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.6 ' MrrooioickL Tama, prepared A
-r,.-ted bT W. J; Savage, jeweier,
b, street UIIOJJ v a. : w
ji -sa i iiift in.
Her. The Wind. , Wrathar.
' M M ."; " S". W.' jrr Tl
0 'cloak. ..
i t A.. It.
. M - - fcV W " rlr,
, ......
? 1. H..
ri in
gaa Riaee-... w,t JJ 'Sea Sets.
tar Andrews A Hull have received Har
, M,per'S BuT for Ftbfrh. - ; ' 1
GTThe Hocking Valley caw yesterday
cawe Id loaded wtth passengers., f .
- - -
i" Of-Business is said to be dull. Too late
lor Winter and too cany wr oy.....
fjrThe Columbus & Xfnla railroad
stockholders elect directors to-m jrroy." :
. tWThe Agricultural College Committee
are to hold their final meeting to-morrow
Bight. '. . .''.:-. : .;' '
S3-The Central Lunatic Asylum loea
tion will probably come up In the House oi
Representatives to-day, 1.
t-The fellow Keuyon who SA-auitta
'his brother-lu-law at the depot, on Mon
, day, was arrested and fined $5 and costs lor
the outrage. : .V ', - - " - .
.'r' iar The time to sell ilhstamped tobacco
bas been extended to the 15tn day oi e
rv tn th meantime the. usual Inven
tories Will have to be made.
Thanks. A. Gorton, Esq-vagent of the
Adams Express; has our thanks for late
New York papers. The attentions ot this
express company to the press throughout
the country are valuable ana conBiant.
Omci Wowo-r-The very difficult and
ti..orable lob of making the record of
the tax sales of this county has been already
nmfltMl bv the County Auditor. This
Is verv aulck work, and Is creditable to the
Auditor and his efficient clerk.,
Y. M.C. A. Bead the advertisement of
the lecture of Geo. Cennon, Esq , to be de
livered before the Young Mtn's Christian
Association, at the- Second Presbyterian
"iChurch to-morrow evening." Mr. Kennon
has a fine reputatlon'as a lecturer. Go and
bear him. ' -v:. -- "' - ""'V :
CotTNTT IwiBMABT.--Duringthe past
week eight paupers have been recelvtd
'into this Institution, one ohlld has been
born' there, and nine inmates have been
discharged.', Fifty-six' loads of eoal and
wood have been distributed among the out
side poor.
Iac . WAKBANTDanlel H. Kenyon
was arrested by ConsUble Horn on a war
rant issued by 'Squire Gulick on the oath
of W., A. Zeal, who owears bl life against
enyon, Kenyon waed an examination
and gave ball In the sum oi vxm ior u
good behav or. ' , ,.' .
lMOK6xrt for Them Beware' of ped
'"dlers selling a mixture for cleaning sliver,
' which is a merrnrial compound and pois.
'onous. They are scouring the countiy,
presenting forged certificates from phy
Iciani an' rhem'st, stating that their
compound Is harmless..
A Capital Hotel. Our friend Captain
,Eeynolds,'of the Franklin House, whose
icarf will be found In another column, ta
keeping one of .he best hotel of its cla
in Columbus, and we can recommend it to
our friends from thecmi try, both because
of the excellence of Its fare and" reason
ablenas of charges.
Exbcctivk CoMxrrrM Mekttno. There
,wlll be a meeting of the Democratlo city
and township Kx- n'ltiv' oiiimitte at
Thurman Hall on Friday next, Jan. 27th,
at 9 o'clock P,. M.- Business of importance
" will be brought before the meeting, and it
Is hoped every member of the committees
will be present. ------
: ! - - - '
-, Police Coort Hut two rummies stood
In the dread presence of offended law yes
"terday; to be ialM'rt aeeordiiiir rue ordi
nance in such case made and provided.
John Miller,' drunk and disorderly, was
-committed to the choice company of mu
. nlolpal geologists in default of paj ment ot
,f0, floe and costs.
Jesse Bushman, for a plain drunk, was
.fined $S and costs. Was out of filthy lucre.
Couldu'tpay the bill. Hammereth.' -
Eclipse op the Moon. To-night there
will be a partial eclipse of the moon, visi
ble all over this continent, and no post
ponement on account of the weather:-" The
eclipse will begin about 7 o'clock this even
ing and end about half-past ll,.the shadow
remaining on the moon's surface between
four and five hours. ' More people will to
'.Blght turn their thoughts and eyes heaven
'Ward than have done so for a long time be-
, fore, while watching the wonders of the
eclipse..,, . .' .... '. -:. ,
. Assault with Intent to Murdeb.
Mrsv Charles Hammond went betore Sqnlre
Gullck on the 20th, and made oath that her
busbaod, Charles Hammond, had commit
ted.au assault and battery on her with 4n
- tent to murder her,, She said tba( because
she refused to sign certain deeds, he bad
beaten her, and then poured coal oil on her
'clothing, Intending to burn her up. The
trial of the case was set lor yesterday, "but
Mrs. Hammond failed to appear to prose
cute, and the defendant was discharge.
Bubolam'. Tools Found While some
Workmen were engaged yesterday in mov
ing plleof boards in Clark fc Men net's
.lumber yard, corner of Sixth and Friend
streets, they came across a dark lantern, a
screw driver, a chisel, two or three bottles
of 1 powder, a lot ot fate,. two. conical tin
tubes, vsed for putting powder into isle
locks, and a lot of other apparatus used by
safe blower and burglars. .' The chances
acs that .th chap had hkl ..his tools ready
lor work,' as they were all new and not
weather .beaten, showing that they bad not
Lii v.. L - . .. ' . -
,pna um out a uiue wniie.
Arother Market House. There Is
' proposition on foot to build another market
bouse, this one on South. Puhllo lane. - Mr.,
Gib boos introduced a reselntton Into the
Council oft Monday- night looking to this
end. Should the comwittM on Ways aud
Means decide that the proposed "market
nouses are necessary, wa- would have three;
at the corner ot Third and North, en
corner of Town : and' Fourth, and' one' at
tha lotersecUoa of FUta street and South
nPubUo lanc.f These would certainly be
enough to supply all our citizens for some
,uoi to eoiM. - -! .
C " Thiateb. The Opera ' Bouse was filled
last night with a fine audience, to witness
iha representation of the fins play dra
matised from the New York Ledger story,
C ill BtdOM- HaaeUt Though -fall ot ab
surdities and ImpossibUiUes, it ,1s, also re
plete with, good points and Una dramatic
situations, ana must always prove attrae
iive, Ulss CTara MorrU,'as Capitol BUdk,
was. excellent ana aim oyivster.eould
not be lmproye.onvMr. Eilser's Hurrl-
aae was-a good as is everything he does
To-night we s re to. have the great sensa
tional play cfUhcer the Gaslight, "with
the great railroad and pier scener.
All the bouse.
It will
J. ST. JOHN CLARKSON, Secly. A BOLD ROBBERY. $600 Worth of Watches and Jewelry
Stolen in Broad Daylight.
As we elsewhere make mention, Richar
10 alias Dick' Altea,.' was d(siH;ed
oi arrest esterday motniriji toj: ivaut of
evidence. About dooq he went to Corn. 1
field's pawn office, on Town street, and
finding no one In the store'but a little girl,
lie inquired' after Mr.' Cornfield and was
told that he was at dionen Dick started
for the doorland the girl weni Into -a tack
room.';. No sooner did he see her leave the
shop than he jumped over the counter and
pocketed lour hunting case and one open
faoed watches and a hanOful of rings With
which he made his escape. The watches
are valuable. One of them, a lady's watch,
with Its chain being held at $200. The po
lice got' on his track and started him from
his hiding place near the depot but he got
away by swift running aocL. hiding some
where on the river bank. t
Abkiko . Commutation. A .'petition is
beinic circulated in Cleveland 'asking that:
Lewis Davis, sentenced to be bung on the
4th day of February . next, have his sen-;
tence commuted to Imprisonment for life.
The following are some of the reasons as-,
signed:-. . -..
"First. That said Lewis Davis Is a young
man, only 27 years of age, a wagon maker
by trade, and nothing was developed on
his trial which tended to show that ho had
not hitherto led a proper and reSDectable :
course of life. '
''Second. That he was convicted chief! von
the testimony ot co-defendants and accom
plices In crime, wno having all conspired
together for a common purpose, are
equally-guilty, with himself, and who
should saare the same fate, but who, we
are reliably Informed, are promised by the
State a lesser degree of punishment Chan
that to which, be (Davie) has been sen
tenced. -
Third. ThatorthefiveDersonsimulicat- ;
ed in and indicted for the commission of the '
murder, be is the only one that bas been n
tried or put on trial; that at the time of
bis conviction onlv three of the five had
been arrested; that of the three arrested,
two were used. as witnesses asrainst him, '
and on whose testimony chiefly he was .
convicted; -that since his conviction, one
more of those implicated, to wit: Thomas
Mullliall, has been arrested; that the other.
and only remaining one, to wit: William
FoUiett, is slil at large, though every el- :
fort is belnif made to secure his arrest with''
the expectation that the same will be suc
cessful; that there is a reasonable possibility
mac on tne trial cf jits accomplices the
two who have not yet had an opportunity
to testify in the case, may develop the fact
that Davis did not shoot Skinner, or that if
he did it was purely accidental and unin
tentional." This petition will be placed In the hands
ot Governor Hayes during the latter part
of this week, with the request that the
Governor take action on It immediatefy,
as the time Intervening between this and
the day set for the execution is short.
Paintiko Contract Awarded. The
Pnuntff flmnmlttilnnaM ti . ,a or a ...1 ,h.
contract for painting and papering the
new offices in the Court House to Beck &
Brother. The bids were as follows :
Moone 4 White, painting $105; papering
16 cents per roll
John Rholetter, $110 for painting; paper
ing 20 cents per roll.. . ...
C. fc. H. Soieltzer, painting $95; for paper
IS cents per roll; for tearing off old paper,
$10. .- '2r&V
Adam Gertrew, for painting $68; for pa
pering 20 tnts per roll.
John Knopf & Bro for painting $89;
papering 20 cents per roll, and $10 for re
moving old paper.
M. GemliZ, lor painting $84; papering,
c -nts per roll.
Beck fc Bro. for painting and graining
$64; removing old paper $8; for papering,'
per roll, 18 cents.
Columbus and Hocking Valley Bail-
roadw At the annual meeting ot the
Columbus and Hocking' Talley Bail
road Company, beld in this city on
th. 0 i r i t .of .tho. fftllA-jIntf , Mruwia
wera. elected Directors Peter Hay den,
E. Smith, Wm. Dennlson, W. G.
Deshler, M. M, Greene, Theodore Corn
stock, Isaac Eberly, W.B.Brooks, D. Tall
madge, W. A. Neil, C. P. L. Butler, C. H.
mw.v. W. B. Haydea.
The whole number of votes cast was ten
thousand and twenty-five, and the direc
tors were elected by over seven thousand
. The directors met at the company's of
fice last evening and organized by electing
Hon. Wm. Dennlson, President; - M. M.
Greene, Vice Peesident, and J. J. Janny,
Secretary and Treasurer.; -" ';' '--
Skating at the Bikk We are happy
to announce to our readers that the Rink
has Ice? on it to-day, and will be open to
the Qublic for , skating during , ibis day
and evening, and until further notice.
Also, that Nellie Dean Is -still here and
will skate during the day with the ladies,
giving one of her astonishing exhibitions
ot skill and grace on skates during the .
eveniug. She has no superior on. ice
among the gentler sex,' and with her grace,
pretty face and modest mien, she wins the
praises of all the ladles wherever she goes.
We bespeak hert plenty of company dur
ing the day and a house full at night.- The
mod has gone and no mistake., Ice- like, a
mirror so thought the little dog that hap
pened on it last night aud' atUcked its
reflection as an enemy. J ' VTI tXC
Discharged. Richard A. Nlerny, ar
rested on a charge of having burglarious- .
ly entered the realdeuce of O. Allen, corner :
of Fourth and State street, on the night of j
January 12th, and stolen, therefrom three .
overcoats, a set of furs, a woolen sack, a
bonnet and veil, several dresses and some
articles of bed clothing, was discharged,
the evidence not being of a nature to war
rant the Mayor In biuding him over. His
Honor, in view of several suspicious points
In the testimony, advised Nlerny ' to' leave
the city, advice it would be well for Dick
to heed, lor it be did hot get into the house
himself be knows w ho did, and bis motions
will be so watched here that there will not
be much showing tor him to -put tip" an
other Job! v. , -!
'"'A Harrow Escape. A lady In stepping
off ol the cars at the depot yesterday about
one o'clock, had a very narrow escape from
death. , An . engine was backing through
the depot, and as she got off the .train .the
lady ran to cross the track before the loco
motive should- pass, when her foot caught,
and she fell across the tracks Such a shout
as went up was never heard before, and the
eeglneertoppod Ms engine Just In ttmelo
save ner neaa from, being crushed. An
umbrella she held In her hand was crushed
bj;neathrthe wheels, so close did they come
4Q,hr ftodyj'.Bhe was rescued very: much
frlghtenedvand Jhe spectators gavea-huge
slgi of relief Zi l v J
.vMist4K Itf the jMASShall fltaS
swer that article ?" said a green-looking,
halt-grown-' boyy, rnshtiig " tip toa well
known railroad man yesterday. "Answer
what article ? J . Why, that , one In the
Statmman, about the City Police." "Well,
yes,' I guess so,5 was the reply; "but why
do you ask me?", V Why who else should
Iaskr" said Greeny, alias Incognito."
"You're Busbey, ain't you V "Not much,"
reflled JuTraiirpd;frIeh(rrand Jt Ut7le
comes such little whiffltaasyou to be abus
ing vour betters,". The Incognito part of It
tnreked off,' wt ll satisfied be had put his
icofctritolteleaf up to the elbow. '
; '
Public Schools for Colored Children.
"''lirea.1 1
Public Schools for Colored Children. MEETING OF COLORED CITIZENS.
A Jarge aaiiinserawSng'-seeUng
colored citizens was held in the Second
Presbyterian Church on Gay street, Hon
day evening, January 25th, to take into
consideration the condition of their public
schools. Walker Ewlng was called to the
chair. &nd .Will H, Roney .appointed See'
retary. The object. o.the meeting stated,
the committee appointed to memorialize
the Columbus School Board made the fol
lowing report through its Chairman, James
Poindexters it j? . Tfw'if!i
ills. CHAiriMAN-'-jSfr.' Yonr, committee
charged with the duty of placing before the
UolumDus School lioaro: a memorial irom
the colored citizens of Columbus, In public
meeting assembled, asking increased room
lor the colored children of Colnmbu?, with
other conveniences necessar thereto, have
discharged that duty, and asK leave to re
port, that: in pursuance ot instructions
from the colored citizens as aloresald. your
committee, at the earliest practicable
period, delivered into the hands of Dr.
Loving the memorial, with the request that
be would be sufficiently kind to lay it oe-
I fore the Board at the first meeting there-
I after. Tne Doctor avowed sympathy
for our cause, and pledged his
word to bring the ' memorial betore
the Board at once, and do all he could as
a member f the Board, to iuduce lavor
able action thereon. . Having- resolved to
n port to the citizens to-night, your committee-
called-on Dr. Loving to-day to see
what progress be bad made. Jtie reported
substantially as follows: 1st. He had laid
the memorial before the Board as be agreed
to do. 2J. The Board conceded the Just
ness of our demand, and, although they
took no official action thereou, still they
determined to build us two new school
houses as soon as they could git the money
with which to do so. 3 J. That tor ten
years the School Board seemed to forget
the increase ot our population, and built
no school houses; the result was a lack of
school room lor white as tor colored chil
dren. The school law allowed a levy of
only four mills, and with the sum
accruing therefrom they had not been
able to do more than they had done:
but that he felt that onr school bouses
would be built the ensuing summer; the
one in the north and the other in the south
end of the city. 4th. He would revive the
matter before the Board to-morrow even
ing, and was confident that they would
take the most favorable and speedy action
in the case, consistent with their ability to
meet the expenses thereof. In conclusion,
your committee are - more impressed than
eper with the pre-eminent importance of
the object of that memorial. They think
that, whatever the differences of opinion
the colored people of Columbus on other
matters, on this they ought to be a unit;
and that whatever the cost or trouble of
for their children the faithful ex
ecution and administration or the common
school law of Ohio, it should be cheerfully
borne. .This law contemplates as much, in
inv regard, for colored as lor white chll-
lren : aud where colored children are
liscrimiuated against, it is because ol
the ignorance -or, knavery . of those
appointed to execlite and administer it
So wise, and so beneficent are its provis
' ions, and so entirely is it accomplishing lor
'white-children the ends jroposed," that
tearly-all private enterprises 'lorthe edu-
iatlnn urhlro vlnrh ira Holnar rnnldlv
closed, and the education formerly obtained
it a distance from home, and at great cost,
is now furnished them in their own neigh-
VT t LV"'Z ''aZ
If our committee fear that they have already
xtended the report too far, but taking
into account the overshadowing import
. mce of the subject, they see not that they
-ould have said less. Whether you will
ibide patiently the action of the School
Board, or look tor redress in what may ap
"hear to yonrfsnporlor judgment a speedier
md more effectual way, is referred, as we
hink, very properly,to the determination
f your own wisdom.
Very respectfully, your Com.
After the reading and acceptance of the
eport, on motion of Mr. D. Jenkins, a
committee ot three was appointed to pre-
Hrea petition to be presented totheOuio
Legislature now- assembled, praying that
the special enactment in behalf of the col
, ired people of Cincinnati be so amended
is to luclude the colored people of Colum
, bus in its provisions. ,D. Jenkins, J. Booker
nd James Poindexter were appointed that
Good feeling and unanimity character
1 ized the entire proceedings. Truly, the
:ondition ot the colored schools of this
city is a subject worthy ot consideration.
. The Overland Monthi t. This excel-
lent magazine, published in San Francisco,
California, by A. Boman & Co., bas reached
Kaseoond volume. It is Impossible to prop-
:rly set lorth its merits in the limits of a
lewspaper article. It must be read to be
appreciated. Suffice It to say that it is one
ot the very best on our exchange list. The
cable of contents in the February number
is a perfect spread ot fat things. There we
dnd A Talk about Letters ; On Foot in
Southern California Stephen Powers;
Journal ism as a Profession Geo. F. Par
dons; Something about the Bible Sextus
Shearer, jr.; A Legend of Siberia M. J.
Kelly ; A legend of the Madonna C. W.
Stoddard ; The Outcasts of Poker Flat
F. B. Harte ; How we ran the Blockade
Louisa M. Palmor ; Under the Christmas
Snow Ina Coolhrith ; Our Brother from
California Noah Brooks ; The Unconse
f -rated Painting T. H Rearden ; The Story
jf a Survivor J. C. Cremony ; The Old
And the New B. P.Avery; Hu Hirwan's
Ghost Sami Williams; Buried Alive In the
;iSea J. Percival; Bcllerophon, Eto. Ed
itor; Current Literature Editor; . .. ..
Talking Clubs. Talking clubs are one
of the latest city fashious.and thus far provt
very attractive. ' They meet once a wek.
nd some member talks fifteen minuter
upon a subject which has been previously
assigned to liitn. -Alter he has concluded.
each, member ot the club may occupy flvr
minutes, either In questioning the speaker.
who Is supposed to be at home on the sub
ject, or 'in communicating his own views.
Perhaps idinn persons may In this way
find utterance In the course of the evening,
and a great variety of thought will In-
brought out. It Is a delightful method ol
spending a winter's evening, and we sug
gest that some of our readers attem.pt it.
They will find themselves well repaid for
tbeic effort. The talking club Is meant to
combine the benefits of the debating so
ciety and the lecture, without the deft-cts
of either system, and can be established In
any village which contains half a dozen
intelligent young men. , " '
Unitersalist Social. The congrega
tion of the Universalis Church will hold
a socia reunion in the lecture room ol the
church this evening. This Is the first re
union since the church- .was destroyed by
fire. The friends otthsociety are Invited
to be present. If we may ta.'te the previous
sociables of this society as a specimen, thi
will be a very pleasant and agreeable one.
The young ladles connected with the con
gregmlon do get up these little matters in
flue style.
Charitt Lhcture. A lecture, for the
benefit ol the Mary arid Martha Society of
the St Patrick's congregation of this city
will -be- delivered on Sunday evening next,
at St. Patrick's Church, by Bev. A. M
fbbee.l' Father Tobee is one of the most
eloquent and interesting lecturers who ever
addressed a Columbus audience. The great
worth ot the lecturer and the claims
the cause for which be speaks should fili
the church.- We trust It will. '
Stolb a Stovb. Some rascal, in the
hardware line evidently, stole a laree
cooklba stave irom tbe sidewalk la front
ol Mr. Fassig's feed store, on nigh street,
opposite the Hljth Street House Mr. Fas
sis requests us to Inform tbe thief that be
will be obliged to him If he will return
and take away the pipe. J Fassig bas no
further use lor It. '
How to Make "Hard Times." A good
way to makd'Mhard times" Is to refuse to
pay all bills, although yon have the mpey
la ybujr pocket-pnBh men to pay jy pJt ho.
haven't the money if a man don't meet his
obligations just at tl)e time they becom
due, report that he Js; about to "bust" cut
down the wages of your hands before it is 1
necessary keep , back all lrom market
until the prices get up to"starvatlon rates"
use money - in -speculations that "you
should pay your creditors with" forget
that unnecessary "retrenchments" Increase
hard times instead of bettering them car-.
ry a long face and talk long and mournful
ly ot evils to come do these and other acts
like them, and "hard times" will surely -
come, however little need there may be for
them. -' , ;
$10 Reward will be given by the un
dersigned to any one who will Inform him
where Mr. E. W .Bargdlll can be found.
. . - A. CARLISLE,
jan27-d3t No. 110 East Rich St.
Stop your hair from falling out by using
Hall's vegetable Sicilian Hair Renewer, a
sftre prevention. '' jy25-w&dsly-cw i
Jewelry made aud repaired by C. E.'
Smith, 27 S. High street, over Bain's store
nov6d3m '..
The mortgagees of the Olentangy
Park Association are requested to call at
my office and receivs balance due them in
janU-tf Richard Neviks, Vice Pres't. ;
Panic-Struck Bbautt. It is a terrible
shock to a charming woman indeed, to any
woman to find that her teeth are "begin
ning to go." Never will any human being
who uses the fragrant Sozodont, make that
discovery. '"-
Spalding's Glue," no well regulated
family will be without it.
VNY.dec21-eod6m-cw '
Hollowat's Ointment. Unlike the dan-,
gerous onguents that temporarily arrest
pain by a deadening, paralyzing process,
this pure and wholesome vegetable salve
promotes vital action In the sore, ulcerated
or brui8d flesh to which it is applied, and
by this means enables nature to counteract
diseased action in the part affected, and to -
restore its soundness. This is the philoso
phy of its operation. It is simple, rational,
and experience, which is better than the- .
ory, proves that it is true, bom Dy ail .
druggists. jy9-dly-cw
A Cold neglected, frequently lays the
foundation of uncurable Consumption. :
No person should suffer one to continue.
True, they will "wear out," but they often I
wear the patient out. The best cura is
Humphreys' Homoeopathic ' Cough and
Fever Pills. Taken alternately, they al- :
lay the fever, irritation, and cough, heal
up the lungs, and cure the disease. Price, .
6 boxes for $1 25. Sold . by dealers, .
and sent by mail on receipt ot the
price. ' Address, Humphreys' Specific
Hosicsopathic Medicine Co., 56 3-Broad
way, N. Y. Iyl3-ddUly-cw
For Sale. One Family Carriage, built
by Watson, of Philadelphia. One Dog
Cart, built by Brewster & Con ot New
York ; nearly new. One very light no top
Buggy weight, 136 pounds; nearly new.
One Jagger Wagon, with top, built by :
Brewster & Co., New York. One Portlay
Sleigh, very light, and almost new. One t
set fine Coach Harness, made by ; Lacey SB
Phillips, of Philadelphia. . Also, one Track
Sulky; Skeleton Wagon, light; single and
double Harness ; bells, &c. As I intend
changing my residence April 1st, the abov -
will be sold low. Richard Nevins.
jan23-dtf - ,
Nervous Debility, with its gloomy at
tendants, low spirits, depression, involun
tary emissions, loss of semen, spermator
rhoea, loss of power, dizzy head, loss of
memory 1 and threatened impotence and
imbecility, find a sovereign cure in Hum- .
ph revs' Homeopathic Specific No. Twenty-Eight.
Composed of the most valuable,
mild and potent Curatives, they strike a
once at the root of the matter, tone up the
system, arrest the discharges, and impart
vigor and energy, life and vitality to the
entire tuan.'- They have enred thousands
of cases. Price $5 per package of six box
es and vial, which is very important in ob
stinate or old cases, or $1 per single box.
Sold by all Druggists, and sent by mail on
receipt of price. Address Humphreys'
Specific Homeopathic Medicine Cc. 562
Broadway, New York. 1yl3-deod&wly .
Half way up Lookout Mountain, the
place where memory is stirred by a thou
sand thrilling associations, and where the
brave boys of both armies met and fought
hand to hand, where the blood of both
friend and foe was mingled together and
ran down the mountain-side in rivulets, is
a smooth-faced rock, upon which a poor,
wounded soldier Inscribed the following :
"S.T. 1860-X. Early in the battle I
was wounded, and carried to this spot by
two clever 'Yanks.', They bade me fare
well, and as they supposed, to die, for I
was so weak from loss of blood that I
could : but faintly . thank them for their
kindness. They left in my canteen a part
bottle of Plantation Bitters, to which I
owe my life, for it strengthened me and
kept life within me until help came and
my wound was dressed. God bless them
for their kindness and for the Plantation
BiTTtKS. Henry Dataoel,
, Company B, 10th Georgia.
Magnolia Water. Superior to the best
imported German Cologne, and sold at
half the price.
SUPREME COURT OF OHIO. [Official Report-Supervised by the Supreme
Court Reporter.]
TUESDAY, Jan. 26, 1869.
Hon. Luther Day, Chief Justice: Hon.
William White, Hon. Jacob Bdokerlioff,
Hon. Joslah Scott and Hon. John Welch,
Judges. L. J. Crltchfleld, E q, Reporter.
No. 25. Mary FUzpatrick v. The State
of Ohio. Error to the Court of Common
Pleas of Champaign county. Judgment
reversed for the reason that the record does
not show that the indictment was Indorsed
"A true bill" by the foreman of the Grand
Jury. Tbe case not having been argued on
benall oi tne atace, unaer me ruie no iur
tfier report of the case will be made.
No 35. Geortre Williams v. Wood and
Volize. Leave to file petition in error re-
No. S
1. John Allen . John If. Allen's
Leaveto file petition in error re-
No. 38. Daniel W. Sheely and wife v.
Ellen Miller et al. Leave granted to docket
reserved case.
No. 39. David Gibson v. the Columbia
& New Richmond Turnpike & Bridge Com
pany. Leave to file petition la error re
fused. v
No. 40. Tbe Pittsburgh, Ft. Wayne &
Chii-apo K. R. Company v. Daniel Aleth
ven. . Leave granted to file petition in er
ror. No. 41. Thomas E. Berry et al. r. Find
lay F. Towler et al. Leave granted to
docket reserved case.
No. 42. Philip Welker,v. Emory D. Potter
et al. Leave to file petition in error re
fused. No. 47. Orlando C. Farquhar and Wm.
Pk Yaa Allen v. the State ot Ohio. Writ
of error granted.
No. 69. Alexander P. Anderson v.'the
State ot Ohio. Leave granted to docket
reserved ease.
No. II. John Jarvls v. the State of Ohio.
Writ ol error granted.
Adjourned until Thursday next, 10
1 ' 1 ' . " ' ' ' aw
WW-WW -W '
fc'Tf ' . If! - : III " I ' m 11' ' i ;"' i
mM: -m m mwmimiMi -
ifaJlafR, ,f , " GBS
vWfflS OHE ADLE CO. plj
' j j
33LX1 GINSJ .::;,:,;:'; V.V, ;J V-,C
BARGAINS ' ' :'" :
bargains 'rrrTTT'-
' 1
25 O AN D 2 S 2
- ' - v -4-;" -: . t
Soutn Hlgla. Street.
We will sell our entire stock of M ;:- - - . - ' ,'" ;
On and after Monday, Jan. 11, 1S69, for forty say?, in order to make room for
. v. r: . . - u Spring Stock. - . ; . ... -. .. .? ... . - i.
... ,
; A.
AT -
J ""I . : 1 1 i . - "1
J-iAUIEH. ovrt-ry bur, whj
- -igl-onld there bea-HUE and CRT t -S'T-
CKISTAUORO'S DYE. yon know. -:
Will a 3 LACK BROWN beatow. ,"' 7
Dae, then, this nneqalled Dje.
Have the HUE without the CRT.
Cristadoro's Hair Prtservative.
CrUtmdore guarantees that bia Hair PreeerratiTet
aball aneeeed where eyery other preparation has
ailed In keeping o'ean the hir, thiekening it,
floaainc, preaerTing its eolor. ir.o!ininit toeurl,
aod reetorinf it to that health and rigor which are
the elements of its beauty. '
: Sold by Drnggiats, aod applied by all Hair Vitnt
en. Manufactory No. 88 Maiden Lane. Principal
Depot No S Aator House, - -
To Owners of Horses and Cattle.
Tobias' Derby Condition Powders are warranted
superior to any othera. or no pay, for tbe care of
Disten.per, Worms, Bote, Uouths. Hide-bound-Cold?.
A o.. in Horses, and Colda, Cousha. Loaa of
Milk. Blaok Tongue, Hone Disteniper, 4o., in Cat
tle. Tbey are perfectly safe and innocent: no need of
topping the working of your animimai. Theyin
orease the appetite, give a fine coat, eleanse the
itomach and urinary organs; also increase the
milk of eowa. Try them, and you will never be
without them. --
Col. Philip P. Bosh, of the Jerome Race Course,
Fordham, ft. Y., would not nse them nntil lie was
told of what they are oo'mposed, since which he ia
never without them. He bas over SO running
horses in his charge, and for the last three years
has used no other medicine for them. He baa kind
ly permitted me to refer any one to bim. Over
1,000 other references o n be aeen at the depct.
Sold by Druggista and Saddlers. Prioe SSoenta
per box. Depot. 10 Park Place New York.
PROVIDENCE, R. I., having the largest manu
factory of Solid Silver Ware in the world, with
the moat mproved machinery, and employing tbe
moat ikilled labor, are enabled to ofier an un
equalled variety of new and beautiful deaigni in
Dinner Services. Tea Her rices, and every article
speolally adapted for Holiday and Bridal Gifts.
They oner also tbeir well-known and unrivalled
Nickel Silver Eleotro-Plated Ware, in which they
have introduced new patterns of rare elegance.
The Solid Silver ia guaranteed to be of aterling
purity by U. S. Mint aaaay. The Electro-Plate ia
guaranteed to be superior to the nneat nnemeld
ware. Orders received from the Trade only, but
thaae anode may be obtained from responsible
dealers every here.
Salesroom No. 3 Maiden Lane, X. Y.
nov5-d&wim-Fe NT
The Plaster of the "Time,"
In Lumbago tbey ac like a charm. In a few
hours a violent cough is relieved Dy a rianer ap
plied to the chest. Many persona believe a cold
cannot be taken while a plaster is worn there; this
weeTo know, they greatly aBist in the euro of
neglected oold, so olten the introducer of Consump
tion. . . : ...i
Care of sLeioa of tne I.lrer.
A gentleman, after a severe sickness, had lesion
of the liver. Every quiok movement or audden jar
gave him severe pain, often laying bim up ior days.
Hence he was unable to follow anyocoupation with
regularity. .t ;
In this condition he applied over the part affect
first it seemed to irritate, so it was taken off. But
the marked improvement he experienced afterward
gave bim courage to try again, and he therefore ap
plied another plaeter. In a few daya aomething
gave way 'alipped." to use tne gentle ea s own
nnli. Th.r was aomeaoreneaa for a lew daya af
ter, then hiab alth wai perfectly restored. Upon
being sounded by bis phjeiciaa the adhesion or
lesion was found to be gone.
Principal Agency,. BaASPKSTK Heusa. New
Tork. Sold by all droggia.a.
W II O L ES A 15 ' 1
To No. 64 V(G6 Kortla HIsrb Street j
;-vr COL.I7JBBrS, OHIO.' .
Andrews, Perry & Co.,
Also, every artiole eonnected with the Paper
bosiness, inoluding Writing, Printing and Wrap
ping Papers, Envelopes, Printers' Cards. Book,
News, Colored Inks. Ac. janlS-dlwi
' - 187 North High Street.
HAT. WEAVER......... ...Secretary.
jan?3-d3m .
Sheriff's Sale.
Wm. Taylor)
Jacob I -os. )
Court of Common Pleat of '
Delawa.-e county,
,.','. . Ohio.
above stated ease from said court to me di
rected. I will offer for sale at publie auction, at the
Court House, in tbe city of Columbus, on ,
Wednesday, the 3d day ot February, A. D,
at 10 o'clock A. M . the following goods andobatteli
or so much thereof as will satisfy said execution.
Three barrels whiskv. S barrels sore-urn molaasee;
1 barrel lard, one half barrel Catawba wine, 1 bar
rel port wine, l barrel enerry wine, a Darrei Diaoa
berry, I barrel coal oil. . i
rrintera leea . t
. . E. GAYER. Cornner.
acting as Sheriff.
jan23-dtd ,
The ereatt Medicine for tbe Skin, tore,
wtthctwt falL. every klaol er ata-
alsattly-. enaptleai t tbe taee,
r itrhtna. lrrltatlwc er
dlatreaaina; entauaeoew
etiaemse oat auay paurS
of ahe peraeau
"78 koa amrV rtlinrd m oOvil martifylnt cntp
Hon, aud I am now looking anil like a hm,' writea
Charlea G. Nohlr. Genural Agent of alieh. Central
B. B., 173 Broadway. N. Y.
Wo Ami it an itufahutblt TomfAy for Tetter, oH..10
write Higler Bro.., Draggista, rairScld, Iowa.
-' f fear tried yotr wahtnblo remedy for Berber I
lick with great tHcceee," writea C. W. Sumoat, oi
Leominstur, Hiu.
Send for circular Price, 75 eta. and S1.00.
Prepared only by SOLON PALMER,
, 36 West fourth Street, Cincinnati, O.
For aale by Sruggtita generally. '
The use of ' . ,
Will restore it to its natural eolor and promote its
growth.- - ' "' ' '-j -.
R. P. H ALL CO.. Nashua, N. H.. Proprietora.
For aale by all Druagists.
"julySS dlUwAwly-cm -
Turnpike Notice.
stock o' the Lancaster. Llthopolts A Grove-'
port Turnpike Company are hereby notified that
there will be a meeting of the rt.'o-knolriers of said
Companv on SATU KDAY. FKBRU ARVSth. 18.
at tbe office of John Morebart. Esq.. Lithopolia.
Fairfield county, Ohio at 10 o'clock A. M. ot said
day, for the purpose of electing seven Directors of
said Turnpike md for the ensuing year.
Januarys.!. g Q hesdren; b.
- - ' ' Vreisident of said Turnpike Company t
Cincinnati Money Market—Jan. 26.
-j. GOLD--136 bnying. -.
EXCHANGE Firm at par buylns;, Md
New York Money Market—Jan. 26.
Qalet and easy ; early In
IT at Rfft7 Twr ftanr. 'nti ull. hnt lofa tUm
eaand.was quite sharp -at the higher
nlrwprl al. 13filrtani
1558,000. n u estimated that a further
considerable-amount -will soon go forward.
One banker alone purchased three millions
this afternoon. It . is . understood, for the
atoek pool, and the short Interest was
largely increased, tbe sbert sales ot to-day
being -estimated at from five to eight mil
lions, j Lnaai iwtn audrai .nu aaat.
foreurr ncy-"' -
"i cioeea sieaay at loaj..
UOJLD Firmpr? nnerLrl or. ISKl ha'.
burrffanfc a. A -.1 .. 1 . inn?- i
MHWM XOUgr auu
New York Stock Market—Jan. 26.
' ' GOVERNMENT STOttKS-atronK.wIth
a ftood demand, especially lor small bonds
and reKletereastqcks; , tyxu
the feature, snd advanced,
pons ot '81 U2ail2i: do
do.-64i09lt)8; do '65 110l!(5o
new luejjianuM-uo t I0e?(a3ioa; uo'bS
108Ji109; 10 4t)'i 109Mlti: rejiitefMl
628l08Ji109j--;--- -
RAILWAY jHARES -Shares opened
at aboutthe cfo'slrto; irotrftloti Of fast eve
ning, and adranced until after the first
regular board, .'.when . prices- baited., .and
subsequently .declined... flariern hasuad
Tanced six percent since yesterday Hu- .
mors ire In circulatiorithaC this Ctfmbahy
contemplate selling their city real&ate.
There Is little donbt that some Urn in the
future Inrge dividends will be rnadev-0a .
tbese.- The stock, however. Is likely to
fullow-the exatapieoi' ths UfciaU-aiiBHiatag
and falling many times before the dividend
is declared." .This afternoon the general
market was feverish and Wisettled Orfthe
passage ot the Railroad bill In the'tlllnola
tlouse, and increased activity in money.
Tbere were free sarew of stock, especially -Nortfiwestern.
and- other., railway, shares,
and many -weak holders' were "shaken out.
The short interest has been Increased quite
materially to-day. '1 he market closed wltu
a recovery Jrom the lowest figiirea, but un
settled. 6:30 prlcep. Weir?- Express 2728;
American 42s Adams 561307: United states
505I; Merchants' -Union. . 17(8(317;
i nuuu iunil X4U?4 Wlfi... If cave i wiuu
Teloirraph 86?atiK; New York Central
164164; Krie3838)sl Hudson 133(3
135a;Uarlew 140140t Reading 9$Vii
aerre . Mauie . .4(S4Za;- . ivaDasu . wlii
64K: StPaul 7414(375; t'Ort Wavrw 133
123; Ohio & JMississlppI' - 3737;
Michigan Central- lIS120yatieiitan.
Southern 9S84; Illinois Central 138;
ttttsburgb 4&H' Toledo f06"H
Kork -Island 133a133ii Nortuwestwu
'.'. '- v
New York Market—Jan. 26.
COTTON Firm but auict : SSWo lor iald-
dllng uplands.-- ' st
., FLOUR Closed doll lor low griules, itid
a Biiade eTer for medium and good grades.
w u a a v uiet ana ratber wore eteady
for spring, wicu a moderate ex port Inquiry,
apd dull and very heavy tor. winter. .''
Kl i. Uull at SI 4u;i ao lot wtstero.
OATS Firm at 75Hld; 750 in store, and
77o sfl at. t1
.tCOJUN Dull at 93 95 3 for new. -mtxed
western, and $1 05l 08 for. old -.mixed '
western fn tor and uelivered.
POBKuQulet and very firmf3r-Mr
new mess.
JiEEP Stpsdy and. In" mbqerate dediand.
BACON Qult aiid flrnf.- n,J
CUT MEATS-In. "falr-Teqviest at full
prices.1 -' - i,
LABD Very firm: sales- of 250 tierces
prime stesm, buyer Mereb SI Tfl W
Cincinnati Market—Jan. 26.
, FLOUR AND GRAIN Unchanged.,
' COTTON Dull at 23'j fofTniddling;-
WHISKY Dull -and prfees ' lower Aid
nominal ; 86" offered; -07u asked, i -'
FKOVISIONS Strong and prices tenO-
ing nr)wards.;:: i .'whj
PORK Mess sold at 30 EO, bntdifncvnt
tobuv at less than 931; country sold at 930.
BULK MEATS Higher; large sale at
13c; tor shouderrf 16o : for ' clear Mb -rides
ana vie ior ciear. - .y
BACON Firmer and In demand at 14
17c and 18c for shoulders, clear rib and
clear. ' ' " '. ' - l f ; ' aifi - jO
HAMS Sales t 18K19o.' V".H
LARD In demand, bnt the flrtrrnesi of
holders checked busines;; prime stnatn oM
at l9fti9M- country-at istes Ky at K9i
19Js"; ttie latter ould tiot hkVe' faeeu
oougnt' oeiow 2ua et tne cioee,- ana sot
much offered fit this rate ' "-'J :
BUTTER Unchanged and quier. i. ' ;i
CHEESE Active and firm a 1923eyl
EGGS Firmer, owing to the cold weath
er, and bring 2223c;- ; I ' -v
OIL Linseed qniet and firm fct VI 0704
1 08; lard oil at 91 611 W. " ? - t-
FKTKOL.EUM Advanced- wS5WoTfl(.I
SEED Clover dull at MktmSKc; flax
3f153 25. . ., , - 2'2'
Toledo Market—Jan. 26.
FLOUR Q'Het and steady : 910 00 for
XXX white; 98 60 for XXX amber, 97 SO
tor Fpring extras. - i -1 : '- ' ott
WHEAT Stead v: amber 91-69U! 70
on spot; No 1 white Michigan- 91 KJ; Nd3
sprinsr 91 10; market closing less strongs
- CORN Active and nominal at 6565Ji
on spot; 66G6e seller, oc February;
closing at inside prtct MlehlgafMuldi 70c;
rpjected, new, oi(SOigf;'new' wnits twe;
OATS Steady; closing at 57c for Mlcbi-
gan; 57" tor Nol. " ".:- A r-' i-rov
RYE More active;: Michigan 91-27
1 88; i : :v ; h -; .,rtr
BARLEY In good demand at 91 70 for
No 1 state. ;... 'r-t 4i s 1 ALL
SEED Clover advanced 25c; sales of 412
bushels at 99 25. n. ;i i it vt
HOGS Dressed quiet and stead: at ,
918 Vi.-- - '.' '- .t-'i!ijl
i i " i a ... . . e9A ....... . ,
IT J n. Ji (EMS urui ei, ftwt- i ' i
LARD Firm itVOe; ' - i Ws W-
em ' ' r."I
St. Louis Market—Jan. 26.
,6 00 lor super.-1 -J'-" - tAii
WHEAT Little more nqulry, i bit
prices unchanged at 91 501 90 for prime
to faney; no fall. - i' tt ... -.
uokm uncnangea ut7U97ae ior wnita.
OATS Unchanged at 6063cl i- !i
RYE Steadv at 91 25t 27- i -l' !
BARLEY Unchanged at91 80&1 JO for
spring.- ' :. . -i
w H1SK.I uncnangea ac voc j 1
PROVIIONS-:Excited and higher. c
PORK 931 0031 50. -. ! i -BULK
MEATS Sold at 3Ue advance
over yesterday's prices, mainly ior luture
delivery. : '- ''-'' ; 1 -
BAUUiN very ittue doing; soowaers
yiiyir, clear sides 18o.' -0
. LaRD Better at 20c for tierce, and held
higher. -- -- & r . i - tatriq
Cleveland Market—Jan 26.
FLOUR Quiet and demand lights Oty
made XXX white at 911 11 25; XX am
ber 99 509 75; XX red winter 85
8 60: XX spring 97 758 00; country nea
at 97 b08 for XX red and amber; 97 00
7 50 for XX spring; 99 25 10 00 for XX
white.'-" ' i .
WHEAT sales f Orro car -No. I rod
winter at 91 70; No 8 do held at 91 59. i a
CORN Sales of-two cars at 70oi !- f
" OATS Nominal and beld at 60o.
Ri"E Hlrd at 91 30. " '
PETROLEUM Market quiet -but Arm
and prices unchanged; refined held at SI
Sic in large lots.
Chicago Market—Jan. 26.
FT.OUR Quiet; spring extras' 95. 00(3
6.60. i - ! i " -OH.. ;.. It
wheat iw, i easier; sales of No. 1 at
91 18X1 21rNo.8opened Brut and advanc-
ed to 91 15(Al.l6t -subsequently 'beeame
easier aod clotted weak at 91 la; .sales since
ennnse at i 14?,. ..-. oa
wjrtiN n airiy aeuve at cse nigner;
sales of new at 6465X.j .i Kx'Ot.
OA 1 S In moderate - request;' sales ' bf
No. 8 at 48J4Sc; reject ed 436-16:;
eloslntrat48)(s48 for Ne.3.;
RYE Firmer at alo higher; salesof '
No. 1 at 91 16K1 15 No. 8 at 91 15. I
: BARLEY! Tamo, at llc, lower;
sales at 91 791 81 for No. 2; closing quiet
at 91 78K. ' ' 1 ' "
. i .i I 1 in r4 :.:v,i
Buffalo Market—Jan. 26.
Market dull. 1 ! T-
- FLOUR-97 007 25 for No. M-cT
gruuiHl spring. r '- " ' ,4 ?: -..
WHEAT-91 35 bid, and 91 40 asked for
No. 2spring.v'' jk .!u- m- -! a,w&n
CORN Sales of ten ears of new on track
at 75. ' - :i .-.4 -, t .4 1
- OATS Csc. ..,-j. .v r
mRYE $1 35. ii 1 uf. C ..- t , t
FLOUR-98 058 10. ; a r" u-ii.s
PORK Upchaiiaed. . t :
New York Dry Goods Market—Jan. 26.
Market remains iuactive yet Acta for si-
staple cottons.

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