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coizu s. r.icrADCi:rj a co.
KEEP constantly on hand a large assortment of
Gold. Silver, Tortoise-shell, German Silver and
8tel SPECTACLES, Eve Glasses, Llnnsa piovcrs
&c ;-.. . , .
Also, Pebbles. Cataract Glass, convex, concave, per
Licepic, perifocal and colored glusse, tc. suit ail ages.
. Special attention paid to fitting new glasses to eld
frames. , ;
PTM1E subsciibers ana now receiving in addition to
. JL their former stock, n large and general assortment
of MILITARY GOODS, consisting in part of Swords,
Sashes, Epaulette, Buttons, Luces, Cords, Braid, Cape,
I lunies, rompoms. etc. volunteer companies supplied
with equipments, banners, flat,!1, Ac.
june2Gtf JOHN li. McFADDEN &. Co.
. : I AMEI51CA!
The ckrnpctt and most rplendidhi il'unumtteti
and illustrated edition of the Bard of A eoi
lZditcd by the IHn. Citti.in C. Vcip!-MiK
T30BT. W. WIER, Em.;-will tleefcn, select, and
JL1 arrange the ilhjstratiuns, of whicii tlicie will be
ebout I40'J executed on wood, in the very best style o
toe modern school of thai art.
In submitting the Prospectus of the Ed. tor to the pub
lic, the publisher has only to add that ho will spare nti-
'ther expense nor pains to make this edition ol the
World's Poet suj-eiior to any that has heretofore ap
pealed in Miustnmone, typography and paper. . I lie
form will be royal octavo, and will be issued In weekly j
parts, price 12 cts., which places it within the weans
uf persons, of the most limited fortunes, v. liil.-t on ac
count of its peculiar bean ty it will pun itself admission
into the librariesof ihe lich, and there prove to be one
of the choicest ornaments.
Those who wish tin's work in the most perfect, state
will only be sure of it by taking tlie pints as they ap
pear, which" will contain the early proofs of the engra
ving. The Tragedy ofllnmlct U now in press. The firs!
part will be issued in March.
' TfceFicTcnuL and Illustrated editions of SHAKS
PEARE, lately published in E uglnnd, a;e amonjot the'
most beautiful specimens r.f the noccnt and remarkable
improvement of the ait of wood engraving, which by
combining great excellence of execution with economy
0t" price, has given an unprecedented diirus'on to the
most useful as well as the most exquisite pioductioiisol
ihe arts olDesittn. '
- The designs of Kenny Meaeov.b for the illustrations
f Tyas' edition of Shakspeare express the character of
the several persomrge9, and the spirit of the scene, with
wonderful t:uth and power: whilst the wood engraving
of Knight' Pictorial edition combine with the highest
nieritJ ofurtand taste such a learned and minute accu
racy, as to scenery, costume, architecture and imtitruity
ns to make them u perpetual and most instructive com
, inentary upon the Poet's text. It is now proposed to
embody in an Ametiran edition, the admirable Must! a
tion of both thc?o editions, engraved with equal excel
lence of mechanical execution, to add to these, other en
proving from eminent artists, a 9 Reynolds, Lumdi, .S.
Newton, &.C., and to accompany them with a beauti
fully printed and correct text.
'tfBut the publisher, auxione that his country should
pay some part of the homage due from her to the great
est Poets, as to one who belongs iict solely to England
who speak the tongue
: That fhakspeaie spake,
Oould not content himself with a mere republication or
eompilation. . lie has therefore prevaileil upon H. V.
Wkir, whoso Tcputiition r.s an Aitlst is already identi
fied with his country's histo;y, to contribute a series ol
original desit-ns, together with rmch advice and .'ir'sis-
tance in other details of art ae his taste mny surest for
the illustration and embellishment of this publication.
From tliesampreag.m the publisher, instead ofn'printinjf
the text and comtnentary of any popular English im
pression, was desirous that his ed ition should have the
npertision .'fan American editor. This task has U-en
undertaken, by GUI LAN C. VERPLAN('K.
The plan propored to himself by the editor, is to fur
nish the reader with a carefully prepared and accurate
ly pi in ted text, unencnaibeied by any noterj or com
ments upon tbo page itself; as however useful they may
be elsewhere, they aro too apt to divert the mind from
Ihe power of the Poet's thought, and to disturb the. ma
gic of hi scene. Such notes as may be thought useful
' for the explanation or criticism of tho text,will be
thrown into an Annsndix to each play. '
The text of Shukspearc diamufic works, drawn
from old printer! copies in his age, which had never pas
sed under the author's own eye, was consequently dls
figuied by many errors and obscurities. It passed du
tinrr the last century- through a succession of vaiying
editions until the revision 'of Stevens and Malone, whose
t. text (or rather that of t-tevens) has become tho stan
dard from which most of the English nnd Ametican e
ditions have been pu'tited, with" various degrees of ac
curacy. But within the last twenty rears, a more mi
nute and familiar acquaintance with old English idioms
habits and modes of thought, guided by an intense and
constantly increnainz admiration for iShakspeaic's co
nins, has led to the strong conviction that very many ol
the numerous thon.h slight deviations from the ancient
textappearing in- mode.u editions, are useless or erro
neous interpolations, sometimes weakening the sense
ml often substituting an arbitraiy maniitonou metrical
regularity for the Poet's own native melody. Accord
ingly very many of these emnndations have bcon rejec
ted by the last and bestEnelish editors, cjpocially Air.
Knight and Mr. 'Col Her, and the readings of the old fo
lio and quartos have been restored, unless where some
error of the press or manuscript was undeniably mani
fest, Vet there aro many such passages confessedly
corrupt, nnd requiring conjectural emendation; there
lire also diil'erencea of reading between the several old
Impressions, affording ground for some diversity of text
find warm controversy between the more lecent editors.
. Upon these, the American editor thinks it duo to the
character ol tbi edition, to decade for himself without
implicitly (ollowina' the text of any on;; modern edition.
A the industry and learning of prior editors have fur
nished the collation of various readings nnd the authori
ties upon which the? may be suonorted. the task is no
longer that of laborious investigation, but, as it were, of i
juuiujaj uei:ieiMii e.uixme.jeu tluy comenuing tiijmmeiii.
As many of these variations aie of nearly eoual prob
ability, and as some of them are dmhtl"s ti e auuior's
own alteratioBsat niuerent periods, all the morn minor
tant readings will bo presented to the reader in the notes
for bis own selection. Thoso notes will also contain so
much ofcommentary ns may he u:ful to explain anti
quated wotds and phrasos, obscurely expressed passages
nnd allusions to obsolete opinion or the habits or h.s-
tory of the times; the whole in as condensed a form an
practicable. Hut any commentary upon thakepeire,
However one , wo uia oe lmperiect u it aid not present
otne view of the higher criticism employed, not on the
interpretation 6f his language, but upon bis thoughts.
hi character, his poetry, passions, philosophy. The
only difficulty here arises from the abundance, the mag
. fiificent variety,of the muterial contributed during the
. last half century by the most brilliant niindsof Europe,
fttill it is believed that this duty can be satisfactorily
fMrforuied without swelling the edition to an inconve-
vtom unit' i ,
. :::: n. w. hewet, twi&n,
. , 281 Broadv.ay, New Yoik.
.. .. li. .1. S.MIM'SO.Y f to,
' AMD deaLj:h ly"" ,
" No. Id Liherty Ktreet, ; .
Opposite the bead of Saiitbfieid trot,
- jtttliS. t v, ' ;, ', PlTTtSUltOB Pi.
T ESPECTFULLY inform hi old friends thai he
j t, rta teHimed tbe praouce of Physic and Surgery
ei the town of '
. FB atitt.tw tfAnRTsnw m ft
a-l hi hope bv ijct fttteou'on to business, 8n4by
l! i. erato charges, to merit and ireeive a full, share of
I ui.iiO patrcaae. mi t&cu,CifiM an cwi ana genu
'T'iViKS. a cxcoHeot felecCon'of ehbiechool and
Library books, sod on au awroge M W P tt.
BSwy S-i 4 , .
& W. HAMILTON hare a general
assortment of gentlemen's Boots s . '
noes. Shews and clippers, and Ladies, ty-'-V
Lace Buots, felloes. Calf and Kid Slip:ere. As we man
nfuctured liu-m ourselves we warrant ".hem to be good
Also, h great vaiiety ofohlldicn's shoe. We still con
tinue business at the old stand oil homas Phillip, Esq,
opposite t!:e public buildings. . np 25
Sfetcavtj Hilligan A Bennett.
riIJE undersigned announce to the public that they
JL have puichased the property formerly occupied
bv U'm. Dennett and intend merchandizing permanent
ly in Cadiz. The customers of the old house may lest
nssureu mat no eiiort on our ran stian De snared to ren
der entire eutisiiiction to all who may be disposed to
patronise us.
We aie now receiving New Goods, and are determi
ned to sell on the most accommodating terms. Old
customers are earnestly solicited to rail; and any qiuia-
wy ol ntte out are auxiousiy sougiu lor.
nptil4. R. J. BENNETT.
P. S. more details herealter.
S. M. & B.
.o 'I in iisiuiss Sle. c.
i .f- t
--r . Li tJ
i, r
riHE Subscriber informs his old customers and the
,J. public generally that, at his old shop in Cadi?,
they can purchase lower than has ever been olferetl
west of the Ohio, any article in his lino. '
He keeps constantly on hand,
COPPER KETTLES all sizes, -
TIN WAKE every vaiiety,
SUEE'IVIKON WARE to suit purchasers,
sortment. Cash or Produce received in exchange.
Cadiz, August 21st, 1843.
Milliner &. Mantua Making Rusiness,
at, ja. k sit t a r,
TTAKES this method of infonriing the Indies of New
1 Alliens iind vicinity, that she has taken a room
in the house occupied by Airs. Grimes, on Alaine street
in the- tow n of
where she will carry on the above business in all its va
rious branches. Having taken instructions from one
'long and amply experienced in the bus'ness, she trusts
she will he able to icuder geneial satisfaction. Hie is
determined to spare no pains in sedulously striving to
please, both as to fashion, durability and" neatness ol
workmanship, all who may I'avor her with their patron
age, a liberal share of which she hopes to merit nnd re
ceive. .
March 14,1644.
13ERI0DICALS. Age, No. 1 . an improvement upon
. Littell's .Museum; Musical library, No.5; Ladies'
iViagasines for June; Pictorial Gallery, no. 4 excel
lent number; Blackwood for May, can be had of
juno 19. , A. L. FttAZER, G. P. Agent.
rliS'.hf'Oil cfc T. t. (al'imcs have commen
ced the Mercantile business in the stand lately
occupied by Houc & Wooo, where they invite their
friends and the public generally, to call and examine
their stuck before purchasing elsewhere, as they are de
termined to sell as low as any establishment in the
place. MAUOOD &, GRIMES.
February 8, 1814. .
J AiVTED, 10,000 lbs. Roll Butter,
500 Feathers,
1000 bush, dry Apples,
1000 " " Peaches,
500 " Flax 8ecd,
1000 Corn,
10U0 " Oats,
500 Rye,
For which the highest market piice will be paid on
delivery at the store of
Feb. 15th, 1844.
And Stugc office Iiy '
CarroIlton.O apr 13. R. H. LEGGET.
OESPECTFLTLY inform.the citizens of Cadiz, nnd
W, vicinity, that diev have removed to the .frame.
building recently erected by L. P. Miiligan, Esq. on
.Market street, (and directly onpusite Messrs. h'ilgore
ct. Co'Dry (ioodstore,) where they are prepared to do
wdiHin a style, wriicti snail not oe surr)asseu in any
other shop in the county.
Thankful for past liivors, they respectfully solicit a
continuance of public patronage.
N. Ii. They earnestly lequcstail persons who are in
debteil to them for work done, more than six months
ago, to come forward und settle their respective accounts
without I'm ther delay, " apr 4
WHIGS to the Rescue! Proceeding a of the great
whig National Convention; whig song books
for 1844; Ashland text Eock; Life of Clay ; whig Alma
uac lor 1844, at
june 6. - A. L. FRAZER'S.
- jZiL
Stone Cutting,
rTHANKFUL for past favors, the wibscribcr takes
J. thi method of informing the public that he still
continues to carry on the above business in the shop
lately occupied by Bedwell &, Huebener,, Cadiz .Ohio,
wnere ail OiCter lor - :
f : - . . '" I
'. , meivts.&c,, .,
will be promptly attended to, on the most reasonable
terms. , " &mvAiu A.MULUtiu;ii.
Cadiz.May 11th, 1843.
CIASH FOR FLAXSEED. The highest market
J price will be paid in cash for aoy quantity of flax
seed if delivered noon at the etore of
::tatty 23 ".-' .--v-- "y:: 3. P." WOOD "
commences a new Tolumn of Graham's Magazine
The publisher promise to improve hi most popirlar
magarine. $3 per year, and will be delivered without
ehfefpot!ae, by " ' "! '' : ' '.':"
- junaa. ; ' A. Ii FRAZER, O. V. Agent.
T 'A-GAZ1NE3 FOR JUNE -National, Graham,
iVJL "trr! tadf Eoote, can brt had at the subscrip
uon price by the sipgle number at'" ' "' - '"
'june 5," ::' " FRAZER'S, Stcubenville.,
'5- k.
41PU. lW"ll'F,
: UlbTncft)wby
rnowuig end oraobng (rcy"ie' ju recoivea
Latest Arrival New Style o Goods,
4 RE just leceiving a sjilendid Stock of SPRIJYG
-rfL AJD SUMMER. tlOUDS, purchased within
the last twenty days in tire Easter n cities, at from 10 to
15 per cent, lower than those who made their purchases
eaily, consequently they nie ennabied to otfer to the
public later styles and cheaper foods. The public and
their fiends ue solicited to cull and examine their stock
beline i uichasing elsewhere. 1 . may 8.
D R U Cm S
r i'MIK Subscriber has just recetvet! Irom ; the east a
JL liesti supply ol iMea.c.ne.s, dyes, piunts, ail, &.C.,
winch lie piuj os.es sclhng on ns accommodating tonus
as any establishment of the kind in this section of the
country- Poisons wishirMto iiurchase articles in his
line ol business would do well to call und examine his
stock belbre purchasing elsewhere. -
Cadiz, Nov. 16th, 1843.
US Kt't'i-ivcrf a fiesh lot of Mackerel and for
sale low by , ;' '
July 17 S. & 11. MctAlWt.PI.
."ilrACK AND l'LENl'V
A S. CANI IELD, begs leave to a.mounce to the
xl.i puDJic that ho has otieiied a tujw Variety 'More.
in the room Ibrmeilv occniricd by George Craig,, one
door west of Thos. lfoirg's old stand, where he intends
keeping constantly on hand a general assortment of .
consisting of Dry Goods, Qucensware, Glassware, Hard
ware, Groceries, Iron, Nails, Glass and Domestic Goods
ol tveiy uesciiptioii; which will be sold on the most uc.
commodatiiig te.uis, lor Cash or approved country pror
(luce. No pains will bo spaicd to lender cuthe satis
faction to all those who may think proper' to call. Pleas
can and examine uulore youpuiclmse ekcwlieie.
Cadiz, April 18, 1844 ' "
.TAILQllIKO. - '
TT'illE subsciibers lespcctfully inlbrm the public that
X 'bey have entoied into a partnership under the
him of
fur the punose of carrying on the above business in nil
its various branches, tit the old stand of Snyder k Moore,
where they arepiepaied to execute work with neatness
and dispatch, for ail who may favor them with a call.
From long experience in the business, and having
none hut the best of workmen employed, they have no
hesitation in saying, that they will give general satis
faction. They have and will continue to keep on hand
the most approved lashions.
' r"VUE Subscribers 'will offer' to the
X J. public a variety of good ploughs
SS-" being fitted out with entire new and
gjgtjgfgifc improved patterns, Cianes and a va
. .. rioty of other kinds Tho imnroved
Hornet the half patent the new Cora plough all
with wrought shares, which they will sell low fur cash.
fllcA u IT & SMITH.
Cadiz, Feb, 2d, 1843. . . .
lie sure you're rigid, then go uhead."
:' .";-r:. .v'-'yyiagj
OUI.D respectfully inform his friends and the
nubile generally, that he has rrnmrnd his shnn
to the corner brick, opposite Thomas Hogg's old stand.
now nwnett Dy ainhoocl to 'tinmes. He intends to sell
cheaper than the cheapest, and withouta disposition to
talk loud, h will sell for ready pay the cheapest of any
other establishment in the western country. Beef cat
tle, and Hides will be taken in exchange for work.
Come aliead all you who want bargains. apr 4
Cadiz, Oltio,
AVING taken the above well known stand in tlie
town of Cadiz, formerly occupied by Mr. Thos. 1).
Grimes, would respectfully inform his friends, the old
patrons of tho establishment, and the travelling public
generally, that he is prepared to accommodate them, as
lie believes, to their entiie satisfaction. The House has
been thoroughly repaired, new tooms added, and a
large reading room attached, where the principal jour
.1 :n i. 1....T il i .ri-.i
iium ui uib unj haji uu reujauy lectuveo aim mcu.
Every endeavour will be made by the proprietor to
add to the comfort of his guests; and'he respectfully so
licits and hopes to merit a share of the public patronage.
march 28. - -
' '.. . CMAPEBB.
rnilE SUBSCRIBER thankful for .
.1 ' past favors, ol!'e:t to his old custo
mers and the public gerieuilly the lar-'i
est and nest assortment ol Hoots and
hoes, pumps and gaitors, and half eni-
tois, chihlreiis, &.C., togothev with ev-
try article in his line of Business ever olfiered in
this market. He still continues to manufacture boots.
shoes and every article in his line, in the iioutest,
cheapest and most fashionable style. He also keeps
constantly on hand all kinds of leather, kid nkins,
men and woman's morocco skins, lining and binding
fekins, sparrowbiUs, pegs, and all kinds of bhoemakers
j tools, and findings of every kind, nnd aleb a good as
sortment of tiuukB of diiiereut kinds; and a first rate as
sortment ol brass clocks, shoe blacking &.c., all of the
above he pletkcs himsell 'to mil as cheap as the cheapest.
jxuu ii ue ciiunm uemvjnce me purcuascr im can uo so,
he will not ask tlrcm to buy, but would earnestly solicit
those wishing to buy, to kive him a call before nurcha-
sing elsewhere.nsheis determined to sell very low,
te is
ucuiany lorensn as neisin wantol
still at his old stand on Market street,
june 5. . , SAMUEL SLEMMONS,
N. B. He still continues tho
livery business, antl haying provi- & jjv
rind the hast kind nf carr.mri-!! iLv j:.Vm
and stuck, for that business, he TmZrtmnmiMlY'i
flattet's himself he can accommodate thepuhlic to their
satisfaction, as Ins terms nan lie very roaeonahle.
. . ' S. S,
V :rS.-n :"'EW, WHOLESALE.',,.,;; .
, ;,, DBY, OOPDS, STORE, ?
No. 133 Wood stteet, Pittsburgh,
M. EGOLF i now opening an entire fresh stock o
" Foreign and Domestic Dry Goods, in the Store
loom recently occupied by D. Eitzsimmoin. Esu... and
ope door above ILChildsfit Co' warehouse. . .,. ,
, ihese goods have been purchased in the east for
cftsb, and will be sold at a email advance on eastern
prices, for either cat Ii or approved paper.'- '' , '
Merchant visiting our city will nntl il to their advan
tage to call and examine the stock before making their
qrnndases. ap 2.1) unit $2
(, Latest, Arrival of' New Goods! ;
ftVJE subscribers are Inst receiving from the cities ol:
-I 'Philadelphia and Pittsbui-gh, a large and plen
did assortment cf summer and ntll goods, which were1
parehased within the hist ten1 days lower than anypth-1
er good purchased this season, and will consequently'
be sold cheap for cash or country produce. Call ana
see before; Mfoinf elsewhere, ' '"' '
r IHIS unrivalled prepnratioo ha performed some ol
JL the most astutuslung cures of diseases that are re
corded in die annals of history, thus proving conclu
sively it is capable gf filling the hith aim ana purpose
for which it U lleaigned. Patients cutlering fur years
from various chronic constitutional disordcis, after try
ing diileient remedies, spending thousands of dollars in
travelling and doctoring, and suffering all that human
nature is capable of enduring, haying by the use cf a
lew bottles entirely recovered their health. Chronic
Rheumatism, ccrofulu or king's Evil, ult Rheum and
Kiugworm, L'lceis and jiainlul aliection of the bones,
Ulcerated Throat and Jnostrils, Scurvy, Biles, Chronic,
Syte Eyes. Illutchci and various cutuireout cnintions.
are ellectunlly cured bv its use. Diseases having their
origin in an impure blood and fluids generally will he
speedily and et.ectuully removed by this invaluable
miniiciue, no ii I'lJciuuuii is ireuuimi, uim vuiiifcu) lu
removing the cause of disease by entering into the cir
culation and pa sing through the general system.
W heie obatrucuons to its tavorubie operation exist,
they are removed as it passes along the alimentary ca
nal; hence the patient will know and feel the teiisiblc
operation of the .SaiBaparilla fiom its curative powers.
The proprietors are daily receiving orders from Uie
medical profession, the clergy, t llicers of jestice, and
numerous private citizens, umple and willing testimo
ny, both written and vuibal, to the superior value und
eilicaey of this preparation. To the poor it is furnished
gratuitously, on sufficient proof being furnished of their
worthiness. - ,
The following certificates.from individuals who have
sullered with iscrofula in its very severest form, are pre
seated for the careful perusal of the alllicteijQ .
Esskx, Conn., July Ho, 1843.
Messrs, Sutids Gent. About eight yeanj since, by
beine overheated and directly alter exposed. I wus sei
zed with a severe cold, which deranged the whole sys
temi Purple or livid spots appeared on the skin, at
tended with Violent pain of the head ; the symptoms be
ing alarming, a physician was called w'm prescribed
blistering and leeching, winch produced partial re
lief. Hard bony . lumps formed under the skin
on various parts of the body, and the Doctor
pronounced my complaint heieditary Scrofula now for
the Inst time developed, the tallowing winter my
sight luileu in both eyes, medical aid was tigtuu resort.
ed to, which relieved my sight during the summer, my
nose now began to increase in size and the w hole body
rapidly enlarged with a dropsical swelling. The nose
even grew very soie and discharged most profusely the
most loathsome substance. . My whole system was n,
volved in dlseusc, the lumps softened and discharged
freely, producing great debility; ulcers now broke out
on the legs, and to complete my misery, the muscles
and sinev,s contracted so that 1 was rendered helpless.
I remained with little change in till:, condition until last
October, when I was suddenly seized with an indescri
bable sensation which rendered me nearly unconscious
and my friends supposed it was the will of kind Provi
dence to rid me ol my sulfe.ings, but from this I recov
ered oulyio puller on ; the ulcers had become one con
tinuous sore timroly raw.
It wus in this condition I commenced the use of your
invaluable arsaparilla, which I was induced to use
from the many remarkable cures 1 saw published.
It came to nte as some guardian angel and lean scarce
ly tell why, y et from the moment I heard it mentioned
1 was impressed fully with tho belief that this was to be
the Good Samaritan lor me and truly it has wrought
wonders in my case. After using it a few days my
pains grew easier', , the swelling of the body and the
limbs went down, the ulcers commenced healing, and 1
rested well. After suffering every thing hut the pains
of death, how happy ami und how grateful do I feel to
be able to add another testimonial to tire efficacy of
your priceless Sarsaparilla I
r Aly health is restored, und I have walked four miles
without inconvenience. 1 superintend my family nl
faiis, and in fact ibel nlmost like being in a new world.
I uin induced to make this public acknowledgment
from a deep sense of duty to you as a means in the
hands of God of icstoriug a fellow mortal from a prc
matuie grave. .Language U inadequate to express my
feelings. May the Lord be with you, and make his
face to shine upon yon, is the sincere desire of your
much obliged aud deeply indebted friend. . To the af
flicted I would say, Do not despair; for however des
perate your case may be, you surely have an antidote
at hand viz: Sands's Sarsapauilla. Trust to no eth
er, however great their pretensions.
MONI.3SA SIMMONS. -Middlesex
Co. bp. Essex, Conn.. July 25, 1813.
Personally appeared the above named Monissn Sim
mons, anil made oath to the facts contained in tho fore
going statement before me. ,i.
; . ' Justice of the Peace. '
We the subscribers, bciug personally acquainted with
Mrs. Monissa r-'immons do not hesitate to say that we
consider tho above statement of her case substantially
true and entitled to confidence. -'
RiiuuLN Post, Deacon Bap't. C
'. I. Hill. Hay den, Merchant.
C. Gukitnleaf, (Ser. Dentist.
A. F. WlUTTU M011E, P. M.
by special appointment vUie prqjricturs, for Cadiz and
nanny. '
Come farmers far, come neighbors nigh, "
l'ray call aad see what you can buy. ;,"
TS now receiving and openimr, fin tho room formerly
X occupied by J. Stewart,) direct from tho Eastern
Cities, a large and well selected assortment of Spring
and Summer Goods, includintr a variety of fancy arti
cles, all of which will be sold ut reduced prices. His
stock consists in part of the following articles,
Broad Cloths assorted co
Bleached & bro. muslins,
lors and prices.
Black muslin,
Irish Linen, .
Linen handkerchiefs,
Lawns, Calicoes,
Furniture prints, .: .
Silks and Satins,
Tweed cloth, I
Jeans, Summer cloths,
Linen drills, cotton diills,
Bedecking, Alpaccas,
Bonnet silk ; superior ar
Merinoes, ! Leghorn, braid A: straw bonnets,
Braize de Laines, Ginghams, Gloves, Mits & Hosiery
Flannels, white and red,
of every desoiiption.
Blue drillings,
Apron Check,
Cambric Muslins,
Umbrellas, Parasols, etc.
falK rocket U'lttt'le,
Black silk cravats,
Black satin stocks,
Laces, Edgings etc.
And in fact almost every article that can be found
in any Dry Good store west of the mountains. . , .
Persons wishing to purchase a great many goods for
a small amount of cash, are requested to call at the store
of J. P. Wood, where he will ever be found ready and
willing to accommodate all who may see proper to favor
him with a call.
QAll kinds of country produce taken at the high
est market price in exchange for Goods and groceries.
may rj. . , .. .. ,
T)ULLETrN. of Cheap Books. Life, triul, and con
Sj versations of Robert Eimoet; Red Mary, or the
Pacific t Complete Florist, a manual for gardening, con
taining practical instruction for the management of green
hnnw iihinlH. nnd fur the cultivation of shruherv. flowers.
&c, Ac; the Nntional Airs; Legendary Ballads, Sec,
of Thos. Moore; Drawing Room Library, No. 3 ; Camp
bell's Foreign Semi-monthly Magazine for April; Ricn
tlieui a nlav in 5 acts, bv E. W. Bulwet : Shakespeare.
JNo. aoillewet's line illustrated edition; wnimsamiud
dities, by Thos, Hood; Hunchback of Notre Dame, by
Victor Hugot Student at Paris; Arthur, by Sue, for sale
at r haalavb encap uook store, L
may 8 .,'... stcubenville.
77e fatest Arrival and Cheapest Goods at the
Clall and sec for yourselves, where they
J have just received a most splendid and extensive
assortment of Spring and Summer goods, which they of
fer to- the publio on the most accommodating term. -
may 29. , ir., ', ' 'I : , M. k G. ,
1 IJ.IiSTRATED Shaksneare No. 6.Scatsfitld No. 4;
J. Mysteries of London No. 4 False Prince, and a
host of other cheap reading at ' - ' ' i '
ur 5. '.. . i FRAZER'S, Steubenville.
A most beaulifultstock of entirely new tyle of prints
'jtJL Ginghams, Delanea, and Bombazines, at the new
undcheap store of
- nay
r ENCOURAGE Western Literature. Ned Buntline's
Magaiin. No. 1. Vol. 1, May 1844. The first
number of thi Western excellent monthly ia received
Two dollori a year only. Subrorfptiona received by 1
may 23. A. L. FRAZER, Stcubenville.
-"I ROCERIES,-A general aupply of ail kind of
It Groceries, just received and for sale low by
Sayaa w r.- ' . '-.)'' r;. r J. p, WOOD.j
GLOTH3, Camimeres, Sattinetts, Summer vestihgs,
' a mew sad splendid article st the new cheap store
ey - x r. wia. sy
TILL continue to practice in Harris on and th
ndioiuine Counties.
0-Oifioe opposite the public office.
August, loth, ltvta.
Solicitors is Chancery.
4 EL professional business entrusted to their care in
V counties of Harrison, Jefferson, Belmont, Monroe,
Guernsey, Tuscarawas, Coshocton, Holmes, Carroll,
Stark and Wayne, will be faithfully attended to.
.1.1' . . . r... i cj . ?tii. li.'- i 'i.t:
VJJJICC on oirwrnwuf oirerc, ojfiujiu: me yuouc vuituitf .
J. 1). C-UJUMLNH, Aew Mulaactolua, ' ,
! LECKY HARPER, Cadiz. ' ' - ' '
Cadiz, June 15, 1843. tf.- r ; .,?"; ?.
Attorneys at Law .$ Solicitors .
' in Chancery,
WILL practfee law in the courts of Harrison coun
ty Business intrusted to them will receive
their uuited attention. Office opposite James McNutt's
Cadiz, Feb. 2d, 1843.. '
Office in Public Buildings, next door east of tiie Treas
urer's Office..
' Dec. 21st, 1843. ' ','"'.' '
Attorney and Counsellor at Law,
and Solicitor in Chancery.
OFFICE, next door west of Thomas -Hogg's store,
corner room, up stairs. .
Cadiz, May 18th, 1843. ;
A W. MORRISON, Attorney and Counsellor
r at Jjtivv, and .solicitor m Chancery .Ulhco, a
little west of the Olfice of the Cnisis, in tho house former
ly occupied by G. W, Chapman, Esq. i :
Carrollton, ajrr 18 sitarg ":
TTORNEY and Counsellor at Law, Millersburg,
".. Jiolines county, Ohio, will attend laithlully to all
business entrusted to his care, in the counties of Holmes,
Vvayne, Ivnox, Coshocton and luscarawas. '-
Collections in any part of tho state promptly attend
cd to. Keler to
J. B. Bratton, Esq., Harrisburg, Pa.
James M. Brewster, Esq., Rnhway, N.'JY ....
James Coddirigton, Canal street, Nv' Y . ...
E. A. Bradley, Eagle st. Buffalo. ' '
Philo Scoville, C'lcvclaud,0. ,. ; . ;
, N. M. Standard. ' do. "
Editor of Sentinel, Cadiz, O. - np25 3m
np IS ' 130, wood street, Pittsburgh.
B. RIffEY Sc Co., Commission and Forwar
ding Merchants, Wholesale Grocers and deal
ers in Produce, 9 Water street, Pitts'gh. ap4
AL. FRAKER, Bookseller, Stationer, Agent
a for Periodicals and Book Binder, Market street,
ap 4
TIOLTING CLOTHS. A new and extensive as-
H J sortment of German and English Bolting cloths.
JNo. 4, 5, (, 7, 8, !), iust received and lor sale at jiast
em prices by , , : M AHOOD &. GRIMES.
July iti, 1843.
IjWJ RNITURE prints-, Berlin, Buck and Cotton gloves
. Fancy Ctip Ribbon, Irish Linen, inserting, Quil
lintr. Edging, Lisle thread and Cotton Lace, Cambric
muslin, Juckonats &c. &c. MAHOOD &. GRIMES.
Nov. 2d ,1843.
HOES! SHOES'! ' A splendid assortment of ladies
Shoes and gaiters just received and for sale
March 21, 1844. MAHOOD & GRIMES.
ATS a large assortment of Gentlemen's fur hats
Irora :J,UU to 4,01) tor sale by
March 81, 18-14. . - MAHOOD & GRIMES.
EAVERS REEDS, A large assortment just re
ceivod and lor sale by .
Match 7, 1844. , AIIOOD & GRIMES,
SPANISH SOLE LEATHER, 1000 pounds Hemlock
and Oak tanned Spanish leather, tor sale low by
ang. 10,1843. H. & 11. McFADDEN.:
I7AMILY,Tuck nnd School Bibles and Testaments,
Blank books, all sorts, for sale iow, by
may ill. J.P.WOOD.
ECLECTIC fXiies. Kirkhaili's & Smith's Grammars,
JLli A:c.ill cheap.
J. P.. WOOD. mnv ill.
H1TE Glue, Gum arabac and Brimstone for
Milliners.. J.P.WOOD. may 22.
fl TRIMMINGS, A very genoral assortment ol the
I ; . very best trimmings for all articles of Indies wear,
may 22. J. P. WOOD.
1EA Pouchong, Young Hyson, Black and other
1 eas horn 5U cts. to $1,50 per lb.
may 9.1. J. P. WOOD.
"FtONNET Lawns, do Silks and Satins a beautifu
now style, also a splendid article white watered
silk. J. P. WOOD. may22.
TTJONNET Trimmings, acknowledged very pretty,
j very good and very cheap at the new store ot
may 22.
OtTLT ART'S victoria cotton,
Britain hooks and eyes
may 22. 1 " '
also II. , North's new
(HO Reports, volume 12, can be had at the Book
july 10-
AL.lFRAZER'S last receipt of New and cheap
Books isto long too enumerate. Illuminated
Shakspeare, Nol 12; Harper's Pictorial Bible, No. 5;
and James' new novel hie boat, are part. Call and
examine the assortment. , - ; Y , july 10.
1 1
J J Library, No. 24 ; No., 3 Cabiu Book, by Seats-
held, just received by A. Li. i UAZt.lt july IU.
, and No. 11 Illustrated
Shakspeare, just received at
june 1U. )
LOGWOOD, Lampblack, Shoe blading, Castile,
White and Rosin soap for tale at the cheap store
may 22.
OICKLES. A full supply of sickles just received and
U lor sals low by J. r.,wuuL. , may
T71AMILY Medical Library. A treat!
. treatise on the pre-
I1 vention and cure of diseases, by regimen and sim
ple remedies; revised ana enlarged, wiui the edition ol
a vegetuuie muiena meuiea, poiuuug oui uie -virtues,
preparation and doses ot our most valuable native med
ical plants, and an outline of anatomy and phisiology,
illustrated with 100 engravings, 6 of which are colored,
at , ,. A L. FRAZER'S, feteubenvillo. . may 22,
17WRE Screens. A beautiful assortment,: cheap, a
? June 19. , . . ;..v ...FRAZER'S.
QA . Kegs nail assorted sizes, just received, and or
dJ salelowby J. r. wood. may a
S UEENSWARE. -All kinds of Qucensware, a most
xj. beautiful selection, and Glassware, just received
andforsale low by -'"i J. v. WOOD. " may 22
,;"';'"' ."'TiiE sentinel orncE
Is how supplied with decidedly tlie greatest variety of
Consequently we are prepared to execute EVERY VA
RIETY OF PRINTING, in the noatest stylo, on the
lowest terms and on the shortest notice. ' Certain Italfl
learned printers, or rati, in these Quarters, pretend tn
j do printing, but they succeed about as well as a (jnker
wvmki in miKKiiitj a yntvtm ! iy us a seu.
Another Remarkable Cure by using
Wistar's Balsam of Wild Cherry Tree
AMONG all the famou Medicine for Consump
tion, none seem to be meeting wth rreaier suc
cess, or gaining a higher reputation than that most won
derlui article, '
Wutar's Balsam of Wild vnerry:
That it stand at the head of all other remedies is
now universally conceded. It has cured thousands
upon thousands of all classes in cases of the most
dangerous consumptive character. And physician of
the greatest eminence throughout our whole country,
unhesitatingly recommend it as the '
of Pulmonary diseases in the whole range of Pharmacy.
The Sales iu the Western States have thus fur bcen.un
paralleled; and the most gratifying proofs of its effica
cy have been received from every place where it hu
been used. Thousands of CONSUMPTIVE PAT
ENTS have already tested its exalted virtues, and con
fessed its surpassing excellence and amazing power.
The remarkable success of this Balsam is no doubt ow
ing in a great measure to the peculiarly agreeable and
powerful nature of its ingredients. . It is a
Composed chiefly of WILD CHERRY BARK and the
genuine ICELAND- MOSS (the latter 'mported ex
pressly for this purpose,) the rare medical virtues of
which, are also combined by a new chemical process,
with the Extract of Tar, thus rendering the whole com-
Sound the most certain and efficacious remedy ever
iscovered for . ,- ; . , -.f
Consumption of the Lungs.
The following we have just received from Messrs. Jo
lin & Howe, Diuggists, in Newark, in this Stute, to
whom it was communicated by John Wimcr, Esq., a
citizen of Burlington, Licking county, Ohio. . ..
Burlington, Lioking Co., O., Dec 1 , 1843.
Messrs. Joslin & Rowe: 'At your request I herewith
transmit to vou a statement of the case of Mrs. Winier
and child, as near as I am able to communicate, which
you are at liberty to publish if you sec lit, ns I, feel a. .
desire to mlorni the world ol the eltects ot ne .invalu
able medicine called. Wistar's Balsam of Wild Cherry,
to which, by tho divine blessing, I am indebted lor tho
restoration to health of my wifo nnd child. ...
About five yeais ago Mrs. Winier was attacked
with a violent cough, pain iu the chest and side, and
symptoms of approaching consumption. Dining the
intervals from, tnat time to, sometime in Feb. last, she
had been treated by eminent Physician from Uticft,
Sylvania, Homer, Chatham, anil Newark,. and with
only partial relief of the most urgent symptoms. A
bout one year ago she caught a violent; cold, which
seated upon the Lungs, producing an ularming aggra
vation of nil her previous symptoms, Her. Physician
was sent for, nnd despite his best efforts; she began
rapidly to sink under her disease. Cough, Expectora
tion, Hectic, together with night sweats, soon reduced
her to a complete skeleton. In Feb. last, her attend
ing Physician, deemed her case altogether hopeless, a ;'
council' was called and aftpr "deliberating wpon her
case, unanimously pronounced her to be biyoiid the
reach of means, and expressed their opinion- that sho
could survive but a short time, one or two weeks at far
thest. She was at this time entirely confined to hor
bed, and scarcely able to articulate, except in a whis
per. ; Her daily paroxysms of coughing would last her
interruptedly from three to five hours, and so severe
were they, "that we did expect that every paroxysm
would be the last. Tho Physicians in council, pro
nounced her Lungs, Liver,' Kidneys, Spine, sud Mu
cus, Membrane of the Stomach to be incurably dis
eased. It was at this last extremity that we happened
to obtain a pamphlet describing Dr. Wistar's Balsam of
Wild Cherry, as applicable to Lung affections.' We
immediately sent to you und procured a bottle, and
commenced its use at evening by giving her one tea
spoonful, and such was the surprising effect, that sha
was able to pass a comfortable night's lost, without ex
periencing any paroxysm of coughing, and such was
its ultimate effect, that after taking 5 bottles she was,
contrary to the expectations of her physicians, nnd eve
ry one who saw her, entirely restored to health ; and
since last summer has done the entire work of her fam
ily. After the last attack of Mrs. Wimcr, our young
est child, then an infant at the breast, was taken down
and rapidly sinking, with the same symptoms ub its
mother, and seeing the happy effect of the Balsam in
tho case of the mother, we were disposed to make trial
of it for the child, audit was attended With the same
pel feet success.. . : '" ' ": '.- .
The uboye statement ean bo attested by our physi
cian as well as our neighbors and acquaintances, who
saw Mrs, Wither during the course of her sickness.. -
, ; - , Very truly, yuur,&o. ,
" '.: JOHN WIMER. '
Burlington, Licking Co., O. " . 1 , . -, i '
The case of Thomas Cozens is related by himself as
follows, and acknowledged by all who know him as .
one of the. most astonishing cures ever performed.
Haddonfield, N. J.,. April 20, 1843.
On or about tho 13th day of Dec. 1841, I was takeii
with a violent pain in tlio side near the Liver which con
tinued for about five days, and was followed, by the
breaking of an ulcer, or something inwardly, which
relieved the pain u little, but caused me to throw up a
great quantity of offensive matter and also much blood.
Being greatly alarmed at this. I applied to a physician,5
but he said he thought he could do but little for me ex
cept give me some Mercury Pills, which I refused to
take, leehng satisneu tney could do mo no good; many-
other remedies' were then procured by my wife ami
menus, and none did me any good, and the discharge
or blood and corruption still continued every lew days
and at last became so offensive I could scarcely breath.
1 was also seized with a violent couth, which at times
caused me to raise much more blood than I had done
before, nnd my disease coutinued in this way, still grow
ing worse until f eh.wBcnall hope ol my recovery was
given up, and my friends all thought I would die with
a galloping consumption At this 'moment, when my
life was apparently drawing near at a close, I heard of
Dr. Wistar's Balsam of Wild Cherry, atid got a bottle,
which relieved me immediately, and by the use of only
three bottles of this medicine, all my pains were remo
ved, my cough and spitting of blood and corruption en-'
hrely stopped, and in a lew wecKS my Health was so
far restored as to enable me to work at my trndc,
(which isaCarpentet)andupto this time I havcenioy
ed good health.
Witness. I am acquainted with Mr. Thomas Co "
zens, and having seen him during his illness, I think
the above statement entitled to full credit.
Gloucester County, SS. --! !-i ,;;
Personally came before me, the subscriber, one of tho
Justices of the Peace in and for the said county, Thorn-'
as Cozens,- and being fully affirmed according to law,
saith the above statement is in all things true.
. Affirmed before me on the 20th day of April, 1843. ,r
ftir We publish no fictitious statements. '",' -" '
, Price $1,00 per bottle, ."'-s j ' j ' i "
' OCT" or sale in Cincinnati only by ' ' "
At their Western Depot of Valuable Medicines corner
of fourth & walnut sts.
Sold in Cadiz by VV. B. Beebe. in Stcubenville bv A
L. Fruzer, and in Mt. Pleasant by John Hogg.. ' 1 ,
Icr-Banaioro at. ram are uenerai Agents lor tne
west, r; :, ' .- ,t r ; iune 19;
For the Prevention and cure of all disease
arising from a disordered Sto7nach,and(l,
impure blood. '
These Pills are not offered as a specific to 'cure all
diseases,' 'as most of the publications of Medicine
falsely declare, but they are expressly prepared foy
tho removal of 'Bile and Bilious Mattor,' which is the
first seed of disease, and at the same time PURIFY'
the BLOOD, and eventually restore the diseased func
tion of the animal economy to sound health. Al
symptoms are certain to accumulate an excess of Bile
front indigestable food remaining in the stomach,
hence Sickness and pain, loss of appetite, Headache
Costiveness, Bilious and Putrid Fevers, Dyspasia, Li-'
ver complaint, Rheumatism, 4.0. , . .. y
One single 25 cent box of the AntiUUousPilU
will Completely carry off and r emove the root the pri-
mnry cause ot most of the distressing purladiea at th;
present day. ' '
Ask for Dr. Katr' Life Pill. Bold only' by r;
' ug. 81, W. B. BEEBE, Cadix.
m -
MARTEN CHUZZELWIT complete with nnrne.
rou Illustrations) Comio Blaokstone ; Prose Fic
tion, illustrating true principle in their bearing npon -every
day life, by T- , Arthur) The Grandfather, by r
Miss Pickering; History of tho Crusade)' Whist Play-
er) Ritchie's address; Living' Age, Noa. 10 at 11(114
limti-ntnH Khali Anofirdt Nrt. 1 7 i 1 .1 Ia nf Inmni W nnv Pnllr
just received and for al at New Yoik prices. ' '
of. 91. ; , r - r A. L,l'ItAllER. , f
Magistrates' Blanks for enle at this ticrT.

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