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C. K. M.OOD,
News and Otherwise.
iii'iT 8. AKTHTjii about OOyettrnoia. , r
. ; CahtokIb thinking- bn a itrtet Tall
.ijjQjjJ..;-,;! ..vt SI.-iU 'M l3l Utl."'4 i.
. Wild reete 'ate, "flying northward wt
1 "SjiAtLioxha 'made Iti r'ifpearanca in
Portsmouth. ...i . , t
ivimnma to the Gazette, CUclnnatl is
3 latt Of VMeVsw. r . ! luicr-u .d- Iwm !
-- Tint gleWjoe of ta4 Waoatar Univerai.
:tyUeoiplett'-''i";:'-"- 'i- ) i..;
V HtBBOrHOBU tiTeraft greatly In West
"moreland county, Pa; , ' . '
Th currency receipts In New York are
. .again below expeciauons. . ,
f Toledo fce iiealera are arransinx to Im
port Ice lrQtn lAke uatttw. ,,;; , .!
,;A mao Jia been appointed postmaster
hi an ioteaier office 4n Vim Inlau.j ,
ton i Bicnaioo,1 t. arrive In
Baltimore on the 1st ol February.
? THitJnlted irishman'i Clrclea Fenian
Boclety.TiM be? n fornicd In Canton. j
'. A Tocsa apaiwfe la being educated at
" he University of Heldetburj:, Germany
.iiXsKBjt are In Scioto county, la bonds
Md other securities, exempt tvm taxation,
t A- Cslcotta Hindoo can nv: his body
burned in food style lor about one dollar
--andahalt. V : ; ' ? '
Sisaisa -paTaH Berlin, If Itts" true that
Tatlir-CaOX f Ot 13,WW mem iur siujciuy
.Wife .-".f.V,, , . ,
. Ddrisq the last tour years, It is estimated
Jlhat, population of Missouri has In
creased SO per cent, , . .,,.;.,.,' y
;i.rLtu (hk "If to are In doubt
whether to Us a pretty girl, .give her the
benefit ot the doubt." t--: ;!' .
' ' JaT OotJLD has Just made arrangements
by which he secures control of the Hash'
- tR railroad, running to Louisville. '
A vnnwaman hsifins from Illinois has
Jnst time to, Uriel at Buffalo, 1 for doing
huaiaua on fbrzed checks on business
houses. ... . , , ,
' a Miaa Fox wa murdered on Thursday
Wight; a' lew miles west, of Sti' ClairsTille,
by a man named Carr, because she had re
fused to marry htm. - 1 . . : ,
"."A Wixa irQHT . on Monday at Rlpon.
Indiana, between Mike Donovan, 1 Chl-
and John Bovne, of Peru, Indiana.
" resulted in favor of the former In the 33d
tonnd.. , '. - '
1;. Orxilxt Las finally made the discovery
that custom house duties on Imported arti
cles are ""ultimately paid by the American
conittaer in proportion to the quantity he
consumes.", .- . . . ,
Ihsj Republican Ohio delegation had a
caucus oo Saturday nlgn at vrasmngiou,
and among other things favored the adop
tion of a untxersal suflrage amendment to
the Constitution. .
..Taa Dayton Ledger, advocates the lnT
crease of the salary of Supreme Judges to
5,000 a year. It argues that the service of
good udlcls talent cannot be had for less,
WlUthU secure it for a certainty Awudi
.,,Te:s Dayton'. Journal . and it knows
whereof it speaks,' says that there was no
oeer of. high rank in the army who
more soUcltooa and more sensitive about
newspaper eomateata than General Grant.
, '8raATOBS regard tho M quest if theRe
puMleansof the Feuse not to con Arm any
more of President Johnson's appointments,
a ImpertlnenC It Is denied that General
Oranl has looked favorably ,0pou the re
qaeat. .wauw ov,ai:'n J
Tbb store of .Hoff.ldson , B. Olds, at
Lancaster, was f ntewd e lew evening! ago
by burglars, 'and lobbed of goods to the
amount o fl,&00." Tbe goods were recov
ered next ds, ' secreted under some bay
In a stable mOv.'.'i ';' ;' V'" ' '' .
'Tarnrt Is general 'movement on the part
of the" Democratic press of Pennsylvania
In Vavor of the nomination of Gen. George
Tf" Cast for Governcr..The Democracy
of ' PennryTvsnla can not do better than
to' nominate him " ' ' . :' ,
Gsai. aoKQt B, Wbiqht, Commissioner
of Railroads and Telegraphs, will please
accept eur thanks for a copy of bis annual
report, . wlth,,.ealculatlons and reductions
from tbe reports of the, railroad corpora
tion 'of '.the SUte for the year . ending
,Xooa re preserved on a Urge scale in
Paris by placing in a wire basket about a
dozen at a, time, and Immersing them tor
about a mbiuta in bolliog ' water, SA thin
layer of the' egg coagulates on the inner
sciee of the shell, forming a film imper
meable to the air v t w j
1 Tna Pennsylvania Legislature last year
had one hundred an thirteen offlcers--68
W - the House and 45 In the Senate and
the present Legislature, bss added twenty
teven additional", (0fflcer-r-makiDg 140 in
all. That ought to make the Pennsylvania
taxpayers iqulrnl.' ;J,;.): i; , . .,
"A Hair who came to San Francisco a year
ago without a dollar, is now worth 1.000,
000 and has an Income irom one of bis mines
of 1500 a day. H2ow he Says, "I knew a
gal eat West who was willing to marry
me wtXp. I hadn't a cent, and now I'm able
I'm going to marry h.".
TaaBaacock Jeffenonian (Republican)
does not want' the Teuure of Office Act
repealed, and in this connection says:
Either the Tenure of . Office act ia a neces
sUj, oc.Cpngresameo have been guilty of
a piece ol tempotisuig, patchwork legula
tion, pf which tbey ought to bo ashamed.
TM Putnam County Sentinel, referring
to three confidence men just arrested in
tbat'loeality,,aaysi'',fcahere Is a terrible
discount on rascality In Ottawa, and thieves
and coafldeaoa men -had better give the
pbuje.' .a Teryidebertl)aa,.;th6limate
here is 'remarkably : uahealtby loi their
ciasa.r. ' :"' ' - -
M Hallo, this house," yelled a man on the
step pL ao. np-town -mansion, on cold
Bight lately, at the same time ringing the
dosmbell tiolently. u What do you waatr
asked the owner, cautiously thrusting his
head from ast Hpper window. I'm your
cousin from Shrewsbury, and I want to stay
ben all night." "Well, you may stay there
la wsfajptsej If yon'll Jteep i quiet, and let
1 th door-bell alone," said the hospitable
fellow Inside,' lie shut down the window,
J. SowAJtD publishes a long editorial
In the Journal of Monday, setting forth the
absolute necessity of , the Halted States
Benatavettng for the repeal of the Tenure
of Office Act. That General Grantmay not
- oe oo iuwm aaso tae anthosot the- article,
Mr.-Howard signs aqHtv. Then Daniel
D.Pratt, who haa Juat -been elected Sena
tor from IndlanaTbf eaitprUDy soft-soaped
v at a great rate. Inasmneh as there ia no
Ignatufo'V tbU-edllorlal,' we- conclude
that Geanl Oomly It 'the kuthor, hd we,
furthermore, conclude Trom the simultan
eous appca'ranc.o these editorial,' thai
both odator have ' dull axes they want
ground. .so ; r :i I-: ..' J-
Death of Dr. Edson B. Olds.
T7 By private kttelTlgencV Irom'LancagCer,
we learn, wlti feelings or profound regret
the death of Dr. Epsom BvOlds, at his
residence, id that city, on Sunday night
Hart-' V- - .
Dr. Olds was born in Vermont, and em
igrated to Ohio at an early age, and settled
In Circleville, where he practiced his pro
fession. Subsequently, be engaged in
mercantile pursuits. In 1841, he became
a member - ot the Ohio Legislature, and
first lu the House of Representatives, and
thea IntheState Senate, of which. body
be! was' Speaker,. be served several terms,
taking a leading ana acuve part, m
business of legislation. From 1849 to 185$
he was a member of Congress, represent?
lug the district of which Franklin county
was a part. While a member ot that bodyt
as chairman of the committee on Post
offices and Post Roads, Dr. Olds', by his In
dustry and tacr, was enabled to settle the
question of . the right of the people ol
- Wheellnsr. Va- to bridge the Ohio river
right stoutly contested by : the citizens ol
' Pittsburgh by procuring the passage of a
. resolution, making the bridge a part of a
oost road. '
His many exalted qualities of bead and
heart made Dr. Olds many friends, and
when to these waa joined bis talent as a
public speaker, bis friends looked forward
with confidence to the time when' still
higher honors awaited him.-' ' -
:A sketch ol Dr. Olds' Hie, no matter how
brief, would be imperfect without a notice
ot the foul wrong' vommited on his person
which was the primary cause of his death.
Iu 1862, j ust after the party of ree speech
had cyme into power, and Inaugurated the
war, which President L,UiCOLN mignt, ai
"most with a word, which, In the strict line
: of his duty should have been spoken, have
been prevented, Dr. Olds, while sick at bis
home, had his house entered Dy men claim
ing authority from Secretary of War Stak-
tom and Governor Tod, and witnouL triai,
without crime, and in : violation of the
cleasest principles of constitutional right,
was carried off a 'prisoner' and Immured,
'first at the Old Capital Prison at Washing
ton, and subsequently at' Fort Lalayette
and was there kept in a loathsome dun-f
geon, deprived pt. all the comforts of lile,
So vludlotlve were his oaptor, that, to pre
vent hii reading any thing that might pos
sibly come to him, his spectacles were
taken from him his eyesight being so de
' feet ive that without glasses be could not
read. Harsh and brutal treatment, then
and there endured,- was the ultimate cause
of bis death. Immediately alter Dr. Olds
was released from his prison, a vacancy
happened in the delegation, in the Lglsla
ture, from Fairfield county, and the Doctor
was taken u p and elected to fill the vacancy
by an overwhelming majority.
- After his deliverance from prison, Dr.
Olds sought in vain for redress. .Congress
removed the right to sue for false imprison
ment to the United States Courts, aud there
to the eternal shame ot the American
' people, be it said there was no red rets.
, With broken health, Dr. Olds lingered
until Sunday night last, when another of
the victims of Radical .power was sum
moned to that Higher Court, where justice
will be meted out , by the Judge of the
Quick and the Dead. . ' - -
p Gladly would we have omitted that por
tion of Dr. Olds' life, when he was a pris
oner, without crime, iu an American. Bas
tile, for it Is a subject that we, in common
with the right feeling, law abiding portion
of the American people cannot but feel, as
Da Wilton said of the scoundrelly Mak-
,.Vnane to God alon belooga,
Bn( wnen 1 thick of the many wrongs.
'" ity biood U liquid flam." "
In monarchical England,, such an out
rage on a citizen, no matter If he were the
meanest of tjs class, would have convulsed
the country from center to circumference
less outrages bronght the head of Charles
the First of England, or Louis the 16th
of France, to the block,' while in free
'America, the party which based Its plat
form on free speech and lreedom to the ne
gro, committed this on the person of Dr.
Olds, and similar 'ones on other citizens.
and' the courts, by partisan decisions, In
stead of being a protection, aided the min
ions' of power, to strike down the rights ol
the citizen.
Groveport — Interesting Sabbath
Services—Results of Revivals at
Walnut Hill Church and Groveport.
Walnut Hill Church and Groveport. COLUMBUS, O., Jan. 25, 1869.
; . - Colcmbcs, O, Jan. 25, 1869.
; Desiring to visit Some lriends at Grove-
pori, on Saturday, we had the pleasnre ol a
trip on the new railroad. Our neighboring
village is considerably elated over the idea
of being bound to the Capital city by the
Iron bands. ' The arrival of the railway
train is an object of much Interest To them,
attracting' crowds of spectators to the
depot. : " ''''.- ' :'
: Tarrying over the Sabbath, we attended
services In the M.E. Church, where a re
vival hss been in progress some three
weeks. Uo to the present time seventy
three have joined the church on probation
anci-four by letter.
; ' The ' exercises on Sabbath were very
Interesting.' The love-feast In the
morning was ' a season of unusual In
terest.. A very large number related
their Christian experience In rapid suc
cession, many of them being those re
cently converted. During these exercises,
a deaf and dumb lady rose te give in her
experience. Though she could not utter a
single word,, she spoke mote impressively
than any present. As with streaming eyes
she lay her band upon ber heart, and then
pointed heavenward, and by other signs
told, as best she could, her leellngs, the
large audience- was greatly affected, and
but few eyes could be seen that were not
moistened with tears. .
At the close of these exercises, an ap
propriate discourse was delivered by the
pastor. Rev. D. Herlocker, from the words
VYe sre my witnesses."
; Jn the evening, eight persons were for
ward at the altar as seekers oi religion.
Asa result of the revival at Walnut Hill
Church, on the Groveport circuit, some
weeks previous, there were at that point
one hundred and seventeen accessions,
many of them the most wealthy and influ
ential persons in that communit) . . During
the meeting over $5,000 were subscribed
for the purpose of building a new church
We understand that It is the purpose to put
the building under contract immediately,
and have it completed during the coming
summer. . : , ,. . ' . ; . -i
I Tbx Republican press, so far as they
have spokeu, glorify the Ohio Senate for
passing the ten percent, interest law. Is
it not strange that if a ten per cent, law is
o beneficent, that the Legislature (Repub
lican at. that) on the 25 th of February,
1859, repealed the ten per cent. Interest
law that was enacted on the 14th of March,
'1650 ft Undoubtedly, nine years trial was
of sufficient length to test Its quality, and
! that trial had shown it not to be good or
It would not have been repealed,
. i
This Is good : A clergyman and one of
the elderly parishioners. were walking home
Irom meeting one frosty day, when the old
gentleman slipped, and .fell upon bis back
The minister, pn being assured that he was
fnot hurt, said to hjni : My frlend. sinners
stand on slippery places. . ine oia genu
: man looked oip, as if to assure himself of
the fact, and replied " Yes, I see they do;
Tiit I cauV- ..-,!' ' -; ; ., .; u.-hi , :
The Whisky Revenue.
NEW YORK, Jan. 25.
The Herald's Washloaton dispatches
contain the following: The whisky revenue
collected during the nve months beginning
la July last, amounted to fl5.0UU.278, an
Increase of $6,883,390 over the amount col
lected In the corresponding five months ol
the previous year. . . -
President's Nominations—The Petition.
- Silioa.
The petition to the Senate to confirm no
more ot President Johnson's nominations
does not meet with much favor Irom. Sen
ators, mauy of whom consider it imperti
nent, and has never been aDnroved bv-Gen.
Grant, as reported in some of the papers. ,
Boutwell's Amendment.
The Republican members from Oblo
came to.no definite conclusion at their
meeting on Saturday, as to what course to
pursue upon- Boutwell's Constitutional
Next Clerk of the House.
The sentiment of the seven members from
Ohio who will be in the next Congress, is
iu lavor of Gen. Eckley . for Clerk, of the
next House. i, ; . . - :
Military Officers Released from
By direction ol the President the follow
ing named retired officers of the' United
states army are released from their pres
eut assinmeuts, and should they so desire
w.ll proceed to their horaec: Major Gener
als' James B. Rieket.ts. Eli Lon? and Rich
ard W. Johnson ; Brevet Major Generals
and Brigadier Generals James W. Ripley
and Robert Anderson; Brevet Brigadier
Generals and Colonels Washington St-aw-.ell,
John W. Lemanson, Gustave Lewi?,
Charles S. Merchant, Hannibal Div
Pitcairn JlorrUon, Albemarle Cady
John J. ' Abricombie. Kelisba G,
Marshall and M. Bunker; Brevet Uxjor
Ueneral ana uoionel Harvey JBrown: jul
onei M. E. Walker; Lieutenant Colonels
bnooh feteer, Lileutenant Alexander; David
It. Whiting,. George W. PatcheD; Brevet
(Jolouels L. Jones and W. H. Wolcott; Ma
jors f rank a. learned and William K.
Prince: first lieutenants F. E. Bromell
and brcyet captain Patrick H. Mooney.
The following officers have been assigned
to duty accordinir to their brevet rank
Brevet Major General Buchanan, Colonel
of 1st infantry, and Gillen, Colonel of 24tb
The Union Pacific Railroad.
One thousand miles of the Union Pacific
railroad are now finished and in operation.
The Central Pacific " Kailroad (Joronanv
having built five hundred miles, but two
hundred and sixty-seven miles remain to
be built. 'There Is now uo doubt tbat the
entire line to the Pacific will be opened
earty this season. The earnings ot the
Union Pacific railroad lor the year 1863 are
officially reported at $5,0G6,G51.61. .
Application of Mrs. Lincoln for a
The President has laid before the Senate
a petition ot Mrs. Lincoln, winow ot the
late President, asking tor a yearly pension.
The petition is written on note paper, with
a heavy mourning border, and reads as
To the Hon. Vice President of the XT. 8.:
Sir: I herewith most respectfully Pre
sent to the honorable Sen'ite of the United
States, an apj lication tor a pension. I am
a widow of a President ot the United
State?, whose lile was sacrificed in his
country's service. That sad calamity
has greatly impaired my neaitn, -aud
by the advice ot my physl.ian, I
have come over to Germany mainly
to try mineral waters, and during
the winter to go to Italy. But my financial
means do not permit me to take advantage
of the urgent advice given me, nor can I
live in a style becoming the widow ot the
Chief Magistrate ot a great nation, al
though I live, as economically as I
can. In consideration or the great
services my deeply lamented husband ren
dered to the United States, and ot the fear
ful loss I have sustained by his untimely
death, his martyrdom I may say, I respect
fully submit to your Honorable body this
petition, hoping that a yearly pension
may be grauted me so that l may nave less
pecuniary cares.
I remain most respectfully,
Frankfort, Germany.
It was referred to the committee on Pen
sions. -. I. :
Bank Robbery in Baltimore.
This morniDgr Inspector Delk received
a telegram from the B&ltimoro police, sta
tins' tnai a curgiary naa been committed
on Friday on a Baltimore bank, name not
given, and $125,000 stolen. The property
consisted ot $90,000 in treasury . note,
$15,000 in Central Pacific railroad bonds,
$60,000 in Union Pacific railroad bonds,
$10,000 in five-twenties, $20,000 in Wash
ington county ''Maryland) bonds, $30,000
in. .New Orleans and Opelousas railroad.
and $8,000 in New Orleans and Jackson
railroad bonds, and $25 000 in Western
Maryland bonds.
WASHINGTON, January 25.
The PRESIDENT presented the creden
tials of Mr. RAMSEY, Senator elect from
Mr. EDMUNDS, from the committee on
Retrenchment, reported the bill repealing
the Tenure ot Office bill, with an amend
ment leaving heads of Departments, the
Cabinet, subject to removal at the will of
the President during a recess of the Sen
ate, and authorizing him to suspend all
other civil officers during such recess.with
out having specific evidence to justify the
Mr. StJSWAUi', irom the judiciarv
committee, made a report, accompanied by :
the following resolution:
Besolved, That Jot-hua Hill, claiming to
be a tie n a tor elect from Georgia, ought not
now to be permitted to take a seat in this
Mr. IKU41BUL.L, presented a minority
report, which, with the mnjorlty report,.
was laid on tne taoie and ordered printed.
The bill relative to the Central Branch ot
the Union Pacific railroad was taken up.
Mr. DOOL1TTLE rose to reply, but gave ,
way, to a motion tor aujiurumen', which
was parried.
Adjourned. '
Several hills were introduced and refer
red, Including one by Mr. Kelsey, for fund
ing and paying the national debt.
The House resumed consideration of the
bill granting land and the right of way to
the Denver Pacific Hallway and Telegraph
Company, and was addressed by Mr. Logan
In opposition thereto.
Mr. vvim uu.vi spoKe tor tne bin.
Mr. SCHENCK followed on the same
Mr. O'NEILL spoke In support of the
bill. .
Mr. COVODE closed the debate In Its
favor, and moved the previous question on
its passage.
Mr. WASH BUBNE, ol 111., moved to lay
the bill and amendment on the table. 3
: Mr. RANDALL called for the yeas and
Mr. WASHBURNE moved a call of the
House. He wanted all the members to be
present and show their hands.
A call of the House was not ordered.
The tjuestion was taken and the Hou?e
refused to lay the bill on the table yeas
85; nays 92.
The House then refused to second the
previous question. " .
. Mr. LOiiAN moved to refer the bill and
amendments to the committee on Public
Lands. A freed to.
Mr. PAINE aeked leave to offer the
following resolution, stating that it had
the approbation of a majority of the mem
bers of the Reconstruction committee, al
though he was not authorized to report it:
Whereas, It Is provided by the recon
struction act passed March 22(1, 1S67. that
until the people of the late rebellious States
shall be by law admitted to representation
in Congress, any civil government that
may exist therein shall be deemed provis
ional only, and that no person shall be eli
gible to) office In such provisional govern
ment who are disqualified for office by the
14th amendment of the Constitution' ot the
United Staurs; and . .
Whxreas, it is reported that the Legis
lature ot Georgia has expelled the colored
members thereof, and admitted to their
seats white men, who received minorities
of the votes at the polls, and that mem
bers of said Legislature who bad been
elected thereto by the votes of colored men
iolntd in such action, and that twenty-
- 1 . I , .3 .. V. ; r . mnH knlrl ...... 1M
beveil Ulequuimeu wuho ucu u,u otavo iu
In said Legislature in violation of the 14th
amendment to the Constitution, and of th
reconstruction ao s of Congress; and.TL'
Whkrbas, Scnatoia from Georgia have
not been admitted to the Senate of tb
United State ; therefore, .' '
Resolved, That the committee on Recon
stiuction be ordered to inquire and repon
whether any and what further action
cughtto be taken during the 40. h. Con
gress respecting the representation o!
Georgia in the House. , t .. , , , , r , .
i, Mr. P.03S objected. . H f !
Mr. PaINE said that as he got the flooi
with the understanding tbat Uie.proposU
tion would not occupy any time, he would
have to withdraw it tor the present, but
gave notice that as soon as he could obtain
the floor he would move to suspend the
rules. .- - - -
Mr. WASHBURNE, of Illinois, moved
to go Into committee ot the Whole on th
legislative appropriation bill. . . .
Mr. SPALDING moved the House ad
journ. The latter motion was agreed ;to,
and the House, at 4:15. adjourned. ' '
Chicago Items.
CHICAGO, Jan. 24.
The Tribune's dispatch from Denver,
Oil., reports the killing of a. man named
Masulre, at Georgetwn, last evening, In a
saloon, dv a woman.
Tosy's Herald's Omaha correspondent
from a new Sioux reservatlori, predicts
much trouble next spring from the Sioux
and northern Cnevennes.
- At an early hour this morning Fred
Sth-ker, a private detective, entered Kei
ler's saloon, 96 Dearborn street, In quest of
..Daniel uiockler.. a discharged- .employee.
who . was suspected of fraud against rbis
employer. While there Boekler attacked
the detective and cut his head so severely
with a hatchet tbat his recovery is pro
nounced hopeless. The murderer , was ar-
retieu- - 1 v., " -
This afternoon Henry Fitzherbt, who had
been arrested tor larceny, dasned through
the second story window of Justice Gill's
omce ana fell upon tne pavement, sixteen
feet below. His recovery is considered
doubtful. -
On the 221 Inst. $7,200 dollars were ta
ken from the residence of King, a cattle
'.drover, in a lane, eighteen miles distant
A reward ot $2,000 is ottered tor the cap
. ture ot the taief aud recovery of - the
- monev.
A bill was introduced in the Montana
Legislature, on the 6ih inst, to locate the
- territorial capital at Gallatin City. It
likely to pass.
San Francisco News.
The ship Francisco, Captain Alexander,
bound to Valpariso, trora rort uamoie,
with lumber, was wrecked at Musgorea
inland, one of the Gambia group, on the
22d of October last. The vessel was a total
loss. Seventeen of the crew arrived here
from Tahiti, by the French transport Chev
ert. It Is rumored tnat the ship Viceray, from
Liverpool for San Francisco, was burned
off the coast of South America. The ru
mor cannot be traced to any reliable
- E. G. Randall, postmaster at Portland,
Oregon, convicted of robbing the mails,
has been sentenced to twelve years Im
prisonment. Randall's clerk, Fox, was ar
rested on the same charge.
Arrived Pharos, Boston.
Jay Gould and Party in Louisville
Jay Gould, the New York railway king,
and suite, arrived In this city last evening.
It is authentically stated that arrangements
are concluded giving him the control of the
Nashville road, whose track will be made
complete by the completion of the O. & M.
extension, via North Vernon, to this city.
Within twelve months passengers may pos-'
sibly go from New York to New Orleans
by an unbroken six foot guage. The party
leaves this evening pa the five o'block tram
for Cincinnati.
Killed by Street Railroad Car.
Willie Woodhouse, a lad four years of
age, was instantly killed on Saturday even
ing. He had been riding on the platform
of a street car and fell off, the wheels pass
ing over his body. He was mangled In a
horrible manner. . .
Machine Shops Destroyed.
Faber & Co.'s machine shops were de
stroyed by fire Saturday night. Loss, $10,
000, partly Insured. The property burned
was recently purchased by the Pittsburgh,
Cincinnati & St. Louis Kailroad Com
pany. ...... .;
Fire at Birmingham.
McAfee & Co.'s glass house, located In
Birmingham, was destroyed by fire this
morning. Loss not ascertained.
A Mystery.
In order to test the fact that the fire In
Burd block was not caused by the explo
sion of a boiler, steam was raised this
- morning in the boiler among . the ruin?,
proving that it was not injured., The ori
gin of tbe fire is still a mystery, though It
Is generally supposed to have been the
work of design for the purpose of robbing
the store during the couflagration tbat
would follow.
Arrested for Forgery.
BUFFALO, Jan. 25.
CasMun M. Andrews, aged twenty-two
years, hailing from Illinois, was arrested
here, yesterday afternoon, -when about
taking tbe cars for Chicago, charged with
issuing some thirty forged checks on busi
ness houses. Andrews has bten visiting
relatives here for tbe last three months.
His trunks were well stocked with cloth
ing, furs, Ac, obtained by means of forged
checks. He has been committed to jail for
further examination.
Prize Ring.
A prize fight between Mike Donovan, of
Chicago, and John Boy ne, of Peru, Ind.,
was fought near 15 i pan, Ind , this forenoon,
and resulted In favor of Donovan, In 33
BOSTON, Jan. 25.
The extensive pork packing and lard
establishment ot Boy n ton, Swallow & Co.,
in Brighton, was. destroyed bv fire last
night. The loss was $50,000, "ou .which
there Is partial insurance.
NEW YORK, January 25.
; The office of Calvary Cemetery, on Mul
bery street, was entered by burglars 011
Saturday night, a hole having been made
in a thick brick wall for the purpcxe, and
$10,000,part!y In bonds, stolen Irom the safe.
which was battered open witn a hammer
The burglars escaped. . , ..
Small Pox.
It is reported that small pox Is becoming
Mexican Affaire—Programme for
The Herald to-day closes an editorial 011
Mexican affairs by saying that it antici
pates, in some practical shape, the revisal
under President Grant of the grand idea In
volved in the cfler to General Scott, by the
Mexicans, to accept the Government of
that republic In the name ot the United
States, and within the nxt four years, in
all probability, with a territorial delegate
to begin with, we shall have a man in Con
gress iruin each of the Mexican St ites,
Sooner or later this substantially vtll be
the solution of the Mexican question; and
General Grant Is the proper man to settle
Morning Star Sunday School.
Tbe Morning Star Sunday School gained
admission to the hall in Pike's Opera House,
yesterday, but found the room in such a
disordered condition as to be unfit for use.
and accordingly aojourned to another ball
Temporary Injunction.
.Tudtre lngraham has granted a tempora
ry injunction against Mr. i'inke, and cited
him to show cause, why the injunction
should not be made permanent.
Honorably Discharged.
Mr. Jas. M. Walker, late Mayor of Dan
ville, Va., who was arrested In this city,
' charged with having set fire to his distil
lery, near Danville, has, after examination,
been honorably discharged. , J
Blasteir & Eckel, convicted of Illicit re
- moval of spirits, were sentenced to three
' years Imprisonment in the Albany Petii
tbntlary. Mc'Laie was sentenced to six
months imprisonment. - Ano'her case
agaiust these parties was postpoued one
' day to give counsel time to consider the
propriety ol filing special pleas.
Sailors' Strike.
The sailors of every nationality,- to the
number ot 12 000 to 15,000, have struck lor
$30 per month. They maid ed in proces
sion to Franklin Square, whe-e -speeches
were made in denunciation .11 the arts ot
.shipmasters iu reducing wages to $16, and
t was resolved-that no sailor should leave
uoft under less bay than $30. Any doing
were, promised rough treatment. The
men -then marched down South street,
heerlng one firm who expresssd a willing
ness to give the. advance, groaning for
jthera who refused, and finally dispersed.
New Bank.
BeveralTieavynp tov"'merenants"rV
sentiy neu a meeting, with a view to
starting bank under the laws of the State,
witn a-capital or $100 000, th- bank to t
located i n the vicinity ot Union Squart
Snd not to be sTbank of Issue." ' ji'"
Booth's New Theater.
The auction sale of tickets for theonen-
ng night of Booth's new theater Indicates
he total receipts of $10,0003 and that be.
cweeu four hundred and five hundred Der
wns win oe present, ine comnetuion was
lively. vOne box sold tor $140an other for
$122, and orchestra chair ranged from $18
to $25. -The seats sold to day averaged $9
each. The sale is to be continued on Wed
The Rogers Murder.
Th la RtAtrl nnar that tliara la romann
. - - . . n mvnovi, w
believe the parties implicated in the mur
der of Rogers have both gone to Europe.
Arrival of Steamers.
The steamship E;na has arrived.
The steamship Hermann has arrived.
Minister Johnson.
LONDON, Jan. 25.
Reverdy Johnson has accented an Invitn.
tion to dine with the corporate adthoritles
01 juaucucster, some time iu February,
Division Among the Insurgents.
NEW YORK. Jan. 25.
A Havana letter ot the 14th states that
the Insurgent chiefs are reported not to be
in aoford. Two strong parties are form
ing. General Qnesada is working hard to
be made General-in-Chief.
Cholera had broken out In Bayamo.
Reld's extensive cabinet warehouse and
factory were partially destroyed bv fire on
Saturday night. The loss is $15,000.
Buffalo Market—Jan. 25.
Market generally dull.
CORN Sales of ten cars of new on track
at 75. -'
CLOVER $9 00.
RYE-Oflered at $1 35; other articles
New York Dry Goods Market—Jan. 25.
Tbe market Is dull, but steacy, if not
firm, for all staple cotton fabrics.
Milwaukee Market—Jan. 25.
FLOUR Dull and prices unchanged.
WHEAT Steady. . .
Mew Advertisements
CSr" The Ohio fSfateaman haa a
Larger Circulation than any pa
per pnbiiahed. In thin City or Cen
tral Ohio. - Advertiser -will bear
thia In mind.
JMBUS l,OD(K No 30. F.A
(Tuesday) KVEMLNU. Jan.
K fnll i.eutinff m riatiirfiil . '.- -
in28-dlt H. J. COX. Secretary.
So. a South H go. treet. eoDaistiu of
Ete. Apply at tbe i.o erutm for terms.
janM-deoJIin K. VOGEL.
. . FOR, &A LE. J ' -
wall known property, fronting the Capitol
Square. 83X feet on Higa end 1t-7 feet on State
treet, will ne offered at public saloon WKD.NLS
DA , the 10th day of MaKUH next, at 8 o'clock
P. it.- Term of sale made known on that day.
These wibinrto examine the premises will eall
at my office. No. !t6 West State street.
, , . W. A. McCOY. TrnsUe.
Columbus, Jan. 85, 18CS.- . janSS-dtd
A 1ST Rank Hlrh tlr..t. i. ' '
MAT. WEAVER Secretary,
Sherifl's Sale.
Wm. Taylorl
Jacob Ims. I
Cou-t of Common Pleas of ,
DeUwa.-e county,
Ohio. "''
above btated ease rotn said court t- me di
rected. I will offer for sale at publie auction, at the
liourt aouse, in the etty 01 t;olambus, on
Wednesday, tbe 3d dav ot February, A. D
at IS o'clock A. M . the fnllowins: roods and chattels
or so much thereof as will satist'y said execution.
10-wit: , . .. . - , , . . .
Tbree barrels whisky, 5 barrels sorgum molasses,
1 barrel lard, one half barrel Catawba wine, 1 bar
rel port wine, 1 barrel sherry wine, 1 barrel black'
berry, 1 barrel coal oil.
Printer's fees
. GAVER. Comner.
acting as Sheriff.
.- J ; ' OK THS .' ' '
' To Noa. 64 66 North HJa;a Street
17 5 - i.
Andrews, Ferry & Co.,
Also, every artiole ennneoted with the Paprr
business, including Writing, Printing and Wrep
pinK Papers, Envelopes, Printers' Cards, Eook,
The only Infallible and Parmlesa Fatnedy. Caa be
given with or without tbe patient's knowledge,
Head Dr. Johnston's Treatise on "Drunken
ness, its Consequences and Cure." Try
the SPECIFIC, and be eon
. .. . vinoed. . . . :
ANTl-TOUACCi; COMPOUND, a sweet and
pleasant pi operation ereate no vomiting after its
use. Tobacco need pofe be discarded all at once,
for the Compound destroys the desire gradual y
ana positively.
.. Proprietor. Columbus. O.
sep!7 dxislwly
nIomPrust' CO
v - OF TH C1TT Of KIW TOKK, .- -.
fNo. 836 Broadvrtiy.
Capital, i-r-'- One Million I'olkrs.
DabicsU Makgi Prea't. Jas. MiKRiLL.Seo'y
Receives Deport' sand allows 0 UK PER4 NT
INTEREST on all Daily Balanoes. subject to oheck
. Ifrhfc. rieoal Deooa to for cix montha ersanr.1
mav be made at five per oent. Tbe Capital of On
Mi'lion Dollars is divided among over son hr
nolders. eomprisint many gentlemen of lane wealth
and financial experience, wbq are also personally
liable to depv'aitors tor all bblisatiwns of the Com
panvto double the amount of their capital stock.
As the National 't rust Company taoeive deposits
in large or small amounts, ar d permit tbem to be
nraweasa wbeierin pa ttyebeoset sishtand
without n' tice, sllowint inter.st on all daily bsl-
mwmm HrtlM thMSChftStthCiABntr. U b.M .A.
counts in thii Institution with special tadvantaga
of security, eon venienee and profit.
re r-aeci-aawui
JL E 11-K Utf IJLl I
;v I..0? . .:s;v , f
:'. United States of America,
Cash Capital, $1,000,000
; PHILADELPHIA, '' " 1 f
To which all general correspordence should be ad
dressed. . -
CLARENfT; H. Cl.ARK. President. "
JAY COOKE, Chairman Finance and Executive
Committee. -
HENRY D. MIOKE, Vioe President. ' '
EMaKdON W. PEET. SeoreUry and Actuary.
Offered by this Company are :
. It is a National Company, chartered by speoi&l
act of Concress, 1868. .
It h8 a paid up capital of $1,000,000.
It offers low rates of premium. ,
Tt tnrnishes larger Insurance-than ether Compa
nies for the same money.
It is definite nnd certain in its terms. -'
tt is a home Company in every locality.
It Policies are exempt from attaehment.
' ' There are no unnecessary restrictions in the Pol
icies Every Policy is non-forfeitable.
Policies may be taken tbat will pay insured their
fnll amount and return all the premiums, so. tbat
the Insuranoe costs only the inter. at on the annual
payments. - -. '
Policies may be taken which- pay to the Insured,
after a certain number of years, during life, an an
nual income of one-tenth the amount named ia
. N o ex'ra rate ii ohsrged for risks npon the lives
of females
It insures not to pav dividends, bnt at S 'a
cost tbat dividends will be impossible.
Cincinnati, Ohio. General Agents for Ohio Centra
and Southern Indiana.
. ra. snirii,
Coln-nbas. Special Agent for Franklin, Licking,
Muskingum and Coshooton counties.
lo n Trifle wl h Danger, ,
A sing'e spark may kindle a flame that will coo
same a eiiy. and small ailments neglected, may
nd in fatal diso'ders. Bearing this fact in mind,
let the first symptoms of dehilty or nervous pros
tration be n tt pro mptly ith, inviioiatiug treat
in u . V remost mnng th vegetable tonics of
TERS, and' wherever the vital powers seem to lan
guish, or there is any reason to suipeet that the an
imal f unotions essential to the sustenatton and pu
rification of he t dy are ixpe -ii.v performed,
this i.va i ab e invigorant and antiseptic should
once be r orted to. Indigestion always produces
we kness. Sometimes it happens,-and, this.
more frequently tLe ease in Winter than at
other season, tbi the npneti . demands more food
than the stomach can digest ; though not more, per
haps, than is required to keep op the full strength
of the frame. The object, under, suoh circum
stances, is to increase the digestive capacity of
assimilating organ, so as to make it exual to
duty imposed upon it by the appetite, and capable
of supplying the bunding material of the tyutem
fast as it is required. " This object is fully accom
plished by the nee of the Bitters., They tone
gently stimulate the eelular membrane which
secretes the gastric juioe, and the result is that
solvent is mingled with the food in sufficient quan
tity to convert all its nourishing partioles into pure
and wholesome element. - If, on the othes band.
there is a deficiency of appetite, without aav e or res-
ponding defioiency of digestive' puw the effect
the tonic is to stimu ate a desire for food. In nine
teen esses out of twenty, headache, aansea, nerv
ousness, fainting-fits, spasms, and. indeed, most
the casual aches and pains to, which humanity
snbjeet. proceed primarily from indigestion compli
cated with bilionsness: and for both these complaints
ommended as a si eedy and oertain remedy.
- may33deod&wly-cw-
, in f ' ft I
The nse of ' .-::.-. i
Will restore it to its natural eolor and promote
, P. H ILL ti CO., Nashua. N.ll.. Proprietors.
' for sale by all Druggists.
july26 dltawAwly-om ,
Ayers Cathartic Pills,
For all the purposes of a lavcative
Perhaps no one medi
cine is so universally re
quired by everybody
a cathartic, nor was ever
any before so universal,
ly adopted into use,
every country and among
all classes, as this mild
but efficient purgative
ml. The obvious rea
son ia, that it is a more re
liable and far more effec
tual remedy than any
other. Those who have
tried it, know that it cured them; those who have
not, know that it cures their neighbors and friends,
and all know that what it does once it does always
that it never fails through any fault or neglectof
its composition. We have thousands upon thou,
sands of certificates of their remarkable cures of the
following complaints, but such cures are known
every neighborhood, and we need not publish them.
Adapted to all ages and conditions in all climates;
containing neither calomel or any deleterious drug,
they may be token with safety by anybody. Their
sugar coating preserves them ever fresh and makes
them pleasant to take, while being purely vegetable
no harm can arise from their nse in any anantitv.
Thev o Derate bv their nowerful influence on the
internal viscera to purify the blood and stimulate
stomach, bowels, liver, and other organs of the
body, restoring their irregular action to health, and
by correcting, wherever they exist, such derange
ments as are tne nrst origin or disease.
Minute directions are given in the wrapper on
, the box, for the following complaints, which these
If Mm mpidly cure :
For yepepaiis or latdlsrMttens, Iiiatlfeae.
ws, mriswar ana aspeme, mey
should be taken moderately to stimulate the stom
ach and restore its healthy tone and action.
For JLtver Ceanplstf art and its various symp
toms, miloau Hetadvche, Sick Headache,
Jawwaiice or Crrerat tMclcaesa, Biltexw
Cellc and Billons Covers, they should be Ju
diciously taken for each case, to correct the diseased
action or remove the obstructions which cause it.
For Uysemtery or Dlaarrkeean but one mild
dose is generally required.
For IskeamattUna, dwelt, drawer, Palvri.
tatioai of the Heart, Palm ia tke Side,
Stack and X.olaa, they should be continuously
taken, as required, to change the diseased action of
the system. With snch change those complaints
For Dropay and Dropsical Sweltlag-a they
should be taken in large and frequent doses to pro
duce the effect of a drastk) purge. ' -
For Suppression a large dose should be taken
as it produces the desired effect by sympathy.
As a Dinner Pill, take one or two Rill to pro
mote digestion and relieve the stomach- -, , -
An occasional dose stimulates the stomach and
bowels into healthy action, restores the appetite,
and invigorates the system. Hence it is often ad
vantageous where no serious derangement exiats.
One who feels tolerably well, often finds that a dose
of these JHtlt makes htm feel decidedly better, from
their cleansing and renovating effect on the diges
tive apparatus. . A. . .... ... , . v., ,,
SA, J. 7. ni! at CO., Itmetiemt Cksmiscs,
; ... XOIfMX. XASS.fXr, 8. i
KT For sal by BRAOfv; "BRIJCK k CO..
Wholesale and Retail, Colamfcas. and all Dro
giatav i t .1 i - ian-eotilsowL-oim
sovereign halm for the smallest pjmple on "the face,
at well as the most distressing en taa eo as disease
(hat ean afflict any part of the person.
! sepn-dawly-om .
' f Is
I nr. Hetirr Watt'a rrench Paweleva
will eure inflammation of the Kidneys, Uonorrhea,
Oleet. .stricturei.- Nerroui Debility, semina
Emissions, Genital Weakness eaased by solitary
habits in youth, lie-8s,-Ao4f ticrofula. tokio
Diseases. Syphilis In all its forma, eanoing Here
'rhnatsnd Nose. Pain In the Bones. Eruptions,
' to., permanently cured. Copavia and Mereury
iisca ded. Y or tare by J . R, Coo. Druggist, tin.
gg South High street, Columbus. Ohio. Price It
nr box. best by mail on receipt of prioe.
jan3 . -
Wool ..t.t.rt........-.A.-.-.'.V. i .11 1 intrwCS
tit .-Ht . Mi.. Kltlw. -o-". if
T '.. ! .t 0. - .
Evening's en terta4nmeBt to eondade with
Zlx i XaXexrary Oolatoiev-
For particulars, see pre grammes.- -.- ---.
.v'':::'::;:;Ayers '
For' restoring Cray Hair to
its natural Vitality and Color.
A dressing which
is at once i agreeable,
healthy, and effectual
for preserving the
hair. Faded or gray -hair
is toon restored
to its original ' color
with 'the gloss' and
SOSO. Thin hair is thick-
ened, falling hair checked, and "bald
ness often, though Dot always, cured
by its use. .Nothing . can, restore .the
hair where the -follicles are destroyed, '
or the glands atrophied and . decayed.
But such as remain can be saved for '
usefulness by this application. Instead
of fouling the hair with a pasty sedi
ment, it will keep it clean and vigorous.
Its occasional use will - prevent the hair
from turning gray or falling -off, ' and
consequently prevent baldness. Free
from those deleterious substances which
make some preparations dangerous and '
injurious to the hair, the Vigor, can
only benefit but not harm it. If wanted
merely, for a , .
nothing else can be fonnd so desirable.
Containing neither oil nor dye, it does
not soil white cambric, and yet lasts
long ou the hair, giving it a rich glossy
lustre and a grateful perfume. - '
Prepared by Dr. J. C. Ayer & Co.,
Pbacticai, and AnaltxicaIt Chuhsxs,
FBICB $1.00.
7 Sold by BKAUN. BROt K k CO Whnle
sale and Hetaii Oea era, Columbus. Ohio, and by
Druggists everywhere. int-deodweewry
The Piaster of the "Time-
In Lnmbago they act like a charm. In a few
hoars a violent conga is relieved by a Plaster ar -plied
to the chest. Many person believe a Oold
cannot be taken while a plaster is worn there; this
waste know. they greatly assist ia the ear of.a
neglected oold, so often the in troduocr of Consump-
tion. ! -- - '
Care of Lestioai of the UveriT!
A gentleman, after a severe sickness, had lesiom
of the liver. Every quick movement or sudden jar
gave him severe pain, often laying hinmp for days.
Hence he was suable to follow any occupation witn .
regularity. ,
In thiscondition he applied over th pert affect
first it seemed to irritate, so it was taken off.' But
the marked improvement he experienced afterward
gare him courage to try sgain. and he therefore ap
plied another piaster In a few days something
gave- way "slipped." to nse the gentle en owa
word ST" There was some soreness for. a few days af
ter, then hish alth was perfectly restered. Upoa
being sounded by his phjsician the adheaiaa ay
lesion was found to be gone. t. t k- ' i - ' I
PrineipaT Agency.- BaaKDKiTH Bocas, 5eW
York. Bold by aU dTOggisU."' - J -"-'
jgnci6dwliycm-reKT-U-- .-
To Owners of Dorses and Cattle.
Tobias' Darby Condition. Powders art warraqtad
superior to any others, or ao pay, fur t ear ss?
Distenper. Worms, Bots, Coughs. Bids-bound.
Cbldr. 4 e!n Hortej. and Colds; Coughs; Loss t
Milk. Black Tongue, Horte Distemper. Ac ia Cat-
They are perfeotly safe and innocent as need ff
stopping the working of yoar animimal. They is
crease tbe appetite, give a line coat, "cleanse the
stomach and nrinaryu organs ;.a.'so-Jncrsass Iaa
mllkof eows. Try them, and yoa will never be
withont them. , iuLi .
Col. Philip P. Bnsh, of the Jemmo Race Coarse;
Fordhsm. n. Y-, would not nse tbem until he was
told of what they are eonpoaed. sines whioh h U
never without them. lie hss over SO running
horses in his charge, and for the . last three years
hss ased noether medicine for them. Be has ktad
ly permitted me to refer any eat to him. Ovat
1,000 other references o a be seen at tbe dope t.
Sold by Druggists and Saddlers -- Price tSeenta
per box. " Depot. 10 Park Place Sew York.
jnnelB-dAwl.vem-rsBT - - ' - - '
- LaPIES. over gray htir. why 5 )
B oold there ho a HUE and CRY t 1 .
. , CKISTADORO'S DYE. yon know.j
P Will a 3 LACK BRO WN bestow.
Use, thea. this uneqalled Dye. v
Have the HUE without the CRY. . ;'
Cristadoro's Hair -Priservatiw
Cristadoro guarantees that his Uair Preservative
shall sucoeed where every other preparation has
ailed in keeping o'ean tbe hth. thickening it
glossing, preserving its color, i.c iniug it to curl,
and restoring it to that health and vigor whioh are
the elements of its beantr. . - . . j
Sold by Druggists, and applisd by all Hair Iirsj.
era. Manufactory Mo. 68 Maiden Lane. Principal,
Depot No 6 A tor House. .. .
jnnels-dAwlrem-rewT - .
: 8I'KKLI Sll,T.n WIRE . .,
PROVlDENCrJ. R. I, raving the largest menu-,
factcry of Solid Silver Ware in the world,- with
the most mproved machinery, and emplbying the
most skills ! labor, are enabled to ofler an nan
sqaalled variety of new mad beautiful designs ia
Dinner Services, Tea Services, and every article.
speoialiy adapted for Holiday and Bridal Gifts.
They offer also their well-known and trn rivalled -Nickel
Silver Eleo'ro-Plated Ware, ia which' they
have introduced new patterns of rare elerencs. - :
The Solid Silver is guaraatetd to be of sterling
purity by U. S. Mint assay. The tlectro-Plate ia
guaranteed to be superior to the finest Sheffield -ware.
Orders received from tke Trade only, bat
these goods may bs obtained from responsible t
dealers every shore., j i.- L .v . -
-- m Tnade
TrsdeMk,--4,- t
No.2 Maiden Lane. N. Y. , t
novfi-dAwiiam-re XT ,., , .i.,. ..,,(:1, i-.
Alf HOOD -AND 'sTHki -
lOIji'H retnwwl lit fnn. .-k. HmmmmI
guaranteed. DR. KICOUD'S ESShNcE'OF LU K
restores mahly powers, from whatever eaa-a, art--'
sing; tire effects of earl pernicious habi s, self
abuse, impetency- sad climate, aive away at ease tax
this wotiderlul medioine, if taken regularly accord
ing to the directions (wh'th sre very simple and re
quire no restrsintfrom entiles or pleasure. Fail
are is impossible. rsld ia bottles at ea. -or feet
qnantitiet, in one forfs. To babadonlyof taeaolei
appointed agent in ADtriea, .H. (ilaliuiu
t hird Ave., corner 13th St.. New York.
fce liNHOODn-iHa.T AWfe.
1, Pamfhm rem tk Da- CtJana.
The' Medical 1 lnies" says 4 this work: '"lh in
valuable treatise an tbe eease and are of pssmsr-
tare dscline, shows bow health is impaired taroaek
secret abuses of youth and manbond. and new s
easily regained It tires a clear ay, pain of the
impediments to marriage, the causa and effects ef .
nervous debilitt, and the remedies -therefor .'f .A
pocket edition of the above will be forard-d oa J
receipt of M eents, by addressing Doctor Inama
Fo-. te North Charles street. Baltimore, id i
era ma.TYa-Qiy-r t.-,,'
1 PRO)E,uM,L.
nil A U 271 r I ii iiu n, . .
o. v . . . , '"ffiP.' view oroaaway, a. I -aih
street. Columbus. Ohio, haa a.a t( iJ
easeriesof years to the treatment of certain r.ji f
," -swmay ovcsn?uttea at nit sot
Broadwa. aearthecschante bang ..
may3l-tf - - , ?
.aaleadid Bair D la th. heat i. tk.- jTll
the only trae and perfeet Dye; barm I est, reliable'
oats.; vemedies the ill enact of had dyes - invlsJ 1
rates and leaves tbe Hair soft and beautiful NacA '
on aroeM.- Soli by all DnigtisU and Perfumers i
V f?TI ' Wig Faerory, '
No. IS bond street. N. lork, fftf aprU dAwly

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