetite for excitants. ' The cham
pions of temperance will do well to mark this pecul
iarity, and to recommend it as the only safe prepi
tion containing alcohol, that can be used for medic
iaal purposes.
may23deod&wlr-ew-li ' ', " '
Ayers Cathartic
purpose of a
Perhaps bo one medi
cine is so universally re
quired by everybody as
a cathartic, nor was ever
any before so universal
ly adopted into use, in
every country and among
all classes, as this mild
1ut efficient purgative
PiI. The obvious rea
son is, that it is a more re
liable and far more effec
tual remedy than any
other. Those who have
tried it, know that it cured them ; those who have
not, know that it cures their neighbors and friends,
and all know that what it does once it does always
that it never fails through any fault or neglectof
its composition. We have thousands upon thou
sands of certificates of their remarkable cures of the
following complaints, but such cures are known in
every neighborhood, and we need not publish them.
Adapted to all ages and conditions in all climates;
containing neither calomel or any deleterious drag,
they may be taken with safety by anybody. Their
sugar coating preserves them ever fresh and makes
them pleasant to take, while being purely vegetable
no harm can arise from their use In any quantity.
They operate by their powerful influence on the
internal viscera to purify the blood and stimulate it
into healthy action remove the obstructions of the
stomach, bowels, liver, and other organs of the
body, restoring their irregular action to health, and
by correcting, wherever they exist, such derange
ments as are the first origin of disease.
Minute directions are given in the wrapper on
the box, for the following complaints, which these
Pill rapidly ure: ;
For JUyspopaiia or ladiareatlem, X.latles
ssena, aLMsraor and Lou t Appetite, they
should be taken moderately to stimulate the stom
ach and restore its healthy tone and action.
For Silver Complaint and its various symp
toms, ISillosM laTeaadacke, Sick Uetadtacke,
.TaaaMllcei - or Ctreeai Sickaeaa, JBilleoa
Colic and Bilioua Overs, they should be ju
diciously taken for each case, to correct the diseased
action or remove the obstructions which cause it.
For Dyaeaterjr or XMaarrfceBa, but one mild
dose is generally required. -
For nhestsasstiasa, Oemt, SBrarel, Palp,
tatloa of the Heart, Pal a la tke aisle,
Hack and Ijoista, they should be continuously
taken, as required, to change the diseased action of
the system. With such change those complaints
disappear. " " ? ' -
For Draper and Dropalcsal Swelltng they
should be takes in large and frequent doaea to pro
duce the effect of a drastic purge.
For aappreisaloa a large dose should be taken
as it produces the desired effect by sympathy.
As a Dinner Pill, take one or two I'UU to pro
mote digestion and relieve the stomach.
Aa occastoaal dose stimulates the stomach and
bowels into healthy action, restores the appetite,
and invigorates the system. Hence it is often aaV
vsntageous where no serious derangement exists.
One who feels tolerably well, often finds that a dose
of these Pills makes him feel decidedly better, from
their cleansing and renovating effect on the diges
tive apparatus. - - . .
OS. r. C. AIZS Jb CO., Practical ChemWta,
' i.owezz. xj.ss.t jr. a. a.
ror sale tr HUAL A. uuluU
Wholesale and Retail. Columbus, and all Drug
. -'j . . . jannaeofldtaowi.v-osm
BAcaS HAIM DxK. -This
splendid Hair Dve is the best in the wor.d ;
the en y tne and perfect Dye; harmless, reliable
instantaneous ; no disappointment : no ridiculoui
tints; remedies the ill effects of bad dyes; invig
orate and leaves the Hair soft and beautiful, blacl
or erotea. Sold by mil Drasxists and Perfumers :
and Pjoriv applied at Bstchelor's Wig Factory.
No. 18 Bond street, N. York, rax aprta dAwly
i For . all the)
; , , '
OF THB .' ' "-
United States, of America, ;
CONGRESS. . , ..
Cash Capital, - - $1,000,000.
To which all gaotral eorrespoodsnoa skoald be ad-
OFFICERS s " .' "'' :
JAY tWAt, Chairman Finance and Exeentira
HENRY 1). i;OOKE, Vice President.
EAU.KSON W..EET, Secretary and Aotuarr.
Offered by this Company are :
It IS a Nation! Comnan,. nha.rtAri1 rtjM.i.l
act of Congress, 1868.
It bus a paid op capital of $1,000,000.
It offers low rates of premium.
Tt tarnishes lareer loaiiranee than ather RnmM.
oiea for the same money .
it is aeunite and certain in its terms. ,
i V, V . D vuuiau ja cyerj locality.
It- Folioies are exempt from attachment.
There are no annMUUir, rAttrrintinna in 111. VaI.
tvery rolicy is non-forfeitable:
Folioies mar be taken that will mtIhiumJ ti,-;-
full amonnt and retnrn all the nrnminmi. me. that
the Insuranoe costs only the interest on the annual
folioies mar be taken wbiib n,r tn tn 1nmnrA
after a certain number of years, during life, an an
imal mcuiua vx one-tentn tne amount named in tuo
No extra rate ia eharred for riaVa mum tlui liw.
of females.
It insures not to nay diTidends. bnt at a
cost that diridends will be impossible.
Cincinnati, Ohio, General Agents for Ohio Central
ana aoutnern Indiana. .
' S. M. SMITH,
Colnnbaa. Special Agent for Franklin, Licking,
Unakicsum and Coshooton counties.
tt. Gr A 1ST
At Prices of Inferior Work.
NY respectfully announce that they have
adopted and will rigidly adhere to the polioy of
pnutiug in iuott price nets ana circulars meir very
owesi prices, wnicn are-rnereiere aiiae to all, and
inbiect to no discount. This si stem aeenrea ever
purchaser against an exorbitant price, and saves
necessiiyior oartermg
They solicit comparison of the prices In their new
oatalogue (jnst issued) with those of inferior Or
gans; with carelul examination and oonipaiison of
capacity, quality and workmanship of different in
struments. Tbe Company's perfected machinery,
accumulated tacilities and experienced workmen.
wsdwiw .iiu ... iiuiruii.ui iiuiiruvemcau patent
ed and controlled by them, enable them to produce
the best work at the greatest economy of cost, ai d,
conseauentlv. to offer their well known iirnni
winners of the ParisExposition Medal and seventy-
five Other first premiums, which are the aAknnvl-
eageo sianuaraoi excellence in their department,
at prices as low or even less than those demanded
ior lnierior organs.
The following are examples of cur reduoed scale
of prices:
Fsnr.OctRTc Organ, solid black C Cfl 11 fl
walnut case (style No. 1) Price 40U.UU
Five-Octave Double Reed Organ, f ive
Stops... with Tremulant. Solid black walnut
case, carved and vanelled (style J25 QQ
Five-Octave Double Beet Cabinet Or
gan, rive Map,, with the new JUaeon tc
SAasnlin Improved. Vox Humana, which
excels every other attachment of this class in tne
beautv and variety cf its eeots, the ease with
which it is used, and its freedom from liability to
get out of order. Solid walnut ease, carved and
paneled (new style, iu. 1). This is the finest Or
gan of its sise and capacity whioh C lfl flfl
can be made Price 4llU.UU
Many ether styles at proportionate prices. A new
illustrated catalogue of styles and price list; als",
circular, with illustrated descriptions of improve
ments introduced by the Company this season, will
be sent free to any applicant. Address: -J he
Mason Ac Hamlin Organ Co.. 164 Tre
mont t treet, Boston, or SSS Broadway. New York. ,
Collections of Church Music,
' i! , FOR
ARD. Assisted by Lb. LOWELL MASON
i . i Price $1.50.
This was the last book in this department upon
whioh Mr. Bradbury was engaged. Its extraordi-'.
nary sale is evidence that it is the most popular
book of its elass issaed for many years. Already it
has reached itt Sixtieth 1 Aoutand. It is the only
book upon which Dr. Mason and M. Bradbury
were jointly engsged, as authors. It is very full
and complete in all its departments, embracing the
fullest variety for Singiho-Schsols, Chjibj and
Sociitiis. It contains a much larger number of
Tunes than other new books, and is sold at as low
a price.
i ' BCRY. Prioe $1.60. ' , -
' A very complete and popular book, rich ia Mr.
Bradbury's compositions.
- BURY. Price $1.50.
, This is the most famous book of this very popu
lar author. It has had a sale of o rer 225, too copies,
and he himself regarded it as his best work.
and GEO. F. ROOT, Assisted by THOM
MASON. Prioe $1.60.
Either of these books will be sent by mail, post
paid, on receipt of the price. Published by -MASON
No. 696 Broadway, New York.
lanS-wSw-p XT No. 154 Tremont si-. Boston.
Master Commissioner's Sale.
Peter Campbell ) Court of Common Pleas,
vs ' Franklin eounty,
Thomas Agnew.) Ohio.
in the abore stated ease from said court to me
directed, 1 will offer for sale at publio auction, at
the door of the Court House, in the city of Colum
bus, on
Thursday, the 25th rlav of February, A. D.
x . 1869,
at S o'clock P. M the following described real es
tate, situate in the eounty ot frranslin. State of
U bio, and in the city of Columbus, to-wit:
Lots numbers one and two, and thiny-nine feet
off the east end of lot number three of Clark Hig
sins' subdivision of lots one. two and part of three
ot Brotherton at Walcutt's addition to the said city
of Columbus, and conveyed by Sawhill and wifeto
said Agnew. by deed dated Match 7, less.
Appraised at S4.600.00. .
: . . . E. GAVER. 'Toroner,
A ettng as Sheriff and Master Commissioner.
. James Cullen's Estate,
i.1 the undersigned is the duly appointed and
qualified Administrator of James Cullen. late of
Columbus, Ohio, deceased. All persons knowing
themselves to be indebted to said estate are re
quested to make immediate payuaent and per
sons having claims agaimt said estate will present
them to the undersigned immediately f or allnwaLee.
Administrator. '
January 18, 1869. ianlS-wSw
Wm. Norton s Estate.
undersigned have been duly appointed and
qualified as administrators of the exta e of Wm.
norton, deceased, late ot raninn countr. Uhio.
Jar. 18. IBS.'
Forwarding and ' Commission
fLODB, VUISKY, Ac, . .
WW The Highest Prices Paid at all times for
Cera, Wheat Oau Barley ete.. etc. .
' -"Vi - OFFICE V!
NearVettliad of Nap Koad Brlslar '
- i. C0LCMJBV6, QBW. . ,
' : - worth of ;
Stock of new and superior goods, embracing every thing in the line of HENS'. WOMEN'S.
oompare them wita those asually oharged
nea's Kip Boot, all Whole Ienther,
Boyai Kip Boots, "
Toaths' Kip Boefs, ' - ' "
Cbllds Kip BootaH
Wesi Catlf; Xap-Soled Boo lis '"-'-Women's
Calt Shoea, Brat,
Wemta's Besif JHorocco Shoes, ' ; '
Ad lea' Doable Holed Inflating Cong;.
Ladles'de., Silk Gere, Tsry Best, -
raiaaeaj' Morocco Shoes, Polish, - !
Childs Morocco Shoes, V - x -'" .
afcc " Ae, -. s
Thet roods ftra nftrtvntMd to be of mDcrior mAtrl&i siml vArVmanshta ''aaw.4 :n v. -".. U
with in thm mrW-r "
Don't forrftt tha.t th m1 BOnttT. anrl Is limits!
... . T, ' , .7
SSI 1 1 nava. nasn as?aiti Ha mnrai anil UnA Ka olaa.
"nniTDiu vl" 7 -wit ri nT vn. ""-J "XV
auaaua1 j Aiasn waiuuiU uayywBAi iAiV
. ... : ,. -v
. .. - . V . . . , . . '" .'-
I ......:'...,..-:..:'
. ' ' ' - ' i - I
'. --'. ' . . . 1
HaTlDg greatly enlarged onr PrlntlDg Facilities by the purchase of a complete new
. outfit ot - i
The Latest and Mcst Approved Style,
And the Addition of
Generally conceded to 'be the fastest
3i i :
In connection with EUGGLES', GOBDON'S and 'WELLS Job Presses, that have
proven snch successes in onr office, and having the largest and moat commodious
building in this city in which to operate, we are now prepared '
In the best and neatest style of the art, and upon terms that cannot be competed with.
Our fast New Prases, our Improved Economical Machinery the result of the ingt
nuity and inventive talents of the best minda of the ace enable na to do pood work
at MUCH CHEAPEB RATES than can be
IMiUiblco. AUC ID buiulicw 111 BhU 11A
Legal, Blanks,
Blank Books,
Business Cards,
In this specialty we
Having More Presses
Offices in the
We are prepared to execute all kinds of Printing, in any color, at lower prices than
our neighbors.
!' , ? '..?"-. ' '
Nos. 36, 38 and 40
uuu j xmii jiuuiuuiu. Aiooaat some oi ueprioesaaa
M OO, Begmlar price f 4.SO
r 1.00, '" - -:
;:,. .' .oo
." .so
"'i" as
""'j S.M
Gaiters, 1.40,
" -" 1.05,
- . - "1.40,
- 4- - ' 0.40,
icc ' Ac, ... ,.
" WAUF-rwa
tn hnf fovea a .iAt. a :a
. " ao. Aiuvvucr buck uviwniiiui 1
a U :Vs. l i . "
E"""?"9'. ooyiDf.
E. c. cixtrr sc co,
0 T.TXT A TVr-nTVTvrv
New Presses, including- '
and best Piloting Machine In the world.
done In the old style and with only the old
Ui rauCUlBUUS, SUU Cau HO bUO wora wiut
Bill Heads, ,
Letter Heads,.
Drue: Labels,
Bills of Fare, Etc.,
are unsurpassed
than all Other Printing
City Combined,
.... xCwIUil rf(
. : ' a
; ,7ti o , . :.; j.i . v
I ,: "Tl s ! :in.".' '::!
Korth High' Street,
Cincinnati Money Market—Jan. 22.
n H prewlnm aeillng.d i . .
GOLD--135 buying.
- MOA EYIue market is easier at 8(310
per cent v - !. : . w- .
New York Money Market—Jan. 22.
r The financial situation today showed a'
marked Improvement' r - . . .
MONEr-yery easy ' 6? on call,
irt ,ndicI.6 that the ? proposed
n,firf5reenback h" abindobed,
tE?Xi?K Te rnKed on bear sides, and
ment has been strengthened by JLht. new
accession. The abandonment ofthe bear
campaign leaves the field clear fcrjlnotoer
pward movement. . .T'rr
Prime bankers 109109. -
- GOLD Quiet ana firm; opened at 136
and closed at 1364i; . - 1 ij''
New York Stock Market—Jan. 22.
about Jc higher and- close- stroiCoa
pons j. ,81i H2MI12J; do W
?&-1 W3sai6vvfi vw
do new,- loe10S4ft do '67 104
10s?i; do '68 108Ji108: 10 40s 1079
103; UnHed States Css-Paolio railroad, 10U&
uoj. - -?' '-''
. Railroads active, thd- higher,
feature- bein .jtbe. Michigan Southern,
which rose $ cent. .The, transfer, books
close to-morrow or the 4 ft cent cash div
idends. Rock Island touched 133; Toledo
105W; Bfadinjr 98, and Hew YoHi Oeatrst
1 fii VC. ThA lattOV mrm MlKlluul hmrtk..
of Vanderbilt.- St. Paul shares were weak
on the stock dividend 2nd 33 .ivooeBt.
lower? Vnrt Wavna flrra aartf V. iwliuM.
- , .- " - "T mm rawMivai
that the nartvraawlrlna rniuintnl ka
f -j w waaajswa atsis aawV M
lection, whiler buying, for cash 'and
regular delivery; are selling the same on
nutions extending tmunnH th .wiu-
- " J - tv.iy m
Thfl ffanaralrniiirarakBlnauiSI-aMnan,
" - - - - wwunu
somewhat unsettled; prices are hardly up
i tuo uijcucsh, rates oa i.ae. ascyt : xture u ,
a eood borrowlnjf deiaaod for some stocks,
and Michigan Southern and Bock Island
are scarce,-" t;- '-'; r. f
Express, shares, are gmitii&jf -Arm,
thoneh fluctuations ara rrpanantanii mMmi
(5:30 prices. Weils' Express 28J29W;
American 4345; Adams 6060K; United
States' 60; Merchants' jljaion il.1834J
iKiuujuau i(sii?4; weeterB UDWa
Tr-lesTaph -36iJi;' New YoTlt. Central
9o95; ierre Hanta 4042; Wabaab
615i62; - St. - Paul Tl72;'",oTt
nayne vayvay Ohi6 & Miagtssippi
343il4;. Bttcnifran Central 117: Mlcbi
ean Southern 85S54 - Illinois 'CenJ
tral 138X140; Pittsburgh 91
Toledo ' 1U4K1M; Rock . IslarXa3ljH
I . u wwavf f . UflUBfUUl,
Chicago & Indiana Central 46rr Chicago A
Alton Dreferred Id Lakn Shnu irviu
... . . 7 r T. ..YHaV- ftf
New York Market—Jan. 22.
- COTTON' Less activei .29 . far' ml
dlineuplands. ; t '
FLOUR Closed BOlOo better On' low:
Urades. with (air export demand; ..' V :T
wjijiAl Qaiet and firmer for: sprtnir,
with a moderate export demand; dull and
heavy for-rwinterwni WyrtT". U! sja 'ttsapusaeagasWMI
KiK-Nominal at X 48l.B0 for "wesfr
ern. ,54 tr.eS- Usn
OATS-Qulet and &xm ta
store, ana 77e afloat. , r...
CORN Quiet at 94,96o for new mixed
western; $1 06(31 09), for old mixed in
store and afloat.
PORK Quiet and steady; $30 for aew
mess.'- i i ; -,vr ,-, ;(. .iaj i:iiitMial
r BEEF Steady and unchanged. . .
' CUT MEATS Firm, with a moderate
demand. ' . . . ' ' ' , ,J "a
BACON" Dull and unchanged." il
1ja.hu vtuiet ana nrm at ia?4Ci9iq
lor fair to prime.,' ;.- iu
EGGS Dull at 2931c.
Cincinnati Market—Jan. 22.
FLOUR Dull J family 7 637 75i it
, WHEAT Dull; No 2 $1 70; No a 1 75a
CORN Dull, and prices unchanged; ear
6465c. . , . .. , - ..
OATS-Unchanged and qniet lr-c '-
: COTTON Is held at 29c, but no sales
OTer 38c. - .,, ,r , tn4
, WHISKY Rather duU at 9Sc, s ...
PROVISIONS Generally firmer, anf
prices a shade in favor of sellers, though' tha
demand Is not active. It is fair.: " i i to
PORK Sales at $30 .t r ,.t r.
BULK MEATS 1213c for shoulders;
16e for sides; 15 tor clear ribf 16e lor
clear sides, with talr demanliu ct-. ." :.
. BACON Firmer fair- demand; should
era 14 j; clear rib siries 17c; clear 1730..
UHAMS Sugar cured 1818Ke.'
LARD Held firmer, bnt the demand tr
only moderate: sales at 1919d thoaglk.
it is mostly held at 20c. .-ev.i -"-. -f
BUTTER Dull: supply iarg; 333S0a
EGGS Declined to 2223c, and market'
dull. '- - r.i M.iiiiui u,,J
CHEESE Scarce and firmer at ISH&t
OILS Lard firm demand; exceeds ther
supply at $1 601 65; linseed quiet but
nrm ui.
PETROLEUM Firmer and higher; tsP
fined 3436c , i -i,iii .w i ?r,-:w,. '
Chicago Market—Jan. 22.
"FLOUR Dull at $5 12itf 8 -15 for1
.risgextras. ' s "'l""!
v am Ai- Acuve ana . excitea ana io t
IXe higher; sales No. 1 as $1 191 22; f
No. 2 opened at $1 15, advanced! to.
1 16, but subsequently -became easier,
and closed at 91 15 sales since "CbangV
atfl 15. Jt ! . --":: . -V ) Jr.dST
CORN Active 1 and firm and HHat
higher; sales of rejected kiln dried at 64 ;
new at 6354c and no grade at 49
50)c; closing at 6454)e for new; sales1
No. 1 at 68c, seller last half of April, andr
at 70c, buyers May; new at 6450, seller i
last half ot February, and at 64c,. seller ,
Debrnary. - ' ' ,
OATS Active and z higher; sales No."
2 at 47Jg48Kc; refected "at 4548c;
closing tirm at 48jc for No. 2; sales att
48c, seller and buyer the month."
RYE More active and ile hirher
sales No 1 at tl 161 17; N J. 91 ISp
closing at $1161 17 for No. 1. ;
BARLEY More active and 66c high
er; sales No 2 at $1 74l 78. and rejected
at $1 481 60; closing with buyers at 170 '
Ql 77 lor No 3. i j -,--. -
HOGS Dressed active and steady at til
13, closing at $12 2512 75 for common
to ordinary, and $12 5013 for good to 1
choice, dividing on 200. "Live firm and ac
tive and 1015c higher; sales at $9 60O,
90 for common ai.d $i0Gll for fair to ;
good packing. v ' -l
- . . 1-7 J nj f
Toledo Market—Jan. 22.
FLOUR Dull ; nothing doing in round J
lots. : .v-.-; t . ; .:. -: .i!'!- (,r
WHEAT Active; amber 3o better: sales
800 bushels at $1 70; 350 bushels at $1 71'
1 73, with buyers lor January; $1 75
with buyers for February; white Michigan a
regular way, lc better, with small aalM of
No. 1 white middling at $1 90. . . r j,
CORN Quiet and uncbaneedi new 64ct
rejected 59c; business light. ' : t
OATS A shade lower; 68X57o for i
Michigan and Nol. irifr.iT -,,,1 aiMlvA'mdt
ti i a i n active. . -if .-,.,. -B
A RLE Y Dull and unchanired:1173!a
1 75 for No. 1 State. " -
uuiia uressed - without- .; 1m porta tit
change, with a fair business doing H.J-Z&v
i&uc, mosuy at azcsizc.
' ' --v
St. Louis Market—Jan. 22.
FLOUR Quiet; unchanged at $5 753, '
25 for supertine. ,a
WHEAT Dull and unchanged choice
spring is worth $1 30. ' ; r,.',,.iV'.
CUKJN uncnangea at yuc$2C. .
OATS Unchanged at6062c; "
R YE Unch anged at $1 30I 32. " ' i - i
BARREY Uacbanged. at $1.75rt62 Of i
for prime to choice spring., , . . . .
WHISKY Lower at BHn.1 la i.
PROVISIONS Excited; (,a vj. s ni Jei
PORK $30.: -;,.., i n.:; th i tvt
BACON SbOUldera at rAemr
sides at I8o , . . ' n,T
L A RD Steady at 16c . : " 1 ' "" :'
HOGS Unchanged at 910e. " -P"''
Cleveland Market—Jan. 22.
WHEAT Sales of oneixar Kov-.l resl l
winter at $1 70; one ear Ne 3 do at $1 60; t
one car rejected at $1 50, and two cars at .
$140. - ' ' ;
CORN Held at Tie. ..lcr"itT fc iil
OATS Held at 62c. . r--. V-. -U:--ii
RYE Held at $L 30(31 35 for -No 1, andirt
25 1 28 for No 2. , ' V" 111
PETROLEUM Market is active,' xK
and higher; salea of 2 000. barrelstaawx -
nary and Feburary .delivery, 'at ; 33-tor ';
renoed; held at -close at 3334, trade'
lots 23c advance on these figures." ' "
. -.--iiJ " 1 n4 nun
Milwaukee Market—Jan. 22.
FLOUR Firnx and price unchanged.' "ia
WHEAiWUnsetUed5$l 19lrJia.i Itvil
store. , i , a-ihi ii .n.ya ,nniw ,atHa
Buffalo Market—Jan. 22.
The market is generally Inadtive; no de- .
mand whatever; prices 'nominally hu

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