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" Our flag is there '. our flag is there !
We'll hail it with three loud huzzas!
Our flag ii there ! our flag is there !
Behold its glorious stripes and sturs!"
Joseph II. Laiiwiix, of Wayne,
DowTif Utter, of Clermont.
Clayton Webb, of Hamilton,
James M. Dobsey, of Darke,
R. D. Foksman, of Green,
Judge John Taylor, of Champaign,
David Higoins, of Lucas,
Gilbert Beach, of W ood,
Joun D. White, of Brown,
Thomas Meorady, of Ross,
Valentine Keffer, of Pickaway,
James Parker, of lacking,
Crenvii.le P. Cherry, of Marion,
George Corwine, of Scioto,
Caution C. Covey, of Morgan,
Isaac M. Lanning, of Guernsey,
AY alter Jamison, of Harrison,
Sebastian Brainard, of Tuscarawas,
James Forbes, senior, of Carroll,
Neal M'Coy, of Wayne,
Milo Stone, of Summit,
Benjamin Adams, of Lake,
Stehien N. Sargent, of Medina.
1st District
3d "
4th "
5th "
th "
7th "
9 th "
. 10th
11th "
12th "
17th "
18th "
DA YIP TOP, of Trumbull.
MUST IBS-: II MW 12 1 J1 ED.
the cadiz Sentinel.
Blow the trumpet, beat the drum
The cry is still they come ! they come !
' Strike my name from the Nottingham I.is."
Levi Mallernee.
Yes, that's the word now, Levi; but it comes
from the other side of the house. Our whig
friends in town have dared us to publish recanta
tions at homo. They say those abroad, with
which-we have occupied several columns of our
paper each week, are all gammon! Now, we
are disposed to accommodate them, deal souls;
and shall give them more in duo time.
We last week published the resolutions offered
in the Democratic Club, at liloomficld, by Mr.
Joseph Gkimshaw. We now take great plea
sure in laying before our numerous roadcts, his
reasons at length, for leaving the federal whig
party. If the coons would like to hear the sub
ject o " Native Americanism" discussed, they
can be accommodated by extending an invitation
to Mr. Grimshaw, to meet them here or else
where. He will provo to the satisfaction of eve
ry unprejudiced mind, that Federalism and Na
tive Americanism are one and the same.
Mr. Grimshaw alludes to the fraud that the
whigs attempted to perpetrate, in publishing the
result of the New York chartor election. There
were three candidates run: Coddington, (dem.,)
Franklin, (whig,) and Harper, (Native Ameri
can.) Tho whigs, it will bo remembered, aban
doned their own candidate, united with the Na
tives, and elected Harper by a small majority.
Horace Greely, the Magnus Apollo of the whig
party, and editor of a rampant coon sheet, called
the New York Tribune, immediately published
a little book, filled with election returns, called
the " Politicians Register," neatly done up in
"yaller kivers." To deceive our adopted citi
zens, Greely has put Coddington down as a
whig, and Franklin as a democrat, so as to hold
out tho idea that the democratic party in the city
of New York, had identified themselves with
the Native Americans! Could rascality and
meanness go farther than this?
To the Editor of the Cadiz Sentinel:
I have been in this country about eleven years,
and at the earliost possible period became an
adopted citizen; since which time, I have acted
with and voted for, the whig party, for tho rea
son that I believed that they were most opposed
to tho British Government and in favor of Re
publican measures. But the scales have fallen
from my eyes," and I am undeceived. Tho re
sult of the New York tlection shows conclusive
ly that a largo majority of the whigs go in for the
most anti-republican measures which could be
devised. Tho "Native Amorican" party (as
thev call themselves, but who nra unwnrihv r
the name) are trying to revive tho alien laws of
uiu ciuor Auams; aim wnai is sun more bare la
ced, they are now trying through the "Politi
cian's Rkoisteh" to make it appear that Cod
dington, the democratic candidate for Mayor in
the city of New York, was the whig candidate!
And on tho seventh of this month, Mr. Archer,
a whig Senator from Virginia, on presenting me
morials of the "Native American." party for a
change in tho naturalization laws, so as to alter!
the term to twenty-one vears, said: "the iratjer
of the petitioners ought speedily to be granted,
if if no one else would more in the matter he
would." When, therefore, I see prominent and
leading wings, striking at the very foundation of
republican principles, and tho acts of the Native j
American party, cither upheld or not condemned
by their leading repers and when I see, on the
other hand,their universal condemnation by the
democratic party; and when I saw the unamm-
ty with which the resolutions I oflered to the
Wayne township Democratic Club were adopted,
and ordered to be published in your paper, 1
could no longer give to the whig party my sup
port; for the support of such principles shows
the foundation to be rotten, and therefore, the
superstructure cannot bo good. I believe there
are many honest men amongst the whigs who
detest these principles, and I hope they will see
as I have done, and come out fearlessly for
Polk and Dallas, and " equal rights to all men of
whatever state or persuasion."
Bloomfield, O., June 24th, 1814.
The Meeting at Annapolis.
The Fire Burns Brightly, and is Spread'
Tho Democracy of Annapolis and vicinity had
a large and glorious meeting on Saturday last.
The day being warm, and delightful weather for
farmers, hundreds who had intended to be pres
ent were compelled reluctantly to stay at home,
and put up their hay and plough their corn
However, there could not have been less than
three hundred in attendance. Our veteran Sen
ator, Judge Tappan, the man who has been so
bitterly abused by the federal party for publish
ing to tho world the obnoxious Texas treaty of;
Captain Tyler, was present, and although too un
well to address his fellow-citizens, yet he moved
among them, shaking their honest hands, and
encouraged them to press forward manfully in
the good cause. The old Judge looks well, and
promises to enter the canvass, like a good sol
dier, and do battle for Polk and Dallas. IIo en
tertains not a doubt of the success of the demo
cratic party this fall. Tho news received at
Washington before he left was calculated to fill
evciy Democrat's bosom with joy. But one feel
ing appeared to prevail among our parly through
out tho length and breadth of the land " our
principles union and victory.'1'' Col. M'Cais
un, the Representative from the Sicubenville
District in Congress, was also there, and gave
the people " an account of his stewardship."
His speech was listened to with the most intense
interest. M'Cook and Purr and, two of the best
young stumpers "in these digging," entertained
the meeting very agreeably, and were repeatedly
encored. Dr. i.J. Cornell, a very eminent
and skilful physician and surgeon, who has re
cently located himself at Annapolis, made a short
and spirited address, which wns well received.
Altogether, it was one of the best meetings of
the canvass. The Democracy ot Salem and
German are " chuck full of fight." We will have
the bc3t turnout and altogether the largest vote in
these two townships this full, that we have ever
had. Mark that! There is nothing like divi
sion in our ranks in that quarter, as had been
boasted hero and in Steuhcnville by tho federal
coons. Tho Democrats are united to a man
they are cemented together like Spartan broth
ers. There are numerous changes, to be sure,
in those townships, but the fun of the joke is
they are all in our favor! We only heard of
one person who has marshalled himself under
the coon, and he didn't change at all! oh, no,
not him! He's now where ho used to was!
We are afraid he will play smash among the De
mocracy we arc ! But it can't be helped !
You couldn't kick the coons of Salem and
German into nny thing like life. Thoy are al
most as spiritless as the Cadiz coons, who ap
pear as if they eat opium! Tho leaders tried
hard to get up a meeting at Annapolis on Friday
week last, but it would bo cruel in the extreme
to tell the truth about it! Shall we do it?
Neighbor Allison of tho Republican, has been
scandalously h-o-a-x-e-d by some coonish wag.
Hear him:
"The whitrs of Salem Jefferson county, we learn
from the Cadiz delegation, had a spirited meeting at
that place on last Friday. A real 1840 1 rawer ' some
five or six hundred of the people were there, rind ihe
whole of the proceedings went off with the greatest en
thusiasm! In short, they had a real loul-stirrcr!"
Sec. tec.
Shades of Lemuel Gulliver and Baron Mun
chausen! " Some five or six hundred! " Good
gracious what a whapper! That out-IIerods
Herod ! John Ward, one of " the Cadiz delega
tion," told us the other day, that there were but
07" thirty-one whigs at tho Salem meeting all
told! And we were informed at Salem that
there were some forty, counting boys and locos.
" A real 1810rouscr" "arealsoul-stirrcr"!!!
What amount of India rubber is necessary to
make a conscience for a whig editor! "That's
tho question.".
N. B. Neighbor Allison, our friend, John
Gt uber, Esq., in about half an hour, got us near
ly as many subscribers to the Sentinel, as there
weie persons in attendance at your "real soul
stirrer." Think of that, master Brook.
The Enthusiasm or our Party.
Tho New York Plebeansays: "Never in the
history of our party conflicts have we received
such evidences of enthusiasm throughout the en
tire Union, as exist nt this moment. From all
parts of tho Union from Maine to Georgia, and
from the Atlantic to the Mississippi we receive
letters duily, proving that James K. Polk nnd
George M. I)alla3 will reccivo tho electoral vote
of 20 at least out of 20 States. We tell our rcadeis
that Henry Clay cannot by any possibility receive
more than sixty of the electoral votes. The c-
lectjon is already decided victory is ours. But
do not lot us be satisfied with a mere victory;
it is our wish to annihilate Federalism for the
next quarter of a century.
Alive and Kicking. Out friend Morrison's
" Crisis " at Carroll ton, we are pleased to see, is
once more on its legs. Now tho way it Polks
up tho coons is a caution !
The Democracy of the city of New York, had
another immense meeting in Castle Garden, a
few days since, at which twenty thousand voices
again responded to the nominat ion of Polk and
Dallas. The Hon. B. F. Bltlf.b presided, and
addressed the true-hearted Democracy of the
greatest democratic city in the world. The
Plebeian says, it seemed as if New York was
about to pour forth its full stream of population.
Men, grey-headed in tho cause, the vigilant and
the young, and even beauty peeped forth from
its bower, to grace nnd dignify tho assemblage.
It seemed to be a repetition of that inflexible
determination, and deep enthusiasm, which sup
ported Jackson through two Presidential terms,
and which will now place James K. Polk in the
highest office the people can bestow upon him.
' There's no such word as fail." The Sampson
of Democracy, no longer wiled by the Delilah of
Division, bursts asunder the green withs of the
Philistines,' and November next will be hailed
throughout the Union, as the day when triumph
will bo accomplished in the election of Polk and
Many distinguished members of Congress
were present, and addressed the multitude. Hon
Silas WnionT took the stand amidst the most
vociferous cheering which probably ever rent the
air. We cannot find room for all of his speech,
as reported in the Plebeian, but make room
for the following extract. Afier stating his rea
sons for declining a nomination for Vice Pres
ident, he proceeded to remark upon the qualifi
cations of Messrs. Polk and Dallas:
" And now let mo speak for a few moments of!
my personal acquaintance with Mr. Polk. It
commenced in the year 1827. We were then
about entering the fearful contest which resulted
in the fust election of Andrew Jackson. Here
one wild thunder-bust of applause arose; and
might have been heard far and wide. I
found him in the House of Representatives, a
scat in which House 1 was then honored with.
He was a young member and also young in
years. He was the personal friend of Jackson,
and showing by the firmness of his actions and
by the soundness of his views that he well de
scried the confidence of that venerable man.
Loud cheers. Ana by his course, his ability
and influence, he not only materially contributed
to the second election of Jackson, but also to
that of Van B urcn in 183(5, and I am proud to
say that in the recent Convention when Mr.
Van Bureii's name ceased to be used, no other
name was in use, no othername could bo in use,
more acceptable to my own private feelings, and
1 believe also to the Democracy of the Union
(Great cheering.)
"Believe ine, then, that no disappointment could
lie tolt on my part, and I am glad to see that you
do not feel a disappointment either, or any thiiin
calculated to cool your ardor, or damp your
Hopes, m expectation ot tho coming contest.
"Of Mr. Dallas, I have a few, a very few
words to say. Our acquaintance commenced
when I first took my seat in the Senate, of which
ho was then a member. There were then a few
subjects upon which we honestly differed, but
since then I have known him to occupy a hinli
rank in our sislor State of Pennsylvania among
the Democracy. I know him to be a man of de
cided and strong talent a statesman in char
acter as well as talent, and say to myself, what
ever differences may have existed between us,
he shall reccivo at my hands a hearty and cordial
support. (Loud cheers.)
"When I left you, fellow-citizens, in Novem
ber last, we had a strong and triumphant majori
ty. Has any thing occurred tocluuige it? Have
any ot our old attachments altered? How then
is it that this cloud has como over us, and that
until lately wo havo been believed by our ene
mies to be a disappointed and defeated party.
Why, we had not arrayed ourselves for battle.
We had not marshalled our hosts. We had not
chosen our captains.
" Our vigilant and talented foe, depended up
on a division created by ourpcisonal preferences
prelerenccs which wo had buried amid the
ashes of the council fire at the convention, but it
is not so easy for us to forget principles for men ;
to throw ourselves at tho foot of the enemy, and
if they count upon our divisions, I believe that
they count without their host. (Loud cheers.)
They will find that in November next the Demo
cracy ot tho States, with Polk and Dallas, the
Constitution and tho Union will be honestly tri
umphant." Vrccept and Practice.
Henry Clay pretends to have a profound re
gard for the wishes of the people. Yea, he eveu
says that he believes in the democratic doctrine
that a representative is bound to obey the will of
his constituents. But Mr. Henry Clay professes
one thing and practises another. For proof of
this, we would beg leave to call the reader's at
tention to an article from the pen of Amos Ken
dall, on tho opposite page, giving a withering ex
position of the course of the " Mill Boy," in bo-
traying his constituents in 1821, and defrauding
tho American people, by placing a man in the
Presidential chair, who was justly obnoxious to
tho Democracy of the country ; and, also, expo
sing his course while Senator in 1S42, in diso
beying the instructions of the Kentucky Legisla
ture, to vote for a repeal of the iniquitous Bank
rupt Law, which was passed for the benefit of
broken down speculators and exploded federal
politicians. Well did Daniel Webster say, "Mr.
Clay has too many heresies about him ever to
receive my support," and so will the American
people say this fall, in a voice so emphatic, as to
cause the Slasher to shake as if ho had tho amie!
A pretty Democrat, indeed! The argument
used by Mr. Clay, when voting against the re
peal of tho Bankrupt law, would be charming
doctrino in the mouth of a monarch! It amounts
to this " Tho people are not sovorcign, and
have no right to be heard, my will shall bo law
and who has a right to question my motives?
I am Ca;sar, and who cares for tho welfaro of
Rome?" But tho people, whom this imperial
lord would rido over rough shod, will let him
know to his sorrow that the days of his Dictator
ship are well nigh at a close.
03 Gov Shannon left homo a few days since
for Mexico. Tho President has ordered a ves
sel to bo in readiness at New Orleans on tho 4th
of July, to convey him to Mexico. May happi
ness attend him,
one ron the rornrii or jilt.
Hark the swelling anthem stealing!
Listen to the cannon's roar!
Now the glorious note are pealing.
Through the land once wet with gore!
Heaven smiles o'er ua
Let the chorus
Loudly ring from shore to shore! '
Our fathers bled in many a batt le,
Just and righteous was their cause,
And when they heard the drum's shrill rattle
" Equal rights ami equal laws"
Was their motto !
From hill, from grotto,
T'p went the long nnd loud huzzas!
Soon the British fled before them!
Then they proclnim'u Columbia free !
Smiling angels hover'd o'er them
True Spartans at Thermopylae! .
Father, brother,
Sister, mother,
Joiu'd in Fbeedom's Jubilee!
We're now a blcss'd and favored nation,
Wealth and comfort fill our store,
The highest and the proudest station,
May be attained by the humblest poor;
And here the stranger,
Free from danger.
Finds a welcome to our shore. L. II.
It will be seen by a perusal of the foreign
news in to-day's paper, that Daniel O'Connell
and a number of his compatriots have been sen
tenced to imprisonment for twelve months, and
to pay large fines to Government. This is just
as we expected. But we believe this sentence
will be attended with much good to the cause of
Irish Repeal. It will have the effect of making
hundreds and thousands, nay, millions of new
friends to Ireland, who will deeply sympathize
with that oppressed and down-trodden people.
We religiously believe that the cause of Repeal,
is the cause of human liberty. Repeal of tho
legislative union existing between England and
Ireland is not sufficient. It will be but the com
mencement of the great work. Let the friends
of Democracy in Great Britain persevere, until
established churches, crowned heads, and titled
nobility are no longer known. This is a con
summation most devoutly to be wished. There
is a volcano about bursting forth all over Europe,
which will make kings, tyrants and despots trem ble
on their thrones. God never made one man
to put his foot on the neck of his fellow, and
crush him in the dust like powder.
Improvement. Our friend Glessner of the
Mansfield Shield &. Banner brings out his excel
lent paper in an entire new dress. We thought
the Sentinel was a little the neatest sheet in
Ohio, but John, we guess we'll have to knock
under. By the way, old croncy, answer us a
few questions: What is old Mordecai Biirtley
doing now? Has he made any speeches lately?
Is he a farmer or lawyer? Has he got any of his
old Coffin Hand-Bills yet? What majority will
Polk, Dallas and Tod receive in old Richland?
Is it true, that thcro are not coons enough out
there to make mile stones? And, lastly, how are
Madame and tho little Glessners?
New Hampshire. Tho New Hampshire Leg
islature met at Concord on Wednesday. Timo
thy Hoskins of No. 8, was chosen President of
the Senate, and Harry Ilibbard of Bath, Speaker
of the House of Representatives. Tho latter
was chosen by 157 votes, in opposition to Mr.
Chamberlin of Kecne, the whig candidate, who
had 07. Albert G. Allen of Concord, was cho
sen Clerk of ihe House.
OCT" Matthew L. Davis, the eulogizcr and bo
som friend of Henry Clay, equal in influence
with the whig party to that gentleman, once said
of the naturalized citizen:
" Had I the tower, I would have a. gallows
erected on every docle, and HANG every d d
IRISHMAN that attempted lo land!
To Farmers.
We call the attontion of our agricultural rea
ders, to an article on the 4th page of to-day's pa
per, taken from the Baltimore American, in re
lation to the wheat Hv. It should be read by
OCT" Hamilton Coi-nty.--The Ohio Patriot
publishes a letter from Cincinnati, in which the
writer says, that old Hamilton will give Polk
and Dallas 2,000 of a majority! 'Good as old
wheat," ejaculated Captain Peabody! What in
the world has become of that old coon?
Mkxico. It is said that the Mexican Govern
ment will resist any attempt mado to connect
Texas and the United States, in any way. No
pecuniary or any other offer will induce her to
give up her claim to Texas. It also directs the
movement of tho Minister in case of hostilities
between Mexico and the United Slates should
take place.
The C'isidcl of H'higgcry Trembles.
The Kentucky Reporter, a warm Clay paper
says :
"As faithful sentinels we arc bound to proclaim
that ALL IS NOT WELL that our party in
Kentucky is lukewarm and inactive that it is
in a torpid stupor, from which it must arouso at
onco, or Sampson like, be shorn of its locks of
strength by the Delilah of Locofocoiam."
Post says "Propositions have been made by dis
tinguished authorities among tho whigs to the
Nativist party, to the effect that the whigs will
support the Native ticket for the Assembly and
Senate of the State, if tho Nativists will conclude
to support tho whig presidential candidate. Thus
far, tho Natives have refused to accede to the ar
rangement." Latest from the Mormons. By iholast
accounts from Nauvoo we learn that Joe Smith
had issued a proclamation declaring martial law.
Tho greatest excitement prevailed in the neigh
borhood, and the whole upper country was under
arms. The streets of Warsaw Yvere patrolled by
armed nion, sanguinary results were anticipated!
Getting Crowded. Those who wish to get
places in th democratic ranks should apply ear
ly. We're getting crowded ahe ady.
We have just learned, after our psper was part
ly worked off, that the Federal Senatorial Coon
rention at Bloomfield, nominated John Hasting,
Esq., of Moorfield, to be offered up as a sacrific
on the altar of defeat. He's a doomed mar. !
Clay, Bartley and Hasting,
Arc all sure of a basting !
05" Verily the ways ofwhiggory are past find
ing out! Claiming to be the advocates of a
Nations! Bank, they oppose the election of Geo.
M. Dallas, who they say is in favor of, such nn
institution! " First upon the heel tap, and ihen
upon the toe." George M. Dallas in favor of a
National Bank !B-a-h!
Gov. Dour Sentenced. The Supreme Court
sitting at Newport, Rhode Island, has sentenced
Gov. Dorr to the State prison for life! A mar
tyr to liberal republican principles, and the sa
cred rights of universal suffrage, tho freemen of
this nation will not remain quiet, until the A!ge
rine State opens wide the prison door and sets
the patriot free.
Dr. Duncan addressed the Democracy of
Wheeling, a few days since, on his way home
from Congress. The Argus says Old Virginia
is safe for Polk and Dallas, by at least eight or
ten thousand majority; and in old federal Wheel
ing the Democrats intend to poll one hundred
and fifty votes more than was ever given before.
OCT" Brilliantly burns the democratic fire! It
is soul-cheering to see the unanimity and good
feeling that pervades every where in our party.
Nothing can stop the rising current of enthusi
asm! It leaps and roars and swells on for aye.
like the thunderings of Niagara's fall!
Annexation. Captain John Tyler and Miss
Gardner, (daughter of the late Col. Gardner, who
was killed on board of tho Princeton,) were mar
ried in New York, on last Wednesday. Well
done Capting!
(t?7 There was a spirited mass meeting of
Germans at MassilIon,on the 22(1 instant. The
Germans are Democrats almost to a man, and
will go for Polk, Dallas and Tod with great
Gracious, how they crowd! Gen. Samuel
Fessenden, of Maine, one of the most influential
whigs in that State, says iu a lotter to the Rev.
Mr. Moulton, " I shall to the utmost of my poor
ability, oppose the election of Henry Clay to the
office of President of the United States."
"The people of America can never again incur
the risk of a National Bank." -Geo. M. Dallas.
Mr. IlAitrr.ii Please aunour.ee the name of John
Cruder, Esq., in the Sentinel, as a candidate for Sena
tor, in this district, and oblige many voters of
Married On Thursday last, by the Rev. Alex.
Wilson, Joun A. Binuha.m, Esq., Attorney at law, of
New Philadelphia, to Miss Amanda Cingiiam, daugh
ter of Judge Bingham of Cadiz.
Died On Friday last, after a short illness, Mr. John
PnrrcHAttD, an old and much esteemed citizen of Cadiz,
in the 70th year of his age.
LIST OF LETTERS remaining in the Post Office
at Cadiz, O., on the 1st of July, 18-11:
A Houser Susanna Mrs 2
Allen Reuben Harris Harmon
Andrns Seth M Ileavlin Adam
Auid Alexander Hilton Margaret June
Atkinson George Esq 2IIawley L J
Atkinson James J
Adams Matthew Johnson Geoige
B Jamcison Alexander
Borden Susan Jones Isaac
Branson Abraham Jurden Ann Miss
Bartow Phcbc or ElijahJamcs William Dr,
Burton Leo K
Bennett John Kelly Rebecca
Bake well Sarah Ann MrsKezor David
Bhaden Surnuel M
Case Erastus
Crawford Josiah
Cluts George
Cassell Elizabeth
Clark Amall
Conn P B
Carson Elijah
Craig Johnson
Caldwell R 11
Carothers John
Conaway Moses
Crabb ic Gray
Caskey John
Campbell John T 2
Campbell John
Chalfant Mary J Miss
Dugan Susan
Dewey Silas II
Dunlavy James
Divine Mary Miss
Dugan William
Divine Joseph
Edwards John
Fratcr John
Kent William
Lambing L E
Lyons & Moore 2
Lesh John
Lille Samuel
Lee Reuben
Lamastcr Iwac
M'Faddcn Samuel
Mahood Martha M'ss
Mutiu George 2
M'Cullough Kobeit
Murry Joseph
Mitchell Morrison
Meudenhall Alo.vmdci
Moran John
Maholm James
Mallet William N
Ospur Moses
Paxton Robert
Perry James
Pugh Jessee
Rutlcdge Ellen
Robinson C. F
Russell S A
Reed Robert
Given Eliza Jane Miss
Green Lemuel
Gray William P
Grove Frances
Green John
Greer Hannah Mrs
Galchell Hiram
Harrison Dr
Ilanna Levi
llickerman Elias
Ileavlin Samuel 2
Hargrave Joseph
Hamilton John
Hill John
Hoobler Jucob
Hoofinan John
I lines Isaac
Sharp John 2
Stubbins M
Stono Rachel Ann
Smith John
Scott John
Spccr William
Tediow Washington
Unpihait E J M;ss
Wells Thomas
Waifel Charles General
Woods Nathan
Watts Ann
Ynrwtll Georrrc
John beall; p
OCT A foend has shown us a number of a little din
gy coon sheet, published inn county west of this, where
wlugeryisan " obsolete idea," as Dnniel Webster.
I ho editor has joined in with a lot of other federal
blackguards, to throw his slime and filth at tho Beriti
nel. It the editor is the fellow who ured to snrnk about
l !' ty' " liko ,mnSer "1 a monument Midline at
beef," offenng to sell himself, like caltlo in the sluim
blcs, to either abolitionists, democrats or whigs, low
for cash, or nr.nmvil ni-.fln. n..i.n.. .
on loot enough to buy such fiesh, he must exciine us
from soiling our boots bykickimrhim into notice! The
milld IB In., a... nil t. .1 I A T. I ,1, I .
n v otnuii uuiu;iHiit.T ; s i.ucio i oov snid to
tliAi . . j j i .i.. i i
"""ji j " nnj, piiur "evil, ine wurio i? nine e
nough for thee and nm,
Democracy of Harrison
County, at Cadiz.
JULY 4th, 1844 1
Preesider.tof the Day.
Matiiew Kennedy", "y .
Joseph Holmes,
Daniel Milleu, . Vice Presidents.
Jamw Anderson,
T. McClintotk, Esa. .
Marshall of ihe day,
Walter Jamison, ")
George Ramsey,
Gideon Seymour,
Chas. Patterson,
Assistant Marshals
Committee to prepare. Toasts.
A. P. McNctt.
Reader of the Declaration:
Gettino ur before the World js Aired. Beau
BiumincI, once the "bright particular star" of English
fashion, being on one occasion asked the cause ofa
trilling hoarseness with which he was afflicted, attribu
ted it pnrtly to his harm;; got np " before the world was
aired," and partly to his having breakfasted in the room
with " a damp stranger." Iu such a climate, hoarse
ness or slight couirh rniy be very (rood subjects for a
joke, but in this country, where the thermometer some
times rises or lalis torty degrees m twenty-lour hours,
even these apparently unimportant symptoms are not
to be neglected with impunity. If theru is a predispo
sition in the constitution to pulmonary disease. Con
sumption will ttcad close upon the heels of the indica
tions. There is no difficulty, however, in escaping the
dauber, if the proper precaution is taken by a timely
use of ff istar't Balsam of Wild Cherry. One bottle
of this invaluable panacea usually relieves the worst
case of cold, and restores the sufferer to health. See
POSITIVE nnd convincing proofs can be furnished
to those who are vet sceptical as to the wondrous heal
ine properticsof till. D UjVCAJS EXPECTORANT
REMED Y tor CONSUMPTION, Colos, Coughs, astu
ma, Bronchitis, enittinarof blood, and all other diseases
of the Lungs, Chest, Liver and Windpipe!
1 hose who aro interested m procuring a suitable rem
edy, who do not wish to trille with disease, are request
ed to call on tho agent, and procure the -addresses of a
large number of citizens who will bear convincing tes
timony to the assertion that Duncan.' t Expectorant
Remedy U the best medicine for Colds, Coughs Con-sumi-t;on,
etc., that is now offered to the public.
Many deny that Consumption is curable, but it has
been demonstrated by the use of Duncan's Expectorant
Remedy that it can be cured, and numerous cases are
known, in which the patients were given up by their
physicians, and ihirir recovery pronounced impossible,
w ho have been restored to health by the use of this great
Kcmody. This can bo proven to the satisfaction of the
most incredulous. The conup and morbid humors that
fasten on the lungs and maku them diseased, are re
moved by expectoration.
At this se:ison of the year, no family should be with
out it; at the lit st appearance of cold a small quantity
will give immediate relief; thus the origin of a protrac
ted and dangerous disease is removed. Dr. Duncan's
Expectorant Kemcdy is entirely a vegetable composi
tion, and very pleasant to the taste. Principal office,
No. ID, North 8th street, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
New Oilic'o under the Elunriu House, 3d St., between
Main and Sycamore etx. For sale at the store of W.
B. BEEHE, Cadiz, Ohio. july 3.
OF every description made and repaired in the short
est possible notice, and in a neat and workman
like manner, and warranted to perform to the entire sat
isfaction of the owners, on a9 reasonable term3 as any
other establishment in this country. All kinds of cast
ings furnished on short notice. Also clover hullersmade
on the most improved plan. Please call at the shopou
Warner street, Cadiz Ohio. CHAS. PAT TERSON,
july :i3 m. SIMON BKICKER.
Sr E C 'V A C L E S.
KEEP constantly on hand a large assortment of
(told, Silver, Tortoise-shell, German Silver and
Steel SI'KCI'ACXES, Eye Glasses, linncn provers
Also, rehblon. Cataract Glass, convex, concave, pcr
iseopic, perifocal and colored glasses, to suit all ages.
Special attention paid to fitting new glasses to old
ri'MIE subscribers tire now receiving in addition to
f their former stock, a large and general assortment
of MILITARY GOODS, counting in part of Swords,
Sadies, Epauk'tts, Buttons. Laces, lords. Braids, Caps,
Plumes, Pompoms, &c. Volunteer companies supplied
with equipments, hanuers, tings, &e.
june -iii tf JOHN B. McFADDEN & Co.
J. nn order of the Court of Common Pleas to mo di
rected, 1 will offer for sale, at public auction, at the
door of the court house, in the town of Cadiz, Harrison
county, Ohio, on the 10th day of August next, the fol
lowing real estate, to wit: Part of the Northeast quar
ter of section (i, Tp. 9, It. 4, in the Steubenvillo Land
district, containing 4 Acres & Pi perches, and being
tho same tract of hind on which George Arthur lived
at the time of his death, on w hich,there is a woollen
factory and other valuable improvements. Terms will
a rti'kili. i itn n,i tlioilfiir nfcfkti.
june 2G-pl Administrator of Geo. Arthur decd.
Or. JilllliS IK11H.1 :
Ki-.!-M;LirLiii.i imorms ti:S old nicncis mat lie
has resumed the practice of Physio and Surgery,
at the town of
nnd he hojes by strict attention to business, and by
moderate charges, to merit and receive n full share of
public patronage-. His medicines aro fresh nnd genu
ine; june 19.
PERIODICALS. Age, No. 1. an improvement upon
Littclt's Mlumim I Miixl.Mil I.ihrnrtf Vn li . T ml tal
Magazine's for June; Pictorial Gallery, no. 4 excel
lent number; Blackwood for May, can be had of
iune 1'). A. I.. Fit A'.l.'.l?. li P. An .
7"I1IGS to the Rescue! Proceedingsof the great
whig National Convention: whitr son books
lor tMl; Ashland text Hock; Lileol C lay ; whig Alma
nae for 1814, at . . , .. .
jnne C. A. L. FRAZERH
A NATOM1CAL Atlas, illustrative of the stmcture
2. of the human body, by Drs. .Smith nnd Homer,
Nos, 1 nnd ;, received by -fRAZEIt,
may H 'Sienbenville.
I)EET110VEN Collection of Music a most excel
3 It'll t new collection of music, received nt
""y8 FRAZER'S, Stctillenviflo.
. S.MIl'SO.V V t'O,
Ko. 16 I.ilwrty Street,
Opposite the head of Smithtield street,
inne li. ' P. .,, i.
I I 1 ftf fl rrntnr Klinft Ilmtar in lKutv;..t
Archer tuwnxhin. llnrrinnn fnnnrr Ml;. :il it'
3, of
jt'd for sale, to the lowest Wilder, on the 29th of Jwne,
1 jnne 5th, INI I. -

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