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Thursday nomniiia, .
tSTEallarial Flret Page.
WEDNESDAY, January 27, 1869.
Th 'PRESIDENT called the Senate to
.wdera tea o'clock."
L.irw-jiW rrtmONB PBUKNTKD. ' .;
MriTORKKNCE-Petltion of Jnd
Ox Had 18 Other judge and lawyera of
Hamilton county, on tne auuject oi suort
hand, court reporters, and for an amend-
! . . I Lrll .1. bhMaa nnar K tnM
Diem oi me ui'i on m uujc. "X .7 .
the Senate.' Befcrre to the- Judiciary
joasafttee. - - i.". i-n i ' -f.fr'
By M p.. WINNER Beniontrance of q
Bpice and 93 other c-ltlaen of Darke county,
azalnst the passage of H. B. No. 473, To
- establtab the Superior Cunrt ot Darke
county, Beterre4 to the judiciary com,-
P'MV"BEXPetittW of Gen li V.
Bleree and 90 other citizen of 'Akron, for
a law to wrevaat the destruction et tub in
the small lake and pond of the State
Referred to Mr. Rex. ,. . , ....,- .
"By Mr. LINN Petition of the director
' of the Zanesvllle Gas Light Company, fot
authority w Increase weir capital stoca
By Mr. MAY Petition of K Stewart
and 68 other cltlaens of Huron 'and Rlch
Hntf aoantle. tor a law eotnpellinr mllW
Jala owner to construct their darna to that
iia ea go up atrean without cumcuity
BJt?rred to fir. May, m) ..,. ,.;,,.,.
. . SECOND KBMDIHQt. ........
.'.The following bill .were severally read
tr.e aecond Upie, ana, appropriately re-
ir U. BJ No. 417 r B. B.1 No.'t 190, 293, 995,
,,..1 ,,.,.. BIUJ IMTROPUOID. 1 .
i ' 8, B, Jfo. 804. by Mr. BERRY To author-
tf aha uMml. Iah . a"1- wvfnr-vt Aniiiir
to make an additional levy upon the tax.
tie property of Mid county to complete
their county iaflmiary.i - ..,-..,(
r tJ-U, No. 80S, by Mr. DANGLER For
the internal management or rauroaa.
The leading object of thla bill are to pro
arainat fraud in the election ot rre
Ident, Yle President and directors of rail
road for apeculatlre purpoaea. It pro
Idta that to be eligible for President. Vice
President and Director of aueh railroad.
im Bust have beea a resident for one
fear af.the state oi Ohio, and ol jome ont
of the coontli'i In which luoh railroad
company U located. It also provide that
all dividend ot auch companies hll be
Miarea an) mad payable id oaan only,
ad that ao dividend ahall be declared c
ept lor actual net earning. ,
& B. No. 806, by Mr. YEOMAN-To
fttoend aeetlons M and 80 ot the act to pro
jrtda lor lb creation and rf gulatlon of In
orporaU'd cowpanlea, patd May lt18ol
The bill authorlaea entering upon nrem
Ism' eontlatona to lines ot turnplkea or
klaai:" voMa. aoL the taking of material
ot their regain and the ereoilng of toll
gate and the eolleotlon oi tolls when three
oaaecutivo mile are unianed. ' '
."" " 0DKH TO A THIRD MABIKO. ' 1 ,
""Mr. EVERETT, slect conitnlttee.
ported Uck Ss B. No. S91 To amend see
elan M of the act of tha jurUdiotlon. and
procedure before J uatlcvs of the peace, and
ol the dutle of conmablc In elvtl courts.
"paed March 14, 18C3, and recommended
lea paaaage. Ordered to be read tha third
tlanatawBorraw. ?.v .,. iU. n n .ii
ci-w .n t nrt rax cbnt. ixtbist. r.
w Tha PRESIDENT laid beior the Sen
ate a communication from the Chamber of
Commerce 01 Cincinnati, In lavor of a ten
per eent. intmit law. Eelerred to the
Ftnaoos oommlttea. : . r.i ..
o0b caot.trnoit Knrkaacn.1'
"'tlX. R,'Nd.i03---ror'aiarTey'of acr-
taua laeotlon ot tha : Miami rfrer,"was
nao and referred -o ue eomjnittea on
Public Work and Public Land. .
On moUon of Mr., GOLDEN, the Senate
'' The PRESIDENT eall-4 the Senate to
4rder at Uiree o'clock -fM.s.-jji i i
l j ,a-jA ranra6aa raxaawTM. t& i'.:
-"By 11 1. KBANEB Fettttoa of J.B.Mo
-Xtaaon mod 419 other cltlaena of Logan
county lof protUlon for clearing the All
ami river of drill and other obstructions.
S?eferref 1 to J the committea on Public
Workai--v '- t '
-rfiy. Uk JCENNEY PeUtton of J. H.
German. W.,W. Phillips and 130 other cit
'izens of Montgomery county lor a law to
'prohibit seining in all Inland streams Whb
ieeitisaf snore than eight yard Ir length,
and to prohibit thetaking or killing of fish
ly any ueana n batever between the 16th
March and 20th of June the penalty
tot a violation to be fine ami imprisonment.
Beierred to Mr. Kenney.. I
.THt'w eiOT aia kaiMBtM f.:'-.-4'
.-.iOa moUoaf Mr, BERRY, a call of the
JSeaata waa ordered, and the lollo wing Sear
aora anawered to their name:
Metar. Berry; Rlggs, Barrows, Camleir,
Carter, Dangler, Diekey.-'Dowdney,' Em
mltt, Evans, Everenr Godfrey, Golden,
Btttclieson,''-1 Jamison,- Ken ney, r Kessler,
KiDs. Kjaner. Lawrence. X.lnn. Ma'v. On-
eteMloDkfotta,' ecrlbnart 4aumoa Sed
aaan, Torrence, Winner, Wood worth, Teo-
BaaSUI 301 U ii ' f .y-vt'-:vi 1 i y...- i k ii:
v-JAeaar. BROOKS and GBISWDLD war)
trained Indefinite leave of absence. ? .
'Mesara.' KE3FER and BEX "were The
ajBexeoBed absentees.'' j"-! -i o "'"
Ur.PET haiilns ihmimI wlfkln h
par, . further proceedinga ,under the call
, ...r HonTaai SOI. . ;
, 8- B. 203, .by Mr. BERBY-To
amend sectons 1, 3 and 9 of the act to el
mpt the homestead of families tyorn forced
aaUt; oa .eentloa to pay deata, passed
March 23, 1850, was,' to
Ob motloa ot .Mr. BERRY, taken from
Che table; and Teferred to Mr. Berry as a
elect conamittfee,"wUh instructions to make
ertalaamendments.'i'-.'; ,.r v i
Mr. BERRY reported the bill back
amended aa instructedU. It was then passed
Ay aba following vote: j. ;.. . ..
. Mer&, Berry, Borrows, Camp
tell. Carter, Dangler, Dickey, Dowdney,
itmrnltt, Evans, Everett, Godfrey, Golden,
flutcheson,; 'Jamison, , JCenney, Kessler,
ingi t Kraaer, . Lion, . 31 ay, Onderdenk.
Potts, ' Rex. Scrlbner, . Simmons, . Winner,
VToodworth 27. ' '"
'"Nats MeaBrs. ! Biggs," Lawrence, Sted
Bisa; Torrence, Yeoman 5 . i ,
,jXba general provisiona of thla bill are:
' J n That It exempts a homestead of $1,000
In value, instead of 1600 as by the present
ytw,i tit; o ?.:-. ft;- .
r. S. Is ease the head f .a family Is not the
owner of a homestead,, it ! ore ages the
amount ot. bis personal property exempt
ad to SS0O, in addition to the apecifle artl
eles or personal property now by law ex-
SBiptsd.-MriV .., JTf i .
... a. in case of sale of real property, Inclu
ding a homestead not susceptible ol divis
ion, and where the value ot the propertv
s-xceeda 1 1,000.' the owner U reserved an
annual rent of 9100, instead. 0140 as by
the existing la w ' .
l...Wksn a homestasd shall -ba ch&rgrpd
with lien, some of which preclude the
allowance of a-homestead, and other do
ot preclude aucb allowance, on a sale ol
tha homestead, after the . payment ot the
liena oredudlng sucb allowance, the bal
ance, not exceeding 1800, shall be awarded
to the head of the family or the wife, as
The House amendment to S. B. No. 2S6
TO change the time fixed for holding the
court ot common pie for the year 1869,
in the county of Wayne, was concurred in
by tne senate, i ; , ,i ,
- Mr. HDTCHESON, On behalf of tha id.
elal aommittea appointed to draft resolu
tion rxpreulvo or tne sentiments of the
Senate in reference to the death ot Hon.
1J. W. Stambaugh, late a member ot the
Henate. submitted the following: - i-',-
1, Wauqeas, The Sonata is deeply pained
to learn of tha death ol tha Hon. ).. W.
Stambaugh. lata a member of thla bod?:
therefore, -, , .
Besohied, xhat wa nereby express our
proteuaa grtei at this recent visitation ol
the bead, or. Dtriae Previdence Opon tble
body .for tha fulfillment oi a mysterious
purpose, and that we testify our sorrow fox
tue iub wt uw in oar namDer waa oom
taanded oar esteem for bis many amiable
trait of .character. 4 :-: , ; .
Bfoiwtd, That by hi demise this body
as lost a useful member, his constituents
a faithful and worthy representative, and
the masses of the people a fearlea nri nn.
.wavering advocate and defender of their
fElitf. .,! . .
. Metolved. That we tender to his bereave)
widow our heartfelt sympathy in her sud-
-den affliction, and condole-with his etbav
relatives and friends.', t sj- ' y:
i Resolved, That these resolutions be sprecld
nnoa the ioornalt and the Clerk ol the Sen.
ate is hereby directed to transmit a copy of
-team so-sae wnowoi tne aeoeased. --
Resolved, That, as a mark of respect for
the deceased, the Senate do now adjourn,
, On motion of Mr. GOLDENvhe Jore
going resolutions were made the special
; order for 3 o'clock P, M.on Wednesday
.' itf BESOttrnONS. . :l 5 -" ' - '
fMr. WOODWORTH offered 3 J. R. No.
72 In regard to compiling and publish
ing the election laws of Ohio. Referred.
to the Junictary committee.
- Mr. POTTS offered 8. J. R. No. 73 In
Tegard to printing the report of the Ad
. jutant General. Referred, to the. commit-
; tee on mono printing. . ,
I - On motion of Mr. I.A WliTEViTH!. a man.
: lution waa adopted . ordering the State
Printerto print 600 extra conies of 8. B.
' No.807-To esUbliah a code of criminal
procedure , for the SUteol Ohio, lor the
i use or tne senate.
On motion of Mr. SCRIBNER, 'the Sen
! ate ad)ournedL ..
Mr. SHERWIN The petition of Ei
1 wand Towusend and .79 other citizens of
j Cleveland, asking the legalizttlon of ten
per cent. Interest on contracts. Referred
; to enmmiMee on interest; .(!
! Mr. NEAL The petition of Jnhn M
: Cox and 34 other citizens of Ross county ;
: asking an amendment to the medical! law.
I ao that physiclana having practiced tea
1 year and upwards, shall be considered as
having complied with the law. - Referred
to committee on Medical Colleges, i- '
Mr. FIELDING The petition of FT. R.
Gillespie and 26 other citizens or Shelby
; county, praying for the passage of a law
! authorizing toe persona taxed for the con
j structlon ot turnpike roads, to erect toll
i gates, ueierrea to committea on Turn'
pikes. i . -i . ;.
Mr. CRIST Tha . petition of Henry
Huncke and 100 other citizen of Hamilton
i county, asking the legalization of ten per
cant, interest' oa contract. , iteterrea to
committee on Interest.
,Mr.. DENMAN The petition ,ot the
: county commissioners and 23 other cltl-
senaof Williams countv. asking the oass-
; age of a law to authorise the Increase of
- the county fund for said county one mill
on tne ooiiar valuation tor ltsuu. ' Keierred
to Massra. Drnman- and Hill, of Deflanre,
Mr. DENNIS The petition of A. K.
' Spencer and 63 other cltlaena of Cuayahova
fount); asking the legalisation of ten per
sent, interest on contract. Referred to
committee on interest. .
Mr. READ The petition of A. Vinton
ana us ether citizens of Tuscarawas eoun
ty, on, tha aama subject. Referred to the
i committee on interest. .
Mr. BELVILLE The memorial of Val
antlna Winters, of Montgomery countv.
praying relief as tha holder ot a certliicat
lor taxea uirgsiir collected in Preble coun
ty, lnued to iilm by the Auditor of State,
Do. 11, 1807, under a Joint resolution ol
the General Assembly, adopted April, 18,
1807. Referred to tha committee on Fi
nance. ' i. Mr. BALL Tha petition of Jehn Taylor
ana MOtner citizens or , Muskingum coun
ty, lor tne i gansauon oi ten p r cent. In
1 terest on contract. Referred to the com
mlttee on Interest; j " i . , w
Alo. the petition of JameaC Miller and
89 others of Muskingum county, on same
surject. eierre u as oeiore.
' Also the petition of Alex. Van Ham and
other, on tne aame supject.
'. Alto the petition of Oliver Dempsher and
231 other citizens of Muskingum' county,
in lavor or tne passage of a law ant hous
ing tha commissioners ot aald county to
construct a free bridge across the Mus
klngum river, immediately below the State
dam at the town of TaylorsvUle. Referred
to Messrs. Ball and Jewett. ,, ; - . . ,,
Mr. BAKER The petition of H.W. Em
erson and 102 other citizens of Darke coun'
' tv. prayira- lor tha passage of a law ksral
Izlng ten per cent-interest., , Referred to
committee on interest.
1 Also, the petition of D. H.E. Jobcs and
: 44 others, from tha ssme .county, an same
i suniect. neierrea to ssme committee... h
Mr. irVNV The petition of ifi. M. fUn
bery and 20other citizens of Morgan coun
ty, on the aama subject' Relerred to same
Committee. ,t:1::Y :'. II ' ' - .-'J
. . Also, the remonstrance of R. E. Smithson
and 70 other citizens ot Union township, in
juorgan county, against tne passage ot an
act authorizing the trustee of said town
ship to .levy atsxtopay tne sums or money
borrowed by certain persons to clear said
township from the draft.' "Referred- to Mr.
Pond . -. ;?-) 'Uj-.j ; !!. fn.ittr r -
Mr. HOWARD The petition ,of. J. T.
Buerton, and 69 other citizens of Greene
eoontyy pray log the t amendment of ' the
medical law so aa to- permit, physicians
who. have practiced ten years to do so
.without violation ol the law.' Referred to
committee on Medical Colleges J "
Also, tha petition of John Knoffman and
68 other citizens ot the town ot Qsborn,
prajrng for the passage ot an act to au
thorise' the Board o ' Education of the
school -district of .said; town to borrow
money to the amount of $8,000, at., a rate
of interest not exceeding 8 per cent, for
the purpose of building a school house.
Referred to Mr Howard.-i v- ' -us
. - Mr.. DICKSON The petition, of J.: K.
Flnn.and 90 other citizena of Lorain county,
asking the legalization of 10 per cent, on
contract. Beierredto commtteeon Inter-
last. .,) f?.ff, : .--.,
, Mr.MOORE of Putnam The petition
ot C. M. Godfrey and fifty other citizens of
Putnam county, on same subject; and says
be is opposed a to, prayer , i of petitioners.-
Relerred to committee on Interest.
Mr. PARKER The petition of A. Reert
j and 95 others Of Huron ' county,! pra lng
in m i.n wicuiuici wvvwucn ui UHais On
Huron river to so-construct them as not
to obstruct Ash from passing' up the
stream; 1 Referred to the committee on A?-
t rleulture:--' - - ,o,jj:.. , ,
y Mr. STICKNEY The petition ol Henry
Gross-and,, 100 other -citizens of Seneca
county, lor the repeal of the Patent Law
of 1868. Referred to -committee on the
adtciaiy.i' -; -
-. - Also a petition for the repeal .of the law
to regulate the sale of patent rights, pass
ed May 6, 1868. . Referred to same comniit
tee. " " ' - ; ' "'' " '
iMn MANN The petition of J. F.Bart
lett and 27 other citizens of Franklin coun
ty, asking that the law creating the office
of Railroad Commissioner may not be re
peated, and that power of said Commit
sioner may be enlarged and extended. e
fered to committee on Railroads. ,
Mr. RITEZELL The petition of, D.
Thompson and 62 other citizens of Trum
bull county, on the Bhbject of legalizing ten
per cent, interest,- Referred to committee
; on Interest. -
Mr. HUGHES, or Butler The petition of
John L- Evans and 56 other citizens of
. Paddy's Run, Butler county, on same. sub
ject. Referred to same committee. .
Mr. STEWART The petition of J. D.
Phleger and forty-two other- citizens-of
' Clarke county on same. subject. Referred
to same committee, r j- r :. ' r
Mr. SCOTT, of Hamilton The petition
of A. M. Wakefield and 62 others.
Mr. STEWART The petition of E. G.
Deal and 11 others.1 '.': -
Mr. SCO nv of Warren The petition of
! J. Walker and 27 others. Also, the petition
of P. F.Ford and 20 others on the same
. subject. All referred to the - same com?
: mlttee. - ' ' , -
: Mr. ROBINSON The petition of Thom
' aa Beer and 8 others, praying for the pas
sage ot a law. to- legalize six per cent. In
terest 'and forfeiture of principal and in
' terest where a greater rate is required by
1 contract. , Referred to- the committee on
i Interest. ' " " '
Mr. JONES- presented the remonstrance
of Geo. G. Hockedorn and 72 other citizens
; at Allen countv against the repeal of the
: law creating the office of Commissioner of
' Railroads. Iteierrea to committee on Jttaii-
' ' '- ' -
roads. - -
j. - . O;. 6KC0HD JtEAPIKO. ;'
Nine bills, numbering from H. B. No.
482 to 490, were read the second time and
appropriately referred. . ,
Mr. BUELL H. B. No. 437 : To author
ize the board ot education of the indepen
dent school district of Buell's Lowell
i Washington county, to levy a special tax,
Jwas read the third time, and after, a, brief
'explanation of the bill by Mr. Buell, was
passed yeas 66, nays none. -
Mr. SINCLAIR H. : B. ' "So. 430 i To
further define the duties of county survey
ors, 1 waa read the third time and recom
mitted to Mn Pood, with instructions to
amend, who Immediately reported the bill
back amended a instructed The amend
ment was agreed to, and the bill passed
yeas 6L nays 19., ,i , v
? This act requires county surveyors to pro
cure and keep in repair, t be Meridians es
'tabliahed by law in tha several counties of
17 V"
rMr. ODELL H--a34-.To )en courage
tlia organization er Are cmpanlrev .was
refcd the third time" and Vecdmmlteed wi)th
Instructions o amend.'Pendlng the agree
ment to the amendmenU, Mr. WOLF
moved to lay-ttte bill- andpendratamead
ments on the table. The House agreed.
Mr. WILSOV H. B. 467: To amend
sectlon'bne of an act to establish a uniform
standard of weights and measures, passed
. ii ,iDEn . .... Ar'rinim .ai. mn
nmrra OT Wmm JteMt-flTn thf rft'ttntfli-' ' - -
Mr. LEETE spoke st length In opposi
tion to the bill, and contended that the Legl
islature has no authority to do what the
mil proposes. '---K
-Mr. LEWTON advocated the me sure.
and thou eli t the orlects of the bill would
ffot conflict with any right "of Congress.
The Legislature could, in his opinion, reg
ulate tftt uannard of weiehts.
Mr. RITEZELL thought there should be
uniformity in weights.'. The surrounding
States fix the weight of clover seed at 60
pounds per bushel. He wanted the same
weight In Ohio.
Mr. HUGHES, of Highland, wanted 60
pounds of elover seed fixed aa the true
Mr. THORNHILL thought a bushel of
clover seed would wetzh 62 or 64 pounds.
Mr. LEETE denied that this House had
aav authority to act on this subiecU lie
read the Constitution to show that Congress
alone could fix the standard of weights
and measures. - "' : .-.,;.;-' ,ii
On motion of Mr. LEETE,' the bill was
laid on the table. . ( . 1 .;
' ' :! ;-, PIRflT RRADIMO, ' iv
- Mr. SCOTT, of Warren H. B. 616 : To
amend section 2 of aa act. entitled an act
amendatory and supplementary to an act
to authorize eounty commissioners to lay
out and establish- free turnpike roads,
passed April 16, 1867. , . ; r . ,
The bill provides that after the commisr
stonera of free turnpikes Issue bonds for
constructing saUt road the tax payers shall
notv.be permitted ta discharge their taxes
In labor.' s?. -; i- :(;)(.". -- -t
, Mr. HILL, ot Erie H. B.,616: To
amend section 1 of an act entitled an' act
to provide for the reorganization ot com
mon schools, passed March 14, 1863,- and
the aots amendatory thereto, passed March
VSL ISfiS. .. . . '
The bill changes the law so that county
Auditors certify funds due from fractional
districts In different ' townships to the
treasurer ol the town in which tha school
hnuaa la situated.
Mr. NEAL II. B. 617: Supplementary
to an act entitled an aot to provide for the
creation and regulation of incorporated
companiea in the State pf Ohio, passed May
1, 1862.
Thla bill authorizes the purchasers of a
railroad sola pursuant to judicial proceed
lnga, who are engaged In operating auch
road, to enter upon and appropriate private
property lor the same purposes that rail
road corporations are now authorized to
appropriate It, and to assume a company
name, and to make and take conveyances
of real estate lor purposes cbnnected with
the operations or aucn road, in such com'
panv name.
Mr. McMORRAN H. B. No. 618: To
authorize the incorporation of mutual ben
efit associations.
Mr. WOLF IL B. No. 619: ; To amend
section 8ot an act entitled an act to au
thorize the countv commlss'oners to con
struct Toads oa! petition- af a majority of
uh resident lanu owners aiong ana aoja
cent to said road, passed March 29. 1SG7...,
, The bill provides for a compensation lor
tne commiKsionera ior tneir services.
Mr. LEWTON H. B. No. 620: To amend
an aot entitled an aot to amend section 1 ot
an act entitled an act to authorize tha es
tablishment of lines of true meridian In
the several counties of the State of Ohio.
Mr. STEWART H. B. 621:' To amend
an act passed April 17. 1868. 'I
. . The bill provides that Treasurers of cor
porations, msy be one of the directors of
Said corporation. " '' ' ,.
Mr. BELVILLE H. K 622: To amend
section 66 of an : act entitled an aot to es
tablish a code of civil procedure.' . j
' . The 1)111 enables any person in posses
sion; by himself or tenant, br who clalma
the tight to the possession of real property.
to bring an action for its recovery, against
any one not In possession. ,,.
Mr. C ALLEN, 11. B. 623-Supplementa-
ry to an act en titiea an act to create ana
regulate manufacturing companies, passed
Apruja, lbetf. - ' : -
The bill provides for the, voluntary dis
solution ot incorporated manufacturing
comnanlpa. 1 :- ' .T
i- Mr.fiAl.IUN. H. Tt. K24 To amend see.
tion 24 ot an act to provide for the crea
tion ana regulation oi incorporated com
f a Ales in the State of Oblcy passed May L
86X-". - " i ' v
The bill compels foreign railroad cona-
paplea to file with the Auditor of State a
statement of their solvency, under oath,
which statement and the Auditor's certin
cate thereto, shall be published prior to the
leasing or purchasing by said company of
any road under tne control or any company
under taeiawa 9, opto. L ,4 .;. ,
Mr. . ODELL. . from the .committee to
whom was referred S. B. No. 2S6. to chance
the time fixed tor holding the first term of
tee sjourt ot urmmon Pleas,- for tne yar
1869, in the county of W.jner retorted the
same Pack, aua recommended us passage.
The report was agreed to, and the bill read
the 'third1 , time abd- recommitted to Mr.
Pond: with: instructions", to amend. The
bill waa reported back, and report agreed
to. The "hill was then, passed yeas 79,
Mr. PARR, from the commlitee to whom
was referred the report of the joint special
committee on matters relating to the burn
ing ot the Central Ohio .Lunatic Asylum,
having had the same tinder consideration,
reports the following joint resolution' as a
substitute for the resolutions reported, by
the said Joint Select committee': - '
Resolved bt tne (General Assembly or w
State ot Ohio, That the Superintendent,
President and Trustees of the -Central Lu
natic Asylum be, and they' are' hereby di
rected to call to ' their- aid 1 a competent
architect and proceed Immediately to in
quire, .;: -.; ; .,-.. j;
, 1. xr tne wajis oi tne late fjentrst jiuna
tic Asylum can be used in reconstructing
the same? ' If so, how much of said walls
can be used? ' '-.-"
. 2. Make an estimate of the cost of recon
structing said Asylum on the present foun
dation; and'if a change, in their opinion,
should be made in the present plan, ' the
additional cost of (aid change. . - . ;i
3. Make an estimate of the cost of the
reconstruction ot said Asylum for a blind
asylum. .
4. Make an estimate of the cost of con
struction of a new building for the insane,
with the modern Improvements, of the same
capacity of. the recent Central Asylum,.
5. Receive "proposals for a new site for
the Central Lunaiic Asylum within three
miles ot the city of Columbus, having at
tached thereto not less than 200 acres of
land, and report to the Legislature on or
before the 8th day of February, 1869.
- Mr. RUTTER moved to lay the substi
tute on the table, and that it be printed. . .
- Alter' remarks by Messrs. Pond, Ross,
Lewton, Scott, of Warren, Scott, of Ham
ilton, Baker, Wolf and Hughes, of Butler,
the question was upon laying on the table,
upon which Mr. Scott, of Warren; demand
ed the yeas and nays. The yea and nays
were called, and resulted yeas 61, nays 35,
so the substitute was laid on the table.
. On motion of Mr. ACKER, the House
adjourned. -' ' ' -
A Runaway Accident.
A runaway accident, which will proba
bly prove fatal to a . youug lady named
Jennie Davidson, occurred last evening.
Mr. John Davidson, of Allegheny, was
returning, home in a barouche, and
when descending Hhe . hill on the
Perry8vllle road, , the horse ran away
The young lady endervbred to jump
out. and was thrown on a pile oi
stones, fracturing, her jaw in three places,
and completely crushing in her nose, and
otherwise injuring her. She can not sur
vive. John Davidson had one leg broken
in two places.- Mr. Davidson's two sisters
and his wife, also occupants of the ba
rouche, were, not seriously injured. .An
infant child of Mr. Davidson's was thrown
to the ground, but, strange to say r escaped
injury. ' - ' .-'i ' i
Deleware Legislature.
: The State Legislature has adopted A joint
resolution declaring the authority of the
State over the landing of ocean telegraph
cables on its shores, alleging that the At
lantic coast of Delaware is peculiarly fa
vorable for 1 the landing t the French
cable, and appointing J. P. Cornegis a
Commission to confer with the Company
forming that enterprise. . .
Notice was. given n the House yester
day of a bill to amend the charter of the
Philadelphia, Wilmington. - &. (Baltimore
Railroad Company.
i h! tyhlA!e-,redi'tor4rtie Rlehiaoha
'Journal, testified before the Reconstruction
committee tu-day that ha opposed tbaplan
of the Virginia committee of nine for the
' restoration of that State into the Union,
and cons!ded it Inexpedient at present to
relieve the judicial officers in Virginia from
; political disabilities . -vi
Ohio River Bridges.
i The commlUee on Roads and Canals
heard., witnesses to-day. as . to. whether
j bridges over the Ohio'' river are ' obsti uc
. tions to commerce v ,"-'' -: 'II
WASHINGTON, January 27.
'Mr. HOWE (to the great amusement of
tn j senators; presented a memorial pray-
I ing lor tne appointment ot an aDle Phre
nologist to examine all a Wldatrs for inter
I nal revenue appointments, to seet whether
1 benevolence, conscientiousness, casualty
and comparison be their most prominent
, protuberances, to the end that the Govern
ment may not longer sutler from the frauds
I now so common in that Department, Re
, ferred to the committee on Retrenchment
I and Ketorm. : ,
; Mr. HENDRSON introduced a bill to
I enable the Cherokee, Choctaw and Chick
! asaw Indians to become citizens of the
! United States.- Referred to committee on
i Judiciary.
; Mr.SHERMAN moved to take up thelbtll
j in relation to the publio debt aud currenoy,
reporiea vj mm irom tne committee, en
Finance. " Adopted; "
j Mr. DAVIS moved to recommit the bill
I and instruct the committee to report in its
eieau nmnrrer uui. ' . - . -
Mr. SHERMAN then addressed the Sen
ate upon the bill reported by the commit
tee on Finance.
Mr. MoCREERY followed In a long
speech, in which he discussed humorously
the 1 speech of Senator Morton on -the
: finances, the President's recommendations
on that subject, and the reports of the Sec
retary of the Treasury and the Treasurer
oi me ymteq Diaies.
On motion of Mr. MORTON.' the bill
was then postponed, and that relating to
tne central Brancn or the Union Pacific
railroad taken up. The pill, was read a
; iuiru time ana rejecieu.
Adjourned. -
Mr. BUTLER asked leave to offer a reso
lution calling on the Secretary for inform
ation as to the effects ot tha repeal of the
reciprocity treaty on the trade of the United
.States with Canada , and other . British
American provinces. - , ,
Mr. MCCARTHY objected. '
The House resumed consideration of Mr,
Lyncb's bill to provide for a resumption
Of specie payments. ' vi
Mr. SCOFIELD addressed the House.
On motion of Mr. SCHENCK, It was
agreed to hold an evening session la com
mittea of the Whole for general debate.
Mr. WASHBURNE urged the House to
come to some understanding relative to
the publio business, saying the indications
yesterday were not disposed to touch the
appropriation on is at all.
The SPEAKER recapitulated the bus!
ness that waa pressing the attention ot the
uouse. .
Alter some discussion a motion to recon
sider the vote referring the resumption of
specie papment PHI to tne committee on
Banking waa tabled, and the bill remains
committed. ..
The Constitutional Amendment and bill
relating to suffrage wer-t postponed until
alter tba morning hour,' with substitutes
offered therefor, by Bingham, Shellabarger
ana pond.
Mr. Bingham's substitute Is as follows:
No State shall make or enforce any law
which shall abridge or deny to any citizen
ol the United States, of sound- mind- ar.d
over 21 years of age, the tqual exercise of
tne elective franchise at an elections in tne
State wherein he shall have actually re
sided for a period of one year next prtced
ing such election, except such of sald citi
zens as shall herealter engage in 'rebellion
or insurrection, or who may have been or
i shall be dnly convicted of treason or other
crime oi tne grade oi ieiony in common
law. . .
. Tha substitute of Mr. Shellabarger Is in
nearly similar terms as that of Mr. Bing
ham, except that Mr. Shellabarger per
mits the disfranchisement of those who,
have engaged in rebellion, while Mr. Bmg-
, bam only permits the disfranchisement of
nose wuo may Hereafter engaga in reoei
' lion. - ' , -
.. The substitute of Mr; "Ward, like tbat
et Mr. Shellabarger,' . applies to those who
have been eneased in rebellion, and 're
stricts the States from fixing the' time ofj
residence required ot voters at longer than
eneTear. i-i i ' iMm v
The House then took up,' as' the business
ot the morning hour, the bill reported yes
terday, relating to the -operations -of the
pension law.-The second section of the
Pill, which directs the withdrawal of pen
sidjis from female pensioners who are liv
lng a Jife- of prostitution -or-eoncubinage,
receiseamucu opposition.,., .., r
Mr." INGERSOLL moved to strike it
OUt. "'" 1 f-t-.j'rr y'.j;-..,
Mr. SCIJENCK "characterized-- It as a
most monstrous nddisgraceful proposition
he bad ever seen' In any-blll, inasmuch as
it proposed to make the Court of Pensions
the-judge ot the morals and virtue ot wid
owa pf soldiers oi the Republic, and re'
quired them to prove a negative. ; - "
Mr. INGERSOLL took a like view oi the
section, which he declared would be a dis
grace to- the -Statute book and an outrage
to the widows or soldiers. . .
After further discussion,;":' '
Mr. ARNELL moved to lay the bill and
amendments on the table. Rejected.
Mr. PERHAM moved the previous ques
tion,, which ha- House refused to second,
and the morning hour having expired, the
bill went over till. the next morning hour.
'The House then took up the Constitu
tional amendment and the bill in relation
to suffrage, reported by Mr. BoutweU, from
the "committee on Judieiary,. and was ad
dressed by Air- EJdridge in opposition .to
them. ' -. - - '
The House then went into Committee of
the Whole, Mr. Schenck in the chair, and
resumed the consideration of the Legisla
tive Appropriation bill. , :. "
At 6 o'clock the House took a recess un
til 7:50. :
Workingmen's Assembly.
ALBANY, Jan. 27.
" The State Workingmen's Assembly met
here to-day. The annual report shows
them to be in a healthy condition. The
eight hour law is to be one subject ot con
sideration. . " "
Temperance Convention.
AUGUSTA, ME., Jan. 27.
The State Temperance Convention met
here this evening. - Hon.EbenezerKnowl
ton was chosen temporary President. A
letter from Hon. Woodbury Davis was
read. Ho is opposed to the re-enactment
of the constabulary act. and In favor of
imprisonment tor the sale of liquor. - -
Fire in Chicago.
CHICAGO, Jan. 27.
Last night a fire occurred at No. 51 South
State street, occupied by Cbilds BroM
commission merchants, and tbe 3d and 4th
floors by H. Phillips, and A. Daw fc Co.
The engines soon squelched the flames, but
the water did more damage than the fire.
The total loss is nearly $60,000.
Railroad Legislation in Illinois.
In the Legislature yesterday, a bill was
introduced to compel railroads in this State
to charge uniform rates for transportation
of freight in proportion to tbe distance car
ried, and providing that any railroad
charging more than the pro rato propor
tion, shall pay the owner of the freight five
times tbe amount wrongfully collected,
besides attorney's fees.
Arrested for Fraud.
ROCHESTER, N. Y., Jan. 27.
A. Hyatt, alias Samuel R. Allen, and
even others, have been arrested -here on
charge of conspiracy to defraud tbe Union
Mutual Life Insurance Company of 95 000.
Hyatt had bis life insured to that amount,
sold tils policy W a lawyer named Garlock,
and shortly after bad a report circulated
that he was drowned while hunting.. The
case wilt be tried immediately..! i,-
New Jersey Legislature.
TRENTON, Jan. 27.
The Legislature In Joint 'flf-ssion to-day
declared Stockton eie-'pr 1 United States
Senator and elected Yim. lvMcMichael
State Treasurer.
The-Democ ratio State 'Cbnventlon was
well attended. 'ML M. Waller, of New Lon.
dQn,. presided teciporlaly, and made a
strong speech in favor of paying the bonds
in goto. Hon. jj. v. Jjoomis, oi .Bridge-
portrwaa alaoted-'ermanent- ebaismaai
Resolutions were adonted iirnoring the
lUbaAk - . i.
Thnl,l HnirofWTo. -
" " 'va w m buwi k -ara -tataa. lawuri mmw waww
AUGUSTA, ME., Jan. 27.
Hon. Nelson TMngleyTWi was chosen
permanent president of the Maine State
Temperance Convention. He delivered
a lengthy address In advocacy of the views
61 " the radical win g of the 'temperance
party,- and urging the re-enactment of-the
imprisonment penalty and State polite
New York Legislature.
ALBANY, Jan. 27.
An underground railroad bll" foriNea-1'
York City was lntroductd in the Senat
to-day. A bill for the abolition ot th
death peaaity was introduced in-- the As
simbly. - i U - a - . s t
West Virginia Senator.
'At' the Republloaa caucus to-da Gov
Boremaa wa Pnanlmoisly nominated .for
unueu ntates oenaior. xso otuer name,
were presented.
WHEELING, WEST VA., Jan. 27. Ex-Gov. Pickens Dead.
AUGUSTA, GA., Jan. 27.
Ex-Gov. Pickens died In Edgefield, South
Carolina, on Monday.'
Illinois Legislature.
CHICAGO, Jan. 27.
A bill reported by the committee on Ed
ucation in the Illinois -Legislrture to day
strikes out tbe word white in the general
Fire in Peoria.
The Carroll distillery and A. F. Lincoln's
warehouse, in Peoria, Illinois, were de
stroyed by fire last loss
a at Minneapolis,
Minnesota,' has-filled; the liabilities are
$60,000; other failures are reported. ,
NEW YORK, Jan. 27.
An investigation was held yesterday In
the case of Dr. Kennedy, whose partner.
Powers, Is in custody on charge of causing
his death. . It was shown that Powers was
living under an assumed name, and a great
portion of the power claimed hv him was
in Kennedy's name. The jury rendered
verdict to the effect that whisky .supplied
to me ueceaseo, Dy .rowers, witn iraan
lent intent, had caused his death. -
Trouble at Carracas.
A Carracas, letter of Decem
ber 11, states that Mr. Talmadge, the Amer
lean Commissioner in the convention for
the settlement of American claims, has
neen accused oi iraud, and tbe Govern-,
ment, it is announced, immediately de
mand .the abrogation of the treaty. - Mr.
Talmadge is fully able to disprove any im
putation against him, and the whole trouble
,1s supposed to have been Induced by a wisl
to avoiu paying tne neavy installments al-
ready adjusted.
Seaman Shot.
Neil MoGowan, one ef the seamen on
Btrtfce,wble -in a-dispute yesterday with
one McCarthy, a sailor boarding house
runner, was knocked down and shot by the.
latter. McCarthy was arrested.
The Tribune says: Last October one
George Williamson hired a basement,
Canal street, ostensibly for opening a trunk
store. - He cut the floor one night intcrtht
shop above and stole $6,000 worth ot mil-;
llnery-goods. He, was arrested with
plunder jn bis, possession .as . be was at-
tempting to cart It away, and committed
to prison without bail. The papers in hi?
case were sent to the District Attorney's,
office, but were taken away from there
Alderman Coranan just belore tbe election.
and not farther: proceedings have .been':
taken. This man has now been identified
aa the man who made a daring attempt
roo tne iram uami last
Skating Match.
7 A" champion; skating, match 'for $2,000
took place yesterday at tbe Jersey Skating
Rink. It resulted in favor of Frank Swift.
The Indian War.
General Sheridan is daily expected to re
turn from the plains.- Nearly all the Indi
ans will go on the reservations set apart
for them. The main body of the troops
wtll: soon be withdrawn from1 ,th6 plains
ana win concentrate at i ort Leavenworth
tor distribution to other points.
About $10,000 in. checks fend 445 shares
the Pacific Mail Steamship Company, in
tin. box, were stolen from the counter of the
Company's . office in Wall street, yesterday.
Payment .of the checks and transfer olthe
stock; is
Ellen Whalen, of Brooklyn, died last
night from the. effects of burns received
Saodiv nightiluriog a. fire ta ber.-xooiav
which caught by the upsetting of a candle
py ner D-usoanq, . iJotn, were arunK. at the
Fire Commissioners' Meeting.
At a meeting of the Fire Commissioners
to-day a list of 150 persons, upon whose
premises had been found kerosene oil of
quality below tbe tire test, was reported Dy
the committee on uomDustipies, wno otter
ed a resolution-that they tbe- instructed -to
prosecute each person for violation 'of the
law. No-action was taken." The same
comm Ittee reported tb at the -sloop- -South-
. . .-, .v., ,
port, irom MJnnecucm.-'Drougui a iew
days ago to the foot of Brooino stT'-et, 21
cases of nltro-glyeerine.- ( It eJng' impos
sible, on account of the ice in the river, to
remove it torthe magaatnef the explosive
article waa sateed. w
RevI T)rl' Ltttlelohn ' was' to-daV conse
crated Episcopal Bishop at. Long Island.'
. - tt
Ubaca; was killed at Bnrgen tunnel, Dy tne
outward bound Erie express train, while
endeavoring, to take the train bound- au-
The Rogers Murder.
Tba examination of Tom MeGlbneyto
day shows that he knows nothing ol the
ttoger's murder, ana ne.is .io oe returned
to Sing Sing prison immediately. --"--
Sailors' Strike.
The sailors strike is ended, the shipping
masters having aequresed Jn the new; and
scale of prlcea ;.'-.V-
Job Printers' Strike.
3' As regards that of the job printers the
employers have resolved to give an ad
MADRID, Jan. 27.
The to the
libraries, arcB Ives and works of art. pos
sessed by the, churches as the. property of
It' was while carrying out the orders of
the Government that the Governor of
Burges was assassinated This event caused
intense excitement. - , ; i
, Violent demonstrations have been made
by the people in this 'city against the Papal
Nuncio, . and the Government -has
withdrawn its official recognition of his
diplomatic power. , ., v t . .
The Dean and Chapter of the cathedral
of Burges have been arretted and .impris-
VUCUl . .
PARIS, Jan. 27.
Rio Janeirp;dates"state.'tht the Para
guayan army still occupied the stronghold
Ship Alaska Burning.
HAVRE, Jan. 27.
The ship-Alaska, with a cargo of cotton,
front New Orleans, Is on tire here. She
will probably- be totally destroyed. The
is in Boston. -
The Accident to the Pereire.
LONDON, Jan. 27.
Perelre were seriously Injured by tbe re
cent accident.' Threer-of the crew were
killed, and tba following1 second class pas
sengers i Mr. Callaghan, a Cathollo Priest;
Mr. Foulmer, a Frenchman, and Mr. Flfei
enbergr a' German.' The Perelre encoun
tered a fearful tempest a few daysout from
Brest, in the course of which heavy seas
broke over her, carrying away entirely her
forward 'deck cabin, and inflicting other
.damage; SlitftlMirfrnuinedl-aviT Intwries
to ber machinery . as compelled oer tot put
back to Havre under sail. j i
Death of a Radical Politician.
Death of a Radical Politician. LONDON, Jan. 27.
Earnest Jones, the well known Rad
ical politician, died yesterday. Hehad
just been Informally chosen by ballot ove?
Wilmer Gibson, a Liberal candidate, to auc
ceed Mr. Blrley, one of the present mem
bers Ot Parliament from MannhMter. in
t. . uw laiter anoaia.M unseated on a I
m w w ' : -t ia-.-.- - . -ir-.
oriuery. .- .- .
Held for Trial.
the Bank-bf OTMrtud,
Gurnsey & Company, have been held for
inai in oouatoi aj,000-each. .-T ;
Effort for Pardon.
DUBLIN, Jan. 27.
of Inflnenrlnl ,if7sni
beldiere last night, at which resolutions
were adopted urging the Government to
paraon tne r eman convicts. ' ,
Minister to Constantinople.
LONDON, Jan. 27.
aoo jevant a lines pupilsbes a. rumor
that Senator JNye, ot Kevaia,will succeed
Mr. Morris as American Minister at Con
staQtlnople in March nexfc. t -. -.'
The Greek Government' will probably
give in Its adhesion to the conclusions ol
the conference of Paris, but it 1b feared its
signature will be accompanied by reserva
tions which can only tend to protract the
uiuiuuiijjr witu lurkc;. . . . .
Ohio Legislature.
a j
43 !
In Senate, on yesterday, Mr. Danolkr In
troduced a bill to provide against frauds in
the election. . of railroad officers, which
seems to be demanded by the public inter
est. If enacted, it will prevent many of
the frauds now being perpetrated In the
management of railroads. All directors
of Ohio railroads. must be citizens of tbe
State residing-for one year in some one
of the counties through which, the road
passes. Dividends are to be paid in cash
and in that alone, and only declared
lor ' actual net earnings. v All , Voting
in proxies, or by actual stockholders,' for
bidden unless the certificate of stock is
.produced.' Elections of directors," Presi
dent, .vice .President, &c, who are not
TCbident of counties abd of State," are made
null and Void. If passed, the ; Impression
is that it will put a stop to some of the gi
gantic frauds now being perpetrated. The
intention Is, we understand, to follow this
up by other legislation", to prevent the ab
sorption of Ohio railroads, and the swind
ling ot stockholders by insolvent Eastern
companies. . .-
.Mr. Yeoman introduced a bill in relation
to the right of turnpike and plankrpad com
panies, to enter a contiguous property and
take material for repair, and to . allow
turnpike gate to be erected when three
miles of road is finished
Resolutions were Introduced relative to
the death of Senator Stambaugh, which
were laid, on the table and made the special
order for Wednesday next.
' Mr. Berry's bill extending the' Home
stead law so as to increase the homesteads
exempt from execution from $500 to $1,000,
and . the' personal 'property,, .where-'the
debtor is not owner of a homestead, to $300,
It has yet to pass the ordeal of the House
before It becomes a law. -' rfj
"In House, , yesterday, mornings Mr. Cai
law, "evidently aiming to "protect the peo
ple from the transfer bf Ohio railroad
companies to foreign companies of doubtful
solvency, introduced a bill to compel for
eign railroad companies to file with the
Auditor of State a full and complete state
ment, under oath, of the assets and liabili
ties i of . said . company ,prlor to teasing, or
parchaslng any road under the. control of
companiea 'organized- under the laws of
Ohio, such statement to. be examined by
the Auditor, whose duty It shalj be, if he is
satisfied of the solvency of said- foreign
company, he shall have the. statement and
bis certificate thereto published in two
dally newspapers published in the city of
Columbus. iJ v
Mr. Belviixb Introduced a bill to amend
section 667 of the Code so as to provide that
actions may be brought by any person in
.poisseasiopr-or who claims ' possession, 'pf
real estate against any adverse (claimant
not in posession. ,-"--n-r i i
".The tni Axing the time for holding We
-fisat term oi the- Commoa-J'leaa. Coast 4n
Wayne county was passed- i
The remainder of the day's session, waa
consumed in debate oh the Central Luntlc
Asylum bill, the question being on remoy-
J,ng. Jt. Jrojn JJa present locatiqtjjte Jpjrderjtp
have the land sold, in. which case it will
fall into the. hands' of aRlngjI who wUl
make a fortune out of its sale.a u . i i
h ::-. i T I I T I "' -r- 1 -'- t
' The receipts from laternal lievenue for
1868 were $74,739,910.37 below the corres
ponding total for 1S7. s The Naw
York Journal pf Commerce,' in this coa
nectien, 8ays4 Returns for the current
yearsEow a stiff further "and yery Impor
tant reduction. If this Is'continued, there
will be a pointy where th.e Income andex-.
penses will be so wide apari'thati'.the ni
tional ' eredlt will dropL between them, to
the manifest. Jnjury of. every .important
material interest." J- And yet tnedrtyeiers
In Congress do pqthing for tha celiet of. the
ouritry.- 1 ' -".-:, ii;.
New Advertisements.
t7The Ohlo-.SiatearasM has a.
Zjaarcfer Cltcnilatfeii than amy pa
pes published: la this City or Cea
tral Ohio.. Adverilaera 'wUl hear
thlsln alnd. -sw ,--vy) U
. S. lt '- ; '1 !
A. r requested te meet at Jlaaonie
Hall tMTeoiDkT. -promptly mt naff paat six
o'clock, to make arrange uieDtB to attond the faner-
al of Brother L,
, o - jjow. mem dot or, csu jotuk
fJnfin. lATtan .
A inll attendaaee u requested.
- F. N. V. 8PICE. W. M.
. , . o. cl walcdtt. w; A: 1
Coiumbas, Ohio. Jan. S8. 189. .d .
" FOB . XE-
., .. ' t '
J welt kaown property, fronting ,th, Capitol
Square, SSX feet on High and le7 Teet on state
street, will oe offered at public sale on the premises,
on ; .i i -i - '
Wedaeaday, the lOlh day ot; lIarch
.(.. H ! i ' sxle r -l."
at S o'oloek P. M. Terms of sale made knownvnn
that day. These wishing to examine the prem
ise will eaU at my office. No. W set Stat street.
W, A. JMcCUY.-Trnstee.-1
Columbu. Jan.25.ia60. . jansja-dtd i
Bar Meeting.
lin eounty are reqoeatei to meet at tbe Court
Houseon t . - 'L "
Xhwirhdaw, January StSth,
at 10 o'clock A. M.. fr tbe purpose of agreeing
upon a minimum table of fees. A full attendance
1 Columbus; Ohio, Jan.M.l889. 1'
DKESEL A MAYO, . H. C NOBLE, -.-t--.-F.
. N. 0LD8. - J. W. BALDWIN. :
rjann-dSt , u f'j-.i.u: .....: a -;. ;
R E M 0 37- - 1
- " , -)F THE
tr' h6le js'A. if e
- IHm.M 86 Rarth Hlrrb Streat, '
- . ".I : - ' " ' 'tiif-'-' ' - - M tii Hi ' ,i
- . " COLUJTlBI7t; OHIO, iv.;i -ri i
at A Ki kA i " t . - i u . ' t t .
.vo ii.U :- . . . avu U -- ;
Andrews, Perry &' Co,
f -xAKvrAOTtraxaa'AM maubs'itj'
MTf H --t i v
B005;;;A1S,D; NEWS '.VAPEBS',
' jClso, Try! article ' connected with the' Paper
buiUeso, inolufling .Writing'. Printing and. Wrap
pin; Papers, Envelope. Printers Cards,' Book,
Hews, Colored Inks, Ae. jaaia-dlwu
Thursday . ..
Under .thaalQTAt.
war. a. ...
l'lT" ' iai
Mw-aw-3)sj-Bxawwaia .
f tlf TBI? K ibRK'PTfc,: S..
c!-i .. o.- -,
Snorkey ......... ...Mr. J. WESIkv nrt ,
baura uoattland.-.'.-.i:...-.. Ais CLARA mnuotH
ablouom Him A.OU1S4 VLVR";i
Aa, i44 it.,
For fall pwrtiealara. Ma protrammei.
iionEiraun .buiindi
! ....... .....TBE'. GREAT . :"-n
Arlington Minstrels;
i rom Arlington Hall, Uliicaco.
XAi nmpbaDt Eaitarn four, en route for Chicaco
. . . i : t Tr : , , .
w inpw . lu.ii vw, du.ib, w i 1 1 mppw XOr
Thursday Kr'ag, Feb. ath, 18sa
In an orisinai procramma". a iwfonaed onlj by
"... .. ARLINOTONS. . .
nAdmis?ion-BwarTd SeaU7Se; DrnaCiralaand
FaraaoUoSOo: GailerTSSa. HaU of u.r.
oominerioei at Settlor A Co 'i Mmio Store. Wednes
day, f eb. 3d. 1BS9. Doors open at T o'oloek.
janaa-dlw U11AS. a. 1AX. BuaineieArt.
Lednre Thnrfday ETg:, : Jan. 28,
C3-X3 O ttJEJN2STA.TSr, Zataa
-r. Subject OUR LIFE IN SIBERIA.':.' V
Mr. Kennon wu sent out hr the RaMO-Ameriraa
Telettrapta Company to explore tb route throosk
Northern Siberia, aoendin three year itith tba
wandering tribes, whose habits, customs and reli
gion were entirely unknown, traveling hundred
of miles in doc sledges with these strange people.
He aringa back agraphia aeeoant ef hi -life and
adventure among these tribes in the Aretio r
ion. Those) who bare read hia eoptribatis o
r utnam's Monthly need not be asked to go and
hear him. . ; ? . i '-
- All persons holding season tiokeU admitted trisv
Tiokets at the door, 50 cents janS7-dlt
; : Iyer's
Hair TOgr
For restoring Cray Hair 'to
ils natural Vitality and CoIorT
- A dressing 'which
rfU at pnea .agraeable,
' healthy, and effecttral
..for - preserving tha
V i'liair. -? faded e arty
i ,r..w!H, iHa-raiBrea
Thin hair :1k. Iflucs:-
ened, falling hair j checked aDd bald
&esa oieo; though. ...notklway-cird
by its use, . Jtothing , cap, ,re8tore tha
hair where tha Tollicles: art destroyed,
or the glands atrophied tasdtiseeayed.
Bnt siich, a remaia can "to' saredior
asetjilneas by -thia appUcatieo.- last) earl
of fouling i the hair i with , , .pasty sedi
ment, it will keep it ' clean and vigorous.
Its occasional toe DI 'prtvent tha hsrjr
from, turning gray -or falling -ny -and
consequently prerenfr-baldBtae. .Freo
from those deleferioua enbstancea which
-make some preparations dasgerona and
jnjuftous . to. uui-tjiiiur, Uiw '8"t pja.ii
vnly benefit bat not harm it. ' if wasted
merely for a .
L-Bothkig Wan -iba-fonBw aa doairahle.
Containing neither (pil por fye, it doea
not soil 1 white cambrLv and yet Jasta
long oa Ihejiair, girfft a rich g!ty
lustre auu a graieuu pwriutno. y .-j.
Ll . V.li ..;. ii- i'ijr
."to'XOWELL,- MASS. 'J Af
PBIOB $1.00. J-s.
"a" Hola"oyBRAe fcRUCK 'AljOboS
stleand Retail Dealers -OolpBibus, Ohio, and by
Druggists everywhere: " Jano-eodAweowly
To Owners' of fDoik im'd tattle.
.;.:-'"-.-",.:. ' , ... . a .... -
Tobras Derby Condition Powder are warranted
sape'nor'toany olbers. or no" peyT for Ae-ewre -of
Disten.pet. Wonnfci Hot,! CouAba. jHide-bound
CetK Ao . in Horses, and Colds, Coughav Lees ef
Milk. Black Tongue, Horse Distemper; avfa Cst-
r; .: AIT . .. . (........'art '
' I ' ..oj , -v.Vr,'",40
They are parfecUy aafe and innoeent: pad f
stopping the working of your sninrhnal. -They in
crease h aprjetite. Aire a Jin ooa,. Cleanse, 't$o
Itecaaok nd , urinary awgatia eJae rinweeew the -milk
of cows. . Try them, and will we k
without thjnl;:.':.T.J . ..ulil-s-ss
- Col. Philip P. Bush, of. the Jerome Race Course,
Fordham. n . weuld hoi us them until be was
told of what they are composed, sine -whioh-ho-i
never without 'them.1 He has over-1 -runaias
hones' Id Hi charge, and fo tbe last three year
has used no other medicine for theaw Ba has kind
ly permiited me to refer aay ene tb hisa. Orar
1,000 otherTefereaces en beeeea at' the ,dept.f
gold by JJraMUU anivSaJ(Ueri3rioc4
per box. DepoCl Park Place SewVorfc
junelS-dAwljonHreOTj XvU.
Ladies, otv kir. whr .u
than hj, & RITE and CRT T
CkrSTADORO'8 DTE. you knoir.?'".'t
Wtll 3LACK - BROWIf bestpwj. " 7
0. , .. Do. than, this uaegalled Dye. j 1 A
Have the HUE without the CRY-1 i
Crista(jQr'0f8 -., Hair .Preservative.
r. ristadoro (uarant'eos Chat ni Bail Proserrativi
shall suoeeed wheteuwseay atbe prepention a
ailed in keeplm eleaa -the nair. thlckeiitBsr t.
(lossiog. preaerriiic It colbrV.ls'cUnin'g ijtUvntll
and restoring it ta that baaitk cd jigor hiohav
the elements of its beauty. .!-...
SJd by DraKKists.and applies! byll Haisllrees
a. t Manufactory Ha- Maideo- Lanu Prinorpal
Depot Noa Astbt House. 'I'fj
juneiB-uijffi-ell. . uuiM n , v
i . I . - j 11- ,!') i.i iiijijj j tr
pro f:es8ionai
DR. A. B. WILLIAM Hl Woo diroadwar. naa
Rich street. Columbus. 4hiav haa Coveted hbaeelf
or a series oi years to t a
aoataent ofoeraia aria
lie SI ail !'
Broadwa?. near Aha k-Tnaangs rtan,
aay31- .dOiiUJaU
Dr. Hsan. natt'a Freuctr Tcti
Will euro inflammation or tne Aidneya. Uonorrhea.
Gleet, Htriotures, Nerroua Debility, seminal
Emissiobs, Genital Weakness eatued solitary
habits in youth, Exetssts, Afl.f-BerwuTs. tekla
Diseases. Syphilis in aU- it forms; causing Hot
Throat and Nose. Pain in -tbe rtonearraaemiie-
Aei, perman-ntly cored. Copavia and Mercury
discarded. -Foralo by J.R.Cook, Druggist, No.
138 South High street Volaabusy Ohio.ifHe!
per box., bent by mail a reoeipt at prioo " --.
Manhood .aw . nr--i6oiaur
. UfJTH -Metered i four weeks. Huceern
restore mablv now eta. from whatever caue ari-
mngrtho effeots of ertv-tsrnicm habit,-etf-
abusa, im potency and olimate, iy away at once to
this wonderful taedioine. if taken regularly aeeonl-
iac to tnodireetions wbwa are very simple ami i
nnire no Hatraintfrom busiiieseorplesaurvaKFsU.
ureis impossiblew Said in, bottles at S3, or four
quantities i
in one for
Too had only of the sola
appointed agent in Amerjoav H. GxaiTUit. 3
. UK
Third Are., corner 13th Bt..Aew
4 V
-VMT-jyxT-'yr : -
fawuoUet from tk tn of t)a.
jneaicai ' i rmer says or anis-wor
maims treatise oa set cause ana ear ef erema
ture decline, show bow health ts impaired threath
seoret abase of youth land manhood, and how
impediments to maoiagevth eauaae,ad sSeeta si
dettility. ana ta eaedie therefor." A
pooket editioBhof the ,aboe will he forwarded oa
reuoiu , dduw, 117 aaoxeesing uoctor tJcmviS!
o.SNeTth Conrta street, tteilimor. Ad. -I
-'51 Ail' f'O0II
splendid Hair D re is the best ia the worlds
the only true and perfeet Dye; harmless, reliable
hiatantanaous ; ao disappointment ; no ridiculous
tints; -remedies the ill effects of bad dyesr.ivia
orates and leaves the Hair soft and beautiful. Macf
t vtvwm. ooitt ui mil irngvisw ua rwiuissn I
wnlr ainUail mA lUsehelar'a Wi -o, , , -
ho. Witond street. N. terh. i vaV aprta Uw A
- VERS' MEETINGS. The Board of School
Eaaaineraof Franklin eounty meet at the Probate
out-Roeae a the last F riday nd batarder ,
eaohautnthia the year- Also.ea the aeoeod FrW
day and Saturday of th spring and .fall uamth. ,
mi c
M tit

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