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,1 Alt. IT.
News and Otherwise.
t r Zixnroii bad enMtlon a
.-fight ou Baturdav nigh, v j. - n ;
.' fFotht"of the Arkaneat colored mllitta
. bv beta shot lor rape. . J-
Th tariff blH'U aW to be dead for thU
;ton,atle8tv Wehopeao.',. 'j'.j;?
.Thb. popnlatloa ot Norfolk, Va, which
"in J8G0 wu 16,000, U now 31.000. H
ombtsib has been done In Hew York
-eltj In the war of rganislajr a vigilance
.ommUtee- . .v-i--
. -I Ou of the 813,686 emigrants who ar
rived at New York last year.-65.714 rc-
? Wined In that State v.: j "
Yrrra the exception of New York Nbr--'fblkoccnptea
the most commanding post'
v 'Won on the Atlantic coast. "2 '.
Fobott, the other day! found an ex-Con
' federate officer woo was "kind and com
. 1 jnunlcative." : Think of that, M 1 : ; .
Joan H. Stockton (Democrat) was yes
terday elected to the United Sutes Senate
Jby Uxe New Jersey Legislature. . ;
EGtjy 'W. North, of Flymonth, Ohio, en
' the morning of the 16th, with the assistance
ef pistol, took k final adieu of life.
. J Th Ohio delegation art unanimous In
'the bellerthai senator nw wm m
'tiered a position In Gen. Grant's Cabinet.
Do-, yon hear that t The citizens 1
Wasbinitton, irrespective of party, have
determined to bare an ; Inauguration ball.
.js this. Intended as a rebuke to Grant? -
J Mohkt' Is down now to 6 per cent. In
:New York city.' Is this owing to the pas
sage of the ten per cent, bill through the
Ohio Senate 7 , ' . '
Xbk Missouri House of Eepresentatlres
on Monday tabled a concurrent resolution
' i rging the repeal of the tenure of office
act." That body does not appear to have
u nllmited lalth ln Grant. ; ;
' HoV. Gkobg Ksx we are, glad to see
again In his seat, And would temper fci
sorrow with our regret that he was calltd
upon few days sgo to follow a cherished
ybUdto the grave.
i4 Bud the speech of Hon. A. T. Walling
M ilM cbect of rebuilding the Central
Xnnatle Asylum. It plainly shows the ne-
eesslty, in an economical point of view, or
: rebuilding the Asylum on Its present site.
. ' BiIxiimik's Air Line Bailroad bin is con
sidered to have received Its quietus for
t his session, and It will not fare any better
Bext Session, If General Gkakt starts oat
' fairly in favor of retrenchment and reform.
" The Washington specials of the Cincin
nati Commercial nd Enquirer concurred
yesterday, that the Supreme Court of the
United State; will affirm. the constitution
ality of the Legal Tender act, by five to
three. ;i . : -1- f
. WiauMv W. Va., on Monday : elected
the entire Citizens'. Befonn ticket, Demo
crats and Bepnbllcans voting for the best
men, Irrespective of paity considerations.
The Begistet gave its influence to this
movement..! , '::
Tn Women's Bights people are down on
Sneaker Colfax, because he has refused to
- give MrsJ Dr. Mary B. Walker either a
seat in or a pass into the reporters' gallery,
as the representative of an interior- New
York paper. ' ;
.Thm English press rejoiced greatly over
Grant's election. ' Probably, they will not
rejoice so greatly over his administration.
The givings ont Indicate that he will be
very exacting in the settlement of the Al
r absma Claims;' ; "' .', ' x . --'
Boh Pa Tstmr has kindly senfu
a copy of bis speech on the 'bill for a grant
of land, granting the right of way oyer
the public lands to the Denver Pacific Bail
way and Telegraph Company." It is an
Sort worthy Mr. Yan Tramp's ability and
his honesty as a Bepresentative.
Arm all the time, ability and eloquence
that J. Q. Howard bestowed upon his edi
torial demanding the instantaneous repeal
of the Tenure of Office act by the United
States Senate,It is exceedingly questionable
whether that body will more than slightly
modify it. What a pity 'tis that the pro
duct of such vast genius should prove of
no avalL His prospects for a foreign mis
sion, or an extraordinary consulship, are
not as bright as a clear, sunny day.
Mes Haniuh Waidman, of Darby, situ
ated on the Galena division of the Chicago
A Northwestern railroad, on the 19th Inst
deliberately threw herself upon the rail
road, track, between two cars, while the
train was in motion. - She was lilted from
the, track a corpse. The motive that
prompted the act is said to have been the
.v opposition of her parents to her marriage
to tbeyonng man to whom she was engag
ed. . - - - ' ' '
CriciBNATii judging from the tone of the
Times, is deeply afflicted'. Highway rob
beries are of almost daily occurrence
burglarrj lias grown' common. ; "Aud,"
asks the Times, "yet who bss. been ar
rested f"- Itquiry Is made: "Where is the
Mayoi? Who is the Mayor of Cincinnati?"
As much as the citizens dislike the thieves,
they prefer them to the "detectives that
ire sent out.t Nice state of allalrs under
Bepablican rule.
r Au-cdikq to the fact that Hon. Hugh J.
- Jswett has been spoken of in connection
; with the Democratic nomination for Gov
ernor, the Zanetvllle Signal says: "No
man In the State stands better with the great
mass of l be people than Mr. Jewett, and his
nomination for Governor this year would be
one of the most popular that could be made.
- In Intellect, statesmanship and executive
power, he is one of the first men In the
whole oimtry . His speeches and views
1 en finance in the summer of 1867, were the
earliest, and were among the ablest expo
sitions of the Democratic policy on that
now most, momentous subject. As the
Democratic candidate for Governor in 1S61,
be gallantly led the forlorn hope of the
party, and now, when the prospect oIDem-
- ocratio success in Ohio is more promising,
we should be glad to see him our standard
bearer again." - "
News and Otherwise. Funeral of Hon. D. W. Stambaugh.
,:Tha fnnera of Hon. D. W. Stambacgh,
late a senator representing me iranoctot
and Tuscarawas District, which took plact
from Ills late residence In Now Philadel
phia, on Sunday last, was the largest "evei
witnessed in that section ot tne country
It was largely attended by members of tht
bar six different Lodges of the Indepen
dent - Order 1 at. Odd Fellows were in at
tendance, as were also a- committee 01
Senators and several members of the Boost
of Bepresentatlves, . including Spesker
- Thobhhill. The concourse ot ' citizens
from the surrounding towns and the coun
. try was immense, and the whole number
tn attendance to pay the last sad duty to the
deceased was variously estimated at from
8.000 to 8,000 persons: , ' , 'r
' The members of the Legislature, with
the members of the bar' from a distance,1
received .the hospitality of Hon. A.-.T.
JUuot, to whom their thanks are due: -
The Previous Question and Ten
Per Cent Interest.
fjVe rerepMsent lithe Ohio -
logy the feomewhat exciting- scenes atteof
aent npon the passage of the ten per cem.
"Interest law. T ' ' '
The author of the law is one Abel M.
"tfcRxr, rof Fulton county. He Is a preacher
a red hot gospeller, and although a ten per
cent, law maker, he Is not more than a one
per cent, preacher, and we doubt very
much, when It comes to balance bis law
making account with bis service In the
' vlneyard.of the Lord, whether It will not
be found that hit talent was. worse than
burled, and that it has brought considerable
more than ten per cent, in favor of the eyU
one. The Vmoney changers" seem toVave
possession ";X the temple, and this brother
of Cain, instead of following the precept of
his Lord and Master, like the si .k Irishman,
that was exhorted to denounce the devil
nd all his works, proposes first to be cer
tain that he may not fall into the hands of
. those he might make enemies.
-' Mr. Corky has been excused from attend
ance upon the Senate during nearly all of
the present session on account of the al
leged severe sickness ot a member of his
family. This ten per cent, interest bill, at
the last winter's session, was postponed
until the first Wednesday of the present
. session. . On account of the absence of this
same Mr. Oorit, its political father, and out
Of courtesy to him ss the author ot the bill,.
it was not called up at that time, but was
: permitted to lie upon the table. But the
money changers became anxious about
their claims upon this servant of the Lord,
and wanted their pay. StT Abkl, regard
less of the wants tf a suffering family, but
a day belre the time ot the regular ad
journment from Friday to Tuesday, posts
: in hot haste for Columbus, aud demands
that the Senate proceed to the considera-
tion of his only effort in the law making
line, the ten per cent. bill. . It was meet
h.t thi uhpma ot the money wolves
should be clad in sheep skin, and Abel
being so doubly disguised, must be the
champion; The bill came up on his mo
tion.' Mr. Scbibnik asked that it be post
poned only for a fe days, in order that
his colleague, Mr. Bbx, who was detained
at the death bed of a loved child, and who
had sent word that he strongly desired to
be beard in opposition to the bill before
the Senate passed upon It, might be pres
ent, but the ten per cent, preacher objected.
Senator after Senator protesting against
this undue haste and this sudden
and unexpected springing of the question,
asked that tbey might have only a few
hours, only until the next day, to prepare
to give their reasons for opposing the bill,
but the money changers and their friends
sustained the ten per cent, preacher In ob
jecting. Messrs. Griswold, Potts, and
one or two others, made a show of resist
ance" to the application of the gag-law as
moved by Mr. Dasolkb, when they knew,
as every man In the Senate knew, that
tbere was no excuse In the circumstances,
nor any claim of public need for it; but the
moneylenders were anxious, and the ten
per cept. preacher Inexorable, and, with
out a parallel in the history of legislation
in this or any other country, without
single claim' of public necessity, without
any claim that any possible circumstance,
except the interest of a very small minority
of the people of Ohio, desired haste, the
vreviouM Question was demanded and order
ed, absent Senators, attendant upon beds
of sickness and death, were denied a hear
lne. aad the " money changers" and the
ten per cent, preacher were triumphant.
Upon the demand for the previous ques
tion, Senators who favored It, referred
the fact that this gsg had been applied,
upon one or two occasions, by the Demo
cratic members during the session last win
ter as an ' excuse" for their action at this
time. - A reference to the reports will show
that this was done only alter protracted
and exhausting debate, after it was clearly
seen that those who opposed the pending
measures ware making speeches and dila
tory motions only for delay, and when such
delay, if permitted beyond the time it teas
permitted, would defeat the measures pro-
: posed by making it too late to enforce tbem-
This was tne case in regara to tne resoia
tions withdrawing the consent of Ohio
the' 14th Constitutional Amendment, and
also to the law in regard to roads and high
- Upon the lormer It was understood at the
time that if the withdrawal would avail
all the purpose Intended, it must be done
immediately. Yet after full time for d Is
oassion had been given, and had been had,
when the rule to prevent tatai oeiay was
finallv enforced, the Republican members
unanimously signed, and had placed upon
the journal, tne iouowing
" ''The undersigned. Union Senators of the
State ol Ohio, desire to record their pro
test against the unprecedented course pur
sued by the mxjority of this body, during
yesterday's proceedings, upon the occasion
of rescinding the resolutions by which the
General Assembly of Otilo ratified the pro
posed 14th amendment to the Constitution
of the Uuited States, lor the following rea
sons i
"1st. The necessity arid justice of the
proposed amendment. -
"Its provisions are so manifestly right
and fair, aifd of such vital importance
the future welfare of our common country,
that they belrtve no good argument can
offered against its incorporation into the
Constitution of the United States. ,
"2d. It was fully canvassed, throughout
the State, previous to the election of 1866,
. and received the hearty endorsement of the
. "The largest roajority.save one,ever giv
en at a Congressional election in Oliio,
fully attested the will of the voters of the
commonwealth upon this important prop
osition ; and that decision remains unan
swered and in lull lorce.
' 3d. The manner in which this measure
was forced through the Senate, under the
operation of the "previous question, "seems
to them extraordinary and objectionable.
"They believe the previous question
universally acknowledged to be the dernier
resort, in parliamentary practice, for the
sole purpose of closing a protracted de
bate. It Is never resorted to in the Senate
of the United States; never has been by the
Senate ot Ohio, during the service of the
oldest member now in this body; and
use can only be justified in large bodies,
where there is no other way of ending dis
cussion. The use of it made on yesterday.
to prevent -debate entirely, they believe
be without precedent. -
"This action is liable to still more serious
objection, from the tact that the minoritv
asked only a few hours delay, which was
4th. Finally, when they consider the
transcendent solemnity and importance
those acts of the General Assembly which
relate to changes in the fundamental law,
and contrast them with ordli:arv legisla
tion, which is always subject to amendment
or repeal, tney tne. more earnestly depre
cate tne nasty ana aroitrarv dtsoositinn
this question, and feel that they owe it
their aignicy as men ana senators, and
the constituents tbey represent, to record
this their earnest protest.
L. D. Griswold,
James C. Hiu.
Homer Everett,
Homer C. Jokes,
Thomas B. Biggs,
H. Kessler,
J. Warren Kkifer,
B. F. Botts,
John F. Torrence,
S. Kraner,
D. A. Dangler,
J. B. Burrows,
S. N. Yeoman."
Abel M. Corky,
Philo B. Conant,
A. Simmons, -L.
D. Woodworth,
J. Twins Bbooks,
Yet. in spite of this record, and without
a single one ot the reasons we have men'
tioned, to play Into the hands of the money
sharks the ten per centers and the forty
ner centers, the National Banks and
Bondholders, and the inexorable demand
of the ten per cent, preacher, who could
leave bis suffering family only at the be
best of his masters the money changtn
the temple every one of these "Union"
senators present, with the exception
Messrs. Simmons and Woodworth, voted
for the gag law, and the bill was passed.
i Thetr .cpmwu-. i' S,rtfr
the ballot, and.that Hhercis a hereafter.
TUESDAY, January 26, 1869.
TUESDAY, January 26, 1869. SENATE.
The 'PRESIDENT calied the Senate to
order at three o'clock, pursuant to adjourn
ment on Ttoay raws-
The journal 01 jrriday was read and ap
proved. ,1 -r. '? A J7 r
.Br Mr. DICKEY Petition of 1S8 citi
zens of Highland county for a law author
izing councils of Incorporated villages to
institute ohainzants for the punishment
ot vagrants and others violating laws and
ordln&nces. Eeferred" to committee on
Municipal Corporations.
By Al r. WINN Kli Remonstrance of 80
citizens of Darke county against the pas
sage of H. B. No. 473 to establish the Su
perior vnuri 01 jjarKe county, rweierrcu
to the Judiciary committee.
JSy Air. LINN Petition of the mty
Council of Z-iue8ville for authority to bor
row money to enable the Council to en-
targe and increase the water pipes con
nected with the water works ot said city
Referred to the special committee on Mu
nicipal Corporations.
Senate bills Noa. 287, 2S8. 289, 290 and
291 were severally read the second time,
and referred to appropriate committees.
. .; . - BILLS INTRODUCED. . i .. ' 1
S. B. No. 302, by Mr. DOWDNEY To
authorize the trustees of Clark township,
Brown county, to levy a tax to refund
money borrowed to pay bounties.
S.B.No.303, by Mr.ONDEBDONK To
J amend tue act lor tne appointment ot cer
tain omcers wierein iiaiueu, pat-sea xeoru
arv 17, 1831, and amended March 27, 1833.
The object of the bill is to prevent acting
justices ot the peace from receiving the ap
pointment of deputy sheriff, and holding
Dotn oinces at tne same time. . :
A message was read from the Governor
nominating John Davis, M. D., of Cincin
nati, member of the Board of State Chari
ties, wee Albert Douglas, resigned.
On motion of Mr. CARTER, the mes
sage was referred to the committee on Be
nevolent institutions.
H. B. No. 417, by Mr. SCOTT, of War
ren To authorize county commissioners
in certain cases to accept devises and lega
cies, and to erect and maintain an orphan
asylum in connection with a phildren's
home, was reau tne nrst time.
Un motion 01 Mr. tne senate
S. B. No. 299 was introduced by Mr. Tor
rence, and not by Mr. Lawrence, ns print
ed in tne Senate report tor a rlday last.
The sr KAKUK called the House to or
der at 2io clock.
The journal ot a rlday, Jan. 22d, was read
and approved.
The SPEAKER laid before the House
copy of a report made by a special com
mittee ot the Cincinnati Board of Trade to
that body, recommending the passage of
law legalizing 10 per cent, interest, or
guaranteeing free trade in money. Refer
red to tl.e special committee on Interest.
The SPEAKER also laid before the House
a communication from Samuel Pike, Ser-
geant-at-Arms, informing the House that
no copies ot the "Ohio Constitutional De
bates" could be found in the possession of
the state, but that 6UU copies ot the same
were found lu the possession ot Airs. Ale
dary, and that they could be purchased at
tne rate 01 90 per copy.
Mr. NEAL The petition of I. N. Van
mekerand 65 other, citizens of Jefferson
Td- Ross county, tor the passage ot a law
prohibiting dogs or hounds from running
deer, neierrea to tne committee on Ag
riculture. .
Mr. SCOTT, of WarrenThe remon
strance 01 J. C. Dynes, T. H. Brant and
136 other citizens of Warren county
against the abolishment of the office of
commissioner of railroads. Eeferred to the
committee on Baiiroads.
Mr. SCOTT of Warren The petition of
W. S. Dynes and 71 other citizens of War
ren county, for the legalization of ten per
cent, interest on contracts. Referred to
special committee on Interest.
Mr. SCOTT of Warren Tho petition ot
E. Dey, J.B. Drake and 81 other citizens
of Warren county, for the same. Similar
ly referred. . .: .-
Mr. SAYLER The petition of Jas. Du
sang and 120 citizens of Preble county, for
the same. . Similarly referred.'
Mr. SCOTT, of Warren The petition of
Martin 'Mangaus, of Ostrander, Delaware
county, tor a law providiug an additional
tax for the payment of premiums 00 the
heads of hawks and owls and talis of rats.
Referred to committee on Agriculture. -'
Mr. BUTTER The remonstrance of G.
G. Beck and twenty-six other citizens
Fairfield county, against the repeal 01 the
law creating the office of Commissioner of
Baiiroads. lieiened to committee on Bail-roads.
Mr. CALLEN, on leave, offeird for adop
tion the lollowiiig ii'iiitvresolation, which
was laid on the table under the rule, Mr.
LEWTON giving notice of his desire to
discuss It. 1 '
Resolved by the General ' Assembly of the
State of Ohio, That the Secretary of State
is hereby authorized and directed to pur
chase ot Mrs. Samuel Medary, five hundred
copies ot the "Ohio Constitutional Debates
of 1851," at a price not to exceed $5 per
copy . .
Mesolved, furlner, innt tne necreiary 01
States shall nreserve said "Debate?," sub
ject to distribution, as may be ordered by
the Ueneral Assembly, and snau inciuue
his annual report to the Governor, a state
ment thereof and of the number of copies
retuainins In bis custody: that there shall
be placed in the State Library five copies,
and at the opening of each regular or ad
journed session ot the Gemral Assembly,
the Secretary pf State shall deliver to the
Sergeant-at-Arhisof the Senate and House
ot Representatives, one copy for each mem
ber and presiding omcer, lor tneir use cur
ing such sessions; and such Sergeant-at-Arms
shall, at the close of each session, re
turn the same to the Secretary ot State,
who shall deliver the same to his successor
in office.
A motion was made to suspend the rule
in order to take said resolution from the
table for immediate consideration, but the
motion was not agreed to. i
Mr. LEETE ottered the following reso
lution, which was adopted.
Whekbas, All experience bath shown
that the efforts of science and philanthropy
to develoD latent faculties, supposed to
exist In the brains of idiots, have thus far
proven unavailing and not satisfactory in
their results, and
Wherba8, The establishment or infirma
ries in most of the counties ot this State,
and legal provUion for their Institution In
all. sufficient for the comfortable mainte
nance of the unfortunate poor, and for the
care of all idiots, has thereby reuaereo tne
State Institution tor idiots unnecessary ,and
Whereas, The evil ot intoxication
annually ruining thousands and afflicting
tens of thousands more of the Intelligent
and responsible people of this State, who
are in consequence thereof suffering almost
every species ot physical wretchedness and
moral woe. therefore
Resolved by the House of Representatives
the State of Ohio, That the standing com
mittee ou Benevolent Institutions be and
is hereby directed to enquire into the pro
priety and the expediency of converting
the grounds and buildings of the Idiotic
Asylum near the Capitol, into an institu
tion tor the care and relormatlon of Ine-
brates, and that said committee further in
vestigate and enquire 11110 tne practica
bility and oroDrietv of making provision
for the care and maintenance of the idiots
now In said Asylum, and elsewhere iu the
stutp. hv the countv infirmaries, and that
tbey report by bill or otherwise, at their
earliest convenience.
House bills from 462 to 481 were read
the second time and referred to their ap
nronriate committees.
On motion ot" Mr. SCOTT, of Warren,
the House adjourned.
, Horace Greelkv characterizes Hugh
Hastings, of the New York Advertiser (Re
publican), as a "rottenness," and Hastings
rejoins that Greeley is " a first-class fraud
and hypocrite." Doubtless, both aver the
" Honor and fame from no condition rise :
Act wall tbl part I there all the honor lies."
Gen. S. Mason,1, while attending
prayer meeting of the First Presbyterian
church, at Springfield, on saDDatn, was
taken suddenly ill, growing out of trouble
in the digestive organs. So we learn lrom
tt 0 AdverUser.
General Grant and the Alabama
General Grant and the Alabama Claims Treaty.
YORK, January 26.
TheTrlbunrt -Washington dispatch- ks
tne following: General lirant is strongly
opposed ; to the pending ' Alabama claims
treaty. Tne following iuls position near
ly In his own -words t The treaty Is un
just to the United SUtes, because It as
sumes tne measures nt injury, inmcieu
upon this country by. the inoney value of
ships actually destroyed, whereas the chief
damase to our commerce wai In our ships
being driven from the seas by Anglo-rebel
pirates.. In addition to this tne sympamy
extended by the English Government to
tne soutb prolonged the war at least a
year, and for all lives lost and money ex
pended tor this time England is directly
responsible. The treaty proposes to settle
all these things by the payment of the pal
try value of a few ships." . r
. The Times' Washington dispatch has a
similar paragraph, and says this seems to
indicate that Mr. ReverdyJohnson will be
recalled at no very distant day, and that
the entire question will be reopened on a
totally amerent Dasis under tne new AO
ministration. 'l ' , ;
Mr. Bradley and the Supreme
The Supreme Court of the District has,
in obedience to the order of the United
States Supreme Court, rescinded the order
debarring Mr. Bradley from practice in the
Court, but held that they, under the ruling
or the supreme Court 01 the Uniten States,
did not restore Mr. Bradley to the Criminal
Court when Judge Fisher expelled him. It
now makes a rnle that no one suspended in
one Court of the District shall practice in
any of the branches of the Supreme Court
of the District, thus practically leaving
Bradley where be wan belore the United
States Supreme Court issued the man
damus. - . .
The President's Nominations—Republican
The Bepublican Senators In cancus to
day voted not to connrra any more nomin
ations by President Johnson, except in
cases of imperative necessity. '
Inauguration Rail.
It is announced that citizens of Wash
lngton, without respect to party, are deter
mined to nave an inauguration bail.
WASHINGTON, January 26.
Mr. WILSON presented the credential
of Charles Sumner, Senator elect from
Massachusetts, which were read.
Mr. SHERMAN said the committee on
Finance had considered carefully the bill
to reorganize the Treasury Department,
and fearing that they could not report a
bill whlcn would meet the views ot Con
gress, had directed him to report a resolu
tion providing for the appointment, at the
beginning ol. the next session, of a loin
committee, to consist of three Senators and
five Reuresentativea. with leave to sit riur
ing the recess ot the Forty-first Congress.
to examine and report upon the expedien
cy of reorganizing the civil service In the
several departments ot Government, the
examination extending to the clerical force
necessary in each Department, the rates of
compensation, and such rules and regula
tions as may be required to Increase the
efficiency of the service. The resolution
was adopted.
Mr. MORRILL, of Me- from the com
mittee on Appropriations, reported back
the pension appropriation bin, with amend
ments, reducing the amount appropriated
tor invalid pensions lrom ten minions to
nine millions, and the appropriation for
other army pensions from thirteen mil
Hons to ten millions; also, the Military
Academy appropriation bill, with a slight
Mr. RICE introduced a bill to Incorpo-
refate a Southern Express Company. Be
terred to committee on Commerce.
The Senate took up the bill In relation to
the Central Branch ot the Union .facitlc
railroad. Daring the discussion which
i . 1 1 , - . . ,.
Mr. CORBETT said the debate had sat
isfied him that the passage of the bill was
not required by any equitable 'Obligation
of the Government to the Central Branch
Company, and he withdrew his amend
ment, offered yesterday. - . - - -
Mr. CON KLIN then offered an amend
ment, in the nature ot a substitute, pro
viding that nothing contained in the act of
July 3d. 1866, relating to the Eastern Di
vision of the Union Pacific railroad shall
deprive the Central Branch from contlnn
ing Its road and telegraph lines from the
termination of the onehundred miles men
tioned in the act incorporating the com
panv, to connect with the Union Pacific
railroad, Eastern division, as a branch of
that road, but requiring the con
tin nation of the Central Branch
road to be made to a point
or near Fort Blley, in Kansas, upon the
same terms in allTespects as are now pro
vided by law lor the construction ot tn
Eastern Division ot the Union Pacific rail
road: ana providing further, that no sub
sidy shall be allowed to said Central Branch
Company for -any greater length of road
than forty miles from the termination ot
the one hundred miles on which bonds are
already authorized to be issued.
Mr. MORTON opposed the amendment,
aud affirmed the equality ot the bill.
After further discussion by Messrs. Ed
munds and Conkling, without acting ou the
amendmtnt, the Senate adjourned.
The SPEAKER presented the petition
of Mrs. Abraham Lincoln tor a pension
which was referred to the - .Tension com
Mr.BEATON introduced a bill to amend
the 8th section of the act of August 5, 1861
to provide for increased revenue from im
ports. &e by suspending and abating the
collection 01 the uncollected portion ot tne
direct taxes made by that section upon the
States ot North Carolina, South Carolina,
Alabama, Georgia, Florida,' Louisiana and
Arkansas. Referred to committee on Ways
and Means.
Mr. PERHAM, from the committee on
Invalid Pensions, reported a bill relating
to the operations of the pension law. The
tlrst section provides that no pension, pay
or bounty, ehall bn paid to a widow, non
resident in the United States, when she
has been living separate and apart from
her' husband for five consecutive years
Immediately preceding his death without
receiving from him any support. The
second section deprives ot her pension the
woman who leads a life of prostitution or
Mr. INGERSOLL characterized it as an
insult to the widows of American soldiers.
The remaining tourteen sei-tions relate to
the details of applications and proofs, etc.
Alter disposing of various amendments,
chiefly verbal, reported from commit ee,
Mr. N1BLACK suggested that the bill
should be recommitted with instructions
to make the second section apply to male
pensioners as well as female pensioners.
Mr. PERHAM declined to yield tor that
motion. r
Mr. INGERSOLL desired to know the
pevportot the second section.
The SPEAKER remarked that the sec
ond section was not belore the House, the
question being on the last amendment, re
ported by Mr. Perham.
Without disposing of the last amend
ment the morning hour expired and the
bill went over till to-morrow.
Mr. LYNCH, of Maine, made a speech in
favor of his bill to provide for a general
resumption of specie payment.
Mr. BARNES, ot New York, spoke on
the same subject.
Sneeches were also made on the same
subject by Mr. SMITH, aud on the subject
tI tile liroaiijr vn vjr jui. aja 1, uux, vii
ot Ohio.
Adjourned. . - v..r. -
Montreal Items.
MONTREAL, Jan. 26.
The English press strongly protest
against the Q uebec Legislature giving tree
grants of land to ten thousand French
Canadians who want to return to Canada
from the United States. - .
The Bank ct Montreal is reported to
have lost $500,000 from lending money to
New York speculators, who became bank
rupt in the recent corner iu Brie shares.
There have been over one huudred deaths
here from smallpox during the last five
Whalen—Application for Reprieve.
OTTAWA, January 26.
"'Hon 'J." n. Cameion ha 'advised the
Minister of Justice of hid iutculR n to t
ply for a reprieve for Whalen.
Pennsylvania Legislature.
Is decided, the Democratic, candi-
Mr) ,.,, tnAj t "9,,in
The Bepnbllcans of tfie Legislature hav
failed to pass the bill for retaining Tax
Collector Felti In office until be-contet-as
the legality of the election or bis sue-
the office."
PHILADELPHIA, Jan. 25. Senator from Wisconsin.
CHICAGO, Jan. 26.
Matt. H. Carpenter was' to-dav elected
United States Senater from Wisconsin. -
Criminal Carelessness.
vesterdav. while
three men were underneath a car on the
rack of the Hannibal and St, JoseDh Rail
road, repairing ft, a careless switchman let.
several oars collide with It. One man.
amed Burnstead. was killed. . Cunnelly
seriously injured and Collins was
saved by his brother. The switchman has
been arrested for gross neglect of
PLATTSBURG, N. Y., Jan. 26.
Two buildings on Mareraret street, occu
pied by Lyons' clothing establishment,
Blanchard'8 millinery and Schier's tobacco
factory, were burnt last night. Loss $15,000.
Breach of Promise.
PROVIDENCE, R. I., Jan. 26.
A factory gir', named Slatterly. obtained
$3,000 against B. Fanning, to-day. in a
breach of promise case.
Heavy Fire in Lynn, Mass.
LYNN, MASS, Jan. 26.
A Are last night In a large brick block
Monroe street, occupied by E. N.John
son, Nichols & Sanborn, and Johnson, all
shoe manufacturers, and C. Phillips, man
ufacturer of needles, rapidly extended to
the shoe manufactories of Harrison New
hall, T. P. Richardson & Son, H. R. Hal-
prey, Cv 1. A born & Co., George W.
Downing, and John Nourse fc Son. ' The
first Ave stores, with the contents, were
entirely destroyed, and the others partially.
The stocks of the latter were much dam
aged. The total loss Is 9200,000. The in
The sale of II. H. Morris, in Wurtzboro,
Sullivan county, was opened at a late
hour Sunday night by burglars and robbed
of $10,000 in five and ten dollar bills. The
stolen money belonged to the town of
Fire in Troy.
TROY, Jan. 26.
morning. Loss $10,000.
Wheeling Municipal Election.
WHEELING, W. VA., Jan. 26.
At the municipal election, yesterday, the
entire citizen's reform ticket was elected
by handsome majorities. The Republicans
and Democats united! 11 voting for the best
men without respect to politics.
Probable Suicide.
CHICAGO, Jan. 26.
Spicer, a farmer of Tazewell county. 111.
shot himself twice in the head, on Friday
When the wounds were dressed be tore on
the bandages. There is no hope of his re
covery : . ;
A Are at Bocabel, Wis., on Sunday night,
caused tne loss 01
Dreadful Accident.
On Sunday, . Freeman Hains was torn
asunder in a saw mill, near Des Moines,
Missouri Legislature.
ST. LOUIS, Jan. 26.
In the Senate, yesterday, it was stated
that more Union military bonds have been
redeemed than were originally Issued, and
joint commit tee was appointed to inves
tigate tne matter, rue iiouse taDiea a con
current resolution Instructing Senators
and Bepresentatlves in Congress to use'
their influence to effecta repeal of the ten
ure of office aot. i i
Counterfeiter Arrested.
A corresponden of the Republican says
a man named Fuller, who is declared to be
a noted Chicago operator, was arrested at
BuBhwall, Illinois, by a United States de
tective, on the 22d, having in his posses
sion titty-five thousand dollars in counter
feit currency.. "- '
New Jersey Senator.
TRENTON, January 26.
John H. Stockton was elected United
States Senator to-day.
CINCINNATI, January 26.
The treasurer of a German Protestan
Church in this city absconded three weeks
ago. a defaulter to the church in S&dOO.-
Revenue Officer Fired On.
Revenue detective Walters attempted to
seize a distiller? last night. Fifteen shots
were tired at him and his companions by
the proprietors." Bullets pierced their
clothing. No further injury.
Banks and Grant—The Supercedure
NEW YORK, Jan. 26.
'" The Lawrence (Mass.) American, print'
ed in Gen. Banks' district, of the 2dd lust.
referring to the controversy about Gen
Banks having been ordered to superced
Gen. Grant, says: We happen personally to
know that the ottt 'ial autographic orders
are now in the hands 01 lien, (jrant.
Three burglars, with stolen property in
their possession, valued at J,UUU, were ar
rested by Captain Jourdan, yesterday, and
on Sunday evening three others were cap
tured by Sergeant Woodward and his as
sisUnts. All these parties wuo are sup
posed to constitute a regular burglarious
gang, were committed to await trial.
During Saturday night ' between t2,0C0
and $3,000 worth of silks were st len by
burglars from a store in Chatham street.
The thieves escaped with their plunder
Board of Health.
In the Board of Health, yesterday, an
ordinance forbidding the sale ot Kerosene
oils and other burning fluids unless they
shall take tire at. 110 degrees Fahrenheit.
and not evolve t xolosive material at
temperature of 100 degrees, was adopted
The typhoid fever was reported under
thorough control.
' Of the 213.636 emigrants who arrived
here last year 65.714 remained in thU State.
31,625 went to Illinois, 8,115 to Utah and
5 so New Mexico, while all the lately re
bellious States received an aggregate of
only 2,311. . ..;
Alvah Blalsdell, yesterday sentenced
to three years imprisonment tor defraud
ing the revenue, will to-morrow be brought
up in the United States Circuit Courtaain
for trial, on a charge of subornation of per
jury In the case ot Collector Bailey. .
Stay of Proceedings.
Attorney General Evarts has ordered a
stay of proceedings in the case of George
B. Davis, tiarged with perjury. Binckly
having, it Is said, interfered in bis behalf.
Merchants' Union Express.
In the Supreme Court, befere Judge In
graham to-day, the case of Blatchlord
against Boss, President of the Merchants'
Union Express Company and others, came
up on motion to continue tbe temporary
injunction. The defendants claim the suit
was not instituted in good faith, but In fur
therance ot a conspiracy. The case is still
Printers' Strike.
The printers' strike still continues, but
most ol the houses have beceded to the
terms demanded. It is said that one
house-to-day seutoff a great deal of their
work to Canada rather than concede tbe
advance demanded. About two hundred
book and job printers, are Idle iu conse
quence of the strike. J "
Arrival of Steamers.
The steamships England and Alpha,
have arrived. .
The Sublime Porte.
The Sublime Porte In circular, de
crles.the rerorts that have been exten
sively circulated r thatr Turkey is heavily
arming. Tbe Sultan confidently expects
peace as the result of the Paris Conference.
MADRID, Jan. 26.
The Governor of Burgors was assassi
nated yesterday wheu about to take an in-
ventory of the goods in the-.Cathe!J-in I
city. Tbe excitement Is intense. The I
people generally sustain the Government.
Many arrests ef suspected. PSitlea .navel
made. t s f
The Perlere.
LONDON, January 26.
steamshl Peiarar4kieh-'aUed'
the 15th for New fork, returned to Brest
in a damaged condition, having had
six personskllled on board and several In.
urea, jno particulars are given. Mr.
iiVSoiiMOi-Hon. H. Gen.-r passengeid
iirc.nun new xork thinks the
accident occbrred In the engine room, i ; '
Defeat at Villeta.
PARIS, January 26.
Latef Bio Janeiro advices state that the
Paraguayan army was totally defeated In
tne battle at Villeta: v -
Times on American Finances.
LONDON, January 26.
The Times says If the Ideas ot McCul-1
loch, Welles and Washburne on financial
affairs are accepted United States bonds
will be ou a footing with those of Massa
chusetts. , '-i. .' ; ' -:.'.
U. S. Consul and General Dulce.
HAVANA, Jan. 26.
The United States Consul yesterday f,rr
mally demanded of General Dulce the
boly of Samuel. Cohmer, American pho
tographer, killed by some armed men De
longing to tbe volunteer force. He wish
ed to be informed whether the Government
was able to protect American citizens, and
told the Captain General that if not tbe
United States would be compelled to pro
tect ttiem. Dulce recited, regretting tbe
recent bloodshed, fend expressing a hope
that no further trouble would occur, lie
also requested thf Consul to send a list ot
Americans to the Government, authorizing
the body of Cohmer .to be immediately de
livered. The night passed quietly. '
A Lunatic Kills his Sister.
ST STEPHENS, N. B. January 26.
from St. Johns' Asylunv named Stephen
John, killed bis sister with an axe. He af
terwards committed suicide by ripping his
bowels open and stabbed himself in the
breast. II is mother only escaped by flee
ing from the room.
New Advertisements.
well known DrooertT. fronting the CaDitol
Square, pH feet on Uiga and lb7x feet on State
street, win oe onerea ai puone eaieon
Wednesday, the lOth day of March
. s-xt, . T
at 3 o'oloek P. H. Terms of sale made known on
that day. These wishing to examine tbe prem
Ljm will call at my office. No. 6 West State street.
W. A. Ale (JOY. Trustee.
Colombna. Jan.'SS, 18C9. . janSS-dtd
Railroad Notice.
will be opened for rrceirinK subscription to
the capital stock of tbe Fittnburan, Mt. Vernon,
Colnmbae A London Railroad Company, at the
Exobanre Hotel, in tbe city of Culuiabiu, on
Thnrsd), Starch 2d, 1869,
atMo'olock A. M. ; i
Columbus, Ohio, January S6th. 1W.
jan27-wti Corporators.
Bar Meeting.
lin eonnty are reqnestej to meet at the Court
House on
Thursday, January 28th,
at 10 o'clock A. M.. fjr the purpose of agreeing
upon a minimum table of fees. A full attendance
is solicited.
Columbus. Ohio. Jan. . 1869.
is. N. olds. J.W.Baldwin,-
janS7-d2t - "
OAKY SOth, 1SS, Trains will ran as follows:
Leares Columbus......... v 7:40am
.Arrives Lancaster .100 ajn
Leaves Columbus.... .......... 35 em
ArriTet Lancaster 637 p ml
Leaves Lancaster..................' 7:15 a ml
Arrives Columbus 10:15 a m
NO. 4 EXPRESS. . .
Learta Lancaster..... 3:30 m
Arrives Columbus 5MS p m
Prompt connection is made at Lancaster for Cir
oleville and all points on the Cincinnati 4 Zanes
ville Kailrnal. '
-' All freight deliTered and received at Columbus
Depot, a short distance west of Ohio Fnrniture
' Company's Manufactory and south of Harrisburg
pike W. H.-LOTT, Agent.
. J. W. DOHERTT, Master of Transportation.
At. M. GKEENK. VicePres't. jan27
The Shortest Route West and Northwest No
'Change of Can from Columbus to Chica-
" ' Bo, Keokuk and Indianapolis.
FOOR TRAINS DAILY leave Union Depot, on
and after January 17th, 18S9. as followr:
UU PrtESS Sundavs excepted). Arrives
at Milford 9:15 a m, Sprinnfield. Obio, 11:30 a m.
Urbane 10:05 a m. Bellefontaine 1:03 p m, Sandusky
:0U p oi. Piqua U0 a m. Toledo 6 -30 pm, Detroit
10:40 p m. .--
.. Tbis train is run expressly for Springfield, Lima,
Toledo and Di-troit busines-, arriving at each plaoe
vfram 3 to 1 hours ahead of all other routes.
l.Ov (Sundays excepted). Arrives at Bradford
Junction 4:40 pm. Loganfpurt 10:40 p in, Cbicago
8:10 a m, Peoria :53 a m, Ualesburg 9.-00 a m. Bur
lington, Iowa, H5 a m. Keokuk 12:40 p in. Quiner
1:45 pm. Indianapolis 8ii p m, Louisville 3:30 a m.
Torre Haute 11:67 p m, St. Louis 9:13 a m, Lafay
ette 12KiO mid. Sprine6eld, Ills ,7:, 0 am.
Passengers bv this train reach St. Louis tbe next
morning t boura salieaid and make direct con
nections for all points west of St. Louis and Keo
kuk one train in advance of all other routes.
fKtss (nuntfays excepted). Connects
at Urbana for Bellefontaine and Sandusky: at
Piqua for Lima, Toledo and Detroit- Arrives at
Ural ford Junction 9:50 p m, Loansport 20 am,
Chicago 8:10 a in, Indianapolis i-M a m, Terre Haute
-3u a m. St. Louis 4:00 p m. Lafarette -7:45 a m.
Sprimrfield. Ills , 6:lo p m. Quinoy U.-OOp m, Keo
kuk 12:30 a m, Louisville 8:00 am.. . , .
, f This is decide ily tbe best train from Co
lumbus to Chicago Lnu'sville ard St. Louis, as it
makes QUICKER TIME and arrives at Louisville
and St. Louis 8 beers atlmeud and reaubee all
points Sontb. West and Northwest one train in
advance ot any other route.
Run in this train from Columbus to Chichago and
At. Louis -
iri. iA A. M. NIGHT EXPRESS. Daily via
lxvr ' Indianapolis (1ondaya excepted), via
Logansport. Arrives at Bradford Junction 4:16 a
m. Loganpport 9:40 a m. Chicago 1:46 p m. Peoria
6:08 p m. Keokuk 104 am, Quincy 4 am. Indian
apolis 80H a m. i'erre Haute 13:16 p m. Jdifayette
8:16 pa, LouUvi leiito p m, tt, Louis 10:16 p m.
Passengers by tuia train arrive the same day at
St. Louis 3 hours and Chicago 9 hours ahead of
any other rouje.
Bun in this train from Pittsburgh to Indianapolis.
Bf Call for Tickets via Logansport or Indiaav
"iBi-'Tickets for sale at Union and Piqu Depots,
Columbus, end at all principal Railroad Tioket
Officee. f CHANDLER. Genl Ticket Agent.
J. M. LU NT. General Huoertntendent.
ge:o. vv. meeker,
' No. 117 South High Street. '
janlS-dSm-r ; -. - - -i COLUMBUS. O.
.; ,: . .. . THE. ! u ;: :.: ' .
tr rai oitT op in vobiI
No. 333 - Broadway. .
Capital, ' One Slil'ion Dollars.
DabitbR Mamoa Pres'U jAS.MBBiLL.8eo'r
Receives Deposl'sand allows FOURPERl NT
ISTEK1SS1 on all tiauy dbiibdw. '.t
at sight, hpeoial Deposits for tnx months or more
mav be made at five per cent. The Capital of One
Million Dollars is divided among over- 500 share
holders, qomprising many gentlemen of large
and finanoial experience, who are. also personally
fiable te depositors for all oblisations of the Lom
nany to double the amount of the capital stock.
As the National Trust Company receives deposits
inlarge er small amounts, and permits them to be
drawn as a whole or in pa t by cheek at .tht and
without notice, allowin. interest on all daily bal-i
asees. parties throughout the country can keep ao
counti in tbis Institution with special advantages
of secerii J. ooovenienoe snd pronas- ' -..;. .
m .
!CE: AT L A!sf
11,1. 0pF.1v rou
Wednesday j,,,
..... , . 7 - f'ej
WUlbepretenttofDtraet the ladies dnrinr ft.
dar. ml kits a arand axhihitinn rf ,.
kfiI11l i.kt,n . eTenin, .befora thi
OP THB kink. acanowiedsd (4UJLj.ii
A.DMIHSTON-- Uantlnmm, ftI...,.. T - J; -. .
lil'tL1.8"- .soa icketi for tbe haUne
or Ihemni tredanod price.. jan37-d.lt
Ol lilt A HOUSE.
JOHN A. ELLSLEB ....Makasb.
Wednesday Ev'nir. Jam. 97th' ism.
j 1
Reprolnotion of Dalj'i treat New York SeniAtion.
Under the Gaslight.'
With al Its startling eSeot. ',
&o4 Ae.. Ao.
Laura Courtland.
.Misa LOUIS KVl vi tT-ru
0V.t G.U-. AD.,
For full particulars, see programmes.
Y. M. C. A.
Lecture Thursday Ev'ng, Jan. 8,
. . .
Mr. Kennon was sen. out by the Russo-Ameri' aa
Telegraph Company to explore the route throi th
Northern Siberia, eoending three yean with tea
wandering tribes, whose habit, enntoma mwiA
gion were entirely unknown, traveling husdredw
of miles in dog sledges with these strange ptiple.
He orines back a graphic account of his life and
adventures among these tribes in the Arctic re
nous. Those who hare read hit eontribntioi a to
Putnam's Monthly need nut be aeked to go and
All persona holding season tickets admitted free.
Tickets at the door. 60 cents. jnx7-dit
Io aol 1 ride with Uaac;er. -
A single spark may kindle a flame that will oon
tume a city, and small ailmentg neglected, may
end in fatal diiorderr.' Bearing this fact in mind
let the first symptoms of debilty or nervous pros
tration be n tt promptly with invigorating treat
ment. Foremost among the vegetable tonics of the
ate standi HOSTETTER'S 6T0MACH ' BIT
TERS, and whenever the vital powers seem to lan
guish, or there is any reason to suspect that the an
imal functions essential to the sustenatioa and pu
rification of the body are imperfectly performed,
this invaluable invigorant and antiseptie should at
once be resorted to. Indigestim always produce
weakness. Sometimes it happens. and thia . U
more frequently tie ease in Winter than at any
other season, that the appetite demand more food
than the stomach can digest ; though not moid, per
haps, than is required to keep np the full strength
of the frame. The object, under Bach - c ire am
tanoes, is to inoreaae the digest ire capacity of the
assimilating organ, so aa to make It exnal. to. the
duty imposed npon it by the appetite, and -capable
of supplying the intUMng material of Uu tysttm as
fast as it is required.- Thia object is fully accom
plished by the nee of the Bitters. They ton aad
gently stimulate the eelular, membrane which
secretes- the gastric juioe. and the result is that the
solvent is mingled with tbe food in sufficient quan
tity to convert all its nourishing partioles into pore
and wholesome element. If, on the other hand
there is a deficiency of appetite, without anvebrres
ponding deficiency of digestive power, the effect of
the tonic is to stimu ate a desire for food. - la nine
teen eases out of twenty, headache; 'nausea, a err- ,
ousness. fainting-fits, spasms, and. indeed. "Boat. of
the casual aches and pains to whioh humanity la
subject, proceed primarily from indigestion eompH
eated with biliousness: and for both these complain ta
ommended as a apeedj and certain remedy.
iayi3deodAwly-ew- " "T -
' ' For til
purpose Of
-' Peitiapa VM'ne'VjBjdl
erne is so universally re
quired by everybody aa
a cathartio, nor was ever
any before vnivereal
ly adopted into use,.: in
every country and among?
all classes, aa thi mild
but efficient puismtiva -
P ill. The obvious rea
son Is, that it is a more re
liable and far more effec
tual remedy than " any
other. Those who have
tried it, know that it cured them; those who have
not, know that it cures their neighbors and friend,
and all know that what it does once it does always
that itaever laila through any fanlt or neglect of
Ha composition. We have thousands upon thou
sands of certificates of their remarkable cures of the
following complaints, but such cures are known in
every aoignuuruuuu, auu we iitscu m puuuou wwii.
Adapted to all ages and conditions in all climates;
containing neither calomel or any deleterious drug,
they may be taken with safety by anybody. Their
sugar coating preserves them ever freah and make
them pleasant to take, while being purely vegetable,
no harm can arise from their use in any quantity :
They operate by their powerful influence on the
Internal viscera to purify the blood and stimulate it
into healthy action remove the obstructions of the)
stomach, bowels, liver, and other organs' of tba
body, restoring their irregular action to health, and
by correcting, wherever they exist, such derange
ments as are the first origin of disease.
- Minute directions are given in the wrapper on
the box, for the following complaints, which these
I IHUr rapidly cure :
f or savape pelts or niegenom
jaarsiop ana MMm el svimtie. tnev
should be taken moderately to stimulate the stom
ach and restore its healthy tone and action. -
4Tor silver Conapletlat and its various symp
toms, llllioua HoswlisclM), Sick UwSMiawlra,
JTatuadlce or Oreeiat fticksmaa, Biliem '
Colic and Billoau aTcverm, they should be ju
diciously taken for each case, to correct the diseased
action or remove the obstructions which cause it.
For Dyeeartery or D-tau-raUBat, but one mild
dose is generally required.
For Bsiesiwaattiaws, 3eit, Cermvel, Paint
tat iai of thn Hoars, Patlai la tke glee,
IIak and Iaiau, they shonld be continnoosly
taken, as required, to change the diseased action of -the
system. With such change those complaints
For Dropsy and Dropsical Swetlllagra tbey
should be taken In large and frequent doses to pro
duce the effect of a drastic purge.
For SappresaloB a large dose should be taken
as it produces the desired effect by sympathy.
As a Dinner Pill, take one or two Pills to pro
mote digestion and relieve the stomach. . ,
An occasional dose stimulates the stomach and
bowels into healthy action, restores the appetite,
and invigorates the system. Hence it is often ad
vantageous where no serious derangement exists.
One who feels tolerably well, often finds that a does
of these Pills makes him feel decidedly better, front
their cleansing and renovating effect on the diges
tive apparatus. .
Un. C. JLTJER tt CO., Practical Chsmists,
a loirMi. mass., xr.s. jLr,
9- For sale by BRA UN. BRCCK A CO..
Wholesale and Retail. Columbus, and all Drug
gists. ;aneodAsowly-o4iB
Palme's Tkutablx Cosmxtio Lortoa is the
sovereign balm tor the smallest pimple en the f see.
as well as the most distressing cutaneous disease
hat oan afflict any part of the person.
sep21-d wly-em i i '. s
- r
Dr. Henry Kiott'e t'rencsm Po waters'
will eure Inflammation of tbe Kidneys. Goaorrbea.
Gleet, strictures. Nervous Debility, eminsM
Emissions. Genital Weakness caused by solitary
habits in youth. Exeesses. Ao. ; Kerefals. .Hkin
Diseases. Syphilis in all its forms, causing Bore
Throat and Nose. Pain in the Honea KmotLnna.
Ao.. permanently cured. Copavia and Mercury
discardaa. rorsaie oy j.K.uook. Uruggiaw No.
138 South High street. Columbus. Ohio., Prjoe S
per box. Sent by mail on reosipt of price. .
toil l'H restored in four weeks. Sueoeea
guaranteed. DR. RICORD'8 ESSENCE OF LdS
restores mahly powers, from whatever cause air- -sing;
the effects of earl pernicious habits, self-.
abuse, inrpoteney and climate, give away at once to
tbis wonderful medioine, if taken regularly accord
ing to the directions (which are very si n pie and re
quire no restraint from business or pleasure.) Fail,
ore is impossible. j!d in bottles at W. four
quantitiesio one forta. To bebsdenly rfbi
Jcpointed agent in Amenca. fl. GaaitxaK.f
Third Ave..jrner 13th ot..aew X era.
it nsTA"M,-" aether Jftw JfssMea
JV1 Pamphlet firem. 1A pm af- D. Cuktis.
The 'Medical limes" says of this work: This
valuable treatise on the eausaand eena- of prema
tura decline, shows hew health is irapaiied throngk
secret abuses of youth and manhood, and bow
easily regained- It civet a elear ya peis of the
impedimenU to marriage, tbe esnae and effects
nervous debility. andthe remefles tk refer. 'f , A
poeket edition of the above wiu he ft r warded -en
receint of SS cenU. by addressing Doctor UparM
. 6e iortn i nanea Birsfi, cailimoie, J&a- - -
DR. A. B. WILLIAMS, West Broadway, aser
;! atreet. Columbus. Ohio, has devoted himself
era series ef years te the treatment efeartain pjia
rate ttisaasea. nemay sicfasuiiaiai sua amwsm
Broadway . near the Kxeaaase itanh .-. . , ,
nATCHCLOet'S, AtAlK i DTE. iTbJ4
I mUniliil Ha.ir riee ia the best in tbawneM .
tbe only true and perfect Dye; harmless, reliable
instantaneous; no disappointment : no ridiculous;
tints; remedies the ill effects of rsd dyes; invig
orates and leaves the Hair soft and beautiful, oleic
or brown. Boll by all Druggists snd Perfumer
and pmpnv sppnea ii Di'cntira i wig r setor
lie. M bond street. N. Ink. rtiT aprH dAwlar

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