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And Solicitors in Chancery.
LL piolesaonai tc.sir.ess snfctsted to their car in
.xJL. couuiies of Harrison, Jcrferssn, Bclraout, Monroe,
Guernsey, Tuscarawas, Coshocton, Holu.cs, Carroll,
Staik ariU Wayne, will be faithfully attended to.
Qtfice on Stetiinziiie Street.oppcsite the public IntUdints.
3. D. CL.MM1NS, Mew Philadelphia,
Attorney and Counsellor at Lais,
and Solicitor in Chancery.
OFFICE, next door west of Thomas I logics store,
corner room, up stairs.
Cudiz, May 18th, 113.
The cheapest and vioit rplcndidly illuminated
and illustrated edition of the Hard of Avon
tailed I ilic Hcu. Cii! ian C. Voi-plank.
13 OBT. V. WIER, Esq.. will design, select, and
XV arrange ti e illustrations, of which there will be
about J4IJL) executed on wood, in the very bet style o
the modern s' hool of that ait.
In submitting the Prospectus of the Editor to the pub
lic,, mo punusuer nus only to uuu tnnt ne will spare net
ther expense nor pains iu muko this edition of thi
World' Poet superior to any that has heretofore ap
peared in illustrutiotis, typography and pnper. The
form will be royal octavo, arid will be issued in weekly !
parts, price l'-ii cts., which places it within the means
of persons of the most limited fortunes, whilst on tic
count of its peculiar beauty it will gain itself admission
into the libraries of the rich, and there prove to be one
of the choicest ornaments.
Those who wish this work in the most pet feet state
will only be sure of it by taking; the parts as they ap
pear, which will contain the early proofs of the engru
vings. The Tiagedy ofllnmlet is now in press. The fi et
part will be issued in March.
ThePicTosi.il. and Illustrated editions of SHAKS
PEARE, lately published ia E nglnnd, tire amongst the
most beautiful specimens of the recent and remarkable
improvement of tho nit of wood engraving, which by
combining great excellence of execution with economy
of price, has given an unprecedented dill'usion to the
most useful as well us the most exquisite productions ol
the arts of Design.
The designs of Kkxxv Meadows for the illustrations
of Tyas' edition of Shakspeare express the character of
,the several personages, and thespiritof the scene, with
wonderful t.uih and power: whilst the wood engraving
of Knight's Pictorial edition combine witb ilic highest
nierits of tut and taste such a learned and minute accu
racy as to scenery, costume, architecture and antiquity
as to make them a perpetual and most instructive com
mentary upon the Poet's text. It is now proposed to
embody in an American edition, tho admirable iliustrti
tion of both these editions, engraved with equal excel
lence of mechanical execution, to add to these, other en
gravings from eminent artists, as Reynolds, Luseli, S.
Newton, cSlC.. and to accompany them with a beauti
fully printed and correct text.
Hut the publisher, anxious that his country should
pay some part of the homage due from her to tlie great
est Poets, us to one who belongs not solely to England
.but to all
who speak the tongue
That Shakspeare spake,
'.oul.l not content himself with a mere republication -r
compilation. He has therefore prevailed upon li. W.
Wtin, whose reputation as nn Aitist is already identi
fied with his country's Ufetoiy, to contribute a series ol
original design?, together with such advice ami assis
tance in other details of art us his taste may suggest for
the illustration and embellishment of this publication.
From the same reason the publisher, instead of reprinting
the text and commentary of any popular English im
pression, was desirous that his edition should have the
supervision ofan American editor. This task hns been
undertaken, by Of IE AN C. VFRPL.YNCK.
The plan proposed to lu.if.elf by the editor, is to fur
nish the reader with a carefully prepared and accurate
ly printed text, unencumbered by any note.; or com
ments upon the page itself; as however useful they may
be elsewhere, thev are too apt to divert the mind from
the power ol the 1'oet's thought, ami to ili-two the ma
gic of his scene. .Such notes as may be thought useful
for the explanation or criticism of the text,will be
thrown into an Appendix to each play.
The text of !'hakspcare's dramatic woiks, drawn
from old printed copies in his age, which had never pas
sed under the author's own C' e, was consequently dis
figuixd .by many errors and oUcuiitics. It passuu du
ring the lust century through a succession of varying
ditiom until the revision of Stevens and Mulonc, whose
text tor rather that of .Stevens) has become the stan
dard Irom which most of tho English and Ameiicar. e
ditionshave been printed, with various degrees of ac
curacy. But within the last twenty Vf ins, a more mi
nute und familiar acquaintance with' old English idioms
hubits and modes of thought, guided by an intense and
.constantly increasing ntlaiimtion for Shakspearc's ge
nius, has led to tho strong conviction that very many ot
the numerous though slight deviations from the ancient
text appearing in modem editions, arc useless or erro
neous interpolations, sometimes weakening the sense
and often substituting an arbitrary monotonous metrical
regularity for the Poet's own native melody. Accord
ingly very many of these emandations have been rejec
ted by the UiBt and beet English editors, especially Mr.
Knight and Mr. Collier, and the readings of the old fo
lios and quartos have been restored, unless where some
errorofthe press or manuscript was undeniably mani
fest. Vet tnere are many such passages confessedly
corrupt, and requiring conjectural emendation; the'e
are also differences of reading between the several old
Impressions, affording grounds for some diversity of text
and warm controversy between the moie recent editors.
EpQB these, the American editor thinks it due to tho
character of this edition, to decide for himself without
implicitly following tho text of any one modern edition
As the industry and learning of prior editors have fur
nished the collation of various readings and the author!
tics upon which they maybe supposed, the tusk is no
longer thai of laborious investigation, but. as it were, of
judicial decision enlightened by contending argument.
As mauy of these variations are of nearly equal prob
ability, and us some of them are doubtless the author's
own alterations nt different periods, all the more impor
tant leadings will be presented to the render in thonotes
for his own selection. Those notes will also contain so
much ofcommentary as may be useful to explain anti
quated words nnd phrases, obscurely expressed passages
and allusions to obsolete opinions or the habits or his
tory of the times; tho whole in as condensed a form as
practicable. But any commentary upon Shakspeare,
however brie', would be imperfect "if it did not present
some view of the higher criticism employed, noton the
JOHN' M'NEILL, Attorney at Law and Solicitor io
Clmncsiy, wjl attend promptly to any butiuea
entrusted to him in Harrison and theadioiningcouuties
Office in the house formerly occupied by Mr, Wn. J.
t ry, a low coors below -Mc.Nutt Hotel.
Cd,z, iiif;- ai. 1S44
WILL continue to practice in Harris on and th
adjoining Counties.
fjrOttice opposite the pubLc offices.
August, 18th, 184-2.
Attorneys at Laic $ Solicitors
in Chancery,
T" f ILL practice law in the courts of Harrison eoun
t f ty Business intrusted to them will receive
their united attention. Oiiice opposite James McNutt's
Cadiz, Feb. 2d, 1843.
ixi) somcitok in chanceky
Oftcc in Pultic EuilJings, next door eatl of Vit Treas
urer' Office..
Dec. 21st, 1843.
4 XV. .1IOUlIESO., Attorney and Counsellor
.Z"JSL at Law, and Solicitor in Chancery. (Mice, a
little west of the Oifice of the Crisis, in ibe 'house former
ly i ccumcd by (. V. Chapman, Lso.
Canollton, r.pr 18 siturj
ATTORNEY and Counsellor at Law, Millersburg,
Holmes county, Ohio, will uttend faithfully to all
business entrusted to his care, in the counties of Holmes,
vayne, lvnox, Coshocton ami lusenruwas.
Collections in any puit of the state promutlv attend
ed to. Re!er to
J, U. Bratton, Esq., Ilarrisburg, Pa.
James M. Brewster, Esq., tiahvvny, N. J.
Jassts Caddiagtoii, Canal street, 5f . Y.
E. A. Bradley, Eagle st. Buffalo.
Philo Scoville, Cleveland, O.
N. M. Standard. do.
t.ditor ol Sentinel, Cadiz, O. np 25 3m
J EEP constantly on hand a largo assortment of
k A (old. Silver, J ortoise-shell, German .Silver and
Steel SPKCTACJLES, Kyc Glasses, Linnen proven
Also, rebblcs, Cataract Glass, convex, concave, per
iscopic, perifocal and coloied glasses, tc suit all ages.
Special attention paid to fitting new glasses to old
f j"Vin mbec-.ibeis are now receiving in addition to
.1. their former stock, a large and general assortment
of MILITARY GOODS, consisting in part ofSwords,
Sashes, Epauletts, Buttons, Laces, Cords, Braids, Caps,
Plumes, Pompoms, &c. Volunteer companies supplied
with equipments, banners, .flags, &.c.
june'G if JOHN B. McFADDEN & Co.
IVo. lii Liberty Street,
Opposite the head of Smithficld street,
jlirif; 5. PlTTSBL'RGH Pa.
l)v. .LVJiliS !SI 'ISA"
J ESPECTEL'LLY informs his old fiieuds that he
as icf uined the practice of Physic and Surgery,
at the town of
;'. !.ch:;:; j strict nttcn-y-- tu;;.ie, ,m ,
moderate charges, to merit and receive a full share of
public patronage, Ilis medicines are fresh and genu
ine, fiuno 19.
OLTING CLOTHS. A new and extensive as
sortment of German and English Eoltinz cloths.
No. 4, 5, G, 7, 8, , just received and for sale at East
crn prices by MA HOOD & GRIMES.
July x!G, Is 13.
TV. UN ITU RE prints, Berlin, Buck a nd Cotton gloves
Fancy Cap Ribbon. Iiish Linen, inserting. Ouil-
ling. Edging, Lisle thread and Cotton Lace, Cambric
muslin, JackonoU &c. &.c. MAHOOD &. GRIMES,
Nov. 2d ,1843.
A splendid assortment of ladies
iceiyed and (or sale
O '-hots and gaitersjust received and for sale
MaiCIl Ml, 1C44.
ATS a large assortment of Gentlemen's fur hals
from $:,0U to 4,0U for sale by
;larch 21, 1814. MAHOOD &. GRIMES.
EAVERS REEDS, A large assortment just re
ceived nnd lor sale bv '
March 7, 1844. MAHOOD & GRIMES.
commences a new volume oi'Graham's M
lie pabl'sher promises to improve his most popular
agazine. 3 per year, and will be delivered without
ehargo ofposlU';e, by
ju'-e 5. " A. L, FRAZER, G. P. Agent.
rTlEA Pouchon
Youns Hvson. Illack nnd ntliov
Teas from 5U cts. to S1.50 per lb.
r Si J.
ONNET Lawns, do Silks and Satins a benutifu
new style, u.so a splendid article white wutered
si". J. P. WOOD. mav2.
very goc
may 22.
Trimmings, ucknovikdzei very Diettv.
good and very cheap nt the new store of
loton the OTUAUT'S victoria cottuii.
interpretation of his language, but upon hio thoughts,! Biitaiti hooks ami eyes
bis character, his poetry, passions, philosophy. The
only difficulty here arises from the abundance, the mag
nificent variety, of the materials con.ributed during the
last hnlf century by the most brilliant minds of Europe.
Still it is believed that this duty can be sntisracton'ly
performed without swelling the edition to un inconve
nient bulk.
. H. W. HEWET, PuUuhrr.
, 2fl Broadway, New Yoik.
No Tin
Sic s c.
T pMIE Subsciiber informs his old customers and the
X public generally that, at his old shop in Cadiz,
they can purchase lower than has ever been offeied
west of the Ohio, any article in his line,
lie keeps constantly on hund,
may :
aiso ji. North's new
3. V. WOOD.
jv.L.t.v, i iij series, ivuiiiiam s ec rsiiuurs urammars,
H J &.C. nil ciieup. J. l'. WUOD. may 22.
IIIT'K Gluo,
Gum arabac nnd Briinstono for
J. P. WOOD. may 22
Another Remarkable Cure by using
Wistar's Balsam of Wild Cherry Tree
4 MONG all the famous Medicines for Consuoip-
X A tion, none seems to be meeting wth greater suc
cess, or gaming a higher reputation Uian that most wou
derrul a i tide,
Wistar't Baham of Wild Cherrv!
That it stands at the head of all other remedies is
now universally conceded. It has cored thousands
upon thousands of all classes in cases of the most
dangerous consumptive character. Ami physicians ol
the greatest eminence throughout our whole country
unhesitatingly recommend it as the
of Pulmonary diseases in the whole ranee of Pharmacy-
The Sales in the V cstern States huve thus far been un
paralleled; and the must gratify ing proofs of its effica
cy have beeu received from every place where it has
been used. Thousands ot CU.N -L M l" 1 1 v i; r A 1
ENTS havealieudy tested its exalted virtues, and con
tested its surpassing excellence ana amazing power.
1 he remarkable success ol this Balsam is no doubt ow
ing in a great measure to the peculiarly agreeable and
powerful nature ot its inejecLents. tt is a
r JiNti 11LKUA L JMliUiJlifc!
Composed chiefly of WILD CHERRY BARK and the
eenuino tClM.,AISJJ ItlUJS (the latter unpolled e
pressly for this purpose,) the rare medical virtues of
which, are also combined by a new chemical process,
with the Kxlract of Tar, thus rendering the whole com
pound the most cuituiu and efficacious remedy ever
discovered lor
Consumption of the Lungs.
The following we have just received from Messrs. Jos-
hn & Kono, Diugrists, in ISewark, m tins Mute.
whom it was communicated by John Winter, Esq., a
citjen of uu' imgton, Licking county. Ohio.
fiwRMSGTox. Lickine Co..O., Dec. 1, 1843,
Mossrs. Joslin i. Kowe: At your request I herewitl;
transmit to you a statement of the case of Mrs. Winter,
and child, as near us I am uble to communicate, which
you uic at liberty to publish if you see fit, as I feel a
desire to inform the woild of the ellects of the invalu
able medicine called Uistar's Balsam of Wild ( heny,
to which, by the divine blessing, I am indebted for the
restoration to health of my wife and child.
About five years ago Mrs. Winter was attacked
with a violent cough, pain in the chest and side, and
symptoms of approaching consumption. During the
intervals from that time to sometime iu Feb. last, she
had been tiented by eminent Physicians from Utica,
Sylvariia, Homer, Chatham, und Newark, and with
only partial relief of the most urgent symptoms. A
bout one year ago she caught a violent cold, which
seated upon the Lungs, producing nn alarming aggra
vation of nil her previous symptoms. Her Physician
was sent for, ami despite his best efforts, she began
rapidly to sink under her disease. Cough, Expectora
tion, Hectic, together with night sweats, soon reduced
her to a complete skeleton. In Feb. last, her attend
ing Physician, deemed her case altogether hopeless, a
council was called and after deliberating upon her
case, unanimously pronounced her to be beyond the
reach of means, ami expressed their opinion that she
could survive but a short time, one or two weeks at far
thest. She was at this time entiiely confined to her
bed, und scarcely able to articulate, except in a whis
per. Her daily paroxysms of coughing would last her
interruptedly 'from three to rive hours, and so severe
were they, "that we did expect that every paroxysm
would be the last. The Physicians in council, pro
nounced her Lungs, Liver, Kidneys, Spine, snd Mu
cus, Membrane of the Stomach to bo incurably dis
eased. It was at this last extremity that we happened
to obtain a pamphlet describing Dr. Wistar's Balsam of
Wild Cherry, ns applicable to Lung allections. We
immediately sent to you and procured a bottle, and
commenced its use at evening by giving her one tea
spoonful, and such was tho surprising eli'ect, that she
was able to puss a comfortable night's icst, without ex
periencing any paroxysm of coughing, and such was
its ultimate etl'ect, that after taking 5 bottles she was,
contrary tu the expectations of her physicians, and eve
ry one who saw ber. entirely tcstoicd to health: and
since last summer has done the entire woik of her fam
ily. After the last attack of Mrs. Winter, our young'
est child, then an infant tit the breast, was taken down
and rapidly sinking, with the same symptoms us its
mother, and seeing the happy effect of the Balsam in
the case of the mother, we were disposed to make trial
of it for the child, and it wus attended with the same
perfect success.
The ubove statement enn be attested by our physi
cian as well ns our neighbors and acquaintances, who
saw Mrs. Wimcr during the course of her sickness. i
Very truly, yours, i-c,
Burlington, Licking Co., 0.
The case of Thomas Cozens is related by himself as
follows, and acknowledged by all who know him as
one of the most aslonishiii" rnw "- wv,rmd.
IIaudonpield, N. J., April 20, 1843.
On or about the 13th day of Dec. 1841, I was taken
with a violent pain in the side near the Liver which con
tinued for about five days, and was followed by the
bieaking of an ulcer, or something inwardly, which
relieved the pain u little, but caused me to throw up a
meat auantitv ofofTensive matter and also much blood.
lit ing greatly alarmed ut this, I applied to a physician,
but he said he thought he could (to hut tittle tor me ex
cept give me some Mercury Pills, which I refused to
take, feeling satisfied they could do me no good; many
other remedies were then procured by my wife and
friends, and none did me any good, and the discharge
ol blood nnd corruption still continued every lew days
and at last became so offensive I could scarcely breath.
1 was also seized with a violent cough, which ut times
caused me to raise much more blood than I had done
before, and my disease continued in this way, still grow
ing worse until Feb. wren till hope of my recovery was
given up, and my friends all thought I would die with
a galloping consumption. At this moment, wncn my
life was apparently drawing near at a close, I heard of
Ur. Wistar's lialsam ol wild Cherry, and got a Dottle,
which relieved mo immediately, and by the use ol only
trnee bottles ol this medicine, all my pains were remo
ved, my cough and Bpitting of blood und corruption en
tirely stunned, ana in n lew weelts my nealtn wob os
far restored as to enable me to work at my trade
(which is a Carpenter) and up to this time I have enjoy
ed good health.
Witness. 1 am acquainted with lur. I nomas. Co
zens, and having seen him during his illness, I think
the above statement entitled to full credit.
Gloucester County, SS.
Personally came before me, the subscriber, one of the
Justices ol tho reace in and lor tho said county, I nom
as Cozens, and being fully affirmed according to law
saitn the ubove statement is in all things true.
Affirmed before me on the 20th day of April, lei 13
ftt" W e publish no fictitious statements.
Puce 1,00 per bottle.
ft7"l or sale in Cincinnati only by
At their Western Depot of Valuable Medicines corner
of fourth fc walnut Ms.
Sold in Cadii by VV. B. Behe, in Steubenville by A.
L. Frnzer, and in Mi. Pleasant by John Hogg.
QSandford & Pink urc General Agents for the
west. " june 19.
F&. W. HAMILTON have s general
assortment of geutleuu.-n's Boota
Atonroes, cnoes ana cuppers, una l.au.ea. T.g.w tm
Lace Boots, Shoes, Call aud Kid Slipp-era. As we man
ufactunsd them ourselves we warrant them to be rood
Also, preKi variety oi cniiurcn s snocs. v e still con
tinue business at the old stand of Thomas Phillips, Esq,
.1 L-.-l.l-.. . 1 . . 1
opposite uie puuuu uuuuingv. ap 23
uBe sure you're right, then go ahead." .
Steuarl, llilligan A Bennett.
rHHE undersigned announce to the public that they
I have purchased the nronerlv formerly occunieJ
by Win. Bennett and intend merchandizing permanent
ly in Lad J. 1 no customers ol Uie old House may rest
assuied that no effort on our part shall be spared to ren
der entire satisfaction to all who mny be disposed to
patronise us.
w e are now receiving xvew uooos, anu are determi
ned to sell on the most accommodating terms. Old
customers are earnestly solicited to call ; and any quan
tity of new ones fere anxiously sought for.
april 4. h. j. Dennett.
P. S. more details hereafter.
S. M. & B.
Milliner & Mantua Making Business.
Miss. JA.i: SCOTT,
rT"AKES this method of informing the ladies of New
I Athens and vicinity, that she has taken a room
in the house occupied by Mrs. Grimes, on Maine street
iu the totvu ol
where she will carry oti the above business in all its va
rious branches. Having taken instructions friim one
long and amply experienced in the bus'ness, she trusts
she will be able to tender geneiul sntisluction. Hie is
determined to spare no pains in sedulously striving to
please, both ns to fashion, durability and" neatness of
woikmanship. till who iiiav favor her with their natron-
age, a liberal share of which she hopes to merit and re
March 14,1844.
WOULD respectfully inform his friends and the
public generally, that he has removed his shop
to the corner brick, opposite Thomas Hogg's old stand,
now owned by Muhood & Grimes. He intends to sell
cheaper than thecheupestnnd without a disposition to
talk loud, he will ecll for ready pay the cheapest of any
other establishment iri tho western country. Beef cat
tle and tildes will oe taken in exenange lor worK.
Conie ahead all you who want bargains. opr 4
D R U Cm S
FF"U1E Subscriber hns just received from the east a
I fresh supply of Medicines, dyes, mints, oil, &c,
which he proposes selling on as accommodating terms
us any establishment of the kind in this section of the
country. Peisons wishing to purchase articles in his
line ol business would do well to call and examine his
stock before purchasing elsewhere.
Cad j, Nov. lGth, 1843.
T" ESPECTFLTLY Inform the citizens of Cadiz, and
IV vicinity, that they have removed to the frame
building recently erected by L. P. Milligan, Esq., on
Market stieet, (iuid directly opposite Messrs, Kilgore
& Co's Dry Goods Store,) where they are prepared to do
worlc m a style, which shall not he surpassed in any
other shop in the county.
Thankful for past favors, they respectfully solicit a
continuance of public patronage.
N. B. They earnestly request all persons who are in
debted to them Ibr work done, more than six months
ago, to come forward und settle their respective accounts
without limner delay. apr 4
Cadit, Ohio.
HAVING taken tho above well known stand in the
town of Cadiz, formerly occupied by Mr. Thos. D.
Grimes, would respectfully inform his f riends, the old
patrons of the establishment, and the travelling public
generally, that he is prepared to accommodate them, as
he believes, to their entire satisfaction. The House lias
beeu thoroughly repaired, new rooms added, nnd a
large reading room attached, where the principal jour
nals of the day will bo regularly received and filed.
Every endeavour will bo mtitle by the proprietor to
add to the comfort of his guests; anil he respectfully so
licits and hopes to merit u share of the public patronage.
march 28.
'IMIE SUBSCRIBER thankful for
X past favors, oilers to his old custo
mers and the public generally tho lur
cst and best assortment of Boots nnd
i hoes, pumps nnd guitors, and half gni
tors. childiens, &.:., together with ev
ery article in his line ol Uusmcss ever olliereu in
this market. He still continues to manufacture boots,
shoes nnd every article in his line, in the neatest,
cheapest and most fashionable style. He also keeps
constantly on hands all kinds ol leather, Kid sKius,
rneu ami .woman's morocco skins, lining nnd binding
skins, sparrowbi'ls, pegs, and all kinds of Shoemakers
tools, aud findings of every kind, and also a good as
sortment of tiuuks of dillerent kinds; and a first rate as
sortment of brass clocks, hoo blacking eec, all of the
above he pledges himself to sell as cheap as the cheapest.
And if he cannot convince the purchaser he can do so,
he will not ask them to buy, but would earnestly solicit
those wishing to buy, to give him a call before purcha
sing elsewhere, as he is determined to sell very low, par
ticularly for cash us heisiu wanlof the article, Hois
still ut hia old stand on Market street,
N. B. Ho still continues the 3T5sJ---.
livery business, and having provi- mJU&i
IKE of James If.
A Libia ry, No. ;M;
hold, just received by
j oik; Arnny iierucrt: Mirror
No. 3 Cabin llouk, by Seats
A. L. FRAZER july 10.
1 LLL'MINATFD Bible No. 5, nnd No. 11 Illustrated
X r:hukspeare, just tecetved at
stone Cutting.
rTVIANKFULfor past favors, the subscriber takes
I this method of informing tho public that ho still
continues to carry on the above business in the shop
lately occupiod by Bcdwell & Hucbcner, Cadiz Ohio,
where all orders for
will be promptly attended to, on the most reasonable
Cadiz, May 11th, 1843.
ded the best kind of carnages,
and stock, for that business, he B
flatters himself ho can accommodate thepuhlic to their
satisfaction, os his terms shall be very reasonable.
S. S.
II E 11 15 E W I I4 A S T E Ii .
rinillS is becoming one of the most popular medi-
cities now bcl'oio tho public, For removing all
seated pains, such us Rheumatism, pain in the back,
side or breast, it has no equal iu the world. It is also
efheacious in removing wens, tumors, corns, &.c. We
do not design topvff "this medicine, vyitli old (icritiwue
certificates, but will simply mention a
where it has efircted cures. Mr. Sloan of Zanesville,
after having sulleied with Rheumatism for nine years
was cured by using tho HEBREW PLASTER. Mr.
Anderson of Putnam, was troubled for a long time with
a lame buck, occasioned by overfilling, cured by using
this plaster. A man, (name not recollected,) in Gra
tiot, Licking (.Jo., entirely cured of Rheumatism. The
following certificate from Mr. Woistell, editor of the
Massilon Gaz. and George Miller Esq., of the firm of
Keith &. Miller, utt'ys., was lunushed men lew dins
since :
Massilon, Oct. 38th, 1S13.
Having received much benefit from using the
we cheerfully recommend it to the nfflictcd, believing it
to be a valuable medicine for tho purposes for which ii
is recommended.
Many other respectable persons have offered iu give
their certificates, but wo deem it unnecessary, to mid
"ny more nt this time. Those who use it will find it t.
goal medicine. Each box contains sufficient to spread
6 or 8 large plasters. Price 5U cents per box. For sale
in Cadiz by JOHN BEALL, and
ilCUc.Ai. v UUJJt
Also for sale by nrfents iij most of tho cinntry town
JOHN ItOGtt, Agent for M PJwusrtt
Nov. 16lh, 1843.
THIS unrivalled preparation has performed some of
the most astonishing cures of diseases that are fe '
corded io the annals of history, thus proving conclu
sively It IS capaDie 9I UUlllg "to uiju aim uuu puipuOT
for which it u designed. Patients suffering for years
from various chronic cotwtitutional disorders, after try- ,
ing different remedies, spending thousands ol dollars Jn ,
travelling and doctoring, and suffering all that human '
nature is capable ol euuunng, iiaviiig oy " ,
few bottles entirely recovered their health. Chronic
Rheumatism, Scrofula or King's Evil, Suit Kheura ami
Ringworm, Ulcers and painful affection of the bones.
Ulcerated Throat and Nostrils, Scurvy, Biles, Chronic, ;
Sore Eyes. Blotches and various cutaneous eruptions,
are effectually cured by iu use. Diseases having their (
origin in an impure blood and fluitU generally, will bo
speedily anil effectually removed by this invaluable
medicine, as its operction is peculiar, and consists in
removing the cnuse of disease by entering into the cir
culation and passing through the geneml system.
Where obstructions toils luvoruble operation exist,
they are removed as it passes along the alimentary ca- 1
nn); hence the patient will know und feel the sensible .
operation of tho Satsnparilla from its curative powers.
The proprietors are daily recoiving orders from the
medical profession, the clergy, officers of jestice, and t
numerous private citizens, ample and willing testimo
ny, both written nnd verbal, to the superior value and '
cllicaey of this preparation. To the poor it is furnished
gratuitously, on sufficient proof being furnished of their
worthiness. '
The following certificates from individuals who have
suffered with Scrofula in its very severest-form, are pre
sented for the careful perusal of the olllictcd. ,
Esskx, Conn., July 25, 1843.
Messrs. Sunds Gent, About eight yea re sineo, b y
being overheated and directly nllor exposed, 1 was sea- .
zed with a scveic cold, which deranged the whole sys
tem. Purple or Lvid spots appeared on the skin, at-
tended with violent pain ufthe head ; the symptoms be- .
ing alarming, a physician was culled who prescribed '
blistering and leeching, which produced purtinl re-
lief. Hard bony lumps formed under tho skin
on various parts of tlie body, and the Doctor -pronounced
my complaint heieditary Scrofula now for-,
the first time developed. The following winter my
sight failed in both eyes, medical aid was again resort- '
ed to, which relieved my sight during tho summer, my ;
nose now began to increase iu size und the whole body
rapidly enlarged with a dropsical swelling. The noso '
even grew veiy sore and discharged most profusely tho
most loathsome substance. My whole system was in
volved in disease, the lumtrs softened and discharged
lieely, producing great debility ; ulcers now broke out ,
on the lerrs. and to complete my misery, the muscles "
and sinewi contracted so that I was rendered. .helpless..,
I remained with little change in this condition until last
October, when I was suddenly seized with an indescri
bable sensation which rendered me nearly unconscious,
and my friends supposed it was the will of kind Provi
dence to rid me of my sufferings, but from this Ikrccov
ercd onlyio stiller 011 ; the ulcers bad become orw con-
tinuous sore entirely raw. ,
It was in this condition I commenced the use of your
invaluable Sarsnputilla, which 1 wus induced to lieu
from the many remarkable cures 1 taw r ublished.
It came to me assome guardian nngel and i can scarce- '
ly tell why, yet from the moment t heard it mentioned
1 was impressed frilly with the belief that this was to he
tie Good Samaritan for me and truly it has wrought
wonders in my ease. After using it a few days my
pains grew easier, Iho swelling of tho body und the
limbs went down, the ulcers commenced healing, nnd 1
rested well. After sullcriiig every tiling but tho pains
of death, how happy am I und how grateful do I feel to -be
able to add another testimonial to the efficacy of y,
your priceless Satsnparilla! ,j
My health is restored, and I have walked four miles
without inconvenience. 1 superintend my family af- t
fairs, and in fact feel almost like being in a new world.
1 am induced to. make this public acknowledgment
from a deep sentp of duty to you ns a means in the
hands of God of lestoring a fellow mortal from a pre- .
matuie grave. Language is inadequate to express my
feelings. May tho Lord he with you, and make las
face to shine upon you, is the sincere desire of your .
much obliged und deeply indebted friend. To the al- 4
flicted I would say,' Do not despair; for however des
perate your case may be, you surely have an antidote
at hand viz: Samis's SAitsAi'Aiin.LA. Trust to no eth
er, however great their pretensions.
Middlesex Co. ss. Esskx, Conn. July 85, 1843. ,
Pcisonally appeared tho ubove named Mouissa Sim-.. ,
minis, and made oath to the facts contained in the fore- '
going slntcineiit before me. - - 1
Justice of the Peace." " '
AVe the subscribers, being personally acquainted with .
Mrs. Monir-sa Simmons do not hesitate to say that we
consider the above EtHlOinritt of her ctwo substantially
true and entitled to confidence.
Rkubkx Post, Deacon Bap't, C
I. II11.1. IIah'Kn, Merchant.
C, Gruknmiai', Ser, Dentist. ;.
A. F. Wiiini,i.Jioi!K, P. M. ..
JOHN BEALfj, Agent, ;
Ijl special hjipointmeul of the jiroprichrt, pjf, Cadiz and
PTnilE subscribers respectfully inform the public that
JL they have entered into a partnership under the
firm of
for the purpose of carrying on the above business in all
its various tranches, at the old stand of Snyder A: Moore,
where they are prepared to execute work with neatness
and dispatch, for all who may favor them with a call.
From long experience in tho business, and having
none but the best of workmen employed, they have no
Hesitation in saying, inui nicy iviii give general satis
faction. They liavo and will continue to keep on hand
the most approved fashions.
Old Established Emigrant Passage Office.
fTM-IE subscribers would cull the attention of such
persons residing in this country 11s are desirous
of seudintr for their friends, to come out from any part
of Great Britain, to' their unequalled arrangements on
both sides of the Atlantic, lor having passergers brought
forward with despatch. 1 hey tue also prepared to
remit monies by drafts payable throughout the United
Kingdom to pieoare passengers for the voyage. Per
sons residing at u distance can, by wilting to either of
the subscubois, ascertain tlie prices 01 passage, exc,
and by a remittance of the necessary amount with the
names nnd residence of the persons to come, a certifi
cate will be at once sent forward by the first Tacket
Ship, and all necessary information given.
Apply to or aiiuiess jouai nin-innm.
No. CI, South stieet, New York,
aug. 27 Water strcet.Pittsburgh. .
OGWOOD, Lumpblack, Shoe blacking, Cnstile,
While and Kosiu soap for sale at the cheap store
J. P. WOOD. may 23.
for mi le li
A full 1
iw by
iiipply of sickles just received and
j.r. wood
may 23
TIN WARE every variety.
SHEET-IRON WARE to suit purchaser!
4or,tment. . n Cash or Produce received in exchange. '
' CmVa, April 20th, 1844. ,
BOOK'S, an exeollent selection of choice school and
Library books, and on an average full 25 per ct.
cheaper than ever befora offered.
. inaySS. , ' J, T. WOOD,
IAMILY Medical Library. A treatise on thepre
. vcntiou and cine of diseases, bv regimen and sim
ple remedies; reiecd and enlarged, with the edition of I
a rcgr.tanie matena medica, pointing out tho virtues,
prepuiniion and doses of outmost valuable native med
ical plants, and an outline of anatomy and phisiology,
illustrated with 100 engravings, 6 of which arc colored,
at A L. FRAZER'S, Steubenville. may 22.
KB Screens. A beautiful assortment, cheap, a
1 june 19. FRAZER'S.
Kngs nails assorted sizes, just received and or
J. 1'. WOOD.
sale low by
may 22
riMIE SUBSCRIBER resnectfullv solicits thoss in-
I debted to him for professional services, of longer
standing than six months, to call immediately and set
tle olf; more particularly those who know themselvn
indebted n number ol years. Ji they cannot (Iiscnr.res
all the tlebt, to pay u part at least, make ttlUement.
It is extremely unpleasant to be under the necessity 0
dunning, Dut mucn more so, ol enforcing collection
But the law is fiir the disobedient.
sept. 4th. 3mo. M. WILSON.
fTMlE Subscribers are now receiving an extensive as-
I soitmentol l utein oolur Lamps, and Girando
leu, of new and beautiful puttorns, suitable for church
es, halls, parlors, stores, Steamboats, &c.
These Lamps are Constructed solely for the con
sumption ol lard; and are warranted to produce
light equal to the best Sperm Oil, and at one-half the
(jr Orders from abroad promptly attended to.
85 Markit Stsirt,
October 2d, 1844. tf. PITTSBURGH
EEENSW ARE. AH kinds of Queensware. n most
bcuijtiful bcloction, and Glassware, just received
for sale low by J. P. WOOD. may 22
Wnulcd 1,000 bus. Flax seed for which tt
highest price wiU be paid in ash cm good nt
(tore of MAHOOD A GRIMKf, sagfr.
MARTEN CHUZZELWIT con.ploto with nume-
rous illustrations; Comic Blnckstonc, Prose Fic
tions, illustrating true principles in their I earing npon
every dny life, by T. 8. Arthur) The Giuudfaiher, by
Miss Pickering; History of tho Crusades' Whist Play
er; Ritchie's address; Living Age, Nos. 10 it 11 Il
lustrated Shakspeare No. 17 (Life of James Knox Polk
just received and for sale at New York prices.
au;-ai- A. L.l RARER
Magistrale.' Planks for sale at lhi officd,
f I THE Subscribers will offer to the
I public a variety of good ploughs
Tjc? -1 oeing niieu out wiin enure new unu
iiuuiutnu iju.ii.iiic, wiuiiw uuu c va
riety of other kinds Tho improved
Hornet the half patent the new Com plough all
with wrought shares, which they will sell low for cash.
McNC l l x SMITH
Cadiz, Feb, 3d, 1843.
T illalieod V T. I). Grimes havecommen
I ced the Mercantile business in the stand lately
occupied by Hooo & Woon, where they Invite their
friends and the puolic generally, to call and examine
their stock before purchasing elsewhere, ns they are de
termined to sell as low as any establishment in the
place. MAHOOD &, GRIMES.
February 8, 1844,
Latest Arrival of New Goods!
riHE subscribers are just receiving from the cities of
X j'nuaueipnia anu J ittsmirgh, u large and splen
did assortment of summer and lull goods, which were
purchased within the lust ten days lower than any oth
er goods purchased this season, and will consequently
be sold cheap for cosh or country produce. Call and
see before purchasing elsewhere.
T6HN FOOSE'3 ESTATE, Notice is hereby given
that the subscriber bus been appointed and Quali
fied as administrator in the estate ol John Foose, late
of the county of Harrison, rtee'd.
Come farmers far, come neighbors nigh,
Ir(y call aud see vhat you can buy.
S now receiving
occupied by J.
1. IV 0 Oli
and opening, (in the room brmcrly
Stewart,') direct from the Eastern
Cities, a large und well selected assortment of Spring
and Summer Goods, including n variety of fancy urti
cles, nil of which will be sold nt reduced prices. His
stock consists in part of the follow ing articles. . .'
Broad Cloths assorted co
lors and prices,
Tweed cloth.
Jeans, Summer cloths,
Linen dulls, cotton dulls,
Bed ticking, Alpaccus,
IVT-Thn nndursiu-ned havinrr for some time publish-
.s.i .... .? !i
eu a popular perionicut, me posi;.,tj un win. u vaiu.,.,
at the caprice ol tne postmnsicis, irom wo cents 10 vj-
teen, and having struggled in vain to procure from the
Department either certainty or moderation, as to its
cost by postage, huve determined to struggle no longer
against such oppressive discouragement, but to chnnge
ttieiormol tne v eeitiy mirror, una issue, 111 iiiiuiiioii.
n4duily paper, to be called 1
IU Hi JiVfAN JiMji IVlllUtUll,
It will bo neutral in politics, nnd aim to embrace
everything that can interest the business man ana tne
membeisof a family combining, it is intended, all the
qualities of the best newspaper that Industry and Expe
rience can put together. X lie typo will be new and
beautiful. The literary character of the editors will
perhaps prepare tho public for some favoring of their
uarucuuir pursuits, ami uie usually negiecieu ouwiue
page, will present a daily literary gazette, edited with
their best cure and spirit.
1 he first number will be issued on the seventh day
of October, and every succeeding evening, Sundays ex
cepted. Terms: For the daily paper, six dollars per
annum, payable hall yearly in advance. 1 or
containing the condensod spice and variety of the six
daily papers, without advertisements. Three Dollars
per annum, invariably in advance.
Advertisements at the usual prices. -
Oifice, corner of Nassau and Ann streets, where ad
vertisements nnd subscriptions are now received.
Postmasters will make all remittances free of postage
n' P WILLI' Editors and Proprietors-
Editors with whom we exchange will confer a
favor by either copying or noticing the above.
tn Watches, Jewelry and auvcrwarc,
Clocks and Watches repaired and warranted.
No. 71 Market street, '
TJERIODICALS. Age, No. 1. an improvement upon
I Littell's Muieura t Musical Library, No. 5 j Ladies'
Magazines for June; Pictorial Gallery, no. 4 excel
lent number) Blackwood for Mny, can bo had of
jnn 19. A. L. FRAZER, P, P, Agent.
Is note supplied uilh decidedly tlie greatest variety of
RIETY O PRINTING. In the neatest stvle. on the! V Groceries, just received and tor sale low by;
lowest terms and on the shortest noticei Certain halfi
Blenched & bro. muslins,
Black muslin,
Irish Linen,
Linen handkerchiefs,
Lawns, Calicoes, '
Furniture prints, ..i, .
Silks and Satins,
Bonnet silk; superior ar
ol every description.
Silk Pocket H'dk'fs,
Black silk cravats, . ,
Black satin stocks,
Laces, Edgings etc. ',:.
Merinocs, Leghorn, braid & straw bonnets,
bruize de Lames, Ginghams, Gloves, Mas & Hosiery
r lanneis, white and red,
Blue drillings,
Apron Check,
Cambric Muslins, x
Umbrellas, Parasols, cW'Ji
And in fact almost every article that can be found i,
in any Dry Good store west of the mountains, .
Persons wishing to purchase n great many goods for : 1
a small amount of cash, are retpicsted to call at the store ; .
of J. P. Wood, where he will ever be (bund ready und "
willing to accommodate all who may see proper to favor
him with a call. ;
frjAll kinds of country produce tnkon at the hiirh-
cst market price in exchange for GooiIb and groceries.
1 ' .: it
BULLETIN of Cheap Books. Life, trial, nnd coti- :
vernations of Robert Emmet; Red Maryv or the'?
Pacific ; Complete Florist, n manual for gardening, con
taining practical instruction for the management of green ' '
house plants, and for the'cultivationofshruhery, flowers, ,.i
&c, &c; the National Airs; Legendary Ballads, &c.1 1
of Thos. Moore ; Drawing Room Library, No. 3 ; Camp
bell's Foreign Semi-monthly Magazine lor April; Rich
elieu, a play in 5 nets, by E. W. Bulwer ; Shakespeare,
No. 2 of Hewet's fine illustrated edition; Whimsnnd Od
dities, by Thos. Hood; Hunchback bfNotre Dame, by j.
; student nt I tins; Arthur, by Sue, for sale
Victor Hugo ;
may 8
FRAZER'S Cheap Book Store, ' - 1
Steubenville. ....
The latest Arrival and Cheapest Goods at the -
Call nnd sec Tor yoiiifct'lvi's, where they ;,
J have just received a most splendid und extensivo
assortment ol Spring and Summer goods, which tltey of-"id
fer to the public on tho most accommodating terms.
uiny-J. M. & a.
ILLUSTRATED Shakspeare No. 6, Scnlsfield No. 4 ;
Mysteries of London No. 4 ; False Princey and a
host of other cheap reading nt -' a- ii f
jtins 5. FRAZER'S, Steuhouvillo. ; x
A most benutiful,stock of entirely new style of print !.i
V Ginghams, Dclancs, and Bombazines, at the new,;)
and cheap store of -,
may 9i ; J. P. WOOD. ?
71NCOURAGF, Western Iitflruture.Ned Buntlins'i 1
Mnenxin. No. 1. Vol. 1. May 1844. The first .
number of this Western excellent monthly is received,
jfico dollort a year only. Snbrcriptimis received by - ! I
may 23. A. L. FRAZEH, StubenvillB;itii
Consequently we are prepared to execute EVERY VAi! ROCERIES.-A gener nl supply "of all kinds of.
Ciay 92 ; . J. P. WOOD.i ,
learned printers, or rati, in these quarters, pretend to) fLOTHS, Caesimeres, Snttinetts, Summer vestings, -(
a naw and splendid article at the new cheap star
do printing, but they succeed about as well as tinker
won w m mending n wntrh ! Rivs us a eal, ' df
jr. p. wood.
may SO.
n r

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