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XvANTRn-nririiit-(triiT(i or u Mhm, neat,
fciif ."!"!?; .V "!? conveniences, urn) iVlIn
half mile l.r the Po.t.,frl,o, by 11 deslrshlc tenant
. apply to H. H . II., ( the riw tlntST
VV Hi halilts, la desirous of mrnilnv llu, .M,..l..-
tY.?.. ""m" VS"" ,""v '"" eoventoeo
nlratloM ootifldentlal,
.. nuuress Dm !Zllf. ri?wn,irt.
iTfWi mnttitl.A ... -.'...
whirl. K iin '"u cltl'- "" Investment, for
..Am,lv "-"y b wet kihtiV..t. nil.
Inquire at K'o
T nr ria.ms In a. aouse with a n'spcctablc family
r a young married cp,. (i(KK ri-frr -"lom ai"
Mn for l Week, A. II D." Dnll? I'S
A 0,1
IS nl Elgbth-st None but the best ha,l
..-,-,., xtftf v inp-Hf.
T . . ;b
tlrmrn . I ti,"vl,y "!"' ""ntloman or two gen'
ni Vlni. P 1 " B Mulli-strcet botwera Wnlnnt
W- - 170"
A NT R ll-l M M KPT ATK I, V-f mn7;t
CO.. u.iS'1'"- AM I'XION ('An iliAlTv
Jill v; ,, ,?V,lr':"'1 LT'"k K"Kllli .ml Orrmenfl..
rr tecfly, ,nd Mn, "Vfc-', " - .
.ri ii. v. i . .!. v "" mane nun-
flip n-tall ffmcrry buiinui
.,,. ,r , year o.vnor once In
ess. Address F. W. II., H.
L'1,:i,;i''!'l'l-"""J''rt .ll.il NSOX" , , " Ninth
W "A 1 K-IKI)IATKI,V-Klftmn
rn wr nun a... """ibi Hue
. T cHirni-niw, III H I'M"
WJK'a11 cJ';Jrl""'' Apply to K.
11. l AlthY, Hfthjtnd Wootl-ntrreto. mnl'ib
Wb,J,Er-Tntl.''r, '"'Ay. IWN.
iiowkn " nWv?!"'Rtf .r,rkm."" '"'""nniy.
Kourth H,,dK m,..trV;i(,1, 9 M"'""t. '!;yii
rlothliia m.irr i, . r' k1h, notion, or
ruH01 rt'fr",n given. Ail-
""v I . A. If
1'n m onti
w.u Job,, ,,, w0rtruy.,"i.''0, ""'"S.'.iii1"
.1.0.1 cl,"1" i! iT' I?- Ml" !'!
Kl-L Al'ti rincinn,,ti;oiil""" "" "' iff'
thi.,IHco. ' """" uui. i .,
. - - - I7lr
......llltl I'mtolllo,., njntjna toi m, ,! Klily. 171,.
WjTKO-A lrl to do th,. WnA of .mMI Sn,:
o. .I7 f n'i-iiinn-fltmt. nml'.ib
w mlMiiii-n, l.iN.k-kM.piMT., lwr.ko,ra, porter,
rooponc n.irhmiiai, InU.ren., aiul othrn, nhonld pl
Kt'uJ1'.' Cli-rkn' ItogUtrv Offlre, No.
VtS walnut-Ktravt. nial'.ib llALEi CO
WANTFD-A kIiibIp lwly can Piiiraun p pnrtner
hi a Kuie, rrspectoblv. ami pn.fitnble biniiMM,
MUtfiblu for a lady. ft.imrMh canitnl n-uiilrml. A.i.
ilrtvf., Inclonliiff tliw stHDips Uox 1,33, t'incfn
"y A NT E 1) To loan from $l to 9im,nhi, ou all
ltoota and hIioph, watcbun. Ac. Apply to IIAI.KJ:
fO., j!8Wali.at-atiwt. inaiyb
"VANTEI-T0 KENT By Hie flrat of April, by
w a prumpt pnyfii ttOiint, a small cottar or two
ftood rooms uml kitchou
AUtll fBS 1. u
Pnnn Of-
ttfflv. fid
IOR ALI5-tANIl-Two tracts of T.and In
31ariiKou County, J 1 1 f iioie one containing hi
ncri ni-nlrlu, tlio other 20 arm woodland. Tliia
I-nnd Ik only flva or nix niilr-i from Ht. LoiiIh, Min
fourl, und very drMlrable; m ill lie ld on entv term.
In. iniii--if WM. I'llIM.II'H, AlIoriMy.it Law, No,
JN'J Mnin-ntreot, between Sixth und Seventh.
ITIOif SALK-iiOrsiAlwiTlHtniT frame Hone
of fuur room, kitchen, cellar, uUtem, and all
( Miivenioncfin, on Jtreinon-street, lMtween I raig and
Main, Cuvinirton, Kontm ky. Will be mild for $1, Ion
cash, or 81,2iii one-third rash, Imlance in one and
two yearn. Apply to A. N.M'EX KLBEKG, Miulltmu
street, between Seventh and KlKlith, or No. 2t
3Ialn-tref t, Cincinnati.
FOR HATiK-HOl SE AND LOT-On the north
aide ot Sixth-Mtreet, betwoi-n Main and Walnut,
on the corner of Miller-ntreet, at a bargain. The Lot
130 feet front and kk feet deep, to a ten-foot alley.
Tiiany one winning to erect a bkkI bimtueriri-hotiHe,
thin atl.irdit a romI opportunity to secure a TiiluaMe
aituation. Also, a vacant Lot on the corner of Filth
and J 'ark -street, M feet by inn deep, to an allev. For
tiTiiia, Ac, apply to D. K. C'ADY, Jr., No. OS Went
Miiu-niiii'.t, mai.taw
Engine, which is known the whole country over
im uio one iirtcu lor ine puniication or the J'emiy
Cincinnati, Ohio.
fjlOR HATiE KAIIE CHANCK-I offer for aale
Ml feet front on Fourth. trit. bv ini ti ilnnn
between tho residence of Judge Kte and the I'iko
Iluildiugi, being the most desirable Lot for a fine
privute n-xidenee now to be had in tho city. Terms
ea.y, and made known on application to M. II. COOK.
at Ko
. mn ruiiiuiHiuwt, ninnum
KOA K DING. A large front wom.tinfumUheiL
Mllitlllllu t'ul' IL BentleiiiHIi ulul liU u-ifi.r ulan w..
) ii i i'invii cuu ooiiiiii a lurnixuea nnmi witn n
tliuw board iu a private luuiily.
Apply at reoldence
ai. ti,iL t iiH'-sireni
nO A RDING. A gentleman and wife, or two
V t geutleineu can obiaiu iKiard In a very pleiMint
) i 'lum, wiiit gan ana imiu in, tqe bouse.
Apply at
, vodi ouvunili-ittreot.
BOAIfDINU. Ton or lirteen gentlemen can b
aectimiiiodiited with Hood iMutrd. eilliMr h- tlm
diy or week. JtiHiiiia airy and coiufortablu. Terms
if r-i
HMinuMe. Apnly at IdMtiycatuoro-titreot, lietween
nir th and r lltli, Knt ide. tiiuliiuw
HOAK DINU.-A large, airy, iiufumiHlied front
room, furs Umlly, with board, board and lodg
ing n'l oiiikiu KL'iiiifiiifn, ni-coiumooHijunif ior nay
btmntern. at No. X77 Hyenmnre-itreet, between Fifth
and tilxth. . (mal5awJ T. A. HOWE.
IOST-Bl'LL SLI T-On Saturduy, a White Bull
A (Slut, had arttrapou her neck, and her tail idiaved.
'I lie Under will bo liberally rewarded by leaving her
at timith's HtaldeM, corner Third and Vino, ma I Kb
If OST. The individual who took the watch off
Li the hook in the healing apparatus, Purby's Build
iiiu, yeMterdiiy, in broad duy-light, will return It
forthwith and nave bliiiMelt finm nviwimirii .nI itaul
I of trouble bettidoa. ma 1 7 b
llilH It KNT-l'iiluriiUlnil ruoma to .lady ami
II lo iitli'iiiiiii ortwo KFiitli'iiip.i, with bvanl, In a
nnniii' luniii) . applt' HI tl7 .Mut.i-. trout, i.iulnb.
jlpil H ENT-A "thrw-tory :""brick""lV.diiii(r,
II 1:14 Mntb-iitreot. liftwwn Kaoound Klm.eou.
viilim twulvu rtHini., with itiiM mid wiilur: front and
iixiuiro ui ri. uuitll.uuilK, on the
'IOIt H1KE-A giN4 niau rook "for'h'iHi; eii
" " "-"-ij iniii ciin iuiiiiittiiii a
rge initroniiKe liom attveral ceuiiliea in Ohio. Alao
nu hands and gardnuia, at 145 Kiwt Fuurth-ntreot
iti'Higeneo Office. initl'di
i'J lo.lf milll
i i rr ;
Li .v, ' v ' ' .
Pi'f",raiNTiNo o
( .i 9 um l UiU nl
' NVBM v vjcecuif.
KlOlkBAV ...
FOR HIRE. City News.
' City Wotamtv. During the week fnlln
In this city amounted todirhtv-ninn,of wlilt h
thirty ncven wer rrtAle And forty-two femRlen.
a)tinrtbri hnndted and three during the
Fnuctukn BupiiNrD. A pollceinan of
,.re ncviiiCTiju. nnra wn mxpenaea from
scrvK hwt fwturday by Mayor Bishop, for
thirty dnyg, for playing cards and drinkinir
uK iuc Hum iiiut iic puuuiu nave oecn on
- . e 4i
' flvMlisr.AL. The mntrimoniiil market In
this city issennibly doclinitifr. The number of
marrtnge licenses Issued by the Clerk of the
Probate Court durinir the ruut. .ir
amountea to inirty-n.no, against forty-six
Tkmprrakci LucToaa. Oen. H. v rr
the eloquent temperance lecturer, will deliver
an address in the Eighth Presbyterian Church
on ocvcnin-streot, Dctwccn Linn and Bay
miller, this evening at half-past seven o'clock.
The public are invited to attend.
Mretino or tub City Demock a Tin Kyptt-
Ttvi CoMtfn-TKfe The mcmlwrs of the City
TIaiajw....:,. V. a : n ... i . , J
tviiim ninv LAciunc vunimuiee win noin a
nicctUtfr this evening at Hnnnnn'a Hall, on
the south-east corner of Hixth and H
at hulf-post seven o'clock.
Finals or tub FBoNT-HTRntTSTinmwn Ar.
fbav. Richard Leslie, who was arrested last
Friday for stabbing three others, nt the Wil
liam Tell drinkincyhouse. on Front-street. h-
twecn Pike and Hutlcr. was examiued before
the Police Court day before yesterday and
discharged, as it appeared that the part he
had taken in the attray was purely one of
Ware, Optician, March 17:
7 A. M.
12 M
... V..H
Abovo itcrtt in
Aburn icrir-HWi
Above mro a
Mnrch 1.
Above nru (3
Above bow m
Above Ecru OA
r. II.,
7 A. M....
12 JI...
o r. ..
Prockedinos or tub County Gov Ulfliiinw-
KBS. At the rcKuhir diurnal sesainn nf the
County Commissioners, held Saturday morn
ing, ordtrs were passed amounting in the
aggregate to $245 75, of which $105 were
p;iid to C. W. liihckcr, for work upon the
.South-western Lunatic Asylum; $52 to
Huston, Carlton & Co. for free itnnn fnr tlio
snmc institution, and $35 to William Lahoy-
'" -ft.-vn;o iuiiiii,iii;u Hie uick nun
Lunatic Asylum. Tho Commissioners also
discharged John Hare, Thomas Joyce, Pat
rick Scott, John K.ivimnn. James Johns, and
Jiimcs Burtlett, from the County Jail, because
tliev had nn monnRwhorouritlt,in,. i.Ar.nn-
.. v. ...... .III UIICB
aud costs charged against them.
This Latr Mystkrious T)k ATft. ?.,rnnoi
Cnrcy held an inquest, on Saturday morning,
upon the body of the unfortunate man whom
we mentioned as having died very suddenly,
nt Cutter's stablo, on Sixth-street, near Vine.
The testimony, however, threw little light
upon his history, although, from a naturali
sation paper found upon his person, his name
was supposed to have been James McCune.
The jury were unable to discover the causo
of his death, and rendered a verdict accord
ingly. e have been informed thnt the Co.-onor
was so ill when informed of the death, that
he was unable to leave his bed, thus causing
tho delay, in holding the inquest, that we
mentioned in our last issue. We are pleased
to learn, however, that he is now entirely re
covered, and make this statement in justice
both to Mr. Carey and oursclf.
Arrkst or am Alleged Homic.i.k. A man
named Samuel Brurt was arrested, evening
before lost, by Officers Smith and Wigcrs, at
it house on the corner of Buckeye and Poplar
streets, upon a charge of having killed another
named illiom Smith, a few days ago, in St.
Louis. From what wo were able to learn in
regard to the matter, it appears that the two
men left this city together, with the intention
of purchasing some land in Missouri, and
upon their arrival in St. Lonis stopped at tho
same hotel. A, week ago last Saturday they
went a short distance into the country, and
upon their return retired together to their
room. The next morning Smith was discov
ered dead in his bed, with his throat cut from
ear to car while Brust was no where to be
found. 1 he alleged homicide was committed
to the Hammond-street Station-house, to
await a requisition from the Governor of
Missouri, Ution examination his trunk ru
found to contain two knives, one of which
was siainea witn blood, two pistols and a con.
siderable purse of money.
OdadRI-CenTENMAL ANN.VEnmnv nr the
V. M. M. L. Association. A meeting of the
Committee of one hundred, appointed to
make the necessary arrangements fnr Hi !.
ebrntion of the coming anniversary of the
Vnimrr Afnii'a Uaiwnnlll.T M I
was held ninht before last, at the Merchants'
Exchange. Reports were read from a few of
me committees, trom which it appears that
mo caoiuiscs win consist oi an anniversary
address, to be delivered by William Hooper;
dramatic readings, by J. E. Murdoch, and a
poem by W. W. Fosdick. The Chairman of
tne uommittee on Music stated that the or-
etiestra ot tne Upera-house could be secured
for the occasion. The price of the ticket, has
been fixed at five dollars, admitting a lady
and' gentleman each additional lady two
dollars. The invited guests, we believe, are
to be admitted free of charge, but the number
wii iiuuiou w aixir.
The President Btuted that it was expected
the invitations should not be. confined to
tue members ot the Association. They should,
however, be granted under the careful super
vision of the Executive Committee; and he
uupeu oucu invitations woum tena to increase
the interest of the citizens in the progress- of
the Association, and would induce many to
become members thereof.
The meeting then adjourned, to meet next
Saturday evening.
Mkchanics' and Manufacturers' Ex
chanob. The meeting of the Mechanics' and
Manufacturers' Exchange, on Saturday morn
ing, was quite largely attended. President
Kunyan occupied the chair, and after the
ordinary preliminary exercise of reading the
minute, of the previous meeting, the follow
ing names were added to the membership
roll: II. B. Lawrence, plain and ornamental
plasterer, proposed by Dickson & Corwiu; C.
A. Staufcr, bricklayer, and Samuel N. Small
wood, iron-building manufacturer, proposed
by Hill & Convor. . -
Mr. N. A. Bell moved that the nominations
for the position of Executive Committeemen
and Corresponding Secretary be then made,
the election of which will take place next
Thursday.1 The motion prevailed, and the
following nominations wore made:
zecutiv Lbmmittee R. B. Moore. 0. D.
Foote, T. W. Farrin, J. K. Green, L. Swartz,
II. Ctiinniings, N. A. Uritt, J. B. Earnshaw,
L.T. Welhv'X JCelley, S.Faulkner.S.Startz
man, H. W. (ylcpheuson, W. Ii. Malone and
H. liecamu. ' ' :
Carreimondinit ftrrrelnmXl H Mnnni. .T
B. Earnshaw, 0. B. Pierson, A. C. Hodgei.
Mr. Earnshaw then submitted the following
resolution, which, after considerable discus
sion, was, upon motion of Mr. Green, referred
w a committee consisting ox Messrs. ureen,
Earnshaw aud Swartzt
u I 1 n'U... Bi . i j
iicfluivru. limb una rixuuuiige uiuorses me
rcjwrt of the committee appointed to inquire
into the cause of tl.a late accident at St.
Xavier's Church in this city, and that the of
ficers nf this Association bo requested to have
certified copy of the same forwarded to our
Suite and City Legislatures, with the urgent
request that such laws be enacted as in their
wisdom may be deemed most effectual to
remedy a recurrence of the evil: .
A collection was. taken up for the benefit
of a couple of widows, one of whom lost her
hiubitud by' an accident on the Ohio ant) Mis
sissippi Railway, while the husband of th.
other wil sacrificed to coaiutBPlion, tvftu
wbM tt. Boaid tdjournidi
WlRTIRB 6r TltKClklnillillVt nnntirm T,,...
Society. At the regiilar weekly meeting of
the Cincinnati Horticultural Society, on Sat-
i! .i " re aen vrange occupied
the Chair and the minutes of the Previous
meeting were read and adopted. After read
ing a number of communications ort different
sunjects, the Mowing direction from Mr.
Pnrnell, of the Ohio. Female College, in re
gard to mrcing the growth of vegetables,
were read and ordered to be placed on the
It may be commenced any time lietwecn
Decemlief and the middle of March; If things
are wanted early, begin accordingly.
For the bed, throw horse-man. ire with one.
fourth of leaves onk leaves being best; mix
well together for fermentation; turn it over
about twice in eight or ten day, at which
time it will be fit for nee. This mixture will
heat more uniformly and retain its warmth
longer than manure alone. Make the bed
about eighteen inches deep and one foot
wider than the frame on all sides. Put
on the frame and sah, and let them remain
but two days to bring op the heat; then
spread on eight or ten inches of good mold.
1 he temperature of such a bed will answer
all the purposes after the middle of February.
It will do for lettuce, radishes, pepper-grass,
cucumbers, melons, notatoca and nnarairiia
and for cabbage, cauliflower, tomato, egg,
pepper and sweet potatnc plants. Care must
be taken to cover up well at night, and during
the day to give air, if not freezing on warm
days freely. If snow Tails in the night so as
to cover the beds, let them remain so, for the
plants will tnke no harm for several davs. as
snow is a natural covering.
For forcing Khuharb, place barrels over the
roots alwut the last week In Novemlier, and
cover them entirely with a mixture of leaves
and staple manure. Yon mav null in mid
winter. Or, as another method, plant some
f;ouu strong root aooui uie 1(181 of uctoDer,
n tubs, (barrels cut in two and mit them In
a warm cellar. In this way you may enjoy
, , 1 icuiunij. liWUJ, ujr sim
ply placing barrels alone over the roots in
the garden, you will have it three weeks
sooner and of a finer quality than that grown
Several of the members then fullowed with
remarks as follows, lifter which the Society
adioM-ned :
Mr. Howarth observed that those peach-
iicvo nnii-u were nearest me notise generally
cinicu tun worm ocitcr man others. Me nt-
tnhutcd this to the soan-snds thrown nut
He had found soan-suds very destructive tn
the worm, and chanced the orluo and o-nih to
n very uitu icau color.
sir. fetticolos banked up the earth, in
June, six inches in hight, round his peach
trees, to prevent the worm ; and he had found
this plan very successful. The grub seeks a
tender nlace in the bark. Tl lere arA twn aAta
..r r : - , . . . 7
ul " " jer j one 111 june ana July, nntt
uuuiuer in oepteinoer.
Dr. Wnrdcr did not think that cold Blone
was sufficient to kill the pouch grub, as he had
iuuiiu iiv experiment.
On the Subject Of dotlbln-wnrlclno- BiiiJoa
Dr. Moshcr stated a fact in connection with
the Yellow Bclltieur. This tree is known to
ne a sny bearer and unproductive. Mr. By
ron, of Kenton county, Ky., many years ago
planted five Yellow iicllfliiers and one hun
dred liowl.e t Janets. For many years the
latter bore proftisely: the former very spar
ingly. Thinking he had too great a propor
tion Of the Janets, he trrilftpfl anmn nf his
jancts witn gratis trom tho Bellneurs. The
ettect ot this was, these double-worked Bcll
fleurs produced more fruit than all the nriiri-
nal Bellfleur trees, and continued to bear
aDunaantiy, while the original trees boro as
sparcely as ever.
Mr. Petticolag corroborates this by stating
that he had double worked the Black Apple
with the Yellow Bellfleuer and Golden
Kussot, which bad greatly increased in frait
ftilness. Mr. Howarth observed that bo l.nit anon
that ringing the bark of the Quince had
maae 11 proattctive when It only produced
blossoms before.
With regnrd to the destruction of the borer
on apple trees, Mr. Pctticoliu stated that it
naa been very destructive with him on Bell
tleuers headed high, but on those trees
headed low, with side branches nearer the
ground, it had censed its ravages.
Celerration op St. Patrick's Day. The
anniversary of tho birth-day of St. Patrick
was Observed, day before yesterday, by the
members of the Koman Catholic Irish Benev
olent Society, in an appropriate manner.
They met at the Cathedral in the morning,
where Ilieh Mass was celebrated, and nn en-
logy pronounced upon the patron Saint of
me tmera.u isic. A procession, headed by a
magnificent silk banner, and accompanied by
three bands ot music, was then formed, ana,
after marching through the' principal streets
of the city, returned to the Cathedral, where
mass was again sung and the Society dis
missed. In the evening, the United Irish Society
partook of a banquet at the Verandah, over
which Judge Million presided. After the
clolh had been removed, the following toasts
were read and responded to, nfter which the
assembly dispersed, all deliphted with the
very agreeable manner in which the evening
had: been passed:
1. The Doy wa rfrbrnTi Wrwtom Knrone it niih
fwl the dawn of Civilisation, Li-amlng and L'hrni
tiauity. Response by Judge Hilton.
Song "St. Patrick's Day."
t. Tlit PmMettf of Ihe United (Unlet Sovereign of
overeigna, the thief of a Inn people,
Response by Mr. Walsh.
Song "Red, White and Blue."
3. Our Native Land.
"0 Erin, my conntryt I lova tliv imwn liowcni,
No mimic to mo like thy mtiriiiuriiia rill.;
Thy Shamrock to ma Ik tho fnlront of flower.
And naught la morodeur than thy ditiny-cliid hills."
Response by Peter J. Sullivan.
Song "Home, Sweet Home."
4. The Land we Live in We love and cherish, and
will ever protect, our hoiuea In the Weet.
Response by Dennis J, Toohy.
Song "Star Spangled Banner."
. r Hittorlinu and Bardt of Iretand-YTe Hill
nop. that tha future hal in xtorv for theui a labor ot
Response by William Ward.
Song "Men of Nincty-oight."
. Irith Nationality and the Men of 'tw ih4
Amotig the inalltuatile i-iahta tve n-coaiiise the nght
of each nation to make lia law. and aeleet Ita nil
en. ,
Response by G. P. 6'Donnell. ' ;
Song "The Minstrel Boy to the War is
Gone. .
7. The fadlee Rrluht ami heantlftil n Ihm
bow upon her flaahiug water are the fair daughter.
Response by J. J. JIcFiill.
Song "Bright are the beams of the morn
ing kies."
The weather durinir the entire day and
evening was delicious, and the celebration
passed off in a manner highly gratifying to
an vt iju pm , ill u.
PltlsON. Jail and Hospital In tha f'llu
Prison, at the close of tho week, there were
115 prisoners, (38 of them female.. I amiinst
133 the previous week. Durinir the week 73
prisoners were aisciiargcti. 't ho new Fciuule
City Prison contains 20 inmates.
lu the County Jail thero were 6 lunatics;
. , ,. uivuuniiu 1. 1 . ...I V 11 Vlllllll-
gang; 71 in main jail 130 in all, against 142
tlio trcct urovioua. .
At the Commercial Hosnital 2!) narsnna worn
admitted during the week; 30 discharged.
In the Hospital last evening 140 patients
were under treatment, against 141 the pre
vious week:
At the close of the week there were 5 cases
of snuiU-pox in the Pest-house.
Si'BINO Good.. Dcland k Gossatm adver
tise in another column an extensive stock of
spring dress silks, and other fashionable dress
goods, linens, cloakings, luces, embroide
ries, etc.
W. B. Smith & Co publishers of school and
blank books, advertise their stock in another
column. Also, we refer our readers to
JJarruon & Wilton' advertisement ol their
improved ground coffee;
llenry Ware't periscopic spectacles, and
Andcrtm. Oatet t Wriakt't udvartinwinant
their stock of behoof, misvcluiueuui aud
blank books, aud stationery.
rtvi uunn f bv.ur.ruH Bw boekj,
Melancholy Attempt a SHi.r-DESTRPction.
A Yot'Nfl Girl SwAlow Poison at
th Door-step or her BEinAYsn. To per
son, who are given to introspection, there is
very little in life to make death hateful; and
to those who, from their own experience, can
form art Idea of the capacity of the human
mind arid heart to i.ifTcr, no efbrt which any
one may make to escape from tho ills of this
planet, can be at all sufprlsinr. On the con
trary, existence, at least, so fnr as regards the
present, when we think how it begins, passes
and ends, seems so utterly toor and mean,
and worthless, that tha wondV. if an v, would
be that a single individual could bo found to
prize it.
Sclf-destnictinn, therefore, would seem to
be much more melancholy and sad from the
circumstances which lead to it, than from tho
act itself. It is not that a soul has passed
from this to another life, but that life has ta
ken the place of death. There is no sun
shine for the hearts, no stars for the mentnl
vision; and from immortality the soul goes
back to chaos.
Much more than this is silfrpested by a cir
cumstance, of which the following aro the
particulars: Nearly a year ajro, a young mnn
who is doing business at a first-class Fourth
street dry goods liouie became acquainted
with a young girl, residing on the same thor
oughfare, who is beloved by all who know
her for her amiable disposition and agroeablo
manners. How acquaintances ripen into
love is too well known to b discribed here;
but tlironirh the ordinary nntli nfnttontinn
on the one hand and a flattered vanity on the
other, the bud, in this case, becomes, at least
to the girl, a beauteous flower.
Unfortunately tho man was not honorable,
and through his determined ellbrta he so be
clouded the mind of her whom he pretended
to love, that, unsuspectingly, sho gave into
his kcct.incr that nrirelt'RS inwel in u. irntnnn'a
uowcr, ner nonor. i ne result may he ens.ly
imagined. She awoke to the reality of the
error into which she had fallen and ran to
her lover for sympathy. About to become n
mother the vision of shame that arose In her
mind, haunted her daily, and the very per
son who should, At such a time, have been a
support for her tottering spirit deserted her.
Dny after day sho sought, and with tenrs
Implored him, by the love he hnd' sworn, to
save her from the abyss into which, in tho
eves of her companions, sho was was about to
fall. Her reputation was endangered, her
peace of mind destroyed, her honor wounded,
the only person who could minister success
fully to her breaking heart refused his assist
ance, and nothing was lcfl to her but death.
Yesterday morning, early, she repaired to
the home of her lover, and lying down nt his
door, swallowed almost an ounce of laudanum.
When the fumily arose aliout six o'clock, they
were horrified at the sight of a woman with
bared bosom and dishevelled hair, half dead
at tho door step. Coroner Carey was imme
diately called, and in his capacity of phys
ician, by the well-directed application of
proper remedies, saved tho life which must
hereafter be a burthen too heavy to bo con
tentedly borne.
Later last evening, she lay nt the house of
her betrayer, partially recovered from the
immediate effects of the narcotic', but still in
danger from congestion of tho brain. How
this much too melancholy affair will termin
ate, wo can not imagine; but if the mnn,
whose name, if he do not tho justice in his
fiowcr, should, and probably will, bo pun
ished to the world, lie not lost to every hon
orable feeling that should throb in the human
breast, he wll certainly, by a life of repent
ance and devotion, repair tho injury he has
Lir in the Metropolis A Glance at a
Single Square. There arc few persons, even
among those who have long resided in a me
tropolis, who have even a slight idea of Hie
variety to be found within its limits. Life is
not always what it seems; and where thou
sands of persons are congregated in a circlo
whose radius does not measure even more
than a mile or two, the stateliest piles are
often made tho almdcs of guilt, and what is
admirable when gazed upon from without is
sometimes soul-sickening when the interior
is soen.
Any imagination enn picture a great city,
with its liroad and fashionable street's,
crowded with men and women whom busi
ness and pleasure hurry along its sidewalks;
its parks elegantly laid out, beautifully plan
ned and adorned with trees, and fountains
and flowers; its splendid mansions, vi-here
luxury, ease and content seem to find Para
disaical dwelling-places; its filthy alleys,
where penury, criino and wretchedness find
homes; its splendid churches and brilliantly
lighted brothels; its stores and saloons;
hotels and amusements; but, nfter nil, this is
but an outline and the reality will disappoint
even the faintest imaginings.
Pain and pleasure, wealth and poverty,
virtue and vice, youth and age, intellect mid
idiocy, beauty anil ugliness, health and dis
ease, life and death, walk side by side in the
same thoroughfare, jostle each other in tho
same crowa, snaKe hands in the same drawing-room,
and yet the observer has seen but
n nine ui una nmiiv-s.ucu one. in nn
eternity man would not learn his nu-n nnji
minus, in me age oi uie p. unci ne could not
necome acquainted with n metropolis.
A glance at a single squaro in this city
will suggest n thoueht in resrard to what is
compressed within the few squaro miles upon
which it is built. It is not the largest one
either, and we doubt not others could bo
found with peculiarities equally striking.
The heart of man nronoscs. the intellei t finds
oui me method, ana tho hody executes the
nesigns, ana whether wo hud tho index in
the occupation, in tho nrivato act. or in tha
social relation of the individual, rightly and
nearly seen, it is always true and points in
evitably to his inner life and charactor.
i uese external signs arc sufficient to show
men their own natures, at least in part, and
thus open the mental eye to the inward
The square to which we refer, contains a
church, and to follow the street up one side
and down the other, presents tho following
,.i.iuirj. ei vo iuu cuurcn is a arug-store,
then a gnmbling-hcll, thon a pair of massive
private residences, then the ollice of a dentist,
men a scnoot-nousc, men a machine-shop,
then a trio of private houses, then ono of tho
most notorious bagnios in tho city, (hen an
Italian confectionary establishment, then tlio
business-place of a manufacturer of mathe
matical instruments; opposite this is a drug
store, and in the same building another
hairiiio. next to this a nair nf fnnlli.rnio
boarding-houses, upon whose doors and window-sills
may be found tho unmistakable
finger-marks of vulgarity, then a couplo of
dwelling-houses, then the rooms of an 080-
ciauon ol Christians, with a library and reading-room,
then a few mote dwellings,noxt to
these the office of a daily paper, and lastly,
one of the finest private mansions in the city.
Within this little space are congregated
Christians and Israelites, Caucasians and ne
groes, harlots and gamblers, mechanics and
merchants, wisdom and wickedness, refine
ment and proletannnis.il, and yet the locality
not the least pleasant in the city, and the
neighborhood is quito as good as may be
found in the heart of any metropolis.
Row on Wateii-hiuket Man's Skill
Baply Fractured. A parly of men became
involved in a difficulty, yesterday afternoon,
a (lri.iking-hoi.se, on Water-street between
Waluiit and Main, and one of tlioin named
James Tracy was so severely injured that it
thought ho can not recover. Although the
row seemed general, it appears that lie and
another named Jeffries hail a personal ren
counter, during which the latter struck tho
former with a slung-shot, sevoicly fracturing
his skull. Tracy was removed to his residence
Ltidlow-street, where every attention was
paid him by his medical attendant, Dr. Beck,
but late last night he was in such a condition
to render his ultimate recovery very doubt
ful. Some doubt existed as to who had commit
ted the act, until Jeffries was heard to boast
it; but for the present he seems to have
escaped the. vigilance of tlio police, and as
yet no arrests have been made.
Y. M. M. L. LectiirkS. This iwpintifv
Shun, of Wisconsin, will lecture lief'ore the
Library Association ou France, and, though
has soma peculiar, not to say irrational,
opinions of Louis Napoleon, ho is a mail of
superior parts, and will givo an ablo and iu
terestinir diacouraa on tha .,,1,;. i ., .....
Pike's Opera-hous.. Mr. and Mrs. Wal
ter begin an engagement at tha Oprahoneft thti
evening, appearing In the tragedy of JMieoWa, which
they have before represented In thlecfty with marked
itecaee: Mra. Waller being considered by many the
beet living rrpreeentatfre of 4lLady Macbeth." Thte
la.ly la one of the first tragediennes In the country,
and should meet with the liberal patronage aha de
serves. The performance will eonelnde with tha new
commedetta of Somebody Eh, In which Mr. Davldge
wAl enact "liana Morlts," and tlie pretty and viva,
cloita Addle I'roetor, tho character of "Minnie."
Wood's Theater. 'Barry Sullivan has been
sncceded at this honso by J. B. fhanfran, who has
arneared In this city on different occasions, and met
with nn small favor from our commnulty. To-night
The Hidden Hand and The Mieled Wife will be repre
sented, Chanfrau personating "Wool" and "Pygma
lion lionnefnr' In the two pleoea mentioned.
D. A. nome and J. P. Tweed vs. J. P. Mei
rftt. Motion to require tho Sheriff to make a go.id
d'-eit. one hnretofre made having no sale, judge
t'l'IMns granted the motion.
Win. Cask. Kilntund.lack.on and wile v.. Matilda
.Tncksoii and others. In this, on trial for several
.leys, before .liulge t.erter. and Involving a nneetlon
as to the validity of the will of Innocence Threiill,
Ihe jury returned a verdict finding that the instru
ment of dispute was not the Iiif.1 will of this party.
t'niMlNAl. Htnr.. John llacklngcr, charged with
stealing a heifor, was arraigned, and entered a plea
of not guilty. The larceny Is alleged to have oc
curred two years ago. M. Houlihan gave a liond for
his appearance to answer a charge of rohliery.
In the case of Janice Wright, charged with murder,
J. P. Kilbreath vs. Hnrkhnrdt Co. Suit
against defendants as Indorsers of a note discounted
bv the Trust rnntpany. Judgment by Judgo jload
lev for philnlln".
Il'iwen, Holmes A f'o. vs. f 8. Weatherley. Apptl
eiitiou for an urih-r to sell a stock of gisals that were
attached. Allowed on the ground that the property
we of n perlxhalile nature.
Knilllne CnitlcnMn, a negro girl, of Washington
County, Miss., aged seventi n years, waa manumit,
ted by her owner, before Judge Hturcr.
Letters Detained roi Want or Postage
March 18:
J. W. Wilder, Boston, Mass.
Jus. Thnnuu,, Khellivvllle. I lid.
Th'. Johnston, Louisville, Ky.
Hoes, Hamn.Mii ,t Co., tlreeiiuphurgh. Ky.
Mni'itaret Mullcr, New Brunswick, N.J.
F. I hi ne A to., HI. I.oul. Mo.
Cat html Jt Randolph. Little Hock, Ark.
Klin Hum, HI. I.nuls, Mo.
I. W. t'urr, Nashville, Tenn.
M. t 'lair & 8c.lt, I !oluuitins, O.
11. A. Hayre, ticxlntrtoii, Ky,
Winthop g.i.ilh, Washington, Conn.
!.'-. L. Hill, Ki rt Wayne, I nil.
The old and well-known hat house of Wm.
Dortd k Co. odors superior inducements to hat
buyers. See their advertisements in another
column, and give them a call.
Attemped Abduction or an Orphan
Girl Exploits or a Cincinnati Courtesan.
One of tlio chiefest peculiarities of woman is
her intensity. Her loves, her hates, her joys,
her griefs, are all marked by it, to an extent
not known among the sterner sex. Amid
every species of adversity 8he clings to the
object of her affection, eve though she rc
ccivo in return scorn and contempt. Nor is
it alone in the domestic circlo, that her qual
ities shine with a pre-eminent lustre. Sho is
moved with compassion at the sight of
wretchedness wherever found, and ehe per
forms the office of a ministering angel, in a
thousand instances, where men, like Priests
and Lcvitcs, would have "passed by on the
other side." How many or the opposite sex
have been reclaimed, after havinir run a course
of vice and folly, by the little kindnesses
and gentle admonition of their female friends.
It was a woman that rescued, from a drunk
ard's grave, one of the brightest stars in the
galaxy of American literati and statesmen
ii iitium irt and to her constancy was be
I...1.U..I e. I.: .1 e
iiuiciMcu ior uib success aim lame.
Such is woman's character, as exhibited
among the virtuous masse, of females. But
when once sho has fallen from the path of
rcctituac, when sno has thrown ott the re
straints ol morality and virtue, her degrada
tion is in proportion to her former elevation.
There is no scheme so complicated, or in
famous, in which she may not engage, for,
Protean-like, she assumes nn hundred forms,
and, to accomplish her purpose, leaves no
effort tinnttempted. A circumstance, illus
trating her power for evil, occurred in this
city last wcok, which had well nigh com
passed the ruin of a beautiful girl of sixteen
years, the protego of a highly respected and
well-known widow, residing on Third-street.
A short time since, a female came to the
house of the lady to whom-we have alluded.
and desired a situation as cook. She was
young, rather neat in her appearance, and
dressed in a habit which indicated that she
was what she represented herself to he. She
stated that Bhe was from Cleveland, and
hrought letters of recommendation from par
tics in whose employ she pretended to have
Relying on these guarantees, the lady gavo
her employment. Her oxeeedinir affability
soon won ine esteem oi jicr employers, and
within a few days she managed to gain, en
tirely, tho confidence of the girl, to whom
sho particularly addressed herself. To her
she disclosed the fact that she was not what
she had represented herself; but, on the
otner liana, was a wealthy lady from Cin.
on. .at., resided with an aunt in that place,
and moved in the fushionnhlo circle, or that
city. "I have often observed you while
passing here, she said, "and was struck with
your appearance. I have adopted this guise
mat i may release you irom your guardian.
Go with me, and you shall visit theaters,
concerts, and operas; you shall be introduced
to tho most refined circles of the metropolis.
i i:e . . ' . '
tuiu. your uio win u3 one oi constant enjoy
ment:" Fascinated by the charming picture which
the destroyor knew but too well how to
paint, tho giddy girl hastily consented to
leave a protector that had been to her pa
ternal, and trust herself to an untried com
It was arranged that, in Order to avoid sus
picion, tho girl Bhould assume the habit of a
forvant, go and seek employment where sho
was unknown, until Monday night last, when
the two were to meet at a place indicated
and cross the river in disguise.
Accordingly, on Friday night of last week,
she left home, mid calling at the house of a
man on tlarrard-strcct, represented herself as
an orphan in search of employment by which
to pay her hoard until she could secure a
home. Her honest apieariince and the ap
parent artlcssncss of her story which her
victimizer had taught her at once secured
her the favor sho desired.
Soon after her departure became known,
Officer Francis was called in and his advice
asked. He immediately commenced pursuit,
and on Sunday night tho lost girl was found.
She immediately related all that had been
told her concerning the brilliant career of
fashion to which sho was to havo been intro
duced, nnd detailed all the wily arts that
had been used to induce her to ihe step she
had taken.
Tlio courtesan for such she proved to be
was at once taken into custody, but rattier
than iiniH'.'co the heart burnings incident to
a trial of this kind in a court of Justice, the
guardian of the girl refused to appear against
the woman who had well-nigh ruined the
peace of both hor and her ward. Tho too
confiding girl was received again iuto the
arms of her protectress, and. it is to be
hoped, has learned a lesson ot wisdom that
may fortify her against all the machinations
which may in future be used to iusnare her.
Statistics or Purlio Institutions. There
arc six womeu, two men and eight children
now iu the poor-house; and thirteen men and
nve womeu in the jail.
Circuit Court. Over twenty indictments.
mostly for misdemeanors,, were reported by
tho Grand Jury on Saturday last.
day I
Arrest or ah Ai.i.govn rnnitTCDniT,ra
Stephen Brown, who waa ronnniit,! f J
days since, by the Circuit Court of Kenton
County, on an Indictment for dealing in
counterfeit money, was arrested in this city,
on Saturday last, on a similar charge, lie
... mui. em cAoiiiiuauuu uoiuro Aiuyor
Hawkins to-day. .
Tkrpsiuhorl-an. The Silver M,.nn flood
ing' Association will givo its first grand soiree
to-morrow evnug, aud it will duubll.M b.
grand. flBlr,
Monetary and Commercial.
Iri monetary matter, there was no special
change nn Hatnrday from any prevlons day of the
week, althongh the demand for Cnrreney and Ex
change was more active, and rates for the latter
were still llrmer.
The money market appeared easier on Bfttnrdny
than It was nt the opening of tho week, hut still the
Inuulry waa go.nl and rather a close feeling was ex.
perlcnred lu financial circles, without, however, any
Ing and prent. selling rnte: dealer, paying to end
sometime. 4.o. tor uraus on 1-niia.ii'ipnia
and New
In Hold few transaction, occurred, tlione-h some of
the agents of the conntry llnnks wore In the city and
pnrrliaing coin at too. nreminm.
New Orleans Kxehaugo wna .till very dull, and
some Bankers w.nild not purehaseevan at discount,
thnngh the regular ftgnm waa M dlsconnt.
No alteration oeciini-d In rncnrrenl Money, In
which nut much was d'dug, nor has thcro beon for
several weeks.
The rates of Exchange and Coin nt the close of the
week were:
4oc. pcein.
40c. prem.
6 prem.
.S prctn.
S prem.
New York Sight.....
Philadelphia " ......
ll.ti.n " .
Baltimore- "
New (Ir leans "
American Oold
't prem.
tfrr nis.
4 prem.
prem. "f.3 10c. prem.
The Imports and Exports nfvarlonsartlclea during
tho twenty-f.mr hours ending Satnrday noon, were:
Import. Apples, SI barrels; Barley, fitly bnshels;
Butter, 17ft kegs: Corn, t.S.i huhel.; Coflee, 171 lisgs;
Kloiir, l.4an barrels; Hay, IAS liales; lings, .Tin head;
Lard, barrels and 4i;2kcg; Malt, SI bushels; Oats,
l,tr,7 biHhels; Tork and Ilncon, .11 hhtls., .'m tlercea,
iw barrels; 4 boxes, and 2s.l.7ii poiinili; 1'otatoes,
I.IMl barrels; Wheat, 3,708 bushels; Whleky, l.Kli
Kfport. Apples, A barrels; Barley, Ms bushels;
Butter, 1.11 keg; Cheese. IIS. boxes; Concc, 211 bags;
Flour. Wl burn-Is; Lard, ll.t barrel; M'laiaee, .1-41
barrels: tints, 2,371 bn-hels; Pork ami Hacoii, 2:1:1
hhils., .120 tierces, (VtH barrels, ami litf leixes; rota
toes, l.Viti liarrels: Hugm-. tin hhds.; Felt, 11 barrels;
Wheat, MS bushels; Whisky, s-a barrels.
Friday'. Herald says of last Thursday'. New York
Money market :
There Is nochanga In Money here to-day. On call
It Is pretty lively at .1; and there has been afairltiiHi
ness don. lu Puper nt rates mostly rauuiug Irom to
7 per cent. For very choice Paper under sixty days
n'4 percent. Is the rate; second-class 1'nper is ni.ntcd
Hei llsvi 12, according to iiunlity, Ac. The Vamlerliilt
steamer from Aspin wall only brought Sl.,2,ntio in Hp-,,
cie; at this time of year the semi-monthly shipments
from California tie'ilom exceed a million. The re.
celpls from dutlci. to-diiy were Sl;;s,isi; total receipts,
Sltil.'itil; diiliursements,9li'.s,.vi; balance in the Sub
Treasury this .'veiling, 5s,iss.,7-n.
F.xchango on Kurope oont limes very dull. Messrs.
A. llcltnoiit A Co. reduced their rate mi I'nris to
.1 liii this morning; very desirable bills can be
bought at A 17 ', and commercial bills at .120. For
Hterliug, the rute at the Hunkers Is Undue llr., no
business that wo heiir of liNVing been transact.-.!
above ltss: there are good commercial bills in tho
market at liHjre-.llw'p, The busiiiessdoiug, contrary
to general expectation. Is rtltita light, anil, of course,
at nrcseut rates, no Specie can ba shipped against
Nkw York Dnr Gonna Markft. Friday's Tri
bune thus refers to the New York Dry Uooda Market of
last week :
The movements in Dry floods since our lt review
hulicate very little change, if wo except the desire
on the part of holders to close out foreign fahrica in
the auction ns.ni. This process is the only alterna
tive with a large clasa ot importers, ami tho losses
which have Immiu incident to the policy have been
enormous; and it will operate ne the most sure cor
rective of excesslvo importations.
The large profile of Inst year induced many jobbers
to Increase their importations ; ami this, in addition
to the business of the regular Importers, as well as
large auiounts sent forward on owners' account, has
contributed to swell the Imtsirts tna large aggi-egnte,
much InvouiI the immeiliiite or prosivctivo wants of
the country ; nud the loss in the early sales will prob
ably lie found to be less than that sustained ou sub
scouent ollerlngs.
The Cotton OihsIs market continues tlrin and buoy
ant for the chief heavy fabrics, ae previously noticed,
with a demand eiplal to prisluctiou, and without
much change in prices.
The Woolen market is tint, nnd still further cou-
ceesions have been inaile during the week Ii r styles
pressing on the ntnrkut. while at tho same time full
price, nn- obtained ou many favorite makes, and ur-
ui n ace inavu in auvance in production,
r LOt'R The market Is dull nnd nnchnngi-d. 8u-
C-rnne mny bo quutcu nt. 4lM. .si, and .xtra nt
I'AKit -, S.V
W1I1HKY A continued good demand, nnd prices
He. higher: Bale, of l.liu barrel, at lii.'K" lltte., tho
latter rate for wagon.
IMtOVIHIONH No Ininortflnt cbono-e liilh.ni.p.
ket; the demand Is moderate, but the nrumoss of
niiiuers cnecKs operations somewhat. Mess Pork Is
in misicraie .lemauil. witn sale, ot l.txil hnrrrls, lit
lllpley, 0., at I7. City I. rands are held at SI7 :17th
17 .'si, but buyers do not ofTer over 817 2'i. Not much
Initulry for bulk Meets, but thev aro held tlrinlv. at
fiSiferi'sc for Hhouhlcre. and e:'a to s-i.c. for Sides,
tho latter rate fin: extra heavy. 7o,uno muiiI SIioiiI.
ders sold At hSiC. A nuslernte demand for Itiie.tit. a.
7'4 and u' jo., but it Is held w ith great firmness at
P'tiC. higher. A gisal demand for Lard, nt lo'fife lii'ic.
ior lair ei prime, uur Homers asK lU'ter II) ,c. 3ml
tieces sold at lii'ic, at Maysvllle, Ky.
0 HOCK It IKS A good demand for Sugar, and the
market fair; sales of inn blnls. at 7'jC 7 lor low
fair to fair, and stBS'-.e. for gcssl fair to choice Mn
lasses I. firmer, with a gisid demnud: snles of Inn
barrels, in oak, at 42c, and l.'si do. iueyprese, at
4n.rfi He. Coiree hrm, without chujige. Common to
prime at tf'i.ltlc.
WIIF.AT The n.arket Is dull, and buyers gener
ally holding otf. We havo no change to notice in
prices, and unote prime white at Si aye I :;-t, aud
prime red at 81 axil X). luu bushels Duckwhcut
aold at :sic.
COItN The mnrket contlnnes dull, but prices are
unchanged. We iiuote ear. iu bulk, at 4Mtf4'.tc., and
shelled nt .VsS -lc, In bulk, and .We. In sacks: sales
of MM bushels ear, iu bulk, at 4'.ie., aud stsj do. at
Slnrietta Depot, at tikj.
OATS The market Is unlet. Wo nuoto them at
4e7i tile. In bulk: sab-s of i'smi bushels, lu bulk, at 4Hc.
R Y K The demand Is fulr, aud the market steady
at SI Kvuim.
UAItl.KY The demnud continues good nt Sft(5rs2e.
for prlnio fall. We understand there was a sale of
prime fall at a slight advance on the nuotutfon..
HAY Tho mnrket continue, dull. We have no
change to notice In prices, and quote primo Timothy
at Sis per tun, on arrival.
CIIKKSK There Is a g.ssl demand, and the market
firm, nt inecltl'c.c. for fall-made, and summer-cured
Western Keserve, and ll( ll.'ac. for fall-made aud
m.niiner-run-d Knglish Dairy.
lti'TTKH The demand for choice continues good,
and prices an- Ic. higher. Wo uuoto it at l.Vo 2i'sj.;
Inferior la dull and heuvy. We quote fulr to prime
at I1f Me.
AI'I'LKS The receipt, are light, with a good local
and export demand, and prices are liriu at $2 7.Vn.
3 7ft per barrel.
I'OTATOKS-Th. market Is dull, with large re
ceipts, and prices aro drooping, but not quotubly
lower: sales of cue bushels 1'eucb blossom at i2,Sc. iu
SKED Clover I. In good demand, Nnd prices Arm at
4 .vfr'-l an f,,r prime: sale, of 3o bushel, at $1 00.
iiuoiii; e uml ni
I By Telegraph to the Chamber of Commerce. )
New Orlkans, March, IS P. M. Flour dull, and
f rice, nominal; thore U no demand of consequence
urn In fair demand, and the market Arm at iik. for
mixed. The receipts of Sugar am light, and the
market consequently firmer, though price, aro not
quotahly higher; fully fair at 7o. The receipts of
Molas.es are quite small, and not being equal to tho
demand, prices have advanced tu .1iy,i:i7u. Light
receipta of Cheese have caused an advance nf i,o.,
closing at 12o. Whisky unchanged; HectiHod nt 211
ta:2n'Lc. Coth-o unchanged, and in gissl demand at
miCel.VfJc. Bacon dull, at 7,1-j and tKc. for Shoul
ders and Sides. Lard firm, and in gooddemundat
ll.4:(e.luc. Moss I'ork dull at I7 7.i. The steamer.
Queen of tho West and Sliver Wave have arrived,
aud the Kick Thomas, Ilullitt and Fairchild de
Nrw York Markrt. March 17 P If A.I,....
.toady: sales small at S'i 2-i for Pots, and .1 ti2'v tor
Tearls. Cotton dull and unchanged: wiles of l,.vst
bule. at lie. for middling I plnuds. Flour dull,
heavy and lower; demand coullucd to .uppl.liig the
Immediate wants nf the Eastern and lo..ui i,--,t...
sale, of 21.ISNI barrels, at I.YeJ 2.", for superllno
State; Jisa.1 At) lor extra State; tjj 2H(ell 2.', lor su
pcrliuo Western; S.I :s..1 .1 iu for common to me.
ilium extra Western, and Siw.ce lu tor shipping brand,
extra round-hoop Ohio closing dull and heavy.
Canadian F'lnur rhlll aud drooping: Mies of Inn brls.,
at 0.1 .HKh 7 HI lor common to chofco t-xtra. Trifling
businer. doing In live Flour at .1 7ui I in. Com
Meal dull: small salesnt prcviousquotatiotis. Buck
wheal Flour plenty and dull at 1 .'site I a"1-, per ewt
Whisky dull aud lower sales of l:si barrels, in lots,
at l'r.. closina with aellees at 'ClUf- l'l.,... .I..I
and In favor of buyer, w ith limited demand to sup
ply the pn-aliig want, of the local millers: sales of
fits, bushel, prime Milwaukie Club at 91 2.'i lu storte
Slil do. w hite Southern at .1 6(1, and 7) do. white
Kentucky at 91 70, Uvequiet and steady, with sales
of 3,.'sl bushel, prime at she. Barley quiet and
steady, w ith sales ol .1,21111 bushels State at 7m Corn
Is a shade laitter, with sales of 2:i,imsi bushels, at 71i
SnSc. tor white; THtsvittc. for yellow, and trilling lot.
ot medium Weatorn at 7ii(n 7'.lc. Oats in good supply
and dull, at 43'Me44,. for Canadian and State,
gplr Its turpentine dull, with small sales at t7'lS lec
rude Is quiet and nominally unchanged. Common
Itesiu Is in active demand: snl.-s of r,,lm barrels nt
91 lUlsfn.l ta to arrive, and Farmyard Tar quiet and
unchanged. Hop. dull: aales at Va 12c. as iu quality.
Lime Itrm: Jim.ll wile, at me. for common, and tl ii
for luiun. Tallow arm, snn.lt u.n.a - ,,,.,7 ,7.,.-
Olls-Trauaactlon. only to a limited extent' ,i
price, unchanged. I'ork dull, very heavy and lower:
Si1'?."'.'"'! urr'l". L7 I'M' ' f"f "Id mess;
1 e-sem ior new mise. an :si it,r o il pi ine, and
It fSITK It fi2 for new nrime I1....I ....l! "J " .
changed: .ale. of vo barn-la, at tl 2.V I M. for conn,
try prime; .i 2.vb3 All lor country mess; u 2.lu .HI
for repacked lueas, and 12 2Ve l'.' .m for extra me..
gi' Jil'",?"."-" '.'tuv'' ,12"' 13 tar B,". "'
a 1 7 Vr W""0"'- I rime mess Iteef quiet
and unchanged. Cut meats steady and unchanged;
ale.oft.sl package., at 7(,. 7'ic. for SI Men., and
Wo lU'ac. for Hams. Jlar.,11 quiet: a aale ot 20 hints,
dry-wilted Side. wa. made at tii.o. Lard in modor
ate rwiueat and steady: sal., of 4.SI barrels at litre
ic 1 here Is a g.aid busiiies. boing iu Butter, at
llfeUc. lor Ohio, and Hci2nc. tor State, cheese
.teadvat lute .la.'ao. The- market lor all description,
of Coffee iu very Jriu, but quiet, and w'o caii not
learn ol any sali-s of moment. Molaj.se. unlet: sale,
of 2.1 hhds. Porto Hlrti at ttv., and a small lot New
"v"", . "S"" sieaoy: sale. 01 loll liariul.
Porto Itico at o'sto 7 ,,. .; hhds. English Island 011
private terms, and 2.SI do. Cuba at li'- tew'sc. and by
auction, 2 si hhds. New Orleans at Wn 7; e.,for ninety
day. and four months. Itice Cos,.....n, ...
favorable advice, jroiu the South, a brisk apeeulatiou
lias sprung up, aud all iu first lunula waa sold.
mounting to S..1UI or 4, 000 tieroos, at s'-tilSc.
cash. Market aitma llrui, but quiet for want uf
..i... . t 1,7. h. . Srv. BIIlrl n 17. rnmr dull:
duiUnddeclln;; e.Vn.r.tV.'sll sxsi
?Ji ".'.,'. "" l bu"- .le of ..USIkMhel.
".-isi'i ""Mm nv. .HJlleeeteaily. . I'ni.
Tlsioli. ttrni; sale, of uieMi Vork at Sl 2.v,i. .'sij
duUataio. . . 0"ou'ur' "t4C Whl.ky
BAurmeaa Markkt, March ir.-Vlour'dull and
iTa, VfT. I' 1S m:",' ttu" "i"" heuvy: aah. of red
at ti 3ee I 42, and while at 63. de.
chulug: sale, of white at tleei,?.. aiiil yellow at 7li,
Additional California News by the Overland
St. Louis, March 18. The following dis
patch containing one day later news fVom
California was received here by the overland
mail, which arrived last night:
San Francisco, Fern-nary 26V Si yes sell
have left this port within a few weeks, to re
turn with cargo of Japanese goods.
Aliout cloven hundred letter, were dis
patched by the overland mail yesterday for
the Eastern State., Ac.
H. E. Brewster, a merchant of Hnnv Fran'
cisco, just returned from the Washoe Mines,
iu Carson Valley; brings specimen, of silver
ore, which assays over :w,tHK) per tnn. '
Democratic primary elections have been
held in seventeen counties. The delegate,
to the State Convention so far as heard from,
stand one hundred and forty-eix for Latham,
and forty-four for Gwin and Weller, indicat
ing, without doubt, that the Latham infill-'
ence will secure tho California delegation to
the Charleston Convention. The Latham
delegates from San Francisco are in favor of
sending Austin E. Smith to Charleston. Ho
is a son of Hon. William Smith, of Virginia, '
and is favorablo to Dickenson, of New York,
for the Presidency.
River News.
18. Uiver fulling rap
idly; seven feet four inches in tho Canal.
Weather cloudy and moderate, portending
St. Long, March 18. Uiver fullinc with
from eight and a half to nine feet in the'
channel to Cairo. The upper rivers continue
to fall slowly, with six feet water in the Illi
nois, five and a half in the Mississippi below
Keokuk, three feet on the lower rapids, nnd
three and a half on the upper rapids. The '
Missouri is low nnd in "6aa! condition," with
only three feet in the upper and four feot in
tho lower end of the river. Weather warm
during the day, with a refreshing shower this
Fatal Affray.
St Louis, March 18. A street encounter
occurred yesterday afternoon at Jefferson
City, between Jas. Hughes, Deputy-Warden
of the Penitentiary, and Mr. Dozier, formerly
a guard in the prison, resulting in the almost
death of both. The cause is assigned to an
oltl grudge, aggravated by recent political
differences. Both leave families.
Dramatic Conduct or Pio Novo. Pio
Nono has been unusually lavish of his pres
ence to the public of late, showing himself
uiicii uu uiui. in nome, aim on me most tre
quentcd promenades. While walking in tlio
Villa Borghcsc, the other dny, the Pope's at
tension was called, by Monsignor Talbot, to
tho children of Mrs. Ross, of Bladonsburg,
whose account of fhc capture of Perugia was
considered so favorable to the conduct of the
Swiss troops, that her descriptive letter of
Ihe affair, written during her summer's resi
lience in n villa near Perugia, was recently
Published ill the official journal of Home,
'io Nono, desirous of showing his iipnret ia-
titm of .Miss Ross's testimonials iu behalf of
the Papal cause, had her children conducted
before him, and solemnly conferred the Apos-
.uii.; uvneiiiciioii upon mem, oi wnicn pro
ceeding the delighted children did not fail to
give a glowing account to their parents ou
returning home.
Golden Wedpino or a Venerarlk Pair.
Captain Jeremiah Holmes, the renowned
gunner of Stonnington, who perilled his life
to save tho place from pillage and fire, and
his courageous wife who fired the first gun
at the news of peace, on the east branch of
Mystic River, recently celebrated their golden
wedding at Mystic Bridgo, Conn. The first
table was surrounded with more than a score
of venerable persons, the average age of each
of whom waa seventy-one years. The ven
erable couple were made the recipents of
numerous and valuable presents.
Terrible Cause or Divorce. The Louis
ville (Ky.) papers say the most singular di
vorce case for the most disgusting offense a '
human could perpetrate was before Judge
Logan, of the Chancery Court, a few days
since. A husband praved a divorce from His
young wife, alleging that she preferred the
tendor embraces of a dog to those of her hus
band; and that she was habitually guilty of
this horrible practice.
Cause or the Removal or the Governor
or Ve.vetia. It is said that the late Gov
ernor of Venetia, Count Bissingen, was ap
pointed because it was supposed that he could
exercise some social influeuce on the leading
families of Venice. But, being able to at
tract to his palace no Italian who wag not a
Government officer, and not a single Vene
tian lady, he was removed.
The Danville, Kentucky, papers, if they are
reliable, say that 1,600 new buildings will bo''
erected there during the present year.
At this point the Ohio-has been gradually,
though stea.tllv, declining since our last issue, and
was still slowly receding last evening, with little
more than twelve feet channel-depth hence to Louis
ville. The river continue, to recede from J'ittshurg
to Ciiro, but Ihe Htugu of water la .utHcicnt for all
purposes of navigation.
The name tioantitul wentherwo have heretofore no.
tfced continued yesterday aud ou Saturday, without
anv indications of rain.
Business at tho Lauding wiw quite animated on
Saturday, and freights were ottered freely for tho
lower ports, wilhsliithtsupplie.fortheuppQr. Katea
were firm at those figures;
J'ittsbarg.-Cotton. 7Ar.; Molasses, IMe.l Whisky,
4.c.; Flour, 2Ac.; 1'orkkud Lard, 3jc.: l'uuutl Freights,
12KS l ie. per list lbs.
SI. Loals.-Heavy Ponnd freights, &Tc. per lot) lbs.;
Whisky and Oil, tias. per barrel; Stove., tie.; Ale, '
WW. per barrel. . ,
jVeowsri.. Whisky and Oil, fioc. per barrel.
NaeheiUr. Whisky, per brl., 7Ac.; Clover-seed, (Vie.;
Ale, isle.; Flour,4jc.', Pound Freights, auenme. per Ion.
tWro.r-Whi.ky and Oil, SOc, pu, barrel! 1'cuud .
f rejghts, 20c. per lis) pounds.
Acre (riaj.-Whl.ky and Oil, $1; Flonr, Hoc.; Va.
tabs;, and Apple, 4.V.: I'ork, oo.; ilooon In hlid..,
Zx.; and other Pound Freights, 2.rfe,:loo. pur lis) lb..; ,
Keg Lanl, 16c.; Horses Slu per Utiuil.
Louisville; Prioress, Mail- -Iniii;
Melrose, Mnyeville: Duiileith, Neville; Bob.
to.ia, Portsmouth; Uray Facie, Vomeroy: Dacotah.
SI phis; .lodge Torrenor, Now Orleans.
irlHre.. - Telegraph, Louisville: Prioress, i
Madison; Melrose, Maysvllle; Duiileith, Neville;
Boslona, Portsmouth; Kanawha Vnllev, Kanawha; "
Alinaaud Fred. Tron, St. Lonis; II. 1). Meara.nd ..
Stepheu Decatur, l'lllliiiig; City of Madison, Now
Orleans; Dsootah, 1'lltsburg; l'ersia, Memphis;
llrey Kagle, I'pineroy. ' .
t. In Siiles-nioms No. O.'l Main-streof, next Trust
Lo. llaiik.-Lnrge poeillie sale of Spring and Slim
mer Dry tioisls, Tail. us' O.sids, BooU. Sho.'., Hals,
etc., nt Auetli.ii.-TI'KSOAY MOliMNU, March 11.
at hull-past nine o'clock, will be .old, without re
st i ve. Itsi lots fresh Imported Spring and Summer
Dry Wooils. .comprising a very du.Ii utile, assortment
Tor city aud caintrv vale.
.,A,L'-, ",f ti, b Drew, (iooda, Dae Lawns,
rich Stella Shawl., hue , Hoop Skirta, Hoaleiy. ,
tiluyes. ffc.
,A '.urge in.oloe of Merchant Tailors' and '
Mothlera liooda, with ready-mad.. Clothing, c.
ALSO-Largo sala of Prime Boots, Show and
WEDNESDAY MOHNINU, March !l, at half-past
nine i. clock, we will sell, withoas rewirve, u cais
comprising Men's and Hoy's tine Boot. Mcu'a, Hoy' .
ami i onth a prime Drogans, Knot alfCongn-ss Boots'
OxTord lies, Lailiu', Mlssea' and Children Una
sewed Boot, and Slns-s, Sliiqwi-.. tialteiw, Ae
nial'J THOMAS JOHNSTON, Auctioneer. '
Al C'Tj tiSH A t K.-By ( I . Bit A S II E A KS AtttC
in Salea-nuims Non ST lid 3 Main-street.
"i'f"! '!! i'i'iMi in1"JT1, ' - Auclion.W will
sell, THIS MOllAlMi Maixh l'i, at uiue o'clock, a
gon.ral asortnieiit of tlnaerie., ic, conskliag of
Sugar, Molansos, Nails. Hos, Candles, Soap, Spices,
Aiinoiiila. Koda. llsi-iH. n-.i....ni. W.....I....:
(llaeaWBie, tliound Spices, Whisky. Madder, lm-
is-nni, loiiug iijtiott and fiunpvnder Tegs, Uruaui
lunar, Tobacco, Prunes. Av.
maw u. BltASIIK.VIIS CO., Aiictionswa.'' '
!''",") 'actoiy, Mwhiuery, Ac .at Auction. .
yili''V:!l,ill,..',,1,!,lr,,ur,1,,ll.0 WEHNtSDAY,,.
A r 1 KKNOON. Mai-el, ii ,i l,.,ir.n i,,..u. ,.'..i..,.e
ou I he premiees, ou lb. west side uf llammiind- '
sireei, ueiwaou lllildaii. Soul til, the lease of tha i
F actOlV. liaVlllir Slv venes -. Ci ,!,.,. I
together with all the Machinery, Boiler and Englu.. '
fi.'S'.'JJ'" huudred bushels uf Slack Coal.. . 'e:
TEHMS OF SALE-Onc-thlrd cash, lujaw in. .
three and six mouth., approved security.
... , w.v, agi-iii, sALiiot,n..rr,Ascir,'
"""A ,'Mee -v No. llHst Fourth-.t.
A IX,'T-10N-AIH.-l)y KKLLtMXl A WIL. "
IIIAMd, in eulsiivouia Mot. 44 snij .1 East"!
1 uml-sln-.tt. One Tliousand Dollsi .1' worth ,,f Jew..,
ehy at Aautlon. Ou Tt KSPAV MllHKINU, Marck
2.., at niu. u'vlock, ooiislsiing of a general variety.
Bold iu luu to suit the trade. ..... .,
main A. lvELLOf;o, Auctioneer."
AVttT ION'S A i.E.'-By TIIOM Aa"j'(IIlNST6.."
lu oaliai-ruolu No. 9:1 Main-street, uext tu
Trust Do. llaiik.-Tl'KSHAir MOIt.MNO, liaiiih 20,
at elevon o.cliKik, will be wild, without rtwervv. 3
tircele Ingram, all WuoLj. Wool A'iiliufC and Li.1
main " r.' ZUVafAt Jgttii ITOif, AuaUgooif
i i:t
i. . '!

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