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WW," "TOOND," " UOAHDINk"' o -Ad-wartiecmenfs
coming under these headings, not er
CKKilinn five line., Willie inserted twice ririMiu,
O I ft li To do goueral housework.
v Ari at T I'lnm-at
MrANTn-T0 THJY-A small howse au.lnt
onWalnnt Hills, fr which one -Mrd eih
Will be psld. Aldrns W., care of lhl office. no-b
VAITF:,-A colohmi Wi.AN-r
V Keiieral honeework. Kef.rence required. Ai
o Immediately at 4:17 West Kignth-sl. nol-l
TXA1VTI'.--mTlk HI'I NN ICR Apply to t. A.
V llilLUPS, Cooper Cotton Factory, Tayt"n
NHItSE-HI Itli At Vo. ft
t mi must
None hut (hone well Qualified, end
veil recommended need apply. mil
T rictnre Gallery, 'ft Wett Klttll-Rt..
from 8 to 10 In the morning.
V',l'',i,, -BITIIA1'HiK-Bt n'ne.tlcal En
v itineer, in the citv or oonntrv. Cangivetlie
-est of city reference. Address T. K.. this office.
' V A N T K II -S IT II AT lON-By a y .nn man :t
W "lt tlUSllie.S OIIMlinCHtlOllH, 111 HllllM Wll'dC-
ale or i-etull arocerv nt i
i an 1 urn imii tne nmt ol
n teronoes Addns-, I'oelonVe B . 9 .IB
I NO- Bv a gentleman and
v will
ilo. Iv 1 til ii a f-w siiiiAra. of Ih ctirner of
r itth mm wound. References exchanged. 'all at
my ullice. 4 1 4 Hfln-et. noJl.
. TilTAMTIKB-lilHI,- smart, attire GermntTor
v e'nellsli girl to do the work ft,r a email fam
ily. Inquire at Peebles'! Grocery, north-east corner
ITflU nncl liar, it-. no2-b
lltioli ' Property! in the lowor part of the
citv I'ruperty that will not t per rent, per annum,
mil-h ; BBAD1.EY, No, frO Waat Third nt
TK IV8 I K K I,-1) I K 8 1 N K K IIS - (Jo.hI
worltmon can find a Pteady J' li liy apjlyine at
V K. I.ANPIlEAIlft CO. '8 Stuucll Rooraa, HU
Vest F .nrth-et , second s'orv, nol-f
11TAMTKi)-TO PtTK( HASB-From t.M
T 2hia worth of hoivy-tl nlHrcd and, within
flftcpn mlci of tit iff city,
K. L.. at
mm onice ior one wppk.
IVAM'EO - TINNKKS-HiK a od T'nm-rn.
'. vvnc", Tpn lollnrsand Fittv Contn n-r week.
f JOHN C. BUlJOOblbV A . 10H Vine-street.
I not dl
ATED-IMM Y Dt ATEL V In th'n eity.no
Retire. Intcllivpnt. ladv. of o d a idr"i, and
vinirip mcanfi, a a partiipr In a now, iiftffui and hishly
. i lpftinible biHlnRs, wll wlapN-d ti females- Ail'frrt-ts
, , A. J KIKJKHTON, Cincinnati P. O. nol-b
, , T ATV.n MRN-AI1 renncctahle men nock.
I ' Iiib iliiatione an clertte. aa'emeo. etc. eh'oild
M pply a'the ftlcri-hanm t'lcrk' Keiilry Ollce,
, Vuliint-et -'Long eetMihed. Uet'-ronce to the
' best honeee.
TANTI!D-BfY-On ab'nt fourteen or flf
ww teen years of auo having ome pracHce in
'tnniling papers, may hear of a situation hy address
I ini!nhiie to A. II., Box 1, J7lt, Cincinnati, Ohio,
j lntiug amotint f salary expected. no2-h
I V AN'l'HI' -'K'cry 1hIv in wani of a nlm b m
T? net elegant cloak, or ativ thing In the mil
v linery or lane line, to patronize the original chap
i millinery store, IN Wont Fifth-st , near Mnia,
' vhei-e tliev are sold ch'-ap n'2 b
XV A!STEn-VOMAN-Middle-aged, togointo
tin? country todogencral Inmie-work: having
cbild will be no DartionKr ohjactlnn. Apply ftt
SOU West Fourth St.. tu-day, between Dine anl
three o clock. noa-D
V would like a I,
f IHoiird, in .strictly
-HOARD A gentleman a d lady
good-sized furnished K om and
private tnmi r. nest rclerence
siren and required. Address C. 8. W., at this of
oce. noi o-
tl t7 ATEI-YOUN)J M KM Y-llna men
tmall cunlti.l, will And a pleasing and prof-
ItnMc employment in circuhiting the puhlirations
: ot ine niimrrioerfi. Apply immediately at i wt
iViuth-tnct, Cfnrinniiti, 0.. Boom No. U, second
floor, neiir PoBtoffico. WM. M. BURT IS A CO.,
i J'nbUsliein. noa-b
AN TF 1 A G K N T S To well tmpr-ived Mo
tallic Sewing Need1e-thr.-adTs Agents rpal
j izo $5 to Jtl6 per day, triloro recoire prompt at fen
lion, I'pon receipt of a ton-cpnt PtHmp, tiTms, Ac,
, font, prepaid. Addrens T. M. HEf NAN, 339 On
' irnl-av., t'ln-cinnati, 0. ; n3-f
( "IVANTEO-A mar of mn-clp, mind, reliabil
( ity, and some means (a pynlcinn preferred),
t tiB a pnrtner In the dint-em. nation of the most im-
vortnnt pliysiologiral discovery ever mad br man.
i Address lwih stamp, if out of city,) J. U. YOUNG,
. !., Cincinnati P. O. no! b
"m7ANTED-Y0UB T.IKKNK8S-You can now
, get it taken at homo rery cheap, bv leaving
; Jcur Dump and No. at APPI.KOATK'8 Mumm th
' J ibeneflS Depot, corner ot Fifth and Main, where
correct miniatures are tal.cn dally from nine cents
to Sift. nol-b
ww thev can get gn.d Plrfnrn from d cpnto
' 5lli0, at COWAN'SOalleri, J Wot Fifth-.t Fif'y
( -cent Pictures for 16 cent, and a D -liar Picture fr
1 sr. cents. Fancy cae cheaper than any Gallery
J tlie cily. nol-b
' ' V1KTED-T0 8Kf.L-Douhl-miiry B k-
keeping Hcholnnihlp. m Hapon'n, Gu-tdry's
1 find Ohio Colleges, good for day and evening and
full rourso of Mndy Monev s saved by buying
V. F A'KLKY, at TUTTLTC'S Kxchange Omce,
J narth-wei-t corner Sycamore and Third-sts. nol-bw
WANTED Bv a get tlema'i of busne-i qjiali
ficatlins and hablir, a situation Bo k
. Stepper or O.rroipondiiig and Mat-aging Clerk
K-ine banking, inti'arc r ra-lioad offlce or man-
iiinciory. JIhh hd experiencp in pjcq 01 inese po
)itior.s AddressO.T O , Prrtw Offl-e. oc2.s tf
WANTED-.IRNNY LIM)-If yon want
eood uiul chpan Jennv Lind Ma'trpss or any
Other kind of muttrHnsnu and Iwd ling plewAca'l
IIKNKY U. KTKVFNS8 NpW I' nhf .Istorv. UAS
V'aluut-Bt.t between Sixth aud Seven t hut reels.
I V T f I t WTWT1 T ( V . - t. .
f , w w Hpeak German and fool h-m-elf comp-tnt
BtMll.ll, lllMtTB HIIU tUlll'Cl U11UI IUT flllt;it0
senral conftumptiob. can. by giving $M ;is secu
rity, obtain a gLod and permanent situ-itiuu.
'31oney secured). Add res a T. M. L., Pogtuihce.
fno2 bJ
groups and
go d likenesses of babies taken at your'
tniines 1 ou nmy now avo M the trouble ot takiuor
Willi 1 en to a distant gallery. Skillful operators
Mit to uny part f the cny ir.m JirllNSOS 8 Gal
, isintii aua jnain. ua Diet urea cooieu nna
.rgtd. no-'-b
:r ANT KD SIX GOOD GIRriS-For general
V houHf-work, to fill .od situation in city and
1111 try; h)mo. good C(Kk and Cbambprmafd.
ill nurae-gtri Tw girls wants situatimH
otel or boardine-hoiirie. AddIv at inv Oince.
7 Elm and Muili sir.
VANTEfl At the grat Phttograph. Anihro
type, Klectrotypp, Meliinotypo and KerrotvM
M)t, J9 4, 6 and H Flfth-st.. commnncing at
rer uf Fifth and Main-t-tn Fifteen hundred
pie dully can git correct likenetines from nine
ts to $i;: uo charge for flvp-cent plrturn, tUy
thrown in. APPLKGATK A CO ,
oj.b Proprietors.
S7ANTKD-JUST OCT The -iem Huskor.
W lliiHk-l'irker and Kpneral Foed-Cnitor.
,sous wanting rights or machines will pleaae
' or snrd in their orderu early. Call ou or address
HTHAIT, 1 AO West Third-Ht., second floor,
s Ciucinuatl, Ohio. Wanted Bipe corn, in
1 k. oc3-x
i OAR DINO-A lady and genllemiin can Ireac
' cumniodait'd with boatd In a prirate family.
1 i'-ly at 1S9 Mound-st.
, rOAIi prNO One pleasant Hom fur one
L 4 to ntleuien. AUo, one unfurnished ltvHJin
fnmily or gentleman, who will furninb it,
Itf 4 rJlm-ftreet, above Fourth. no2-b
; I04HDING-A gentleman and wifp. and
1 j Kiuyle gentlemen can be accommodated
J iforlalde b ard. Also a few day-boarders, at
J S SlKth Mrept. no2-b
' -4AH1JXJ-A plfiiJiin, wpil-fiiriiihud ro
i Jt tor a uii.ll family, on first floor. Alto, a
,1 hoHiuYrs cua be accoiumodi-ted at So.
j Hiuove-Ettreet. uol-f
i ViA It 1HNO Oue tine, largo front room, suit
.,t uble for a gentleman aid bidy, or two gotitlc
n v Idling to room t.-ift-iher ; a few more tduulo
.tlcmen can bo uccimmoiiated : also diy-bard
, by applying at fil Y.at Kourih-Ht. n'2-b
SOA It DINfi Two or threo genilempn or
f.iinily can be accommoibttcd with a pleasant
nt room and board in a pri.ai- fa ily. AbM.
a d:i boardeia defied at No. S0O Nuith-tl ,
etu Ceniial av. and JohnMt. oc3.i-d
' OKT-A LAMK WH1TK POIkirifi! 8H
,4 Auy P"i"Kon returni: g ttie smue to 351 W
j otirtn-stnet, will leuituhlv rewarded, noi-b
4 rnST-A ViiFKKT BO'lK-lJii r ah uttho25th
, lj tilt., containing about ton, ano m-uio uietuoiyii-
A I iuis. Any our having found tliu same, who
r.Viuru it at theonVeor the Ur adway Uotel.
vp lianucmut'ly rewuidi J. nolb
A hfiin. iii KewDort. Soino
U'.hl W,tch
mu-wliMre between
erry-laiiUing and the BoIIihk mill, Front nt.
' wiooii Ituvii.g the same at tub olhce, aill be
Mriilly rewardini. n.i-b
t ISTT HHKK li'OKS-On au tin, , Oct
4 27 : one u it b a uio oewoc or. with htr.p
' c-op; the oilier tw c-uiim -n Mmhi -r u lu-n-i-o
1 h- n der w HI be rewi.ru J ny i avin uem a.
'Hi cp.
or Villi itll-'dlAa IIUI.ivuuidi., noApr.
Z lr
rble busineSM ProMirtv at Auction Will
.l.l ul Piil.hr Auction tn tim nniiii4M4. on
DAV AkTKllNOON, at 4 o'clock, ail uf thefdlow
i IriK Leasehold Property, bituatpd on the eat sidn
aJill-st., between w hitewater Catml and Fro t
flouting Hi. fuel and a iuchee on M ll -t , and
- rt-udinir buck 140 fcet to Andenutn (at-foot '
tH'ing the same property that U occupied hy
, initl. A C' as a cm jardj 1 13 fret of the abovo
,,t-uM-dat tU0 lr front fotit, with the privilege
. nun tirie in nre J! M 'e A Inches in live
: tt tfM) per foot, the above is suhfratied aud
'an pprceut. on ll.&w, over all taxes aud
'he's bore Property is the moat desirable Business
Protvitf that ha ben offrrud at public sale
Ma-oil, 1 elg very ctoee tu the Ohio and Mi-iip
-md U uuiluu aud Dayton Kailruads, aud lb
' VVrl . a- 111 V U I . k.J. AI.IJ.l
i The anore leaae win wm wu
oi-uit the purcbaaer.
lt,m' ' i. H. liltO, AHonr.
HIANU-A lltielv. reeved. H rot,.
A.1 oetav. M
ortsve Howiind Piano for sal. cheap, at 3 19
IjOH taAiiK
Kood order,
I'IA0--A . n hittid Pla ,fn
llitiulre at No. 150 West K- chth
n! li
jMili Ml.liiil HLrA two a or.
Hrl M
r i
a'ilKe-4AM Mfnth-xt., wcs of Uiirrt -t F
sale cocao. I iiqulre on the promises.
Foil NAI,E-R0t'fcnr-8iuck. Filnni! .
Louse i t a tirm elas Kami y tlrocery, on on
nnn nf
ttip hv nt enrnmrn In lh nltv. woll Rtd nn-'pumnli'tn
flock-flf-ing h Urrt biilnM. Appif to HA1.K A
Ci. Ii8 VBlnmtrffit. m-g.h
rhHn ablo OowU-iftO and tm rr- fn MKo n,
IV) in lowft, i-0 in Im'Ianii hiwI 8fi In Illinois Apply
t'L.8A M- H- HOOLB '2ft Emit Thinl-ni. nol-h
yontrn Ffin.fly Hnrfe nn4 Jennr Lin-f Ducgv,
with Hnrm-Aii Can 1p nron at It MILLKm'H
Plnting V orkff, No. Klin-it., between Sixth
and LnngWDrtn. nl-h
I' OU HAIiE-GUOCKRIKH A et ck ut Or.
. 1-ei.Pfl, toactnor with th I,0Rffi of the. Stornj
five riM.n , kiti-hn, collar anil bnpk-Turd. Th
bonne in In srofd ord'Ti and pnt modern. Apply
at No ()3N Htxth-nt., iinr Brr n 1-h
SA1,K-Brick hmme of fi. is m on
WVImti't -ft ref t Mne thniAnd (Inllati1 worth
(Tdn p i)b to pxrlinntrp ftr iarm. Wanted, a a
rnnt lot In I ho rhy for ctiali. Ao, wanted, f r
c t-h, n "niBll plnf-a in thp conn try. A. B Mc
MANAMA. Wpt Third -nt. n 2-h
IOU KET-OFKIn:- lartre and d- I aMe
ronr Oflica. in our Imildms, comer f Wal.iiit
and Hocond .., an it alile for Law-oltloe, 0'immis4iia
or Inxniance boaintsa.
noi-f WM Ot,NNA8N8.
IOK I?FNT-IU)OMS-At No 5i Klghlh-t .
a-t of Luck, two nice R ontu, with a (t-d
pt.rch, cellar, and plenty of water, at tK pr month.
fjOK H KT BOOMS-To m")iiim ornmill
tHmilipB. tbreo riMinis In ho. I Oft. and Ave in
OS Milton-Ht. The nnitefl of r"om(i aie enlimly dm
t i net and in good condition, with yards and watr.
Inquire at Troppnct Hill t'ottagp, nar by. no2 b
nent brick houso, containing
ir nnd Hiinmifr kitchen, biree
M four ro. mn, cellar end Btimno'r kitchen.
yurd and cistern, situnted hi the nnh wo-tm-.i
prt i'f the c'ty fnnnire at 46S Lion-it , or ad
dtcs T. W , Pn si olUce. no'-b
IJlt ll B ENT-The neat ami
mfortabln two-
JL' atory aellmg Rti
ur month. PoeKfueioi
Tl.lr-!trivt at SM w
V mention can be had on he 8th int.
Poardioir-boueo keepera or pcreoha who can not
ge reliiilde reforencee, need not apply.
VI main-ei.
I7M!t II RNT-Htil 8K-A delightfnlly-sitoated,
furnished House, with 3 to 8 acres of xr unil.
tlttely improved, and situated with n fire minute1
walk of the Fiflh-treet Ferry, in West OoymBton;
Houih is latgo, and has ere' v mud'-rn improvemknt:
8. al'I'-e, Carriage anl Servan' a' Houses, &c. Aho,
two HoiiHes of sis rooms and one acre of ground
encb. perfect and complete in every reHpect. Apuly
(in ine premmoe. near ine new i;nurcu, in rveHt
Covington, or at 5'i West Third treet
nc.u a' JOHN W. CIiAK.
-810 reward for Information that
JL wl
fill lead to the detection of the person or per
eons w bo stole my stone, from a 1 it le-twen Four
teenth and FifteeDth-tta., and between Elm and
Pine-alley. JOSKPH RR'iHV,
ncZn-ri :i59 Cutter-.
to ,
Ul :
- e-tt
wl 1
FRIDAY, IS0VF.M BKR , AT ft P. tt.
For Parkereburg and Marietta.
kj nan, leaver w h in-Tf.
nt.2 T. MoBURNIE, Agent.
For Parkerhhurg and Whpellng.
STEAMER corniEu,
will leave s alinve.
nca T MoBI'HNIE, Agent.
For Parkervbnrg and Wheeling.
MOliUAN, baves as hImiv.
m j T. McttOHNIK, 4 gent
D AX C 1 GfC D E MY !
Xl and Mrs. KHaNK. ri-specttully notiry that the
cliintea for Gentlemen will commence on 8ATUH
DAY, November .
Classes for Gentlemen New Institute W ednes
day and Eatuiday evenings, at 7 o'clock n ii-l
' open f r the reception of Scholars.
Dsyi of school. WKDNF8DAV and SATURDAY,
for Misses si d Ms-tors, from tw , to five P. M : for
Gents. In the EVfch'lNU, from half-past seven
half rest nine
oc2 x GEYER AND DAUGHTER, Teachers.
i farvriT'tx.
N. 6 Weal Fourtb-atreiet,
their Urge assortment of W atoaes. Jewelry,
Bilverware and Diamonds. .
A I, BO A fin. assortment of Plated Tea Rata aoa
Ontlery and Opei-r'so-es.
No. 174 "Vine-sit., above KoTirfh;
fiaivnfFT Via. V 1 T II 1 M If
II 11 A I
lAhHIS and Wm Fenn. Wm Fenn.one
the defendants in the above case, will take notice
that the pluii.tift', M Snyder, fll.d his petition
..l,.,l hlin a l.n.raiil.,nt nf Ollto. On tile Ut liuV
of ovenlller, 18 0. in t lie Court of Common P eas
Hamilton Countv.Oblo. the prayer of which is
quiet the title to tli following n-al tate to-lt:
IntsNos sRS, if", and AVI In Burnet and Boed
er's Division, Wulnut Hills, MillrrceU Townahlp.
Hamilton Coitntv. (ibio. and the said Wm. Kenti
lierebv n-diflrd that unless he appear in said Court
i.n or l..fore the 2ith dav of OecHinber. liO, and
answer or demur to said petition, he will li In de-
lulllt, and the cause win oe nrani in uia aosuuue,
and a decree rendered ace. rtlfngiy ,
noj gF Attorneys for Plaintiffs.
vTomil.l IT, 11 MIT! I.1ICH id. A R A f. R
H l'ltiil OSALSwill be received -at the llffl -eof
Public Schools, until 13 o'clock M on MONDAY
November la, tor bnilding a Scho '1-hflit. od a
near the head of Mtiin-street. according toplaasand
specifications now on file In this office: said bouse
be completed by the first of Augllxt, ISM.
Tin tnmi nf nuvmimt will be one-half cash, and
one ball in City Bonds at par. Bidders will ha
quired to give satlstuctury socurity for the faithful
by order ot the Board of Trustees and Visitors
OC.ll U V. UOtvljDU I, liers,
jtibt opened our NKW lUilJG-S I GaK, and
keep for sale line Havana Cigars To'jcco, f ancy
a I,. iiH ('Autiio Honnst. Luhiu'it x trite tn. Fr nch
tip Huh Pomaden, Cologne and Lavender Waters
all aedcr.i.uonii; jjaiiiiuj,-HpuuKi "air, n.n
Tit thbruhes, and all arMrles lhat are nsuallv
by DriipgtBtM and Apothecaries We heg thnin
tion oruur stocK net rn purrnaping oisewnere rr
ecriptimiK caretulW comp"Tiiidrd at all honrs
andniKht iKO. W. MAT fllEW S A CO (late
the cor. Sixth and John-Hts.), N. K. corner Ueutral
avetne and George-street. uol-f
J, .in .a laughlin defeiidmt. ll--f r - (J.:
iii.riRiliiiuii. J. P ot Cint-lmititl TownithiD. flaaiit'
tun Countv, Ohio. On the 4th day of SoptHintxT,
lH'iii. said Juhtice iupd au Order of Attachment
the above action, for the sum of teu dollars,
siiid cbuip is set for hearing before sid .Insticy,
the 3011. day of NrATINMU KBA Y,
Dated, Octnlier Is, lSftn oc!9 c'F
-m IfTl lllf.KV. PI.4INT1 KP.
JJn tir. -rue W. Adiimt, d-'ffi.dant Before 0.
lliLitsitlmaii. J. P. of Ciuclnn itl rownsh p. Hamll
t..r. (Vmntv. Ohio On thp loth dnv of lt:lober. &
said Justice issued an Onltr of Attachment in
ah ve action, for thp mini uf tweuty-oue dollars
tbiriyutif centfl, and Haid caiifte is set fr hfariog
before said Justice, un the SutU day of Novemb-r.
co ch ek A. M MICUAKb Kl I K i
n..f..),a.1l luitn ruslQ.
ll hprctoior
beretotore exit.iing btwi n Dra. alAJOKaud
THOM AS expired by
fli t. Kur
umitation oti
All persons whose acc unts remain unsettled,
reoiit riied to make iiumtd ate payuieut, a furtuor
indtilgent e cun not he given
rom uud after Ihn int of November, thenccoiints
v ill be in the bauds uf Air. UfcM it I MIMts
cuilt.lion. nol-o
HOOTS SllOEH AND Kl 1(11 Kit-. T
Cheupor't in the I ity. i.adio' Kubprst
pair i
ft ltd Caiteiv. at 1 .Vi ; Ladies' dniiblo-rtoT-l
L,aoii' ioi Di-iuauu i
aiMZo; Lamps regeeu ii viva u . vi , mbu
11. -.tn, at 1 .V): flirii i;un-rfw nAo u? iI
35 Ceutral av., n-ar Nil th-U , ai d at the
oclf-x 170 Fiith-et., near Elm.
k-n n
Mi l.'l.. Crushed. P,-wd. and Oranulated Sugar
en lo is. tienura sugar.
Ia slur, and for sale by .
1 A DfW 1 VT WB
ocSl aej Hit Mali-at,
" itKllW A lyil.TER.
CfM .ilOand 8il M .ln-st.
1U AakiiN A C'iLT KB.,
oc31 . lad 3.1 M.in
tfwjr aaauM a. i;u
ftlvandHUI Hl.itr-.t.
319 andS .l Ualat.
Ksncr Oroosriea, Wiiua, Lliiuura, UUrs,
li now aolliag off b low oust, at '
is tw. vwrni u, 4 CO'S Starju
City News.
" Mktfohologica i. OnHUBTATtoifs By Henry
Ware, OpticiiiD, Norember 1:
OVioc. . Darnwur. TXm nanaii .
7 A. M 40 A DOT. aero f.O
' M 80 ' AboTeaero TS
t T. M......... 20 AboT.uro-;3
IiKttsrs Detain cd for Want or Postaoi.
ThuridHT, NoTeroher 1, 18G0:
Boee 8" tt. 8t Iionl", Mo.
. W .ikQ. r. Viaver, llelee'i Store, Ohio.
N. U. II ruian A Brother, Ntw York. i
Wm Siuyler, Marl, p. Ohio.
J. B. Nnte. flreat Falla, K. FT.
Aaron, Philadelphia. Pcnn.
Kl'Rpker RitB-iiig, Kvaneville, Tnd.
Jnnio- McRrtrto. IliiniHton, Ohio.
J. II- Pnhme, Bnteevtlle. Ind,
Dr. .1 Kiihmi-II, W llliainliur(, N. Y.
fcfallie J. Kmbart, Hamilton, Ohio.
Lick (.'orrtT. The receipts of fees in (he I'o-
Ht e Uoiirt lor the month ot Uotoner, wre:
lor city cases, $489 15 and for Si ate
cises $222 21, making a total of $711 46.
Fire Yesterday Morning. A frame
dwelling on Uiph-street, near Whini?tn,
vB Bl'iilitlT dHmaged by fire abnit biz
o'clock vpBterday morninEr. It wag owned
and or"ii( k'd hy Robt. Russell, whoie loss is
about f2a. I he lurnilare was uninjured.
Arrests Di'Rino th M nth or October.
During the month of October there were 613
arrests made lv Ine 1'oiice ton e. lue num
ber of loduersat the different Station-houses
(luring tne eame time were, maieg, UHl; !e
nnilep, 140; total, 821; nightl; average about
27. Tbe number of arrests at each .-Siai.ion-bouse
were as follows: Ninth-street, 187;
Hammond-street. 208: Bremen-street, 83;
Pearl-street, 86. In addition to tbe abovo, a
a few arreBts have been made in tne seven.
tetDth Ward.
High Clerotmkk. The prayer-meetinst
reporter of that evangelical organ, the
Timet, announces that tbe High Church
Episcopal Clergymen, of this city, are going
to have a dinner at the Burnet House, to
which "none of the Evangelical Clergyman
of the Episcopal Church ' are to be in
vited. What a nleasincdistinctionl Hicrh Church
ri--. x?.. i:,,i nar.T, in tl,, anm.
ouu umiifLriivui u Sjj .uv; wiuiq
Chnrtb! meaning that the Hijfh Church
Clergy are not Evangelical! That is the ad
vantage of having a religious reporter, to
classify the clergy, and divide the true shep-
Iieifls trom tne wolves.
Of cotirpe, praver meeting reporters can
nuhlish sensation canards, the same as other
reporters ; even more, for that is one idea of
Gospel liberty.
Daily Session or tbi County Commis
sioners. The County Commissioners, at
their regular session yesterday morning,
paFBed oiderB amounting in the aggregate to
22o 90. ot which r8 33 were paid to J. Al.
tStevene. in full for one month's service to
date; f 35 15 to Leopold Weiler, for clothing
for chain-gang and $20 B0 for clothing for
mil: spot bo to I . Koll. tor DreaKitig stone on
Carthage-road; $'16 87 to Auten Ron, for
breaking stone on Cartbage-road, and $12 60
to sundry bills.
Peter Reies, assistant at the County Work-
oi:se. tendered his resiirnatinn. which wa?
accepted the same to tuke effect the second
ay ot XNovtmner, lobo.
An order was nnssed in favor of Evans &
Swift for $2,125, being six months' interest
on $50,000 of court v bonds held by them.
one linn ot wnien carry eignt ana tne re
mainder nine per rent.
A Notorious Courtesan Robbed or Six
teen or Eighteen Hundbed Dollars by a
Confidence Man. Some weeks since, a no
torious Uvpnan, who parted with her youth
and beauty, if she ever possessed it, about
tne same time mat sne oiu witn ner pnysicai
purity a number of years ago became in
terested to employ an euphemism in a
onne and eood-lookine but very unnrin-
ipled man. emulnved at that period as a dis
penser of the ardent (vulgarly bar keeper)
to natures that were athirst.
The female became desperately entmored
of the youth, and to such an extent that she
oncludi a to close her establishment, mm to
be vastly flourishing, and to depart with her
boy-lover to the sunny isle of Cuba. To
obtain the ready means for the journey, she
cave him several notes-of-hand. three or
four watches and a lot of jewelry, all of
which he converted into money, realizing
Bon e $1,600 or $1,800, and yesterday de
ported from the city, leaving the woman dis-
onsoitue ana nearly oaoKrupt in neart ana
We understand she has employed one of
the private detectives to go in scarcn ot tne
deceittul youth; but it is doubtful if he will
be captured.
Ppbio Gitov. Cemetery I'm! to
Fecropolit.Tbe Queen Ci'y of the West
nas many iiiingv ui wuicu sue uihj 1n3ju.Bi.1jr
nroud. but amone tbe number there is none
more worthy of commendation than Spring
Orove t.tmetery. ine exquisite taste iu
which it is laid out; its long, smooth ave
nues; its rolling lawns with their green vel
vet carpet; its lake, dotted with islands; its
sbrubtiery ana monuments, ana its location
render it so attractive that one would almost
wish to die that be miebt become an in
habitant of this beautiful Necropolis.
After having visited all of the principal
cemeteries in the United States for we have
an innate love of walking among tlio ruins
ot mortality we feel convinced tnere is no
rural city of the dead that can compare with
it in beuuty. it is true tnere is some naa
taste manifested by many of the lot-holders
in their selection of designs for monuments
and in putting fences around the graves
loved ones, as it teariui tnat tneir gnosts
would escape from tbe narrow home
which their oodics have been consigned; or.
as if there were some danger of their tomb
stones, mausoleums or statues walking
away; but as a whole, viewed from an ar
tistic stand-point, it is an optical banquet
which any lover of the beautiful may feast
ith tleli"ht.
Aside from what nature has done for
Spring Grovo, most of its beauty has been
imparted by Mr. Strauss, the landscape
eardener, to whose taste and judgment
owes lis present couuuiuu aim ujb pmcv
occupies among the cemeteries of the coun
try. Ilia loner experience, varied culture.
natural taste lor art ana unnouuaeu love
. . . r . . j i ,
the beautiful have combined to render him
tmineatlv fit for the position he occupies
nnd enables him to blend the natural loveli
ness of the landscape with his Purist ideas
art, so that Spring Grove seems to be a gate
way to Paradise,
lu company with a number of invited
euests. we spent yesterday afternoon in wan
dering among the hillocks that mark the
resiing-place of the 8,000 or 9,000 bodies that
lie in this magnificent Cemetery, and in ad
miring the works of art with which
scene is dotted.
What is eood in the nature of man is
ways aroused, and holy thoughts are always
tuggested, by gazing on beaut y. No somber
dces in the mind, no malice in the heart,
sadness in tbe soul, when Bhe fills the sense
and thus enraptures tbe being. High above
the clouds and storms of life the spirit soars.
and in the empyrean lives, while in
mystic presence, beneath the sunshine of
pensive eves.
So full we as' we wandered. Death seemed
. v...; ..J . k... . -. ik. ..In
sv IKUiruu auu pilots m uwu , lui nil wmu,
blue sky, and purple hills, and dancing rivu
lets of tne Aiden to which the spirit looks
rest was painted on the canvas of tbe
in colors delicate at rainbow-hue, and beau
tiful as SDcel's dream.
Mr. Straus entertained his guest In
most sumptuous manner, after thev
examined the grounds and feasted on
beauties, and late In the evening we left
Cemetery hiehly delighted with our
and with a determination to repeat it at
early day. Spring Grove may be improved
hy a number of dark-colorad granite monu
ments to contrast with the nuuierou marble
ones ; but this depends entirely upon the
holders, i ne wort oi Mr. o. naa dwii aurai
rahly .one, and in every respect is crediubl
In tbe highest degree, not only to hU
but also vo lu sain.
Large Bell and Everett Meeting—Speech
of Governor Morehead—He Don't Wish
to Reply to Yancey—He Believes the
Union to be Perpetual.
Smith k Nixon' Ilnll was filled last nitrht
by people anxious to hear the speech ot ex-
M ,.-l.-.l ..f L.nin.,lt . I.
, l 1 II IT1VI ciicau, Ul U V M, , Up-Mll iiiu
political questions of the day, aud particu
larly his reply to Mr. Yancey, which his
friends had announced would be embraced
in it. He, however, at the outset, disclaimed
any intention to reply to the distinguished
Alubnmian, and regretted that the announce
ment bad been made. On the other hand,
he pympittbizert with Mr. Y. in bis efforts to
induce men to abandon the lilack Republican
party of the North, and vote for some good
Union nan for President.
He said he had no idea of changing the
public sentiment at the North; the t.tne had
passed when that could be done. He wished,
h evcr, to impress upon the minds of the
p oiiie tne dependence ot tne sections upon
e c li other. jNpithcf could exist alone. The
South raised the cotton and tobacco, nnd
the North furnished the clothing, the furni
ture and the farming ntenails and the ma
chinery used at tre houth. lie tlien went
into detni 's of the relative wealth of the sec
tions, which are already familiar to our render-.
Heusstrtt d, in words almost identic tl
wiih those us-ed by Mr. Yancey, that the
New Entlnnd States did not manumit their
slaves, but sold them to the South; and also
tlat the slave-trade clause was ln-erted in
the Constitution at the instance of Massachu
setts. He then dwelt upon theevils that he con
cern d would result from i mmed into emanci
pation, calling free negroes a worthless
class, nnd said that the South never would
give up her slaves.
I iiere whs no sectional reeling among our
fathers; they had no conflicts upon the sub
ject ot slavery; they were Indeea all slave
holders Massachusetts being the only free
State in tbe Union in 1787.
The slnveholdlne Stales once had the
power in the Government; now things were
levtrsen; tne iNortn coma now an as it
plensed elect its President and inaugurate
Us ow n policy. A section may elect a Pres
ident according to the forms of the Constitu
tion, but not according to the spirit, as un
derstood by our fathers. By sectional or
ganization a President might bo elected,
though he receive no more than one-third of
the popular vote. . .
it Lincoln were President, he could do
the South no harm, as both Houses of Con-
press and the rupreme Court would un-
donbledly be against him; yet South Caro-
Una and othcrn Southern States would at-
tempt to go out of the Union he knew they
tcotfrf. They bad no right to do it, however,
and he believed that outside of the firat-
niimed Slate, the majo ity of the people
would crush out secession in its Incipient
slates. But South Carolina would go out,
and be dtvoutly prayed Heaven, that in
compelling her to remain, no drop of blood
might be spilled, else he would not answer
for the course of the South.
He knew Lincoln and had served in
Congress with him. He was violently op
posed to slavery, but be hoped, when in
vested with power, that be would be con
servative. He was an honest man. Loud
lie then referred to Uov. Sewanl, who haa
announced at Madison, Wisconsin, that his
hand should never he raised to crush out the
BSpiiations of any man or any class of men,
to rise in tbe scale ol man nood. inese were
monstrous sentiments. The class of men re
ferred to were negroes; for who else has any
nted of rising any higher in the scale of
manhood than be is at present? Mr. Seward
bad likewise declared in a speech at Lan
sing, Michigan, that he was in favor of
aLolisbing tne army and navy, neran-e tne
one was only employed to prevent invasions
of the slave States, by Northern men, and the
other to protect the Southern waters, the
florin neing ahle to take care ot itself, lie
then dwelt upon the Bufferings of Kenluck
ians in the war of 1812, in defense of the uu
protettcd North-west, and asked if that
section wou'd not now reciprocate if an op
portunity otlered.
tie said there was no dour)t but Lincoln
would be elected. Even the superhuman
exertion of the conservative men iu New
York did not give him any ground for hope
But the South must submit and await peace
ful action at the bullot-box. Disunion was
a rtmcdy for nothing. Kentucky had no
t'esire lo be Again a "Dark and Bloody
Ground" the Flanders of America. The
Union sentiment is strong in the South; the
Confederacy can not be dissolved, but is des-
tiiit d lo live forever. Peaceable secession is
n monslrons doctrine so monstrous, that it
is not in the power of the imagination to
compass it. The ri"ht of revolution was in
herent, tut those who resorted to it must
take the consequences of a failure. Southern
statesmen had declared that if our safety re
quired it, we had a right tn take Cuba; and
ll that be true, we mav refoin ooutn tjaro-
linn. in case she should attempt to go out
the Union; for certainly, the right to seize
involves the right to retain.
we wished the love lor the uonstttution
was as strong in Ohio as in Kentucky, but
was sorty to say it was not.
Hut the Union can not be dissolved; as
well might we attempt to separate the
waters of the Licking and the Miami, after
they nave mingled in tne Uhio, as to Sep
atate the inhabitants of tbe Union, so long
one people.
IT- . . J . 1 A 1 , ! i 1
e aaiu Miai, mere couiu, iu iiu eveuL, ua
any more slave States, and was opposed
quarreling over a mere abstraction.
J he speaker was otten vecementiy cneerea.
especially when he uttered Btrong Union
sentiments. He is a fair orator, but is always
appealing to tbe past, to the wisdom
of tbe fathers, to tradition, to authority, and
of course, lacks that power of impressing
bis audience like an original thinker.
Fatal Accident Man Killed at a TolU
?ate. Last evening, as a man we am not
tarn hiB name was driving down Front-
street In his buggy, in the Seventeenth
Ward, his horse became frightened at a loco
motive, as we are informed, and ran away
at a furious speed, until he reached the toll
gate. Tbe frantic horse rushed through, but
tne unfortunate man s head was struct witn
te man s neaa was strucn witn
against the heavy pole, that
t to the progress of vehicles,
hia cL-iill ni,H fiuuBA nianpAth
such violence
serves as a bn
ns to fracture his skull, aud cause bis death
in a tew minutes.
OnovER k Baker's Skwinci Machines.
ifort Gnat Battlet on the Pacific Coast
Five Brilliant Vietoriet Achieved. The El
dorado has become the battle-field of contest
for mechanical art. The new Grover k Ba
ker Sewing-machines areevery-where in
ascendant. To their long list of triumphs
ust achieved on tbi Bide ot the kockv
Mountains, they have added five signal vie-
tories. within the last month, in Calitornia,
by taking the first premium at the great
State Fair at Sacramento, and four other
great Fairs held in that State, over all
heretolore popular sewing-machines in com
petition. New Shoe Stork. We were last evening
shown a boot manufactured by Messrs.
O'Donoghue k Walsh, No. 1C4 West Fifth
street, which fur neatness and durability
surpasses any thing we have ever seen. They
have a lurge assortment of ladies' and chil
dren wear, all ot their own manuiaciure,
which tbey are determined to sell at prices
to suit the million. An examination of their
stock is all that is necessary to convince
most fastidious.
Be it Rbmesisered, that Dr. Francis's
office Is at No. 137 West Fourth-street
Dr. Francis has received a medal and
that Dr. Francis is tbe inventor
a new process: that Dr. Francis give
diugs of any kind; that Dr. Francis extracts
all teeth and roots without pain; that
Franci treat the various disease of
mouth; that Dr. Francis can produce
witnesses of the above.
BHERirr'sSALES Yesterday. K.T.Carson,
Deputy-sheriff, yesterday sold to Geo.
(spoil, lots Nos. 27 and 28, in plot B of D.
. Wade's subdivision, each twenty-five feut
' tbe west side of tbe canal, on Plum-street,
i and iMM feet deep to Providence-street.
, Also, leasehold lot 29, square two, same
division, 29 by 156Ji feet, subject to
! dower of Malinda Sholl of $82 per annum.
valued at 18,175 and sold for $5,500. .
Complimentary Banner of the Merchants
Complimentary Banner of the Merchants and Manufacturers of Cincinnati to the
Excursionists of the Philadelphia Board
of Trade.
Some forty or fifty merchant an.3 manu
facturer", from Philadelphia, turned i'P in
this city on Wednesday evening, from an
excursion into the rural districts of Cleve"
liad, Detroit, Chicago, St. Lonis and Louis
ville, where they have been spying out the
nakedness of the land. The appearance of
this strange band of capitalists in our midst
is certainly rather alarming. Perhaps they
are looking out for sharp investments, aud
have the money In their breeches-pockets to
buy the controlling interest in any town to
wliich they take a limey.
Last ni(iht the merchants and manufac
turers of the city gave them a banquet
at the Kurnct House. Tho proprietors,
Messrs. Johnson & Saunders, were equal to
tho emergency, nnd a banquet was set that
made the guests and the merchants and
manufacturers "groan beneath every deli
cacy of the season." We would sive tho
tun ot Hire, out it m:tui carry unuaopiness
into the families of merchants and manufac
turers, end we tefrain. Menter's Bund
aided digestion with a variety of popular
aria. After a long and a social and hnppy
season, discussing tho viands, the iucviUole
speaking followed.
Robert Buchanan presided handsomely,
and called out the Philadelphia guests, who
responded, expressing in good phrase and
taste their gratification nt their reception
here and throughout their excursion. Mer
cantile and manufacturing pursuits nro
evidently conducive to eloquence, though it
generally takes a practical turn. If our
Philadelphia friends fail to appreciate tho
greatness of Cincinnati, it will not bo be
cause every Cincinnati speaker did not do
his duty in enlarging upon it. Itispossiblc,
also, that some of them may carry away the
impression that they heard it called the
Queen City of the West. Mayor Bishop wits
called out, end responded in his usual happy
manner. He said that he did not come to
; make a speech, nor did he come as Mayor,
, he laid aside all official character, and came
ns a simple merchant, to greet the merchants
: from Philadelphia. Having thus placed him
self ou the level of t lie euests. the Mavor ex
pressed his gratification at meeting many of
1 the associates ot his vouth unions; them: and.
then, modestly disclaiming any intention of
i drawing comparisons between Cincinnati
! and Philadelphia, he drew a comparison
favorable to both, especially to the youug
' yueen uny ot tne west.
Mr. ELtileston was loudly called on, and
I addressing the guests, by their various titles,
i as citizens ot fctinsyivama, citizens ot t 1111
',. adelobia, and members of the Board of
; Trade, he expressed our pride in being vis
ited by the hi"he9t body that ever came
over end through the Allcghanies. Ue gen
- tly chid our guests for visiting the other
: cities first, and described our jealous feelings
: while they were circling around us, but gen
erously offered tj forgive them. He then
! described to them the nrreatness of our
l young city, the Quctn City of the West, and
I exalted the charac er, integrity and intelli
I pence of our merchants. He advised the
Philadelphians to give a reasonable credit to
our merchants, ana nicy wouia latte ineir
shirt off their backB to pay them. Front
that, he proceeded to the impossibility of
dissolving our glorious Union, but the ap-
, l ...l : : 1
nlause beenmu so enthusiastic and coutin
nous that his remarks were inaudible, and
alter a protracted struggle against the en
thusiasm, he gave it up. The Union touched
a chord which it was impossible to repress.
Ex-Governor Mortheud, of Kentucky,
coming in during the banquet, was called
on. The Governor, a man of commanding
presence and handsome elocution, made a
decided impression on the audience in
short speech, in exceedingly good taste, in
w hich be reminded I be merchants and manu
facturers that agriculture, which had not
beeu alluded to, was the basis of both.
The bunquet was kept up till a late hour,
and a general good humor, enjoymeut and
conviviality marked this elegant entertain
ment, jjmner-tatile spenKmg lean inherit
ance from our British ancestors, which un
fortunately escaped the Rcvolutiou. It was
considerably mitigated at the bunquet by
the happy enthusiasm which became irre-
ptessible most opportunely.
The riiiMCB or Walks Sewing-Machinei
and the Rnyal Family ' The Priuce and his
suite left Portland for homo la-t Saturday.
Uod lave the Queen, and the Queen' Own,".
Among the tew valuables and curiosities
collected by the Prince and suite duriug
their visit to the Provinces and the Stales,
we leatn there were two of Grover 4 Baker
Family Sewii g-machines, which the Mar
quis nnd Marchioness of Chandos selected in
firvpria persona, at tbe sales-rooms of the
above-named enterprising firm. Verily, this
"iron needle-woman" is a blessing to them
that lay hold upon her, and happy is every
one that rciaineth her.
Match Game at Ball. A match-game
at town ball will be played on the Orphan
Asylum Lot, on Saturday between thcQueen
City and Woodward Clubs; to commence
two o'clock P. M.
Great Trottino Race. A ten-mile race
will come off over the Cincinnati Trotting
Course, on Saturday next, at half-past three
o'clock, for a purse of $2,300. Sue advertisement.
Police Court. Richard Price and Frank
Mitchell, arrested night before last on
charge of burglnry, were yesterday sen
tenced to thirty days each in tbe City Prison,
as vagrants.
Tbe Ohio opposite this port has been
swelling very rapidly since our lost issue,
having risen, during tbe twenty-four hours
ending last evening, over fivefeet,makiug, ac
cording to the Water-work' report, a channel-depth
at this point of more than fourteen
leet. At Pittsburg, the river was also rising
yesterday, with five feet and five inches
there at noon; the swell proceeding from
Yesteruav was a verv pleasant day,
warmer than its predecessors, and rather
; winf)y blowing tbe dust about unpleasantly
on the Landing. Early in the eveniug
rgin is fallil woile we wrjte witU
I . . ' f .. . .-, '
indications of continuinc until morniutr.
Business was moderately fair on
Landing yesterdoy, and the wharf was lined
with steamers from below the foot of Main
to a point above Broadway. Freights were
in tolerable supply, being better for the
than the lower ports, at our last quotations.
Arrival - Superior. Lou sville: Bustona. Ports
mouth: 1'riort-ns, Msd'son; Duii'eitli, Neville;
ho 3 slar'tliii; K Vall-y No. 3 Kanawha Kiver;
J II l i ne. Mi mtdiis; I.ady Fra-kliu, d ;-W
llaclay. rittsburu; KroUc. Wheeling; t ourler,
do.; b stona No. 2. IM-k; Ben McCulloch, Dock;
At'ffh-HsxoD. NiwOrli aos.
Ittparhtre Superior, Louisville: Bostona, Ports
mouth; Prioress, Madieoi.; loinleith, Neville; W.
Nadav. ISt. Louis; l ady Jacksou, Memphis; Vrolic,
fcew Crlealis
Mori Schemes or Disunion A OeneraX
Financial Critit to be Produced. A specia
i dispatch from Washington to the New
, Timet, dated the 30th ultn says:
The plan of the Southern disunionists,
I just exposed, is to hold back the cotton
! which has already been drawn on, and
fuse to let a single bale be shipped to
eland. Tbe result will be, as they suppose.
a drain of specie and a general fiuaueial
miums; of
A Havana Mercantile Hoes Robbed
of $20,000 Pastor Riemus was arrested
New Yoik on Tuesday, on a charge of
bing Carbnjose, Z Carzabal k Co., extensive
merchant at tiavana, oi -u,uou,
which be suddenly left that city, while
ing as conhdvnuai clerk or tnat no use,
weeks before. When arrested, aliout
of tbe identical notes belonging to
firm were found in hi apartment, and
guilt, therefore, is beyond question.
1 the
Bold Hiohwatmaii A Railway Contractor
Knocked Vown and Robbed of $2,200.
Patrick Feolon, railroad contractor,
wealthy citizen of Blairsville, Penn
Tuesday night, was knocked down in
City and robbed of his carpet-sack,
which contained $2,170$6O0 in bills
the remainder in gold by two mea Vo
STEAMBOAT REGISTER. Fire-Alarm and Police Telegraph.
The project of eAtablrehlng a Fire-alarm
and Police Telegraph, was first broached
about a year ago; but it did not, at that time,
receive the attention from Ceuncilmen that
it should have done. It certainly i a
magnificent thing, or a magnificent humbug;
if the former, it should be pot into o;era
tion here, ana if the latter, it should be ex
ceed. It has, however, been found to work
Veil elsewhere, so that it can bar 11 he
tenfed an experiment.
Th. subject has again been brought before
the pnWic, and it is prolmble that the in
Bttumcnt, nfterhavingbecn pretty thoroughly
criticized, l'ill be put in operation here, and
its merits or demerits thoroughly tested.
The whole" system is complicated, yet
easily managed nd ill chief excellencies
are, lhat if a fire occurs, or a crime is com- i
mitlcd nny-wberer in tho city, fhn firemen or
policemen, as tke ese may ke, can be almost
instantaneously noHfiod, ed all delays
avoided. The proprietors as), $tjo,0oo fiir
the instrument aud the city right $ W,000to
be paid in cash, aud the balance in one and
two jears.
It contemplates having a central" fire and
police station, nt which llisre will be one
self-acting telegraphic-registering nppnrAtus,
with at least 10 pen-leavers and looal mag
nets; 24 relay magnets, marble baso; 20 lclu
prnphir keys; 10 electro-magnetic bell cnlls;
1 tire-district key-board, arranged for 12 in
dependent circuits; 10 fire districts, Bound
ing general alarms, and giving the return
sic nal. One signal station key-board, ar
ranged for 12 Independent circuits, and tap
ping the station-number in all the signal
boxes; 1 bell-i cgistcr, to indicate at least 100
blows on the alarm-bells; 1 electric-telltale,
or wntch-clock, with tho tests arranged to
require the attention of 2 operators once- in
every fifteen minutes, day and night; 12
gnlvnnometcrs and 3 register tubes or coils ;
all the lightning-arresters necessary for the
proper protection of the foregoing apparatus;
all tbe weights, cords nnd paper-reels per
taining to the apparatus. Besides these,
necessary batteries, switches, table3, etc.,
will be furnished.
The way-stntions will contain every
thing necessary to keep up a ready com
munication with the central station, by
simply turning a crank, and will also con
tain a kny lor police purposes, engineer's
signals, Arc. It will likewise contain a bell
to provide against false alarms. These sta
tions are to be securely fastened on'walls, or
buildings, when practicable, or on poles,
when not; the bight of the elevation beinat
least four and one-half feet. Each Btation
will be nnmbcred with its own number, and
that of tho fire district in which it is lo
rated, and to contain plainly-lettered di
1 sections for procuring the key of easiest
ctcrss in its vicinity. As with thoso nt tho
central station, tlnse wires are to be amply
protee'efl rroni lightning.
The alarm-bells are to he moved by electro
magnetic machines, of sufficient power to
give a ful and clear ring, and to answer
all necessary purposes.
The police wires will be elevated tonhight
of at least twenty-five feet, either on houses
or poles, and be amply se;ured, and so ar
ranged that all messages can be kept strictly
These specifications embrace ninety sta
tions, from which nn alarm may be instantly
Bounded, by uny authorized person, pointing
... .1 A..l i i:... l.:.,k IU. fl..
out the exact locality in which the fire ex
ists. In addition to this there are twelve
stations for the sounding of a general or
special nlarnts, and also for striking the
hour of the day, thereby securing uniform
tme thn npho'ut the city, without causing
env additional exnense.
The five re. ular police stations are so placed
in communication telegraphically, that any
policeman can send messaees to the central
Points; making, in nil, about 115 or 120
places in which alarms can be given, direct
ing either policemen or firemen to the exact
spot at which they are needed.
Republican Meeting in Covington.
per Ohio
! En
1 ia
000 the
One of the larp-est political gatherings of
tbe campaign last evening filled the Oddfel
lows' Hall, to listen to the remarks of Hon.
bain on P. Chase and Fred. Hassaurek, Esq.,
on 'he political topics of the day.
Mr. Chase vsi first introduced to the
audience, and commenced his remarks by
saying that he came before the people of
Kentucky as n Republican, to talk with
them lespecting the political questions ot
the day. For liimsclf, be was willing to
abide by the decision which the people
should pronounce on Tuesday next, and be
believed that decision would be a just one.
The principal question now agitating the
country was respecting the existence and
pi election of sluvery in the Territories, and
lie proposed to examiue the position of the
present political parties on that point.
The party which supports Mr. Breckin
! ridge claims that sluvtry exists in all the
j Territories by virtue of the Constitntion
j the United States, and they claim that Concrete
should interfere to protect it there.
Would this plan secure peace to the country?
The speaker thought not. The people would
not submit to have slavery forced upon them,
it a majoiiiy of them were opposed to it. lie
tkoughtthe reason why Mr. Breckinridge,
gentleman ot unbltmiBhed character, tine
personal attributes and acknowledged
ability, was not more generally supported
bv the people of this country, lay in the fact
that tbe doctrine of his party offered no set
tlement of tnis vexed question.
Next comes Mr. Bell. Does he propose
any adjustment of it? No. He ignores
altogether. He (the speaker) felt tbe highest
reeard for both Mr. Bell and Mr. Everett
personally. They were both gentlemen
ability, experience, culture and undoubted
ontriotisni. Both thev and their followers
deserved the highest credit for their love
tbe Union, but as they proposed no scheme
rid the nation of its present difficulties,
could not act with them.
Then comes Mr. Douglas, with h is plan
squatter sovereignty. Mr. Chase would
willing to leave the whole matter to be de
cided By the people of the Territories, pro
vided they could be left wholly free to settle
it themselves, without Congressional
Executive interference. But Air. Douglas,
in his Nebraska Bill, does not give them this
power. When this bill was before Congress,
Mr. Cbsse, although he was opposed to
repeal of the Missouri Con.promise, believing
that compromise to bo the best possible set
tlement of tbe question, nevertheless deter
mined that the principle of Bqnatter sov
ereignly should have a fair trial, and,
therefore, introduced, as an amendment
the original bill, a clause providing that
''majority of the people of a Territory may,
they see fit, exclude slavery therefrom."
This amendment was rejected, Mr. Douglas
voting against it. Mr. C. then introduced
spotlit r amendment, that the peop'e of
Trrritoty be authorized to elect their own
Governor and Judges, and determine their
ownfoim of government. This, also,
rejected. The Nebraska Bill never was
ded to allow the people to govern them
selves. On the contrary, it left them exposed
to interference from the Executive,
Congress, and from the Supreme Court.
DouglaB claimed to follow Jefferson in
plan oi governing iub icrriiorics.
The speaker gave a sketch of Mr. Jeffer
son's bill for the government of the Territo
ries, and his scheme of government for
State of Virginia, showing the difference
Mr Jefferson's clan and Mr. Dontrlas's.
Ve have already seen the effect of Mr. Doug
las's bill in Kansas. Did the people want
snv mora of it ?
tke Republican party did not design
interfere with the Question of slavery in
States, believing that it is a question
each State to determine for itself; but
do intend to reserve the Territories for
labor until they are qualified to form
Government, believing this to be for
best interests of the whole country. In
design they only stood where VI ashington,
Jeflerson, 'Webster, Clay and Benton
stood, as was shown by their records.
Mr. Chase then proceeded to answer
questions which were propounded to
and then eave wav to Mr. Hassaurek,
made a few characteristic remarks in a
manner. We reeret that the crowded
state of our columns will not permit us
give a sketch of them
gheny and
Dry Good. Person desiring excellent
Lareaina in drv roods, will do well to call
the store oi Poland i Gowage, Nos. li
79 Yiwt JTouitu-sueei,
Pikf'b OrKRA-notJgE The Colron Concert
Jjtuf AighL Afler an absence of nerljT,w j( j
year, dufihg which time she has wonier
fully improved in appcarancey i.Maeamn
Colson appeared last night at the Opert
house. Her pensive eyes have grown still
more sweet, her brow aud fact more placid, .
ber month more deliciously humid end her
voice more rii h since then; but her manner -is
still the same, and her piquancy just a. '
( harming, as whin she appeared here Brat In "
In point of quality, the audience was Mr-'-cellent;
in point of numbers, fair, although
not so largo ns we anticipated or w ished. It
was like most Cincinnati audiences, cold and -rritiml;
but wns thawed into enthusiasm by
the French thantoncltt, sung by Madame '
ColBon, which wn rapturously and per
emptorily encored.
Our memories of till song aro extremelr i
vivid, bnt it is insenontbly associated wttli
Colfon, who render it in 'the trtost artistic
manner and with a gaceand finish that wej
have never heard excelled and rarely
equaled. Her laugh is like? the voice of
bird, which seems tc have made her dolicat
throat its home and sine the.e a music that
it h arn d hrfore Heave n was begun.
Miss Kelloeg, an American prions domta,
rnnde her debut in thisci?y in the aria "Lucer
di Quest' Anima,'1 from lAnda di Chamounix,
Her veice is very small, hut sweet and clear,
her execution evinces culture without much
natural capacity.. Donizetti's delica'e aria
did not receive nny new lieanty from her
rendering, yet she nevertheless filled a placer
in the company with a certain degree of
Susini wns introduced a sbwo, bnt
a baritone aria from Lnrresia Sir.7. Hie
voice is full, round, clear and mellow, and
altogether one of the most agreeable we re
member to have heard. He ing in good
taste, and, although the Liberty duett firm
Purilmii lacked spirit, his portion of H wa .
rendered with a full appreciaWba of -the
musical idea, Hnd he evinced rapacity to
make it a thrilling performance if combined
wiih the orchestral accompaniment, and the
scenic and dramatic effect. a
Ferri we like still less than when we heard
him some month ago. He can not, by any
possibility, sing a o.ffntt(o passage, and the
trtmcr of his voice is, at times, positively
disagreeable. In the quartette from Lucia
l e sang very cleverly, but the "Largo al
FHctotnm" lacked that round tone and
rollicking style which render it so acceptable
from the lips of Formes.
Brignoli sang "Come Gentil"in exquisite)
BtTle, as also its counterpart, from i'arorita,
"pirto Gentil," both of which were encored.
Bt ignoli is vox et pretrrea nihil. If he could
take a few lessons from a dancing-master,
and lenrn to walk with grace, we could refer
to him with some degn-e ot patience; Dut nis
exit spoils the effect of his singing, and the
listener must shut his eyes if he would not
descend in an instant from the sublime to the
The Concert-company, as a whole, is quite
pood, and eminently deserves the patronage
of every lover of art. We have been fam
ished so long fcr classical music that we feel
under some obligation to Mons. Grau and
Mr. Pike, and we earnestly hope the Opera
house to-night may be filled.
The piogiammenas been carefully selected,
and contains an aria and a duett from Don
Giovanni, in both of which Madame Colson
will sing, and those who remember her ex
quisite impersonation of ' Zerlina," npon her
first appearance in this city, will not miss
this opportunity of hearing her this evening.
Gkxfral Teiim. Buckeye Stafe Insurance
Company i. James Wilson. A proceeding;
to reverse a judgment obtained by the Com-
fiany, on the ground that the party was re
eased by the Company, having sold eut
their assets to H. O. Gilbert.
Hieott t'n. Mcllvane. Before the Court on
exceptions. Tbe qucsiion was as to notice
lo an indorser.
Campbell t. Dean. To set aside the
award ot an arbitrator in favor of Campbell.
Theso cases were taken under advisement.
Doe ex. rfem. Eaton . Longworth. Eject
ment, to recover possession of eighteen feet
of jrronnd on Lougworth-strect. Judgment
for defendant.
Caldwell and Eaton for plaintiff; V. Wor
thington contra.
The will of Wm. Fosgrove wns admitted
to probate. '
Geo. H. Martin was nppointea gunraian oi
Clara Bennett.
Benj. Epleston was appointed guardian
of the person nnd estate of Wm. F. Phillips.
tti To OrR Patrons. On and after to-day
our old carrier, George Jones, will serve the
citizens of Newport with the Press. No
one )ut him is authorized to collect money
due us from our patrons, for tbe paper. The
old patrons who took the Pkess daring;
George's administration will be called upon
to icnew their patronage, and we know that
many will respond by giving him their
names. Ich dien is his motto.
Off Dotv. The ferry-boat Kevporl Bella
was yesterday morning called oil duty to
assist the steamer Ohio No. 3, which was
sinking at the foot of Main-street, caused by
nn accident. The timely assistance rendered
by the Belle was the means of saving a large
amount cf property and merchandise.
XI... ' XT . - 1 . iL. 1 .1 : .1 .1. -.
1 AY-day. l esuruiiy ius buiuicib u.fc ura
Barracks received their usual monthly al
lowances, tor services rendered to our Gov
ernment, in heme transferred from one
station to another, at a stipulated amount
per month, and expenses paid.
Douglas Meftino. Hon. Durbin Ward,
of Ohio, will address the Douglas Democracy
to-morrow evening. The gathering will
ptobably take place at the school-bouse, as
tbe Bieckiuridge sgieakers are announced to
speak ut the Court-Honse.
Ai l-saikts' Dav. Yesterday was quite a
holiday among the Catholic portion of this
community. Stores and business-houses
wire closed, and the people flocked to the
churches from all directions.
Bbmkinripcb Mfetino. W. t. Arthur,
Eq., and T. 11. Parker, the latter a late con
vert tri m Doiiglasistns, will address the
friends of Breckinridge at the Court-bouse
to-morrow evening.
0. W. Root, Esq. This talented and
promising young resident of this city will
uoiliess the citizens ot uxioru, unio, on aion
dnv next, in favor of Douglas and Johnson.
jAUEbTOwN Meftiko. Hon. John W.
Stevenson and W. E. Arthur addressed tbe
Breckinridge Democracy of Jamestown last
Disorderly. A woman, named Welch,
was yesterday fined $3, hy Mayor Hawkins,
for a breach ot the peace.
tween to
Mayor'b Court. For disorderly conduct
John Haslin was fined $0 40, Wm. Moran
$3 20, sndJas. Moore $3 CO.
Mayor uoodson granted some six or seven
naturalization papers to different person
upon their taking allegiance to this country.
Republican meeting wi'l be held in Ludlow-
to-niorii'W evening, vr. leman ssuo.j.
Be land w ill addnss the assemblage.
Excitement. Yesterday afternoon a wa
gon drawn by two horses paraded the prin
cipal streets, in which were M enter and hia
band playing not praying for the cUiseoe
to turn out to hear ex-Governor Chase, of '
(.ibio, speak at the Oddfellows' Hall. ;
Singular Accidint. A man named
Williams cut down a tree yesterday, ia
West Covington, which fell on ahorse which
Edward Graebuer was driving past, and
broke his back. We understand that suit
has been comoienced by Graobner against
W illianis to recover dainayres. .
ine to
Millinery Opening. Our lady-reader
Will perceive bv referring to our advertising ,
columns, that Mrs. W. L. Hudson wUlopc
her winter millinery goods to-morrow, .
Tu sale of China and Japanese good by
J Graf) k Co., will be continued this mora,
ing at PX A. M., 114 P. M., and T o'clock, la
the evening, No. 18 East Fourth-Street.

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