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News and Otherwise.
i,-. XTAXtyxLulBdtMelxbtB churches.
! S i amun has jurt ke4 a ot .nfaw-
k 'BctMXMto tfctutathe'SW Tor Cus
tom Hous!"''0 ,r vr,,.':,w 7
' i. w ic ton kt Sandusky wOl hold
- ; i., i ,-..J ... -?- .-.. i.-i-.
laoOO tons.. . ....,. , r. ... .
r. fIwmtiuji JbM ormulaed paid, fire
aepvunetitto ox' an :;..
i:. roon( wwasv $103,843
in. United
Statrs bonds. !.;
H lftMn'UM tote church principle I
' Bwtflraf teibteiT ' bMomlBf eommoi
tbetjonsti? wrerV' .! '". "V '
1,5 toiABbo at n ty has wroty-loa r boy
Tan dito at AhXremont Messenger
JanbiHTtit Tf- ia banatei. j.-,
JilCK r'o?iCTeii',roWet ere defi
antly itaabgf about In Brit eeunty.
tfeftd infants ee found oo Th'tir
tkf auornlng In the old canal In Toledo. ;
il Tni oV f piialntalnf.ng patient in the
lacooit Insane Asylum to 3 63 per week.
v jrnm new hell wWijedicnted by the t
,Pi&Ji. l.ajd,Tburdy ef last week.
Cans KAtasuit. In New York, got rid
d poverty by cutting bit throat on Fri
. 4JjWt Tif.s v no ,iJ
InfouMto AltbT the PenitenUary.- So
ifcr, mrtnleilthpreaenU tuperlor adran-
'"TtWrnMbM ignm lor money at Day tot
'tbe put loar weeks bu been Irom U to St
pytent.'' ,uri c ,,--..v.
bjs'surkein,'. Wbo bss dlt
lletl neisays n-camel baa' only . toui
ysUrond cat ahopa at Altoona. wen de--jstrcjed.bjjlre.
!'Initen)pranc men of Illinois propo
ita pta Sunt ticket In ta field for the aex
--4ananlleeUek ..t r- . $
-"'"Tnttn are people In Barana who belleri
Otbar wtnnta lost to Spain In one year or1
i;',TtH earntngi'of the Dayton anil JHchi
' fan railroad In im were mo per cent. 11
Jcesbr those itf 1867. ' - - :
Josim .Waobfb, in New York, secure?
.peace from tbequarrelsomentsaof hiswih
Lfcjtblowtof bi brains out.,.,1,.'. ,,j
' Caanus Err, while under the lnflaenct
f Hqoor, fell downs flight of stairs in Si
Lonla, on Frktayabd was Instantly killed
. r.irf An r i,. nvia rail
toad, at auction on the 39ih, bought tbt
Asbtabttla, an4 KW Lisbon, xallroad, for
$200,000. ' ...,,!,;. J,;; .' ? -flf
s-Tnn, Deaocratla Messenger declarea it
will be tbe duty of cyery Pemocrat in the
Xeglilatore to ryot Against the regutra
Hon bin. " - . ' " ... ....
Tu Benttncl says that a party of bunt-
jars loar In number last week. In the y1
elBlij of Ottawa,' snot 74 quails within
tan CblUlcotke Register says that wild
pigeons bars' made their appearance in
Urge7 punibers lo fle ' neighborhood of
BomxmiM.1 V)u . ;','',;: j VP
..GoTsnson Gaxmicn b become asso
ciated ta the editorial department of the
XaBesrUle. Times. The Jocal department
tattbeWj speclslty..,.,, rfjz 1,
i43HcwXorn Beraldr asserts ,tbst It
fjad in telegraph company last year for
'4iafnicbe- four ibousand dollar more than
be otber fi(7 papers put. together, t ,1
I.S.'fTXxatT.ierthrreeyearsa member
ew the sditnrlal staff of the, Oereland Plain
Diealtt id tak editorial control of the
.Akron City Times on " the rt of FebrU-
flf7 f-?.rfl la- r - r 'r-h j.i'Y''
jni"Xwm , (Guernsey, Jeffersonlsn : would be
bilged to some member of the Legislature
)f , he weald sead It some public documents,
PlSjUy (tbf report f the Auditor t
" .rssli w uj i!:,jjr.s ;,''!
i J Tan iroiv glau and steel trade Is revlv
tog tnPLtUbnrgbw &mtbern merchants,
toe the first time ainee-tbe war, bare jiii't
been to tbatelty making pircnases of these
' rttBkaaijlii ed I'Jtf 'JT
X"t2ktnsX SalKKi on Tuesday Isst,wh lie
ibping'atreei south fef IVadaworth, Me
eUnacouuty, wss so badly Infured t? the
iaOlnr ef h small limb upon bis bead, as to
aos blf death la theereuing.' So 'says
thEtttrptit." iir ..-
:i Tag Crawford County Porum bits the 10
per 'rent.' Interest law this rsp : ' The na
tional bankers and monopolists, having by
thtlf machinations lntentiOtd the 1 strin
gency ot the' money market caused by the
restriction 'of the paper currency, the
msnrera sea a golden chance to grow rich
ff the publie necessities, and are beseech
Ing - th Legislature to legalise an exor
bitant rate of Jnterestr This, we feel sale
la saylDgk tba Legislature will not do. I
Aao (bote admitted to practice law
t aUU eaarts af this State, by the So-
pMsnCoort, n Friday last, was George
ffic Sleek an, f i Columbus, 'formerly1
Pfelaarana naty boy.t 1 We are glad to
aotst tha jadTancemeat of aa. old school
mais.bGanegn has foe soma time past.
tllea igbs efflcst nl Justlc at the Peace
-tarf smdtubly) ahd we beliera be has rim
oaouf k la bis composiflon to rise high In
tJM jofes.io, of lawv. Success to. you,
GOTge-Xasrt fieraUL , :
Dsaisx XX PaaTT, jast elected to i
United Statea Senate-. Jrom Indians, Is In
bis 6Sth yaaii was bora Jn Xvw York ; b
a lawyet by profession;, was a JTblg when
that party bad an existence ; bsa lired In
Logans port since 1838; was the Whig can
didate for Congress in 1847, but defeated
was Whig District Elector in 1848; In 1851
aad 1853 . ana a member of .the Iowe
bouse of tbaLegUlature; was Bcpubllcau
candidato ior Elector in 1836 ; In 1860 wa
tba Bepnblicaa Delegate for the Bute at
large la the Chicago Coarention ; and wat
elected last fall to Congress, from the 8U
..THalndlapspolU Sentinel U responsible
for tbiatr la tba edge of Hartln oountj
Ure sJamtiy teamed Cross Jostjnow itU
aalAiJhat lb, .Cross ta, nnasualiy ercs
Awta to the fact that a tew day ago J4r
Cnaa. for tba elTenth time, gsre birth to
a dauthter. Oa thlt eceasioD Jin Croat
iO& to blf wilf sJkmelia Jane, this Is not
to be borne "Bat it Is bora, my dear,1
said blawifo meekly, "don's be angry, my
lata, wo aball hare oar little crosses to
- Mr. Cross groaned la bitterness oi
apUtW'Amella sue, thi1 thing bss been
going on long enough U you have any
aar'll4l arosses to bear, X shan't help
yea support them t"
- era bow rals. ia (CWlfornte. ' i ; ' .'
A ot?m 10611 of earthquake Was felt
In PUuWrjh i oaTrldajr might. 1 'j
News and Otherwise. The Stuff Radical Senators are
Made of.
t Sew York has elected a new united
States Senator to fill the place ones occUr-
pled byj.8u.sj TVuaHftn the person of
"EacawT E. FsKTON.'late Qovernor of the
State. The New York Commercial Ad
ertTsea,'ar'tUincli Sepublican paper,
speaks ol Mr. Fbktom "s the most suc
cessful fraud that ever held a high position
In the government of the country." Its
adit(r says that "ot all the distinguished
citizens who have occupied the ECutlve
chair nl I this Bute, no oue . bss ever
brought the -' amount . of V scandal to
tlte doors ot the Executive cham
ber that Bucbkx E." Fsuton bss;"j
tbst "bis aiminlstrstlon had been made
notorious by a system of blackmailing;
tbst, "unlike most 'men who have held
high official positions, (he) retires from
.office with a larger bauk account, and
more goods, chattel!, bonds snd mort
gsges than when be entered the Executive
chamber." It adds u We say nothing of
the unscrupulous manner in . which he
used his office for his own advancement;"
.and winds up its slashing tirade with the
epithets "scandalous and disgraceful,", as
applied to his administration. , ,
, Zachamah Chindub has been re-elect-
ad for a third teim In the United States
, Senate, to fill the place once occupied by
. Lewis Cass. A bitter dUunionist before the
. war commenced,- be aided the war, by bis
.letter to the Governor of his State, Biking
, blm to appoint Radicals to the Pesce Con
! ventlon, on the ground that' witbput a lit'
tie blood letting the Union was not worth
. saving, and be made a fortune' out ol the
i war. ; An exchange says of Chandler thst
he Is rich, and when that is said.- all. is saiu
. that can be la hit bebafl.r Bis money made
him Senator and it; keeps blm. In tb? Sen
ate.,. He Is mainly distinguished for drunk
enness and coarseness in manners and in
, speech not the rough exterior that oft
hides a- diamond, but. a - rudeness that
trenches upon brutality. Such 4s the man
who occupies the seat once filled by Cass.
Minnesota " return , Alex. ' Bauskt
.another tennV. Ex -Governor Ramt im
. presses the spectator, with his being a very
.notemn'and aTery wise man, so profoundly
Impressed with the troubles of the country.
In fact aa to keep him awake nights. The
Indianapolis Sentinal says no one would
Suspect that the ex-Governor was a good
drink 1st, but probably be can hideasmuch
Bourbon as any bibulous individual in the
publlo service, and without the slightest
concern, all owing, we presume, to the un
fortunate condition of our public affairs.
. Mr;- Bamskt, although some six years in
the Senate, has not, as yet, made any Im
pression upon the country as statesman
yet he may." : ;
-' CHAKua Stjmdkx baa been if -elected to
the. Senate from. Maesucbests. - He owes
his fame to a flogging be once received,
without resistance, for abusing an aged
Senator, and Is the recognized common
scold of the Senate, Sukmbk fills the place
once occupied by Daniil Webster. .
' One Johh Scott succeeds Bucxalbw in
the Senate from Pennsylvania, and Dan-
' iel D. Pratt succeeds Hendricks, of In-
"dlana Of these "great men" nothing Is
known; except that, perhaps, they are the
best timber the Badicals had to make Sen
ators' oi, and either might, with proper
training, make a respectable county court
lawyer.";' ' ; : '
.If the Republican party has intellect, it
ts ; not of an available nature, forol the
'men thus chofen,'lf elected to'tuch a Sen
ate as the country possessed twenty years
since, they would hsve been ss much out
of place aa so many buzzards in an eagle's
'nest, "'; :
Hands Off!
' The' Legislature at Columbus will beet
consult the old democratic principles by
not ibterferrlng with the action of the lo
cal city government of Cincinnati. We are
abundantly able down here to regulate our
own local and domestic concern. If we
don't do it well, it' is our own fault, tor
which we alone have to atone. , At any rate,
the Legislature, should let us alone until
there Js some popular cry for relief from
this corporation. It is a fundamental Demo
cratic doctrine that of local popular sover
eignty. There are already far too many
clitckf and restraints imposed upon this
'great metropolis : by the State of Ohio.
Cincinnati inquirers -..;
The gentlemen representing the county
4f Hamilton are queer geniuses, any way
yon can fix them." '.' ' '
-; The City Council of Cincinnati made a
contract for certain" land for a city park
Itfwas' hdt locatedln the vicinity of the
land owned by the men who control the
delegation, and' hence an effort is being
'made,' as a' srreat principle' not to be de
pard from, that a law be passed not to1
allow the city fathers to contract a debt ot
"Over fifteen thousand dollars Without a vote
of the people. Pending this, and advocated
by the men 'who. wish the limitation bill
passed, 'is another project, to allow the
county authorities to run In debt something
like a1 quarter of a million dollars, and to
tax the people of the townships, not the
city, therefor, without trusting them, whh
the chance to vote y?a or nay thereon.'
Last tall, alter a hard fight, one or two
one-armed soldiers were' eltcted to office
In Hamilton connty, against the well di
rected ifforts ot stay-at-home 'patriots ot
the same political school. ' Chagrined at
the idea that such men as Captain Sibjs
tias should be selectt d to fill the office ol
County Treasurer, when the Sakds Broth
ers were wilUng to take it, the same ring
that wUh to limit the city indebtedness to
$15,000, leaving the county to plunge
Into any speculation it pleases, are now
"making an effort to reduce the- fees ol
the Tressurei's office, as to" make it im
possible for an honest man to bold it, and
make a decent living, to the end that it
may pass into the hands of those who care
not for salary, provided they can use the
money to their own advantage. '.
: r-An effort is now being made to create
a new State.out of the territory ot the
' city of iiew York. It this be done, we go
! for the creation of the independent Stat
, of the city of Cincinnati, with Egglsstos
as perpetual Governor, and his brothers-in-law,
the Sakds family, as custodians,
not only of the money of the people, but
of the people themselves.
The Pressure in the Money Market.
... . Btet.
" On Thursday, in the Senate, Mr. Link
offered for adoption the following, which
was laid on the table to be printed : :
" Raolved by the General Miembly of the
Stat of Ohio, That our Senators in Con
rresa be requested to urge the immediate
paasage of a law authorizing the issue ol
United States legal tender Treasury notes
tntmrh an amount as shall restore the cur
rency ol the cotintry to what it was prior
to the cancellation and withdrawal ot any
such notes from circulation by ihe Secre
tr nf the Treasury, and thereby redeem
ing, to the extent of such issue, the bonds
or the ireaerai ovemiucu.
' s This resolve is one In which men ot all
'parties have a deep interest. . That partic
ularly In the west, there is a scarcity o
currency, every business man knows and
ieelst.-' '-"-I - ' '
1 'There Is now a large amount of public
debt, past due, but unpaid, the Govern
ment having the option to pay it now, or
soma years hence. . It is due In legal tender
notes, and Its payment at thlt time, would
not only telleva the pressure, but lessen the
taxes, by doing away with the necessity of
Bavin usurious interest in ins oent.
; We trust that the resolve ot Mr. Limb
will" hot only be adopted by the Legisla
ture of Ohio, but that Congrats will do a
sensible thing, by adopting the plan pro
posed.' ' -: 3- ''
United States Malls—Investigation.
. Slow.
NEW YORK, January 23.
Herald's Washlntton dispatch ksvV:
The Wells, Fargo & Co. Investigation com
mittee had a number of witnesses before
them yesterday. Among tho most impor
tant examined was J. C. Casement, of the
Union Pacinc railroad.. He testified that
the accumulation ot mail matter along the
route took place when the old contract with
welts, rargo & Co. had expired, and oef r
the new one was made. Mr. Scalds, the
son of the man who was the lowest bidder
tor the contract, testified that" himself and
lather offered to cam the mails for $700,-
000 less than Wells, Fariro & Co- but they
could not get any satisfactory answer to
their letter- Mr. Tilton. a banker, of New
York, who seems to have been the backer
of Mr. Spalds, corroborates his statement,
' The same dlsnatch savs it seems to be
trenersllv understood that Menard, the col
ored Congressman from Louisiana, will not
get his seat in the House.. ; , ..
WASHINGTON, January 23.
A foint resolution was psssed donating
condemned cannon for a monument to the
late President Lincoln.
Mr. Stewart's joint resolution, for an
amendment to the Constitution relative to
suffrage, was made the special order for
Thursday next. , , .
Mr. DIXON gave notice that he would
offer an amendment rfqulrtnjf the ratltica'
lion of the proposed amendment by Con,
ventions in three-quarters of the States, In
stead of bv the Legislatures.
On motion of Mr. WILSON, the Senate
then agreed to the amendment made by
the House joint rosolution respecting the
provisional governments of Virginia and
Texas, and also to another amendment ex.
tending the provisions of the resolution to
the state ot Mississippi.
The air line rail road bill, as the unfin
Ished business of yesterday, came up for
' Mr. POMEROY moved to postpone it
for the purpose of taking up the bill in re
lation to the Central Branch of the Union
Pacific railroad.
Mr. HENDRICKS Bald he intended to
submit some remarks in opposition to the
airline Dill when it should De under con
sideration. He had been at first opposed
to the bill relation to the Central Branch
or Union Pacific railroad which it was
now proposed to take up, but furthtr iu
vestiication had satisfied him that in view
of past leaislation it oueht to pass.
The Senate then postponed the airline
Dill and tootc up the central Braucn Dill,
Dy a vote-ot 33 veas to 15 nays.
Mr. SHERMAN opposed the bill.
Mr. COB BEIT moved to add a proviso
that no more Government bonds shall be
issued to the said Company, but that the
Government may guarantee the interest on
said Donds tr twenty years.
The Dili was aeDaiea until o ciock,
when the deceased representative, Mr
Binds, was eulogized, and at 4 o'clock the
Senate adjourned.
A resolution was adopted asking Infor
mation Irom the uepartments as to now
many buildings in W ashing ton are rented
Mr. ae.lsh.1 onerea a resolution caning
on the Secretary of Slate for information as
to the property 01 wm. x. Harris, an
American citizen, who died at Bohia,
Brazil, in 1S52. and whose property was
seized by offlcers or the.niazilian bovern
ment at that time. Adopted.
On motion ol Mr. SPALDING, the Sen
ate amendment to the resolution providing
tor the disposition of certain papers re
rating to military claims occurring in the
Department 01 the west, was taKen irom
the Speaker's table and non-concurred in,
Jlr. BOUTWHiLtL. caned up the consti
tutional amendment and bill iu regard to
suffrage and opened the debate upon it.
Mr. Buutwell's argumentwhich lasted two
hours, was occasionally interrupted by
questions from members on the other side
OI the House.
Mr. BROOKS said. In order to carry out
the urincioles advocated by the gentleman
from Massachusetts, he proposed to offer
an amendment to the bill by striking out
the word "citizen," wherever it occurs.
and substituting for it the word " person
and otherwise altering it so it will read:
' no State sha.ll abridge or deny the right
of any person la the Uuited Suites to vote
by reason of bis or her race, color, sex.
nativity or age, whenever 21 years old,'
The amendment was ordered to be printed
Mr. BOB1N30N gave notice ot an
amendment bv substituting for the word
"citizen" the word "fnuabitant, having no
other residence elsewhere than In the Uuited
States." The amendmeut was ordered to
be printed.
Mr. asun addressed tne House in op
position to the bill. -.
Adjourned. -
St. Louis Items.
ST. LOUIS, Jan. 23.
Concurrent resolutions, memorializing
Congress to grant additional subsidies to
the Kansas Pacinc and Atlantic and Pacinc
railroads, were passed In the House yestar
dav with but one dissenting voice. .
It is said thatneaily nitv members of the
House have expressed their willingness to
submit the question of female suffrage to
the people 01 the State.
The report or the superintendent ot tne
state .Lunatic Asylum snows tne inscitu
tion to be doing a most excellent work
The total number ol patients during the
past two years is 663; the nnmb-r rili-
charged during the same time 30S. The
expenditure of the asylum for two years
were si&i.&H, ana tne receipts ioz,32
The cost of maiulainance of each patient
was S3.52 per week, which is stated to be
$1 72 less tban the average, and 42 cents
lower tban the cheapest asylum In the
United States. It is also stated that the
colored insane are rapidly increasing.
there being about one to every 1000 of col
ored people. Special legislation for their
benefit la recommended.
A Cheyenne dispatch says 150 soldiers and
about as manv citizens, wen ariuea and
provided with 18 days rations, leu yester
day in search ol tne Indians.
An Omaha telegram says: Mrs. uapt
Howard was this evening fatally burned
by the accidental explosion of a stove
using gasoline.
The Union Pacific reached the thou
sandth mile tost this evening. Govern
ment Comissioners are now examining the
General Grant at Baltimore.
This morning, before the pul lie recep
tion. Gen. Grant reviewed the entire Fire
Department of this city snd several hun
dred of the police force. While the re
view was taking place an alarm of fire was
Struck, ana tne engines. were soon at worn
on Mnouinent square. Alter tne exntni
tion a large numocr of citizens, including
many ladies, called on the General at Bar-
nuurs Hotel. Gov. Bower, who was a com
rade of the General in the Mexican war,
was among the uumoer. Alter the recep
lion Gen." Grant was accompanied to the
depot by the City Council and lelt for
Steamer Sunk.
A hont eleven o'clock last night the stern
wheel xt.eamer Li Claire, No. 2, Captain
Milt. Taken., hence from the Tennessee
river. In attempting to pass over the lll
struck on one of the abutments of the
bridge and sunk. She bad on board some
fifty - or sixty passengers, about
rift.r males aud borees and a good
freight. The boat sank in about seven feet
of water. The live stock were cut loose
and the msioritv swam ashore. Tne pas
anrra had neanv all retired, and when
the announcement of sinking was made
the areatest consternation prevailed, i or-
tunately the steamer Larascon c ame down,
and rounding Jo, took off all the passen
gers and carried them to Portland.
The Mill Tax.
FLORENCE, January 24.
' Violent debates took place in the houses
of Parliament last week on the question ot
the mill tax, the collection ot which has
caused so much riotous agitation. The ac
tion of the Government was severely de
nounced Dy tne oppwsmuu.
Theater Burned.
DETROIT, Jan. 24.
! The Olympic Theater was entirely de
stroyed by lire last night. Loss 120,000
insured for 6,000.
The Herald's Expenses.
NEW YORK, Jan. 23.
The Herald states that tact year it-paid
to the Telegraph Company 4 000 more
than all the rest of the New York city pa-
Rogers Murder Case.
r vr:-7 T -.a ' ., i.J'JL .Jl
terv. The romantic stories accredited to
.a Waterbury. Connecticut papeWra not
believed. Dy tne prominent police autnor
Itles. 1 r,-f:
The argument in the babes corpus pro
ceeding tor the discharge of James Logan
was postponed for three weeks.
Decision Overruled.
1 A law case 1 reported 'wherein a deri
sion of Jude Bull was overruled bv the
Court of Common Pleas, which affirm
that gift of money or other valuahe thing
to secure or reward the bestnwment ol
office conveys to a title good In law, .. ,
Daring Robbery.
' A thief boldly smashed the glass pannel
protecting the counter of the Park Bank,
this noon, grabbed a package of $4,000, and
rushed out, handing the package, to a con
federate on the steps, and escaped. The
confederate and money were cap ured.
NEW YORK, Jan. 24.
The wife of Charles Lefferta, cotton
broker, residing In Brooklyn, eloped ves
terdav with a young man named Jared E.
Tomllnson. or Chicago. The lady took
with her jewelry and money to the amount
of $40,000. The parties sailed in the City
or Antwerp. -
Our Foreign Relations.
. The Herald publishes a full text of the
naturalization treaty between the United
States aud England. It provides that citi
zens or either country who become natur
alizfd as subjects of the Other shall . be
treated as such in all respects and for all
purposes. They shall, however, be at lib
erty to renounce their naturalization
and resume their respective nationalities
Within two years alter this protocol is car
ried into enect, tne manner or renuncia
tion to be hereafter agreed upon bv said
Governments; and such persons shall not
thereafter be liable to be claimed as sub
jects by either Government on account of
tnetr lormer naturalization: inese princi
ples not to be carried into effect by Great
Britain until alter the necessary provis
ions are made by Parliament for the re
vision of existing laws. .
A similar treaty with Belgium has been
sent to the Senate for ratificatfon; also a
treaty with France, for the settlement of
all claims, almost Identical with that of
England for the purpose.
The San Juan boundary treaty, which U
also published, refers the determination of
tbe line of boundary to the President of
the Swiss Confederation. All correspond
ence, documents, maps, surveys, &c , rela
ting to the subject shall be placid at his
disposal within twelve months after the
ratification of the treaty. Tbe referee is
to endeavor to deduce the precise line
of boundary from the treaty of
1849. but if unable to do so is
at liberty to determine upon - some
line which will in his opinion furn
lsh an equitable ' solution of the diffi
culty, and be the nearest approximation
mat can ne made to an- accurate construc
tion thereof. . The ministers and public
agents of either country, at Berne, are to
conduct tbe respective cases before the ref
eree, who shall be requested to make his
award in writing as early as convenient
after the whole case has been laid before
him. His decision to be final and conclu
give, and carried into immediate effect by
the commissioners to be appointed to mark
tne oounaary.-
Secretary Seward has submitted to the
Senate the correspondence in the negotia
tions for the purchase by the United State
or tne- Danish west Indian islands, sir
Seward shows that he made the proposi
tion to'purcbase those islands with the ap
proval and authority or President Lincoln
Tbe first sum named by tbe Danish Minis
ter as an equivalent for the islands was
$25.000 000, but subsequently his Govern
ment receded considerably in their de
mands and agreed to receive the amount
stipulated In tbe treaty.
Tho steamships Erin and Chioa, from
New York, have arrived. ...
BREST. Jan. 23.
The steamship Europe, from New York,
has arrived, v- - -
MADRID, Jan. 23.
The subject of the abolition of the slave
trade to the Spanish colonies Is engaging
the serious attention or the Governmene,
A proposition .to declare all vessels eu
gaged iu that traffic pirates Is under con
siderstion, ana win proDaoiy prevail.
Rivers has been selected President of the
new Cortes. ... . 1 -
Transports containing reinforcements
for Cuba are nearly ready to sail. Tbey
will, in order to save time and expense, be
landed at Santiago Instead ot Havana.
Riot at Villa Nevita.
HAVANA, Jan. 23.
During a performance of minstrels at
Villa Nevita, last evening, there were se
ditious cries of 'Vive Ospeda,' and many
ot the audience commenced singing a revo
lutionary hvmn. A formidable riot ensued
and Spanish armed volunteers and police
tiied on the people, who returned the tire.
Many were wounded on both sides. The
affair has created tbe most Intense excite
ment. Sensible men ol both parties regret
tne occurrence of . this outbreak. -. More
The New Electoral Law.
The Gazette publishes tbe provisions of
the new electional law I'TUUDa and Porio
Rico. Cuba will send 18 and Porto Kico
11 members to the Spanish Cortes.
More Disturbances.
The Diaro says a riot was attempted last
night in tbe town 01 ices; la, opposite U
vana. The volunteers were called out, and
since then quiet prevailed. At about the
same time shots from small arms were tired
against Forts Muuero Cuytra and Cabanis.
The firing was kept up until one in the
morning, but when the volunteers ad
vanced they found no euemy. A disturb
ance took place in the city. Shots were
exchanged between the rioters and volun
teers, when tranquility was restored.
Captain General's Proclamation
Captain General Dulce has issued a pioc
lamatio". in which tie says that while jus
tice will be rendered t all, severe punish
ment will be inflicted 011 all disturbers of
Killed and Wounded.
In the afiiiir at the theater last night,
four persons were killed and many wounded.
Business Suspended.
No business was done to-day, owing to the
troubles of last nighr, but the excitement
is now quieting and no further disturbances
apprehended. ' ; ". ..
The Banco del Commercio has resumed
operations, but under arrangements with
its creditors full payment is postponed.
The Rout of Lopez at Viletta—
NEW YORK, Jan. 23.
. A Bio Janeiro letter of Dec. 23d confirms
tbe account ot the roue ol L pz and hi
army atVilett ', The Brazilian loss is placed
at two thousand, but it U understood thai
the Emperor admits it to bave been much
heavier. Aujrutura bad not yet been at
tacked, but division was marching against
It. Minister McMahon is reported to have
come to an understanding with Lopez, and
the steamer Washington had returned to
Buenos Ayres. .
Australian letters fully confirm tbe re
ported massacre ar. Poverty Bay, New Zea
land, by the Mooris. Thirty-three whiter
and about twenty friendly- natives wen
killed, and the prosperous settlement en
tirely blotted out.
'" T
From Montreal.
MONTREAL, Jan. 23.
id the Quebec Legislative Assem&lr,
yesterday, petitions were presented lroru
French Canadians, in various parts of tlu
United States, - Betting forth the Interest
with which they have watched the mea
sures of tbe different Governments of the
Dominion in favor of the e, Ionization and
emigration, expreBeiuy tin ir attachment
ri riejtira to return to Cttua m ami asking
tbe Quebec Government to afford them an
-epporUinttv bjJo so by according them
me same advantages as are auowta to j.u
repean emigrants. i
Bryant, the abscoundkig paymaster's
c)erk of the United States war vessel Ver
moat.naa.beeu "Scarreeted near this city.
fJe w Advertisements
i5T",Ttie Okie SSateawaaas ku t
4M-f;er Circa fu tion thaa'aay pa
per published la tbUJCltj. orJCeaj
trial Oblo. Advertlaera fvlll bear
thi in miad. ; Vil'I I
Jr!.0.,.W. MEEKGR,
Ne. 117 South High Stre, t.
An Ordinance
To aness a aoeoial tax nu tha real KnnnJ
im tb r rrth ude of Uoodala ilreet, from .Talk
treat 10 11 eu areuae.
SSCTIONI- Beit ordstne1 itv tlia CltV Hnnnail
of the city or Colombo,, That tba un of On
dollar, Forty fix eenta. Three millr, be and tbe
same ia hereby levied and assessed upon each foot
front of the several 1 ts of land hounding or
abut line noon the north sideof Goodale suet from
ra k street y aeil avenue, as tbe same are desic.
Dated upon the plat of the Civil Kegineer, on hie
in tne omoe oi tne City uierk. for tbe co,i and
expense of grading snd pavinit tbe cutters and
crossings, a d grading tne sidewalks, and grading
ana graveling meioaaway along tne tame, aoccrd
ing to tha estimate of tbe irity Civil Engineer.
OKU. a. -ihat tne owners OI the sevaral Inla ot
land udod whioh ttie foreeoinfi- unusmrnt ia muL
shall pay the amounts of money bv thm sever
ally .due ' in thai behalt to Davl, Murphy A'
-nocabe, witbln twenty days from the date of this
oroinauce, or be subject to tbe interest and ienal
ty allowed upon the same br law.
President of the City Uounoil.
Passed Jan. 18, A- D. 1869.
. Attest: I Jti. Wilson, City Clerk.
janSS-dlt - ' - -
187 North High Street. '
MA.T. WKAVEE.. ... Secretary,
Sheriffs Sale.
Wm. Taylor) '
Court of Common Pleas of
Deiawa.e county,
Ohio..- .
vs y
Jacob Ins. )
above utated esse from said court to n di
rected, I will offer for sale at pubiio auction, at the
v;ourt Mouse, in tne city 01 voiumnus, oa .
Wednesday, the 3d dav of February, A. D
at 10 o'clock A.M. the following goods and chattels
or so much thereof as will satisfy said execution.
Three barrels whisky, S barrels snrgum moles' e,
1 barrel lard, one-half barrel Catawba wine, 1 bar
rel port wioe. 1 barrel sherry wine, 1 barrel black-
Derry, 1 oarrei coal ou. - 1 ; . . . j
Jrintcr s tees S
E. GAYER. Comner,
aoting as Sheriff.
To Itoa. 64 & GO Kerth nigh Street,
Andrews, Ferry & Co.,
XAmyrAOTtrazas akd iiuiu m
Also, every article eonneoted with tha Paper
business, including Writing, Printing and Wrap
ping Papers, Envelopes, Printers' Cards. Book,
News. Colored Inks, Ac janlS-dlwis,
, . No 333 Broadway.
Capital, - One Mil'Ion Collars.
DaStrsK Manqa .Pres't. Jas. MKERiLL.Sec'y
Receives Deposi'sand allows FOUR PER' ENT
INTEKESTon all liaily Balanoes. subject to check
at sight. rpeoal Oepoa ts fornix mi ntbs or more,
ma, be made at five per cent. Tbe Capital ot One
Million Dollars is divided among over Soo Share
holders, eomprising many gentlemen of larce wealth
and financial experience, wbo are aljo personally
liable to depositors lor all coiieations ot tbe corn-cam-to
double the amount of their capital stock.
As the National 'frost Company receives deposits
in large or small ami unts, ai d permits them to be-
drawn as a whole or in pa t by check at sigbt and
without notice, allowing interst on all daily bal
ances, parties throughout the oountry can keep ac
counts in thi Institution with special advantages
or security, convenience and pnrat.
y- KT-deol-dAwS4m , .
Turnpike Notice.
stock o the Lancaster, Lithopulis A Grove
port Turnpike Company are herebv notified that
there will be a meeting of ibe stallholders of said
Company on SAI'U KUAV. BKU RY6th, 1869,
at the office of John Morehart. Ksq., Lithopolis,
Fairfield county, Ohio at 10 o'clock A. M. 01 said
day, for the purpose of eleoiing seven Directors of
said Turnpike md for the ensuing year.
January 6th. 1869.
8. O. HKNDREN. 8a.
President of said Turnpike Company
. "1
or THB
'United States 'of America,
aiMHsaaaanipaai - - ' ' OH
Cash Capital, - - $1,000,000
To which all general correspondence should be ad
dressed. OFFICERS
CLARENrK H. CLARK. President. Tr
JAV COOKE. Chairman Finance and Execntivs
Committee. ' - . . , '
HENRY D. OOKE, Vice Fruldent.
EMtKdON W. I'ELT, becretarj and Aotnary.
Offered hj t iis Company are :
It is a National Company, chartered br special
act of Congress, 186tl.
It has a paid up capital of SI. 000,000.
It offes low rates of preminm.
It turniabes larger Insurance than other Compa
nies for tbe same umner
It is definite and certain in its terms.
It is a borne Company in every locality. -i '
It-Polioiee are exempt from attachment. -There
are no nnneoeasary restrictions in tha Pol
ioies. - r.
Every Policy is non-forfeitable. - -
Polioiea may be tafcen that will psy Insured their
nil amount and retnrr all the premiums, so that
tbe Insurance oosts only the inter st on tbe annual
rolioies may be taken which pay to tbe Insured,
after a certain number ef .tears during life, an ao
oual income of one-tenth the amount named in the
No extra rata ia ohnrged for risks upon the lives
of females
it insures not to pay dividends, but at S ' a
coat that dividends will be impossible. - ;
Cincinnati. Obio. General Agents for Ohio Contra)
, . and Southern li diana. -
c;..k f. M. WI1H, .
Columbus. 8pecial Agent for Franklin, Licking,
Uoskingum and Csbocton oountiea. , :;.,
reKT-ooLS-deodAweowly .... . . . , '
u i .
Cor. Blcki AHIh Bts.t Colnniba
Wholesale Grocers,
.. DBAkgaa ia
Island Sugars, Coffee, Teas Bpiees.T act " ;
' r ' rr- ' nr--.rz.-:. r-a - M ' '
1 jay J I ty j ly I y, , y1 . 1 3 . !,. : i
..- Blifij,!' : -A.- C. HEADLEY Sc CO. , J
BARGAINS ' : . ' '
BARGAINS ' ' ' - :" "'" T'rr
We will sell our
On and after Monday, Jan.' 11,
. . v ' ," " '," . - - -
2 5 2 ' t ,:' 1
entire stock of
rWard TO COST,'
1869, for firtt' pats. In order to make room for
. Spring Stock., . ' ;r":a
a".-.- . .taiit. j. i
.: I VI
crrm AmTrr &;cot
.1 1L..
SPEClAlj' 2TOTICES. v t . ,
not X -!- wl' h Baager.
" A single spark may kindle a flame that . will eon
anmaa oily, and small ailments neglected,. may
and in fatal disoiders. Bearing this tact in mindt
let tho trt symptoms of debilty or nervous pros
tration be met pnmptly ith invigorating treat
' men-. F.irou ost among sN vogetable tonics of tho
a--stonds HO.-TETTER'8 BTOIAOi- BIT-TER-,
and whrn over tho vital powers seem to lan
guish, or there is any reason' to suspeot that the an
imal functions essentia! to tho sustonation and pn
ria.tatioa of the bod are imperfectly performed,
this inva nable I vigorant and antisoptio should at
onca be rorled to lndigestlm always produces
we kness. ometimes it happens, and this is
mora frequently tie ease, ia Winter than at any
ota r season. rtiat the appeti r demands more food
than the stomeoh ean digest : though Sot mote, per
haps, than is required to keep up the full strength
of the fiamo. Tho objeet. tjnJer sneh cirwoa.
stancts. is to increase the digestive capacity of the
assimilating organ, so as to make it aznal to tbe
duty imposed upon it by tho appeti'o, and capable
of supplying the IrxUdi? material of tU tyttsm as
fast as it is requ red. This object is full accom
plished by tho use of the Bitters. They toneand
gently stimulate tho eelular membrane which
secretes the gaslrio juioe, and tbo result i that tbs
aolvent is mingled with tbo food in sufficient quan
tity to oonvert a.l 1 s ooon.hing paide oa into pan
and wholesome element. If. on tho other, band,
there is a deficienoj of appetite, without anv oorrea
pondinc deioteney of d sentive puwei. tbe effoot of
the tonie is to stimu ate a desire for f. d. In nine
teen eisos out of twenty, headsche, nausea, nerv
ousness, fainting fits, spasms, and. ind od. most of
tha casual aches and paint to which hamaoity is
subject, prooeed primarily from indigestion compli
cated with bilionsness; and for both these complaints
ommended a a speedy and certain remedy." , , i
.. mayMdeodAwly-ew a
The Plaster of the ' 'limea"
In Lumbago they act like a charm. In a few
hours a violent eongh is relieved by a Plaster as)
plied to tha chest.- iieny persons believe a-eold
cannot b.e taken w Ho a pa tor is aoro there ;Jhis
we do know, they greatly assist in tha cure "of a
neglected oold, looitaa the introducer of Consump
tion. ...
. . Ca re f Lection of Ihe I.Itt. t i
A gentleman, after a severe sickness, bad lesion
of the liver. Every quick movement or sadden jar
cava him severe pain, oftan laying him up tor days.
llonco ho was unable to follow any occupation witn
In this condition ha applied over the part affect
Jirst it seemed to irritate, so it was taken off. But
tho marked improvement he ezperien:ed afterward
ga.-a him courage to try again, and he therefore ap
plied another plaster. - In a few days something
gava way-"slipped." to use tho gentle en s own
words. There wtt tome soreness for a few days af
ter, then his h alth was perfectly restored. Upro
being sounded by hit physician tha adhesion or
lesion was found to be gone.
- Principal Agency. Bbamdbbth BtuSB. Sew
York. Sold by all druggists.
LaPIES, over gray hir. why
81 ould there be a HUE and CRY T
Willa3LACK BROWN bestow. . i
, . Use, then, this unoqalled Dya. . . :
. . Bave the HUE without tha CRY. - .
Cristadoro's Hair Prtservative.
Criatadoro guarantees that his Hair Preservative
shall succeed where every other preparation has
ailed in keeping clean tho hair, thiokening it.
glossing, preserving iu color, Uoiining it to ouri,
and reitoring it to that health and vigor which art
the elements of its beantr. " ' '
Suld by Druggists, and applied by all Hair Lrrctr-
Msnufactorj No.SS Maiden Lane. Principal
epot No S Astor House. , . : ,.,
junelt-dAwlrem-retiT - . ,r .
lTR. A. B. WILlilAWS, West Broadway, ntti
digh street. Columbus, Ohio, has devoted himstlf
or a series of years to the treatment oi certain p'i
vte diseases, ne may oioonsuited at bit
Broada. nearthae,achantebana
mavll-tf '
BATCH r .'-. miK- UWE. -iThit
. tpleadid Hair De it tbe best in the world a
the only true and perfect Bve: harmless, reliable
inotantaoeous ; no disappointment t no ridicutoue
tints; remedies the ill eneots of bad dyes; invig
orates and leaves the Hair toft and beautiful, oioca
SOU by all Druggists and Perfumers t
and prop-rlT tpplid at Bttchalor's Wig Factory,
i ine iiran, m. tora. nr aprae dwly
Hrei's dathartlc i Pills,
fha porpoata of a latzatira
. - . . , ,
' Perhaps no one 'modi. .
cine is so universally it
quired bv everybody aa
a eatharuc, nor was over
any before so universal- .
ty adopted into use. ia.
every country ano amem
-. jUl clan sea, aa this mtla
-but efficient punpuiva
... fill. The obvious rea
son is. that it is a more ra-
liaijlo ajad jaxaaorasfTaa
J ,m tnal ramedv than anr .
other. Those who have
tried it, know that it cured them: those who hava
not, know that it cures their neighbors and friends,
and all know that what it does once it does always
that it never oils through any fault or neglect of
its composition. Wt have thousands upon thou,
sands of certificates of their remarkable cures or the
following complaints, but such cures are known in
every Dwigutruruwu, uu bwu mv. c""," m.vmm
Adapted to all ages and conditions in ail climates;
containing neither calomel or any deleterious drug,
they may be taken with safety by anybody. - Their
sugar coating preserves them ever fresh and makes
them pleasant to take, while being purely vegetable
no harm can arise from their use m any quantity.
Tbey operate by their powerful Influence on the
internal viscera to purify the Mood and sttalate-tC
Into healthy action remove tbe obstructions of die
stomach, bowels, liver, and other organs of the
body, restoring their irregular action to health, and
by correcting, wherever they exist, such derange
menu as art the first origin of disease. r x
Minute directions are given in the wrapper ea
the box, for the following complaints, which these
J?UU rapidly cure :
' For IlyaaxiisaAn or IsseMytjatten, ;.' X I all east,
neiaa, Xdtnarner and 1". aaa mt Apsetlte, they
should be taken moderately -to stimulate the stom
ach and restore its healthy tone and action. -
For Silver Cemnlnint and Its various- symp
toms, JMMeMsa Meeaecsix, SMctt Hemsvctae,
TannsUcs) or e?reon lefcnese, BUinne
Colic and Blllnne aTevera, they should be ju
diciously taken for each ease, to correct the diseased
action or remove the obstructions which cause it.
For Dysentery or Dinrrhena, but one mild
dose is generally required.
For IMtenneatisnt, Creat, tSmvel, anlBsW
tntinn mt ssm BBemrt, Xn(n In the SMa,
lack and Xjetna, they should be continuously
taken, aa required, to change the diseased actaoe 0
the system. WUh auch ohange those complainta
disappear. ,
For Dreny and Isrewolcel Bwelllngw they
should be taken in large and frequent doses to pzn
dune the effect of a drastic porn. . ...
For nasre I en a large dose should be taken
as it produces the desired effect by sympathy.
As a Dinner nil, take one or two Pitta to pro
mote digestion and relievo the atemach. v
, An occasional dose stimulates the stomach and
bowels into healthy action, restores the appetite,
and invigorates the system. Hence ft is often ad
vantageous where no serione derajiaeiwont exists.
One who feels toterahly weU, often Bnds that a dose
of these Pitts makes him feel deeded ly better, frem
their cleansing and renovating effect oa toe oUgte-
tive apparatus. ... -
DJC. v. C. A.TBX t CO., Tractieat Chmmtttt,
e- For sale by BkAUN. BRDCK CO..
Wholesalf and Retail. Columbus, and all Drag
tisU.. . . . ianS-eodAaowly-4m
PROVIDENCE. R. U la.ing tba largest aaaatv
fact. ry of Solid Silver Ware ia tbe world, with
tba most m proved machinery, and employing tha
most skilled labor, art enabled to offer aa an
eq nailed variety of new and beautiful design in
Dinrer Services, Tea- Services, and every article
specially adapted for Holiday and Bridal Gifts.
They offer alto their well-known and unrivalled
Nickel Silver Elee'ro-Plated Wart, In which -tbey
have introduced new patterns of ran tlegaooo.
Tha Solid Silver it guaranteed to be of sterling
purity by Hint assay Tbt tleetro-Plate la
guaranteed to be superior to tbt tnest MhtStld
ware. Orders received from- tha Trade only, but
these goods mar be obtained from responsible
dollars every here. , . ,
Trade Mark tTT '" JlJSL. fot
- Arm-Prr
Saletroom No. J Jtaidta Lane, . T. -
nov5-daw4m-r wr , h , ;,-
lOU l'M restored in fnur weeks. Swoeett
gnaranteed. DR. klCOKD S ESSENCE OF LIU
-reatorae mahlv eowera. fmm ah,t,m, mm.. -.4
ting; tba effects of earl, WrriMciioua habi t eejfw
aouav, imimnrr ana iiimsn, tive awey at OBee tt
this wotnitrtai medioine. if taken regular! j aeooraW
ins to the directions (wh'ch trt very simple aud raW
quire Be aaatraint front beiuesaer r' hits 1 r aM
art is impossible, held in bottles at SS. or f ar
quantitieb in one for IS., -To be had only of tbo sole
appointed agtnt in ' America. H. Gxairsxi).
in,ra "-'rn
rT-.W dljr
inim Ave.. corner 13U HtNtw Yotk.
VMT-j.87dlyr .,
La - . a. u ...k a m ' . , . ,. j , . J.
tvs rtrmpMt from XJu pt ay Urn CUJtTia
The"Medical limes" savs oi
f tnts
work: -This
valuable treatise on tbt cease and tare
ef Pressa- .
tura decline, jbowa bow beakh ia impaired tarooak
secret- abuse, of youth and maabeod. had bow
and maabeod. had
easily regained. It -rives a clear arn. psis of the
impedtmei ts to marriage, theeeeet ad effect s off
nervous debility, and tho remedies therefor." a A
pocket tditkn of th above will be forwerdad ea,
f a. at North Charles street, blister, MtV
reoenaj oi ae rani., ny wirwaBinaj ieesor VctTia
roe au

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