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it out," "Found," "uoardino," o Ad.
I ding lire linen, will be ineertra iwice lor 'J.l oeau.
I ding fire line
lTANTFD-T' BI T A Knuvll liowie ifcn lot
V on Wttlnnt Hl'K f..r wl.tc.i on Milrd ranh
piifl. AiMr'- w rr nT thin onion, noj-b
f T l'UlLLlPM, Coopftr Cotton Fftoturj, ln-Ttnn
t work .
.'ntrni-iiv nil
V w
A GIRT. To do Ken riii hone- I
Apply t U7ti kiUix-t.t Ix-twd
1vAtI'1p-"THr'kk TIN N KHfl-At MULTjI-
tr KK A KU'NtVN Khtt.iron mm Tf II-
Viiro Mfmnftrlitrern , J 1 T Fiftfi-tt., between Kltn
iid Plum, Ciucimmtl. no3-b
HB7 am i ii-i Ufrmkn I'roiesinni .tiri. who
JfF cnn ilu cookdig nnrt jrcm-ini. housework. If
ic run bring g n rC"nmm.atioDS will ti tin ft de-
IV ANT D-TWO B A 8 T E K 8 To work on
t" jni(i nid voVfl Apply at tho eoutb-ennt
-ttif r f Kfflh hiid bn.ilh-tt.., second story na
n i ci un rn.un. nus-u
1A AN'li n A MTI'ATION-In a rrnnilr or
f " it-rn, lii a lndv who hkR , Whoeler A Wilson
V whif,-Mjif lifne. Call at l'itt Suiith-st., btwon
em in m. a filth. n'K-u"
W ANTEI-8ITVATI0N-In a grocery-stor,
"f as Hurler, bv a vinnr man of fxtwrinnce in
care oi i reiw wim;.).
" lHiriicm. Addreflt D. A
prpnca given
'.V AKt hD - CLO A K-MAK K H
ffooo Cionk-makors. and one to run a
lukr. & Wilson maiiiino. None but tlrt-rate
nds riei-d apply at Went Fifth-st. uo3-b
J V AKTKO-HnTATlON-ly a yonn mu of
V w c.-ml biiinf.-e oimliflcaMons, in snm wh )!(.
'o or retail trr'iffry itiro. ?an f urn j r tho best of
coin Anif'f" i osmmco ix -ri. D'u
7 A NT 1 11-il.tA li lt Nt- liv n ffpiitlemiin and
witf, Killiin a fw inrn of the corner of
th and fliomid. noreronccs oxchanged. ;aii at
.riice, 4 4 Klftli-Pt. no2 b'
T ANTKD-OiRU A ainnrt, active Qorniau or
. t ruci hii cti. in ao me W"i k tor a onion inm
t . inquire at reeblos s Urooery, nortii-oawt orrnf.r
T ltiiKii.nsH lrop"rty, in the lower ptrt f tho
rrtiperiy innr wm iif or rem. per Annum.
m-n ; utiAiir.i, ?(o. liu went i mm st.
workm-n ran find a t'adr jb by apolvln nt
h. I, A M rti rA l(n i u, 8 tuucil ttoomt, 1114
ttt r urtit-t , Bvconn s'ory. noi-i"
rANTFIf- TINS KR8 Six nl Thine
T Wiip.o-, Ten DulUrBund Kitty tVntflp-rwouk.
itlN C. tiCilOOLEY ft no., 1GS VinoBtreet.
U A TKII M KM A 11 raBixmtaMs men serk
f inn eitimti.itm a clerk fl. SKtedmen. etc.. should
ty at the MorcliauW ClerkV ttoaistry Office, 11S
'Inut-et Long establiahed. Ueterenoo to the
M limM. Inu2.l1 II ALK ft CO.
I . '
YANTEP-An lione'tt hiifinostt man, nf somo
inenris. a a pnrtnerln tho manufacture and
w of a recently ratrnted article oi groat noinaii'i,
t irh ofiors tt'e greatest inducemenU. Address A.
HUADI KY, Cipoinnatl P. O. pol-D
V ANTI 810O-At ten p-r cent, interest,
lor one ear, tor w incn a morigngo on nonae
.d ftirniture will bo i von worth 8400 all new.
drcbB 6. A. Y , Lock llnx 645. Cincinnati P. O.
; no3-ht
i57 ANTVn FIVE (!K NTH Von can it arooil
T l'irturt's at five cents to Si 00. at COWAN'S
tuie ;allBy,g West Fifth-st. All kinds of
eases cueuDi-r tuau in any other gaiiery in
city. niM-u
V ANT El At COWAN'S Picture Gallery. 4
? Wi-t Fifth-et , O.itoo people to conto and nave
v.rent Ptrtiirps. in cnod larce catPH. fur flftc
'i, nnd d"llnr ones for twenty-five cents. No
rge is made lor Picture when you get tho case.
i7 ANTKO-Kvery body t know that COW-
AN'B Picture Gallery, 23 West Fifth-st,
he finest, lareft and chenpcjt gallery on Fifth,
i can get Pirlures at your own price. Every
turc warranted to suit. ; no-i-n
it ANTF.n BttY One about fourteen or lif
ten years of a, having some practice in
ihng papers, may near oi ti sunanon iy aaiirens-
' a liiiA in A. ii.. iinx l '17M. uincitinati. int
ting amount of salary expected. no2-b
17 ANTED -Every lady in want of a nice boa
net. elegant cloak, or any thing in the mil
ry or fancy lino, to patronize tho original cheap
Uinery store, 18 West Fifth-st , lioar Main,
.(re they are sold cheap. naa d
WOMAN HitMlo-aKfid, to eointo
e cniiiitrr to do general hnnse-wurk; li-viitg
between nine nn4
v tlin riiimtrv tonoiri
bilil will le no partu-nlar olucetion. Apply at
in U'..t hfinplli a. tit. fl it V
;0 O'clock.
VANTEI)-BIUHI-A e.Mllim.n K'd lady
t umild like a Ko,xl-siled fiirnirhnd K'om
rd, in a atrh'tly nrirato fainily. li-al relpronca
en and required. Addrew C. 8. W., at th. i of-
no. -bT
n to keep or
gentleman of undoubted
unnrior nr-ninfinl. A flltlia-
rlte up a Bft of books, or to
v quatinnttion (a superior penman), a nltUH
iti) g ot uny kind, lor about tbro iour month.
drrftA A. ai lins ouico, kiiuk uuma uu hiu-
AtrrM A. u.i ill iiiiuiiit.o. si'iug
where an interview can be bad:
t ANTED To sell tha Patent Bight to a very
' valuable article, for twelve States; mutt
'd within ten davsat any sacrifice. Call and
nt W. Q. HODGSON'S, 5'2 Went Third-Btreot,
I SO-640 acres of choice Laud in Hiuuesotn,
le cheap. no.i-d
7 ANTED A PA KT S K ft With from $Mto
V f6'H). in woll-eRtabltKhed bnslne whim
( ay Mig f.om ;Wf to ftOO per cent. Address the un
signed, through the Postoffice, with roalnamo,
I where an interview maybe had. Uoferencoa
: en and required. no3-h T. M Pit RAY.
V ANTED A PARTNK It-A respectable
vounit man wanted as partner in ft Da
ne! an Car He must have from 8100 up ward,
whiih sum he would obtain half the car, with
ructions in the art. aud secure constant aniro-
nerative employment. Apj)ly at JOHNSON
leryi MDtn and aiain. noo-u'
T A MTVO YOIINIJ M KN Ytiina? men with
U small capita), will find a pleasing and prof-
1e employment In circulating tho publications
he subscribers. Apply immeaiacoiy 01 oj wosi
ith-treet, Cincinnati, o., Koom wo. ;j, second
near foatomce. w ai. m. uuuno
list) era. no2-u
"ANTKD-A;KNTS-To sell Imornvod Mo-
tJlllc sewing reedie-tnreaiers Agents reai-
; to tiA per day. On Wr a. receive prompt attea-
1 nou receipt or ft ren-cent Ntamp, terms,
lDruaid. Address 1. M. UifiJfiN AN, 3H
, Cincinnati, u. no.-i'
ANTED By a gentleman of business quall-
tif'atloiiB and habits, a situation as ho
or i;rrt)Ppoiiuing and madaging ciera
auklng, iiihuraiioe or railroad olHoe or mau
y. Has hd experience in each of these
AddreBB 0. V. G.( Press Offioa. oc2H-tf
IIWTB'll-.lRWV bTND If von want
ur.wi And rhean .Tennv Llnd MattredS or
1 kind of mat tresses and bedding, pleAse call
I(Y C. 81KVKN8 8 Now Upholstery,
j,l-flt., betwoeuWixth aud sovuntn-atrbois.
uiu.nir iiiirmitn ami iini nmiMi i fromDittiit
orders and collect money for articles
i 1 consumption, can, by giving 9100 as
btuin a fftK)d and permanent tituatiun.
y sc cured). Address D. AI. L,, PuttoiUoe.
ANTED At the ere at Photosranh. Ambr
vpe, Kleetrotype, MeUinotype aud Fiirroty
r i. A . ft und H rtrtb-st.. commenrineat
? r nf Fifth and Maln-dta. Fifteen hundred
I daily can get correct likenessen from
o ).': no obarge for five-cent pictures,
Y rnwoio. APPLKUATK & CO..
b Proprieto!
( liimk-Picker and general Feed -Cutter.
11 wanting rights or machines will plen
seid in their orders early. Call 011 or addrt
li AIT, 5U West 1blrd-st., second floor,
liuciuuati, Ohio. Wanted ltlpa oorn, in
M If OINO- Goid lioard and furnished
wiihgiuiand Hath, can he ohtulned at a
pricot by applying ai viu riuui-.i. noju
j A II HI fl A tatly auif freutlumau ciiti tie
t-ciiiinodait'd with board in a private
-' al Irt9 nonna-n. bo.-u"
Mil PING Ono pleasant ltoom for one
iv. i. north nin AImo. tiita iinrnrnitthed
fiiiu lv ur koiitlumau, w bo will fuinivh it,
IH4 Klm-fctrtitit, above ftourtli. uoJ-ti
i41l DIN4 A (renllenjbvn anil wifo, and a
sii.iKlo tti iidt'iueu can be acc4uiiii)(iite(l
'ortnlile Muni, A I no a fuw ilay-boardoni, at
i bixtb otietit. na-b
OAUIMM.-A pliaaot, well-furatthwl
lur a ttiiuti I liiiui v. on una iitior. also, a
buitnlom catt bo atcouiiuodtMj at Ho.
inorettreet. noi-i"
Oua fina. lRrira frunt riioin.
nb 1 ior a gootUmau aud ltMly, or two go
i wii-lilng to room toK-tber; a few more
tltntfii can le acoommoilated : hIso duy-Hoaid
'. by applying at (il fc-uttt Jr'oiirtu-t. uii-b
l, OKI -A LAMK Willi' ili I'OlMTiik HLl
'i Any p rM)u leturiiii ic ttia aume to Sa l
m iiiTii-Mrt-ei, win DeMiiiHuir ruwiti'iiu. uns-v
i tIKT 1 Um8 B On Friday eveuint, a
In contaiftng three n ta, aix tl notea
cbaiiffe ; alao, riMit loouijit aud hydrant
'i.ltoi.l reward will be given for Iti delivery
f cilice.
V OST On )at Wedueaday, betweou tbe
- uf Oiorge and tlm-iin. aud tiuillitu'i or
9 uttlllfr'a atore, an oral Brt-imlpiil, oontaiolng
i ' bd, painted on porcelain, Kaeteru coatuiuu
' id lentiug ou ti e band. encircled by a
'OBfktn gold. The finder will be rewarded
ving ibe aame at thla office. no3-c
uth-weit Corner Main and Fourth-it.
. r Clock, and Watches repaired b, wperi.aosd
,-lrmea a-y
I,' i i.ll a It U IS WANT UV A HOl'H
NLd "ertlse in tbe PBKkS. Is dou not oust
:'A oa viU stWUj ueh a oat H 7a aacir.
iOtt Kjl,f H H A i wo-s or
JL1 iioue4H Htnth-iit., o4 Urrl
aV rhpn. Inquire on trie premtnee.
M. F
O f
-ViiU HA r,K GROCERY Stock. VixUtr mr4
JL' LHit i " u.hi i itini y .. pci , on on of
iti 1pt rnmfTl in thf ritr
CO.. 1SH WAlnm-Mre..
ell flftrcl up- comnlctff
n 2-b
7M. I, K-CllKAl' fO'i OH
n. c.
chnntiiMo OoikIh "Ml unci 301 ai rn In Missouri.
ftO In .own. Mt in ltiitiRnn nuil . UHnoU. Apply
to HAM H HOOI-K 'i Thlrd-et. tio--o
lUlUr-K AM HtliUr A lino,
llnrso Anrl Jonnv liinn nnuzv.
:tli Bnrni-M Pan hn fien at H. WIIXKK'S
rintins: V orkA. Ko. iMT KIm-it.. between Hth
and l-cncwi i th. ' nil-h
llllt SAI.I
A joiinc Famllv
fc,NU I N I-Two more ul r'utm-
Ja tr s celebrated I'oi tnliln Kncltiffl
Kjupiiko fr fuel, fort ppntH cor dT.
Apply at I'ATiMKKn rump nnd Portable Kn1ne
iowt eiicli.
W'k, cor. Third and Mlunil ( anal.
1 Mi dic.itiiis fn tmrt. and other personal Droo-
erty for bnlntico, an Improved Karm in Franklin
County, 1tvA, 2'i inilew from the county Boat ; n!no
a Fr ' m in Iihr1.ib lonntv, Kni bm, a1 nitio rrom
the city of l.awrenoa. Apply to U. J. CllAI'IN
CO., JS Walnut-M. no3-b
miMt ft a I, k -OH l:x:HANriE-For
JT Me City Htnidenre a Karm of I20 arre,
, 7(
which Is nnder a blub stnto of cultivation, onttin-
ing nil the necessAry building", Ttneyard. apple and
Fehch nrchsrds. Bttid farm is twenty-seven milos
rrm Cincinnati. Apply to N. J. CHAPIN ft CO
1S7 Walnnt Bt. P"3-"
fTiOR KA1-K-OH K A 0 II A N G B-F.ir City
1 Property, a Farm of 77 acres, In Allen County,
Ohio, a bulf mite from the flourishing town
Acoiiia; Z acres nnder cuitiraiion; new irame
lioiise, and all other necesry appendages Pric
:'6 per acre. Apply to N. J. CiiAPIN ft CO , lsr
W innt-Ht. no:t-1
IjOR PAI.K Brick house of five room
1 obster-Mroet Nino thomand dollars' wortn
of dry po- ds to exchange fur farm. Wanted, a va
cant lot in the city for rush. Also, wanted, f
c;ish, a small plnce in the country. A. u. mn
Al AN AM A, 7H West Thlrd-et. n -2-b
- N". Itlrhninnd-sr. Hent Sl.V Apply
the dmg-Btore, corner of Richmond and ltavmil-ler-Bts.
IjOR R FNT ROOMS At No. ftl Kibth-st.,
. eait of Luck, two nice Rooms, with a good
fxr mouth.
norcb. cellar, and nlentv oi water. At fi pi
Tlione who bue leen there Will pleaso call agnln,
I have been disappointed.
Jl KNT-OFFICK A largo and d Itatde
1 coiner Office, la our building, rornor uf Walnut
and Second fta., suitnblo for Law-oDlce, Commissiou
or Insurance busiueua. . .
fjOK R KNT HOOH1S-To medium or smill
familicB, three minis In No. 100. and ffve
98 Mil ton -st. The suites of rooms are entirely
end in good condill n, with yards uud watr.
Inquire nt Pn-spect Hill Cottage, near by. no2-b
ItKNT-RO O M 8-Two or fonr simrle
b men can find nic. larare rooms. In a
vate inmilv, where the comforts of a home can
reulized, with or without hoard, rurntMied or
furnished. Location pleasant. Apply to N,
CHAPIN ft CO., 187 Walnut-st. no3-b
IlltrR R ENT The neat end comfortable
story dwelling No. 1S: Thlrd-street, at ?;17
per month. Popcftsion can be bad nu the 8th in
PoaTding-nouso keepers or persons who can
give reliable re ft ran cm, need not apply. E. GKST,
jUl jnain-si. iiui-u
UOl'UK-A deliKhtfulIy-situated,
ouse. with Z to 5 res or ground.
finelv improved, and situated within Ave minutos
walk of tho Fifth-street Kerry, in West Covington.
Hume is hu go, and bun every modern Improvement:
Stable, Carringe and Borvan's' Houhoh, &c. A I
twoliuiipes oi six rooms aim one acre oi groiina
each, perfect and complete In every respect,
on tho premises, near the new Church, in
Covlnston, or at 54 West Third-street.
OC.il -UT JUll.l VV . VUADQ,.
7 furnished 1I
TBR!lONAL-I will cortatnly expect you
Jt rj)et-t me thip Afternoon at the appointed
Don't fail.
saW you.
ItacemB like ft great white since I
inoa-ui a Li i nn.
. M.
Kor Pin kembnrg and Wheeling.
flLOKUA, Ir-avcs a ntiuTe.
nv2 T. tlcBUltMK, gent.
hirable Bualnotw Property at Auction. Will
Bold at Public Auction on the premirtos, on
1AY At KI(UN. ai 4 o ciock, an 01 m
illg Ltnaaunnlfl Kropcrty, sunaieu un tuv vivn, biuu
ilill-Ht., between Whitewater Caonl aud Fro? t-Bt.,
f Mint in uti feet and i inches on Mtlbst . and
tendiug back 140 feet to Anderson (20-foot)
lmlno tlm Minn nrnnortv tlmt is occupied bv
Smith ft Co as a coai-yaro; lusieeioi me auovs
leased at jl( per front foot, with the privilege
purchase in rive ypars: 33 feet inches in five
at (so per foot. The above it mil) leaned aud pay
ten por cent, on $1,600, over all taxes and
The above Property Is the most desirable
Propoi ty that has been offered at public sale
Benson, being very close to tne unto anu anssissippi
nd liamiltou aua Iuytou itauriaua, uuu me
Hiver. . . ...
The a hove Lease win oe sold in ft 00a y or
to cuit the purchaser.
Terms casu. as tue owner is Kning iu u-nw
nol J- H. TAYLOti, Auctloueor.
. a
1 t
nolicetlint on the Uth of Oc.tolwr, lsf.0, t
Major, and Kllen V. Major, ins WW, nica tnoir
Bff4int bim in the Superior Court of
ati, w Herein tney aneee tun on ine ,tu oi
uary, IM'.t, Ellen 0. Dudley (now Major)
,,r leimx of lots 6 and S in block B. in Wade
Ti,llov'a .iiliilivioinn In IMnninnfttl. frontinff 2-r
each on the eaatiide nf Jobn-itreet, between
and Foplar-streetH, lor w years, ronewniuo
at an nnnual rent of J1T5, payable quarterly;
laid Mnlford paying all taxes, rate and
menta iiiereon, wiiu uuuumuu ui mnoiiuic
nonpaynieut of rentB, taxes, Ac. that on the
June, lfM, said Mulford roconvoyed to said
snid lots, wbo immediutely took poeses.lon, and
ever since occupied the same: that no rent, taxes
affeuBnienlf were ever pain unuur leiv-,,
reason of default therein said plantida caused
lunse to be forfeited; that recently plaintiHi
discovered upon record in the Kocords ot
(Joulity, OHIO, a neon convoying ion, "
lease by said Mulford to one Thomns
1 i( h deed is a cloud upon plaintiffs' title; that
Struthers has never been in possession of said
or psld any rent therefor, but has for six
wholly abandoned said premises. Whereupon
tiffs pray judgment awiinst said Btruthers, to
lllflr title in saiu preiai.es unie.eu watu., u,i,,,
he la also ubtitii d that unless he uusuer or d-niur
to the salfl pennon on or oeiore me ijiuukj
Dcoember, lwe, judgment will b. takes
hininmdpc.tition.wABNi5B baTEMAN,
Aitorney for i'liuntitTj.
Cincinnati, Kowmber 18, ocls-f
oil h-
aud 3
band of
J4KAI, KBTATK. John 1'. llogart,
of Peter ttogart, deceased, im. Hannah
el !. !Nro. 6'J8.) HumiltoB County
..ri l.i niu-hiinnrn of an order of the
Court of Hamilton County, bio, to roe directed,
will, at eleven o'clock A. M. on SATl'ItDAlT,
Klb day of December next, sell at public auo
the piemii'es, the fnllowlog-doacrihcd real
free of dowiir, to-Hit: All that tract of land
and being in Andorrin Township, Hamilton
and on Hie walersof Klgbt-niile Creek, and u-mudrd
as follows: beginning at an elm on the creek
norlb-west corner of tho trai t; thence Booth
degrees, west 10 poles aud 9 links to a stone in
Ayres's line, and corner of the Widow
land; thence east ol poles and Is links to a
the line nf Mr. Duckwull; thouce north 30
east i'.i poles and one link, to a corner in the
thei c.e south 61 degrees, west poles and 17
to the l'lui-e of beginning, containing 20
rood and 6 rods, mv.ro or less; appraised at
acre, free of dower, and being lot No. 2, as
the arrrsi eis In this run, Terms of Mle
each in hand, and the residue in two
payments, with interest, Becuied by
on tbe praiiii-ca. JOHN P. BOGAKT,
Administrator of P. Bogart,
TtiijiFHT Moobk, Attoney . nul-d
'J A;lliMfcVr. Alary C ('uadwickaudjaiiitu
( bad w ick, Partners, as M. C. Cbadvvick & Co.,
David W. FeMon and llenjsmin Fenton,
BBf entonA t o. jvo, ia,ii ino saiu
David VY. Kenton, of the City and Btato
Voik.itud Benjamin Venton, of t!e city of
I bis, in Ibe Slate of Tennessee, are hereby
that tbe plaintiff above mimed, on the first
Octi lier, l.-tio, lili-d bis petitiou in said Court,
object and demand of which la tu obtain a
aKiiinst said defendants fur tbe sum uf 0',
at 7 per ceutnm fium tieptember 23, lro0;
order of attachment has been issued anil
of lU'fi-iiiliiiits attached, ooui-i-tliig of four
twine; tlmt unless the sail! ileleliuauta answer
petition ou or In f. re tb third day of
lsi".o, judiinient will be rendered against tlieiu,
tho suid ultaclicd prois rly sold.
ill.jjLh 4 T1LDBN, forPlaiiltins.
belli!'!', il,ul7 Hamilton Common
Ibe abi'Vc-iismed defendant, George bchut,.
of tbe Btate or Ohio, will take notice
n the 27th da or bepteuiber, A. D. IsoO, the
couil lainaut, Calbarfue Schut, rtled her
the Clerk's Oflice or the Court or ComiHon
llsmilton County, Btate of Ohio, ag.iinst
wneiein sue ciinr.us mill, wiv ism ueieuuau.,
extreme cruelty, gross negleot of duty,
drunkenness for tire, years, wilful ana
absence for three years, ana with adultery,
prays to be divorced from her said husband,
the car. and custody of her child, have bur
changed to that of Brhafer, aud have alimony
costs. That said cause is now pending in said
and unless ho appeir.on or befji. the 17th
December, lAii, and plead, answer or demur
the same will b. heard la km alieeoce and
token therein. JtUBT. MOdHB,
nol-fVY Attorney fur
- M. We.I Kaalrth-.rr.ee,
their large assortuieut uf WaWU.ee,
Bilverwar. alii PUmonas.
A liH4! A fin. wsortraentof Flated Toa
OMtl.ry.aH Op'--'aaia
Office-Bo West TUlrd-tr.t.
Mitboiolooical Obsrtations By Henry
MVar, Optician, November 2;
ADorn ro 4 '
J A. M
J M ...........2y.M
4 F. M 7 45
A horn iwro 44
Above ero 60
tinct I
ButiflLiRT. The residence of Mr. Meder,
on Wixth-street, near Smith, was entered by
burclnrn niyht before Inst, nnd robbed of
clolliing to tbe value of $75.
Tockbt ricKtD. Ma Nesbit Coraley, of
Dnyton, was relieved of $20, while standing
near tlie corner of Fourth and Vine-BtreeU,
last night.
Fatal Hr.siaT of ah Accidbmt . Jolm
re'iay, who was severely injured by the ac
cidentnl ilischnrpe of a pistol, a short time
since, died at the residence of John Dona
hue, on Fourth-street, yesterday morning.
Rfpcbmcan Mf.ktino m the Skvbntkenth
Ward. F. HaEsaurek and W. A. Lathrop,
Esqrs., will sneak at Firemen's Hull, in the
Seventeenth Ward, this evening, Mr. Has
saurck will speak in German.
United States Pistbict Court . Tbe
iurv in the case of Van E. Kane, chartred
with stenlinfr money from letters at a post-
ottue in Miami LJounty, yestcrnay iuuta 10
oeiee. and were disihareed. The defendant
will have a new trial at the next term of the
Eki Fstatb at Aujtion. This af-ornoon
at three o'clock, Cooper k Stokes sell a lot
on tbe north side or uoorgc-stroet, near
Mound-street, and immediately after, the lot
on the north-east corner of Harr and Cutter-
strefcts, with nine dwelling-houses on it,
Usual terms. Sold by order of guardian.
Notice. We are informed that several
packages of our paper have failed to reach
our agent, at Madison, Indiana. We desire
tnsnv to our friends and natrons there, that
we liavo rondo such arrangements as we
think will secure them against lurlucr an'
no v u nee from this cause in future.
Attempted Buroiary. Some burglars
attempted to enter the coffeo-houae located
nt 508 Central-avenue, night before last, but
were frightened away after having taken off
one window-sliutter ana DroKcn tuo aoor
latch, while ineffectually endeavoring to
pusn baclc me bolt.
The Garbage Ordinance. We learn from
Mayor Bishop, that the contractors have now
fnirly commenced tho work of keeping the
streets clean, under the new ordinance.
From apjiearances, it is believed that tho
highest hopes of tho friends of that law will
be realized.
Am Old Citizen Drowned. An elderly
man named Kavanaugh, who resides in
Storrs TownshiD. was drowned in the Ohio,
veetcrdav. near the mouth of Millcreek. He
was, at the time, standing upon the bank of
the river, looking at a steamboat, when he
accidentally slipped into tne water ana was
carried away by the current before he could
be rescued. His body has not yet been
Snow Yesterday. The first snow of the
season fell yesterday morning, between
seven and eight o'clock. - It melted, however,
as rapidly as it desceimca, except on tences
and boards, where it was visible for perhaps
twenty minutes after it had 'ceased to fall,
In some places, in the vicinity of this city,
the ground was entirely covered for some
time, and two or three of tbe railroad trains
coming in were delayed for a considerable
time in consequence.
Probate Court Statistics. In the Pro
bate Court, during the week ending yester
day, tmy-one marriage licenses were granieu;
thirty-two aliens declared their intentions;
131 received final certificates of naturaliza
tion, and one lunatic was sent to the Asylum.
Of those who declared Uieir intentions,
eight were from Ireland, seven from Prussia,
five from Wurtemliurg, four from Baden,
and from England, France, Hanover and Ba
varia, two each. Of this number seven were
unable to write their own signatures, five
whem were Irom Ireland, one trora r.nglana
and one from Baden.
timi Oincin-
made a
ises, years
trator Uo
earl, ProbnM
ion, on
at the
ard bogart's
toue la
acres, 1
f:ci per
made by
third an
nual mortgage
of New
day of
that an
balus of
nol.f W
resident that
petition in
Pleas of
day of
thereto, '
a dncre.0
petitinor. -
ltg ad
I?BAL Estate Tbanrfehs at the Record
er's Officb. Tho following transfers
real estate were entered at tne Kecorder
office yesterday: Chas. H. Chrislopbene and
others to Francis Huck, October 22, lot
the west side of Providence-street, 145
north of Oliver-street, being 60 by 70 feet,
Gilbert H. Lonsberry to Hannah Joseph,
wife of Levi Joseph, November 2, lot on
north side of Hopkins-street, 12G feet west
Scott, being 18 by 96 feet, $3,000.
Daily Sessios of the County Commis
Biokkbb. The County Commissioners,
their regular session, yesterday morning,
naHsed the following orders: To John Dor-
sey, stone on Carthage-road, $711 55; I.
Keeler, stone for new Jail, $7a 25; H. Pffes
terer, shoes for insane persons and paupers,
$8 60; to snme, for prisoners on chain-gang,
S49 15: CK H. Wehrman. bread for Work
house, $28 1; C. T. Dumont, wall-plate
n . 1 ITA QO. Jb- Mnt'anne
bars at Jail, $3 50; Handy & Brothers,
account, on Jail contract, $3,598 43; Total,
$4,653 71.
Boarb'ofCity Improvements. The Board
nf Citv Imnrovements transacted the follow-
, ing business at its regular semi-weekly
session, yesterday morning, aiuyor Ditmup
Mr. Gilbert, City Civil Engineer, submitted
plat and estimate for paving with bowlders
lliilters-elley, from Lodge to Walnut-street.
The Clerk was instructed to prepare
transmit to the City Council an ordinance
assess a special tax upon tbe real estate
hnnnrlinc said imnrovement.
The Clerk was Instructed to prepare
transmit to the Citv Council an ordinance
to pave with brick the sidewalk on the
side of Baymiller-strect, from Laurel to
The Commissioner of the Northern
was instructed to Siave repaired
from Hamilton-road to Mulberry-
street, at a cost of 115.
Mr. Stngge presented a remonstrance
citizens of the Twelfth Ward, remonstrating
against granting permission to owners
slaughter-houses to Up the public
Bead and filed.
Beal Estate Transfers ih the Record
er's Office Thursday. The following
estate transfers were entered at the Record
er's Oflice Thursday :
Michael Goepper, to Geo. Lebrecht
1, lot ou south-west corner of
and Findley-streets, being 20 by 100
for $3,900.
Alfred C. Riddle, to Jonathan B.
November 1, lot on tho north side of
at its junction with Fourth
avenue, extending 465 feet to the tow-path
of the Miami Canal, by 301 feet one line
150 feet on the other, for $4,500.
Cornelius W. Lane, of Butler County,
Ann Martha Bidell, November 1, part of
302, in the original plat of the city, 31X
97 feet, and fronting on Front-street,
John Johnson, to Thomas Sherlock
Daniel H. Morton, October 16, lot beginning
at the intersection of the turnpike-road
West-street, of irregular shape, the
sides being 10, 137, 72 and 391 feet
also lots 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, 10, 13. 14, 15
16, in the town ot uassvuie, eacn fronting
the turnpike-road, and extending back
feet to an alley, for $5,000.
Barrett M. Hoskins. to Mary A. Sibly,
24, lot on south-west corner of
nd Phebe-streets, being 10X on Plum
09 feet deep, for $2,500.
John it. itawiins, 10 oainuei a.
October 13, leasehold lot in Van Horn's
subdivision, beintr 18J-1 feet front
south side of Eighth-street, by 105
for $2,700.
Sylvester Hand, to Samuel S. Fisher,
26, lot tame size, adjoining the
for $1,283 66,
s. i 1 , U. . ' ' ....... '
Wide-awake Procession—Large Delegations
from the Country—Grand Display—
The Wide-awake vroceosion last night
was very large, notwithstanding the very
miproptliotis appearance ot tne morning,
and the raw atmosphere during tuc uny.
We will not attempt to compute number?,
as that can never be done with any degree
of precision, except there he an actunl
count. The most perfect order was pre
served by the procession throughout, nnd
the whole line presented as reerulnr an apnear
anre as If It were composed of well-drilled
soldiers. We could not discover, however, in
the lamps, any cause for that terror winch
certain men fn the South affect to feel, lest
they conceal huge pikes instrumen ts kuo w n
to be moit cnectivo in modern warMre, mid
destined to supersede muskets, Minie rifles,
Colt's revolvers, howitzers and thirty-two-pounders;
un the contrary, we know, from
actual inspection, of several of these lamps
and sticks, that it would not oe possible to
have a large blade concealed in them; nor
are the enps and enpes sufficient to act as
helmet and shield to protect the wearer
against millets, it tncy weign an ounce or
more. Therefore, it is well to be calnij and
await the course of events, Cincinnati has
entertained thousands of the Wide-awake",
and has been annihilated, nor not even But
tered a material loss.
Tho country towns throughout Central.
Southern and. Eastern Indiana, Southern
Ohio, together with several places in Ken
tucky, were largely represented. An elegant
repnFt or lunch was served up at the aitlerent
V ide-Awiike Headquarters, and at the Inreo
hall of the Catholic Institute, which did
honor to the citizens of Cincinnati, and was
highly appreciated by the guests for whom
it was prepared.
A lnrge number of business-houses and
private residences were brilliantly illumi ti
nted, and presented an imposing appearance.
When the procession passed the house of
Mr. Hopkins, on Vine-street, between Sixth
and Seventh, about ten o'clock, it was
saluted with a grand display of fire-works,
nnd the salute was politely recognized by the
Tho whole affair was certainly a success,
though the turn-out would, doubtless, have
been larger had not the rain and the cold
Sewing-machine Awards by tihs Avhrican
Institute, N. Y. The Committee of
the American Institute, N. Y., appointed at
the late exhibition at Palace Garden, to ex
amine sewing-machines, hnve made a long,
elaborate and ablo report, of mucb interest
to the public. Although the utility of this
invention is established beyond all question,
yet, for the various purposes of its applica
tion, ignorance exists as to the particular
patent test tor a specihe purpose Commit
tees, heretofore, have not discriminated and
classified sufficiently. This report is free
from these faults. The machines are ar
ranged according to tho stitch made, and tho
purpose to which the machine is t be applied,
in four classes: first, second, third and
fourth a classification indicating the gen
eral order of merit and importance:
(Jlatt 1 includes tne shuttle or lock-stitcu
machines for family use, and for manufac
turers in the same range of purpose and ma
terial, the Uommittee Has assigned tins
class the highest rank, on account of the
"elasticity, permanence, beauty and general
desirableness of the stitching when done,"
and the wide range of its application.
the bend of this class they place the Wheeler
& Wilson Machine, and award it the highest
premium. This has been the uniform award
ior this machine throughout the country
several years, and we think no disinterested
person will dispute its justice and pro
priety. Clast 2 includes the shuttle or lock-stitch
machines for heavy manufacturing pur
poses. Clast 3 includes the double chain-stitch
machines. The Grover & Baker Machine
placed at the head of this class. Tbe Com
mittee objects to the stitch mudo by this ma
chine, inasmuch bb it consumes more thread
than any other Btitch, nnd leaves a ridge
projecting from one sido of the seam. This,
in the Committee's opinion, must usually
impair the durability of tho seam, and often
the beauty of the garments or other articles
so stitched, though some of the machines
making this stitch can be used very success
fully for embroidering purposes.
G7i. 4 includes the single-thread tam
bour or chain-stitch machines. The ten
dency of this stitch to ravel, the Committee
considers an objection so serious that they
refuse to recommend the machines making
it tor any premium.
The public is much indebted to this Com
mittee for the able discharge of their duty,
in rendering clear a subject that interest
so much darkened.
Sale of Beal Estate in Newport, Ky.
Jacob Graff Thursday disposed of the
lowing real estate in .Newport, Ky.:
Lot no. to, li leet tront; sold to
Brezlnra, per foot, $13 75 $302 50.
Lot No. 7, 22 feet front; sold to
Brezlara, per foot, $13 75302 60.
!. T nt. Kn a 1 B Q'Hyf foot
sold to Thos. Welch, per foot, $13 $419
Part Lots No. 6, 7 and 8, 25 feet
sold to Thos. Welch, per foot, $10 $250.
Part Lots No. 6, 7 and 8, 25 feet
sold to Thos. Welch, per foot, $10 $250.
' Part Lots No. 6, 7 and 8, 25 feet
sold to Thos. Welch, per foot, $11 CO $90.
fart Lots no. l, z ana 3, iA. leet
sold to Anthony Schroder, per foot, $13
$443 44.
Part LoU no. 2 and 3, 23 ieet
sold to Edward Wiggeringlaber, per
$10 75 $268 75.
Part Lots No. 1, 2 and 3, 25 feet front;
to Richard Taylor, per foot, $10 $250.
Part Lots No. 1, 2 and 3, 25 feet
sold to Patrick Lowell, per foot, $11
Lot No. 89, 22 feet front; sold to
Welch, per foot, $8 10 $178 20.
Lot S'o. 46, 25 feet, east subdivision;
sold to Thos. Utze, per foot, $39 $975.
Lot No. 19, 50 feet, east subdivision;
to John Lemwink, per foot, $39 50
trict from
vember Pleas
ant feet,
Correction. Editor of the Pret:
Enquirer report of the Merchants' Banquet
to the Philadclphians, makes Mr. Ejgleston
say that i Philadelphia might give
credit to Cincinnati merchants, aud in
they were unable to meet their
promptly, "they would pull the shirts
their backs to make a satisfactory and
showing to their Philadelphia friends."
This does injustice to Mr. Eggleston.
intended to cast no such Blur on the Cincin
nati merchants; nor is he the man
to turn bis back on a creditor in tins
way. What Mr. Eggleston did
was, tnat it uincinnan mercuanis were
they would take the shirts off
i , iL.:- nL;i-J.l..l.:..
Dams to pay uieir iruimueipuia vreuituis.
Whether second-hand shirts are current
Philadelphia, for the payment of debts,
be questionable, but the proposition,
will observe, is much more respectful to
I'biludelpbians, ana uonorame to tne
Bh it Rememrehed, that Dr. Francis's
oflice is at No. 137 West Fourth-street; that
Dr. Francis has received a medal and pre
miums; that Dr. Frauds is the inventor
of a new process; that Dr. Francis extracts
all teeth and roots without pain; that Dr.
Francis treats the various diseases of the
mouth; that Dr. Francis can produce 1,000
witnesses of tne above.
tober Plum
Pendry'b Tea Store. Families wishing a
good article of tea, are informed that Penary
& Co- north-west corner Fifth and Walnut,
have just received a splendid stock of Gun
powder, Imperial, Young Hyson, Oolong,
Souchong and black, teas, which they are
Belling at very reasonable prices. They de
sire the ladies to give their teas a trial, feel
ing assured satisfaction will be given in all
ond on
tcjjer above,
Fresh Oysters. Parties desiring to sup
ply their families with fresh oysters, will
find It to their interest to call on Stiles, No.
138 Vine-street. He keeps constantly on
hand oysters received direct from Baltimore,
which, in point of size and quality, are not
. surpassed by any other brand imported to
tuU oity.
PiKK's Or-KRA-HorM. A small audienoc
attended tb Colson concert last nijht. The
time is out of joint for mn'ical concerts.
The labor of saving the Union is just at this
time too severe to allow people to be happy.
Treason, stratagems and spoils are too ram
pant to permit any music in the soul. Sec
tional discord oveiome divine harmony.
Besides, the Wido-awake procession last
night gave a cheaper entertainment.
-Yet within the 0iera-house,acred from
the infernal noite nnd confusion, select
audience enjoyed a fine concert. Madame
Colson was.asshecan not help bcinp, divine.
We are weighing, our words now. If she is
not divine, the imagination fails to reach
thnt quality. The enthusiasm of a Cincin
nati audience is irrepressible whenever she
pppenrs. Miss Kellogg hag a sweet voice,
highly cultivated, and was well received.
We think Brignoli never sang better.
Snsini, a basso, carries an immense volume
of voice np into the baritone, with an air as
if he could supply any demand and still have
a surplus of voice left. We are determined
not to be reconciled to Ferri's tremolo, not
withstanding his fine voice and gml looks.
To-night the last concert will be given,
with an entire change of programme.
Among the attractions, the overtures by the
fine regular orchestra of tho house are well
worthy of honorable mention.
National Theater,. The Shnkopeareian
play Winter' i Tale was played at thh
hoiiFC last night to a good audienco. Tho
play is put upon the stage in a highly cred
itable manner. The statue scene is particu
larly effective. Mr. and Mrs. Wallack, with
the excellent stock-company, made a strong
To-night, the attractive bill of Guy Man-
wring una J'on (.amr cte Jiazan will be
Pignor Blitz's Entertainments. Signor
Blitz will give the first of his mugicalsoireos,
introducing his learned canaries, next Mon
dnv evening, at Smith & Nixon's Hall, and
will continue his entertainments for a week.
The Signor is well known throughout the
country for his necromantic and ventril
onuistic feats, and will have large audiences,
ot course.
DlSTRini'TION OF FltOCEKDS of Sale. On a
motion to distribute proceeds of sale, an
opinion was announced by Judge Gholson,
ordering: 1. Payment of taxes due when
sale was confirmed. 2. Pavment of eround-
rents. 3. Amount of first mortgage to K.
McGregor, assignee. 4. Amount of balance
duo on second morteace to Wilson k Co.
Motions for Nkw Trials. The Court re
fused to grant now trials in the cases of
Kdwards ft Jackson vr. J.- w. Uotoinnn; lr
win vs. Kewcomb and Baillie t. Zeiglcr.
General Term. John Geyer r. James
Gill. On error to reverse a judgment ob
tained by the defendant at special term.
Case argued and held under advisement.
Under the' law in relation to proceedings
in aid of execution, testimony whs taken
the case of Price, Walsh & Co. v. J. F. Marrow.
More TnAN a Fever. A few days since
we stated that Knorr, the murderer of Hoit7mnn,
was in with a fever. Since then
illness has developed into the small-pox.
lie nos neeu removed ironi mta new ju
the old one, as a preventive of spreading tho
loathsome disease to the other inmates. We
were informed by Dr. Foster, the city pbysi
ciun, that Knorr's attack is of a mild char
acter, and that he will soon be convalescent.
Suit and Counter SuiT. Yesterday a man
named Owen, caused a warrant to be issued
for the arrest of Mnjor Haskell, of Cincinnati,
charging him witli embezzlement, alleged
to have been committed in Hamilton County,
Ohio, ftomo time ago. Haskell, hearing
the officer, swore out a warrant, charging
Owen with perjury, which placi d both par
ties under bonds for their appearance before
Mayor Hawkins, on Thursday next.
Obituary. One by one, the (Towers fade
and die. The withering hand of death,
with its cold, icy grasp, has taken from
midst a form beloved by all who knew her.
Her spirit has been claimed for another
clime, nnd her angelic sweetness will
longer deck the home of loved ones,
shine as a star in the bright halo that
ever surround her remembrance. We
to Miss Jennie Kemper, who departed
this life yesterday, in the twentieth year
her age. The funeral services will
dace to-morrow.
Douglas Meeting , The Committee
changed their programme in reference
the Hon. Durbin Ward, causing bim
speak last night instead of to-night.
this, he bad quite a
audience, and was listened to with interest
throughout his whole speech. The speaker
was frequently applauded, and left a
impression upon the assemblage.
An Editor on the Stump. R. II.
editor of the Mnvsvillo Exprett,
address tne menus ot Brecmnriuge
evening, at the Court-house. He is an
and spicy speaker, and will
doubt attract a large audience, lie win
preceded bv.T. H. Parker, Esq., a young
attorney, of this city.
Bound Over. Two dischareed soldiers.
named McGa'ry and O'Brien, on Thursday
Inst were bound over, by Esquire Payne,
the sum of $100 each, for their appearance
at the next Circuit Court, for threatening
the life of a fellow-soldier, named Williams.
In default of that sum tncy were sent
jail. ...
Numbering the Houses. We are glad
tee that the houses on tne different
are to be numbered, i esterday the
men were encaged on Madison-street.
numbers reached as high as 230, commencing
at the Licking River and running eastward
as far as boat-row.
The Fair. The attendance at the Fair
Oddfellows' Hall is nichtly increasing.
tables are all well patronized, and are
in? aoite a Harvest, it win oe continued
a few nights more, and will end with a
on Wednesday night next.
original say
barrassed their
The Election. The special election,
in this ciiy on Thursday last, fur choosing
Councilman for tho Sixth Ward, resulted
John Conuell being the successful
Contract Awarded. The contract
posting the names of the streets on the
was awarded to Messrs. Andrews
Lvrock. at fifteen cents for each name.
gentlemen will begin the work immediately,
and it will be prosecuted vigorously
Ae Outrage. Some graceless scamps,
having tbe fear of a dissolution of the
before their eyes, on Thursday night lost
down a Bell-Everett pole on the corner
Sixth and Main-streets. Such conduct
of a good raw-hide costigation.
Deceased. Mr. E. T. Cooledge,
ior the Covington branch of the
ers' Bank of Kentucky, died at his
In Cincinnati yesterday, doverat days
Mr. C. was seized with a sudden
which terminated as above stated. He
man possessed of many good qualities,
bis demise will be deeply regret ted, .
Breckinbidoi Meeting. John P.
Esq., and Oliver A. Pattou will
the friends of Breckinridge this
West Covington. . .
Douglas Gathering. Colonel FUlc
R. K. 8ummerwell will speak to-night
Magnolia Hall. Tbe Douglasitos will,
doubt, be ont in large numbers.
Useful in the Family. Moore,
KersACo., at No 25 West Fourth-street:
hav e sent us samples of Spalding's
glue, extra adhesive mucilage, aud
indelible luk, put up in a convenient
IinaeiiDie iuk, pui u
sge for family use.
i'v-1 1
Arrival of the Northern Light
Terrible Accident at San Lorenzo Dry
Dock—150 Persons Killed—The Bolivian
Revolution Suppressed—Several Officers
Shot—American—British Difficulty at Panama.
New York, November 2. The Northern
Light, which arrived here this morning, re
ports the slotips-of-war Lnnranter and St.
Mary't at Panama, and the steamer Brook
lyn and storeship Falmouth at Aspinw ill ou
the 2Mh ttlt.
Advices from Yalparniso are to the 2.1, and
Callao to the 12th of October.
The steamer iloae Taylor had touched nt
Leta. The ultimatum of the American Gov
ernment bad been rejected by Peru, so far as
the Li:2te Thompson, Ceorgiana and .Sara
toga claims are concerned. This refusal
would compel the Americun Minister to de
mand his passport.
The ship Lvnj Ann Hulc was pnrti.tlly
burned on the Dili of October, ut Callan.
' A frightful accident occurred on the 10th,
In the dry dock at San Lorenzo, involving
the entire loes of the Peruvian frigate Callan,
formerly the Avprrinar, nnd a great los-t of
life. She was being docked with the crew
on board, when bobio stanchcons of the dock
gavo way, causing her to pitch over, when
bbe rapidly filled with water.
A great numlicr of people, including rren,
women and children, are sick lu the hospital.
All perished. All llio particulars were not
known at the date of the advices, but it was
believed that the number killed would reach
150. The number wounded, with broken
heads, arms nnd legs, was very grout. The
Callao was a forty-iour-gun lrigate, mint at
Blackwall, England, Bix years ago. The dry
dork was also damnped and rendered useless.
The revolution in Bolivia was suppressed.
Several officers had been phot.
Advices from Nicaragua state that tho
new s of Walker's capture reached there on
the 30th of fc-eptcniber, and cause! ranch re
oicing. Martinez was again at the head of affairs.
Mr. Ditnitry was pressing the Government
for a convention to settle American claims,
but unsuccessfully.
Martinez, however, had consented to call a
meeting of Congress on the 15th of .Sep
tember, sothat the ratification of tbe Lamar
Zclecdon treaty might be effected within the
time specified.
Vanderbilt had made tbe Government an
offer of transit, but, was not accepted.
Advices from Guayaquil state that Floras
was disbanding bis forces, but that the Pe
ruvian President, Catilla, still maintained a
hostile attitude, nrd was seeking permission
from his Congress to declare war against
Tho United States steamer Karragansett
left Callao on the 8th ult., for Panama.
A difficulty had arisen at Panama, between
the United States and British naval forces,
owing to the arrest of an American officer
and American citizen lor reiusing 10 responu
i to the challenge of a British guard, which
had been stationed in tne Btreet?, since me
recent disturbance. Communications had
passed between flag-officer Montgomery nnd
the British commander. The result wus not
A fresh alarm occurred nt Panama, on tho
night of tho 22d, in consequence of n report
that Tacho was coming, with a party of
negroes, to sack the city. - Troops were un
der arms all night. Nothing happened, but
new rumors continued to circulate, and the
city was kept in a Btato of excitement.
From New York, Baltimore and Washington.
New York, November 2. Counterfeit fives,
on the Farmers' and Mechanics' Bank of
Hartford, are in circulation.
Advices from Havana report the bark
Lyra, of New York, as having been sold to
the slave traders.
The J'iMifV Baltimore correspondent says
the Widc-nwnkes were rushed upon, while
entering the Front-street Theater, by a
crowd of half-crown men aud boys, and
l scattered in nil directions. Only one person
was injured, however, with a brick. After
enteripg the theater, an attempt was made
to organize an antagonistic meeting, but tho
police interfered and dispersed all but the
Republicans, who, after a few addresses, also
The Herald ' Washington dispatch says, in
telligence from a reliable source says a resi
dence for the Pope is to be prepared at Brus
sels. The ratifications of the New Grenadian
treaty aie to take place at Washington to-day.
Fatal Affray in Albany.
lude of
rester, will
Albany. N. Y November 2. About nine
o'clock this morning, a lawyer of this city,
named John Perry, entered the premises
kept by John Cranfield ns a porter-house on
Krnadwnv. and committed a violent assault
on him, throwing a handful of Scotch snuff
in his eyes, and tnen Dealing mm over me
bead with a Heavy cane, mating mree
wounds. Crar.hcld drew arevotver and shot
Perry twice, both balls entering the stom-
acli. rerry can noi survive, iuo ujuarrei
rose out of a suit for the possession of the
premises occupied by Cranfield. Perry bore
a very bad character, and the svmpathy of
.i T .ii.. r'.., .1.1
wliote action is considered entirely justifia
ble. - - "J
New York Items.
New Y'obh. November 2. Tho steamer
Adriatic would not leave Havre until Oc
tober 20.
The confession of Stebbirrs, the baggage-
master, iranlicates the two brothers Roberts,
under arrest here, for another robbery in
that of Adums' Express in April last.
The Oxford (Mass. Mtrcury says a rumor
prevails that a duel is on foot between one
ofourSenatorsnndadistinguitfhed politician,
fnrmerlv of this State, but now of Tennessee.
Tbe parties here indicated nre probably Jeff
Davis and General Henry S. Foote.
Additional by the Europa.
Cam Race, November 2. The Europa
encountered strong westerly winds during
the entire passage to Cape Race.
The I'crtia reached Liverpool at one P. M.
on the 20th ult. The Europa poised, Octo
ber 25, in latitude 61 30', longitude 21 43',
the steamer Canada, for Liverpool. All well.
Political News.
Louisville, November 2. The streets nre
alive to-night with bonfires, fire-works, tho
ringingjof bells, ftc, in the Union procession,
which, is moving with great enthusiasm.
The merchants of our city, in view of the
impending crisis, have resolved to close
their places of business on Tuesday, and to
deote the whole day to their country.
Explosion of the Steamer H. R. W. Hill—
Thirty Persons Killed, and Forty to Fifty
New Orleans, November 1. Tho steamer
. R. W. MIL bound from Memphis to New
Orleans, exploded her boilers on Wednesday
last. Thirty persons were Ktiieu, una irom
forty to fifty scalded. .
The Explosion of the Steamer H. W. Hill.
is de
serving book
keener Farm
Louisville, November 2. Mr -cbacl,
tho Clerk of the steamer JL. W. MIL
telegraphs to Sherly. Bell ft Co., as follows:
'The Mil exploded one boiler below Baton
Rouge. A. number of the crew were
scalded, Borne badly. Nino persons were
killed. I am unhurt."
Sheridan Knowles, the Author, Not Dead.
was a
son, address
Philadelphia, November 2. Sheridan
Knowles, lost in the stenmer j4rc(io, was not
tho at thor, but the Philadelphia agent of the
American Bank-note Company, charged with
the performance of work tor the Emperor of
The City of Manchester off Cape Race.
St. Johns, N. F., November 2. The City of
lU.mrkuiiT from New York for Liverpool,
passed ('ape Race Thursday at eight 1 . M.
She bad experienced fine weather. ;
River News.
Louisville, November 2 P. M. The
river is rising rapidly, with six feet nine
iDches in the Canal.
November i M. River Ave
feet two inches by the pier-mark, and laU-1
ing. Weather wet ana cool
Boiler Explosion at New Haven.
New Haven, Conn., Not. 2. A terrlbl.
accident has just occurred here. The boiler
in the factory of Daw k Bro makers of the
wood-work of carriages, exploded, tearing
away a portion of the building and trdly in
juring several persons; one, a boy nmd
Jt hn Kane, will die from a fracture of the
skull. U. G. Baldwin, Geo. Dewolf nnd at
man named Johnson, were badly Injured.
A boy named Rice is supposed to be under
the ruins. The canal nnd railro id are cov
ered with the mine. The cause of the ex
plosion is unknown
Arrival of the Hammonia.
New Yor.K, November 2. The steamer
JJammonia arrived this morning, with Lon
don papers to the 19th ult. News anticipated.
A Mexican Nero—Horrible Cruelties of
As specimens of the revolting cruelty
Miramon, we quote two paragraphs from tho
latest Mexican correspondence of the New
York Herald:
A few days back a bUt.rrical play was put
on the staL'e, at which Miramon and bis fam
ily were present. In this play an appeal
was made to a monarch by his subject to '
grant them the blessing of peace. Tho oc
casion seemed favorable, and one of the au
dience rose, nnd appealing to the President,
deiiicted in heart-rending tones the miseries
of tbe Mexican people, begging him also to
confer upon his country that noon as earn
estly demanded of the monarch in the piece.
Will it be lielieved that this unfortunate sup
plicant was drngKed to prison by order of
Aliramon by the head of the police, and was
sentenced to receive 500 lahes at daybreak
tho following morning; when 350 hud been
administered, Miramon w as informed that the
man was dying. "Let the remainder," ho
said ''be given to thp dead body; my order
miwt be carried out."
It has juft come to my knowledge that a
poor unfortunate woman, whose husband
had bren taken as a soldier tjr the press
pang, was seized while endeavoring to fa
cilitate his escape from the quarter in which
he was confined, and was ordered to receive
300 lushes. Although enciente tho 500 lashes
were administered. She died under tha
torture, giving birth to a still-born child.
The man received the same number of lashes,
but Burvivc-fl.
Pricks of Provisions at Pike's Peak.
A mercantile house in this city recently
received n private letter from a Cincin
nntian now in Pike's Peak, from which
we make nn extract in regard to the prices of
provisions there :
"The market here at present is.quite brisk,
nnd the city is flooded with people from tho
mints, bound for the States, and are keeping
the store-keepers busy selling them provia- '
ions to lust them to the Missouri River. A
ercat many will winter at Taos aud San
Juan, New' Mexico. The mines lately dis
covered in that vicinity are said to beverr
Tu-h; in fai t, much belter than the mines in
Gveory District. Floor selling at $14 per
hundred. Cornmeal at $12 per hundred.
Bacon at 60c. per pound. Butter at 60c. per
pound. Eggs at 60c. per dozen. All sugars,
lens, coffee, Ac, sell at 10c. more on a pound
than in the States. Canned fruit sell better
here in. the winter than any other time of
the year. Green npples aro being shipped
herefrom Missouri, and sell very readily ot
$11 per bu?hel, or 15 to 20 cents each. .
The Suspension of Josiah Lee & Co.
Their Fuilurea Sad One Liabilities $500,000.
A telegram to the New York TiniM says of
the failure of Lee & Co., already announced:
The Banking-house of Josiah Lee ft Co.
suspended payment to-day. The firm con
sisted of Gover ft Brothers, who succeeded
to the business after the retirement of Lee,
Carter ft Dnlrymple, and are now doing
business under the name and style of Josiau
Lee ft Co. The firm was among the oldest
nnd best known houses in Baltimore, having
existed nearly forty years. The failure has
been caused by the depression in Stocks.
Another dispatch from Baltimore remarks:
The failure of Josiah Lee ft Co. is a bad
one. lhey nave large deposits, which are .
in jeopardy. Their liabilities are probably
half n million, though tho extent of their in
debtedness is not yet ascertained. Their
assets have gone into tho hands of Trustees,
aud there are only slight hopes of obtaining
an extension.
Large Seizure of Altered Bank-notes
in New York. Two brothers, named An
drew and Samuel Roberts, were committed
to prison in New York on Thursday by
Justice Quackcnbush, pending the result of
an examination into a charge of forgery
which has been brought against them. In
the house occuuicd bv the accused. No. 41
King-street, was found a large quantity ot
alteied bank-bills, representing a sum ex
ceeding $4,000. Most of the forged paper
was in notes of the denomination of ten dol
lars, purporting to be the issue of various
Southern and Western Banks.
Fanny Ellbler, the Danseuse. Fanny
EllBler's son died in Nubia a short time ago.
Funny is now Madame Von Barnium, and
resides in Vienna. The Prince Aldabert, of
Prussia, is united to her bv a morganatic ,
marriage, and this is his child.
The Ohio has been rising rapidly hero
since our last Usue more so than for several
months past; having ixcclled during the twenty
hourt ending lait evening over eleven feel,
opposite this port, making a chnnnel-deptli
of about twenty-four and a half feet at this)
point. Last evening the River was comin
up quite slowly-, and it will probably be
stationary by this morning. At Pittsourg
the River was receding yesterday, with fiva
feet two inches there at noon.
The telegraph informs us of the explosion
of the R. W. 11. Hill, with the loss of thirty
The rain, as we anticipated, continued to
fall all of Thursday night, and yesterday
was hall-cloud and balf-sunsuine, villi a cool
but bracing atmosphere. '
Busiutss on the Landing wa3 pretty brisk
mure so than on Thursday nnd freight
was in fair supply for New Orleans, but
raiher scarce for the upper ports, as well as
Memphis and St. Louis. Our quotations
were unchanged.
Tbe river was at a stand at Louisville ort
Thursday evening, with four feet two inches
in the Canal, by the mark. During the
previous twenty-four hours the river had
fallen but barely an iuch at the bead of the
Falls. The weather continued warm, and
w as cloudy all day, with a light rain in tho
morning and more at uicjit. i
Another Steamer Sunk. Wednesday sr
Memphis papers say that the Stephen De
catur, heavily freighted for Memphis, sank
on Sunday hut, in Siilliken's Bend, about
twenty miles ubovo Vicksburg; but no par
ticulars are given. The Decatur was an ola
bout, and we -suppose that she was insured
lor her lull value.
R. jScopping, or Louisville, was rouDea
the other nip lit on the steamer Killinan, ly
ing at the Memphis wharf, of $3,000 in
drafts and $;"5 in money.
Thursday's St. Louis Evening A'ewt has
the following: .
There was little or nothing doing o the levea
Ibis l .reuoou, oiu; to tlm sl.irui. Ibe rains uao
rxtt nded rrctty widely, end it is p obabio that tha
vti, .111 will feel their iiillu.ur At Ihlt point tins
Mhsl.tiinl rin- last nialit o.;i ween one auu i..
inch-. Ibe officer, ot Cats fivul aboie all agro
iniui rti'a- Ibe upper stream bo liillius quits
I ritkly II.1.W to Kk1 siih u ropon
liv. net ill Ibe clianuel, and to lairo in foot.
In ward tu the condition of the river betwMn
Cairo and Memphis, there Is rcul div.i sity or
i pinii n rviu smi'ug th. boatmen. Unlutwdayw
wt-re iuramitH thus there soru no mre than ssveu
nnd a halt or stvu fcot of water at Isiaud Thlrly
h iir. Yesli-rdey, a pilot w ho had just cosae up th.
liftr, assiiit-d us there were uot b-ss than nlu. fees
at any 'H t Ih-Iwo n Nlro and Mi-niphi. That
luoruii g we were told araiu th.it w. wit.1, yesterday
vi ti ily llirrfo-.uml lh.it thorn is rcslU " "
than six sud ahiilffmt there. .
lbs Misacuri is felling si wty, wrth three nnd a
quarter I'M c tho burs The Illi-ola bus bn
bout atal binary, but must be rlalug soiu. to day.
l-eL-,.t. -T.l.nr.i.li. Louisville) M. mrltuaa.
Msdi-on; M .nuolia. illayivillel U.stos, Big tsudy,
J uilelih. Ti..illc; Lu..:. . , ! , ' ";-.
ft I.. IUS li.Tlief, s....ih IVfiid, Mooiihi.; hvl ice,
"titViZZb iX.N.onl.T.lW M. McTo.tl..
-i,7 .moil.. Uavsvtiiei ';-'".''( "?yi
Wh ,11.. h-HIk-, Ohio ho S, Marietta; '.
V heeling; Ulidca, Ola Ml'. Bl.cuaugo h'-r,l
fttttbsre; liiveiwt, Key Orh.-j.us; I'olaud, Dots.
- I .
,.t . I-

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