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O iiiwaH;4 laiipwrCand
'oorrecUHl by i J.-bavage, Jeweler, $3
South tul r "
t t. t t I 1.1 1
i i Mount; JuL is,
?? x. a...
fc.S t.
: Baa Rita.
ft 8 M
IS f,
il ar r
U. M. .
-1 ii
n. at
" GTThe township trustee! on "yesterday
allowed 434 60 lor mud purpnaes.
.'ariiuw Huu iiev received tbe
via! nnmhM- of that peerless -Weekly v
- ifcir , - -
rth uil How. . -
'mt i?i,.Kurd P. Wovdruff was on satur-
day appointed by Governor Hay ese Notary
Public tor Franklin ronnty.r iv :
. ty The weather was quite cool fester-
I .l ai.n.
flay. xnetuaoen cobdk -t-j :
; body aevereeolda ami - brown creetert."
"AfiHiTTKD to :?h ; Bab. "Caselus K.
UBretemaa, of : Ctnclnn it', haa been ad
"mltird to the practice of law In the courts
Of this State by th Supreme Court,
Im Towk. We w.-re pleased to meet our
- Tate fellow cttiz-n. Judee Rinkin, in the
Vttv yeterday. ? H la at present located In
Chicao, where he la engaged In the prac
tice of the law.
-".-To iriLLVACAMJT.riie t-peclal election
"ordered bv u e Governor will take place !n
-th Eighteenth natorlal District, com
ltMed of the counties of Coshocton and
Tr.. nn tbe 9ih of February,' to fill
nhev oit y caused by, the death of Hon
D. W. Stambaugh. '
Pbsitbstiaft A am vals Three prfs-
fanerswere rece ved at the Penitentiary
yesterday Irom H k hi and county : Dcrrlit
Goena (colored), manslaughtenseven years;
Morris W. Huuiptri y. horse stealing, three
years; Wm.Com'tock (second conviction),
grand larceny, one v -r. -.-,
cT-HAKis- S. P." Axtell, No. 210
High Street, corner of Rich, has our thanks
for two very beautiful pieces ot 'music
S-immer Rosea In. the Heart and Master
Charlle'a Polka. Mr. Axtell has madear
nnnncnti to have the latest and most
popular muslo cona-iht.iy on sale.' t
A. Ndmakcb. The street cornera atthe
Intersection of aotne of the principal thor
oughfarea are blockaded by vender of pat
ent eomtt vti iea and mouatebanka or dif
ferent grades, to the annoyance of the
yibUcC ucn nuisances should not be tol
eratedr We have respectable drug stores
fof the sale of afl usaftit article's. " '" .
.VAWHtBWUllauv -Brown and .Jot n
B jyd -W-re arrested on Bund ay night while
prowling round In 'Tather auspiciousj
manner... They . aeem to have a fondness
for testing back galea of yards where no
flog Is kept. The Mayor yesterday lined
them $3 and cos. s, and -in default sent
then where the dogs won't bark at them.
" Ax Olp Resident; Gosk. Cornelius
feaaraTin bis 90th year ! di-d of apoplexy
In'.Truro township, on Wednesday, of last
week. He waa at the battle of Plat's
burgh, N. X- and has resided in this coun
ty.tor abou 60 y. ra. He waa a life-long
Democrat,' baviae cast his last vote for
BflratIo8eynjour. He was an uncle of Dr.
C C Sharp, of this city. .
;FiiTb td: The nnclnnmlGer
mm Bulldtng Association No." , filed Its
certlflcate of . ine.n p anon, with the Sec
retary of State yesterday. It Is wrirania d
for the- purpose d raisin (. funds .'to. be
loaned among its members for the purpose
f w-kc them real property.. Capital
stock 4600.000. in ah re eS450 each Tie
corporatora are' John" H..Die!il, Peter G.
Keck, Fred. Biiisei'jJohn Steng. C. F.
Beehaer, -Frank Helaiekamp, and Jobn F.
Bicard.' ;Jt ::"v..?,;:: ";1
Sriccn Patjiimm RuauMKO. While we
were4 .in the banking-liouse of Riekly &
Brother, yesterday, we saw about 94,000 in
gold and silver paid In. ' We didn't think
threwaa e- Banctr specie In the world.
Mr. Rick'y tells' as that this U but a sam
ple of evt:iy ;iiay ;ie ;-ipU.: Well, it It
ontiiSaes long, thafho'se will be ready to
reiuma specie pay meats on a snumeut no
tlce7A.s we gaxid on the glittering pile
onr mouth. Inlrly watHred at the sight. O
Railroad Matters. The ttocki olders
of-the Columbua-Ho king Valley rail
road "meef in tbla city to day tv elect 'di
rectors. The annual m.-etlnit of tbe Co
IihbOus & Xenia takea place in this city on
Thursday,-2 On Friday the atockholderi of
. i n-i i i. . t .ji r ....i A
meet liere'and will act upon the contract
with the Erie." The friends of the Pemi
Iflvanla Centr 1 are confident that the'
Krle project will b defeated, and their
Company made secure' in the C-, C. & 1. C.
The city Is full of rumors In regard to other
consolidations, complications and combina
tions tbat involve naif the lines in the Slate
and iu the West. -
TBANsraRKiD Yhstkrdat The follow
ing transfers of real estate were left at the
Ercorder's pffWe yesterday : - :i
Samuel E. Kile, County Auditor,' to John
rj Mi-Oiiffv. Jan , M ( Int. tin. A. nt John
8hort's subdivision of lot No. 0 of B. E
Nell's addition to the city of Columbus, for
Si.07, tax and penalty. - "
.'Samuel E. Kile, County Auditor, to John
G. MeGufiey, Jo. 23d, lot No. t of John
Siiort's subdivision of lot No.' 9 of R. E.
Neil's addition to the city of Columbus, for
4.07, tax and penalty. , ' j , ...
jjohn R. tiughea and wife to E. W. Jonrs,
Jane 3d. 1863, part of original lot No . 310
In the city of Columbus, for $3 000. ;
John Rohletter and wile to Attain Wink
lr," October 14th, 1863, a lot of land la S.
Parson's addition to the city of Columbus,
tot 1,1)85. """ " ::tf '-'-r '.J ..- , r- f j
Wra. Jamison and-wlfe to Robert H--Gardner",
Jan.' 22d,!part of lota NoS.Tl and
13 ot Wiu. Jamison's subdivision of outlot
No. 66 in the tity of Columbus, tor $1300.
M ; sr v- - -
Skiemisk ai th ! tot Things were
pretty lively at the depot, yesterday, be
cavaeot tbe ettaek -made by a man named
Keoyjif (iit bis TTrother-ln-la?, eamtd Ken-
no, wun.a oiuy, , as near as we can un
tangle thai 4iffeot atorlea iha rew com
men.-eU in this mlae-r-Kenyon bad been
. . ..... Ti,.L.Y. .""-''.I .
sent to tbe Penitent ary some time since,
from. Marion, for breaking tnto a ware
bouse 4 and stealing forty-six bushels Oj
clovar,-seed. Durlug Keuyou's Imprison
Blent, Kenneth Bad some property divided,
In which bis wlfefcad an interest, and Ken-
yen says bia brtberin-lBW took tbe lion's
share.,:Kenyon was parqonea, ne say a.
aad as aeon as be got out be bad Kenneth
arrested lor stealing. 950 worth of. clothing
from him. Kenneth, In charge of an officer,
actomaanled J his wife,: was on bis wa
t Olaware to stDl trial, on the t-hargr
ol lereeny and Kenyon bad volunteered
toaaalsfthe officer loT taking; cafe of ibi
prisouer; '-The officer left his man in Ken
yon' iare fcra fcw mlnutvs, yesterday,
when,Kepjon felf fool ef him and com
inenced'puandiug him' with A billy.' Tbe
woroan snp, Jojaudjhe,aIIroad
men flew to the reocue, puulog a stop to
tb4 bill J log part Of the busintss. Kenyon
aMrore,. he i would WU hla brether-in-htv.
and tiled st borrow;. R'revolver lor tbat
parpoae. v H bad bia billy and a knife, font
coiild not get fit Win because of the crowd.
The dpwt policemen were Unavoldsblj
absent, aad o no arrest were made. Wt
say , "unavoidably absent,, for tbey are
Republicans; and none' but; Democrat
willfullf aaftlect their duty.'
BhqqcnxJj, JU'WPyrtQiiite j umber of
one fpotitmtn gathered at Olentanjiy Park
yesterday to Indulge Ina series of "friendly
noting matches. 'Th flrt hiatch was in
sides of threffive birds eaeb, twenty-oni
yards rise. The following Is the tcore: !
t.tIcit o a i
MilM , ,., i o a 1
Cordl 1 111!
oh .j.. ........,......, J. J.. J. I sal
HT.i.....r.-.......V....I....?..f..'..si Ti i
Tout..,.., 9
In tbe second
match the aides were ln-
: by' tbe addition of another man
ni u.
The following is tbe score:
. so to 0
111) II
10 110
.... IS '
0 o vo i
1 0 1 1
0 0 111
,t I
AOtAl...... . ,...u.....
The third. match was for three
each, five men to the aide," the
sta nding as follows: ' i
Mil. ...... ...... ..'.J': J.- il.- ..a i
llar.....fc...:,..,..v...'...........,..l 1 l
...l 1 1
.-. ..l i
e o o.
... ..u..S t
0 I 1
. .v.... ..a i o
.. .1 a l.
a i
(Hten ......'..'....
Mo riKn....
f'uSMnt.. .......
ToUl.... ....
The last match was at three birds each,'
twenty five yards rise, between the. three
beef Ihoti on a aide. - The following is' the
eore : ''
Mil .... i o 1
T.vlr v.....l S 1
Coven) 1 .... O 1 1
alorriton ..........
- 1WI ..... ....
... 1 o i
....0 1 1
- ......:..o 1 1
; There being two birds left it was deter
mined that Messrs. Miles and Gates should
determine the match. . It resulted in. an
other tie, Miles getting bis and Gates get
ting his. . - - " ..
Akothkr - or thr Sam Sort. We
thought tbat all the members ol the An
cient and. Honorable Order of Damphools
had either been sent to Congress or were in
Washington trying to get office under
Grant. It was a mistake - At least two of
them are here, and. are correspondents of
that high-toned, agricultural, saven-cylin-
dered, six-boilered sheet, the Journal. One
of these Damphools is "A Humbug," the
other "Incognito." We rather think In the
race for champion Daniphool of America,
the ''Incognito", branch ot the family Is a
leetle ahead. In an article published yes
terday in the Journal, he depicts the con
cert saloon, on Town street, as a terrible
place, and one where rowdies most do con
gregate, and, knowing that the presence of
policeman at such a place as he paints
this will be all sufficient to prevent a row,
be blames them for being there. With one
or two exceptions, the Columbus police are .
equal to any in the country. They are gen
tlemanly, courteous, watchful, attentive
to duty, but death on Damphools. Columbus
loses less Dy inert tban any citv in the
State of Ohio. Cincinnati, with a police
force ten times larger tban ours, with a
detective force larger than our entire po
lice force, is nightly tbe scene of a high
way robbery or a burglary. If this state
of things is not due to tbeefficlenry of our
police force, where does the credit belong f
As we have said, there are one or two ex
ceptions to this ruleand but one or two.
But this abuse of the police force has got
to be chronic. Every year. Just before
tbe Spring elections, some Damphool, buz-zird-like,
has to empty his bile on our po
lice force. As to this fellow's sroin? ont
ot bis way to call ns names, we are con
tent it should be so. We know that if we
had not been a thorn In the side of the
Republican party ever since our connec
tion with the Statesman, they would have
let us alone m st severely. The abuse of
one of these Radical Damphools is the
greatest compliment he can pay as. If we
were ''not worth minding", we would gej
off easy.
PoUcat CooBT There were but '"three
galooVwho answered at roll call yesterday
morning. There is a difficulty in bummers
getting bensine enough to makeaoeffectiVe
appearance on parade, so they don't come.
A galoot will no-more appear before tbe
Mayor without the nsaal accompaniments
of a headache and a smell ot rifle whisky,
tnan.be would refuse an invitation to
. Wm. Leonard mtde his first appearance
In this courtr His "had been only a plain
drunk, so he got off . with the payment of
$3 and costs.
Barney Snyder, alias Baron Swagsltoff
beery, lookd like a beer keg yesterday.
On Sunday he was a keg of beer. He had
been sloshing round loose, and so the Mayor
made a little speech to him. Did he say,
Forever float Xhat standard sheetrwbere
breathes the foe but falls before ns,' with
freedom's soil beneath our . feet and
freedom's banner streaming o'er us ? Strike
lor your altars and your fires, God, and
your native land ? ,Not a word ot it. He
merely said : "Mr. Snyder, I fine you $5 and
costs, and commit you to hard labor.on the
chaingang until paid." And Barney, with
vengeance In his heart,' atear la his eye,
and a half pretzel in his pocket, went forth
Hammering ana to hammer.
Henry Blackman is a white man, but this
White acVman'had" 'been 'a Very drunken"
man. He had been yelping and bowling on
the street worse than a Comanche medicine
maivat the full of-the moonThe Mayor
made a little gpeech-to him, too, requiring
toanot-f o and costs on Account of- the
city. Henry bad nary stamp, so he ham-
mereth. ... - - , .
' ... ,,,;..,-. ; jf
Warm Winter Weather. Nearly all
Of last week January - was fairly flinging
Spring smiles in stray sunbeams over the'
land. Tbe air, ambient as April, temp ted ;
tbe invalid, put, and fanned the fever of io-
dulence on the loafer's browis. Morning,
dawned with gold and glamour, while the!
Vesper hour was draped In brilliant beauty
of rainbow coloring. 2 Still,' withal;-ther
days were dim, dreary, damp and desolate, ;
and a general depression, akin to Inertness,
pervaded tbe peoplerwho sighed for the.
erisp(clear'cold,the bracing atmosphere tbat
makes tbe pulse bonnd,' and the man laugb
lout like a frolicsome child, without know.
n. l. n .v. r I - 1. I .L ,J
ing way or wneretore, in wbica mid -win
ter was wont to be enthroned. , Tbe week
was one of old winter's wayward whims,
from Monday's cominencement until Sat
urday's close, and we trust we may hot be '"
troubled wUb a repetition of its unseason-)
able, jokes . from now nutil the booming
cannon and the pop of the fire-cracker
announce (he approach of July 4chv
bkd. On the night train from Columbus to
Cirtcna.t& Saturday jmoriilng 22d: lnsui
saya theClpjcjnnati Commercial, was a
young gtrl, apparcoUyjixteea orseventeen
years of age,.whp represented that she haL
beenidrugged and robbed of all her money-'
f-twenty three.-iiolIars--whIle waiting for
the train, at the Columbus depot." She says
she bad the toothache, and a tall 'young
manrwitb black hair and mostaclre, told
bei that, he waa a dentist, and gave, per,
something from a vial, which be said would
relieve her, She became insemible,r and
wben'partly recovered nermoney was
gone. She waa really very sick while on,
the iralnSholaald -her aameuacaa MiWav
Gallagber, and tbat ber mother, a widow
womapj lived t tb lav city- She also stated
that she had beep in the service of Hon.
Samuel Galloway for tbe last seven mouths.
MONDAY EVENING. Jan. 25th. 1869.
PntiHAllMkr hnmiltit M artlnnihnmnnf. ! '
Present Messrs.' Armstrong,' Beekley
Burgm, . caren, unaawicK, lAtnaiasoc
Frankel, Gibbon, Knopf, McAlister, Pat
erson, Relnhard, Ross, Wall and Presideul
The President called the Council to or-
MTr -,.; nr. i, -;.!Sa i ..-Vn
The clerk read the minutes of the previ
ous meeting. ,
The City Clerk made the lollowlng re-
oort'of receipts Into and disbursement''
from the 3Hy;Treasury from the first to
iha tblrty-first day pf December, J8C9.
UeJanee to the Trestar; Decern-
berlst, 18U...
Jamea l. BiUL ilajror. floes and
liceoiee 148 CO
0JC. 4iuoklwnai of Jdaikt . r
41ojne..vi.....i........ . 6S 17 A
J. Keinbard, temporary loan 3.U0S 00
i. C.Headler.taxeaonUeeember
Duplicate 40,000 00 147.750 J
'Street Cdmmlniiurf abd oiin ' V
una AT ei
Fire Department (twomontha).. 1.S41 T
Gas and repair ... is on 1
Uoodale Hark sa SS
Inei'lontal expenea.r...... 197 S3
Market house. Ac mm
Salaries oi eity offieej..v. 60S 01
rimi wra 41 94 -
toond ward.... ' IE 00
Cilj polioe (1 monlhi) M ' 1
KxrieDsea of eloetiona OS 1 f
City park.... 1.800 00- (j . ' I
frinoioal and interest on bounty - : .' i
' bonria . . ha k . t -i
J. M. fuan. forplankroad Uken
into eornnrKLinn . 1 9M1 HA :
Tarn U. 1'bnrman. eollatinx
ordinan4 sril on
Woodf-n-bloek pavement south v '
of Vrientl atrt 1 TW V !
Gravel bank... 40 00 i
Sewen and drainage St4l 60
Temporary loan 30.000 00
meaning and repairina street 1
lampa...., , SO 00 SK.771 98
Balance in treas'yVJaa lit, 1869. 14.t78 OS
B. P. Bowen, City Civil Engineer, made
the following report:
To the Honorable tha City Council of the City
The City Civil Engineer reports that the
cistern recently built in front of the new
ueat and Dumb Asylum is full of water,
and therefore not convenient to measure.
The capacity, however, was estimated
from measures-taken by Messrs. Beck and
Schwarts (which are believed to be cor
rect), and from tbat data It will contain
lour thousand, seven huudred and twenty
two barrels. Respectfully submitted.
City Civil Engineer.
Mr. Ross presented a petition signed by
Frederick Weger and sixty others, asking
lor the appointment of a night watchman
to be stationed in Middletown. Referred
to the committee on Police, with instruc
tions to appoint a Watchman if they deem
it necessary. . - ..... ..
Mr. Frankel presented a letter signed by
Charles Bauer and 17 others, complaining
of the deficiency in attending to their
duties of the policemen In the Sixth wurd.
Mr. Gibbons, from the committee on Or
dinances, reported back an ordinance to
assess a special tax. upon- the real estate
bounding the west sideof High street from
South street to First alley. Referred to
committee on Filth Ward.
Mr, Gibbons, from the committee on Or-
nances, reported back ' the following,
which were read a third time and passed:
An ordinance to assess a special tax upon
the real estate bounding South street from
Seventh street to the west line of lot No.
13, in W. A. McCoy's addition yeas 15.
An ordinance to assess a special tax upon
the real estate bounding South street fro m
Washington avenue to the west line of
lot No. 13, in W. A. McCoy's addition
yeas 15. . . . , . . ''-- -
)Mr. Reinhard, from committee" on Ways
and Means, reported back an ordinance
making appropriations for purposes there
in named, with certain. amendments. The
amendments were agreed to, and the ordi
nance was read a third time and, passed
yeas 15.'! J 1 fl.JL.ii I iA.-
Mr. Donaldson, from the committee on
Good ale Park, reported an ordinance to
lay' out andestablish a 6treet or avenne on
the north side of Goodale Park to be called
Buttles avenue. The ordinance was read a
first and second time and referred to com
mittee on Goodale Park. .-, '
Mr Rosa presented an "ordinance1 lo
grade and pave the sidewalk, in front of
the south half of inlot No, 213, Heyl's ad
dition, which was read a first time.
,Tha following, ordinances were read a
secohoTtlme:" ' " " '
To build a double row flag crossing
across? Goodale street at the west Bldeot
Goodale Park. '.' - " -
To assess a special tax npon the real es
tate bounding the east side of Front street
from Town street to a point 05 feet north
of Town street, , , . - r , .
To assess a special tax upon the real es-
state bounding the west side of Washing
ton avenue from Long street to Gay street.
lo assess a special tax upon the real es
tate bounding the north side of Long street
from High to Third street.
To assess a special tax upon the real es
tate bounding the south side of Spring
street froa High to Third street.
To assess a special tax upon the real es
tate bounding the south side of Friend
street Irom Seventh street to Stone ajley.i
Referred to committee on Fourth Ward.
To build a' double row flag crossing
across Park street on the south side of
Goodale street: ' ' J Jt
To assess a special tax upon tbe real es
tate bounding the north side of Donaldson
street, from Fifth to Seventh street. 1
To assess a special tax upon the real es
tate bounding Cherry Street from Stone
alley to Washingtoua venue.
On motion of Mr. Wall the rules were
suspended and the ordinance to assess a
special tax upon the real estate bounding
the east ide of Front street from Town
street to a point 85 feet north ' of Town
street, was read a third time and passed
yeas 15. r. , .
On motion of Mr. Bergln the rules were
suspenoea ana an orairauce to assess a
Special tax upon- the real estate bounding
the west sideof Washington avenue, from
Long to Gay street, was read-a third time
and passed.' " "" 1 "
., Mr. Ross, on leave, introduced an ordi
nance to build a double row flag crossing
acioss Fair alley at the south sideof Chap
el street, which was read a first and second
time and referred to committee on Seventh
ward.-, a-,-,;.'J j. 'i - ; ; ..jo'.i ,v:':'.
Mr. Gibbons presented the following :
Besolved,. Tbat the committee on .Ways
and Mean' are hereby instructed to pui-
cnase a lor, oi ground situate Detween
Franklin street and South public lane, it
being astiipol ground running down to a
point ou tbe corner of Filth street, fof the
purposeful erecting a market liouse there
on, it in their judgment it shall be for the
Interest of the city. .
: Tbe resolution, waa referred to tbe com
mittee on Ways and Means. -
Mr. Ross introduced the following :
Jlesolved, That the standing eommitteeon
Gas anu Gas Lights be instructed to erect a
K88 post on the northeast corner of Friend
and Seiuto streets IX vaU
! JKefewed to. the ; committee on Gas and
Gas Lights.
Mr. Beekey Introducedffie following : (
Eeeolved, That the City Clerk Is bereb
directed to transfer $70 of the Hare Charity
Fund to the credit of tLe Hare Orphans'
Passed. , , v , ...
. Mr. Ross said 'that be' desired
I 4
in an
Iniormal manner to call the attention ol
the Council to the Tact tbat never In hit
recollection hadthe hospitalities. o(a the
cityCbeen- tendered- to tbe Legislature of
the State ol Ohio; be therefore moved tbat
tbf president be authorized o appoints
committee to prepare and tender to th
Governor and the members of the Senatt
and House of Representatives' the hospitali
ties of the city of Columbus. The mem
ber of the City Council from tbe different
wards were appointed auch committee. J
,Oa motion of Mr, Donaldson an. execu
tive cppmlttee, was, appointed.! Messrs.
Donaldson, Relnhard, Ross, Bergln and
Patterson were appointed such committee.
Mr. Donaldson, from tbe committee on
Goodale Park, reported back an ordinance
to lay ouand establish Buttles avenue In
tbe city of Columbus. The rules being
suspended, tbe ordinance was passed yeas
15. . . , ' - ' y-- . '
On motion, the Council adjourned, to
meet agala in two weeks. ; --- ' -r
Thiitiu 1 fair nilfnnfA at. Iriil fnra.
House, last night, gave Ellsler's dramatie
trorpe a warm welcome.. ..The play oi tbe
Octoroon was well perlbrmed,, and intro
duced to the audience those Columbus fa
vorites, Miss Clara Morris, Hattie McKee,
Messrs. Day, Irving, Hill and Ogden, and;
several new faces; Miss Morris has greatly;
Improved . since we last saw her, and is
now one of tbe most graceful ' and pleas
ing leading ladies on the stage She is aa
full of talent aa a dog la of fleas, and will
ere long win' a name for herself among the
best actresses of the. day. . Hattie McKee'
has also taken long step forward In tbe
past two years. Careful actresses and hard
students, these ladies bave a bright future
in their profession. - Of the other members
of the company we have not time to speak.
to-night. .We shall point out their merits
and demerits during tbe brief Beason here."
To-night we are to have the Hidden Hand,
with Miss Morris as Capitola. Black, and
JohnEllsIer as Old Hurricane. , We un-
derstand that Mr. Ellsler will shortly give :
us the great sensation, Under the Gaslight,
again. The bill to-night is one that should !
fill the House. . . ' ' ' i
Bakqdkt to the Legislature. On mo
tion of Mr. Ross, the City Council last
night passed a resolution to tender the
Governer and members of the General
Assembly a banquet at a not very distant
day, and the necessary committees to make
the affair a success were appointed. 1 Thl s
is right and proper. Columbus has many
times been the recipient of great favors at
the hands of the General Assembly, and it
is but just and proper that, around the fes
tive board, the .necessary acknowledg
ments should be made and thanks return
ed. Mr. Ross has done well in this, and
the Council has acted in good taste In
unanimously agreeing to bis resolution.
,lJ. N." We are confidentially advised
tbat Maj. J. W. Free, late of the 31st Ohio,
has been solicited to write a Bhort sketch
of the memory and times of the distin
guished philosopher, J. N., which will be
published in pamphlet form by Col. J. R.
S. Bond, of the Chlllcothe Gazette, In a few
weeks. ' ' .
J. N. thus observes, says the Cincinnati
Chronicle: "It appears that the press' of
the entire North and South will be com
pelled to recognize that I alone hold the
truth, and as this recognition is too great
for them to resist, I will have published in
pamphlet form my theory of reconcilia
tion between the North and the Southl and
have the 'privilege of being fully under
stood, which has been so long withheld
from me." It is fair to say that the press
is unable to stand the pressure, and that
"J. N." assumes it all cheerfully and mar
tyrises himself. .
Our City Police.
waa Editor, on reading
nn article in yesterday's Journal, whether
it was a religious puff lor the Concert Sa
loon, an attack- on tbe city police, or a
fling at you.- If the concert saloon is such
a ' damnable Institution," as this canting
hypocrite describes it, what business had
be there? Is he one of those gilt-edged
reformers who - -.
Compound for ains they are inolined to J. '--':
. By damning three they have no mind to T
What kind ot an example was he setting
our young men, if this (Concert Saloon be
such a terrible bole as Incognito says. I
have been there once or twice and have al
ways found things conducted as well and
as orderly as any saloon in the city, and
with a good deal more decency than some
revivals I have attended within a year Mr.
and Mrs. Wilson and Gus Clark sing
cheerful, laughable, jolly good songs, the
'Black Crook" is engaged as a waiter, and
pious men, like brother Incognito, drink
their beer, listen to the singing and go
away pleased. As far as tbe police are
cencemed, 'I have never aeon more than
.wo there at one time, and then for not
more than five minutes. . We agree with
the Journal writer that the police have
been remiss in their duty in not attending
some of the nigbt meetings in our churches,
for it they are not entitled to rank as udis
order!y,"then we don't know whac the word
means. As for Incognito be seems to be a
shallow-pated fool, one of the kind ready
at alt times to throw mud, and then rata-'
ing his eyes to heaven, thank God . that he
is not like other men.'
Thousands of Inebriates bave been re
stored to temperance, health and happiness
by the aid of "Dr. Johnston's specific for
Drunkenness." Every respectable Drug
gist keeps it for sale.
Satchel Stolen. There was stolen
from a car of the 1:40 Cincinnati train last
Thursday, a hand-satchel containing pa
pers of value to no one but the owner. If
the satchel and contents be returned to
this office, $25 reward will be paid, and no
questions asked. " jan25-2t
'Jewelry made and repaired by C. E.
Smith, 27 S. High street, over Bain's store
E" The tnortgage.es of the Olentangy
Park Association are requested to call at
my ufflce and receive balance due them In
j aul4-tf Richard Neviks, Tice Pres't.
Holloway's Ointment. Unlike the dan
gerous onguents tbat temporarily arrest
pain by' a deadening, paralyzing process,
this pure and wholesome vegetable salve
promotes vital action in tbe sore, ulcerated
or bruised flesh to which it is applied, and
by this means enables natureto counteract
diseased action in tbe part affected, and to
restore its soundness. Tbjs is the philoso
phy of its operation. It is simple, rational,
and experience, which is better .than the
ory, proves that It is true. Sold by all
druggists. . jy9-dly-ewy
A Cold neglected, frequently lays the
foundation of uccurable Consumption.
No person should sutler one to continue.
True, 'they will "wear out," but they often
wear the patient out. The best cure Is
Humphreys' Homoeopathic Cough and
Fever Pills. Taken alternately, they al-
lay tbe rever, irritation, ana cough, heat
up the lungs, and enre the disease. Price, '
6 boxes for 91 25. ' Sold by dealers,
and seut by mall on receipt oi the
price. Address, , Humphreys' Specific
Homoeopathic Medicine Co., 662 Broad
way.N.Y. --', iyl3-dfcwly-cw :
For Sale. One Family Carriage, built!
by Watson, of Philadelphia. One Dog
Cart, built by Brewster & Co., ot New
York ; nearly new. One very light no top '
Buggy weight, 136 pounds; nearly new.
One Jagger Wagon, with top, built by
Brewster & Co., New York. One Porllay
Sleigb, very light, and almost new. One
set fine Coach Harness, made by Xacey &
Phillips, of Philadelphia. Also, one Track
Sulky ; Skeleton Wagon, light ; single and
doutye? Harness; .bells, &C As I intend
Ohangingmy residence April 1st, the abov
will be sold low. . Richard Nevins. ,
I Jau23 dtf
a stock of ne
nnffflnr wnnA aMtmnln
rat, without reaerre, at the atore in UbSHLEtt'S
tompare them Witt thoae uaoaUy charged t
tlea'aUlp Boot, all Whole Ieavlber,' .'-
Boys Kip noola, . : ,; . ,
t'oelhs' Ulp Boola, .. . V, ;
Child Kip Boot. :L.i ..' ..' i' . .' -
! Call, Tap-Soled Bootv V. r " - - .
tVomea'e Calf gheee, Beet, - k
IVoalaeBsi Beat Morex-co Sh'oVas' -LAdlea'
Doable Soled Ijitauias; Coafi. Oalterav
aadlee'da., SilU tiorr, Tery Beat, '- '' ;; -KIlaaeBC
Morocco Sboea, Poiiab,' : ' ,'
Cliilds fflorocco fihoea, ' - -.1 - .
. -i
TJeae focda art anaranteed to he of superior material and workmanahip. and will lear eornp'arUoa
witu n.v in too niavrkct , ,(
Ion't fonret that the sftla it positiV, and Ii limited to but s few week.. Another ch opportmiiiV
DEhHLER'S Nkw BUILDlAU. oDDoaitat tha Svurvaw u (ima t k- .1 1 ? j . ar-
deeT-deod3m-r ' f i to
,:.' ' .: ' : j - .c-',,-a s.i .
I'TiAIU A3XaO CmWA WTiarTATj " y
if. ' 1 1 - ' ' 'J--.'
' - ; "' - . K .... t r , .. ,. . ' . - - '' -
Having greatly enlarged our Printing Facllitiea by the purchase of a complete new:
The Latest and Hcst Approyed Style,
And the addition of
Generally conceded to be the lasttst
. a f-.-'z :v "-
'-" T . . -. --
In connection with RUGGLES', GORDON'S and WELLS' Job Presses, that bave
proven such successes in our. office, and having the largest and, most, commodious
building in this city in which, to operate, we are now prepared . . .. , , . ; s , . . ,' . , .J
In the beet and neatest style of tbe art, and
uur last new jrret-eei-, our jmproveu xonomicai jnacninery ine result ot tlie lngf
nulry and Inventive talents of the best minds of the age enable ns to do good work
at MUCH CHEAPER RATES than can be done in the old style and with only the old
facilities. Tbe Office is complete in all its arrangements, and can do the work with '
Books, '
Handbills. '.
Legal Blanks,
Blank Books,
Business Cards,
In this specialty we
Having More Presses
, Offices in the
T are prepared to execute all kinds of Printing, In any color, at lower prices than
y . , our neighbors. :
. A Hi! s
Nos.' ; 36, 38 and 40
IS Rll.l.F.n TA TMK mr.nririrvT
4 .v.. I : r ucwf nr.. u r. ...
JNEW UUILULNU. Look at soma of the ptioef and
3 O, Regular price f l.S
9 OO, .
i.r, ,
' a
1 f ,
. , J. m a."
j-V. .
w ' v p h uuw, ( uy ana m f
o i E. C. CLOUD A5 CO. : '
, . . 1
Ul i. -
New Freises, including a
and beet Pjintirg llaehine In the world.
.;''" :.. " 'v!'?''V ..':'.:';
" 1 I!
' . . . ... , . - . . ..1. , .. B.
' 1,
npon terms that cannot be eomneted wltb. A
Bill Heads,
Letter Heads,
Drug Labels, " -i
Bills of Fare, Etc.,
are unsurpassed.'
than all Other Printing
City Combined, ,
' 1 It.: ' & ;r.
: .asii.iSj-'
iv ilH "f T
tr f. i
T North Vligh". Street
Cincinnati Money Market—Jan. 25.
- GOLD-136 buying. -
JaCjHAy Qifirm, at par bnyltfg-.
New York Money Market—Jan. 25.
MONEY The supply is large and In
creasing, while the demand is compara
tively t moderate.' Bankers -:were accom
"odated at 67 and Government dealeraat
"feivVt 79. . "8i?M PaPer discounted
fa,l',f:Ki,li,G'BSCHANGE--Plriii at 1099
Jhort8TtTKday8' ,u,d "W
biKafcJ J; The -of commercial
GOLD Opened at lidji bnt M tntwl'
136.- There la larReort IntereS
atandlug. The market closed flrmT .
New York Stock Market—Jan. 25.
with- art advance; itaW'. while r.h. 5.
mand was .well -diatrUhKou throughout the "
Wear. Tbe beads oaamaUaVlenomiaationa
are especially active and command KOI
p,-r cent. - Coupons of '61- 112112i: do
"8-'U iooyjisiooi; ao 0 iUs
WJ; do '68 109): 10 40 10810Si.
Railway's cHve Sn',)t(i30yaaiS'wIl!lf'Ja
general advancer mafMr Tell off during
the afternoon;, ' New York Central, which -touphed
105J," during the day, feUbout 1
pen cent, wuile Roclt Irlana,'iferfh west
ern, oW Southern a,n Ohio A Wississlppl
each lost part oftbe advance.- The market
aldose w strong thortnsaierl.'Mr- '
celianeous sharepftreiile Mail waa sold aa
high as 121,-aad aa low as 120. Ex
pres shares nail. ifiT". .
630 , prices. Wella' Expreai: 5226;
American 43;-Adams MK?' United tare
562V-- Merchants' 'Uhlob1 "17
17,; Faciflo MsU 121 : f. tVestern tlnioa
Telegraph 3C36); New York Central
IC4164; .Erie. 88J. Reading
64 SK'Kdl -Tarsf Vannrayie 124
124;Ohlo& Mfeeioeippi 3737; MicU
Igarj oentral 117 il8kratioblca South-
ern 9394: lifrnois- Central 138Vi:
PiWubm-irh 3r Toledo 107: Rock Island
fl & X. V- "til crigittt.Ti
New York Market—Jan. 25.
a J30TTON-Dull, heavy: and Id werf SSjA
for mlddllnz uplands.; f't m ,V
1 iFLO.UR-Closed steady for low grades,
and heavy- tor mediumand good grade. ( ,
WEEAT-rVery firm lorprinir,: with
moderate export demand, and dull and,
beavv for winter, . ... . -.. f .
RYE Dull; $1 50 forwestern'. ' !
OATS Dull and heavy at 74(744'e la
store, and 76o afloat 9.,k..-'!(i' .iiiv, -. o
CORN Dull at 9395o fjr flewmlxed
western, and 91 06J .09 for ' old mixed
western in store and afloatl ..-' ' J
- PORK Firmer, with $30 50 paid' tor
new mess, cash and regular,- and 9 31 askedi .
BEEF Quiet and unchanged.
CUT MEATS In lair requests fall
prices p. - j-rv 10.4 vl-m
BACON Steady without decided ibanf e.
LARD More active and fifrn,witb prime
steam at 20c seller afarcb and Aprnv-e3
" EGOS Dull at 28O30?. - M
Cincinnati Market—Jan. 25.
- FLOUR Unchanged and qnlet.
CORN Firmer and- In better demand:
ear 6768 -j shelled 70c , r trv.
RYE Firmer and bighen sates 61 No. I
uaiiAjL j iii:.ijhucu auu quiet.
-Dull and nominal at 23c for
WHIHKY-Steadv at 97i-&88o.'..t sfrr
;- PROVISIONS Strong ud shade, high-
"' MESS PORK Sal'eabie tfi3ai bu'hei
at $31." - "' " )'...!- iaiKti
- BULK: MEATS Saleable a 1201 for
shoulders; 15a lor, bides; 16c for i;lear ribs
16c for clear.' . u '. ' .. "
'-'BACON Scarce and flrmr; 'sales of Hi
hhds at 14o 'for shoulder; 17)ie tor cleaf
rib; 16c for clear sides.- r - i .Timi
. HAMS Sugar cured advanced to, l8yQ .
19c. ; . - t i
' GREEN 1 ME ATS Sold' ' at'1 lfrf-'lbr
shoulders; 14c for rides;: 16Jo for nams
with strong markets :.r.-.-i.a.-n hrw .
LARD Held firmly at 20c, but nit much
Inquiry. - " 'it
BUTTER Dull at 3338c. hf'', j!"18
EGGS Dull at 2028c.' ': .IT
v CLOVER SEED Firm atl6e per xxriridi
.TIMOTHY SEED Dull at 92 30 40,
r LINSEED OIL Firm at 91 078. ...
LARPOIL In firmer demand at 9XW
t66V wiMiT-itn .r-A n uij-i i.v.T
i PETROLEUM S436et no ?..rr'-rnos
J .i aai I
Chicago Market—Jan. 25.
1 FLOURr-Quiet at to 256 65 for sptlnj:
extras.- " " -'i "t-'W Pi ain
i WHEAT No.? I steady- h4i eiiet at
91 18 I 22; No. 2 firm and le bigb
er at 91 14sl 15, closing witn-bnyera
at outside figures; sales since 'Change at
91 16.' '''- 'i'-i .at3 fc.u, U IM
y CORN Steady and firm; sales of ncwab
rM(aio4gC; no grade at -4a,5ic; cJoaing,
at 64jc lor new; old No 1 sold at.62c cash.
ana -oc iruyers May; new sold at- B5?ia.
seller March, and , 64J54e eeller FeM, .
ruary; nothing doing tnU aiiernooa. to alb
OATS Less active at , 4SJi48ri.,lor
No. 2, and 45(oi45)ie for rejected; cKTsiogL
at48i48l5rNo.2... ' '
- RYE Iu mir request anff MTebfgberf
pales No. 1 at $1 IV, No. 2 at
1 15; closing atl,16l 17. for No.,1,
BARLEY Firm and steady; sales No. a
at $1 801 82 cash, and $1 85 seller Febru?
arv; closing at $1-80 cash.'i " "J
DRESSED HOGS Lees aottve i istaw
shade firmer; clostne at $12 60,13 00; Uye;
iirm and steady at 910 10 10 50 for lair to
medium. '-'; ' ' . '-' ':
-t ' ' -
New York Cattle Market—Jan. 25.
i The receipts for. the week are. 55.900
Beeves; 3 600 Sheep and Lambs, and 7.339,
hogs, from tbe date of oar last report up'
to the close ot last week.:-. -i pi;:( n
. BEEF Market moderately active 'with
moderate prices; all grades quite steady,:
ranging from 1017.c, the latter extreme.'
To-day's arrivals were 1,900 head, and there
was a tolerably active demand, which .waal
chiefly for tbe best grades; prices steady
at 1017Jo for interior . to- extra; weT
quote, extra 1717c; prime 16J16cj
talr to good 15 16c; ordinary 12(14o, and1
inferior 10llc ' - fy-J.i c-t ,;;.. ki
. SFEEP. AND. LAMBS Soon alter oar;
last report the market became ,qukt with,
fair receipts. ' Prices for common stock
receded to 1212Jc per pound, while those1
of good stock was quite steady, but oa tbe
closing day- of the week, however, Xbe,
market was strong for all 'kinds,. and. part
of the above decline .'recovered. To-day's)
supply was fair; the demand talr and gen-
erally steady, prices ranging' from- iefoi
8iC for common VVetern to extra Cana
da. The market for tbe latter part of last
week was quiet, business being restricted
by the smallness of the arrivals;'- Prieea
firm to-day and arrivals small, being only.
1,200 head at Fortieth street, ana 1.133 at ,
Communipaw. Market firm at llWll-Qu
DRESSED UOOS Advanced, clostnr .
at 1414c for Western, and;-1414e-
St. Louis Market—Jan. 25.
FLOUR A lltde better feelimr. but vricea
unchanged.:-1? m itf--r-.j!ri.H jr.M i
WHEAT Very dull, and but little do-r
cokx Unchanged ; 68 3 73s. " .
OATS Unchanged; 6882e."- ',:'J
BARLEYt-Unchanged? 1 80J 20 for
spring. .r; .,,3 . -: ! -ie ,!n-"a-.roi
KXHT-iower; fl 2o(l 20.
W HliKY Notblnz doing T nominally 1
PHOVISIONSVery flrra.' iw v. n.i i
PORK $31 00. ,,.-: w3, ai
'BULK MEATS 12q., for ahouldera.
and 16Mefor clear sides. 1 "'" " ''' :
-BACON Shoulders UVfaUKt't "leat,f
sides 18c-1 .t il nit wii t ct iiaoi aiiit
LARD 1919o In tierces, ,.v
BOGS-Unchanged; lCXipor heayy
Cleveland Market—Jan 25.
FLOUR Quiet and steadv. with a bbV
erate demand.-. City made XXX, white at r
$llll 25;.XX, amber $9 609.75t'XX,
8 00; country matfe at 97 79 for XX'rea
and amber; 7 00(81 50 'for -XXiprtofE
$9 251Q 00, for XX white. w r-
w heat-t-No 1 red winter beld at 91 68
1 70; No2do$l 59. , .' ? .' " ; '
OATS Held at 61ov -i .i xIf1-,U93
RYE Held at $1 30.
BARLEY Dull and.inacUVf; 922 05
for No 1 Canada i State. ,fcela, at 91 70
175. . . ' ' -- . , -
Toledo Market—Jan. 25.
FLOUR Dull at Mfor spring extras. ,
'WHEAT Dull and. unchanged at 91 70 1
on spot; i v. oy,j l-ebrnary; -other ,
grades not in-ieqae&ui a-uinv l-n :i i..ia
CORN New, opened, at a advance ot;
lWc and closed o better; sales at 65jic,V
rejected 4 shade betterclosing atMc.
oat unchanged at7K5Sc:
RYE Dull. i-.:.-t ..Uii-iia Lee fat-"BARLEY-4-No.
1 MIchliran in demand
at$l 75.. . ,.. .. ,- .'.
HOGS Dressed a shade better and active?
at 13c, all weights.

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