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Of tlie various occupations and professions
which have engaged the attention of mankind
there is none that seems to be so pre-eminently
useful, so honorable, in short so compatible
with all our interests, as the cultivation of the
earth. There is uone which has so many rc
aourcea within itself, or which can furnish from
its own means, the supplies for all our neces'
oary wants. Food, raiment, and luxuries innu
merable, are the fruits of the former's labor and
care: and in their train follow health, happiness,
and independence.
And in view of these facts, for facts they nre,
are wo not led to wonder that so many of our
young men are placed behind the counter, to
learn the arts and mysteries of the scales and
yard-stick, to 'deprive themselves of the bloom
nnd freshness of youth, and bring early and deep
furroifs of care and anxiety on their brows, by
the difficulties nnd perplexities attending the
prosecution of mercantile pursuits, when so many,
- and so strong inducements are held out for them
to engage in that profession which was the earli
est employment of man, and which as the light
of science is spread abroad, and improvements
re made iu the art, is becoming more interest
ng, more profitable, and at the same timo less
With what different feelings do the farmer
and the merchant leave their pillows in the
morning! The one buoyant with health and
spirits, goes forth with the first dawn of day to
his cheerful labors in the field, while the other,
after a restless and perhaps sleepless night
walks in a sober mood to his counting room, an
ticipating with fearful forebodings the insolven
,cy of his customers, or the ill success of a voy
. age.
With what honest pride aad heartfelt satisfac
tion does the fanner look at h's luxuriant fields,
his richly laden orchards, and his growing flocks,
with the happy assurauco that with every return
ing season his substance is increasing, that he is
above want, and tar from feelms the fluctuation
r of merchandize, or the cinbirrasments of trade.
Who, that has seen the hale and vigorous
p'oughman, whistling dung as he turns up the
lurrow, and has not sighed for the loys of paste
ral life? Or, who has enjoyed the privilege of
witnessing the internal arrangements of a thrifty
farmer's establishment, and observed the care
and attention evinced iii all her domestic econo
my by his industrious and frugal wife, and has
not coveted the happiness and independence of
the farmer? Much as the wealth and prosperity
of a nation may be advanced and promoted by
its commerce and manufactures, still we are con
strained to look upon agriculture as its source
and foundation. It is absolutely necessary to
our existence.' For let men pursue what other
business they may, they are still dependent on
the fanner for what they eat, drink and wear.
And, suppose the former, by way of relaxation,
occasionally deviates from his regular routine of
duties, and engages a little in horticulture, or the
cultivation of the choicer kinds of fruit, will he
not be repaid a thousand times for the time and
labor bestowed on a few trees, vines or shrubs?
And further, will not the appearance of his
liouso and " front door yard" be immensely irrv
proved; himself and family enjoy a large amcunt
of pleasure, and gratification, not to sneak of the
frequent lessons of neatness and order which his
children would learn by tho cultivation of a few
varieties of flower. And will not these silent
monitors, which so beautifully remind us that
l The hand that made tliem ia divine, "
also have a moral tendency, and teach us to look
" Through nature up to nature's God."
The maxim of Bacon, " Knowledge is power,"
is never more true than in regard to agriculture.
Hence no farmer who docs not avail himself of
the fruits of others' experience, and who does
not improve his knowledgo by perusing tho a
blost works on agricultural subjects, can expect
to bo successful. The prejudice of many far
mers against agricultural knowledge in a printed
: form is absurd.
Endeavor to raise good grain, which will sell in
years of great plenty whereas, inferior grain
pan seldom be sold, except in tunes ot scarcity
Let your citile, horses, &c, be of the best
sorts, aud more remarkable for real utility than
for beauty or fashion.
Bo not above your profession, but rather con
sider it above all others.
. Admit no guests into your house who cannot
Jive upon the productions of his own country.
No farmer ought to undertake to cultivate
more land than he can stock and manage to ad-
vantage. It is better to till twenty acres well,
than 100 in a slovenly manuer. Owning a large
farm is no excuse for imperfect tillage What
you cannot improve, do not attempt to cultivate,
but allow it to grow up to firewood and timber.
Largo pastures may be profitable with no other
expense but to keep them clear of bushes. But
to run over twenty acres of tillage or mowing
land, for what, with good cultivation may be ob
laiucd from five, is the extreme of bad husband
ry. . A large farm, without skill, Capital, and indus
try, is a plague to its owner like sclf-rightcous-ness,
tine more you have of it, tho worse off you
are. ' ''.
4 S. CAXFIELD. be?! leave to ftnnounca la th
public that he has opened a new Variety Store, !
hi the room tonuerlv occunied bv ueoree I rut?, on
door west of Thus, Hogg's old stand, where he intends
keeping constantly on hand a general assortment of
consisting of Dry Goods. Queensware, Glassware, Hard
ware, Groceries, Iron, Nail, Class and Domestic Goods
ot every description ; which will be sold on the mo9t ac
commodating terms, for Cash or approved country pro
duce. No pains will be spared to render entire satis
faction to all those who mny think proper to call. Picas
call and examine before youpurchase elsewhere.
Cadiz, April 18, 1844
For Cash or
New Boot and Shoe Establishment.
John Rea.
David Eaton,
T ESPECTFULLY inform the public generally, that
It they have purchased the lloot and Shoe establish
meiit of Mr. John Phillip, opposite the Jail Buildings,
anu immediately under the t-enuncl othec, where they
intend carrying on tne above business in all its various
brunches. They are dptnrmined that, for neatness and
durability, their work shall not be surpassed by that of
any omer esiauusnmcnt id tne place, i hey solicit a
sluire of public patronage. apr 18
AYIXG made their Fall purchases of Goods du
ring ths last month in the Eastern Cities before
ihe recent advance in goods They therefore can afford
to sell them 20 per ceut lower than if they had to make
their purchases after this time. Anticipating an ad
vance in goods, they purchased very extensively. They
invite the public to call and examine their stock at they
are anxious to sell cneap to reauce tneir aiocK.
August 10th, 1843.
uBe sure you're rigid, tfien go ahead." y.
A Great Incitement!
RESPECTFULLY informs his friends nnd custom
ers that he has removed his Tailoring Establish
ment to the room formerly cccupied by Miss Bowles, as
a Milliner's shop, and directly opposite Hogg & Tip
ton's store, wnere lie is prepared to uo worn on tho slior
test notice, in the best style, and on the most rensona-
ele terms. nor 18.
f rUlE Subscribers will offer to the
I public a variety of good ploughs
'4 being fitted out with entire new and
improved patterns, Crones and a va
riety of other kinds The improved
Hornet the half patent the new Corn plough all
with wrought shares, which they will sell low for cash.
Cadiz, Feb, 2d, 1843.
RESPECTFUILY inform the citizens ofCadiz.and
vicinity, that they have removed to the frame
building recently erected by L. P. Milligan, Esq., on
Market street, (and directly opposite Messrs. Kilgore
& Co's Dry Goods Store,) where Uicy are prepared to do
work in a style, which shall not bo surpassed in any
other shop in the county.
Thnnkful for past favors, they respectfully solicit a
continuance of public patronage.
N. B. They earnestly request all persons who are in
debted to them for work done, more than six months
ago, to come forward and settle their respective accounts
WOULD respectfully inform his friends and the
public generally, that he has removed his shop
to the corner brick, opposite Thomas Hogg's old stand,
now owned by Ma hood & Grimes. He intends to sell
cheaper than the cheapest, anu without a disposition to
talk loud, he will sell lor ready pay the cheapest of any
other establishment in the western country. Iseel cm
tie and Hides will be taken in exchange for work.
Come ahead all you who want bargains. apr 4
without further delay.
npr 4
D It U G S
r""MIE Subscriber has inst received from the east a
fresh supply of Medicines, dyes, paints, oil, &c,
which lie proposes selling on as accommodating terms
as any establishment of the kind in this section of the
country. Persons wishing to purchase articles in his
line of business would do well to call nnd examine his
stock before purchasing elsewhere.
Cadiz, Nov. lGth, 1843.
Late Arrivals
from England.
ItOgan $ Kennedy,
IMPORTERS nnd wholesale dealers in Hardware,
Cutlery, Saddlery, it.. No. 129 Wood street. Pitts
burgh, respectfully announce to their customers and to
Western merchants generally, that they are now receiv
ing a largo and splendid assortment of
all of which has been purchased for cash bv Mr. Ken
nedy, on his recent visit to the manufacturing towns of
Birmingham and Sheffield, England, and w hich we will
sell at very reduced prices, pledging ourselves to meet
any i;ur Jbastern competition. Merchants in the habit
of visiting the Atlantic cities, are particularly invited
to ca
J. W. REEItE V Co.
TTAVE just received from the Eastern cities a
17 &. W. HAMILTON have a general
' assortment of gentlemen's Boots "
Monroes, Shoes and Slippers, and Ladies, W """
Lace Boots, Shoes, Call and Kid Slipjiera. As we man
ufitctured them ourselves we warrant them to b good
Also, a treat variety of children's shoes. We still con
tinue business at the old stand of Thomas Phillips, Esq,
opposite the public buildings. ' ap M
Cadiz, Ohio.
T TAVING taken the above well known stand in the
11 town of Cadiz, formerly occupied by Mr. Thos. D.
Grimes, would respectfully inform his friends, the old
natrons ot the establishment, nnd the travelling public
generally, that he is prepared to accommodate them, as
he believes, to their entiie satisfaction. The House has
been thoroughly repaired, new rooms added, and a
large rending room attached, where the principal tour-
nals of tho day will be regularly received nnd filed.
Every endeavour will be made by tho proprietor to
add to the comfort of his guests: and ho respectfully so
licits and hopes to merit a share of the public patronage.
march yy.
Stcicarl, Jlilligan ? Bennett.
fTTVIE undersigned announce to the public that they
I nave purchased tne proiieny iornieny occupieu
bv Wm. Bennett nnd intend merchandizing permanent
ly in Cadiz. The customers of the old house may rest
assured that no effort on our part shall be spared to ren
der entire satisfaction to all who may be disposed to
patronise us.
Wo are now receiving New Goods, and are determi
ned to sell on the most accommodating terms. Old
customers are earnestly solicited to call; and any quan
tity of ntte ones are anxiously sought for.
Opril 4. R. 3. DENNETT.
P. S. more details hereatter.
S. M. Sc. B.
ii. ritLynimm. ecu nr. a
and splendid assortment of
which they will sell as cheap if not a little cheaper than
any other establishment in the place. Their stock con
sists of every variety and description of dry goods, Hard
ware, Groceries, Queensware, Glassware ike. also a gen
eral assortment of Pittsburgh Manufactured articles.
You that want to buy cheapgoods just call at tho cheap
store opposite the treasurer's office. npr 11.
rTTHE subscribers respectfully inform tho public that
I they have entered into a partnership under the
firm of
for the purpose of carrying on the above business in nil
its various branches, at the old stand of Snyder Ar Moore,
where they nre prepared to execute work with neatness
nnd dispatch, lor ull who may Invor them with aoall.
From long experience in the business, nnd having
none but the best of workmen employed, they have no
hesitation in saying, that they will give general satis
faction. They litive and will continue to keep on hand
the most approved fashions.
fM)hV SETTLED ON THE LUNGS. It is a very
Vycommon complaint, and can lie immediately rcmo'
ved bv Dr. Duncan's Expectorant Remedy. This dis
ease produces much sutieiing and distress, and finally
becomes alarming on account of its threatening sever
ity. Physicians are sent for, aud medicine prescribed,
but to no effect; when they at once pronounce tho
lungs to bo entirely gone, nnd the case hopeless ; that
the patient must die of consumption. In this lingering
situation hundreds are left under the mistaken idea ol
their disease ("to be Consumption," when it is noth.
ine more than a 'COLD SETTLED ON THE LUNGS,
when the patient is thus neglected until the lungs do
actually become diseased. Why is it that so ninny
(pronounced) hopeless cases have been restored to per
fect health? The reason is very plain and obvious.
They commenced using Dr. Duncan's Expectorant
Remedy, and when the lungs were not entirely gone,
they finally recovered. A fair trial of this medicine
will convince all of this fact. Price, $1 per bottle.
HE undersigned respectfully informs the public,
thnt he has purchased the
formerly owned by Levi Mallernee. His stock is the
hest the eoiintrv can produce, tocether with a trood ns-
scrtmcnt of VEHICLES for the conveyance of passen-cers.
Persons will bo conveyed to Steubenville, or any of
the adjoining towns cheaper than they can be taken by
stage. He also runs a mah.
to St. Clairsvillo, (Wednesdays nnd Saturdays.)
His terms will be low, persons giving him n call will
be attended to in the best style. Stable opposite to the
Cadiz Hotel.
WM. N. MAFFIT, Agent,
Cadiz, Nov. 16th, 1843.
PR. K. BROTIIERSON would respectfully inform
his friends and the public generally, that lie has
ust returned lroni the eastern cities and is now receiv
ing a splendid and large assortment of all kinds of fan
cy and staple dry goods, suited to the present nnd com
ing season.
ALSO, Groceries, Hardware, Queensware, Cotton
yarn, Nails, Iron, Sole Leather, window glass, Madder,
Indigo, Allurn, &c, tho attention of purchasers is re
spectfully solicited.
Those wanting bargains will find it to their advan
tage to call at the well known store, Corner of Market
and Steubenville streets, and directly opposite- the pub
lic buildings, formerly kept by McReynolds &, Broth
erson, where they will find a cheap, well selected, large
and handsome assortment of all kinds of goods, suitable
to the wants of the community, and that at as cheap a
rate as can be had elsewhere. Please call and judge for
yourselves. Merchantable country produce will lie re
ceived in exchange for goods at the market prices.
.'UU1., Xll. OlMl, 101.J.
NEGLECT A COLD ! It is evident, and decided
by the most experienced physiciaus, that CONSUMP
TION is mostly encouraged by n neglect of cold nt
the first attack. How many persons are there that put
off from time to timo procuring a suitable medicine, un
til the disease begins to assume a serious character,
when in all probability they are past the power of med
ical aid. May these lines prove a warning to those
afflicted with the first symptoms of CONSUMPTION,
that they mny immediately use DR. DUNCAN'S EX
PECTORANT REMEDY, which is expressly for d
eases of the Respiratory System. It is certain to re
move a cough in a few days, at thesame time reliev
ing the pain in the side and breast, and arresting the
progress of that fatal disease Consumption ! The Ex
pectorant Remedy has a decided advantage over all
other preparations. It is entirely free from Opium, nnd
all other violent Narcotics. It regulates the system,
and gives strength to the weak and nervous. For sale
at the store of
Cadiz, Nov. 16th, 1813.
riHIS: is becoming one of the most popular mcd
I cincs now beloro the public. For reniovlne nil
seated pains, such as Rheumatism, pain in the bnck,
side or breast, it has no equal in the world. It is also
efficacious in removing wens, tumors, corns, &.c. We
do not design to puff this medicine, with old fictitious
certificates, but will simply mention a
where it has effected cures. Mr. Sloan of Znnesville,
after having suffered with Rheumatism for nine yenrs
was cureu uy using me iibUKi!iv rL.ASir;K. Mr.
Anderson of Putnam, was troubled for a long time with
n lame back, occasioned by overlil'ling, cured by using
Ills plaster. A man, (name not recollected,) in Gra
tiot, Licking Co., entirely cured of Rheumatism. The
following certificate from Mr. Woretell, editor of the
Massilon Gnz. and George Miller Esq., of the firm of
Keith &. Miller, att'ys., was furnished mo a few days
since :
Musrilon, Oct. 28th, 1843.
Having received much benefit from using the
we cheerfully recommend it to the afflicted, believing it
to be a valuable medicine for the puijHJses for which it
is recommended,
Many other rcspectublo persons have offered to cire
their certificates, but we deem it unnecessary, to add
any more at this timo. Those who use it will find it a
good medicine. Each box contains sufficient to spread
b or 8 large plasters. Price 50 cents per box. For sale
in Cadiz by JOHN BEALL, nnd
Also for sale by neents in most of the country towns.
jvnn ituuu, Agent lor jut. ricasant.
Nov. 16th, 1843.
- Among tho rmiss of irifurmalion furnished by
tho report of the commission of patents, which is
highly interesting to farmers, is an account of a
process, hitherto a secret, by which butter may
bo kept for years, fresh ami sweet in any climate
Most kinds of wood contain considerable riuan-
titiea of pryoligeneous acid, which doconiposcs
palt in butter kept in such tubs. The liudon or
bass wood, is the only one which, it appears by
careful experiment, k free from it, othors, it is
stated, may be freed from it, and thus rendered
suitable, by boiling three or four hours, well pres
sed under water. Good butter is to bo well
churned, and worked and packed hard and tight
in kcr8 of seasoned white oak: the head is then
put in, leaving a small holo into which brine is
poured to fill the vacant space, and of o much
importance is it deemed, to prevent any bad
taste, that the plugs for the hole innst not be
made of cedar or pine, but of cypress or bass wood,
fis otherwise it would bo injured. ; Afier which,
these kegs . are placed in a hogshead, well filled
with brine of full solution, that will bear an egg,
which is then hendod up tight and close , This
ia tho'moda pursued in Orange County N. Y.,
and the butter will keep at sea and in warm cli
mates, and commands a vory high price, ihe
appendix to the report contains a letter addressed
to Mr. Ellsworth, by G. Fox, Esq., a morchaut
of Hartford Conn., corroborating llio aliovo.
Vm. Enquirer, ';
For the cure of Consumption, Colds,
Coughs, pitting ot Blood, Difficul
ty of '.Breathing, Pain in tho Breast,
Side, and Chest, Bronchittis, Weak
ness and that delicate and declining
state of health so common before
Consumption sets in.
T has long been known that the bark of wild cherry
possessed great remedial powers in Pulmonnrv and
lireast affections. The difficulty hitherto has been to
sufficiently concentrate its properties so as to give a
quantity tlmt will nflect the system, and at the same
time combine with it such other remedial agents us are
necessary to make it such a remedy as has long been
sought for, nnd which the proprietor now feels assured
has been accomplislieu in hi Lonccntniieu linlsam of
Wild Cherry. '
Many certificates of cure performed by the use of this
Bttlram are in possession of tne proprietor, nnd might be
laid before the public, but we think it entirely unneces
sary, as we feel confident that a trial of the medicine will
he sufficient to remove oil doubts from the minds of the
most cretlulou.
Price 1 per bottle with full diicctions for use. For
sale at the Drug StoreW , JOHN BEALL.
. Cndiz, Deo. 81st, 1843. ,
t C PIECES of broad cloths
XJ qualities just received nnd Tor sale very low at
ttio cheap store ot
assorU'd colon and
for sale i
J. W. HEEBE it Co. npr 18.
nn PS. cassimcres enssinetts and loans of every va
t" lietv, just received nnd forsnle low at tliechenp
atoro of
J. W. BEE1JE Co.
npr 18.
THIS unrivalled preparation has performed some ot
the most astonishing cures ol diseaKcs that are re
corded in the annals of history, thus proving conclu
sively it is capable uf filling tho high nun and purpose
for which it is designed. Patients suffering for years
from various chronic constitutional disorders, aftor try-j
ing different remedies, spending thousands of dollars in
travelling nuu doctoring, anu suffering all that human
nature is capable of enduring, having by the use cf u
few bottles entirely recovered their health. Chronic
Rheumatism, Scrofula or King's Evil, .Salt lvbenm and
Ringworm, Ulcers nnd painful affection of the bones,
Ulcerated Throat and Nostrils, Scurvy, Biles, Chronic,
.Sore Eves, Blotches and various cutaneous eruptions.
are effectually cured by its use. Diseases having their
origin in an impure blood and fluids generally will he
speedily and effectually removed by tins invaluable
medicine, as its operation is peculiar, and consists in
removing the cause of disease by entering into the cir
culation and passing through tho general system.
Where obstruciions to its favorable operation exist,
they are removed as it passes along the alimentary ca
nal; hence the patient will know and feel the sensible
operation of the Sursnparilla from its curative powers.
The proprietors are daily receiving orders from the
medical profession, the clergy, officers of jestice, nnd
numerous private citizens, ample and willing testimo
ny, both written nnd veibal, to the superior value and
ellicaey ol tins preparation, lo the poor.it is lunushed
gratuitously, on sufficient prool being lurmsheu ol their
The following certificates from individuals who have
suffered with Scrofula in its very sevcrest.form, are mi
sented for the careful perusal of the nlllicted.
Essnx, Conn., July 25, 1843.
Messrs. Sunds Gent. About eight years since, by
being overheated and directly after exposed, I was sei
zed with a severe cold, which deranged the whole sys
tem. I'urple or livid spots appeared on the skin, at
tended with violent pain of the head ; the symptoms be-
alarmine, a physician was called who prescribed
blistering and leeching, which produced partial re
lief. Hard bony lumps liirmed under tho skin
on various parts of the body, and tho Doctor
pronounced my compluint hereditary Scrofula now for
the nrst time developed. 1 he lollowing winter my
sight failed in both eyes, medical aid was again resort
ed to, wnich relieved my sight during the summer, my
nose now began to increase in size and the yvhole body
rapidly enlarged with a dropsical swelling. The nose
even grew very sore and discharged most profusely the
most loathsome substance. My whole system was in.
volved in disease, the lumps softened and discharged
freely, producing great debility ; ulcers now broke out
on tlie legs, and to complete my misery, the muscle
and sinews contracted so that I was rendered hclplcsi
I remained with little change in this condition until last
October, when I was suddenly seized with an indescri
bable sensation which rendered mo nearly unconscious,
and my friends supposed it was the will of kind Provi
dence to rid me ol my sulterings, but iroiu this 1 recov
ered onlyio suffer on ; the ulcors had become one con
tinuous sure enUrely rnw.
It was in this condition I commenced the use of your
invaluable Sarsnparilla, which I was induced to use
from the many remarkable cures I saw published.
It came to meassorno guardian angel nnd lean scarce
ly tell whv. vet from the moment I heard it mentioned
I was impressed fully with the belief that this was to be
the Good Samaritan for me nnd truly it bus wrought
wonders in my case. After using it a few days mv
pains grew easier, the swelling of the body nnd the
limbs went down, the ulcers commenced healing, and I
rested well. Alter suflenng every thing but the nains
of death, how happy am I and how grateful do I feci to
be able to add another testimonial to the efficacy of
your priceless Snrsaparilla!
iviy ncnitn is restored, ana i nave waiKed lour miles
without inconvenience. I superintend my family af
fairs, nnd in fact feel almost like being in a now world.
I am induced to make this public acknowledgment
from a deep sense of duty to you as a means in tlie
hands of God of restoring a fellow mortal from a pre
mature eravo. Lamrunce is inndctiuato to exnreim mv
feelings. May the Lord be with you, and make his
face toshino uxin you, is the sincoro desire of your
much obliged and deeply indebted friend. To the af
flicted I would say. Do not despair j for however des
pcrnte your cai-o mny be, you surely have an antidote
nt hand viz: bands's f?BSArARiu.A. irust to no eth
er, however greut their pretensions.
Middlesex Co. so. Esskx, Conn. July 25, 184.1.
Personally nnnearcd the abova named Monlssn Sim.
mono, nnd mm In oath to the facts contained In tho fure-
goint: statement before me.
Justice of lite Peace.
We the subscribers, being personally acquainted widi
Mrs. Monissa Simmons do not hesitate to say tlmt we
consider the nliovo statement ol tier case substnnually
11UC U1IU UllllUlU MJ ,71lltuvil.'l. V
Rf.i'bf.n Post, Deacon Bnp't. C
. I. Him. IIavokn, Merchant.
C. Grkkkm'.ap, Ser. Dentist.
A. V. VVhitti-kmokk, P. M.
ly tpcr.ial appmnlmtni of tlie prrniricton,for Cadiiand
ggu jij,li"J . ;j .iii; wing J4.JV 1
Colds, Coughs, Spitting or BIoo4i
Bronchitis, Difficulty of Breath
ing, Asthma, Pain In the Side
Breast and Chest, Whooping
Cough, Croup, and all Dis
eases of the Liver and
TsEWARE of Consumiition. We behold many wl
3 unfortunately are tho object ol disease; home down
by its pain and distress without a medicine to strengiii'
en and soothe the enfeebled frame, or relieve the poi
soned mind. Kind Providence lias caused Nature to
produce a llenlliiir Bahii for all living Creatures, par
tieularly the afflicted. He then, whose labors have
been so successful to discover the Medicinal Agent for
dio removal and cure of a disease which seems tor ages
to have defied the powers of the healing art, should be
regarded hi the light of n public benefactor.
Tho proprietor of Dr. Duncan's EXPECTORANT
REMEDY claims this, substantiated by thousands
who are living monuments restored from a bed of sick
ness to the enjoyment of their dearest friends and again
rendered ornaments of society.
Those who suffer with the premonitory symptoms of
CONSUMPTION, should not neglect themselves from
time to time, until the disease becomes seated, and
rendered beyond the control of medicine, but immedi
ately procure Dr. Duncan's Expectorant Remedy, a
medicine that is certain to remove nil the first evil
seeds of Consumption, when used indue season. A
fresh supply just received at the store of
Cadiz, Nov. 1G, 1843, W. B. BEBEE.
WILL continue to practice in Harrison and tne
adjoining Counties. -
ft-Office opposite tne puuuc oiiice.
August, 18th, 1842.
And Solicitors in Chancery.
ALL professional business entrusted to their care in
counties of Harrison, Jefferson, Belmont, Monroe,
Guernsey, Tuscarawns, Coshocton, Holmes, Carroll,
Slnrlr mid Wnvnp. will hn fniihfullr attended to.
Office on Strvbenmlle Slrr.tl,apponU we pwmc ouuumS:
J. 1. CUMMliN!, Aew niuaaeqmxa,
Cadiz, June 15, 1843. tf.
Attorneys at Late 4 Solicitors f ?
in Chancery,
WILL practice law in the courts of Harrison eoun
ty Business intrusted to them will receive
their united attention. Office opposite James McNutt's
Cadiz, Feb. 2d, 1843.
Office in Public Buildings, next door east of tlie Treas
urer'1 s Office..
Dec. 21st, 1843.
Attorney and Counsellor at Law,
and Solicitor in Chancery.
OFFICE, next door west of Thomas Hogg's store,
corner room, up Btairs.
Cadiz, May 18th, 1813.
!VT 'riM B'liaililKS- IlfiVfi A W. IlIOKBIsOJI, Attorney and Counsellor
lV -SL 111 a. maMa;i vi
milE Subscriber informs his old customers and the
I nublic cenernllv that, at his old shop in Cadiz.
thev can purchase lower than has ever been offered
west of the Ohio, any article in his line.
lie keeps constantly on hand,
TIN WARE every variety.
SHEET-IRON WARE to suit purchasers.
Cash or Produce received in exchange.
Cadiz, August 31st, 1843.
at Law, and Solicitor in Chancery. Ollice,-
little west of the Office of the Crisis, in the house former
ly occupied by G. W. Chapman, Esq.
tarrollton, npr its sitarg
ATTORNEY and Counsellor at Law, Millorsburg,
Holmes conntv. Ohio, will attend faithfully to all
business entrusted to his care, in the counties of Holmes,
yv ayne, hnox, Coshocton and Tuscarawas.
Collections in any part ot the state promptly attend
ed to. Refer to
J. B. Bratton, Esq., Harriehurg, Pa.
James M. Brewster, Esq., Railway, N. J.
James Coddington, Canal street, N. Y. -E.
A. Bradley, Eagle st. Buffalo.
Philo Scoville, Cleveland, O.
N. M. Standard. do.
Editor of Sentinel, Cadiz, O.
ap 25 3m
Milliner & Mantua Making Business.
np 18 120, wood street, Pittsburgh.
"T IS. RliEY & Co., Commission and Forwar
1VI dine Merchants, Wholesale Grocers and deal
ers in Produce, 3!) Water street, Pitts'gh. np4
rTAKES this method of informing the Indies of New
I Athens and vicinity, thnt she has taken a room
in the house occupiod by Mrs. Grimes, on Maine street
in the town of
where she will cany on the above business in all its va
rious branches. Having taken instructions from one
long and amply experienced in the business, she trusts
she will be able to render general satisfaction. She is
determined to spare no pains in sedulously striving to
please, both as to insluon, immunity and neatness ol
workniaiiBlup, all who mny tavor her with their patron
age, a liberal share of which she hopes to merit and re
March 14,1844.
AL. FRAZER, Bookseller, Stationer, Agent
for Periodicals and Book Binder, Market street,
Steubenville. ap 4
rnniiE first and last call? nil those
I indebted to mo in nnv yvav are rcotiestcd to come
forward immediately and settle the same ns no longer
indulgence will or can be given. Those who neglect thiB
call may depend on the consequences.
Feb. 8th, 1844. ,
ANTED, 10,01)0 lbs. Roll Butter,
bun " reamers,
1000 bush . d ry Apples,
1000 " Peaches,
500 " Flaxseed,
1000 " Corn,
1000 Oats,
500 " Rye,
For which the highest market price will be paid on
delivery at the store ot
Feb. 15th, 1814. MAflOOD &. GRIMES.
TRAVELS in the Californins, and Scenes in the Pa
cific Ocean, by Thomas J. Fnrnhnn, author of tra
vels in Oregon, &,c, just received by A. L.TRAZER,'
Steubenville. ap4
MISS LESLIE'S French Cookery, comprising two
hundred recipes for domestic cookery, at
ap 4 A. Lt. r BAZEit's, fctcubenva
1 .ECLECTIC SCHOOL BOOKS. I he entire series
i can now be had at the publisher's prices, at the
cheap book store of A. L. FRAZER, Stcubv'e. ap 4
SANDER'S SERIES. The reader and speller of this
excellent series of school books can be hud at
np 4 I UAill.ll'0, Eueuu-e.
WEBSTER'S Elementary Speller, an elegant edi
tion just received at i razor's cheap book store,
Steubenville. nl'
BOLTING CLOTHS. A new and extensive as
sortment of German and English Bolting cloths,
No. 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, just received and for sale at East
ern prices by MAHOOD & GRIMES.
July ati, IB 4 J. ;
FC RNITURE prints, Berlin, Buck and Cotton gloves
Fancy Cap Ribbon, Irish Linen, inserting, Quil
ling, Edging, Lisle thread and Cotton Lace, Cambric
muslin, Jackonats &c. &c.
Nov. 2d ,1843.
SHOES! SHOES!! A splendid assortment of ladies
Shoes aud gaitersjust received and for sale
March ill, 1814. maiiwij or,
HATS a large assortment of Gentlemen's fur hats
from $3,00 to 4,00 for sale by
March 21, 1844. juahuujj ol uimvicrc. .
T iUnlioori X T. D. Grimes have coinmen-
I . ced the Mercantile business in the stand lately
:.wl l,.r X, W., .!...-,. tl.i.tr littMl.. thf.tr
ui.lll.li;u ujf up , ...w ........ !:.,, ;.,,! ..,! 1
iendsand the nublic generally, to call and examine an miiunui win-j """" J""1 " V:. . . ,T
their stock before purchasing elsewhere, as they are do- at the cheap Btore of
tonuiucd to sell as low as any establishment in tne
r euruary , ie-w.
No. 133 Wood street, Pittsburgh.
"r EGOLF is now opening an entire fresh stock ot
JLf X Foreign anil Uomcshc JJry uoous, in tne oiore
REAVARD. This reward has been
offered and is now renewed to nn in
definite length of time, to any one, professional or pri
vate, who will snow to tne sausiiicuon oi iweive ruspeu
tnble citizens, that Dr. Duncan's Expectorant Remedy
has ever foiled to do what the proprietor claimed it
would dor .
The chore medicine is recommended for Consump
tion, colds, coughs, spitting of blood, difficulty of breath
ing, pain in the side,breast nnd chest, whooping cough,
and all diseases of tho Liver and Lungs as being tliobest
remedy extant, entirely free from opium or its spiritual
nrcnurntions. which is the mnin ingrcdionts in the nu
merous quack nostrums, pnhned'upon the community by
unprincipled persons, regaruiess oi tne great injury nicy
should know such mixtures always produce. Dr. Dun
can's Expectorant Remedy is entirely tree ol opium, and
all otlicr violent narcotics, anu mny db useu wuu per
fect safety by all, under any circumstances.
For sale at the store of W. B. BEEBE.
Cadiz Nov. lGth, 1843. .
room recently occupied ny u. riizsimiuons, ii
itni. floor n hovn H. Childs &. Co's warehouse.
Theso goods have been purchased in the oast for
cash, anil will bo sold at a sman uuvanco on cuoiem
prices, for either cash or upproved paper.
Mnrchnnrs visitinir our city will find it to their advnn
tace to call and examine the stock before making their
. nr .
purchases. p xouan
many medicines set forth to cure Consumption or 4i
eases of the Lungs, DR. DUNCAN'S EXPECTORANT
REMEDY, stands foremost. Public confidence bns
given it a preference above all others for the wonderful
cures it daily performs. In all diseases of tho Icings,
Chest, nnd Liver, there is no medicine among the hun
dreds beloro tho public, that will remove mucous from
thnair cells, and cnnmilalcd masses of matter which
lino the trachea and impedes the jierspiration but Dr.
Duncan's Exnectornnt Remedy. This medicine
strengthens and imparts vigor to ull the organs through
out the Lungs, and enables them to throw out all the
,i,.n,oiUr. wl.;..!. lii.il imne.le.l their free operations
and subjected them to disease. Colds, .Coughs, Asth
ma, Bronchitis, difficultyof brenthing.snitting of Blood,
Hectic Fever, Night sweats nnd ull other approaching
symptoms of Consumption, uso Dr. Duncan's Expecto
rant Remedy in time, and you will be certain to have
nil those evil seeds driven from your system, and your
life saved. '
Principal offica No. 13 North Eight street, riuludel
For sale at tho Store of ; yV. B. Bt-CliE.
Cadiz, Nov, ICth, 1843. .:
4 snlendid assortment of ransols, sun shades, dum-
f ty collars, rosets. Artificial Flowers, gimps and
J. W. BEEBE & Co. npr 18.
NOS. 1 anil 2, of Harper's Illuminated and new Pic
torial Bible, Just received und for sale nt
Steubenville npr 11. FRAZER'S.
LBS. Solo Leather of a superior quality just
received and for sale low at the cheap store
J. W. BEEBE &, Co. apr. 25.
DOZ. Mens and Boys, Leghorn, Palm leaf and
Willow hats just received and lor sale unusually
Esq., and low ut the cheap store of J. W. BEEBEE & Co.
Antl Stage office ly
Carrollton.O npr 18. R. H. LEGGET.
-g r DOZ. Leghorn, Braid, Struw and Cyprus Bon
I U netts, iust received and lbrsalo at prices to suit
the times at the cheap store of J. W. BEEBE &. Co.
f PIECES muslin de lanes, bnlzarines Lace or
i Y3 eandines nnd Lawns of new styles, just received
and for sale low at the cheap store of '
apr 18 j. w liiMiic. a. iO.
BRANDE'S Encyclopedia cf Science, Literature and
Art j Ures' Dictionary of Arts, Manufactures and
Mines, for sale at tKAZ&U'CS
may 8 ; Steubenville.
4f PIECES summer stuffs of every style and quality
I I inat received nnd for sale as low as the lowest
at the cheap store of J. W. BEEBE 6c Co. apr 18.
ffff YDS. Brown and Bleached muslins just
OUvlvf received and for sale low at the cheap
store of J. W. BEEBE & Co. apr 25.
WEAVERS REEDS, A large assortment just re
ceived and for sale by
March 7, 1844. MAHOOD &GK1MJU5.
COFFEE, Java, Lnguira, Marucoibo, Rio and St.
Domingo, some kinds lOlbs, for one dollar, al
fresh Teas for sale at
August 10th, 1843.
j K pieces of English and American prints as low
as at any otner otore, at
Sept. 7th, 1843.
Stone Cutting,
riIIANKFUL for past favors, the subscriber takes
.JL this method of informing tho public that ho still
continues to carry on the above business in tne snop
lately occupied by Bcdwell Sc. Hucbener, Cadiz Ohio,
where all orders for -
. M ENTS, Ac,
will be promptly attended to, on the most reasonable
.... . ..rm;DT'P IlllI.Mll'MT.'l)
Cadiz, May llth,1843.
P. S. As I have made mv arrangements to leave Ca
diz, in tho Spring, nil those who want any thing in my
li no ol business will do well to cull soon.
Feb. 29, 1844. ; . E. T. II,
"CALICOES, Ginghams, Crape, Delanes, Shawls,
J Hdkffs, Sen. MAHOOD &, GRIMES,
Cadiz, Wov. 2d. 1843. -
SPANISH SOLE LEATHER, 1000 pounds Hemlock
and Oak tanned Spanish leather, for sale low by ;
nilo- 1(1 IRl.-l ' A II Met AUVaSS.
SILK Fringes, Thread laces. Gimps, Edgings and
Insertions, a treat variety of colors and prices, for
sale cheap by
August 1U, 1043. o. ot, n. muraiujjii.
GROCERIES, a fresh assortment just received and
for sale low,
March 7, 1844. JtfAHOOD Sc. GRIMES.
p f pounds of Feathers of a good quality want-
j j ea unu me iiigiiiim imco imm.
sept. 7, 1843.

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