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"wants," "Cob siti,'oB kst"
".r" 1" ner these headings, aot ex
mill be Inserted twk hr eenej
Vrw-omn... i Y If Fhn ran come well
-,',&Y'ir'TB,A SMALL UTORB-Wllh two ot
J fh. rooms attfictieil, la the west" ii?t n
-"- and fcK?ikn15,V&i
fry-ar.,-. . ,. . .. i..h
rev erty InoprlngtVid, Clark Oinnty. Ohio.
..a-he ,r - H. J. sxONTtJHMKKT,
SN1 Western-row
.A. v.a -
VV light bermiche. Willi a .
immI horse would
Address B. A C, Bux i. P. o.
enci'eneed respond to this. Apply
. -.'T1 . '"v n iium iiht in reier.
lose having r
at !4B8
nsrettuloos renaired. Apply at .trd, Uoorge-st.
WA.K!T.5I!rTo ktiow where (o get lb boat .nd
r.Tr... """' ?.ctur'.a In Cincinnati. For In-
yANTKD-A OIKl,--To do dining-room
" tho tublo m ed apply. Becommendatlone
FiA.? - A a O 0 D OAK HI ACB-TRIM.
i . i . . fS.iw?'' ml1' ,r"n' Crnclunall.
Inquire .t CLA KK rilln Shop, Slxth-st., east
" tlii. us.i..
lANTHn-TWil HIEW-T. i. i- -
n!l!ii"J"lt.,0ir'Tf 0,"n undone to nllnS,
iiwa to handi who understand the business.
Jioiia othor nij'iWpplr. Applr at P. U. BBOW N K B,
iy. Amur at r.
1 and Sycamore.
ll'AXHI) -0n or two waltora, on farm
liaml, oiiy or two men dm) to atahtawork,
AI"!'.i'r ,',iA2,"i". ai " aarvanta, at the
Agency omoe, a03 Kim-it. N. B.- No charge
torwnaaltlng. . JeH-b"
rANTKI-Thre German or American farm
.7 had and ali glrla, three Air chamber and
three tor washing and Ironing, in one familr, b to
LI?.?!' 1 l. S Foorth-at., intelll.
KwicaOiHco.. . , , ..- . , jea-b
W 'ANTED-Immedlatplr, a cook for a imall
. J,'v,'", w'ly atnnt dhtancs In theoouD
uy Munebnt thorough oook will answer, Alao
T rU-rJir.l5? 'i V.r1 housework In city and country.
Apply at 307 lm-tt 1! i . ) -
- , i
yANTKD-.ltr a practical maehlalat, who haa
T had aeviTal yeun' experience on all kind, of
ewlng machlnea, a aituatiou, either In a ealeerooiu
or to operate. Can gle the (wt of reference. Ad
'lrw, linoiedlatelr, UPKKATQB, thla office, je-b
WANTED TKN CENTS-Dmoothlng the nig
gtd p.ilk or the feeble, JOHNSON will aeud
Ilia carriage to convey Invalid! to hiaUallery, Ninth
and Main, without any extra charge. All klnda of
caaee and franiea. Oood work. ' jeft-a
aa clerk In a dry goods, boot and nhoe or
f." '"'v Addrea. All HAS D MANSKIKLD,
WANTKD TO BRLL-A Oonteotloaery Hlore
and 1'lxtnree, with lease, baring a beer (tar-
. ?" . IA,n"", wim leaae, oaTing a oeer gar
nn snooiiug gallery attached to It, now doing
ftPSour'v'l??'. Smroa the premises to Til ot).
BNEV,a4 Central-ar.
1TNTBD-T0 KKNT-A eonranlent Dwell-
T.?, luK-'"ai containing about eight rooms,
within twenty rninulea' walk of the Poetomce. Bent
not to exccod SllW. Poaaaaaion wanted by the 1Mb
Inst. " Addreea W. K. g., Box l,99i.
WAMTBD TEN CENTS Tha children wen
..,.r.l.c,y5'i,lj'. annoyed till he took them to
'!HN80T8 (lallery, Ninth and Main. All kinds
of Pictures at extraordinarily low prices, from ten
route upward. Oood work. jeft-a
ANTED GIRL To do general housework In
the country. Apply at 104 Water-st. je7-b
the beet liandaniwdapply.at SlBlixabath-st.,
hetwecn Onlral-ar. aad Job p. jo7-b
diately at HIS NlntliHit., north side, three
doors above Linn. je7-b
giiod washer and Iraner, Ac, and a chamber
maid. None but Protectant girls, and those well
recommended, nerd apply, at 19 West Vonrth-st.,
between Elm and Plum. Je7-b
w a pleasant and nrofltablo business. Apply,
between v A. M. aad V P. M., at Room 3, nfth aiciry
of American hiasji in Company's Building, Thlrd-at.
. : . Uc7-bJ .
TANTED A first -class salesman, who can lend
w,, smptoywt40U,Tor which No. 1 securities
willbe giiea. A Uberal salary paid. Address M.
8: V-. ' Pr ce, giving right name, and
stating where au interview can txi had. jef-b
work tor ramlly of two. One from the
country wanted. Nona other need apply. Work
''."''i ?,",? vms goo,, ' PI1 ' Mr- CUTTING,
I'resa Ollice. je7-b
WANTED-Men seeking situations aa clerks,
salesmen, book-keepers, bar-keepers, porters,
coopers, mechanica, laborers, and others should ap
ply the Mcrchanta' tlerks' Kagiatry Office, No.
l'A8 Walnut-street. , lje7-b , HAL! A CO.
WANTED-A few more good Beninese Agents.
w ' Send tea ceuts in stamps, by mail, to Bog
l.ltVA, Ciuoinnatl, Ohio, and you will receive a cir
cular, with full Information. A flue opening for all
who are out of employment. Ko better can bo
found- , ; , ; . jeo-tf
WANTED A FABTSB R With a capital
of fii,uu to take an Interest In my new
Hunker, which can ha made from 10 to ao per cent,
cheaper and better than the old ouo. , Call on or ad
dreea H. HTKA1T, at the ehop, 84 Eliaobeth-at.,
uoar Mouud, whore models of both can be seen.'
.J , ' - ' i iiee-h'l
V".ANTEDrA0ENT8-To sell the "Ufa of
w v 'Abraham Lincoln ' and other r&luable worka.
Apply to KILt, C'LEVSLANO CO., opposite the
American Kxprsaa Office, Indiauapolis, lad. iV4
FOR HA1.E-0R TRADE j'arm of m acres,
four miles from Greenfield, Highland Connty,
Ohlof lava well; rich soil; forty acres under cultiva
tion ; balance ttne timber; three frame honsos; good
water. Will be sold low or traded (or property is
city, and pay some cash.
ALSO No. 1 Lands in Indiana, an4 cash Sir dry
foods, notions, or hardware. Want from ao.uuu to
40,C. .
AbtiO-Laude la Illinois, Missouri and Iowa, for
sale cheap for cash, or trade for good property.
ALSO Vacant lota oa Ninth, Dudley and Blrh-nioud-at
rents, tor sale tor cash aad payments. Bar
gains. . -
ALriO A small stock of Dry Goods, for cash and
ALSO Two Una Brick Houses on Mt. Auburn, for
cash and payments. A. B. McMANAMA.
jo-d . . , , . BMW.l'hird-at.
POa MALE -Two hundred Mocking Birds,
young aud singers, just arrived from the South,
at !t(H Waluat-at.. betwasu rifth aud Sixth.
je7-c J. WAHNKR.
f7OR 8AI.E-TW Loaae and Vlituroa of Store
v.fif ou(rai-av., one uoar uoove nixin-el.
Apply to D. L. CONNJCU, corner of Lougworth-st.
THta r4AI,B-Steam KiiKlue and Boiler, now In
JC use at Noe. 99 and JOA Waluut-atreet, where
they can be seen at anytime. Xngiue Oyllndor, S
iuchea diameter, stroke '4 feet, governor aud Judeon
valve attrictied, and cast-irou bed. ,Boilar--4eugth
32 feet, diameter. Ho luches.
mjd-tf , ' , ', UARItTSON A WILSON.
P01I, MALK-A tmall Bnkfne, Boiler-Fan, Cu
pola, PiiMM, Ao., ail in complete running order,
at a great bargain. Can be aeeu in operation at tua
Novelty Iron awundry, 334 ruurth-slreet. . ,
PEHetrtNAl.-lf tlis hiily who pure based a pafr
ot bruceluu at bTKWAUT'S Second-hand Stora,
ilOO rlrth-at., belwaea Ueutrsl-av. aud Johu-st
will call at the store, she will obiiae. and near of
aomethiiig totieradvautage. je7-d
IiOTltSr! iALE-BY (it. B. MILES CO.,
im No. i)9 Pearl-sireet.-Brlck House, with Lease
of Lot, at Auctlon.-On SATURDAY HOBNINd,
Juue 9. at II o'clock, we will sell at auction, on the
premises, a two-story Brick House, containing eight
rooms, 1 1 ton ted an tna east aide of llauspekl-strei;!,
aVmt 17 tset aart b ul abater. Leaae perpetual .
Terms ol Sale Oue-lialf caah, balance iu oue year,
with Interest ati pot eeiiU gnle puslUvn. r,. Jet ,
llAMb, Sale-rooms tit aud 14 Kaat Third.
stroet.-Puriilt.iire, Piaiso, Plated Ware, Ac, at Aua
tlon. THIS itoHNIMO, June (, at II o'clock, a va
riety of good Parlor, Chamber, Dlntug-tuont am)
Omoe Furiilt'tru. i - '''.',
A LHO-Aiim aatmid.smsul Plaao, om large Count-
f LSOSIlver plated Wars of Tea Seta, Oasiors,
Table and Tea Spoons, Table Cutlery, Oil Paintings,
and a variety ot other goods, Ac.
jet .. A. KBLLOW, Anctloaeer
-A A large number of beautiful Lou in the Or
rhareTlB Cudlow, MONDAV APTr-KNOON, iiloa
II, at 1 o'clock, on the premises. These lots are de
llghtrullyltnn4 just below the Vifth-st. terry,
mid opposite lbs in mth of Millcreek, and are each
3.-i feet front by ran feet deep, to wide alleys ; all will
be sold on tuu years' credit, or oa perpetual least.
Plata of the property can be had of J(
UOUraa SI D iuivwt AnDiimmrn.
Jog 14 Kast Pourth-st.
a DfrriON
Sales-room Ni. 1
at Auaieauul Will
Nil. 1 Kut
I Kourth-itreet. J'nruU
Id oa PHIDAI" Molt s-
1 NO, J
uua A. srtMto'ol'iok, at ear stora, No. 1M tUst
v..,irth,irMt. a ouHiititv of new sM soooad-aaad
nruituie, Carpet, Piano, Ao.
,,l JaiX wBAITf, AacUuaser.
l A R niNrtHrih"iin1 he aeoonf.
, ;-ra,slated with a pleasant front room And board
at 17 Ueorge-st., two doota east et Plum. JoH-c
IOARnnrv-mie Wi
terga AtrntstMxf firoM room,
or, for a familr. Also other
oa lie
moms, turn is li"l or
nnrilrnih.ed, for fAmllles ot
(enttensea. Apply at t Hi Klm-iU, above
ist nim-tt., above rour
.... 1 I f . iL . U"-"-l
I nARDINO Comfortable Rooms lor rent,
newly papered, painted and rnrnfsheA, with ot
Wllhont boaro' where only a tew boarders are kept,
at McKENXlk'gv aa Sivil..i . uss win,,i
and Vine,
IOHT On ytfth-tt., TnnwUr, Jnn ft, Brnwl
pin, with Minting. I'lmin irttinit. The fliulrr
be pfwanlM by Untying It at thtw offlro. H-h
B j UWI irtreaawvpin I jr ft tfl JOTttt OI ft
- frown, blwwtn Ha?ct?id-rt , Covinirtn, and Vin
and Kniirtti-NU. Th flndwr will b rvwardod br rs
tumlna It to 3T WUint-m. JmV
AllfM A I - -1 T-. . mi -I- t ilk s s .
"ailPTrff BBWARD- A Mimll Murk Wthm
JtHIN C()WBt north -mwivrnrr of Vlfth and Wi-
wuhm.i win rauniTs tint uoove reward, JC8-b
-.ftlTrHA.,!i.ANJJ.M':DAt','I!'-w' three
at 1 kancaeoa In It. The H.ri., will i. tii n
warded by oalllngat lewigworth-st. je7-b
R. HKNT etOIIMn Tan w a
toor. Apply at H Baoc-at., west side, jeg-b
tmn n VT.uiumav -. i, .
M in dwelling lit W. Slxth-st., between Vine and
Race. Rent from f l.i to f u per month. Also store
IS'"!,1 '- ova Fifth. Apply at offlca,
lit W. Sixth-st. jea-b
FOR RENT At 9H Mllton-st., to a medlnm
, sised family, Ave very good rooms, entirely
distinot, wlta water and gas, yards, Ac Inquire at
the Prospect H Ul Cottage, near. jes-b
.....,. as. .J UN R H
V II you want bom, advert tm In tha DAILT
rKBSoY... , .
If you want a servant, advertise In the DAILT
V" In fact, erery want supplied by advertisini
in tfia DAILT PRESS.
V If row waat situation, advertise in tha
V Advertisements not exceeding five lines la
length, inserted In the." Wanted " column twice for
an Bail. Arrives 3i50 A. M. and4t40 P. M.:
does at 1 A. M. and 8 P. At.
BALTistoat, Waspinotok aao WaxiLiao.-Ar.
rives at 3i3 A.M. closes at H P.M.
Sr. Loon a Louistillb- Arrives at 11 A. at.
and 1 P. M.; olosea at 1 A. M. and 4 P. M.
Cbicaoo lap Noars-wnT. Arrives at 11 A. M.
and 10 P. M.; cloaea at 1 A. M. and 4 P. M.
To ADviRTiSERa. Ag thePRKftg is the only
penny parser in Cincinnati, and hag the
Iurrrost city circulation, advertiaera will
readily gee that it ia the medium through
which to reach the people.
Ware, Optician, June 7:
OVIoc. . . Borvmsfer. TAsnaoOMtor.
T A. M .a.ai Above aero 71
H M.... 39.17 Above aero M
l at 211.30 A bora aero oO
Fink Flavor. Penderv hai iuat received
a lot of fine Savored teas, to which he calls
attention of families. Store north-west
corner Fifth and Walnut-street.
Liimag UrrAiNi
Thursday, June 7:
Lbttim Ditainbd 0B Wast op Postage,
0. Biessol; Hew Bremen. Ohio. ' . -'
Achilley Cadwallader, Corwin, Ohio.
Miss Mollis Vorguson, Xenia, Ohio.
Jacob Hofl'meister, Washington, Ind. i ' ' ) ' j
Cornelia A. Murrin, Brownsville, Peuu. , c ; 1 '
Lao Shaffer, SprlngAeld, Ohio.
. Kmllie Wooley, Plorcovllle, Iud.
, Pbooeidiros or thi County Commissioh
R3 At tha regular diurnal session of the
County Commissioners, held yesterday morn
log, orders were passed amounting in the ag
gregate to $298 52; of which $151 19 were
paid 8. Molitor for advertising; $36 to C.
WoUT Co., for stove for Work-house; $50
to D. O'Connel, and $58 33 to M. Stevens, for
services at Lick Bun Lunatie Asylum, Apart
from the above no business of importance
was transacted.
' Finolat Chapil Bcndat Bchool PlOMia
The picnic of the Findlay Chapel Sunday
School, to be given at Parlor Grove next
Saturday, promises to be one of the largest of
the season, fifteen hundred tickets having
been already sold. The affair will, doubtless,
be quit pleasant, and the friends of the
school seem determined to leave nothing un
done which will arid in any way to the en
joyment of the occasion.
Arothir Nootcrkal Assault. A sales
man in Shillito's dry-goods establishment,
named Alfred Swing, was assaulted on Dayton-street,
near Linn, while on his way home,
night before last, and severely injured. He
was overtaken by some persons, one of whom
struck him with a slune-shot, or some similar
instrument, knocking him down and hurting
him so badly that he was wholly unconscious
for some time. He at length, however,
reached his residence, but is still suffering
severely from the effects of the blow.
.Cincinnati Convicts Escaped prom thi Co
lumbus Penitentiary. Amos T. Wooden
and Daniel Finnegan, of Cincinnati, escaped
from the penitentiary, at Columbus, on Mon
day afternoon. A reward of $25 is offered
for either if taken within fifty miles of Co
lumbus, or $50 for either if taken beyond
that distance. The following is theliscrip
tion of the convicts:
Amos T. Wooden has a wife near Allegheny
... i l A a . ... - i i i- T i
City, and is five feet ten and a hulf inches
hitch, p-rev eves, hair dark, fair couinlexion.
has long race, left jaw broken, with deep scar
on same jaw extending down on the neck,
Has a scar on under gtae of enin, Has Baa the
ends of three or four fingers shot oft; and end
of thumb also, and a long scar on the back of
left hand.
Daniel Finnegan is fiv feet seven Inches
high, dark grey eyes and dark lair, fair com
plexion, has full nice, thick lips, large nose,
with pox-marks and freckles, has bad first
finger on Tight hand split on inside from the
second joint to the end. His father, Timothy,
resides it) Cincinnati. " , , ,
Sheriff's Salbs op Real Estate. At the
regular weekly Sheriffs sales of real estate,
held yesterday In the rotunda of the court
house, sixteen pieces of property were offered,
of which eleven wee, sold, as follows: t
. Lotiu Fiulay's subdivision, 25 feet front
on Fountain-stveet by 100 feet deep to an
alley. Valued at $1,000, including; improve
ments; sold to ErnstCasper for $705.
Lot on the west side of John-street, 100
feet north of Laurel, 44 feet front. Valued
t $2,5.00 for ground and improvements; sold
to Lambert Decamp for $1,UGJ. j ,-i
Lot on tha .north side of Longworth-street.
148 feet cat of John, 20 by 70 feet. Valued
at $3,500, including improvements; sold to
George Ihtscom for 2,334. '
The nndivideeV half of let on ths south
side ol Third-street, 140 feet west of Smith,
40 by to feet to an alley.' Valued at $2,500
including improvements; told to John Torn
linson for $1,607.
Twenty-six acres of land in Harrison Town
lnp,' in section SO, Township range 1, of
the Miami Purchase.. Valued at $16 per acre;
old to L. Strocken for $12 per acre.
Lot on the south side of" Richmond-street,
100 feet west of Central-avenue, 40K by 100
feet. Valued at $3,500, including improve
ments; sold to W. O. Thorpe for (Lt 'L 4
t Lot No. 8. in California, in Block 7. Valued
at seventy-five cents per front foot; sold to
L. M. Hanselmaa fbi fifty cents per front foot.
. Thirty-two acres of land in Aadenoa
Township, In Powell's survey in partition of
J. D. Mrrtin. Valued at $80; sold to, James
UcOUlfoT $111 per acre. ,
Also,' eight acres of land In same snrveyv
Y Aland .Uto, and sold to e um for $11',. ,
'Als0,fc t!-jgo acres in same survey. Val
ued at $100, ami sold to the same for $331 per
The Mysterious Murder of Wednesday
Night—A Professor in a Female Seminary
Stabbed to the Heart—Vain Efforts to Discover
the Assassin—Great Excitement
Among the Friends of the Deceased.
In our last issrte Wb slated that A Bin
aanted Crawley had been found dead in the
street near the corner of Harriet and Main,
totrether with imposition that be had been
killed by A roiiple of females in Whose com
pany he had been seed a short time previous.
Ths hour at Which tha homicide occurred
prevented ns from either learning or giving
the name and character of the parties; but
the facts, as developed before the Coroner's
Jury yesterday morning, show the fallacy of
what at that time we believed to be true.
The particulars, so far as they have as yet
been ascertained, throw no light upon the
perpetrators of the act, and the testimony
that has been elicited leaves tha matter thus
far still enshrouded in mystery. ...
It appears that .Henry T. Crawley, Pro
fessor of Mathematics lit tha Mt. Auburn
Female Seminary, came to the city on
Wednesday evening, to attend the concert at
the Opera-house), in company with Miss
Carrie Mensies, daughter of Dr. Menzies, of
this city, and Miss Bailie Vallette, the former
a teacher and the latter a pupil at the in
stitute. At the close of the performance they vis
ited the Commtrn&l office, and siient the time
until about twelve o'clock in looking at the
machinery and examining the nwdtu operandi
of getting up a morning newspaper, after
which they started for MC Auburn.
Immediately after crossing the bridge over
the Miami Canal, on Main-street, they passed
four men, who were conversing togetjier, and
who, aa they walked by, made some disgust
ing, vulgar noise, which Mr. C. supposed was
intended for an insult. He, therefore,
stopped, while the ladies went on, and was
seen by them to walk back toward the men.
Finally, they heard a scuffle, and npon
turning again, saw their companion running
toward them. After crossing Hunt-street be
fell, when they approached him, at first sup
posing that he had been attacked by disease
of the heart, to which, we learn, hehas for a
long time been predisposed.
They saw the men run across the street,
and under the impression that Mr. C. was
dying, called for assistance, which being pro
cured, and learning the fact that their com
panion had been killed, they proceeded to
the Institute, and procuring a carriage re
turned, and found the deceased at the Bremen-street
Station-house, whither he had
been taken immediately alter the tragedy.
Yesterday morning Dr. Menzies made a
pott obitum examination of the body, and
found small Incised wound in the right
breast, about two inches above and behind
the nipple, passing between the fourth and
fifth ribs Into the cavity of the chest, through
the upper lobe of the right lung, and severing
the main arch of the aorta. The wound was
nearly six inches deep, and necessarily fatal,
producing a hemorrhage that could not by
any possibility be stopped.
Officer Dalton found a large dirk-knife
about six inches long in the blade, in a yard
opening into an alley running west from
Main-street, nearly opposite the spot on
which the man died. It is doubtless the
same with which the homicide was com
mitted, and the place in which it was found
is the only clue to the direction the parties
took after the deed was consummated.
No evidence was elicited which would
seem to indicate who the guilty parties were.
Oue of the witnesses stated that he saw four
men inHonin's coffee-houso, about twenty
minutes before he heard the alarm of murder,
and also that he would be able to identify
one of the men; but they have not since been
seen, although it is thought they saw the
homicide committed.
The deceased was a native ot Nova Scotia,
about thirty-two years of age, and unmarried.
He has been connected with the Mt Auburn
and he was much esteemed and beloved by
all who were acquainted with him. He was
extensively known throughout the city, and
his homicide has created the most intense ex
citement among his numerous friends and
acquaintances. . ...,-.
The affair became more and more compli
cated as the examination of witnesses betoro
the Coroner's Jury progressed, and about
four o'clock the inquest was adjourned until
Saturday morning. A number of our more
Prominent citizens have headed a subscrip
ion for a reward to be offered for the arrest
of the homicide, and we earnestly hope our
police may succeed in ferreting him out and
bringing him to justice.
AoEROWLEOOMBirrs. The Board of Man
agers of the Home of the Friendless, through
Elizabeth M. Gray, Secretary pro tern., grate
fully acknowledge the following donations:
Captain Culbertson, $20; one dozen knives
and forks, W. P. Neff ; strawberries and two
books, Mrs. Sbepherdson : 1J bonnets, Miss
Baird; 30 yards of colored muslin, 10 yards
of duster material, 6 yards of drilling, 4 pair
of hose, 23 yards for dresses, Deland tc Gos
Bage j 1 pound zephyr wool. Pickering k Co
1 pair of shoes, J. C. Gould; 1 box of crack
ers, R. G. Field ; 2 scrubbing-brushes, J. Os
tenn; $1 45 on bill. P. Baldwin; $3, W.
Chidsey, Justice of the Peace; 50 cents on
bill for repairing, Mrs. Muth; $1, J. B. Gib
son; $46 injury-fees, through J.C.Hunting
don, from the following gentlemen: D. B.
Pierson $5, Geo. F. Johnston $5, J. T. War
ren $5, Chas. F. Houghton $5, G- Kl utter $5,
Richard Woolley $5, David B. Guiou$5, Jno.
0. Huntingdon $5, Henry Caldwell $3, E. D.
Norris $3. , ,
Waooonbr to be Returned. G. P. Web
ster, Waggoner's attorney, left for Lexing
ton yesterday afternoon, and will return with
him to-daV in accordance with an agreement
between himself and Dr. Foster, by which
Waggoner's title to freedom will be fully in
vestigated before a competent tribunal. We
have received the following communication
from Mr. Webster, in reference to the conduct
of Sheriff Helm in the Waggoner ease,
which we publish with measure, our onlv ob
ject being to obtain the facts: ( . , , ,
jo m aimnv a Me tatty from -'
Gr.NTLEMKK: Home ropraaontatiouii haviua bees
made in regard to the trial and aale of the hoy James
Waggoner, which reflected upon the course and mo
tions of Col. Helm, the hheris of this county, I feel
It my duty, being wellaciuaintod with the facts, to
make a statement in his behalf, I am well aware
that he ouuld not have boon informed of tlia oharac
tor of the testimony which was or might be pro
duced, to establish the freedom of Waggoner, not
haviuit attended any Investigation of tho matter,
and having loft ilia city early on the morniug of
Monday last, before the cominencemaut of the trial
before Mayor Hawkins, to attend the County Court,
held at the county seat, fourteen miles distant.
Upon his return from Alexandria In the afternooUi
he was met on the load by Jailor Uorsfall with the
boy, aud in obedience to the decree rondered by ilia
County Judge, and tha order of Mayor Hawkins, he
proceeded to sail him, ignorant, as he expressly de
ciarea, of tha exlstouoe of an order of lnntnotion,
until after the sale. Upon his return to Newport,
aud when ha had learned that doubts existed in re
gard to the freedom or slavery of tlia boy, he
expressed a willingness to do everything in his
power to lusnat me in securing to the boy a further
examination; ao aould, of oouree, do nothing o ra
cially, but in hia Individual capacity ha aided me,
aud waa deeply Instrumsutal In bringing about tha
result so much desired by tha friends of the boy. I
feel greatly indebted to Col. Ilelin for tha aid he has
Riven me, and am convinced that his outy deslro
iruughout the affair haa been to comply with tha
law, and to obey the orders of the Court. I congrat
ulate the friends of Waguoner upou the preauut po
sition of aftalre. He will be returned to Newport;
and will have aa ample opportunity to establish his
freedom. GEO. P. WKBSTS K,
Attorney for James Waggousjr. :
. Htwpomt, June 7, W6U.
. Citt CoosoiL. No business of a general
or Important character was transacted at the
Council yesterday afternoon. " '
Oar Dit.t We hear it rumored that N. B.
Stephens will be elected President of the
Newport and Covington Bridge, by the
Board of Directors, at its meeting on Monday
next. .'; .....
Craooit Court Glebe's OrricE. The of
fice of the Clerk of the Circuit Court is now
undergoing ' a thorough cleaning and re
pairing, much to the satisfaction oi sitae Ass
and visitors. 4,.. j,
DiscovaaT op Boods Coin. .Three hundred
and fifty bogns twsnty-five-oent pieces, and
fifty bogus half dollars were (bund, day before
yesterday, secreted near the house of a man
named Brown, who resides at Mullin's ta
tiaas aW this txminv. Ths '-mutter wftf un
dergo a legal investigation at the next term
of tha; Circuit Court.
Wood's Thsatsb. Tkt FaMitt, for ths
benefit of Mr. II. If. Powers, drew a vary large audi.
ancS last night to Wood's Theater; but neither this
play nor the acting of tha own loirs haa Improved
ilaoS It was Brit presented In this dtp, dearly reaf
Agin W are aot surprised that each tiativS talrdt M
sjt stiSparavl tnthierity,antroar tho tharips as
highly rrrdltasNle to our draotatls taste.
This evening Annie Walta, qnlta a clover and
sympathetic actress, will have a boneflt; npon
which occasion Mrs, Anute Beala Hala will make
her first appaaranoe npon any stage, aa "Ths
Duchess," In Falsi Heart Jfsesr Won Pair Mi, the
teianteMww appearing for the first time as "Parthe
nla." The attractions have sufficient auuraetic
power to draw a large audience, and we earnestly
hope the house may be tilled to repletion.
Pike's Opira-hoobr. The pupils of the
different District end Intermediate Schools of this
city, nnder the direction off Pmf. Mason, will glra
an entertainment this evening at tha Opera-house,
Ample arrangements have bean made, and new
decorations, appointments and pyroteehnlo efir-cts
have born prepared expressly for the occasion. 'The
singers number over Ave hundred, and from the care
that haa been bestowed npon It, wa doubt not the
affair will ba complete in every respect. .
Sum 4 Nixos's Hali.. The eccentrici
tlesof 8 n ford's burlesque Opera Troupe constitute
the attractions at this popular place of amusement,
and nightly fill the house. They remain but two
nights longer. . ,
PARKS.--In General Term, yesterday, the ap
plication to appoint Commissioners to im
prove the Washington and West Knd Parks,
was granted, and Wm. A. Adams, Chas.
Remeelin, and Wm. P. Hulbert, were ap
pointed. Wilson vt. The City. To recover for ser
vices as Engineer of Fire Department, Ar
gued aud submitted. . , , , '
Criminal Side. Before Judge Mallon.
The State vt. Geo. Garrett. The prisoner
stood indicted for manslaughter, the ho
micide of Wm. Long, on the 6th of April
It was in the testimony that Long stood on
a pile of iron, a chain and anchov, and was
looking in through the window, at the Third
Ward Polls; when he turned round, Garrett,
who stood behind, struck him in the mouth
with a stone, brickbat, or piece of iron, (as
some of the witnesses allege) and knocked
out several of his teeth; the two then clinched
and fell. A crowd gathered in to separate
them, and when Long rose up he said his leg
was broken. It was supposed his foot caught
in the iron; and when examined by a physi
cian it appeared that his ankle had been vio
lently wrenched, and the ligaments ruptured.
The lnflamation ran on rapidly to mortifica
tion, and in a few days he died from this in
jury. It was stated that Garrett was intox
icated at the time of the quarrel. Earlier in
the evening the parties hsd a quarrel.
The defendant proved a good character.
The jury had not agreed up to half-post
eight o clock, j . 1
T. Gaines for the State; . T. A. Logan for
Grand Jort Witkksses. Two hundred
and one witnesses have been sworn to testify
before the Grand Jury. . , . , , ,
' '
Manumission or Slavks. A black woman.
Rebecca, and hor four children, the slaves of
r . a. rrovose, or cast Baton Kouge, La.,
had their deeds recorded and free papers is
sued. , .. , ,
Insanity. A man, who gave the name of
james AiuDngnr- was oeiore tnis uourt as a
lunatic. Officer Phelps said he found him
on the street on his knees praying aloud.
Until a final disposition of the case he was
sent temporarily to the Jail.
Arrest op Alleged Thieves. Officer
John Ellis arrested, on warrant, yesterday,
four young men, named Richard M. Stock
ton, Wm. Brown, John Lowensberry, and
Robert G. Carson, at the instance of Supt.
McLaren, upon the charge of stealing freight
from tho Cincinnati. Hamilton nnd Davtnn
Railroad Company, as follows: One bag of
learners, vaaue a at 14 one uo. valued at .
and eighteen bags ot potatoes, valued at $10.
The parties arrested were in the employ of
the company as clerks. They gave bail in the
sum of $300 each, for their appearance before
Judge Lowe this morning.
A. P. A. Elbction or Worthy Grand
Or-riCKFts. At the Annual Session of the W.
G. Lodge of Ohio, American Protestant Asso
ciation, held day before yesterday, the fol
lowing officers were elected for the ensuing
year: .W. G. M., George W. Ross, Cincin
nati; W. V. G, John M. Great, Milford; W. G.
Secretary, Charles Keinking; W, G. Treas
urer, John Bradford; W. G. Chaplain, Wm.
B. Dickson; W. G. C. A. L. Carries; W. G.
A. C, W. McCune; W. G. F., John 0. Nolker;
W. G. G., Valentine Smith.
News Depot. Church, at the Postoffice
News Depot, has all the latest literary papers
and magazines; and those who wish any
thing fresh in the periodical line, can always
depend on obtaining it of him.
- ,bi 1 . ' , ,
Tub Iribm Emigration to' America. A
Cork (Ireland) paper of May IT says;
Two river steamers left this city yesterday
for Queenstown, crowded with persons who
intend leaving for America by the screw
steamships (Itrngow and Nova Seotian, the
former or which sails from this port to-day
for New York and the latter for Quebec.
They were mostly from the Queen's County
and Kerry, aud the great majority were young
people. On being anked their reason for leav
ing the country, tbey replied that there were
do opportunities for young persons of the
fanning class to get on. here, and they con
sidered it their best course to go away to a
place where land was cheap and easily got.
In most cases, their passages had been paid
by relatives already In America. The tickets
they had, freed them entirely by railway
from their homes to this place, and from this
to America.
A Loo Used as a Bank. Recently the ad
ministrators of one Elisha Harris, deceased,
late a resident of Luzerne County, Pens-,
offered his effects at public sale, among them
au uncouth block of wood, supposed to be
part of a cheese press, and which was pur
chased for fifteen vents, by one David M.llat-macher.-
On the morning succeeding the
sale, the purchaser in a spirit of Inquiry
"characteristic of tho age we live in" split
tha block open, when he discovered a queer
secret door, opened by the pressure of a long
rod, and containing bonds, notes and other
matters, besides about $2,000 in silver coin.
To test the right of ownership in the treasure,
an amicable suit for its recovery was insti
tuted in the Common Pleas of Luzerne
County, resulting in a verdict for the execu
tors for $1,000,
- , ;( , - m i 1 , .i C :
BsafJtis Hail Storms in this Stats. A
hail storm passed over Wellsville on Monday.
Many of the stones were ss large as a pigeon s
egg, while others, with jagged points, were
as large aa a small ben's egg. - -
A severe hail storm visited Akron on the
same day. The hail-stones that fell were of
the site of large peas, but toward the, end of
toe snower tney leu as large as nicnory-nuts.
As there was no wind at the time but little
damage was probably done. The storm lasted
About ten minutes. ,,. .rt - t wi
.. Singular and Fatal' Accident. A boat
driver, Austin Billings, was killed on the
tow-path in Syracuse, N. Yn recently, by
being struck by a whifletree. Tha team
suddenly started up, when, tha traces of the
Dam ens breaking, the wnttlelree was drawn
back by the spring of the tow-line, and
struck the unfortunate lad in the bowels.
Validity or Maruiaoes in Maryland.
Judge Crain, in a recent suit before the Cir
cuit Court of Charles County, Md, decided
that a license was not necessary to the val
idity af a marriage in that State that it Is a
civil contract, and, by ths common law, kind
lug, if established by evidence that it had
beeu entered into by the parties, to operate
as a marriage and followed by cohabitation.
The Prize Ring—Sayers and Hechan to
Visit This Country Together The Henicia
Boy's Challenge to Morrissey.
This Week's fljnrti of thi T'mtt observe!: :
Among the first fruits of tha settlemantof
the dispute about the belt Is the laying ont
of two campaigns by the champions, from
which they will, ho doubt, reap a golden
harvest. , We learn tha, after tout df eight
weCks id England and Ireland, in the course
of which tbey will give exhibitions in the
principal towns, Beenari and Sayera will
come to this country together. ,
The Spirit also contains Heenan'a chal
lenge to Morrissey, dated London, May 22,
which runs thus: i
The whole thing1 Is settled at last, an far as
Sayers and me are concerned. It is not ex
actly what I bargained for, but it will serve
to prove that I have not done the place I
came from any discredit, and that I have got
a big crowd of people on this side of the
water, who, perhaps, don't like me any too
well at that, to give the lie to those at home
who still try to defame mo with a want of
courage. I hear that Morrissey it still fore
most in this fine business, but I earnestly
V , 1. -. r i ,,, . . - J
uupo iiia, uuuo ui my irienus win lntenere
with him on that account. He can not do
ma sins' hain wImIsvm 1. . .1 I
j w-w.v. iw .j n. auu ssi iuijk
as that is the Case, I want that be should be
lett tor me. 1 rmdervtend that be still pubs
lidy says that he will fight me when I come
borne, and I mean to- make him keep hit
word. Let him commence his preparations,
therefore, as soon as be can, and let him get
in the best possible fix, for if Anything will
tempt me to leave this country speedily, and
postpone any intentiona I may have about
the old belt of England, it will be for the
satisfaction of meeting him in a rope ring
again. I bear the man no malice, but I want
to punish him for the way in which he talks
about me, and consequently I want him all
to myself. . . . . ....
All the satisfaction I have bad from him
thus far is the two hundred dollars I won
from him on his bet that I would not come
to England and tight Sayers, andtaiw I want
to give him another chance, or To get an
other chance for myself, to win or lose five
or ten thousand dollars more. I shall have
between five and six thousand dollars of my
own money on the 1st of June next, which I
will fight him for, and I will make it ten
thousand or twenty thousand dollars a side
if he likes, on any day that may be named,
after four months' notice. ' I shall exnect
him to close with this proposition for a meet
ing at once, out 1 will add that it tua sums I
name are more than will suit his book, I will
accommodate him' or one thousand or one
hundred dollars a side yes, for one dollar or
a ten cent piece I If he crawls out of this
alter all tuat ne has said, why, I suppose,
there is no further need of my following him
up, or paying any further attention to him.
ao no moreot that, juiia u. antfl AN.
An Incident of the French Revolution—A
Man Owes His Life to His Boots.
Now that the name of Varnhagen von Ense
is brought so prominently forward, through
the Humboldt correspondence, it may not be
amiss to quote from one of his works a storv
about a pair of boots, which, by their oppor
tune disappearance, did their owner better
service than did ever boots before by the
promptest attendance. It occurs in the
author's account of Crab Schlabemdorf, a
mitci ui uu uius uuser, wuu uvea ia a
Paris garret, was miserly in trifles, and lav
ishly generous in great things; who was
unwarily a uesu-tv ineuu 01 iioerty, ana sec
ondarily a persevering, disinterested patriot.
A friend ot the Girondists, he speedily found
his way to prison under the sway of Robe
spierre, i.i . - .
One morning the death cart came for its
usual number of daily victims, and Sohla
bemdorf s name was called out. lie im
mediately, with the greatest coolness and
good humor, prepared for departure. Pres
ence of mind in some shape, a grand stoicism
or mere indifference, was common in those
terrible times. And Schlabemdorf was not
the man to make an ungraceful departure
when the unavoidable Must of fate stood,
sternly before him. He was soon dressed,
only his boots were missing.. He sought,
and sought, and sought, and the jailor sought
with him, in this corner and in that: but
they were, not to be found. "Well," said
Schlabemdorf sharply, "this is too bad; to
be guillotined without my boots will never
do. Hark ye, my good fjiend," continued
he, with simple good humor, to thi jailor,
"take me to-morrow;- ono day makes no
difference; it Is the man they want, not
Tuesday or Wednesday." The jailor agreed.
The wagonfull enough without that one
head, went off to Ha destination Schlabem
dorf remained in the prison. Next morning,
at the usnal hour, th vehicle, returned; and
the victim who had (to strangely escaped on
the previous day, was ready, boots and nil,
waiting the word of command. But, behold!
his name was not heard that day: nor the
third day, nor the fourth and not all. There
was no mystery in the matter. It was na
turally supposed that he had fallen with the
other victims named for the original day. In
the multitude of sufferers no one could curi
ously Inquire for an individual. For the days
that followed there ,was enough of victims
without him, and so he remained in prison
till the fall of Robespierre, when, with so
many others, he recovered his .liberty. He
owed this miraculous escape not the least
strange in the strange history of the Revolu
tion partly to the kindness of the jailor
partly and mainly to his good temper. He
wag a universal favorite in the jail.
England's Course Toward China.
We find In 'Blackwood for May an elub
erate article oa .the course to be punned to
ward China. The writer says:, ,
"We have then the vast sum to be realized
by the seizure of all the grain vessels and im
penal granaries of Northern China. Even if
only one-half of the yearly supply falls into
our hands, the value of those 200.000 tuns of
f;rain at the prices ruling recently in Peche
ee would be equal to) twenty-four million
dollars, or four and three quarter million!
sterling. Besides this, there is the govern
ment salt revenue. -. And, lastly, we can. not
believe that China it - less rich than in 1842, '
whet) we remember, that since, then,-seventeen
1 years ago, her merchants and her tea
and silk farmers have tripled their sales and
profits, absorbed our silver as fast as we can
pour it into the country; and apart front an
Increased trade along their eoasts, we find the '
Chinese trader actually, for the first time in
history, trading and competing a&ainst nt in
European-built vessels running to the ports
of the Eastern Archipelago, as well as be
tween port and port in their huge Empire.
This does not look like national bankruptcy
national poverty.' "The Chinese are the most
under-taxed race wa know in the East,' but
they are badly governed, and - worse pro
tected by their Government. The .Govern
ment can exact when it pleases any amount
of coin and supplies to erect formidable works,
cast brass eonnon to oppose us, and then
plead poverty when we demand indemnity,
' e a , "
' Finally! the writer urges the following as
proper features of a new Treaty: Kr
"A guarantee agafnift a recurrence or nos-
tilitiet and groaa trnarhery, though' difficult
to obtain, is essential, i WA would- suggest
that. In tne first place, the reconstruction of
the Takq forte be objected to; that a position
be selected as near the Peiho River as poa
aible for the establishment of an Buropean
factory or settlement, the Consuls exercising
within the limits Of their respective factories
magisterial functions, (the Men-ton Islands
would probably afford such a position;) ao
fortifications to bt erected by Europeans,
except ia salf-defenoe against the Chinese)
andithat it shall be considered a neutral snot
in European wars. Its proximity to Pskia
would check that Court, if it 'contemplated
any further duplicity, it would bt a place of
refuge for our merchants or diplomatists re
sident in Pechelee, and the cession of such
an island br spot to the allies would have the
most marked effect upon the Chinese and
Mancboua of Northern China would form a
tangible proof of our tuooess, and of the pun
ishment awaiting breaches of lity-ogs)ge-ments.
i ,.,, ..... i ' ,', I- -
PaxHiayesrVsaPHraU-A U'evndenoe of
the growth of Memphis, the Argu states
that, during the last Ira years, the population
hat wcraesed from 6,280 to 35,000.
Confession of Hicks the Pirate.
Albert W. H loir a. array eyinAnarl la tha New
York Tomb natter aentxno rrf dessth for
Diraev and murder, haa marla a Alii rwinrVsi-
siou of guilt, as stated by telegraph. ' Ht srys
that tha mardera wera committed between
nine and ten o'clock at night, when Minrawsel
waa about fifty miles out at tea, aad that
they were perpetrated with an ax. The
brothers Watts were the first killedone
with a tingle blow, white at tha bow or the
vessel, the ether as he was coming up the
eompanionway after hearing the noise on
deck.:. Captain Unrr. who was asleep In the
cabin, was next attacked. He fought desper
ately for hia Ufa, but being unarmed was
unable to successfully defend himself, and
was eventually overpowered and murderer).
The bodies were thrown overboard in about
an hour after the consummation of the trag
edy, and Hicks does not believe any of tbem
have ever been recovered.' The priaonertayt
that he derived great aasistanco from the
devil, who, according to bis story, was the
fifth man on board, and sustained ' him
throughout the bloody tragedy, i He' comJ
plains, however, that he has since deserted
him and left him to hit fate. Hicks is sus
pected of having participated in certain
murders on board the ship Satadin; but when
questioned on the subject be gave an evasive
answer, and remarked that when his life was
published all would be known.
Particulars op thb Homicide bt a Circus
Company in Viroinia. We have already
mentioned the killing of a eitizen of Port
u 1 v- V... - e i a
..ujni, . m.. vj s ouuiisoir oi virtue uioii, smu
now give further particulars. The name of
the deceased was Mark L. noulware, and he,
witn nine or ten outers, bad several dimcnl
ties during the day with the showmen: and
about nine o'clock on the night of the occur
rence, tlie party, heavily armed, repaired to
the hotel where the circus men were stop-
Jiing, and challenged them to a fight. The
utter were prevented by Mr. Robinson, the
Dronrietor of the circua. from leavinn- tlia
yard, until suddenly the cry of "nelp-Rube"
wnicn was proven to do a private signal
among showmen waa heard, when they
rushed out of the back gate; a brief scuffle
ensued, nnd Mr, Boulware was shortly after
ward picked np in an insensible and dying
OJHUIUIIS, IIUUI His cunis Ui uiuwsmiuiidib.
tared with a club or tome blunt weanon. He
iiveu rur two noura, out never recoverm nis
consciousness. The circus the next dav ex
hibited at Fredericksburg, where all of the
company (about sixty men), with the excep
tion or two or ittree wno bad ned, were ar
rested by the aid of the military, who were
called into requisition in conseauence of the
insufficiency of the police force for such a
purpose, i ne wbole party were acquitted,
for want of evidence sufficient to justify their
Deing sent Deiore an examining court.
Marine Losses por Mat. There was
twenty-eight vessels lost during the month
of May, whereof seven were ships, four
barque&one brig, fifteen schooners, and one
sloop. The total value of the vessels, ex
clusive of the cargoes, is $525,000.
A New and Valuable Fax. A genius in
St Louis hat invented a revolving fan.
worked by an electric battery, which will
not only keep off flies, musquitoes and other
winged insects, but afford a constant, re
freshing breeze that it perfectly delightful.
The Ohio opposite this port was still rising
lowly yesterday, baring swelled during the twenty
four hours ending last erenlng about six inches,
making a channel-depth between hero and Louie
villeofbver twelra feet. Tha River at Pittsburg,
raaterday noon, wa alowly rising, with nine fret
ais Inches water there, and la probably gradually
aaceuding all the way to this point.
The weather here yesterday wa warm. bnt Very
pleasant for the season, nnd at night delicious ly
cool, with hardlr any Indications of rain.
Businoss on tha Landiug wa dull, aa usual of
latfl. aud freights were oil trod in limited quantities
to all porta. Rates wo ro Arm at yesterday's quo
tations. Yesterday's Louisville Ooariar observes: ;
"Tha river continue to recede, though slowly,
with live feet water iu the canal lent evening, by the
rier-mark. On the falls there was but three feet in
Ua paw. During tba preview twenty -tour h.mn,
the river had fallen two Inches at the bead of the
falls. The weather wa clear and rather warm most
of the day, though the wind made two or three slight
effort in the afternoon to raise another storm."
The Cumberland wa again rising Tuesday even
ing, with Ave fret water reported on the shuals. It
was a head rise from the mountains, and a rise may
be looked for from the Kanawha and Mouongabei.
The Woodford, from New Orleaus, reports nine
feet at riint Island, but at the Portlaudand Kew
Albany Bar, on Wednesday, there was not over
eiicht feet water
Anotheh Boat Bvitw'. The old Isaac Shelby struck
a snog aud sank, at Swan Lake, in the Arkansas, on
Thursday. Ho live lost. The boat can ba raised.
Tuesday! Mew Orleaus IhU rumarks:
: The election yesterday was a drawback to business
on the levee, and but little activity was manifested.
Arrivals since our last report have not been any too
numerous. Below Uaoaistnet, everything is al
ready on the summer order, and the wide ex panne Ho
crowded In winter, showed yesterday barely a hun
dred bales of sotton. Red River, according to the
Kra Ho. S and Diagram, keep on falling, but owing
to the rise In the Mississippi, there is more water at
the mouth.
. YSrttsrday's St, Louis Bepublican Inform us iu re
gard) ta the riven thereabout:
The river at this point is fulling at the rate of two
lncliue in twonty-four hours. There ia nine feet full
In the channel out to Cairo. We learn that the
Maria Denning was obligud to pump with all her
uiffht ta keep the water out of her at Cairo, and had
to discharge a large portion of her freight in order to
repair sufficiently for her to continue her trip.
The Illinois River ia falling with fonrfeet In the
channel below Peoria. The Upper Mississippi Is
rising, with live feet ou the Upper and three leet on
the Lower Rapids. Below Keokuk there is six feet
In the channel. The Missouri River is reported ris
ing from Weatou down, with four feat in tha chau
The weather yesterday wa warm, Buxiuett on
the levee was dull.
j 1' BT1AMB0AT RKOlSTIfl. 1 '
moi Telegraph, Louisville; Prioress, Madi
son: Interchange, White Riven K. Valley, Allen
Collier, Kanawha River: Prairie Rosa, Kmma, Ht.
Louis; Olsra Poe, Nashville; Bostona, Portnmouth;
J. B. Ford. Wheeling; 8a I lie List, Louisville: Mel
rose, Noville; Courier, Wheeling.
Dt0artrm Telegraph, Louisvill; Prioress, Madi
son: Bostona, Portsmouth; J. B. Ford, Louisville;
Hal lie List, Wheel inn; City of Madison, New Or
leans; Glendale, Memphis; Ohio Mo. 3, Marietta;
Km tna, Ht. .Louis: Clara Foe, Pittsburg; Metro,
heviUa. t
. v
Olotbea renovated and repaired, 130 W. HMtt.
Clothing renovated and repaired, M I. Third.
sr-CAarr.Ta's cheap Pictures, M rifth-eirsat.
r J. T. Bali's Gallery No. 9U West Fuurth-st.,
Is tlirooced dally by the lovers of art. Drop In.
asyPicTuesj tor tea cents.
Ninth and Main.
Johnson's Gallery,
" A. A. KrsTsa, Clacks, Watches aad Jewelry,
tioa. MS aad 171 Wsatarn-raw. '
MTTha finest, largest and beet-arranged Picture
Gallery oa Fifth-street Is Vowaa'a, a West Vlfth
itreet. aar Arrtsaais's aiaauuth AHbsatVBS Depot la
at Dos. i, 4, t and t rtfth-streat, oonuMaclng at
fifth aad Main. '
T The largest, finest and moat completely ar.
ranged Gallery In Cincinnati It at AsruMMt's
Mammoth (lallery, Nos. 1, 4, and, t VUlh-atrset,
oiimmeucln, at J.lfth and Mala. , ., . ,,,, r
. ; . . ,I'M- V
. WaT Gasni Tctli Sour.-A green turtle, aralgli.
log two ' hundred pounds, will ba served up to tha
patraaa of tba Verandah this morning at 111 o'clock.
Lovers of this delicious article will do well to ba on
katsl. J " "r ' a n " I I JH
SsVIT juwaatagoodPitara,eaUatha sssstk
waat ooraar .of Sixth -street aad Cast trai-aveaae.
Platans taken and pent ta aloe (1M Bramaa Air twaaty.
Ire caataj ia caaes lor twantp sants. ring oa tha
bablea you are sare to sw a god likeness. 1 '
i " " ' '- - "
Aay8TsaMuPss sua Hrsasoaoorto Vimrs. Bte.
raoacopsa la mahogany, roaswood, leather
Ataraoaouplc Views. Groups, itatuary t -' '
Landscapea la Bwtlierltad, Snglaud. Bootlaad,
America, Paris. China; ,.
, tttlaaa Tiewa and transparent Paper. ' '.
, , , . JOBM IX. VAIE.Wvi
myK-dwlawP K. 1. oar. fourth aad Watnat.
IRWIH-rNniHWQOD.-Oathetth Instant, ep
Kev. L. P. Thompson, v. V.. Tlr. Jami. T. Irwin and
Mue AnaaM. liuderweod, both of llOaolty. - ?
KAKTlX-llltriSHALA.-rrh Thursday momrng,
7th lust., at ths reetdunoeof th, bride's falhar, by
Rev. T. J. Mallsh, D. Mai tin and Lutda. dauslilar of
tw. f . Ueuahall, aU of this cltV" ,
' A RDKEWa-BIMa4rs) Tuesday, June 5, by Hev.
William M. Boolt.U). I)., at the Mldnuoe of the
bride's father, llev.Thos. J. Blags, D. I) , William
U. Andrew4aud Maria Biggs, all of this city.
KINUWAIiT-PBtt'B TussaUr, June , at the
realdeuoe of Wm. A. tirebeni, by aUv. tieo. lay, Jo
aeiNh 0. aUagwalt, J that etty, aad LUale A. Prive.
COMMERCIAL AFFAIRS. Monetary and Commercial.
The demand foi Money ix the .MffvUr
4t.rtn from utrM?. in ffoo4 ttawUnff oatlaoM -
tirunwftllj to for th mmm mmi b AwkM
Inform aa that they k. stdr apUcatia for all
their fundi, which an aot allow! to Moamttlata to
anr extant. .1
Thi ralli for Cnrrwacv In Tklrd-AttM wstatssi-slaaA
wr ftilly wi"' totliwrtMftiBtr.and nir twohontt
that had bMB diountlng for iat4Mi rofoMd to do
o jmUiriny, owing to th aitffm)Dt4 roquiiwrnnta
of thuir caalnman. Thar wm no trlttfttitic, how-
rnr, in 1 no noiipwry uismr?, kkumucia orne otoM
hp fixtaU In (tome qaarUn .
KnAtflro Etchings waa unaltered. Vat vary Irm:
dft.r. for th most part, muflum oo. for (doc
ttifrku, fctirl rwllitiff at X prm. Tha Inquiry wm
tuny up ui tne tuppiy. - r
ioia wm ami, mm naomi, nu in new vrieaoe
Vxrhanir! nothing doing wliattrrr. Tl mo-billi
wr quiot, witltout any trauaartioM worthy vf
UiM.nki n thf banking auartftr waa fairly artfttjL
and transection foot4 up largely lor tha Month of
Ftmtr wm OTilt vntftttlod again yvtrJar, aad
ntte materially decline): U0 brU. ittmrflne eelllan
at 4 ; ft-m antra at :. t and .,( AStra, In loip.
at ft) to -' tvi. Many hold an are Arm, and thorn!
who rf not furtvwi to can aot the rate tboy auk.
Mo alteration iBcurrn4 ia Whlakr: 7Mi hria ii.i
at preTiotift figure.
no mar Ken alteration wa noticed yeirterday la
ProTiaion. for whkh the demand wa ModeiataJ
with an nndimftilnlied flrninfM on tha mart .if
holder. Baron Side, clear, old at lVsfcUj., tmlfc
hoiiliM, packed, at Vac; men Fork at lis. Lard
HMc. Orocerie were ateaiy in tha r-ini.ar w
Wheat remained dull, bolder being uuwitling to
buy at pntteist guotattona. anticipating a farther da
dine. ?at ana Kre were haavyi Cork steady, anal
Dtvriej m m, m wo tne iKuvr iiwiti,
The import and export of rarlotM article during
tha twenty -frntr hoar ending yeaterday noon, war:
ImoortM Bartpv. MA htmhela: Butter. 90 nackaae:
Corn, 3,:.70 buflhel; Chee, 929 boxe; Flour, Hb
on.: nay, 7 oaiea; hor, iw ueaa; i.ara, tx nrnt..
10 kegts Holaaava, 3u0 brU.i Halt, 7) b.utial-i Oat,
I.7JS bwhelti: Pork and Hiomi. A hhria.. M hrU .
42 lb ; Potatoes. 637 brla.: Hugar, 1 hhd.; Salt, SM-
Dri.; Y neat, M4 ooarwH; wntny.yw7 brie.
j-porteBarly, iau buh; Butter, lv fMkair-a;
Cam I lea, 147 boxen: Cheese, W boxes: Coffee, 101 sscks;
Flour, 277 brU.; H, 14 head; MoIimkm, M brl.;
Pork and Bacon, Ju' brls., 31 to.; Potatoes, 'J99 brls.;
Huaar, 107 hhd.;0alt, 167 brl. Wheat, MO buabele;'
Whisky, 210 brls. . .
The following ia a comparative atatamentof ax pork
(tjrxclualTo of Specie) from l.w York to foreign porta ,
forth paat week andsi no Jan, 1: ' . -
- a. . J83. mXHM. .I860.
For the week f T,a3H,l..2 $ 1,090,111 2,iW4,('J
Prev, reported aMil.ttfy S5,i0,4i U,M4g ;
Sine. Jan. I...... ,23,959,(111 ,27,Ml,St J6,IOM7:
Tnesday's New York Money market Is thus ratsr
red to In Wednesday's IVsms :
On Inquiry through the Money Market to-day, wa
Dud that a revision of our last quotation is called for
by the actual transactions In paper. Tha rata oa
prime SVrfiO day bills Is 4'i per cent., aud the rata
On loans at call varies from S uown to 4 per cent., ao-
cording to the classification of tha securities aud
the anxiety of private lenders to give temporary ent-
ployment to their balances. The lowest ttgura has
been accepted to-day on United Htatea and State) 1
Stocks, and 4HA per cent, charged on Biiscellane-
oue collateral to borrowers of good standing on tha E
Htock Kxrhange- The terms of discouut In paper
running ninety days to six months are also lower oar
fir line Indorsed lists, say .VaV, per cent., and on ee.
set slnale names aSatie Her cent. Haveral nt Hia
heaviest Banks In the street hold out ajtainst tbaas '
cheap rates for Money, preferring to have their die
count Unas run down, and their spscie llaes run up. ,r
Others, again, fill up on the best terms they nan
aieae wuu ids oiu-uruaers.
The Exchanicea for the Persia were better dlatrtb.
uted among the Bankers at ICttM than last weab, i
several parties coming In as drawers, who then
held oiltfur lovV. others, while aaking 109K at their "
counters, settled maturing erudite with dealers at
109H per cent. On Parle there la no change; f. Ml,a) .
f.S.13H. There was qulto a competition for the Mexi
can Silver, recently received from the South, for ax
port by this steamer, and sales are reported front
iulwH per ceut.
NawYoanOaTtxiMauasT. Wednesday's rwbuaa "
observes in regsrd to the Cattle market duxlug tho
week ending Tuesday evening.
Ll rovers are not jolly this week. They would not .
act after the fashion or the rest of mankind if they '
were, for there ia a certain decline In the Beef Cat- -tie
market. Some of the Brokers ia fact moat of "
them say It la equal to half a oent net s pound. Wa -think
it la just about that, aad more ielt by the "
owners of the best grades than by the worst. Many
of the Drovers declare that Cattle do not tell aa well
to-day as they did laat Tuesday by a cent a pound. "
but all lived upon hopes that the second day would t
produoe a ohaiiKe in their favor. From the number L
of Cattle ou eale, that change Is a doubtful one.
There wera yarded this morning, or reported for L'
sale, between 3,600 and 3,700 head of Bullocks, tha , r
most ol them fat, heavy onee eome of them very- r
heavy, and very few light Steers. Wa know that ,
there will be some widition to the number to-rnor- -1
row, and as "strawberry time" haa fairly com.
men:ed, we can not believe that the demand will ba "
any better than It haa been heretofore, and conse
quently prlcue will remain low. Very few. If any, uT .
the very best Bullocks In market, to-day. have sold u
over 9,'fic. net per pound. The range Is from 7 to, ,
9Sc. The mass of stock will eell at SX ana 9c. por '
pouua, and there will boa good stock left over for t
sale to-morrow. '
Cincinnati Market.
' FLOOR The market was quite nnsottled again,
to-day, and prices largely deoliued, sou brls. super
tine having sold at $ vu; M0 do. extra at ti 19, aad
l.otxi do., Iu lota, extra, at price ranging from $z au
to 13 80. Those who want to selli aud must do so,
have to accept ,4 voeo for fair to good superfine, aad
S5 8.-OJ3U for extra, while those who do not, anoT
can wait for a longer, can get their prloas, as there '
are not maay holders, so Car, who have made up T
their niiude to come down. ' 1
wrilSKY-No change iu tha market; sales of TU ..u
barrels at I7lfc&l7'i,c. the latter rate for wagon.
l'HOVLSlONtt-The market haa not changed et- ' "
sentially; the demand Is uuite moderate, but tho -
firmness of holders is unabated. Ths sales were so . -i
hhds. clear Bacon Sides at llSc: SO do. at lie. to , . ,
come out of smoke next week; So hhds. bulk Sboul '
dors, packed, at 7,'sc. aad 22b barrels Lard at UMc.
Mess Pork Is held Srnily at SIS. ,.,
OMOCA1UE8 A fair demand for Roger tVl the reg
ular way, with sales of ao hhds. at (.... the latter '
rate lor cholco. Molasses steady: sales of to barret. . .
at 44(aMe., and 30 half-barrels at 4c. Oo See steady
and in demand: 1MI bags inferior to good Ufo sold at
l.n V;. Stocks reduced to atere remnaata. ;
JllCK-Tlie market ia lirm at Ms'itsc.
W11KAT The market continues dull and buyers i
are holding off, anticipating a farther decline. Wa 1
Quote prices nominal at Si 231 Sa for prim, red end 1
l 30 for prime white; sales of sou bushel.
prime white at tl .nsvol 60; do. fair do. at SI 20.
COBM The market is steady, with a fair demand
at 47c. for ear in bulk: VHoiie. tot mixed aud prime '
white shelled. r,
OATS The market continues dull, thongh without
any change in pricee. We quote them at See. la bulk: '
sales of 600 bushels in hulk at 3W; boo do. heavy at T
HYI The market Is dull and prior, are lower. ' '
We quote prime at 90c. . a
BAULKY There ia a good demand for the prime .
qualities, but the lower grades are dull and alow of
sale: we Quote prime fall at Sao., and fair to good at - -
iDSflWc. i; . I
BAY We have no change to notice Ir. the market
since our laat report, and continue to quote it dull at '
plfi per tun for prima Timothy, la hales, oa arrival, . '
and ti7ra.lv loose in wagons. ,
CHHhMK-The demand ia fair and the market
Steady at 70. for shippiug lots of Wee tern Reserve.
BUTTKB The receipt, of Western beeerve are .
light and the demand is good at 13oll4c. Cntral -
unio ia uuit at lutatue. for prime yellow, a:
, and nits':.. T
for mixed and light oelored.
POTATOK8-There Is no change iu the market. .
which ooutiiiuea dull at fl 5orol 75 per brl. for prii
auriuws, auu fisjii i lor ouiunioa.
[By Telegraph.]
New York Market.
Nsw Yoag, June 7 P. M. Ashes steady: '
saloy of 50 barrels at to 11 fur Pete, aud tintW
Cotton dull and heavy: sales of MO barrels at ll.ia
llji for. middling Uplands. w
Flour steady for state, with moderate demand la
part fur export, while medium ana low grades of
VVostern rule heavy: anlee of ln.OOu barrels at 1) lAA
s n ... a. l 1 1- i .... .. . .. . '
mi iv, miiiw cm.., .h. mrmv w iu. extra oiaie;
A l&to5 2o for supurflue Western; ts anxoA oo for -I
common to medium extra Western; $6 7Ao 90 for ,
ahipplng branda extra round-hoop Ohio, closing
quiet. Included in sates are fi,WJ0 barrels for export, 1
at prices wlthlu the range. Oenadieu Flour a shade i
easier oa low grades: sales of 400 barrels at t) &tA
1 4u Arroouimou to ohotoe extra. Rye Flour contln ,
ues steady: sale of 400 barrel, at (.1 ao,i)4 so lor -common
to choice superflue. Corn Meet quiet, aud tr n a
nominally unchanged. Whisky dull aud drooping; . .
aaleaof2oObarralaat21Xo. "-.. ;'-.J
Wheat scarce and nut so aotive, hut aoldsre gen c. j.'
arally disposed to insist on full prices. Theexpor, 'r
inquiry ia good for spring: sales r,oio bushsls fair '
Chicago spring at tl ,uoo do. MilwauklsOlub at '
fl 9IWI Sltt the latter very choice; 700 do. while :. a.j .O
Michigan at tl so: t.aoo do. white Indiana at tl ; ., , .,
!,ooo do. amber Western at tl s. Bye heavy and i
tower; sales 1,850 bushels at eStaaoc. Barley quiet il"U
and notuinal. Corn trot, with a good aatern and a )
fair export demand: sales o,uiio bushels at bUng, . ,
for sound shipping mixed Western; suiQ. for East- ln
em do. Arte, for drstilllng do.; SA.SiaVlo. f.jr Wastera' r?f"c. d
yellow. Oattdull and heavy at toitiD-iu. for West. . ,
arn, Canediaa and Atate, indudiag unsound do. at " " -t
J7M.SM. ... ! 1 i . t'O". 50
Pork nmet ftir mess.and dull and heavy for prime; i" .
sales of 5tt barrels, at tier's 06 for new lueas; til 4& " ' 4,
for old moss: $13 Ml kor new prime; tit All for old -.'4
prime: and tin 50 for olear. Beef dull and heavy: i.. 1
sales of K!6 barrels, at IHA04 25 for country prima: - J
tl Mji.i for eouutry mew; t10 M for repack
mesa, aud tl) Umll 50 for extra ueas. Prime mesa- ' 1
Beef dull and nominal. Beef Hams very dull, c4 ts -t. . q
aul&o. for Weeteru, aud Uii I'Jc. for State. Cut Meata ,. .
dull and heety: suaU sales at 74o. for Shoulders,
aud Sw(fc9c. tor Heme. Batum dull and uiich&uged. v ' L
Lard quiet and firm: aalea of 350 barrels at U'SKyUssO, t .jL '.
Butter UULhauged: sales at 1ho,I7c. for Ohio, ana . ,
Uig,wc. forSlate.i;aews ateaeVi a, TUc fcrlnfo
nor to prime. , . , ,. r
CosTee firm with a mVdetate demand: sales ofl.ioa , ,
baa. Klo extra sprit, at l3Hc, aud l.vo bass La- '
tuTra Oil private terms. 'Bie, ttrm. , Molasses Arm: ' -
ealea of xd tiercea Porto ttl'0 at unc.. augar is in ao '-i
uveaemana rrora me renning ana srocery iraue, ,
aud prloee axe firmly sustained: sales ot 2,500 hhds '
at s'sir-Mc. for Cuba; 7.M(. Aa Porto Hice. aud
vs. wave as,ssisii. ,,u . .. ...
.;A it
[By Telegraph.]
Baltimore Market.
k BaiTtaoat,' Jmit 7 M. Flour dull, but ,1 w
teadyt Obloassd Howard-street t 75.
Wheat dull; red tl 3mat .; white 1 rl M. v i-
Cora steady; yellow Sft)7ic.; white 71i,,76c.- 1.' in (id
in. luiuua nrm ana Buoyant, xtuss rers ata.sa. . ( i
[By Telegraph.]
New York Stock Market.
''NbW Vok, June V. Stocks dull Uit fii-tui r, .
Cblcage aad Rock Island, ; S. t: UuJ-ua aud , . .1
Chi. ago, asl Illiueta Oentral Scrip, l!j; Sllchlaaa
lUrlt-m Preferred. 'Jnhi Xrie, IS; New York Cen
tral, i-as; racihe Ssil,e, Hannibal and St. Jvn iih
B..U.I-. 7S, Lacrosse Laud Oiauta, In; lllli.oi. IVu
tral Biuida, 91; North Carolina diaial, 9V; Teuiicsssa
Sixes. KDti Miasotut Duxes, a.1,;

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