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aorrected by VVV BaTage, Jeweler, ss
afiooChJIlgti strqet t n !". J
Wind. Weatnec,
1. M.
" IT...
Bar. Thet. ;
u w. H. M.I
- tu Rij.: .'PIKb Bet..... u
:v,' i .-..i. i fn b here
.MB Arlington a ,JU,iM" y -
- on Feb. 4th..
tW The Rinkompaoy Bell Rlngera were
. - tST Th I Agricultural College commit
tee meeU to-nlgnt.
ra-xbi sensation, oi the next summer Is
. to be the velocipede. .
. ' - . . sssss
mtts. wr.od market Is in full atock.
f and prices role as high as ever,
-v W-Avoid people who are always talk-
" tl,!..
ing and who still never say anjtuniK.
Tlie son refused to shine yeswroay,
..- . f .i
- and KinKUU ati bthikmi mku auuvatv.
" rsrSotnbody says the three events Of
life are "noise, poterty and population.;
' WThe Gregory Trans-Atlantic Com
bination open the Opera House oa Monday
luextie - ' V ' : ; .'r'.Sv .'jV' ,
-s-tWA dead beat, who. was kicked out of
" saloon yesterday, has a mild way of put-i
ting things. He says he w a "proceeded
. against." m -i . -.. -
tThe conundruror Erleor'Pennsyl
! yanla Central, will be decided to-morrow
by the stockholders of the Columbus, Chi
ago & Indiana Central railroad, j " r'
- sJTThe traveled editor of the Journal
"don't like ocr "style. Well, we'll be for
; given,' perhaps, when It is known that we
ever visited the " wuins of Wome." ' t
- 1:,- . !
4;TBttD- XSw Th Franklin Building
nd Loan Association, of this city, will of--ler
their third loan at auction on 8aturday
.night next. We expect the competition
SrOl- be llvelyr-- : ' ' j
".B. MiriK. By : the advertisement
elsewhere. It will ie seen that there is to
e a meeting of the Columbus bar at ue
Cnrt HooBe thU mornlDg, atlOo'clockj
1 fofWipnfpoae of fixing -opona minimum
rate of fees. All members are requested to
. Bifoem, J"iJt. The committee of Jthe
Lmt1 "UsaMBbiy havlog .the! aattet Jn
chartre wlllJsisit ffieKeform Farm, t In-I
caster, to-morrow. These tsltatI6ns are
oi great advantage to the Legislature, and
looked forward to by the toys of tt
iDstituti6nas'righdy Ia bistor-:
' les. .. :
.hrCmtTmjaf-.ltniao- 'Astx-om The fight
:4w 0 jrebuadlng pttti Cnrat Lhhat4c
Ayrdm eecapiedbe,attntlo ttj the
Bona frfiepreaenUtlvea yesterday. . We
are pleased 'to' teeororthat coiamDns nas
voeae na rie4 4n the Boose, who are
'Jsisd;ed,ibi iheinstUiod.kboold be jtc
lrta thwold sltev; ; l;;
lJfe4dti-)drbl and esteemed friend,
RotJ 14 Mitchell, "'4tt ZanesvUie,-baa re
jBrd!frot tha estibltshmenof arrongb
A VtiL tMd1d fatuW'maf tiefonnd the
hhiet wanrootnarbt MrJ.X W. Cad well.
So.11$;iLali rtre'2iaBsvnle;:wheri9 Jxix
Blture of all kjnos and -ot to Desi manu
faeture may be always fcaa.VV-" i- i h
' .wioHAL-e'neiar Thomas I. , Tonn j.
RflDervisor la the Sonther District Of
Ohio, is at the NeiLHouse. We hear It ru
ltora tiwti ho ta-lMM to see It the varlons
4ar rooms being Wnlnsome of Ourhotels,
are Drorlded 'wltJi the necessary United
States license for retailing, and to test the
Mllty ef tht'iiqnor kept for lobbying
purposes." ": " ' . ' ;j i- ' ,c
Poticii Jotnrr-There was a motley col
lection of galoots before the Mayor yesterr
y'byj."irere:a1l plain drunks,
they presented no points of interest. .They
were'tlebrie Swtfrf, flnrnk,"5 'and costs,
eommittedOiafcBerger, dlttoi fSStnd
eeatsjpakij Chas. Adams and Dick Jones,
a jmUs ofjaghts, and costt each, commit
ted. Peter Haggarths drunk, S and costs,
filisFTOHFi.TK8TKKr)Twifii ibllowt
lag transfers of real estate were left at the
Jtecjorder'i offlcvtejrdayi.. .
rpbraim Johosoa and wife to Eliza Jane
Johnson, Aug. 36th, 18, lot TSo. 34, in M.
1 jUliTantl second aduiaoato 'tte tow
of Frankllnton, for f 400.
J oaepKXoCanfplieB Sod wQe 46 Lorenzo
Thomas, Dee. 3d, 1868; 60 acres of land In
VasfclngTbrf townsliipV to f S,60a "
T.49a.irrrnk .Smithy and ? John; Keea-
wortty werepeaptuned' whllo- prowling in
certain aUeys iot jtha city t in a suspicious
manner Before the Mayor they eonfesi
to having visible mean of support ; that
they had done no work tor a year, In fact.
The Mayor,' .In order td change matters
with them." fined tnem:$8 and costs each.
iod jriye l&eni 'nealUttle situation atthe
Sdddih DiiTH-Lorenro Dow, one or
the oldest engineers on the. Little Mlam.1
MUr'aaA.dW very ; suddenly ai hia ' reel-
enO oil ?T0rt& Higa street neat the street
railroad stab)B, on Tuesday evening
or neuralgia f the 'heart fia 'aatk eat-
Ing his supper with-nlr family, when
na suaaeuy. . inewn iiw arms, ex-
armm'Oh. niy Uod," and died fnstanti-
ly. lie ieaves a wile ana two cnuoren,
BxiKjnsp -iT'-THa EikK. Just at the
Cjps of thejjkatlnit last nighf, there was a
ktrmish on tb,to-tbat canted some little
seems a ikaclst rrud to reaVfrttefee,
fA omf;opAajii ..aptjjorljjlr
. unptea to gut mm on, ne iorgoc tne pro
tlndale'awaytthe rinktet,
. rasing a black eyt) and coniderahle of a
tow. If maotiom'i eetr .coo 6n Ice, 'i
time to quit trying! Sk )- i t'aii
8emibi TJbe. managers jt JbeElnk
fav4 aalaag; ataas tatfrn ctlcketn Iwhich
entiUett bHf -admUalons on
akatlngf flays or ' nlghti and may be used
by any maabavaf a.ifaaiily, ar any other
person, Tbej cost-btt 9i Wj Persons
purcbasTng ' these Uckets,'lt wili" be aeen,
fay! t twenty-five eenta for admliston;
whD? buyers of single tickets are charged
Afty eata.-lThloomjalutattoa- ticket bust,
nesa Is a sensible notion m .:..:. Z',X ;
r " BistxV'-A eopple of med rent 4ve
tfte rlyer yesterday, beyond "the cprpora-
Uob line, to enjoy, th delights of a prle
ghirAite getting every thins ready W
oordlig to the rnlea of the P. seconds
and bottle boldara la place aod 'prinoipfus
trlpp6?;'tbi ae'wiL : we are, told, they
went to, work kteklag, biting and gouging
like i pale of doga. As -near, as we can
6M Out thj fighf vu a brutal one, not
rising to ahedigalty. of a milU" even.
- Frxen Ymt"rdat. The certificate of
Ineorporalion of the Columbian Coal and
Iron eompanyJaraa'nlad' wUh the Secre
tary of StttOj esrdHrTl.TbompaaIs
rgaalced for- the purpose oT mining jsoml
ind inaonfactorlajt iron-.Cavlui, atoek
iaimnrmtrhiia miIIhImm fHw..,.
it to $500,000, la shares .o tad. PrUwIpai
pfilceln ColumUan CotoxDblana bounty.
A.Waddell, Daniel Deemer Jamea -jh.
ark the aorooratora. isiot
SaTrtoakat4jg has be-
come not only the fashion.'but is taking
place auoog ths i necessities ol4Ifei Large
r . - Tf. - --- i
turning pal iksiteJJ jfxpegafvo buildings'
(cauea nnKsi nave peen constructed lor
.ettei;.rj3oyMent.pf this 46Vk,u,!
sport and healthful exercise. ,, A new class!
f professionals have arisen, both male and
female, who make a livelihood by showfhg
bow great a proficiency can be attained in
the art, and the titles of skatorlal king and
queen, and other. terms' to denote excel
lence, are in common nse; and now we
have a journal. The Skater, published at
Chicago, and entirely devoted to the inter
ests of this sport.' lut we commenced this
article to tell what magnificent ice there
was at the rink yesterday, and what a df an
delightful, dashing little witch of a skater
Nellie. Dean is. She performs the most'
difficult movements with a graceful dash :
we have oever seen equalled, and he very
feet eeefn to 'say Why, that's nothing J''
She executes all she attempts in a wonder
ful manner. There was a fine crowd in at
tendance and the ice field could not have
been ; better.; An 'ancient T. statist; 6be j
wlyose early days were passed: on skates
whose high Dutch points were twisted and
quirled like a fancy writing master's cap
ital Q. writes as followeth : -.t ; v .
Down SUU (treat with doabtfnl errand
I uantered irtn, demeanor bland :
-T the Bink,4ude depotit and denumd r'f
For iketet. with beoominc ttyle and grand -1
. Flourish, like a reel, gallant lire brigand ;
Among the fair ifai wakt (panned l
With (7lph-like lassie batd-in-hand.
. , B j Jotb, it seemed some magie wand . .,n ,4 1
','.' Bad bij Terr existenoeeharsedaad a
1 bad slid into fairy land.
, There with the airy queen of the band, ::
Bj cooling sepbrrf gently fanned. . . . -S
Free from thought br the" wieked planned. j
, 1 .1 . T 1 ' -
t Had I Dot been brought to a suddea stand r r
. Bjr a collision, learing the dear unmanned m
i; I might have forgotten that Zaland,"
Mr wife, won Id hardly forgiTe me if ahe knew
it; while.' too.l hare a daughter big enough
,, to skate barefooted. :' --,;?'
All ef which goes to prove that skating
Is a deligbtfuLhealth-giying, care-destroying
exercise, and that Nellie Dean Is Old
Skater's, daughter . .. . . . ...... i
Lock tour Doors. If our readers .could
make a lour of this city with us some night
and see and learn tromtbe policemen how '
many store doors are left unlocked, by :
careless and, neglectful, clarks or propria
tors, they would wonder that' half the es-
tablishments in the city are not robbed.
One store on-'Higb street, near the Postnf
flce, has been found open three times in as ;
many weeks. If people would nse a little j
more caution themselves, and devote, les ;
tlmeohe abuse bt our police force,' bur-
glars would not have as easy times of it as :
they have now. '.There are allowed to this ,
erty bylaw some twenty-Ror -or " twenty- (
five teolicemenU Four of th,ese, arbji day ;
duty, and three are- officers,-who-- are on ;
duty all the-timej leaving but about eigh- :
teitttcx watch the entire city at night, yet j
people are as careless about locking up as
If each store and residence had a special j
watchman. In front of It. Then, alter, an :
establishment has been robbed, comes a '
hoeaBdcry about the inefficiency of the
police. -""" "
Don't Stop. One of the greatest Incon
veniences In a crowded audience arises
from sehijiactitBat people of, tae!saiddy
class, who are always among the first to
jump to their feet and rush to the door, as
though the building were on fire, will not
exercise, a lfttle descretlbh'k'nd melf-denlal
In getting out. When they reach the
outer door they bave to stop and converse
with some, gilt-edged gosling. oc other,-In
tight-legged pants, with hi hair parted la
the middle and a general appearance of a
cross between a tailor's model and an or
gan grinder's monkey, thus blocking the
way and detaining all unfortunates,. In the
rear'.' ' If when "people get started they
would keep going until they get out and.
entirely clear of the building, they would
confer, unknowingly, a lasting favor on
those who, having decency enough to keep
their seats until the performance Is ended,
are unfortunately behind them.
v-- :: ; ' 1 1 '
The Ihfkknal Eevknue. The United'
States Assessor has received the following
circular In reference to the assessment of
Income tax :
WASHINGTON, January 16, 1869.
Tbe blank forms for the Annual Assess
ment are now ready for delivery, and As
sesaora .who -Jiav.B ot already forwarded
their order should do so at once.
If any blanks remain on hand from last
year they may be. nsedjby changing dates
to correspond with forms for 1869.
On form 2d the value of gold at the close
of tbe year Abonid also be changed, This
value in New York, December 31, 1868,
was 135.
Asseasors are advised to commence the
Annual Assessment immediate Iv. r r
WASHINGTON, January 16, 1869. E. A. ROLLINS, Commissioner.
Lecture To-Niqht. To-night,our read-'
eri'fWm remember, Lieutenant Oeorge
Kennan Is W lecture before the Young
Men's Christian Association, In the Second
Presbyterian church, on a subject he has
made a specialty, and on which he is, per
haps, better flDted toy speak than any man
in America Life in Siberia. With an op
portunity tc study his subject and make
liniself fully conviraant wlUv .Us detail,
be cannot but give an interesting lecture.
Lieutenant Kennan leftj Columbus to join
tbe Btisao-Amerlcan telegraph expedition
and, therefore, being one of cury-n citl
sens shouldUbe grseted'-lbyCan iandience
donble that we should give a stranger.
: T'iii u
The EcLipeB.XiAs far'as this locality Is
concerned, the eclipse was. ,a failure. It
was so .cloudy 3n jtbeCeriyJjart; of the
evening that 'the moon was not visible.
Before the shadow vpasaed CP fit, Xrem the
luminary, howeverwe hiftnagel to get a
partial glimpse at it. She looked, with
the shadows obscurlng"Ehe npper portion,
like a prl?e fighter with dajnageiLeye
tienrwlth"a dirty rbkndkerbhfefT By
eleven o'clock tbe obscuration bad entire
ly disappeared, tbe clouds had vanished,
amr taegentle oddest? was beaming away
as if nothing unusual had happened. " -
KiEr to i Bight.. It, Is a common
rule, and owa-easy'ln 'observance, both
with veh)clesand pede8tr(ans going inop
peefte- dfreenona, tfiat when- tbey "meet
each should, take the-righf band side in
paAifg.-ift6iing:ls ort disagreeable,
and to by-standersAiaore luJicerous
sight, than to meet a person who takes the
same side if the' "walk as yourself," and
causing frequenAjra' dodgfng of both pa1!
ties from one side, to the other, until on
losing patlenceIstanda,atUland lets the
??J5Kii AA?'yrtak6 e right hand
Tbxateb.-7-A rousing audience attended
the representation prUnder the Gaslight
last night; and right Well were they pleased
with iiPThdogn' we have seen it many a
time and oft, it has tost none of its attrac
Uteness,and the raHroad.soene at the end
of the fourth act causes as much of a thrill
now as it did on Its-first representation.
The lay.' ln' obedience to' a"ve'ry gerieW
demand, will be repeated to-nlgbC, 'wben
all who ha?e not seen it should go, and all
w.?.h,.yAwUJ . 2 to",v' 1 '" ' ,f
tfiitTE to- the BAau-Pomery BJ
Johnaen. of Lima, and Wm. M. Grahaoi, of
Columbnty were op yesterday admitted to
the practice' of ' taw in -the Courts of thia
WASHINGTON, January 16, 1869. E. A. ROLLINS, Commissioner. A Card.
Editors STAtassiAHIee In last
day's News that the rate of insurance baa
just beefe rafseffW por eerjl.ln Columbus,
whicn la a mistake, stf far as my agency to
concerned. Yours, &cn .
Insurance Agent Naughton Building.
Executive Comhttbs Mektinq. There
LwUl be, a. meeting of the Democratic, x1?
ana townsnip uecuuve committee at
Tburman Hall on Friday next, Jan. 27th
at 2 o'clock P. M. Business of importance
will be brought before the meeting, and it
is hoped every member of the committees
' :
$10 BewarD will be given by the un
dersigned to any one who will Inform him
where Mr. E. W.Bargdlllcan be found.,
UiJl vi i n t A. Carlisle, i
jan27-d3t No. 110 East Kich St.
Jewelry made and repaired by C. E,
Smith, 27 S. High street, over Bain's store
nov6d3m - ,
The mortgagees of the Olentangy
Park Association are .requested to call at
my office and receive balance due them In
janl4-tf Bichabd Nevkis, Vice Pres't. )
Hollo wit's OimtmbmT - Unlike the dan
gerous onguents that temporarily arrest
pain by a deadening, paralyzing process,
this pure and wholesome vegetable salve
promotes vital action in the sore ulcerated
or bruised flesh to which it is applied, and
by this means enables nature to counteract
diseased action In tbe part affected, and to
restore lts aanndnesBiThls,isrthtfpbllosoj
phy of its operation. It is simple, rational,
and experience, which is better than the
ory, proves thatltls true. Sold by all
druggists. ' . jy9-dly-cw i
A Cold neglected, frequently lays' the
foundation of nncurable Consumption.
No person should sutler one to continue;
True, they will "wear out," but they often
wear the patient' Out. The "best eura is
Humphreys' Homoeopathic " Cough and
Fever Pills. Taken alternately, they al
lay the fever, irritation,- and cough, heal
np the lungs, and cure the disease. Price,
6 boxes for 91. 25. Sold by dealers,
and sent by mail on receipt bt the
price. Address, ; Humphreys' Specific!
Homeopathio Hedicikb 'Co., 662 Broad-
way.N.'Y. ''' 1yl3-d&wly-cw
For Sale. One Family Carriage, built
by Watson, of Philadelphia. One Dog.
Cart, built -by TSrewster '! & -t'ot New
York; nearly new. One very light no top
Buggy weight, 136 pounds : nearly new.
wneJ agger . w agqn,; -wiv. top, Jpullt byi
Brewster & Co, New York. One Porllay-
Sleigh, very light, and almost new. One
set fine CoachHarness, made byi Laeey &
tr tiuips, of. Jf biiadeiphla. Also, one Track
Sulky; Skeleton Wagon,: light; single and
double Harness ; bells, &c As I intend
changing my residence, April lt, the.abov
will be told lowii w t 'iiCHARD; NivrnsJ
w Holloway'b Pills Tbe symptoms of
dyspepsia often closely- resemble those of
heart disease.1'-Hot Hushes,' violent palpi
tation, spasms, sudden faintness, suffocat-i
Ing sensatloBS,ete1 areprdinaryreaults of
chronic indigestion. These somewhat;
alarming Indications of a pul jttomach in
capable of converting' the aliment it re-,
ceives to a wholesome, purpose, can only
be got rid of by proper alterative and ca-
tharvie treatment,, and Hollo way's Pills are
thi very beat ftnedicioe that caa ad
ministered in such cases. Sold by all
lbs ii
Half way' up Lookout Mountain, the
place where memory Is stirred by a thou
sand thrilling associations, and where ihe
brave boy f of both armies vhet and foe got
band to hand, where tbe blood of both
friend, and foe , was .mingled together and
ran down the mountain-side In rivulets, is
a smooth-faced rock, upon which a poor,
wounded soldier 'ascribed 'the'toffowlog :
"S.T 1860 X. Early In the battle I
was wounded, and carried to this BDot bv
two clevetv.' Yanks.l,They Madel ine fere-
well, and as they supposed, to die, for l
wa,, weak; .from .loss . of bipod, that I
could but faintly thank-them for their
kindness. Tbey left In my canteen a part
bottle of Plantation1 Bitters, to which 1
owe my life, for it strengthened.- me and
kept life within me until helpame and
my wound was dressed: God bless them
or their kindnesaand for the Plantation
JJenrt Davagel,
ComDahv B. 10th Georgia.
' Magxolia Wateb. Superior to tbe best
imported German Cologne, and told at
half the price.hlii') .ji"-'! ''
I II' 'It 1 . ' 1 - J 4 IJI J
' lo Trifle -vrltti DtsBKer,
A single spark tnarjr&dle a lame tbas enr
snme a oily, and small ailments neglected, may
end in fatal jliaordera.? Bearinc thia fact in mini
let the first symptoms 'of debilty or nerrous pros
tration be met promptly iwith inTitoratinc treat
ment. Foremost among the regetable tonios of the
k( ! stands HOSTBTTEHIS f 8T0M ACa; jpt t
TElla, and wbenbrer the'Tital powers em to lin
gnish, or there is any reason to suspect that the an
imal f unotione (Mentlal to the sus tenetion and pa-
rifieation of the body are Imperfectly performed,
this invaluable inrigorant and antiseptie should at
onoe b resorted to.tlndiestioB,.ailp1ys jcodnoes
weakness. Sometimes it happens, and this is
mcf frequently X eue ln, iotriha at eny
ether season, that the appetite dentaafe ibope good
thaa the itomaoh-ean digest) thong not more.por
haps, thaa is required to keep p the fol strength
of the frame. The object, nnder snoh' cireum
stanecs. is to inerease tbe digestive capacity ef Xk
assimilating organ, so as to make it exnal to the
duty imposed ttpoa U by tbe appetite, and Aspsble
of supplying the buUSing material of th tytttm as
fast as it is required this objeot it fullr aopom-
plished by the nse of the Bitters. They tone and
geotlx. stimnlate the eelnlar membrane, rfaieh
SeeretefthrgSBtrie julira: and tbe result Is that the
solvent is minded with the food in sufficient auan.
trty to convert al U nourishing partleles into pure
and' wholesome element; If, on the other hand
there is a defici!rioy of appeilte, without ad v corres
ponding deficiency of elgestive power; the effect of
the tonio is to stima ate a desire for food. In nine
teen eises out of twenty, headache, nausea, nerv
ousness: faiatlhg Bte, spasms, and. indeed, most of
the casual aches and pains to which humanity is
snhKctfPfeeeed prtaiaribT.frem indigeetioiioomplir-
cated withbilfonanejs: and for both these oomplaints
ommended as a speedy and certain remedy.
i . H? J i XT
1ST Ne"l(t Uteris Street
Wm. Taytorf J'Coxrrt ofTjbmamn Plees of
Jacob I-n. )
r J- Ohio.
above stated ease from said court to me di
rected. I wilt offer for sale at public auction, at the
Court Howe, ia tne oity of Cotambn. en u ....
Wednesday, tbe 3d day of February, A. D
at 10 o'clock A.M. the following goods and chattels
or o much ttereo as jrill satisff sidiexcatioin
Three barrels whisky, i barrels snrgum molasses,
i "1 W"1. one-half barrel Catawba wine, 1 bar-
w . r'""'.1 "rrei merry wiue, I Darrei diace
Printer fees
acting as hheriff.
fto. Apply at the stoferoem for terms,
janas-deodla a. VOGEL.
States' of AmericaJ
' r- .!' C. )'.;,.'
Cash Capital, - $1,000,000
'' r PAID Iff FULL. : ". ; !
To which all general correspondence) should be ad-
, .. arensea. ..; , .
OFFICERS ' - 'T: .'.
JAY COOKE. Chairmaa Finasee aud Fzecutire
HENRY U. COOKE. Tie Praaidant. . .
EMbRdON W. FEET. Secretary and Actuary.
Offered by this Company are s
It 1( a National ComDanv. chartered bv snectal
act of Congress, 1888.
it nas a paid np capital or 31.100,000. .
It offers low rates of premium. :
It furnishes larcer Insurance than other Comna
niesfor the same money. .., --,
It u definite and certain in Its terms.
It is a borne Company in every locality.
Its Polioies are exempt from attachment. -There
are no nnnMsuir reatrintiona in the Vol
ides. ...
Every Policy Is non-forfeitahle; 1
Policies mav be taken that will mt Insured their
foil amount and return all the premiums, so that
the Insuranoe oosts only the interest on the annual
Polioies may be taken which pay to the Insured,
after a certain number of years, during life; an an
nual income of one-tenth the amount named in the
No extra rats is charged for risk npoa the lives
ef females
It insures not to pay dividends, but at S a
cost that dividends will be impossible.
' ;. "'; JOHH W. ELLIS i CO..' i !
Cincinnati. Ohio, General Agents for Ohio Central
and Southern Indiana.. -T-...
' ,8. HI. SMITH,' Jr4 .
' ' Columbus, Agent for Franklin county,
reirr-oc&a-deod&weowly v : .. . , . K
.... 1 AND .
PROVIDENCE. R. I., having the largest manu
faettiTof Solid Silver Ware in -the world, with
the most sproved machinery, and employing the
most skilled labor., are enabled to offer an un
equalled variety of new and beautiful designs in
Dinner Services, Tea Services, and every .article
specially adapted for Holiday and Bridal Gifts. : 0
"They offer also their well-known and nnrivalled
Nickel Silver Eleotro-Plated Ware, in which they
hare Introduced new patterns of rare eleganoe.
The Solid Silver is guaranteed, to be of sterling
purity by U'. S. Mint assay. The Electro-Plate is
guaranteed to be superior to the finest Sheffield
ware. Orders received from the Trade only, but
these goods may ba obtained .'from responsible
dealers every e-here. .. . -t r . .- . , ,
Trade Mark Txt' for
Salesroom No. 3 Maiden Lane, N. Y.
novS-dw4Xm-re t ."- i
f -: r .,:;';Theseof ' J' '
Will restore it to its natural eolor and promote Mi
growHi.-' ' " -' .
('axViT'raaa bt maii.. . i
RifTi AXL Ca.Tfashua, N.fl Ptoprieton,
For sale by all Druggists. " "'
ttlyJS dltawAwlj-oni
Ayer's Cathartic Pills,
xror an tasy
..Madioma. Vi..T-,
of s.XsatiTO
i .. . 11
Perhaps na one medt.
iue ia so universally r
quired by everybody aF
a cathartic, nor was ever
anv before so universal-
,1 -i, ly adopted into use, in
every country and among
tituma elasees,'aa this mild
but efficient . purgative
' .- JHUi The obvious rea-
bob Is, tnsit m a more re
liable and far more effec
tual remedy than any
ftihe'F- Thnafl whft hava
tried It, know that it cured them; those who have
not. know that it cures their neighbors and friends,
and all know that what it does once It does alwaya
that it never tails through any fault or neglectof
its composition.. We have thousands upon thou,
aands of certificates of their remarkable cure of the
following complaints, but such cures are known in
every neighborhood, and we need not publish them.
Adapted to all ages and conditions in ail climates;
containing neither calomel or any deleterious drug,
they may be taken with safety by anybody. , Their
sugar coating preserves them ever fissltand make
them pleasant to take, while being purely vegetable
no harm can arise from their use in any quantity- 4
They operate by their powerful inflaence on the
internal viscera to purify the blood and stimulate it
into healthy action remove tbe obeCnrctkraa of the
stomach, bowels, liver, and other organ of the
body, restoringtheir irregular action to health, and
by correcting, wherever they exiet, such derange,
gents a are the first origin of disease. . , ,
Minute directions a-e given in the wrapper' 04
the box, for the following complaints, which these
PUU rapidly cure: . . . . .
r or jwyapepeist or JLSMiigvaiienn, auiasi.
istarnor ana Aosa or Appetite, they
enouia ue iaen moderately to samuiaio uie stom
en and restore its Healthy tone and action.? 1
- For X.lver Coaaplaiisit and its various symp
toms, Billesu Heartache, Stick Haaulacbe,
Yatstaiallce or egreeai J Slclrieee,. Biltooa
Colic and Billeew Seven, they should be ju
diciously taken (breach ease, to correct the diseased
action or remove the obstructions which cause it.
. For Dyaedtery or IMsti-rkoBa, but one mild
dose is generally required. ....
' For XUaewmsstlsn., Aeert, Crave! , Palpi,
tattoo ef the Heart, Pata 1st Ihe Side,
Back and Violas, they should be continuously
taken, as required, to change the diseased action of
the system. With such change those complaints
- For Dropsy and Ifropelfal Swelllsnre they
should be taken in large and frequent doses to pro
duce the effect of a drastic purge.
For aparmloa a large dose should be taken
as it produces the desired effect by sympathy.
As a IHmur JtH, take one or two iiW to pro
note digestion and relieve the stomach. ' '.- -
An occasional dose stimulates the stomach and
bowels into healthy action, restore the appetite,
uu wviguracee we system, nence n is onen aa
vantageons where no serious derananment exists.
flnA KllA fatAm .aIahKW wall " M . d .1 .1 . - .1
of these Pill makes him feel decidedly better, from
their cleansing and renovating effect on the diges
tive apparatus.
JX, a. C. A.TBS Jt CO., JPraatieat ChnitU,
XOWJFIX. MASS.', XT. 8 JLm . '
to- For sale by BRAUTt' BRrjCK CO..
Wholesale and Retail, Columbus, and all Drug
gists. 1 ' ' ien-eodeowly-cin
The Plaster of the "Time."
"'" " allco'ck's POROUS. T'1
In Lambago they act like a eharm.' In a few
hours a violent cough is relieved by a Plaster ay
plied to the chest. Many persons believe aeold
cannot be taken while a plaster is worn there ; this
we know, they greatly assist in the cure of a
neglected cold, so often the introducer of Consuajp
tton'.ni; v ; A . -; i:' .. - ' . - 1 --t . - . .' ,.r . , '.(
Cure of aLealan of 1 K,l-rcr. ;"
A gentleman, after a severe (iokness, bad lesion
of tbe liver. Every qniek movement or sudden 'at
tare him severe pai n. orten lay ing him up for daj H
rieooe be was enable to follow am oeenpetioa wit l
regularity. .'- -r. :
In this condition he applied over the part affect
first it seemed to irritate, so it wa taken off. . Bi
(he marked improvement he experienced afterwar
gave him esarage to try again, and he therefore aj
plied another plaster. In a few days somethii I
gave wajr ilipped." to nse the gentle en sow .
werflar There was some soreness for a few days at , '
tor. than his h saith was perfectly restored. Ope
being sounded by his physician the adhesion . .
lesion was foond to be gone. : ,
Principal'' Agency. BBAKnajtm Becsa. Ne-r
Tork. SoUbyaUdroggiita. ,f
3nneio-owijcm-renx . :
PaLMia'a Votailb Cosarrra Lortoir 1st! ,
sovereign balm for the smallest pimple on tbe fas, '
aa well as the. most distressing cutaneous discs. '
hat ban afflict any part Of the person. tv;
sep21 dawly-om
.gUOM .LTTJc-QOTS AND: SUOES.. g,.,?!n0 Jj
$50pllfETH0UMD D0LLRS 'Wm
Stock of new and superior goods, embracing every thing in tbe line of MENS'. WOMEN'S.
YOUTH'S. MISSES' AND CHILDREN'S BOOTS AND 8HOES,ow offered Pfo lel aidto b"ile2
out, without reserve, at the store in OESHLEK'd NEW VUILD1NQ. Look at some of the prices and
compare them With thoio usually charged : . . . ... , . i j
Men's Kip Boots, sail Wheltt latllier, ' ' , - OO, Resslar price $!.
Boya' Kip Boots, j '.''ri.r ,'' ". '" i
Tsnths'KIp Boots, .. - ' '.- . .l.S, 'vd't'h--
Cnllda Kip Boots. T ; ;' " J
Meat's Cair, Tap-Soled Bootn,
Wosaeai's Call Hhoes, Best,
W Barm's Boat Rloroceo Shoes, "
EAdles Doable Soled anstlasf Coat
Oadles'do Silk Gore Tory Best l -
IHlawes Morocco Nfaoes, Pol tab,
Chllds' Morocco Shoes, - ' "
These goods are guaranteed to beat superior
Don't forget that the "sale is positive, snd is limited to bnt a few weeks. Another such opportanit'
will never i.ecar aratn. Be sure and find the right place (there is bat one before baring.
; UESHLER'S NEW BUILDING, opposite the Statbsmam Urrai. is the place. Go and see' r
Goods. t . ... w . , . . .-I .,
,o4eoT-deod3oi-ar.M .ttior !.. ji !,E. O. CLOUD At CO.i '
H ,:,. .,.,,.: .i , , PRINTING.; -.! 'i-'J
'HLN N(i
, )
i .
' '2
:-a- - j
uii.:;A.i.i.- .-V .....
Haying greatly t enlargec! onrPrlntlDjt
i z n ir a &j ..jjioixix
r. -V r -
Tlieyest jaiid iHost ApprdVcd 1 Style,
i Mk mi A
.;!?.;:; - iiv ' And the addition of
. Generally conceded to be tbe fastest
t. i: .
H:--,l.. ".DV.n - .. .. ',;: u(tt I r) .i?fcj
In connection Vith RTJGGLES', CORDON'S and WELLS' Job Presses, tbat bare
proven such suceesaes in our office, and having the largest and most commodious
building in this city in wnicn to operate,
.fi .1 ; - - i
r. . 't : "r.l
' a (
.11,, i ; ie j ;1J .o l'.'-.a.t ,l-v ;
In the best Mid neatest style of theart, and
uur last iN w Jrreppe?, our jra proven ronomicai macninery ne result or the inge
nuity and -If. veiitiVe talpnts of tbe best minds of the sue enable as to do good work
at MUCH CHEAPER RATES tban can be done in the old style and with only the old
facilities. ' Tbe OlSce la complete ia all its arrangements, and can do the work with
u( 'Ai 1 rtfT1 rr ? n"i Mfp i
Pamphlets, a j iiii
Handbills., ; ; ; Z?Z?rA
Legal .Blanksi'-g
Blank Books,
I- . h rut !
Business Cards, r
... i , :. ...... t. i m:-:--.. cr-.-, sr i. o."'Ti"-. .1
' 1 ' ' V- i. I
'',M '.- I.!;'.' ; t.i iJJU'H.'i' ' '..!. :.....,... J, ,9...
. 1.- ..A I.. 'r.l' " l
' ..' i i
In this specialty we
Having More Presses
unices in the
We are prepared to execute all kinds of Printing, in any eolor, at lower prices tban
our npltrhhiirs. ' . w
; v. and SATisrAJJUox guaranteed.
vj - ? I Ji aatatem(ua. Unlldlnir ' .
Nos. R ,3e,;A 38t, and v,40 Korthv High Street;
COr.XjIBlgr, OHIO. '
j a J ' i V U.l
; r- UBSrf J ".! ,ji tM
: 1 - '-'-' .Otli,1 :''-. 7 0
,: '
Oalterm, LoIO, : . ' '. '. .
r - t - : - -.lUSfu lli i ! S.a
L' .
'4, r.r ,nS? :7-.f
Aro . . Jftr- . , . r--. I.. . 1
material and workmanship, and wQI bear comparison
: - - ! i,...:.' -
' ' ;i'7.V ;'.f"t.l iia .
llU'i 'ct . . i I:w l . tirlt ':,
a--n -rt . ri'.:f
ji IT
! f.
; a r.-. t. I ne rn-.j.
I; J M .V: 3 t '.,'.-'!
I ,-:-: f.r.-. t-ir'A.-.i iiiur,'-. '
f( J-'. i' i O'. ... ' !!.. i I
- .....! .1 t-j!e ne -.-l ;. r..,i: (,.-;!
' '
1 1. J. .., . .1. -' IT . -I.'. I
Facilities by the purchase of a complete new
, il 'sas.-ftf-n H ! '. -.
V bo - T-i-f ' 1,'i
;- -'. . 8Ji-. i
Dif -I-
,. " - ' aij . i r t r-. ; i
I . rt ' l . r v 1 !
New Presses, including ft'),', ,:.LtZj!-
and best FiiDting Machine in. the world.
a: it llBH
II. K S .-t
we are aow prepared i
upon terms that cannot be competed with.
if 1. Vi V,' .-..,. a.. .:i.. I
Lrtvftust ;.', vi Tr.; - .- I
i ir. ai n !!. ; l
Letter; Heads;
'..1 i, . '.
Drui? Labels,
Bills cf Fare,- Etc.; ; j
-. , -X ' - . .. r ...
are unsurpassed.
- . a : i
than all Other Printing
City Combined;. ; :
1 a:. 111.-, v
v.. . .
' 'ft. 11
.1-1-1 .
ttii r.-,!.- i -V
j. r" . .el 1
J. ST. JOHN CLARKSON, Sec'y. COMMERCIAL MATTERS. Cincinnati Money Market—Jan 27.
fini.n.. 15A K,,nin .
EXCHANGE Firm at burte. Aid
HOta premium seilmo;.' ' Artfu
New York Money Market—Jan. 27.
i .u. ' wauauus
PIP? : net at 67c i-,-, r f. T ,
, STTERLING Steady at l69i109.
vvitnout aecidrKt ctiaase; elos
?ir"i .P?"I!? ' J3S!,.feH.-ta,136), and
New York Stock Market—Jan. 27.
new 108108? do '67 10M1iqvo
maud for registered bouda eduUnueevejad
lare amonaU of can pen bonds go daily to
Washington for convr rslon.. ,.,,.,
railway sHARESxhe market dar
ing; the forenoon was generally weak,
though exceptionally Sock Island, Wabask,
and Indiana Central were -jtronif sod
hijther.' Old Southern,'Erie, Harlem and
ness In Rock Isfariwaa ccasfooef by the
intimation that the company will make a
distribution of scrip representing the large
amount of land owned, and estiaated at
10,000,000 -to; $U 000.000. -Hudson.
anced 4 cent, and Harlam Was RrnS.hti
the afternoon tbe entire market t buoy
ant atid actfwe at Mgber rates.'1 UtiMnwia
WAR well rllafrrhnfprl t.hrr,,arKnnfr ,k. 11..
and at the close the feeling, was iqsetUed
and feverish, but. the advaooa.weU aaain-
talned' J' .H -rr ttwa 4 i.;ie usai
6:30 prlt-WelW'-Eirpreii,.0
American 4fc Adams Gfi2Rnir:TInlfft
5010.5: ' Merchant' UuionA Via
rrn Unlet
Pacilic Mail 1217iai22 Western
Te1esrraph''87i38;'New York Central
I6416434t Erea638i BayJaaaaKV
13ti; Harlem 140Q14a;Reaaing
ierre- Hant 4243; Wabash 66M66?;
wu.,. oii .TB'TB, preiei lea
sfsoinni 38lCSi3SU: Mmtiican Central 1 1flt
ois "Cfenlrar l3Sl.1ntPirfahirrrh
!-.f rw .Ta-rr;ia ni n'iiion
New York Market—Jan 27.
.eailOir-r-rac 'betterTand Tmora aAV
tlve sales aas29e for trrtddHnffTip
land?; closing quiet, and no bu vers over in-
sWe prlcestitr ;..'....' ..'.fi.'j
lAiUK-Closed dull and 510etdwef.
WHEAT-r-Quiet. and alizhtlv in bn vera'
favor, witlt a limited exfortsnjard for
sprirvtr.- "-r r o ..t
JK r I-Dnll at f V 48I 50 Jof westerd.
OATS Dull at 75c ia store, and iBl&t Me
western, afloat.... I: ..,-.4 e!
CORN-Oulet at 9396Kc fornew tnfxel
western, aud $1 05 I 08 for eldmlxefl
western in store and apafc.y. i.rV .rr-'j
- PORK Heavv -and lower; . 3a J. -iot
new megs,1-regular. , --. -u ,n.,wia
-BEEF Quiet and .p.ncbnge4tr7,'?3
cni . MtLAT&Flrm. wltd moderaSe
enquiry. -oi.jlmaaajEieiourtolt
JtACXlNiujOnrf't anrl Arm: ... .-..a.iivcoj
jAitu uuu and. drooping, with bo fcajes
ported, a-,. fT'oi?,-'ViTia
EGGS Steady "at 2950e.
Cincinnati Market—Jan 27.
speoblatiTe demtvndi prfdea
25e'Mheri ffanrily $7 768- '
aXfiN--DuU "Qfi i si
WHEAT Dull but unchanged.
RYEOirietmid steaTti va.( A
UBABLEY-nQiiietand ateady,?.,,
' COTTON In' demand .at 28o- fbrniljj.
dlinsr uplands. Af va '-4. .. -v-,!!!
vi WHISK-1DuUB(9697. -nf-
... OtLS Unseed prni MS107: lardlgher
atfl 64iaV69. ;, 'ill""- ' ' '
; BUTTER Ii 23c Tower anSatilR fresh
3036c. "'j (Hi e riHKiAji ts
i fORK Mfess beld at 31c, no sales at beb
ter than QSQc. but aot much pffeied.at
any price, , '.' -'.'; '-' T
sparihely;1-" J'-' a uuw r-n,i:s r-ilir
! BULK! MEATS In demand at iZ&UH
l)il7o for shoulders, sides, clear. flo
and clear., sides sold at. 13)e; 15JsTror
sides, to be delivered March lirsf"- 11
BACON Firm; ntft much Out oT wnokej
snoniaera ne; clear no eiaea iccu
io-, ouiuers ;iiow ahKp pigner ai cpg
Chicago Market—Jan. 27.
t FLOUR Steady, and quiet; $3 S
fnr hnrfnor avtraa. '"-'Jri ' " v'l !
WHEAT Less active and jmje 16 w4
sales ef-Nol at tl 21? No 2$lil44
1,15.. closing; at. -UXQl 4,alea
since yChaage at $1 15 ' ,
CORN Firm and higher; sales of Vl'a
6556e; no grade at 51l:oldSi)
1 64a in store; yellow 68o ivaefct No-i
70c, seller last hall of :ADr.ll: No 1 2e .sel
ler May, and new 67v buyer February.
Nothing doing this atternood. "1Uu "
" uats 48Ji485e tor-Ko a, na'6o
fbrrefecfei'! 'i;.'i iftrr fms 4ivTa
.,BYJaVr-fn(,!fai!! .dtmand, ,and. .101
highen sales.ef ,No 1 at $1 0.
BARLEY Quiet at $I '77k13 150
2, cash, and $1 79. seller February.' a '-aU
r DKiiSSBD HOGS Dult.T:loUig at13
13 60,:lividing-on 2C0 lbs; 0i7, aiItj
and Arm attlQ,10l(i761brsUpplng, ana
1113.11 oz ior packing.. . .
1. ,-. 'f. ,iifTT T ijMnoo nartt
Toledo Market—Jan. 27.
j'lijfltUfiolet' sbd1 steady., , SlJU
i'WHEAT Moderately active; Bawbenil
Shade lower: N 1 wbiteslicilgaffl-)0
amber $1 6331 68U.,cioslng titlsid:!No
CORN Market blgber and active,'' fand
very Je vr sale oCnew t,6d66K t rejected
62o; white 66a;j,,!., i n:, :..,
OATS-Sbade Tower and qdietj6
57c tor Michigan and No 1.. -A
h RTE-M3ale and niiehangedirw 1I
BABLElf Canada 10; (No lSta4
demand at $175..,: Jft;... Q, n.u
;. HOGS-Dressed quiet at.WS 7sMi,
, SEED-Clover 9 25; ' 'J V i.''"
' i-.i ii r laa. ' r- - -r'f i." li;ft
St. Louis Market—Jan. 27.
: ELOURfQuteti f g,6 DO. for super
floe-i- .-t aJ i,- f. ,i ,;,r
' wheatdhii ana nnenangea. . ,
TORN--Weak at 6871e.'" iiwb-an.b
, OATS Unchanged at 6863e. an .t ;I
RYE Unchanged at tl jjal- 27. h'
- BARLEY Uncbaneed at SI 8002. Oftor
prime to choice spring. ' , l, .
tt nioainu inniaci, dtuiiubi Kb HRf
PROVISIONSExcited and active. Jo a
FORK Sold At $31 6033 00.,...,m
. BACON Verv stiff and more doW, but
prices notduotably bleher.'""'';;'-" j
IjAkd v ery nrm rwc ior aiercesv
HOGS Higher; lllli-.i t,x ,.bn i
Cincinnati Market—Jan 27.
FIX)UROtllet and deBiandllKhN-rCltT
made XXX white at 1111 26; XX era-
8 50:XXsDrln(r t7 758 00: coantrr 44
at $7 L0S for XX red and amber ; f 7 00(9
7 60 for XX spring; J9 w2510 00 fcrXX
white. . . , .. "-i' r. , .
WHEATtN'o: 1 red winter heldT at tl 7
No 2 do held at tl 69i K' 'J-w- ? uiJ
CORN-SbelletrM 70te two ear. do-M
7lc.-sV-r.fil -n'.iU. Ii- .:?)(,? -ts.'i nit
yAra-MQmiDau ana nua Atwo.jj .
Buffalo Market—Jan. 27.
Neglected. . ;
TVEEAT Nothing doing? 1 rffir-j;I I'
fOA TS Neglected i i i-im tr.b t-;-f
CORNrFair demand; new at 7,7?fc 00,
track. ' i... lmj
BAKTEY In good request. -PORK
Advanced $1 per barrel.' nsiiw
LARD-i-Advanced llic per Uu 1o,l not
New York Dry Goods Market—Jan. 27.
. Tbe demand was a little: more animated
toward the close, but tbe market is far
from being active. Prices,', bo weterV ire. .
aulte firm and on fteav? brown sheetinM
of Atlantic mills make there is an advance
of Ha per-vard established bv arents and
jobbers, which is the only important, alter
acion nonceaoie: ' . m ji
."-f '' mm i tr , -.m g :..-n )j
Milwaukee Market—Jan. 27.
FLOUR Dull and price nnahaivcerJ.tlo
WHEAT SteadsuSalea at tl 19 Tor No.
1 in stores rviii yeip,u
- GEO. "W. MEEKEB.wr !
W. iiT Stemsis Htglv tnea.t H)i9
Turnpike Notice.
ttoek oi the Lancaster.- Lithopells1 A Grnve-
pon leraBiu vompsier.are aereov noil nee uul
tbere will bee meeuuf of tbe atnekbolriors of saia
Companv ea SATURDAY; VEBEHJaBYSrat. laea,
at the office of. John, ilorehart, Esq., LithopoJia,
Fairfield eoantv. Ohi at 10 e'eloek A.M. at smia
dar. for she purpose of eleotiat seven Ulreotors ml
said, Tarnpike road for the ensainc iear " - ,
Jannarr Sth. less. T ' ' ' " jJ Wu
President of said Turnpike Company

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