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UAQRISOri FARMER. ju;w store ewcoods.
. " Those who labor iu the earth are the chosen people
of God, if ever he bad t chown people, whose beam he
tfti made hii peculiar deposite for substantial and gen
ome vutue." JrJStnun't iott on rxrguua.
t- r . -
a Preventive of the wheat fly.
Messrs. iditos3 some true s:nco in a com-
Comt Jarmirt Jar, come neighbortnijh,
Prap tell aai 'iee Hhat you can fay.
.. F.irooD
TS now rt. eiving nnd opening. (In the room uTnia'y
occumed bv J. StewarO direct from the Enstern
(Cities, a large and well selected assortment of Spline
jend Summer Goods, including a variety nt tuncy arti-!-!k11
nf wh; h un'll be sold at reduced prices. His
jnunication published ia the Baltimore pipers, 1 j stock consists in part of the following articles,
stated nrv views ou the destruction of wheat by ! Broad Cloths assorted co-) Beached & bro. muslins,
iho Hessian fly, anil offered a remedy f gainst, its j low ana puces,
As t; iPm will l,o rcmniLn!,! f. .1 1 -assimeres.
New Boot and Shoe Establishment.
John Rr.
David Eaton.
$ Holland,
Black muslin,
Irish Linen,
Linen handkerchief.
Lawns, Calicoes,
Furniture prints,
Silks and Latins,
Bonnet silk; supe'.or ar
v-i no e
the devastation committed by '.Lis insect, and asilpwce(j cloth,
the time is approaching for seeding for the next j Jeans, Summer e!o;h,
crop, I request a small space in your columns to i Linen drills, cotton dulls,
briny before our fam.eis .-.gain, the remedy then!1'?' Alpaccas,
proposed, fully believing that if followed much ; Aiou-iiiiileJal'ieB.
good will result from it. 1 Meriuoes, Leehum, brnid straw bonnets
On nWrvatinn it ha been found that the in- I B-aue de Lalnea, Gindiauj, Gloves, -Ants Ic Hosiery
sect producing the fly progresses with the growth I )amf l..1Th;!C auJ rel!
- , i i . . t J , D-UC Ulllllll.-,
UL U1C V UUlll , lUlU 11 111V H in- -i, IO tilll Jl. (JliU
the season is favorable to a luxuriant vegetation,
the fly will ho very perceptible in the autumn.
The progress of the insect, us is observed in a
lb mor communication, is fiom tho seed and up
wa ds, and as many ns sis or ten have been ob
servable on one stem between the root and sur-j
face of the earth, The question then arises, how
is ths insect generated, and what msacs should
be used to destroy L? It is e;ther generated in
the grain of wheat s'nrhr to the bug which in
fjtts the pea, or the inject ichrn in its winged
state depoiites nit egg or. the suifLcc of the grain
when in tl.e ear at d thus uh?n fie wheat is sown
and brg'us to vegetate iho egg vivifies a';;J the
destructive tc rm is formed.
For the following reasons I am stiongly in
clined to ll3 latter opinion. It is ktiowu that
this insect releases itself by butsting tho bljde
that covers it, when the head is funning, and es
surnes its winged state, and there is to my mind
no doubt that this depos-hes its egg on the wheat
when filling and coining (o perfection. If I hud
any doubts on this subject they would be remo
ved by the ftct that jviih the aid of a microscope
the egg is discern?. bio in the form of a glutii
noua matter. If this opinion be correct, the re
medy is simple, ami worthy a1 least of a fair trial.
Providence inflicts no evil upon mankind without
a's3 providing some remedy, und utile this is
ictanded as a special curso upon tnc husband-
;cu he
of every description
Silk Pocket Il'dlc'fs,
Black silk cravats.
Black sntin stocks,
Laces, Edintrs etc.
"I- ESPnCTFCLLY inform the public eenerallv, ttint
V they have purchased the Boot and s-hoe establish
iuent of Mr. John Philliiis, op))Osite the Jail Buildings,
mid immethatelv umter tl.e eenunei oiuce, wneie uiev
intend carrvm? on tne aDove uusmess tu an us thhoiis
brunches. "Thev are determined thnt, for neatness awl
durabilitv, their woik shall not be surpassed by that of
any other establishment in the place, lney solicit a
share of public patronage. aprl8
Anion ( heck.
Cambric Muslins,
l'n.b:el!as, Parasols, etc
And in fact almost every article that can Ve
in any Pry Good store west of the mountains.
Feisons wishin? to purchase a pieat many -nods for
a small amount of cash, are requested to call at the store
of J. V. Vt'ood, vhe-o he will c-vor be fouau reauy and
willing to accommodate all who may see ptopjr to layor
him with n call.
fjrAU kinds of country produce tal;en nt the Inch
est market piice iu exchange for Goods and sroceiics.
may 2!.
A ircat Uxciteimnt!
XJ ESPECTFULLY informs his friends and custom
I era thnt he has removed his Tniloiinc; Establish
ment to the room formerly cccupied by Mis Bowles, as
a Pdillinei'sshop, and directly opposite Hogs; & 'l ip
ton's stoie.wheie he is prepaied to do woik on the shor
test notice, in the best stvle, and on the most reasona-
ele terms. npr io.
Latest Arrival New Style of Goods.
r"NHE Subscribers will offer to the
"SX Jl public a vat'oty of good ploughs
VfT n boin-; titled out with entire now and
tiTiPf-Ti, improved patterns, Cianes and a va
,;0;y 0f otl,0r kinds The improved
Hornet the halfnntent the new Corn plough all
with wrought shares, which thev will sell low lor cash
Cadiz, Feb, 2d, 18-13.
"T EPrECTFUI LY inform the cit izens of Cailiz, and
W Ticinitv, that they have removed to the frame
buildinr rec'entlv erected by L. P. Milligan, Esq., on
Market street, (and directly opposite Messrs. hilgore
Si. CVs Dry Goods Store,) where they are prepared to do
work in a style, which shah not be surpasssd ia any
other shop in the county.
Thankful for past favors, they respectfully solicit
continuance of public patronage.
N. B. They earnestly request an persons woo are in
debted to them for work done, more than six months
ago, to come forward and settle tlieir respective accounts
without tut tlier Uelav. "pr
rTtlTE Subscriber has inst received from the east a
I fresh sunnlv of Medicines, dyes, paints, oil, die
w hich he proposes selling on as accommodating terms
ns nnv establishment of the kind in this section of the
country.' Peisons wishing to purchase articles in his
line of business would do well to call ana examine ms
stock before purchasing elsewhere.
Cadiz, Nov. lGth, 184.1. .
&. W. HAMILTON havs a general
j . assortment ol gentlemen's uoots
Monroes, no"s anu Mippers, nna i.atues,
Lnce Biots, i-hoes. Call and hid felippers. As we man
nfacturcd them ourselves we warrant them to be good
Also, a ere'it variety of chiluien's shoes. W e still con
tinue business at the old stand of Thomas Phillips, Esq,
opposite the public buildings. np
Late Arrivals from England.
"T7"ILL continuo u practice in Harrison and ths
VV- adjoining Couniits.
fjrOihce opposite the public oflices.
. August, 16th, 1843.
S. & U. ?IcFAIlu.ii.V
RE inst icceivitis a erjlendid Stock of Sl'MJVG
JllVD SCM.V'ER WOODS, muchasod within
tne last 1 went v Jays ai the l .astern cities, at irom iu 10
15 per cent. tJwor'than those who mado their purchases
early, consequently they are ennabled to oliw Jo the
ptihiic later si vies unci cheaper goods. The public and
tlieir i'iiond? arc suiit ited to call and examine their stock
before purchasing elsewhere. way 8.
man there is and inusi be a remedy
must find out by actual experiment.
In the course of twenty years experience in
this matter, I have known but one experiment
made to destroy this fly, and thnt proved success
ful. An intelligent farmer in Loudoun county,
Va., having underslood that sonic of h;s neigh
bors with the aid of a microscope, had discover
ed a glutinous matter CU the silt face of the wheat ; .,,,,) allowance, were presented at and previous to the last
' which they believed to be tiie egg of Iho flv, do- Term of the Court of Common Picas ol'sald county, and
termined to try an experiment fi.'r Us destruction, j "to w -v'" U'C 8l'"lutt'i" such casc wade aud
and succeeded in that crop; but unfortunately it jtTum Johnson, Administrator of the estate of Adam
was not followed up, and whether it will be sn Cattcrul dc-e'd.
efTectual remedy in all seasons, remains vet to 'David Thompson. Guardian of Harrison Cos.
; ocorge
Ijogtm Hernial f,
MPORTEP.S and wholesale dealers in Ilardu-are,
Culleru. Saddle, if.. No. 12 Wood street, Pitts
burgh, rcspectfullj' announce to their customers and to
Western merchants generally, that they aie now receiv
ing a large and splendid assortment of
liAiWWAiW. CUTLERY, c-c.
nil of which has been purchased for cash by Mr. Ken
nedy, on his leccnt visit to the manufacturing towns of
Birmingham and f-heilreltl. England, mid which we will
cll at very reduced prices, nledtting ourselves to meet
any fair Eastern competition. Merchants in the habit
of visiting the Atlantic cities, arc particularly invited
to call. i ittsnurgn, reD.aa ap 1
"Ire litre yov're right, then go ahead?"1
AVE just leceived from the Eastern cities a large
and splendid assortment 01
which they will sell as chenp if not a little cheaper than
any other establishment in the place. Their stock con
sists of every vaiiety and desciiption of dry goods. Hard
ware, Groceries, Queenswaie, Glassware &c. also a gen
eral assortment of Pittsburgh Manufactured articles.
You that want to buy cheapgoodBjust cull at the cheap
store oppos.to tire tieasuiers oiuce. upi
AcUitiiMr:i.toa',s & t;5.:as,iiKs,'
Tint State of Ohio.)
Hanisoii County, )
Clcrk: Oifiee vVav23rf,. D. 1814.
"eVTOTKI is hereby elven that the accounts and
- v. . . " . ..1
voucliers oil tne Unlaw, m estates iur tcuit im ni
S. CANFIELD, bejs leave to announce to the
. public, that he has opened a new Vaiiety Store,
In tin. rniim formerly occnuied bv George Craig, one
door west of Thos. Hogg's old stand, where he intends
keeping constantly on hand a general assortment 01
Drv Gnmls. Oneenswaie. Glassware, Hard
ware. Groceries, Iron, Nails, Glass and Domestic Goods
ol every desciimion : which will be sold on the most ac
commodating teims, for Cash or approved country pro-
dtii-p. Nn n:iins w be snared to render entire satis
faction to all those who may think proper to call. Pleas
call and examine belore youpurciiase eisewnere.
Cadiz, Apiil 18, 1814
"MJE subscribers resiiectfully inform the public that
Slciearl, lliiug(in a' Bennett.
fTIIE undersigned announce to the public thnt they
I have purchased tne property lormeily occupied
by Wm. Itennett and intend mercnandizing permanent
ly in Cadiz. J hecustomeisof the old house may rest
assured that no effort on our part shall be spared to ren
der entire satisfaction to all who may be disposed to
patronise us.
w e are now receiving m;w urooos, anu ere ueiernu
ned to sell on the most accommodating terms. Old
customers ore earnestly solicited to rail; and any quan
tity of new onet are anxiously sougiit lor.
api il 4. K. J. BENNETT.
P. S. more details hercalter.
S. M. & B.
HE unders'-rned respectfully informs the public.
that he h; j purchased tho
formerly owned by Levi Mallei nee. His stock is the
hnat the country can produce, together with a good as
sortment of VEHICLES for the conveyance of passen
Persons will be conveyed to Fteubenville, or any of
the adjoining towns cheaper than they can be taken by
-Mage, no uiso tuns u iivil
T-i -i vr w "trr
m Pt. Chiiisvillfi. fWednesdavs and Saturdays.
His terms w ill be low, persons giving him a'call will
be attended to iu the best style. Stable opposite to the
Cadiz Hotel,
J. S. MA If 11'.
WM. N. MAFFIT, Agent.
Cadiz, Nov. ICth, 1843.
And Solicitors in Chancery.
A LL professional business entrusted to their care in
1 counties of Harrison, Jefferson, Belmont, Monroe,
Guernsey, Tuscarawas, Coshocton, Holmes, Carroll,
Staik and Wayne, will be faiihfully attended to.
ujjiee on aieuuenriiie Mreei,op)iosiie vicjnumc umuui:
J. D. CUMMINS, Aete Ptaladelphia,
Cadiz, Juno 15, lB43.tf.
i;. m. STAXT03f
S. G. l'CI'I'AItO
Attorneys at Late $ Solicitors
in Chancery,
WILL practice law in the courts of Harrison eoun
ty Business intrusted to them will receive
their united attention, uuice opposite J nines lUciMutvs
Hotel. "
Cadiz, Feb. 2d, 1843.
T. L. J E W'ETT,
Office in Public Building), next door east of tiie JVeoi
urefs Office..
Dec. 21st, 1S43.
be tested. J he plan wh.clt no lollovvcu, ami
which it is tho object of this coinrnar.ication to
recommend to the notice of tire farmers, is simp
ly to pass the seed wheat tluwgh a strong brine
or pickle, washing it well, and lircn rolling it in
slackened lime, (similar to rolling it in Platsierof.
Paris,) no!, preparing at one time mote than a
day's sowing. Washing the wheat in briny, and
rolling it in the lima tire done primarily for the
purpose of destroying the egg, but it answers
another good purpose, that of preventing the
growth of smut. The bine will alio be found to
act as a powerful siimi'l-mt to the growth of the
wheal, and superior to that of plaster.
This remedy being so simple, and as I firmly
believe so efficacious, I hope there will lie many
farmers disposed to make trial of it, and thereby
fully test iis correctness.
If I should be instrumental in aricsiing the pro
gress of this direful enemy of the farmer, I shall
be amply compensated in the recollection that I
have discharged my duty to the community.
Ax AGRicvLTrmsT of Maryland.
Independence of the Farmer. The mercuan' ;
or manufacturer may be robbed of tho reward ofj
his labor, by changes in the foreign or domestic
market, entirely beyond his control, and may j
wind up a year," in which lie has done everything!
which intelligence aud industry could do to in
sure success, not only without profit, but with an
actual diminution of capital. The strong arm
of mechanic industry may be enfeebled or para
lyzed by the prostration of those manufacturing
or commercial intercs 3 to whose existence it so
essentially contributes, and on whom iu turn it
so essentially depends. But what has the intel
ligent and industrious farmer to fear? His capi
tal is invested in' tho solid ground; he draws ou
a fund which from time to time immemorial has
never failed to honor nil just demands; his pro
fits may bo diminished indeed, but never wholly
. suspended; his success depends on no mere
earthly guarantee, but on the assurance of that
, crcat and beneficial Being, who has declared
'that while the earth euduicth, seed limo aud
harvest shall not cease.
We have daily proofs that there .is no pn' suit
which tends so to prolong life as that of the
farmer. There are, in Wicnlham, Massachu
setts, twenty-seven farmers, the oldest of whom
is 88, and the youngest 70 years old. They are
all head3 of lanyhes, nnd most 1 them swung
the scythe with their sons and gr.mdsoi'S last
summer. , Tho editor of ' tho ALissacbnseUs
Ploughman boasts thai he has three snbtciibers,
all of whom arc over 8.1 years of age, and who
do not feel too old to learn, by reading something
new about farming. '
To make Tomato Ketchup For half a gallon
take a tralloti of skinned tomatoes, four table
liambangh, Guardian of Catharine Heid ricks
and others.
Thomas Fisher, Ewcntor of the last will and Testament
ofGcorgc Fisher, tlec'd.
Jacob Paikinson, and James Leech, Executors of the
Last will and Testament of Thomas Parkinson dee'd.
Geovirc Cook, Administrator with tho will annexed ol
Eleanor Davis, dee'd
Townsend T. Larkin, Guardian nf Daniel W. Tiic.hison
Rebecca Grimes, Guardian of William and Martha Jane
James Brown, Adaunisuatorof tiie estate ofJohn Urown
Martha F. Grimes. Executor of the last will and Testa
inentof Joseph Grimes, dee'd.
Vaid aecnunis and vouchers are on tile in the Clerks
office at Cadiz in said county of Harrison, and stale afore
said, Millie-el to the examination of all persons interested,
which w'ill be allowed tun! approved at the next term of
said Court unless exceptions thereto be filed.
TOVLD respectfully inform his fiieiuls and the
' public generally, that he has removed his shop
to the corner brick, opposite Thomas Hogg's old stand,
now owned by Mahood Jt Grimes. He intends to sell
cheaper than the cheapest, and without a disposition to
talk loud, r.e will sell tor ready pay tne encapest 01 any
other establishment in tho western, country. Beef cat
tle and Hides will he taken in exchange for work.
Conic ahead all you who want bargains. npr 4
Cadiz. Chio.
o Ii5i r
1 s l j"
they have entered into a partnership under the r-j-HE g ubscriber informs his old customers and the
firm of I public cencially that, at his old shop in Cadiz,
SNYDER & MALLLRLNLb, they can purchase lower than has ever been offered
for the purpose of cany ing on the above business in all ,Tesit 0f t,e Ohio, any article iu his line,
lis various branches, at the old stand of Snyder k Moore, u0 keeps constantly on hand,
where they are prepared toexecute woik with neatness COPPER KETTLES all sizes,
and dispatch, for all who may favor them with a call. TIN WARE -every variety.
1?.. lr.o- nun'miv in the husincss. mid havine Klli.T7.TIi;ON WAliK to suit purchasers.
none but the best of workmen employed, they have no HOLLOW WARE AND CAbiTNGS a general as-
hesitation iu saying, that they will give general satis- Uortment.
iiirv 1,.i.r:,...l r IKv.'irv ticril'se on tlrenre-
, v..ii:ji ..i.i.iv... j. -- 1 rt
' ventnm and cure cf diseases, by regimen and Sim
ple remedies; revised ana einnnreu, wiui me uiim 01
a vegetable materia uicdica, pointing out the virtues,
preiraration and doses of our most valuable native med
ics i r,!-in!s. and an outline of anatomy and phisiology.
i illustrated with lOUengravitirs, 6 of which are colored.
Sat A L. FSAZEll'S, Sieubenville. may 22.
, n V. -i irTT A C. fr' Wotf.vn T.lti.rf m i. Npll Itnnltl'-ll's
11 Magazine, No. l,Vol.1, May 1811. The first
maimer of this Western excellent monthly is received.
7'ico cfrjoi-j a year only. Subrcriptions received hy
may 22. ' . A. L. FKAZEIi, SleuhcnvUle.
faction. They have and will continue to keep on hand
the most approved laslnons.
Cash or Produce received in exchange.
WILLI Ail S11A1U-.
Cadiz, August 31st, 1813.
- lYIillincr & Mantua Making Business.
TAVING taken the above well known stand in the
Jl. J. town of Cadiz, formerly occupied by Mr. Titos. D.
Grimes, would resiiectfully inluim Iris furndr, the old
natrons of the establishment, raid the travelling public
generally, that he Is prepared to accommodate theiu, as
he believes, to their eutiic sat.1siact.0n. i lie House nas
been thoroughly repaired, new rooms added, and a
large leading room atiaehed, where the principal jour
nals of the day will he regularly received nnd filed.
Every endeavour will be made by the proprietor to
add to "the comfort of his guests ; nnd'he respectfully so
licits ami hopes to merit a share of the public patronage.
march 28.
A "O
ri "VlPi! uniivalled preparation has performed some ol
I tne most nsionit;iung cuics oiuiyn.uc nun mu it
enrded in the annals nf history, thus proving conclu
sively it is capable vf filling the high aim and purpose
tor which it is designed. "Patients suilering for years
from various chronic conr-tilutional disoiuers, tutor try
ing different r emedies, spending thousands of dollars in
tr.... nrr nni r n-inf. tli," II m STI PMIff !l IHSir r 11
ni.i,. i- ,i,i, :n lin,.:n liv Mm iinn.'n slip will he nhlnto render trcncrnl satisfaction. She is
... , I . " 01 , -rs "J., rr . i . -"i . ., , rtnv
iaxxr hot a ci ontno Ifiwivnioi t If'IV IMI . I. ' II IIC. llflC 111111 . U WWII' III) ii,ljn ji riMuiwu-ii v
Kheumatism, s-ctofuk or King's Evil, Salt Rheum and please, both as to fashion, durability and neatness of
Ringworm, Clceis and painful ahection of the bones, workmanship, all who may Invor lier witn tneir pat on
Ulcerated Throat and Nostrils, Scurvy, Biles, Chronic, age, a liberal share of which she hopes to merit and re-
ore Eves, Blotches and various cumneous eruptions, ceive.
jnULLKTlN of Cheap Hooks. Lite, trial, and con
JE3 versotions of Itobert Emmet; lied Mary, or the
Pacific; Complete Florist, a manual for gardening, con
taining practical instruction for the management of green
house plants, and for ihc'cultivntiuiiofshrubcry, (lowers.
&c, &c; the National Airs; Legendary ballads, cic.
ot'Thos. Moore; Drawing Room Library, No. 3; Camp
bell's Foreign Semi-monthly Magazine for April ; Rich
elieu, a pliiv iu 5 acts, hy E. W. Bnlwer; Shakespeare,
No. 2 ofllewet's fine illustrated edition; W hunsatid Ud
dlties. by Thos. Hood; Hunchback of Notre Dame, by-
Victor lingo; Student at Paris; Arthur, by Sue, for sale
at iRAZLlCS Cheap Book SMore,
may t
si V. 11 R E W V L A S'l'EB.
rTIHS is becoming one of the most popular medi
I cincs now before the public. For removing all
seated pains, such as Rheumatism, pain in the back,
side or bieast, it has no equal in the world. It is also
efficacious in removing wens, tumors, corns. Ate. We
do not design lopvff this medieinc, with old iie.tinoue
certilirates, but will simply mention a
where it has effected cntcs. Mr. 8!oan of Zanesvilio,
after having suffered with Rheumatism for niae years
was cured by using the HEBREW PLASTER. Mr.
Anderson of'Putnam, was troubled for a long time with
a lame back, occasioned by ovei lifting, cured by using
this plaster. A man. (name not recollected,') in Gra-
I tint, Licking Co., entirely cured of Rheumatism. The
following certificate from Mr. Worsted, editor ol the
Mnssilon Gaz. and George Miller Esq., of the firm of
Keith & Miller, tttt'ys., was furnished me a few days
since :
Massllon, Oct. 2Sth, 1843.
Having received mush benefit from using the
the n ::ur MIRROR
Edited by (7. P. Morris (c .V. P. Willis.
Each Number containing a beautiful Steel Engraving.
f OOD as the Mirror has hitherto been fsrood enough
JK to prosper) we have edited it as the Israelites built
the walls of Jerusalem with the best hand otherwise
employed. The beginnings of all enterprises are diffi
cult more especially tieginiungs witnout capital ana
the attention of one' editor has benn occupied with the
management of the machinery now in regular operation,
while the other, till the concern should be prosperous,
was compelled to labor diligently tor other publications.
One by one (to change the figure) these hindering bar
nacles" have been washed oil' our keel by going more
rapidly ahead, and, with the beginning of the third vol
devoted to the miiikoii equal to selling studding s.iils
a low and aloft with the wind dead aft, full and steady.
Of course she will now go along 'with a bone in her
mouth" as they say ol a cralt with tne loam on her
We live in the middle of this somewhat inhabited
island of Manhattan, and see-most that is worth see
ing, and hear most that is worth hearing. After the
' ifiiss. JANE SfOTT,
rTAKES this method of informing the ladies of New
9 Athens and vicinity, that she nas taken a room
in the house occupied by .Mrs. Grimes, on Maine street
in the town ot
where she will carry on the above business in all its va
rious brunches. Havini taken instructions Irom one
and suilering all that human long nnd amply experienced in the bus'iicss, she trusts
Attorney and Counsellor ai Law,
and Solicitor in Chancery.
OFFICE, next door west of Thomas Hogg's store,
corner room, up stairs.
Cadiz, May 18th, 1843.
AW. MOUIEJSONVAttorney and Counsellor
at Law, and Solicitor in Chancery Office, a
little west of the Office of the Crisis, iu the house former
ly occupied by G. W. Chapman, Esq.
Cariollton, npr 18 sitarg
ATTORNEY and Counsellor at Law, Millersburg,
Holmes county, Ohio, will attend faithfully to all
business entrusted to his care, in the counties of Holmes,
Wayne, Knox, Coshocton and Tuscarawas.
Collections in any part of the state promptly attend
ed to. liefer to -
J. B. Bratton, Esq., Harrisburg, Pa.
James M. Brewster, Esq., Railway, N. J.
James Cotldington, Canal street, N. Y,
. E. A. Bradley, Eagle st. Buffalo.
Philo Scovillc, Cleveland, O.
N. M. Standard. do.
Editor of Sentinel, Cadiz, O. ap 25 3m
npl8 120, wood street, Pittsburgh.
MB. IS HEY A Co., Commission and Forwar
. ding Merchants, Wholesale Grocers and deal
ers in Produce, 39 Water street, Pltts'gh. np4
Bookseller, Stationer, Agent
; streel
ap 4
4 I.. I'll W.tiXl.
J . for Periodicals and Book Binder, Market street,
BOLTING CLOTHS. A new and extensive as
sortment of German and English Bolting clothB,
No. 4, 5, G, 7, 8, 9, just received and for Btdo at East
ern prices by MAUOOD & GIUMES.
July 2G, 1843.
FURNITURE prints, Berlin, Buck and Cotton gloves
Fancy Cap l'ibbon, Irish Linen, inserting, Quil-
limr. Edging, l.iste tlneaa anil cotton iiace, camonu
muslin, Juckonats &c. &c. MAUOOD & GRIMES.
Nov. 2d ,1843. ,
are cfl'ectunlly cured by its use. Diseases having their
orkin in an impure blood and fluids generally will be
speedily anil eliectuully remeveu uy tins invuluauiu
medicine, as its operation is peculiar, and consists in
removing the cause of disease by entering into the cir-
March 14,1844.
r iMIE FIKST A NO LAST CA LL; all those
JL indebted to me in any way are requested to come
indulgence will or can be riven. Those w ho neglect this
call may depend on tho consequences.
. . i . .. . . ,.-.1 rxT nnrT T Trie,
i-el). Stb, J811. juiiii l unjiiuc
dilution and parsing through tho general system. Uuward immediately nnd settle the same as no longer
VI liere OOttUUUliOIia to no latumuiu uii-iauuu CAiBi,
thev are removed as it passes along tho alimentary ca
nal"; hence the patient will know nnd feel the sensible
oneratiou of the Sntsaparilla from its curative powers.
The proprietors are daily receiving orders from the
medical profession, the clergy, oliicers ol lesticc, and
numerous private citizens, ample and willing testimo
ny, both written and veibal, to tho superior value and
eilicacyof this preparation. To the poor.it is fnriiished
gratuitously, on sufficient proof being furnished of their
The following certificates from individuals who have
suffered with Scrofula in its very severest.form, are pre
sented lor the earclul perusal oi tne tilllicted.
Essex, Conn., July 2", 1843.
Messrs. Sunds Gent. About eight yenrs since, hy
being overheated and directly alter exposed, 1 was sei
zed with a sevoro cold, wlncli deranged tne wnoie sys
tem. Purple or livid spots npiieared on the skin, at-
ANTES, 10,000 lbs. Poll Butter,
500 " Feathers, ,
1000 bush, dry Apples,
1000 " " Peaches, .
500 " Flax Seed,
1000 " Corn,
1000 " Oats,
500 '' Rye,
For which the highest maikot price will be paid on
delivery at the store of
leb. l.ltll, 1044. Ulilliwwx IX. vriniTiju.:?.
OIIOES! SHOES!! A splendid assortment of ladies
J Shoes and giutersjust receivett anu lor saie
March 21, 1844.
ATS a lar go assortment of Gentlemen's fur hats
from S-00 to 4,00 for sale by
Mavc.li 21, 1844. MAUOOD & GRIMES.
tended with violent pain ofthe head ; the symptoms be
ing alarming, a pliysician was
blistering and leeching, which
D. Cil'iJSlCS have comrnen-
eau ; me symptoms oe- K 11,. Woon. wl
alarming, a physician was called who prescribed j , , bHc nel,llly
produced partial re- ,, ... rt.u,, s.
lief. Hard bony lumps formed
on various parts of the body
pronounced my complaint hereditary
h, .i.,i.,.i Tho r.iiir
we cheerfully recommend It to the afflicted, believing it
nnonfl of alsni.-.e. oi.-bl iHids of red licnner. ! !" " va"m.ul" "ie ,or " 'tn 11
, ' '';,. i - i .i m reconiincuued.
three table spoonfulls ot mustard; grind them; j, p. tvORSTELL.
finelv. and simtnor them slowly in sharp vinegar,' GEO. MILLER.
In a pewter basin, three or four hours, slraiu it ! Many other respectable persons hnye offered to give
trough a wire sieve, and bottle it closely. Those , ZTtEZ
who like tho article may add. aticr tne ingicu:-L.w,-r.ach box contains sufficient to spread
cuts are somewhat cot.l two table spoonfulls of i G or 8 large plasters. Price 50 cents per box. Forde
! in Cadiz by 1 JUHX HKALl., nnd
1Y1C15I1.V Oi. nowo.
Also for sale by agents In most of the country towns.
spoonfulls of salt, lour of black pepper, half a
As a new mairicd coirple fiom down east were
taking their nocturnal repose, talking over 'm ti
ters and things,' a heavy thunder-storm arose.
The loud peals of thunder and vivid flashes of
lightning rilled them will) terror and fearful ap
prehensions, Suddenly a tremendous crash cau
sed tho loving couple to start us though they
had received an electric shock. Joint ha n throw
ing his arms around his dear, exclaimed 'Hug
up to me,.'Liz, lei's die likoIr.s!.,
JOHN HOGG, Agent for Mt. Pleasant.
1 Gth, 1643. '
George tho I offered a rewaid of fifty guineas
to tho person who could tnnke ihymo with por
ringer. The following was handed in by one of
llio poets of thai agc t 1 -
The Duke of York a daughter had.
He gave th Prince of Orange her;
And now, my Lord, I claim the prizp,
For making rhyme with porringer. .
FLAXSEED. Tho highest market
piicp will ho paid in cash for nny quantity of flax
seed if delivered soon at the store of
may 22 J. P. WOOD
"J 1 commences a new volume of Graham's Magazine
1 he publisher promises to improve ins most popular
magazine. $3 per year, and will be delivered without
charge of postage, by '
junc 5. - A. L. FRAZEtt, G. P. Agent.' .
The Charleston Mercury, of li e 5th, had the
Polk and Dallas flair unfolded witii the right kind
if a spirit. Can connisin discover a sign here?
" ,f AGAZ1NE3 FOR JUNE! National, Grahams,
JVX ftr"' Lady's Book, can bo hud at the subscript
lion ptice by the single-number at
juneS. MAZER'S, StcmVnvillo.
ILLUSTRATED Shakspearo No. 6,Sentslield No. 4;
Mysteries of London No. 4 ;, False Prince, and a
htit of other cheap reading nt
j jonefi. ' V ' ' FRAZER'S, Steiihenville.
ON NET Trimmings, aeUnovledged very pretty.
very rood nnd very riieap at tne new store oi
y 2 J. J. P. WOOD, '
newspapers have bad their pick of the news, we have a
trick of making a spicy hatch of tho remainder, (glean
ing many a choice bit, by the way, which hail been
overlooked or slighted) mid we undertake, hereby, to
keen the readers of tho Mirror up to the times. Every
body reads the newspapers and gets the outline of the
world's going round but we shall do just what the
newspapers leave undone fill up the outline tell you
fciKnme inore."Yas the children sav1! nut in the liirhts
and shadows of the pictttro dono by newspapers in the
rough. It ia what we have tried to do in our " Letters
to the National Intelligencer," and as our brother edi
tors seem to think we have succeeded, we will (as we
discontinue that coirespondence in April) in rather a
more unshy anil lighter vein, resume these metropolitan
sketches in the Mirror.
A secret for your car, dear reader :--By selling the
plate of each number for half what it is worth, you get
the reading lornouung: i utcn piate is worm a smi
ling to put in an album and the whole Mirror costs
but Bix-pence! So it is, in fact, for nothing that you
get sixteen pages of tho best literaturo thut wo can pro
cure for you, including a description of the things a-
bout town that are seldomest described and best worth
describing. Of course we can only afford this by very
small profits on a very large circulation, and ten thou-
, J . 1 U..L 1.... ,!...,... ..I'.I.A O-l i
sand suuscriuem hic uui uic mm wi uju uui.-. iiiuiicai
ten thousand, (into which we arc now feeling our way)
will be tho lust move ot tne rising tide that ovortuns in
to our pockets.
We keep nn eye in the back of our head, to see if
nnv boi v is JiKeiv to ovortiiKO us tnnu to try tneir tncK
belbre they come along side,) and we keep a look-out
on both sides, from the salient balconies of our imagi
nation, for any stray tireezee ol novelty for which it is
possible to trim sail. And to show your hand a little
we have Dagger! iukc k.oiiij a oreeze ortwowlucti
wo shall reserve awhile tir competition. If nothing o
verhaul us we shall try our speed by and by, with sky
scrapers nnd all just to amuse the reader, and show
ourregard for his respectable six-pence.
Our plates by the way, we undo nake to say, shrill bo
from this date, of twice theexcllence (at least) of those
heretofore given. Experience and inquiry, (with a little-
more money) make more difference in the bettering
of this branch ol our business than of most the others.
Note Besne. Subscribe in all cases, (if you wish to
serve us do you") by lcttkh to ourselves. The Post
master will forward it irep ol expense.
P. S. As to our Extras, they aro to booksellers, what
the 'manna' must have been to the Jew bakers. You
don't need coaxitnr to help yourselves to anvthlne so
cheap and heavenly. Take what has Allien, and be
sure that more loaves, crisp and satisfying, are baking
in tneciouns.
ADVANCE. ' " :
The first number of the new year will be issued on
tho 6th day of April. The work is sent by mail, to all
parts of the country. Add ress (postage free ) 't
Perrons ano Pnormr-.TonJ,
No, -1 Ann street,
under tho skiii
and tho Doctor
crofulu now lor
the first time developed. 1 he following winter my
sight failed in both eyes, medical aid was again resort
ed to, w Inch relieved niy s.ght during the summer, my
nose now beiran to increase iu size and the whole body
rapidly enlarged with a dropsical swelling. The nose
even grew very sore and discharged most profusely the
most loathsome substance. My wholo system was in
volved in disease, the lumps Boftened and discharged
freely, producing great debility ; ulcers now broke out
on the legs, and to complete my misery, tho muscles
and sinews contracted so that 1 was rendered helpless.
I remained with little change in this condition until last
October, when I was suddenly seized with an indescri
bable sensation which rendered me nearly unconscious,
and my friends supposed it was the will of kind Provi
dence to rid me of my sufferings, but from this I recov
ered onlyio suffer on; the ulcers bad become one con
tinuous sore entirely raw. ,,
It was in this condition l commenced the useot your
invaluable Sareapaillla, which I was induced to use
from the many remarkable cures I saw published.
It came to me as some guardian angel and lean scarce
ly tell whv. vet from the moment 1 heard it mentioned
i was impressed fully with the belief that this was to be
the Good Samaritan for me and truly it has wrought
wonders in my case. After using it a lew days my
pains grew easier, the swelling of the body mid the
limbs went down, the ulcere commenced healing, and I
rested well. After suilering every thing hut tho pains
of death, how happy anil nnd how grateful do I feel to
be able to add another testimonial to the efficacy of
your priceless Sarsaparilla I
- ' t . ,.i. . .i 1 I 11 1 r
iiy neaitn is restored, anu i nave warned lour nines
without inconvenience. 1 superintend my family af
fairs, nnd in fact feel almost like being in a new world.
I am induced to make this public acknowledgment
Mi-om a deep sense of duty to you as a means in the
hands ot uoa ol restoring a louow mortal irom a pre
mature ernve. Laiiiruace is inadeounte to express my
feelings. May the Lord be with you, and make Ins
face to shine upon yon, is the sincere desire of your
much obliired and deeply indebted friend. To the af
flicted I would say. Do not despair; for however des
perate your case may be, you surely have on nntidote
at hand viz ; Pianos r-AnsArAKii.i.A. i rust io no cui
er, however great their pretensions. .
AlUli:-iS. NAllUUiNM,
Middlesex Co. ss. Essex, Conn. July 25, 1843.
Personally annearcd the above named Monissa Sim-
mens, and made oath to the facts contained in the fore
going statement belore mc.
: " ' ' Justice of Hie Peace,
- We the subscribers, being personally acquainted with
Mrs. Monissa Simmons do not hesitate to say that we
consider Uio above statement of her case substantially
true and entitled to confidence,
Rctskn Post, Deacon Bap'U C
I. Hii.lHavdkn, Merchant. .
; C. Grkexi.eaf, Her, Dentist, , .
' ," A. F. WlllTTLKMOBE, P. M. '
JOHN BE ALL, Jieertl,
by rperial appointment of the proprictori,or Cadit find
7IIt:iItnnl &. T
ced the Mercantile business in the stand lately
Woon, wheie they invite their
to call and examine
tlieir stock before purchasing elsewhere, us they aro de
termined to sell as low as any establishment in the
place. , MAUOOD & GRIMES.
February 8, 1811.
"f OS. 1 nnd 2, of Harper's Illuminated and newPic-
torial Bible, Just received and for sale at
Steubenvillc apr 11. . iRAZER'S.
9 DOZ. Mens and Boys, Leghorn, Palm leaf and
iJ Willow hats just received and for sale unusually
low at the cheap store of J. W. BEEBEE & Co.
"I i DOZ. Lyghorn, Braid, Straw and Cyprus Bon
Xv netts.just received and for sale at prices to suit
the times at the cheap storo of J. W. BEEBE & Co.
r" PIECES muslin de lanes, balzarines Lace or-
3 gandines and Lawns of new styles, just received
and for sale low at the cheap store of
npr 18 J. W. BEEBE &i Co.
I) RAN DE'S Encyclopedia of Science, Literature and
Ait; Ures' Dictionary of Arts, Manufactures and
Mines, for sale at
may 8
A f PIECES summer stuffs of every style and quality
Ivf iust received and for sale as low ns the lowest
nt the cheap store of J. W. BEEBE & Co. apr 18.
rrrr YD;
)UFvf received and for sale low at the cheap
store of
Brown and Blenched muslinsjust
J. W. BEEBE &. Co. apr 25.
No. 1 33 Wood street, Pittsburgh .
MEGOLF is now opening an entire fresh stock o
, Foreign and Domestic Dry Goods, in the Store
mnm recently" occupied bv D. Fitzsimmotis, Esq., and
one door ubove II. Childs & Go's warehouse.
These goods have been purchased in the east lor
cash, and will be sold at a small advance on eastern
prices, for either casn or approved naner.
Merchants visiting our city will find it to their advnn
taire to call and examine the stock before making tlieir
purchases. up o mm
WEAVERS REEDS, A large assortment just re
ceived and for sale by
March 7, 1814. &AIIOOD & GRIMES.
And Stage oflicc hy
Cnrrollton, O npr 18. R. II. LEGGET.
COFFEE, Java, Laguira, Maracoibo, Rio and St.
Domingo, some kinds lOlbs, for one dollar, also
fresh Teas for ealo at .
. S, & II. McFADDEN'S.
August 10th, 1843. '
- rr pieces of English and American prints as low
IO" as at nny other Store, nt
Sept. 7th, 1843. :
C1ALICOES, Ginghams,
; Hdkffs, &c.
Cadiz, Nov. yd. ll.i.
PANISH SOLE LEATHER, 1000 pounds Hemlock
7 and wan tannea r-pamsn lenuier, lorsuieiow uj
3. (X, 11. JUbl AlViU,,
Edgings and
insertions, a great variety of colors and prices, for
talc cheap by
August IU, 104 J. B. oc n. iucr aiunn.
CJ ILK Fringes, Thread laces, Gimps,
a r
Stone Cutting.
rTMIANKFUL for past favors, the subscriber takes
I this method of informing the public that ho still
continues to carry on the above business in the shop
lately occupied uy uedwell. llueiiener, uadiz Uhio,
wncre nil orders lor
will be promptly attended to, on the most reasonable
. 1 .. . . . t-nu; i nn it iiiri?iii?vir,i
luiinn. , uutt i&ui i.iiiiiumiuit,
Cadiz, May 11th, 1843. , '
P. S. As I have made my arrangements to leave Ca
diz, in tho Spring, nil those who want any thing in my
linn ol business will do well to ca II soon.
Fb. 20, 1844. E.-T. II
Crape, Delanes, Shawls,
uug. 10,1843.
GROCERIES, a fresh assortment just received and
for stile low,
. . . , .Trtrtn -,-nTTiTTna
March 7, la-14. juaiiuuij oc iviitii.
f' r f pounds or I' earners or a good quality want
QUVF ' and the higbestprice paid.
H4;(. r, K. iv. nitm iie.ii..-xi.
ept. 7,
J") Wm. E. Homer, with superior plates; a new work
at FRAZER'S. fjuue 5.
A MIL Y, Tuck and School Bibles and Testaments,
may 'i-i,
Blank books, all sorts, lor sale iow, by
may 22.
IRIME article of Loaf and Orloan sugar.
mny 2Q.
J . P. WOOD.
ECLECTIC series. Kirk ham's k Smith's Grammars,
tic. all cheap. J. P. WOOD. may 22.
HITE Glue, Gum nrahic and Brimstone for
Milliners. J. P. WtJUU. may
4 new stylo Fluited Tea ware in complete sets ana
i. chenper than ever offered in this mlJ,rBfl;nfin
r y.i i v . A ' ' -
riMtlMMINGS, A very genoral assortment oi me
I very best trimmings lor all articles oHadieswetir.
mnv 22. J.P.WOi.)D.
rTlEA Pouchong, Young Hyson, Blnck and other
I r.m Anr.ta.to tl.SOnerlb. '
i i..,. ....... - 1 . n ,,-nAn
J. A W
may 22.
BONNET Lawns, do t'ilks and Satins a beautiftt
new style, also a splendid article white watered
silk. J.P.WOOD. may 93.
T? T7

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