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The law of trade, which Tcpilaia and eff4 wo-' 4t oAc create and builil up (reflux in the paper money system, eom- year longer. I therefor recommend to
coeirol p . kxs nJ currency throughout within ihe bosomofourown S'ato a coin- mencingia 1836, and ending in 1844 ,iyour favorable consideration tbeproprie
theclreleuf trading n itionsarc as search-ju'neJ and extended moneyed power, hav-' and showing, what similar oceui rentes in ty of taking measures, in due time, for
i:'ff, as aH-perviiJing aud as irwsijtib'oas l'uS Jivoct and inherent interest in per- other countries and at other times, have the erection of a suitable edifice for the
thclawao nature. jpetuating aud enlarging the debt of the never failed to exemplify, thai goein- transaction of the business of the govern-
Vain, indeed would b? thi attempt tojStatc. The stock of the Statu would not mont debt has been the unfailing concoin-'mmit and the sale-keeping of the impor
hedge in the circulating milium of a eoun- jonly be found to bo a profitable invest-Utant of the growth and expansion of the tunt public records und papers of the
try, and pump it up to fullness by the min- i ntent for the capital of the bunks, but an ' paper money system. (State. ,
iitrr of bunking limitations. Tariff 'laws , investment in political power. The gov-l The honor and public faith of the State The Constitution of Ohio, for wise pur
0t.!. !s.?l'u1': 5" - -r 1 ,.L',.,n'1?' lerntiH-'ut would become a cloak for the 'ha hitherto, been strictly preserved, and noses, has reposed the chief and most
and the exchange of commmtities with niWr i raud &'d follies of the banks. The will, doubtless, ever continue to be pre-1 important functions of the civil power of
cojnniercial nations is at all permitted. The e would grow with the growth served, by a punctual compliance with all ! the istatc iu the legislative branch ot the
commercial fluctuations and variations in'und streng'h of the banking interest. :our public engagements. I he public vir-'government. The high and solemn re:
the quantity of gold and silver in a country, I ,u ,ni! 'aPsu of time, the insidious en-'tue of our people, and their patriotic re-' sensibilities which devolve upon you in
whenundisturbedbytbeexp-.-dientsofpaper 'croochments ofthi power, huU!in the! sard for ih;ir liberties and the character 'the exercise of those powers, in Icgisla-
money.arebut th,; wholesome circulation of entire property of the State subject to lax-' of republican institutions, is a su.licicnt ting for tho whole people, and the great
the commercial system. They invigorate jation, under a pledge from the S.a'e to guaranty that the integrity of "the S ate jiuierests of the State, will doubtless Le I'ul-
i-iimimilarMw.-.i i . Uut th'", artmei-1 J ischarge the in ;e re-it on t lie pu blic deb,' will Us kept iuviolaie. The public debt, ly appreciated. In conclusion, however,
,..., . l,r.ci'a D? would ultimately transform th mivorn- however, ii mioses onerous burdens on tho it may not be inainironriaie lor me to re
i , i
uence on lorci&i cumt.iiists
and that it is
More than a Million of doliars is ' more difficult to restrain the propensity
acts ol mi
G 0 1)1111011 01 t'lO bt't V ri ' r-l olu,lu' 1 ,IVJ (' i''u-,uii ? cm Ul IJilitlv- 'U i 11 y , ailu lci. li it ji l tie ij-iuiiii,.; ui um xmuv ovbjiuu huuhi .i v. iiiui w 4v.t i-
the subject, tint the mo.-t perfect hank cir-i mS" ''"s humiliating chain of dependence j against us. And every foil neon or iilreen mental than beneficial to the interests ol
tulation would be one which would be pre would be augmented, an the value anil 'years, the entire amount of the d"bt will j the people. Frequent departure in leg
ciscly tonal in amount to what tin- cin-nln- 'basis of our nankin!? eanital would lm do-'be naid in interest, while tie; burdensome iislution from the true end und ureat imr-
-i. . ..." i . o -i - i i ' . . . c . .
iper money, first intoxicate enterprise and
then enfeeble it, an.1 spr.-ad disease and un-
totmoiiess into thewhole system of trade so
would ultimately transform the govern-. however, impost's onerous burdens on tho it may
incnt. as it has done in Enjjian l, into a 'people, and creates a humi'.uatm depeii-;maik, that the Uim lits of legislation are
degrading to not to be measured by the great number
tin: iudceu:li'iice and character ol tree- ul nets passed ut a session,
mere .engine iu i soim h.tml for the col
lar as their inrfu -nee extends. The pnliuh- lection of the prolits of labor hv tho pro
teced statesman born of England and of this cess of taxation. Furthermore, the paper ' uimi
v J autocateii t:ie system ot .curreuc. in tnis Slate has been lound al- drawn from the substance ol tho people ot to U.) too much, than too little.
" ."d,L "uu r piaecn tti.'in on ( ready in a great measure dependent on j the State annually and sent oil to dis- oruieand hasty legisluiioii has
of sun '; , V r"iriSe lhc ,,K)1,e' market nnd state of the credit 'charge the interest on the public debt, given rise to well grounded a
medium. Un tile canlrart- th -v i if ,'syslPm 1,1 l'ie Atlantic cities, and iu Fu- wh.ch, m Us tendency, retards our pros-: ilml liie grand results ol the
.1 .1 . . . . . irf.i i til 1 I 11 1. ...... ...I .n I... .. ...... r.( , .-..li.. .... I i oi.'0.... .... ... .1 ..I'.'.tia
inui -u is in
To Con BtshON dents. Keep your liaison for
a week, or two our columns aro too crowded ul
present to find room for your favors.
(j- We issue the piescul number of our pa
per iu advance of our usual publication d iy, si
is to g vo our readers tho Goveiiioi's Messigr
md luuugur.-.l Addtegs. 'I It's will g;ve our hiiuls
linle rest, and they need it, for they labored
faithfully, d iy ynd trght.
tion in the same country would be iu the pendent upon tho fluctuations in tho stock ' principal remains, u
Frf i"..11' WCW noolUvl' -'"latioujmu, kcis iii NowVoi k and in L nifloii. I iwiual drafts on tl
07" Read the excellent JJess ge of Thomas
W. Hartley, in tli-s day's p iper.
fjj" Tho Inaugural Addiess of ilordecai Bar ley,
governor elect, will bo found in our columns
to-day. Tiiero aro things in th s document, co
ming font a whig governor, that ple:tse us very
:nuch. His rcmaiks on Banking are so neatly
dciuocratic, that he federal paityaie tilready
ahJ contiiiues its per-1 poes ot civil government, hu given rise
iwuial drafts on tho products ol labor, to the maxim, that ''the world is govern-
'IM - I I. 1. .1 I 1 . . . I . - . . 1 . ' -.1 . 1 . 1.1,
l!n i Ira . i i . u . . , . i no cnrieiii v which lorms tne staimuru .i ue system oi n.)vo nmeui tieot, wnen eu ioo iiiucu.
tttal capital" is produced ouiv bv ihe'p'roiluc-v,i!uo iu 0hi, w'uM 1,,;ui,J subject ! continued in conjiitx-tion with a paper Deeply impressed with the importance fealf ,10jr governor is but a second t4
livololor oi the couutrv. Ai incri-ase oi l" "lu M"!ul'.l"B "vvocs anu icgerae-: money system, uecomes an engine o. o. couiiniug tne muciou. o. govei ... ,e,u . ( Jq ,, , W(J he(,j ieMy.u wi,:
hank paper and bitjlt loans, is cvi.K-nce of lliain practiced in slock-johljing m Wall jtnensc political power, and the more dan- to their only true and leguiniute sphere i
aninerasa of debt in the coui.trv. A "tS-.ncli 'street. New Y'ork, and Treadneedlo street, lirerons because, from tho subtle deeet: and 'of action, the framers of our Constitution,! ,mv" ,lie ,liur s'i' 1,0 nal1 n'jt a l,!irl't'lf-
banks produce debt, und no, capital, yet hy I London. coinplcity d" its operations, it builds up in the bill of rights, enjoined upon the'offiith
ue mMuious opera ttons ol the paper money i I he investment of tho capital of the i a fabric of i cticions wealth, which cum-! people
stem, tiiey levy a tribute upon the produc-! l.anks in government secui ities would be 'pels the productive labor of the country ! cur renco to the fundamental principles of
tive industry Ol the COtmtrv. an.l taltH Irnm 1 ,i.: ...I e i..i.. i . .i mi, i'. ... . ...... ,i i ... i:... ...i.:.. : I .:i : .
' - : : no si e.t uL.t u.sL 1 1 ai (iu t?nr n.'in . nir . nn tti oeeo n its riijino e ana onea col sun t; t. 1 civi Lrne. uiiieiii is ttosoiuieiv iiecessa! t
o o - . J 'i d y
inner not reudiiy seen or under-1 to preserve the blessings ot liberty, this
r is an exoino 1 heaiion ol t he hie!. ' irreat tiuih. to which we have all sworn
. . , 1 : ir ... .. , l.,a ,.f tU. n.tlu S'.Minll ..ml . Ir.L-lnn
111 can be subuueu ana ensiaveu an auherence, siiould be the polar star in '"'-."," """ug .
the products of I lboi. Tho amount paid to 'ls their banks, a..d then lend out to thetn-' more elloetuully by the subtle operations guiding tho doiiUjratioiis of legislation,! h ee day s protieed ngs of the Coon-easy -I irncs-
h.'intc n.xl .1. . 1.. ........ r . . 1. .1 i .. .! I... r i . 1. ...l .1. . . . . .1 . 1 . . . 1. . .. 1. . I.. ! . . 1 . 1. .. . 1 l l ..l. ........ 1
bill of rights, enjoined upon the of faith in Moideeai Birtley that he would
i ciicious wealth, w hich com-ipeoiUe 01 this state, "that a irequent re- oll v be a loo in the hands of h s son Tom !
In (he House, on Tuesday, December 3d,
Mr. ADAMS, pursuant to notice given, sub
milted the following resolution :
Resolved, That the 25th standing rule Tor
conducting the business of this House, in the
wotds following:
"No petition, memoiial, resolution, or other
paper pj a ing the abolition of slavery in ihe D.s-
triet ot Oolumbii, or any male or .territory, or
the slave trade between the S a.es or Territo
ries of the United States in wh:ch it now exists,
si.ttll be received by this House, or entett nncd
in any Way whatever;"
be and tne same is hereby rescinded.
Mr. ADAMS asked for the yeas und nays,and
they were oiilered.
Mr. TlIOMl'SON moved that the resolution
be laid upon the table.
Messrs. tilDDiNGS und ADAMS simultane
ously called for the yeas and nays, and the)
were ordered.
Mr. ADAMS said ho hoped the calling of the
yeas and mys would bo proceeded with.
The roll was then called, and the motion to
lay on the table was neg lived yeas (si, nays
The question recurred on the adoption of ihc
resolution on which the ye;,s and nays had been
ordered, and they resulted yeas 10S, nays 80
as follows:
.... t.jmnijj ai.u tant: 11
U a large . portion of its prolits. This
.hownby the fact that although the addi? fto,,kll; b? arrangemmts with the J in a ma,
tional capital to the wealth ol'ilin enquiry, brokers in Aew torn, could purchase .stood,
yet tUeyaccumtdate lar.'eamountsol'it t'romisloc'48 ui1011 crt'dit, upon which to e -tab-: that 111:11
Monday Evening's mail brought us lh:ce mini-
ineir uiumritere-.-u!u( tail upon the products js.ocks upon which the banks wore found-. the feudal system in Liu rope controlled
t'cfhie all tJ . ,,ss aiii .npt to 'ed. 1 litis, by indirection, the banks can ; the dtstributio.t ol property, and enable i
pediiut by'V'T''''"'! 1.11'Kl;"tw.U8 l's" ! utauufacltire the means of creating their j the few to live in idleness, luxury and a -debts
', PTK.r ,'l,.'l't.tl 'tW ;r" '- jowu capital without drawing one dollar 'fluence, ;m 1 to keep the mass of people in
trr. and iinrn H10 I..,;.;..,-. .ri.i.'i of actual cnnitul from the pockets ol the novert", itrnoranec and servility. Since
I' '" A1- KlUuli.lj II 'II .1 III H I T . f ' -
iu the distribiiliou
of he wealth of the
stoekholders themse'ives.
i coujiiiy. TliL'dii'cctie.uleucv cl' t!ie M'stein ' The mvettnent of the capital in gov-
merits of all measures iu the policy 1
111 iking-Lcg sl.iturc, our micros eopio eye h-8
is; oiiimeiit securities is urged under the pluii-
the ! sibie garb of security to tho bill holder.
ernment stocks, papo.- mone
as turetoloro o'i. iim,-,1 In
to tend to the cpaiouce tf the few, and
Stmie I l' .";at'-v' r . This, however, is delusive. The public 'privileges, by which a few are enabled to
ad desola'ip il t 11 '. ,t-sf'"'-i domain and tho credit ol the government, tve on the prohits ol the labor ol tne
1 ' "i""1-; : was p edited tor the rcdcinntion of t ir ' mass o tho neon c.
, . 1 . " . ii-
thechainsof feudal bondago have worn oiriull, and insure the greatest happiness to
the integrity of man bus devised the more the greatest number, and a firm reliance
refined and insidious machinery of gov-! on the benign protection of an Overruling
been unsuccessful iu find ng u single subject 01
idea worthy of special police.
Bill hold wo wcie a little to fast tuid beg
manner calculated to protect the rights of! pardon ! The House is now opened by prayer,
the government. With an inflexible ad
horeiice on ) our part to tho only legiti
mate objects of civil government, 111
system, from
Ulects of tho
f-o ue Hill 1 111 If Tr
subject of the ja,.s MS
.,-i,;k , 1 ...
tempts to establish "a new sv-sttrn'ol bankin-" i'ld" no:, at all times, he redeemed on do- estsof thu country, teach us the neeessi
11 appears twin a special report made
oie 'teseuc uail : r
unci bi-'it - 1 1 ''elK:'1 "ssignas and mandats, and yet! The fatal ponsequcaces of such a system
st sVditofuidat- these l';,lxa' currencies, because they 'of policy, to the liberties und financial inte
. could 110:, at all times, be redeemed on da-;1CBln"l"'u """"""J'' . V u"
if.'.mand in sneeie. .lem-rciaterl n,l of taking measures, indue time to arrest
' 'I .....LNHvi Hi I Mi: ct'.lii It.
1 vpt u 1 r 11 11
tiiiutiissiniirrn 1 iki..!,. 1 iio'o i. t i..i ..in n. . rr ,.r . 1... 1 o r . j-
io theL-'is'-if'.r. .. V 7 "V 1 ' V , , V'" "ut"s u,u the power ol the people ol Ohio to pay oil
nine" tl,? y;ar -Vi . '"st k&'-T'1'' ttli,!",ko bl,gluild !kivc !lIwa'3 hem seen-Uuci public debt The p.escnttime ispe
State have" been closed no a'Vl fo md'inS' rd by Vf' TT'd "'f1'1''. !culiall-v Mom for adopting a course of
vent, and the lo.ss of tl-comimrritv hv 1I1 means of tllu caP,t!" ' tlle ballk 1)ell,g measures tending to the accomplishment of
lowi.ric.nt !.:.!. ,i,..s. X i'.A.i . la iiart of the uublic debt: vet this bank I this desirable object. I recomuieiid there-
... 'h:. ,l1rL' sttsiended specie payments, and continu fore- to your -special atumtion the para
llel ei-ditv-! cd in a slate of suspension for twenty -1 moullt ,,l5"t?nce 01 ,levls'u8 8MOUS,dec-
V- . I . . : J ciiroiiit t.ltii'if.n t lm.iiiin tin- 111.. 11 Hi 1. in I
.! !.i,. ... : 1 -. ,. ,. isive ami emciein ineuna 101 tne iiuii.iuu.-
loss bv the )pnr,. ri-,. i,ii. m' ' .' i . . ', , . . , ,. 1 1 . and entire extinguishment ot the debt ol the
toss u) i.i(, lu iuceuuiou ot tne stock at six i be ow twentv-five nor cent, discount. Anlc...
is estimated at oae iiaiuo.'i fo
n:l fii-.. .1 : .1. .
u.i. uiuuMua uiii-j liunarea am
uve ao.lars and uiilefv-oni! rem
hundred and"
li-.ritr,.l . .. i . r 1 " uecu.uuiauoii oi government securities, or
Uiindreit and sixty-four do iars and sv. ' i i c 1 . . r i i .
entv-Mv rr-ir- 1 1 ,1 . i ! pledges of real estate for tho ultimate re
uuj-mx ceuta. Jt is also estimated in rtie : i .- r i i
same recort.t r;' th ,,,.,, v... ..... i ueiiipuou oi ua;uv paper, can never secure
i,.r,,,t ,11.;. 1' .. .1. . "J
v' uaiu tor mo puce ot exchange
tie- uuMiiefs oi tire couulry above tl,! proner
?at.i .... f.i . . . t, .
un ulluumi ui iiij uepreeia ion ot 1he
it from de
Nothing but cor-
1'uper cuirency is ten million,, live hundred
and thuty-su thou,aa.l six hundred and eiRh-tv-thrree
dollar uml .... .
total ioS3, v.it!iiu the las' i :w
r f t "1 J UWUI,M:5
to the people of Ohio, of over twelve mil
lions ana a half
in l I
tatnty in us punctual conversation in spe
cie:, ou demand, by keeping the capital al
ways at per ect command, and using it on
ly on short loans, on strictly commercial
can keep paper money within
and prevent its depreciation
Tins calculation does not
'The Slato debt is a subject of dosp so-
tncludo the losses sustained hv- th:. m,,filicilti'Jii and vital interest to tho ycople of
broken ban!,:, in the surrounding States; norn'i auc' to which your attention cannot
. uiiiuuiu pn.t io tua Danlis bv the wav of, 00 toocarciunv uireeted. i ho IoIIowiiil',
interest or
tiiscount, nor any of the
ustained"by the' people in
so near as it can bo readily ascertained, is
the condition of tho Slate debt, as it will
stand 011 the first of January next:
Foreign Debt.
Percent. Year, Annual Int.
... w. . 1 J . . 1 . .
-w.. ......n i-j.icuu eesoiiiuon ami ruin
itiroiighout the State between the vears '14
and iii. A It appears from a report imide to
the ocnatfi of the United States, by theSec-
retaij 01 toe it-easitry, tliat the number of 5 st'k red. '50, $400.000 00 .20,000 00
SSSr tS ?rCOmC in?2i?nt I", ohi,S 1 5 st'k L 1 50,000 00 7, 500 00
ZmMZilu. 18('6 stored. '50,4,04.3,653 76 242.01!) 53
Z Z 6 st'kYed. '56, 3 412.779 24 204,700 75
lie people, is computed at! 6 st.k rcd- o0
d. sixty-live millions four 6 st'k red. '70, 067,00:
Providence, tho liberties of the people
will iloubtlcss be sale 111 vour hands.
Columbus, Doc. 3, 1844.
h. S.ates and th
three hundred an
Imiidred and fitty-oae thousand four h 11 n rl thI
and ninety-seven dollars, It alsq appears
from the same authoritv, that thr; total a
mount paid by the conuuuiiy to the banks for
the usf!ot them, the ten years preceding '41,
in the li. States, has been the enormous sum
of two htmdreil and eighty-two millions,
which would average annually twentr-eight
millions, two htmdred thousand. Accurate
stalisiical and liuanciul journals of the tim-js,
luvniohes us witli the fol'lowim? computation
of the looses resulting from tho recent bank
revulson in this couutrv. to wit:
un umiH cucttla.
' st'k red.
181 00 411,310 86
067,003 50 40,023 81
50, 1,500 000 00 105,000 00
Total, 17,028,682 50 1,031,220 95
Sink'g f'd st'k
deducted, 83,000 00 4,980 QQ
Foreign deb!, 16, 915,983 50 1,026240 95
UCIIIIMW K,ll IIU1I IIUln- . . i- 1
n.i'k-rnr.H,,! ..S1...1X. .1..' ri.r.r.X'XAXiuuisiaiiuing uo-
bou.pauy Atocii
Domestic Debt.
Amount due
tho several
school funds, .$1,424,812 G4 .$86,830 14
State Stock depredated
Ileal cttute
300.000,01 0
Total Jois 6752,01)0,000
Mauling as these facts may appi ar, when
grouped together, they do not include any
thinglike all the injury and siuTeiin? produ
ced by the immense fluctuations in the stan
dard of value. And,it is correctly said,
thai "the greatest injury to society resnltin"
Irom tins state of things, is in the upheaving
of the elements of social order, and tho ut
ter demoralization of men by the temptations
to speculations, which cud in swindling to
retain their ill-gottun riches." In attempt
ing to framo a new system of ; bankina.
it becomes us ta proiit bv ihi-w hii,.r r,,,;,
niestic bonds, 734,869 30
Surplus revenue
paid in by coun
ties, 59,523 CO
t-atno, loaned by
State o;- counties, 82,40 1 6 1
Domestic sct ip of
various kitidb, 29,432 01
44,092 10
3,571 42
4,914 10
1,705 92
Civil government lias no higher or
more sacred function to perform than to
protect every person in the full enjoyment
of his own property, and the just reward
of his own labor. Tho bill of rights, in
the fundamental law of this State, declares
that '-private property ought, and shall
ever be held inviolate," and that Ihe right
of "acquiring, possessing and protecting
property," is a "natural, inherent and un
alienable ri"ht." An -artful system of
policy which, by its subtle and impercept
ible operations, creates inequalities iu tho
moans for tho acquision of property,
takes from labor a portion of its rewards,
and usurps its legitimate rig'ht3 in the
distribution of wealth, by tho machinery
of government stocks, and paper money,
tho latter of which has been truly said to
be "the most effectual means of fertilizing
the rich man's field with the sweat of the
poor man's brow," is a flagrant violation
of the spirit of tho constitution, and pros
trates 111 tho dust that sacred right of
property which lies at tho very foundation
of all civil government.
1 lie affairs ol the Ohio Penitentiary
have been conducted with usual economy,
fidelity and success. The number ol con
victs is 403, being one more than the mini-!
her a year ago. 1 ho product of convict
labor for the year past amounts to $41,-'
191 3b, and the expenses amount to
$23,091 19; leaving the clear profits of
the institution at $18,101 17.
i'he Uhio Lunatic Asylum, the Deaf
and Dumb Asylum and the Institution for
the Education of tho Blind, are each in a
flourishing condition, and during the year
past have been managed with consumate
skill and ability. Theso institutions are
highly credible to the people of Ohio, and
are inaniiestations ol that enlightened
spirit of philanthropy which is a distin
guishing characteristic ol the present age.
1 ho number ol patients who have been
(Xj-Puor "SjliUub" Ewixc! From the
iiott.tin of our heart, we pity your Solita
ry situation! Tom CorWiS, tho wcgon
boy, crocks Irs whip (,-ind jokes too, for
hois great at jokes!) in the U. is. Semite,
while you sit on an old wheelbarrow on the
tow pr.th uf the Ohio ( a.iil. cr on the
bleak, wintry shores of Luke Eric, rnd
soliloquise thus; "Our canals are a soli
tude and our lakes a desert waste of wa
ters." Poor "Solitude" Ewing!
South Carolina. The result of the
leconl election in this State for congress
men and members of the State legislature,!
(who choose the presidential electors, is
lis iUiows :)
Grand agg'te State
debt 19,276.751 78 int.l, 167.444 09
1 he amount of tho interest on the pub
lie debt, tho present year, is about equal
to one hall ot tho entire burden imposed
upon tho people of the State by way of di
rect taxation. 1 his public debt has been
of experience, and provide against those : evils ',contractilJ 'or tl,c soa purple the con-
ona uimses which have heretofore been in
flicted upon a BufTcrina nconle.
A proposition has been recently malc in
this State tipon the consideration of the Le
gislature at the last session, somewhat new
111 its character to tho people of Ohio. It
proposes the establishment of a bankingsys
tem based epon Government stocks, with
the special powers and exemptions of the old
system under the provisions of a general law.
" The cupital of the banks is supposed to be in
terned in State stocks as an alleged security
to the bill-holder, or, in other words, the
banluara to bi founded on the basis of Gov
arntnentdebt, and bank debts aro tobi made
dependent 011 the debts of ihe Government
lor Iheir security. Of all the schemes for
banking which have been devised, this is the
most objectionable, and the most dangerous
lints tendencies to ths independence and
purity ot the ttovernineht, and th liberties
. of tli3 people. It rests fundamentally upon
the Aatii-j principle upon which was estab
lished the bank of England, the capital of
v.hicli was originally, and has ever con
linucdinvested.m tho stock or debt of the
Govt rnmcnt. It nronosesa union n' hnfc
stifl Statc tho formation of an incestuous
Btiiiitmiuif coalition netween an organized
and combined moneyed inter st, and the civ
il power upon which tin people depend for
the safety of their .liberties.
The debtor is correctly said to be the
slave of ihe creditor, so the State "under
this system would become the dependent
s i e ..i.i: 1.- u:. .1. c...
siruciiuu ut puuno wo. us n iuiiii ine oiaie.
1 he total actual expenditure of the State
nd subservient instrument of the banking
ju.eirir, i lie estoiiiistimefit ol this sys-
in the public improvements, including the
Miami Extension Canal, amounts to S18
755,76 00, which is loss than the amount
of tho public debt. The amountof theac
tual cost of the investments in public
works, wtjs, in part, paid by a direct tax
levied for same yours for that purpose;
in part tho grunts of land by Congress,
the proceeds of which amount to $1,357.
733 43. About 200,000 of tho bonds
of tho State have been redeemed by the
proceeds ol land sales. And, besides all
this, the premiums received on some of
the loans, and the donations of lots and
I subscriptions, may be safely estimated at
5,ouu,uuu. U appear-, therefore, that
the amount of tho public debt contracted
on account of the public works, amounts
to between two and three millions more
than the amount of the actual investment
of the money borrowed m the public
works. This amount, of between two and
three millions, lias beon, 111 some manner
not as yet fully explained, dissipated and
sunk in the operation of financiering 'in
the creation and management of the State
At the close of the year 1 835, the Ohio
and Miami canals were completed, and
the debt of the Stale was then ,4,600,
000. The chief part of.the State debt has
been contracted during tho late swell and
Dem. mnj.on joint b A. lfj J
Of the congressional delegation, the
democrats have eitctcd the whole. The
popular vote stands demucra's. about
50,000; whigs 3154; democratic majori
ty about 47,(100.
Tun Next IIoi si: ok Rkpiiesentativks.
-The elections so fir indicate a Whig
gain of three membeis and a Democratic
loss of nine. E'g'ity-cight members are
yet lo be elected. We find in the Jour-
11 tl ot oommeice 1110 following tame,
showing ihe position of parties in the por
tion of tho House ahcady elected, viz:
'29 h Congress. Old Congress.
Dein. Fed. Nat. D,.m. Fed.
81 48 0 1)0 45
The States and districts yet lo elect, are
rcpicscnicd in the picsent Congiess by 30
Whigs and 5S Democeats. The Slute
which next elects, unless to filj vacancies,
is New Hampshire, in March, 1S45.
The following panigrnph, which
stands by itself iu the Providence Herald,
is full of touching significance:
uiid what is betler, the clergy have agreed 110I lo
charge for iheir orisons.
Yes, and there is a little more news: Here
it is:
In the House 011 Thuisday, the 5th inst., the
Senate came down from their chamber and the
two Houses then proceeded lo ballot for a Un -
ted Slates Senator, Mr. Andeison acting as a tel
ler on the part of the Senate, and Mr. Ewing on
the pait cf ihe House.
When -upon counting (he ballots it appeared
Thomas Corwin received f0 votes
David T. Disney " 40 "
Ebeiiezcr Lane " 1 '
Thomas Cokwin having received a majority
of all the voles given, was declared duly elected
a Senator of lite Uuiied Slalcs for the termol
six years, fiom and nfier the 4th of March next.
The two Houses next proceeded to ballot for
one Judge of tho Supreme Court; Mr. Disney
acting as teller on the part cf the .Senate, and
Mr. Ford on the part of the House.
When upon counting the ballo'.s, it appeared
Ebenczcr Lane received 02 votes.
William Kcnnou, Seii. 45 "
Scattering 1 "
Ehi:m:.1!R Ease having received a majority of
the votes given, was declared by Speaker of the
House, duly elected.
Yeas Messrs. Abbot, Adams, Anderson, Baker,
Bimard, lienton, James lilack. BiinUeihoU', Urodliead,
Jeremiah Broun, JivllhigUm, ( 'arpentvr, Jeremiah E.
t'ary.Catlin, (.'linniun, Clinton, tallumte, Cumtton,
Dana, Uarrugh, Ui an, Uirktn, Dillingham, jr. Uuiiean,
Diinlitp, l.llis. Muter, F-irlt-e, Fish, Hurena; Foot, Ful
ler, Oiddines, Byrain Uieen, Urindt, Hale, Hannibal
Hamlin, Editard H. Hamlin, Hai Jin, Harper, Herilcy,
Henick, tiubbelhiwfaon, liutKer'bril. J. B. Hunt, J.
H. Ingersoll, Irt in, Jenh, Parley B. Johnson, Anthew
Keniiidy,,o'tn P.Kennedy, Daniel King', Kirknutiitk,
I. eotmid, Lyon, Met niislen, IMcC'lelland, McDowell,
Mi lli aine Marsh, Edward J. Morris, Joseph Morris,
Freeman H. Morse, Moslry, Acs, Ow 11, Parmenter, Pa
terson. Pet tit. Phoenix, Polloek, Elisha R. Potter, Pratt,
Preston, Purely, liumsey, Knthbu.n, Ititter, Kobinson,
Rockwell, Rodney, Rogers, .St. John, Sample, Schcnck,
Severance, 'I fioitmell. Seymour, David li. Seymour, Air
bert Smith, J. T. Smith , T. Smith, C. B. Smith, Stetson,
Andrew Stewart, John Stewart, Tyler, l ance, Vinton,
Wentwoith, H etherel, Wheaton, John White, Benjamin
Whito. Wiliinnis, HinUtnp, William Writit, Joseph A.
Wright, Yost Ki8. -
NAVS-Mesns. An tnton, ?.ifir, Atkinson, Baily, Jar-.
ringer. Bid hick, Edward J. Black, James A. Black,
Bucluvull, Howiiu, Uuyd, Milton brown, Willirtm J.
Brown, Burke, Bint, Cuidivoll, Cousin, Henbeii Chap
ITOIS OF xrivi.
Ark.5s.&4. 1 "he Legislature
of Ailunsas commenced its bien
niul session at Little Hock on the
4th inst. John Willianifon was
chosen Piesidcut of the Senate,
and John S. Uoane Speaker of
tho House. Acting Governor
Walkei's Message is published
111 the Little Rock papers. 1
In the Senate, tbeie sre four
Wh gs and twenty-one Demo
ciais; in the House, eleven whigs
;md sixty-four Democrats.
On the 8th iustant, the Leg
slaiuie unanimously elected
Chesier Ashley, Esq., as Uni
ted States Senator 4mm that
diate, for the uncxpiied term of
Gov. fultou, deceased. Mr.
Ashley is a man of tuent, and
1 thoiough-goiiij; Democrat.
The Siaie has a suiplus in the
Treasury of more than $100,1)00;
but it iss id she is not in a con
dition to pay the interest on her
public debt. She now owes for
uiieiest, 50-1,507.
The Texinn papers state that
Capt. D-ivid Boon, of the United
Slates Army, attended ihe re
eeut Indian treaiy as a Commis
sioner from the United States,
and also that L'eut. Stephens, of
the U. S. Army, arrived at Waeh
nglon, Tex us, on the 12th ult.
with despatches from th s Gov
emmt'n1, represented to be fa
vorable to Texas.
The Illinois Stale Register
gives ihc returns from neatly all
Hie counties in that Stale, which
indicate an increased majority
for Polk over the Stale election,
John Van Ruien, Esq., sou of
the cx-Presideni, it is said, will
p obably be tho next Attorney
General of tho Stale of New
Great Britain, The united
annual incomes of the people of
Great Britain have lately been
estimated at from 21)0,000,000
to 310,000,000, about two
yeais' of which would pay off
the entire national debt. In six
yeais, 1700 miles of railroad
A. A. Chapman, Chill m, Cobb, Daniel, (:arrell j have been completed, at a cost
" We tindeisland that when Dr. Crocker
inmates of the Lunatic Asylum, during began to read the Governoi's Proclamation
.i t . ...... -. . 11 1 1 'Hi 1 ....a 1... i... .t. r.
tne last year is 2,0, viz: 110 males auu or luaimsivu.jj, 011 ounuay iasi, mu 1.1
her cf ihe persecuted Dorr cot up and
left Ihe Chin elf.1'
100 females; and the whole number dis
charged is 70. Of these 40 were recov
ered, 5 improved, 13 remained in a sta
tionary condition, and C died. Tho dis
bursements of the State during the last
year, in tho support of the Lunatic Asy
lum -i,,.,,,,t t cii.tnt 00 .....1 ii., c
U..., .W tH"l MW, UIIU t..W . ,. . ,
penditureoii the new .addition to the build- " ,J
"One Effect! Il is seriously rumor
ed that when the news of tho defeat of
Clay whs made known in Philadelphia,
that one of tho marble lions couchatit at
Darts, 3. W Davis, Dawson, D berru. Delict, Drom-
goole, l-'ickh'ii French, (J.ign'in, Q rider, fliirnlson,
Holmns, Hofiei Hnjikins, Houston, Hubbard, Hucdies,
Charles J.Ingersoil, Janieson, Cavo Johnson, Andrew
Johnson, Jones, I'r stoa Kiu;, Labmnch, Lucas, .iirnp
kin, McClernut.d, AluCuiincll, McKay, M'ltliiuvs, Isaac
K.Morne, Murphy, AVictai, Morris, Payne, Peyton, Held,
Keline. (eite, Uhett, Rodney, Snumlers, Senter, Simp
son, Slidi'll, Itobe t Smith, Sieenrod, Stephens, Stihs,
James W Stone, A P Stone, Taylor. Thomasson, Thomp
son, Tlbntts, Wellcr, Woivlward, Yaneey 8).
Vhij;s denoted by Italics.
So the resolution was adopted.
We are right glad that th's everlnstinfjf 25th
of 51,1.00,000. The length
of the navigable canals in En
gland exceeds 2300 miles. Th
number of inhabitable houses is
503.011 nearly double that of
A I'V.male Voter. A letter
from a resident in Leceister, Li
vingslon couniy, to his friend in
Schenectady county, N. York,
utiles that a female, dressed in
nvVs clothes, swore in a whig
vote, tit t lies recent election in
that town. She subsequently
s.ole it horse, was pursued, arres
ted, and is now in jail.
ings to $1 1,190 14. The receipts of the
institution during the year amount to
.$3,581 01. There are 95 pupils in the
Ueaf and Dumb Asylum. Tho disburse
ments of tho State in behalf of this insti
tution during tho year past, amount to the
sum of $15,234 58,
ral persons, to nii.io his paw and wipe a
tear from his royal ticse!"
Maiblc-hcarted creature! Thou didst
weep for the first time!
An I.MrnnssiVK Lesson. History does
There are C;5 tunila not rarnish a more impressive lesson than
in thp Institution for the Education of the' is to be found in the late election of Jamos
Blind. The disbursements of tho State jK- Silas Wright, find Thomas II.
in the support of this institution amount Kenton, Pure and unsullied integrity,
to 0,021 8G. Mechanical pursuits hove plain, unassuming, downright honesty, and
been successfully introduced amonz tho manly" independence, found in them their
pupils of the two last mentioned institu
The public buildings fur the accommo
dation uf the Legislature ond the several
public ollieers of the State, are in a dilapi
dated condition; in some respects incon
venient and uucomlorlublc, and furnish
unsuitable and very insecure departments
for thearchives of the Stale. For several
years the State has been paying rent for
rooms, in
fitting rfprc6fiiitati.es, nnd have proved,
In an unparalleled contest, an overmatch
for oil odverssrics. In tho President of
the United States the Governor of New
York, ond the Senator of Missouri, exam
ples ore furnished to the young and rising
politicians of tho land.
In their doctrines may be seen manifes
ted the true principles of democracy, ond
in theirsucccss, may be witnessed the hon
Mis-ouri Senators.- -The Legislature of Mis
souri, hits re-elecled the Hon. T. II. Bexton and
Jtuliie A'rcitEso.v to the United Stales Senate,
the former for six, and lite latter for four yeais
Tho vote, as reported, stood for Benton 74;
Tims. B. English 32; Scattering 25. For Atche-
son 101; Scattering 38. Tho whigs, although
they hypocritically prolcssod much friendship of
late for Col. Benton, took good care not to vole
for him. Judge Atchcsou received some whip;
votes, but ho risked of them no favors, nor did
ho promise (hem any.
New York Senators. Wo learn from the
Albany Argus, that on Saturday afternoon, Gov.
Bouck appointed the Hon. Homy A. Foster, U.
S. Senator, to supply the vacancy occasioned by
tho resignation of ihe Hon. Silas Wright; and
the Hon, Daniel S. Dickinson to supply tho va
cancy occasioned by the resignation of tho Hon.
N. P. Talhnndge. These vacancies having oc
curred during ll)o recess of the Legislature, the
Executive appoints, under t)io constitution of
the United States, until tho action of the Legis
lature. (C7- The Republican, an ami-Native piper, in
excusing itself for supporting Gen. Scott, the
Native Candidate for tho Presidency, says it
has yet to learn lhatGen. S. is a Native Ameri
can. Well, neighbor, Gen. Scott is either a Native
or he is not. Won't you admit that? Then, if
he is not a Native, and is opposed to the move
ments of Ihe prescriptive church-burners, do
you suppose the Native organs at the east, where
ho is known, would support kim? Eh? The
inevitable conclusion is, that Gen. Scott is a
church-burner, and being such, neighbor Allison,
how can you consistently support him, if you
are opposed to Nativo Americanism? Come
answer that !
rule has been repealed. As lo the Constitution
al question whether Congress h,;s the right to
legislate on petitions of a certain character, or
not, wc shall now say nothing. Congress have
wasted one-third of iheir time each session quar
reling about the reception of petitions which h id
for their object the extinction of the institution jority at thelato elect ion, as did
nf aWrv. nnd ve.-v nftonin.leed tor. often e;,c" " 11,0 towns 01 J'ex
the prayers of the people have been treated by
insult, neglect, and contempt by their servants.
Pc'ilions, come from whatsoever source they may,
should be presented by the people's servants,
duly considered, and referred to the appropriate
Amen and .Sedition revived. Mr. J. R.
Ingcrsoll give noiice that he would hereafter
move to bring in a bill to -alter nnd amend the
naturalization laws of the United States.
Distribution. Mr. G. Davis offered the
following joint resolution:
Resohed by the Senate and Hou.ie of Repre
sentatives of the United Slates of America in
1.T-.J 'PL.- C. !.
Quincy, the home of John Q.
A J mis, g ive a Democratic ma-
ngion, Charleslowu and Con
cord, lamea lor liie eaiiy nan
hey bore in the Revolutionary
The Proi'uf.cy ob Daniel
pcx.nu.KD in these latter
dai's. " To raise Mr. Clay, is
impossible; to sink with him, if
the niicmpt in made, is inevita
ble, lie may complete (he ru
in of the wlfg party, and flatter
himself with deceitful hopes of
tho futtne, but that promised
hope will never come no, nev
er." Daniel Webster.
ditWonr n.nri. nf the. nitv riors hcslowed on those who nre true ond
Columbus, for the safe keeping of a part s,te,:'df',8i i. ihwo pJ-incipIrs; while the
of the public documonts ana records, and uu,u" vy' y'" """
winy, mm uif-ltucc vi i.ieir vuiucuurmo
factions, furnish a warning to the false ond
jrcochcrous. Statesman.
the transaction of a part of the public bu
siness. And an investment of some sixty
or seventy thousand dollars in the founda
tioD.nud matorials for the contemplated
" Henry Clav is the only quarter nnjr in
new ciate tiouse is lying wholly useless a political race,' said Tom
and unproductive. It is evident that the " How so?" said Ned.
buildings now in use cannot answer the "Because," said 7'om, "ho lias onlyi
President Elect. James K. Polk visited
Nashville recently, and met with a splendid re
ception by his democratic fellow citizens. Ho
proceeded from thence to visit his vcncrablt
friend of the Hermitage, Gen. Jackson. ,
Clay's best nnd warmest friends are to be
found among tho Algcrincs of Rhode Island
This is the only State in which tho federalists
have held their own since 1P40, ond here they
liave actually gained over 570 votes.
Congress assembled, Thnt the Secretary of the
Treasury be, and is hereby, authorized arid di
rected to pay ovct-to the treasurer, or other pro
per authority of the several States of tho United
States, the sumot $D,Jo7,il 4 UU, tho fourth in
stalment of the money in the treasury directed
to be deposited with tho several Slates by the net
entitled "An net toregulatc thedoposites cf the
public money," approved June 23, 183(5; the
distribution hereby directed to be made quarter
ly in equal instalments, according to the provi
sions of the net aforesaid.
Which was laid on Ihe tabic yeas 105, nays
In tho Senate, Dec. 4, the Rev. Mr. Tustin
was elected chaplairj.
In the House, Mr. Dancnti introduced his bill
to establish a uniform time for holding the elec
tion of electors of President and Vice President
of all the states of the Union, which (after con
siderable discussion ns to referring it to a com
mittee before the standing committees were ap
pointed), wns referred to the Committee of the
whole on tho state of Union. We hope this bill
will bo speedily passed into a law. The whole
nation demands it.
A resolution was adopted, appointing a com
mittee to inquire if the District Banks have ex
ercised Banking privileges, &-c. since tho expira
tion of their charters.
On the third ballot tho Rev. Mr. Daily was
elected chaplain.
In the Senate, Dec. 5, no business of impor
tance was transacted. After the introduction
of several bills of 0 privato character, which
were forwarded to a second reading, the Senate
adjourned over till Monday next, as is usual on
tho first week of the session, to enable the Presi
dent pro tern, to make his appointments of com
In tho House, a number of notices were given
of bills to be introduced at a future day. Mr.
Stoenrod offered a resolution, providing for the
printing of 10,000 extra copies of the report of
the Select Committee at the last session, on the
memorial of certain members of tho Rhode Is
land legislature. Mr. Cousin objecting to tho
consideration of ihe resolution, Mr. Stecnrod
The New York Tribune publishes a letter
which it says is "from on eminent friend in
Kentucky" stating that " Jlfr. Clay will never
purpose required by the State many run for tqutirterfifa century!"
again ftturn to puttie li"
A'PRimicTioN Fulfilled.
The Louisville Journal, one of
tho most virulent and rabid pa
pers in Coormom, in September
last utlered the following predic
The Nashville Union is cal
ling for justice to Jas. K. Polk."
"If Ihe Locos
will be good enough to wait pa
iieinly, Ihe people will do 'justice
to James K. Polk' iu about six
raovod the suspension of the rules, which motion
was lost, yeas 02, nays T5, there not being a
vote of two-thirds in the affirmative. The reso-
lut'on, therefore, lies over one day, .The House which comes up to the surface
adjourned over to Mandny, - In quarried Ike stonei
WrRK;iiT and Fillmore.
Wright runs ahead of his ticket
in every county in the Slate. In
Erio couniy, where Fillmore re
rides, he gains larger than iu any
wcsieru couniy. lie even cur
ries the cily of Bufl'alo.and beats
Fillmore on the regular ticket .
in his own Ward. '
Nonn Carolina Legislature.
-Tho Legislature of North Ca
rolina convened at Raleigh, on
Monday last. In the- Senate,
ineffectual attempts were made
to elect a Speaker. Hon. Ed
ward Stanly was elected Speaker
of the Hoiiso of Commons,
The Pork Season. Tho Cin
cinnati Chronicle says: "The
great winter business of cutting
pork tins commenced. Un Fri
day the wealhcr became cool e-
noiigh, and since then some six
or eight thousand have been
slaughtered. Tho quantity of
pork packed here will of course
bo large, much larger than at
any other point in the U. Slatos.
Judging from present indica
tions, the quantity will be about
the same as last season "
Geology op the U. States.
In tho lecture on the Geology
of the United States, recently de
livered by the celebrated Mr.
Lyell, he stated that the Ohio
coal field extends for a length of
700 miles, and that of Illinois is
larger than the whole of En- ,
gUnd. The eoal is formed of r
workable beds of considerable '
thickness, and in one instance,
there is a bed of eoal 4(3 ft. thick
I I v 1 1 I j

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